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Life happens. Nothing taught me that more than these past few months! This year has been riddled with the good, the bad, the awful and the amazing. I’ve connected with more people than I ever have in my life over the death of my close friend, employee and fellow photographer Eric Langlois. I have connected with my kids on such a deep and loving level, and am truly enjoying watching them evolve into little mini adults! I have had some of the most amazing experiences with my studio and traveled all over the world doing what I am meant to be doing – taking pictures of people and places and leaving my mark with everyone I meet! See, that’s really what it’s about. What’s your legacy? What will you leave behind when you go? Losing someone made me take stock of where I was in my life – who I was spending time with, what I was doing, what mark I would leave behind. It re-calibrated my compass. Now I embrace my life and all of its challenges. I make time for my friends. I am taking my camera out all of the time. Taking pictures of the seemingly non-moments and remembering my life and those in it. This makes me cherish what I do so much more. To have the ability to document my life and others’ and show everyone that we were here. Life happens. Embrace it!


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Carla Ten Eyck Photography is run out of Carla’s childhood home in the historic West End of Hartford, Connecticut. The studio is a bustling beehive of activity and houses many of the inner workings of the studio – from the overall studio management of both Carla Ten Eyck Photography and RAW Photo Design to the editing. Everything is done here! Carla has four talented associate photographers on staff: Julie Morawski, Jasmine Balgobin, Dave Noonan and Jacob Bergmeier. All associates are booking weddings through the studio for the 2014 season.

Meetings at our Hartford, Connecticut studio are by appointment only. Call or email the studio to schedule one! Be sure to check out our latest adventures at


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The Ritz Carlton | | d o r a d o b e a c h , p u e r t o r i c o


from amber’s mom, loren ridinger of “Yesterday was the most perfect day and after

a week in Puerto Rico finalizing all the details of Amber and Duane’s Royal Wedding with celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey, April 6 2013 will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts. With 175 guests including La La Anthony, Khloe Kardashian, the Pippens, Eva Longoria, Maxwell, Fat Joe, Marc Anthony and Mary J. Blige dancing the night away in a fairytale-inspired theme, the night couldn’t have been more beautiful.”


With less than a week before the wedding, I got a call by my industry friend Kathy Romero who works with celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey to see if I was available to come to Puerto Rico to shoot some details! Um. You bet I was! We flew to Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico for the wedding of the year at the Ritz Carlton and shot our hearts out till 4:00 AM! And let me tell you about these details...! They were over the top, off the hook and beyond anything I could even imagine in my dreams! At one point I was standing under the wisteria covered ceiling where the ceremony was talking about how amazing the location was and someone said ‘You know you are standing on the pool right now. We covered it up and built this whole ceremony structure!’ Ok! I can roll with just about anything and truly am not fazed by shooting the most low budget wedding in the most random location or by the most high end over the top wedding in a tropical location! It makes it even easier when your clients are so down to earth! Working with Kathy Romero was a dream She was the Queen Bee taking care of business and getting stuff done! We zipped around in her golf cart from location to location making sure stuff was in order for the big day! And man, oh MAN was it! The day ran as smooth

as silk – we had the best weather and despite there being 8 photographers and 4 videographers (yes, you heard that right!) by the end of the night when Mary J. Blige came on we were all cuddled up singing and laughing and sharing shooting spots and just had the most amazing time together working for our clients! Adam Alex was the main event shooter hired by Amber and Duane, and was such a gentleman to work alongside. I adored him and his gregarious second shooter who was from Greece (I think!) We swapped stories in the green room back stage during a shooting break and laughed the rest of the night into the morning! The highlight was watching the performance of Mary J. from the front row and singing alongside her. Little did she know I was her back up singer just in case she got tired and stuff! Girl I had your back! The spontaneous singing by guests like Marc Anthony and Fat Joe were pretty crazy as well! My biggest regret: not doing my infamous torso trick with Scottie Pippen during dinner! If the music were lower I would have totally asked him to do it and TOTALLY SMOKED HIM! That guy is ALL LEGS! Next time, Scottie, next time! :)











photography carla ten eyck, julie morawski, andrew henderson + paul mcnerney « venue the ritz carlton, dorado beach puerto rico « event designer/day of coordination preston bailey « gown custom made by j’aton couture of australia « bride’s shoes custom christian louboutin « florist preston bailey « band/ dj mary j. blige, maxwell, fat joe « videography ray roman films « diamonds jacob the jeweler




