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Snowmobile support: PWOS Mission 2018 at Kenosee Lake

Photo courtesy Kenosee Inn

The Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club welcomed Saskatchewan’s Prairie Women on Snowmobiles to this area with a ride on local trails, followed by a fundraising and awareness raising evening at the Kenosee Inn, Tuesday, Feb. 6.

There may have been a shortage of snow, but there was an abundance of spirit as cancer fundraisers - Prairie Women on Snowmobiles - made an overnight stop on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at The Kenosee Inn for an event in their honour hosted by the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club - as part of the group’s 2018 tour throughout southeast Saskatchewan. Since its 2001 inception, the non-profit organization tours part of the province annually to promote the early detection of breast cancer as well as

raising funds for breast cancer research and the purchase of medical equipment for health facilities in Saskatchewan. To date, PWOS has raised over $2.4 million for research through the Canadian Cancer Society and since 2013, the group has raised more than $229,000 for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Each dollar donated through their annual Missions stays in Saskatchewan, with equipment purchased for cancer centres in Regina and Saskatoon as well as equipment - including a mobile bus that has been donated to serve rural areas of the province.

Each year, 10 volunteer riders - often cancer survivors - sled through Saskatchewan for a six-day journey which covers about 1,400 kilometers. This year, the riders and their crew members started their ‘Mission 2018’ in Regina and concluded their trip in Estevan. In this area, their itinerary included stops in Kipling, Kisbey, Redvers, Gainsborough, Carnduff, Oxbow, Arcola, Lampman, Midale, Torquay, Estevan and Kenosee Lake, where PWOS President Kelly Rea praised and thanked attendees for their support.

See Prairie Women on page 3


Carlyle • Wawota

Lynne Bell

Observer Staff


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NEWS • Hydrovac • Steam Trucks • Pressure Trucks • 50/50 Methanol • Water Trucks • Combo Units


Week of February 18 to 24, 2018 ARIES

Expect lots of action this week. You’ll be on the road a lot, both for business and for pleasure. It may be time for you to renegotiate your phone plan. You may get hit with the winter blues this week. There’s nothing like getting some exercise to make you feel better. You might even discover the joys of a new winter sport.

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Your first stop to find events happening in our community!

Stress is the plague of the 21st century. You’ll need to make some changes to your lifestyle before your anxiety gets out of control.

*Do you have a community event you want listed here? Send us the name of the event, date, and what community it’s being held by emailing:, calling: (306)453-2525, or texting: (306)575-3115. If you would like to include more information than that listed below contact our sales people to see how we can help.


A group of friends may invite you to join them on a trip. You’ll be feeling particularly romantic this week. If you’re single, expect some mixed signals from a potential suitor.

Community Events Listing



You’ll go through the whole gamut of emotions this week. You’ll be inspired by a recent trip and feel the need to distance yourself from your normal routine for a while in order to strike a better work-life balance.

16 – Carlyle - Happy Gang Pot Luck Supper 16 – Manor - Over 60 Club Monthly Meeting 17-19 – Saskatchewan - Free Fishing Weekend 17 – Manor - Library Tea & Bake Sale 18 – Kenosee Lake - Family Fishing Day 19 – Manor - Skate-a-Thon 20 – Carlyle - Drop-In Curling 21 – Carlyle - Food Bank 22 – Carlyle - Drop-In Curling 26 – Manor - Over 60 Club Potluck 27 – Carlyle - Drop-In Curling


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Office: (306) 455-0067 Fax: (306) 455-2677


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503 Main Street, Arcola, SK Dispatch: (306) 455-2667


This week will be all about tying up loose ends and finishing what you’ve started. You’ll also find the perfect remedy to a health problem you’ve been dealing with for a while.

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Friday, February 16, 2018


1 – Carlyle - Lions Dinner and Auction 8-11– Alida - Act One Productions 10 – Arcola - Arcola Daycare Ladies Night Out 11– Wawota - Time & Talent Supper & Auction 16 – Carlyle - Happy Gang Pot Luck Supper 16 – Manor - Over 60 Club Monthly Meeting 17– Manor - St. Patrick’s Day Rib Supper 18 – Carlyle - Skating Club Carnival 21 – Carlyle - Food Bank 21 – Arcola - The Legend of George Jones 26 – Manor - Over 60 Club Potluck


15 – Bellegarde - Flea Market 16-20 – Redvers - Music Festival 18 – Carlyle - Food Bank 20 – Carlyle - Happy Gang Pot Luck Supper



You’ll spend a lot of time at the office, but your hard work will certainly pay off in the form of a promotion or pay raise. You’ll spontaneously decide to try a new sport.


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Weather for the week . . .


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Friday, February 16, 2018

From Front Page - Prairie Women “We’ve received a great welcome,” she said. “And thanks to (groomer) Doug Ilchuk and the entire Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club, we were even able to snowmobile in this beautiful area today.” “But whether there is snow or not, we still make the route. We make every single stop, whether we’re on the sleds or riding in the van. We bring the sleds, so people still get to see them and whether we’re in a community for coffee, or lunch or an evening, we meet people and get our message out there.” At each stop, the PWOS riders, executive and crew are introduced and the organization’s history and mission is explained to the audience. Members of the public have an opportunity to meet the riders and at every stop, a “pinning ceremony” is held. “We invite any cancer survivors to receive a special pin that was specially designed for us,” says Rea who herself is a cancer survivor. “They get a hug, but if they’re uncomfortable coming forward, we announce that they can approach any one of us to receive a pin privately.” “No matter how they choose to do it, we want to acknowledge cancer survivors and congratulate them. It’s a big thing to beat cancer,” At the Kenosee Inn banquet - a longer event - each of the 10 riders talked about their poignant and personal experiences with cancer. Although Hazel Crosson Rosthern), Leanne Dagnall (Foam Lake), Sherry Derksen (Hague), Carla

Hordos (Tisdale), Kim Hyshka (Rhein), Christina Johnson (Weekes), Michelle Martin (Saskatoon), Nadine WeibeTrapp (Emma Lake) and Brenda Trapp (Saskatoon) touched those in attendance with their individual stories; rider Patti Trapp of Saskatoon received prolonged applause, as she - supported by fellow rider and cancer survivor Hazel Crosson - took the microphone. “This is going to be really hard,” she said, as she revealed that she was at the Kenosee event only because her surgery for a brain tumour had been rescheduled. As someone who has already experienced thyroid cancer and a spinal tumour, Trapp said that being diagnosed with a brain tumour was “scary as hell.” “But my surgery was rescheduled for a pediatric surgery, so I’m good. And I will fight this.” Instead of snowmobiling, Trapp rode out Mission 2018’s route in the group’s van or semi, with two-time veteran volunteer drivers, Kelly Phinney (Kindersley) and Wyatt Smith (Pelly), accompanied by newcomer Alex Riehl of Benito, Manitoba. “She’s an amazing lady - they all are,” said Phinney. “And we’re all planning to drive again next year.” When Trapp wasn’t on the road with the PWOS, she was replaced by a stand-in - a giant teddy bear - which was photographed with the women and local supporters who came out during their stop in Kisbey earlier in the day. “We really need to

give a huge thank you to the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club, Troy Foster for setting all this up and Ed (Fahlman), Daryl (Safniuk) and the Kenosee Inn - what a meal! And our trail groomer, Doug Ilchuk (Kisbey),” said Rea. “Today, they made sure we got a chance to ride, even with the relative lack of snow. It’s a beautiful part of the province and we’re so glad we got to experience it on a ride. But more importantly, people here have been so welcoming and so supportive of our mission - which also includes safe snowmobiling.” Both Fahlman and Safniuk say that hosting the Prairie Women on Snowmobiles was a “privilege.” “And we’re really proud of the Moose Mountain community for coming out to support these amazing women and such a worthy cause,” added Fahlman. Pam Foster of Carlyle agrees. “It’s awesome. I had tears in my eyes and I wasn’t alone. I’ve had family members with cancer and so do so many other people from this area.” But the thing I like a lot about what these women do is that the money they raise stays in Saskatchewan.” Rea says; “I can’t wait for the day when we are out there snowmobiling for fun - not for fundraising - because we’ve found a cure for cancer. But until then, Prairie Women on Snowmobiles will continue our mission.” To learn more, visit .

Staff photo by Lynne Bell

Members of Prairie Women on Snowmobiles (who are committed to raising funds for cancer research) and members of the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club are pictured at a fundraising evening held at the Kenosee Inn on Tuesday, Feb. 6. The Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club organized PWOS’s tour through this area. Ed Fahlman of The Kenosee Inn says: “We’re really proud of the Moose Mountain community for coming out to support these amazing women and such a worthy cause.”

