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Caring Ma)ers  Now  is  working  in  partnership  with  Charity  Challenge  to  offer   companies  a  unique  opportunity  to  improve  company  success,  whilst   demonstra=ng  great  Corporate  Social  Responsibility.      Whatever  your  profession,  improving  the  dynamics  of  your  staff  will  have   a  big  impact  on  the  success  of  your  business.                                                                   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  is  offering  companies  a  once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐life  =me  experience           for  employees  through  CMN  Challenges.  

WHAT ARE  CMN  CHALLENGES?   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  Challenges  consist  of  once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐life-­‐=me  experiences,  such  as   treks,  bike  rides,  mountain  climbs,  raMing,  dog  sledding,  skiing  and  community   challenges  in  over  30  countries  worldwide.    All  challenges  are  organized  through   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  and  Charity  Challenge,  who  are  the  world’s  leading  fundraising   challenge  company  and  organise  over  100  expedi=ons  each  year.  

WHY ARE  CMN  CHALLENGES  IMPORTANT?   Team  building  is  part  of  a  psychological  discipline  called  organisa=onal  psychology.   CMN  Challenges  offers  unique  team  building  opportuni=es  for  corporate  companies   which  results  in  groups  of  employees  becoming  be)er  equipped,  mo=vated,  inspired   and  determined  to  achieve  within  the  working  environment.                       The  challenges  offered  are  once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐life=me  opportuni=es,  which  can  be  used  to   determine  strong  points  in  an  individual  employee’s  personality,  such  as  leadership   skills.  This  can  benefit  the  individual  by  giving  them  greater  job  sa=sfac=on  &  the   opportunity  to  progress  to  their  full  poten=al  as  their  strengths  are  highlighted.    It  is   proven  that  the  challenges  offered  to  corporate  companies  are  a  far  be)er  way  to   have  efficient  and  effec=ve  workers.

Job sa=sfac=on  is  an  important  part  of  a  person's   employment.  Feeling  worthwhile,  part  of  a  team  &   having  a  sense  of  achievement  within  the  working   environment  are  essen=al  elements  to  happiness.           These  feelings  can  mo=vate  a  workforce  &  ensure             they  are  at  their  most  produc=ve,  &  in  turn,  this   a^tude  will  mo=vate  their  colleagues.  Working  on  the   premise  that  happy  staff  are  produc=ve  staff,   companies  oMen  find  that  team-­‐building  challenges   posi=vely  affect  the  produc=vity  of  individuals,  teams   &  the  company.       Team  building  also  benefits  the  team  as  a  whole.   When  people  who  rarely  work  together  are  forced  to   communicate,  they  can  discover  that  they  enjoy  the   interac=on  and  con=nue  to  network  and  bond  with   different  people  back  at  the  work  place.  Those  who   previously  may  not  have  been  ge^ng  along  will  have   to  forget  their  differences  in  order  to  overcome  an             obstacle  and  their  dislike  is  diminished  as  they  work   together  for  a  common  goal.      

10 Reasons  for  CMN  Charity  Challenges  

1. Improving  communica=on   2.  Making  the  workplace  more  enjoyable   3.  Mo=va=ng  a  team   4.  Ge^ng  to  know  each  other   5.  Ge^ng  everyone  "onto  the  same  page",  including  goal  se^ng   6.  Teaching  the  team  self-­‐regula=on  strategies   7.  Helping  par=cipants  to  learn  more  about  themselves:  strengths  &  weaknesses   8.  Iden=fying  and  u=lizing  the  strengths  of  team  members   9.  Improving  team  produc=vity   10.  Prac=cing  effec=ve  collabora=on  with  team  members   Team  Building  encourages  the  improvement  of  Interpersonal  Skills  such  as:     communica=on,  nego=a=on,  leadership,  and  &  mo=va=on.

ABOUT CARING  MATTERS  NOW   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  is  a  charity  suppor=ng  children  and  adults  with  a  rare,                           life-­‐threatening  syndrome  called  Congenital  Melanocy=c  Naevus.    Over  the  past  4   years  Caring  Ma)ers  Now  has  worked  in  conjunc=on  with  Charity  Challenge  to  raise   funds  to  support  the  CMN  medical  research  at  Great  Ormond  Street  Hospital.                         Congenital  Melanocy=c  Naevus  is  a  rare  condi=on  with  very  li)le  being  known  about   it,  resul=ng  in  sufferers  feeling  very  isolated.    Therefore,  Caring  Ma)ers  Now  is   commi)ed  to  not  only  funding  the  CMN  medical  research  at  Great  Ormond  Street   Hospital,  but  to  also  suppor=ng  sufferers  and  their  families.         Caring  Ma)ers  Now  started  the  CMN  challenge  programme  to  help  raise  funds     for  CMN  medical  research  and  suppor=ng  CMN  sufferers,     as  well  as  raising  the  profile  of  the  condi=on.      

