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Vol. 9, No. 34, Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lamont High School’s Class of 2014


Members of the 2014 graduating class at Lamont HIgh School in all their finery for the official class photo taken on June 14. Michelle Pinon Editor

“Dare to chase your biggest dreams, dare to chase your chosen career, dare to excel, dare to go the extra mile, and dare to make your mark in the world.” Those were just a few of the heartfelt words Robert Malica, Lamont County councillor and father of graduate Brayden, spoke during his speech to the class of 2014 on Friday, June 13 at the podium on stage in the Lamont High School (LHS) gymnasium. “Where you grow up and attend school greatly shapes who you are.

Remember who has been there through all the good times and bad. You must thank your family, teachers and friends for encouraging you to dare to dream to be all that you can be and to continue to create stories in your life,” stated Malica. “I have had the pleasure to get to know many of these graduates throughout the years. I cannot believe how fast time flies, it seems like yesterday that I was sitting on this exact stage, oh wait, I’m getting old! I graduated almost 30 years ago, and now I’m here celebrating with my youngest son Brayden and his fellow graduates,” added Malica. “One story may end

but there are many more to be written. Keep the stories throughout elementary, junior and senior high school close to you. Take a moment to reflect on all that you have achieved and the stories you have made. Appreciate just how far all of you have come. It’s a big accomplishment!” No matter what direction you decide to take, Malica told the graduates just to be sure that it is the story you want to add to their collection. He also encouraged the graduates to stay true to themselves and what they have learned over the years as they step boldly into the future that awaits. There were other

words of sage advice and well wishes sent to the graduates on behalf of Principal Sharon McLean, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) trustee Colleen Holowaychuk, EIPS Superintendent Bruce Beliveau, Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA Jacquie Fenske, and Town of Lamont Mayor Bill Skinner. Lamont High’s Librarian Rose Konsorada was the inspirational speaker of the evening, and she also had words of advice and expressed her gratitude for spending the last 25 years as the school’s librarian. “I have and always will be proud of all my children,” said

Konsorada, who wished them luck and success and reminded them all to come back to the library and update her on their special journey’s and where life has taken them. Konsorada shared with the graduates and audience members that she never expected to be where she is now. Konsorada graduated from LHS in 1973, and said that even though she wound up where she least expected, it was “exactly where I should have been” all along. Mathmatics teacher Allan Hope gave the official reply from the teachers, and took the time to describe some of the qualities and special

memories he has of the graduates and to wish them well in the future. He threw in a few math jokes for good measure which had all of the graduates laughing beside him while he was on stage. Then it was time for the presentation of the composite of the graduation class, and presentation of 41 certificates and roses by Principal Sharon McLean and Assistant Principal Garry Russell. Expressing a great deal of collected relief and pure happiness, the graduates departed the stage to officially close the Commencement Ceremonies.

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

THANK YOU THANK YOU Mark Lacoursiere for your continuous and dedicated support in purchasing my 4-H Carcass Steer year after year. Your support has been gratefully appreciated! *Jamie Vandelannoite Sponsored by Elk Island Child and Youth Ranch and Pillar Contracting.

THANK YOU to all the Buyers, your Generous Support of the 4-H Beef Club is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. Thanks Again!


Well over 1,200 motorcyclists and supporters of the Motorcycle Ride For Dad head into the Village of Andrew Saturday, June 14. The community was the first of three stops in Lamont County during the day long fundraiser for prostate cancer.

THANK YOU City Spring Ltd of Edmonton for purchasing my 4-H Show Steer. *Jessalyn Vandelannoite

THANK YOU Beaver Creek Co-op for purchasing my Grand Champioin 4-H Steer. *Jake Farrell

THANK YOU McEwen’s Fertilizer and Fuels

for purchasing my Reserve Champion 4-H Steer. *Jamie Vandelannoite

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 3

THE LAMONT 4-H DISTRICT AND THE CHIPMAN 4-H BEEF CLUB WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF OUR SPONSORS AND BUYERS FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT DURING OUR SALE ON JUNE 2, 2014 IN LAMONT. Your support for our club is greatly appreciated. – Chipman 4-H Beef Club members, leaders and families

Thank You to our Buyers from:



BUYERS Beaver Creek Co-op City Spring Deerland - Fort Saskatchewan Galor Enterprises Hill Realty K.G. Enterprises McEwen's Fuels & Fertilizers North Central Livestock Tofield Packers Webb's - Lamont


Platinum Chipman Lions Club Cossey Appraisal Services Hill Realty H&R Block Jake Thiessen Contracting Ltd. Lamont County Lamont Value Drug Mart NBI Feedlot Walter Lipkewich Memorial Silver

Acklands-Grainger Inc. Century 21 (Dan Cholak) Coldon Enterprises Ltd. Ed & Marie Stelmach Hi-Way Registries No Frills (Fort Saskatchewan) Vegreville Accounting


AAA Natural Foods (Malica Family Farms) Beaver Creek Co-op Chipman Development Corporation Denhams Crystal Chrysler Galor Enterprises Maschmeyer Farms McEwen's Fuels & Fertilizers (Fort Saskatchewan) Sobeys (Redwater) Vegreville Co-op Yogi's Liquor Store

Bronze Lamco Gas Co-op Ltd. Real Home Furnishing Inc. Vantage Building Supplies Ltd.

4-H Alberta Corporate Sponsors

4-H Alberta Legacy Fund AFSC Canada Safeway UFA

4 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Opinion Writer diagnosed with bad case of cognitive dissonance To the Editor, Cognitive dissonance? One meaning is, to ignore or deny any information that conflicts with existing beliefs. If the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance is right, cognitive dissonance might reach epidemic proportions before the next Federal election.According to the Alliance, last Feb. with wheat priced $11.38/bu at Vancouver; producers received $4.69/bu or 41% of the selling price. Under single-desk, with wheat priced $10.61/bu at Vancouver; producers received $9.99/bu or 94% of the selling price. Now I don’t care one little bit if MP David Anderson and MP Gerry Ritz suffer from a bad bout of cognitive dissonance but I feel compassion for those hard working producers who supported “market freedom” because of Conservative lies. It is possible to get the single-desk back and the first step is making sure the likes of Anderson and Ritz are not around after the next election. If a 50% drop in the farmer’s share of the selling price won’t do it, nothing will. Bev Currie, Swift Current, Sask

From Where I Sit: Even Maxwell Would Understand

By Hazel Anaka After forty years of speaking to audiences and writing more than seventy books, John Maxwell is widely acknowledged to be a leadership guru. He makes us believe that we too can become leaders. What’s even more exciting is that his message isn’t directed solely at managers and executives. It is applicable to each of us regardless of our starting point or whether we occupy a box on some org chart. His success strategy message is accessible to all of us.

Graduation: A family affair

Four generations celebrated the graduation of Madalyn Adamyk from Lamont High School on June 13. Pictured from left to right: great grandmother Polly Pawluk, grandmother Mae Adamyk, Madalyn Adamyk , and her mother Natalie. It was 50 years since Mae graduated from LHS.

5038 - 50 Avenue Box 1079, Lamont, AB, T0B 2R0 Phone 895-2780 - Fax 895-2705 Email: Published every Tuesday at Lamont, AB Serving the Communities of Andrew, Bruderheim, Chipman, Hilliard, Lamont, Mundare, RR4 Tofield, Star and St. Michael

Kerry Anderson Publisher

His website offers a combination of free and paid resources and includes a blog. A quick reading of some of his quotes reveals an open acknowledgement of the role of God in his life and how it guides his actions. His words for us are both aspirational and inspirational. Cynics may think that the words we tell ourselves are neutral. The truth is they can either help or harm us. Who among us hasn’t been knocked flat by some of the destructive or inaccurate crap we tell ourselves, often on an endless loop or in stereo 24?/7? Maxwell says, “Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best.” “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them.” “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities.

