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APRIL 15, 2018

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INQUIRY JUST SCRATCHES THE SURFACE Bemie Williams, who has been an advocate for women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for 30 years, wipes away tears after testifying at the final day of hearings at the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

National Inquiry into

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls


[At the end of March Jenny Kwan, MP for Vancouver East, sent an article she'd written for publication in the April 1edition of the Carnegie Newsletter. Mis-communication with the Printer led to it not being included as an extra sheet,} "On February 14th, families of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls gathered in our riding of Vancouver East and led the 28th Women's Memorial March in honour of loved ones lost. Since the 1970s, over 900 indigenous women and girls have gone missing from the Downtown Eastside or have been killed. For decades, community and family members have been working day and night to get justice for their loved ones. 28 years ago, indigenous women in the Downtown Eastside marched for the first time to bring attention to the debilitating number of women and girls missing and murdered in their community. 28 years later, the RCMP indicates that there are 1,200 cases of missing and murdered indigenous women & girls across Canada. Many believe the numbers to be much higher. There is not one indigenous community in Canada that has not been touched by systemic racism and sexism that allows indigenous women and girls to be stolen from their loved ones, for indigenous men like Colten Boushie to be killed without repercussions, and for families of young Indigenous girls like Tina Fontaine to be left still hurting. My heart is with the families and allies who are still marching, still waiting for answers, still demanding justice. For decades, families, survivors, and allies in the community have fought to be heard and for their concerns and safety to ~ taken seriously. Decades worth of work and advocacy cumulated in the formation of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The Commissioners' mandate is to examine and report on the systemic causes of all forms of violence against Indigenous women, girls and LGBTQ2S people in Canada by looking at patterns and underlying factors. The mandate also includes examining institutional practices and policies implemented in response to violence experienced by Indigenous women and girls, including examining police investigation practices and responses, as part ofthi public investigation. Commissioners from the National Inquiry conducted community hearings and heard testimony from families

and survivors in Vancouver from April 4 - April 8 at the Richmond Airport-Sheraton Hotel. Extra Statement Gathering Sessions with Survivors and Families took place at different organizations throughout East Vancouver. If you are a family member of an Indigenous woman who is missing or has been murdered, the BC Family Information Liaison Unit can provide information. All of Canada needs to listen. We need to believe women who bring us their truths. We need justice for the women and their families. Justice means no more stolen sisters." Darryl Dyck wrote an article that appeared in the Globe & Mail. The lead is about Bernie Williams (cover) and parts follow: "A long-time advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women told her own story of abuse on the last scheduled day of public hearings. (Bernie) said her abuse began at age three. "At the age of 11 to 12 years old, six of us girls were sold into the sex trade work," said Williams, who is now 60. "As many of you kpow, I don't wear shorts very often, because I have cigarette bums all through my legs right up to my back .... This is what we endured. We were just kids." Metro Vancouver's hearings on Sunday were the last that were scheduled for the National Inquiry, though others will continue to testify in private. Williams, who says she lost three sisters and her mother to murder, told the commissioners she's tired of seeing elders at food banks and unanswered calls for things like health, healing and wellness centres. "Why has it taken over 4,000 women and girls' names to secure (this Inquiry) and (we) still keep asking the same questions," she said. She said it's time to stem a tide of lateral violence in which people in need fight amongst one another instead of against systemic problems." Marion Buller, the Chairperson of the Inquiry, told Press that the inquiry has enough material to produce a report, but it will only scratch the surface of the issues without more time. Commissioners asked the federal government last month for a two-year extension, but Buller says it remains unclear ifthat request will be granted.

Having someone you know and love go missing disappear - or in the worst-case scenario turn up dead -murdered - puts you in an unfathomable state of pain and anguish. To live with such requires hope, that the struggle for justice and real reconciliation will result in a better life for your children's children's children. At the end of Jenny's letter came the following ways to contact others and get support. "Family members & survivors who want to share their truth can contact Penny Kerrigan at 778-238-6876 or The 2417 automated phone line of the National Inquiry is 1-844-348-4119 The BC Family Information Liaison Unit is at 1-888355-0064 or by email The Indian Residential Schools Survivor Society is at 1-800-721-0066 (toll-free) or 604-985-4464."

