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OFF-WHITE C/O VIRGIL ABLOH™ Defining the grey area between black and white as the color Off-White™

Javier Asturias, Brooke Lindstrom, Allysa Allerton, Carmen Maria Ponce



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Virgil started in fashion as Kanye West’s creative director. He DJs at private clubs in New York, London, and Milan. In 2014 he launched Off-White, a high-end fashion label. Studied Engineering with a Masters in Architecture, his background inspires his approach to fashion. Also known for his mastery of social media and his resonance with Millennials. His biggest strength is understanding his market and his consumer. “He has smart ways of engaging the audience.” – David Fischer CEO of Highsnobiety. Inclusive and genuine perspective, he always wants to leave the door open in order for others to follow, generating a positive response in young people. His end goal is to take control over a European luxury brand and shake things up. Creative director founder off-white c/o


OFF-WHITE is a fashion brand founded by DJ and designer Virgil Abloh in 2012, after closing his art experiment, PYREX VISION. The current designs range from patchwork to graphic t-shirts, minimalistic captions and all of them feature the trademark stripes embossed on the back along with its name “WHITE.” The brand now is carried by various retailers worldwide such as Farfetch, Saks among many others. OFF-WHITE opened its first location and flagship store in Hong Kong and now there are stores in over 14 countries around the world. Fashion label rooted in current culture at a taste-level particular to now. Created with a specific opinion, not necessarily with the same vision for mens and womens collections. His success is attributed to his customer-focused business model. “I design for a consumer who wants to covet unique and spirit-driving clothing.” Abloh High end products due to the high quality materials and limited stock.

The brand also offers furniture and ready made goods to further reinforce an approach to lifestyle. The items are manufactured in Milan with a principal value of the brand to be made from the best available fabric, fit and fabrication. His approach to each collection is different, men’s is more of a direct response to the current times and market. While, women is not only that but expressing the confidence and personality of the modern women. Off-White patchwork pants, denim jackets, and oversize jeans with a visible zipper have gain quite popularity in recent months.


NEW GUARDS GROUP – NGG is the home of a successful group of brands that design, manufacture and distribute the ultimate contemporary clothing and accessories lines inspired by the most stylish advanced designers, thus redefining the landscape of contemporary fashion and street wear. The group started in 2015 and has been working since as an promoter of innovative fashion brands: Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Off-White™, Palm Angels and Ben Taverniti™ Unravel Project. Each brand’s creative process and identity is fiercely preserved, the group leverages cooperations and productivities of its shared services. All NGG’s brands are currently sold in the most prestigious department stores around the world.


Is a street-wear brand owned by Ronnie Fieg’s, the company had an incredibly strong 2016 as it constantly had collaborative releases throughout the year. Some of them are Nike and ASICS, the label delivered sneakerheads exclusive and limited releases almost every week. Additionally, KITH recently unveiled an extensive five-year anniversary clothing range that displayed its understanding of the culture and being a pioneer on it.


It is directed and composed by A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari and Edison Chen of CLOT. The brand has moved to the vanguard of street wear as of now. In 2016 VLONE expanded it’s offerings to a wider audience by having a series of pop-up shops and web shop. It has participated in collaborations with OFF-WHITE, Nike and No Vacancy Inn, allowing VLONE to become one of the most known and recognizable labels this year.


Vetements became known and popular after the controversial fashion shows where celebrities like Rihanna, Kanye West and G-Dragon were wearing the brand at Paris Fashion Week. Vetements is not about creating a brand legacy,but rather about clothes, plain and simple. The brand’s strategy is to show and sell items when they think the market / consumer would desire items, rather than waiting for fashion week.


Founded by James Jebbia, is both a skateboard shop and a clothing brand, which has always been at the top of street-wear. Supreme has had continuous collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton, Timberland and The North Face, along with others. Recently the label released a range of hoodies featuring it’s signature box logo, which placed Supreme at top of street fashion. The whole culture and aesthetic of the brand has created popularity among Consumers, Particularly millennials.


The brand is inspired by Tokyo street style, Rebel-kid, fetishistic, underground club scene, where all of the cool culture vibes come together and build a high-fashion edgy label, known as HOOD BY AIR. The New York based brand designs to corrupts the fashion status quo, with gender-neutral designs, disruptive runway concepts and have been credited with bringing originality to NYFW. Despite being a street wear brand it is has position as a luxury label that offers it’s products in the most luxurious fashion houses.

