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Chabad of Southern Nevada

20th Anniversary Gala celebrating 20 years of service in Southern Nevada & Dedication of the

Robert Cohen Educational Campus Dr.Phillip & Mrs. Michele Morgan-Devore entertainment by Marc Salem World renowned mentalist


Sunday, December 5, 2010 / 28 Kislev, 5771

The New Desert Torah Academy Day School




Chachmah – Wisdom

Binah – Comprehension

Da’at – Knowledge

The PhilosoPhy:

Chabad lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. it is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.

The word “Chabad” is a hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of:

ChaChmah – Wisdom, binah – Comprehension & da’aT – Knowledge.

lubavitch appropriately means the “city of brotherly love”

The movement’s system of Jewish religious philosophy, the deepest dimension of G-d’s Torah

teaches understanding and recognition of the Creator, the role and purpose of Creation, and the importance and unique mission of each Creature. This philosophy guides a person to refine and govern his and her every act and feeling through wisdom, comprehension and knowledge.

To Rabbi yehoshua ben meyer and dina bas aaron harlig and Family The selznick Family wishes Chabad of southern nevada a heartfelt mazal Tov! on your 20th anniversary Jen, Jay, Richie, harrison and Jordy


Message from the Rabbi & Rebbetzin


elcome to our Gala and Silent Auction celebrating our 20th Anniversary of service in Southern Nevada. As we reflect upon the many landmarks of Chabad’s achievement in the greater Las Vegas area over the course of the past twenty years, we find ourselves inspired by what a remarkable phenomenon tonight’s milestone truly is. Had anyone suggested back in 1990 that in the very midst of this “desert of decadence” would emerge a bubbling oasis of spirituality and benevolence – five thriving Chabad Centers, two mikvahs, a Torah day school, summer day camp and a constant stream of outreach activities and services – one would have labeled the teller of such tall tales a wide-eyed dreamer; one totally out of touch with reality. Yet, here we are, celebrating the realization of precisely such a dynamic reality – and then some. This is the miracle of Chabad. As “Shluchim” (personal emissaries) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, we live with the constant sense that we are extensions of something much bigger than ourselves. We recognize that we ourselves often have no concept of the full value and implications of what we’re involved in – at least not at the time we’re actually involved in it. But then, every so often, we’re given this retrospective vision through which we are able to look back and see how every obstacle was, in fact, a springboard to greater growth; every ostensible setback a victory in disguise; every encounter with another human being a vital link in a chain that ultimately formed yet another school, another outreach program or another vibrant center in yet another part of town. A celebration such as this affords us that gift of retrospective vision, enabling us to clearly see the miracle that is Chabad of Southern Nevada. The Rebbe would often assure his Shluchim that so long as we were not timid or fearful, and boldly did what needed to be done for the sake of helping people and building “Yiddishkeit” in our respective communities, our efforts would bear fruit. He further assured us that there would be those who would come along and proudly partner themselves in these sacred endeavors. Indeed, it is with this “partnership” formula that Chabad-Lubavitch has been successful in sparking an unprecedented resurgence of tradition in some 3,500 communities around the world. Tonight, as we pay tribute to our esteemed friends, Dr. Phil and Michele Devore, we appreciate the fact that the Honorees are not merely champions of philanthropy; but are, in fact, heart-and-soul “partners” in transforming our bold dreams into glorious realities. The same is true of each and every one of you. By virtue of your generosity and participation, you share equally in the merit of bringing education, inspiration, comfort and sustenance to hundreds of men, women and children throughout greater Las Vegas and its surrounding vicinities. This celebration is yours as much as it is ours. Today’s festivities also mark the formal dedication of The Robert Cohen Educational Campus. While Robert is not here physically to join in this celebration, we know that he is here in spirit. His tremendous generosity has allowed us to build this beautiful new facility. The voices of the children learning in their brand new classrooms will serve as an everlasting legacy to his memory which we honor tonight. On behalf of a grateful community, we say thank you, as we look forward to continuing to work together – from strength to greater strength… Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig Chabad of Southern Nevada 3

A Salute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe


ebbe, this year marks the 16th Anniversary of your passing. When you were born, few realized the impact you would have on the world. When you first encouraged Jews to become more observant, many doubted your dream that so many would return to Judaism. Today, thanks to your foresight, millions of men put on Tefillin daily, millions of candles brighten Shabbat tables, millions of pennies have filled millions of pushkas and millions of Jewish hearts have been touched. While others have made committees; waited for grants to be approved; set up sub-committees; decided that due to a lack of funding a program would have to be aborted; and rather built wonderful edifices with skyscraping offices; you and your emissaries have demonstrated that to touch a Jew, one need only have the willingness, determination and real understanding of what Ahavas Yisrael means. On behalf of the millions of neshamas that you have rekindled we humbly say thank you.

‌to touch a Jew, One need only have the willingness, determination And real understanding of what Ahavas Yisrael means.


The Chabad Movement What is Chabad?

Chabad is a movement comprised of people who are deeply inspired by a system of teachings. The essence of these teachings is that we are meant to know and understand G-d; that we can find value and meaning in G-d’s Torah’ and that putting that knowledge and those values into action by practicing unconditional love of our fellow Jews will bring deep and profound fulfillment and joy. Chabad is dedicated to spreading the wonders and rewards of Judaism throughout the world.

