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Publisher and Founding Editor Janette N. Brin NYC Fashion & Entertainment Editor R. Anthony Morrison


Style Editor Tessa Johnson Beauty Editor Brandy Gomez-Duplessis Contributing Writers Sherina Russell-Garcia Edith Webber Data Damato Anastasia Tomkin Ilse McDonnell Contributing Photographers Recaldo Richardson Sherwyn “Terrance” Williams Kareem Quow Art Design & Layout Carmen Virginia Grisolía Marketing & Distribution J Marketing Group

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POSH Summer Issue VOLUME 6 ISSUE 2

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Janette N. Brin Publisher and Founding Editor Photographed by Kevon Richardson Location: Tortola, BVI

Editorspage Who Does She Think She Is?!?! …

If you are a woman who has had that comment made in reference to you, it can indeed be frustrating. The inability to have others to at least understand you before passing judgment could be discouraging. The sad part is what we are really competing for has yet to be answered. Yes, women for generations have taken part in pageants and we compete in various athletic events. Society teaches us that these are all friendly forms of competition but as grandma would say, “The devil is a busy man.” Women have been facing a constant resistance globally. This is often due to misinterpretation of religious teachings, but even more often due to the narrow approach some people have. In Caribbean communities for example, resistance among women against women is becoming a barrier when women seek opportunities for advancement. It would appear that we want equality among men but not ourselves. “Who does she think she is…?” is the silent theme in chatter behind our backs when we try to pursue our goals and passions. The big question is why? My guess is perhaps an evolutionary background. Men have more physical strength, and through the eons, have been able to use very direct approaches to conflict - and there may be even a more valid reason - the theory that males can father more children than one woman can. All this evolution has created an indirect approach for women. Research indicates that women have a more subtle confrontational style. This includes more indirect types of verbal attacks, talking behind people’s back, etc. that we associate with being “catty.” It appears that the women who do this usually feel threatened by the feeling of competition. They feel the need to be mean spirited because they are jealous or feel insecure. Rather than putting on a friendly face, they want to feel more superior than other females. No woman likes to be called “catty.” But most of us can’t deny the times when our competitive feelings have slipped out by way of a sarcastic and/or a cutting comment. Just think of all those little statements we unleash, only to regret it shortly after we have spoken it. That whisper to a friend about a co-worker’s inappropriate clothing: “Geez somebody’s skirt is riding high today!” The remark we made about the new girlfriend of someone we’ve had a crush on: “That girl is a tease. Just wait until she breaks his heart.” Whether coming out as a harsh one-time comment about a stranger, or a full-on rant about a lifelong friend, cattiness often has a way of rearing its ugly head when we are afraid to expose our real competitive feelings.

We can see from the above examples that the actual meaning of them and how we view situations on first blush really has a lot more to do with how we view ourselves. One reason we find competitive feelings nerve wracking and why we whisper behind people’s backs is that they stir up feelings that we are not good enough or less than what we want to be. I suggest we challenge this inner “critic” of everything anyone else does, by analyzing the “why” of our own feelings. Stand up to the voice inside you urging you on to say flippant remarks about others. Teach yourself to understand that we are really viewing ourselves first and foremost – “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” Then teach yourself to love others and yourself for who you are and… can be.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

We live in a culture that is clearly competitive for both men and women. But women have suppressed their competitive nature by speaking badly and in a covert way, thus becoming more manipulative and unwilling to learn to deal with competing in a positive way. Could it be that the reality is that your co-worker did look good in that outfit? Or, that the new girlfriend has traits that are much better than yours? The thought process of looking into your critical inner voice and then analyzing it - challenging it for meaning - can go a long way into beating the common enemy we women possess…envy.


