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EDITION 25 Feb - Dec 2017

Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)


Landscape Trends 2018 story

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EDITION 25 Feb-Dec 2017

Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)

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LAMAN PKNS A new design movement is now emerging which seamlessly connects ground levels to rooftop gardens, and provides continuous green spaces for public enjoyment. Photo by: LAr. Charles Teo

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Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards Gala Night 2018 Editorial & President’s Speech

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Landscape Architecture Trends 2018

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ISOFU-Brand New Styles

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PNZ International - Al Fresco, anyone?


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Salam Sejahtera and happy new year 2018 to all our readers, from the Bulletin Landscape editorial table. The past year, 2017, was an exciting year for ILAM as we had many programmes organised by our chapters, and collaborations with various agencies. We will share more of those stories throughout this issue. In 2017, among our key programmes were the SPARK 2017-International Landscape Architecture Dialogue, Penang Eco Excursion, ILAM-Khazanah Nasional Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition, ILAM-MGBC CPD Series - Urban Farming in Community Planning, and many others. These activities have opened up opportunities for ILAM to engage with more people in the industry and enabled us to work hand in hand with public and private sectors. As the opening to the year 2018, we organised the Taiping and Kuala Sepetang Heritage Excursion in January, followed by public space activation activities for the World Urban Forum, WUF9. We will be continuing to bring you more exciting programmes for 2018. Amongst them, in the pipeline, is our 10th anniversary of the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards MLAA Gala Night 2018.

Designed by

ILAM Northern Chapter ILAM Southern Chapter MLAA 2017 Participants ISOFU PNZ International

Celebrating A New Year of Excitement


ILAM Media Engagement & Timeline IFLA WORLD CONGRESS 2018 EVENT CALENDAR 2018

This issue, we will focus on highlighting the trend of landscape architectural design as observed from the latest award submissions of the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA). This will set the outlook for the design trends that shape our industry in the years to come. As we step into a decade of landscape industry excellence, we celebrate the best of the best in landscape industry with our annual awards gala night in a grand celebration. We hope you will join us, this April, to celebrate excellence in Malaysia Landscape Architecture profession, at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 21 April, 2018. Lastly, please follow us on Facebook and our newly established Instagram (IG) account: ‘ILAMALAYSIA’. Thank you.

Assoc. Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir President/Chief Editor Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)




Landscape Architecture

Trends 2018 of Landscape Architecture Industry Excellence 2007-2017

Landscape architectural design is an ever-changing practice which suits current social needs, responds to surroundings, and shapes the lifestyle we live today. Each year, the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA) observes the design trends that influence our current landscape spaces. Below are the top 10 picks.

01 PRODUCTIIVE LANDSCAPE Productive landscape is a design concept integrating food production into the design of urban open spaces or living environments which serve to connect and educate the public about plants which are edible, yet aesthetic and functional, for landscape purposes.


02 Biophilic Design Biophilia is defined as the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature. Biophilic design, an extension of biophilia, incorporates natural materials, natural light, vegetation, views of nature, and other experiences of the natural world, into the modern built environment.



03 Forest Wilderness In our towns and cities, nature has been reduced, due to rapid urbanisation, yet there is a way to inject a little piece of nature - with overgrown plants, less managed landscape, and incorporating a more unkempt look, a forest-like design, and all sandwiched within tightly-knit urban spaces.


04 Outdoor Room Today, there is an increased usage of outdoor spaces in the garden, and purposefully landscaped spaces for leisure, socialising and relaxation. Outdoor rooms or a confined landscape space can double-up as activity spaces, and also intimate, and quiet spaces, within innovative landscape designs.


05 Intercity Green Networks A green network for recreational purposes, such as jogging or cycling pathways, has become a trend in cities, which is now expanding beyond city limits, connecting with suburban areas, thus creating a new way of commuting and reducing one’s own carbon footprint.


06 Raw & Seasoned Active landscape spaces often incorporate raw and unpolished materials that season over time, which creates a timeless feel. More and more landscape designs are using untreated bricks, flooring, walls, and other items, such as unpolished concrete within buildings and hardscape treatments, to bring a touch of modernity, and lower maintenance costs to the design. HELP UNIVERSITY, SUBANG




07 Frame of Surprises Walls and doorways often frame elements of surprise in landscape design. This design trend has been revived recently through the use of layers of walls, separating outdoor spaces, and leading to small, private and cozy enclaves. Each turn in such a design is a change of view, with an element of surprise to offer for visitors.


08 Organic & Irregular Oval, curved, and irregular lines and shapes have taken centre-stage as they create a less formal feel to a landscape design, while adding a little futuristic touch at the same time.


09 Bold & Beautiful Bold colours, with high contrasting effects, stand up amidst a lush, green backdrop. Designs with dots of contrasting colours are often used for garden elements, design features and motifs, which quickly catch the eye.


10 Ground to the Sky A new design movement is now emerging which seamlessly connects ground levels to rooftop gardens, and provides continuous green spaces for public enjoyment. This can be achieved via a ramp which leads to green, open spaces on a rooftop, or connected via a meandering pathway, or an undulating section, shaded with trees, and cooled by flowing streams and water courses.





Kebun-Kebun Bangsar


Bukit Pantai Bangsar

A Sunday morning was well spent by nearly 50 ILAM members and families, who volunteered for the Kebun-Kebun Bangsar project. The programme started with a briefing about the background of the project by Seksan, followed by the planting of 300 purple flowering herbaceous plants, Ruellia simplex, along the slopes. The participants also learned composting techniques from the experts, as part of the enjoyable activities.


