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Malaysia’s Longest Landscaped Vertical Wall

Tropical Treasures in Bloom Royal Garden


ILAM Designer Gardens International Floral Art Enviro Art Published By: Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) KDN No : PQ/PP1505(16609) | ISSN : 2180-0944

With the Collaboration of Perbadanan Putrajaya



bulletin Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)

Bulletin Landskap Special Edition No 15

FLORIA PUTRAJAYA 2013 Published By: Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) Institut Arkitek Landskap Malaysia

Chief Editor

With the Collaboration of Perbadanan Putrajaya

LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Bin Mohd Taib



LAr. Charles Teo (centre) LAr. Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail (left) LAr. Sharon Lee Chee Wee (right)

The Institute of Landscape Architects (ILAM) would like to express its deepest gratitude to Perbadanan Putrajaya for their collaboration in making this publication a reality. Bulletin Landskap is a publication showcasing the latest developments in the landscape architecture field. We are excited to work with Perbadanan Putrajaya, for the first time, to feature and publish selected showcase gardens & floral art – to serve as documentation and publicity materials for future FLORIA Putrajaya events. We hope this publication will be an excellent reference point for garden designs and floral showcases, thus, providing a starting point for more collaboration between ILAM and Perbadanan Putrajaya in the effort to promote the importance of landscapes and gardens to the city.

Editorial Board

Thank you

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Corporate Com. & Promotion Division Chief Editor LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Mohd Taib Editorial Board Members LAr. Charles Teo, LAr. Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail & LAr. Sharon Lee Chee Wee Copywriters LAr. Charles Teo & Timothy De Hoog

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LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Mohd Taib Chief Editor, Landskap Bulletin President, Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)

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FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 Secretariat Chairman of Organising Committee Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Aseh Hj. Che Mat


The Editorial

President, Perbadanan Putrajaya


Foreword President, Perbadanan Putrajaya

Deputy Chairman of Organising Committee Mohamad A. Shukor


FLORIA Putrajaya 2013

06 10

Organiser Showcase


Government Showcase


Corporate Showcase


Grower Showcase

28 30

University Showcase


Designer Highlight


Enviro Art

Vice President, Parks & Landscape, Perbadanan Putrajaya

Front Cover Beautiful orchid pavilion by MARDITECH Corporation Sdn. Bhd. amidst tropical garden backdrop.

Special Thanks Perbadanan Putrajaya Ministry of Federal Territories Ministry of Tourism and Culture

Secretary & Coordinators Haslinda Khalid Baharuddin Aziz Noriah Mat Zolkaplie Mustafa Mohd Tajuddin Idris Mustafa Kamal Ismail Aida Farisa Ebrahim Nur Nisha Mohd Idrus Ariff Yunus Sashikala G.R. Nathan Abd. Aziz Buang Jamalludin Budin Haris Embong All staff & personnel involved in FLORIA Putrajaya ‘13 Ministry of Federal Territories Ministry of Tourism and Culture

Designer Showcase

Floral Art Showcase





celebration of blooms

Salam 1 Malaysia and warm greetings to all readers of the Bulletin Landskap. This special FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 edition is published by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) with the collaboration of Perbadanan Putrajaya, specifically to highlight and document the best of the FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 exhibits, from designer gardens to creative floral art displays. FLORIA Putrajaya, also known as Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival, is the hallmark event of Putrajaya - this being our 6th edition with a record of 865,971 visitors generating a revenue of about RM 2 million in sales. Involved in this annual festival are various government sectors, multi-million dollar corporations, landscape architects, florists, growers, associations, artists, traders, students of all levels – from primary to tertiary, and our local communities and nature lovers. Putrajaya is renowned as both a ‘Garden City’ and ‘Intelligent City’ and its parks and gardens are very close to our hearts. Hence, this festival aims to cultivate the love and care of our environment and spread this knowledge to the general public in a fun and colourful way. At FLORIA Putrajaya, visitors see not only the numerous varieties of orchids in bloom, but also are likely to get inspired by world-class florists making use of every part of the orchid. Also not to be missed, visitors learn about wild orchid species, and the variety of ways that we can use them. FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 serves to bring to realisation the Government’s aspirations in making Putrajaya a garden city and a pioneer green city in all aspects of planning, management and development. Putrajaya will always strive to give its best in the years to come. I hope this publication will help all of you to appreciate, in more depth, the designs of the selected displays, and also serve as a future reference. Once again, I would like to express my appreciation to the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) for an excellent publication, capturing our celebration of blooms in Putrajaya. Thank you

