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Andy (father) and Adam Yuke, along with friends and brothers Chris and Tyler Couillard were kings of the hill during a fun outing Sunday afternoon at Hillside Park in Lamont. Fresh powder, sunny skies and very light breeze made for ideal snowboarding and tobogganing conditions for these outdoor enthusiasts.

MP Leon Benoit hosts local town hall meeting in Lamont Michelle Pinon Editor

MP Leon Benoit was in Lamont Nov. 14 for a town hall meeting at the New Horizons Drop In Centre. A total of 14 people attended the afternoon meeting which featured a brief speech followed by a question and answer session. Lamont was one of nine communities which had town hall meetings hosted by Benoit, who has been

represented the Vegreville-Wainwright Constituency for more than 20 years. Benoit briefly outlined the governing party's plan for the next years, and touched on the finances and taxes, and how the Harper government plans to balance the budget and streamline the regulatory process, cut the red tape for businesses and focus on responsible resource development. While prospects for

economic development look encouraging, with an estimate of $650 billion expected over the next 10 years in Canada, Benoit pointed out: "I'm fairly confident we will get the investment we need, but we will have to earn it." Benoit said three companies would be building new pipelines, and several others constructing new pump stations in the future. "We all know Keystone will go. We don't know if Obama


Leon Benoit, MP for the Vegreville-Wainwright Constituency, (left), chats with folks following his town hall meeting at the New Horizons Seniors Centre Nov. 14. A variety of topics including Senate reform, oil and gas pipelines, and record crops were discussed.

will still be President by then." Being the second largest exporter of heavy crude oil to the US is also good for Canada, he added. More upgraders will also be coming on stream, added Benoit, which will help with the supply and demand of diesel. Benoit also spoke in favour of the West to East pipeline, and emphasized the importance of expanding the size and scope of a wide variety of trade agreements between Canada and other countries in the future. One participant gave Benoit, and the federal government a bouquet for the Tax Free Savings Account, and had a beef for its party's practice to pay legal fees for members. The discussion referenced paying for Mike Duffy's legal fees. "At the time the money was paid, we didn't know he was guilty." Benoit added that it would be up to RCMP and the

Auditor General's department to determine if there was any criminal activity. Benoit agreed that the rules are unclear and poorly written that expenses and entitlements are harder to understand than one may think. But one audience member begged to differ, and said that Duffy knew what he was doing, and suggested the Canadian Revenue Agency oversee those claims, and report any irregularities and fraud, so that senators are under the same scrutiny and regulations as other Canadian taxpayers. Benoit said he felt the Auditor General's department would be more appropriate, but conceded that something like what the participant was suggesting may work, but in any event: "Any senators who have done wrong should pay the price," whether that means paying back the money they owe, and/or

jail time. "Whatever is deemed necessary." He agreed there was a need for Senate Reform, and if that couldn't be accomplished then it (the Senate), should be abolished. Benoit said he was still in favour of having a Triple E Sentate. Benoit moved onto the topic of crop prices and delivery to ports via rail. He said he had spoken to higher ups with CN and CP Rail that morning, and said shipments were being moved at a record rate. "If there isn't a major storm, we can expect loads will move quicker," he added. As far as the CBC goes, Benoit said he would like to see a plan developed so that it could become self sufficient, perhaps, even adopting the publicly funded model that some stations have adopted in the United States. "I'd like to see it happen, but there is not the appetite for it in caucus."

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lamont and District Chamber of Commerce throws Christmas gala Jazmine Inkster Staff Reporter

With the Christmas in Lamont County Christmas party fast approaching, members of the Lamont and District Chamber of Commerce (LDCC) definitely have a lot to look forward to. The party will be held on the evening of December seventh, and as Chamber of Commerce member Brett McNelly explained to the Lamont Leader, there are a number of positive changes that have been made to the party by the LDCC this year. Firstly, although this is an adult only event, there is more of a push to see everyone in the community take part in the fun filled night, not only members of local businesses as it has been in previous years. McNelly explained that he hopes to see local couples able

to come out and simply enjoy a local Christmas party. “We wannt to see this thing sell out,” he adds. Another big change that is sure to draw even more residents to the upcoming event is the pull of professional entertainment. This year, as well as the music and meal that had been involved in previous years events, the LDCC and the ID VIP Team have put together a full stage show to entertain guests during the function. According to McNelly, the show will last around an hour and a half and is complete with singers, dancers and entertainment. The show follows the theme of three different classics rolled into one production; Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and the USO Christmas Tour. Along with the stage show, Justin Littlechild,

a professional MC / Comedian will be there to entertain the audience during all of the in between times. McNelly also explained that this was not going to be like some of the comedy shows that utilize crude humour, instead the LDCC is hoping for a truly well rounded evening that will hold appeal for all who attend. “It’s a really good value,” stated McNelly. “A full catered meal, a full stage show, and professional entertainment for $40.” A value he feels is truly hard to beat anywhere. Tickets for the Christmas in Lamont County event can be purchased at multiple businesses around Lamont such as the Lamont Grocery, Lamont Home Hardware, ATB Financial, Price Automotive, and Heartland Hotel.


Leon Benoit, MP for the Vegreville-Wainwright Constituency shakes hands with Lamont town councillor Steve Sharun during a visit to the community Nov. 14. Benoit was on hand to formally anounce the continuation of the federal government’s Gas Tax Fund. For the 2013 budget year, the Town of Lamont received $92,735 which was put towards the construction of water and sewer lines across Highway 15. The program, which began in 2006 under the Liberal government has continued on since then, and Benoit assured it would continue on indefinitely. In 2011 the amount of money invested in the fund increased and was indexed at two per cent to take into account inflation.

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Bruderheim School boundary review open houses popular with local residents Michelle Pinon Editor

A total of 44 people attended the two boundary review open houses at Bruderheim School Nov. 7 and 8. As well, six of the nine

trustees representing Elk Island Public Schools attended the open houses. A total of 26 paper surveys and 27 online surveys were completed, and staff will be analyzing the feedback collected, categorizing the

responses and incorporating the information into a report for the board of trustees to consider at it next meeting slated for Dec. 19. Board chair Trina Boymook said she had been hearing consistent-

ly that parents residing in Lamont County want their children to attend Lamont High School (LHS), which serves students from Grade 7 to Grade 12. "They like that small town feel and want that rural experience."

