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Heart of the Moose Mountains



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Young country artist Morgan Robertson is on the rise By Olivia Grandy At just 18, Morgan Robertson is quickly gaining momentum in her music career. Recently, she received the 2021 Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA) Youth Development Bursary and won a songwriting competition based in Nashville. Hailing from Carlyle, Robertson spoke to the Mercury about these achievements and how essential local venues are to musicians in the area. Robertson has played and performed music for over 10 years, beginning with the fiddle and eventually expanding to playing guitar, singing and songwriting. In the past, she has performed across the southeast with the youth vocal fiddle group Focal Point. About five years ago, Robertson began taking singing and songwriting seriously. Since then, she has fostered her individual performing skills. Notably, she performed at the Bow Valley Jambo-

ree in 2019 and opened for Tyler Lewis at the Happy Nun Café in Forget in 2020. Robertson realized that songwriting was something she could peruse after performing an original song at a music camp and receiving a very positive response. “I thought, oh my gosh, I’m actually writing stuff that people can relate to, and I’m actually doing good at this. Maybe this is something that I want to keep doing. I think that was probably a pretty big moment.” Robertson’s recent success emerged through her talent and the opportunities created by the excellent support system for local musicians in the province. She became a part of the SCMA about a year and a half ago. As a member, she receives emails about gigs and opportunities that are available. In this way, she received the opportunity to apply for the Youth Development Bursary. Additionally, she spoke about how supported she feels by the

Happy Nun Café, a lively venue that creates space for local musicians. The business won Music Venue of the Year at the recent SCMA Awards. “The Happy Nun has been amazing to me. They’ve done a lot for me and many, many, other local artists. They’ve given a lot of people some really great opportunities. They’ve kept live music going through the pandemic, which is great because it hasn’t been easy to do. Local venues are very important for the music industry, and I’m very happy and grateful to feel that the Happy Nun has my back.” Along with her local success, her original song Goodbye Train was selected in a competition run by Henhouse Studio, based in Nashville. Robertson sent in a voice memo of the song and received the opportunity to create a polished recording. She recorded her vocal track at SoulSound Recording Studio in Regina to a guitar track that was sent to her by Hen-

Carlyle-based musician Morgan Robertson. Photo courtesy of Starr Mercer Photography. house Studio. She looks forward to receiving the finished song with complete production. “I sent in the song that I thought had the most potential for something that I couldn’t do on my own. They’re all amazing musicians. They are very talented, so I’m super excited for the finished project because it’s going to be awesome to

see what I can do with the help of others.” In the future, Robertson plans to obtain her red seal as an electrician while continuing to grow her musical career. She aspires to spend time in Nashville after completing her apprenticeship. Robertson would advise someone starting out in songwriting to “write from your heart. It’s not

always the easiest to just let out your emotions, but if you just write what you’re feeling, you’ll get places eventually.” Currently, Robertson shares covers and original songs on her Instagram page, @ morgan.r.music. You can find updates on the goings-on of her music career and get access to any new music there.

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The Observer

Friday, April 30, 2021

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Hydrovacs Pressure Trucks Water Trucks Steam Trucks 50/50 Methanol Combo Units

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Carlyle Library April 30th - STEM Kit (8+ or with help from a grown up) Don’t forget you can pick up coloring books at any time from the library! Families & Dayhomes are able to book a safe browsing / activity time 30 mins -1 hour depending on availability. Limitations apply - please call Jenn @ 453-6120 to book.

May 14 - TAKE OUT CHICKEN DINNER: Kisbey Rec Center - Friday May 14. 4pm - 6:30pm. Phone orders in by May 7. $20.00 per person. Contact: Elisa at 306.577.8706 or Norma at 306.462.2211. COVID-19 REGULATIONS WILL BE FOLLOWED. May 18th - Carlyle District Lions Club - Tuesday, May 18th May 22nd - Carlyle Town Wide Garage Sales

*Do you have a community event you want listed here? Send us the name of the event, date, and what community it’s being held by emailing: observer@sasktel.net, calling: (306)453-2525. If you would like to include more information than that listed below contact our sales people to see how we can help.

Cornerstone board hears online learning presentation If this pandemic and its resulting demands had happened 10 years ago, it would have been a huge challenge for the South East Cornerstone Public School Division’s instructional technology team to answer the call for assistance. But in 2020, it appeared to be just another difficult problem that could be resolved with the right team of technical expertise and equipment in place. The co-ordinator of that four-member SECPSD team, Jeff Walters, provided some insights into the responses that were implemented in 2020 and have since rolled out into 2021. There was a need to keep educating 8,300 students in the public school system in southeast Saskatchewan amidst an evolving environment that included school lockdowns, a partial return to classrooms, more shutdowns, a full return to classes and a continual demand to maintain a strong system of providing education materials. This all had to be delivered by education professionals and school administration teams. Walters provided background information to the SECPSD board members who were once again meeting in an online manner on Wednesday for their monthly open business session. The one-hour presentation included video highlights as well as his verbal and written submissions. Instructional tech, he noted is there to provide vi-

sion and leadership in educational technologies. “We have to make sure everything is working with education technology,” he told the trustees. The team and its resources are there to support the delivery of the curriculum and technology to the classroom while also collaborating with teachers and students and training new teachers in using grade books and other practices. They also participate in the MySchoolSask provincial student information system. Supplemental learning in 2020 and into 2021 has absorbed a lot of team time and resources, but with some satisfaction in the process and results. As Walters pointed out, “we had an opportunity that came about in a strange way to develop projects for students and we didn’t have a road map.” But stretching the education technical file during this pandemic has led to teams of learners, leaders, families, analysts, collaborators, designers and facilitators, the report noted. Continued support for a quick expansion of the Cyber Stone online schooling system was also part of the mandate to include kindergarten to Grade 9 learning opportunities besides high school classes. The team delved deeper into technology integration to redefine traditional tasks on one platform to serve teaching staff, students and families.

The Edsby program has hosted this expansion so that student conferences, online report cards, and other platforms can be implemented and used efficiently. “If we can’t do face-toface learning then we have online school teams, staff services and we have set up our own road map,” Walters said. This is made possible by providing a digital hub and training for over 500 teachers who come bearing a lot of questions and in need of technical supports on top of the student and family needs. With collaboration with the division’s technical leader Brian Belinsky, there have been loan outs of 984 lap top computers to students who need them for complete online capabilities. “We experienced some hiccups, but nothing daunting,” Walters said. Creating professional learning communities, instructional technology teams, assistance to administration teams, library technicians and teacher collaboration efforts … all became part of the job description. “Getting information out to the people who need it,” Walters added. The Edsby platform provides space for recording and reporting on student achievement. Trustee Jim Vermeersch asked Walters “what has been your biggest roadblock?” Walters replied that it was deciding what platforms to use for various services and then ramping them up to support training for ev-

Jeff Walters, co-ordinator for the four-person informationtechnology team. Photo submitted erybody.” “If it happened 10 years ago, it would have been really challenging. But now, we’re able to meet the challenges when given a problem and we can say, ‘here, this is how we can solve it.’” Assisting the administrators in posting messages to connect with families has been another side of the team’s work along with the library tech support and teacher refresher lessons and reminders. New additions to the system so far this year have included accounts and attendance periods, Gradebook and teacher, parent, student achievement messaging. Edsby, it turns out, has allowed teachers to coach and support students and families who can log in any time and “it has been easier on the teacher end of things,”

Walters added. Successful examples of how the online system has allowed students to continue to work together as well as individually from remote locations were used in the video presentations that accompanied Walters’ remarks. “It’s been a busy, challenging year but we’re doing things we just used to talk about,” said Walters. “We keep in mind that all of what you’ve shared, your support work was happening at the same time. Your teams work has been instrumental to the success of on-line learning,” said Lynn Little, the division’s director of education. Walters was thanked by chairwoman Audrey Trombley. She was directing the online proceedings from the division’s central office conference room in Weyburn.


The Observer

Friday, April 30, 2021

Spray park under construction Now that the weather is warming up, the construction has started on the new spray park, which will be located at the end of Main Street in Centennial Park.

It’s time to bid on a bottle of wine for the Kipling pool By Laura Kish The online version of the Kipling Swimming Pool’s Mystery Wine Auction starts next week. “The idea for this fundraiser came about after looking at all the different ways we have done fundraising in the past that we can’t now during the pandemic,” said Kipling Leisure Services manager Susan Hengen. “We know we can’t have any events in person,” explains Hengen. “We can’t have anything that centres around

food. Those are the ageold successful events that we’ve done in the past.” They were looking into something unique that hasn’t been done in the community so the group settled on an online wine auction. “This may appeal to a different crowd,” says Hengen. “Right now, with all the restrictions, inperson events can’t happen unless there’s a very small gathering,” says Hengen. “Moving forward, when we come out of the pandemic, we hope to hold this as

One of the many bottles of wine up for auction for the Kipling Swimming Pool.

an in-person evening event.” “We’ve had some good feedback on interest in this type of fundraiser,” explains Hengen. “We’ve also had good feedback on donations.” As of Tuesday, there were over 50 bottles of wine already donated. To get in on the action of bidding on a bottle, click Like on the Kipling & District Swimming Pool Facebook page or Like the event itself. Then click on ‘going’ to the auction. Listed is a description on each and every bottle of wine, although you won’t know exactly what you bought until you have the winning bid. The type of wine remains a mystery. The auction starts on May 3 at 9 a.m. and goes until May 5 at 9 p.m. There’s only one stipulation at this auction – bidders must be 19 years of age or older to bid on a bottle of wine. The minimum bid is $20, as the purchase price in some cases is much higher than that. Get ready to bid on some very unique bottles of wine. “If you find you’re interested in any keep going back and checking to see if anyone has outbid you,” said Hengen. Money raised will go towards the day-to-day operations of the Kipling Swimming Pool’s 2021 season.