Urban Heritage Walk


Laman Tun Perak River of Life Medan Pasar

Another family orientated activity, organised by ILAM, focused on the urban heritage and river revitalisation project. 50 participants and family members gathered at the countdown clock at Dataran Merdeka for a briefing by Joanne Mun, from ThinkCity, about the Laman Tun Perak pocket park project. After the visit to the park, participants strolled along the River of Life project and were briefed by LAr. Phuan Ying Zee and LAr. Syamim Azahari from AECOM Malaysia, about the river revitalisation project for the Klang and Gombak Rivers. A stop was made at Masjid Jamek, to learn about the mosque restoration, before continuing to Medan Pasar and Lorong Bandar 13, to visit the ThinkCity urban intervention project.

Stay Tuned 22 April 2017





ILAM Northern Chapter

Penang Eco Excursion


Penang Hill Teluk Bahang Balik Pulau

ILAM Northern Chapter once again organised a Penang excursion, which sold out within 2 days. The programme saw the participation of around 50 participants, and stretched across 3 days, with fun learning activities and games.

Learning from the Forest

The event started with a visit to The Habitat, Penang Hill, where participants were briefed by the landscape designer, Frederick Walker, and hosted and sponsored by LaFarge Malaysia. The highlight of the visit was a walk on the Curtis Crest to experience the panoramic view of Penang Island, from the top of Penang Hill.

Curtis Crest at the Habitat Penang Hill

The Art & Garden


The Insect World

The second day covered eco-tourism attractions at Entopia, to learn about the design of the insect-themed attractions, whilst the group was briefed by ILAM Member, LAr. Tee Lit Huey. The participants also stood a chance to release the new born butterflies and gathered for group activities. This programme was followed with a visit to the Art and Garden, which showcases art work by famous artists, all within a garden setting.

Learning about the insect at Entopia

A briefing by LAr. Tee Lit Huey

The Rural Side of Penang

The last day of the visit was spent at the Audi Farm, located at Balik Pulau. This Eco-themed organic and petting farm is designed to expose the visitors to a rural life in a convivial setting, with various activities such as animal feeding, tropical fruit tasting, and cycling around the local area of Balik Pulau. The programme ended with lunch at the famous Laksa Pokok Gajus, in Pulau Betong district.

Sketching the longest landscape canvas

Audi Farm Balik Pulau




ISOFU 2018

Brand New Styles ISOFU is rolling out a brand new 2018 collection, featuring new wicker styles and colours. The ergonomically made modular sofas gives more options for various formations to fit into any space irrelevant indoor or outdoor. This exclusive collection showcases multi usage designs with intricate styles of weaving. Visit our showroom at Gurney Plaza in Penang, or Publika in Kuala Lumpur, to see it or feel it!

MUSES MUSES dining set is the adorable one LING in the collection. It has been beautifully put together with different wicker colours.



MOORE Mix, match and arrange the modular shapes to your desired layout. This is the interesting touch of MAXWELL, MOORE AND CASABLANCA.






A3-UG1-03, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. T 03-6207 9823 F 03-6207 9821 E isofusolaris@gmail.com

Penang Showroom

170-04-67/68/71, 4th Floor, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang. T 04-229 6823 F 04-228 6823 E isofupg@gmail.com




Taman Tugu Kuala Lumpur

Greenovation Design Competition

04 .09. 2017 - 29.03.2018

Kuala Lumpur

Khazanah Nasional Berhad, in collaboration with the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM), organised the Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition. This event was open to all Malaysians, with the challenge being to design innovative benches or gazebos that will be built within the 27 hectare Taman Tugu area, in Kuala Lumpur. These will serve as iconic features of the truly astounding place, with an environment second to none. This competition was conducted in three phases: shortlisting selection by a panel of judges, public voting on site, and online, via facebook, followed by the final presentations. Top 10 winning benches and gazebo designs were chosen for the final presentation, which is scheduled for 29 March 2018.

Shortlisting Session on 31 October 2017

Top 10 finalists briefing sesison 7 Deccember 2018

The top 3 best designs of each category: gazebo and bench, will be constructed within the park for the public to use. The competition witnessed a total of 202 entries (Bench - 112, Gazebo - 90) from professional entrants, as well as students from higher learning institutions across the country. Public voting at Publika on 12-14 January



Urban Farming In Community Planning

27-28 .09. 2017

Vivatel KL Kundang Estate

ILAM, in collaboration with the Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), once again organised the yearly CPD series, with a focus on urban farming. The 2-day seminar was attended by more than 100 participants from various professional bodies. The first day of the programme focused on the design and planning of urban farming from community to high-rise buildings. In-depth knowledge was shared by the speakers on types of plants or produce which can be planted, as well as available urban farming technology. The second day was a site visit to Kundang Estate, hosted by Gamuda Land. The half day visit started with a briefing by Gamuda Land and a visit to the urban farm. Attendees were able to “pluck and taste� while posing questions and queries with the experts. The event wrapped up at Gamuda Gardens Sales Gallery, with talks by Gamuda Land and Eat, Shoots & Roots.

Seminar on the first day was held at Vivatel KL

A visit to Kundang Estates, hosted by Gamuda Land

Group photo at Gamuda Gardens Sales Gallery





International Landscape Architecture Dialogue

SPARK 2017

25-26 .10. 2017

PAM Centre Bangsar

Celebrating KL Design Month

A diverse group of individuals from the built environment profession came together for the two day inaugural SPARK - International Landscape Architecture Dialogue 2017, organised by ILAM, in conjunction with Kuala Lumpur Design Month 2017.

Featuring the best of Landscape Architectural Design

Themed: “Creating Spaces, Connecting People”, the dialogue was divided into 4 blocks, including “Connecting or Dividing”, “Design at Heart”, “Place-making” and “Solutions for Tomorrow” with some of the best speakers in the field, ranging from H.E. Karin Mössenlechner, Ambassador from The Dutch Embassy Kuala Lumpur, to Pisit Aongskultong from Thailand, and Stephen Caffyn from Singapore, as well as local icons such as Khairiah Mohd Talha, Joe Sidek, Joanne Mun, Norliza Hashim, LAr. Phuan Ying Zee, and LAr. Lee Wern Ching.