Our History

Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer (1698 – 1760), known as the Baal Shem Tov, founded the Chassidic movement. He taught the unique importance of every Jew, no matter how much or how little learned in Judaism. He taught that love of one’s fellow Jew, devotion in prayer, and wholehearted sincerity and joy in learning and the practice of Torah are the essence of service G-d. Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745 – 1812), known as the Alter Rebbe, succeeded the Baal Shem Tov as the leader of the Chassidic movement. He organized the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov into a lucid systematic philosophy, which was called “Chabad” after the Hebrew acronym for ‘wisdom, understanding and knowledge.’ The Alter Rebbe’s teachings were preserved and amplified by his successors, the Rebbes of Chabad. For 100 years the Rebbes lived in the Byelorussian village of Lubavitch, whose name, which means “town of love” has also appropriately identified the movement. Each Rebbe involved himself, with great personal sacrifice, in the struggles of the Jews of his time. Most suffered imprisonment, torture or exile at the hands of the Tsarist, Communist and Nazi regimes.

Chabad Today

Inspired by the Rebbe’s vision, Chabad has flourished and prospered, bringing education and inspiration to Jews worldwide. Thousands of dedicated men and women have established and oversee 3500 Chabad centers around the globe. These centers run an astonishing range of services and projects based on community needs, including adult educational classes, day schools and Hebrew schools, synagogues, summer camps, and social service and drug rehabilitation programs. Whether in Brooklyn or Brazil, Australia or Austria, Kansas City or Kiev, Hungary or the Holy Land, you can expect to find people dedicated to the Chabad ideal, raising the level of Jewish awareness and involvement. Most Chabad centers, including the five in Southern Nevada operate independently and raise their funds locally. Aside from seed money, they neither receive from nor channel funds to any central organization.

Chabad is dedicated to spreading the wonders and rewards of Judaism throughout the world


Chabad of Southern Nevada Celebrating 20 years of Service To the Greater Las Vegas Valley



t is the High Holidays. Glancing around the Chabad

to open “Chabad Houses” all over the world, the intent

car Goodman and Congresswoman Shelley Berkley.

material assistance readily accessible to any and all Jews

Shul on Arville St., one spots Las Vegas Mayor Os-

was to make Jewish education, Torah observance and

Not that the participation of a dignitary or celebrity with

– especially those who might otherwise be lacking any of

Chabad is a particulary novel or unusual phenomenon.

these essentials in their lives. Indeed, Ahavat Yisroel –

Indeed, the real beauty of Chabad of Southern Nevada

the love for a fellow – has always been at the core of the

lies in the fact that it creates an environment in which

Rebbe’s vision and modus operandi.

Jews from literally all walks of life can feel completely at

The Rebbe’s “charter” defining what a Chabad Center

home. Rich or poor, observant or uncommitted, liberal

is all about has been succinctly summarized as, “A place

or conservative, involved or unaffiliated, Chabad takes

of Torah, prayer and acts of loving-kindness.” “Chabad

pride in transcending all barriers while offering its pro-

Houses”, said the Rebbe “must always have open doors

grams to the broadest cross-section of the community.

so that any Jew could feel a sense of belonging therein.”

In the words of renowned boxing promoter and

“Chabad Shluchim”, he said, “must always have open

attorney, Bob Arum, who Chabad honored at its 2002

hearts so that any Jew could feel that they have some-

Banquet, “Chabad is about a spirit of the heart not found

one to turn to; someone who genuinely cares about them,

elsewhere. I think that all who feel deeply about Judaism

welcomes them, and stands ready to assist them – un-

have to support the wonderful work they do.”

conditionally – in whatever matter may be. With some

3500 such Chabad Houses dotting the globe, Chabad-

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, developers of the

Lubavitch is thus the largest network of Jewish educa-

Las Vegas Venetian Hotel and the Palazzo Hotel, who

tional and social service organizations in the world today.

see Chabad as being at the forefront of upholding and

preserving Jewish tradition, echo the sentiments. “They

In his teachings and initiatives, the Rebbe repeatedly

are the ones who keep it alive,” say the Adelsons, whose

emphasized that a Jew can only reach the height of his

helped build. “We are just as proud to have our names

bound with his fellow. “Jews are never islands unto

family name adorns the Chabad community center they

own potential when he recognizes that he is inextricably

on this building as we are to have it on the Venetian.”

themselves,” he would say, “but are, in fact, deficient and

When the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M.

incomplete without one another. We give strength to

Schneerson, dispatched his “Shluchim”, or emissaries,

one another even as we draw strength from one another.” 6

It is with this caring approach and sense of mutual

Chabad’s Desert Torah Academy to expand its academic

Dina and their then infant daughter, Chayala, moved

come to school each day with smiles on their faces, happy

responsibility that a young Rabbi Shea Harlig, his wife,

goals to much greater heights. Both faculty and students

out to the Las Vegas Valley in December of 1990. To

to begin each day at the stunning new school.

this day, Rabbi Harlig attributes his relentless drive to

Today, hundreds of children and teenagers from Las

build a stronger and more vibrant Jewish community to

Vegas and its surrounding vicinities receive their vital

the mandate and blessings he received from the Rebbe

education through Chabad’s schools, camps and youth

on the day prior to his family’s departure from Brooklyn

programs, some at DTA and some at the satellite centers.

for the Silver State.