Photo courtesy of Kenosee Inn

Saskatchewan’s Prairie Women on Snowmobiles are pictured arriving at the Kenosee Inn as part of their Mission 2018 tour, which aims to raise both funds for and awareness of breast cancer. The volunteer group includes 10 riders and their crew, all of whom are volunteers and who have been affected by cancer. Since 2001, PWOS have raised over $2.4 million for research through the Canadian Cancer Society and since 2013, the organization has also raised over $229,000 for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Moose Mountain Elks Lodge visited by Grand Exalted Ruler Kelly Running Observer Staff

The Moose Mountain – Kisbey #483 Sask Elks Lodge welcomed the Grand Exalted Ruler of the Elks, Deborah Sallenback from Aldergrove, BC, to the community on Thursday, Feb. 8. “It’s my first time here,” Sallenback said. “I’m seeing a lot of countryside in this position that I never would have seen otherwise because I’m driving across the country.” The local Elks hosted a supper in her honour and welcomed the community to attend. Members of the Moosomin Elks Lodge also travelled to Kisbey for the event. Claudia Mullis, Provincial President of the Rebekah Assembly of Saskatchewan, said a few words about the community Sallenback was visiting: “We always help each other on different projects… we’ve been doing that for many years. I think one thing we have in common [the Rebekah’s and the Elks]

is that we like to help our community. One of the projects that the Rebekah’s works with is vision and the Elks have one focused on hearing; so we’re helping people in different ways...” Sallenback then spoke explaining how the Elks are changing and adapting to show younger generations what their intentions are and how they can help. “Over the last 10 years, we’ve lost a number of members; but, over the past year or two there has been a change of attitudes and there are younger lodges out there that are revitalizing what we’re doing. We’re working together to celebrate the future.” The Elks have been in Canada since 1912 – there are over 250 Lodges across Canada and approximately 11,000 members according to the Elks of Canada website. “The strengths of our Order involve the hard work of our membership in building and strengthening our communities they live in while providing assistance to children

and families in need,” Sallenback states on the Elks Canada website. “Our greatest achievements recognized by our peers is our work in Speech and Hearing in many provinces’ across Canada. We have campaigned hard in recent years to have all Provinces adopt programs, which result in mandatory testing of new borns for hearing loss at birth.” “Through our National Charity, the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children we have been able to raise funds to support children under the age of nineteen as well as provide assistance to families whose home was destroyed by fire as well as many other personnel assistance imitated by Lodges.” She also said in her speech on Feb. 11, that the Lodge held a Food Drive and was able to gather 80,000 lbs last year. They’re hoping to do it again this year and reach 100,000 lbs. Finally she thanked the hosting lodge for its hospitality and delicious roast beef meal.

Staff photos by Kelly Running

Kalvin Nankivell, the Elks Lodge Provincial President, stands with Deborah Sallenback, the Grand Exalted Ruler of the Elks, who visited Kisbey on Thursday, Feb. 8.

Grand Exalted Ruler of the Elks, Deborah Sallenback, a BC Lions fan, was presented with a small gift of green, as everyone should have something from the Roughriders, and was presented it by Kalvin Nankivell, Elks Lodge Provincial President.

Manor Skate-a-thon to be held Family Day Kelly Running Observer Staff

Sask Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler, Dave Weightman, presents Grand Exalted Ruler Deborah Sallenback with a gift from their Lodge thanking her for visiting them.

Family Day activities this year include a Skate-A-Thon at the Manor Rink. The activity is one for all to enjoy. The Skate-A-Thon is being planned for Monday, Feb. 19, from 11

a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will include games and music throughout the day as well as prizes for the top fundraiser, oldest skater, and youngest skater. There will also be a raffle table with the chance to win a variety of prizes.



Asking price

February 1-28, 2018 Get an EXTRA


$995,000.00 Legal Land Descriptions: Parcel #1 SW 24-8-3 W2 Parcel #2 SE 24-8-3 W2

316 Acres of farmland consisting of grain land and a yard site. Prime location with half a mile of Hwy 9 frontage one mile north of Carlyle, SK. SAMA field sheets show 291 cultivated acres and ISC shows 316 total acres. Sask Crop Insurance soil classes J & K. Yard site includes an 1800 sq.ft. 2 storey with 4 bedrooms. Offers to purchase to be submitted to Sheppard Realty by 12:00PM on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. Highest or any offer not necessarily accepted.

Contact us for more details regarding the property and the offer process Office: 306-352-1866 • Cell: 306-530-8035 3287 E. Quance St. Regina, SK S4V 3B7

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Chimo Building Centre Wawota, SK • (306) 739-2566

The Southern Plains Co-op Mascot – Cooper – will be there handing out treats during the day. At the canteen you’ll find lunch available. Organizers encourage people to attend, whether skating or not, to enjoy a hot drink and good company. Presley Onufreychuk, a student at Manor School, explained, “The fundraiser and raffle table is for the rink! I tend to day dream and before Christmas I kept thinking about random things. And I thought, we have this awesome rink, but not tons of kids in Manor and I just really hop to bring lots of people in for the day to skate and play games and hangout, and it’s Family Day, so it’s perfect.” There are pledge sheets available from Onufreychuk if interested in helping to fundraise for the rink – 306575-7331.

Friday, February 16, 2018



Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge ask for input


TO OUR CUSTOMERS The Carlyle Bakery will be CLOSED for holidays February 26th – March 3rd

Lynne Bell

Observer Staff

Since the start, the Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge have made it their mission to enhance the everyday lives of the facility’s residents and lend support to the staff who care for them - and now the volunteer group is asking for community input and what FMML President, Tannis Wilson calls “fresh ideas.” “We’ve received generous monetary support,” says Wilson. “And money was donated by people locally to benefit a community cause. Now, we’d like some local input regarding how those funds should best be spent to benefit the Lodge’s residents.” “Since we started three years ago, we’ve done a lot of things at the Lodge that adds to the residents’ enjoyment,” says FMML founder and Moose Mountain Lodge staff member, Bertha Isleifson. “We’ve had concerts - including a surprise show by Rory Allen - and regular treats, such as our Fresh Fruit Fridays and a monthly chicken dinner from A & W.” “Our volunteers and our supporters have brought in entertainment, held social events, purchased new equipment, carried out beautification projects and so much more, including providing a gift from Santa at Christmastime for each resident,” adds Isleifson. “The simplest things make the biggest difference to our residents.” Wilson and her fellow FMML volunteers are ready and willing to continue to provide both everyday and exceptional life-enhancing experiences to residents, which is why they are asking for input and ideas. “We meet the fourth Tuesday of each month,” says Wilson. “And we don’t hold meetings in July, August or December. I realize that some people don’t want to attend a meeting, but those meetings are where the decisions about spending money are made. Even if you attend once, we welcome

Sorry for any inconvenience



2012 550 Case IH w/triples, weight, gps ..................................$285,000


2015 140A Farmall Case IH w/loader, 10 hrs ...........................$122,000 2013 Puma 145 Case IH MFD ..................................................$120,000 2011 Puma 170 Case IH with duals .........................................$125,000 2011 Puma 140 Case IH w/loader ............................................$115,000


Archive photos

The Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge - a volunteer group dedicated to improving the quality of life of the Carlyle facility’s residents - is asking for input and ideas from area individuals. “We’ve received generous monetary support,” says FMML President, Tannis Wilson. “And money was donated by people locally to benefit a community cause. Now, we’d like some local input regarding how those funds should best be spent to benefit the Lodge’s residents.”

2014 8240 Case IH w/pick up .........................................................CALL 2013 8230 Case IH & pick up ..................................................$330,000 2009 8120 w/pick up...................................................................$180,000 2007 7010 Case IH duals, pick up.............................................. $175,000 2007 2588 Case IH 2015 header ...............................................$145,000 2006 2388 Case IH w/pu ............................................................$110,000 2004 2388 Case IH w 2014 header .............................................. $90,000 2002 2388 Case IH w/pick up....................................................... $80,000 1998 2388 CASE IH with p/u ........................................................ $60,000


2014 40 ft. FD 75 MacDon flex header transport & auger ...............CALL 2010 40 ft D60 MacDon, transport Pea Auger, one with JD Adapter & one with CASE IH adapter ..............................................$60,000 2010 2152 40 ft Case IH header/transport AAFX adapter ...............$65,000 2002 36 ft 1042 CASE IH Transport ............................................. $16,000


2011 50 ft. 12” spacing Seed Hawk tool bar w/600 cart, dual wheels, auger, bag lift ............................................................................$225,000 2010 65 ft. 3310 Bourgault paralink 12” spacing, midrow shank banding, double shoot, rear hitch, tandem axles ..................... $135,000 2010 60-12 Seed Hawk tool bar 12” spacing w/400 Seedhawk cart duals, 2 fans, auger, seed & fertilizer kit. Also NH kit ...........................................................................$175,000 2010 6612 Seed Hawk toolbar 12” spacing w/400 plus Seed Hawk seed cart, 2 fans, seeded fertilizer kit. Also NH kit ..........................................................................$175,000 1997 39ft Morris Maxuim Air Drill 10” spacing Atom Jet openers w/Morris 180 Cart ....................................................................... $18,000


2004 RBX 562 CASE IH Baler ..................................................... $10,000


2010 36 ft. 1203 CASE IH , pickup reel ..................................... $88,000 2000 30 ft. 8860 CASE IH SP, pickup reel, low hours ............................... $42,000


37ft 5600 Case IH Cultivator with 4 row Degelmen harrows ........ $23,000

Since the start, the Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge have made it their mission to enhance the everyday lives of the facility’s residents and lend support to the staff who care for them. In 2015, the volunteer group arranged for a surprise concert at the Lodge by Elvis tribute artist, Rory Allen, pictured here after the show with some “Friends” and staffers from Moose Mountain Lodge. any input and we’d love to see some new faces.” “Another alternative is to simply contact any member of the Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge and let them know if you have an idea or a concern.” “Right now, we’re considering a plan to renovate the front area and fireplace to make the Lodge more homey,” adds Wilson. “That’s an example of just one project where we’d welcome some input. And of course, we welcome new members anytime.” “When we first started the Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge three


years ago, we had a lot of support - which we really appreciate - and a lot of momentum,” says Wilson. “To fulfill our mission for the residents, we don’t want to stall or stagnate, so we welcome fresh ideas and input from our area communities.” The Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge welcomes assistance, ideas and monetary contributions to help them continue their work. To learn more, contact any member of the FMML, check out “Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge” on Facebook or call Tan-



nis Wilson at (306)453-2800. Donations are tax-deductible.


2009 RDX 110, 110”, Schulte 3-point hitch, used very little ...... $9,500


16 ft. 1476 Heston hay conditioner ............................................ CALL

A.E. CHICOINE Farm Equipment Ltd. Storthoaks, SK. 306-449-2255 40 1995 Case Corporation Case IH is a registered trademark of Case Corporation.