SPARK 2017 was held at PAM Centre with full house participation

Panelists from the “Connecting or Dividing” panel session

Presentation of souvenir to the keynote speaker, H.E. Karin Mössenlechner, Ambassador from The Dutch Embassy KL

Origami hands on activities

Hispter Walk - a visit to APW Bangsar


A ground photo session to close SPARK 2017

The two-day event was attended by more than 200 landscape architects, architects, urban planners, students, academicians and members of private organisations. The delegates not only shared local fare with renowned international speakers during meal times, but also participated in hands-on activities such as origami making, group workshops, and song and dance performances. The highlight of SPARK was the “Hipster Walk”, designed to bring delegates to hipster, re-adaptive and re-used spaces around Bangsar, such as APW, Sekeping Tenggiri, Uppercase, PAM and Plant Cartridge.

A workshop on solutions for tomorrow

Panelists from the “Placemaking” panel session

ILAM Allstar come together as SPARK’s volunteers




outdoor furniture outdoor furniture

fresco, AlAlfresco, anyone? anyone?

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outdoor furniture outdoor furniture


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Catalogue 2017 Catalogue Call to2017 request a copy

Call to request a copy or or Download online Download online


18 18



Interview on Women’s Achievements in Landscape Architecture Date: 1 March 2017 Venue: ILAM at ALAMi


Harian Metro Interview 7 March 2017 Galeri Serdang, UPM

Astro Awani Interview

21 March 2017 UNIV360, Serdang

An interview was conducted by Harian Metro with ILAM President, Assoc. Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, about the importance of balancing development and green spaces to ensure a quality living environment for the nation. To achieve this, landscape architects play a vital role.

A news interview was conducted by Astro Awani with ILAM council member, LAr. Sabarudin Buang, who shared the important of landscaping in both big and small scale developments, while LAr. Khoo Eng Kee talked about the success of UNIV360 to incorporate massive green spaces and elements in a small starter home and creating landscape as a living system for humans, plants and wildlife.

Bernama TV The Nation Interview

Building & Investment Magazine Interview

1M4U Radio Interview

An hour of live interviews on the topic of “Landscape Architecture That Cares”, focused on the role landscape architects play in creating spaces for people to use and how our designs shape the lifestyle of the locale. Thanks to LAr. Dr. Nurhayati Abdul Malek for representing ILAM.

An interview was conducted about how landscape planning and design can add value to each property development. The interview was conducted with ILAM President, Assoc. Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir.

A live interview was held with ILAM Young Landscape Architect recipient, LAr. Teng Pe Yang. The interview targeted the youth listeners to provide them with an insight into our role and how landscape architecture might be their choice of profession.

Malaysian SME Interview

Star Metro Interview

Star Property Interview

An interview was conducted by Malaysian SME with ILAM President, Assoc. Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, about green initiatives in new developments, and how they benefit the community and improve economic returns.

An interview was conducted by reporter, Jade, from the Star Metro desk, about the role and contribution of Landscape Architects as game changers in the landscape industry, and how they will shape the future of outdoor living.

An interview, conducted by Star Property, aimed to gain insight into the approach of the Landscape Architecture Agenda LAA2050, for the publication in the Star Property-MLAA Special supplement on 28 April 2017.

An interview was conducted by NST to highlight the involvement of women in the landscape architectural field. Among landscape architects highlighted were ILAM Fellow, LAr. Nurulhuda Hayati Ibrahim, and ILAM Young Landscape Architect 2016, LAr. Siti Maisarah Salahudin.

30 March 2017 Wisma Bernama

4 April 2017 Faculty of Design & Architecture, UPM

31 March 2017 Faculty of Design & Architecture, UPM

6 April 2017 Faculty of Design & Architecture, UPM

4 April 2017 1M4U Puchong

10 April 2017 Faculty of Design & Architecture, UPM



RTM2-What Say You 16 April 2017 Angkasapuri

A live interview, conducted in mandarin medium aims to discuss general issues and topics about landscape architecture contribution towards uplifting quality living environments. Two ILAM Corporate Members, LAr. Ho Peng Ming and LAr. Lee Choong Hong are the guests for this programme.


Bernama Today Interview 20 April 2017 Wisma Bernama

Bernama TV aired a concise, 15 min interview, with LAr. Dr Nor Atiah Ismail, about the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA), and related publications.

RTM Dialogue 7 June 2017 RTM

ILAM Vice President, LAr. Dr. Suhardi Maulan, was invited to talk about the challenges faced by landscape architects on the global scale, and to the fact that landscape architects play a vital role in striking a balance between development and quality, green, living environments.




KAIAL 2017

MGBC Luncheon

LAr. Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail represented ILAM at the LADS Talk, which is a platform for students to voice their ideas. The programme was organised by Fakulti Architecture, Planning and Survey, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perak Branch.

A total of 133 candidates sat for the 2 day professional course in preparation for the ILAM Professional Examination (KAIAL), 18-19 March 2017, at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). This is the highest number of candidates so far for this programme.

A networking lunch was hosted by Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC) to gather all the professional bodies who collaborate with MGBC for CPD series. The luncheon also served to celebrate Chinese New Year and to provide a platform for all associations to meet and greet.

CPD Catch Up Seminar

ILAM Southern Chapter UTM Alumni Workshop Series

main objective of this workshop was to share landscape project input to all final year landscape students.