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earlier this year we lost a close friend, mentor,

employee and all around amazing person. Eric Langlois of RAW Photo Design, was searching for his bike he lost in a fall the previous day and never came home. After a massive search with hundreds of volunteers, his body was found a week later. Eric was more than just a photographer. He was a loving, sarcastic and crazy funny husband, friend, practical joker, son, brother and father. He wore skinny jeans when I wasn’t sure if they were cool or not. He loved short sleeved plaid shirts. He actually owned a Canadian flag unitard and was caught on camera once actually wearing it. With a Darth Vader mask. Professionally, Eric was a very sought after photographer and teacher. He had so much passion for photography. A self-taught photographer, he took care in what he learned so that he was the best he could be and quickly became a leader in our industry. His dedication to teaching was evident in his sold out workshops and huge student following. His work was edgy, different and not what everyone else was doing, and that was exactly how he wanted it. Eric and I were bonded in our grief from losing our Mothers. I was his grief-guide. Told him all of the insider secrets that no one really tells you when you lose your Mom. I told him to drop everything and spend every last minute with her. That once she is gone, well, she is gone. There is no going back. Eric took my advice, thankfully. He spent as much time with his Mom as he could. He loved her with every spare space in his big heart until the moment that she left this world. As I watched Eric eulogize his Mom I am brought to a day where I saw my dear friend at his most vulnerable. He let us all in to that moment when she passed away, with him cradling her in her bed, singing a song that she used to sing to his children. It was at that moment that I vowed to always be there for him and protect him no matter what. In friendship and in business. Anything he needed I would do. And so our friendship grew deeper

and deeper over the years. Today I know that he knew there was nothing I would not do for him, whether he liked it or not. I was his Momma Bear. Everyone had their own relationship with Eric. Some were based on strings of completely inappropriate texts that would have you howling with laughter. OK most were! Some relied on Eric for his expertise in one area or another, from off camera lighting to synching stupid BusyCal with ShootQ (this was a huge part of our relationship) He was the undisputed master of this! Other people would bond with Eric over being a very busy Dad and how to balance work and kids and really be present for your family. For me, Eric helped me in my own grieving process with my Mom, which is ironic since here I am now grieving him. The lesson in this? Eric knew loss. He celebrated life, he knew to love hard, forgive easy and spend every spare second with his family and those that mattered most. A few years back Eric and I were at a workshop where one of the exercises was to write your obituary. He was one of two people who had the courage to read his aloud. I remember laughing so hard because he was funny as hell! But I also remember sobbing my eyes out when he spoke about his kids and saw how emotional he was while talking about what he wished for his family. What little peace I can find in this whole ordeal is that Eric helped unite a community and gave us all the opportunity to feel true, real, hard love. Whether we knew him intimately or casually or not at all. His passion for his work, his friends and his family united us all on our quest to find him and bring him home. While our lives are moving on and this all becomes something awful that happened to us back in June, I don’t want anyone to forget the spirit of community that rose high above this tragedy. Stay connected. Don’t fade back into the walls of your own lives. TAKE PICTURES. Even if it’s with your iphone. Even if it’s only instagramming them. Do it. Find the humor in everything. -Carla Ten Eyck-

to donate to the family directly, please follow this link to the 23

Tyrone Farm Pomfret Center, Connecticut


Kristen + Dave tyrone farm, pomfret, connecticut

On the first day of June, Kristen and Dave, along with their family and friends, gathered at beautiful Tyrone Farm to celebrate their love. The stage was set with vibrant summer colors of pinks and peaches, lots of beautiful flowers, twinkling lights and fire pits all nestled in this sweet farm setting. But most of all, the energy of the day was filled to the brim with sincere and wonderful emotion. It's weddings like these that get me choked up behind my camera. It feels so genuine and magical to be celebrating that kind of love, whether you’ve know the couple for years or not. This was a day to be celebrated, and I felt honored to be witness to it.