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Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekly RCMP report Kelly Running Observer Staff

The Carlyle detachment of RCMP responded to a variety of calls between Feb. 1 and Feb. 8. Narcotics A search warrant was served in Arcola. As a result an individual is facing charges related to the search warrant including cocaine with intent to traffic, methamphetamine with intent to traffic, and possession of proceeds of crime. Suspicious vehicle A vehicle was reported for being parked for an extended period of time. RCMP found two people in the vehicle and nothing illegal going on. Assault There was an assault reported in the Kisbey area. One individual was lodged until sober. In the Wawota area an assault was reported and has been determined to be unfounded. Assistance A total of five people in the area are on temporary absences from correctional facilities. RCMP attended two Mental Health Act calls. RCMP performed several conditions checks during this time. Members were asked to assist in locating a missing person. The missing person was located. A well-being check was conducted by RCMP. Disturbance There was a dis-

turbance at a facility in the Carlyle area. Two individuals were lodged until sober. A residential disturbance occurred in the Kisbey area involving alcohol. One individual was lodged in cells until sober. Failure to comply An individual was arrested and charged for failing to comply with their probation order. They were lodged in cells and held until their court appearance. RCMP discovered an individual who failed to comply with release conditions and was held for court. Members conducted a conditions check and found that an individual was stuck at another residence in the Carlyle area; RCMP assisted the individual in returning to their residence. False alarms There were three false alarms during this time. Two were in Redvers and one occurred in Carlyle. Fraud A former employee used a credit card belonging to a company they no longer work for. This matter is under investigation. Alcohol related incidents An intoxicated individual reported along Main Street in Carlyle was arrested and lodged in cells until sober. There was an intoxicated individual in Redvers that was issued a ticket for being intoxicated in a public place. The fine was for $200. In the Carlyle area an intoxicated individual was reported. Patrols were made, but the individual was not located. However, the matter had been resolved. There was a call regarding concern for

neighbouring residents in the Kisbey area. There was a 72-hour suspension issued in the Carlyle area. Property mischief Several individuals were dealt with regarding mischief at a facility in the Carlyle area. There was an incident reported in the Kisbey area, which resulted in patrols being made. No charges came of this investigation. Theft There was a report of a possible theft in the Arcola area. It was determined that a family member had visited the area and had walked in the fresh snow; no property was stolen. A possible theft was reported in the Carlyle area, but it was determined nothing was taken. Driving infractions Four fines for not having insurance were issued - $580 each. Three intersection fines were issued - $230 each. Four different individuals stopped for speeding were also each given a warning for having an obstructed licence plate. Another individual was stopped for speeding and also given a warning for excessive damage to their windshield. One speeder was also issued a warning for taillights that failed to emit red light. There were three speeders that were stopped and each were also given a warning for being unable to produce a driver’s licence; only one of those stopped was also given a warning for excessive damage to a windshield. A speeder was also issued a warning for failing to notify of a change





of address within 15 days of moving as well as for excessive damage to their windshield. One individual was given a warning for speeding, but ticketed $175 for driving at speeds deemed to be unsafe. The two of the highest speeding tickets between Feb. 1 and 8 were for $150. One, however, was for $200 and the individual was also given a warning for an inadequate speedometer. Two people were issued fines for failing to wear their seatbelts $175 each. There was a brief pursuit in which the vehicle and driver were each identified and are facing charges. A vehicle was reported for doing power turns in the Carlyle area. This matter is under investigation. There was a vehicle

leaking fluids near Kisbey, which was resolved. A vehicle was stopped and given an inspection ticket for an obstructed licence plate. They were told to provide proper registration to RCMP. There was a driver stopped and given an inspection ticket for an unsecured load. Inspection tickets were also issued to two different individuals for their headlights or five were stopped for their daytime running lights; one of those stopped for this was also given a warning for window tint. A $115 ticket was issued to an individual for inadequate or removed seatbelts. There was a warning issued to an individual for their window tint. A driver was fined $280 for using their cell phone while driving. A vehicle was

stopped for obstructed licence plates and window tint. A warning was issued to an individual who was in possession of two licences. Once you receive your new licence destroy your old licence. There was a driver stopped and given a warning for brake lights not emitting a red light. An individual was stopped and fined for operating a vehicle with a temporary permit which they failed to display. There was a collision reported at the Arcola Co-op; one vehicle was not driveable. A collision in Wawota was reported for information purposes. Threats Under investigation is the report of threats being uttered to an individual.

Donation made to Alida Rec. Board

Photo submitted

Dangstorp Service made a generous donation of $5,000 toward the Alida Recreation Board for the rink project. Margaret Peet (left) accepts the cheque from Brian Dangstorp.


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Friday, February 16, 2018

New look to NHL playoffs guaranteed

sports time-out with

Bruce Penton How beat to describe the current National Hockey League season? Shocking? Topsyturvy? How about ‘unbelievable’? How about all three? Shocking that a number of teams thought to be pre-season Stanley Cup contenders such as Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers are not only not contending, but both likely to miss the playoffs. Topsy-turvy? The team almost 100 per cent of ‘experts’ pegged to finish dead last of the 31 NHL teams, the Vegas Golden Knights, are among the league powers and have a legitimate shot at — this is the unbelievable part — the Stanley Cup. More topsy? More turvy? How

about the only two Canadians teams to have virtually secured berths in the playoffs by midFebruary are two teams with sad and sorry pasts — Winnipeg Jets and Toronto Maple Leafs? Solidly in the postseason are the Jets and Leafs; on the edge are the Calgary Flames. Definite outside-lookingin Canadian teams are Montreal and Ottawa in the East, Edmonton and Vancouver in the West. The most recent Jets’ playoff victory was 1986-87, during their first NHL go-round in the Manitoba capital, when they beat the Flames 4-2 in a bestof-seven first-round Smythe Division series. As for the Leafs, it’s been 14 years since their last playoff series victory, a seven-game triumph over Ottawa in 2003-04. Famously, of course, the Leafs are without a Stanley Cup since 1967. Let’s talk Vegas for a minute. The gambling part, not the hockey part. If someone had stopped by a casino sportsbook

window last fall and wagered real money on the Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup, one of three things might have happened: 1. The sympathetic casino employee, instantly recognizing an utter fool, would refuse to take the bettor’s money; 2. Casino staff would call for a mental health therapist for some immediate on-site attention; 3. The sportsbook employee would smile and take the money, because that’s what they do in Vegas. Can you envision a Winnipeg-Vegas Western Conference final? Many can. How about a Tampa-Toronto clash in the Eastern final? This NHL season, if nothing else, indicates one thing: The apocalypse approaches. • Jimmy Fallon of NBC’s Tonight Show: “The Cleveland Indians announced that they will no longer use Chief Wahoo as their logo beginning in 2019. They admitted that the logo is extremely offensive, so they’re only gonna wear it for 162 more games.”

Learning to learn


By Linda Wegner There probably are few things more challenging than learning how to give and understanding how to receive, instructions. If you question that statement, think back on the last time someone attempted to correct an action (whether yours or someone else’s) or on the last time you attempted to pass on well-meaning advice to someone not ready to receive it. Solomon has much to say about this important topic and, in fact, defines the specific purposes of his words: to know wisdom and instruction; to recognize the words of understanding; to receive the instruction of wisdom; and, to give prudence. (Proverbs 1:14) As I pored over the multiple references to instruction in this book, I realized that in almost every case, Solomon was exhorting his son to



specifically honour the instructions he’d given him and the wisdom given him (David) by his mother. My initial reaction? Oh, how I wish every person on earth had the kind of parental care and guidance referred to in this book! Regardless of the source, however, we cannot go wrong by learning what God has to say to us through the Scriptures and from the lips of those who live out His truths in their everyday lives. If you wonder why it’s important to follow counsel presented in the Bible, here’s one answer “Keep your heart with all diligence for out it spring the issues of life” A foundation of Scriptural integrity doesn’t promise freedom from problems, persecution or pain but building our daily lives on God’s instructions, we are provided wisdom, strength in facing temptations






Source: News Media Canada

of all kinds and sweet fellowship with God. “Every day and all night long their counsel will lead you and save you from harm; when you wake up in the morning, let their instructions guide you into the new day.” (Proverbs 6:22) Lead on!

• Ken Levine of Sports Announcers Report, on the Super Bowl: “It’s time to do away with the Roman Numerals already. We’re at the point where only Spartacus can figure them out.” • Jody Genessy in the Deseret News, in a postSuper Bowl column: ’Tom Brady showed us he can’t catch the ball and he’s a really s-l-o-w runner, so other than the part about him throwing for more than 500 yards as a 40-year-old QB and being married to a super model, he’s just like the rest of America’s middle-aged men.” • Bob Molinaro of (Hampton, Va.) “It makes sense that the San Francisco Giants will be retiring Barry Bonds’ No. 25. With all the baggage that’s attached to it, who else would want to wear it?” • Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, speculating on Bill Belichick eventually being elected to the Football Hall of Fame” “His acceptance speech will not be a spoken speech, but rather 20 minutes of glowering at the audience.” • RJ Currie of “United Airlines has renamed LA Coliseum. Another rumoured change: after the anthem, the singer has to point out the front, side and rear exits.” • Currie again: “Saskatchewan Roughriders wideout Duron Carter has been busted for marijuana. Are we surprised? He is a posses-

sion receiver.” • ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel: “The Eagles won their first Super Bowl ever, toppling Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They said Tom Brady was so distraught after the game, he chugged a quart of almond milk and ate half a grape.” • Kimmel again, on Super Bowl commercials: “I had no idea Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream to sell light duty trucks.” • Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: “Rolling Stone magazine, in an article titled ‘The Biggest Stoners in Sports,’ listed an all-star lineup of pot smokers. Which certainly puts a whole new spin on the term ‘puff piece.’” • Perry again: “A hunter in Maryland was

knocked unconscious when a mortally wounded Canada goose — which typically weighs in at 10-15 pounds — fell out of the sky and conked him. In other words: ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ ... meet ‘Goose, Goose, Duck!’” • Headline at “Montreal Canadiens request to become NHL expansion team in hopes of becoming as good as Vegas Golden Knights.” • Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) WorldHerald, on the 2018 Winter Olympics getting under way: “Which is bizarre, because NBC just finished showing the 2014 Winter Olympics on tape delay.” Care to comment? Email