Boymook said physical proximity to the school and shorter bus times were also factors parents cited. LHS is well below capacity, and could accommodate another 200 plus students, noted Boymook. Most of the current and proposed elementary and junior/senior high boundary maps included within this review span portions of both Lamont County and Strathcona County. In total there are three options for elementary boundaries and three options for junior/senior high boundaries outlined in the boundary review. Some of the options would require an additional bus at a cost of $63,000 per year, and

would affect between 18 and 48 students, depending on the option. Ride times would also be taken into consideration as well as the grandfathering process. Boymook said finances, along with logistics will also have to be taken into account when the board deliberates on the boundary review. Soon, staff at EIPS will be reviewing the actual survey data (both online and paper form), theming the responses, and incorporating this feedback into the full package of information the trustees will consider when they make a decision in a month's time.


Elk Island Public Schools trustee Barb O’Neill, left, and vice-chair Colleen Holowaychuk, middle, pose for a photo with Bruderheim resident Sherry Cote. A total of 44 area residents attended the two open houses at Bruderheim School on Nov. 6 and 7.

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Economic Update and middle class challenges Dear editor, The federal government’s recent Economic Update proves once again that MP Leon Benoit and the Conservatives are out-oftouch with the challenges facing middle class Canadians. It didn’t include anything for middle class families who are struggling under record levels of household debt. The average Canadian household now owes $1.66 for every dollar of disposable income. It didn’t include anything to help young Canadians, or the parents who are financially supporting them. Today there are still 225,400 fewer jobs for young Canadians than before

the downturn. And it didn’t include anything to help kickstart the economy. The Conservatives are sitting back and defending the status quo, despite the fact that Stephen Harper's growth record is the worst of any Prime Minister since R.B. Bennett in the 1930s. Instead, the Tories chose to concoct a budgetary surplus on the eve of the next election. But almost half of that surplus comes from asset sales that have not taken place. It’s a little bit like selling the furniture to pay for the groceries. They also imposed countless tax hikes on the middle class over the past three years, raising taxes on everything from

credit unions to employment insurance (EI). In fact, the Economic Update inadvertently revealed that the Tories are keeping EI premiums artificially high in order to further pad their numbers—the same EI taxes that are, in the words of the Finance Minister, “direct job killers.” Canada can do better. The recession ended more than four years ago, but Mr. Benoit’s economic message has been that Canadians should be happy that we’re not Spain. That’s just not good enough. Yours sincerely, Scott Brison, MP Liberal Party of Canada Finance Critic

Turning a blind eye to negativity Many times the media is looked down upon for its intrusiveness into people's lives and the perceived negativity that surrounds certain issues and/or events. But often media have to be the medium to shine a light in the dark seedy spaces that no one can or dares to go. So it was nice to hear a few people say they were glad media kept investigating, poking and prodding into Rob Ford's dealings and behaviours as well as what would be deemed personal and private affairs; that is if they didn't reflect on his ability to do his job and represent the taxpayers of Toronto. When a person's char-

acter, values and ethics are not only called into question, but clearly documented as crude, offensive and demeaning then it is time for people to decide what is and isn't acceptable and do what they deem necessary. So now comes the debate whether he should stay or leave public office. The interesting truth is that without clear legislation, then action by other elected officials, taxpayers and the general public cannot take action themselves. Under Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA) Section 174, most items refer to violations of other laws, but disqualification

5038 - 50 Avenue Box 1079, Lamont, AB, T0B 2R0 Phone 895-2780 - Fax 895-2705 Email: Published every Tuesday at Lamont, AB Serving the Communities of Andrew, Bruderheim, Chipman, Hilliard, Lamont, Mundare, RR4 Tofield, Star and St. Michael

from council can only occur upon conviction, and only if the offense is punishable by imprisonment for five years or more. The MGA goes onto describe what can be done to remove a member of council who is disqualified, but who then refuses to actually leave council. Either council or an elector must make motions with the courts to have the person legally removed from council. So you tell me if it is better to have brought this type of enlightenment to the masses, or to turn a blind eye and turn away? -Michelle Pinon

Kerry Anderson Publisher

License plates to honour veterans available 2014 The province has announced a new license plate, available for preorder in the new year, created to allow all Albertans to show their support for men and women of the Canadian Forces. The plates will bear the Yellow Ribbon and the ‘Support our Troops’ slogan. The new plates will cost $150. which includes the regular registration fees as well as expenses for production and delivery. The province says all revenue beyond these costs will go directly to the Support our Troops campaign to assist members of the Forces and their families in Alberta. "Albertans admire the men and women of the Canadian Forces who

Michelle Pinon Editor

put their lives on line, away from the comforts of family and home, as they stand up for the rights and freedoms of Canadians and people around the world. “The Alberta government is honoured to offer a new license plate as a way we can demonstrate our gratitude to them and give back to members and their families through the Support our Troops campaign,” says Manmeet S. Bhullar, Minister of Service Alberta. “Our troops are proud of their service to Canada and appreciate the recognition from Albertans.” “I know they will be honoured when they see these license plates on the vehicles of Albertans and the proceeds will

Jazmine Inkster Jodie TracyDerksen Harding Advertising / Ad Sales Office Manager/ Office staff Ad Composition

help provide essential support to those who need it,” says BrigadierGeneral Christian Juneau, 3rd Canadian Division Commander, the Army in the West. The new license plate complements Alberta’s veterans’ plates, which are only available to former or currently serving members of the Canadian Forces, as well as members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or other Canadian police departments who served under NATO or the United Nations. Nearly 21,000 veterans’ plates have been issued since the program began in February 2005, and in 2011, the Alberta government extended availability of the plates to motorcycles.