EDITORS#POSHGIRLPICKS t The POSH look of this product simply

complements its quality. Not only does it smell good but I’ve actually seen the clear results on my skin. I absolutely love Orogold. Priced for a luxury client the cleanser by itself is $108 but worth every penny. www. t I’ve just always

q Caribbean Women doing their thing


includes, Tenneka Richards, CEO & Founder of Ten&Lee Swimwear Ltd. tenandleeswimwear

been a MAC fan. When it comes to foundation – living in a hot climate, Pro Longwear works well for me. $33 and ordering online is easy as 1, 2. 3

q Creative Genius! Beyonce is not only inspiring women all around the world to be empowered but she is educating the world through her creative expression that #BlackLivesMatter

By Tessa Johnson

SULA NYC Launches Home Fragrance Collection Featuring Scented Candles, Room Sprays and Diffusers

The organic argan oil based beauty brand, recently announced its foray into the lifestyle arena with the launch of a line of scented candles, room sprays and diffusers. The lifestyle collection began selling this month on the brand’s website,

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

SULA NYC is known for high quality, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients which it is now bringing to its home fragrance collection. Like its beauty collections, the lifestyle products will feature ingredients sourced from around the world coupled with Swiss made scents allowing consumers to “transform any space into a paradise for the senses,” with long lasting

sensual fragrances. The premier collection will feature the three scents the brand is known for: Tokyo Moonlight (a gentle blend of jasmine, white ginger, teak and amber), Amazon Dew (a lush blend of wild orchid, fresh lilies, green tea, and Jacaranda wood) and SULA NYC’s signature scent, Fruit of Desire (a fragrant blend of osmanthus, bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang flowers). Each item within the lifestyle collection retails for under $50. SULA NYC has partnered with a sleep and loungewear designer on sleep masks and headbands made of 100% Peruvian Pima cotton as part of the new line of gift sets that will debut in April 2016.To shop the SULA NYC Lifestyle collection, visit collections.


Rihanna street style slays. The ANTI songstress knows how to take a trend flip it and make it her own. I have chosen one of my favorite for you fashion queens to recreate.

1. Wide Leg Denim –$65.00USD, ASOS, 2. Wood Wrapped Platform Wedge $149.00USD, Vince Camuto,

4. Noir Sleeveless T-Shirt $16.00USD, Boohoo, 5 5. Zoe Satin Raglan Sleeve Bomber Jacket $44.00USD, Boohoo,



3. Large Whipstitch Tote Handbag $90.00USD, River Island,




caribbean posh The summer issue 2016


By Tessa Johnson

ON TREND When a new season begins it’s always exciting to translate what we see on the runway to everyday life. Some trends have carried over from previous seasons and others have a new look. Here are some tips for three hot trends.

WORK IT: Athleisure continues to be a popular trend. As it continues to grow there are ways to make the look effortless and chic. It can be easy to get carried away and go full out workout attire. Try mixing some fashion separates like a sleeveless tailored vest with a body suit. It’s a perfect match with these graphic print tights and tote. Stripe Rib Body - $14.00USD, Primark U.S, Gluckman Vest – Off-White - $450.00USD, Judith & Charles, www.judithandcharles. com Graphic print tights - $95.00USD, Adidas, Women Originals Farm Tukana Shopper $54.00USD, Adidas, Becker-Crosshatch Slip On Sneaker – 98.00USD, Vince Camuto, www.vincecamuto. com

POWER MOVE: Forget about the monochromatic suits and go with bold colors. Fuchsia is hot! And yellow is the color for the season. If you want to make it pop on the top. Just remember to balance it out with some neutral tones on the bottom. Navy slacks will balance this look with a pair of nude shoes. Also, this color blocked tote makes this ensemble complete. Pink Collarless Shirt - $250.00USD, Polo Ralph Lauren, $198.00USD, Polo Ralph Lauren, Yellow Jacket - $54.00USD, La Redoute, Navy Trousers - $96.00USD, People Tree, Suede Nude Pumps - $90.00USD, Aldo, www. Dickins & Jones Harbury Tote - $125.00USD, House of Fraser, www.houseoffraser.

GEEK CHIC: We’re not talking about pocket-protectors and double taped glasses. Think girly bookworm. A soft pastel or floral printed frock with vintage inspired earrings and dainty tote. Complete your look with chunky heels.