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Quote of the Week... Set small goals leading to the big goal. Always stay positive, never give up. It will be hard but worth it in the end.” - Canadian Olympic Kayaker, Ryan Cochrane

Being sociably responsible

Over the last few weeks the topic of legalizing marijuana has come up in conversations. At face value, it’s no worse than any other legalized drug, like alcohol, however, the Federal Government may have jumped the gun in legalization; is everything in place that needs to be? With alcohol there is Kelly Running a roadside-screening device, Observer Staff which can tell if you’re over the legal limit; if you are there’s then a secondary device at detachments where they can determine exactly what your blood alcohol content is. This, however, is a larger process to test for and if drinking and driving in Saskatchewan accounts for nearly half of all fatal traffic collisions – according to SGI reports – what happens with another available legal substance that impairs? Other questions that popped up included: where would you physically be able to consume it? Will there be cafes like in Amsterdam or are you just able to use it privately? If there are cafes, which allow smoking, then will they allow regular cigarettes too? Will legalization create the need for companies to increase the number of drug tests of zero-tolerance positions? A study conducted by the Cummings School of Medicine at the University of Calgary states that second-hand marijuana smoke could lead to workplace failure of a drug tests as well. Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal Open, it states that THC – the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana – can produce a positive in blood and urine tests within 15-minutes of exposure. If it’s not something you do often the THC can take between 24 and 48 hours to leave your system – proving an issue at a job with zero-tolerance. While, for regular users THC can remain in the system for up to 30 days. A Macleans article published Jan. 24, “What Canada’s plan for regulating marijuana gets wrong,” by Daniel Myran and Ryan Forrest questions the marketing of marijuana drawing on the regulation of tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco – marketing is banned (the only ads I’ve seen for tobacco are from American magazines), tobacco packages have graphically detailed warnings on them, is banned in all indoor public places, must be away from doorways, and what was once considered “cool” has been deemed to be “uncool.” Alcohol – to be consumed “socially responsibly” and is marketed (television, magazines, and social media), but is prohibited from being directed at youth. It’s considered socially acceptable with people often questioning those that don’t drink. Canada is a global leader in tobacco control, while it ranks fourth highest in the developed world for binge drinking according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. So, if marijuana is following alcohol in its legalization, what does this really mean for society? I personally don’t really care one way or the other because at face value it doesn’t really affect me; but, the “butterfly effect” means it could if someone chose to jump in a car and drive while under the influence – would they make it home safe or potentially endanger my family, friends, or me on their way home? I know there are people doing this out there already, but will there be more once smoking is legalized and more easily accessible? Would second hand smoke lead to a positive test that could impact a family member, friend, or me? Ultimately rules and regulations will be put in place and hopefully they’re adhered to, as we do need to be socially responsible when it comes to legal drugs like alcohol and soon-to-be marijuana.

OBSERVER THE Fax: 306-453-2938 P.O. Box 160 Carlyle, SK S0C 0R0

Heart of the Moose Mountains

Commands we should be listening to Athletes. Settle. Beep. Beep. Beep. Be-ep. On your marks. Ready. Go! Any combination of the above commands are used by starters to begin events at the Winter Olympics. The voice at long track speed skating in VanMy Outlook couver in 2010 was so distinctive Shelley Luedtke I can still hear him in my head. My family and friends know what to expect (and not expect) from me in the coming days as I watch coverage while navigating the time zone difference. It is indulgent time--I readily admit that. So as the Olympics roll around I try and think of something else I could be doing while I am watching. You know--make use of the time. One lady I talked to said she used to use the Winter Games as a time to sort through her pictures. A young mom I know likes to crochet while she watches. I have tried doing a few different things but it seems the moment I turn my attention from the coverage to the other activity is exactly when a cheer or groan is heard, indicating something noteworthy just took place in the competition. So I snap to attention to catch the replay and my focus is off the secondary activity. Actually, this is true for us at every moment of every day. Even though we like to believe we can do several things at once, the reality is that while we can have several things on the go at the same time, we can only do one thing at a time. I know, I know…we can eat a meal, visit with friends, check our phones, send texts to the kids, compose a grocery list, plan an event and prepare for a meeting all at the same time. While we can certainly feel as if we are doing all these things simultaneously, what we’re actually doing is shifting from task to task to task in such rapid succession our brains are having to choose which information to focus on and process. We may want to believe the transitions back and forth are smooth, but the reality is there is a lag time with this rapid shifting and it is interrupting and dis-

rupting the cognitive process of attention. This has a cost. Trying to do multiple things at the same time results in a greater number of mistakes coupled by slower completion time than if we had done things one after another. But hey, who has time for that? We’re too busy and need to be far more productive than that, right? Well, neuroscientists tell us our misguided attempts at multitasking are actually limiting our productivity by 40%, along with affecting our longterm memory and hampering our creativity. In our effort to do more in less time we are actually accomplishing much less and missing out on much more. There are of course tasks that we can work on concurrently. We can prepare a meal and have a conversation at the same time, but those get severely hampered if we add additional tasks into the mix, especially activities related to our phones and computers. It is particularly damaging if what we are adding takes focus away from the people who are in the room with us. Too many times it seems that when our tech devices and our time with people collide, the technology wins. But just consider who the losers are in that scenario. We are losing out on time that cannot be recovered. By erroneously believing we are juggling multiple things well, we are creating potential problems. It can result in stress-induced medical concerns, poorer job performance, diminished feelings of personal satisfaction, and a lack of gratifying interpersonal interactions. There’s much to be gained by single tasking once we realize in effect that’s what we’re doing anyway. So rather than continuing this rapid shift of focus that keeps us from giving rightful concentration to much of anything--or anyone--we would be better off giving adequate attention to what is needed, knowing the tasks that come later will be better served. So, let’s stop feeling pressured into thinking time spent doing something we like needs to be dovetailed with time spent ‘getting something done’. We need to call out different starter commands for ourselves. On your marks, get ready. Stop…and just enjoy the moment. That’s my outlook.

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Financial Focus


Managing Your Money

How divorce can devastate your finances No one wants to think about divorce, but with one in three marriages ending that way, it’s important to consider the consequences of an irrevocable break-up. While the end of a marriage is certainly devastating from an emotional perspective, it can also be detrimental from a financial one. Here are some of the critical financial and other implications that must be considered when a marriage ends. Immediate financial issues Close your joint accounts and open an individual account. Also cancel joint credit cards and any automatic payments being made on behalf of the exspouse, including spousal RSP contributions. Your legal right to finances Generally speaking, when a couple separates, the parties are entitled to a division of assets. The calculation regarding

what is or isn’t included varies between the provinces. In some provinces, even assets acquired before the marriage are shareable, and in other provinces assets acquired even after the date of separation, but before the date of divorce, are included. Both parties should receive legal advice before agreeing to anything. The rules regarding a division of assets upon the dissolution of a common law relationship vary dramatically across the country. In some provinces, partners are entitled to the same division of assets as a married couple once they have lived together for a sufficient period of time. In other provinces, former partners are not entitled to a division of assets no matter how long they have lived together, she explains. Assets to consider When it comes to assets from the marriage, there are a number of things

to consider dividing, including the family home, a share of government or workplace pensions that your spouse contributed to during the marriage, funds accumulated in an RRSP and other properties or investments. Spousal support Both men and women can apply for spousal support. Generally, spousal support is deductible to the payor and taxable in the hands of the payee. Child support, though, is not taxable to the parent who receives it and is not deductible for the person who pays it. Tax implications Even for separating couples with modest assets, there are many tax issues that should be considered. Cottages, RRSPs and other investments may be split up – but they could be taxed in the process. There may also be a number of tax credits and deductions you may

HEALTH HUB Stress vs. anxiety: do you know the difference? Agitation, palpitations, muscle tension, digestive trouble, insomnia, irritability — while the symptoms of stress and anxiety are similar, these two terms designate very different problems. Here’s how to tell which is which. Stress In the face of pressure or real danger — an exam, a speech, a job interview, a bear chasing you — stress is a perfectly normal, even healthy, reaction. However uncomfortable, this feeling tends to fade once the danger disappears and is usually limited to a particular worry: “if I fail my exam, I’ll have to retake the class.” Anxiety Anxiety symptoms are more intense. This disorder can be defined by the tendency to anticipate and blow potential difficulties out of proportion, or even overestimate — if not imag-

ine — the negative consequences that could occur: “I’m going to fail the exam, and I’ll never get my degree, and no one will ever want to hire me.” Anxiety creates fears that persist even when the person affected distances his or herself from the problem. Severe cases can

prevent people from functioning normally without medication. If you feel that you react to stress excessively or are constantly anxious, seek help from either your GP or a medical professional specializing in stress management.

be entitled to, but only if the agreement is properly structured. Estate implications Rewrite your will, otherwise your separated spouse may be entitled to your estate if they are named in the will. A divorce is hard on the emotions – make sure it isn’t hard on your finances, too. Talk to your professional advisor to get the help you need to make sure you get your fair share. This column, written

and published by Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec – a Financial Services Firm), and Investors Group Securities Inc. (in Québec, a firm in Financial Planning) presents general information only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments. Contact your own advisor for specific advice about your circumstances. For more information on this topic please contact your Investors Group Consultant.