They vary on their desires to reach their potential.” Another quote (not Maxwell’s) asks how we can soar with the eagles when we’re surrounded by turkeys. Perhaps Maxwell’s questions when someone doesn’t perform well are kinder and more useful in the long term. Maybe when we feel like eagles we need to ask whether our co-worker/friend/partner: Is out of their league, not up to the job or the responsibility? Is out of position, in the wrong job? Is out of their comfort zone, in a bad environment? Is beyond their understanding, not properly trained? Maybe then we can be more compassionate. Or direct resources to help both the person and the situation. Trust me I know this isn’t easy. Most of us have enough

Michelle Pinon

lings, and special friends in attendance for the two day celebration that had so many memorable moments, it would be impossible to mention all of them. I chatted briefly with grandmother Theresa Bull before the official class photo was taken, and it was impossible for her not to get emotional. “I’m a big baby,” said Theresa apologetically. I told her not to apologize, and admitted even I got a little teary eyed during the ceremony on Friday evening even though I do not have any children who were graduating this year. I am, however,


The graduation of Madalyn Adamyk was extra special. The Class of 2014’s valedictorian was extra proud to have her mother Natalie Adamyk, her grandmother Mae Adamyk, and her great grandmother Polly Pewarchuk by her side. Four generations came together to celebrate this important milestone, and it was heartwarming to see them altogether during the ceremony and banquet on June 13 and 14. There were many other grandparents, uncles and aunts, sib-

Michelle Pinon Editor

Marline Umrysh Jodie TracyDerksen Harding Advertising Sales/ Ad Sales Office Manager/ Composition Ad Composition

trouble getting through the day and our own responsibilities. How can we invest time and positive energy into helping someone else who is mightily ticking us off? It’s easier and perhaps more satisfying to complain, gossip about it, point fingers and wring our hands. We need to resist the urge. We need to be as honest as we can. We need to try to get help for the organization and ourselves. We need to ‘work the system’ and follow protocol and chain of command. We need to give it our best shot. Only then can we decide if saving ourselves is the only answer. That may mean leaving the company or relationship. Not all situations can be salvaged. Sometimes for our own health and sanity we need to cut our losses and move on. Even Maxwell would understand from where I sit. acquaintances of some of the graduates’ parents, and it was great to see them smiling and taking priceless Kodak moments of their own. My turn will be in 2017 when my son Jacques graduates from Lamont High School. I, too, have a hard time comprehending where all the time has gone since my son’s birth on August 19, 1998. Time is so elusive, and making the most of time is equally as challenging, but I know there is a time and a reason and a season for all things and I wish all of this year’s graduates all the best in the future.

Jazmine Inkster Jodie Derksen Student Repoter Ad Sales

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 5

Lamont area residents voice concerns about subdivision plans during public hearing Michelle Pinon Editor

A total of 16 people attended the public hearing for the proposed Highland Estates subdivision on June 10 at the meeting room at the Lamont Recreation Centre. While developer Ron Hall had met all of the statutory requirements as specified in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Lamont County’s Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Redistricting Bylaw,

many of the people in attendance still had questions about the proposed development to be located 1.6 kms south of the Town of Lamont and 1.6 kms west on Township Road 552. One of the local residents who asked several pertinent questions was former Lamont Mayor Denis Durand. He pointed out that Highway 15 was supposed to have been twinned years ago when he was a member of town council. Durand pointed out that traffic on Highway 15 is

“increasing daily” and noticed there was no plans for a merging lane included in the plan. He pointed out that with the majority of vehicles heading westbound, and a big hill, it was a dangerous point in the road and felt a merging lane should be mandatory. Durand said many local residents already bypass Highway 15 and travel Township Road 552 as an alternate route to Fort Saskatchewan. With more planned development in the Heartland, Durand stated that TWP RD. 522 can’t be “left alone” without any road improvements. He also asked questions about fire protection, water supply, sewer drainage, etc. Other residents also expressed their concerns about increased traffic, dust control, road dam-

age, absence of fences in the subdivision, pets, maintenance, rules of a condo board, regulations of the county as well as enforcement, environmental concerns, etc. There was a stakeholder from a Redwater oil company who said he wasn’t notified of the hearing and wondered why, since the company, which has several leases on the property. It was also pointed out that the plan doesn’t address the rights of mineral rights owners. While specific questions were raised throughout the hearing, the overriding concern of local residents seemed to be quality of life. Some were longtime residents, and others newcomers, but they all said they cherish the peace and quiet of country living and didn’t want their rural way of life to

change. Wayne Woldanski, Lamont County Reeve and chair of the public hearing, admitted that he, and members of council did not have any answers for residents, but were there to listen as they were. The main difference between the two groups was that the residents only have the

power to voice their concerns; while council members will have the power to either approve or turn down the proposal when they get together again. “We will be making some sort of decision at a council meeting,” stated Woldanski before closing the hearing at 8:37 p.m.

6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Picnic in the Park The Town of Lamont hosted its second annual Picnic in the Park on Thursday, June 12 at Hillside Park. Members of town council as well as staff were on hand to meet and greet picnic goers, and members of the Lamont Curling Club cooked the hot dogs.

Children enjoyed the jump house among other things during the Picnic in the Park at Lamont.


Right-of-Way Safety EASTERN ALBERTA TRANSMISSION LINE During construction of ATCO Electric’s EATL, materials are often stored along the line’s right-of-way. Please be cautious when travelling along the EATL right-of-way and be aware of construction-related traffic on nearby roads. East of Gibbons, construction of the EATL Heathfield Converter Station is underway (near Sec. Hwy. 643). From the converter station, the line heads east, running between Hwys. 38 and 29, past Bruderheim. The line crosses Hwy. 831 north of Lamont and continues east between Hwys. 45 and 29, crosses Hwy. 29 by RR 170 and continues south. 14063OA0 14062OA0

Hazel Bluff Community Hall Wednesday, June 25 at 7 p.m.





38 Heathfield Converter Station






Lamont 15




Fort Saskatchewan








EATL Project Route


Our objective in this process is to encourage as many producers as possible to participate in the Plan Review. ABP is your organization and we want you to help us be better. This is a chance for us to hear your voice and make ABP a stronger, more effective voice for all the cattle and beef producers in Alberta. ABP wants your opinion on our: Mandate, Structure, Operations, and Funding.



Coffee and snacks will be provided. Producers are welcome to attend any meeting location.



Mayerthorpe Legion Thursday, June 26 at 14063AA4 7 p.m.

Be alert in construction areas and abide by the posted speed limits and safety warnings.

To learn about the EATL’s Crop Protection Plan and ATCO Electric’s equipment cleaning practices, visit the website at Contact the EATL project team toll free at: 1-866-650-2463/email:

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 7

Babas and Borshch ready to serve up second helping of fun Ukrainian style Circle August 23, 2014 on your calendar. The second annual Ukrainian Zabava in Andrew is a highlight of the Babas & Borshch Festival, Lamont County’s tourism initiative. This year, the Saturday night party will feature the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance

Ensemble performing under the artistic direction of Mykola Kanevets. A native of Kyiv, Ukraine, Mykola attended the National University of Culture and Performing Arts in Kyiv, Ukraine where he graduated from the Faculty of Choreography with the distinction of

Ballet Master and Choreographer. Expect to be thrilled by this dance troupe. Also appearing is an Edmonton group, Zabava u Koli, performing traditional Ukrainian music. Popular dance

band, The Playboys, is sure to be a crowd pleaser with their wide repertoire of dance music: from traditional Ukrainian to classic rock, from country classic to golden oldies. Joe Synyshyn of

Chosyn Foods promises a traditional feast including Ukrainian favourites like sour holubtsi, perizhky in cream, nachynka, pyrohy, bib z chasnykom plus the expected Canadian menu standbys. Smachnoho!

Tickets are available by clipping the order form on the In Focus page or visiting www.babasandborshch.c om Tables will be assigned based on “best available at time of purchase.”

