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The Spirit of Travel Return to a time when travel itself was a destination. Getting there was not as important as the experience of going. There’s no such thing as a destination, because the journey never ends. My favourite place is somewhere I’ve never been. Never ask for directions: just be where you are. Don’t believe in borders and dare to move frontiers. If you show me your world, I’ll show you mine. To travel is to live.

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Publisher and Founding Editor Janette N. Brin


NYC Fashion & Entertainment Editor R. Anthony Morrison Style Editor Damion Christopher Grange Beauty Editor Brandy Gomez-Duplessis Hair & Natural Beauty Editor Zahra Spencer Contributing Writers Carlie Ester, Michelle Rostamian, Raymond Evans, Nadia Ali, Jackie Jones, Sherina Russell-Garcia, Edith Webber Contributing Photographers Kevon Richardson, Norman Allan, Scharad Lightbourne Art Design & Layout Creative Director Mary Hester 2ND Floor Design Marketing & Distribution J Marketing Group Join the conversation on Facebook Leave your comments at Follow us on twitter@caribbeanposh Share all your POSH moments in real time


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style 7....... The Style Bar 8....... Having Fun with Style with Phillip Krane Bernier 10..... Meiling Shirt Tales Collection 13..... David Tlale 16..... Runway Made to Order 19..... Haitgo 24.... A POSH Home Office 25.... Boss Lady Shoes 26.... What's Your Device Style?

27.... The Beauty Bar 28.... Beauty Happy Hour 29.... Anti Aging for Women of Color 30.... The Lady of Influence : Natural Hair Spotlights

38... POSH Girl: Kerry-Ann Clarke 40... POSH Girl: Sardia 43.... POSH Girl: Etana 47.... Something Borrowed

News and culture 49... A "Nice" Summer Campaign 50... Stephen"Ragga" Marley 51.... Black Violin 57.... Secret of Celebrity Dads 59... How to Increase That 5 Figure Income 61.... How to Use Other Peoples Money

love and relationships 62... Signs That You Are The Other Woman 64... Is It My Fault My Lover Left Me?






Unleash Your

Super Power D R

eflecting on the world around us as women these days, we have to ask ourselves where has sisterhood gone? Sisterhood… a definition that is clarified by Toni Morrison when she states: “A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double.” So a sister can be someone other than a sibling – collectively - womankind.


I was recently invited to be a guest speaker for an organization called Women of Power and High Potential where the theme was “I am My Sister’s Keeper”. The experience touched me more than I realized it would. I had even prepared a speech but didn’t bother to read from it. As I looked out at the faces of these high schoolaged girls, all I could think about was that they had no idea how the choices they made today would influence their outcomes tomorrow. I thought about the potential disappoints that are often faced in this unapologetic world. Teenage girls spend a lot of time teasing each other about their looks rather than appreciating each other’s uniqueness. They bully rather than ask for help. At what point do we teach our young daughters and sisters to be each other’s keepers? Most of us live a life of imagination and when reality strikes us, we become disappointed and quite often, we lose not only our purpose, but the meaning of life. We become unzipped, so to speak. We become so wrapped up in our failures and try to mask them with lying to ourselves, or try to fix it ourselves, that we forget to reach out and ask for help.

So here is the deal from one “sister” to another: Have genuine meaning in your life. Find something or someone that can inspire you. This means unleashing your super power as a woman. You know that we all have it! Find how you fit into this life and see life in a bigger picture and know that the small things you do today, fit into a larger scheme of things; that your momentary troubles are fleeting if you focus on positive tomorrows. We meet people everywhere we go, but how many of us create opportunities out of these interactions? The person you are sitting next to at a conference could be the CEO of a small company and may just be able to provide you with the job that you need to realize your potential. Strange as it seems, unless you break the ice and have a conversation, you may never know this! Learn how to see opportunities and make use of them even if it is simply standing in line at the store! Never underestimate your value in this world. Your presence makes the seashore of life the wonder that it is. You are not a mere grain of sand on the beach, and together in sisterhood, many grains of sand can achieve anything. Finally, let’s teach our children to work hard, to be smart, and to stay beautiful. That gives all of us fulfillment and true meaning.

Photographed by Kevon Richardson Location: Tortola, BVI


Janette N. Brin Publisher and Founding Editor





From top: Brandy GomezDuplessis, Carlie Ester, . R. Anthony Morrison (pictured with legendary model Pat Cleveland), Zahra Spencer, Damion Grange


 Fay Ann VP Records is happy to announce that Trinidadian soca vocalist and songwriter Fay Ann Lyons has signed to the Caribbean music record label for a multi-album record, publishing and merchandise deal. "We are thrilled for Fay Ann to join our artist roster. She has a spark on stage that is innate and can't be duplicated. The multi-talented artist has already made history as one of soca's brightest stars and we are looking forward to spreading the movement worldwide," states VP Records CEO Chris Chin. Fay Ann adds to the excitement, expressing that she is "glad to be part of the team and let's get to work!" (log onto to read more)

 Redefining Culture: Sophia Domeville When defining success, some find that obtaining possessions or wealth is far less fulfilling than the gratification of spiritual gain. For Sophia Domeville, success is not just about money, cars, and fame, but also about the ability to

 [Flashback] MBFW SS 2013 : Street Style, Posh in NYC The fashionable come out in droves during fashion week. This season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 was no different. With photographers all over the place capturing the style on the street, this is definitely the week to look posh. Even if you weren't lucky enough to have access to the tents, the best shows are always on the street. During MBFW Lincoln center becomes an international fashion crossroads. The people are just as interesting as the personal style they express. You will see people rocking the latest trends, and the latest fashion from various nations. redefine culture for youth and women. She measures success according to her own standards, and has ambitions of becoming an innovative and international leader within arts education. In high school, at the suggestion of her favorite teacher, Sophia switched concentrations in order to pursue her interest in the arts. Today, she is an entrepreneur, sister and activist; each role is uniquely demanding; yet they are collectively rewarding. A Studio Arts graduate of The College of New Rochelle, Sophia is a Haitian American artist with a knack for the arts and a passion for youth. (Read more at



POSHSTYLE BAR By Damion Christopher Grange

So then its official, the Beast is POSH…”


he POSH Style Bar measures the work of BVI designer Daryel Bess and ranks him as a trendsetter who is POSH worthy. The name BayRoc is fast becoming a household name, credit to its unique designs of hand painted prints that screams ‘wearable avant-garde’…(a balance that is usually challenging for most designers to accomplish) and its many showings at fashion events throughout the region - such as Summer Sizzle BVI and USVI, Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) Jamaica… to name a f ew.

This also brings me to the subject of my summer write up:

Beauty In The Beast! In my last article (Spring 2014) I recommended that for this year, you should make a decision to become a B.E.A.S.T (Beautiful, Elegant, Attractive, Stylish & Trendy). It is my hope that you are taking me up on that recommendation, and from the feedback I’d say I’m optimistic. The BEAST reference – inspired me to focus on another animal. Therefore, my summer article is dedicated to the real beast, him! “Man a Dawg” or “Man a Beast,” sounds familiar? But-of-course it is; these are descriptive regional phrases, used mainly to emphasize the macho image of the Caribbean man, the macho image

that shuns any similarity or behavioral pattern of the opposite sex. This macho fixation is so deep-rooted in our culture, that even household chores are classified as masculine and feminine. I remember vividly, the days when fashion was ‘unofficially’ reserved for women only and guys do not dare get excited about designs,

without attracting certain stereotypes, especially because ‘Man a Beast’. Thank goodness those days are far-gone…well, for the most part. This is why I felt compelled to write “Beauty in the Beast.” Giving recognition to the transformation of the Beast, that carefree thug, into what we see today; a trendsetting, swaggeriffic, fashionesto! There is no doubt that the fashion of the Caribbean men are adopted by some of the top male designers around the world and international runways are infused with the dancehall influence among others. I am personally in awe at times, when I witness some of the fashion risks taken by the men in the region, we have gotten so daring and I’m liking it!! Honestly though, some of the looks are ‘a big mess’, but considering where we were…I give ‘A’ for attempt. Recently at a social function I had to smile, after overhearing a friend jokingly telling her husband that he spends more time in the mirror than she does. Me? Guilty as well! Guys the time for us to focus on image is long overdue and there is no law against us ensuring that we are always groomed and well dressed. I am happy to declare that the table has turned. The metro man has become the object of her attention as ladies have now made the connection between image and lifestyle, understanding, that the personal hygiene necessary for a metro reflection is very important for a healthy relationship. For example, she hated your crusty feet…so getting a pedicure does not make you a sissy, it however, makes wifey happy! Beast, your position has been elevated from ‘her man’ to ‘her boo’…you are now the new accessory that she is proud to show off and you should finally feel like the pack leader now that you are no longer a drab tagalong but rather an enhancement. Ladies, I give you full credit and express my sincere gratitude for you exertion in encouraging our brothas to embrace fashion, without feeling as though it’s a threat to his manhood. A trip to the mall has become a welcomed family or relationship-building exercise…quite the irony isn’t it? Keep up the good work. So then its official, the Beast is POSH - and today, the world is a better-looking place simply because the Beast has decided to polish-up his look and has mathematically subtracted the stereotypes to equal Metrosexual, proving once-and-for-all that there is in fact “Beauty in the Beast.”


What I particularly like about this designer is his flexibility to customize prints for your favorite designs, allowing you to change a look without having to buy a completely new outfit. Additionally, for summer a BayRoc piece will fit in seamlessly, because of its electric blend of colors (see POSH Summer Fashion Tips). The

quiet unassuming young man (Daryl Bess) has proven that he is talent beyond his years and in my opinion is one to lookout for. BayRoc, stamped POSH approved. In October of 2013 he was chosen as LIME Local & Talented.



Having a Little Fun with Style with


Phillip Krane Bernier Celebrity Hair and Makeup Stylist, Phillip Krane Bernier recently teamed up with EyeWear Designer Stevie Boi on his Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Showing in NYC. Bernier lead attendees through the process of “Recreating the Look” of styles featured in the X2SEA Presentation.


