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Vol. 9, No. 23, Tuesday, March 18, 2014

STARS touches down near Bruderheim Accident at powerline construction site dispatches emergency services


Bruderheim firefighter Amber Tanner directs STARS Air Ambulance during an emergency landing at a powerline construction site north of the town site.

911 call results in air ambulance rescue Michelle Pinon Editor

Friday. 8:40 a.m. District 70. Range Road 204. That’s the time Amber Tanner and Don Dreichel of the Bruderheim Fire Department responded to a 911 call. “It came in as a fell call so we went to the call,” said Tanner. “We were

almost on site and they informed us that STARS was 14 minutes away.” The terrain was bumpy with ruts and her heart started racing faster when she was given the opportunity to assist with the landing of the helicopter. With the assistance of Randy Siemens, county fire chief and emergency services co-ordinator, she set up a landing spot.

“He (Siemens) walked me through everything that I had to do. I was very nervous before he got there; once I saw the helicopter I felt a lot more calm. I talked to the pilot and I assisted with the landing.” Medical staff attended to the patient, and took off a short time later. Around 11 a.m. Tanner and Dreichel left the scene.

An injured ATCO employee was airlifted from a work site north of Bruderheim Friday morning.

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Haying in the 30’s; godsend for local couple Alberta based charitable organization assists cancer patients and their families Michelle Pinon Editor

Both Taras and Vanessa Ostashek shake their heads simultaneously. The Andrew area residents still can’t believe they are receiving help from someone they don’t know, and have never met. “In this day and

Saturday, April 5 at the St. Michael Recreation Centre. One of the local organizers of the event, Mae Adamyk, is always amazed at the support from local residents, and is looking forward to the event which features a perogy and chicken supper as well as a live and silent auction.

on the trial in order to help himself and hopefully other people who find themselves in the same shoes. Both Taras and Vanessa have been grateful for the assistance of staff at the Cross Cancer Institute. “They are very compassionate, and they are there to help you,” said Taras. When he

seem to bother him. He jokes that he doesn’t need much shampoo. “I’ve always wanted curly hair,” he says off the cuff. Vanessa has also decided to have her head shaved to support Taras. Both Taras and Vanessa say faith is the cornerstone of their lives, and

they are comforted by the fact they are not alone on this journey. Every week they give Pastor Ron Wurtz an update, and are also comforted and uplifted by the prayers of him and parishioners at the Lamont Alliance Church. “There’s a God that

hears and answers prayers...There’s a peace that comes over you, and you know you are not walking by yourself.” So with the grace of God, and the help of family, friends and even strangers; the Ostashek’s are in good hands.


Cancer Support Fundraiser for

“Haying in the 30’s” Saturday, April 5, 2014 St. Michael Rec Centre MICHELLE PINON PHOTO

Andrew area residents Taras and Vanessa Ostashek are grateful for all of the support they have received from Haying in the 30’s.

Perogy & Chicken Supper: 6 p.m. Adults: $1500 • Children (4-10 yrs.): $700 • 3 & Under: Free

Followed by Charity Auction age, it’s unheard of,” said Taras, who is undergoing experimental chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer. With the financial assistance of anonymous individuals through the Haying in the ‘30’s charitable organization; their biweekly trips to the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton have become a lot less stressful in recent months. Having funds for parking and gas expenses have helped lighten the burden they face, and that’s why they felt it was important to acknowledge the donors and the support group with a recent advertisement in the Lamont Leader. Ironically, the Ostashek’s had never heard of Haying in the ‘30’s until they met up with John Kapicki, a friend and local representative for the organization which is based out of Mallaig, AB. For the past eight years, the St. Michael and District Agricultural Society has been hosting a fundraiser for the Haying in the 30’s organization. The 9th annual edition is slated for

Taras said a lot of people believe cancer is a death sentence, but vehemently insists it is not. With more than a decade since his prostate cancer surgery, Taras is living proof that cancer can be beaten. While the cancer has started to spread, and a few hot spots have been detected, he remains positive these chemo treatments will make a difference. Taras said he chose to go

looks around at some of the other patients who are immobilized, or have been given a terminal diagnosis, he says “What have I got to complain about. I try to be the best patient as possible.” Although Taras has only had a couple of treatments to date, he is responding well to treatment, which will continue into August. Taras has lost some hair, but that doesn’t

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It’s time to... Play ball

Lamont Minor Ball is gearing up for the 2014 baseball season! Please join us for our registration nights on March 24 & 25, 2014 at Lamont Elementary School from 5::30 - 7:30 p.m. (during parent teacher interviews)

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 3

Waste disposal bylaw, fees and fines discussed by Lamont County council Michelle Pinon Editor