“The pandemic has added a lot of increased expenses in terms of the cleaning supplies, additional staff,” said Hengen. “Last year our capacity limit was decreased and I don’t anticipate that we’ll be wide open this year either. I’m sure there will be some capacity restrictions this year as well.” “Our numbers might be slightly reduced with

swimming lessons. In order to meet the needs of our users requiring swimming lessons, we have added one to two instructors this season so that adds to our expenses too.” “We don’t want to turn kids away from swimming lessons…we want all kids to have that experience.” Hengen states that they have had a lot of

interest for swimming lessons to date, lots of inquiries and some registrations already. “We’re very grateful to all who have donated towards our fundraiser,” says Hengen as she hopes for a great turnout as well. So come the morning of May 3, bid on one or more bottles – whatever your tastebuds desire.

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The Observer


Friday, April 30, 2021

Quote of the Week... “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Good economic news amidst the COVID gloom By Murray Mandryk

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He chose the last day of April for Honesty Day as a counterpoint to the pranks that accompany April Fool’s Day. It also happens to be the anniversary of George Washington’s first inauguration—a president lauded for his honesty.  Government officials don’t fare nearly as well in current surveys. Nurses are at the top of occupations perceived as most honest while lobbyists and politicians sit at the bottom. Of course, painting entire occupations with broad strokes isn’t representative of all individuals within the category. It is our encounters and the overall scrutiny that forms those perceptions.   Ultimately though, we would hope the desire to be honest, or holding at bay the temptation toward dishonesty, has less to do with career and more to do with character.   So on the last day of April, we are encouraged to be truthful in all we do, whether conducting business, speaking with others, or dealing with children. It seems to me there is a better goal to shoot for. Yes, we can celebrate the occasion with a day-long emphasis on truth, or we could embrace the concept of living honestly every day. That’s my outlook.  5252-354-603 :enohP

If you came across a lost wallet, what would you do? Leave it, keep it, check for identification, see if it held any money, find somewhere to turn it in? Apparently, it depends on where you live, if the results of a social experiment are correct.  A team of researchers dropped 17,000 wallets in banks, theaters, museums, hotels and post offices in 355 cities across 40 different countries to see what people might do. Results indicate people in Switzerland were the most honest in returning the wallets. Canada didn’t make the top tier, but I will point out that none of the seven cities surveyed were in Saskatchewan. I’m sure it would have made a difference, right?  People say honesty is one of the most desired qualities they seek in a partner, friend or colleague, yet we’ve become so cynical we don’t seem to expect it

of it, but he insisted. His self-imposed penalty forced a playoff which Jones lost. The world of sports has other famous examples where coaches or athletes have called out their own mistakes or corrected a call, even when it cost a game, a match or championship. They are often heralded as heroes for doing so, given what was on the line. They certainly make for teachable moments, but shouldn’t doing the right thing just be expected?   An elderly man walked into a department store and handed the manager an envelope containing a note and $100. The note explained that more than 60 years earlier, he had stolen about $25 from the store and now wanted to pay it back with interest. Reaction to his story was heartwarming and yet heartbreaking at the same time, particularly when it was remarked, “honest people, they are a different breed.”  Really? Is honesty so rare that honest people are a different breed? That must be why those seeking to create observances on every day in the calendar year have declared April 30 to be Honesty Day. It was initiated by M. Hirsch Goldberg, a former Maryland press secretary and author. Subscription Rates:


Shelley Luedtke

any longer. At the very least we have created a sliding scale on which we place statements and rationalize lies to suggest one isn’t as bad as another. To further distance ourselves from confronting lying, we have created alternate vocabulary for it and then invoke explanations like misinformation, embellishment or someone simply being economical with the truth. Regardless of how we might want to downplay the consequences, truth matters. Bobby Jones was the most successful amateur golfer to compete at a national and international level. He is considered one of the most influential individuals in the history of the sport. Titles and championships aside, there is a moment in his career that established Jones as the ultimate sportsman and one of the most honest people in the world.  It was the 1925 U.S. Open. On the 11th hole, Jones found himself in the rough. As he prepared for his shot, the head of his club brushed the grass and caused a slight movement of the ball. He then took his shot but told officials and his playing partner that he had violated Rule 18 since the grass caused a slight movement to the ball. They all tried to talk him out


Well, to be honest with you…

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It was another bad week for COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, but things may be looking up on a couple of economic fronts. Things actually may even be looking up on the COVID-19 front as well, although no one — including the Saskatchewan Party government — seems to know for certain. The good COVID-19 news is vaccinations in Saskatchewan surpassed 400,000 shots last week. Premier Scott Moe is right: vaccines are our best chance to get out of this pandemic mess. The less-than-good-news, however, is Regina intensive care units remain full and the new variants are spreading to Saskatoon and elsewhere. To their credit, Moe and Health Minister Paul Merriman delivered a stronger message to anti-mask, anti-lockdown rallies in cities and smaller centres like Maple Creek, stating that any such gatherings break public health orders and slow down our ability to get through this pandemic. But how he can more quickly get through all of this as we administer the first shot to everyone during the coming months continues to be a huge source of debate and contention. While both Merriman and Moe have scolded the more outlandish behaviour of the anti-mask crowd — including their picketing of the Regina General Hospital where people were fighting for their lives — they seem reluctant to advocate more policing and seem unwilling to introduce harsher fines for those breaking public health orders. It’s hard not to suspect that this is because the government fears the backlash of the extreme right, or maybe even a few more moderates who share the frustration over lockdowns. It remains a bit of mystery as to what the government’s metrics are. Asked last week what level of daily cases or percentage of people vaccinated in the province it would take to one day re-open Saskatchewan, Moe was shy on specifics. One gets the distinct impression that the Saskatchewan Premier would surely love to be talking about most anything else. But the good news for Moe is that, recently, there have been some other positive things to talk about. Accompanying COVID-19 has been a loss of jobs partly due to the drastic fall in oil, but agriculture has remained steady. That industry has recently been awarded with some positive announcements. Viterra unveilled a proposal for the world’s largest canola crushing facility to be built in Regina. Its plan is for a 2.5 million-tonne processing facility followed an announcement by Cargill for a similar $350 million canola crushing plant for Regina, capable of processing one million tonnes a year. These announcements follow the March news by Richardson International Ltd. that it was doubling its canola crushing capacity in Yorkton to 2.2 tonnes per year. Toss in the opening of the $32 million North American Helium Inc. plant near Battle Creek in the province’s southwest corner and there is suddenly a smattering of good news amidst all the COVID-19 gloom and doom. While the Sask. Party government does sit on a comfortable majority in the legislature, it’s clear that its popularity has taken a beating since the October election. It needs to get back on track and the same can be said for an entire province also bogged down in this pandemic. At this point, we’ll all take any good news we can get.

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The Observer

Friday, April 30, 2021

A bench for the Greens The family of John and Irene Green have proudly donated a memoriam bench to the Carlyle Golf Club. Daughters Pam, Cindy and Crystal are well aware of their parents love of the game of golf, as are their six granddaughters and two grandsons. It will be placed beside the gazebo originally built in memory of John on the fifth hole tee off box. Pictured are, Cindy’s husband Don Perron along with their daughter Kiana.

Crime Watch network important for law enforcement Law enforcement agencies are promoting the importance of the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network (SCWAN).   Created in 2019, the network allows people to be personally notified of crimes in their local area and directly assist police in keeping the community safe. The RCMP has partnered with the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network in southern Saskatchewan in a project that has been very successful thanks to members of the public.  

The concept of the project is simple: notify the public of crimes in their area and allow them to be the eyes and ears of the police. When your local detachment becomes aware of a crime, they are able to notify members of the network through their phones or computers of details which can be used to help the police by phoning in tips. As described by the SCWAN website – “Imagine someone is spotted breaking into a cottage or a home. The witness calls 911 to report

the crime and describe the suspect’s vehicle. Police go to the scene, but the suspect is often gone. Now, with a Saskatchewan Crime Watch advisory sent directly from the RCMP, the description of the suspect’s vehicle can be immediately sent to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the area. “People who receive the advisory can call police when they see the vehicle. This gives the police a better chance of catching the offender(s), sooner.”  Together the members

of our communities across southern Saskatchewan are able to provide indispensable help to police services as they keep an eye out for criminal activity in their area.    "We have been able to recover stolen property, lay charges, resolve suspicious persons complaints and make the public more aware of what is happening in their communities," said Assistant Commissioner Mark Fisher, the former Commanding Officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP. "We ask that everyone in the province join the

network, so we can expand its reach and give more people an additional tool to help us solve crime." Signing up for the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network is easy and can be done from any phone or computer by visiting www. saskcrimewatch.ca and following the instructions on your screen.   Carlyle RCMP would like to thank its partners and anyone who has joined the network to help make the community a safer place to live. 21052GE0


