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2013 || march Happy March! Here I am starting off the season by keeping a resolution I made to myself- to get this beautiful C10 Studio e-zine out again in 2013! For any of you who missed the first edition, you can view it HERE. Huge thanks to Nichole at Coral Pheasant for such a stunning e-zine design, yet again! How many of you are trying to keep the resolutions you made yourself a few short months ago – from the expected, but certainly helpful ones like getting healthier or doing more for your community to more personal resolutions like being more present and off-line? I take this time each year to really reflect and set my goals for the year, both personally and professionally. I even go so far as to print them out and put them in a binder, complete with images and bullet points and just general prettiness! It’s a motivator, I’ll be honest! I even wrote up a studio mission statement which I will review and tweak to make sure it really reflects what my studio is all about.


This past year has certainly brought about its share of pretty big and amazing changes for the studio! The biggest is perhaps our taking over the back end of the super talented photography studio RAW Photo Design. My studio management team here of Dominique, Andrew, Julie, Philitha, Jasmine and Rebecca offer an amazing customer service experience for my studio photographers which consists of me, Julie, Jasmine, Dave Noonan and now Jacob Bergmeier as well as for Eric and Amber of RAW Photo Design! It was always my dream to head some type of a photography co-op where a group of photographers can all just focus on what they are best at: taking pictures! Here I am, years later, living out this dream and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s to making this coming year the best one yet!


xo, ,,,

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Carla Ten Eyck Photography is run out of Carla’s childhood home in the historic West End of Hartford, Connecticut. The studio is a bustling beehive of activity and houses many of the inner workings of the studio – from the overall studio management of both Carla Ten Eyck Photography and RAW Photo Design to the editing. Everything is done here! Carla has four talented associate photographers on staff: Julie Morawski, Jasmine Balgobin, Dave Noonan and our newest addition, Jacob Bergmeier! All associates are booking weddings through the studio for the 2013 season.

Meetings at our Hartford, Connecticut studio are by appointment only. Call or email the studio to schedule one! Be sure to check out our latest adventures at


we travel world wide!



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dave noonan

julie morawski

Hey now! Originally from and still residing on the west side of Connecticut. Danbury to be exact. I am a Daddy to the most gorgeous twin girls on this planet. They are my favorite stand-up comedy team, and their middles names are Green and Blue. Coincidentally, their names match their eye color, cool huh?

Hey, I’m Julie. Lover of tea, nicknames, daisies, sunshine, honey whiskey, bad jokes and my dog Walter. I am a flower child at heart.

I’ve been photographing professionally for five years. I originally made a name for myself in the photo world with my landscape photography. Years later, I now enjoying fusing my ethereal landscape work with my portrait and wedding work and have found my unique niche.

shooting philosophy I consider my style to be a perfect blend of new school artistic and photojournalistic with an emphasis on catching the real moments. I strive to create bold compositions in all my images and pay great attention to light, both natural and created. When time allows, I love shooting with nontraditional techniques that other photographers would never even think of at a wedding such as long exposures, panoramas, night shots and unique lighting setups.


I am inspired by love, at it’s very sweetest. I have an eye for light and graceful compositions – that is my gift to you. I will be there when you hold each other’s hands and chuckle. As you straighten his bowtie. As you push her hair behind her ear and spin her on the dance floor. That is what I find to be most beautiful. I was born and raised in Connecticut and studied studio arts and psychology at Assumption College in Massachusetts. I lived out that way until I joined the studio last year and could not be happier to be a part of this loving, inspiring team!

shooting philosophy My shooting philosophy is all about capturing the beauty in natural moments, as they are happening without being intrusive. I like to catch fluttering eyelashes, genuine laughter and smiles. My style is eclectic, creative and artsy. I like to be different with my compositions, try new things and pretty details make me so, so happy. I like to have fun with my clients when I am shooting and hope you all feel the same!

Carla has four amazing associate photographers on staff at the studio, all with their own unique vision for your wedding day. See more of their work by visiting To set up an appointment call the studio at 860.906.1993 or email us at

jasmine balgobin

jacob bergmeier

My name is Jasmine but please call me Jazzy. I’m originally from Philly and I am free spirit, who LOVES food and travel and comes from a multi-cultural background that I hold dear to my heart. I’m happiest when I can help others in need; it makes my heart sing to give back. I began pursuing community arts in grade school and college. After college, I worked as a Community Muralist for ten years in Philadelphia and also as the Director of Community Arts in Camden, New Jersey, creating healing arts programs in prisons, hospitals and homeless shelters. I moved to Hartford from Philly and eventually joined the C10 studio as an associate – a place I consider my home away from home.