mike romano





photography jasmine katz « venue tyrone farm, pomfret center, connecticut « event coordinator traci parath « dress bridal trousseau « makeup moda ttudio « florist kristen seligman « dj jeffery misner « bar tender two pour guys



C10 FAVE IMAGE Seriously? This is SO Peter and Stacey. So perfect. So off beat. So THEM! I love showing the real, approachable side to my clients! I love knowing how obsessed with Halloween they are, or that Peter is a master at zombie makeup or that they are both certified CPR instructors! And especially I love how hard it was to keep a straight face all day because we laughed so much! •••

photographer carla ten eyck flowers datura: a modern garden beauty dana bartone + co.


Kristen and Adam Water's Edge Resort WESTBROOK




Meet Kristen and Adam. My first thoughts upon meeting them were that they were just such a delightfully sweet and classy couple; and I was right. You know when you first meet a couple and you can just feel their love? Well, that totally happened. Kristen is such a stunning bride, which is instantly apparent when you scroll down in a minute, and Adam completes this duo with a good dose of debonair charm. Kristen and Adam had their beautiful seaside ceremony on the beach at Water’s Edge Resort in Westbrook, Connecticut. The weather was perfect, the mood was light, and the party was hopping. Kristen’s amazing dress was designed by Anne Barge and purchased from The White Dress by the shore. Here is a look at some of the highlights of their day.







photography dave noonan + mike romano « venue waters edge resort, westbook, connecticut « dress anne barge via the white dress by the shore « hair megan bienkowski for tracy and company « florist ashleigh’s garden



The White Dress by the shore photography by carla ten eyck



Once of my most favorite vendors to refer to my brides is hands down the super sweet boutique The White Dress by the shore in Clinton, Connecticut. It’s run by one of the most stylish ladies in the business, Miss Beth Chapman. We have shared dozens of brides and collaborated on many editorial shoots all over the world! Beth brings her experience from being the Vice President of Ann Taylor to running this successful boutique that caters to brides, mothers of the bride and groom and even has a separate space for bridesmaids to check out dresses and accessories! • 860.669.4596 • 104 east main street, clinton, conn.




BB 2

BRIDE TO BRIDE ADVICE After the nerves have settled take a moment to take a step back and observe. Relish in the beautiful day you and your loved one have created. You'll notice the incredible amount love and support that surrounds you. This is a day of love, laughter, memories and bliss.Take it all in! This is a moment every married couple must experience and was our favorite of the day. Enjoy it. Live it. Love it. -Ashley DesRocher-






There are a whole bunch of things in this world that make me happy, and a sweet backyard farm wedding is one of them. On a warm day in June, I arrived at Kirk’s family farm, where the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Caroline and Kirk were getting hitched. I can’t say enough about these two. They were kind, laid back and so very much in love. I’m talking like, big time cuties. The day was joyful, and beautiful and just, well, just look.





photographer julie morawski « venue family farm « event coordinator teresa coffee « dress nicole miller via everthine bridal salon « florist thames river greenery + amazing friends + family « band that’s what she sang « dj john wilson « bar tender gordon’s yellow front « tent + rentals rhode island rentals