Friday, February 16, 2018



Team Southeast pep rally readies athletes for competition

Photo courtesy Greg Nikkel - Weyburn Review

Although some athletes were unable to attend, this photo includes all members of Team Southeast at the Pep Rally held in Weyburn on Sunday, Feb. 11. Kelly Running Observer Staff

Team Southeast gathered in Weyburn on

Sunday, Feb. 11, to participate in a pep rally at McKenna Hall. Athletes were able to meet the other participants and

Initiation Cougars enjoy tourney action Initation Carlyle Cougars traveled this weekend to a two-day tournament in Estevan. The kids had great fun and felt they were playing in the NHL playing in such a big rink. Jessie Humphries and Trypp Fleming earned MVP on Saturday during their 2 games. On Sunday Knox Valentine and Hayden Puskas earned themselves MVP of their last 2 games. Overall it was a great weekend and the kids had a great time!

Meet the

Ty Currie


Age: 23 Jersey Number: 8 Shoots: Right Last team played for: Carlyle PureChem Cougars Favourite player growing up: My old man Favourite hockey memory: Playing senior with my dad.

celebrate the opportunity to go to the Saskatchewan Winter Games this year. The games this year are being held in North Battleford In addition to the

pep rally athletes, coaches, managers, and parents had the opportunity to learn more about Injury Prevention through Kristie Mueller’s session on how to warm up, cool down, and the im-

portance of hydration. Thomas Hamilton discussed sport nutrition and how to maximize their performance at the winter games through food. Finally Kyle McDonald provided men-

tal training in how to manage stress, emotion, and anxiety in order to be focused and able to perform in competition. Good luck to all the athletes on Team Southeast!

Gordon F. Kells High School

Cougar Corner

February Break There is no school from Feb. 19 – Feb. 23. Classes resume Monday, Feb. 26. The basketball season is well underway. Practices run almost every Monday and Wednesday and tournaments are slotted in for Norquay, Stoughton, Estevan, Oxbow, Rocanville, Gravelbourg, and Davidson. The completion of the season will be the SHSAA playoffs starting with Conferences in March and concluding with Hoopla on March 23rd and 24th! The basketball season has now started and a busy season is ahead for the Sr. Boys. Practices run almost every Monday and Wednesday and tournaments are slotted in for Norquay, Stoughton, Estevan, Oxbow, Rocanville, Gravelbourg and Davidson. The completion of the season will be the SHSAA playoffs starting with Conferences in March and concluding with Hoopla on March 23rd and 24th!The basketball season has now started and a busy season is ahead for the Sr. Boys. Practices run almost every Monday and Wednesday and tournaments are slotted in for Norquay, Stoughton, Estevan, Oxbow, Rocanville, Gravelbourg and Davidson. The completion of the season will be the SHSAA playoffs starting with Conferences in March and concluding with Hoopla on March 23rd and 24th!The basketball season has now started and a busy season is ahead for the Sr. Boys. Practices run almost every Monday and Wednesday and tournaments are slotted in for Norquay, Stoughton, Estevan, Oxbow, Rocanville, Gravelbourg and Davidson. The completion of the season will be the SHSAA playoffs starting with Conferences in March and concluding with Hoopla on March 23rd and 24th!Junior Drama for grades 7-9 has begun. Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays after school

(3:30-5:00). Junior and senior badminton will soon be hitting the court at GFK. Fitness Club continues on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 7:45 – 8:30AM. All fitness levels are welcome. Come out and get your day started with some fitness. Poetry Institute of Canada publishes an anthology of verse every year. This year they chose three GFK students to publish. Congratulations to Kenna Hagel, Trystan Barta and Summer Rutten. There is a Youth Book Club on Wednesday evenings at the Carlyle Public Library from 7-8 PM. This club runs from March 7th –April 18th 2018. The book is The Graveyard Book. Registration is free, but is required by Feb 14th. Space is limited. No drop-ins. To register please call Margaret Bell at (306) 575-7232 or or visit www. Have you forgotten your HomeLogic password? You may now click on the “Forget Password” link to retrieve it. Visit our HomeLogic page for additional information. Parents are reminded to continue to use the Home Logic Parent Portal to keep up with their children’s grades and attendance. ParenThe basketball season has now started and a busy season is ahead for the Sr. Boys. Practices run almost every Monday and Wednesday and tournaments are slotted in for Norquay, Stoughton, Estevan, Oxbow, Rocanville, Gravelbourg and Davidson. The completion of the season will be the SHSAA playoffs starting with Conferences in March and concluding with Hoopla on March 23rd and 24th!ts can contact the school for information about how to set up access. Remember, if you ever want to set up an interview with one of your child’s particular teachers, please contact the school.

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Merit Ford, Carlyle PureChem Cougars and KidSport are teaming up to give you a chance to win at our Feb.17th Provincial Game! • Game Time: 8:30pm


See you at The Rink!

SHA Provincial Games

Big Six Play Off Games

Saturday, February 17th vs Theodore 8:30pm • Sunday, February 18th at Theodore 7:30pm

Tuesday, February 20th vs Carnduff - 8pm



Friday, February 16, 2018

Good start to Red Coat Rebels’ season The Red Coat Rebels 2018 Club Volleyball season is off to an excellent start, medalling in 2 elite tournaments with 7 more competitive tournaments to attend in the 2018 season. The Rebels will finish the season at the National Tournament in Edmonton the end of May. January 27/28 the Rebels competed in the Stealth Tournament in Regina, where they competed with teams from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba and came home with a Bronze medal. On February 3/4, we took home a Gold

medal after a very hard fought battle with the host, the Oxbow Black Knights. Then on February 10/11, the Rebels competed in the SVA’s Sask. Cup I Tournament in Saskatoon. This tournament had 22 of “the best of the best” 18U teams attending where the Rebels pulled off a 5th place ranking in the Province, something we are very proud of. The Rebels will now have some time off to recover and recharge, before we get back to training and competing. The 2018 Rebels team is made up of: Alexis Shiels (Lemberg),

Amy Stolz (Wawota), Bromwyn Douglas (Carnduff), Gracie Schutz (Carlyle), Haylee Barta (Carlyle), Hope Robertson (Carlyle) Jorja Bendtsen (Carlyle), Kailyn Wilson (Carlyle), Madison Stinson (Lampman), McKenna Harkness (Arcola), Schuyler Longie (White Bear First Nations), Shae Johnston (Arcola), Head Coach Mickey Adams, Assistant Coach Blake Slykhuis. For more information about the Rebel’s volleyball program or to inquire about the ‘Rebels Summer Super Camp,’ e-mail mickey.

14U Vipers have success at Sask Cup 1 Submitted by Southeast Vipers Volleyball Club The 14U Vipers participated in their first Sask Cup of the season in Saskatoon on the weekend of Feb. 10-11. The team: Rylee Himmelspeck (Carlyle), Yveian Orpiano (Stoughton), Alex Jensen (Carnduff), Kyla Lees (Arcola), Madi Harkness (Arcola), Katie Milbrandt (Estevan), Kiara Bates (Arcola), Jami Harkness (Arcola), Taylor Raynard (Lampman), Lauren Kobitz (Estevan), Kailey Dube (Lampman), and Shalanne Cutler (Arcola). The girls went undefeated the first day

winning against QCVC 25-16 and 25-22. They then took on the PA Toppers which the girls won in two sets as well with scores of 25-19 and 27-25. Their final round robin game was a success against Yorkton as well with a 25-17 and 2511 win. In their crossover match to see if they would be playing in Tier 1 or Tier 2, they competed against Humboldt. The girls were determined to succeed and won 25-8 and 25-11. The next day brought Tier 1 playoff action with the Vipers taking on a team from Swift Current. The girls competed and were able

Staff photos by Kelly Running

The Southeast Vipers 14U Club Volleyball Team competed in their first Sask Cup, Feb. 10-11. An unknown team, they came together to go undefeated in the first day, won their Tier 1 Quarterfinal, lost in a close battle in their Semifinal against a JCVC team, and took on a tough HVC team in the bronze medal match.

to win two sets taking them to the semi-final against JCVC Crush. The girls won the first set, but lost the second battling hard in a 13-15 loss. Headed off to the bronze medal round they came out on fire in the first set, but lost momentum and the next two sets. The team went from an unranked start to finishing fourth out of 31 teams. The next action for the girls is March 1011 at Sask Cup 2.

All Tax-cess Pass! Hassle-free login to the Canada Revenue Agency with SecureKey Concierge™. SecureKey Concierge™ allows you to use your Affinity online banking credentials to gain fast and secure access to over 80 Government of Canada websites. Log into your online banking at

Taylor Raynard takes a swing and gets a kill during the Quarterfinal match against Swift Current, while her team covers her.




Heart of the Moose Mountains

Photos submitted

(306) 453-2525 17ACU394_Secure Key_DSA Weekly Community Humboldt, Kamsack – 6.5”W x 8”H Estevan – 6.58”W x 8”H FLOAT


OBSERVED AT Staff photos by Lynne Bell

O bserved At ub hosted n Snowmobile Cl ewan’s ai nt ou M se oo skatch The M ening for Sa ev g in is ra Tuesday, nd a fu Snowmobiles on 18 tour on en om W e S’s 20 Prairi nosee Inn. PWO Feb. 6 at the Ke skatchewan is part of the Sa of southeastern fundraising campaign for g The event’s group’s ongoin and awareness. (pictured) ch ar se re er canc , 9 ee, Tori Wilson youngest attend .” said: “It’s exciting

Prairie Women on Snowmobiles 2018 Tour

Family Reunion: Hazel Crosson of Rosthern (centre) is a Prairie Women on Snowmobiles rider and a breast cancer survivor. Here, she is pictured with her cousin, Keith Walker of Carlyle (left) and his wife, Loretta Walker (right). “Besides seeing Hazel, we wouldn’t have missed it,” says Keith. “It’s a cause that affects everybody.”