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Aseh Hj. Che Mat President, Perbadanan Putrajaya






during FLORIA


exhibited here

of orchids




Species Garden Showcase Floral Pavilion

FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 TROPICAL TREASURES IN BLOOM FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 is a hallmark event of Putrajaya happening annually at Malaysia’s Administrative Capital of Putrajaya. This year, the festival has attracted 865,971 visitors, with a splash of colourful display of blooms, showcase gardens, fun filled activities, talks and product demonstrations, lighting displays and the “Magic of the Night” floats – all promising endless excitement and rewarding learning opportunities.


Tourism Malaysia “Magic of the Night” Grower Showcase

This year, a total of 23 participants from 18 countries, including Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, all showcase their creativity by displaying their creations with orchids, via indoor and outdoor garden displays. Designer gardens were created by landscape architects from the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM), while showcase gardens were offered by government and private agencies, associations, and education institutions.


A SPLASH OF GREAT IDEAS FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 highlighted the great achievements in the garden showcases, among those were the Royal Garden, the Innovative Garden, the Tea Party Garden, the Designer’s Garden, the Longest Landscaped Vertical Wall in Malaysia, the Enviro Art and the creative Floral Pavilion showcases. The learning experience did not end here as more than 200 activities were lined up throughout FLORIA Putrajaya 2013, including gardening workshops and talks; competitions in floral arrangements, photography, water colour; and craft demonstrations. FLORIA Putrajaya also showcased the best of the landscape and horticulture industries - serving as a business opportunity for entrepreneurs offering flowers and decorative items, gardening supplies and landscaping services. FLORIA Putrajaya 2013, highlighting the tropical treasures in bloom, certainly lived up to its reputation by enthralling participants and visitors.

ABOVE Kids involved in a fun learning experience at FLORIA Putrajaya. BELOW Terrarium Competiton by school children. RIGHT Floral Fashion showcase at FLORIA Putrajaya’s Floral Pavilion.




organiser showcase


The main feature of Perbadanan Putrajaya showcase garden is a Geodesic Dome and a vertical garden with waterfalls. The archway entrance is inspired by Perbadanan Putrajaya’s logo. Towards the right end of the entrance is the graffiti wall reflecting the art community with youthful and vibrant energy. This garden provides you with sounds of nature through its water element, with varieties of orchids enclosed in its unique dome-shaped architectural design.

TEA IN THE GARDEN The exterior of the Geodesic Dome is the setting for the garden of vertical greenery and waterfall. Visitors experience full enjoyment of the serenity of the waterfall and the garden behind the dome - getting a sense of surprise - a feast of the natural sounds of water flowing from high above. Visitors are able to enjoy the garden walking along the boardwalk before entering the Tea Party Garden by LimKokWing University of Creative Technology with a few relaxation spots with gazebos placed at the corners of the garden.

The Tea Party Garden.

ABOVE The interior of the Geodesic Dome displaying various species of orchids. LEFT Exterior section of Geodesic Dome with iconic arch.

Vertical garden with waterfall glows after dark.




organiser showcase

The centre piece is the Royal Pavilion sitting on the main central axis of the garden with clever detailing of floral motifs on woodwork, making this garden a true feast for the senses.

Royal Garden

PERBADANAN PUTRAJAYA The geometrical and symmetrical elements of the Royal Garden link to the unique characteristics of the Istana Kota Tengah. This showcase is inspired by a special visiting team from Perbadanan Putrajaya to the royal gardens at Anak Bukit and Alor Setar town in Kedah. Characteristics of this Royal Palace are incorporated into the landscaped design of the Royal Garden to signify the rule of the nation’s 14th King, His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Al-Haj Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah.

Bunga Puteri (Grammatophyllum sp.)

This “feast for the senses” draws visitors to a variety of replicas such as the massive palace-like entrance, cannons, and elephant tusk arches. Formally laid out trails converge upon a central fountain. A must-see showcase of orchid plants include the Bunga Puteri (Grammatophyllum sp.), a rare native epiphytic orchid that is the world’s largest orchid, set amidst 50 other types of flowers - including bread flowers (Vallaris glabra), anthuriums, daisies, lilies, annuals and temperate flowers - all found within the garden courtyard.