Rubbish. Was a source of discussion during Lamont County Council’s March 11 meeting. Steve Crosby, the county’s peace officer, introduced a waste disposal bylaw. While council members passed the bylaw, the direction of the discussion was diverted to proposed changes for disposal of construction and demolition materials at the St. Michael Regional Landfill. Starting April 1, 2014, the St. Michael Regional Solid Waste Commission will begin charging residents and non-residents fees for disposal of construction and demolition materials. The rates will be $80 a metric tonne for non-residents and $40 a metric tonne for residents. “With these new regulations, everyone is up in arms,” stated Div. 3 Councillor Roy Bryks, who represents the area in which the landfill is located as well as serves as the representative for Lamont County on the regional landfill commission. “It would have been nice to have consultation before the commission made the decision,” stated Reeve Wayne Woldanski. “I don’t know where they (landfill commission) is going

with all this?” questioned Woldanski aloud. Woldanski pointed out that the county pays close to 60 per cent of the requisition, and expressed his concerns about the decision, saying he thought the move would cause more people to dump their garbage in the ditches rather than pay an additional fee. Crosby agreed. “I expect there will be lots of garbage in ditches after that,” stated Crosby. Div. 5 Coun. Robert Malicia said they would also see more smoke in the air because farmers would rather burn the materials at home than haul it to the landfill and then pay an additional fee. Malica also asked aloud: “How can they (landfill commission) do that without even talking to us?” Woldanski added, “I don’t know.” Malica urged council to meet with the commission. “A number of us (councillors) have had calls at home about these fees, and we’ve been blindsided by this,” stated Woldanski. “This is absurd,” said Bryks, who asked how much the county pays for waste disposal? The figure of $279,000 was bounced around, but Malica thought the figure was closer to $271,000. Woldanski clarified the actual amount paid by

the county on last year’s requisition was $278,153.78 which equals 58.78 per cent of the total amount of the requistion. Coun. Roy Anaka made the motion to direct administration to set up a meeting with the St. Michael Regional Landfill Commission as soon as possible. The motion was carried unanimously. In a subsequent interview, Reeve Woldanski stated that, “Council was made aware of the change in rates through some phone calls from residents. There was no official correspondence to my knowledge from the commission regarding the change in rate structure. He went on to say, “With such a significant change, we had hoped that there would have been an opportunity for some prior consultation on the matter. We don't even know the reason behind the rate structure change...for revenue generation, recycling ? We feel that this may increase the littering situation in the County. Our feeling is that the rural residents generate more than just household garbage and that the previous rate structure for only charging non-residents and commercial haulers should be re-instated.” “We do have a member on the Commission Board, but he is newly



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elected and was not aware of this change in rates.Yes, I was aware of the change, (not changes) of the motion to place a levy of $40.00 for construction and demolition refuse. However, it was not made clear to me and some other members of the board, that the cost would be borne by country ratepayers,” pointed

out Woldanski. “County councilors were aware of the change. They all were informed, if not by ratepayer calls, then by myself,” said coun. Bryks.“We (county Council) hashed this issue out at a meeting on March 7th. “Concerns, yes! We pay a requisition of $328,

000 to the landfill of the current year. To be subjected by another cost of $40 per tonne on the garbage we haul in is perhaps becoming ludicrous,” added Bryks. “Perhaps a special meeting will clear up this issue before April 1,” noted Bryks.


Garbage fees and disposal were both discussed during the March 11 county council meeting. Peace officer Steve Crosby introduced a waste disposal bylaw that will be revisited at a later date. For more information on the proposed bylawgo to Page 5.


4 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opinion Act now! As they did a year ago, Albertans expect the Redford government to have a strong focus on tangible solutions to opening new markets for Alberta’s energy resources. This commitment was reinforced in the recent budget, and is a key plank in the Building Alberta Plan. To date, government efforts as well as public attention have revolved mainly around two projects: Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines. In resource-rich Alberta, however, shipping our raw resources by pipeline is not the only way to generate value. The government can, and should, encourage processing more of our raw energy resources into higher value products in the province. Increased valueadded energy production demonstrates we are also a province and a nation of advanced innovation, engineering and manufacturing. Alberta already has a well-established petrochemical industry. Its Industrial Heartland north east of Edmonton is actually the largest hydrocarbon-processing centre in the country. East of Red Deer, Joffre is home to one of the world’s largest ethane-based factories in the world. This industry is vital to the provincial economy, securing higher value for our energy resources. Today we encourage the provincial government to follow in the footsteps of the party’s founder and prioritize the growth of our value-added energy production. With proactive government policy and expanded infrastructure, we can transform Alberta into a global leader in innovation, advanced engineering and manufacturing as well as environmental stewardship. Our province has tremendous potential. The provincial government estimates reserves of 3,400 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 58 billion barrels of natural gas liquids, and 423 billion barrels of oil are contained in the barely explored Duvernay, a vast shale formation in central and northwest Alberta. These reserves could easily double the feedstock supply for the petrochemical industry based in the Fort Saskatchewan and Red Deer areas. A study commissioned by Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association in 2013 found that adding value to Alberta’s energy resources could increase the province’s gross domestic product (GDP) by $6 billion a year, add $1.8 billion a year in salaries, and increase provincial revenue by $600 million a year. While we still want and need to ship our energy resources internationally, we can also create in-demand products for local, regional, and national markets that can be shipped by a variety of transportation methods. Processing more of our energy resources at home also allows Alberta to reduce its environmental footprint and showcase its environmental standards as a secure supplier of clean energy products. As the Government of Alberta contemplates a review of policies in support of more hydrocarbon processing, international companies are poised to invest billions of dollars. Other jurisdictions are competing for this investment, and the window of opportunity is closing. A viable solution for our energy is as close as home. The time to act is now.