I fell deeply in love with photography while attending college 14 years ago. My photography professors guided my love for “street photography” (photographing interesting people and places) as well as documentary photography. I have photographed weddings in some of the most soughtafter venues in New York and Connecticut, most notably the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

shooting philosophy

Photography has always amazed me. How a photograph can completely compel you to feel like you are part of the moment. How something that in itself has no motion unless you physically move it, yet still can make you feel like it is in fact moving. How seeing two people in their most glorious state right after they have exchanged vows can make you feel the love that they share between them. And to be the one to create those images that will stand the test of time is the biggest honor a photographer can feel.

My shooting philosophy is inspired by a lesson my high school art teacher taught me in allowing artistic moments to reveal themselves instead of manufacturing them. I consider photographs as living stories that are filled with personal meaning and I find the process of capturing the delicate moments of people’s lives so humbling. I’m obsessed with the patterns light and colors create. The graceful arch of the neck or the lavender color of dusk, it’s all magic to me. My goal is that you see yourself, your family and your love reflected clearly and warmly in my lens.

I am family man. My wife Diana and daughter Lillian are my pride and joy. When I’m not creating images, I enjoy running, hiking, biking, cooking (but not cleaning up afterwards!) and reading.

shooting philosophy


Wedding the

making of a


Last year I had one of the most interesting experiences as a photographer in the wedding industry. I photographed the making of a wedding gown from the very first moment my bride, Mandi, tried the dress on, to the actual making of it on-site at Modern Trousseau in Connecticut, to Mandi wearing the gown for her destination wedding in Costa Rica! How many people can say they got to see, let alone document this process? My good friend and colleague, Beth Chapman from the White Dress by the Shore, and I were brainstorming the idea of photographing the making of a dress when we realized that we had the perfect bride in common. Our bride Mandi already had a White Carpet appointment scheduled at Beth’s boutique and I had already been hired to photograph


Mandi’s wedding in Costa Rica. The stars couldn’t have been more aligned if we tried! Callie, the head designer at Modern Trousseau, was more than happy to let us in to document how her gowns are made in the United States. In November I traveled down to Jaco, Costa Rica to photograph Mandi and Dan’s wedding. To see her gown, finished and in it's glory against the backdrop of the lush tropical rainforest was a true photographic score.





photography carla ten eyck ÂŤ dress wallice by modern trousseau via the white dress by the shore ÂŤ video vintage cinema


check out the


In a market saturated with photographers it’s sometimes hard to come up with innovative ways to show who you are and why you are different from the crowd. A few years back one of my clients showed me this amazing vendor, Georg Pedersen of Drawn Stories in New York. Georg takes the story of how you met (by taping your audio) and then combines his illustrations with your voice. It is one of the cutest and most clever things I have seen in a long time – I just loved it! But how could I have something like this?? I wasn’t engaged! I called Georg because I felt so passionately about what he was doing that I just had to share his talents with all of my clients! During our conversation we decided that I could in fact do a video based on the many facets of what I do at the studio! I was beyond excited!! I am so happy to share with you the first of six videos Georg made for my studio here! To contact Georg for your event go to


, o e d i v t s r i f e h t e To se ! e v o b a e g a m i e h t click




At most weddings I try to take a moment and grab an outside shot with my couple while the reception is winding down. There could be some crazy good light or just a cool nook we didn’t get to photograph during portraits. Each time I do this, my couple thanks me for taking them away for a moment to just catch their breath and take it all in! This image is from Lindsey and Kevin’s Madison Beach Hotel wedding this past summer.




n e a i k l i l i G and M Gillian and Mike’s New York City winter wedding was the best kind of adventure. Everything I photograph in New York is an adventure, there is so much possibility at every corner! Gillian had set me up for success at every point, so Andrew, Ryan and I were ready to roll from the word go! I am so happy they were smarties and decided to do a first look – a very good call for winter weddings since it gets dark out so early. The location for said first look? Park Avenue right in the middle of the median. Why the heck not? Gillian had also gotten the absolute coolest vintage cab – like EVER – for us to photograph in after the wedding. Andrew and I squished

in with them (oh yes, it is super-romantic to have your photographers so very close) and we are so glad we did! The traffic was nuts so we ended up scrapping our original location plan and I directed us to a spot with some Christmas lights. We pulled over and got great photos! Some of my favorites were just from when we were driving! The cherry on top has got to be courtesy of my girl Michelle at Pink Monkey Events... she secured rooftop access for some of the most epic images of my career! I want to snuggle these pictures!! Andrew and I captured such different images from here. What a way to tag team this opportunity!