Nude Boots - $110.00USD, Aldo, www. Floral Tote - $55.00USD, Aldo, www. Oversized sunglasses - $20.00USD, ASOS, Blue Earrings - $11.99USD – Call It Spring,

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

Sheer Floral Print Dress - $120.00USD, ASOS,


By Tessa Johnson

Keeping fit can be a challenge. Put your body into high gear with these cool gadgets and accessories.




1. Stay on Track - The Fitbit Flex keeps you on track. This nifty pick can sync your fitness stats wirelessly to your smartphone and it’s also water resistant. Cool features: Tracks, calories, distance, sleep and alarm clock. Retail Price $99.95USD, 2. Tory Burch x Fitbit – Look cute and keep fit with these Tory Burch x Fitbit accessories. Designed exclusively for the Fitbit Flex. The collection includes a few options to fit your personal style. Cool selections: Gold or silver brass pendant or bracelet. Punchy patterns for

wrist bands. Retail Price - $38USD - $195USD, 3. Personal Trainer – Yes. A watch can kick your butt into gear. Adidas miCoach Smart Run, delivers a real-time cardio coach and a tailored training plan. Cool features: Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and 4GB to store music and data. $229.99USD, 4. Bye, bye Fanny Pack – Ditch your fanny pack. This cool accessory by Flipbelt is made with flexible fabric to give you the power to carry





5. Get a Grip! – Protect your soles and cold toes with ToeSox grip sox and gloves. Socks designed with five toes to support your warrior pose in hot yoga and relevé in barre. Retail Price - $16.00USD-$18.00USD, for sox; $22.00USD for gloves.

6. Weigh In – Who needs a regular scale when you can get QardioBase? Built with a sleek design to create a happier and healthier you. This weight management tool measures your body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition. Cool features: Creates individual user profiles. Smartphone friendly. Retail Price - $199.99USD,

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

your items. Cool feature: Can hold large phones. i.e. iPhone6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Retail Price - $28.99USD,



Photography and Creative Direction by Sherwyn "Terrance" Williams, Lighting Tech and Photography assitance by Isaiah McClean, Article written by Anastasia Tomkin, Styling by Kambe Lovelace, Makeup by Mekelia Miller, further participation by Jewelle Moore & Lynda de la Mothe.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016 15


photographed by Sherwyn "Terrance" Williams

Sherwyn “Terrance” Williams disarms his subjects with his expressive eyes, easy smile and cool charm. His intense gaze focuses as the model finally achieves the perfect posture, and he disappears into his zone. You can almost see the wheels turning in his mind, assessing lighting, angles, timing, and background, with more precision than a Lumix. In an era when seemingly everyone with a Canon claims to be a photographer, Williams’ work embodies a preservation of the artistry of photography. “The only inspiration that ever stuck with me was to be a creator. To be known as a creator and to create things that outlive me.” Armed with only a fraction of tools and a small crew of trusted friends, he treks across the picturesque Las Cuevas beach, teeming with people enjoying the last few hours of what Trinis call a “long weekend”. Regardless of the late start, a tiresome journey to the location and intermittent rain, he is determined to realise his creative vision, and the team of models are reinvigorated by his enthusiasm. The models are a motley crew of fellow trailblazers in their respective creative fields, some of whom he has worked with since their high school days at Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East.

Mid-shoot, he hands the camera over to Isaiah McClean to pose alongside his long-time muse, Lynda de la Mothe. As he steps into frame, he puts even the most seasoned model to shame, his tall, lithe body easing into an effortless pose, his face the epitome of “fierce”. Despite his mere 23 years, few can match the way he seamlessly transforms from photographer to model, or photographer to visual artist, as he describes himself on social media.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

“A lot of things motivate me...literally everything! But there isn’t a better inspiration than that high you get when you’re lost in your own world. Taking yourself and others on that’s addicting!” he muses.