TURNING marking a milestone

big easy style via instagram





Turning 40 seems like a big deal! I embraced it and had the best time dragging this milestone birthday out as long as humanly possible! I decided to treat myself to a trip to one of my favorite cities in the world – New Orleans – where my cousin Elke grew up and is now the unofficial ambassador of NOLA, for me and my friends anyway! My college friends Mary and Jaime came from Atlanta and Wichita respectively, and my colleague Nikki was in town for a wedding in NOLA from Connecticut (perfect timing!) and my OG bestie from before I had boobs Miss Susannah came down as

well! It was a hunt for the perfect Bloody Mary and grits from day one! And the best Happy Hour! We hit up all of the favorite local spots and had the world’s best dinner at Clancy’s! And although I loathe the word muffuletta I sure as shit loved eating one from Central Grocery on Decatur! Hot diggity DOG is that sammy good! Port of Call has the best burgers in the universe and there are stores dedicated to only daiquiris where you can buy a gallon in a myriad of flavors! Yep. It’s like they WANT you to have a drinking problem! Well I had a great time and will find any excuse to go back!

To see what’s rocking our world on the daily, follow the C10 studio crew on Instagram C10: @c10ike | Jue: @juliemorawski | Jazzy: @jazzykatz78 | Nooners: @modern_fotographic | Jake: @jacobbergmeier



R RETRO LOVE from whim events: event planning, event + floral design : The inspiration for this

shoot came from our culture’s love of nostalgia. A longing for a simpler time‌ all-American happiness, when all anyone needed was their happy family, a hula hoop and jello mold to have a little fun at a party. Back then, simple family picnics were a given, pop music was changing the world and fashion was bright, colorful and revolutionary. We see its influence today, with our obsession with all things Mad Men. And in weddings today, our clients always ask us for ways to design warm and nostalgic elements to meld the past and present.



We wanted this shoot to reflect the merge of culture and nostalgia. So, in the design, we aimed for 1950s simplicity with a modern and playful twist. We imagined this shoot as a rehearsal dinner/ welcome party. Tucked in the woods of Essex, Massachusetts at the Essex Conference Center and Retreat, the venue is the perfect place for a outdoor party and wedding. The colors used throughout the shoot were inspired by 1950's fashion and interior design: mustard yellow, teal, orange, black, white, bright pops of red and vintage floral patterns. Inspired by textile and graphic designs from the 1950s, the letterpress wedding paper is a playful twist on a midcentury aesthetic. Hartford Prints! used vintage ViewMaster cards to print an interactive rehearsal dinner invitation, while channeling '50s decor to design a swatch book style wedding invitation. Held together by a brass fastener, each piece is elegantly letter pressed, adding a gorgeous texture and vintage feel to the package. Colors of charcoal, dark cyan, raspberry, and a light mustard work with retro fonts and patterns, creating an invitation suite that is vibrant and fun!





A signature cocktail menu, made with love and nostalgia from alphabet magnets on chalkboard, gave a sly nod to the whimsy of childhood and the ubiquity of good design. Other details included custom paper straws, wrapped in graphic patterns, and a fun and celebratory paper crown for the winner of the Baggo tournament. Overall, the wedding paper is a lovely interpretation of smart design made modern. Hive – New England’s only traveling airstream bar and lounge – was the perfect vintage space for the party goers to drink and relax. The mixologists of Hive created a custom drink menu, a delicious throwback to the era. They created variations of classic drinks inspired by icons of the era – Elvis, studebaker and the ever popular sloe gin fizz. And, the punch bowl was

the ultimate welcome drink. Music of Fats Domino and Buddy Holly rang through the speakers. The picnic table scape was set upon rustic wood slabs and decorated with multicolored snapdragons in midcentury hobnail vases. Bright pink begonias decorated spaces. Candles lined with 1950s family photos flickered to keep the nostalgic feeling alive. And what 1950s picnic didn't feature simple homemade goodness – a BBQ, a jello mold and some deviled eggs?! Mom's favorite. In addition to the decor, we created a game nook and a “drive in” where party goers could watch old family movies and romantic classic film reels. We hope the design of this shoot inspires you to add a little bit of 1950's nostalgia to your wedding or welcome party!




from beth chapman of the white dress by the shore: fashion: Styling this shoot was such a treat.