Prairie Women on Snowmobiles are a group of women who sled for a cause. The volunteer group’s 2018 tour travelled to southeastern Saskatchewan and part of their team are truck and van drivers (l-r) Kelly Phinney of Kindersley, Alex Riehl of Benito, Man. and Wyatt Smith of Pelly.

Since 2002, the volunteers who make up Prairie Women on Snowmobiles have been raising awareness of - and raising money for - the fight against breast cancer. Their 2018 tour kicked off Saturday, Feb. 3 in Regina and will conclude on Friday, Feb. 9 in Estevan. Here, PWOS President Kelly Rea (right) is pictured with Pam Foster (left) and Troy Foster (right) of Carlyle at a fundraiser for PWOS hosted by the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club at the Kenosee Inn.

mean a shortage of spirit as the A shortage of seasonal snow didn’t off on their 2018 tour. The women Prairie Women on Snowmobiles set g and awareness-raising journey in kicked off their inspiring fundraisin year their route includes - snow or Regina on Saturday, Feb. 3 and this ey, Arcola, Kenosee Lake, Redvers, no snow - stops in Stoughton, Kisb pman, Midale and Torquay. Here, Gainsborough, Carnduff, Oxbow, Lam the Moose Mountain Snowmobile they are pictured with members of Club, their hosts in this area.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Prairie Wom en on Snow escorted on tr mobiles were a Lake by Mo ils from Kisbey to Kenose ose Mounta in Snowmob e Club groome ile r, Doug Ilchu k inspired cho ice as Illchu of Kisbey - an k was recen named Saska tly tc of the Year.” hewan’s top trail “Groom er H e re , he is presented his award by PW formally reKelly Rea. OS President,

Each of the 10 Prairie Women on Snowmobiles riders had a poignant and personal story to tell about their own or a loved one’s experience with cancer. Here, Hazel Crosson of Rosthern speaks from the podium at the Kenosee Inn.

Kenosee Lake’s Chris Byrne provided the musical entertainment at the Kenosee Inn on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at the Prairie Women on Snowmobiles fundraiser, hosted by the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Alida News Submitted by Edel Cowan

The Alida community extends sincere condolences to the Clemens and Gervais families on the death of Octavie Marie Angeline Clemens (nee Gervais) who passed away Feb. at the age of 94, late of Carlyle and formerly of Manor and Alida. Funeral Mass was held February 10 at the R.C. Church in Carlyle with interment in St. Joseph’s Parish Cemetery in Manor. She is survived by her children Shirley (Daryl) Lemieux and Wayne (Lori) Clemens, sisters Edna Clemens and Lillian Bax and brother Henry (Florence) Gervais. Tim, Shelly and Ainsley Cowan left for a holiday trip to Vancouver on Feb. 4. While there they visited the Vancouver aquarium and later attended the Katy Perry concert. They

returned home on Feb. 9 reporting in having a great time. The Sunday Breakfast Challenge is still on – this past Sunday, Feb. 11 had Kitchen Group # 1 at the helm and they served up 50 delicious breakfasts – way to go guys and gals, I do believe that you are now the leaders in the challenge. Kitchen Group #2 will be at the helm this Sunday – see you at the rink. The Alida Recreation Board received a generous donation of $5000.00 from Dangstorp Services of Redvers for the Rink project. Margaret Peet (a Rec. Board member) accepted the donation from Brian Dangstorp on Feb. 11. The Rec. Board continues to appreciate the generosity of their supporters. It’s been a quiet week here in Alida this past week. Guess

Maryfield Sunrise Villa News Submitted by Janet Mark We give thanks fort he warmth and friendliness of the Villa on these frosty mornings. Family members have been in and out, but only Linda Mulligan, with Freda Longman; jack Lemoine, with Edith Gagnon; signed the guest book. Dorsi Erickson and Gloria Oliver continued our crafts, Bingo and exercises, and card and board games sprang up depending on who was in or out. The shuffleboard is being cleaning, as it has developed runs. The Annual Meeting of the Tenants Association was held this week. Angela Penner, Secretary/Manager, conducted the Election of Officers. Officers remain unchanged, with Janet Mark as chairman for the fifth year. Mary Thiessen offered to begin a new activity, Circle of Friends. It will feature singing, a discussion group on a current topic, and de-

votion at 6:30 Wednesdays.

everyone is just staying inside at home on these very cold days probably watching the Olympic Games on television. Keeps a person busy trying to find them on a CBC or TSN station as to which game you wish to watch. The Canadian Mixed Double Curling team is doing real well – they’re playing the semifinals on Sunday against Norway and finals will be played Monday – Go Canada Go. The Women’s Hockey team has also started their games, and got off to a real good start by defeating the Olympic Athletes from Russia. As of early Monday morning Canada has been on the podium to receive seven medals, one of which is gold from the Canadian Figure Skating team and the second gold in Moguls again Go Canada Go. There are still tickets available for the Gourmet Dinner which will be drawn on Feb. 25 – only a couple of weeks left before the draw will be made so do make sure that you have your ticket. Also another

reminder – get your drama tickets as soon as possible. The cast is hard at work practicing and preparing for the drama days in March while the production crews are making decisions as to what will be served during the evening performances. Before one knows it the decorating committees will begin transforming the hall into a “beautiful mansion” both on stage and off, ready for the realtors to do their magic and have it sold as soon as possible. This is the 26th year that Act One Production will be preforming another comedy. It is another Samuel French production titled “Clothes Encounter” by Roger Karshner – a farce of double meaning, mistaken identities, sexual innuendo, and a riotous whirlwind that resolves itself to the satisfaction of all. The cast of five will surely have you in stitches while they perform their hilarious antics. Come out and enjoy an evening of pure delightful laughter. See you at Drama.

The Administrator will be responsible to Council for all operations of the Municipality in accordance with policies established by Council and the Municipalities Act and Regulations. The Administrator also works closely with the municipal Foreman and other employees. The office employs a 4 day per week experienced full-time assistant. Preference will be given to those who have the following qualifications: Rural Class “C” or higher Certificate in Local Government Administration Experience with Munisoft software, Microsoft Office and Excel software The Municipality operates an automated payroll software program and All-Net Paperless Meeting software Excellent communications skills Strong public relations, time management and critical thinking skills Have the ability to work under pressure The Municipality offers a competitive salary based on the Rural Municipal Administrators’ Assoc. salary schedule and S.A.R.M. benefits package. Salary will be dependent upon experience and qualification of the successful applicant. The office is located in the Town of Carlyle, Saskatchewan. Carlyle is a vibrant community with a population of 1,500. The town offers a K-6 elementary school and a 7-12 High School. A hospital is located in the nearby Town of Arcola with medical clinics located in both Carlyle and Arcola. The area offers excellent recreation opportunities located in close proximity to Moose Mountain Provincial Park and Kenosee Lake and White Bear First Nation and White Bear Lake and Resort.


We thank all applicants for applying, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



For further information regarding this job opportunity, you can contact Ron Matsalla, Administrator. Rural Municipality of Moose Mountain No. 63 Box 445 Carlyle, Saskatchewan S0C 0R0 Phone: (306) 453-6175; Fax (306) 453-2430; Email: Website:

Source: News Media Canada

Willing to train the right applicant

Apply to: A.E Chicoine Farm Equipment Ltd. Box 10 • Storthoaks, SK S0C 2K0 Please phone (306) 449-2255 for more information

SRI HOMES’ Estevan Facility SHELTER HOME SYSTEMS is currently accepting applications for







Due to retirement, the Rural Municipality of Moose Mountain No. 63, is accepting applications for a qualified Administrator with a start date of June 1st, 2018. The current Administrator will remain on staff until June 30th, 2018.

485-8561) or e-mail ( I do appreciate all of your assistance. Until next time – Keep smiling – Think positive – Drive safely and Take care.



Interested candidates are asked to submit a current criminal records check, a detailed resume including qualifications, past and present work experience, salary expected and three work related references by 4:00pm, Thursday, March 15, 2018.


Please remember folks to keep me informed of any happenings in or around Alida or your home, either by calling (306443-2496) or text (306-

• Required Immediately

Duties include:

• Assembling and installing modular components Send, fax, e-mail or drop off resume to:







Box 845 #200 Hwy. 18 West, Estevan, SK S4A 2A7 Fax: 306-634-7597

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Classic Steaming Ltd. is now hiring:

Full Time Steam Truck Operator - Must Have valid 1A or 3A Driver’s License - Must be willing to work sporadic hours and be on call

We are willing to train, and salary is dependent on experience. To apply and/or for more information, please contact:

Tim Erickson (306)577-9807 (cell)

Or Email:



Friday, February 16, 2018






2.5 % 48 FOR





N HTSA 5-St ar O ve rall Ve hic l e S c o re1







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ON NOW AT YOUR PRAIRIE CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the retail purchase or lease of a 2018 Silverado 1500 Double Cab Custom Edition, Cruze Sedan LT Auto and 2018 Equinox LS FWD equipped as described. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Prairie Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only on select vehicles delivered from February 1 – February 28, 2018. * Limited time lease offer valid to eligible lessees in Canada who obtained credit approval and enter into a lease agreement with GM Financial, and who accept delivery from February 1 – February 28, 2018 of a select new or demonstrator 2018 MY Chevrolet vehicle. 2018 MY vehicles not eligible for this offer are Spark LS, Malibu L, Colorado 2SA, Camaro ZL1 and Bolt EV. Total Lease Value consist of $1,500 manufacturer-to-dealer New Year Lease Bonus (tax-exclusive), the GM Card Application Bonus (tax-inclusive), and may include manufacturer-to-dealer lease cash (tax exclusive) (“Lease Cash”). Lease Cash applies to select vehicles and value depends on model purchased: $1,500 on new 2018 Equinox; $2,000 on new 2018 Silverado LD Double Cab; $2,250 on new 2018 Cruze Sedan. GM Card Application Bonus applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Card or current Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Cardholders. GM Card Application Bonus credit value depends on model purchased: $500 GM Card Bonus on new 2018 Cruze, Equinox; $1,000 GM Card Bonus on new 2018 Silverado LD. As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Conditions and limitations apply. Void where prohibited. See Dealer for full program details. GM Canada reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. † Lease based on a purchase price of $39,654/$20,845/$25,540 for a 2018 Silverado 1500 Double Cab Custom/Cruze Sedan LT Auto/ Equinox LS FWD, includes $3,870/$0/$0 manufacturer-to-dealer cash delivery credit (tax exclusive), $500/$750/$0 manufacturer-to-dealer lease cash (tax exclusive), $1,500 manufacturer-to-dealer New Year Lease Bonus (tax exclusive) and $1,000/$500/$500 manufacturer-to-consumer GM Card Application Bonus (this offer applies to individuals who have applied for the Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Card [GM card] and to current Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Cardholders) (tax inclusive). Bi-weekly payment is $185/$98/129 for 48/60/60 months at 2.5%/0.5%/2.0% lease rate on approved credit to qualified retail customers by GM Financial. The $0/$49/$65 weekly payment is calculated by dividing the bi-weekly payments of $0/$98/$129. Annual kilometer limit of 20,000 km, $0.16 per excess kilometer. $3,300/$1,395/$1,200 down payment required. Payment may vary depending on down payment trade. Total obligation is $22,500/$14,115/$17,880 plus applicable taxes. Taxes, PPSA, license, insurance, registration and applicable fees, levies, duties and, except in Quebec, dealer fees (all of which may vary by region and dealer) are extra. Option to purchase at lease end is $20,003/$7,064/$9,347. 1 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score applies to 1500 series vehicles. U.S. Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program( 2 Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple and Google and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply. 3 Visit for coverage maps, details and system limitations. Service plan required. Available 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot requires WPA2 compatible mobile device and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T. Services vary by model, service plan, conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. OnStar with 4G LTE connectivity is available on select vehicle models and in select markets. Vehicle must be started or in accessory mode to access Wi-Fi. ** The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2017 or 2018 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV, Bolt EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 48,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ▲ Whichever comes first, fully transferable. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for complete details.

2018_GM_T2_SK_CHEV_NewYear_Feb_EN_P02_9.4488x12.357_711.indd 1

2018-02-06 5:07 PM

Hwy 13/9 - Carlyle (306) 453-6741

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Wawota News



The drilling report

Submitted by Myrna Olson

Stephen Smulan and SJ travelled to Leroy, SK recently where they attended the funeral for Mike Porten. They had befriended Mike while in Taiwan. Word has been received of the passing of Willie Bruce of Moosomin, formerly of Kelso. He passed away on Feb. 1 at the age of 58 years. A bridal shower was held at the United Church Community Centre on Feb. 4 to honour Kristie Whitcome. She and Jay Leader will be married on Feb. 24. Family and friends helped Ken Lincoln celebrate his 86th birthday last Monday. They gathered at the Village Inn for wings. Those in attendance were Roger Boutin and

Lisa, Bob and Linda Birnie, Tom and Cheryl Weatherald, and Clarence and Carol Westphal. A funeral service was held for Pearl Wilson on Feb. 10 at the Free Methodist Church. Some family members attending were Bonnie Wilson-Ross and daughter Elizabeth of London ,ON, Graham Ross of Halifax, Dennis Wilson and son Gavin of Regina. Sympathy to the family and friends of the late C a t h e r i n e ( Ri c h a r d s ) Peddle. Catherine passed away on Feb. 8 having celebrated her 91st birthday on Jan. 25 of this year. Bert and Catherine moved to Port Alberni in the 1990’s after having farmed south of Wawota for many

years. A family service and interment at Wawota is being planned for a later date. News about the holidayers: Jim and Dolly Greenbank spent two weeks holidaying in Hawaii. (I think they were there when the missile alert was sounded). Garth and Tanya Brisbois have arrived home after enjoying two weeks in Rui Merengue, Puerto Plata. Darren and Barb and Troy and Petra treated their parents, Meredith and Lynne Swanson to a week in Mexico. It was a combined Christmas gift and a wedding anniversary gift. Meredith and Lynne have been married 56 years as of Dec. 28.

Drilling Licenses 91340 91116 91573 91333 91675 91724 91550

7 new licenses issued to Monday, February 12 Torc Oil & Gas Hz 2-10-2-11 Torc Oil & Gas Hz 2-11-2-12 Crescent Point Energy Hz 16-13-9-8 Spartan Energy Hz 2-13-6-1 Spartan Energy Hz 3-23-7-3 Spartan Energy Hz 9-15-6-34 Spartan Energy Hz 11-17-6-9

Rig Report 84630 86828 88157 10B134 88063 90009 90136 87511 85289 88157 88966 88770 88660 83249 88251 87165 89369 87673 88026 82520 85570 84849 84930 88276 89603 89502 75504 83777 90445 10B134 89539 87167 89872 89413 84910 90147


Horizon Drilling Precision Drilling Betts Drilling Trinidad Drilling Horizon Drilling Trinidad Drilling Spartan Energy Alliance Drilling Iron Hand Drilling Betts Drilling Stampede Drilling Alliance Drilling Betts Drilling Alliance Drilling Trinidad Drilling Horizon Drilling Trinidad Drilling Alliance Drilling Precision Drilling Iron Hand Drilling Trinidad Drilling Trinidad Drilling Trinidad Drilling Ensign Drilling Panther Drilling Red Dog Drilling Precision Drilling Red Dog Drilling Ensign Drilling Trinidad Drilling Panther Drilling Horizon Drilling Trinidad Drilling Horizon Drilling Stampede Drilling Stampede Drilling

Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Steppe Petroleum Torc Oil & Gas Spartan Energy Torc Oil & Gas Spartan Energy Crescent Point Energy Vermilion Energy Steppe Petroleum Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Highrock Resources Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Torc Oil & Gas Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Vermilion Energy Torc Oil & Gas Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Spartan Energy Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Crescent Point Energy Torc Oil & Gas Spartan Energy Crescent Point Energy Torc Oil & Gas Crescent Point Energy Fire Sky Energy Fire Sky Energy

8-12-7-8 1-25-1-13 8-10-2-10 7-28-5-6 14-7-2-13 3-30-5-5 13-34-5-34 4-19-2-16 13-3-2-5 8-10-2-10 4-26-1-13 3-17-3-11 9-10-6-7 1-20-8-5 3-4-2-12 2-10-1-12 1-1-3-12 13-15-8-5 15-32-10-6 12-19-1-2 4-14-3-11 14-11-1-13 1-4-2-12 13-29-4-3 5-23-2-31 10-33-6-5 9-35-10-7 1-11-6-6 15-6-1-5 7-28-5-6 16-16-2-31 2-10-1-12 1-6-3-4 13-9-1-13 13-8-4-8 5-17-4-8

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Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church Rev. Father Wilfred B Calinawan Alternate Storthoaks & Bellegarde Saturday.......7:30 pm Sunday.......9:00 a.m. Redvers - Sunday.................10:45 a.m. Manor Anglican/United Churches Contact Rev. Michelle Moore, (306)577-9704 Knox United Church - Manor

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018





Friday, February 16, 2018


Heart of the Moose Mountains

AD DEADLINES 3:00 P.M. MONDAY Ads must be received in our office by AD RATES

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Betty Alene McAuley (nee Joyce) 1938 - 2018

Passed away peacefully on Sunday, February 4, 2018 at the age of 79 years. Betty is predeceased by her parents, Bill and Millie Joyce; husband, Clarke McAuley; infant sister, Lila, Mae; son-in-law, Roy Smyth; infant grandson, William; brother-in-law, Glen Rowley and parentsin-law, Tom and Jeannie McAuley. She will be lovingly remembered by her son, Kevin (Linda); daughters, Shannon, Heather (Jack) and Micki (Darcy); grandchildren, Cole (Sam), Manda (Brad), Mitch, Brendon (Julie), Jesse (Megan), Breanne (Reid), Chase (Rebecca), Luke (Kacey), Peyton and Riley and great grandchildren, Emery, Bella, Gus, Bentley, Aspyn, Katrina, Emma and Miss Baby bump. Betty Alene (Joyce) McAuley was born on June 26 1938 in Oxbow. She was the 2nd daughter born to Bill and Millie Joyce. She attended Coldridge School until grade 8. She then moved to the dorm in Oxbow where she completed her grade 12, graduating as class valedictorian. From high school Betty moved to Regina and attended Balfour technical college where she completed a secretarial course. Betty worked in Regina after school and for the Marathon oil company. Betty married Clarke McAuley on November 29th 1958 together they raised 4 children Shannon 1959, Heather 1961, Kevin 1962, and Micki in 1966. Betty started working at the manor credit union in 1973 and retired in 1997. In her retirement she enjoyed gardening, playing cards and her computer. Most of all she enjoyed her grandchildren and her greats, also spending time with family and friends. She was our everything and we will miss her! A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. from the Manor Legion Hall, Manor, Saskatchewan with Reverend Michelle Moore of�iciating. Interment will take place at a later date. Donations in memory of Betty may be made to the “Quiet Room” at the Arcola Health Centre at Town of Arcola~Arcola Health Centre Palliative Box 419 Arcola, Saskatchewan S0C 0G0. Condolences may be left at: Arrangements entrusted to Orsted Carlyle Funeral Home, Carlyle, Saskatchewan, 1-306-453-4200.