Jazmine Inkster Jodie Derksen Student Repoter Ad Sales

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Providence Grain makes donations

Graphics/Sales Representative Required at the Lamont Leader The Lamont Leader is looking for a reliable, friendly, people-person to fill two roles in a single full time position at our newspaper. The position requires a familiarity with computers, office work, and sales. As well, the successful applicant should possess the following skills: • • • • • • •

Organized, able to manage jobs accurately Typing (no hunt and peck here) Spelling (spell check should only be for double checking) Friendly (we demand professionalism and pleasantness) Co-operative (jobs overlap in a small office) Reliable (our readers and customers depend on us) Responsible (jobs need to be taken to the end)

We’ll train: Applicants should be able to learn office work, create graphics, manage customers, work within strict deadlines, and look forward to - and enjoy - the challenges and opportunities of both telephone and in-person sales. We’re growing! Wages according to experience, with great opportunity for increases depending on effort. You can make your own way in the world! Mileage paid, health benefits available. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Pictured from left to right are: Dean Pawlick (BASF representative), Cody Hrehoretz, Tammy Pickett (President of the Andrew School Foundation) and Andy Teslia (Providence Grain). In front is Cody’s young daughter, Isabelle. STORY SUBMITTED Providence Grain Solutions and their growers, in conjunction with BASF - reinforced their commitment to supporting local community initiatives with the presentation of a cheque to the Andrew School Foundation in the amount of $500. The presentation was made as part of the AGSI and Partners “Grow With Your Community”program, which provides growers with the latest fungicide technology and leading edge agronomic support for their canola crop. In its third year, the

program provides clients with BASF Headline as part of their overall agronomic business plans. The treated fields are analyzed at harvest and any increase in production is donated in the grower’s name to the Stollery Childrenís Hospital Foundation. BASF matches the donations from the grower with the highest yield increase. Also included is a $500 donation on behalf of the participating grower Cody Hrehoretz - to the Andrew community, supporting the Andrew School Foundation. “Providence Grain Solutions is very excited

to be working with our growers and BASF with the Grow with Your Community program,”explains Andy Teslia, with Providence Grain Solutions in Waskatneau. “This is an excellent way for growers to support their local communities and a very worthwhile organization in the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. Teslia went onto say: “It reinforces the importance that we as a company and as a group and certainly our growers place on making sure our communities are great places to live and work in.”

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ARROW RELOAD SYSTEMS INC. In Business since 1919 and still growing! Crude Oil Transloader Lead Hand – Scotford, AB. Arrow is a diversified transportation, logistics, and materials handling company with operations throughout Canada and the U.S. Job Description: Crude Oil comes to the facility by truck and the transloader is responsible for the safe and efficient transfer of product to railcar by use of specialized equipment. The Lead Hand will also be responsible for crew management, training and safety. Receiving and shipping paper work will need to be accurate and verified. Requirements: A Safety mindset is essential, previous experience in the oil and gas industry is required and transloading experience is preferred, you will have your own transportation and accommodation, you must be willing to work outdoors in all weather conditions. We offer: Training, full-time and year round work, industry competitive wage and benefits, opportunity for an RRSP matching program, access to other opportunities within our organization. We are an equal opportunity Employer and we are strongly encouraging Aboriginal peoples to apply. Interested applicants may apply to our Recruitment Team as follows: Reply to this ad, by phone toll free: 1-877-700-4445 or by fax: 250314-1750 With Arrow you are always close to home.

6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elk Island Public Schools and Alberta Teachers Association Local No. 28 sign new agreement Board vice chair Holowaychuk says both groups brought forward ideas for change Both the Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) Board of Trustees and Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) Local No. 28 have approved the memorandum of agreement (MOA) for a new collective agreement for teaching staff covering the period of September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2016, ensuring four years of labour peace and stability for students and families. As per the terms and conditions of the Framework Agreement between the provincial government and the provincial ATA, teachers’ salaries remain unchanged for the first three years and increase two per cent effective September 1, 2015. Teachers will also receive a one-time, lump-sum payment of one per cent of the annual salary effective

November 15, 2015. “The negotiation process has been respectful, professional, and collaborative,” says Colleen Holowaychuk, negotiations committee chair and board vice-chair. “Our two groups worked cooperatively to

bring forward ideas for change, to overcome barriers where they existed, and reach a place where we could all agree on the best collective agreement to move forward.” In addition to the wage increase, which applies to teachers’ salaries and

EIPS vice-chair Colleen Holowaychuk

allowances as well as substitutes and Continuing Education teachers. Highlights of the agreement include: * Increasing the teachers’ professional development fund to $218,000, effective September 1, 2014. * Increasing the travel allowance for teachers teaching at more than one school at least 1.0 km apart (to $1,500) or more than one school on the same campus (to $600), effective September 1, 2014. *Changing the required days of consecutive instruction substitutes must work, from five to four, before they move to grid salary on day three, effective September 1, 2014. *As part of the Framework Agreement, adding a new Letter of Understanding granting principals two paid leave

days per year, effective September 1, 2013. “The provincial Framework Agreement outlined a number of elements for our Negotiations Committee, but they did a lot of work to negotiate complex, local components of the Collective Agreement while remaining within a specified envelope of funding,” notes Board Chair Trina Boymook. “I’d like to acknowledge the dedicated work of the Committee and the outstanding relationship our Board has with the Local ATA. This ratified agreement ensures stability for our division in the coming years, and allows us to return our focus to our first priority. Providing quality education to our students.” “Like our Board of Trustees, Elk Island Public School’s teachers are pleased to have a

new collective agreement and to be getting our focus back on educating students,” says President of ATA Local No. 28 Bill Shields. “Our teachers are particularly pleased with the increase to funding for professional development. It demonstrates the Board’s recognition of the many ways education is changing and, consequently, the need for its teachers to have means and opportunities to keep pace.” EIPS is one of Alberta’s largest school divisions, serving more than 16,600 students in 42 schools. We are proud to be an integral part of our communities, including Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Vegreville, Strathcona and Lamont counties, and the western portion of the County of Minburn.

Snowplows busy on local highways

When you make influenza immunization an annual event, 13113KA0 you protect yourself, your family, and our community.

Influenza Immunization FALL INTO THE ROUTINE

Alberta’s annual influenza immunization program is ongoing. Influenza immunization is available, free of charge, to all Albertans six months of age and older. MICHELLE PINON PHOTO

Many motorists found themselves their in front of or behind snowplows this past weekend. This plow was headed north of the railways tracks on Highway 831 shortly after lunch. With a hefty dump of snow, it looks like winter is here to stay for at least another five months.

In your area, immunization continues to be offered at your local Public Health Office or Community Health Centre. For more info, visit or call Health Link Alberta at 1.866.408.5465 (LINK).