His photographs relate stories, they capture the essence of human emotion, the subtle complexities of the characters’ fashionable little worlds. His work blends the crisp simplicity of classic photography with the modern finish of a European magazine, earning him much attention as an upcoming Caribbean photographer to keep our eyes on. Nevertheless humble and down-to-earth, he lets his talent speak for itself. Jewelle Moore Jewelle Moore drifts across the beach in between shots, blissfully drenched by the rain, deep in thought. She pauses to take selfies on her gold-cased iphone, artsy selfies with her foot poised on a log and the gently crashing waves in the background. “I’m not quite talkative,” she says. “Only a great conversation will be able to stimulate my interest for more than 5 minutes.” Moore seems to breathe Style instead of Oxygen. She majors in Marketing and has her own budding brand, Itally, offering unique, form-flattering pieces to the most daring of fashionistas. “What I like most about fashion and style, you can be whatever you want to be without conforming to the current fads. It’s a form of art that’s quite limitless and I can always use it to the best of my ability.” Moore asserts that failure motivates her to be successful, and is confident that her diligence and dedication to her brand will soon make her a force to be reckoned with in the local retail fashion market. Mekelia Miller


Talkative and bubbly, Makeup Artist Mekelia Miller’s favourite aspect of the beauty industry is the freedom of expression it affords. Owner of Beauty Dreams by Mekelia, she is quickly making waves on the local fashion and beauty scene with her vivacious personality and seemingly effortless talent. “Most creatives like myself don’t usually have the kind of overwhelming support in comparison to persons that choose the more academic mainstream careers. But the great thing about not having the support or approval of family or peers is we have no other choice but to find the strength from within.”

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016


That inner strength has earned her the opportunity to work her makeup magic for the theatrical production Bitter Cassava and the Flare Fashion Show 2016, two of her most outstanding gigs to date. “I am motivated by the career goals that I set for myself. Whenever I feel uninspired, I take the time out to refocus and reclaim my drive because I know that it’s all part of the journey to success.”

“One challenge to overcome is all the financial straints being a creative in film, photography and design, there tends to be alot of favors passing around, so its dodging that without turning it down to earn a living and saving towards my goals.”

Isaiah McClean

Anastasia Tomkin

Isaiah and Mekelia keep everyone in good spirits with their quips and playful banter. He has an easy laugh and a light-hearted approach to the task of getting a picture just right.

“I’m one of those people who are deeply moved by art. Paintings, music, film, even performance art, I love it all!”

“Too serious, too serious!” Sherwyn scolds while snapping his shots, and Isaiah’s adamant pout gives way to a cheeky grin. “Growing up my mom always used to tell me “for some strange reason I think you’re an introvert trapped in the body of an extrovert”. And sometimes I find myself believing it but this never stops me from expressing myself and showing off my creativity.” Isaiah juggles his role as a Graphic Designer and Media Technician for the 2 cents movement, with his studies in Software Engineering at The University of the Southern Caribbean. When I randomly start dancing and singing Sia’s Chandelier, he joins in as if on cue, spinning and leaping gracefully across the sand. His moves


are much better than mine, given that he’s a ballroom and latin dancer and all. A true jack of all trades, he is also a theatre actor and a public relations officer for two NGOs.

Currently in her final year of a BA in French and Spanish, Anastasia’s passion is a combination of communication and culture. She has dabbled in acting, latin dancing and modelling, but her greatest expression of art takes the form of writing. Her proudest achievement thus far was winning a spot at the Future News 2015 journalism conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she was inspired to pursue writing as a career. While writing is therapeutic for her, modelling fulfils a more visceral role as an alternative creative outlet. “People think modelling is easy. It’s not. There’s actually a sort of science to it, it’s also physically demanding and psychologically strenuous. In front the camera, you have to feel sexy to look sexy, train yourself to feel whatever emotion so you can portray it. So I love that, putting on a

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016


persona, channelling my sexuality and working with a photographer to achieve his vision.”