Working with the vintage fashion was so refreshing and fun! The main ‘bridal inspired’ look for the shoot was a vintage inspired tea length dress, appropriately called, “Wonderful Tonight”, from Ivy and Aster. The dress was paired with blue patent shoes from Chromatic Gallerie and mid-century vintage earrings and hair brooch by The Something Collection. Keeping with the more laid back feel of the shoot, the groom wore a blue seersucker J. Crew suit and blue suede oxfords with Target that had a touch of whimsy with their red sole. The bride and groom’s ‘maids’ were outfitted in dresses from J. Crew and Jenny Yoo, with jewelry from The Something Old


Collection and colorful shoes from Chromatic Gallerie. For the more casual look of the day, we channeled Mad Men and conjured up what Betty and Don Draper would wear on a picnic. The “bride” was styled in an authentic floral vintage dress from the 1950’s with vintage earrings from The Something Old Collection and emerald suede shoes from Chromatic Gallerie. The “groom” was more relaxed in a green checked short-sleeve shirt provided by the stylist, J. Crew kackis and blue suede oxfords from Target. We styled the bridal party in a playful way with dresses by Ivy and Aster and Coren Moore and J. Crew checked shirt and Nantucket red kackis. The playful attire complimented the rustic setting and helped add to the air of whimsy that surrounded this shoot!

photography carla ten eyck « venue the essex conference center + retreat, essex, massachusetts « event planning, floral + event design whim events « fashion styling beth chapman of the white dress by the shore « paper hartford prints! « makeup d.d. nickel « hair catie bane of catie + amy « airstream bar + custom drinks hive events « video jim altieri’s vintage cinema « rentals be our guest party rental, diamonds + rust « signage, fabric pennants, table scape rentals vintage game rentals « structure design + build strawberry small works studio « catering john hendron catering






|| nicole and mike

This picture captured the emotions of a 15 year relationship finally ending up like it should. The picture brings us back to that moment, right after the ceremony, where there was nothing but love and happiness. Having all our special guests present in the picture represents all the support we have received through the years. This picture fills our hearts with joy; and brings a smile to our faces, remembering that our love story made it to our dream day. This picture will always hold a special place in our hearts to make us relive such an incredibly happy time in our life. -Nicole Martinelliphotographer carla ten eyck ÂŤ venue sandals grande st. lucian, st. lucia ÂŤ dress the white dress by the shore ÂŤ beauty amy fiordilysi of catie + amy





from sarah: While I had been super psyched

about our wedding photos from the moment I met Carla, I was always a bit uneasy about our engagement photos. The idea of an engagement shoot always seemed a bit odd to me; frolicking in a meadow looking longingly at one another was just never my steez. I have allergies, Mike's from the Bronx. Open fields are not so much our thing. Nonetheless, I knew that we should take advantage of the opportunity and we signed up for the eShoot anyway. I can't even tell you how incredibly happy I am that we made that decision!!!!



After struggling a bit with where we wanted our shoot to take place, whether or not we wanted a theme, etc., I had a seed of an idea a few days before the shoot that maybe we could do an Old Hollywood theme. I called Carla to run the idea by her (hoping that she wouldn't think I was completely out of my mind) and before I could even finish the word “Hollywood” she was totally gushing over the idea with me. She immediately began pouring out ideas for the perfect location, obsessing over our wardrobe plans, and throwing out a few f-bombs here and there out of pure excitement. In an instant, I went from being nervous about what I thought might be a pretty awkward experience - to being over the moon excited about what came to be the one of the BEST DAYS EVER! Fast forward to the shoot day, Mike and I arrived at our location and Carla was there ready to go. She instantly put us at ease, and told us not to worry – that she'd tell us where to go, where to look, and what to do. We started with a few solo shots of one another which really helped to acclimate each of us to being in front of the camera. A few camera snaps and a couple of jokes and belly laughs later… I truly felt like I was just hangin' with my man and a friend in a pretty dress in


