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(my_space) STYLE-steal freedom Ancient World map, $199, opus design co. Moby Dick bottle stopper by Jonathan Adler, $69.95 for set (includes whale), angelucci 20th century Butterfly chair, from $395,


A creative couple CAPTAIN THIS COSY COTTAGE WHO Decorator, property stylist and founder of Mollard Interiors ( Scott Mollard and his wife, Tess, womenswear designer at Ping Pong Clothing ( WHERE South Melbourne WHAT A traditional terrace gone rogue

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edited by katherine chatfield. words: carli philips. photography: derek swalwell

ScotT We found this place through a friend and have lived here for just over two years. It’s a classic little South Melbourne cottage – cute and small but functional. It was renovated when we moved in, so we didn’t make any major structural alterations – just cosmetic. A fireplace unit divides the kitchen and living areas, with two bedrooms branching off the central space. Double doors open onto a courtyard covered in red leaves and ivy. It’s beautiful in summer. As a decorator, I enjoy putting unique things on display for people to look at. Visitors are always commenting on our eclectic mix of bits and pieces. There are lots of collectables and knick-knacks I’ve accumulated over time, and a pretty strong pirate thing happening, too. Skulls, ships and maps are strewn everywhere. We sourced 60 of the pirate-ship kites hanging above the couch for our wedding in January; we had them flying in the air above us. A characteristic of every house I’ve ever lived in is Prince Woodie tennis racquets hanging on the walls. I just love the shape and have had all the colours custom-made. The plan is to build a new house some time next year, though, because we’re fast running out of space here. After 10 years in my family’s furniture business, Guest Hire, I went out on my own. We still collaborate through my company, Mollard Interiors. I do lots of commercial fit-outs and style houses before open-house inspections. I always use their stock; we’re a great team. Tess also grew up in the furniture industry, albeit with a different aesthetic. Her parents are antique dealers, so our place is a combination of old merged with my vibe, which is rooted in ’80s street. When Tess and I started dating, it was a clash of two different creative groups. We will always have different taste, but we’ve found a nice balance. It’s about compromise. Our place is organised chaos, but it’s homely and inviting. People like being here; they find it fascinating.

(clockwise from above) dining room Even though our place is small, we love entertaining and always manage to squeeze everyone around this table. PIRATE-table VIGNETTE I like colour-blocking. I’m a bit fanatical like that. BEDROOM This antique bed is a classic example of our worlds colliding. This room is completely different from the rest of the house. (from top) living area It’s a relaxed set-up with lots of fun decorative pieces. In summer, we hang out in the courtyard a lot. pet Our border-terrier puppy, Blossom. Knick-knacks Our friends know about my obsession with pirates, so we were very lucky and received some amazing nautical-themed gifts for our wedding.

i can’t live without…

NIKES I wore these to our wedding. They’re custom-made, with Tess’s initials on one shoe and our wedding date on the other.

PET PORTRAIT Robby Perkins has painted all Tess’s family dogs, so we’re carrying on the tradition.

SKATEBOARD This is an old-school Sims Staab skateboard from Fitzroy’s Hemley Skateboarding. My brother and I gave them to each other.

BLUE SKULL Another addition to the collection from the brilliant Prahran store Fenton & Fenton.

PLACEMATS These are from the amazing Shanghai Tang store in Hong Kong. We love their colour and quirkiness.

Herald Sun, Sunday Style, August 2013