“Fashion is one of the greatest vehicles to merge music,art, architecture, design, typography. It’s a wide enough canvas, or bug enough sandbox, to touch all the different things that I’m into.” Virgil Abloh

Costumer Profile 1

TARGET CONSUMER Shamar the Smart Shopper Age: 25 years old Location: Brooklyn, NY. Bio: Works in an Advertising firm as a junior copywritter

Lifestyle: Buys streetwear brands such as Off-White and Supreme. Usually attends concerts and music festivals.

Hobbies: Likes to skateboard during his free time, as well as

spending time with his friends discovering emerging designer stores around New York City. Stays updated with fashion by buying magazines. Often frequents the local juice bar.

Annual Income: 70 – 80$K Key Drivers: Looking for street style clothes that are

comfortable and stylish, while being unique and minimalist.

Key Behaviors: Shops more online than on brick and mortar stores due to time and comodity. Likes to wear clothes that express his youth and personality.

Costumer Profile 2

Emily the Tech Savvy Age: 27 years old Location: Los Angeles, CA. Bio: Executive Assistant at Warner Bros

Lifestyle: Healthy life style, likes to go with her frineds to Brunch at new places each weekend. Her style is modern and clean, tends to buy at Off-White, Balenciaga, Acne studio and others.

Hobbies: Travels to new countries and enjoys getting to know new

cultures. Likes spending time with friends and family. Is interested in art and architecture.

Annual Income: 90 – 110$K Key Drivers: In search for modern brands that offer street-style apparel

with minimalist details that express her confidence and personality. Looks for different price points that have a unique signature.

Key Behaviors: Shops mostly online at Net-a-Porter and Farfetch. When

she travels to major cities like New York and London, she goes to the brick and mortar stores in order to get the experience of the brand.


Current Off-White products: Products are manufactured in Milan. Street style clothing for men and women. Perfect for on the go style that grabs attention. American aesthetic with a modern approach. Athleisure style. Sneakers, handbags, belts, and other accessories. Unique pieces that can be styled in different ways.



A lighter in three color options: White, Yellow, and Black Can be use not only as a lighter but also as an accessory for costumer’s daily outfit to complement existing Off-White products. It is a practical and useful product when smoking, lighting incense, starting bonfires, burning off string, beer bottle opener, or an accessory. It is target to be seen as a collectible object rather than seasonal.

PRICE The price of lighters on the U.S. market range from the lowest $2 up to $11,893 dollars according to the price point of the brand, so the ones that have a lower cost are from brands like BIC. While the more expensive are from brands like ZIPPO, which offers the option to customize your lighter and also have it in either gold or silver.

Our Price:

Off–White ideal price will be at $300, being place in the U.S. market as a high end quality product. Affordable for the costumers who appreciate lighters and have a high income. The price will change depending on the consumers preference for materials and also the accessory to complement it. Off-White offers also clothing and accessories at different prices but mostly targets to high class consumers like millennials with an appreciation for modern and street-wear clothing.


“LIGHTER” Advertised through social media, magazines and street posters around major cities (Hong Kong, New York, London). Press Release in order to inform the new launch of the OFF –WHITE lighter. Bloggers and influencer’s promote the lighter through social media. Arrange a deal with a cigar brand in order to promote the lighter for the smoker consumers. Promote at concerts where Abloh DJs and other rapper concerts. Free package and one free fuel for the lighter. 3 years guarantee. Word of mouth through celebrities, bloggers, brand ambassadors and consumers. 10 first costumers will get a customize lighter signed by Virgil Abloh.

“Lighter” 4.6.18. New York . London . Hong Kong


Off–White has a major influence thanks to celebrities, models, and influencers. The brand is targeted particularly to millennials and trying to expand to generation Z consumers. It’s for individuals who want to be comfortable, unique, and effortlessly stylish. The brand has a street style edge that not many other companies offer. It appeals to both men and women and while it may be directly targeted towards a younger audience there is no cap on the age that can wear it. The customer base has a disposable income and pertains mostly to high social strata. The target consumer most likely lives in a large and highly populated city with appreciation for fashion.