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), November 19, 2013- 7

Bruderheim green thumb earns national title Bruderheim resident Oletha Lukawesky lets her green thumb do the talking. The results speak for themselves as Lukawesky had the best residential edible garden along with Sheila Natha of Ashcroft, BC in the 2013 Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Contest that was part of the popular Communities In Bloom (CIB) annual competition. The Town of Bruderheim also received a four bloom rating and a special mention for positive partnerships during the 2013 National Symposium and Awards Ceremonies at Canada's Capital Region, Ottawa-Gatineau recently. We want to thank and congratulate all the participants for their achievements: it was truly a challenge to select the winners. We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for adding to the quality of life in your community. Within the context of climate change and environmental challenges, communities and individuals involved in Communities in Bloom can be proud of their efforts, which provide real and meaningful environmental solutions and benefit all of society," stated Bob Lewis, national chair of CIB. "All I can say is we are truly blessed, we have a fantastic volunteer base in our community and it is

indeed the lifeblood of our community," stated Mayor Karl Hauch. "For the CIB in our town, this volunteer base starts with the Cotes. Bob & Sherry are the key cornerstones that make our CIB volunteer group what it is today! Hat’s off to them for the tremendous success we have achieved in a very short time for our community! Well done and congratulations Bruderheim CIB!" The community participated in the 1,001 - 2,000 population category. Following the evaluation, volunteer judges Lorna McIlroy and Ted Zarudny wrote: "Bruderheim (home of the brethren) is in the centre of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. This town is a great place to live and to visit because of the many positive partnerships that are built and maintained. Town council, administration, staff and volunteers all work together to accomplish great projects. Bruderheim also partners with neighbouring towns to coordinate environmental programs and emergency services. The town partners with surrounding industries to ensure that air quality, environmental sustain-


This is a picture of Oletha Lukawesky’s lush and bountifulgarden she grew this past summer.

5th Annual

Dinner Of Hope

ability and quality of life are maintained. Local businesses, churches, schools, service clubs and the agricultural society all work together for the betterment of the community. Most of these partnerships and programs involve the youth of the community." For the past 19 years, CIB has been honouring municipalities across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. CIB is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering cvic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the enhancement of green spaces in communities.

Bruderheim resident Oletha Lukawesky poses with her certificate she received after winning the special contest.

Grand Opening

A donation of toys, food, or cash will get your belly full while helping make a smile on Christmas .

All donations will go to the Lamont Food bank.

• Dinner starts at 7pm • • Karaoke following for those feeling the spirit • • Draws and specials •

November 29, 2013 Chipman Hotel

Lamont Christmas Light Up Committee will be opening the NEW Winter Wonder Lights and then hosting the Light Up Tour. Join Santa at 5:00 by the Town Office to take in this event and of course join the tour and see all the beautiful lights around town. We look forward to seeing everyone.

Lamont Christmas Light Up November 30th, 2013

8 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mundare’s new mayor Charlie Gargus ready to move forward with long-term plans Michelle Pinon Editor

Charlie Gargus, may be the new Mayor for the Town of Mundare, but he is not new to elected office or community service, and has the future in mind for this strong and vibrant community. "I felt very comfortable about joining the Mundare council in 2008, and now accepting the responsibilities of the Mayor's office because of the good work that was done by former Mayor Mike Saric, and the previous members on council. "It only makes sense to continue to move forward with the long range plans that were established at that time." Some of those plans included a Municipal Development Plan. "Main street work was completed and the upgrade to the storm sewers and sidewalks is often on display at conferences around the province. It is nice to see our hard work is recognized as a model for other small communities." Gargus went onto say that: "A town with a

small population does not have a large enough tax base to fix everything at once, so prudent budgeting is essential to address major projects. Three such major projects were done to complete the infrastructure in the Whitetail Subdivision, a sewage lift station, an aeration system at the lagoon and the access road upgrade at Highway 855." On the radar for upcoming projects are paving and upgrading the streets in town. "This process has begun with cleaning and inspection of the main line along 52 Ave. Over time, more work will be done as monies become available through grants and allotments from the province." In addition to these upgrades, council and administration will continue to work toward making the Town of Mundare an attractive place not only to visit, but to live, raise a family and start a business, says Gargus. "Our recreational components include sports such as curling, hockey, softball and camping for our residents and the


many who come to Mundare to use the hockey rink (run by the members of the Agricultural Society), the campsite and ball diamonds. Our museum is unique and special events held at the Ukrainian Catholic Church (Vidpust) attracts visitors as well." Gargus says the library board continues to enrich the lives of residents that love to read, and special interest groups such as the Parks and Playground Committee have built a spray park and will be following up with a skateboard and bike park. He adds, "Playground additions and upgrades with connecting walking/jogging trails are also being planned." With the renewal of Farmer's Day, and new events like Canada Day celebrations and the Motorcycle Ride for Dad, all add to the richness of life in Mundare and promote community building. "As a result of the all of the above, we are attracting young families to fil in the new school which will be completed in


Jim Fitt, left, director with the Andrew Community Centre Association (ACCA) accepts a $1,000 cheque from Andrew Lions Club President Ron Stratichuk. The cheque will go towards the purchase of a new compressor for the ACCA’s refrigeration system. 2014. Opportunities are here for involving more young people in their community. Several are already serving as volunteers with Mundare Fire and Rescue and with the playground committee." Gargus believes the interest to live in a clean and healthy environment is common among young and old, and there is an opportunity to partner with the ARSAN group to promote sustainable practices through the establishment of a HUB for sustainability education. "As a new mayor, I strongly believe in the

empowerment of those around me. All of those community members that work to run organizations that serve Mundare and district residents need the space to do what they love to do and the assistance that occasionally arises. As a team, mayor and council are here to help make this happen. Our

challenge is to work as a team to debate and examine the proposals before us, explore all options, and vote to provide the best service for the majority of the residents. I am so lucky to already have this in place and not have to expend copious amounts of energy to build a cohesive team."