andrew henderson


andrew henderson

photography carla ten eyck + andrew henderson « ceremony saint ignatius loyola, new york, new york « venue manhattan penthouse, new york, new york « coordinator pink monkey events « dress kenneth pool « shoes nina « bridesmaids dresses amsale « beauty mercedes of paragon « florist cress floral decorations « paper ceci new york « band / dj dan rosengard + band « video kaipo of 15 minutes of frame « vintage cab filmcars « cake bruno’s bakery


TAINA & ADAM khuds�, new yorkk



When I met Taina and Adam we just clicked. I think we spent two hours just talking and laughing in my studio like we were old friends catching up. When they hired me I felt like I had won a prize! They are two of the sweetest, most creative and real people I have met and photographing their wedding was something I looked forward to all year. When I arrived it was almost like a movie set met with real life: tons of colorful, dreamy and creative details mixed with some of the most colorful and amazing personalities! Everyone’s hearts were on their sleeves and no one cared when it started sprinkling! We had an outdoor ceremony too, but no one was worried! Mike and I had such a great time with everyone. Hands down, this was one of my favorite weddings ever!




mike romano









photography carla ten eyck + mike romano « venue oak hill, hudson, new york « coordinator experience events « dress ines de santo via bridal reflections « shoes vera wang « bridesmaids dresses dessy « florist landish studio « paper dingbat press « band / dj the groove shop « video vintage cinema « cake / catering oliver kita






This Nautical/Cowboy themed wedding was one of our very favorites. Not only was the couple truly adorable and full of personality, but the details were to die for! The bride arrived to the ceremony in her family’s boat and the feel of the day was so personal and gorgeous. The wedding included fun lawn games, lots of cowboy boots, a seafood feast featuring lobster and clam chowder and beautiful light.

mike romano



from sixpence for your shoe: In a boots and

boat shoes, beachy western sort of fête, Christina and Chris wed at her family’s community yacht club. From the first time we met, we knew this would be spectacular. Christina’s ideas were well solidified from nearly our first meeting, playing on coral and sea blue with vibrant navy and orange as accents. In the desire to keep their wedding intimate, personal and downright fun, details were infused throughout to conjure memories of home, youth and festivity. As guests arrived, they were greeted with pashminas to warm chilled shoulders, encouraged to leave their shoes and set their feet in the grass with a shoecheck station and offered a pre-ceremony beverage. A family friend married the couple under a seaside arbor, complemented by modern tunes played via a classic string ensemble. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds took a quick jaunt on Christina’s family boat, Grace, which had been adorned with yachting flags translating to “Just Married.” Christina and Chris’s focus was to deliver to their guests an upscale clambake experience that combined classic New England fare and down-home Texas bbq, representing each of their upbringings. The perfect fit was found with the incredible talents at Outdoor Cookers! From the raw bar to the pulled pork sliders, the cocktail hour was a hit, as guests played croquet and

corn hole, sipped cocktails through colorful silly straws and mingled about. Nautical touches in the rope knots on the cocktail tables and a beer bar in a small wooden dinghy added to the fun. Once inside the Pavilion, which gives the appearance of the interior of an old wooden boat, lanterns were strung, with table images attached, each a carefully crafted cut out of meaningful aspects of Christina and Chris as a couple. The tables were dressed with an aquatic themed linen and runner, pale blue irish linen napkins and buckets of goodies. The flowers were the perfect pop of color and texture to bring out the table top decor. Guests helped themselves to custom lobster bibs with the C&C logo on them, one which was repeated from the invitations through the reception details, adding cohesiveness to the entire event. The dessert bar carried the theme of classic New England treats with homespun touches: peach cobblers, cookies and a mini two-tiered carrot wedding cake that guests could not wait to try! The bridal party delighted guests with an unexpected line dance and had everyone on their feet cheering. The toasts by both fathers, as well as the friends, were sweet and sentimental, humorous and upbeat and just about perfect. Guests danced and danced the night away leaving everyone with unforgettable memories of Christina and Chris’s wedding celebration.