LEFT A unique showcase of orchid plants, Bunga Puteri (Grammatophyllum sp.). CENTRE & RIGHT A variety of replicas from Istana Kota Tengah and Alor Setar town are shown in the garden.



The Innovation Garden portrays a garden that uses natural resources and recycled items - exemplifying the sustainable living approach in Putrajaya. With this mindset of renewal, recycling and sustainability, the garden concept combines recycling technologies and creative flower decoration. The main feature is a wooden shed, which serves as a model to demonstrate rain harvesting: turning it into a source of drinking water and also reused as garden water features. Solar panels are installed to power the raw water processing plant and also provide lighting for the garden. Recycled materials are creatively transformed into garden water features and art sculptures, to demonstrate the many possible ways of reusing waste.


LEFT Recycled water bottles are used as water features. CENTRE Solar energy is used to power the garden lights and also water features while treated grey water is used for the garden fountain. RIGHT Sculptures in the garden such as the elephant are made with recycled paper, treated with a coating of paint.

organiser showcase




organiser showcase


For the first time, Perbadanan Putrajaya has taken on a giant sized green wall display; this effort has been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the longest landscaped vertical wall. The landscaped vertical wall stretches to a length of 343 metres with an average height of 2 metres, 75% of the surface area of these 3x3 panels is covered with a variety of living plants. These include shrubs, ground cover, orchids, annual flowers, vertical trees and cross section slices of timber logs. Some panels host black and white photos of functioning kitchens, creating a threedimensional window effect. If you peek more closely at the plants set on the “window ledge” of the wall, you notice a variety of herbs and edible plants – all essential for cooking.

ABOVE A kitchen window set in the landscaped vertical wall. UPPER LEFT Ground crew take weeks to plan, construct and plant the shrubs on the vertical green wall. LOWER LEFT This green backdrop has become a favourite photo spot.




A Serpent Affair LAr. John Lew Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) LAr. John Lew embraces the auspicious Year of the Snake by creating a rhythmic display of white timber stakes of varying heights to simulate an artistic sculptural snake form, which gradually winds its way, in stark contrast, through dense “bushes” - a selection of colourful orchids. In the centre of the display, a clay-coloured pile of bricks offers some empty space – a visual “mound of earth”. The contrast is further accentuated at night with the use of lights – making the snake appear to glow. The head of the snake culminates in a white tree trunk, its branches adorned with silvery glass, shimmering wind chimes, adding a light effect as well as a sound effect. Most of the main elements of the garden use recycled materials such as bricks, tree trunks, glass, and straw.






Jungle Origami LAr. Norliah Abdul Wahid Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) The simple origami paper box has been transformed, by LAr. Olin Wahid, into a massive cube of orchids perched, in stark contrast, on a base of charcoal. The cube really stands out at night when the contrasting colours of purple and yellow orchids are lighted up. The colour choices of purple and yellow represent the most popular choices of commercial orchids, remarks Norliah. The entire perimeter of the display is framed by panels of twigs and branches of the Thai Bucida tree – symbolising the jungle from where they came. Giant steel “fern tendrils” sprout upwards and unfurl from the entrance of this captivating display.




Celebration of Orchids LAr. Phua Chin Eng Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) Recycled timber and branches are neatly arranged in a circular form, gradually rising up towards the centre, forming a mountain of fire, designed by LAr. Phua Chin Eng. “Orchids exist not only on land but also in water,” he adds, gesturing to the fire-coloured orchids suspended by black steel bars holding water-filled glass vases – purging out from the midst of the wooden structure. The purplish and red blossoms naturally enliven the whole display, interpreted as the “urban vibe ” - the frenetic energy of everyday life. The orchids, cosmopolitan floral “citizens” found nearly everywhere on earth, really come to life, dancing around this stunning focal point.






A Glorious Destiny LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Mohd Taib Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) An antique wooden door reveals the past, present and future of this display. The door opens up to an abstract philosophical “garden of life.” Standing at the traditional wooden doorframe entrance to his showcase, LAr. Mohd Fadrillah Mohd Taib remarks, “The conceptual design shows the strong characteristic of the orchid. Being able to adapt to almost any kind of tropical environment, the human figure was used to conceptualise the adaptation of the orchid life cycle through different kinds of tropical environments.” This concept is brought to life by the three human figures - crawling, climbing, and running - as they strive for stability amidst the hardships of life. The path, made with railway sleepers, leads gradually to a cascade of orchids in the form of a summit, symbolising destiny and glorious achievement.




