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Mundare resident John Korpan turns 100!


John Korpan was surrounded by his eight great grandchildren on Jan. 17 at the Mundare extended care facility to celebrate his 100th birthday. Also in attendance were grandchildren and his two daughters as well as other relatives, friends, and fellow residents from Mary Immaculate Hospital. Michelle Pinon Editor

John Korpan has touched many lives in his 100 years, and some of those lives he has touched were on hand to celebrate his birthday on Jan. 17 at the extended care facility in Mundare. After feasting on traditional Ukrainian fare for lunch, family members, friends and fellow residents at Mary Immaculate Hospital gathered shortly after 1:30 p.m. for a short program before cutting the cake sharing stories and refreshments. Daughter Susan Laibida read a brief history on Korpan’s life, before Jayce and Mason Gusnowski sang Happy

Birthday in Ukrainian. The English version followed, and then more of the great grandchildren surrounded John at the head table to help blow out the birthday candle before posing for a picture. The grandchildren also posed for a picture before the cake was cut and distributed to guests. Susan also noted that Two Hills Wildrose MLA Shane Saskiw has known John for many years, and made sure to pass along a special commemorative certificate for John in recognition of the special milestone. John was born on Jan. 17, 1914 to Alex Korpan and Ann Kubin. He married Ann Gara and settle on a farm southwest of

Vegreville. Children Ed, Orest (deceased in 1964), Susan and Joanne followed. “Life on the farm required John to become jack of all trades - nursing livestock back to health, repairing farm machinery and constructing farm buildings as well as inventive household knickknacks,” stated Susan. After Ann passed away, John retired from farming and moved to the Lions Golden Villa in Vegreville where he met his buddy John Ewanchuk. John, who also resides at Mary Immaculate currently, and his wife Olga were in attendance at the birthday party. They nodded knowingly

when Susan mentioned the camping and fishing trips they shared together. Susan went on to say, “As well, many other campers made his acquaintance as he made his rounds through the campsites selling his homemade wiener sticks.” John was also able to make almost any Ukrainian dish. “Although health problems got in the way of his former lifestyle, what remains to this day is his love of the “Little People.” He still wants to be sure that there are chocolate bars in his drawer when the grandkids come to visit.” John is definitely a pioneer to be proud of. “In

his 100 years, John has touched many lives. Whether to ease a hardship or to help someone deal with a health crisis, John was there to help how he could,” said Susan in conclusion. Effie Lakusta, recreation assistant at Mary Immaculate Hospital, described John as “jolly” and someone who loves bingo and bowling. “I get a lot of fishing tips,” smiled Lakusta, before cutting the cake. Volunteer Eileen also presented John with a homemade card and gift, and offered best wishes as well as a loving hug before departing. His card stated, “Over the years, you’ve touched the lives of so many people. That’s why you’re

wished so much more than a happy birthday, but the extraordinary day you deserve.” Here. Here.

Volunteer and friend Eileen Spallin offers best wishes and a special hug for the birthday

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Town of Lamont appoints new CAO Michelle Pinon Editor

Sandi Maschmeyer simply fit the bill. That is why the longtime employee was selected to be the Town of Lamont’s new Chief Administrative Officer. The announcement became official at the Jan. 14 council meeting when Mayor Bill Skinner signed her five year contract. Coun. Gail Hrehorets, who chaired the corporate services committee which interviewed 10 candidates this past spring and made the recommendation to the rest of council, said Maschmeyer was chosen because of her knowledge, skills, and extensive experience. “She has proved herself,” said Hrehorets. Having filled the role and responsibilities of acting chief administrative officer (CAO) for the past two years as well as her many years of dedicated service with the Town of Lamont. “She knows the town and the challenges,” added Hrehorets. One of the other factors in the committee’s decision, pointed out Hrehorets was financial. Being a smaller community, Hrehorets said they had to be very cognizant of salary expectations and the town’s current fiscal picture. Hrehorets said the contract is “pretty standard” in many respects, and

covers the period from Jan. 1, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2018; unless she or council wishes to terminate the contract earlier, and a salary of $82,000 per year. There are safeguards in place to prevent what occurred with former Tom Miller from happening again. One key point is that, “The municipality may terminate the employee’s employment for any reason without just cause, in its unfettered discretion, by providing to the employee the lesser of: a) A combination of advance written working notice and payment of a sum in lieu of notice equal to eighteen months’ notice, or payment in the amount equivalent to eighteen months compensation, with such payments to be calculated on the basis of the employee’s base salary, less required deductions and withholdings, the employee would earn up until the end of the term of this agreement (December 31, 2018). b) base salary, less the required deductions and withholdings, the employee would earn up until the end of the term of this agreement (December 31, 2018). One of the other stipulations in the contract is that, “In the event that the employee’s employment is concluded in accordance with section 10.1 above prior to April 30, 2017, the municipality shall pay into the

employee’s pension as a lump sum, both the employer and employee share of contributions remaining to April 30, 2017 subject to acceptance of this payment by LAPP. In the event that such a payment into the employee’s pension is not permitted by LAPP, this amount will be paid directly to the employee by the municipality as a lump sum. This sum shall be paid to the legal maximum allowed into an RRSP at the employee’s election. With all the therefores and heretos aside, Hrehorets said Maschmeyer “cares immensely about the town” and wants the best - and for Lamont to be better than all other municipalities, and to grow development in the future. “I just hope to see development come back to Lamont. We’re pushing for that,” said Maschmeyer. “Lamont is a great place to raise a family and for seniors to retire,” added Maschmeyer. One of the key factors in Maschmeyer’s decision to take the position was members of staff and council. “In making the decision to take on the job of CAO, I would not have considered it if I didn’t have the great staff in all the departments to work with. The mayor and council are all very supportive, and everyone just wants to put the past behind us.”