9 February 2017 Universiti Teknologi MARA, Seri Iskandar

25 February 2017 Faculty of Design & Architecture, UPM LAr. Hashim Gombri shared his valuable experience with fellow practitioners during a 3 hour CPD Catch-Up Seminar, which was attended by 60 participants. He touched on Ecohydrology for constructed ecosystems in urban areas, and issues about urban trees and soil.

18-19 February 2017 Faculty of Design & Architecture, UPM

27 February 2017 Faculty of Built Environment, UTM

The Department of Landscape Architecture, from the Faculty of Built Environment, UTM, Skudai, held its monthly workshop, entitled: ‘Landscape UTM Alumni Workshop Series 2017’. The

21 February 2017 Amber, Nexus Bangsar South

LAr. Lee Wooi Keat, an Alumni of Landscape UTM, from CPG Consultants Ptd. Ltd., Singapore, was invited to give a short talk on ‘Place Making: Meaning of Space’ and shared his experiences with the Riversound Residence and Boon Lay Field projects in Singapore.

19 19

20 20


MARCH 2017


Landscape Architecture Agenda (LAA2050) Workshop

ILAM Sarawak Chapter Technical Visit to UCSI Hotel

The first workshop of Landscape Architecture Agenda LAA2050 was held for ILAM council members to share the initial concept for the professional direction over the next 30 years. The end of the session witnessed the birth of Landscape Architecture Agenda 2050 (LAA2050), which is a 30 year agenda, comprising our vision, and 10 Strategic Focus Areas (SFA) required to drive the landscape architecture profession forwards. The initiative framework is in a developmental process until 2020, when it will be implemented in full force, leading to 2050.

A casual study trip was organised by ILAM Sarawak Chapter to visit the newly completed USCI Hotel project to pinpoint various elements of landscape architectural design, as part of a Chapter enrichment programme. The visit was attended by 12 participants and lead by LAr. Catherine Lau.

2 March 2017 Concorde Shah Alam

ILAM Southern Chapter Landscape UTM Alumni Workshop Series 12 March 2017 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

This year, the second Landscape UTM Alumni Workshop Series, entitled “From Form to Concept”, was patronised by 9 practising Landscape Architects who are also UTM alumni. The workshop was attended not only by final year landscape architecture students, but also juniors. The workshop began with a design critique session of the final year students’ projects, followed by an open lecture delivered by UTM Alumni, LAr. Alfred Lee Fei Chong, and Mr Ng Sze Oun, both of whom shared their knowledge of creating a landscape plan using form composition, or art, as a beginning concept.

11 March 2017 Isthmus, Kuching, Sarawak.

ILAM Professional Examination 2017

18-19 March 2017 Universiti Teknologi MARA, (UiTM) A month after the KAIAL Professional Courses, the annual ILAM Professional Examination was held in Universiti Teknologi MARA, (UiTM) for two days, to certify the next batch of professional Landscape Architects. This year, there were a breakthrough of 100 candidates sitting for professional examinations.

International Landscape Architecture Dialogue 2017 30 March 2017 Publika

A special organising committee was set up with the collaboration of ILAM, Platinum PR and My Performing Arts to organise the first ILAM International Landscape Architecture Dialogue 2017, which is to be held on 25-26 October 2017, in conjunction with KUL Design Month 2017. The dialogue will witness prominent speakers presenting and sharing their new ideas and approaches to landscape architectural design.


APRIL 2017


ILAM Southern Chapter Sri Lanka Heritage Tour

National Landscape Day Celebration 2017

ILAM CPD Series The Secret Garden

ILAM Southern Chapter once again organised a memorable landscape architectural tour, this time to Sri Lanka, to explore the cultural landscape and projects designed by Geoffrey Bawa. This tour was attended by 12 participants and among the places visited were Geoffrey Bawa’s town house, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sigiriya Rock Plateau and Hakgala Botanical Garden.

This year, the National Landscape Department once again organised the annual National Landscape Day celebration in the northern Malaysian town of Taiping. This public event was held at Taman Tasik Kamunting, with various garden activities. ILAM set up an exhibition booth to educate the public about the landscape architecture profession.

On top of One Utama, there is an oasis with abundant, lush plants. The successful story behind this is Dr. Francis Ng, the resident Botanical Consultant to the Secret Garden. The visit was attended by 40 ILAM members. Dr. Francis Ng, explained the usage of a good planting medium, such as Biochar, which contributes to the healthy growth of the rooftop gardens.

Taman Pudu Ulu Phase 2 Launching

MLAA Media Roundtable

Malaysia Good Design Mark Awards

The launch of the new edition of green spaces in Kuala Lumpur, Taman Pudu Ulu Phase 2, was conducted by the Minister of Federal Territories, YB Datuk Seri Utama Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, and was attended by ILAM council member, LAr. Meor Saadon Sofian Mior Razali, alongside fellow members, Dato’ LAr. Ismail Ngah, and LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Mohd Taib.

A special press conference was organised by ILAM and Platinum PR about the then-upcoming Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards MLAA Gala Night 2017. The press session was attended by more than 10 local media outlets. During the session, the ILAM President revealed the type of awards and gave a glimpse of current landscape development issues and our solution for the future; LAA2050.

Malaysia Good Design Mark is the highest design recognition from the Malaysian Government, through MRM, which endorses products that bear quality in design manufacturing. By having the recognition, it provides good reputation for the company in both trust and assurance in business, besides building product confidence among consumers over the long term. The ILAM President attended the awards ceremony.

2-6 April 2017 Sri Lanka

10 April 2017 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

2 April 2017 Taman Tasik Kamunting, Taiping, Perak

11 April 2017 The Stripes Kuala Lumpur

9th Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards MLAA 2017 22 April 2017 Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The 9 th edition of the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards celebrated achievements in the landscape architectural industry, with awards ranging from Professional Categories to Media Awards. This year, the black tie event was attended by more than 700 guests, with the Guestof-honour being Dato’ Dr Tam Weng Wah (Deputy Secretary General – Policy and Development, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, KPKT). The award

gala night also witnessed Univ360 walk away with the ‘Project of the Year 2016’ title.