We are the American Indian Movement, an urban Warrior Society, representing the best interest of First Nations in the city and on our sovereign territories across Turtle Island. We send greetings to all people of East Hastings and our people across this part of Turtle Island now called B.C. - unceded territory. We stand with our people at Standing Rock - we stand against any pipeline through our First Nation territory. We stand against the sham landlords on Hastings who the City does very little against. We stand against social housing as is and oppose spending government monies on everyone but First Nation families & people. We stand against the VPD & all police forces used against our people as bullies by whatever government agenda of the day puts us down. The police don't serve & protect our community as they do other communities. They think it's all 'good-in-'hood' exA notable gift has been made by Diane Wood. She is cept for First Nations "crazy thinking" against other responsible for the contributory artworkibanner of First Nations. We stand here to support the people of panels carried in the Memorial March for Missing and the eastside & our First Nations people to the fullest Murdered women. Each panel is made by friends/ whether VPD, City, government or outside forces like family of individuals who are poignantly remembered. it or not. And for Soldiers of Odin don't get too close This living creation, added to as time & events go on, to the 'hood or we will send you back to Norway. No will be put on permanent display in the Camegie racist talk down here - stay out of the 'hood. Community Centre. More on this as the installation We have members with jackets or vests on the street gets closer. or Red Power Entertainment on Facebook or AIM _________________ ....;iP...;:R,;.T~~A~m~erican Indian Movement) on Facebook. Event:

Wounded Kflee, June 26, Oppenheimer Park


••:.+.:•• '@\@j ••:.+.:•• Carnegie Theatre Workshop

•.•SprIng eteeeee •••

ACTING BASICS Saturdays April 21 & 28 1:30pm-4pm Working with a script Scenes Monologues Classes In the Carnegla Theatre No experience necessary Drop in - Everyone welcome - Free! For more info: Teresa 604-255-9401

Remembering Past-Present Future - some of the stuff from 500 years of resistance. Come eat on June 26 and support First Nations people & our inherent rights. In the spirit of Crazy Horse, Larry Carlston, Jack Telek American Indian Movement Council Members BC

Ray of Sunshine I loved you with all my heart. You made me feel safe. I will never forget your beauty. And the gentle way you told the truth.

Raymond Blancard (1932-2018) Born on March 1st 1932 passed on Saturday March 24th, 2018. He will be sorely missed by all his friends from Vancouver to Surrey, especially Marion, Andy, Tommy, Caroline and Ruby. He helped many people, mostly his family Victor Jack Blancard (Bud), sister-in-law Cecile and sister Patricia Hansford and daughter Rhonda. Also mourning are two step daughters and one step son. He was a dedicated member of AA with 44 years in


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the program of which 37 years was the best. He is

t . /,::.I finally with Ruth his wife Hi everyone. First, I want to say thanks so much to all 1--...;..-----------------the people who have popped in since I got here to say hi and welcome me to Carnegie. It really makes me feel welcome and at home here. I was casually looking over the new books today, and saw a few that seemed pretty interesting and/or fun, so I thought I'd write a few up for the column. All of them can be found on the New Arrivals shelf, if they haven't been checked out. The World in Flames by Jerald Walker falls into the increasingly popular genre of cult-memoirs. The cult in question for this one is the Worldwide Church of } God, a Christian doomsday cult that chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer was once a part of. What makes this particular memoir stand out is that the Worldwide Church of God held White Supremacist views, while the author's family was African-American. Random Family byAdrian Nicole LeBlanc is subtitled "Love, Drugs, Trouble and Coming of Age in the Bronx". Published in 2003, LeBlanc spent more than 10 years researching to pull together this tale of two women and their families as they live through the cycle of poverty and crime. Monster Mash: The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze in America, 1957-1972 by Mark Voger is a ton offun. It's packed full of memorabilia from the golden age of vampires, mummies and werewolves. There are great "where are they now" sections on cast members from shows like The Munsters and Dark Shadows, and a great photomontage ofBoris Karloff getting his Frankenstein makeup applied. Happy Reading! Your librarian, Randy