Photos by Shutter Legends Photography



Meiling Shirt Tales Collection By Nadia Ali


eiling is a leading fashion icon who is known for luxury women’s apparel. Her lines include everything from the glamorous to the trendy and everyday casual using natural fibres, silk and everfashionable white cotton. She has become a legend amongst her peers in the fashion industry, not only making her name for herself in the Caribbean region but creating a brand that has been showcased around the world. Her main atelier and retail outlet is located in Woodbrook, Trinidad where she works with clients on an appointment basis. Her lines are also sold through M.L.V. Studio in the affluent and fashionable area of Notting Hill in the UK. Meiling began her life as a designer from humble beginnings. She began sewing at an early age under the guidance of her mother, Evelyn Aching who encouraged her to go to London to seek formal training as a fashion designer. Upon her return, she started her own studio from out of a garage where she engaged the help of two assistants. The business grew and by 1982, the company was officially formed and given the name “Meiling Incorporated Limited” which has grown to be an international brand.


Her accolades include designing the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic team’s uniforms for the opening ceremony. She has received numerous awards both locally, regionally and internationally such as being awarded the “Grand Master of Fashion Design” at Caribbean Fashion Week 2008 in Jamaica. She recently hosted a runway show called ‘Shirt Tales’ at the chic venue of the Plaza at One Woodbrook in Trinidad. Having announced the upcoming show tickets were snapped up by her loyal following and fans. The 45-minute presentation featured about 28 male and female models

c POSHSTYLE who took to the catwalk to showcase Meiling’s creative shirts. The collection had various categories that went from the black and white ensembles for office wear to sensuous silk and satin women’s sleepwear. Models swayed down

the catwalk in brilliant white with polka dot bed shirts and loose tunic tops which were well received by the audience. There was a splash of vibrant colors and patterns amid the monontones which created a visually stunning contrast. The show cumulating in a grand finale that

saw the male models wearing’ Anthony Reid For Meiling’ in conservative, whimsical and patterned shirts, and also included knitted shirts. Meiling’s inspiration for the show comes from her love of designing and creating shirts. Let’s face it, there is nothing more timeless than the simplicity of a fashionable white shirt to make you feel comfortable. Of course, Meiling pays attention to fine details with clean lines and innovative cuts that put her trademark on the shirt designs. Models paraded down the catwalk wearing fabulously, flowing loose shirts which were reminiscent of the looser and more comfortable silhouette of women’s clothing first brought about by Coco Channel. Meiling’s office wear of women’s pants suits and power dressing are likened to those created from Yves Saint Laurent, distinct ready-towear pants suits that appeal to the professional women’s wardrobe in the world of work..

Meiling is one designer who is known to ‘push the envelope’ and she does this by staying relevant to the world. With a relentless dedication to her craft and being business savvy she serves as a role model and a mentor. There is no stopping this award winning fashion designer icon.


A business woman herself, Meiling’s lifelong dreams was recently realized when she made her debut at London Fashion Week 2012. “It was a dream come true,” she expressed having presented her Spring/Summer 2013 collections. The presentnation was called, “Three Iconic Trinidadian Fashion Brands” which included Anya AyoungChee and accessories designer Rachel Ross all hailing from Trinidad.


A new collection of products elevates the brow in waterproof formulas that are sweat-proof, s m u d g e - f re e a n d h u m i d i t y resistant. Waterproof Brow Set grooms, defines and strokes brows into shape, naturally shading to create subtle or dramatic looks in seven new hues. The long-wearing, waterproof Fluidline Brow Gelcreme fills, lengthens and shapes in rich brunette, soft taupe and golden brown. Finish the look with Zoom Waterfast Lash, Splashproof Lash or False Lashes Waterproof and your brows are gorgeous to go.

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h,s. me

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208 Angled Brow

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TRAVEL RETAIL AMERICAS CONTACT Marella Mata at or 305.790.5918 FOLLOW US @MACcosmetics

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TRAVEL RETAIL AMERICAS CONTACT Marella Mata at or 305.790.5918 FOLLOW US @MACcosmetics




avid Tlale's runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was held in the new Pavilion space at Lincoln Center. On the morning of his show, the backstage is in full gear. Models are getting hair and make up done while in the pavilion's front of house Jan Malan and team are sorting things out. There is a hell of a lot going on backstage. That's mostly because two hours before the show there is a hell of a lot to be done. So there are models going from make up station to hair station. Some of the models are waiting; photographers are shooting the models and front of house. Where is the designer in all of this activity? David Tlale is off to the side in the garment section quietly sewing what looks like a belt. He has an aura of calm that comes with knowing is team has things under control.

The Pavilion space meant a departure from the presentation format of last season to show his collection. The collection featured impeccably tailored designs that were both elegant and chic. As always his delicate attention to detail is what sets his work apart and expresses what is so uniquely South African in craft. David brought together a superb group of models to wear his designs this season. Among the models walking in the show were; Millen Magese, Anna Van Raventein, Devyn, and supermodel Oluchi who closed the show. David Tlale continues to grow and evolve as a designer as he does so he is also focused on the bottom line. At the end of the day the business of fashion is after all the business of fashion. It’s not just about having a show; it's about what happens afterwards and where you go from there.



After the show David shared a few of his thoughts. It's clear he knows he has to make it happen, he is the brand, he is the business. CP : David, compared to your presentation last season, was there anything different about preparing for this show?

life. It was out first solo runway show and we had to make sure that we brought a cohesive collection more than just a fabulous collection. It also had to make financial sense, because work starts today as we sell the product. We will start this afternoon. CP: How demanding is that after showing a new collection?


DT : Everything was totally different because preparing for an installation presentation is different from a runway presentation. Some of the girls that we've worked with before came back because they loved the product. It was more nerve racking to have all those fashion critics sitting in the front row criticizing or appreciating what we created. It was more pressure that any other show I have ever done in my entire

DT: I think it's a very demanding process because you have reach out to buyers and agents, and showrooms because not everyone believes in what you do as an artist. You just have to keep on hustling until you get that person who falls in love with your brand.


CP: Can you describe your process of selecting models for a show like this one? DT: That process is part of the story telling. I'm an artist that has to tell a story, and take people on a journey. I'm not just designing for one particular woman; I'm designing for the world. The world has turned around; we are now all part of this puzzle. From a girl from Korea to the girl from South Africa, they can wear a David Tlale dress. So such a girl can wear a David Tlale dress in New York. So the story is going to go on including the music I selected for the show, and working with the show producer to make sure that they experience it. CARIBBEAN POSH THE POWER ISSUE 2014 15




Introducing The Bloomsbury Bag, decorated with one-off hand-painted artworks. Our editor’s favorite on the Burberry 2014 A/W runway. These exclusive hand-painted pieces with a 9-week lead-time can be hand-made to order with personalization if you so choose.


THE LOOK Look is inspired by the Bloomsbury girl, referencing the free-spirited, hand-painted mood of the ready-towear collection.


Eyes are painted with a wash of damson and aubergine shades to reflect the artist’s brush strokes. Rose pink blended softly underneath the eye emphasizes the natural darkness. Lashes are left bare with naturally groomed brows.




Nude Radiance No.01 Golden Radiance No.02 Nude Blush No.12 (New) Stone No.03 Tulip Pink No.27 Elderberry No.407 (New) EFFORTLESS KOHL





Burberry Make-up is available from, selected Burberry stores and retailers worldwide

Lips are pink with soft definition. Skin has a satin-matte finish with a hint of freshness. Nails in a deep shade of elderberry complete The Bloomsbury Girls look.

New shades available from August 2014



There is Power in Beauty: A few of our Favourite Beauty Quotes...

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HAITGO by Photographer: Scharad Lightbourne




his had been for a very long time, just a concept in my head. For years, I found myself fascinated with ghetto fashion, slang, style, and everything else in between. As a photographer, it served as a visual playground and the speech would amaze me. Looking back I realized how much the ghetto influenced my work. Its bold, vibrant and full of energy. The slang is hard, lyrical and edgy. Every part of the world has a term for its urban areas; hood, ghetto, slum translated to the people being termed “trick, hood rat, thug, gangster, jungaless (jun-ga-less) harajuku, redneck etc‌


c POSHSTYLE Everyone can relate to these terms.


For me, the goal was translating this into art, fashion and photography. How do I relate this to a culture I was raised in? What things should I highlight, what do I title it? What do I focus on? For years I just kept the thought locked up. Then I decided to plan and execute. I did tons of research, driving through the ghettos of New Providence, observing the natives and watching their tendencies and it only made me even more hungry to get this shoot going. Sometime had passed and I only became more hesitant to shoot here where I lived. Crime was definitely a factor so again, I put this idea on hold. Until one day, I picked up the phone and called model Tomii Culmer, I told her the idea and she immediately gave me a resounding “YES!” Now, Tomii lived in Freeport, the city of one of the out islands in The Bahamas but I was ok with that. I sourced the entire team who conveniently lived in Freeport. It was an opportunity to work with other talented people. Ashley, Gail, Navie, Alfred, Monette all agreed to come on board as team players to make the shoot happen. For weeks

we planned and needed one more piece of the puzzle…a stylist. Now I’d just shot fashion stylist Lavonne Alexis for her blog and I thought to pitch the idea to her. Lavonne jumped up with excited, almost catapulting herself out her living room couch. She loved the concept and she ran with it, sourcing pieces from local stores like Diva’s Body language, Fashion Ova Style, Shop the CC and Stiletto Shoe Loft, she came up with some incredible looks for Tomii all matching the ghetto lifestyle theme. Freeport was amazing! We shot around different settlements like Pinder’s Point, Hawksbill and Pioneer’s Way. With Assistance from photographer Alfred Anderson and Tomii’s BF GeeJay Cox, the team worked masterfully to create true works of art with each look. Albeit experiencing some conflict with a few residents, we pushed through a 2 day, almost 16 hour set and we made magic!


Credits Model: Tomii Culmer Styling: LaVonne Alexis MUA: Gail McIntosh Hair: Gifted Handsz Nails: Monette Newbold Assisted by: Alfred Anderson, GeeJay Cox Shot on location in Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas


A POSH Home Office


By Michelle Rostamian


f your home office consists of nothing but a desk and a chair, then you’re in luck! Get ready to get inspired because we’re about to show you two ideal POSH home offices that’ll serve as the perfect workplace to get motivated and be efficient.



A RETRO FEEL For those who prefer a home office with a ton of visuals, this one may be right up your alley. Featuring patterns and colors galore, this home office has no shortage of inspiration to let your work ideas run wild. Plants add life to the room while multi-colored pillows and fun curtains adds a playful twist to an otherwise bare room. Get productive in your home office by incorporating a POSH style into your everyday workspace. Whether that involves choosing muted colors or a more retro feel, ensure all elements of the room blend seamlessly together.

They often say that a clear workplace translates into a clear mind, and when it comes to this all white home office, we couldn’t agree more. Open windows lets in a ton of light, which makes the area anything but dull to work in, while the muted colors and sleek décor add a touch of modernity to the overall feel of the room. Throw up a few photos on the wall and you’re ready to crack the code to success right in the comfort of your home.