Kambe Lovelace When Kambe Lovelace walks into a room, or in this case, the beach, the slender young designer exudes a quiet confidence. The agility of his gait and the way he speaks in expressive bursts of ideas hints at the endearing eccentricity that creatives are known for. Lovelace has almost completed his degree in Sociology and Psychology, but his dreams

revolve around fashion. Currently advancing his own clothing line, LOVELACE, he has his sights set on studying fashion design and eventually working for a magazine in the capacity of fashion editor. “I have always loved fashion but never had the guts to really take it seriously and try my hand in it until I realised that I really was not happy with what I was doing with my life and where it was going. Then I realised that I just had to close my eyes and go with it.”

former editor of Vogue for his passion and longevity in the industry.

“Everyone always says I’m a bit too truthful and I agree. Sometimes I really can’t help but say what’s on my mind.”

Lynda’s stunning beauty and ironic combination of assertiveness and introversion give her a mysterious aura that is captured in her photographs. Her academic pursuits lie in Economics, but her greatest aspiration is a life of happiness. She first started modelling as a favour to Williams, her best friend. Now, she cherishes the art for the nostalgic quality of photographs.

For inspiration, Lovelace credits his grandmother for her drive, honesty and the wealth of knowledge she passed on to him. He also admires Andre Leon Tally, fashion mogul and

Lynda de la Mothe

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

Lovelace prides himself on his boldness, and it’s more than just the green hair. He is one of those painfully honest people, and always unapologetically himself.


“One day I’ll be able to show my grandchildren that I was hot!” she jokes. “But really, it’s a still in time, a moment you can look back on forever and recall the memories from that day.” Family oriented, her desire for success is borne of a sense of responsibility, and admiration for the maternal figures in her life. Her unshakeable confidence, described as a work in progress, was moulded by a rediscovery of self, and she is content with the mindset she has today. “I realise that happiness is a conscious decision, you have to wake up every day with the decision and the mindset to be happy although you’re placed in situations far out of your control.” “I used to want to be liked by everyone, so I started conforming to their expectations of me, and that’s a quick way to lose yourself. I had to come to terms with (the fact that) not everybody will like you, not everybody wants to be your friend, not everybody will be in your life.”


Asked to summarise herself, she chuckles and says “A whole lot of rah-rah in a very small package!”


caribbean posh The summer issue 2016


TEAM CREDITS Models Lina Dornieden (Paragon Model Management) Instagram:@paragonmodelmanagement Yugge Farrell (unsigned) Instagram: @de_goddess Make-up Artist Alicia Job | Instagram: @makeupbyalij Lina’s Hair Cherice Roberts | instagram: @cherrylicious101 Yugge’s hair: Yugge Farrell Fashion Stylist Taijuan Wilcox | Instagram: @projectsoicietyatl Photographer Kareem Quow | www.kareemquowphotography. com Instagram @kqphotography Location Bottom Town, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines WARDOBE CREDITS Kareem_Quow_00_titlepage.jpg and Kareem_Quow_01_ leftpage.jpg Yugge is wearing: Gold two-piece by Project Society ATL | necklace by Pink Sky Boutique | vintage glasses and earrings Kareem_Quow_02_rightpage.jpg Lina is wearing: Kimono and denim shorts by Project Society ATL Kareem_Quow_03_doublepage.jpg Lina is wearing: Denim Shorts by Project Society ATL Yugge is wearing: Gold two-piece by Project Society ATL | necklace by Pink Sky Boutique | vintage earrings Kareem_Quow_04_leftpage.jpg and Kareem_Quow_05_ rightpage.jpg Lina is wearing: Denim Shorts by Project Society ATL | shoes by Headpiece by Mirage Mass Band Kareem_Quow_06_leftpage.jpg Lina is wearing: Denim shorts and Swimsuit by Fashenelle | necklace by Pink Sky Boutique Kareem_Quow_07_rightpage.jpg Yugge is wearing: Denim shorts by Fashenelle | Swimsuit by Seduction | necklace and earrings by Pink Sky Boutique | shoes by DIDk Kareem_Quow_08_leftpage.jpg and Kareem_Quow_09_ rightpage.jpg Yugge is wearing: Two piece set by Carlos Wayne | earrings by Pink Sky Boutique Kareem_Quow_08_leftpage.jpg and Kareem_Quow_09_ rightpage.jpg Lina is wearing: Pink Blazer by Mychael Knight | Denim jeans by Project Society ATL