The Sacred Creature Suwan Hirunworawutkul The Royal Horticultural Society of Thailand This international showcase, designed by Mr. Suwan Hirunworawutkul, showcases how elephants have long played an integral role in Thailand’s history and are often portrayed as symbols of strength. A giant elephant dominates the entire display made up of roots from the orchid. The creature is decorated with purple flowers, Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as Globe Amaranth or the Bachelor’s Button – making up the headgear on the elephant. Woven fronds of green coconut leaves are also used to depict the animal’s harness. The body of the mammal is a void and looks like a carriage. Tree logs lying on the ground highlight the elephant in action, carrying timber. The concept illustrates the strength that elephants possess and contribute to our society. This exhibit also serves to increase awareness of the endangered status of Asian elephants and encourage people to support the preservation of their species.






The Beauty of Okinawa Yoshihiro Hanashiro Ocean Park Foundation, Okinawa, Japan The beauty and serenity of Okinawa are presented in this display of orchids, emphasising the nature, culture, and deep history of that area. The focal point of this display is a treasure chest, atop a hill with cascading water flowing into a lagoon, where a ship is at rest. Giant red and black sculptures of lion-dog heads guard both sides of this scene. The orchids displayed on this water feature represent the diversity of our environment – ecological ‘treasures’ that need to be protected from extinction. This colourful feature introduces the beauty of the orchid flower by offering a glimpse into the unique culture of Okinawa – ecological and cultural heritage needing to be preserved for the benefit of future generations.


government showcase

A New Community Spirit Ministry of Federal Territories

A new garden concept was presented by the Ministry of Federal Territories with sculptural look main pavilion in the form of eggs with hand prints embedded symbolising the support and unity of the people towards a transformation into a greater nation. The K-Baru campaign is a transformation project catering to the urban needs of the residential and commercial communities – keeping in mind the improvement of lifestyles and importance of nature.

RECYCLED ART SCULPTURES The garden serves to educate and attract public attention by featuring 5 different insects made of recycling materials such as glassware, plastics, aluminium cans, paper and metal. The insects, namely, the ant, bee, ladybird, praying mantis and butterfly, represent different communities and diversified walks of life with five different principles. All of them are brought together under self-sustaining integrated development, and only via integration, can a healthy community be preserved.

ABOVE Handprints of children symbolising community involvement at all levels.


government showcase

The Ambience of the Treasure Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s garden is dominated by a few components such as orchid flowerbeds, a viewing platform, and wild orchid trails. Upon entering the garden, visitors are greeted by the entrance archway which is decorated with Dancing-lady Orchids (Oncidium spp.), hanging upside down.

The views open up to beds of flowering orchids named after VIPs and commercial species. They form the main feature of the garden in the shape of a giant orchid. In order to fully appreciate the garden in totality, walk up the viewing deck and catch the beauty of the garden, complemented by the view of Putrajaya Lake. At dusk, promenade along the wooden deck beside the waterfront to enjoy the golden sunset reflected in the lake. After dark, the garden transforms into a feast of colours – the woods are illuminated with multi-coloured lights, accenting the orchid species on the trees - a great treat for the eyes, before exiting the garden.




government showcase

Pearl of Borneo Perbadanan Labuan

The reflections of the sea and the whale are the key features of this garden from Perbadanan Labuan. From a higher level, the layout of the garden reveals the body shape of a whale, which at eye level is a beautiful tunnel of orchids. The rippling sea and flow of waves are imprinted on the ground in the form of paving patterns and orchid flowerbeds. The main attraction of this garden is the orchid tunnel that changes colours. The ever-evolving tones of the pearl, symbolising Labuan as the Pearl of Borneo, dominate the visual line of every visitor, and draw attention towards the orchid tunnel.




HangTuah’s Legacy Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council

Highlighting the golden age of Melaka, the central feature of this garden is the massive “Keris” dagger plunged into the earth. This feature is softened by the ponds, fountains and clumps of orchids mainly from the genus of Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and Vandaceous. This garden, with its pebble paths undulating through soft green turf and islands of green spaces, reflects the unique cultural heritage of Melaka.

government showcase

Northern Village Charm Perlis State Government

Set on paddy fields with a traditional village hut and a limestone formation as backdrop, the Perlis state highlights village life and showcases it in a charming way. The garden is set amidst lush shaded trees, while paddy fields take up half of the garden displaying live fish and a traditional fishing method known as “Bubu”. The“wakaf,” or raised wooden hut, sits at one corner, generally used by the farmers for resting or socialising.