Whoever said work pumps had to be anything but stylish was clearly mistaken. Get through Monday, the busiest day of the week, with these head-turning Jessica Simpson Campsonne T-Strap Pumps that blend the sexiness of cut outs with the professionalism of a traditional black and white pump., $89

2. The Bootie1 When it comes to wearing booties to work, you don’t necessarily have to risk style for professionalism. Roll into Tuesday with the Glaring booties by Steve Madden: a show-stopping, statement-making pair of shoes that lets the career woman channel her inner fashionista while taking on the days’ work head on. Steve Madden, $109.95

By Michelle Rostamian

1. 2.

3. The Sandal1 The key to rocking sandals to work? Choosing ones that are in a neutral color. Hump Day calls for the Kuncarova heels by Aldo, which are in a camel-colored hue and have straps galore — perfect for amping up that boring ol’ pencil skirt and button down top. Aldo, $80

4. The Kitten Heel1 Ah, the kitten heel. Loved for its comfort but despised for its often unstylish appearance, this type of shoe is part of every woman’s work attire. Give your kitten heel an upgrade (literally) with these Nine West Matea Pointy Toe Pumps. Its hot red color will serve as the focal point of your outfit while its simplistic design will be anything but overbearing. Best part? It’ll take you from work to Happy Hour Thursdays effortlessly. Nine West, $89

Perhaps one of the most comfortable and fashionable type of work shoe, the heel flat hybrid uniquely mixes the wearability of flats with the dressiness of a heel. Perfect for “Casual Friday’s” at the office, these Window Cutout Studded-Heel Flat by BCBG add a dash of edginess to any outfit with its studded heel., $125.99



Whether you’re going for an interview or a business meeting, your work wear attire doesn’t have to be boring and unstylish. If you have a flair for success, these fashionable shoes will help get you through the work week.



5. The Heel Flat 1


Boss Lady Shoes

1. The Pump1

Whether you work at a traditional 9 to 5 job or you have the luxury of working on your own schedule, one thing is for sure: you want to look stylish at all times. It’s officially time to kick those feet-irritating flats and unsightly pumps to the curb because we’re about to introduce you to 5 pairs of shoes that may just land you that well-deserved promotion. Best part? There’s one for every day of the week.

What's your Device Style?


By Michelle Rostamian

Let’s face it. Whether you cover it up with an eye-catching case or add some bedazzled jewels to the outside, we all aim to keep our smartphones looking stylish. For most of us, having an aesthetically pleasing phone is just as important as the carrier we choose, data services, and the OS. We’ve rounded up 4 of the hottest smartphones of the moment. The only question left to ask is: What’s your device style?

iPhone 5s Ah, Apple. You never fail us with your forward-thinking products. The newest addition to the iPhone family is the 5s, which claims to be the lightest and most powerful of the bunch. With an innovative fingerprint identity sensor, a dual LED flash, and 3 color combinations to choose from (silver and gold, silver and white, and space gray and black), you can’t go wrong with this lightweight beauty.

Blackberry Q10 Blackberry lovers rejoice! Whether you’re a businessperson who’s always on the go or a techie who simply loves a good smartphone design, the Blackberry Q10 will meet and exceed all expectations. Its famous QWERTY keyboard gets an upgrade for efficient typing while the 3.1-inch OLED touch screen delivers stunningly vibrant images. Best part? It’s made with lightweight materials.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Solid design. Lightening fast processor. High-quality camera. These are all features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that make it one of the top contenders on our list of stylish smartphones. Kiss the glossy plastic goodbye because the new design features a grip plastic that looks (and feels) sleek as ever.


Nexxus 5

For those who love a bigger screen, the Nexxus 5 by Google is 5 inches of full goodness. Available in both black and white, the smartphone lets you take beautiful HD photos and create movies automatically.

Brandy GomezDuplessis

POSHbeauty BAR Spring Into Smooth Feet What a rough winter our feet has had with wearing thick socks and heavy boots. To get your feet sandal ready, Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System is a perfect item to have to bring them from rough, dry, and dull to smooth and soft right in your own home. The Clarisonic Pedi Device is designed just for your feet to exfoliate your dry rough feet to give them a professional pedicure. $199.00 Pedi Device 3 Speeds Adjustable Timer Waterproof for use in the shower or bathtub 2 Year Warranty Pedi Smoothing Disc Designed to smooth and soften dull, rough foot skin. The textured stainless steel disc works synergistically with the sonic Pedi device to slough away rough, dry areas without damaging the health of the foot skin. FOR USE WITH PEDI DEVICE ONLY - this disc should not be used on our facial cleansing devices. Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head The Pedi Wet/Dry Brush Head contains a combination of short rigid filaments and longer, flexible filaments to effectively exfoliate and buff dry, damaged feet. This filament blend is designed to allow for optimal migration of the Pedi-Buff for more even coverage and thorough exfoliation. FOR USE WITH PEDI DEVICE ONLY - this brush head should not be used on our facial cleansing devices. Pedi-Buff A triple-kick exfoliating blend of lactic acid, apricot seed and a tri-fruit complex to dissolve away rough, dead skin and refine skin texture.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Violine Out Of Control $34.00


What You Get: •Pedi Device •Pedi Smoothing Disc •Pedi-Buff (6 oz.) •Pedi-Balm (3.5 oz.) •Pedi-Boost (1 oz.) •Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head •USB-Enabled Universal Voltage pLink® Charger



Beauty Happy Hour Pretty makeup shades rock this spring. Soft flirty romantic girlie colors are never too sweet to indulge in. With so many powdery hues and yummy beauty i tems to drool over where do a girl start. Here are a few of my favorite spring items to help you get started. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Dolce & Gabbana THE ILLUMINATOR Eva 3 $51.00 Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte Long-Wear Professional Eye Shadow Spring $30.00 Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Cream Blush in Sunset $22.00 Butter LONDON’s Sweetie Shop collection $15.00 each Yves St Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy in Cool Guava No 9 $34.00



t’s a revolutionary makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating a perfect complexion. It’s ergonomically designed to meet your makeup needs. Beautyblender is the first high definition, neon pink sponge application tool that gives sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage. This non-latex product is hypoallergenic and can last up to three-four months if cared for properly. Achieve the same flawless finish with all makeup formulations. It's designed to be cleaned with its partner blendercleanser making it super eco-friendly. When wet, Beautyblender doubles in size and becomes even softer, returning to its original size when it air dries. Its package can serve as a pedestal for drying it on your vanity. Not only is the smaller end the best applicator for concealer under the eyes and around the nose, but it's also ideal for achieving dramatic results with your eye shadow. Use the Beautyblender with all types of makeup, including loose powder and mineral cosmetics. $19.95

Go Effortless Sheer In Tom Ford This Spring/Summer 2014 Tom Ford exclusive new collection of 8 lip colors are effortless semi sheer and ultra-hydrating. Tom Ford sensuous lipsticks are packaged in the retro yet luxurious ivory and gold case. These lip sheers are fantastic, their very creamy enriched in shea butter and Vitamin C and E. The lipsticks range in shades from nudes to feminine pale pink to firey orange, gorgeous shades to wear with a luminous skin for the perfect spring look. Who’s lipstick do you rock…I ROCK TOM FORD $49.00


Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014 Lipsticks: Sweet Spot is a coral shimmer Paradisco is a bright pink-coral Summer Fling is a baby pink shimmer Bitter Sweet is a plum Pink Dune is a golden pink Incorrigible is a fuchsia In the Buff is a dark nude Firecracker is an orange


Anti-Aging for Women of Color By Brandy Gomez-Duplessis We all heard the saying “Black Don’t Crack”. Well, there’s a little truth to that but you have to put some effort to keep your skin youthful and beautiful. The melanin in our skin has always acted as a built in moisturizer but as the skin mature more is needed to keep the skin tight and firm. Women of color skin challenges are; uneven skin tone like melasma, large pores, dark circles, and sagging skin, which manifests as nasolabial folds (those parenthesis around your mouth). Losing elasticity and being exposed to the sun, which results in age spots, is why you want to start taking care of yourself. Here is a variety of anti-aging items that fits everyones budgets.

Olay Anti Wrinkle 2 in 1 Firm and Lift Day Cream and Serum $12.99

Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir $23.99

L’Oréal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50 $10.99

Rx for Brown Skin Essential Hydration Moisturizing Cream $40.00

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford $39.95


Murad Age Balancing Night Cream $75.00




Natural Hair has really evolved over the past few years both in styles and application. I mean the possibilities are endless! Acceptance of big hair, loc’ed hair and/or natural coils in general has graduated to new levels, and has spark a wild fire of a revolution across the world and definitely in the Caribbean. However, with that being said, there are still the group that is just not there yet.


This post is dedicated to the Transitional Natural, Big Choppers or Naturals who are just not quite there yet in terms of rocking their natural coil but still like to achieve a natural look. Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids are an effective way to rock a natural look. The technique is simple. Cornrow your hair, braid and tuck under your ends and secure. Procure the desire type of hair and proceed to pull the hair though the cornrow. Cut to desired length and face structure.

Box Braids

Box Brads are an oldie but goodie. Almost everyone at some point have rocked this look. Adding extension o our Braid allow you to wear hem for longer periods of me and give you’re the length that you may crave. Not when creating is look, do not use too much hair as to create unnecessary weight on your hair that can damage your hair follicles. Here are a few Celebrates and how they wore this look.



Wigs are more dynamic than ever. Naturals who have big chopped or are transitioning. May opt for this look. Persons who would like to give their natural coils a break may also use this option. highlights three key steps when looking for a natural looking wig. 1 . Hu m a n h a i r w i g s have the most swing and bounce and can be washed and heat-styled just like your old hair. They’ll last several years—but they can cost several thousand dollars. Today’s synthetic h a i r w i g s a re a l m o s t as authentic-looking, require less maintenance, and can start under $100. If you’re wearing one every day, it will last three to six months. 2. Think about how you usually wear your hair. If you like to pull it back, your wig’s cap should have lace at the crown for a natural-looking hairline.