Bruderheim recognition In the May 27 editor of the Lamont Leader there should have been additional information published regarding the official recognition of employees with the Town of Bruderheim. The cutline information should have stated that, Jim Reuther (public works supervisor) was recognized for his long service, 31 official years with the Town of Bruderheim. Bob Cote (director of public works) was recognized for his long service, 21 official years with the Town of Bruderheim. Sharron Sinclair (director of finance) was recognized for her long service, 17 official years with the Town of Bruderheim. Amber Tanner (equipment operator) was recognized for her efforts in the 2014 Kraft Hockeyville Contest.

Fuel stolen near Hairy Hill On June 11th, 2014, Two Hills RCMP received a report of a break and enter at a rural property near Hairy Hill, Alberta. Sometime between 10:00 am, and 2:30 pm, unknown suspects attended the rural address and went through several out buildings on the property. No damage was done to the property, however an unknown amount of fuel was stolen. The vehicle involved is believed to be a pickup truck, still donning winter tires. Several sets of footprints were found on the property, with a unique tread pattern, indicating that a suspect was likely wearing golf shoes during the break and enter. The property was only vacant for a short period of time, so it is possible the suspects had prior knowledge of the property or its residents. Two Hills RCMP are seeking the public's help with any information related to the break and enter. The public are encouraged to call immediately regarding any suspicious activity, especially in the overnight or early morning hours. If you have any information please contact the Two Hills RCMP Detachment at 780-657-2820 or Crime Stoppers at 1800-222-8477 or online at



Saturday, June 21 7:00 P.M. $16.00 per person “Come for a Great Evening of Fun”

Tel: 780-998-9159 / Toll Free: 1-888-998-9159 20423 TWP Rd 544 Fort Sask, Alberta T8L-3Z3


8 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chipman 4-H Beef Club hosts year end show and sale Our Achievement Day was held Monday, June 2nd at the Lamont Arena. But before that date rolled around, we had lots of work to do. We got the official starting weight for our calves back on November 16th. During the winter we didn't do a lot with our animals, other than making sure they were fed and had water every day – even when it was bitterly cold. For the most part, they handled the cold better than we did. Starting in March, some of us began trying to work with our calves. But many of us waited until after our Calf Tour on April 5th. For the Calf Tour we visited each farm and the member would tell us a bit about their calf. Of course we did pick a fairly cool and windy day so it was nice to have a hot meal at Mercer's. Then we went to the Mulholland Farm where we went inside the barn (out of the wind) and had a lesson on grooming our steers. Mr. Andruchow from Andrew was kind enough to share his knowledge with us as we would be grooming our steers for The Show. After that day we were strongly encouraged to work with our steers as we needed to be able to put a halter on them and then be able to walk them around the show ring. Alas, that is easier said than done! By the time Achievement Day arrived, we'd all done some work, but it was obvious that some had done more than others. Or maybe they just had gentler animals to start with? Before we could have The Show, we had to transform the arena so that it had a show ring, complete with mats, and bleachers. We did that Sunday night … during that awful, awful storm! So despite our best attempts, we had to deal with mud on Sunday night and all day on Monday. Monday morning we unloaded our steers and had to get them weighed in.

Then the Rate of Gain was calculated, which is the average number of pounds gained per day since we did the weigh in. Can you imagine what it would be like to gain 3.91 pounds every day? That was the highest rate of gain for this group of steers. Then it was time to gussy-up those steers – they all got a shower and were dried and brushed and even had some hair trimmed. And of course, they even got pedicures! After our pizza lunch, the actual show began. Terry Eleniak was the Ringman and he helped keep us, and our steers, moving along. The Confirmation Judge, Mr. Lyle Heiberg, had 4 steers brought into the ring and we had to judge them on their confirmation. This was the first time many of us had done judging so Mr. Heiberg gave us lots of pointers. After that, we brought our steers in to be judged. We were in two groups. The top two from each group then were judged against each other and the Grand and Reserve Champion Steers were determined. After that, TJ Fenton had us bring our steers in again so he could judge us on our Showmanship and Grooming skills. It's not always easy to get those steers to go where you want them to go! After the judges announced the winners, we got to take our steers out to the barns so they could have a break before the Sale. And we got to rest a bit too. Mind you, the parents did put us to work helping to organize things for the supper we were having before the Sale. A big thank you to NBI Feedlot for sponsoring the supper! People started arriving for supper about 6 as the Sale was due to start at 7. Just before 7, all the members were asked to go into the show ring and the awards from The Show were handed out. And here is how that went:

Church h Calendar For more information call 780-895-2780 LAMONT UNITED CHURCH 5306 - 51 Ave., Lamont, AB 780-895-2145 Rev. Deborah Brill Sunday Worship time 11:15 a.m. Sunday, July 20 - Service in Andrew 11:00 a.m. Sunday, July 27 - Service in Meeting Room at Rec Centre 10:00 am Offering will go to “Haying in the 30s”

Community Supper Friday, June 20th, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Everyone Welcome! AA Meetings Thursdays at 8:30 pm

Orthodox V Parishes All services start at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted Sunday Divine Liturgy 10:00 am 780-895-2149

Sunday, June 22 - Mundare Tone 1 - 2nd Sun after Pentecost Visit our website

The winners of the Grand and Reserve Champion Steers received belt buckles, in addition to their plaques. These awards have been sponsored by Lamont County for many, many years and we'd like to thank them for their continued support. The Rate of Gain award has been sponsored by the Lipkewich family (Triangle E-L-D) for many, many years and continues to be sponsored by the family in honour of their Dad, Walter Lipkewich. Pauline and Sharline were in 4-H when they were younger. They, along with Pauline's daughter Sophia, presented the award to Jessalyn, while an emotional Eileen Lipkewich sat in the stands thinking how proud her husband would be to see the tradition continuing . In addition to sponsoring the Rate of Gain trophy for the Lamont 4-H District, the Walter Lipkewich Memorial Trust has endowed a schol-

arship that The Rate of Gain award has been sponsored by the Lipkewich f a m i l y (Triangle EL-D) for many, many years and continues to be sponsored by the family in honour of their Dad, W a l t e r Lipkewich. Pauline and Sharline were in 4-H when they w e r e y o u n g e r. They, along with Pauline's daughter Sophia, presented the award to Jessalyn, while an emotional Eileen Lipkewich sat in the stands thinking how proud her husband would be to see the tradition continuing . In addition to sponsoring the Rate of Gain trophy for the Lamont 4H District, the Walter Lipkewich Memorial Trust has endowed a scholarship that is awarded to an Alberta 4H member each year. After the awards were carefully put away, it was time for the real business of the night – selling our steers! The auctioneer, Lorne Lakusta, along with the bid spotters (Dave Fluker, Len Hrehorets and Hank Stach) kept things moving along and in no time at all, all 11 steers were sold. Thank you to all the buyers that supported us this year! Continued on Page 21

Lamont Alliance Church 44 st. & 50 Ave. 780-895-2879 Pastor Ron Wurtz Sunday Service 10:00 am

Lamont Alliance Church is a Family Friendly place to be Sunday mornings. Come join us!

5008 - 50 St. Bruderheim 780-796-3543 Pastor Richard Williams

Youth group: Grades 6-12, Alpha for youth Vacation Bible School: Aug. 18 - Aug. 22 Men’s Breakfast last Saturday of the Month

Sunday Service 9:30 am Bruderheim, Ab.

Check out our website:

“Come as a guest, leave as a friend”

Roman Catholic Church Cluster of Parishes of Our Lady of Angels

Fort Saskatchewan Roman Catholic Services

Lamont Auxiliary Hospital Saturday Evenings 4:00 pm Our Lady of Good Counsel - Skaro 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays 8:30 am St. Michael the Archangel - St. Michael 2nd and 4th Sundays 8:30 am For further information please call O.L.A. Fort Saskatchewan at 780-998-3288

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Or call the church for more information.