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Source: News Media Canada

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Marie Anna Boutin November 26, 1931 February 18, 2017

Her smiling way and pleasant face Are a pleasure to recall, She had a kindly word for each And she died beloved by all. Some day we hope to meet her Some day we know not when, To clasp her hand in the better land Never to part again. Still Missed and Loved, Donald (Shelley), Raymond (Frances), Normand, Albert (Sheila), Bernard (Tracy), Fernand (Jennifer), Rejeanne (Dallas), numerous grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

Farms/Acreages GRAIN LAND FOR RENT – Tenders are invited for the rent of: West Half of 31-5-31 W1 West Half of 7-6-31 W1 South Half of 25-5-32 W1 The highest or any Tenders will not necessarily be accepted. Send Tenders to: J.G. Millette Box 479 Redvers, Sk. S0C 2H0 By: February 16th, 2018. 37-3

Suites For Rent


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FOR RENT: 1 bedroom suite, fully furnished. Utilities included. $1000.00 per month. Manor: 306-448-2116. 39-4 FOR RENT: 2 bedroom suite, partially furnished. Utilities included. $1200.00 per month, damage deposit required. Big Deck. Manor: 306-448-2116. 39-4




Wedding Announcements

Wedding Announcements


Orval Poole April 21, 1938-Feb. 17, 1998 Marilyn Poole May 13, 1942-Feb. 11, 2013 Angels Far Away Sitting here thinking of you Wondering if you’re looking down thinking of me to, Sometimes I think if Heaven wasn’t so far away, I could come and see you everyday, I think of our memories and wish that there were more, I would come and visit if only Heaven had a door, I’d wait for you to answer and then you’d hear me say, Oh how I have been waiting for this day, By: Paige Smith Missing and loving you, Your Family

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January 6, 2018, Fir River Ranch bed & breakfast of Hudson Bay was the destination for a fabulous private ceremony for the marriage of Samantha Elaine Greenwood & Dylan Rayne Breault. Samantha’s parents Phil & Janet Greenwood with Dylan’s parents Tom & Rhonda Breault are elated to announce this wonderful union of two amazing young people. We love you both and wish you the most blessed future together! We would like to say thank you to Audrey and her staff, for the photography, video, meals, hairstyling, accommodations, all the co-ordination of details that made Samantha & Dylan’s dreams come true. Thank you for all the incoming congrats. Dylan and Samantha are residing in Kisbey. Engagements

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Auto Miscellaneous


April Wilbraham & Nevin Breault along with their parents Michelle & Willie Wilbraham of Estevan and Rhonda & Tom Breault of Stoughton would like to announce their forthcoming marriage. Invitational wedding ceremony and banquet, all will be held August 4, 2018 at Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

Land For Sale

FOR SALE: 2014 Chev Impala LT. Champagne/Silver Metallic-Jet Black Interior. 83,000 KM, V6 Motor, Heated Outside Mirrors, Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist, Back-up Camera, Advanced Safety Package (Lane Departure Warning etc), Remote Vehicle Start, Heated and Power Seats, Bluetooth, Extended Warranty, Excellent Condition, kept inside no gravel roads. Must be seen $21,900 OBO. 306-577-2214 or 306-861-1451 16-G Wrecking over 250 units... cars and trucks. Lots of trucks... Dodge... GMC... Ford... Imports... 1/2 ton to 3 tons... We ship anywhere... Call or text 306-821-0260. Lloydminster.

Land For Sale

Farmland for Sale OR Cash Lease

• NE •S •W •W

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More than 950 cultivated acres


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Friday, February 16, 2018

Carievale 4-H Beef February report

Submitted by Ryan Cowan The February 5th meeting was called to order by Kamryn G. at the Laurent shop. The pledge was recited and roll call was taken with 16 members present. Andee read the minutes of the January meeting. Old business: - District public speaking was held on Feb. 3rd in Glen Ewen. Mya gave her speech on “My Favourite Animal” in the Cloverbud category and placed 3rd. Ryan’s speech was on Tree Forts and Marisol’s was called “All About Me,” in the junior category.

- Club clothing has been ordered from Prairie Winds in Carnduff. - Ryan, Wylder, Mya, Marisol, and Kamryn are registered to go the beef symposium in Estevan on Feb. 17th - Possibility of going swimming in Estevan as a club, but no date set yet - Newspaper reports will be submitted to the Carlyle Observer New business: - District meeting in Redvers at 7:15 – Teresa, Kevin, Kamryn, Karissa and Ryan are the delegates - Discussed hot dog sales at the jackpots in

Carievale from May to August - Discussed attending the Yorkton Spring Steer and Heifer Show Marcel MacFarlane did a post mordem on a cow. He explained the organs of the cow as they were taken out. The members had a chance to examine them. A few things the members learned was that methane gas is released and they got to see first hand how the stomach of a cow works. Kamryn adjourned the meeting and Koden seconded. The next meeting is March 12th at 7 pm.



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A.L. #304543 3 ope SK Box 10 • Wauchope S0C 2P0 Auctioneer ~ Dellan Mohrbutter Phone 306-452-3815 Fax 306-452-3733 Website:

All wild fur (coyotes, etc), beaver castors, old traps, shed deer antlers. Phone Bryan 306-278-7756 or Phil 306278-2299. WANTED: OLD TUBE AUDIO EQUIPMENT. 40 years or older. Amplifiers, Stereo, Recording and Theatre Sound Equipment. Hammond Organs, any condition. CALL Toll-Free 1800-947-0393.

UPCOMING SALES Sunday, March 11 Wawota United Church Time Talent Auction† Wawota Town Hall, Wawota, Sk Saturday, April 7 Antique Collectable and Hardware Sale Manor Legion Hall, Manor,Sk Tuesday, April 24 Farm Auction for Darryl Halvorson, Carnduff, Sk Saturday, April 28 Small Animal and Bird Sale† Redvers Rec Centre, Redvers, Sk Sunday, April 29 19th Annual Spring Consignment Sale Wauchope, Sk Wednesday, May 2 Farm Auction for Dwight and Betty Selke Ryerson, Sk Saturday, May 5 Auction for Ken & Marlane Burge, Pat Ismond and Guest† West End, Round Lake, Sk Wednesday, May 30 Farm Auction for Vic and Unice Ippolito Kisbey, Sk Saturday, June 16 Farm Auction for Grant and Marilyn Hale Kisbey, Sk Key “M” Auction Services Dellan Mohrbutter 306-452-3815 38-4

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Career Opportunities 18023PP0

Looking for a career with purpose and passion? Park Maintenance/Sanitation Worker Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport Moose Mountain Provincial Park The Ministry is currently seeking a dynamic, motivated individual and flexible team player to be a Park Maintenance Worker in Moose Mountain Provincial Park. Responsibilities will include all areas of park maintenance, whose main focus will be on janitorial and sanitation functions of the shower buildings and numerous outhouses throughout the campground and day use areas. This position also requires supervisory skills in mentoring summer students hired to assist with park maintenance/sanitation. Some operation of light tools/ equipment and lifting is required. This position involves both outdoor and indoor work in all types of weather. Candidate must possess a current valid driver’s license and be available on weekends. Clean facilities are a priority in Moose Mountain Provincial Park. Closing Date: March 2, 2018

Competition Number: PAR001580

Park Maintenance Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport Moose Mountain Provincial Park Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport is currently seeking a dynamic and highly motivated individual who is a flexible team player for the position of Park Maintenance Worker within Moose Mountain Provincial Park. This position is responsible for all aspects of building and grounds maintenance which may include; mowing, weed whipping, cleaning shower buildings and outhouses, painting, hauling firewood, picking garbage, cleaning ashes out of fire pits, raking weeds from beach and other duties assigned by your supervisor. This is a term position that could lead to a recallable seasonal position. Experience using small tools and equipment as well as any courses such as WHMIS, 1st Aid, CPR, etc. may be an asset. This position involves both outdoor and indoor work in all types of weather. Candidate must possess a current valid driver’s license and be available on weekends. Closing Date: February 25, 2018

Competition Number: PAR001579

At the heart of Saskatchewan’s Public Service are our core values of respect and integrity, serving citizens, excellence and innovation and working as one team. Our people enjoy work-life balance in a workplace that supports creativity, diversity, learning and career development opportunities. Join the team! For more information on this and other opportunities in the public service, visit Toll free 1-866-319-5999


Toll free 1-866-319-5999



Friday, February 16, 2018

Redvers 14U and Jam Can bonspiels successful

14 & under 3rd place: Blaise Jorgensen, Declyn Henderson, Presley Nord, and Bronx Jorgensen. 14&Under 2nd place: Koby Martel, Jaycee Gervais, Kinsley Martin, and Axton Martin. Photos submitted

Redvers Curling Club hosted its annual 14&under and Jam Can bonspiels Jan 31. The bonspiel was sponsored by Advantage Co-op in Redvers. They had seven teams of 14 & under and five teams of Jam Can entered for a fun day of curling. 14 & under 1st place: Kinsley Hoff, Kaylee Ohnander, Rylan Ohnander, and Jhace Blerot.




Jam Can 2nd place: Adam Brisebois, Hayden Henderson, Lexus McKennitt, and Avery Malin.

Ca Carlyle Distict Lions Club ub b 27th ANNIVERSARY

FUNDRAISING DINNER, RAFFLE, & AUCTION Thursday, March 1st, 2018 at the

Carlyle Memorial Hall Proceeds Will Go To Local Projects DOOR PRIZE

Your ticket makes you eligible for a major door prize valued at $1,000

Happy Hour - 6pm • Banquet - 7pm Tickets - $40 per person TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM: Carlyle Lions Club Members

Jam Can 1st place: Brynn Gervais, Breckin Frecon, Camden Carlsen, and Jack Millions.



The Last Marked Price Fall and Winter Clearance

SILLY! Carlyle

Carlyle Observer: Feb. 16, 2018  
Carlyle Observer: Feb. 16, 2018