RURAL WATER TREATMENT (Province Wide) Tell them Danny Hooper sent you



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Must have a valid Class 1 licence. Will train for winch work. Fax resume to 780-384-2711 or call Jason at 780-385-1437 or email to:

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), November 19, 2013- 9

Red Hat Society members wonderful ambassadors for Lamont and district Michelle Pinon Editor

Whem '80's pop star Cyndi Lauper sang her hit song Girls Just Want To Have Fun, she might as well have had Pearl Letwin in mind. You see Pearl, a Lamont resident had heard how much fun it was to be a member of the Red Hat Society that she decided to start up a local chapter in Lamont eight years ago. She is referred to as the "Queen Bee" of the chapter, and has shared many laughs and good times with fellow members since its inception. "We're like sisters," says Pearl, who feels a strong connection and sense of kinship with fellow members, currently 14 in total, who hold a coffee meeting as well as an outing once a month. "We also visit people in

the hospital," adds Pearl. She is looking forward to the upcoming Lamont Light Up celebrations. Pearl, along with her fellow Red Hatters will be on hand at the community hall in the Lamont Recreation Centre to meet and greet visitors at the event on Nov. 30. "Each year we put up the Red Hat Christmas tree," says Pearl, who can hardly wait for the light up to begin. Five years ago, members of the local chapter were named official ambassadors for the Town of Lamont, and Pearl says members wear their ambassador pins with a strong sense of pride. On August 16, 2010, the Lamont Red Hatters received the status of official chapter of the Red Hat Society, with all rights and privileges pertaining there to as con-

firmed by exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper and esteemed Vice Mother Linda Murphy. Pearl says members range in age between 50 and 91, and they are always ready to welcome new members into the chapter. She has many fond memories over the years, and is looking to make many more in the years to come. The Red Hat Society is the largest international social organization for women, dedicated to making the world a better place for its members and actively promoting and supporting fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness for each individual, as well as demonstrating the value and contributions of women to society at large.


Members of the Lamont Red Hatters were officially named ambassadors for the Town of Lamont five years ago.

The Town of Lamont will hold a Public Hearing on proposed Bylaw 14/13 on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chamber. You are invited to attend the Public Hearing to express your views or listen to the deliberations. If you have any questions about the proposed bylaw please contact the Town Office at (780) 895-2010. You may also view the proposed bylaw at the Town Office, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Bylaw 14/13 Map Amendment The purpose of proposed Bylaw 14/13 is to amend the Land Use District Map of Bylaw 07/07, as amended, being the Town of Lamont Land Use Bylaw. The proposed amendment will redistrict:

Town councillor and business owner Debra Dunsmore, left, spends some time with Pearl and her fellow members.

a) Lot 15 A & B, Block 2, Plan 812 2803 (4908-48 Avenue), b) Lot 7 A, Block 2, Plan 072-7600 (4932-50 Street), c) Lot 17, Block 3, Plan RN 75 (5007-51 Avenue), d) Lot 8 A, Block 2, Plan 072-7600 (4928-48 Avenue), from R3 - Medium Density Residential District to R2 - General Residential District.

Members of the Lamont Red Hatters dressed for Halloween Festivities in Thorhild recently.

Sandi Maschmeyer, Acting Chief Administrative Officer Town of Lamont P.O. Box 330 Lamont, Alberta TOB 2RO

10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Andrew Fire Brigade to host gala fundraiser Michelle Pinon Editor

Members of the Andrew Fire Brigade will be hosting its Fireman's Ball on Nov. 30 and they are hoping for a good crowd for the biannual fundraiser and garner enough support to purchase a fast attack vehicle for the department. Acting President of the Andrew Fire Brigade Barry Goertz says this is the fourth ball that has been held since he took over the helm. Goertz says the Fire Brigade is a not-for-profit society that has been established to help raise funds for the department and to assist the municipality when funds are not available to purchase equipment. "We sell calendars, cookbooks, hold pancake breakfasts, and hold the ball every second year." Goertz says having a fast attack unit available to the department would allow members to have better and faster access to bush areas and farmers fields to fight fires. "Lamont County and the municipality is helping us

in every way possible, and we want to put time and money back into department." Organizers are hoping to have Premier Alison Redford as well as a couple of ministers and a few MLA's in attendance during the formal affair. Special awards recognizing service and special milestones will be handed out during the program following the banquet. Trevor Kotowich fire chief of the St. Paul Fire Department will be the guest speaker for the gala. Kotowich will be speaking on the St. Paul School tragedy and response. Tickets are available at the Alberta Treasury Branch, Andrew Hotel and Servus Credit Union in Andrew. Cash and silent auction donations are also being accepted. Call Barry Goertz at 780-203-6714 for more information.

St.John Lutheran Church hosts upcoming Gospel Night Perogies and Jam welcomes you to the 2nd annual Gospel Night which this year will be held at the St John Lutheran Church on Maple Street on November 23. We look forward to seeing you there. Refreshments including coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided starting at 6 pm. Please feel free to pass this invitation along to others. Come and be entertained with a variety of familiar, old and contemporary gospel and Christmas music with musicians in the Vegreville area. Proceeds of this event are in support of the Vegreville Community Daycare, however donations can also be

made to the Phillippines Disaster Relief Fund which is matched dollar for dollar by the Federal Government. Attached is a brochure which you can print out and post should you wish. Information is also on our website at As you know, Perogies and Jam is a not-for-profit organization which is in its 4th season of "embracing local musical talent" and we are pleased to have an

evening dedicated to gospel and Christmas music leading up to the holiday season. Come bring your family and friends and join us in a fun evening!

Andrew Fire Brigade PRESENTS:

The Fireman’s Ball N o v e m b e r 3 0 th, 2 0 1 3 All Morning Events will take place at the Moravian Church

Breakfast with Santa @ 9:30 a.m.. Children’s Christmas Craft Time with

Tickets on sale now!

$40.00 per person Buy Now! Tickets will sell fast!

Santa’s Helpers following Breakfast. Photos will be taken and pictures available on site. Annual Christmas Raffle Draw will be held at 3:30 p.m. Tickets are now available at the Town Office and from any Recreaon & Cultural Board Member.

Join us for Sleigh Rides and Carol Sing @ 6:00 p.m. leaving from Community Hall. We invite you to join us at the hall for hamburgers & hotdogs. (the hall will be open for everyone to drop in anytime during the evening.) Courtesy of Councillor George Campbell.

j™š›”ˆš j™ˆ› zˆ“Œ XWaWW ˆU”Uˀ [aWW —U”U

We will be accepng your Christmas Hamper Donaons.

Contact Barry Goertz 780-203-6714 Also accepting cash and silent auction donations Tickets available at: ATB, Andrew Hotel & Servus Credit Union

j“‹™Œ• Œ•›Œ™ –œ™ •ˆ”Œ ›– ž• j™š›”ˆš {™ŒŒ ‹ŒŠ–™ˆ›–•š žŒ•  –œ ‘–• zˆ•›ˆ –™ i™Œˆ’ˆš›U

Photos taken at this event will be used for markeng purposes, including our website. If you don’t want your picture used, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at 780-796-3731 by December 2, 2013. This informaon is being collected under secon 33(c) of the Freedom of Informaon and Protecon of Privacy Act.

Proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new Fast Attack Fire Vehicle

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), November 19, 2013- 11

Lamont and District 4-H clubs off to a busy start Submitted by District Reporter Matthew Mulholland

The Lamont 4-H District Council held their first meeting of the year on October 29 at the Chipman Village Office. The Chipman Beef Club reported they have 10 members but more are always welcome. Weigh-in day is set for November 16 at 9:30 am. The next meeting is Monday, November 18 at 7 pm in the Chipman Village Office. For more information, contact Bob at 780-498-1252. The Elk Island Light Horse Club reported they have 11 members but more are always welcome. Workshops and rides have already started to happen. The next meeting is Thursday, November 14 at the Walker School in Bruderheim. For more information, contact Jana at 780-796-2473. The Lamont Multi Club reported they have very low enrolment so far this year and would definitely welcome new members. The next meeting is Monday, November 18 at 7 pm in the Chipman Village Office. For more information, contact Colette at 780-363-2022. The Key Leader reminded everyone that 4-H Alberta has said that the Cleaver Kids project (for children 6 to 8 years old) will now be members of the club. However it is up to each club to decide if they want to have the Cleaver Kids project as part of their club. At this time the Chipman Beef Club and the Lamont Multi Club will have the Cleaver Kids project. Upcoming NE Regional events include the Fall Forum on November 16 (in Vermilion), Fall Fling & Venture Out on November 29 and 30 (in Lac La Biche). Upcoming Provincial events include the annual Leaders’ Conference in January (in Edmonton). Project Books for the 2012-2013 4-H year were submitted to the district for judging in August. First place for Junior Horse went to Gabrielle Cheremshynski. First place for Junior Life Skills (Foods) went to Mary Balsillie. First place for Intermediate Life Skills (Foods) went to Margaret Balsillie. Award recipients will be invited to the next meeting to receive their prize. Discussion arose about the District hosting a Communications workshop to prepare members for their presentations. The workshop will be on January 4th, 2014 in Bruderheim. Afterwards members will have some pizza and go skating. Club level Communications events will be in February, and the District Communications event will be March 1. Elections were held. The new executive is Colette McBride as President, Janice Vandelannoite as Vice President, Jana Conrad as Secretary and Meakin Conrad as Treasurer. The positions of Regional Representative and District Reporter will rotate through those in attendance. Our Key Leader continues to be Terry Huculak. The next District Council meeting will be January 14, 2014. Just a reminder, November is National 4-H Month! National 4-H Month is an excellent time to celebrate and honour the many outstanding contributions this organization has given our youth, our communities, and our country. The 4-H Program focuses on offering opportunities, personal development, building friendships, and having fun. The 4-H program also assists youth in gaining: self-confidence; new skills; communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills; and goal setting. Come check us out!

‘Business Directory’ AGRICULTURE North Point Agronomy Ltd. Providing Independent Agronomic Services Soil Sampling • Truck Mounted Hydraulic Probe • Up to 24” depth •GPS positioning Fertility/Agronomic Recommendations

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KENNELS Pet Boarding Service

Cozy Critters

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Phone 780-992-7990


HEARTLAND MACHINE WORKS LTD. Custom Machining, Manufacturing, Repair, Welding and Lite Fabrication

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Mini Batch Concrete

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12 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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KT Mechanical LTD


Kevin Tychkowsky Lamont, Alberta Commercial & Residential • Heating • Air Conditioning • Refrigeration

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C USTOM C APPING Custom Aluminum Capping

Window & Door Replacement and Installation

Vinyll Siding P R O U D L Y S E R V I N G 780-651-1522


St Michael Ab

Cell: 587-784-4764



While there have not yet been any confirmed cases of measles in Lamont County, warning signs were on display at the Lamont Health Care Centre advising local visitors and patients of the outbreak in southern Alberta. No immunization clinics have been set up in the district since there have been no confirmed cases in this area. Any questions and concerns should be directed to Alberta Health Link’s 24 hour information line. Alberta Health Services also has valuable tips and information posted on its website as well.

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), November 19, 2013- 13


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SAFETY STARTS HERE TRAINING CENTRE • First Aid - CPR AED (AB & BC) • Standard First Aid • Emergency First Aid • Child Care First Aid • HCP First Aid • H2S Alive (Enform) • Ground Disturbance (Global) • Confined Space Entry • CSTS • PST • TDG • WHMIS • Flagger Training Phone (780) 608-1434 ________________________ Wanted: Experienced Class 1 drivers to work locally 5 days a week, weekends off. Employees paid benefit package available. Call Richard at Hammer’s Gravel Supplies Ltd. in Viking at 780-336-3232 or cell 780-336-5030. 44-45c ________________________ Class 1 winch truck driver and class 1 tractor driver for local company. Please fax resume stating safety tickets, experience and commercial driver abstract to 780-662-3368, Tofield. TM44-47p ________________________ Casual Laundry Worker, at the Tofield Health Centre. Drop resume off at front desk. TM44p ________________________ Looking for 5 seasonal beekeepers, must have 2 years exp. in commercial operation. Call Gerard 780-6624449, Tofield. TM44-49p ________________________ The Hastings Lake Community Association is now tendering a contract for an individual(s) that will serve as the Hall Rentals Coordinator and do general cleaning & routine maintenance of the Hastings Lake. Some experience preferred. Clean Police Information Check is required. Weekend work normally involved. Must be available to check rentals in & out, especially during high season (June and September). Renumeration is 20% of rental income (some conditions apply) plus $25/hr for cleaning (minimum 2 hr/week, some conditions apply). A full job description is available on request. Interviews will be scheduled in early December. Resumes are to be submitted by November 29 to HLCA President, Dave McNeill, at TM43-44p ________________________

Lady to do personal laundry for elderly lady who resides in Tofield Lodge. Call: 1-780-672-6221 TM43-44c ________________________ Kendale Truck Parts storage yard located at 532059 RR 185 seeks full time worker with mechanical experience. Work hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30–5:30 p.m. Please email resume to or call 780-476-1066 of you have any questions about the position. LL43-46p

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Viking Community Foundation meeting – Thursday Nov. 21st, 7 p.m. at the Viking Town Office. Foundation Directors and Members please attend. 42-44c ________________________ Community Carol Festival: 6 pm, Sunday, December 1 at "The House". Freewill offering for the local Christmas Hamper Fund and The Canadian Foodgrains Bank. TM44-45c