Wayne Woldanski-Chair of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

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Letter to the Editor Inspired education curriculum redesigning Alberta’s schools Dear Editor, There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about K-12 education. Recognizing how quickly the world around us is changing, Albertans said (through the public consultation called Inspiring Education) that in order to prepare students for a future where technology is changing the way we

Kerry Anderson Publisher

access knowledge, where economic power is shifting and competition is on the rise, where brain research is informing how children learn, Alberta’s students need to have deep literacy and numeracy skills to provide our youth with a solid foundation. Building on today’s achievements, Inspiring Education is redesigning all aspects of teaching

Michelle Pinon Editor

and learning so Alberta’s students will be the engaged thinkers, ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit needed for tomorrow’s world. Right now in Alberta schools, students are being provided opportunities to be engaged in learning that we could not have dreamed of 20 years ago. ASCA encourages parents and school councils

Marline Umrysh Jodie TracyDerksen Harding Advertising Sales/ Ad Sales Office Manager/ Composition Ad Composition

to “get the facts” on what’s happening in your school. Talk to your teachers, principal, superintendent and school trustees or contact the Alberta School Councils’ Association to learn more. Brad Vonkeman, President Alberta School Councils’ Association

Jazmine Inkster Jodie Derksen Student Repoter Ad Sales

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 5

From Where I Sit: Pretty Sweet Deal

By Hazel Anaka

In late November I spent a week at our Canmore timeshare: a functional, yet cozy location for a working retreat. After a few hours or days of work I feel entitled to goof off. That diversion may entail shopping or eating out. As I visited new and old haunts in town I thought about my role as a returning visitor. Tourists have it made. We can dip in and out

without any real investment in the community or area other than what we spend on food, fuel, and personal consumables. Last year I saw a civic building under construction. As an outsider I missed the municipal government debates about the expenditure and the taxpayer weighins on pros and cons. I missed the actual inconvenience of construction, the disruption to service, the traffic snarls. A year later I get to see the magnificent Elevation Place: art gallery, library, bistro, childcare centre, rock climbing wall and more. I can see, use, and enjoy—often without cost—and then go on my merry way. When I asked the gallery attendant about when the building opened and commented on its beauty, he seemed unsure of either. He, of advancing years, said the

building was very big and cost a lot. I said I guess you’re worried about taxes. He said he lived elsewhere. So you’re off the hook I said. Yep, I’m off the hook. Would his opinion about the investment be different if he was a library patron, a rock climber or had children in need of care? Probably. As I continued my rounds in town it was sad to see some businesses had closed. I suspect that in true Alberta entrepreneurial spirit the shuttered spaces won’t remain so for long. Some wide-eyed risk taker with a hope and a prayer (and the help of a bank) will open the next hot new shop. As consumers we vote with our wallets. We choose whom to support with our dollars and to what extent. I always shop at Café Books when I’m in Canmore. They’re an independent and

damn proud of it. Are their prices good? No, not Costco or thrift store good. But the selection of less mainstream titles and the ambience make you want to linger. I always leave with a bag of goodies and a skinnier wallet. Another favourite, Second Storey Books, a used bookstore housed in a below grade space on Main Street was closed because of the summer flood damage. By this fall I’ll know if they recovered and regrouped. I hope so. Each year I catch the Christmas Artisan’s Market at the high school and delight in the talents of others. I practice my dining alone strategy at Indochine, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant with the freshest, yummiest food. I drive to Banff National Park. Luckily this whole visitor thing is reciprocal. I visit your town you visit

mine. I drop some moola there you bring some here. Our respective taxes build our own infrastructure but we

share it with others. Pretty sweet deal from where I sit.

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County council passes waste disposal bylaw Stiffer fines for litter bugs Submitted by Lamont County

Since starting work in Lamont County, Steve Crosby, Lamont County Peace Officer, has found that garbage being dumped on the side of the road is a reoccurring issue. “I have personally dealt with several garbage dump complainants and have discovered garbage on my own and picked it up three or four times in the past few months,” he stated during the March 11 council meeting. Over the past few years, Lamont County Public Works has received an average of 40 calls per year regarding garbage being dumped in the ditches. While 40 incidents have been reported, it is rea-

sonable to assume that at least that much, if not more, has been found and removed by county employees and residents on their own. There can be danger associated with garbage being dumped into ditches. Last year a Lamont County employee was mowing the ditches and actually punctured a discarded propane tank. In another instance a freezer was dumped in a ditch with the lid still on it; the potential for a child to lock themselves in that freezer could have had serious repercussions. There has also been garbage dumped in the middle of the road – a serious hazard to a resident coming upon it at night. Unfortunately, the current Provincial fine for

littering of $110 is not enough of a deterrent to stop people from dumping garbage in the ditches. Therefore, at the March 11 Council meeting, Lamont County Council passed a Disposal of Waste Bylaw (Bylaw 741.14). This bylaw has a fine of $500 for the first offence, and double the fine for each subsequent offence, not to exceed $10,000. It is important that county residents do their part in keeping our County roads and ditches clean by reporting any unlawful dumping they witness to the county peace officer. Much of the dumping that occurs is done by out-of county residents, and the problem will only stop if they are caught and charged.