Paphiopedilum concolor

The highlight of the garden is the wild orchids such as Paphiopedilum concolor that are endemic and growing wild on the limestone formation of Nakawan Range in Perlis. At night, the garden mood turns festive with bamboo torches lighting up the pathway, similar to those you would find in the village during festive celebrations. For reptile lovers, there are several types of snakes on exhibit and visitors stand a chance of getting up close with a python once you venture inside the garden.


government showcase

East Coast Heritage Kuala Terengganu City Council

An east coast traditional Malay Terengganu village is brought to life in this lush, intimate, tropical green space. The visitor encounters tropical colours of flowers and foliage interwoven with a myriad of flowering orchids. The central motif is a native “wakaf”, which is set amidst cascading streams of water. In addition to the soothing sounds of flowing water, evening visitors will be enchanted by the traditional east coast music of the gamelan. A second visual focal point is the huge Elephant’s Eye tree, home to hanging orchids nesting in beds of coconut husks, and neighbouring intricately construted weaverbird nests. Appreciate the perfect harmony of hard and soft garden elements and its contrasts of colours when the night falls.

TOP A traditional east coast wooden hut, set amidst cascading streams of water with a gigantic Elephant’s Eye Tree as the main focal point. ABOVE Lush greenery highlighted with colourful orchids. LEFT The garden transforms into contrasts of colours when night falls; this is truly a mystical place.

government showcase

George Town Heritage Gateway Municipal Council of Penang Island

Penang Island.

Brick-lined paths lead visitors through this spectacular garden - complete with dragon boats representing one of the many festivals unique to Penang Island. Central to this display is a raised stage surrounding a replica of the Acheen Street Mosque - ringed by giant cast metal heritage facades of George Town. Massive vegetation-covered arches line the lakeside banks - highlighting the water gateways to

The design team elaborate further on the garden’s reflection of the tangible and intangible heritage of Penang – one of the highlights being staged dances in the evenings. With the Penang state government actively promoting recycling, most of the garden elements can be dismantled, reused and recycled.

 TOP A series of green archway framing the lake view symbolise the water gateways to Penang Island. The intangible heritage of Penang is represented by the Dragon Boat display. UPPER RIGHT The Acheen Street Mosque sculpture surrounded by the iron-cast facade of heritage buildings in Penang. LOWER RIGHT The showcase of recycled materials as garden furniture.







Vividly Harmonising the Garden Department of Agriculture

The dual purpose of this garden serves to visually educate visitors that a garden can be both aesthetically beautiful, while also being functional. 3,000 orchids make this garden stunning - especially from the raised viewing deck. Another focal point is the vegetable garden hut - home to tomato vines and herbs/medicinal plants of all varieties - from cancer remedies to vitamin boosters.
“Enjoy the harmony of orchids without barrier,� explains the designer. Wide paths allow for accessibility for all the young, the old and the disabled. The numerous resting benches double up as photo vantage points.

Resting Point View

Orchid Walkway

Kitchen Garden

This contemporary garden, inspired by orchids, transforms the space into a 2 and 3 dimensional enclosure. The garden components, such as the feature wall and pavilion, are designed based on the patterns of orchid plants, giving a modern and sculptural design to the garden. With one step into the garden, the visitor will be amazed instantly with the creativity and bold colours shown in every corner display of vivid orchids. The garden also creates a sense of curiosity with a water curtain, which dominates the entrance. Upon venturing deeper into the interior garden space, there is a completely different feeling at every turn.

Implicit Splendour

National Landscape Department (JLN)

government showcase




Gardens of the Forest

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

FRIM successfully breaks the misconception of the forest as a dark and eerie place, by transforming it into a garden of flora and fauna of various shapes and forms. According to FRIM design team, by using a smart selection of wild orchids planted in their natural habitat, the garden is turned into a forest education experience.

government showcase

The Vanilla Orchid

Among the highlights of the garden is the Vanilla spp., a type of orchid producing vanilla from the vine. This labour-intensive activities of growing vanilla pod is widely used in both commercial and domestic baking, perfume manufacturing and aromatherapy; hence vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron. In addition to exploring the FRIM research showcase, a children’s area features colouring and a “Five Senses Corner” to make learning about nature fun and experiential.