The Observer

Bright vests and compasses are a good sign

Friday, April 30, 2021

Groups of people wearing Hall in Woodlawn Regional cessfully held three compass high-visibility with comPark and went through com- practices. The group also car2 Friday, Aprilvests 27, KIPLING 2018 CITIZEN KIPLING CITIZEN Friday, December 15, 2017 5 passes in their hands could be pass practices at the location ried out a mock search with Friday,all 2 March KIPLING 30,southeast 2018 CITIZEN KIPLING Friday, December 15, 2017 15 noticed across nearby. The group also had two virtuallyCITIZEN missing neighSaskatchewan lately. a chance to go through their bours who were located by While it could have looked backpacks and equipment re- SESKSAR members Mike unusual to those passing by, quired for a real search and Meyer, Katia Bigney and three for those involved it was noth- rescue operation. spontaneous volunteers, who ing but natural. South East The Weyburn zone saw helped ground search and opSaskatchewan Search and Sandy Stewart, Rick Hallberg, erate the incident command Rescue (SESKSAR) volunteers Derek Layden, Mickey Quigley base. yheld Kellytheir Running dertaking, I find I push training in early andbutClarence Fradette trainCody Chorney and Pat Names like Merle myself in a positive April. It was decided that dif- ing on April way 10. The group Ross, who were fully equipped, aggard, Waylon Jenset lofty goalswith for compasses held their training in the Carferent zones of the broadwhen re- I did exercises ngs, Willie Nelson, and myself,” Berglund said. gion would localize their exer- and reinforced the knowledge lyle area on April 11. VolunCanada’s Centre of TSN the mountain in the NBA have improved to the point excellent health care, no Disneyland. Even if he s uck Owens come to mind Heand hadSportsnet, decided towho go the cises. received through basic teers practised their skills in he Universe, our country’s both fi re off over-the-top two teams where they were recently gun problem and, more isn’t tall enough to ride hen Estevan people talk about back tosearcher his roots, decid- remain the best zone's volunteers training. using compasses and navigaBig Smoke, the big T.O., is exclamation points for any in the West — Houston saluted as No. 1 in NBA. often than not, are really, the rides.” organized mock April eat country the singing sto-call-out ing to once On again sell3,histhe Carnduff tion, and did a mock search of uddenly Sports City. RJ Currie again: “Ko accomplishment by a Toand defending champion com’s and SI.com’s NBA really nice to each other, shortly but, afterfor the anyone snowstorm on door zonetoteam SESKSAR re- the exercise location. tellers; music door of as he N o r t h A m e r i c a n Bryant said winning an O ronto team, no matter how Golden State. Still, the political activism is seldom power rankings. April 15. Dan Hardern, Leanne ceived their mock dispatch. All training operations folking in one of Blake had from 2008 to 2012. minor, They will talk so fast and Raptors made a solidthe statecar felt better than winni rofessional soccer’s bestMonica Now, if that No. 1 on their minds.” Strokov, Alex Critikos, gathered at Steelman lowed COVID-19 related erglund’s live shows then I just went with“Back so much excitement ment March 9 with a 108- ranking eventually transLate night funnyman the NBA Championsh ve here, the Leafs are a BykKovach and headed should be on Anastasiia that list. out and and sold then CDs from my to a nearby rules, established by the Sas- Cody Chorney was a part of the training in Carlyle zone, along because he did in their voices it will be 105 win in Toronto over Conan O’Brien: ontender, the Blue Jays forms into an NBA title, hovskaia mustered landIt’s location where they suc- katchewan Health Authority. with missing from the picture “Pizza Pat Ross. Maybe Photo submitted hether with a band at or Rotary vehicle… intimidat-

Blake Berglund: new album, on tour, and nominations for SCMAs Bruce Penton –

Time for a hoops’ celebration in Canada?

re still the most popular hard to understand a word the No. 1 overall Rockets. book the marching band. Hut introduced a pair of need to pass around t his own a guitar, to be walking up to they’re saying. DeRozan, throwing up It will be celebration time athletic shoes that have a trophy.” ports teamwith from sea to ing erglund knows how to strangers’ doors, butunderI’ve and sinking far more three- in Canada! Canadians will button that orders pizza. RJ Currie once mo ea and now, to top it off, nnect with anBasketball audience. met some and pointers this year than any stand the great word people ‘championhe National RJ Currie of sportsdeke. When they heard about “A skip named Jones h Berglund hasRaptors been workfans.” ship’wonderful though. They got a time in his career, is the com : “Ravens CB and it, fans of Pizza Hut said, won the Canadian wo Association’s are a some gower hardand in the country muThe country singerSouris-Moose Mountain MP $154 billion,”only said Kitchen. howpick to sequester of theshoes?” pandemic. were Raptor among the plans a definite threat taste of it in December, 2017 on draft Marlon things “Whatinto are athletic en’sThey curling titlelooking 12 tim Kitchen views the federal In two years, the Liberals will the ground,” said Kitchen. for funds, and Kitchen said VIDO coRobert world as he continues songwriter has been on win the NBA Finals this when Toronto FC captured league’s top 50 scorers, at Humphrey was arrested Randy Turner of the –– Colleen had six,isa budget as a “massive letdown for Sas- have added $500 billion to Canada’s Also in the budget is a commit- doing great work on vaccines. release new music and tour promoting his most the Major League Soccer nearly 24 points per game, for robbery. Take heart Winnipeg Free Press, on now Jennifer has six. une. katchewan.” national debt. ment to carbon capture and storage, currently on tour. recent “Realms,” crown.album, Now, with DeMar but Lowry, Serge Ibaka IfThe the Leafs happen to Baltimore: he’s already Twitter: “As a teenager, your name is Smith, forg federal Liberal government Kitchen believes the budget does Kitchen said is great, but the “We’re seeing here in SaskatchMusic has beenStanley a part which was Kyle released on and Jonas Valanciunas which DeRozan, Lowry ave a prolonged performing like an NFL (Patrik) Laine now has a about keeping up.” released the budget, its Sept. first in nothing natural resources or MP warned the money won’t be used ewan some great technology that we hisrun, lifeif since heget was 1, two 2017. Theowning thirdfor the and the Raptors provide a great off ensive Cup the Jays off vet.” record 14-game scoring Headline at SportsPic years,and on April 19. Kitchen said it’s the oildisand gas sectors, and provides for enhanced oil recovery. have with the innovation we have at oung remembers album in Berglund’s the NBA’s year supporting Coach oshort-sighted, a decent start and if the it doesn’t From the vaultthey’re of former streak in thethe NHL. As a ofle.com: “Teddy Bridgew because fac-East nothis incentive for foreign cast. investment “Ultimately playing words University Saskatchewan,” said ing struck by the song cography is a the unique proj12not new licenses issued to Monday, 26 — yes, that’s same con- Dwane Casey, naturally, is toUNLV Raptors, expected, hoops coach Jerry teenager, I held the high August ter announces retireme tor in as the impact roar the government into Canadian energy. it, but they’re doing anything Kitchen. Highway to Eastern Hell” at Conage onect in thatinhe has created a $100 ference LeBron among seriousforcontenders hrough the Tarkanian: “Nine out of Energy point total KISSwanted ‘I didn’t dothe all this reh spending will have people ofwhich There’s million agricul- about it,” said Kitchen. Kitchen to see budget 133276 Vermilion Hz for the 6-9-6-14 .erence He remembers sitting concept album – typically James andtotheture, Cavaliers for the coach-ofplayoff s and take for ten The schools arehas cheating. pinball machine in the to play for the Jets.’ ” southeast Saskatchewan years but Kitchen saidNBA’s the budget says U.S. tax credits being focus on getting the economy back 127339 Oil & Gas Hz 1-32-9-8 his mother’s albums are associreside, yet the Cavs are not the-year award. Bara ncome. either Houstonvehicle, Rockets concept The other is inTorc lastcapture place.” Boissevain hall for jobs,Comedy further announcements will come given for carbon that will be pool and creating and hewriter saidJim this is from ated rock second-best music andfor $50 The 133609 Vermilion Hz anSoelection 4-14-4-3 evenwith thethey East’s Raptors are com- used on why LeBron James say riving Golden State Kennedy Warriors Norman Chad of recovery. the Energy three weeks. i can to-budget, “Ultimately what in it shows is later. As million for farmers for enhanced oil with Prime MinLangbank tousthe pick up isteam— where theNBA songs are finally the number that they totitle purchase more energy-efficient He is pleased to see money forrelate.” the isterHz Justin Trudeau to spend an isall on ing off back-to-back sea- Washington he’s liketrying a fine16-35-4-8 wine, gett he Finals,gave well, ToronPost, in Creek a tally 133839 Burgess Exploration Berglund: Kennedy’s Blake Berglund has had a busy 2017 and 2018 hasn’t let up yet. releasin oceries. The radio was connected by a theme or Blake spent over and above what it takes grain dryers, that where money is lost too late, and Infectious Disease Orgamoney every way he with canAfter in an effort sons they to the Vaccine better age, is a bad an o sports establishment will the horizon. column about political J a n i c e H o u g h o f 133856 Vermilion Energy Hz 7-27-2-14 to run the country lastidea. year. Thatthe Raptors and farmers for its, on nization (VIDO) at the University of music to build support from thewines public. ned in to explode. 104.9FM new been album, “Realms,” Sept. 1,in 2017, has been making videos, touring, and promoting leftcoastsportsbabe.com : ogy: While are ahave Cavaliers incalling the playoff “Old are usuah irtually If– The they activism sports,he and why 132728 Energy Vert 1-28-8-9 deficit was billion 2020-21). Saskatchewan. hePoint was on the The budget has insurvived three olf –a itprovincial was $354 at that mo- (inpoised Berglund explains, is also for Crescent four Saskatchewan Country Music Association two “Astros signed Jose Altuve to finish for fi rstyears. among album. but the Berglund situation has dra- nominated found theawards cellar.” win, holiday there is iittle inWhen hockey: They’re projecting that “It’s thisa concept year’s “Our have been doing federal health committee, VIDO came confidence votes in the House of ent he came realize record, I’ve farmers to 5-year, $151 million — perhaps eventoa national Eastern Conference teams matically changed. The Care to commen “Nearly half of NHL Highrock Resources Hz (www.blakeberglund.com) 13-2-6-7 which include Kipling native,134590 Alex Runions, as a fellow nominee. budget (deficit), for 2021-22, will beCeltics tremendous made aCanadian-born, presentation at extension. the start SoCommons. ow music could affect listened to Pink Floyd andthe a jobs Jose will be brucepenton2003 ne — won’t be far behind. — Boston are Cavsat — putting with talkforward of James and Email players are 131546 A-1onDrilling Corporation Vert a Berglund shares 13-35-14-3 “Thereasarea free threeagent co- –and being releasedthey Fri- Mountain/Interloper,” nomin meone’s soul.Doug Ford lot of ‘70spursuer, concept albums, yahoo.ca able to take his family to Premier-to-be closest four of departing considering have 131544 A-1 first Drilling Corporation Vert 13-5-16-3 on the album, one day, April, 20. The of split single. tions for Interactive Art Dark Sidebehind of the in Moon willAlthough see to that.he dabbled sofive games mid- writes after this season — have Belle Plaine then the134370 series is “Pretty Berglund is currently or Group of 16-34-2-4 the Year metal hard rock, he a big— influence in this, AstraGood Oil Corp Hz Theand announcers on was March the kings of with regressed, and theand Raptors