The first  CMN  Challenge  took  place  in  October  2011,  when  a  team  of  19  trekkers  climbed  Mount   Kilimanjaro.    The  team  included  business  men  and  woman,  including  the  former  CEO  of   Liverpool  Football  Club  Rick  Parry.    As  a  result  of  the  Kilimanjaro  challenge  success,  Caring   Ma)ers  Now  has  started  offering  CMN  challenges  to  corporate  companies,  which  support  their   Corporate  Social  Responsibility  programme.       As  a  small  charity,  Caring  Ma)ers  Now  relies  fully  on  funding  raised  through  sponsored  events   and  direct  dona=ons  from  supporters.    Caring  Ma)ers  Now  would  not  func=on  without  donated   funds.    For  this  reason,  Caring  Ma)ers  Now  organises  the  CMN  Challenges  in  partnership  with   Charity  Challenge.      

WHY CHOOSE  CMN  CHALLENGES?   In  a  rather  large  nutshell...     Des9na9ons   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  currently  have  challenges  in  more  than  30   countries  worldwide  in  Africa,  Asia,  the  Caribbean,  Europe,  the   Americas  the  Arc=c  and  the  antar=c.     Ac9vi9es   The  types  of  challenge  Caring  Ma)ers  Now  offer  are  equally   varied.  You  can  push  yourself  to  the  limits  by  trekking,   mountain  climbing,  cycling,  dog  sledding,  sky  diving,  kayaking,   white  water  raMing,  skiing  or  snowshoeing.     Responsible  tourism   Charity  Challenge  leads  the  market  in  terms  of  responsible   opera=on.  They  ensure  that  the  local  communi=es  in  the  host   country  benefit  directly  from  our  challenges.  All  of  our   expedi=ons  create  employment,  contribute  to  the  local   economy  and  inject  funds  into  vital  community  projects.     Flexibility   Caring  Ma)ers  Now,  working  in  partnership  with  Charity   Challenge,  offers  ten  different  types  of  ac=vity,  over  30   countries,  three  levels  of  difficulty  (challenging,  tough  and   extreme),  three  payment  op=ons,  a  wide  range  of  challenge   dura=ons  and  more  than  120  departure  dates  per  year.  

The Charity  Challenge  Team   Charity  Challenge  is  made  up  of  people  who  have  trekked,  climbed,  biked  and  built,  fundraised,  organised   and  led  challenges  around  the  world.  Whether  its  choosing  the  right  challenge  before  booking,  helping  you   to  achieve  your  fundraising  goal,  ge^ng  you  fit  before  departure,  or  helping  you  on  the  challenge  itself,  they   provide  a  massive  amount  of  support  in  order  to  help  you  make  the  most  of  this  incredible  experience.     Charity  Challenge  Experience   Over  the  years,  Charity  Challenge  have  represented  thousands  of  individuals,  groups,  companies  and   organisa=ons.  They  have  worked  with  companies  including  Tesco,  Accenture,  KPMG,  Credit  Suisse,  Lloyds   TSB,  HBOS  and  Saatchi  and  Saatchi.  They  have  worked  on  media  projects  with  the  BBC,  ITV2,  GMTV,  the   Daily  Mirror  and  News  of  the  World.  And  they  have  worked  with  numerous  high  profile  individuals  including   Gary  Barlow,  Cheryl  Cole,  Denise  Van  Outen,  Fearne  Co)on,  Mar=na  Navra=lova,  Chris  Moyles,  Ben   Shephard,  Ronan  Kea=ng  and  Jack  Dee.     Informa9on   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  provides  extensive  informa=on  to  help  you  prepare  for  the  challenge  including  detailed   i=nerary,  kit  list,  country  fact  file,  frequently  asked  ques=ons,  health  notes  and  travel  =ps,  high  al=tude   notes,  fundraising  support,  fitness  training,  responsible  travel,  travel  insurance  and  much  more.

Informa9on Caring  Ma)ers  Now  provides  extensive  informa=on  to  help  you  prepare  for  the  challenge  including   detailed  i=nerary,  kit  list,  country  fact  file,  frequently  asked  ques=ons,  health  notes  and  travel  =ps,   high  al=tude  notes,  fundraising  support,  fitness  training,  responsible  travel,  travel  insurance  and   much  more.     Transparency   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  are  100%  transparent  about  challenge  costs,  who  pays  what  and  when,  how   much  is  funded  by  the  individual  and  how  much  by  the  charity.  This  is  very  important  especially  when   fundraising  and  a  propor=on  of  the  funds  raised  is  to  be  used  to  fund  the  challenge.  Caring  Ma)ers   Now  are  totally  clear  about  what’s  included  and  what  is  not.     Medical  support   Your  medical  details  will  be  screened  by  Charity  Challenge’s  chief  medical  officer  who  will  speak  to   you  about  any  condi=ons  which  they  feel  may  cause  you  an  issue  on  your  specific  challenge  (i.e.  at   al=tude).  On  the  challenge  you  will  be  supported  by  first  aid  trained  expedi=on  leaders  and  on  many   challenges  a  doctor  too.  