PLACE Off-White is over 8 countries around the world. PHYSICAL RETAIL There are many off white retailers around the world. Each physical store is an art installment of its own. Each one different and are architecturally and visual interesting. The clothing and other items are displayed like art pieces. They are only in major cities with a high population density, also is located in premium locations. Off–White products are also sold Online at the official website. The apparel items are also sold to some major retailers like Net-a-Porter, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys.

POP UP In order to emphasize in this specific product, there will be pop up stores in NYC, HK, and London where the brand’s best selling stores are located. The Pop Up will emphasize in the lighter and will make consumer interact with it. The idea is to create a unique experience inside the Pop Up in order to attract consumers.


SWOT Analysis

Off–White is a creative studio, a recording system of time and culture, politics and art. It is recently new on the market, having a high possibility of recognition. The brand has positions itself in the market by having celebrities and influencer’s use their products. The brand is targeted to a specific market, making their designs with a unique taste. The brand has 14 stores in 8 counties around the world including. Its products are offer in retail stores such as Sacks, Farfetch, and others. Collaborated with major brands as NIKE, Jimmy Choo, Levi’s, Moncler and others. Fastest growing brand since its creation in 2013. Recognizable iconic logo that has become popular in the fashion world. Produce by NGG, giving the brand a higher reliability. High quality materials and innovative designs. Strong brand image and social media presence.


Off–White doesn’t have to many retail stores in the U.S. Targeted to a specific market (Millennial). Manufacture in Milan,Italy. The cost of the shipment for US is expensive. Currency disadvantage, the prices influence on the country of production. Small product selection. Hard to differentiate between street wear or luxurious brand. High Pricing limits the target consumers to afford the brand. Limited production of products.


Increase and expand the digital savvy as Millennials and generation Z. Future collaborations with luxury brands. Constantly growing street wear market in the U.S. and worldwide. Expand it’s brand products. Internet retailing has become the fastest growing channel, Off-White already has e-commerce platforms but can improve even more on their Online experience. Offer consumers an easier, pleasurable experience, and improved individualized service. Market and promote “For All”, the lower end line. Communicate to fans and consumers the new expansion.


Off–White generic graphic logo makes it easier for other brands to recreate it. Due to high prices, the target market is not as wide as it could be. PESTEL Factors: Political issues and events might influence the prices and offerings for the customer. Economical factors as employment, crisis and other aspects affect the fashion industry worldwide sales. Socio-cultural factors are key aspects for the fashion industry’s worldwide sales success since the arisen of social changes. Technological developments have change the fashion industry and consumer purchase experience, giving the opportunity to reach global market. Environmental factors and sustainability are some of the most important factors for the fashion industry. Consumers want to know how the product is sourced and how it was made. Legal factors such as ethics and compliance are crucial for the fashion industry’s success.


WOMEN–MEN / Spring–Summer 2018

ss 2018


Lighters Chains Backpacks Bags Beachwear Belts Books Card Holder Dresses Gadgets Glasses Hats Jackets Keychain Knitwear Leather Jackets Mask Outwear Pants Phone Cases Posters Scarves Shirts Shoes Shorts Skirts Socks Suit Jackets Sweatshirts T Shirts Tank Tops Tops Wallets




Duties & Taxes Included $ 300

Duties & Taxes Included $ 300

Duties & Taxes Included $ 300



CHAIN LENGTH 16 IN -18 IN - 20 IN - 24 IN - 30 IN

Color Black White Yellow Silver Gold




Duties & Taxes Included $ 150

Duties & Taxes Included $ 180



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Window Display

Interior Design by Camila Alban

Interior Design by Camila Alban


Off-White Instagram account will post stories starting a week from the release date. Clues of the 3 pop up locations around the major cities will be released. The best user generated material will be featured in the Off-White Instagram account. The day of the release Virgil Abloh will be at one of the locations customizing lighters. Consumers will have the opportunity to customize their lighters. Share photos that communicate the features of the lighter. Videos of Virgil Abloh using the lighter and explaining the concept behind it. Make influencers and brand ambassadors communicate this product through their social media account to reach a wider audience. Maintain consumers communicated with the brand news and further projects. Link in bio will contain further information of the lighter.












Creative Directors: Alyssa Allerton, Brooke Lindstrom, Carmen Ponce, Javier Asturias Photographer: Javier Asturias Stylists: Alyssa Allerton, Brooke Lindstrom, Carmen Ponce Layout Director: Carmen Ponce Visual Window Display: Camila Alban, Javier Asturias


Off white brand extension  
Off white brand extension