3. Always have your wig cut once it’s on your head—even if you love the style. All wigs have too much hair (especially at the temples) and need to be cut back to fit your individual face shape. (If you have a synthetic hair wig, be sure the stylist who cuts or trims it knows how to cut synthetic hair; special shears must be used.) Read more: How-to-Find-a-Wig--Natural-LookingWigs_5#ixzz2vbvXd0tV

For More Natural, Hair, Fashion, and Beauty Tips, visit me online. Facebook: @LadyInfluence

Instagram @LadyInfluence

Youtube: @Theladyinfluence


ngela Plummer, Natural Hair Styles hails from London UK. She says the person who influences her the most is her “MUM”

“My Mum inspires me by just how she is as a person for her love and support over the years has gotten me though a lot, also my son (Remel) who is a blessing, just looking at him on a daily basic fills me with so much inspiration seeing him turning from a boy into a man becoming independent finding his own journey. Also a few close friends that I have who believed in me from the start of my journey into the Hair Industry." Angela Shares with Zahra Muse of Caribbean Posh Magazine a bit of her background. “I grew up in North London and started braiding my own hair at the tender age of ten due to my Mum becoming ill and could no longer take care of our hair needs. In due course I realized I was somewhat OK at braiding and developed a passion for it and Natural Hair." "I always had a passion for hair but was unsure of how to start my journey into the Hair Industry. As each year went by I was getting more and more frustrated as I was working in retail and knew this was not where I wanted to be. One day whilst at work listening to the radio I heard a song by Macy Gray called ‘Something’, the part of the song which struck a chord was “…get up, get up and do something don’t let the days of your life just pass you by, cause you never really know until you try…” after hearing this I quit my job and followed my heart into the world of hair." "I began working in a number of salons until I was able to set up on my own. In 2002 I opened my salon called ‘Sour 2 Sweet’ the name was symbolical of my clients coming in looking one way and leaving completely transformed. The most challenging issue as a business owner was finding good staff, this resulted in me running the salon on my own for two and half years, I then had to make a difficult decision whether to keep the salon or close it. In the end I decided to close the salon, at the time I was not sure if I had made the right decision in closing my business, in due course it turned out to be one of the best decisions I had ever made." "Very quickly I was working full-time as a freelance hair stylist and my work could be seen on various celebrities, styling hair at live corporate events for companies. I also went onto succeed in various competition winning awards internationally." My accomplishments to date are as follows:

ANGELA PLUMMER Hair: Angela Plummer using Photographer: Abi Oshodi Make up Artist: Flora Losilo using Nars & make up forever

Angela advice to naturals is as follows, “If your hair is already natural keep on rocking it as there are an endless amount of styles/things we can achieve with our hair. Transitioning to Natural hair by no means is easy, as from time to time you will want to run back to a relaxer etc. Do not transition at home by yourself, find a good Natural Hair Stylist/salon that can take care of your needs? It’s very important the stylist/salon specialize in Natural Hair as they will know the best/ right products for you to use. After a while you should have enough knowledge of how to best deal with your NH by yourself or with the continued support from the stylist/salon." To find out more About Angela Plummer visit


Stylist: Crystal Deroche

"Not content with having a career as a Hair Stylist I decided to start a clothing line called Braid Couture where the collection is made from 100% HAIR."



BEFFTA Creative Personality 2011 Afro Hair & Beauty Show UK Avant Garde Stylist of the Year 2010 Afro Hair & Beauty Show UK Avant Garde Stylist of the Year 2008 Golden Scissors Hair Awards USA Braid Creation of the Year 2008 Golden Scissors Hair Awards USA Braider of the Year 2008 Sleek Weave Wizards Hair Awards UK Best Braids 2008 Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Hall of Fame 2008 Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Braid Stylist of the Year 2007 Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Braid Stylist of the Year 2005 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show USA Worlds Best Braider 2004 Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Braid Stylist of the Year 2001

d i a ho S



Bright Lips od

o G k . o . . o . . L s t l ’ r n i G Do n w o r On B


Fashion Fair Sam Fine Lipstick in Pink Parfait

Nars Lipstick in Full Frontal

Flirty tangy bright color lipstick will be the new accessory this spring. But many brown girls will stay away or swear that these colors will not look good on them. But the breathtaking actress Lupita Nyongo has proven to non-sayers including makeup brands that their wrong. Lupita has been seen on the red carpet and in magazines wearing many yummy lip colors that match every exotic shade of flowers. She’s worn every shade on the color wheel that I’m sure you will find that will be a great match for you. Here's a cheat sheet to help you with selecting your new lipstick.

Armani Lip Maestro in Ecstasy

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss in Papaya


How to Get Surfboard Wet Hair W

e all watched Beyoncé DRUNK IN LOVE music video and have gotten filthy when that liquor gets into us a few times in our lives. Her sultry wet hair beach look we saw on her as she rolled through the sand created such a buzz. The minimalism and simplicity hair is a quickie hair style that anyone can do. When I think of one hair brand to knock out this hair style I thought of SEXY HAIR. Their products will definitely last you all night.

Part the hair in the middle then roughed it up with your fingers for more texture and shake out some moisture.

For an extra ego boost grab a few sections of hair from the ends and scrunched them up toward the scalp with your hands with a little of Big Sexy Hair Big Boost crème. To top it off spray Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play anti-humidity hairspray for volume, lift and shine. CARIBBEAN POSH THE POWER ISSUE 2014

Saturate the hair with water… if you’re fresh out the shower press the excess moisture out of the hair with a towel.

Apply a few dollops of Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus mousse from roots to tips until all the hair is coated for extra hold and humidity resistance.



Spring 2014 Face Chart Obsessions


s a little girl I was always obsessed with sketching face charts and creating makeup looks for myself. I'm still a big fan of face charts in looking at beautiful ones created by other talented and professional makeup artists. During Fashion Week, Key Makeup Artists will meet with the designers to create makeup looks for their new collections. Majority of the fashionista who attend fashion week enjoy going to the shows to preview their favorite designers newest collections. My favorite spot is being backstage watching the Key Makeup Artists teaching their teams the gorgeous makeup look. Here are 3 of my favorite makeup looks that was created this spring, I'm sure you will be obsessed as well.



Romantic Date Night Face Chart Created By Target’s makeup maven Sonia Kashuk 1. Apply Perfecting Luminous Foundation with a damp blending sponge for a radiant, even complexion. 2. With the Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo in Glisten, apply bronzer for tone and blush for brightness 3. Using the Eye Couture in Eye On Neutral Shimmer, sweep shade seven all over the lid to just beyond the crease, followed by shade six just below the crease blending color seamlessly. Take a small eye shadow brush and pack on shade 10 along the upper lash line, blending out. Using a shader brush place shade 12 directly at the upper lash line, extending the line slightly up at the outer corner. Continue down the lower lash line, keeping color light and smudged. 4. Give your eyes that shut-down stare with Full Drama Eyelashes. 5. Color in lips with Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Pinky Nude for kissable color that stays put. If you prefer shine, top with a bit of Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss in Prettiest Pink. 6. Mist on some Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette for a delicately feminine scent.

Face Chart Created By TEMPTU Key Makeup Artist Michelle Cameau Step 1: Foundation Use TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation to create a dewy yet satiny base. Step 2: Concealer To create highlights in the face, pick a light shade from the TEMPTU PRO S/B Concealer Wheel, and pat under the eyes, on the forehead, on the chin, and along the bridge of the nose.

PRO TIP: Contour and slim the face using the darkest shade of the Concealer Wheel. Step 3: Eyes Contour the crease with a soft brown shadow, then line under the eyes with TEMPTU PRO S/B Highlighter in Silver Shimmer. Extend the line for a sultry cat eye! Finish off with two coats of black mascara. PRO TIP: Create a natural full brow by dipping a slanted brush in TEMPTU PRO S/B Airbrow, then lightly feathering. Step 4: Cheeks Airbrush the apples of the cheeks with

TEMPTU PRO S/B Blush in Apricot for a subtle tint that mimics a beachy glow. Step 5: Lips Airbrush TEMPTU PRO S/B Blush in Ruby Red over the lips. Use bare fingers or a lip brush to tap TEMPTU PRO S/B Blush in Raspberry on the center of the top and bottom lips, creating an ombre effect. Step 6: Set Seal the makeup with TEMPTU PRO Invisible Difference Powder in Banane.

The Lulu Frost Spring 2014 Collection Bobbi Brown Lulu Frost Spring 2014 Skin: Hydrating Face Cream, LongWear Even Finish Compact Foundation Eyes: White Eye, Bone Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Everything Mascara Cheeks: Brightening Finishing Powder, Pale Pink Blush Lips: Electric Violet Rich Lip Color







2 Model: Luthmila Garcia MUA: Chaka Parris Photographer: Kevon Richardson


Foundation Nars Sheer Glow Tahoe Concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer Biscuit Contour Cheeks Mac Blunt Blush

Highlight Cheeks Mac Mineral Skin Finish Superb

Bottom Lid Iridescent True Blue 167, Turquoise Shimmer 83

Blush Inglot Blush #30

Lash Mac #35

Eye brows Mac Gel Liner Dip Down & Illamasqa

Lips Mac liner Hodge Podge, Glaz Lipstick Pervette and Shephora jumbo crayon liner 12HR

Eye Brow Cake Eye Liner Inglot Gel Liner 77 Eye Shadows Make up for Ever Top Lid Iridescent Acid Green 171 and Chartreuse Satiny 57, Nars Coconut Grove



Model: Luthmila Garcia MUA: Chaka Parris Photographer: Kevon Richardson Foundation Nars Sheer Glow Tahoe Concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer Biscuit Contour Cheeks Mac Blunt Blush Highlight Cheeks Nars Sheer White


Eye brows Mac Gel Liner Dip Down & Illamasqa Eye Brow Cake Eyebrow highlight Mac Skin Finish Superb Eye Liner Inglot Gel Liner # 77 red

Eye Shadows # 50 Red Inglot Freedom Palette Shadow # 439 purple Nars Shadow duo palette Pandora Sheer White, Matte Black White Eyeliner Make up for ever flash color palette white also used on bottom lashes Lips Nars Foundation Tahoe Sheer Glow and Sephora Rouge veloutĂŠ San transten cream lip stain


Eyeshadow Red Countour Inglot Gel Liner #79 with Inglot red shadow eyes




By Sherina Russell-Garcia

Kerry-Ann Clarke


he quintessence of fashion and style is often defined in the City of Lights, the City of Love Paris France.

Simple sophistication in living and being is something that Parisians cherish and protect for generations to come. The world’s most romantic place is where Kerry Ann Clarke proprietor of one of Jamaica’s chic fashion boutiques, believes her soul in another life was born.