photography carla ten eyck + mike romano « venue dolphin cove clubhouse « event planning + design sixpence for your shoe « dress designed by bride « bridesmaids dresses asos « makeup donna puma « florist lisa eisenman-salley « paper erica keuter designs « strings millennium music « band one step ahead « cake fairway « catering outdoor cookers





coral pheasant stationery photography by carla ten eyck


When I first met Nichole it was as a potential client for her wedding a few years back. It was like we were meant to meet! Throughout her wedding process I gained so much professional respect for this creative and crazy talented soul! She designed her wedding from the smallest detail to the biggest and it was just FULL of personality and texture and quirky perfection. After her wedding, our relationship continued as I hired Coral Pheasant,

her design and stationery company to spruce up my site and logo. Nichole has taken my business, visually, into another galaxy! Once I saw what a perfect visual fit we were I had literally project after project for Nichole to help keep my branding consistent. She has designed everything for my studio from my logo and pricing PDF’s, to client books and thank you cards, to this here fine e-zine you all are reading! Blooop! I can’t recommend Nichole enough!! 651.261.7251



→ photography by julie morawski






{love}fest was a dream. An overwhelming amount of love and beauty. Leah and Jeff were filled with so much joy and it was clear that they surround themselves with tons and tons of love. It was so much fun to spend the day with these two cutie pies, and I wish {love}fest was every day! Julie Morawski


What happens when you pick your favorite people in the world and then invite them to spend a weekend with you on an island to play some kickball, eat a whole roast pig and get down on the dance floor? For us, these were the ingredients for an unforgettable weekend filled with smiles, love, and laughter. Oh, and we got hitched too! Leah Love


photography julie morawski « venue elihu island « event planner adrienne o’connor + team of ruffles and tweed « dress la fleur by anne barge « florist sayles livingston « band livewire ny « photobooth photobooth planet « caterer b + m catering company « tent sperry tents




|| anne and osa

Out of all these pictures you ask me to pick my favorite? Impossible… until I remembered this picture. This was the first picture you sent to us. It was our 'sneak peak' and both of our favorites. I remember waiting in the airport in Charlotte on our way to our honeymoon destination. They were calling us to board but we refused to u n t i l the picture loaded and we could see it. We were hovering over my cell phone screen, both trying to get the better angle. The internet in the airport was so slow and It took sooooooo long to load. Then, there it was, Osa and I, happier than we have ever been. The softness of the light, the vibrance of the flowers and my amazing husband… everything about this picture is incredible!” Anne Duberry





photography by jasmine balgobin 61




I flew out to the windy city to photograph a gorgeous wedding with a mosaic of beautiful elements! It was the marriage of two cultures, Filipino and Russian Orthodox, and two huge and charismatic families who love food and laughing together and have some killer dance moves! The groom is a chef and the bride a server who met at a restaurant they were working at. Their banquet tables were filled to the brim with local fresh foods and lots of homemade Filipino desserts. Everyone danced the night away at the stunning Salvage One, an old antique warehouse where every nook and cranny is filled with artistic creations. The true meaning of family came across so clearly on this day and warmed my heart. Jasmine Balgobin






from the gals at whim events and hartford prints!: When planning this photo shoot, we were

inspired by the warmth that a new marriage brings to a lifetime of family traditions. Many couples are looking for ways to create simple, yet meaningful, moments at their wedding and we love working with clients to bring those moments to life. We've learned that it's not the size of the wedding or lavish items that make a wedding


memorable and special, but the amount of heart the couple puts into it. Set at a cozy family cabin in the woods, we imagined that our couple, Luna and Helder, see the cabin as a special and intimate place of family dinners, food and drink shared by the fire and long and lively conversations. The vibe of the shoot is cozy, warm, intimate, simple, humble and homey. The colors are forest green, crimson, steel blue, charcoal and nutmeg.



proposal: We decided the shoot

should tell our couple's love story, so we planned their proposal, as well as their wedding weekend. We imagine that Helder takes Luna on a surprise hike near the cabin, where she unexpectedly finds a sweet and simple scavenger hunt he has planned. Little paper clues are left along the trail, leading them to the engagement site – a simple, winter's picnic! Amongst warm blankets and hot chocolate, glass ornaments hang from the trees and in one of them, the ring!




the wedding weekend: Naturally, the couple plans

their winter wedding at the cabin, an intimate and fun weekend for their closest friends and family to enjoy. The custom letterpress invitation, wrapped in stitched burlap, cleverly functions as both a book and a map, guiding guests to the wedding day. We saw the weekend as filled with joyous winter activities – a pancake breakfast, afternoon ice skating, an outdoor ceremony by the fire, a potluck dinner of family recipes, s'mores and cozy blankets – simple and meaningful ways to spend time together.





Following a day of activities, the ceremony is held outdoors in front of a large fire. The ceremony is sweet and casual, and guests stay warm in cozy blankets while drinking homemade glogg, a recipe of spiced wine made by the couple. Behind the ceremony hangs a large rosemary wreath and buckets of herbs. Luna carries a bouquet of herbs and daffodils.