MP Robert Kitchen pans the federal budget


d always been a lover of then I was listening to a lot two written with my band. untry music and found of old school country, ‘90s Other than that I’ve written AMPLIFON ANNIVERSARY SALE s passion. country, and Marty Stuart. everything on it.” Berglund has also A passion that saw It’s a spiritual country cond e v e loped videos for m last May take on the cept record; my band and four of the songs off of allenge of selling his I are really proud of the “Realms,” the most recent bums door to door. sound, it’s super twangy, many facets of legalization.” production, including a limit The Government of one – Moose Mountain “It’s an ambitious un- it’s real country.” Hearing Clinic in Key Carlyle details includ- of four plants per household. askatchewan is releasing The Saskatchewan s framework forMay cannabis Friday, 7 ed in the framework are: • Minimum age for non- Liquor and Gaming (SLGA) egalization and outlining a a.m. - 4:30 medicinal p.m. cannabis consump- s e l e c t i o n p r o c e s s f o r lan for9:30 the legal and respontion will be 19 years of age; cannabis retail permits is ible distribution, and use Health Carlylesale Primary Clinic Mogentale • Zero tolerance for all Maureen now underway. There are f cannabis in the province. Instrument Specialist 51 retail cannabis permits askatchewan’s Cannabis drug-impaired drivers in theHearing ramework outlines various province. It will always be available in 32 communities spects of cannabis legaliza- illegal to drive while impaired based on communities UNBEATABLE PRICING! – whether electing to proceed with on and regulation within in Saskatchewan or alcohol. This all, or a percentage of, he province that will ensure by drugs up %Chow. REGINA, (April SJHL President Chow. will not once can- the the SJHL,” allowablesaid number of he safety ofSASK. Saskatchewan to changeBill ,amilies 2018)and – The Saskatche“You need respected part“Looking forward, we nabis use becomes legal; r e t a i l e s t a b l i s h mwant ents communities. ON OUR BEST an Junior Hockey League to make thatHEARING happen. towithin use this as a • Consuming canna- TECHNOLOGY! theirprogram community. The framework includes ners BOGO60PC JHL) announced today With MNP’s and BD&P’s platform to support playA two-phase selection etails on priorities such bis in public spaces will be ey are finding the ers, possibly beyond prohibitedonforsetting publicuphealth process willeven be used to s keeping ourtrusted roads orand guidance OUR ANNUAL SALE PRICING WON’T LAST LONG! nizations to assist in setprogram’s structure and adthis league, so they can be workplaces safe; wholesale, considerations. Consump- determine the retail operators. ng up the structure forsales; the ministration, it will healthy, resilientRequest and make tion will alsoI know be prohibited The detailed for istribution, and retail INTEREST-FREE HL includes Assistanceinput Program. be able to help both aProposal meaningful difference in inNOW, schools andmeet daycares. (RFP) documents nd fromBUY FINANCING nnounced week, the immediate and long-term their communities.” • Saskatchewan is related to the retail selection takeholderslast as well as guidPAY LATER WITH FOR 36 MONTHS** ogram to provide The SJHL also anintroducing legislation to process are has available on nce fromaims the public survey needs.” ell-administered “Burnet Duckwork & nounced a joint effortAwith the possession of any www.SaskTenders.ca. free onducted in the fallsupport of 2017. prohibit players, families andof Palmer is agrateful to be its official clothing supplierto amount by minor. Possession user account is required “The top priority of smaller amounts,estabby a 22 download documents. he of SaslletsGovernment in overcoming the involved in helping Fresh tothe begin selling minor, addressed #HumboldtStrong Questions related to the atchewan creating lish auma from when the Humboldt the will SJHLbeAssistance t-shirts at primarily said through RFP process mustthrough be sent his framework is to ensure Program” oncos’ accident. Johnticketing Brussa Co-ops (and online and seizureofofBD&P. the cannabis, by Fresh), email towith rfp.inquiries@ he healththe and safety our Chairman Today, law firm of Bur“This 22 proceeds in accordance the going slga.gov.sk.ca. Deadline esidents,” Justice t, Duckworth & Minister Palmer program will bewith an imto the SJHL Assisprovincial Act. Possession to respond toMore the RFP nd Attorney General Don portant D &P), as well as leading resource for thoseof tance Program. detailsis more than fiveand grams will be a on April 10, 2018 at will 2 p.m. Morgan said.and “We have taken individuals counting consultfamilies when the t-shirts be Offering criminal off to theproven Additional information he timewww.amplifon.com/ca necessary to review g firm MNP, agreed to affected byence the subject Humboldt available in stores will be hygiene Youth Criminal Justice Act. provided Saskatchewan’s Cannabis he manyinitial impacts cannabis Broncos ovide guidance tragedy.” soon. Updates on &on safety protocols! • The province will Framework can be found egalization will have on our setting up the program. Near-term, the SJHL is this initiative will be shared rovince and program are confihas dent focusing adopt the the federal minimum at www.Saskatchewan.ca/ he assistance program so through SJHL.ca and @ ur approach addresses the standards around home cannabis. eady received early fund- that support reaches all CoopCRS. *Offer valid on select models and discount is applicable to binaural purchase, the second aid only. g support from Co-op, SJHL players, families and organizaCannot be combined with other discounts.** See clinic for more financing Individuals details. Expires and 6/30/2021. 2021 Amplifon Canada, All Rights Reserved. th 78 ©retail co-operatives billets who are working tions looking to donate to d Federated Co-opera- through the trauma caused the SJHL Assistance Pro-

Saskatchewan cannabis framework released SJHL sets up structure for trauma assistance BO program 60 OFF * GO


Call to book a complimentary hearing test today!



Guy,” followed Highrock by “Moose Resources nominated Artist 134590 Hzfor multiple well as for Male 13-2-6-7 Mountain,” then “Crooked Saskatchewan Country the Year with Alex Runio 131545 Corporation Vert Old Earth,” andA-1 the Drilling fourth Music Association awards of Kipling. 3-34-14-3 video “Heat of the Sun.” including Album or EP of The SCMAs are bei His new radio single the Year with “Realms,” held in Prince Albert fro 4 new license issued to Monday, April 26, 2021 was also just released as of Video of the Year for “Pret- April 27-28. 182790 Spectrum Resource Hz. 3-21-6-6 111108 Lasso Drilling Aldon Monday, April 23, so call tyCorp. Good Guy” –Oils directed “I’m very16-26-5-7 blessed to Crescent Point Energy Hz. 4-28-7-5 in 131619 and179894 ask to Horizon hear “Moose by Little Jack Films,Energy and doing what I’m doing.” Drilling Vermilion 7-23-6-15

Drilling Licenses Rig Report

The drilling report

Drilling Licenses

179387Akita Drilling Crescent Point Energy Hz. Corp16-22-10-6 124496 Western Potash 12-20-14-17 183634 Allied Energy Corp. Hz. 6-29-6-15 122089 Precision Drilling Canadian Natural Resources 16-4-4-31 6 new licenses issued to Monday, March 26 124544 Akita Drilling Western Potash Corp 12-20-14-17 94212 Midale Petroleums Hz 16-32-4-2 12579494313 AllianceAldon Drilling Crescent Point Energy 4-14-6-7 16-20-8-7 Oils Hz 124562 Akita Drilling Western Potash Corp 12-20-14-17 Crescent Hz Potash 15-12-1-13 07B01094217 Esterhazy Ltd.Point Energy Mosaic 5-16-19-32 94214 Crescent Point Energy Hz Point Energy 15-12-1-13 125873 Alliance Drilling Crescent 16-20-8-7 11121094215 Betts Drilling Burgees 15-34-4-8 Crescent Point Energy Hz Creek 15-12-1-13 12090794225 HorizonCrescent Drilling Crescent 13-10-1-12 Point Energy Hz Point Energy 8-18-6-5 115693 Ensign Drilling Crescent Point Energy 12-28-6-8 Drilling Crescent To 120925 Horizon Point Energy book your 13-10-1-12 123274 Precision Drilling Crescent Point Energy 1-27-8-9  Vermilionspace  in the 13173092145 Panther Drilling Energy 1-8-3-1 Alliance PointApril Energy 2-1-2-14 4 new Drilling licenses issuedCrescent to Monday, 23   12828295956 TrinidadBurgess Drilling Crescent Point Energy 12-25-2-19 88986 Precision Drilling Ridgeback Resources 15-35-8-10 Creek Exploration Hzdrilling 16-35-4-8 report     90594 Panther Drilling Spartan Energy 15-31-2-1 93093 Burgess Creek Exploration Vert 2-2-5-8 132981 Betts Drilling Triland Energy 12-31-6-4 93533   Panther Drilling Spartancall Energy 96092 Newalta Vert 9-21-2-132-2-3-15   Corporation   us today! 13327696047 HorizonCrescent Drilling Vermilion Energy 6-9-6-14 08L135 Betts Drilling Resources 12-14-6-7 Point Energy Hz 13-1-1-13    Highrock 86680 Caprice Resources Caprice Resources 8-29-2-31 132695 Trinidad Drilling Crescent Point Energy 14-7-1-13   Precision Resources 9-35-8-10   Drilling  Fire Ridgeback 13332090559 Stampede Drilling Sky Energy 15-10-5-9 The Observer 93648 Betts Drilling Gambit Oil Corp 12-6-11-6    11572184444 Ensign Drilling Point 4-17-7-7 Ensign Drilling Crescent Crescent Point Energy Energy 2-31-2-1    306-453-2525 84665 Ensign Drilling Crescent Point Energy 13-22-8-7 Ensign   12420092511Precision Drilling Crescent 13-21-8-9 Drilling Mosaic Point Potash Energy 4-22-19-32