A team of healthcare professionals working with your family physician in your community. A.C.E.S. Healthy Living Program Weight Management Diabetes Education Smoking Cessation Medication Reviews Mental Health Support Located at the Lamont Hospital in the same hallway as the Lamont family physician clinics. No referral required. For more information, visit or call 780.895.2022 or 780.997.0046.

6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elk Island National Park transfers 73 bison to Montana Michelle Pinon Editor

A total of 73 plains bison from Elk Island National Park (EINP) were loaded up last Thursday and transported to to the United States without a hitch, according to park superintendent Stephen Flemming. “They were in really good shape,” stated Flemming, who was on hand to assist with the transfer to the American Prairie Reserve in Montana. “For Parks Canada, we are really excited to be working with them,” said Flemming. “We appreciate their goal,

which aligns with ours.” This is the third time EINP has shipped plains bison to the reserve. Flemming said the American Prairie Reserve is unique in that it is all privately owned and funded initiative. The organization’s goal is to create a pure herd of 10,000 plains bison by 2050. Currently, the herd sits around 250, noted Flemming, who is more than happy with the group’s decision to get all of the bison from EINP, which has the only genetically pure plains bison herd in the world. Since 1906, Parks Canada has provided bison from EINP to conservation

projects in several national parks and conservation areas in western Canada and in the United States. Vegreville-Wainwright MP Leon Benoit was present for the official ceremony, which was held three days earlier in the park. At that time, Benoit stated, “Our government continues to take significant steps to protect Canada’s wildlife. Bison nearly vanished from North America, but they exist in Canada today because of investment from the Canadian Government and more than a century of work by Parks Canada. I am proud of the work our govern-

ment and Parks Canada have undertaken and look forward to continuing to bring this incredible story to Canadians. In 1906, the last herd of wild plains bison on the Montana plains was purchased by Canada. Their descendants live on EINP, and have been the source ever since of nearly all plains bison herds in Canada.” Returning the plains bison to the Montana plains is definitely a homecoming and a significant contribution that will help ensure the continued survival of this iconic animal.


A total of 73 plains bison were loaded up and shipped to the United States as part of a conservation project. The weather conditions were excellent for the move, and officials couldn’t have been happier.

Elk Island National Park Superintendent Stephen Flemming, left, stands beside Vegrevillle-Wainwright MP Leon Benoit, Damien Austin, supervisor with the American Prairie Reserve and Alan Fehr, field unit supervisor, Northern Prairies.

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 7

April 7th - 11th, 2014


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8 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

County plans fire services meeting Michelle Pinon Editor

Following a 30 minute discussion, a motion directing administration to develop a consultation meeting with all municipal councils, CAO’s and fire chiefs and officers regarding the future of fire agreements. Even though the fire agreements do not expire until 2015, several fire departments have expressed interest in having the county assume management of those departments. But rather than inviting only three fire departments and municipalities, council decided to include all of the municipalities and fire departments in the discussion so they would all be on the same page and receive first hand information at the same time. Randy Siemens, regional fire chief and emergency services coordinator for Lamont County, said the meeting is a very good first step.� Siemens is also consulting with the local fire departments regarding standard operating procedures and guidelines, which he said is progressing well.

Mundare School fosters public speaking skills PHOTO SUBMITTED BY MUNDARE SCHOOL

Mundare School recently hosted its 5th annual Speak Your Mind Competition on March 6. Organizer Sian Vadnais said all of the speakers were amazing and showed great courage and creativity in writing their original speeches, presenting them to their classmates as well as the entire school, juding panel and enthusiastic guests. The gold medalists in Grades 4, 5, and 6 will continue on to represent Mundare at the Elk Island/ATB Young Speakers Invitational in April where they will compete against speakers from 23 other schools. Vadnais would love to see the competition expanded to junior and senior high students as public speaking is an invaluable lifelong skill to be encouraged, honoured and practiced. Gold, silver and bronze medalists were awarded to students: Emerson Jarvis, Dylan Batog, Tatianna Pichota, Jessica Clough, Haylee McNiven, Cody Sharun, Nolia Jarvis, Zoe Rogers, Alexandra Morse, Dylan Vadnais, Hannah Cressman, Mackenzie Jones, Brianna Patrie, Chelsea Sharun and Annie Antoniuk.