After the ceremony, the group moves indoors, to a warm and glowing potluck dinner made from family recipes, as requested on the RSVP cards, and served on a buffet of cast-iron skillets and pots. Lanterns and dried herbs hang over the table to create a rustic and homey feel, while a chalkboard menu of each family recipe is displayed near the table. The tablescape is simple, adorned with herbs, greens, wine and good conversation. Each place setting has a linen napkin, tied together with twine, herbs and a cinnamon stick. The wedding favor, a bouquet garni of spices and a letterpress recipe card to make the family glogg, add a warm and thoughtful touch.




photography carla ten eyck « venue 286 tobacco street, lebanon, ct, for sale – contact matt st. amour at 860.803.4061 « event planning, floral + event design whim events « bridal gowns + bridesmaid dress flair brides maid « wardrobe styling hartford prints! « paper + event design hartford prints! « hair + makeup d.d. nickel « chalkboard signs cut. paste. love « antique rentals diamonds + rust « wedding rings + bride's necklace la perla jewelers


t a t i r B & Jos SIMSBU RY


an engagement shoot



h s 89

When planning our wedding, one of our priorities was the photographer. I discovered Carla's work and called the studio. After speaking with her on the phone I felt an instant connection. Soon thereafter my fiancé Josh and I met with Carla and it was a match made in heaven. Months later, we scheduled our engagement shoot. Prior to having our enngagement photos taken, Josh and I looked at the photos of other couples and tried to understand what we were going to take part in. We truly had no idea what to expect. Carla met us at my parents’ house in Simsbury and Josh and I decided to take her to the tobacco barns down the road. We all fell in love with the location. It was the most perfect day… the sun, the temperature, the backdrop… everything. We had picked out a handful of other places to visit after the barns but we were so content where we were that we decided to spend the majority of our shoot in the fields. Carla was so fun, encouraging and easy going. Josh and I became comfortable right away and had the best time. We left the shoot on cloud nine and couldn’t have asked for anything more. And then we saw the photos. They were perfect. Carla is a truly a spectacular talent! Britta and Josh








By far, my favorite types of weather is fog. We never seem to get enough of it here in New England. I try to do a Fall foliage tour in Vermont every year when I’m not shooting weddings. One year, I was blessed with heavy fog for the entire 60-hour tour of Vermont. It was a landscape photographer's dream to have such amazing atmosphere while the vivid colors of Fall were muted by the mist.


by dave noonan

I came across this scene somewhere off Route 100 in rural Vermont. When I hopped out of the car, I knew exactly how I was going to compose and capture this image. The entire scene was so gorgeous I had no choice but to shoot an ultra-wide angle, multi-image panorama. I set up my gear directly on the center line of the road and starting from the left, I began a series of photos sweeping to the right until I had captured a complete 180 degree panorama. I later stitched together all 14 of the photos to create the final image. While the color version captures the colors of autumn, I prefer the tones made evident in black and white. shot details iso 100, 20mm, f/8, ½ second exposure, 14 photo panoramic







This fall I had Andrew Henderson – one of my favorite local photographers and close friends – photograph me and my family. The obvious location was my current home with my kids. This is where I grew up and spent my entire childhood. About six years ago we moved in and renovated it after my Mom passed away. It represents my childhood in the best possible way. I grew up with two loving parents and a gaggle of siblings, animals and mostly happy chaos. My family has changed recently and it was really important for me to document this with someone who is like family to me. This allowed my kids and me to be comfortable and ourselves while Andrew photographed

us in our natural day-to-day environment. We played in the back yard, I cooked, the kids played in their rooms… just a normal day for us doing things that make us who we are. These are the memories that my kids, and I, will keep with us always. I made a decision to treat myself to a family portrait session at every big holiday. My session with Andrew was my gift to myself this Christmas. I’m already looking forward to my birthday and Mother’s Day! This is the best present I could ever give myself and I encourage everyone to do it too! Andrew, thank you so much for showing me my family in a way that I can’t see!







favorite moment This photograph is one of my favorite moments, ever. At the end of Cristina and Anthony’s wedding we were photographing in New York we were standing right outside of the reception hall packing up our gear. My assistant Greg saw our bride’s Grandfather kissing this bridal portrait of his wife, who had passed away. I had my back to him and didn’t see this but was blessed to have Greg quickly point it out. I immediately grabbed my camera and shot away, all while tears were welling up in my eyes. After I photographed this, Mike, Greg and I sat quietly reflecting on what we just witnessed with lumps in our throats. - carla ten eyck -