Insurance The  specialist  comprehensive  travel  insurance  that   Charity  Challenge  offer  will  cover  you  for  medical   emergency,  evacua=on  and  repatria=on,  and  provide   cover  for  the  specific  nature  of  the  challenges  The   insurance  exclusively  also  protects  your  charity  for  any   contribu=on  they  may  make  towards  your  challenge   costs.       Genuine  experiences   This  is  not  just  a  physical  challenge.  You  will  have  the   opportunity  to  experience  new  cultures  -­‐  from  the  Maasai   in  Northern  Tanzania  to  the  Karen  hill  tribe  in  Thailand,   and  as  our  group  sizes  are  amongst  the  smallest  in  the   industry  you  are  likely  to  experience  more  genuine   interac=ons  with  local  communi=es.     Fundraising   Caring  Ma)ers  Now  provides  fundraising  advice  and  an     A-­‐Z  of  fundraising  ideas,  hard  copy  sponsorship  forms,   access  to  many  online  fundraising  websites  and  a  sample   press  release  to  help  you  with  the  fundraising  challenge.     Members  area   Once  team  members  have  booked,  they  will  receive   access  to  their  own  secure  members’  area  where  they   can  download  all  of  the  relevant  challenge  informa=on   required.

! Tes=monial  from  Rick  Parry,  former  CEO  at  Liverpool  Football  Club   CMN  Kilimanjaro  Trekker  

  The  whole  focus  of  our  work  at  Liverpool  FC  was  to  build  high  performing  teams.  The  most  notable  example  was  the  team  that  defied  all  the   odds  by  winning  the  UEFA  Champions  League  in  Istanbul  in  2005.  I’ve  lost  count  of  the  number  of  people  who’ve  asked  what  made  it  possible.     I’ve  been  lucky  enough  to  work  alongside  some  of  football’s  greatest  coaches  and  seen  some  fantas=c  examples  of  leadership.       Since  leaving  Liverpool  in  2009  I’ve  enjoyed  talking  to  diverse  groups  of  people  about  team  building  and  leadership  and  about  the  lessons  that   can  be  learnt  from  professional  sport.    But  I’ve  added  a  new  slide  to  the  presenta=on  aMer  climbing  Kilimanjaro  in  support  of  Caring  Ma)ers   Now.    Building  a  great  team  is  not  about  assembling  a  group  of  superstars,  it  is  about  crea9ng  an  environment  where  ordinary  people  can  do   extraordinary  things.       It  has  long  been  recognised  that  taking  people  away  from  the  office  and  out  of  their  comfort  zone  is  a  good  first  step  in  team  building.  Over  the   years  I’ve  been  on  many  such  exercises.  The  challenge  is  in  making  the  change  permanent.       There   are   two   big   pluses   in   taking   on   a   CMN   Challenge;   The   first   is   that   raising   money   for   a   charity   is   a   concrete   objec=ve.   This   isn’t   an   abstract   exercise.   There   is   a   great   sense   of   sa=sfac=on   in   achieving   a   goal   and   in   seeing   the   real   impact   that   it   is   possible   to   make   on   people’s   lives.     The   second   is   that   taking   on   a   challenge   like   Kilimanjaro   is   tough.   It   is   a   real   test   of   individuals   and   the   team.   Ascending   a   slippery   slope   in   darkness   and  at  -­‐20  degrees  with  frozen  water  bo)les  is  not  a  simula=on.  Some  people  will  probably  not  reach  the  top  so  coping  with  failure  is  part  of  the   learning.   The   lessons   learned   on   a   challenge   like   this   will   sink   in   permanently.   There   is   every   chance   that   team   behaviours   will   change   permanently  as  a  result.       Our   group   decided   that   we   wanted   to   reach   the   summit   together.   That   was   very   important   to   us.   The   guides   and   the   experts   told   us   it   was   impossible.    They  said  that  on  summit  night  everyone  would  inevitably  move  at  a  different  pace  and  there  would  be  a  big  gap  between  the  front   of  the  group  at  the  back.    But  we  did  reach  the  top  together.    And  the  reason  is  that  from  day  one  the  group  philosophy,  our  core  value,  was   always  to  support  the  weakest  member  of  the  group.  Not  to  be  frustrated,  not  to  become  impa=ent  but  to  show  real  support.  And  the  very   nature   of   the   challenge   was   that   the   weakest   member   was   never   the   same   person   two   days   running.   Everyone   experienced   highs   and   lows   and   struggled  at  different  =mes.       I’ve  read  all  the  theory  about  tension  and  nega=vity  leading  to  energy  being  consumed  far  faster  than  normal.  And  how  nega=ve  energy  has  a   corrosive  impact  on  the  performance  of  a  team.  And  how  important  it  is  to  turn  this  around  and  eradicate  the  nega=ves.    Easier  said  than  done.     But  in  climbing  Kilimanjaro  I  saw  a  great  example  of  how  to  put  this  into  prac=ce.  An  example  I  will  never  forget.

Corporate Charity Challenges  
Corporate Charity Challenges  

Caring Matters Now is working in partnership with Charity Challenge to offer companies a unique opportunity to improve company success, whil...