Jewish family life finds joyous expression through

Back in those pioneering days, Chabad’s center of

Chabad’s synagogues, Mikvah, holiday festivals and

operations was the Harlig home. Hebrew school classes

mitzvah outreach programs.

and synagogue services were held in the living room. It

distinctive reputation for the joyous and captivating

wasn’t long before these humble quarters were outgrown,

manner in which it animates Jewish tradition and brings

leading to the 1992 acquisition of a 4,000 square foot

it to life in vivid color. Its model Matzah Bakeries, Shofar

house which was converted into a pre-school, Hebrew

Factories and Olive Oil Presses are visited by public

school, synagogue and outreach center.

and private school students alike – enabling children to

From this milestone, other exciting developments

would follow in rapid and constant succession:

Indeed, Chabad has a

actually touch and “create” the holiday rituals, even as


they learn the rich history and meaning behind them.

beautiful state-of-the-art Mikvah would be built as an

When hundreds join together to celebrate the kindling

adjunct to the Vista property; summer camp for children

of a twenty-foot menorah in the heart of Downtown Las

of all ages would be started; a magnificent $1.5 million,

Vegas’ Fremont St., when many gather at the District in

13,000 square foot community center would be erected;

Green Valley or the Smiths’ parking lot in Summerlin,

a Jewish Day School and Preschool from 2 year-olds

it’s a very different sort of light piercing through the

through eighth grade with an enrollment of close to

superficial strobes of the surrounding casinos – the light

175 students would be established; additional centers in

of Jewish souls radiating the pride and solidarity of

Summerlin (which has its own $4 million, 15,000 square


foot center) and Green Valley will be opened; a special

center for the Hebrew speaking/Sephardic community,

When Chabad wants to ensure that Jewish households

as well as for college students at UNLV; scores of

have kosher Mezuzot on their doorposts or that they

additional “Shluchim”, teachers and staff members

are following proper procedures in setting up kosher

would join the Chabad team… Each Chabad milestone

kitchens, its rabbis will make house calls to assist in the

would serve as a stepping-stone to yet another program

process. In fact, Chabad of Southern Nevada has its

and yet another phase of growth and expansion.

own resident sofer, or scribe, on staff – qualified to check

the ritual validity of Mezuzot and Tefillin. Kosher food,

On August 25, 2010, Chabad had the ribbon cutting

even freshly cut kosher meat, is now available aplenty

and opening of its most ambitious project to date, “The

in major Las Vegas supermarkets, such as Smith’s

Robert Cohen Educational Campus”, a magnificent,

and Albertsons – as a result of Chabad’s hands-on

new $10 million, 65,000 square foot school facility. The

involvement and coordination with these chains. The

building includes 19 classrooms, a gym, science lab,

same is true of Chabad’s kosher supervisory efforts on

computer lab, and library and art room. This has allowed

behalf of local restaurants. Kosher observant tourists 7

and conventioneers coming to town likewise know that

furniture and housewares at discounted prices for all

they can always turn to Chabad for assistance in securing

those in need.

kosher food and Shabbat accommodations.

Twenty years after Rabbi Shea Harlig received his

Adults of every stripe – from baby-boomers to senior

mandate from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to provide

plumbing the depths of one’s Jewish roots. Nightly

whatever the matter may be – a veritable “one-stop-

citizens – discover that its never too late to begin

inspiration and assistance to the Jewish community with

Torah classes, lecture series, workshops, seminars and

shop” for Jewish living – Chabad of Southern Nevada

one-on-one learning sessions are some of the adult

has indeed established itself as one of the most dynamic

education opportunities Chabad brings to the fore. In

and flourishing centers of Jewish life in the western

addition to these on-site learning opportunities, Chabad

region of the United States.

also has a comprehensive communications department

In all, it is readily apparent that as the Las Vegas

that utilizes modern technology to disseminate age-old

Valley has bloomed and blossomed, Chabad has surged

teachings for off-site learning. Its expansive website,

right along with it. “This is an energetic and caring – offers a wealth of Torah wisdom

organization,” says Rabbi Harlig “While we are deeply

and insights, and its steady flow of colorful publications

committed to Torah tradition, we do not require or

such as holiday guides, newsletters, Jewish calendars and

expect those who participate in our programs to have

the acclaimed weekly “Torah by Email”.

that same level of commitment. Our doors are open

Families that have children with special needs can find

to all”. At Chabad, people of all backgrounds and

some comfort and assistance with our Friendship Circle

affiliations – or lack thereof – come together to learn,

Program. Those who suddenly find themselves in dire

to celebrate, to connect and to share…Our purpose is to

straits can know that Chabad’s Chesed Indigent Fund is

enrich and enhance people’s lives – be it in the realms of

there to unconditionally lend a loving and helping hand

the emotional, spiritual, material or otherwise.”

– providing food, shelter and/or emergency subsidies.