Bruderheim Moravian Church Welcomes You! 780-796-3775 Sunday Worship 10:30 am Vacation Bible School August 11 - 15 6:00 - 8:30 pm Kindergarten through Grade 6 Grief Recovery Support Group will begin in the fall. Located at the 4-way stop in Bruderheim

Bethany Lutheran Church 20577 TWP 550 Fort.Sask. (7km East of Josephburg) 780-998-1874 Pastor Richard Williams Worship Service 11:00 am Sunday School 11:15 am

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 9

Motorcycle Ride For Dad fundraiser touches the lives and hearts of people in three local communities Michelle Pinon Editor

Motorcycle Ride For Dad organizers and riders are looking for one small boy with a big heart. His name is Hayden. One of the riders and his wife were stopped at the Tempo Gas Station just off Highway 15 between Bruderheim and Fort Saskatchewan Saturday afternoon after leaving Lamont, the last stop on the tour when the little boy asked them where all the motorcycles were going? The rider told the little boy about the ride and that they were raising funds for Prostate Cancer. The little boy said, “I have my birthday money and I’d like to donate it to you for cancer,” and handed over $120 to the rider.

“The rider brought the money back and gave it to me just before I started the end of the day speeches,” said Ride For Dad co-chair Chris Reeves. “I told all the riders the story.” Both Reeves and the rider are hoping to find this little boy and have reached out to the Lamont Leader to put the word out. If anyone knows the little boy they are to contact the Lamont Leader. “We at Ride For Dad want to recognize him in a very special way,” added Reeves. This past Saturday, June 14, a total of 1,000 riders raised $250,000. Organizers still have a few more pledges coming in so a final total is not known at press time. Reeves said that an additional $25,000 were spent on merchandise and raffle tickets. “The riding community in the

Greater Edmonton area are awesome,” stated Reeves, who also wanted readers to know that 100 per cent of what is raised in the area, stays in the area. “Any man that goes to the Cross Cancer Institute is supported by our riders....that’s farmers in Mundare, truck drivers in Leduc, accountants in Edmonton and on and on. We are very proud that our funds stay here.” Also proud to participate in the fundraiser were riders Bob Peterson of Morinville and Jeff Kennedy of Edmonton. Both members of the Veterans of Canada motorcycle club, said cancer runs in their families and they want to do all they can to support them, and do their part to support research and finding a cure for Prostate Cancer.

Mundare Mayor Charlie Gargus, left, accepted a Community Partner plaque from Ride representative Mike Lalande. Debra Raymakers and volunteer helpers plant blueberry bushes for the Ride.

Steve Sharun, left, accepts a recognition plaque from Mercier on behalf of the Town of Lamont. Sharun, Lions Club President, also helped other club members serve doughnuts and water during the stop over in Lamont. The Lions Club thanked Co-op and Safeway for donating the doughnuts.

Rider Doug McFayden, was with family members and friends on the Ride and said he is a member of the “Double Diamond” club in the Motorcycle Ride For Dad having raised $10,000 for the cause. Ride Captain Jeff Mercier said the ride is a “huge success” each and every year and pointed out that the Edmonton Ride For Dad is the first club in Canada to raise $1 million in the past five years. “Every year is a gift,” noted Mercier, who was accompanied by his daughter Georgia. Rider Jim Pennington was impressed by the warm welcome he and other riders received in the communities they visited. “What I really like is how the towns are showcased. You get to see these little places you wouldn’t normally see.”


Ride Captain Jeff Mercier embraces Lill Spragg, widow of former Village of Andrew councillor Ron Spragg. A recent community barbecue raised just over $1,200 in his memory. Andrew Mayor Heather Tait presented Mercier with the proceeds during the Ride’s pit stop mid-Saturday morning. Elke Carr, director of the Andrew Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) presented $500 on behalf of the organization and Wilson Zukiwiski presented $100 on behalf of the Andrew Lions Club.

Ride For Dad participants front row left: Cynthia McFayden, Kyler and Kaylee Lapnisky, Roy Hiebner, and Rose Lapnisky. Back left: Gord and Colby Maidment, Max, and Doug McFayden.

Wesley, left, Carey and Jackie Ellingson pose for a family photo during a pit stop in Lamont. The bike was painted in memory of Ride Cap’n Bob Chalmers, and also pays respect to their fathers.

10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014







1-888-656-3049 1-888-882-6611 See Southfort Chevrolet for details.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 11

“THANKS A MILLION” to the following sponsors, for their Spectaclar support in our Congratulating the Andrew and Lamont 2014 Grads! Andrew Co-op Andrew Grocery Andrew Hotel & Flashbacz Gamez and Grillz Andrew School Andrukow Group Solutions Inc. Mundare As Scene Photography & Graphic Design Beaver Creek Co-op Burger Baron Centre Town Autobody Chipman Market Colleen Holowaychuk Donna Krill-South Hill Designs-Regal-Faerie Dust Glitter Tattoo's Edith's Fine Flooring Elk Island Golf Course & Bison Bar Cafe Elk Island Mechanical Ltd. & OK Tire Elk Island Public Schools Elk Island Thrift Store FCSS Andrew FCSS Lamont County Region Flower Pot General Auto & Ag Supply Gerry's Fashions Gondola's Steak & Pizza Heartland Hotel Hrehorets Bus Service Ltd. LA Hair Designs Lamco Gas Co-op Lamont Agricultural Society Lamont Community Playschool Lamont County

Lamont County Community Adult Learning Council Lamont Dental Clinic Lamont Elementary School Lamont Farm Center Lamont Foods Lamont Grocery (1990) Lamont Hair Boutique Lamont Health Care Centre Lamont High School Lamont Home Hardware Lamont Hotel Lamont Public Library Lamont Travel Lamont Vision Centre Mallard's Landing Cafe Mundare Bakery Nearly New Treasures Price Automotive Ltd. - 1 Stop Service Shear Reflections Hair Design Smith Insurance Service St. Michael Regional Landfill The Co-operators Andrew The Co-operators Lamont Town of Bruderheim Town of Lamont Value Drug Mart Village of Andrew Village of Chipman Webb's - Lamont-Vegreville-Vermillion

Together we will continue to work hand in hand, to grow our relationships within our community!

Lamont Leader

12 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 13

Brayden Malica Taylor Cardinal

Graduates Jamie Letwin, Quinton Wilchak, Joel Swerdan, Laine Hawryliw, Colby Pertschy, and Brent Stach.

Assistant Principal Garry Russell presents certificate to Colton Pearson-Badger.

Landon Berezanski accepts a rose from Principal Sharon McLean.

Jennifer Hauer

Tristan Bartz

Brooke Mayowski and Quinton Wilchak share a laugh during mathematics teacher Allan Hope’s speech.

Susanna Zachoda and Joel Swerdan

Alexander Vey and Madalyn Adamyk.

14 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The End is the Beginning

Diandra McNair Escort Devon Windsor and graduate Ronan Uva.

Jordin Fletcher Charlene Ponsford and her escort Ryann Thornton.

