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Sinergy Marketing OGCDP AIESEC in Colombia

OUR New Products!

OUR New Products!

What we need to sell?

We don’t have a second chance to make a first impression

Let’s see the diference Producto el producto es el punto central de la oferta que realiza toda empresa u organización (ya sea lucrativa o no) a su mercado meta para satisfacer sus necesidades y deseos, con la finalidad de lograr los objetivos que persigue.

Campaing Es el conjunto de actos mediáticos que se llevan a cabo con la intención de lograr un determinado objetivo. Las campañas pueden desarrollarse desde la sociedad civil (a través de organizaciones no gubernamentales, asociaciones de ciudadanos, etc.)

OGCDP Portfolios Define Market Segment

National promotion implementation

National Portfolio


Choose product

Sales process

Subcription (# Applicants)



MKT KPIs • # Subscriptions • % selection rate • % NPS filling rate Operations

Operations KPIs • # Ra • # Ma • # Re • Matching time

Delivery / NPS

• • • •

Realization time % Match rate % Realization rate Others based on programs


Feedback Process

MKT Strategic Synergy

Campaign planning, education, support on execution Guarantee message alignment Work with proper content/endorsement partners (supporters and enablers) Tracking and strategies in follow up of enrolled

Timeline Campaign Peaks de campa単a Campa単a de Reclutamiento Continua August



November December

Peak: Necesidad de acciones y estrategias especificas para impulsionar resultados

How to cooperate Provide/share access to possible channels for promotion University partnership focused on communication support Not just sell oGCDP but negotiate the access to official spaces Specific mailing Managing possible detractors (fire fighting)

Campaign Management Define main segments to target Define main channels and aligned message Define offline/online strategies to reach them Continuously track of quality deliver Fire-fighting Emergency strategies (final sprint) Enrolled management follow up

Activity ! Pick 2 focused products Considering the steps for campaign management, define the main strategies and sinergies for the next recruitment focus.

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