Sandi Maschmeyer is looking forward to moving forward as the Town of Lamont’s new Chief Administrative Officer. Another element that will come into play, and assist Maschmeyer in the future, will be the hiring of a deputy chief administrative officer to help with the work load and hopefully work into the CAO position when she retires in five years time. While she lives a few miles west of the town, Maschmeyer has been involved and volunteers with several community groups in Lamont with the Lamont Figure

Skating Club, Lamont & District Agricultural Society, Brownies and Lamont Light Up committee. While the town has a top notch hospital, excellent schools, and recreational facilities; Maschmeyer said there is always room for more growth and development, and will be working hard over the next five years to improve facilities and infrastructure along with other

services and amenities the town has to offer. “We’re all learning; and I’ll never stop learning,” said Maschmeyer, who realizes that while everything won’t be perfect, she will be doing her level best to make improvements and changes in the future. “This is our town, and I want it to be better than any other town,” smiled Maschmeyer.

Andrew students learn about career options Grade 8 - 12 students at Andrew School recently got an earful about the trade and technical career options courtesy of Becky Skopyk, an Alberta representative with Skills Canada. Teacher Cory Kokotailo said it was a great opportunity for students to gain inside information on what programs are available, opportunities to compete in the Skills Canada regional and provincial competitions, and how many careers there are in trades and technical areas. Kokotailo added that it gave students insights as to what courses are needed to be accepted into apprenticeships and programs, what the apprenticeship offers, and the earn as you learn option to help reduce the costs of schooling. “It was a great presentation that opens students eyes to what options there are in CTS classes and how these can transfer in lifelong careers. It builds enthusiasm in the programs and gives them (students) knowledge of real world options and future job options.

Veresen is proposing to build, own and operate a 110 MW [nominal] high-efficiency, natural gas-fired cogeneration facility in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland known as the Strathcona Cogeneration Centre. Please join us at our Open House to learn about our project and speak with representatives from Veresen.

Becky Skopyk

Date: Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 Time: 4 - 8 pm (dinner served until 7 pm) Place: Josephburg Community Hall, #57, 54569 Range Road 215 Located in Josephburg, AB - East of Fort Saskatchewan

+ 1-844-213-4454

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), January 21, 2014 - 3

From Where I Sit: Losing proposition

By Hazel Anaka January is notoriously famous for the plethora of awards shows in the world of entertainment. As I write this the 71st

Annual Golden Globes are playing in the background. Since I haven’t seen any of the movies it’s more white noise in the room than me on the edge of my seat cheering for someone. Like all the ‘real’ pundits, entertainment reporters, style-watchers and bloggers, I too am checking out several things: the funniness of the hosts, the extravagance of the dresses, and the lucidity of the acceptance speeches. Hosts Tammy Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious based on audience feedback. A lot of their material sounded like inside jokes; you kind of

had to be there, I guess. Or at least know some of the players. Fey’s gown, in one of my favourite colours, was absolutely gorgeous. In contrast the outfits everyone wore to the People’s Choice Awards were decidedly pedestrian; no glitz or glamour there, baby. Back to the Globes, let’s just say a collective prayer of thanks for the miles of two-sided tape that prevented any wardrobe malfunctions. Gotta give a shout-out to Meryl Streep for her funky eyewear. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Beckinsale, Kyra Sedgewick were gorgeous. Diane Keaton

Inter Pipeline fuels community projects for Bruderheim seniors Michelle Pinon Editor

While most of the work Inter Pipeline does is below ground, some of it’s activity reached the surface in Bruderheim last week when details of the company’s recent donations to two community projects were officially announced. The Town of Bruderheim issued a press release Jan. 17 detailing the fact the pipeline company donated $40,975 to the Town of Bruderheim to purchase a community bus, as well as an additional $8,900 to assist with bus operations and start up. The other donation was to the Bruderheim Seniors Club in the amount of $10,000 to support upgrades to the Bruderheim Seniors Centre. Seniors club representative Virginia Differenz stated, “The Bruderheim Seniors Club is very grateful for the generous donation from Inter Pipeline Ltd. of $10,000. This will help immensely with the required upgrades to our social center. We are blessed to have such good neighbours. We would also like to thank our mayor, Karl Hauch, for his guid-

ance and support.” Mayor Hauch also commended Inter Pipeline for its commitment to the community, and helping improve the quality of life for Bruderheim residents. “For a small community such as ours, it can be difficult at times to provide a great quality of life for our residents. We rely on our good neighbours and friends in industry to help us with projects normally beyond our reach. Inter Pipeline is a great example of an industry friend offering very much appreciated donations to our town. I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Inter Pipeline for their very generous donations. Thank you,” stated Hauch. Tony Mate, director of communications with Inter Pipeline, stated that fostering good community relations is important, and the company was happy to contribute to the Town of Bruderheim via its community investment fund. Coun. Dave McCormack also commented on the donations. “I firmly believe Inter Pipeline lives up to their Company Community Investment