4 April 2017 One Utama Shopping Complex

18 April 2017 Kuala Lumpur

21 21



MAY 2017


Occupational Framework for Landscape Industry Committee Meeting 11 May 2017 Kuala Lumpur

To further fine tune the Occupational Framework for Landscape Industry document, the ILAM President met with the Department of Skills Development in the Ministry of Human Resources.

PAM Annual Dinner 2017

MIP Young People Lab 2017

The annual Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) gala dinner and awards witnessed the recognition for the best achievement in the field of architecture. This year, the event was attended by Dato’ LAr. Ismail Ngah, who is the President of BIM and ILAM fellow member.

A collaborative planning meeting was held between various professional bodies, such as MIP, ILAM, PAM, IEM, and REHDA. Their goal was to discuss the programme for an upcoming event, which is aimed at budding, young professionals. The meeting for the event, to be held on 8 August 2017, saw representation by ILAM in the guise of LAr. Sharipah Mohamed, and LAr. Siti Maisarah Salahudin.

12 May 2017 JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

ILAM Southern Chapter 2nd Professional Discourse Series 2017 15 and 21 May 2017 Johor

The ILAM Southern Chapter organised a two day professional discourse series. This event was aimed at providing a platform for developing expertise through sharing experience and knowledge from professional practising landscape architects and to foster a relationship between the practitioners and programme participants. The first session, on 15 May, participants visited various projects in Johor Bahru, namely, Senibong Cove and Anjung Medini, while the second session, on 21 May, brought the group to IOI Kempas, Taman Bandar, and Laman X-treme Pasir Gudang.

18 May 2017 MIP Office

BIM–Rare Fruits of Our Heritage Tree Planting Programme 21 May 2017 Selandar, Jasin, Melaka

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), the Melaka Landscape Department, and ILAM, organised a tree planting project. The designated two hectare land was planted with rare, edible fruits, in order to establish a park which serves as a germplasm repository, as well as an educational reference for future generations.


JUNE 2017


Focus Group Meeting on Dealing with Construction Permits

Taman Tugu Kuala Lumpur Master Plan Review

A special meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Housing, Local Government and Urban Wellbeing (KPKT), about dealing with a construction permit. Among the topics covered were the application for planning permits via the OSC Counter DBKL, qualified personnel, and non-conformance matters. ILAM was among the organsations which contributed greatly to this focus group.

Several ILAM corporate members and council members were invited by Khazanah Nasional to provide valuable feedback on the Taman Tugu Master Plan. The team took two days to look at each aspect of the master plan and subsequently provide professional feedback to the project team. Joint attendees included architects, landscape architects, and the project team from Khazanah Nasional.

The Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Awards (MCIEA), which is hosted by CIDB Malaysia, is the premier accolade for all-round excellence in this field and an effort to recognise the players’ achievements in the construction industry in Malaysia. The assessment of the award began with Cyberjaya Mosque, SPR Building, and Sunway Velocity, to name a few. On the panel were members from CIDB, SIRIM, IEM, UIAM, with ILAM proudly presented by LAr. Noriah Mat.

Appointment of ILAM President as Council Member in Malaysia Design Council (MRM)

Reka Negaraku Open Forum

ILAM AGM 2016/2017

2 June 2017 KPKT, Putrajaya

15 June 2017 MOSTI, Putrajaya

Congratulation to the ILAM President, Assoc Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, upon his appointment as one of the council members of the Malaysia Design Council, alongside other professional bodies, such as SIRIM. The first meeting was held at MOSTI, chaired by the Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI), YB Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Tangau.

6-7 June 2017 Khazanah Nasional, KLCC

16 June 2017 National Visual Arts Gallery Reka Negaraku is an open forum for participants to discuss and shape the future of Malaysian design. ILAM was invited as an event partner. The forum attracted a total of 148 attendees and achieved a feedback score rating from the audience of 4.9/5 out of 5. The organiser hopes that this Open Forum inspires stakeholders in the design industry, and serves as a kick start to conversations of co-creating, and the future of design in Malaysia.

MCIEA Awards Assessment 15 June to 13 July 2017 Various locations

17 June 2017 Fakulti Senibina, Perancangan dan Ukur, UiTM Shah Alam The annual ILAM AGM, held in June, with attendance by more than 100 members, ran smoothly. The ILAM Honorary Secretary presented a report of activities, alongside the financial report provided by the Honorary Treasurer. The AGM concluded with a certification ceremony for 28 new ILAM Corporate Members for 2017.




JULY 2017


SIRIM STS Collaboration with ILAM

Arboriculture Seminar 2017

Raya Open House with the Minister

A joint meeting was held at the ILAM office, between SIRIM STS Sdn. Bhd., and ILAM, as a collaborative effort, to discuss development of Industry Standards. Members from SIRIM included Azim Ng Abdullah, Managing Director, SIRIM STS Sdn. Bhd., the ILAM President, and other stakeholders.

Themed as the Planning and Management of Tree Amenities, the seminar was attended by professionals from various fields, including ILAM. During the seminar, ILAM President, Assoc Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, spoke about the need for landscape legislation and policy with clear emphasis on comprehensive management and maintenance for landscape, to ensure sustainability.

ILAM attended the Hari Raya Open House, hosted by the Minister of Housing, Local Government and Urban Wellbeing (KPKT), at the INTEKMA Resort, Shah Alam. Alongside the ILAM President, Assoc Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, were ILAM Fellow, Dato’ LAr. Ismail Ngah, and ILAM ex-officio, LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Mohd Taib.