Letter from a prisoner: Hello. My name is Juivonne Littlejohn and I am currently in prison and my prison number is 141899 and address is below, if you want to contact me. Is there any persons over there in groups that love to raise gardens for food? In the garden, the future. Tend to the same things that give us growth in the future trees, plants, flowers, a garden. A plant can't grow. if it's not nurtured ... plants are the future. How futuristic is that?:-) Here is one of the bands I sponsor - lonelyarms - they also are activist, in solidarity with protesting, etc. I listen to a radio station called Zoom over there. Good media. What are you into over there? How's freedom over there for you? I used to live in Windsor downtown, right down the street from the Olympic Stadium and the project homes. I've never been to Vancouver. Describe what your country is about. Looking for someone who wants warmth and sunshine in their mind and heart. Solidarity true, we rise up as one. Thank you stay in touch. Contact me at: Juivonne Littlejohn (141899) Baraga Correctional Facility 13924 Wadaga Road Baraga MI USA 49908-9204 *All mail must be in whige envelopes only; *only writing in blue ink or lead pencil is permitted; *cards must be commercially-produced with no embellishments (no cut-outs, no jewels, no raised areas); *stickers of any type, including return address labels, are prohibited;

Vancouver Moving Theatre, in association with Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre and EartHand Gleaners, and developed with the assistance of PTC(Play..•. vrights Theatre Centre}. invites you to witness




Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Chief Simon Baker Room' 1607 East Hastings, Vancouver

May 17-19 & 24-26,2018 Thursdays - Fridays 7:30/ Saturdays 2pm Doors open 7pm and 1:30pm for pre-show activity with EartHand Gleaners plus others

Tickets at the door / Sliding Scale $2 - $25 / Limited Seat More information -

**** NA TlONAL TOUR Vancouver/Penticton/Toronto/VVinnipeg, May 17-June


Funding for this production and tour has been made possible with the support of Canada Council New Chapter & Arts Across Canada Programs. BCTheatre & Touring Programs. City of VancouverCultural Services. BCGaming Multf..culturahsm, Vancouver foundation. Hamber Foundation and individual donors.

from: PSALM OF DESPERATION IN mE leo just left said the guy next door called the cops on him and frankie his junkie girlfriend for making too much noise the cops took frankie away on old warrants but Jeo said he wanted my company wanted somebody to talk to said he'd give me a free fix for listening leo said talking to me helps take some pressure offhim but I wonder will it ever be that way is it even supposed to be that way o Lord between us? it's Saturday night and the citizens of the city of cain are playing bingo getting drunk picking butts hacking computers ordering pizzas watching strippers shooting coke telling jokes going to movies to rock and roll joints to churches to satanic masses to emergency wards to blackjack casinos to buy blue jeans ice cream and special blended coffees the citizens of the city of cain are watching teevee screwing diseases into each other driving automobiles around the bend jogging


and drinking bottled water using each other like heroin breaking each other's bones and hopes throwing children out the windows of their homes and the citizens of the city of cain are going to meetings alcoholics anonymous narcotics anonymous gamblers prostitutes sexabolics shoppers anonymous singles doubles lonely triples sado-maso group support overeaters undereaters and emotions anonymous the citizens of the city of cain are laughing crying p~ng and cursing seeking relief ,. using telephones like machiavelli yeah Lord here in the city of cain where we are asked literally to take our own lives to save the city of cain and I sit with less feeling than a dirty sock thinking about You and the distance I put between us my family the suicides and murderers the thieves and convicts and rapists the drunks and drug addicts 1 stink like a goat most of the time a scapegoat


but shit You You came didn't You just forme and my lovely family? o dear God dead God help me to my knees o Lord another day to kiss my soul of theft and scoring and make it well broke now for the next 3 weeks I need 17 more cents' unless Isteal some more for a cheeseburger and Lord cuba called me sorry man very disturbed, . I don't have it said her prodigal son 13 years old ':~jJ.. I thought check day was this week was off the deep end ~ but no she asked me over we've still got 154 hours to go I prayed at You walking there ."-I have a headache -' able at least to listen to her created just for me I can't stand the street noise until sweat broke out my wounds and worries powell street is possessed all over me so much easier freight train rumble until my skull cracked apart and the cross • fire engines scream like banshees in flames You say [ must pick up and carry' motorcycles roar across the carpet until it was time floated away so-called human beings for a hit like a feather rant and rave today I stole a copy so can bearing my cross I feel like I'm sitting of st. anselm in reality on the sidewalk who knows me so well be any better? you want a rig? "is it thus unhappy sins Lord you want some stuff? that you keep yQUI'promises? never mind up or down? when you drew me on tonight I'm all right you want a gram? you promised sweetness feeling no pain meet me at 5:30 when it was done a good citizen of the city of cain at the ivanhoe and I was in your power I know my soul is dying I'll have a hundred of them you filled me with bitterness but take Your time I'll have a hundred more but when you w~e persuading there's no hurry in 2 weeks you were gentle WIthme not right now here's my phone number and when you had persuaded Lord we're down to ginseng alcoholics you stabbed my soul to death" I'm just too high yeah I got 6 o Lord to cry on Your shoulder tonight gimme 5 bucks first narcotic bliss we're short for a bottle of wine 20 years ago in new yofk city today J read I need you better notbe.a cop as though the poppy the Holy Spirit I'll kick the shit outta you