Policy, which is ‘to enhance the well being of communities in which they do business by participating in projects that result in the long term sustainability of the community.’ Inter Pipeline’s generous donation towards our community bus and upgrades to the Bruderheim Seniors Centre certainly shows their commitment to the well-being of Bruderheim.” Coun. Patricia Lee also added her voice and accolades to the company. “We in Bruderheim are quite fortunate to have corporate sponsors such as Inter Pipeline willing to share with and assist our community in striving to enhance life for our citizens. At times, even to meet the most modest of needs, it is a challenge. Such generous donations are so greatly needed and gratefully received.” Inter Pipeline operates a pump station near Lamont, and is currently working on construction of a $50 million 13 kilometre line from Lamont to Canexus. Construction began in mid-January and is expected to be completed in mid-June. Between 25-30 are working on the project.

reprised her men’s wear look from her Annie Hall days as she accepted an award on behalf of Woody Allen. Absolutely gawd-awful was Emma Stone’s get-up. I missed the pre-show Red Carpet bit so I didn’t see all of the gowns but red seemed to be the colour of the night. Acceptance speeches are another huge part of the night. I wondered if Jacqueline Bissett would eveeeer spit her’s out. You never know if it’s booze, nerves or advancing years that cause some people to make fools of themselves. Then when I see some young buck stumble and stutter and

speak foolishness I suspect these people are just like us. Difference is that most of the time they are mouthing words someone else has written. It’s not so pretty when they have to think and talk on their own. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams spoke from the heart. Michael Douglas and Leonardo DiCaprio were eloquent. So what does all this have to do with our own boring lives? People like us are voyeurs into a world we’ll never inhabit. We aspire to the success and beauty we see. Most of us don’t question the superficiality of it all. We believe, that

with the right diet, products, exercise regime, we too can look like a star. We imagine that their problems have easy fixes because of money and influence. Unfortunately none of these illusions are correct. As long as we understand that, reading gossip magazines and watching awards shows can’t hurt us. We can enjoy the magic, the glamour and the silly distraction without getting hurt. Comparing ourselves to any one else, celebrity, co-worker or neighbor, is a losing proposition from where I sit.






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4 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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The rumour mill Do you want to hear something funny? I was chit chatting with a gentlemen on the phone, and he asked if the rumour was true. What rumour? “The rumour that you are purchasing the Elk Island Triangle?” I couldn’t help but laugh. I joked that I don’t have those kind of deep pockets. In reply, he said that maybe Mayor Jim Palmer might back me. So I teased that while I am a Chipmanite, and I knew Jim Palmer, I would not be purchasing the Elk Island Triangle which was last published on Dec. 20, 2013. So just to set the record straight for the last time, I am not purchasing the Elk Island Triangle, however, I’ve heard rumours there are several people interested in doing just that. While you never want a local business, regardless of whether it’s in the same line of business as you, to close; it does leave the door open for those interested in walking through it. I began working for Caribou Publishing in the summer of 2011with the Tofield Mercury newspaper, and transferred to The Lamont Leader back in November of that year after publisher Kerry Anderson offered me the editor’s position. I commuted from Kingman to Lamont (approx/ 1:10 drive one way) for more than a year and a half before my home sold there. Since mid-August I have been enjoying the 10 minute commute from Chipman to Lamont. My son likes his new school, extra curricular activities and the friends he’s made since starting at Lamont High School last September. My husband is a very private person, but does enjoy the new surroundings when he isn’t working on the road. I have been a journalist for more than 25 years, and love meeting people, reporting and capturing their stories, and travelling to different communities on a weekly basis. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am not that fluent in the various mediums of social media, but I do realize the value the immediacy and instant connection of those devices and yet I see their limitations as well. But no matter what I think personally, professionally they have been integrated into the communications business. While technology has changed immensely since I graduated from the journalism program at Mount Royal Collage in 1985, I am still just as committed to my profession as ever before. I can’t predict or envision how the industry and related technology will evolve in the coming years, I can tell you with definite certainty that I will still be traveling throughout Lamont County with my camera bag and steno pad, trying to capture the spirit of the people, places and events along the way. By the way, any story ideas?I can be reached at: lamontnews@gmail. com or 780-895-2780. Michelle Pinon

5038 - 50 Avenue Box 1079, Lamont, AB, T0B 2R0 Phone 895-2780 - Fax 895-2705 Email: Published every Tuesday at Lamont, AB Serving the Communities of Andrew, Bruderheim, Chipman, Hilliard, Lamont, Mundare, RR4 Tofield, Star and St. Michael

Letter: New legislation to protect children from bullying With today’s technological advances, cyberbullying is unfortunately becoming increasingly prevalent in Canadian society. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying, in which aggression towards another is done through electronic means. Using new communication technologies to distribute intimate images without the consent of the person depicted is taking bullying way beyond the school yard. Once in cyberspace, an image or information can spread quickly and often uncontrollably, as it may also be permanently available on the Internet. We have seen far too many instances where such conduct has victimized a young Canadian before the entire world. It can destroy lives. The impact of cyberbullying is far reaching and has even been a factor in the tragic suicide of several Canadian teenagers. In

Kerry Anderson Publisher

order to help protect the most vulnerable in society, we need a stronger criminal justice response. In the 2013 Speech from the Throne, our C o n s e r v a t i v e Government committed to better protecting children from all forms of bullying and we are delivering on our commitment with the introduction of legislation that specifically addresses this form of cyberbullying. We have introduced Bill C-13, which when passed will amend the Criminal Code to prohibit the non-consensual distribution of intimate images. This crime will be punishable by a maximum penalty of five years. A judge can order the removal of an intimate image from websites and may impose restrictions for a specific time on the use of the Internet for the person convicted. This legislation will