Ashley Pelletier and escort Luke Hennig

Brandie Krill and her escort

Valedictory Address: Live life to the fullest and you’ll find the success you desire Good evening ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and fellow graduates. It is a great honor to be here. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of my teachers, friends, and family members who helped to get to where I am today. It is a great honor to be chosen as this year’s valedictorian. To be honest I did not know what I was going to speak about today. I spent countless hours reading examples of valedictorian speeches on the internet

Valedictorian Madalyn Adamyk

with no avail. Either they were too cheesy, too preachy or just awfully boring. Then even sometimes the entire speeches were about the valedictorians themselves and well I do not feel comfortable enough to talk about my achievements for a whole entire speech. So I was stuck at a standstill. Then while I was thinking about my personal successes, it got me wondering. What is success? Some may say it’s getting into the right university or top marks, but to me success it much more than that. Success is doing something you love, something that has value to you. Whether it is finally making it through the boss level on a video game or finally getting your crush to go on a date with you. It doesn’t matter what life choices we have made, as long as we have tried our very best to achieve our dreams and goals. Then some days just living life to the fullest and being happy is a success in its self. You don’t need to make a lot of money, have a huge house and have fancy cars to be happy. Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. Your life is what you make of it. Don’t like where you are? Change it. You are all creators of your own destiny, just live life to the fullest and happiest. Whether that be pulling all-nighters to finish that essay that is due the next day or just spending it with friends laughing until all hours of the night. It doesn’t matter what your plans are, or what you consider to be “great things.” Just remem-

ber that you can. You can try, you can fail, and you can try again. Happiness is determined by your attitude not your accomplishments. Life is too complicated and too short to live it focusing on what you don’t have. Spend your life focusing on the small things you have, the small successes. Even a small success is still success. Lastly I’d like to thank our family members, teachers, counsellors, and coaches, and the overall inspiration from the entire school community. To everyone I would like to say; our success is your success, for you have given us the courage to dare, the knowledge to excel, and the belief that we can succeed. You have been there for us with encouragement and care; you have had faith when we doubted ourselves. You have instilled in us the self-confidence needed to reach for our dreams. For all of these things, on behalf of the grad class I’d like to thank all of you who have played an integral role in us graduating today. As we continue our life journey let us always be proud of where we came from and the people who have played a role in our lives. Now for the graduation class; no matter where we have come from, no matter where we are going, we have shared valuable experiences during our time here at Lamont High School. We have grown into young adults together and, Iíd like to thank each and everyone one of you for that opportunity. Congratulations, graduating class of 2014.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 15



Amber Tanner shakes the hand of Kraft representative Joe Kozakewich who presented the Town of Bruderheim with a $25,000 cheque on June 9. Also on hand for the presentation was Mayor Karl Hauch, left, councillor Shelley Ross, and councillor Wayne Olechow. Tanner said the arena is the “heart of the community” and loves watching the kids play hockey. The funds are earmarked for the purchase of a new ice plant.

Andrew Schmidt, Licensed and Insured Call to book for spraying season 2014


Collision sends two people to hospital with serious injuries At approximately 4 p.m. on June 10 Strathcona County RCMP and Strathcona County Emergency Services responded to a serious motor vehicle collision on Hwy 15 and Range Road 211 in the north east area of Strathcona County. A 1997 Ford F150 was traveling westbound on Hwy 15 when it was struck by a 2007 Sterling semi-tractor cement

truck that was traveling north bound on Range Road 211. The Ford was being driven by a 63-year-old male from Two Hills County who sustained serious but non life threatening injuries and was transported via ground ambulance to a local hospital. A 61-yearold female from Ardrossan was a passenger in the Ford and she was transported via

STARS Air Ambulance to a local hospital, also with serious but non life threatening injuries. The Sterling semitruck was being driven by a 30-year-old male from Fort Saskatchewan who was not injured in the collision. It does not appear drugs, alcohol, speed or road conditions were factors in the collision.



THE NORTH SASKATCHEWAN REGIONAL PLAN WILL BE DEVELOPED WITH YOUR INPUT. The North Saskatchewan Region comprises a large and diverse area in central Alberta with mountains, rolling foothills and prairie parkland. What matters to Albertans living, working and playing within this region is important as we begin planning how to grow and sustain the economic, environmental and social outcomes for the region.

Share your feedback at a consultation session near you, or through our online workbook at

16 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bicycle Safety Training Day at Bruderheim

Officers pose with the children who learned bicycle safety in Bruderheim.

Children taught safety lessons and practice to be good drivers with the help of community leaders The Town of Bruderheim had their 2nd annual Bicycle Safety Training Day on June 31, 2014. We had 15 children receive their Safe Bicycle Certificate.

With the help of our Sponsors: Agrium and The Bruderheim Ag. Society, we were able to put this program on for the children of the Town of Bruderheim and area.

Quintin Atkinson receiving his new bike & Judy Koschade presenting.

The Fort Saskatchewan R.C.M.P (Officer Sean Morris), Lamont County Peace Officer (Steve Crosby), Alberta Health Services, Alberta Transportation,

Volunteers Katy Semeniuk, and Carolyne Olechow, and Town Staff Judy Koschade were available to teach the children and give them safety tips on safe bicycle

driving and feed them a much needed lunch after all their hard work practicing to be safe drivers. We would like to congratulate Quintin Atkinson of the Town of

Lamont, who won a new bike, his name was drawn from our early bird registration.

Steve Crosby – Lamont County Peace Officer, Judy Koschade, Community Services Liaison Officer, Town of Bruderheim, Katy Semeniuk, Volunteer and Town of Bruderheim staff member, Robyn Semeniuk (presenting cheque on behalf of Agrium).

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 17

Home Improvements

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Agriculture North Point Agronomy Ltd.

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18 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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_____________________ ANNOUNCEMENTS _____________________ TO ALL Oxy Blast/Puroxi (OB) customers in Alberta Important Customer Service Announcement: Effective June 1, 2014, Cdn Clearwater Ltd (Dave Clifton). And The Clear Solutions Water Company (Rob Leverick) will no longer be representing the Puroxi (OB)/Oxy Blast line of products and services. Please contact us directly to ensure ongoing regular shipments and service, by email: or toll free 1-866-466-8252. _____________________ AUCTIONS _____________________ NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228. _____________________ SOLID TRUSS SYSTEMS LTD. Tues., June 24, 11 a.m., 102 Clearsky Way, Red Deer, Alberta. Selling truss press & super torque gantry tables & roller systems, CNC linear saw, trucks, truss stretch trailers, forklifts, tools & office. Live on or see www. 1-800-3716963. _____________________ U N R E S E RV E D ANTIQUE Tractors , Antique Vehicles & Antique Equipment Auction. Wayne Todd/Dennis Bossert. Saturday, June 21, 10 a.m., Coronation, Alberta. Full listing & pictures at 1-877-UP4BIDS (8742437). _____________________ UNRESERVED 2 DAY AUCTION. Sat., June 21, Redwater. 3-JD 568 balers; 2 JD 956 Moco's; JD 328, excellent; 2012 Degelman 12 wheel; F. King 2450 bale mover; Hesston 8100 c/w 2 headers; 20 various road balers; haybines; bale truck; 4 older gravel trucks; trailers; 20 Yamaha golf carts; as new Degelman 15' mower; 2009 - 24' pontoon & 20' river boat; new shelters, very good selection of Misc. Selling

Sunday, June 22 - 1970 & 72 restored SS Chevelle's; 2008 Viper, 14,000 km.; 1974 GTX; 1951 Mercury truck; excellent JD 830; plus 20 other tractors, 3 old gas pump, windmills, restored antique farm equipment & 500 lots of antiques. _____________________ TWO DAY Mudry Retirement Auction Sale. Thursday, June 19/14, Fallis and Sunday, June 22/14, Spruce Grove. Sale conducted by Rainbow Auctions, Stony Plain, Alberta. Phone 780-9681000; _____________________ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES _____________________ THE DISABILITY Tax Credit. $1,500 yearly tax credit. $15,000 lump sum refund (on average). Covers: hip/knee replacements, arthritic joints, COPD. Apply today! 1844-453-5372. _____________________ GET FREE vending machines. Can earn $100,000. + per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected territories. Full details call now 1-866668-6629. Website: _____________________ CAREER TRAINING _____________________ MEDICAL BILLING Trainees needed! Learn to process & submit billing claims for hospitals and doctors! No experience needed! Local training gets you ready to work! 1888-627-0297. _____________________ THERE IS STILL a huge demand for Canscribe Medical Transcription graduates. Medical Transcription is a great work-from-home career! Contact us today at 1800-466-1535; _____________________ EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES _____________________ HD LICENSED TECHNICIAN for several Alberta areas. Must have or willing to obtain CVIP licence. Please email or fax applications to: Carillion Canada Inc.; dlefsrud@carillionalber-