it's tourist season good panhandling in gastown I give them a nice face and conversation before Iask them for money 1 don't o hell Lord it's Spring I'm withering gray thin weak Ihate Spring sunlight bums my eyes Iknow there's supposed to be beauty


but Ican't get to it and Ihave no courage to turn towards You Ipractice my own diabolical communion I swallow a handful of white pills demerol and codeine consuming my own flesh and blood transforming myself into an anti-resurrection tomb o Lord goddammit why didn't You let me die all those times Ireally was dying blood pumping into the grass spine crashing 19ainst concrete a hunting knife pressing my jugular vein a revolver poised to shoot me or overdosed and fading away? and this guy on a tape cuba gave me

says Your Kingdom is here here? "It's an invitation to love," he says Imight as well have an invitation to a picnic at the south pole but You said "I have overcome the world" and that's what I'm trying to do for chrissake that's all I ever really wanted to do the man on the tape-says. we don't go to God alone we have to love each other we can't be more honest with You than we are with other people well that taps me out 1 want You to save me damn quick but first dear Lord help me get another fix a guy shakes into walter's room in the new brazil hotel waiter's got a flap of blow to sell him but waiter's asking in return is demanding in desperation the guy fix him in his jugular vein and the guy says "sure"

but I wouldn't trust him to stick a pitchfork in a haymow today I crucify You inside me I keep leo company again until 6 in the morning spiking holes in my arms jabbering junkie-crime-street -bullshit with a blocked rig pain in my elbow stin 0 Lord trying to kill myself as though J am not dead alrea

as though my spirit is not on the critical list Iammyown doctor frankenstein , like so many of us in the city of cain making monsters of ourselves and still there are so cuba tells me human beings I don't even know saying prayers forme and for all of us


Wow what a Day. Woke up in love , it fell away. What happen ed?. but then Everyone asks .. I would tell you but nothing' ever lasts. I love her so much but ~he thinks different from me. She calls me a cheat & a mindless little freak I spent thirteen years trying to tell her, she is the only one that ever made me not so bitter. I've learned how to have patience, helped raise her boys how not to hit girls. Now I'm not bitter, nor am I angry. I just want my Cherie Ann to realize how much she as hurt the things she encounter~. She has a way ofturning things against her. She is beautiful, loving and knows how to smile but lately all she does is pound ~e, box me, and now I'm homeless but that's ok I'll start over, hopefully She comes to visit so we could start over I doubt it but I can wish/wonder for awhile Ricky Comeau


OUR MENTAL HEALTH IS POLITICAL In 2013 the City of Vancouver declared a mental health crisis and set up a task force on Mental Health and Addictions to come up with an action plan. The declaration was preceded by a record high number of apprehensions under Section 28 of the Mental Health Act. Yet of over sixty members, only three people on the task force were representatives of community groups. The rest was government officials, directors and Professionals. Soon after, we found out that West Coast Mental Health Network's Peer Support Bridge Program, Gallery Gachet, Rainier Hotel, the Drug Users Resource Centre (DURC) and Action Research and Advocacy Association of Greater Vancouver (ARA) Mental Health, beloved and busy community spaces, were going to lose their funding from Vancouver Coastal Health.

These were all peer-led, social, alternative, advocacy and non-institutionalizing spaces. Many in the community certainly felt we were in a crisis, but not the kind the City imagined.