ABOVE RIGHT The main feature of the garden is a traditional Malay wooden house which exhibits various research programmes conducted by FRIM. ABOVE LEFT Entrance to the gardens of the forest.


Urban Hideaway

MARDITECH Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

corporate The MARDITECH garden features modern elements such as a slab pathway, set in a reflective pool, leading up to a raised pavilion with a modern, urban, angular tunnel, framing this focal point. In this garden, orchids and lush greenery meet modern architecture with surface areas decorated with natural elements such as ferns, stumps and coconut husks - simulating a natural jungle, home for the patches of wild orchids. Lacquered coconut shells float in the surrounding reflective pool while others, used as accent lights, cling to the trunks of trees. The senses come alive in this “fresh, cool, modern, and intimate” garden space.


ABOVE & ABOVE LEFT Beautifully crafted wooden shelf decorated with lamps forming part of the vertical green wall in the garden. LEFT The main focus of the garden is the raised pavilion on the waterbody. The pavilion houses some of MARDITECH’s collection of orchids.






VIP Orchids




Orchid Voilà IOI Properties

Exploding fireworks of colours greet visitors to this garden with a mass of orchids displayed in a formal-modern, but natural setting of lush tropical palms. The garden also features a changing exhibit of rare and seasonal orchid displays. The highlight of the garden is the iconic tunnel of curved archways where visitors will be able to enter a colourful tunnel of lights with over 600 “Oncidium Golden Wish” orchid plants mounted on the eleven spines of the tunnel structure. It is an orchid garden by day and then “voila” - a light-themed garden by night! It also boasts new lighting effects and illuminating fixtures to transform the garden into a luminous fantasyland after dark.

corporate showcase


corporate showcase

Friendly Forest Trails

TESCO (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Timber Industry Board (MTIB)

Upon entering the wooden gateway and boardwalk, the view opens up to a garden shaded with large trees. Here, one can experience a sense of calmness and tranquility with the elements of woods, water and nature. Additionally, the garden offers a unique learning experience through activities such as “Jungle Survival Skills”.

TESCO with the collaboration of Malaysia Timber Industry Board (MTIB) once again showcases a garden that educates people from all walks of life, especially the younger generation. This forest garden stresses the importance of our environment, while simulating a natural forest. Under the theme of “Denai Rimba Mesra,” this mini-jungle setting is home to natural wild orchids.

The highlight of the garden is a piece of modern, futuristic, angular architecture – the“Wakaf Buluh” (bamboo tree house), serving as the focal point. In addition, visitors will learn about the various Karas species in the world such as Aquilaria malaccensis, hirta, beccariana, microcarpa, subintegra, sinensis and crassna species. At night, amidst the borrowed backdrop of the lake, the garden is lighted up to form an enchanted forest full of the sounds of nature such as insects. This garden is most certainly a treat for the eyes and also a stimulation for the other senses.

ABOVE & LEFT The futuristic “Wakaf Buluh” (bamboo tree house).

corporate showcase




Neo -Traditional Orchid Garden

Putrajaya Holdings Sdn. Bhd. & KLCC Projek Sdn. Bhd. Putrajaya Holdings & KLCC Projek Sdn. Bhd. embrace a neo-traditional touch, creating a pavilion, which combines the Malay traditional instrument of Rebana Ubi (a traditional drum), to form the orchid house with a central fountain. The structure is supported by lattice work that comes with white screens painted with orchids. Within this structure is the collection of orchids. To the side of the centrepiece is a garden with traditional “Pangkin” or platform for seating, surrounded by tropical foliage and orchids, framing this backdrop.



Mystical Sea Treasures Kenyalang Design Visitors are immediately drawn into the diversity of perceptions in this mystical “underwater” display. Inverted tree branches painted vivid red are easily identified as the giant sea coral, while brightly coloured orchids contribute a sense of fragility and rarity to this ocean reef. Young and old alike are drawn to balloons of tropical creatures floating through this underwater world. Recycled plastic bottles are creatively positioned and inverted to form clumps of sea anemone. Overall, diversity is the visible theme of this mystical sea wonderland, while aiming to raise awareness of ecological sustainability.


university showcase

Art Meets Culture Kolej Risda Melaka

university showcase

An Expression of Orchids Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)




With an astounding number of varieties, orchids are known for their delicate beauty and exotic character. Evolving along an intricate and fascinating historical path, orchids evoke concepts of love, beauty, luxury and strength. The orchid is a long-lasting and elegant flower, making it the perfect masterpiece, complementary to any culture. The design takes the strength of the orchid and transforms it into a garden full of art. Orchids are growing wild at the perimeter of the garden with paintings of traditional “Sarong� patterns on the wall panel, forming a symphony of colours. Right in the middle is the spiral garden, with a small water feature. Paving stones are painted with floral motifs, with more art displayed at the termination point of the garden.