On the micro level of individual communities to the

Those who are experiencing any sort of emotional

macro level of the global network of Chabad-Lubavitch,

difficulty or trauma in their lives, or perhaps just need

each new day shows how the growth of Judaism

a friendly shoulder to lean on, can know that wise and

perpetuates greater growth-in exponential fashion.

empathetic support is always available through Chabad’s

Spirituality begets greater spirituality; goodness begets

crisis counseling program.

more goodness. Each act of kindness performed by

Residents at numerous senior citizen care facilities

one human being for the sake of another brings more

centers throughout the Valley can always look forward to

such acts in its wake, thereby moving the world that

their Pre-Shabbat and holiday visits by a Chabad rabbi.

much closer to ushering in the long prophesied era of

Those who are laid up in area hospitals are likely to be

Moshiach – a state of global harmony, tranquility and

paid a visit by Chabad as part of its extensive chaplaincy

peace – which the Lubavitcher Rebbe set forth as the

program, as are those who have the misfortune of being

urgent and imminent objective of our times. Indeed,

behind bars.

each new day demonstrates how his vision and goal of

thus transforming the world was not only brilliant and

Chabad’s newest activities, Project Pride, to combat

idealistic; but also quite practical – and acheiveable.

substance abuse in the Las Vegas community and the

recent opening of Dinosaurs & Roses, a resale shoppe (at

the corner of Jones and Charleston), that has clothing, 8

groundbreaking for the

Roberth Cohen Educational Campus August 4th, 2009 / 14 Av, 5769


Construction of the


Robert Cohen Educational Campus


ribbon cutting and grand opening of the

Roberth Cohen Educational Campus August 25th, 2010 / 15 Elul, 5770


Our Honorees

Dr.Phillip & Mrs. Michele Morgan-Devore Dr. Phillip Devore is proud to be the official dentist of the Chabad Rabbis and their families. He currently serves as business course director and part time clinical faculty at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Devore has been actively involved in the planning and building of the Robert Cohen Desert Torah Academy and consultant to Rabbi Harlig. Michele Morgan Devore has been the business owner for over 28 years of Morgan Specialties which manufactures and sells logoed and gift products. She also runs her own event planning business. While doing all of this, presently she is the managing director of Dinosaurs & Roses, a resale shop devoted to supporting scholarships for DTA and assisting local charities. Together Phil & Michele have 3 adult children, Shawn, Greg and Stephanie as well as their 2 dogs Shana and Andy. 13

Our heartfelt thanks to our Honorees Dr. Phillip & Michele Morgan-Devore Your commitment to our organization And your continued support

Has allowed us to grow and expand our efforts

To touch the lives of many in the Las Vegas Valley

Rabbi Shmuel & Shaina Attal Chabad Hebrew Center

Rabbi Shlomo & Yona Lazarus Friendship Circle – Project Pride

Rabbi Tzvi & Rivky Bronchtain Chabad UNLV

Rabbi Chaim Ozer & Racheli Metal Chabad of Summerlin

Rabbi Mendy & Chaya Harlig Chabad of Green Valley

Rabbi Moishe & Pesha Rodman Desert Torah Academy Day School

Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig Chabad of Southern Nevada/ Desert Torah Academy

Rabbi Yisroel & Shternie Schanowitz Chabad of Summerlin/Desert Shores

Rabbi Yehoshua & Gili Segall Desert Torah Academy Day School


 December 5, 2010

Chabad of Southern Nevada 1261 S. Arville Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 Dear Friends: It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone attending Chabad of Southern Nevada’s 20th Anniversary Gala and the special dedication of the Robert Cohen Educational Campus. Tonight I join you in honoring Dr. Philip and Mrs. Michele Morgan-Devore for giving of their time, talent and resources to Chabad of Southern Nevada and to the entire Jewish community for many years. Chabad of Southern Nevada also deserves special recognition tonight for the numerous programs you have been involved in including youth programs, adult education, holiday festivals, crisis counseling, and emergency food and shelter allocations, to name just a few. Through these efforts you have touched the lives of countless individuals in Southern Nevada. I would also like to commend Rabbi Shea Harlig for his tireless efforts on behalf of Chabad of Southern Nevada. He serves as a blessing and inspiration to us all. Mazel Tov! Have a great time this evening. Sincerely,

 

SHELLEY BERKLEY Member of Congress

 


From the office of Mayor Oscar B. Goodman OSCAR B. GOODMAN MAYOR

Dear Friends, On behalf of the citizens of the beautiful City of Las Vegas, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Chabad of Southern Nevada’s 20th Anniversary Gala and Robert Cohen Desert Torah Academy Educational Campus Dedication. It is through the hard work and enthusiasm of many people that a special event such as this is made possible. Chabad of Southern Nevada is a major outpost of the worldwide ChabadLubavitch organization which promotes Jewish education and outreach all across the globe. Established in 1990 in Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig's living room, Chabad of Southern Nevada has since emerged as a dynamic force for Jewish life. From the individual to the communal; from the material to the spiritual; for young and old alike; Chabad of Southern Nevada is an all-inclusive, full-service, multifaceted center of Jewish life for the greater desert community. Thank you for participating in this wonderful event and for supporting Chabad of Southern Nevada. It is no wonder why I am the “Happiest Mayor in the Universe” with residents such as you. I truly love my job and appreciate your efforts to help make Las Vegas an even better place to live. Again, welcome and best wishes for a memorable event! Sincerely,


VOICE 702.229.6241 FAX 702.385.7960 TTY 702.386.9108 EMAIL WEBSITE

Oscar B. Goodman Mayor City of Las Vegas American City of the Year* * The City of Las Vegas received the World Leadership Award for American City of the Year, in addition to awards for our Centennial Hills Master Planned Campus and our Alternative Fuels Program. More than 400 cities across the world presented projects in a wide range of activities, highlighting the very best in modern city leadership. The awards are given to cities whose leaders have shown exceptional imagination, foresight or resilience in a number of key fields - especially cities that have reversed trends, shaken off traditional images and acted as an example and inspiration to others.