To this day, the government hasn't asked the community what we need and want for our mental health. People with mental illness continue to be marginalized and excluded from political decision-making processes which impact their lives and their wellbeing. And the social determinants of mental health, the housing crisis and poverty, continue to worsen. The purpose of this project is to build our own vision for mental health in the Downtown Eastsiide (DTES)-a vision that centers and builds on the voices and experiences of community members. A vision that takes into account and addresses colonialism, the pain and trauma caused by poverty, racjsm, violence against women, the war on drugs, homelessness, and the accelerating exclusion of DTES residents from their neighbourhood as it gentrifies. And a vision that sees mental health as political, inseparable from the society we live in, not simply as an individual 'disorder' that can be cured with a pill.

METHODOLOGY To start the project CCAP set up a mental health working group of low-income DTES residents, that met frequently throughout 2016 and led the research process. Most of the members of the working group had experiences with the mental health system, and either lived in the DTES or felt at home in the neighbourhood. The group collectively drafted questions for focus group discussionsand a mental health survey. It also trained low-income residents to facilitate focus group meetings and conduct surveying.

Residents are

Privacy is comprirnised mandatory





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the Residential Tenancy Act.

Housing providers

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work closely with

guest rules. Family

the police, and often provide police with information


residents without warrants.


members are often not allowed to stay the night, and visitors are restricted and days.

IMPACT OF INCOME ON MENTAL HEALTH Eighty-seven people who answered the questionnaire


and digital key fob

rooms checks.


and tracked

by surveillance


said what their source of income

was. Of those, 25 said their income was from welfare ($610 a month at the time), with 21 of those saying that their income (or lack of it) affected their mental health a lot or a bit. Only 3 said it didn't matter. In summary, of the 76 people who said they survived on welfare, disability, or pension, 69 said it affected their mental health. No one said their income actually helped their mental health.

45% A little bit

certain hours




'The mental health system is geared to making people adapt to the system refuses to [deal with] the underlying factors which may cause unhappiness in people's lives."


CRIMINALlZATION OF MENTAL HEALTH "The police make my mental health worse. They're going out there and picking people up and harassing people on the street"

BUILD SOCIAL HOUSING! HOMES NOT JAILS! "Not knowing when to sleep or where at all times makes my mental health a lot worse."

SUPPORT AND EXPAND PEER LED SUPPORTS I think it's important that people be involved in being able to get well and that's also a community debate. I also think that people share their experiences. People are often off in their comer but in fact there could be much more interchange about what's going on. By building connections that's how we build a movement.



"People are emphatically told what they need, rather than being asked and included as participants and members of a community"

"I also think another thing that is really important is keeping this low income community strong. If I'm in a bad mood or if something is upsetting me, I can just talk to somebody. And even a stronger sometimes, and they'll tell me their problem and we'll share our problems, and that's really really helpful. And with this condo community moving in, they're not use to that and they don't do that. And I think keeping this community strong is really important."

END THE WAR ON DRUGS "We live in the most racialized, criminalize, infantilized, institutionalized neighbourhood, certainly in Vancouver, maybe in Canada, and we need to show that yes, we deal with addiction, but the streets are our living rooms."

"It throws uPiSOrnanytPa~~jers%!ndivjdually.~rohibjts a goodriight sleep. Beats do~rm{ s~nse;>f self-worth. Forces me t6Clive in squalor I ne:~f thouglit possible."

"Stress, don't feellikel~n;make it another day. Fcan't afford mucQlflnymore; it hurt.~;,meto ask for t.elpi'1&hand. RSlVerty . make~· go bac~'1o drug§ as itgets rid of an my probl~~ns:;' . '7", %

&+."I~sh'!;r1 to e~i.w~k¥V~ichJTlakes it.hari 1:9 think at times .. I .. also can t enjoy many leisure activities like movies, sports etc. Also being stressedaboutfood all the times;iWmakesit hard to pL~J'IaI.Jeacf' 1$1


HOUSING SITUATION Street Shelter Supportive Social Apartment


SRO Other Shared


28.2% Makes it better

26.9% No impact

Eighty-four people answered the questionnaire about what type of housing they had. About 45% of respondents said their housing situation made their mental health worse, and only 28.2% said it made it better. Unsurprisingly, there was a strong correlation between quality, stability and affordability of a respondent's housing situation and the impact it had on their mental health.