These blanket classified ads are produced through a joint agreement by The Community Press, Viking Weekly Review, Lamont Leader, Tofield Mercury and Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association (AWNA). These ads appear in all AWNA member papers (120 papers) for the cost of $269.00 (+gst) for the first 25 words, $8.00 per word over 25. To place a blanket classified, call a CARIBOU PUBLISHING representative at 780-385-6693 or email Fax 780-336-2461. _____________________ AN ALBERTA OILFIELD company is hiring experienced dozer and excavator operators, meals and lodging provided. Drug testing required. 780-723-5051. _____________________ AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN (Certified or qualified Apprentice) required, 12 minutes south of Calgary. Successful candidate will have a proven track record of quality workmanship and efficiency, and commitment to manufacturer training. Chrysler experience preferred. Brand new state of art service facility and shop equipment. Excellent compensation. Will consider transfer bonus. Fax resume: 403938-8627 or email: info@southridgechrysler.c om. Southridge Chrysler, Okotoks, Alberta. _____________________ INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT Operator School. No Simulators. Inthe-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign up online! 1-866-3993853. _____________________ WANTED: Experienced oilfield & gas Operators. For camp & non camp operations. Please send resume to: _____________________ PCL ENERGY. Now hiring Journeyperson Pipefitters ($40+/hour) and Scaffolders ($38+/hour) for an industrial project in Vascoy, SK. LOA of $145/day worked, travel and bonuses paid! We offer competitive wages and benefits. Send resume to: _____________________ MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is an in-demand career in Canada! Employers have work-athome positions available. Get the online training you need from an employertrusted program. Visit: or 1888-528-0809 to start training for your work-athome career today! _____________________ SEEKING RED SEAL Journeyman HDTechnician with good communication skills, team player and safety

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Princess House will be at Vikings in the Streets Market. Stop by to enter to win a 20 pc set of cutlery. Customer Appreciation: Past customers of mine will receive free shipping or an extra 10% off orders. Call for details Jeanette Lynch 780-449-3766 20-21c ________________________ The Rocket in Viking will be open Friday from 12:009:00, and Saturday after the Vikings in the Streets parade. Showing "Tangled" on Friday, and "Wreck it Ralph" on Saturday. Movies start at 7 pm. Come check out our new flavors of Foothills ice cream and frozen yogurt, and bowl a game. 21c ________________________

Bardo Cemetery clean up on Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 1:00 pm. TM21p ________________________ Please join us for a come and go bridal shower in honour of Roxanne Ng, Sat., June 28 from 1 to 3 pm at Viking Station Gallery and Tea House. 21-22c ________________________

To be moved 1988 Regent 28x70 DW mobile home. Large country kitchen 3 bdrm ensuite with Jacuzzi tub. Asking $60,000 O.B.O. Call cell: 780-913-2214 or 780-662-3829. TM20-21p ________________________ 26 ft. Motor home. Good condition. $4000 or best offer. Phone 780-336-5620. 20-23p ________________________

St Michael Regional Landfill is looking for a part-time scale attendant. Must have computer experience $12.00 - $14.00 hr. Fax your resume to 780-7962081 or e-mail LL20-23c ________________________ Viking Foods is looking for a part-time person adult or student. Apply in person or pick up application at the store. 21-22c ________________________ Looking for childcare in Viking in my home for the summer months (as soon as school is out). Three children; 2 boys, 8 yrs and 6 yrs, and 1 girl 4 yrs. 9-5 Monday-Friday. Please Call Becky 780-385-1790 21p ________________________


VIKING FARMERS MARKET Regular market 2 - 4 p.m. every Thursday Wipf Enterprises Bedding Plants (Mike and Rosa). Saturday June 21 Vikings in the Streets Market 10a.m. to 3 p.m. Coffee and dessert; cold plate lunch at 11am Full hall of vendors booked including Regular Baking, Woodwork Craft etc, Wipf Enterprises, Watson’s, The Pillow Nook (Hilda), Scentsy, Epicure, Fifth Avenue Jewelry, Stella and Dot, It Works, Tower Garden and Juice Plus, The Nut Lady, Jamberry Nails, Princess House, Sewing, Traveling Author and more. New vendors welcome. For more info or to book a table call 780-592-2431. tfn ________________________ The Mission to Many group will be having a bottle drive in Viking on Wednesday, June 25 from 4 pm until 9 pm. If you’re not going to be home please leave your bottles on the front step. Thank you for supporting our projects locally and in Honduras. For pick up ahead of this date phone: Pres at 780-336-2576 or Alvin at 780-336-3155. 21c ________________________ COWBOY CHURCH at Viking Auction Market, Jct. of Hwy. 36 and 26. Fri., June 27, at 7:30 p.m. All welcome, Call Terry at 780-3763599 or 780-336-2224. CP21-22c ________________________ Ladies, you are invited to a bridal shower for Niki Koop, bride elect of Lorne Burkholder, on June 27, at 7:30 pm, at the Salem Mennonite Church. TM21-22p


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Seed for Sale Barley: CDC Austenson, Gadsby and Chigwell. Oats: AC Morgan, AC LU and Murphy. Call: Haralie Seed Farms 780-662-2617 or 780405-8089 Tofield AB. TM21c ________________________ Feed grain - wheat, oats, and barley screenings call: 780-662-2617 TM19-22c ________________________ 1997 - 5th Wheel Travel Trailer. EXCELLENT Condition. Everything Works, Awning, Air, Indoor/Outdoor Shower, Radio. Located near Chipman. Cell: 403-844-3548. $8,000 LL20-21p ________________________ 1992 Travelaire trailer, 19' tandem, lightweight, awning, sleeps 6, furnace, 3way fridge, stove/oven, bathroom with shower, excellent condition. Asking $5,500. Call 780-662-2883 (Tofield). TM21p ________________________ 1-Deep freeze 19 cf. $50 O.B.O., 1-Spinning wheel $400 O.B.O., 1-Hand carding machine $200 O.B.O., High Tensile wire 100 lbs. $70 O.B.O. Call: 780-6624638 TM20-21p ________________________ Crosley washing machine. Heavy duty. Ph. 780-3362338 21-22p

GARAGE SALE Saturday, June 28, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm at 4920 56 Ave. Ryley. Tools, furniture, dishes, golf clubs, fishing gear and much more. No early birds please. Doors open at 9:00 am. TM21-22p ________________________ Saturday, June 21, 2014 9:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m. 18th Annual Community Garage Sale in Two Hills Over 40 registered garage sales on this day! 21c ________________________ Multi Family Garage Sale June 20th 2:00 to 7:00, June 21st 9:00 to 5:00, & June 22nd 10:00 to 3:00. 4532 54th Avenue. Pellet stove, all in one foosball/pool/ table tennis table, sports racks, mates beds, left handed bow, baby items - high chairs, cribs, play pen, car seats, booster seats, ride on tractor, purses, scrapbook items, household items, books, stamping items. 21p ________________________ Multi Family Garage Sale in Viking Friday June 20 2pm-7pm Saturday June 21 9am-7pm 4903-54ave 21p ________________________

HELP WANTED Waterfowl hunting guide in Tofield/Vegreville area. September and October 2014. Two positions available $5,200-$6,500/month. Some experience required. Evenings and weekends. Room and board provided. Contact Blaine Burns at Black Dog Outfitters 780203-2876 or, check it out at TM17-22p ________________________ Crossroads IDA is looking for a part-time adult and a part-time student. Please drop off resumes at Crossroads IDA 5119 - 50 Street ,Viking. 20-24c ________________________ Part-time/casual tow truck driver. Phone 780-336-3356. 20-23p ________________________


LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Estate of Marylea S. Degler who died on May 17, 2013. If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by July 24 , 2014 and provide details of your claim, with Court and Company, 112, 80 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4W6 Ph: 780-417-2333, Fax: 780-417-2330. If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can be lawfully distributed without regard to any claim you may have. 21-22c ________________________