a gorgeous place just having the time of my life. Carla would get SO excited about every single shot she took of us, her passion and love for photography was palpable through the whole session. It was also incredible to see how comfortable Mike was in front of the camera. Don't get me wrong… he's a ham if I've ever known one and is NEVER afraid to be the center of attention. Just not in the posed photos type of way. But the way that he and Carla hit it off that day truly made him not only feel comfortable, but pumped about the pictures we were taking! It was fun for me to see him transform in the moment that day. In that way, I think that Carla allowed Mike and I to see sides of each other that we've never seen before. Who knew a 6'4 Italian guy from the Bronx could transform into a debonaire 1940’s heart breaker?! The real treat came when Carla posted a “sneak peek” of our shoot pictures. O.M.G. Going through those photos was unreal. We obsessed over ALL of them. Our friends and family were blown away by how gorgeous the photos are, how different they are from other ePhotos they've seen, and how totally “us” the pictures are. Even months later, we continue to get comments from friends about how much they love photos. We know that these will be images that we'll treasure forever, and something we can use to prove to our kids someday that Mom and Dad really were cool and attractive once.



from mike: In my mind the only thing worse than stand-

ing and posing for hours in a suit would be to have a root canal. Actually a root canal isn't really that bad‌ well that's a discussion for another time. I had terrible anxiety prior to the shoot. Being a dentist I found myself practicing my smile over and over in front the mirror. Anyone that has seen my Instagram knows I only take photos with a stupid look on my face. Now I was going to have to pose and be serious. This was going to be painful The moment I arrived in Hartford it was evident that I couldn't be more wrong! Carla explained her vision for the photos and some ideas she planned to try that day. As soon as we began shooting I felt totally at ease. Carla would take a moment and check the lighting, lens, etc and then just give us some simple instructions. After the first few photos Sarah and I really started to have some fun with it. There are probably many photos Carla could not use because we were laughing so much. Before I knew it we were done and the two hours felt like 15 minutes. On that day I gained an appreciation for how much of an art form photography is. Angles, lighting, distance, shadows, who knew all this was accounted for in a simple picture. I was blown away when I first saw the photos. It is impossible to count all the compliments we received on the photos. Sarah looked stunning in every photo. It was a great reminder to me why I'm marrying her. (Just kidding! Damn I'm in trouble now.) Carla even managed to make me look good and now I can't wait until our wedding photos. Our engagement shoot was a great day filled with fun, laughs, maybe a few drinks and now we have amazing pictures to remember it by forever. Â

photography carla ten eyck beauty dana bartone + co.



After over 3 years of editorial shoots all over the world, I, along with my great friends and colleagues Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore and Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events are so excited to announce the release of our book The White Dress: In Color, Wedding Inspirations for the Modern Bride in stores now! This book is the culmination of years of hard work shooting things we loved, that were beautiful and that we wanted to share with brides and grooms as inpiration for their own weddings! Maybe not getting in a waterfall with a horse‌ but maybe!Â

Planning a wedding offers many beautiful opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered. To help inspire couples and ignite a creative spark, The White Dress in Color is filled with photographs that celebrate the creative spirit through beautiful bridal stories and innovative planning tips from industry experts. Follow each tale as it unfolds in gorgeous on-location photography, and then go behind the scenes where tips and ideas on color palette, textures, flowers, stationery, and, of course, the dress, are revealed. From rustic barn settings to industrial loading docks to tropical beaches, this journey covers thousands of wedding planning ideas in 200+ images and is an ideal source of inspiration for couples looking for a muse to foster creativity throughout their wedding planning process.