Programme Recognition Visit to IIUM

Lighting Simulation and Design Courses by Lumz

Let’s Raya Together-gather

A series of small CPD classes were conducted by LUMZ, in collaboration with ILAM, to teach ILAM members about lighting design and simulation. The programme, best suited for small-group learning, incorporated hands-on Lighting Simulation Training, using Dialux software. The participants also learned about products and experienced Mesopic Lighting in a special dark room.

A Raya gathering was held at MAEPS Serdang for all ILAM members to celebrate Hari Raya in a very relaxing way. With the backdrop of a farm, the gathering was served festive food, buffet-style, and it was a happy event for ILAM members and their families in attendance.

6 July 2017 ILAM at ALAMi

20 July 2017 Kulliyah of Architecture and Environmental Design, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

A special ILAM education panel visited the Kulliyah of Architecture and Environmental Design, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), for the recognition of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) programme offered by the university. The team was briefed by IIUM about what the programme offered, and viewed a showcase of student works while interacting with faculty members.

10-12 July 2017 KSC Hotel & Resort, Johor Bahru

July to December 2017 Day Brite Industrial Manufacturing SB

16 July 2017 INTEKMA Shah Alam

29 July 2017 MAEPS Serdang




The Young People’s Lab 7 August 2017 KLTB, Jalan Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur

The Young People’s Lab (YPLAB2016), a 1 day workshop, was initiated as a peripheral event of the 8 th series of the ‘International Conference on World Class Sustainable Cities’ (WCSC) event, to focus on young professionals (under 40 years of age) from the built environment spectrum. The programme engages youths to bring their collective energy, creativity and vision to the table to analyse, discuss and generate ideas and solutions for selected urban enclaves. The programme was jointly organised by MIP, PAM and REHDA, in collaboration with professional bodies, such as ILAM, MIID, and IEM. ILAM Young Landscape Architects Winners, LAr. Siti Maisarah, and LAr. Teng Pe Yang were also involved in the programme.

ILAM CPD Series Farm Visit, Pluck and Pay 12 August 2017 Taman Wetlands, Putrajaya

Hosted by Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd., this family orientated CPD programme allowed ILAM members to experience farm life by visiting a farm, and harvesting rockmelons and red chilies. LAr. Haslinda Khalid, who is also the CEO of Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd, briefed the participants about the background of the farm, and its many activities.

Sarawak Chapter CPD Series Koi Pond Technical Visit: Let’s Gawai Raya + Graduate Members Meet-up 12 August 2017 Kuching, Sarawak

Organised by ILAM Sarawak Chapter, the CPD series brought 21 members to Water World Trading Co. Showroom, to inspect the on-site filtration system. The chapter members also took the opportunity to celebrate the traditional Sarawak festival of Gawai, alongside Hari Raya, with much merry-making and food. This event was also attended by new graduate members, to build connections with existing members.

Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF2017)

12 August 2017 Pekan Lama, Butterworth The annual Butterworth Fringe Festival is a showcase of arts and culture in conjunction with Penang’s George Town Festival. ILAM acted as the supporting partner of the SSSPP Photography Awards, jointly organised by Star Sanctuary, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai and ThinkCity. LAr. Charles Teo attended the opening ceremony and received a certificate from Penang’s Chief Minister.

Southern Chapter Professional Discourse 2017

Courtesy Call to Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP)

The well-acclaimed Southern Chapter Professional Discourse programme once again received overwhelming response from its 40 participants. This group visited various projects in Singapore, including NTU Pioneer and Crescent Hall, NTU NorthHill, along with a walk around NUS campus. The visit was jointly conducted by STX Landscape Architects, with briefings by LAr. Alfred Lee and LAr. Wan Shyrell.

A courtesy call, lead by ILAM Northern Chapter, was made to the newly appointed Mayor of MBPP, Datuk Maimunah Mohd Sharif. During the visit, ILAM offered expertise to MBPP for future collaborations. ILAM was ably represented by ILAM President, Assoc Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, ILAM Northern Chapter Chairman, LAr. Teng Pe Yang, and seven ILAM corporate members.

20 August 2017 Singapore

25 August 2018 KOMTAR Penang






Taman Tugu Tree Planting Activity 4 September 2017 Taman Tugu site

On 4 September 2017, the Prime Minister planted a Belian tree, at the Taman Tugu park site, to emphasise the Government’s continued commitment to heritage and environmental conservation for the benefit of future generations of Malaysians. The event was attended by ILAM and other stakeholders, who assisted the assembled school children to plant Merbau trees around the event site. During the event, the Prime Minister also announced the ILAM-Khazanah Nasional Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition.

Urban Environmental Accords Melaka Summit & Tree Planting 7-9 September 2017 Melaka

Urban Environmental Accords is an international collaborative organisation, working to develop the Urban Environmental Evaluation Index, together with UNEP, and apply it to cities, worldwide. This year, the summit was hosted by Melaka, with the topics focused on water management, sero waste, and renewable energy. One of the highlights of the event was the NBOS Exotic Fruit Trees Planting Programme at Taman Rekreasi Durian Daun, organised by Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah, and supported by ILAM.

7 October 2017 Kuala Lumpur

A group of 20 workshop participants, including ILAM Council Members, Chapter Members and also practising landscape architects, joined the 1-day workshop to formulate a new, professional examination module which is scheduled to be used for the 2019 Professional Courses and Examinations.

13-15 September 2017 KLCC Convention Centre

The inaugural Landscape Asia 2017 event was organised by EG Group, with the support of ILAM, and various partners, such as the Ministry of Housing, Local Government, and CIDB. The first show witnessed healthy participation from various landscape suppliers across Malaysia, and abroad. In conjunction with the trade show, a talk session was conducted in which ILAM delivered two talk topics.