Congratulations and Thank You to

Rabbi Shea and Rebbetzin Dina Harlig Congratulations for surviving and thriving for 20 amazing years here in the Southern Nevada Congratulations on advancing Judaism and creating centers of worship and learning Congratulations on making Jewish education available to all children and building a spectacular school to make it possible Congratulations on embracing and making possible all levels of observancy to Jews in our Las Vegas area Thanks for your tireless hard work on our collective behalf Thanks for your wise teaching and non-judgmental support Thanks for the privilege of working with you to create a better life through our various projects Thanks for the honor that you extend to us tonight Thanks, above all, for being such loving, kind and dear friends

Michele and Phil


Diamond dwmyll twgyhnml


Abbie Friedman 21

Abbie Friedman


Mazal Tov to a special couple, Dr. Phil and Michele Devore

For all the wonderful work you do for Chabad. Mr. Doug Ungar




Chabad of Southern Nevada

for 20 years of dedication and support for our community.

We look forward to the years to come

and are proud to be a part of the celebration. Love, David and Michelle Dahan Adam and Shana Kilbourn



I would like to thank Chabad and the Rabbis for dedicating their lives for the betterment

of the Community.

A special Yasher Koach for the building of the new Desert Torah Academy Day School

that will be serve as a pillar for the community. Yohan and Merav Lowie





Jewish National Fund Las Vegas Region Congratulates

Dr. Phillip and Mrs. Michele Morgan-Devore The Honorees At the 20th Anniversary Gala of Chabad For their Dedication and Commitment To Chabad and the Jewish Community, Yasher Koach!

Bob and Shelley Dubin Judy and Efraim Berkovitz



Congratulations Rabbi Harlig We are ever so grateful for your generosity, kindness and insight. There is no one else like you. Our community is in a debt of gratitutde.

Dr. Mark and Lori Kabins



Congratulations to the Chabad of Southern Nevada on the construction of the Desert Torah Academy. Tradewinds Construction is proud to have served as General Contractor, and along with our skilled teams of sub contractors, would like to wish Rabbi Harlig, the staff of the Desert Torah Academy, and especially the eager young minds who will benefit for this first class educational facility the best of future success.

Jeff Vilkin

Tradewinds Construction



Mazal Tov to our children Phil and Michele With Love Always and Forever Mom and Dad



Congratulations to Dr. Phil and Michele Devore You have always fostered and maintained a spirit of Jewish community and provided leadership to members of Chabad throughout the years. Let this be a symbol of your fine achievement.

Dr. Ilya and Ella Benjamin


Gold Coat of Arms 路 House of Chaltiel



Dr. Phillip & Mrs. Michele Morgan-Devore Honorees of the 20th Anniversary Gala New Desert Torah Academy Day School The Robert Cohen Educational Campus Congratulations for being honored and recognized for your tremendous commitment & dedication to both Chabad and the local Jewish community! Also, many thanks to Chabad of Southern Nevada for your extraordinary work in helping so many in our community! Thank You All Very Much With love, Toni and Victor Chaltiel



Congratulations to Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig for your efforts to bring YIDDISHKEIT to Las Vegas. Thank you Israel and Lucia Feit



“Train the youth according to his way so even when he grows old, he will not sway from it�

Proverbs 22, 6

Congratulations Chabad of Southern Nevada on 20 years of bringing Yiddishkeit to the Las Vegas Valley. Mr. Wayne Krygier and Family


Silver Congratulations to Rabbi and Dina Harlig Herlig On twenty amazing years!! And you have only just begun...

4640 Meadows Lane, Suite A-2


3110 E. Sunset Rd., Suite E


9010 W. Sahara Ave


Thanking you for all you have done for us and the community Avi and Marci Rosenberg, Owners American Coin Express



In fond memory of Robert Cohen

Phil Cohen



Mazal Tov to Chabad Congratulations to my Parents, David and Millicent Cohen for dedicating the Scholars Classroom at the New Desert Torah Academy.

Steve Cohen



With a vision and a persistence, we have watched CHABAD of SOUTHERN NEVADA develop over 20 years and now continue to see the fruits of that effort. Thanks for everything you do in the community.

Esther & Neville Pokroy and Family



Mazal Tov and Best Wishes The Sommer Family





Thank-you, Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig for your extraordinary contribution to Las Vegas. Mazal Tov to the Devores.

Arne & Lynn Rosencrantz


White The Law Firm of



CHABAD of Southern Nevada And

Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig On 20 Years Of Service to The Jewish Community In the Las Vegas Valley

The Law Firm of

HARRIS & YUG Daniel S. Harris, Esq. and Elliott D. Yug, Esq. 1810 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite 115 Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 727-3824 Discount for parents of DTA students 41


Congratulations Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig on celebrating 20 years in Las Vegas. Thank-you for educating our children and bringing the light of yiddishkeit to all families. Mark and Ester Vishnepolsky & Family


White Congratulations Chabad of Southern Nevada on your amazing 20 years in the Las Vegas Valley

Charlie Cheap Car Get info from our website

We rent vehicles by the day, week or month. Call 702-471-1549 We buy and sell Every car sold, a donation will be made to Chabad of Southern Nevada All cars are guaranteed ~Observe Shabbat~



Congratulations Chabad! Many more years to go.