The drilling report

Rig Report Drilling Licenses

Rig Report

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Friday, April 30, 2021

O bserved At

Photos by: Margaret Schmit


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Katie’s K9 Training

Fostering dogs is rewarding for Teresa Valentine By Laura Kish Teresa Valentine of Carlyle has been rescuing and fostering dogs for over six years after being introduced to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue (BEDR), a registered non-profit organization based out of Regina. Valentine was introduced to Bright Eyes by Katie Mryglod and has been blessed and grateful ever since. She says it’s truly a wonderful group of people to be working with. Bright Eyes Dog Rescue was founded in January 2010, based on a dream to offer something for dogs that through no fault of their own were either abandoned, abused, feral, injured or surrendered and in need of loving and caring homes. As the 100 per cent volunteer-based membership has grown, so too has the commitment to these precious dogs. BEDR is delighted to have found homes for over 2,000 dogs and puppies, and still counting. The rescue takes each abandoned, abused or injured dog and places them into a foster home with a family where it is given much love and attention, and also socialized, before the search for its forever home begins. Valentine has always been a pet lover herself, owning her own dog, a teacup Chihuahua. In the beginning, the dogs

were sent to her to foster and the year following that she became a frontline worker. Fortunately she’s been able to find homes for all the foster dogs and cats she looks after. She’s kept busy in this line of work. In a matter of a day she could have up to 14 dogs to care for. She has had more than 40 at one time in her garage, in separate kennels. The work includes bathing, grooming, feeding and taking them for their daily walks and visits to the vet if needed.

Carlyle area and because some of the foster dogs are in desperate need of a bath, hair and a nail trim, Valentine decided that it only made sense to take the dog grooming course herself. Now that she has taken the course, she set up her grooming room in her basement and has many other customers bring their pets to her as well when they’re in need of a trim. She named her pet grooming business Pretty Paw Day Spa. And if that doesn’t keep Valentine busy enough she

home and they’re not going to be abused.” The age of the dog and how much care they need determines how long Valentine fosters each dog. She’s had some for up to two months because they needed to ‘come out of their shell’ and just be more trusting of people. Some of the foster dogs have been adopted from as far away as Vancouver. Valentine says she has so many memorable moments in this line of work and they’re all different and all unique.

w a P y t t Pre w a p S y Da Looking for a Bedr Life Teresa Valentine P 306.209.0357 • E contact@bedr.ca www.brighteyesdogrescue.com

“It’s a lot of work,” admits Valentine. “There was a litter of puppies that had to be bottle fed.” Valentine does have volunteer helpers that are willing to walk the dogs, etc. “They are a huge help!” explains Valentine “I couldn’t do it without them.” There aren’t a lot of pet groomers in the

Some of the lovable puppies that Teresa Valentine has in her care. Photo submitted

also has a career out of the home with 12-hour shifts at a long-term care facility. Although Valentine couldn’t pin it down to just one reason what the best thing is about looking after rescue dogs, she says: “To pick them up and watch them bloom.” She explains that sometimes they’re scared, they may not be used to getting the chance to come indoors.” Valentine definitely gets attached to her rescue dogs. Usually when they leave after fostering them, there are a lot of tears, but they’re happy tears. She’s sad to see them go but happy for their new life. “It makes your heart happy to know that they’re going to a loving

Carlyle. SK • SOC ORO 306.577.8631

“The very first foster dog I had was a threeyear-old named Whitney, she came from a hoarder situation. She wasn’t abused….she just had no human contact. She was raised in a kennel. We had her for three months, she came out of her shell. She would go for walks with me and follow me to work.” Valentine is informed of the history of each dog so she can better understand how to care for each individual dog. And the same information is passed on to the adoptive owner. “The first two bottle fed puppies, miniature pinchers, were also hard to let go. They were fed with an eye dropper every hour,” reminisces Valentine, who adds

Teresa Valentine gives morning kisses to one of her foster pups. Photo submitted “You get pretty attached to these ones.” Valentine goes above and beyond to help the dogs, and it’s all volunteer. “I’ve built a really good relationship with White Bear,” explains Valentine. “Night or day they call me and I help them no questions asked about a dog that needs my help, whether it’s a litter of puppies or a stray.” Every dog that’s taken off the reserve is signed for. Bright Eyes is an amazing organization and they operate on donations. Donations may include food, dog beds, kennels and most of all cash donations to go towards vet bills. “My husband and my daughter help me out a tremendous amount,” says a very grateful Valentine. “When I first started fostering I didn’t expect

to be this involved,” explains Valentine. It can be exhausting at times but when she steps into her garage and sees all the dogs with their tails wagging and barking so excitedly to see her, that all melts away. The dogs love her unconditionally. “My life is full,” says Valentine “but it’s very rewarding.” “Everyone makes the comment ‘I don’t know how you can do it’ but I reply ‘I don’t know how I can’t.’” “When you hand the dog off to their new forever home, it’s just heartwarming, you might shed a tear or two or cry all the way home, but it’s a happy cry!” If you have a love of dogs and would like to help out, please give Teresa Valentine a call at 577-8631 for more information about Bright Eyes Dog Rescue.

Christine Ewert Hill D.V.M. Rafael Pineda D.V.M. R. Clarke Hill BSc. D.V.M. Carlyle | Hwy #13 N. (306) 453-2446 Redvers | #1 Service Road (306) 452-3558 Kipling | #905 Main St. (306) 736-2516



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Friday, April 30, 2021

WAYS TO GIVE YOUR MOM A BREAK ON MOTHER’S DAY One of the best gifts you can give your mom for Mother’s Day is time off.



Take care of dinner. Whether you invite her out for a quick bite or prepare a multi-course feast, your mom will be delighted to share a meal with you — especially if she doesn’t have to cook it herself.


Detail her car. Though you can wash your mom’s care in the driveway yourself, for superior results, you should take it to a professional. Car detailing specialists will clean and wax the exterior and can also treat leather seats or remove stains and smells from the upholstery.

Do the chores. Make your mom happy this Mother’s Day by cleaning the house from top to bottom. You can even hire a professional to wash the windows. Additionally, you could drop her clothes off at the dry cleaner to be laundered or the tailor to be mended.

MOTHER’S DAY AROUND THE WORLD Every country has its own Mother’s Day traditions. Here are a few ways this occasion is celebrated around the world.


The second Sunday in May is considered a day of rest for moms across the country. It’s also an opportunity for children to spoil their mothers. The day usually begins with a tasty breakfast and flowers, followed by a family walk. Mother’s Day in Germany typically ends with a hearty meal.


Rather than landing on a fixed date, Mother’s Day takes place at the end of the rainy season in the fall. The festivities begin with a traditional dish prepared by the children while their mothers relax. Singing and dancing are highlights of the celebration, which lasts three days. Though traditions vary, one thing is universal: Mother’s Day is an opportunity for people to celebrate the most important woman in their life.


In the U.K., the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is usually in mid-March, is known as Mothering Sunday. Originally, it was a day for servants to take off and spend with their family. Now, it’s customary for sons to give their mom flowers and for daughters to bake a cake made of dried fruits and almond paste.

Mother’s Day May 9th


On the second Sunday in May, Brazilian children celebrate Mother’s Day by putting on a show for their mom. After attending mass, extended families gather for a big barbecue to mark the occasion.

All Grocery Stores Estevan, Carlyle and Oxbow will give a Rose and Treat for all moms. All C- Stores will have a Cool Mom Treat (Slushie, Kool-Aid, Ice Cream)

mother’s day specials Starter

Furniture & Electronics



In store Mothers day Specials

RV Mattresses in Stock as well

Bacon Wrapped Scallops $13.95

Entrees Ribs and Shrimp $19.95

Scrumptious Specials for Marvelous

Mother’s Day Phone 306-453-2044 Main St., Carlyle

Happy Mother’s Day We’ve got Mom covered with lots of gift ideas!

A three bone Baby Back Ribs with four pcs garlic buttered shrimp, comes with veggies and garlic toast, choice of potato or rice

Microgreen Salad with Chicken $15.95 It is a mixture of romaine, pea, sunflower and broccoli microgreens with a choice of Crispy or Grilled Chicken, comes with garlic toast and maple balsamic vinaigrette.

8oz RibEye Steak $25.95 A Certified Angus beef, fresh cut on the house, spiced and grilled for your liking, comes with hot veggies and garlic toast choice of potato or rice.

Chicken Cordon Bleu $17.95 A layered ham and cheese, rolled on a chicken breast and herbed bread crumbs, topped with herbed hollaindaise sauce, comes with hot veggies, garlic toast and choice of potato or rice.

desserts Lemon Meringue Irish Cream Cheesecake GF Turtle Cheesecake

306.452.6309 | 27 Railway Ave., Redvers

Peanut Butter Brownie Cheesecake

Kuzina Restaurant & Grill | 106 Main Street, Carlyle

218 Main St., Carlyle, SK • 306-453-4466


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Friday, April 30, 2021

Golf a round at the Crossroads of Friendship By Laura Kish Stoughton is a small town located at the junction of Highways 13, 33 & 47 and in this placement has been given the name The Crossroads of Friendship. Spend a day in Stoughton and experience rural Saskatchewan for yourself. A round of golf on Stoughton’s nine-hole par-34 course can be a great start to your day. Nestled on a neat little triangle of land on the eastern edge of town, the natural landscape complements the irrigated fairways, grass green, man-made moguls and planted evergreens and shrubbery. It makes a picturesque stroll even if you don’t golf. Danielle Hoffman, president of the Stoughton Golf Club, said that their opening day is set for May 1. “We just took the tarps off Saturday and some of the greens look really good,” states Hoffman. “The odd one may not look as good but it's early in the season so hopefully they'll come around by early June.”

