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Week beginning Monday 16 January, 2017

To RESPECT this Right PUPILS should:  

Listen to other people Join in and share ideas

Take responsibility to always work hard and do the best they can in all parts of school life Come to school prepared and organized Share their talents and abilities with others to encourage them

 


To RESPECT this Right ADULTS should:


Article 12  Every child has the right to express their opinion and be  listened to. Article 28&29 Every child has the right to an education that develops their personality, talents and ability to the full.

  

Listen to children’s opinions and take them seriously Ensure that children have the skills and opportunities to be heard Provide a stimulating environment using creative and varied resources Take responsibility to always work hard and do the best they can in all parts of school life Organize and support a range of activities and after school clubs

 

Play fairly and safely in the playground and indoors Include others so that no-one feels left out

Article 31  Every child has the right to relax, play and join in a wide  range of activities.

Make sure children feel safe and happy in school Plan a wide range of cultural and artistic opportunities

    

turn off taps when not in use take part in the school Spring Clean always put litter in the bin don’t waste food try and eat 5 fruit and veg a day

Article 24  Every child has the right to the best possible health –   good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment.

ensure the school is clean investigate if a child is feeling unwell ensure school dinners have different choices and are healthy

Mon –

Google Expeditions

Tues – Assembly (P1-3) Wed - SfL Meeting (after School) Thurs – Staff Meeting (8.30 a.m.) Fri -

Burns Poetry Competition, Drumming Workshop (P6) P4-7 Assembly

Mon – Tues – Wed –

Google, Mr Platt, Barnardo’s

Ms Fox, Ms Inglis, Mrs Marshall, Mrs McGonigle, Mrs Ferguson Thurs – Ms Fox, Ms Inglis, Mrs Marshall, Mr Bruce (Chanter), Mrs Scobie (Brass) Fri Mr Platt, Mr Ross (Drumming)

Our visitors have begun looking at collaborative software options to complete one of the aims of the project – to use Web 2.0 tools in learning, teaching and collaborative activities. We will be frying ‘Flockdraw’ soon.

Our Erasmus+ Visitors were very impressed with our school, our education and our children. A big ‘Thank You and Well Done’ to everyone in school – it only succeeded because it was a team effort.

Our new hall is almost ready ….

Playground Improvements of s ag m um B i s ’ x r o a u c o s e the m ve T o in r t p s e ! u g n m i r a e o ew e o f t d e n e t l r o o b u a m V s l r i . r a e av a e k C t t a o e o m elp b G t i ! t . h r S e l e e k P v a Ma initiati nanci n furth e TO i h f t e p f v l e He unt o und e e ar o gr o W m a lay p

At Carmondean all the staff help us To feel To be To To be To be To be To be To be

Safe Healthy Achieve Nurtured Active Responsible Respected Included.

 Do we all remember the rules for walking in the corridors?  These are shared areas and so we should be as quiet as

possible.  We always walk on the left in the corridors.  We hang up our jackets carefully on our pegs  Have you been spotted being part of

a quality line?

You can get a litter star if you pick up litter in the playground. Pupil support workers, members of the Eco Committee, Mr Shanks, Miss Millar, Mrs Gilmour and Mrs Tully will be handing out stars. When you get back to your class give the litter star to your teacher to keep safe. The class with the most stars at the end of the month, will get to negotiate a reward with their teacher.

 A new litter rota will be made and it is very

important that every class sticks to it.  Each week a class will take a turn to use the litter pickers at play time and lunchtime.  Gradually our playground and school will become cleaner!  Your teacher and Eco rep will give you reminders about it, so that you don’t forget!!

Playground Litter Rota As part of the Eco Litter Action plan each class should plan to tidy up the playground/playing field in the weeks beginning with the following datesPrimary 7W Primary 7F Primary 6C Primary 6K/W Primary 5S Primary 5G Primary 4D Primary 4S Primary 3S Primary 3R Primary 2 Matheson Primary 2 Muir Primary 1 M/O Primary 1C Primary 1/2J

ota r w Ne

p u de a m g n i e b

Indoor Breaks Always sit on your chair Read a book or a comic Draw on scrap paper Watch a DVD sitting on a


Well done to Aaliyah Newbigging who won the PSA Christmas Competition.

School Uniform We are very proud of our school and we show this by wearing our school uniform Carmondean school uniform consists of – Grey, Black or Navy skirt/trousers White polo shirt Navy sweatshirt/cardigan Everyone should also have a pair of shoes to wear indoors which are suitable for PE. These can be black gym shoes or trainers.

First House Meeting was a great success. The children decided on the treat for winning the new, re-vamped House Competition. It was won by Deer Park and they chose to have a ‘Technologies Afternoon’. Well done to them.

This helps us remain a Rights Respecting School by taking people’s opinions on board?

At this year’s Pupil Parliament we discussed the many things that are great about Carmondean Primary School and decided that our main points for school improvement would be:  Priority 1: Playground – brighter- paint fences,

trim track; football goals  Priority 2: New Hall – changing rooms, new

equipment, choose markings on floor  Priority 3: Outdoor maths – more activities outside

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




lunch time




lunch time




lunch time




lunch time



We are reviewing our House System We have consulted with staff and pupils and made several changes to our House System. We have now held our first House Meeting, which was very successful, and we have introduced a termly reward as well as the overall house treat at the end of the school year. We have also standardised the number of house points awarded for certain acts.

Deer Park




Deer Park




House points – who will win this week?

Deer Park 2041 Sutherland 1705

Raeburn 2436 Waverley 2500

Well done to the winning House. Remember to put your house points on your points board in your classroom.

Extra News……

Textile Bank Please start to use the textile bank . If we do not use it the Rag Bag company will take it away. Each time it gets emptied the school gets money. For the last 6 months we got £82, we need to reach a target of £200 a year to keep it. You can fill the bank up with old clothes, curtains, soft toys, bags, hats and pairs of shoes.

The 4 R’s are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair. The Eco Committee are focusing on Waste Minimisation. As well as ink cartridges and mobile phones we now collect reading glasses in their cases and batteries to be reused and recycled. These items should be placed in the correct boxes at the recycling centre by the photocopier.

Our Aim this sessionTo help improve the school playground. We are currently creating questionnaires to find out what you think about the playground. We will also be consulting about AAL. What is AAL? You’ll be hearing from us!

Will you be spotted having a healthy lunch? You can get house points for eating salad and vegetables!

Mrs Marshall works with the Support Circle and the Life Skills groups on Wednesday. Remember to have your target sheet ready on Monday.

1. Be kind and caring 2. Be helpful if we are stuck 3. Be a good listener 4. Explain things clearly 5. Make learning fun 6. Be enthusiastic 7. Be cheerful 8. Have a sense of humour 9. Take us outside to learn

Nov. Nov. Nov.

Poppy Appeal – P7 √ Children in Need – P5 √ St Andrews Day Celebration–House captains and vice-captains √ Dec. Christmas Disco – P7 √ Dec. P1 Christmas Party √ Jan. Burns Afternoon – Challenge Group March Sport Relief– P6 March World Book Day – P3 March Day for Change – P4 April Grandparents’ Day – P6 and Nursery April Send My Friend to School –P1, P2 May Spring Clean Day – Eco/Health Committee June Leavers Assembly and Prom – P7

a e ! v y a a d H t a e r g

2017 01 16 pupil ethos  
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