Dahlia & Frank Underhill





TO EVEN NEWER SCHOOL! Desert Torah Academy came such a long way , thank you so much Rebbitzin Dina and Rabbi Harlig for making this wonderful school successful . Thank you, the Karen Family


White The Chabad organization has undertaken a monumental worldwide outreach

task that has had a huge daily impact on the Jewish people. To me, it appears

that the Chabad movement is the chosen group within the chosen people to

usher us into the age of Mashiach. That is why it is incumbent upon all Jews and non Jews to support their causes worldwide and at home with all our heart, strength, and finances to help them achieve their endeavors.

It is great to celebrate 20 Years of having Chabad in Las Vegas. Let’s continue to challenge ourselves to increase our support for Chabad this year.

The Chabad Rabbis work tirelessly and even with the 150% they put in they

must not carry the burden alone. In truth, their success depends on not just our support alone, but in our person spiritual growth as a people.

Special thanks to Rabbi Shea & Rebbetzin Dina Harlig & their Family, And to all the Chabad Rabbis & Rebbetzins here and their great staff.

Thank you from the Scheinman Family



What would we do without Chabad?? Thank-you Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig!! Dr. Doris and Mr. Richard Aarenau





The CounCil of Jewish organizaTions of las Vegas Proudly recognizes

Chabad of souThern neVada on the occasion of its annual gala and the sPecial dedication of the robert cohen educational camPus


roberT Cohen eduCaTional Campus and wishes mazel tov to this years honorees

dr. phillip and mrs. miChele morgan-deVore “Do not separate yourself from the community.” - Pirke avot 2:5 december 5, 2010 — 328 kislev 5771 The Council of Jewish Organizations of Las Vegas is comprised of all our community’s Jewish agencies, organizations and congregations. Adat Ami AIPAC Alpha Epsilon Pi - Nu Sigma American ORT, Las Vegas Chapter American Technion Society Anti-Defamation League of Nevada BBYO Bet Knesset Bamidbar, Sun City Beth El Congregation B’nai Israel Jewish Fellowship Brandeis National Fund Chabad Hebrew Sefardic Center Chabad of Green Valley Chabad of Summerlin/Desert Shores

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May Chabad of Southern Nevada go from strength to strength and may we only know simchas. Dr. Arthur and Shari Pitterman



Congrats and best wishes on a successful and spiritual 20 years in the Las Vegas Valley. Doug, Stacey, Andy and Ari Cohen


White To Phil and Michelle Devore,

We wish you a hearty Mazel Tov for all that you have done for our Chabad of Southern

Nevada and Desert Torah Academy, whether it be in the architectural planning of the

day school, daily encouragement given to the Rabbi about his building of the new school, fundraising for the school through the opening of a new thrift shop which will help immeasurably to bring much needed funds to the school and affordable necessities to all

who come to purchase, or donating beautiful silver ornaments to adorn the interior of our synagogue.

On a more personal note, we have known you, Michelle for close to 18 years now. We

feel like we are part of your family, taking great pride in your son Shawn, who we helped

to reach his Bar Mitzvah, and your wonderful children, Phil, your daughter Stefanie, and son Greg, who we have met on many occasion. We also are so thankful to you, Phil

for reintroducing us to the importance of dental care because of the care that you so

professionally show to each and every one of us. The two of you are a treasure to all of us.

To Rabbi and Dina Harlig,

Mazel Tov to you on the building of this beautiful edifice which will only serve to

inculcate more and more Yiddishkeit into the hearts of the children who will go through

its doors. You built it so well, so much that it brings to mind a commentary that I came

upon yesterday, in Divrei Hayomim Bet, Perek Gimel, where it speaks of the two pillars built for the Beis Hamikdash, called Yochin and Boaz they were given the names of Yachin, so that they should be Yachin( Ready forever) and Boaz( Two words of “Bo” and

“Oz” that it should have in it Oz and Chozek Liam Yisrael Liolam Voed, that is should have strength in it for the nation of Israel forever) So, too with this school. It should be ready and have strength in it for Am Yisrael forever!!

Mazel Tov from the Segelsteins, Shoshana and Michael, Bryna in Tzfat, Israel, Rafi in Los Angeles, and Ariella in Crown Heights 51


To our friends at the Chabad of Southern Nevada. Keep up the good work, it is a an honor to be associated with you. Your friends at Matrix Asset Advisors Lon F. Birnholz

Senior Managing Director

(212) 486-2004



Thank-you Chabad for educating my children. Mr. James Jariv & Family



Congratulations Phil and Michele! Your hard work and dedication to the community is greatly appreciated by many! It is our honor to celebrate this accomplishment with you. We are proud to be your friends! Mazal Tov! Ann and Troy Trobough



Mazal Tov!! Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig for 20 years of service to the Jewish community in the Las Vegas Valley. Shlomo & Esther Schatz



Nevada State Bank “The Door To Your Future� is pleased to be a sponsor of Chabad's 20th Anniversary Gala and Building dedication.