“Some of the fairways have irrigation but not all of them,” explains Hoffman although it’s on their wish list to have all of the fairways irrigated, but they are limited to water. They use a dugout so water is always limited for them. “We've had quite a few dry years,” says Hoffman. “Because we have grass greens we always make sure they are looked after first with the available water…the fairways are second on the list.” Hoffman goes on to explain: “We get a lot of runoff from the town and Taylor Park as they pump down the pond there to the golf course.” “During the winter when the town does snow removal they dump the snow at the golf course by the dugout so we get that runoff too.” “We do what we can but we are limited.” Stoughton Golf didn't open their clubhouse last year due to COVID-19. “We also sold our carts at the beginning of the 2020 season because when our board

Stoughton Golf Course is a nine-hole, grass green par 34 course. started there was still not a lot of action for the golf course,” explains Hoffman. “We weren't sure how our year was going to go and we don't have a very big budget so we were concerned. We knew we needed to keep our greens alive and wondered about where we were going to get the funds so we sold our golf carts at the beginning of the year. The decision was made not to open the clubhouse because we couldn't have tournaments.” “Last year we thought we could save some money,” explains



RADON 10 PRIMARY INDICATORS THAT YOUR HOME MIGHT HAVE HIGH RADON LEVELS (1) A sewer back-flow valve has been installed. (2) Cast iron sewer lines have been replaced under the concrete floor (3) the sewer line to the city property has been replaced (4) Sump pits (5) Heaved basement floors (6) Foundation and/or basement floor has been levelled by some jacking method. (Slab-Jacking or spray-foam) (7) New weeping tiles have been installed (8) Cracked basement walls (9) Your home has a Crawlspace (10) Wooden basement floors. MASTER RADON IS: by far, the most experienced radon mitigation company in Saskatchewan and is a C-NRPP (Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program) certified company. C-NRPP is the Health Canada recognized training, certification & licensing body in the Radon industry. MASTER RADON OFFERS: A payment plan option. First 1/3 payment on day of install followed by 2 more equal payments over the following 2 months. TEXT/CALL: 306-552-6773 | E-MAIL: INFO@MASTERRADON.CA | www.masterradon.ca

Town of Kipling Sidewalk Replacement Proposal

Hoffman. “We ended the 2020 season in the black which was nice because that does not happen very often.” This year the club has new carts in already. They did some repairs in the clubhouse, put new flooring in, and they’re also putting in a walk-up ice cream window on the south side of the building. “Hopefully that will draw in a little more as well,” says Hoffman. “We took last year to figure some things out.” Stoughton Golf Club’s memberships remained about the same last year as normal, an average of between 80 to 100 members. “We might have lost a little bit of foot traffic…we didn't have a lot of walk-on golfers last year,” states Hoffman and adds “Fingers crossed that this year will be a better year.” The Club holds regular events such as Ladies Night Tuesdays and Men's Night Wednesdays. Thursday mornings is open golf where a golfer comes out and is paired up with another golfer. They play best ball. It

tends to be mostly seniors take advantage of this golf although it is open to all ages. The Club will hold their members’ tournament, open tournament and the Harvest Classic tournament. Other clubs in town such as the Swimming Pool and the Day Care each usually have a fundraiser tournament. Some years the club was lucky to have 20 or more entered in some of the tournaments but they are hoping people have the itch to get back out golfing after more than a year in lockdown. Stoughton Golf course has many features to entice a golfer to play a round. The grass greens are very nice, it’s a challenging course but not too challenging . “We play to every skill level,” says Hoffman. “It’s also a walkable course which is nice if a person wants to get out for some exercise.” This year the club is thrilled to offer something new and exciting junior lessons taught by a pro out of Midale. “A lot of the kids

What’s Happening in Agriculture. A monthly supplement in the Observer focusing on the ag industry.

The Town of Kipling is accepting quotes for the removal and replacement of 285’ by 6’ of downtown sidewalks.

This section runs the 2nd week of each month.

Quotes should confirm the construction guidelines as listed below and any other applicable costs. The work must minimally impact local businesses so weekend or evening work may be required. Construction guidelines are as follows:

This feature has local, agricultural stories.

     

that are registered have parents who are golfers,” explains Hoffman. This year there are 12 golfers registered, ages six to 15. They are running two classes consisting of eight lessons over eight weeks. Hoffman is hopeful this is something that the club can offer every year. “The nice thing about our course is that it is easy to get onto especially during the week,” explains Hoffman. “It’s a reasonable price for a round of golf. When the course is at its prime, it’s a very nice course.” Hoffman says one of the best reasons a golfer should try a round at Stoughton is: “You’re never going to feel rushed at our course. The members we have are very welcoming! We’re always excited to have new people come out and try our course.” “We have a couple who come from Weyburn faithfully every day and play 27 holes.” The clubhouse is staffed and we’re ready for business.

32 mpa concrete (Broom finish) 4” slab 10 ml bar 16” oc Type 32 compacted base Saw cuts every 6’ for control joints

Quotes should also include WCB Clearance and applicable safety tickets. It is highly recommended that all interested parties contact the Town Foreman, Kelly Kish at 306-736-8805 for a site visit. All proposals should be submitted to the Town Office, 301 - 6th Avenue (Monday - Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm, closed over lunch, and holidays) or by Email to kiptown@sasktel.net by Wednesday, May 5, 2021 @ 12:00 noon.

CarlyleObserver.com observer@sasktel.net Contact Dolores today 306.453.2525 or Laura Kish @ 306.736.8843


The Observer

Friday, April 30, 2021

Enjoy a championship-level course at Golf Kenosee By Laura Kish Golf Kenosee, located in Moose Mountain Provincial Park, has been around for a very long time. This course was started back in 1935 and was owned by the government. The 135 shareholders took it over in 1986 and is run by five board members. Golf Kenosee is an 18-hole grass green course known as the Jewel in the Moose Mountains. About 12 or 14 years ago the course received major renovations with the holes all being redone. “They made it a true par-72 course,” explains Brent Lothian, pro shop manager at Golf Kenosee for his fourth year. “They turned it into a championship golf course that it is today.” “It was a short golf course and it wasn’t near as beautiful as it is today,” says Lothian. “They turned it into quite a challenging course.” There have been a few changes in recent

years. The pro shop was renovated last year and Club 19 upstairs is being redone this year with new flooring, paint and blinds. The old bar was replaced and the old fireplace was switched over to a gas fireplace. Golf Kenosee plans to open for the season on April 30. The tarps were still on the greens as of Saturday afternoon but reports are that they are in great shape and tarps were slated to be removed this week. The latest snowfall greened up the fairways so the plan is to give the fairways one more mow before opening day. “That’ll spruce things up,” says Lothian. Golf Kenosee boasts approximately 220 members. Tuesday nights are men’s nights and Thursday nights are ladies’ nights at the Club. Wednesday morning is Senior Men’s Day for anyone 50 and older. Approximately 20 women take part in the Tuesday morning Ladies League. Annual events in-

Rubberstone • Cover your ugly concrete with Seirrastone Rubberstone on driveways. sidewalks..basements..decks..garages • Polyaspartic..epoxy flake in garages and basements • Brick Driveways; Firepits, Sidewalks • Tree Removal, Cutting & Stump Grinding • Industrial & Residential Hedge Trimming • Farm yard wind row restoration • Landscaping • Demolition (cabins, garages) • Light Carpentry • Deck Building • Lot sweeping • Skidsteer work • Auger holes (4” to 24”-13” deep) • Screw piles • Asphalt sealing & crack filling (Commercial & Residential)

clude the Moose Mountain Classic in August and Skins Night every Friday for 40-50 golfers taking part. The Kenosee Ladies Club always puts a tournament on in August as well. “Last year all golfers had to pre book a tee time but we normally have a lot of green fee players who pay as they play,” explains Lothian. Golf Kenosee has a lot of golfers out for a round of golf while camping for the week or visiting for the day. “The COVID rules are slightly relaxed as compared to last year,” explains Lothian. “They’re similar to how we finished out the season in 2020, except anyone stopping in at the pro shop will have to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon entering.” “We will be continuing to sanitize the carts between uses,” says Lothian. Four to a group is maximum but that’s considered a normal golf game. Shotgun starts are allowed this year during tournaments, they are allowed two groups per hole so long as they keep the required three metres away while one group is at the tee box. Club 19 hopes to open on Mother’s Day weekend so the COVID rules will definitely impact the restaurant as they are only allowed 50 per cent capacity. “It’s possible that some of our big tournaments won’t happen again this year because

PHONE BILL (306) 577-1643

A view from the #1 tee off at Golf Kenosee. Photo by Doug Walker of the COVID rules still in place,” explains Lothian. “We probably had our best year ever last year for green fee players,” says Lothian. Golf was one of few sports everyone could still do. “We had a lot of golfers last year,” says Lothian. “We had about 22,000 rounds, whereas 18,000 to 20,000 is an average year.” Lothian comments on some of the features of Golf Kenosee that would entice a golfer to play a round there. “Everyone comments on the first tee because you’re standing up on the hill looking down at the beautiful sites all around,” explains Lothian. “People have commented that it’s the best start hole visually in all of Saskatchewan.”

What better way is there to start a round of golf? “It’s a very challenging hole because of the water and trees and there’s all kinds of other obstacles,” says Lothian and he adds “From a visual point of view it’s breathtaking.” Lothian says one of the best reasons a golfer should try out their golf course: “From both the restaurant and Pro Shop perspective, we want to make sure everyone has the best possible experience. We like to think that we treat all of our customers the best

that we can treat them and then they can enjoy their round of golf. There are so many different views on every hole. Our greenskeeper Kelvin Van Winkoop does such an amazing job that it is just a pristine golf course.” Golf Kenosee was so busy last year, both during the week and on weekends. “We had many new first time members sign up last year that we hadn’t had before,” explains Lothian. Make a trip to the park this summer and golf a round at Golf Kenosee.