UKRAINA PARK ATTENDANT The Town of Mundare requires a PARK ATTENDANT for Ukraina Park on a contract basis. For full list of duties, please check our web site or contact the Administration Office at 780-764-3929. Park attendant contract pays $550.00 per week and runs from May to Sept. Please submit resume by Thursday April 17 to: Susan Campbell Town of Mundare 5128 50 St., Box 348 Mundare, AB T0B 3H0 Or fax to 780-764-2003 or e-mail to



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Please forward your resume to: Town of Lamont Box 330, Lamont, Alberta T0B 2R0 Fax: (780)895-2595 Application deadline 4:00 p.m. March 28, 2014 Town of Lamont thanks all applicants for their interest; only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 9


Lamont High School’s Art Club members from left to right: Arlie Riendeau, Brooke Benson, Jessica Thornton, Benjamin Marshall, Braeden Ridland, Aydan Connolly, Jurni Lohse-Ranville, Gabrielle Jensen and Andrea Gavinchuk.

Hidden talents emerge during art club Michelle Pinon Editor

Getting students to stay after school is usually a chore, but for teacher Andrea Gavinchuk it is a real pleasure. Since September between three and twelve junior high students have been staying late in her classroom at Lamont High School every Monday afternoon to participate in Art Club. With the assistance of assistant Arlie Riendeau, they have been assisting students in the various mediums including: doodle art, 3D wood art, decorating picture frames, texture painting, water colours, oil pastels, acrylics, sketching and collages. Gavinchuk said she decided to start Art Club because not all the junior

high students were able to get the option of art class, and wanted to give them an opportunity to learn new techniques, experiment with different mediums and hone their talents and skills. The students work on their own projects while listening to upbeat and positive music. Jessica Thornton was busy filling in eyelashes with her charcoal oil pastel on her paper. Thornton says she has always wanted to learn to draw since she saw her brother drawing. While he did teach her many things, Thornton says she has also learned a lot from U-Tube. For Ben Marshall, art was always a hobby; and he says he joined the Art Club because he wanted to improve. So far his favourite project was done in watercolours.

Art has been a hobby for Brooke Benson since she was little, and her mom noticed her talents and encouraged her to keep drawing. She either goes from memory or a picture when drawing, and was putting the finishing touches on her wolf portrait. Braeden Penner loves mixing shades and colors, and says his favourite project has been clay people, and even went as far as to make accessories for his creations. Even though Aydan Connolly said she had a bad case of artist’s block, she had most of a dynamic and colourful space nebula completed. “There’s lots of layering involved,” says Connolly who starts with a base colour, fills in with shading, and finishes with highlights.

Jurni Lohse-Ranville covers all her work sheets with doodles. A self professed cat lover, she mostly does digital art, but has developed a flair for pencil sketching and acrylic paints. Gabrielle Jensen could never have enough flowers, and displays her brilliant red, pink, and orange flowers during class recently. The students like to bounce ideas off each other and get advice from one another, as well as their teachers who also share their love of art, time and talents for their benefit.

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10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lamont County introduces offsite levies for Heartland Public consultation meeting scheduled for March 31 Michelle Pinon Editor

levy amount is adjusted regularly based on estimated construction costs including inflationary factors.

With the recent approval of transportation and utility master plans, Lamont County was prepared to pass first reading of the two off-site levy bylaws at its March 11 meeting. Now the Transportation Master Plan and the Utility Master Plan for the Lamont Heartland Industrial District and proposed bylaws will be brought forward for public consultation at an information meeting slated for March 31 from 5-8 p.m. in council chambers. The Industrial Heartland South Basin District Levy Report identifies the projects that would be considered to be paid by a levy and establishes the levy Roads bans protect the rate/ha for the area. safety and integrity of our “Based on the projects proposed within the levy roads. When the ground thaws, report the total construction cost for transportation roads are more vulnerable to projects, in 2014 dollars, is $49,451,000. From an damage from heavy vehicles. administrative and equitable perspective, the adminTo prevent this, vehicles are istration is recommending that the total cost be allorequired to reduce their axle cated over the entire Industrial Heartland South Basin District, with the levy payable to be based on a weight to 75 per cent. cost/hectare basis.” Opus Stewart Weir prepared the following levy rate based on the levy report,” stated development officer Laraine Stuart in her request for decision report. “The total construction cost of the transportation Further information: projects in the Lamont Industrial Heartland South Transportation and Agriculture Services Basin District divided by the total number of hectares 780-417-7100 in the south basin equals the transportation Enforcement Services levy/ha.” 780-449-0170 Total construction cost equalled $49,451,000. The total affected area equalled 2525 hectares; and the total levy equalled $19,585 per hectare. The landowner will be required to pay the transportation levy based on the gross land area of the parcel being subdivided or developed. As well, “An escalation clause is included within the bylaw such that the levy amount is adjusted regularly based on estimated construction costs The Government of Alberta invites your input on the Employment including inflationary Standards Code, the basic rules for employers and employees. factors. “In addition, the We are looking at things like: amount of the levy payable is determined at · Employment of youth 14031DG1 14033DG1 the time of payment · Hours of work received, not at the time · General holidays and vacation pay of the subdivision or · Special leaves development applica· And more tion.” In terms of water servPlease tell us what you think: icing priorities in the · Use our online Discussion Guide heartland, and based on and Survey at the projects proposed within the levy report, · Email your comments to the total construction cost for municipal water· Or call 1-877-427-3731 to order a paper works, in 2014 dollars, is copy of the Discussion Guide and Survey $21,282,453. The total affected area equalled 2,524 hectares and the total levy equalled $8,429 Deadline for feedback per hectare. is April 11, 2014. “An escalation clause is included within the bylaw, and such that the


“In addition, the amount of the levy payable is determined at the time of payment received, not at the time of the subdivision or development application.” The cost of producing the off-site levy bylaws for both water and transportation is $14,407.