Congratulations to Chabad of Southern Nevada for 20 years of dedication to the Jewish Community in the Las Vegas Valley. Rob & Sheryl Goldstein


White Imagine a community that made    education of our future   its number one priority…   

They did.

(and we are grateful that they did!)


Mazel Tov, Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig on the opening  of the amazing Robert Cohen Educational Campus.   

7201 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 210 ♦ Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 702-405-6700 Telephone ♦ 702-685-4184 Facsimile



Dr. Phil and Michele, Mazal Tov on a well-deserved honor. May you continue to shine (like polished teeth) among the Jewish people. May you receive lots of brachos and nachas from your family. Thank-you for all you do. Peter, Donna, Moriah, Eliza and Asher Dubowsky



In Loving Memory

Martha K. Sklar Jerry Sklar Amy & Steven Sklar Linda& Alan Sklar Jennifer Sklar

Andew Sklar

Daniel Sklar

Michael Sklar



Congratulations Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig on the incredible work you do for the Jewish community in Las Vegas. You are both a true inspiration to us all. We love you. Dr. Ernie and Fler Sussman


Triumph Property Management

the Premier Property Services Firm in Southern Nevada is proud to recognize the achievements of

Chabad of Southern Nevada and salutes Dr. Philip & Mrs. Michele Morgan–Devore for their continued support


Property Management • Real Estate Brokerage • Maintenance Services • REO Servicing

Phillip and Michele, We love you and wish you a long and happy life. Marlene and Maury Jones

Aileen B. Epstein-Ignadiou

B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center of Las Vegas 6342 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89146

(702) 222-YOGA (9642)

Mazal Tov and Thank-You to Chabad of Southern Nevada and Dr. Phillip and Mrs. Michele Devore The Sirkin Family In Memory of my Dad, Jack Sirkin Your presence in our lives will be missed. May you rest in peace and in the loving arms of Hashem. Love, Nancy and Rivka

Rabbi Harlig, During this festive season of lights, we are reminded of the light Chabad shines so brightly on us all. Thank you for preserving the values and traditions that remind us who we are and what our place is in the world.

Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! Stuart Greenwald,

Kosher Beverage Specialist

web: cell: 702-236-1909

1725 So. Rainbow Blvd. (corner Oakey) Las Vegas, NV 89146

Faith is not the result of past experience. Faith is an act that comes from within and creates experience. Thank-you Chabad and especially Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig, for restoring that faith. Rochel

Mom and Dad, Watching you traverse the road of life together has been an inspiration to the three of us. You’ve weathered difficult times together and shared numerous successes, all the while maintaining your faith and making time to help those who need it most. Though always leading by example, you’ve instilled in us a core value system, which has allowed us to grow into mature, well-rounded, successful adults. Because of your, we have all chosen career paths dedicated to serving our community and giving back to people less fortunate than ourselves. Thank-you for all the years of wisdom, guidance and unconditional love.

Stephanie, Greg, and Shawn

Mazel Tov on

Chabad’s Annual Gala And the Special Dedication of

the Robert Cohen Educational Campus “Be deliberate in judgment, raise up many disciples, and make a fence for the Torah.” Pirke Avot 1:1

Elliot and Sharon Karp

CONGRATULATIONS TO A DESERVING DUO Alicia, Lisa, Patty & Joel, want to express our highest regard on this special evening, honoring you both for your amazing works and your unselfish commitment to enhancing the lives of those around you. Bask in the glory of all those honoring you tonight, you have earned it!

We Love You Michele & Phil!




flamingo rd

Rabbi Harlig and Family. Your devotion and commitment are appreciated!

Lebenson Actuarial Services,Inc.

215 beltway

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hualapai way


Congratulations to

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Kol Hakavod to Chabad

for 20 years of service in Southern Nevada Eli Eisenberg

5617 High Peak Place Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Mazal Tov

to Chabad of Southern Nevada on 20 years of spreading the light. Rabbi and Dina, you are shining examples of Jewish values and an inspiration to the entire community. The Feiler Family

In honor of Mr. Shimshon Mintz & Rabbi Yehoshua Segall. Madman Army Surplus

Congratulations Chabad of Southern Nevada Eliot & Sharon Karp

Electrolysis Center of Las Vegas Permanent Makeup by Rebecca

Hair Permanently Removed - Established 1961

Licensed, Disposable Probes, Anesthetics Available

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In Loving Memory of my Parents Izzy & Rita Luft


Michele & Phil you have touched so many lives in so many special ways. We are so very gratiful to have you as our friends. Always,

Bonnie & Christian Leinhos

We are greatful for your service and professionalism and appreciate all your kindness to our family. The LaCombe Family George, Nancy, Ben, Tiff, Jen & Mike

I wish you continued success in your endeavors. B’Shalom, Anita Lewy

Michele & Phil, Congratulations on a job well done. And to Rabbi Shea and Dina Harlig for the amazing job you do educating our children.