Michelle Pinon Editor

also modernize existing investigative powers to enable police to more efficiently and effectively obtain electronic evidence that exists on the Internet or other technologies. This legislation is essential in addressing cyberbullying and holding cyberbullies accountable for their actions. Our Government also remains committed to putting the needs of victims first. That is why we are continuing to work with partners in the public and private sectors to address all forms of bullying through education, awareness and prevention activities. As part of our crime prevention projects, we are supporting the development of school-based projects to prevent bullying. Our Government also supports the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, which operates and, web-

Marline Umrysh Jodie TracyDerksen Harding Advertising Sales/ Ad Sales Office Manager/ Composition Ad Composition

sites that Canadians can use to report online sexual exploitation of children. They provide important resources for those seeking help. We are also helping ensure that Canadians have access to information they need to protect themselves and their families against online threats through the campaign. Through this new legislation and our continued efforts to promote education, awareness and prevention, we will help better protect our children from all forms of bullying. Our C o n s e r v a t i v e Government remains committed to keeping Canada’s streets and communities safe for all Canadians, particularly for our children. Leon Benoit, MP

Jazmine Inkster Jodie Derksen Student Repoter Ad Sales

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), January 21, 2014 - 5

Lamont town council denies tax concession request from Lamont Health Care Centre board Members willing to listen if board presents new evidence to support its case Michelle Pinon Editor

A request for a tax concession by a local health provider was denied by members of Lamont town council Jan. 14. Council will be sending a letter to the board of the Lamont Health Care Centre (LHCC) of the decision, but also the invitation to members to attend a future council meeting if they have any new evidence to present. According to an email that was sent by LHCC executive director Harold Jameson Dec. 30 to Mayor Bill Skinner, it stated: “Further to our discussion regarding the

matter of municipal tax levy for Morley Young Manor, I wonder if you would be prepared to review same and engage our board into a discussion regarding what accommodation can be made to reduce the taxes for this unit! Your feedback would be appreciated.” During discussion, Mayor Skinner pointed out that LHCC had made similar requests, but they hadn’t been approved in the past. Coun. Doug Pewarchuk asked if the town was taxing the hospital board as a business for those assisted living units? Chief Administrative Officer

Sandi Maschmeyer said it was only the second year LHCC have been taxed for those units. Coun. Debra Dunsmore said that it made sense to her that they are paying taxes. Coun. Wayne Field said taxing LHCC came as shock to them, but that he’d be open having board members come before council if they had an argument as to why they would qualify for a tax exemption. Coun. Field also pointed out LHCC could appeal its tax assessment as well. Coun. Gail Hrehorets said she would be agreeable to a presentation if they had a compelling reason, and not the same

argument that was used last year. As far as the tax assessment, Mayor Bill Skinner said council has no control over that, but it (tax assessment) could be appealed. Coun. Dunsmore said she understood council’s position, but wanted to know if they would be prepared to review and engage the board? “If

they have new evidence then come see us; if not, don’t come see us,” said coun. Hrehorets. Coun. Pewarchuk asked if those assisted living facilities were classified as for profit? Maschmeyer said if they were used as living spaces, they are zoned residential. Coun. Dunsmore wanted con-

firmation that a letter would be sent to the LHCC board informing of council’s decision and willingness to listen to a delegation if it (the board) so desired. Maschmeyer reiterated to Dunsmore that she would send a letter to that effect to LHCC board.

TEMPORARY PART-TIME MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST LAMONT HEALTH CARE CENTRE (February 5, 2014 to April 30, 2014) 0.60 FTE • (Days alternating Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday) • Salary in accordance with AUPE – Support Staff Collective Agreement. • Closing date: February 5, 2014 or until a suitable candidate is found.


Lamont Health Care Centre (LHCC) executive director Harold James, recently sent an email request to Mayor Bill Skinner requesting a tax concession for the assisted living units (Morley Young Manor).

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6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Concerns over CN railway crossing in Lamont sparks more debate Michelle Pinon Editor

You can’t fight city hall. And in the Town of Lamont’s case, there are some officials and elected representatives who believe you can’t fight CN. It’s no secret the railway crossing on main street near the intersection of Highway 15 has been of concern of council this past year, and while repairs made and ties replaced last fall, those concerns have not been completely resolved. The issue resurfaced at the Jan. 14 council meeting while members were reviewing the action register.

Councillor Doug Pewarchuk suggested they make a notation to add the words spring 2014 in the progress section as that’s the time when further action will be taken in regards to maintenance. “We will be meeting with CN railway. We have a longterm plan and will address it in the spring,” stated Pewarchuk. Coun. Steve Sharun, who has had and continues to have serious concerns regarding the crossing and well being of residents and other folks driving in and out of the community, voiced his displeasure what previously transpired, and what steps need to be taken in the future. But Chief Administrative Officer

Sandi Maschmeyer said that despite what has happened in the past, it is still the town’s issue. Coun. Sharun had passed on a business card for a representative with the Alberta Safety Council to Maschmeyer the previous week, and asked her whether she had been in contact with them? Maschmeyer replied, “No not yet.” She said she wanted the opportunity to discuss it with the rest of council first. Coun. Sharun suggested Maschmeyer check back with him (safety council rep.) “If they come to take a look, it will put CN in its tracks,” said Sharun. Maschmeyer still was of the opinion that, “You can’t fight CN.” But coun. Sharun

maintained that, “CN is not co-operating with us (the town).” Mayor Bill Skinner said there were a number of contributing factors as to why the railway crossing is in its current state, but pointed out that, “They (CN) will have to put it back the way it was.” Maschmeyer said the town’s engineer has also examined the railway crossing. Skinner said it will be made clear who is doing what and who is responsible for the costs of repair. Coun. Dunsmore told Skinner he had raised a good point, in that there will be a clear understanding before any work is done.