Workshop on New Module for ILAM Professional Examination

Landscape Asia (LAX2017)

Working Group on Garden Nation Indeks 10 October 2017 KPKT Putrajaya

ILAM was among the groups invited by the National Landscape Department to attend a 1-day workshop to brainstorm and formulate an index for the Garden Nation project. ILAM President, Assoc Prof LAr. Dr Osman Mohd Tahir represented ILAM.

Preparation Workshop for Landscape Architecture Courses Accreditor-Series 1 15 October 2017 ILAM @ALAMi

The first edition of this workshop was conducted by ILAM President, Assoc Prof LAr. Dr Osman Mohd Tahir, and Chairman for Education and Professional Training, LAr. Mohd Nazri Saidon. A total of 7 participants attended this 1-day course. Among topics covered in the workshop were the accreditation process according to MQA, and the process of accreditation for the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Programme Accreditation Procedures and Standards.




Seminar on Kota Kinabalu A Clean, Green and Liveable City

23 October 2017 The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Kota Kinabalu In conjunction with National Environment Day celebrations, DBKK organised a seminar to create public awareness about cleanliness and to push the mission of the city hall to make Kota Kinabalu a clean, green, and liveable city. Among the panel of speakers sharing the topic of ‘Managing and Protecting Green Spaces for KK City’, were ILAM President, Assoc Prof LAr. Dr Osman Mohd Tahir, and ILAM Sabah Chapter Chairman, LAr. Eric Ye.

UTM LA Students at IFLA APR Student Design Charette 2017

29 October – 1 November 2017 Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Three landscape architecture students from the 3 rd year studio class, Muhamad Zulhelmy Azmi, Muhamad Taqiy Asshaari, and Sharifah Nurul Syafiqa Al-Yahya, took part in the Student Design Charette at the IFLA APR Congress, held in Bangkok, Thailand. Themed: ‘Blue, Green and Culture’, this event was patronised by well-known practicing Landscape Architects from Thailand and hosted by the Chulalongkorn University. The workshop brought together students to work on a design solution for Bangkachao, which acts as a green lung for the city.

Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition Shortlisting Process 31 October – 1 November 2017 Mercu UEM, KL Sentral

Khazanah Nasional Berhad, in collaboration with ILAM, organised the Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition. This competition sought the best design for gazebos and benches, which will be constructed in the park. The organiser received a total of 202 entries, and the first stage of shortlisting consisted of a panel of experts from ILAM, Khazanah Nasional, and the project architects. The final top 10 entries from each category will be competing for the grand prize on 29 March 2018.



IFLA Asia Pacific Congress and Council Meeting 2017

Star Property Awards -Jewel of Johor Judging Session

HRH Prince Charles Visits to Malaysia

The 2017 IFLA APR Congress provided an opportunity for regional professionals to meet and exchange experiences from their practice, under the topic of “Blue, Green, Culture“. The Congress consisted of a 2-day Speaker Series, with talks by renowned Landscape Architects, a Landscape Architecture Symposium, Technical and Culture Excursions, a Student Charette programme, and the IFLA APR Awards Night. Several ILAM members attended the congress and LAr. Dr Nor Atiah Ismail and Assoc Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir attended the IFLA APR Council Meeting.

ILAM Southern Chapter Chairman – LAr. Mohd Zai Kandar represented ILAM as a juror in the Star Property Awards Johor edition. The judging session sought to crown the best development in the southern region. The award ceremony was held on 24 November 2017.

It is in fact a life time experience for LAr. Syamim Azhari to be part of the Young People’s Lab (YPLab2017), and to present and meet HRH Prince Charles, during his visit to Kuala Lumpur. This close event of Sustainable Urbanisation Programme was hosted by the Malaysia Institute of Planners (MIP), in partnership with The Prince of Wales Foundation.

1-2 November 2017 Bangkok

2 November 2017 Johor Bahru

3 November 2017 Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur






ILAM-ThinkCity Collaboration 4 November 2017 ThinkCity, Mercu UEM

The first meeting was held, upon invitation from ThinkCity, to collaboratively discuss street improvement in Brickfields, as part of the World Urban Forum (WUF9). The Meeting was chaired by Thinkcity Programme Manager, Duncan Cave, and James Speirs.

USM – Master of Landscape Architecture Programme Recognition Visit

7 November 2017 The School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia A group involved with programme recognition, and lead by LAr. Nazri Saidon, headed to USM, Penang, to visit the School of Housing, Building and Planning, to discuss programme recognition matters. Hosted by USM, the itinerary included the specific briefing information, and a showcase of student design work.

SPARK Extension The Secret Gardens of One Utama

Shade Trees Management Plan Retreat

The participants of SPARK 2017 were invited to visit the secret gardens of One Utama, following the presentation about the gardens at the SPARK2017 event. The participants learned about the planting materials – Biochar, that is used for the garden, and were briefed by the resident botanical consultant, Dr Francis Ng, on the challenges of creating and maintaining rooftop gardens in Malaysia’s climate.

A two-day retreat and workshop was organised by the Department of Landscape Development and Recreation, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, to formulate a management plan for shade trees in the city. Amongst the topics under discussion were the challenges of maintaining shade trees in the city, landscaping and microclimate, and tree care regulations. LAr. Sabarudin Buang represented ILAM.

EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed Property Awards

ILAM Southern Chapter Community Talk

7 November 2018-03-08 One Utama

8 November 2017 The Edge Office, Mutiara Damansara

The EdgeProp is collaborating with ILAM to create The EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed Property Awards, with the objective to raise the bar of Malaysian property management practices, while benchmarking against the best-in-class property management global practices. ILAM is collaborating on the category of “Sustainable Landscape”. The awards are open to all professional landscape architecture firms.