Contrary to a lot of popular assumptions, mental health problems are often a consequence-not a cause-of homelessness. This is what a study from California just found. The Health Outcomes of lii'eopleEx~iencing Homelessness in ~I~er Mid~JeAge, ot:~HOIii'E-I:!OME, has studied how 350 er adult1smove . ancr~aof horl],~I!~ssnes w theYlF) or fln<kti'ousing gain, and how li n the street affectS the b and mind. .


The Downtown Eastside community wants and needs 100% welfare/pension rate social housing at 58 W. Hastings! That was the message from a packed Town Hall meeting in the Carnegie Theatre on March 29th. The meeting was sponsored by the Our Homes Can't Wait coalition which has been working for over 2 years to get the large site at that address for social housing that DTES residents can afford.

In August, 2016 Mayor Gregor Robertson signed a pledge for 100% welfare/pension rate, community controlled housing. Since then the Chinatown Foundation has said it would raise $30M for the project and the province has said it would contribute $30M. The plan is for 231 social housing units. But the city guarantees that only one third of them will be at welfare pension rate with some of the rest renting for over $1000 a month.

"There's a siege on in the DTES," said Vince Tao, "and every new condo is trying to split up the low income community."

At the meeting where translation was provided DTES residents talked about the kind of housing they need in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Residents said they needed housing "where you don't have to sign in guests," at $375 a month, "where we can bring our grandchildren," and housing "that's big enough."

At the end of the meeting a unanimous resolution was passed calling for 100% welfare/pension rate, community controlled, 500 sq. ft units at the site. The resolution also said, "We will use a diversity of tactics in this fight including demonstrations, media actions, social media, up to and including civil disobedience and direct action to win our demand."

At the end of the meeting people signed up for an action workshop to learn how to get involved in the fight to ensure that the housing at 58 W. Hastings will be for low income DTES residents who need it.






The Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) is a project of the board of the Carnegie Community Centre Association. CCAP works mostly on housing. income. and land use issues in the Downtown Eastside (DTES)of Vancouver so that the area can remain a low income friendly community. CCAP works with english speaking and Chinese speaking DTES residents in speaking out on their own behalf for the changes they would like to see in their neighbourhood. Join us on Fridays 11:15 am for our weekly volunteer meetings! Downtown Eastside residents who want to work on getting better housing and incomes and stop gentrification are welcome to attend. Lunch is provided!






The Carnegie African Descent Group (CADG) is pleased to invite you to a bi-weekly lunch gathering at the Downtown Eastside Neighborhood House. Come. cook. talk and enjoy African dishes with us. The lunch will take place every Tuesdays. from 11:00 am till 1:30 pm. The group has the same mandate as CCAP. but with particular focus on issues that Black and African Descent community members experience. DTES community members who identify as Black and or as of African Descent are welcome to the lunch. For more information. contact

,@;AiiJ~~)i~ I


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=tl ' ).ffil.~~



Office: 2nd floor of the Carnegie. 401 Main Street. Vancouver Phone: 604-665-2105 Email: Website:


Thank you to Vancity for supporting CCAP'swork. Support for this project does not 'necessarily imply that funders endorse the findings or contents of this report.

LEST WE FORGET To-me a bread-line is just as vicious as the lineups of survivors and wounded I remember during World War. Two. In wartime we could think of the clean sheets, letters, hot drinks, food, warm smiles from the nurses ... and much, much more!' .. But what do survivors . look forward to today? I~ have put aside most of my memories of "fighting the Hun" but I can not forget tbe nightmares for so many who struggled to survive in the lanes, streets and jungles of our own city during the '30's. Today, with thousands fighting the same desperate battles, .. who cares? Really cares? Sam Roddan




ll n i t e d Ni,ssion







of old at

••• .Jnn u a r v , 1931.


A Retrospective By Claire Babcock Portraits from Carnegie Community Centre APRIL 2018 - 3rd floor Gallery During the early 1980's the artist Claire Babcock portrayed many of the people who frequented Carnegie, capturing the diversity of the community. Who do you remember?