March 21, 2014

Protect our roads. Lighten your loads.


CANNING, Ruth Ione Ione was born in Gravelbourge, Saskatchewan in 1918. She died peacefully with family by her side on February 18, 2014 at Westshore Laylum. Ione was predeceased by her husband Gordon and daughter-in-law Sylvia. She is survived by her children Anne-Marie (Bob), Nancy-Lynne (David), and Bryan, grandchildren Jamie (Sean), Ryan (Krista), Brittany (Ashley), Kelsie, Aaron (Jo), Kevin (Allana) and the apple of her eye, her great-granddaughter Kaitlyn. Ione enjoyed gardening, knitting, traveling and word searches. The family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the amazing staff at Westshore Laylum. A Celebration of Life will be held at the ProPatricia Service Building in Victoria on Friday, April 4, 2014 from 10 to noon. “Grannie is deeply missed each and every day.” Delta Funeral Home (604) 946-6040

In Memorium Victoria Kostiuk April 6, 1936 to March 15, 2013

Gone is the smiling face we loved so dear, Silent is the voice we loved to hear. Nothing can ever take away, Fond memories that linger every day. God knows how much we miss her. And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep, Her memory we shall always keep. We will cherish her in our hearts forever. Deeply missed by Steve, Dennis & Joan, Donna & Barry, Lorne & Holly, Marshall & Patti, grandchildren & great grandchildren.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 11

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Box 462, Hwy 15 Bruderheim, Alberta T0B-2R0

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Lamont Boarding Kennels Where Dogs Play

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12 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 13


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ANNOUNCEMENTS SPANISH ANYONE? Mission To Many Welcomes you to join us as we learn Spanish from a native Mexican speaker. Free lessons beginning bi-weekly Monday March 24th at Golden Valley Lutheran Church 5327 - 56 Ave, 5:30-7 pm Viking. Need more info call 780- 336-3155 07-08c ________________________ Effective April 1, 2014 Lamont Region residents will be charged for construction and demolition materials. Household waste no charge. For more information go to LL08-10c ________________________

COMING EVENTS Viking Soccer Registration Drop In will be Monday March 31 3pm-6pm and Wednesday April 2 6pm7:30pm at the Alliance Church (beside the Carena.) If you are unable to attend or have questions check out 08-10c ________________________ Viking Farmers Market will start for the season on Thursday, March 27, 2014, weather permitting. Meeting at 1 p.m., Market from 2 to 4 p.m.. New vendors welcome. For more info or to book a table call 780-5922431. 07tfn ________________________ COWBOY CHURCH at Viking Auction Market, Jct. of Hwy. 36 and 26. Fri., March 28, at 7:30 p.m. All welcome, Call Terry at 780376-3599 or 780-336-2224. 08/09c ________________________

Serving Beaver County & Area

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Friday, March 21 at 7 pm the movie "Frozen" will be showing at the Rocket Theatre in Viking. Hope to see you there! 08c ________________________ Pancrêpfle Supper, Bardo Lutheran Church, March 22, 5-7 pm. Pancakes, crêpes, waffles, ham. For tickets/info: 662-2684,, www.bardolutheranchurch.weebly.c om TM08c ________________________ Irma United Church Spring Supper and Auction at the Irma School Gym on Thursday, April 10. Supper 5:30 to 7 p.m. Silent Auction - 6 to 8 p.m. Live Auction starts at 7 p.m. Grunow Auction Service will handle live auction. Adults $15, Ages 6 to 12 - $7 and Family Ticket - $40. For more information call Gordie Fischer 780-7543864. Come and enjoy a great evening of food, fun and fellowship! 07-08c ________________________

SEED FOR SALE Wheat: AC Shaw VB, AC Vesper VB, Stettler and Superb. Barley: CDC Austenson, CDC Cowboy, Gadsby and Chigwell. Oats: AC Morgan, AC LU and Murphy. Peas: CDC Meadow and CDC Horizon. Locally grown Canola Seed: Fusion Synthetic Hybrid, Rugby Highest yielding open pollinated and 6056 CR Clubroot resistant. Call: Haralie Seed Farms 780662-2617 or 780-405-8089 Tofield AB. TMtfnc ________________________ Purebred yearling and 2 year old Black Angus bulls for sale. Heifer and cow bulls available. Call 780986-9088. LL08-11 ________________________

St Michael Regional Landfill has an opening for experienced full time and part time cat operators. Landfill training provided. Fax your resume to 780-7962081 or e-mail LL08-11 ________________________ Seeking Transloaders in Hardisty. $35/hour, Great benefits! Attractive compressed work schedule. Send resume/CV to OR fax to 770-996-6830. CP08