In a recent animated interview with Caribbean POSH Clarke said: “I often joke about Paris to my family and friends and say that I was really born there, but was reincarnated in Jamaica. Paris is my absolute favourite place…the charm and character of the city, the scenery, fashion, food, art, the people, the language and the culture.” Like a caterpillar nurtured in a great historical cocoon, Clarke credits her rich cultural experience in Paris as a student and intern at the holy grail of fashion VOGUE magazine for the ultimate joy and passion she relishes in her one-of-a kind concept store KERRY man woman home in Kingston Jamaica.


Basically a social butterfly, Clarke has a natural love for life and people which anyone entering her store picks up on quickly. She easily draws to her those who wish to express effortlessly an innate appreciation for epicurean clothing and home accents. “I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to live and study there for five years. I studied at Parsons School of Design and graduated with a degree in Design Marketing, interned at VOGUE, attended numerous couture fashion shows and lived my dream the entire time.

d POSHFEATURES I think the experience gave me a wide appreciation of the fashion industry, the luxury market, while opening my mind to a lot of things including learning the language, meeting people from many different countries and travelling extensively in Europe” Clarke said. “Our experiences in life shape the way we view things. The fashion industry is a major industry, and living in Paris and being fully emerged in it while I lived there, enabled me to grasp the many different components within the industry from runway to retail and everything in-between.  As such, my experiences influence how I approach doing business at home” she added. “The concept for my store was born eleven years ago. I saw an opportunity to do something I would enjoy while filling a void that existed in the market. My customers enjoy the KERRYmanwomanhome experience-the retail space is always changing and always evolving. I take pride in hand-selecting the offerings and the great thing about it is that it is all lifestyle…not just clothing and accessories…but home and gift items.” Keeping the style connection fresh and fabulous, Clarke’s store always revolves with frequent contact with the latest Caribbean and international designers. Pointing to the boundless opportunities for the industry, she said her store whose mantra is “your wish is our command” has various collaborative efforts with designers and believes success is built on making customers feel beautiful and satisfied.

From age ten, a young stylish Kerry was setting the stage for a life of entrepreneurship encouraged by the positive feedback to her efforts. “I am motivated by a constant desire to grow and learn new things. I have had an enthusiasm for new places and various challenges ever since I was a child, and I think this outlook causes me to be very self

“I have always had a keen interest in fashion. Growing up, I would always play around with dolls, make t-shirts, hair accessories, uniforms for the cheerleaders in high school, you name it. Once it involved creating … whether with glue, pins, sewing, I was using my spare time to create….and then of course to sell the creations to my friends! I knew that I wanted to be in the fashion industry at age 10” Clarke confessed.

afraid of colours and prints. A true Island girl with a French soul, Clarke is in love with the Caribbean’s more relaxed easy, comfortable, chic and colourful style and knows what a pair of sunglasses and statement hat can do to give one instant access to the magical kingdom of style expression.

Never one to be affected by obstacles she strongly believes that: “every problem has a solution…it is just to find the solution. With that in mind, every hurdle is but a hiccup, and possibility for another opportunity.” Her business advice to women is: “find what it is that you have a passion for, and go for it. Once you are passionate about your dream, living it becomes easy. Don’t give up.” Of course, the interview would not be complete without some useful fashion tips from one of Jamaica’s most memorable beauty queens in the Miss Jamaica (World) Contest, who defines her own style as classic, comfortable and slightly Bohemian. “Never become obsessed with being trendy. Know your body, what flatters you, and what makes you feel good, and the most important finish to any outfit is confidence and a smile. When evaluating your wardrobe, always start with the basics and then add the trendy pieces…mix and match and don’t be


Maintaining an eye on the full potential development of the fashion industry Clarke stressed: “it is not just about having the boutique, but hosting the Collection Moda, an annual event in Jamaica showcasing emerging designers from the region, and allowing retailers and wholesalers to not only view collections on the runway, but also shop the collections at the MoDA market.”

-motivated. I am not at peace with myself unless I know I am working at my full potential.




POSH GIRL by E.J. Webber


SARDIA A Woman of Many Talents Caribbean Posh tries to inspire readers by presenting interviews with people who come from the Caribbean, so Sardia Robinson, actress, writer, producer, comedienne, and host particularly intrigued us. This talented woman has her feet planted both in the States and in the islands by virtue of her love for her background here.

Her grandmother placed her in a drama school where her whole world began to take shape. She had a dual life with that as well – drama and acting part of the day,

She arrived in Chicago where her mother had remarried and lived. Enrolling into Columbia College and receiving her degree in theater, she soon discovered a world in which she shined. She did original plays that young writers were introducing and performed classics as well. “I always played the lead,” she explained laughing. She even interned at a theater in Chicago as a freshman at Colombia. As you can imagine, she garnered a lot of experience under her belt and worked with play writers who all encouraged her to go to Los Angeles, where she has been now for 15 years. Currently, she is performing and working toward fine-tuning her own show. Listening to sage

advise from those who knew her talents she finally put pen to paper and began working on her One-Woman show. She began the experience by going solo doing standup comedy at various clubs in Los Angeles such as The Improv, The Ice House, and the famed Comedy Store. With that experience under her belt, she joined a tour with the Caribbean Comedy Tour Group show called The Jamaican and the Virgin. Interestingly enough the promoter of the show was a guy named Jeff Hodges from the Caribbean. They went on tour and it was a huge success. Not wanting to let go of her love of acting, she still pursued that while doing comedy. She also finished putting together her One-Woman show and decided to produce it and to put it out to the world. “It took off very quickly and got into festivals right away. Somehow people were drawn to it and the story,” she explained. She received rave reviews and her solo performances have sold out each time. Currently she is performing the show in New York, but told us, “I want to bring my show to the islands next, I want to bring it around and expose it to my homeland.”


Starting with a bit of her own history, Sardia Robinson began life in a difficult way at two years old when her father abandoned her mother. When she was ten, her mother left for the US leaving Sardia in the care of her beloved grandmother. This turned out to be a good thing. Even at a very young age, Sardia knew she was a special girl and she claims that, “I always knew that I wanted to perform. I get a sense of belonging when I do.” Her grandmother encouraged her abilities. When she was little she didn’t play the other games that kids played - she was into talking to imaginary playmates and developing that creative side of herself.

but returning home to a poverty stricken shack in St. Thomas. She knew early that she wanted a life that comes with theater. The chance came to immigrate to the US when she was 19 years old. Her mother had remarried and wanted her children around her. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for, but by then, she had a son who she was intent on bringing to the States with her. With conviction she expressed that, “Divine order came into play with things falling into place and I felt unstoppable!”


never gave up on my dream because I believe in what I do, and knew that I was good at what I know how to do.” Taking classes and having faith with her kids encouraging her kept Sardia going. Tragedy followed her as well. When her sister died, who was murdered in Chicago, her world caved in and she still becomes sad after many years of grieving. She almost gave up on her dreams and was ready to return to Jamaica. “I was in a deep depression and no one knew what an emotional toll it took on the inside. She was my biggest advocate – but after a while, she gave me the power to keep pushing no matter what. Every time I perform, she is always with me.” Taking a cue from all the positives in her life, Sardia explained that she would like to change the fact that there is no Caribbean theme in current television. When she writes Golden Touch, her new script concept for a television show, she makes her characters part Caribbean/Jamaican and part American. She offers up that producers like the concept and she will be pushing this rigorously. Being proactive is the key she explains you have to keep pushing to show the decision makers what you have to offer. She reminds us that a mere ten years ago there were only four to five major TV networks – today there are over 200! That’s the great thing about performing, and acting, and writing. You can make things happen today that were not possible a few years ago. She claims that, “There are no excuses. It just depends on how badly you want it and how hungry you are.”



TV hosting is another thing she does so well. She often gets calls to host comedy shows. She hosts red carpet events such as one in Chicago now called the Black Heritage Award Show. “I talk a lot and in fact, my grandmother says I talk too much… I love life, people, and am very energetic. I also love to ask questions. I do host a radio show and have interviewed the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwartzenegger, for the NAACP.”

I asked what the One-Woman show is about and she told me that it takes audiences through her life journey from the Caribbean to America and all the interruptions and the obstacles that happened along the way, but at the end it spelled survival! She laughs and said that, “When Caribbean people come to my show they always say they remember those days, and always ask if all that happened was real and how I overcame it.”


Like many women, Robinson is a single mom. The challenge of raising two boys is not easy while also pursuing a career. “I had to make decisions in favor of my sons, but now that they are older (one is 27 and the other 20) it is easier for me. I had to work full time for six to seven years while I focused on the boys,” she shared. “When they were in college, I decided to refocus on my career. This is the time for me now. We have choices to make and sometimes they are difficult but my kids came first.” We talked about what a common problem it is in the Caribbean to make tough decisions. Jamaicans especially have a tough time pulling up stakes and relocating and having to start from scratch. She explained that, “You often you have to leave your kids behind for a while. It was hard on my boys and me; it was rough very rough. I made it through and

Robinson’s story is truly inspirational. Her words to all of us are that you should never give up on your dream, “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. I would say that if you grow up with one or two parents, or no parents, I would encourage you to first believe in yourself. Then you can keep doing it and keep going in spite of obstacles. You have to get up and love yourself first and foremost. God made only one of YOU and you are very special! Be true to yourself.”

This beautiful and talented woman wouldn’t have her life any other way. All is now working for Sardia and she encourages others by her example. She recalls, “A little girl came up to me after one of my shows and said she wants to be like me when she grows up. I told her no, you want to be better than me! In this time of our lives, we are better than our parents were at our age! If you want to be a doctor, artist, lawyer or whatever, just do it; be exactly what you want to be. Keep going and be you.”

A Golden Voice




A Golden Voice

ETANA Words by E. J. Webber



he Strong One is not only the title of her first album released in 2008, but also describes the talented, gorgeous, and spunky Reggae singer-songwriter. Living in Jamaica full time now, married and the mother of two children, Etana, born Shauna McKenzie, developed a powerful philosophy expressed in her music, based on how she grew up and the influences that her family and others had on her outlook. Her positive messages, her kindness, and compassion are meant to inspire women in particular and on how they rear children specifically. A strong family base formed and nurtured her, and it is easy to understand why she considers her greatest influence to be her own children. Asked who she credits to have touched her musically, she doesn’t hesitate to call out Stevie Wonder, Richie Spice, Beyoncé, and Lil Wayne too – just a short sampling of a diverse group to be sure. Migrating to the U.S. with her mother at 9 years old, she attended nursing school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As with many of us experiencing school to be boring, she began writing poetry during the middle of a Biology class! Following a hard decision to drop college, at the urging of a friend, she auditioned for a singing gig with a female vocal group and the rest as we know, became history! “Every woman is powerful,” she states, and she developed this through her philosophy of her experiences in the real world where initially, she never took music seriously. It never dawn on her that people would find her music interesting and worth listening to. Looking back on her incredible life and asked if she had to do it all over again what

would she do differently she quickly said, “Definitely finish school first.”