6-8 November 2017 Seri Suasana Port Dickson

11 November 2017 Puteri Harbour, Kota Iskandar, Johor

A community talk about ‘Planning with the Community’ was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP), in conjunction with Hari Perancangan Bandar Sedunia & Hari Habitat Sedunia 2017. Puan Hajah Zarina Bte Abd Hamid, from Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah (MPJBT), and Dr Shamsaini binti Shamsuddin, Director of PLANMalaysia@Johor, lead the session. Realising that people are the main goal of planning, the participants emphasised reaching out to the community and meeting their needs to look at the bigger picture and develop an holistic plan. The programme was attended by LAr. Siti Rahmah Omar.




National Seminar on Children’s Playgrounds 14-15 November 2017 Putrajaya

A two-day seminar aimed to create awareness about national playground safety requirements, based on ‘Malaysian Standards’. ILAM President, Assoc Prof. LAr. Dr. Osman Mohd Tahir, spoke of the Requirements of Playground Standards for Planning, Design, Implementation and Management purposes.

Seminar & Workshop on Transformation of Landscape Architectural Services for Local Governments 22 November 2017 Johor Bahru

ILAM Southern Chapter, in collaboration with the National Landscape Department Johor and the Johor State Government, organised a workshop aimed at uplifting and transforming the landscape Architectural services among local governments in the state. The seminar was officiated by Johor Chief Minister, YAB Dato’ Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin. As part of the programme, ILAM also set up an exhibition booth to further promote the profession and the ILAM Southern Chapter’s activities.

Courtesy call to DBKL, Landscape Development & Recreation Department 15 November 2017 Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)

A courtesy call was made by ILAM to Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s Landscape Development & Recreation Department. In the meeting with the head of the department, Puan Jabarilah Ja’afar, ILAM offered our assistance to the city hall in every aspect of landscape planning. City hall was also looking to establish a close collaboration with ILAM for various future activities.

KUL Design 2017 Appreciation Night 15 November 2017 KLTB, Jalan Tangsi

As a gesture of appreciation by Kuala Lumpur City Hall for the successful organisation of the Kuala Lumpur Design Month, or KULDesign, in October 2017, the organising partners celebrated with a dinner and a performance, and were hosted by the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur at the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau (KLTB).

Pentago Landscape Open Firm Series 30 November 2017 Pentago House, Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur

Pentago Landscape, in collaboration with ILAM, organised a talk series about Artwork, Sculpture and Landscape Architecture. The outcome of the discourse was to encourage debate to obtain clearer guidelines that can benefit artists in their bid to express their creativity and enhance the image of Malaysia as supporter of new movements in art, within the region, and create a more equitable collaboration between art and landscape design.

Among the speakers were Wendy Khaw, Angela Hijjas, Abdul Multhalib, and an open-table discussion with a panel representing various professions such as LAr Nik Malik (Principal Malik Lip Associates), Drew Harris, (Internationally Renowned Artist), Nizam Abdullah (Local Renowned Sculptor), and LAr. Noriah Mat (ILAM).






Landscape Architecture Programme Recognition Visit to UiTM 7 December 2017 The Centre of Landscape Architecture Studies, UiTM

A group created for programme recognition, lead by LAr. Nazri Saidon, and LAr. Abd Aziz Othman, visited UiTM to discuss related matters. On the itinerary were programme briefings and an interaction session with UiTM lecturers and students.

Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition Top10 Briefing 7 December 2017 Mercu UEM, KL Sentral

One-to-one sessions were held at Mercu UEM, Khazanah Nasional Office, to brief the selected top 10 finalists on the next stage of design improvement, leading up to the final presentation of submissions, on 29 March 2018.

MLAA Open Day 2017

Collaboration Between ILAM and Standards Malaysia

The MLAA Open Day was a briefing and guiding session for those who wished to participate in the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA). This 3 hour briefing focused on preparation of quality submission for MLAA, and the Do’s and Don’ts when preparing the submission. It also allowed participants to browse through samples of outstanding submissions from previous years. This year’s open day was held in two sessions, due to overwhelming response.

A meeting was initiated between ILAM and Standards Malaysia to discuss possible collaboration on the matters of Malaysia Standards, Accreditation and Auditing Panel, to uplift the quality in landscape industry and its services.

9 December 2017 ILAM@ALAMi

27 December 2017 ILAM@ALAMi




ABOUT IFLA2018 WORLD CONGRESS Returning to Singapore for the second time, the 55th IFLA World Congress 2018 will be the largest and most significant event for landscape professionals in the world. Supported by 5 regions – Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, it sets the stage at the ‘City in a Garden’ for professionals, government bodies and academics to be part of the in-depth discourse on trends, challenges, and business opportunities on a global scale. IFLA World Congress 2018 is the key platform that champions landscape architecture as a major contributor to the development of attractive, liveable, equitable, and sustainable environments of the future through the themes of Biophilic City, Smart Nation, and Future Resilience. The Congress promises an enriching experience that will feature the most inclusive exhibition showcase involving landscaping solutions, innovations, and products in the Asia Pacific region. Participants can look forward to connecting with a comprehensive community including government bodies, business leaders, industry representatives, academics, and thought-leaders on conversations that surround potential strategic innovations to adapt to the changing environment.

ILAM MEMBER PRIVILEGES As a Supporting Association, Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia members will be eligible for a special congress early bird rate of SGD 580* (before GST) till 30 April 2018. *Use IFLA Delegation / Member (Early Bird) category for the registration Usual Price: SGD 800 (before GST) Register Here: https://www.gevme.com/ifla2018/ Event Website: http://www.ifla2018.com/









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Bulletin Landskap No 25  

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