LIVESTOCK QUIET - 2 year Old & Yearling Black Angus Bulls. Black Baldie Bulls available. Semen Tested. 780-632-1104 or 780-632-1961. 9-22LL ________________________ Red and Black Angus yearling Heifer bulls $1800.00. Ed and Blaine Davidson, Lougheed, AB. Phone 780384-2354, 780-888-2123, Cell 780-888-7585 10TFN ________________________

REAL ESTATE Acreage on Hwy 36 Viking 6.8ac with 2500 sq.ft. home with attached garage, 1400 sq.ft. rental second home, 48’x72’ steel shed, 36’x64’ quonset, single garage, pump house, coal boiler heat system. Call 780-3851531 or 780-385-5702. 18-23p ________________________


8 acres, 3,760 sq. ft. on 2 floors, 7 miles southwest of Killam REDUCED $549,000, New oak floors up and new carpet down, 9 new appliances, bathroom fixtures, counter tops, and tile. Attached garage, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, built-in vac, and more. Heated shop with office, barn, 4 stall storage shed, fenced for livestock. Call Marilyn & Jack O’Brien at 780-385-8686. CP07tfn ________________________

SERVICES Massage and Reflexology. 1 hour treatments. Marge 780-662-3066. TM23tfn ________________________ You Name It, I Can Do It ! Phone Steve for a Free Estimate Today. Specializing in Drywall, Taping, Mudding, Installing Windows & Doors, Painting, Complete Basement and Main Floor Reno's, Additions, Siding and a lot more. Cell: 780-632-9352 or leave a message @ 780-657-2066 14-21LL ________________________ Carpet and upholstery cleaning - residential and commercial. Truck mount unit, sewer back-up, and flood cleaning. Auto and RV cleaning. Call Glenn and Cindi Poyser, Fancy Shine Auto and Carpet Care at (780) 384-3087, Sedgewick. CPtfn ________________________ Straight Line Fencing is offering Livestock Liquid Feed Supplement available now, will deliver. We also inject bales. 32 percent protein. We also have lick tanks for sale. For more info call Mark Laskosky at 780-6882457 or 780-990-7659. 47tfn ________________________ Bruce's Tree Farm is open and supplies: top soil in bags, sheep manure, cattle manure, triple compost, potting soil, peat moss, water fountain tubs, gravel, red mulch, brown mulch, black mulch, red retaining wall, charcoal retaining wall, castle stone, step stone, side walk blocks, fruit trees, and much much more. If you need anything phone me at: 780-878-4647, thanks. TM21p ________________________

SERVICES Roy’s Handyman Services. Flooring, trim work, basement finishing, decks, fences, kitchen cabinet installs and carpentry work. 780-662-0146 or 780-2323097. TMTFN ________________________


Thank you to the volunteers who came out for the Annual Kinsella Cemetery Clean-up. It was a great success. We appreciate all who brought food or gave donations and we are grateful for the continued support throughout the year. 21p ________________________ The Killam 4-H Club would like to THANK everyone who donated to our bottle drive and our Electronic Recycling. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. CP21c ________________________ The family of the late Diana Erickson would like to express their sincere appreciation to the doctors, nurses and staff at the Viking Health Care Centre for their excellent care, kindness and compassion while Diana was in the palliative care unit. To friends and family for their support, prayers and words of sympathy, flowers, baking, visits and for donating to the charities in honour of Diana. Your kindness is greatly appreciated . The ladies from the Bruce Stampede Association and Bruce Agricultural Society for preparing the lovely lunch. We would especially like to thank Pastor Darren Anderson for officiating at the funeral and capturing Diana’s spirit with such heartfelt manner. The Autumn Rose for conducting the funeral arrangement in such a professional and caring manner. 21p ________________________


Wanted Standing Hay, Cultivated and Pasture Land. Cash or Shares. Feel free to call for a quote 780497-1633. 14 tfnLL ________________________ Tame hay to put up between Tofield and Holden. Call: 780-663-2017 TM20-21p ________________________ Standing Hay Chipman - Lamont areas Phone Bill in the evening at 780-895-7588. LL21-26p


The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 21

Here are some town “housekeeping” reminders for the summer season to help keep your town looking its best! It all starts with our homes and our yards: • With the sun shining and the rise in temperature the grass is Please make sure to keep up with your lawn mowing. • Also please make sure to get rid of any unsightly garbage, vehicles, and weeds. • There is a large item collection happening on June 10th to assist with

4-H Continued from Page 8 Not all the steers went to be butchered immediately, but that is where they will all end up. Although it was hard to see them go, we knew that was going to happen when we started them off way back in the fall. Once the buyers had made their arrangements about where to transport the steers to, and left their cheques, and the steers had been loaded up and were gone, it was time for us to clean up. It took way longer to clean up than it did to set it up. But finally we were done. And as a reward, we finally received the club jackets we ordered back in April. We will each receive a cheque for our steer at our year-end event which is being held at

the removal of some of these items. Please register your items with the Town Office by June 6. There is a limit of two items per household. For further information please refer to BY-LAW 672/00 on the Town of Lamont's website or use the following link: m / t o w n l i f e _ p ro d u c tion/public/uploads/by laws/1066/Nuisance_B the Birch Bay Ranch on Sunday, June 22. And then look out! Some of us will spend our money on a summer holiday and other fun things, but many of us (with a little prodding from our parents) will set some or all of it aside for our future education. And come September, it will be time for us to start looking around for a new calf so that we can start the whole process all over. Although maybe next year some of us will branch out and have a heifer project so that we can get a start on our own herd. After all, the 4-H Beef Projects are a good way to learn a lot of what we need to know about starting our own farm! Why don't you keep an eye open for our announcements about joining the Chipman 4-H Beef Club in the fall? Then you too can see that 4-H is all about "learning to do by doing"!

ylaw_672-00.pdf Spring fever has hit us all, even our pets. Please ensure that your animals are taken care of: • Your dogs should be fenced or on a leash within Town limits. • Please ensure you pick up after your dog. • Dog licenses can be purchased at the Town Office. For further information

please refer to BY-LAW 16/08 on the Town of Lamont's website or use the following link: m / t o w n l i f e _ p ro d u c tion/public/uploads/by laws/420/By-law_1608_Animal_Control_Bylaw.pdf Lake and camping season is upon us and there are some things to keep in mind:

• No trailers, RVs or other similar vehicles may be parked on roadways, alleyways, or parking lots • No power cords should be strewn across sidewalks. • Oversized or overweight loads need to follow truck routes. For further information please refer to BY-LAW 13/04 on the Town of Lamont's website,

or use the following link: m / t o w n l i f e _ p ro d u c tion/public/uploads/by laws/418/BY-LAW_1304_Parking.pdf Together we can help make our town a better place to live. Please remember that all violators of these BY-LAWS are subject to the corresponding disciplines and/or fines.

Dennill's Agricentre presents a cheque for $1500 to the Chipman 4-H Beef Club. The club extends a huge Thank You for this generous donation! The Chipman 4-H Beef Club held its show and sale recently. See Page 8 for a full list of all the winners.

Fred Penner poses with the cooking crew, the ladies doing all the work while others enjoy the show.