BEST BUYS IN USED EQUIPMENT MFD TRACTORS 2001 MX120 Case IH, MFD loader & grapple, new rear tires .....$40,000 2006 DX45 Case IH, 45 hp, hydro/new loader ...........................$30,000 2011 Puma 140 Case IH w/loader ............................................$115,000 2012 TTX 190 McCormick MFD 520x42 ream tires, loader & grapple .................................................................$115,000


1991 9270 Case IH 4WD, motor recently overhauled, new tires ......................................................................... $80,000 2008 535 Case IH 4WD, with triples, new front tires ....$170,000 2013 550 Case IH with triples .................................$265,000



Albert Hale is celebrating another ”Covid” birthday! His family invite you, weather permitting and if you are able, to drive by his home at 170 Coteau Street in Kisbey on Sat. May 08 between 2 and 4 p.m. to wish him well on his

101 Birthday! st.

2005 8010 Case IH with pick up ..................................................$125,000 2006 2388 Case IH with pick up ................................................... $90,000 2007 7010 Case IH duals, pick up.............................................. $165,000 2008 2588 Case IH with pick up ..............................................$125,000 2011 7120 Case IH w/pick up ..................................................$176,000 2012 9120 Case IH w/pick up.....................................................$195,000 2012 Gleaner S77 w/pick up ....................................................$185,000 2013 9230 Case IH w/pick up ..................................................$295,000 2013 8230 Case IH & pick up ..................................................$285,000 2013 8230 Case IH with pick up header..................................... $265,000 2015 9240 Case IH with pick up header..................................... $345,000


2010 2152 40 ft Case IH header/transport AAFX adapter ...............$40,000

2012 35 ft 3020 Case IH Auger FLEX Header used very little .....$35,000 2013 40 ft FD 75 MacDon flex header, Case IH adapter .............$65,000 2015 40 ft 3162 Case IH TERRA FLEX Draper Header ...............$45,000


Daryl Harrison Member of the Legislative Assembly for Cannington Constituency

1-833-670-4400 CanningtonConstituency@sasktel.net

#220 Centre St. / P.O. Box 130 / Alida, SK. / S0C 0B0

2003 45 ft. Morris Maxium III, air drill with 8336 Morris cart ..........$75,000 2010 60-12 Seed Hawk tool bar 12” spacing w/400 Seedhawk cart duals, 2 fans, auger, seed & fertilizer kit. ......$150,000 2010 6612 Seed Hawk toolbar 12” spacing w/400 plus Seed Hawk seed cart, 2 fans, seeded fertilizer kit................$150,000 2013 68’ Bourghault 3320/liquid fertilizer kit, Bourghault 6550 st seed cart duals & baglift ................................................... $199,500


37ft 5600 Case IH Cultivator with 4 row Degelmen harrows ........ $20,000


2014 Schulte 15 ft rotary mower w/XH1500 walking axle ...... $22,000


2006 RBX 565 Case IH Round Baler ..................................... $8,500 2016 563 Baler ROLBELT New Holland with twine net wrap . $47,000

A.E. CHICOINE Farm Equipment Ltd. Storthoaks, SK. 50 306-449-2255 1995 Case Corporation Case IH is a registered trademark of Case Corporation.


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Friday, April 30, 2021

BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORY The Observer • (306) 453-2525 • Deadlines are Mondays at 3 p.m. (may change due to holidays)


Pioneer Plumbing & Heating • Residential • Farm • Commercial

Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

For your residential, commercial and service needs. 712 Lalonde St. Whitewood, SK After Hours Call 306-853-7227

* Saskatchewan Gas Contractor

Contact 306-577-8633

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306-455-2292 Automotive-Diesel-SGI Safeties

Jean Drapeau Colin Pottie (cell) 421-4115 (cell) 485-6344 Owner Owner keepthemrolling.sk@gmail.com #7 Industrial Drive Arcola, Saskatchewan Follow us on @keepthemrolling

Rock Nicolay Owner Journeyman Phone: (306) 453-6060


CONTRACTORS & SUPPLIERS * Residential Wiring * Industrial Wiring * Commercial Wiring * Oilfield Services


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Journeyman Plumber Arcola, SK and Surrounding Southeast Area

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Orsted Funeral Home

’s n a m p a h C

302 Railway Ave. Carlyle, SK Ph: 453-2400 Fax: 453-2401 For all your granite memorials, bronze memorials and cemetery lettering needs.

*Special Pricing

*All Custom Designs

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BOOKKEEPING Colpitts Agencies Ltd.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church Payroll Services Rev. Father Ronald M. Andree in Quickbooks Alternate StorthoaksSpecialize & Bellegarde Prepare & e-filea.m. Personal & Corporate Tax Returns pm Sunday.......9:00 Residential, Commercial & Saturday.......7:30 Oilfield Electrical Contracting Redvers - Sunday.................10:45 a.m. Please contact Sheila Colpitts

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Worship VinceTimes: Borre Oxbow Kisbey, 9:30 a.m. St. Joseph’s - 9:00 a.m. Arcola,Cantal 11 a.m. St. Raphael’s 306-455-0011 Sunday- 10:45 a.m. Please join us Carnduff St. Jude - 12:30 p.m. for worship Rev. Father Vince Borre

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Worship Experiences Redvers EverySunday Sundayatat10:45 10 a.m. Every a.m. Pastor CoupleRev. Rev. Matthew Pastor Couple Matthew andMichelle Michelle Redstone and Redstone 306-453-2781 306-453-2782 63 Broadway Street 63 Brodway St., Redvers Redvers

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Every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Pastor Couple Rev. Matthew PastorandCouple Matthew MichelleRev. Redstone and 306-453-2781 Michelle Redstone Corner306-453-2782 of Railway Ave. W & 6thof St.Railway W Carlyle Corner Ave. W & 6th St. W Carlyle

Oxbow St. Joseph’s - 9:00 a.m. Central St. Raphael’s Sunday - 10:45 a.m Carnduff St. Jude - 12:30 p.m. Rev. Father Vince Borre

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• Appliances (Fridge, Stove, Washer Dryer, etc.) • Furnaces, Water Heaters • Mowers, Blowers, Patio Furniture, and BBQs • Any loose/stray metal- Tin roofing, house hold metals • Wires, Nut & Bolts, Anything Metal

Locally Owned

Sparky’s Scrap Metal Recycling 1 Km North of Manor on the #603 Phone (306) 575-7237

Hours: Monday-Sunday Please call for drop off time

We also Buy: • Scrap Vehicles • Used Car Batteries • Farm Machinery • Copper • Aluminum • Steel

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Condo Living for 55+

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Clearing out the park The Homespun Walking Path Committee and the Carlyle and District Lions Club are saluting Wade Trippel and Darcy Howe for the removal of dead wood at Lions Park. While the gate will stay closed until some point in May, the public is encouraged to pick up any logs or branches from the walking path, especially just east of the swimming pool.


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Friday, April 30, 2021


Heart of the Moose Mountains

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LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICES Notice to Creditors In the Estate of Levan Scott Johnston, late of Estevan, SK. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 10th day of May, 2021. Kohaly Elash & Ludwig Law Firm LLP Barristers and Solicitors 1312 - 4th Street Estevan, SK S4A 0X2 Solicitor for the Estate 49-2



GENERAL EMPLOYMENT CONSTRUCTION LABOURER Howden Bros. is hiring driven individuals, both experienced and inexperienced who are interested in the concrete construction industry. Individuals must be physically fit and/or capable of continuously hauling and standing concrete forms when needed. Must provide a criminal record check upon request. Temporary fulltime positions available. www.howdenbros.com



Need An Auction Sale?

A.L. #304543 3 ope SK Box 10 • Wauchope S0C 2P0 Auctioneer ~ Dellan Mohrbutter Phone 306-452-3815 Fax 306-452-3733 Website: keymauction.com




AAC Goodwin, AC Andrew, SAdASh, Go eArly, PintAil. Oats AC JuniPer, AC MorGAn, AC MuStAnG, derby, So1 SuPer oAt.


AMiSk, buSby, Conlon, CdC AuStenSon, CdC MAveriCk, CervezA, Sundre. Peas AAC PeACe river (very eArly yellow), CdC horizon (ForAGe), PoliSh CAnolA, SPrinG tritiCAle mastinseeds.com 403-556-2609 AGPRO SEEDS is BUYING: HEATED CANOLA #1 BUYER, TOP PRICE PAID IN SK. On farm pickup! Call: 306873-3006 or email: sales@agproseeds.com. Check out prices @ agproseeds.com FORAGE SEED FOR SALE: Organic & conventional: Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Smooth Brome, Meadow Brome, Crested Wheatgrass, Timothy, etc. Star City, SK. Birch Rose Acres Ltd. 306-921-9942.

Wage negotiable. Clean drivers abstract a must.

Send resume and work references to: Bryden Construction Box 100, Arborfield, Sk. S0E 0A0; Fax: 306-769-8844 Email: brydenconstruct@ xplornet.ca www. brydenconstruction andtransport.ca




Late model winch trucks and trailers; dump trucks and pups. Hauling heavy equipment, gravel, and camp shacks.