THURSDAY, Nov. 28 from 2 to 5 p.m. THURSDAY, DEC. 5 2 to 7 p.m. Roast Beef Dinner 5 p.m. THURSDAY, DEC. 19 Vendors welcome. For more info or to book a table call 780-592-2431. 39tfn ________________________

Bruce Stampede Association Annual General meeting November 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bruce Community Hall. 43-44c ________________________ COWBOY CHURCH at Viking Auction Market, Jct. of Hwy. 36 and 26. Fri., Nov., 29, at 7:30 p.m. All welcome, Call Terry at 780376-3599 or 780-336-2224. 44/45c ________________________ Kingman Annual Lutefisk & Meatball Supper December, 6, 2013 4 - 8 pm at the Kingman Hall, in Kingman, AB. $25/adult, $15/12 & under. Handicapped seating at 12 noon, by reservation only for this seating. Call Colleen at 780-662-3829 or 780-672-3712 to reserve or for more information. Everyone Welcome! TM43-46c ________________________

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A 90th Come and Go Birthday Tea in honour of Betty Oakes will be held on Nov. 30 from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Sedgewick Seniors Centre. Everyone welcome. No gifts please. CP44-45c ________________________ Viking Fire Surf and Turf “Beach Party” on Sat., Nov. 30, 2013. Cocktails: 6 p.m., Supper: 7 p.m., Dance: 9 p.m. at the Viking Community Hall “Dress in your favorite Beach Wear” Silent Auction - Tickets: $60.00 each Dance Only: $15.00. NO MINORS. TICKET SALES CLOSE NOV. 21. For Tickets, call Jamie: 780-385-4130 or Kyle: 780-336-5992 or Come to the Fire Hall on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. 43-45p ________________________ VIKING FARMER’S MARKET



Serving Beaver County & Area

FOR RENT For Rent in Lamont County - 2 Bed, 1 1/2 bath, Large open concept basement suite. Separate entrance, new shower, all appliances including dishwasher. Large yard and lots of parking. Utilities included, $950/Month, $950 DD, NP/NS. Available December 1st. Call Dan 250550-6583 LL44p ________________________ For Rent - VIKING. Two main floor bedrooms, one basement bedroom. Full bath up, shower down. No pets. $800 plus utilities. DD required Call 780-336-0127 39 tfn c ________________________

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WANTED 8 acres, 1,881 sq. ft. 7 miles southwest of Killam $599,000. New oak floors up and new carpet down, 9 new appliances, bathroom fixtures, countertops, and tile. Attached garage, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, built-in vac, and more. Heated shop with office, barn, 4 stall storage shed, fenced for livestock. Call Marilyn & Jack O’Brien at 780-385-8686. CP32tfn

Wanted: Near Lamont, cultivated land. Call 780-4971633 and leave a message. LLTFN


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14 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), November 19, 2013- 15

HUB announces the establishment of three resource centres in Lamont County Michelle Pinon Editor

Bob Bezpalko was the centre of attention during the Lamont and District Chamber of Commerce's (L&DCC) monthly meeting Nov. 14th. Bezpalko, executive director of Alberta HUB, explained what the purpose of the regional economic development alliance, and how Lamont and area and fits into its equation. The Town of Lamont and Lamont County are both members of Alberta HUB, and Bezpalko focused on the organization's mission and vision statements, and its goals as well as how the two entities can work together and benefit each other. One of the new ways

of doing that is through the establishment of a business resource centre in the communities of Lamont, Mundare and Andrew. Bezpalko said he would leave the site location up to the LDCC which will be working together with respective municipalities and Doug Sullivan, executive director of the Lamont County Regional Economic Development Initiative. Bezpalko said the resource centres would offer a wealth of information as well as the technology to support webinars and other related courses so all businesses would have access to information. He also stressed the importance of working collaboratively together, as well as the impact and

inroads they can make through teamwork. Alberta HUB's business plan strategy consists of four strategies which include: investment attraction, infrastructure assessment, business support and entrepreneurship, and regional capacity building to enhance community readiness. "Your product, messaging and content is critical," stated Bezpalko, as communities compete for investment dollars. "There's a lot communities who envy Lamont," added Bezpalko. "You are a very sought after community because of your rail line." Having several amenities as well as a hospital, and close proximity to Fort Saskatchewan and

URGENT APPEAL! Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

Edmonton were also added pluses the community has to offer, pointed out Bezpalko. "You guys can be that hub outside of Fort Saskatchewan and Alberta's Industrial Heartland. Lamont, in my eyes, is a very attractive place to live," he added as the community offers great lifestyle, part of its rural roots, yet not too far away from the bright lights of the city. Bezpalko said it is critical that municipalities have the available land and infrastructure to support future development. "You have to be able to get into the sup-

ply chain, access human resources, and understand what is happening around you." Part of what the organization offers is an "investment profile" which highlights the economic opportunities for prospective investors and potential future residents. The profile is on the Alberta HUB website, and is part of its marketing portfolio. Bezpalko noted that communities are on the global stage and that technology is a definite "gamechanger" for municipalities and the businesses and people they serve.

"Chambers are critical to the growth of a community," stated Bezpalko, who encourage members to work together to create greater success. The Alberta HUB is a self directing, not-forprofit 36 member driven alliance consisting of communities, First Nations, Metis, business, industry and post-secondary educational institutions.

The Chipman Agricultural Society Do you have an idea for a community event or initiative that you’d like to see in Chipman?

You can make it happen! We are seeking Directors for 2014, so come out to our Annual General Meeting and see what we’re all about. November 30th at the Chipman National Hall Supper at 6pm, Meeting at 7:30 Please RSVP for Supper to 780-719-0597 or

Membership is only $1! Community Fitness Class – Stay Active This Winter! By now, you know about the devastation in the Philippines caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan

NOW YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED. We have teamed up with the Red Cross to raise funds for the relief effort. But we need your help. Please give generously by stopping by our offices in Killam, Sedgewick,Viking,Tofield, or Lamont. Cheques only please. Canadian Red Cross will issue tax receipts for this remarkable and timely cause. All funds will go towards helping in the relief effort. The Community


Mercury LEADER The Tofield


S S m o o Seeerrrvvviiinnnggg LLLaaam mo onnnttt ccco ouuunnntttyyy

Sponsored by the Chipman Agricultural Society Thursdays until December 19th, 5-6pm at the Chipman National Hall $10 drop-in fee per class

The Coyote Country Christmas Market Brought to you by the Chipman Agricultural Society November 24th, 10am-4pm at the Chipman National Hall 40 tables ofCrafters, Bakers, and Home Based Businesses – come out and finish your Christmas Shopping! Concession by the Chipman Players. Admission is Free, so please bring a donation for the food bank.