22 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Magical moments for parents and tots during Fred Penner concert in St. Michael Michelle Pinon Editor

Even Fred Penner made the time to pen a little song about St. Michael during his recent visit and concert to the community. Penner, who performed last Thursday evening at the community centre called St. Michael the heart of Alberta, and the kind and caring people who live here. He sang about his love of literacy and children, and wished Early Steps To Success program even more success in the future as they instill the lessons of love in the little ones. There were many young children who danced, clapped and sang along with Penner. There were as many parents who did the same during the concert that brought back many wonderful memories they made during their childhood while watching Fred Penner's Place on TV. Leah Johnson, the community outreach coordinator for Family and Community Support

Services (FCSS) Lamont County Region, went over the results of the early childhood development study with folks in attendance before Penner took to the stage. Johnson thanked members of the Early Steps to Success coalition that was formed in conjunction with the project to help improve services for children between the ages of zero and six in Lamont County. "Creating the nurturing environments essential for healthy development takes a collective effort that involves parents, caregivers, governments, educators, service providers, business people and community members - the entire village in fact," said Johnson. She also pointed out that a child's early development has a lifelong impact on everything from physical and mental health, to educational and career success, ability to form stable, close relationships, and sense of self confidence and overall well-being. "Scientific research shows that the early

years (from birth to age five) are the most critical period of human development and that children's early environments shape the structure of their rapidly growing brains." Measuring the progress of young children can be enormously useful in ensuring that children and their families have the supports they need to thrive and succeed, added Johnson. The Early Child Development (ECD)_ Mapping Initiative was launched by Alberta Education in 2009 to study early childhood development across Alberta and to engage communities in promoting positive early development. The project is based at the University of Alberta, which was contracted by Alberta Education over the course of the five year initiative. Johnson also encouraged participants to fill out their follow up survey before leaving the event. It was estimated that well over 250 people attended the benefit.

Over 250, both adults and children, attended the concert put on by famous child entertainer Fred Penner in St. Michael last week.

Jun 21 & Aug 16

9am-3pm - two sales!

City wide

Garage Sale

Downtown fort Saskatchewan 100 Avenue & 103 street To reserve your space call DBC 780-589-3222 great deals! e Downtown - $15/space - discover th s Home Sale - $10 to be unique shop included on map rants + restau Rain or shine event

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 23

$259,900 •2 bedroom, 2 bath •double garage •2006 Lamont duplex •Close to hospital •Quiet cul-de-sac

Call Jarett 780-777-9703

Rainbows & Angels

A rare find 5 min. north of Lamont. Built in 1986, this 4 bedroom with attached solarium was custom designed with unique characteristics to keep the "old time charm" feel. Some of the features include built in kitchen oven, gleaming hardwood floors, a skylight to view the evening stars, 2 fireplaces, main floor laundry, partially finished basement plus more. This property offers a triple car garage, Quonset and is meticulously landscaped on 13.44 acres. $499,900. MLS E3366984.

For more info call Audrey Abuan w/Remax Real Estate 780-910-5179. Fred Penner shows off his musical skills while entertaining parents and children.

Parents and children were both having a ball with Fred Penner in St. Michael. Beer Gardens 6 pm Live Bands 11 pm – 2 am Shoot-Out 7 pm – 11 pm Pancake Breakfast ~7:30-9:30 (Fire Hall) Parade 10 am Slo Pitch Farmers Market 11am – 3pm Mud Bogs/Sand Drags ~1pm-6 pm Beer Gardens 12:00 noon Kids Activities Demo Derby 7pm – 10 pm Dance 9 pm – 2 am Fireworks 11:30 pm

Adults: $15 – day pass $25 weekend pass

Youth (6--12): $7 – day pass $10 weekend pass 5 & Under Free

Lions Pancake Breakfast ~ Hall 8:00-10:30 am (Free with Admission) Slo Pitch Kids Activities Beer Garden 12:00 noon Mud Bogs/Sand Drags 12:00 noon Ag Society “GO GREEN” Raffle 28

45 16

Family: 2 Adults, 2 kids $50 weekend pass

Check us out on Facebook!@Andrew Sport-off 2014 or

24 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No Farming in Municipal Right-of-Ways

Road Ban Order

In order to avoid the loss of valuable crops, please do not seed in the County right-of-ways! Policy 6095 defines the municipal right-of-way as being from the shoulder edge into the ditch 15 feet. The Policy states that any crops found within the municipal right-of-ways will be removed, and any expenses or losses will be the responsibility of the land owner. For your own consideration, please help the County maintain right-ofways by not seeding within 15 feet of the shoulder edge.

ASB Famers Appreciation BBQ On June 19, 2014, the Lamont County Agricultural Service Board will once again be showing their appreciation to all Lamont County’s farmers by hosting a barbeque! Please join the ASB, and Lamont County staff for a steak barbeque! June 19, 2014 6 p.m. Ukraina Park, Mundare Cost is $5.00 per ticket, and tickets are on sale until June 16, 2014. Tickets can be purchased at the Public Works building and the Mundare Town Office. For more information contact Tanya at 780895-2585 ext. 272

Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival Zabava 2014 Line Up *Cheremosh Ukrainian Dancers *Zabava u Koli quartet * *The Playboys* *Mouth-watering Ukrainian meal by Chosyn Catering*

Councillor’s Corner

Lamont County’s Industrial Heartland District, as prepared by Opus Stewart Weir

Council Notes from the June 10, 2014 Council Meeting

Dog Control There have been complaints of dogs roaming and attacking livestock and property, however the County Peace Officer doesn’t have any authority, to deal with animals, nor the means for animal control (containment facilities, manpower etc.) should authority be given. Lamont County will investigate Animal Control bylaws from surrounding municipalities, and possible solutions will be presented to Council.

For full details visit Tables will be assigned based on “best available at time of purchase.” Advance tickets only! Last year was sold out! Don’t be disappointed!

Zabava 2014 Ticket Order Form Saturday, August 23, 2014 Andrew, AB

RR 202 from Highway 15 to Highway 45 Lamont County accepted the lowest bid from Allied Paving Company Limited for the grading and paving of RR 202 between highway 15 and 45, as recommended by WSP Canada Inc. Construction Costs LC will be signing a contract with WSP Canada Inc. to initiate building renovations at the Lamont County Shop and Administration Office. Options for the increased cost of the project will be presented to Council at their next meeting Assessment Review Board Members As the current review board has only two members when it requires five, Lamont County will investigate hiring additional board members through the designated roster established by the municipal government.

Tickets will be mailed so please complete fully. Name: ______________________________________ Address:_____________________________________ City: ________________________________________ Province: ___________ Postal Code: ______________ Phone: ______________________________________ Email:_______________________________________

Tickets are $50 per person payable by PayPal at: or by cheque payable to Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival Mail to: Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival Box 508 Andrew, AB T0B 0C0

Delegation – Andrew Garlic Festival After a presentation by the Andrew Agricultural Society President about the Andrew garlic festival, Council has agreed to donate $750 to the 2014 Festival. Delegation – Lamont & District Agricultural Society The Lamont & District Agricultural Society requested help to level the ground for the placement of new chutes before the Summer Sizzler. Council agreed to provide grader services to the Lamont & District Agricultural Society LCREDI Agreement Information regarding the new properties and change in properties between 2011 and 2013 was provided to Council, as directed from the May council meeting. Administration will review the capital costs and the reimbursement of costs related to the LCREDI agreement, and will provide further recommendations to Council at the next council meeting. Stormwater Master Drainage Plan for Heartland South Basin As a part of the continued infrastructure development of the Industrial Heartland, Lamont County approved the proposal and scope of the Storm Water Master Drainage plan for the south basin area of

RR 200 Power Lines Questions have arisen as to the placement of power poles on RR 200 north of township road 560, and why they are in the middle of the ditch rather than on the fence line. Lamont County will investigate the issue, and a general policy regarding development adjacent to county roads will be developed. Drainage Issues Water drainage in certain areas is a problem, partly due to beaver dams. Destroying the dams could have a negative effect for landowners and other municipalities. Lamont County will review the water that’s being held on the Woytkiw licensed drainage ditch and will develop a course of action for the water to be released.

Building Canada Fund As the deadline for applications is approaching, Lamont County Administration will develop and submit an application for projects developed under the federal building Canada program.

Council will reconvene Wednesday June 18, 2014, after the ASB meeting sheduled from 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Did You Know … In 2013, the Lamont and Area Food Hamper served 708 individuals throughout Lamont County including 260 children. The Lamont and Area Food Hamper is funded solely by community and individual donations, local food drives and volunteers. If you want to help the food bank, contact FCSS Lamont County Region at 780-895-7751.

June 17 Leader  

June 17, 2014 Lamont Leader

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