Key “M”

Additional Words - 14c /word per week

*All classified ads must be prepaid by cash, cheque or VISA/MC.*


Auction Services vices

Pay for 3 weeks - 4th week is FREE

Display ClassifiClassified ed - $800 per col. inch perGuaranteed Classified - $2699 up to 52 weeks (some restrictions apply) Display - $10.88 column inch


• We offer Complete Auction Services • We Do All Kinds of Sales • Call for Complete Consultation

Notice to Creditors In the estate of Jean Findlay McMillan Hewitt, late of Carlyle, SK, deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 14th day of May, 2021. Bridges & Company LLP 1329 Third Street Estevan, SK S4A 0S1 Solicitors for the Executors 49-2

$700 per week - up to 20 words


TAKE OUT CHICKEN DINNER: Kisbey Rec Center - Friday May 14. 4pm - 6:30pm. Phone orders in by May 7. $20.00 per person. Contact: Elisa at 306.577.8706 or Norma at 306.462.2211. COVID-19 REGULATIONS WILL BE FOLLOWED. 49-4


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Alida weekly news Submitted by Edel Cowan   On April 21 three past employees, Wendy Nelson, Shelly Cowan and Marcia Gervais, took their boss Gail McLachlin out for a retirement supper at the Olive Branch restaurant in Carnduff. Good luck Gail with your future plans and do enjoy your time with family and friends.  We are on the last week in April and we had a very slight shower. Don’t think it will amount to too much at all. But maybe one can now truthfully say that April showers will bring May flowers. Even if much more rain is needed, it is a slight start.   Also during this last week in April, the schools in the area are reopening after two weeks of closure, all seems to be okay. Hope everyone has enjoyed their week back at school now and hopefully they can continue attending school to the end of school year. Good luck students and HEALTH SERVICES

HIP/KNEE Replacement? Other medical conditions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING? The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and up to $50,000 Lump sum refund.

staff, stay safe. Happy Birthday greeting are being sent to the following whose birthdays have been in April – Lorraine Ferriss, Jason Junk, Ainsley Cowan, Shelley Germain, Joey Mailhiot, Redmond Demas and Teigan Fuller. Happy birthday folks, hope you have a great day and that you may have many more.  The men around here are now getting serious about starting their seeding operation. Hubby has been very busy getting the stones picked and out of the way of the seeder, so all should be a go. Others in the area have been out starting their seeding before now too.

Wish you all the best of luck with your seeding and hopefully you will have no break-downs or other troubles during this busy planting season. Please remember, folks, to keep me posted whenever you have news – simply contact me anytime, either call me at 306-443-2496, text 306-485-8561 or email g.cowan@sasktel. net on the happenings that are going on in and around Alida as well as within your own family circle.   I will see that your news gets into a paper, appreciate your input. As we keep moving slowly forward do continue to keep a safe distance and wear your mask and stay safe.

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The Observer

Friday, April 30, 2021

Housing The Social Housing Program provides safe and adequate housing to individuals and families in need. This program is intended to serve households with low incomes; priority is given to seniors (55+), families with children or dependants, and individuals with disabilities. This program is possible through contributions by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. The rent for a housing unit is based on gross household income. Priority for placement is given to applicants in most need. Applications are kept on file for six months. Seniors who do not meet eligibility criteria may still be able to rent units, depending on availability.

The Housing Authority presently has vacancies and may be able to rent to applicants that do not meet program criteria. Anyone looking for housing is encouraged to apply. Applications can be obtained at the town office or through the Housing Authority Manager. For more information contact: (306) 577- 9978



Assembly Tech, Welder, Material Handler Warehouse, Team Lead Paint, Team Lead Warehouse, Shipper/Receiver, and more!

The portfolio consists of:

• 1 bedroom semi-detached units • 1 and 2 bedroom units

Scan the code to the left or visit https://bit.ly/VII-careers to learn more and apply!

with a common area for tenants to socialize

• 1 and 2 bedroom affordable units

Follow us on



CASH ON THE DASH for your scrap cars, trucks, vans & scrap metal.

Paying $75.00/ton


Buying collector cars, trucks, motorcycles & old advertising signs. Paying $1,000.00 - $10,000.00

Please contact GLYNDA DANDOY (306) 453-2222

Call or text message




Drop off Resume at A&W


Looking for full time closer And part time


Heart of the Moose Mountains



Dispatcher Required For Southeast Saskatchewan Trucking Company Scheduled days off Health plan Accommodations available Experience an asset but willing to train. Fax resume to 455-2735 or email to csibley@frenchtransport.ca or cfrench@frenchtransport.ca

Prairie Pride Credit Union Notice of Director Elections Prairie Pride Credit Union is seeking to elect Board of Directors for the following branches:

2 Directors at the Alida Branch (1 & 3 year term)

2 Directors at the Gainsborough Branch (1 & 3 year term)

Nomination forms are available from any of the staff of Prairie Pride Credit Union where an election is required or any member of the nominating committee. Eligibility qualifications are included on the reverse side of the nomination form. Nominations must be received by Prairie Pride Credit Union no later than 4:00pm, Friday May 28th, 2021. Election week has been established as June 14th, 2021 to June 18th, 2021 inclusive.

Locally Invested, Exceptionally Driven

THIS COULD BE YOURS…CHEAP!!! Formerly Bordertown Apartments #40 Warren Street in Redvers Built in 1920 on 3 lots 162 ft. X 120 ft. 2513 Sq. Ft on each of the 2 stories plus basement

- Is a Self-starter - Confident - Able to meet deadlines - You have strong written and verbal communication skills - You are a team player - Friendly - Has computer proficiency - Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle If this job seems right for you, please email your resume along with any writing or photography samples you would like to share to:




CALL THE TOWN OF REDVERS 306-452-3533 OR SEND AN EMAIL: bonnie@townofredvers.ca



The Observer

Friday, April 30, 2021

2021 ROCKWOOD 2899KS.

If you enjoy entertaining, this couple’s Rockwood Ultra Lite fifth wheel offers plenty of space for that with a wet bar, a beverage refrigerator, thermopane windows, day/night roller shades,18 cf gas/electric fridge, 15,000 btu air conditioning, 2nd air conditioner with heat, LED bedroom tv, free standing table & chairs.


CARLYLE R.V. & LEISURE LTD • 306-453-6773 Check out this unit and many more at



Open and shut A recent post on Facebook caught my attention.   Although many folks are turned off by that page, I have appreciated recent attempts to counteract all the depressing news associated with COVID. So, following that introduction, here’s what made me pause and smile.  A sign, advertising a mechanical garage, read: “When one door closes, another opens…” Oh so true, I said to myself, but before I could get too philosophical, I finished reading. Here’s where the grin slid on my face: “Otherwise, it’s a good car.”  But before I go any further, I want to express my deep appreciation for officials who are doing their best to deal with this horrid pandemic. Lately there are more

Voted “Saskatchewan’s Best Place To Buy An R.V.”

Red Cross urges preparedness

Linda Wegner Words of Worth closed doors than open ones where I live. A few examples include restaurants permitting only take-out or patio dining; shopping limited to purchasing essential goods only; inviting friends and neighbours outside our “bubble” has been curtailed; and, effective immediately, reasons for ferry travel must be stated and limited to essential factors.   There are so many closed doors right now,

finding the open doors isn’t that easy. Personally, my world has shrunk to include trips to the drug store, one grocery store and picking up my morning tea at a local drive-through. But what about those open doors? As I think back to decades-ago calamities, how grateful I am for Zoom church. Not what I’d chose, but it’s an open door. Telephone calls to friends I’ve not seen or talked to for years suddenly become important as are those chats across the streets with wonderful neighbours.  Life isn’t what it was or what we currently wish for, but He is faithful.   “These are the words of the Holy One, the True One, He who opens and no one will [be able to] shut, and He who shuts and no one opens.” 

Borderland Co-op

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of the potential for wildfires, floods or tornados, so Emergency Preparedness Week, which runs May 2-8, is the perfect time to get ready. “Disasters often strike with little warning,” said Georgiana Matharu, Canadian Red Cross emergency management operations manager in Saskatchewan. “You may need to evacuate quickly and having an emergency kit on hand and ready to go can help you navigate the first 72 hours with a little peace of mind.” Having a basic kit is good but personalizing it and updating it for COVID-19 protection is even better. The essentials for a kit include non-perishable food, cash, a first aid kit, keys, medica-

Hometown Co-op

1 Co-op number | 8 Communities | 19 Different locations

Our strong and rooted Co-op principles will always remain the foundation of our Co-ops, and our commitment to communities will only be strengthened as a result of this partnership. Remaining Locally Invested with a strong Community-Minded approach will only serve to better support Lifetime Membership Benefits for all current and future Members.

Please email any questions that you have to info@borderland.crs. In lieu of having an in person town hall meetings we are going to gather all questions and release a video addressing them in detail.

For more information visit


tion, a change of clothes, water, and important documents, such as home insurance information. Beyond these items, you should “personalize your kit to your specific needs,” says Matharu. “If you have children, include games to keep them occupied. Pack pet food if you have animals in the house. Keep an extra set of eyeglasses

handy, and don’t forget chargers for electronic equipment.” Tailoring an emergency kit to your specific needs can make all the difference in a time of crisis. During the pandemic, it’s also important to update your emergency kit to include items to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.


ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you have a unique perspective, and sometimes you appear uninterested in the opinions of others. But this week it is best to be humble and accept other thoughts. TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, you routinely put caring for others ahead of caring for yourself. This compassion is commendable, but you can’t offer help if you aren’t in top form. GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, let others bring up issues with you rather than prying. You willingness to lend an ear is well-known, and others will come to you on their own. CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 It may be tempting to slack off when supervisors are not looking, Cancer. However, a lack of discipline now may have a trickledown effect in the future. Stay focused. LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 You may not be sure if you should pursue an opportunity that is before you, Leo. Consider your skills and talents and be honest with what you are capable of accomplishing. VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, even though it can be risky to express your true feelings, especially when you go against popular opinion, don’t shy away from being true to yourself. LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 Your head is pushing you in a practical direction, Libra. Yet your heart wants you to go a different way. Try to find a balance between both scenarios. SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, others are ready and willing to offer advice if they sense you need it. While you can be open to suggestions, don’t follow others’ dreams if they aren’t your own. SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21 You may be conflicted about telling someone you need a little personal space, Sagittarius. But it’s not good to suffer through situations that make you unhappy. CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, even though you cannot please everyone, you can do what is necessary to make yourself happy. Make this your primary goal this week. AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, people may misunderstand your intentions when you start a new project. You don’t have to please everyone right now. The end result will be met with positive responses. PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 Moving on from an emotional situation can be taxing, Pisces. But it may be necessary right now and could make you stronger in the long run.

Profile for Carlyle Observer

The Observer April 30, 2021  

The Observer April 30, 2021  


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