Her convictions are strong and one of the things that she doesn’t tolerate is cruelty to children who she says are born innocent. “I say a silent prayer every day for them because they are helpless,” she offered firmly. Her socially conscious messages explore the hardships faced by many of us, but her deep empathy and her extraordinary lyrics provide hope and inspire us. Interestingly enough, she came across a news story about a woman who beat her four-year old child to death because of the jealousy she perceived that was coming between her and her man. Her latest single, in collaboration with Joe Mersa Marley, the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley, is a direct result of that article. Her next video, Thy Will Be Done is scheduled for world premier this spring and will also feature Jo Mersa Marley. Children are the future and through her music, Etana is leaving a lasting impression on us to take care of them. One of the other things in life that saddens this talented songstress is that we often lack the vision to find solutions to great challenges in our society and she states that, “Where there is no vision, people will perish.” According to her, one way to combat cruelty and struggles across the world is through music. She feels that people can relate to music no matter where they come from or who they are… “Everywhere across the world people struggle, people can feel it and hold on to music the most because they can relate.” Continuing her theme of finding solutions to problems not only in Jamaica, but everywhere, her

d d





d POSHFEATURES third album, the Shane Brown produced Better Tomorrow, was released last year and is now part of her U.S. tour also. Her single entitled Trigger, exposes a survival story based on real life hardship is doing very well and even surprising her at its great popularity – the video will be forthcoming.


The “nothing ventured, nothing gained” attitude of Etana’s is currently helping her fine tune material for her upcoming album to coincide with the release of a couple of new and exciting products for her. To add to her long list of accomplishments such as motherhood, poet, incredible musical stylist, and vocalist, is becoming an entrepreneur. Her latest and new challenge is launching a line of organic soap products along with a skirt line that will help her meet her new businesswoman moniker. She feels very good about the organic products she is introducing and is happy to put it on the market in Jamaica sometime in April, 2014 first, then onto an online store - with a brick and mortar boutique envisioned sometime in 2015 in Kingston. She plans to, “Have my spot in Jamaica but my friends are everywhere across the world.” In addition to healthy and organic soaps that she has personally tested, her other venture, a new line of fashion skirts, is based on her love of this item of women’s clothing. The fabrics and colors she selected herself in Ghana. “I want to touch and feel the fabric for myself and know what my people are getting,” is representational of her flair for form and functionality in presenting comfortable clothing. A July or August runway fashion show in New York and Miami will be launched along with a new, as yet untitled album. With a little heads up however, she did share with us that we were the first to hear that it could possibly be called On My Way, or I Rise. A true powerhouse, Etana believes in working hard and not laying back and “doing nothing” with one’s life. She claims that, “Possibilities are endless and everything is inside of us to make it so.” She is blown away altogether at seeing how many Reggae fans there are in the U.S. and having come back recently from a U.S. tour has convinced her even more. She spoke of Louisiana and down south in America as

an example of a huge fan base where Reggae is very appealing to non-Caribbean people. “You realize the fan base is wide, and that they knew the songs and asked when I was coming back!” She told us at Posh that a Caribbean tour is still in the works, and acknowledges that radio and video of her album cuts and singles, is strong in the Caribbean. She feels she is now ready to do a first ever tour soon and do shows, not just the radio circuit. Having a tour will work out well she agreed. As can be clearly perceived, Etana’s songs are alive with inspiration, emotion, and a consensus that Caribbean women can find their sense of strength. “Everything is inside” is her mantra, and she makes it very clear that if one feels that there is no way out we should, “Kick down the door through a sheer will to survive. Never allow anything or anyone to make you unhappy.” Her words of inspiration are summed up for women especially to consider: “As long as you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are strong, beautiful, and powerful, you will survive.” This positive attitude and her powerful vocals helped this dynamo, the only girl in a family of boys who grew up in August Town, eastern Saint Andrew, to travel all over the world, to be applauded by her thousands upon thousands of fans. She has brought Reggae sounds to cultures that would otherwise not know about the Caribbean way of life, and enchanted listeners with lyrics as powerful as any ever written. Etana truly hopes for a better tomorrow and says for us to, “Stray strong! Stay positive!”


Something Borrowed by Nucia Paul of St.Lucia


n 2010 when I started planning my wedding I really wanted to rent a gown I wanted to go to a store with my sisters and try on dresses and have options that I could chose from. Unfortunately there was no such thing in St. Lucia. The options were very sparse and the gowns were anything but modern. With a lot of regret I ended up travelling to the US to buy a gown.

In September 2013 SB Bridal opened its doors to the public in Goodland's St Lucia. It is a comfortable lounge that brides can come into with their friends and family and have an enjoyable experience. We work with appointments so only one bride is there at a time and are given our full attention. Since the Lounge is not in the popular areas of the malls or the vicinity of the city we have had to do a lot of Advertising in the media, social and otherwise. We had a formal launch in the form of a bridal showcase‌the first of its kind in St Lucia where brides and grooms were invited to network with vendors that cater to the wedding industry and it culminated with a grand Bridal fashion show of our gowns with models from sizes 2-24.

We cater for both local and destination brides. Persons coming into the island to get married and do not want to bring a gown can contact us, select a gown from our website and we do a fitting with an alterations specialist once they come on island. Our local brides are thrilled to have the options available and although we are primarily a rental company, all our gowns have the option for purchase for those sentimental brides who want to do that. Sometime in the near future we plan to extend our services to cater for the grooms as well. We are happy that we are servicing a need I St Lucia and nearby islands. We can be reached on our email, Facebook: something borrowed St. Lucia or 758 485 6378. Also our gowns can be seen on our website Something Borrowed Bridals Love it. Lend it. Own it.


In 2012 when I left the company I worked for 10 yrs. I decided to start my own business. At the time I didn't know what business to go into and then remembered my experience as a bride. I thought what about the other brides who want that same experience and who cant afford to travel to buy a gown? I decided to do some market research and see what brides were looking for. Turns out people want to get married, they want to look great but still want to do it on a budget so renting a wedding dress was a very common thought. That is where Something Borrowed Bridals came from. In building the business took it a step

further and decided to give brides the option of renting not just the gown but also their jewelry, bouquets and other accessories that would probably be used only on that day.




“A Warrior’s Story”



USVI Department of Tourism “Nice” summer campaign The United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism has joined forces with the international music sensation Delyno “Pressure Busspipe” Brown to promote travel to the Territory this summer. The partnership, featuring Pressure’s hit song Virgin Islands Nice, will include a new 30-second national television commercial to support the summer campaign, which offers added value at participating hotels, restaurants and attractions across St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. “It is with tremendous pride that we connect with one of our talented Virgin Islanders to promote travel to our islands this summer,” said Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner of Tourism, who said the partnership came to life at an

Ambassadors Reception in Miami in January after Pressure Busspipe delivered a pulsating performance for Virgin Islanders.

Territory, while local tourism providers will be rewarded for delivering “Nice Experiences” each month.

“We Virgin Islanders know just how nice our islands are,” the Commissioner added, “and we want travelers to come and see for themselves the amazing Virgin Islands vacation experiences we deliver here.”

Visitors, including Virgin Islands Ambassadors on the mainland, will be encouraged to share their experiences across social media, and lucky winners will be rewarded for their posts.

The commercial, which is being produced in the Virgin Islands, will form part of a national television ad campaign, and the promotion will include a major digital media component and social media strategy. The campaign will feature “Nice Packages”, showcasing several travel segments within the

Pressure Busspipe, a native of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is blessed with a smooth, melodic voice and impressive writing skills. These skills allow him to convey the Virgin Islands experience through his music. Known for the hit song “Love and Affection”, the Virgin Islands artist specializes in reggae music.



music 

With over 15 million albums sold worldwide, a No. 1 U.S. Billboard hit and a Grammy nomination, the most successful solo act in British reggae history Maxi Priest returns with his brand new studio album Easy To Love on VP Records available June 10th, 2014.

VP Releases on Recommended Downloads Bunji Garlin: Carnival Work


Carlene Davis: Thank You Mr. Mandela

Christopher Martin: Secret Love (Creep)

Stephen "Ragga" Marley unveils his brand

new track Thorn Or A Rose featuring Black Thought, giving fans a sneak peek of what is to come on his 2014 summer album Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life. The eight-time Grammy-winning artist and son of Bob Marley will also tour all major markets in the U.S. throughout April and May. For most up-to-date schedule visit: stephenraggamarley



ne ofNEWSANDCULTURE the hardest working and interesting musical ensembles I have ever seen has to be the group known as Black Violin - with their unique, innovative and groundbreaking blend of classical, R&B, hip-hop, and even a touch of Bluegrass. Jody Hill - drummer, Kev Marcus -violinist, and Wil Baptiste - violist, along with turntable whiz “TK” Dwayne Dayal, all have some Caribbean connection if not a direct one. continued






Kev hails from Dominica and St. Croix, while Wil was born in the Bahamas and TK has a Trinidad connection. “The Islands are home to us,” they told me in unison. I had the opportunity to catch up with the group after a recent performance in Tortola. Black Violin as it turned out proved to be the defining moment of the H. Lavity Stout Community College’s purpose in having its annual Performing Arts Series. The influence on such a beautifully diverse audience was amazing. I must say an impression has been made on my 3yr and 8yr old nephews who have Black Violin YouTube videos locked on their Ipads for their now regular air violin performances. The very different and varied influences on their music come from everywhere, “Everything that touches us influences our music,” Wil spoke for all three of them. From their beginnings as classically trained musicians – Wil and Kev met each other in high

school orchestra – they have thought and then played, outside the box. Their first big break came when they performed at the legendary Harlem Apollo Theater with Alicia Keys and did the 2004 Billboard Awards. From there as they say, the momentum has not stopped and the time on stage is always wonderful for them.

They like to mention this fact during their performances, hoping to have an impact on mothers and fathers in the audience. Each member of Black Violin is an example of that classical training they received in school by taking instrument classes and music classes - of Bach blended with a crack band!

They have toured with many groups around the world such as Linkin Park, Fort Minor, the Wu-Tang Clan, and have collaborated with other famed personages in the musical world like P. Diddy, Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, and others. They have kept at what they love doing and say that the many unglamorous and grueling hours on the road, averaging 200 shows a year worldwide, and being away from our families have, “Taught us how professionals conduct themselves and how they observe and relate to their work.”