Despite new rails that were installed by CN this past fall at the railway crossing on the west side of Lamont, town council is asking for more improvements to that crossing.


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Reporting to the Mayor and Council, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for the overall administration of municipal operations of the Town, as directed by Mayor and Council. He/she is responsible for directing, controlling and coordinating the activities of the town departments which includes full-time and part-time staff. The ideal candidate will possess post-secondary education in Business Management, Public Administration, or a combination of relevant training and senior leadership experience. A competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package is available.

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), January 21, 2014 - 7

Lamont town council selects consultant to conduct session Michelle Pinon Editor

Steven Thompson, President of MuniCon Ltd., has been chosen to lead elected officials and staff members from the Town of Lamont in an upcoming strategic planning session.

Steven Thompson Thompson, was the consultant selected by

Municipal Affairs to conduct the independent review for the Town of Lamont which was completed last May. During town council’s Jan. 14 meeting, coun. Gail Hrehorets made the motion: “That town council accepts the strategic planning session proposal at a cost of $3,000. Session to be held Feb. 28 and March 1, 2014.” There was some discussion as to whether or not to invite a representative from the Lamont & District Chamber of Commerce to attend the planning session. In the end, council agreed to send an invitation to the chamber of commerce. In the past council has

held a strategic planning session after an election to brainstorm and prepare a one to five year plan for the town. According to the request for decision, it stated that: “This plan will help council, administration and public works focus on the needs of the town to grow.” Chief Administrative Officer Sandi Maschmeyer said she had originally contacted McDonald & Associates, the firm which conducted the previous planning session for council and staff, but they were unavailable. One other company was contacted to submit a proposal, but she said the quote was too expensive.


These moose were busy munching on twigs before being rudely interrupted by this shutterbug who stopped along Highway 15 approximately five kilometres east Lamont Friday afternoon.

THANK YOU, CHIPMAN PLAYERS! The Village of Chipman gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of $6,000 from the Chipman Players, to assist in the purchase and installation of new furnaces in the Chipman National Hall. We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming performances in the Chipman Hall - March 2014. Jim Palmer, Mayor


Members of the Chipman 4-H Beef Club were out in full force during their annual bottle drive on Saturday, Jan. 18 in the Village of Chipman. Pictured here are members Devon and Josh Thiessen with their mom Margaret.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), January 21, 2014 - 8

Hockey players celebrate Hawkey Day in Lamont Hawks host tourney Michelle Pinon Editor Daybreak. Jan. 18, 2014. The sun is just starting to rise, but parents have been up for awhile, getting their young children feed, dressed and ready for the opening game of the Lamont Hawks PreNovice Tournament. It’s 8 a.m., and the kids are on the ice. The puck drops, and the fans start to cheer. Their enthusiasm can’t be contained, while they watch “The Good Old Hockey Game.” Some of the players stop to wave and smile to their parents between whistles. Mom and Dad respond in kind. You can feel the atmosphere lighten as the youngsters do their best to stay up on their skates. That in itself is a challenge for many as they try and manouver their way back and forth, to and fro, as well as stick handle, pass the puck and take shots on net. When the final buzzer sounds their is handshakes all around before heading to the dressing room. It’s a scene that plays out several times that day as members of the Hawks go on to play other teams. What remains at the end of the day are wonderful memories and enjoyment of the sport that brought them all together.


Members of the host team, the Lamont Pre-Novice Hawks shake hands with county rivals, the Bruderheim Bruins, after the opening game of their one day tournament on Saturday, January 18.


This Hawk moves in for the goal during the late stages of the game.

The Town of Lamont is looking for a Deputy Chief Administrative Officer to provide sound administrative assistance and program support to the Chief Administrative Officer. The successful applicant will be experienced in handling a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks and will be extremely well organized, very detail oriented, flexible and able to deal with competing priorities and produce quality professional work. Will have highly developed communication and customer service skills necessary in dealing with the general public. They will possess tact and good judgment in handling confidential and sensitive information including information relating to personnel issues. Qualifications: • Extensive knowledge of accounting and payroll policies and procedures • Strong computer, communication and organizational skills • Knowledge of and work experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Publisher). • Ability to organize and prioritize work, and meet strict deadlines while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. • Prior municipal knowledge and experience considered an asset. • Willingness to enroll and receive LGA program. • Demonstrates oral and excellent written communication skills. • Also demonstrates tact and discretion in preparing, disclosing and handling information of a confidential and sensitive nature. • Excellent customer service skills to respond to inquiries. • Possess strong interpersonal skills, negotiation, analytical and problem solving skills. • Minimum of five (5) years of administrative experience. • Post-secondary degree or diploma in a relevant field of study or work experience. We thank all applicants in advance for their interest in this position, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. This competition closes upon selection of a suitable candidate: Please Forward your resume to:

Trying to get a handle on the puck isn’t the easiest thing, just ask these players.