With all our love, Gershon & Leslie

Greetings Congratulations Chabad of Southern Nevada on 20 years in the Las Vegas Valley Brook Kaplan Mazal Tov Dr. Phillip & Michele Morgan-Devore From the Catskills Leo Podhorzer & Karin Meyer Mazal Tov! To a great couple, Phil & Michele Summerlin Jewelers Mazal Tov to Michele and Phil Love, Linda & Milt Persily Thank you to Chabad for the education of our sons David & Aaron Stein and to Rabbi Rodman for your help over the past 40 years whenever asked. Claudia & Greg Peterman Mazal Tov to the Devores!! Blessed is the mitzvah of educating our youth! Tanny Berg Thank you Chabad of Southern Nevada. Best Wishes for your continued success! Shining City LLC Congratulations on spreading Yidishkeit in Las Vegas for the past 20 years. Keep up the good work. Samy & Perla Acoca Yossi’s Recycling, Free pickup, plastic, paper, cardboard & metal. 702-321-9594 Yossi Kinn Phil & Michele, What an honor! We wish that we could be there to pay tribute to you both! Dana & Michael Glantz


Greetings Mazal Tov! Mordechai Farkas Rabbi Shea, keep up your good work. Joseph Rahmey Congratulations on your wonderful work. Keep it up! Jerry Friedberg Congratulations Dr. & Mrs. Devore on your good work. Phyllis Garrison Good luck Michele & Cavity Phil Scott Boshers Congratulations! With much love, Danny, Esti & baby Avraham Congratulations Chabad on your 20 years in the Las Vegas Valley. Herb Jaffe Dear Aunt Michele & Uncle Phil, We are so proud of your accomplishments. We love you, Holly, Larry, Shlomo & Chanie. Congratulations Dr. Phil & Michele Devore on this well-deserved honor. M/M Norman Maibaum Mazal Tov Chabad! Jordan & Zelda Goodman Congratulations and Mazal Tov! Irene Weiss Thank you so much for all your love, help & support Jiiah Roos


Our Rabbis and Rebbetzins

Tonight’s milestone would not be a reality were it not for the love, commitment and devotion of Chabad’s dedicated Rabbis, Rebbetzins, and our Desert Torah Academy Day School Torah Tots Preschool Teachers, Principals and Faculty. You are the heart and soul of our organization, breathing life and vitality into its every program. YASHER KOCHACHEM!

Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig


Rabbi Shmuel & Shaina Attal Chabad Hebrew Center

Rabbi Tzvi & Rivky Bronchtain Chabad UNLV/Judaic Teacher Desert Torah Academy Rabbi Mendy & Chaya Harlig Chabad of Green Valley Rabbi Shlomo & Yona Lazarus Judaic Teacher/ Friendship Circle – Project Pride Rabbi Chaim Ozer & Racheli Metal Chabad of Summerlin / Judaic Teacher Desert Torah Academy Rabbi Moishe & Pesha Rodman Principal/Registrar Desert Torah Academy Day School Rabbi Yisroel & Shternie Schanowitz Chabad of Summerlin/Desert Shores Rabbi Yehoshua & Gili Segall Desert Torah Academy Day School

Our Teachers and Faculty Sammie Bernal

General Studies Teacher Esther Cohen Preschool Teacher Shaina Derei Teacher Assistant Chanya Goldblatt Judaic Teacher Shawn Goldblatt School Secretary/PE Teacher Jori Hales General Studies Teacher Lori Jayme Computer and Science Teacher Lora Key General Studies Teacher Benji Kidd PE Teacher Shoshana Kinn Preschool Teacher Limor Kanfi Hebrew Language Teacher Michelle Kusnier Art Teacher Dr. Phyllis Meckley General Studies Principal Rachel Ofier Teacher Assistant Rochel Ramstetter Executive Administrator Carmela Roth Hebrew Language Teacher Ellen Royer General Studies Teacher Esther Bayla Schatz Preschool Teacher Danielle Segal General Studies Teacher Sarah Sherman Judaic Teacher Gittie Shor Teacher Assistant Elisheva Thomas Preschool Teacher

THANK YOU… Valerie Bernstein Classic Party Rentals

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For making this evening a huge success…!! With appreciation to all our sponsors and supporters who have contributed so generously

Chabad of Southern Nevada Desert Torah Academy 73

CHABAD HEBREW CENTER 8501 S. Lake Mead #1 Las Vegas, NV 89128

CHABAD CENTRAL Rabbi Shea Harlig, Director 1261 S. Arville St. Las Vegas, NV 89102 T (702) 259-0770 F (702) 877-4700 •

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CHABAD OF SUMMERLIN 2640 Regatta Drive Las Vegas, NV 89128 T (702) 855-0770 F (702) 433-0770

TORAH TOTS PRESCHOOL DESERT TORAH ACADEMY Dina Harlig, Director Rabbi Moishe B. Rodman, Principal Dr. Phyllis Meckley, General Studies Principal 1312 Vista Drive Las Vegas, NV 89102 T (702) 259-1000 F (702) 776-7599 •

CHABAD OF GREEN VALLEY 10870 S. Eastern #104, Suite 104 Henderson, NV 89014 T (702) 617-0770 F (702) 617-0707 •

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in loving memory of a dear friend & pillar of our school

mr. Robert Cohen, obm Reuven ben Chaim Leib HaCohen whose vision, dedication & generous philanthropy has made the building of the new

Robert Cohen Educational Campus a reality.

ChabaD of Southern nevaDa 1261 S. Arville St. lAS vegAS, Nv 89102 tel: 702.259.0770 FAx: 702.877.4700 email:

Chabad 20th Anniversary Program  
Chabad 20th Anniversary Program  

Chabad 20th Anniversary Program