“Today this group is more of a family and it is a blessing to be part of this unit and the impact we have on kids. This group even kept a young girl from committing suicide. Kids are following us and telling their parents about who has impacted them. Within the next 3 or 4 years we will be on top,” comments Jody. After ten years of hard work, they deserve it. Kids reach out to them and come out to their performances in droves. “Kids enjoy themselves with our music. They get it!”

What is remarkable about these talented, educated, and hard working guys however is their message - one that inspires, uplifts, and helps kids especially, to become thinkers in the future. That message is to think creatively and outside the box. To try to come up with something that no one has done before and to do what you love to do, is what they know all about first-hand. Wil explained that, “We were in this position of having to decide if we would take the high road, or goof off.” “The point is to take something you love and do something with it,” chimed in Kev. They all agreed that the Arts in public schools are being drastically cut today. Nevertheless, they each benefitted and had access to a good musical education that put them on the road to where they are today.

The overarching message from them is: “Be yourselves, we are on stage and we have fun. You too one day could enjoy doing something and get paid for it. Whatever it is find it! If you love yourselves, be what God intended you to be. Get to a place where you have ultimate joy – be yourself, reach for the stars. This is what has given us the opportunity. We encourage others to be the same.” Wil follows up with these words of advice: “What you have to do is find out what makes you happy. Just do it the best that you know how to do as much as possible – do it a lot… and be better than anyone else. End up where we are. Get on stage and make people smile. Say yours prayers and keep it movin’!”


Hotel And Resort Offers Include:

Anse Chastanet – Soufrière  Book three nights and receive one night free  Book five nights and receive two nights free  Visit for property information  

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Bay Gardens Hotel – Rodney Bay  Receive 30 percent off bookings  Visit for property information

Bay Gardens Inn – Rodney Bay

Famed for its pristine sandy beaches, adrenaline pumping adventure, and bountiful culinary options, Saint Lucia will turn up the heat this summer with island-wide savings on hotels, restaurants, tours and attractions.


The Caribbean island kicks-off summer fun with offers that include free-nights and discounts of up to 55 percent off room rates at participating resorts and hotel properties. Travelers can also save on a variety of island activities such as exhilarating ziplining, underwater SNUBA or a serene catamaran sunset cruise. And, many leading restaurants are participating with discounts and special offers. With daily flights from major U.S. cities, Saint Lucia is a quick remedy for those seeking a respite from the norm. “Visitors to Saint Lucia in the summer can enjoy unbeatable savings for a variety of travel options, from family-friendly vacations and girlfriend getaways to romantic escapes,” said Tracey Warner Arnold, Deputy Director of Tourism for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. For more information on these special offers, please visit

 Receive 30 percent off bookings  Visit for property information Boucan by Hotel Chocolat – Soufrière  Book five nights minimum and receive 30 to 35 perfect off  Visit boucan/the-hotel for property information   Cap Maison – Cap Estate  Book four nights minimum and receive 30 percent off  Visit for property information   Capella Marigot Bay – Marigot Bay  Receive 30 percent off bookings  Visit capellahotels/stlucia-en.html for property information   Jade Mountain – Soufrière  Book three nights and receive one night free  Book five nights and receive two nights free  Visit for property information  

Est. 1975



experience a Caribbean watersports vacation like no other

800.872.2392 • 312.506.6205 • 284.494.2746 WWW.BEYC.COM


Cast Away Troubles KEEP THINGS CLEAR

Jump in and Get Wet 56 CARIBBEANPOSH.COM

Make a Ripple Wherever you Go



Secrets of Celebrity Dads

There’s a special bond between a mother and child that can never be broken. Though this bond is a truly beautiful thing, in our Caribbean society there is too often talk of “absent dads”. In this Caribbean Posh special, we hear from two very special Caribbean dads: musician BoBo and windsurfer Brian Talma.



he artist known as BoBo is a lyricist who in 2013 mashed up Caribbean carnivals with his raunchy soca tune “Fun Friend” (a song celebrating friends with benefits), and is now pushing the start button on with his rebellious reggae song “Activate”.

and last Sunday as I was cooking he was playing and doing his thing but keeping an eye on me. The moment I turned off the oven Micah walks up to me and says the longest sentence I heard from him so far: “Daddy, I want food.”....enough said!

He’s dynamic in his musical talents but at home he answers to one name: DAD.

CP: Do you see similarities in your personalities?

CP: How did you react when you found out you were going to be a father? BO: Both occasions were met with great shock and joy. Really made my life!

BO: I remember with Mekai, because he’s so cute and has long hair, many people mistake him for a girl and this irritates him causes he thinks he is a bigger boy than he really is. This one time a lady looked at him and said “Oh my, you have such a cute little girl.” and Mekai, with a bend face and low serious voice replied “It’s a boy.” [laughs] With Micah, he’s talking a lot for his age

CP: Are you a “single parent”? BO: I am Mekai’s single parent but I raise Micah with the wonderful support and guidance of his mom. CP: Do you face any challenges? BO: Who doesn’t? I always put my kids first so this helps to keep me focused. I also have a sound family unit who also provide that support unit and Mekai’s family from his mother’s (deceased) side also play a key role. Therefore while I raise Mekai by myself to a large extent, no man is an island thus I don’t usually like to single out myself in his development.

BO: My boys and I do everything...we go in the studio, beach, go riding, play cricket, football…we love boys see me as their playing and wrestling buddy and I see them as my little soldiers. There’s really no limit to the stuff we do. Once it’s fun, we down! CP: What’s the best piece of parenting advice you could give? BO: Be your child’s best friend! Don’t be too mature to see things from their perspective... create an environment where they feel comfortable bringing any issue to you, whether they are right or wrong....don’t let your code of conduct scare them from coming to you when they make mistakes....we are all human,,,and we were children too...never forget that. BoBo is “blown away daily” by the higher power of fatherhood and looks forward to seeing both of his boys develop in success that would make their mothers proud, no matter what their destiny brings.


CP: What is your fondest memory of Mekai’s childhood?

BO: I usually pick out elements of my boys that remind me of their mothers.... One thing I find is that they both love singing and music. It calms them when they cry as babies, and they loooovvvve to sing.

CP: What kind of activities do you do together?



Brian Talma

Brian Talma : Rad Dad B

rian “deAction Man” Talma, formerly one of the best windsurfers in the world, now enjoys a “slower” pace of life with four children: Sunshine, 10, Starlite, 9, Lion Reef, 6, Rainbow, 4 and Ocean Blu, 2. Though he’s no longer competing heavily, he still promotes his Beach Culture World Tour globally and tours to the best surf breaks he can find – with family in tow.


CP: Were your children planned or surprises?

BT: Planned, my saying is reproduction: live forever.

CP: What do you love most about having a big family? BT: Total action and total confusion.

It’s great, a big family is good in that there’s always something happening, never a dull moment. CP: What activities do you do together? BT: Mostly they love to go skating or riding bicycle or going to the beach. They come and hang out in the shop, the two older ones like to surf.

CP: Is it hard not to play favourites? BT: It’s like having a heart. Your heart is divided into 5 equal pieces. Each part of your heart satisfies each one differently. Each one is so different to the other one and brings love and happiness. Lion is so mischievous, Sunshine is responsible, Starlite is naughty but loving, Rainbow is real loving and Ocean is a baby - she’s cute.

CP: When you travel, do you get to take them all with you? BT: Yes, the last two trips to Hawaii and Europe they came it was fun. They can come along on the “Stand Up Paddles” – it’s great having them. CP: What is the best thing about being a Dad? BT: My thing is very simple. I’m

spoilt because I’ve lived my dream out already. I was a little boy and wanted to be a surfer and travel around the world, I went to the very top. With having children, I never feel like I’m missing anything. I’m quenched in that area. People have children but don’t want to make sacrifices, but for me it’s natural. Brian Talma runs a windsurf, kitesurf, surf and stand up paddle school with holiday accommodation and always looks forward to family.



Figure Income: How to Push to Get that Extra Digit


Starting can be a bit challenging. Depending on your field of expertise you should check your local chamber of commerce to find prospects to pitch your service to. Also sites like hold mixers for likeminded professionals which are a chance to network and market your skills.

Get Your Head Above Water and Stay There:

path could be getting in the way of your gaining a six-figure salary. Depending on your level of college education and work experience you should consider switching jobs. When you apply for new jobs, be sure to emphasize in your cover letters, resumes, and interviews how your experience from past jobs can benefit your new employer. And always customize your resume for each particular application.

Making just enough to pay bills is scary. If your car breaks down you would need to carpool to keep your job. Speaking of jobs, don’t bother asking for a raise; job market analysts have predicted that wages in 2014 will remain at 2013 levels. Stagnant wages and rising costs mean you have to increase your income.



Change Careers: Your current career


Let’s face facts: If you work a job they own you and your earning potential is limited. Your job can vanish if your work is outsourced or the company downsizes. What follows is a list of ideas you can start today to add an extra digit to you income. Let’s begin:

Freelance: Think about any technical

One in demand freelancing skill with a low barrier to entry is copywriting. Copywriting is creating content for print media and websites. People will pay you well if you are a quick study and can write about various topics while adjusting your tone for the audience. An English degree or writing background is not mandatory. Top tier copywriters command hourly rates from $75.00 to $155.00.

There are even entry-level jobs where a $100,000 and up is normal. Here are two examples:

A broker differs from an agent. The broker runs a brokerage/agency and supervises a team of real estate salespeople. Brokers get a percentage of each agent’s commissions. All states require brokers to be licensed, pass a test on housing and fair lending laws, and have two to three years of experience as an agent. In a major market, an experienced broker can expect to make about $105,000 annually.

Self-Employment: First generation

Jamaican immigrant Lowell Hawthrorne left the NYPD in 1989 to follow his dream. His plan was to open a Jamaicaninspired fast food restaurant, Golden Krust. It was a success by 1996 thanks to the outpouring of support from the West Indian community. The chain also helped introduce non-Caribbean people to the food and culture of Jamaica. Today there are more than 120 franchised restaurants in 12 states with plans to open 250 more nationwide the end of the decade.


Air Traffic Controllers: One of the highest paying federal jobs with an average salary of $158,000. To apply you must do so on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website, At minimum, candidates should be under 31 years old, have 3 years of work experience and be a US citizen. The pay varies depending on the city in which you work. Also guiding aircraft to prevent runway accidents is a very high stress job.