April is volunteer appreciation month!!

o Canada Our Rich and Unfair


Food Lines are Long

April 15-21 is an opportunity for ALL volunteers to be applauded for their many contributions and positive effects you have on our community! It's to recognize and celebrate your profound desire to assist in multiple capacities for the Camegie Community. We want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of volunteers and say THANK YOU. National Volunteer Week is when we can all take time to recognize volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteer ism in our community. Volunteers reach out beyond themselves, to engage in kindness and caring for others. People from all walks oflife engage in volunteering for a variety of reasons, some of which are: to tackle the issues of poverty, homelessness, to.;romote social inclusion, and most importantly to be the voice and hands of compassion and hope. Help us make this week special for all our volunteers and thank them for helping us every day. They are the reason Camegie is the amazing place it is. THANK YOU, CARNEGIE VOLUNTEERS!

Volunteer Recognition Party + Awards Celebration Friday, April 20th @ 4:30pm in the Camegie Theatre Tickets are limited so please pick them as soon as possible!! Entertainment by: The Six Million Dollar Guitar ... don't want to miss this!! Sindy Bruno

And Decent Work is Gone With Bleeding Hearts

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We Face each Day No Jobs for You and Me


~ With Hands Outstretched ...........-0 Canada

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We asked for a change from Thee God Save Our Land Let Greed be Gone

o Canada What has become of Thee

o Canada The Tears Run Fast and Free.

Erika Aumueller Wendy Tamminga passed away on Monday, April 9,2018. She managed the Ford Building for about 30 years and was 77 years old. Wendy passed away peacefully surrounded by her family.

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To aficionados (long-time readers, devotees, enthusiasts, people bent-out-of-shape) with this Newsletter, the last issue was weird. Three articles had the endings mysteriously omitted - two stopped mid-sentence and ~ boxes appeared around images that weren't there in the ~ original. Did the editor lose it? Not so you'd notice BUT that's not an excuse. Follow the sad story: Carnegie Newsletter was printed at Budget Printing, with 2 exceptions, every time for over 30 years. When it started the method was to type stuff on a typewriter, Exhibition runs: April 6th- May Sth,2018 then cut with scissors & paste with glue adding images Curated by d. June Conley, this exhibition takes as its & art to make it at least not boring. After a few years starting point identical white styrofoam boxes with computers got better and (kicking&screaming) input,' lids, that once housed the curator's medicine. Eleven formatting, printing out copy began with the cut-withartists have been invited to work with these containers scissors/paste-with-glue continuing. Budget closed at as they consider the myth of Pandor a's Box and myth- the end of January 2018 and other Printers were apmaking generally. Messy and explosive assemblages, palled at such a barbaric way of making it. They unimeticulous process-based textiles, and thoughtful per- formly want it in a virtual format before touching it with formances form parts of the collective outcome. a ten-foot-pole! Well shit!!! In her article "Plain Sight" (New York Yours truly has been learning how to Desktop Publish Times November 2017), Carina Chocano posits that we and emailing the result. The problem last time was in live in an unstable reality in which two parallel "truths" how stuff gets changed by how it's sent, how it's coexist: one visible but fabricated, the other hidden but opened and what computers do to each other. Hopefully real. Budget reallocations, implied consent, alt-right this one in your hands will be sans screw-ups. Below is politics, locker-room talk, mental health strategies, ra- the ending of Lives Lived last time: cially charged motivations, collateral damage: all these fraught turns-of-phrase contain within them this dou"And angry at all that idling traffic, sitting safe and inbleness, which threatens to break down and break loose dignant in their expensive vehicles, actively resenting at any moment. It is this break down, Chocano says, being forced to notice something they are happier prethat marks an apocalypse in the etymological sense: the tending does not exist. act of "uncovering" and exposing the things we had all [By Debra McNaught] agreed not to see. After all, we can only keep the lid on PS: as I finish this up, Mr Brown Pants is out there, things for so long. 7:03am; I don't have to open the curtains to confirm. " The artists in this exhibition address this apocalyptic moment and the blurring of categories that results (Eulogy to Pat was credited to Phoenix Winter) when we no longer know what belongs where. Letting the truth out is scary and also potentially exhilarating. +--------------------In the space cleared in the wake, both transformation and healing can occur. As the ancient Greek myth suggests, once the lid is lifted, all that remains is hope.