Kate & Chris 86



from the bride, kate: I cry every time I look at Carla's

photos of our wedding. Each image is so incredibly beautiful. Everyone told me before the wedding to “enjoy every moment, it goes by so fast… it's a blur”. The wedding was a blur of the best day of our lives. Through Carla's breathtaking photos I can relive every special emotion and moment from our big day. Carla did such a phenomenal job of capturing all the details, emotions, excitement, bliss and love in a completely unique and stunning way. When I look at the pictures tears roll down my face because I can't believe I am viewing my own wedding photos. They couldn't be more perfect. I've seen so many typical wedding photos and poses and these absolutely blow them out of the water.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Carla on a wedding photo shoot way before I was even engaged. I knew the day I met her I wanted her to photograph my wedding. She is such a warm, hysterically funny, sweetheart on top of being a complete photographic genius. Her immense talent and incredible eye were obvious from the start. Having her at our wedding was such a treat. She found the best places, light, timing and special moments to capture our love and happiness. My husband is not as comfortable in front of the camera as I am but you could never tell, he looks like my male model counter part in the photos! We felt so at ease with Carla it was like we were just hanging out with one of our lifelong friends at our wedding.


I have absolutely no idea how I am going to narrow down the photos into my favorites for the album, they are just all so stunning. My favorite part about the pictures is that they transport me back to the most magical moments of our most special day. I can see and feel the raw emotion and beauty in each image. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have the most amazing photographs to share with everyone I love and to look back on for the rest of our life together. The photos are magical. I am over the moon ecstatic about each and every one of them!









photography carla ten eyck + andrew henderson « venue the singing beach club, manchester, massachusetts « day of coordination north shore weddings by ana « dress monique llhuilier « bride’s shoes jimmy choo « makeup bre welch « hair michael albor « florist the singing flower « paper soiree andover






photography carla ten eyck « fashion beth champman of the whte dress by the shore « beauty yoshi


Photographed on location in Paris


as seen on


Style Me Pretty • Oh So Beautiful Paper • 100 Layer Cake • Green Wedding Shoes


June 2-5, 2013 • Inn on Biltmore Estate • Ashville, North Carolina




For the past two years I have attended the exclusive and opulent Engage! conferences twice a year in such exciting destinations as Las Vegas at the Mandarin Oriental, The Breakers in West Palm Beach, Florida and The Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina. To say I am looking forward to the next conference this coming December at the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona is the understatement of the year! Engage! is a conference that caters to high end event designers, planners, florists, stationers and photographers who go there for inspiration, guidance and to learn and grow with their peers in the industry. In my own words, I liken my Engage! experience to ‘summer camp for wedding professionals’ and know that most everyone who goes agrees! I have had the pleasure of meeting so many talented vendors turned friends who I am now working with! So you can imagine my delight when Katherine called and asked me to join their photography team for the Biltmore Engage and document the experience while attending. What an incredible honor to show all of my peers how I saw this over the top event! The documentary team consisted of myself and Andrew Henderson from my studio, alongside Allan Zepeda from New York and Jeremie Barlow from North Carolina. On

video we had Laurie and Matt from I Do Films in Chicago and Julie Hill of Elysium Productions in LA. What a team we were! We had the best time photographing all of the over the top details and locale, not to mention the attendees! The last night of Engage! is always a blow-out gala, where even Rececca and Katherine, the organizers, get surprised by what the planners, designers, florists and all vendors do at our host venue for the event! The Biltmore was the perfect setting for a Gatsby inspired event, and man oh MAN was it over the top with the opulence, grace and beauty! Elan Artists provided the evenings entertainment and had burlesque dancers and fire throwers who performed throughout the night! I didn’t eat much as you can imagine, since I could not put my camera down there was so much to shoot! Unless you count the 20 oysters I ate in one five minute sitting in between entertainment! Here is a small sampling of what I photographed from the welcome gifts and swag to the Ted style lectures to the crazy fun parties! It felt like a whirlwind and looking back through the images here it makes me so excited to see all of my friends again in December if not before!







tenting, flooring + lighting classic event rental « floral design karen tran floral « floral support for karen tran blossoms at biltmore park « chandeliers signature chandeliers « furniture + linen nuage designs « entertainment: elan artists presents carte blanche, vintage burlesque + cabaret, ray jarrell entertainment « fireworks pyrotechnico « gala logo + event accessories gifts for the good life « photo booth love life images « french press coffee royal cup « custom aisle runner into biltmore house the original runner company

111 • 860.906.1993