Quitting your job to become an entrepreneur can make you successful if you have a service that fulfills a need. Your earning potential is only limited by your idea and level of discipline. The Choice is Yours... Now that you have realistic options to earn a six-figure income, you have to commit to a plan of action. The author suggests that you explore options one and three first. Freelancing and entrepreneurship put you indirect control of your income. As someone else’s employee your wages only reflect a fraction of the value you are creating for someone else’s company. No matter which one you choose freedom from financial mediocrity is possible.


skills that you may have. For example, maybe you are good at html coding. With the popularity of blogging and Internet business you can place ads on job boards and join sites like and elance. com to find serious clients.

0 0 0

, 8 5

you are like most Americans you work a full-time job, or a couple of part time jobs, to make ends meet. And if you are like 76% of Americans working full-time you may be living paycheck to paycheck. With taxes, food, and utilities prices increasing in 2014 that percent is likely to increase this year.

0 .0


0 0 . 0 0 0 , 9 0 1 Real Estate Broker: The housing bubble burst in 2008 but real estate is still a great career. As a broker, depending on skill and location, you have unlimited earning potential while a regular worker’s salary is linked to the amount of hours that s/he works.



How to Use Other People’s Money: The Best Ways to Fund your Start-Up

The Power of Investment....


he World Bank has invested over 25 million dollars into improving the fiber optic communication systems of Grenada, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia. This project will provide 27 million Caribbean citizens with cheaper, more reliable broadband Internet service. This project will stimulate economic growth and enhance government response in times of emergency by 2017. The story above was an example of the power of using other people’s money. Running a start-up will consume most of your free time and extra cash. You are going to need funds to cover your expenses (salary, equipment, vendor fees) until your company turns a profit. To get capital you have to convince an investor that your business model is viable. You could try to use your own money but here are two reasons why it is better to have other people invest in your business: It is Easier: Operating on a shoestring gives you a narrow margin of error. Have a realistic, thorough business plan; investors must feel confident that they will get a quick return from it. It Saves Time: Being an entrepreneur means you go to work early and leave late. Saving up on your own takes time and is a job in and of itself. An investor’s money helps you get started quicker.

Crowdfunding: One of the newest ways to raise money for your business is to leverage the power of social media. Crowdfunding lets people donate money to your business through websites like or

Venture Capital (VC): This is money (aka capital) invested by a firm into a start-up. A VC firm will provide you with capital in exchange for some equity in your company. Pros: Like crowdfunding sites, the money is tax-free. If your company fails you do not have to pay the money back like you would a bank loan. Unlike banks, venture capitalists tend to invest in risky businesses with high earning potential. Cons: For the capital, you must give the firm some equity or ownership of your company. A venture capitalist is going to push for an initial public offering (IPO) to issue stock or to sell the company to make profit for his firm. Get Started: Try the National Venture Capital Association at Also ask fellow entrepreneurs or a corporate attorney for recommendations. Look for the following in a VC firm: • The types of companies they invest in (tech, fashion, etcetera). • What is the amount they normally invest? Is too little or too much for your needs? • What is their exit strategy? Most want to sell the company. • Ask for references to see how prior investments fared. Royalty Financing: This is when investors give you cash in exchange for a fixed percentage of your future revenue for set period of time.

Cons: Imagine your product is a huge success and profits exceed expectations. You might end up paying back more than your investor gave you. You also have less money to reinvest in your business. Getting Started: Private individuals (angel investors) and equity firms royalty finance. Your local Chamber of Commerce should have a list or visit the Royalty Exchange here to find an investor. Credit Cards: You probably have one now. The founders of google maxed-out a card to buy their first computers.


oney doesn’t solve money problems.” Having eight credit cards and VC firms busting down your door will not fix a poor business model. Learn financial forecasting and set-up a realistic budget. Before you seek outside funding, look to relatives who can offer your more reasonable repayment terms. And do remember: It takes money to make money but it does not have to be your money. - Anonymous

Pros: Itemized statements make bookkeeping easy. Your credit limit can be raised if you make timely payments. Cons: Card agreements and terms can be confusing so read them carefully. Credit cards have higher interest rates than bank loans because they are unsecured (not backed by collateral) debt. Getting Started: Go to www.creditcards. com and use the search options to find the right card for your business.


Pros: You can pitch your business idea to millions of people and get donations from anywhere in the world. Also the money is considered a gift and is not taxable in the U.S.

Get Started: Very easy: Go to http:// and you can compare crowdfunding websites by their features and your needs.

Pros: You maintain 100% of your business equity. Unlike a loan, payments vary depending on your revenue.


What follows are several avenues for you to get funding for your next start-up project (besides bank loans):

Cons: Campaigns have a time limit so you may not make it if your business is not interesting. And for payment, most sites will take a percentage of each donation.



y y y

LOVEAND RELATIONSHIPS signs that you are


o woman wants to be classified as the side chick in a relationship and just the thought that you might be such probably has you in a tizzy. After all, once you get that thought in your head, it seems like no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are the only woman in the relationship, you begin to magically start seeing signs that your guy is cheating. Yes, it’s true that your guy may really be committed elsewhere, but it might not be true either! There surely are men who will go to all lengths to ensure that they can shuffle as many women as possible, but there are also men that will not. The following are sure signs that you just may be the other woman in your relationship.



yThe Other Woman 1. He doesn't connect to you through social networks.

If your guy uses social networking, but for some reason does not want you to connect with him, you should smell a rat right away. You should be alarmed if he makes up flimsy excuses as to why you cannot follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or be his friend on Facebook. If he blocks everything to ensure that you cannot connect via social networks, this could be because one of the easiest way to get caught being a cheater is through social networks. Not every guy is into social networking, but if your guy is and is just being shady, nail him on it.

2. He switches off his cellphone whenever he is with you.

He never gives you adequate time and when he does, it always during the same time each week. He only calls you when he is at work and rarely replies the texts you send him during evening hours. If he does, it is always late at night. When he promises to call you back, he does not until a few days have passed. These are clear signs that his concentration may be elsewhere.

4. You do not know where he lives and have never been to his house. This is the biggest sign of infidelity and also one that most women tend to ignore. If he does not take you to his place after a few weeks of dating, he could be trying to hide something. No matter how dirty and unkempt the house is, most guys will invite you over. Regardless of whether he lives with roommates or he is still with his parents, it is only fair that he shows you where he lives. There is no real excuse for him to continue hiding his house from you, so if he keeps on giving you excuses, you might want to confront him about it.

5. You have never been introduced to his close friends or family. The real woman in a man’s life always gets to hang out with his boys. She has also probably been introduced to

his siblings and parents. This could be because his friends may snitch on him. If he always tells you funny stories about his family and does not let you meet them, he could be hiding something. Maybe he is embarrassed by his family, but at least you should meet his friends if you’d like.

6. He just disappears at times. If you’re seeing a man and things seem to be going well and then all of a sudden he disappears for a few days or longer without talking with you, he may be involved with someone else. If your guy is displaying such behaviors, it may be time to confront him on the issue. No woman deserves to be the “other woman” and it’s better to find out if you are as soon as possible so you can dump the guy and move on with your life. You deserve a wonderful man who is unattached elsewhere! CARIBBEAN POSH THE POWER ISSUE 2014

No one actually turns off their phones nowadays, so if his phone is always off when he is with you, it should be a wakeup call to you that he doesn't want somebody contacting him to find out about his whereabouts. Never fall for the commonly used "I want to concentrate only on you" trick. You should also be suspicious if your man is over protective of his phone. If he has set a password on his phone and locks it immediately after he has used it, you should be leery of him. His phone is certainly his business, but if he is doing such activities, it seems as if he is hiding something.

3. He is constantly busy.




Is it My Fault My Lover Left Me?


his scenario has been played over and over again. Your lover leaves and you just can’t bring yourself to let go. You keep on going over every detail of the relationship in your head, from the happy moments to the bitter end, attempting to figure out where you went wrong. This mode of thinking where you try to blame yourself is very unnecessary and it can get you in a prolonged period of depression after the relationship has ended. It is important to remember that the length and beauty of a relationship is pegged on how much the personalities of the individuals match. Because of the societal glorification of relationships, people often tend to feel that the termination of a relationship is a direct reflection of their inherent worth. Relationships depend on the commitment of two people for them to work. Indeed, breakups can be devastating and almost everyone has been through them. If you tend to blame yourself for your breakup, take a look at the circumstances surrounding the breakups of your friends. It will be easy to realize that neither of them is usually to take the total blame for the termination of the relationship. Considering other situations that are similar to yours can enable you see that being left by your lover was not entirely your fault.


When scrutinizing your relationship, it is important to avoid analyzing the negative aspects of the relationship and wishing you had the chance to travel back in time and fix them. Most likely there is no one single event that could have changed the outcome, even if you had the ability to change it. Breakups often happen as a result of a series of occurrences that occur over time. Rather than sit and feel sorry for yourself, reflect on the relationship and discern the lessons you can learn from it. Jotting down your points on paper can make this easier. Try as much as possible to be honest with yourself about what

you feel and your emotions, as by doing this, you will begin to feel better about yourself in a few days. You will begin to learn some relationship lessons that you could not see before. In a breakup situation, you should realize that you are the only one controlling your thoughts and emotions. After a breakup, the person who has been left normally gives away this ability, thus letting someone else to control your thoughts. In order to reduce the pain, you should stop second guessing and judging yourself. Keep it in mind that relationships happen in phases; beginning, middle and the end. They are about mental and emotional growth much of the time. Instead of laying more emphasis on the negative thoughts, pick up yourself and accept that you cannot control your past, but you can learn a lot from your experiences. To hasten your recovery from a breakup, associate with people who care about you. You may feel like isolating yourself and grieving in private, but this is not such a great idea. Get out there and have some fun with your friends and make new friends. Get involved in hobbies. Take some time to love on yourself while your heart heals. After all, self-love is very important moving forward in life. If you just sit around and be miserable, you will not be doing anyone any good. Learn to forgive your lover and let go of the anger you feel for him, as by doing this, a huge weight will be lifted off your chest. It’s almost always never one person’s fault for a break up. It is usually many factors, including differing personalities, maturity levels, beliefs, values, and so on. Keep this in mind as you move forward. Yes, it may hurt for a while, but you can take some time to heal and nurture your inner self. As you do, you’ll learn some valuable life lessons!

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Caribbean Posh: The Power Issue 2014  

Featuring POSH Girls Etana and Kerry-Ann Clarke

Caribbean Posh: The Power Issue 2014  

Featuring POSH Girls Etana and Kerry-Ann Clarke