16- The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, November 19, 2013



FarmersofNorthAmericaisworkingwithFNAFertilizerLimited Partnershiptobuildanitrogenplantthatwillbefarmer owned.Asafarmerinvestor thiscouldbeviewedas ahedge;if thepriceandprofitlevelsoffertilizergoupgreaterdividendswill bereturned,andif thepriceandprofitlevelsoffertilizerdrop thenfarmerinvestorswillpaylessfortheirfertilizer. ThisisanopportunityforWesternCanadianfarmerstoparticipate inandprofitfromanewnitrogenfertilizer plant,while guaranteeingthemselvesasourceoffertilizeratwholesaleprices.

NationalAddictionAwareness CALC Kitchen WeekNovember1723 CALC is launching a community kitchen in 2014. We are seeking a cooking instructor to be our Kitchen Facilitator. The ability to instruct individuals with limited skills is essential. The CALC Kitchen will run two consecutive days per month in Lamont. The kitchen facilitator will NationalAddictionsAwarenessWeek(NAAW)happenseachyear work 14 hours per month at $16.75 per hour. inthethirdweek ofNovember.Thisweek isanopportunityto Duties include: provideinformationandpromoteactivitiesthatraiseawareness • Working with participants on recipe selection, ofhowaddictionaffectspeople. calculating quantities and establishing a budget • Shopping for–ingredients Thethemethisyear smallactionsmakebigdifferences– • Participating and facilitating the cooking focusesourattentionontheactionswecantaketoprevent • Collecting and recording money, attendance and addictions. other related paperwork WhataresomethingsIcandotopreventaddictionsinmy If interested send your resume, by December family?

12th, to:

TownHallMeetingsforinformationonProjectNarebeingheld throughoutAlbertainNovember,withtheclosesttoLamont CountybeinginSherwoodPark(Nov.15),Viking,Camroseand Mannville. Dates,timesandlocationsforthesemeetingsarelistedbelow:

For more information contact Sara Rindero of FCSS Lamont County Region at 780-895-7751, toll free at 1-877-895-2233 or email

Nov. 19



Nov. 20






ChristmasHamper FormoreinformationviewtheProjectNwebsiteat

LamontCountyLibraryBoard SpecialMeeting

Debbie Holland, Director Lamont County CALC Here are some small actions you can take to make a big 5303 - 50 Avenue difference: Lamont, AB T0B 2R0 or via E-mail: x Talktoyourchildrenaboutalcohol,tobacco,otherdrugsand gamblinginanopenandhonestmanner. x Beapositiverolemodel. x Listen,listenandthenlistensomemore. x Negotiaterealisticfamilyrulesandexpectations,andallow childrentohaveasayintheserules. x Eatatleastonemealtogetherasafamilyeveryday. x Letchildrendecideonafunfamilyactivitytodotogether. x Readtoyourchildrenandhavethemreadtoyou. x Pyjama Praisechildrenoften.Tellthemwhattheyaredoingwell. Story Time Kids Christmas Craft x Gettoknowyourchildren’sfriends andtheirparents. December 7th November 21st x Teachthemskills,e.g.,howtocook,sew,orrideabicycle. 1:00 -3:00 p.m. Starting at 6:30 p.m. x Createopportunitiesforconstructiveuseoftheirleisuretime. Ages 5 to 12 FREE x Attendyour children’sactivities(e.g.,sportsgames,piano FREE recitals). Story Time and craft x Come Betheirbiggestsupporter. Register by November 30th dressed in your

Lamont Public Library

PJ’s and bring your

Children must be

Formoreinformationaboutavailableprogramsandservices, Teddy Bear accompanied by an adult contact: Children must be

accompanied by an adult

To register or for more info call

HealthLinkAlberta:18884085465Krystal: 780-895-2299 Addiction ServicesHelpLine:18663322322 MentalHealthHelpLine:18773032642

ASB2013 PosterandPhotoContests PleasejointheLamontCountyLibraryBoardTrustees forour annualSpecialMeeting. Wednesday,November27,2013 Regularmeeting6:00p.m.,Specialmeeting7:30p.m. LamontCountyAdministrationBuilding,CouncilChambers 530350Avenue,Lamont,Alberta AllLibraryBoardtrustees,staffandelectedofficialswithinLamont Countyareinvited;pleaseRSVPbyFriday,November 22to attend!

CALC CareerServices

Anyquestionsregardingengineeringshouldbeforwardedto AlbertaTransportationat7808538178 andmaintenance concernstoCarillionCanadaInc.at7808952291.

Thetheme forLamontCountykids12 andunderis:“Agriculture–What It MeanstoYou” WinningposterswillbepublishedintheinFocussectionofthe LamontLeaderandwillbedisplayedatvariousagriculturalevents throughouttheyear. Posterson 11”x17”paper,drawninpencil,crayonorpaint,canbe submittedtotheaddressbelowby November22,2013. 2/2013postercontest

Showusyourtalent!Theysayapictureisworthathousand words!ShowusthediversityandbeautyofwhatLamontCounty hastoofferthroughyoureyes.

DidYouKnow… Thereare156kmofPrimaryHighwaysand163.7kmof Secondary highwaysinLamontCounty.Since2001LamontCountyisno longerresponsibleforthemaintenanceandconstructionofthese highways.ThesehighwaysincludeHwy831,Hwy29(formerly 637),Hwy645,Hwy855,Hwy834,Hwy15,Hwy16,Hwy38,and Hwy45.

LamontCountyAgriculturalService Boardpresentsthe2013 PosterContest!

Mailor handdeliveryour4”x6”photosofCountryLifeor AgricultureandIndustrybyNovember 22,2013,to: Areyoulookingforanewjob?Doyouneedanupdated resume? Doyouneedtofreshenuponyourinterviewingskills? Ifyouansweredyestoanyoftheabovequestions,give usacall. Weareheretohelpyoureachyourcareer goals.

LamontCounty AgriculturalServiceBoard Attention:TanyaKurylow 5303– 50Avenue, LamontAB T0B2R0

DebbieHolland,Director (780) 8952233Ext.224 2/2013photocontest

November 19 Leader  
November 19 Leader  

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