Town of Lamont P.O. Box 330 Lamont, Alberta T0B 2R0 Email

9 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Andrew Lions Club hosts Traditional 12 dish Ukrainian supper Abundance and prosperity amongst the well wishes and heartfelt kinship expressed Michelle Pinon Editor

It was a full house at the Andrew Lions Den this past Saturday evening as people gathered to celebrate “Little Christmas” and enjoy the traditional 12 dish Ukrainian supper. A total of 70 people attended the special event that showcased traditional fare, terrific hospitality and time-honoured customs. Guests sampled kutia, (wheat with poppyseed and sweetened with honey), kolach, (round braided bread), fried fish, jellied fish, pickled herring, holopsi, (sour cabbage stuffed with rice0, several kinds of perogies, (potato, saurerkraut, mushroom and raisin), mashed white beans, beets and mushrooms, as well as mushrooms and gravy. On the side was onions and crushed garlic. Featured desserts included: compote, (fruit stew

with prunes, raisins, apples, apricots and figs), pampushky, (dumplings made of risen dough, filled with prunes and deep fried), and poppyseed bread. Several of the dishes symbolized abundance and prosperity, authenticity, and genuine feeling of camarderie. Fun and fellowship followed the meal as many attendees sang Christmas carols in Ukrainian and English. Andrew Lions Club President Ron Stratichuk said the meal “took a lot of time and effort” on behalf of members, but hoped guests really enjoyed the special celebration. It was the second year the club had hosted the event, and Stratichuk said since it went over well, the club would probably be putting on another one next year. Lions club member Jerry Tymchyshyn, who helped prepare the fried fish, fondly recalled some of the special Christmas traditions in his family. His favourite dish, jellied fish, brought back many mem-

ories of his youth. Baba Pearl’s specialty was jellied fish, and he as well as his cousins couldn’t get enough of it, and persuaded her to make it during Lent. He reminisced about Christmas Eve’s spent with baba. “I remember as kids playing under the table. There was always a visit from Santa Claus.” Santa always wore a buffalo coat and all of the children had to sing for him in Ukrainian. Families used to spend time during the Christmas holidays visiting neighbours and singing Christmas carols together. “It was a big thing.” He even remembers tape recording Christmas carols and them critiquing the performances later on. But even as Tymchyshyn was reflecting on the past, guests and fellow club members were creating new memories to cherish long after the event ended.

Jellied fish

A total of 70 people participated in the “Little Christmas” celebration at the Andrew Lions Club on Saturday, Jan. 18.


10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Former Lamont County councillor Dennis McCartney, third from right, received a plaque and watch for his two terms of service with the municipality during council’s regular meeting on Jan. 14. Presenting the award on behalf of council was Reeve Wayne Woldanski, third from left. Also pictured are current councillors Roy Anaka, Dan Warawa, Robert Malica, and Roy Bryks.

Babas and Borshch; a recipe for success The Town of Bruderheim thanks Inter Pipeline for their generous donation of $60,000 to support the Bruderheim Community Bus and upgrades to the Bruderheim Seniors Centre.

Lamont County Reeve Wayne Woldanski, left, and Jim Newman, manager of economic development, right, pesented Babas & Borshch co-ordinator Hazel Anaka with a commemortive plaque Jan.14. Michelle Pinon Editor

Talk about a recipe for success. The Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival, held this past Aug. 24 and 25 in Andrew, had all the right ingredients; and some of those ingredients were disclosed during a special follow up presentation by volunteer co-ordinator Hazel Anaka to Lamont County council Jan. 14. The festival had a clever, fun, attractive and memorable name; but

Anaka told council that that wouldn’t have meant anything without the creativity and hard work of fellow volunteers. Anaka said the festival also wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of sponsors. “It would have been impossible to do it without these people,” added Anaka. Three of those corporate sponsors were in attendance at the meeting to see and hear Anaka’s presentation before receiving special

commemorative plaques on behalf of herself and Jim Newman, manager of economic development for Lamont County, as well as Reeve Wayne Woldanski. The gold sponsors included: OPUS Stewart Weir, ( Sean Snowden, Stephen Hill, and Rob Lonson), MEG Energy, (Genevieve Willumsen and Trev Ruberry), and Canexus),Rick Danilkewich).

Continued on Page 11


Full Page ads HALF PRICE next two weeks Call Marline at the Lamont Leader to book yours: 780-895-2780

11 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Plans already underway for 2014 festival Continued from Page 10 Newman said planning committee members heard that the festival was “new and refreshing” and also struck a chord with many different people and age groups. Attendance was estimated between 2,100 and 2,300 during the two day event. The performance of Zabava was a sell out and the Babas & Borshch cook off was extremely popular among attendees. Anaka stated that over 800 people picked up passports, over 500 people visited the Andrew CP Railway Station Museum, over 400 people visited the Andrew Grain Elevator, about 200 visited the church, ate at Baba’s brunch, and played mini golf. Around 250 people watched the Music Jam and about 150 people attended the music concert at Gazebo Park. According to guest book sign-ins, there were visitors from 53 distinct Alberta communities, three other provinces and five other countries. Anaka also recognized the festival’s partners and allies which included: Alberta Open Farm Days, Alberta-Ukraine Genealogical Project, UCC-AB, Tourism, Parks and Recreation, and Alberta Culture. There were appearances by Vegreville-Wainwright MP Leon Benoit, Alberta Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk, and Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA Jacquie Fenske. Program ads were purchased by MLA’s Gene Zwozdesky and Genia Leskiw. In addition, both the Andrew Lions Club and Andrew Figure Skating Club held fundraisers during the festival. Anaka also touched on the various methods of media and exposure as well as leveraging appearances of Baba Magda on a couple of television morning shows. Baba Magda became the face of the festival, and had an enormous impact on viewers and on the people who came to visit her during the event. Anaka said they have applied for a federal heritage grant and will be re-applying to the same programs as well as looking for new sources of financial support in the coming months. “We feel we had a great two days. We had lots of feedback from people, but it wasn’t negative, it was little comments that they thought would add to the event. We have already implemented some of them, because they were easy additions, and we plan on building Sunday’s program,” noted Newman. While organizers already have some great program ideas for the 2014 festival, folks will just have to wait and see.