The Racist

Artists include: Afuwa & Aerlyn Weissman, d. JuneConley, aly de la cruz yip, Lara Fitzgerald, Bernadine Fox, Ken Gerberick, Pierre Leichner, Heather Pelles, Leigh Selden and Diane Wood. gallery gachet 9 West Hastings 6046872468 tue - sat 12.00 - 6.00 "Art is a means for survival" Yoko Ono, 2001


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What Never Was Home Like receiving a letter from our government the Misery-in-motion has passed those who can't must donate something what organ in your body is not in the worst class animate objects passing as govt officials will be dropping by, imagine Hollywood as the homeless seek shelter from the police, the raging fires & oh yeah - homelessness. Do not piss the rich off they'll drop you with a shotgun no more problem no fuss look here are Mr.Nice&Mrs.Polite make any sudden movement or thou shalt die, can cartoon characters ask for Witness Protection (1 guess the Flintstones are fine yet it seems we are in their time zone this century most problems that old have already been remedied but progress is not always so kind we have way more nightmares waiting to happen like nothing has changed at all. .. To those who got straight A's who now have adopted the letter H join the crowd. To those who have been an addict in the past well your entire future may be completely disallowed automatic failure is now on every piece ofLD. -this could be why so many take their own lives life can be one long fall, like the faucet of youth coming out cold then liquid ice please tell me a conscience & a bit of intelligence is in there somewhere if not how many animals killed in the name of research think about it tens of millions of dead mice I shouldn't cry but like a hit&run this is not an isolated incident, like an anti-sincerity person who refuses to cry at birth will he be just another person going doorto-door with a hammer and a smile? How did we ever get to the point where teachers will carry loaded guns pardon me but my mental condition is worse than what After the next American school mass killing the only person I can harm is me & that is ok. I love this planet but it has every rrght to end sunlight on my face could be a flamethrower (who the fuck invents such things?) We all love trainwrecks even if it happens to be a human being, like a man named Noah Exit who has only one plan: to exist & asks if that's too much to ask 21 st century kids have no idea that their idea of lift-off will be a nuclear blast learning is something but it is truly another level when you look & try to comprehend what you are seeing this generation wouldn't know Terry Fox from Michael J Fox they don't fucking care living may be disturbing to some viewers yu have to be aware (pardon me I get sidetracked by trackmarks from the days that tried to kill me living without a home was the way to live BUT as I walk by

a mass of sleeping bags, clothing & assorted garbage - they call that home - is this where progress has taken us? Like a U.N. ceasefire that might last 5 hours People have to die younger. Like Forbes putting out its richest of the rich with 2200 billionaires the homeless die slow or quick lives are falling apart at the seams but someone does care self-pity is no longer an option for us all, like a future that starts going backwards I do not have time to be angry though I shall die pissed off if we could some way be pals lives would be saved but what for? The new issue of Sidewalk Living has Vancouver at #One for cities that promote atrocities with homelessness being a slow accelerated death. The Minister of Evil Affairs has your god working on a chaingang but his escape would deeply offend his dad ... Sidewalk pillows & concrete blankets leave murderers a lot better off life has become a hunting ground for predators as if Time itself gets its kicks from telling you the date of your wealth but not the year Go Evil Go confiscating the lives of people who don't deserve to go, What doesn't matter does matter to me my having not to write or care anymore is all I can ask goodbye vancity I've realised that wherever I am is what never was home. By ROBERT McGILLIVRA Y "Tempt not the-stars young man. Thou canst not play with the severity of Fate." -John Ford

To NewIIeUerraden: My D8IDeis KyaIma HaiIJmnnd. I am CQ!1facting )'OU

because my boytiieDd, (N"lCbolas)&DdI have been searcbiDg for his birth mother (Valerie HewleU) for a while now. We know little infum!8tion about her except that she was involved with heavy drugs &Dd prostitution. ADd wasliviDg in V8DCOUVeI', East side I East Hastings area. We came across an old Camegie DtJWBldtaofrom '94 with her D8IDe in it (or someone with the same D8IDe possibly) and emailed them 10 see if they had any information on her but got given this email, 88 10 why I'm oontacting)'OU. We found an obituary from August 28, 2003 for a Valerie AIme Hewlett who past away in VIIlC01lVa'. At age 32. Maybe her. Jf)'OUknow anything about her or someone we can tum 10 for iDfunnation it would be gmtefblly appRCiated.Jf)'OU have 80IDdhiDg it'd mean a lot 10 us. ....KyaIma & N'd





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April 15, 2018 carnegie newsletter  
April 15, 2018 carnegie newsletter