Land for sale 2 quarters about 320 acres NE NW 2151-17 W4, 10 miles north of Ryley. Serious offers only. Phone: 780-663-2040. TM06-08p ________________________ Farmland 159 acres for sale. Good No. 2 soil, NW 15-50-18 -W4 has 142.58 acres, adjoining SW 22-5018-W4 has 16.57 acres. 145 acres cultivated. Each has separate title. East of Tofield along Hwy 14. Call: 780-662-2061 cell 780-9996399. TM07-08p ________________________ 480 acres for sale. 3 adjoining quarters. Borschiw/inland area. Call: 780467-3021 TM07-08p ________________________

FOR RENT FOR RENT: Looking for summer pasture for cow/calf pairs in Ryley/Tofield or Holden area, but will consider surrounding areas. Call: 780984-5026. TM07-10p ________________________ Office space for rent in The Co-operators-Ritchie Agencies building (5103 – 50st) in Viking. For more info, please contact Todd at 780-336-4000 or 51tfnc ________________________ Spacious newly renovated one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Includes laminate flooring, ceramic tile, new appliances, cable, heat, and water. Rents starting at $600 with rental incentives on a one year lease. In Tofield 780-6623396. TM01tfnc ________________________

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HELP WANTED SAFETY STARTS HERE TRAINING CENTRE • First Aid - CPR AED (AB & BC) • Standard First Aid • Emergency First Aid • Child Care First Aid • HCP First Aid • H2S Alive (Enform) • Ground Disturbance (Global) • Confined Space Entry • CSTS • PST • TDG • WHMIS • Flagger Training Phone (780) 608-1434 ________________________ KALYNA COUNTRY PCN is seeking the following positions: • Temporary Part-time (.60 FTE) Pharmacist - Vegreville • Summer Student (1.0 FTE) Communications CO-OP Student. For a complete posting visit: 08c ________________________ FT/Part-time, M/F. Equipment Rental Person required for Sherwood Park Rental Business. Maintenance and repair of rental equipment. Ability to operate machinery including forklift. Duties include customer service, general clean-up and deliveries. Must be a self starter, physically fit and good problemsolver. Bring resume to: Park Equipment Rentals, 44 Sioux Road, Sherwood Park. 8 am - 6 pm MondayFriday 780-464-4646. TM08-09p

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IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of LILLIAN EDITH MCLEOD September 15, 1930 to March 21, 2013 One year has passed since that sad day, When one we loved was called away. God took her home, it was His will, But in our hearts she liveth still. Susan, Dean, Jacob & Craig’s families, relatives & friends. TM08p


8 acres, 3,760 sq. ft. on 2 floors, 7 miles southwest of Killam REDUCED $549,000, New oak floors up and new carpet down, 9 new appliances, bathroom fixtures, counter tops, and tile. Attached garage, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, built-in vac, and more. Heated shop with office, barn, 4 stall storage shed, fenced for livestock. Call Marilyn & Jack O’Brien at 780-385-8686. CP07tfn ________________________ LAND FOR SALE Northeast of St Michael, Alberta. Private sale - 80 acres - lots of trees, grass, wildlife, very private. Phone 780-896-3800 LL08-11 ________________________ LAND FOR SALE Northeast of St Michael, Alberta. Private sale - 15.5 acres, lots of trees, very private yard site with house and buildings, power, water and gas. Close to Lamont & Fort Saskatchewan. Phone 780-896-3800 LL08-11 ________________________

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), March 18, 2014 - 15

PEEK-A-BOO WITH DAD Cpl. Sagstuen plays peek-a-boo with his youngest daughter Danika before the flag raising ceremony at Andrew School. Earlier during the special assembly, he presented his middle daughter Nola with the miniature rubber duck he had been keeping for safekeeping back to her.


ECONOMIC ACTION PLAN 2014 works by controlling spending and putting Canada on the road to balanced budgets in 2015. Balancing the budget protects our economy and keeps it strong. Economic Action Plan 2014* includes proposed investments in things that matter to Canadians like: • Enhanced broadband internet service for rural and Northern Canadians MICHELLE PINON PHOTO

Andrew School assitant principal TJ Kennerd and principal Daniel Verhoeff raise the flags while Andrew Mayor Heather Tait and Deputy Mayor Mona Mitchell Frampton look on and Cpl. Corey Sagstuen salutes in honor of those who served their country during the Afghanistan war.

• A new Search and Rescue Volunteers Tax Credit • The New Horizons for14033CF1 Seniors Program • New measures to support apprentices in the trades • Improved and expanded snowmobile and recreational trails across the country • Measures to support the timely review of pipeline projects *Subject to Parliamentary approval


March 12 marked the end of Canada’s participation in Afghanistan. Students from Grades 7-12 at Lamont High School participated in a special assembly and flag raising ceremony that day.