Landscape Architect, Mohd Fabian Hasna from Faculty of Design & Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, with the collaboration of the landscape architecture students, designed a portion of a garden. This intimate space, within the walls of a bold pink colour, attracts the attention of the visitors. Upon entering the garden space, one can spot various ways for repurposing metal containers, such as orchid-filled planters on the walls. Timber strips are erected on the ground painted in white and orange, with the orchid genus labeled on them. Seating is also made of recycled timber boxes. The garden is a space to express one’s feeling for the orchids. A featured wall displays comments and paintings about orchids and what they mean to us.



floral art


Floral Pavilion

The Floral Pavilion at FLORIA Putrajaya 2013 houses must-see exhibits showcasing creative floral art displays by world-renowned floral designers. This year FLORIA Putrajaya hosts 23 participants from 18 countries, including Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Upon entering, the Orchid Archway welcomes visitors, followed by floral displays in many forms such as dining displays, floral fashion, floral windows and floral arrangements.











Orchid Fantasy



Transparency Brigitte Heinrichs (Germany)

Kathy Ong (Malaysia)

This set of three displays clearly was designed to attract the young crowd. A magical flying carpet carries whimsically smiling flowers, while the second display hosts easily recognisable sea creature personalities created with various plant materials like flowers and seeds. Orchid flowers as well as vegetables of all shapes, sizes and colours, make up the coral reef setting - a riot of colours and contrasts. Eyes are then drawn to the third display of two giant pandas, where young and old alike can make the clear connection that not only do pandas need our protection, but orchid flora as well.

The dominant themes in this display are purity and simplicity as evidenced by the clear acrylic panels set at right angles to frame the beauty of pure white orchids suspended in their individual crystal tubes. This mobile display is elegant and ethereal, while also being dimensional and angular.

Experience Franca Logan (New Zealand)

Franca Logan’s visual arts and floral design background is readily apparent in the zen-like quality of her display, which utilises every part of the orchid. Vandas contrast with the delicate slipper orchids as they float in transparent test tubes above spherical vases woven from dry orchid roots. Every part of the orchid is utilised in this truly unique showcase.


Wing Chan (Malaysia) This massive floral display consists of both structural and floral art reflecting the harmony within different cultures, and the coexistence of the built and natural environment - a reflection of an ideal world.

Step by Step

To Duy Kha (Vietnam)

Showers of Blessings Harijanto Setiawan (Indonesia)

An architect by training, Harijanto Setiawan’s true passion lies in floristry. Harijanto’s talents have been employed at numerous international events. His floral style splurges on the glamorous and flamboyant – as seen in the filaments of orchids climbing up to a circular acrylic plate. The concept of spring showers replenishing the earth, is clearly visible.

special interest

Bug’s Life

Ministry of Federal Territories

enviro art

At FLORIA Putrajaya 2013, the Environmental Art or ENVIRO ART showcases creativity and unique designs based on nature. These are relatively new attractions at FLORIA Putrajaya this year. Here, the garden designers showcase many creative ways of using recycled materials to make garden features, furniture, and sculptures in many shapes, sizes and forms. Putrajaya, an intelligent garden city, has once again set an example for creativity and sustainability.

Plastic Vertical Fountain Perbadanan Putrajaya

Recycled Timber Wall Perbadanan Putrajaya

Bamboo Hut

TESCO (M) Sdn. Bhd. & MTIB

Table Tops

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Save the Reefs Kenyalang Design

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Clay Creativity

Department of Agriculture

This Special Edition is Supported By: Perbadanan Putrajaya

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Bulletin Landskap No15 FLORIA Putrajaya Edition  

A special edition dedicated to the designer showcase in FLORIA Putrajaya 2013

Bulletin Landskap No15 FLORIA Putrajaya Edition  

A special edition dedicated to the designer showcase in FLORIA Putrajaya 2013

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