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Nearly 250 people attended the Feast of Jordan at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village on Sunday, Jan. 19. Here, Rev. Stephen Wojcichowsky of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton dips the cross into the holy water.

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), January 21, 2014 - 13




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The Hastings Lake Community Association is now tendering a contract for an individual(s) that will serve as the Hall Rentals Coordinator and do general cleaning & routine maintenance of the Hastings Lake. Some experience preferred. Clean Police Information Check is required. Weekend work normally involved. Must be available to check rentals in & out, especially during high season (June and September). Remuneration is 20% of rental income (some conditions apply) plus $25/hr for cleaning (minimum 2 hr/week, some conditions apply). A full job description is available on request. Interviews will be scheduled in early February. Resumes are to be submitted by January 31, 2014 to HLCA President, Dave McNeill, at TM 52 ________________________ Kendale Truck Parts storage yard located at 532059 RR 185, Lamont County, seeks full time worker with mechanical experience. Work hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 5:30pm Please email resume to or call 780-476-1066 of you have any questions about the position. 50-1LL ________________________ Help Wanted: Evening janitorial help required. Bruderheim/Lamont areas. 780-895-2457. LL52-3 ________________________ Farm Labourer required to work on cattle/grain farm. Part time or full time work available. No experience needed just willing to work. Farm located in Innisfree area. Phone Randy @780 208-5000. 52-3c ________________________ Looking for 5 seasonal beekeepers, must have 2 years exp. in commercial operation. Call Gerard 780-6624449, Tofield. TM51-56p Class 1 winch truck driver and class 1 tractor driver for local company. Please fax resume stating safety tickets, experience and commercial driver abstract to 780-662-3368, Tofield. TM49-52p

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The family of the late Anne Hogg would like to thank the Doctors, nurses and staff at the Viking Hospital for Mom and Grandma’s excellent care. Also, thank you to the staff and residents at Vialta Lodge for making it a very special place to live for the past five years. She was very happy to be there! Special thanks to Earl, Rose and Jean for making this difficult time a bit easier. Thank you also to our family and friends for the phone calls, cards and delivering food and flowers to our homes. Your thoughtfullness is greatly appreciated. Darrell, Jackie and family Don and family Leeanne, Doug and family Joe, Denise and family Cindy, Doyle and family

To hear your voice and see you smile, To sit with you and talk a while, To be together in the same old way, Would be our greatest wish today. So please God take a message, To our precious Mom up above, Tell her we miss her terribly and give her all our love. Loved and missed by Gary, Teresita, Adrienne, Alyshia and the rest of your children. 52p

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WINCH TRACTOR OPERATORS. Must have experience operating a winch. To apply fax, email or drop off resume at the office. Phone 780-8426444. Fax 780-842-6581. Email: Mail: H&E Oilfield Services Ltd., 2202 - 1 Ave., Wainwright, AB, T9W 1L7. For more employment information see our webpage: www. _____________________ FEED AND SEED _____________________ HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. "On Farm Pickup" Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877250-5252. _____________________ WANTED. Hannas Seeds seeking distributors for forage, turf, native and reclamation seed. Good commissions. Contact Dave at 1-800-661-1529 or _____________________ FOR SALE _____________________ METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Very competitive prices! Largest colour selection in Western Canada. Available at over 25 Alberta Distribution Locations. 40 Year Warranty. Call 1-888-2638254. _____________________ STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800457-2206; _____________________ DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features and unlimited long distance available. Call Phone Factory today! 1-877-3362274; www.phonefactory. ca. _____________________ EVERY WATER WELL on earth should have the patented "Kontinuous Shok" Chlorinator from Big Iron Drilling! Why? Save thousands of lives every year. www.1-800 Phone 1-800BIG-IRON.

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), January 21, 2014 - 15

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16 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Councillor’sCorner CouncilNotesfromtheJanuary14,2014,councilmeeting  WeedandPestAppealCommittee TheWPACpolicycallsforthreemembersatlargeandone alternate.CouncilhasappointedMr.ChrisKlita,Mr.RayCossey andMr.DavidThomastotheWPAC;Mr.RobertPeytonhas suppliedhisaffirmationandwillcontinueinhispositionofthe WPAC. RR165NorthofTwp574Windrows CarriedoverfromDecember‘scouncilmeeting(motion13552) LamontCountywillbecompletingthecleanupofthebrushpiles atthislocation,afterinvestigationdetermineditwaspreviously burnt,andvegetationwasgrowingthrough. Twp560Engineering RequestsforproposalsweresentouttothreefirmsforTwp560 engineering.Adecisionwillbedeferreduntilfurtherinvestigation canbedoneontheproposals.Resultsoftheresearchwillbe presentedattheFebruarymeeting. LCRIMCAppointments DeferredfromtheDecembermeeting,thefollowingmembers havebeenappointedtotheLamontCountyResident/Industry MitigationCommittee,asmembersatlarge:HenryVischer, DennisMcCartney,andLeoNava.Industryrepresentativestobe TrevRuberryMegEnergy,RickDanikewichCanexus,andShawn SmithMidlandRailTerminal. Policy4100 Approvaloftheproposedchangestopolicy4100hasbeen deferredtotheFebruarycouncilmeeting,inorderfor Administrationtoaddjobdescriptionrequirementstothepolicy.  LamontLeaderDistribution ResearchhasindicatedthattheLamontLeaderremainsthebest resourceforCountyadvertising.LamontCountywillcontinue workingwiththeLeader,withsupplementalpagesaddedtothe inFocus,asneeded.  NorthSaskatchewanWatershedAlliance LamontCountywillsupporttherequestforfundingintheamount of$0.50percapita($1962.50).