Find out more about how Economic Action Plan 2014 can help you at

16 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Councillor’sCorner NotesfromtheMarch11,2014CouncilMeeting  Bylaw739.14OffSiteUtilityPotableWaterLevyand Bylaw740.14OffSiteTransportationLevy Pendingapublicopenhouseforconsultationwiththepublic, Councilprovidedthefirstreadingofthebylaws.Administrationwill arrangetoconductapublicinformationsessiononthebylaws (openhouse)ontheeveningofMarch31,2014.Aletterwillbesent tothosemostaffectedandeventwillbeadvertised.  CountyNegotiateManagementRoleofFireDepartments Considerationwasgiventoestablishinganagreementbetween villagesandtownsforLamontCountytooverseefireoperations. DoingsowouldsavetheCountymoney,aswellasthevillagesand towns,someofwhicharehavingtroublespayingthefirebills.In advanceofcontractrenegotiationsnextyear,LamontCountywill initiateadialogwithmunicipalitiestodiscussthepossibilityofthe Countytakingoverfireoperations.  CountySOGsandSOPs(forEmergencyServices) StandardOperatingGuidelinesandStandardOperatingProcedures wereapprovedinprinciple.Theywillbeopenforreviewand adjustmentsasnecessary,astheywillbelivingdocuments.  Bylaw744.14WasteDisposalBylaw TherehasbeenanongoingproblemwithwastedisposalinCounty ditches.Currentpolicies(provinciallitteringlaw,forexample)don’t havethedeterrenttopreventgarbagedumping.Withcurrent changestolandfillchargesitisreasonabletoexpectevenmore dumpingtooccur  Thenewbylawhasthefirstoffencefineat$500,whichdoublesfor subsequentoffences.Allthreereadingsofthebylawwerecarried unanimously.  RequesttoPurchaseNewScalesforPeaceOfficer CouncilhasapprovedthepurchaseoftwoHaenniscalesforthe PeaceOfficer’suse.Thecurrentscalesthatareusedcanbeunsafe duetosizeandweight,andcanbeaninconveniencetousebecause theyonlyfitunderonetireatatime.Thescalesthatarerequested weighless,aresafer,andhavealargersurfaceforeaseofuse.  TenderNE275516W4(AgriculturalLandforlease) TwoproposalswerereceivedfortheleasingofCountyagricultural land.Councilwillrespondwithacounteroffertotheproposal determinedtobetotheirbestadvantageof$70peracrefora periodofthreeyears.  LamontMidgetHockeyDonation Councilhasagreedtodonate$250tohelptheLamontMidget Hawksgototheprovincialtournament.  AssessmentReviewBoardTraining LamontCountywillinvestigatecontractingservicesforassessment reviewboardmembers.

FCSS VolunteerAppreciationEvents Mundare Wednesday,April9,2014at6:00p.m. attheMondayDropInCenter  Bruderheim Friday,April11,2014at6:00p.m. attheBruderheimCommunityHall  TicketsareavailablefromMarch1toMarch28at: FCSSLamontCountyRegion,LamontCountyAdministrativeBuilding VillageofChipmanOffice,MundareTownOffice,Townof Bruderheim  Orcall7808957751toreserveyourstoday!!Ticketsarefreeof chargebutlimitedinnumber.Ticketsarerequiredforentranceinto thisevent.Hurryandgetyourstoday!  Broughttoyouby:   



Monday,March31,2014 5:00p.m.–8:00p.m. CouncilChambers,LamontCountyAdministrationBuilding  LamontCountyCouncilispreparingtopasstwo(2)bylawswhich wouldimposeoffsiteleviesonlandstobedevelopedforindustrial purposesonlyandlocatedintheIndustrialHeartlandSouthBasin District,betweenRangeRoad203easttoHighway831andNorthof Highway15toTownshipRoad560.  ThepurposeoftheoffsitelevybylawsaretoallowtheCountyto imposelevies(fees)allocatedonaproportionatebasisagainstall anewandfutureindustrialdevelopmenttoassistinpaymentof upgradestotheroadsandinfrastructurelocatedintheIndustrial HeartlandDistrict.  Onlylandowners/developersinvolvedinindustrialdevelopment willbeaffectedbytheimpositionoftheproposedoffsitelevies. Landowners/residentswithagriculturaloperationsarenot affectedbytheproposedoffsitelevies.  Formoreinformationandamapoftheaffectedarea,viewthe noticepostedontheLamontCountywebsite,orcallMarieKurylow at(780)8952233ext.220. 

AttheMarch11,2014,CouncilMeeting,LamontCountyCouncil passedaWasteDisposalBylaw(bylaw744.14)tocontrolthe disposalofwasteontheroads,highwaysandditcheswithinthe County.  Thefineforafirstoffenseis$500,anddoublesforeachsubsequent offense.Ifyouwitnessunlawfuldumpingoncountyroads,please reportit.

ASB BackslopingPolicyRescinded AttheASBmeetingheldMarch6,2014,theBoardpassedamotion torescindthebackslopingpolicy,Policy6050.  Therefore,LamontCountywillnolongerberunningthebacksloping program.Privatebackslopingwillnowbetheresponsibilityofthe landowner.Ifalandownerwishestohavebackslopingcompleted, LamontCountywillrequirespecificationstobefollowed.  Formoreinformation,pleasecalltheASBDepartmentat780895 2585.


Mar 18 Leader  

March 18, 2014 Lamont Leader

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