                                 AEDDefibrillatorforAdministrationandPublic AstheAdministrationandPublicWorksofficesarepublic buildings,defibrillatorswillbepurchasedforthesebuildings,as anissueofpublicsafety,andstaffwillbetrainedintheiruse.  ReschedulingMayandNovemberCouncilMeetings ThemeetingdatesforMayandNovemberarerescheduledto: May6andNovember4,2014.  KalynaCountryFundingRequest LamontCountywillprovide$200totheKalynaCounty Performancefestival,asrequested.Acontributionof$200will continueannually,foraslongastheeventishosted.  DegelmanMowerTender Aspartofthe10yearequipmentplanthedecisionwasmadeto replacemowerseverytwoinordertogetagoodtradeinvalue. Councilhasapprovedthepurchaseofanew15ftmower,fora priceof$16390(plustradeinvalue).  FireBillingPolicy Theexistingpolicy4130outlinestheprocessusedtorecoverthe costsoffirefighting.LamontCountywillcreateanSOGwiththe contractfiredepartmentswhereinthecaseofanabandoned structureonlyaminimalcrewisprovidedtosupervisetheburn.  AndrewWaterLine The"AndrewWaterLineAgreement"wassignedonthe15thof July1994.Thetermoftheagreementissetfor20years,withthe terminationsetforthisyear.LamontCountywilldoresearch regardingownershipofthelinefromHilliardtoAndrew,and reportbacktocouncil.  WSP(Genivar)DelegationRR202Update LamontCountyapprovedanamendmenttopolicy5103 (ConstructionCompensation)thatstatesLamontCountyis permittedtonegotiatethepaymentrateforpurchaseofland, subjecttoalandvaluationreportbyanaccreditedindividual.  WaterRates TheJohnS.BatiukRegionalWaterCommissionhasraisedwater ratesformunicipalmembers;thereforewaterrateshavebeen raisedby$0.04/m3,effectiveJanuary1,2014.Thiswillaffectthe rateschargedforindustrialandcommercialuse,andtheVillageof Andrew.  LamontMinorHockeyAssociationRequestforFunding LamontCountyhasagreedtogiveLMHAa$250grant,alongwith asilentauctionitemfortheFebruary8,2014,event.

EmploymentOpportunities TaxClerk  TheFinanceDepartmentofLamontCountyisseekingaTaxClerk. ThispositionreportstotheDirectorofCorporateServices.This individualwillberesponsiblefortaxationandaccountingsupport functions.  Majorresponsibilitieswillinclude: x Taxation–levyoftaxesonanannualbasis. x LandTitleChanges–recordallchanges. x Assessment–updateandbalanceallassessmentchanges. x AccountsReceivable  Theidealcandidatewillhave: x 45yearsaccountingexperiencewithanexcellent understandingoffinancerelatedprocesses. x Processacertificate/diplomafromanaccreditedaccounting program. x Knowledgeofassessmentandtaxation.  ThiscompetitionwillremainopenuntilJanuary31,2014.  ConstructionSupervisor  LamontCountyiscurrentlyseekingcandidatestofilltheposition ofConstructionSupervisor.ReportingdirectlytotheDirectorof PublicWorks,theincumbentisresponsibleforthemanagement andsupervisionoftheRoadConstructionprogram.  Majorresponsibilitieswillinclude: x ThesupervisionanddirectionofCountystaffandequipment performingearthworkconstructionprojects. x AssistingtheDirectorofPublicWorkswiththeyearly planningandbudgetingforCounty x Arrangingforthelocationofallutilitiesandmeetwith necessaryfieldpersonnelofutilitycompaniestocoordinate movesorloweringofstructures.  Theidealcandidatewillhave: x Minimumof35yearsdirectworkexperienceasa ConstructionSupervisorandofficemanagement. x Knowledgeofconstructionandinspection,includingrural transportationnetworks. x Knowledgeofthepreparation,controlandmonitoringof budgets  Thiscompetitionwillremainopenuntilasuitablecandidatehas beenfound.  Toapplyforeitherofthesepositionspleaseforwardyourresume to:  LamontCounty HumanResourcesDepartment 5303–50Avenue Lamont,AB,T0B2R0 Fax:(780)8957404  Formoreinformationabouttheseemploymentopportunities, viewthecompletepostingonourwebsiteat

NewHomeWarranties InformationforBuilders StartingFebruary1,2014,everynewhomebuiltinAlbertawillbe protectedunderwarranty,thankstoAlberta’sNewHomeBuyer ProtectionAct.  Buildingpermitswillonlybeissuedforhomeswithappropriate warrantycoverage.  UndertheAct,allnewhomeswillrequireawarranty.  TolearnmoreaboutAlberta’snewwarrantystandards, visit   

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January 21, 2014 edition of the Lamont Leader

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