Copyright© 2016 Kareemquowphotography.All rights reserved

High end Luxury curvy/plus brand, PLY APPAREL, showcased their Fall/Winter 2016 Collection during New York Fashion Week. The runway show, entitled 2.12 The PLY Experience, featured classic yet modern designs, in the backdrop of the famed Johannes Vogt Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Launched in 2013, PLY Apparel has quickly become synonymous with creating high end ready-to-wear collections. Headed by creative couple Pamela and Lamarr Nanton, the boutique brand caters to the curvaceous woman, who seeks quality construction and impeccable fit in sizes 8-22 with extended sizes available. In addition to empowering and inspiring curvy and full figured women, PLY has a secondary mission—it is in the fight against breast cancer. Recently, Pamela celebrated 10 years of being cancer free. She has often stated that fashion helped her live through cancer and Nanton pays it forward by having the fashion line help others survive. Each season, the creative couple donates a portion of the proceeds from the collection to continue the fight.

2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12


PLY APPAREL was founded on the principle that all women should have access to modern, stylish clothing. Launched in 2013 by husband and wife design team, Pamela and Lamarr Nanton, PLY provides the curvy and full-figured woman with fashionforward, high qauality fit and fabrics. The boutique brand is proud to say that both lines are MADE IN THE USA (both in New York’s famed Garment District and around the country)—ensuring great quality and the continued tradition of manufacturing in the United States. For more information about PLY or to shop the collections, visit www.

.12experience 2.12experience2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experienc


2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

.12experience 2.12experience2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experienc 31


MODELS MSA Curve STYLING Susan Moses ACCESSORIES Patricia Underwood (Hats) RJ Graziano (Jewelry) HAIR & MAKEUP Augment Japan Aubrey Loots, Head Hair, Studio DNA Salons (LA) Cristina Romeo, Head MUA, Polaris Cosmetics (LA)

2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12


DRESSING University of Monterrey (Mexico) PUBLIC RELATIONS Quintessential Media MARKETING Premiere Brand Marketing PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Jose Pagan Photography SPONSORS Hey Gorgeous Johnny King Casa Papel Llanllyr Source Premium Water & Mixers Plus Model Magazine

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

.12experience 2.12experience2.12experience 2.12experience 2.12experienc 33

Attendees of the Caribbean POSHgirl POWER Brunch enjoyed an exclusive fashion show, highlighting the design talents of Caribbean women including Kristen Fraser of Trefle Designs (BVI), Markita SmithTurnbull of Menen I Designs (BVI), Meiling Esau of Meiling (Trinidad & Tobago) and Fiona Compton’s new luxury line Paraiso (St. Lucia).

Visit to learn more.

POSHbeauty BAR The beauty industry is ever-changing. New products and trends pop up weekly and while it’s fun to try new things it can get overwhelming. Plus, not all products are created equal! Some can be duds while others can actually boost your beauty routine and make their way to your favorites list. These products are game-changers! Your beauty routine will never be the same!


Sunday Riley Good Genes


If you’re a skincare junkie we can almost guarantee you’ve read about Sunday Riley. This skincare brand burst onto the scene last year and quickly gained a cult following with their mix of innovative technology and 99% pure ingredients. Although Luna Night Oil is a fanfavorite, Good Genes is our must-have! This is going to be your all-in-one radiance-boosting, brightening lactic acid treatment serum. Don’t let its main ingredient scare you though! All of Sunday Riley’s products balance their powerful ingredients with calming ones so your skin doesn’t react. Good Genes can be worn as your day and night serum, and can also work as a flash facial when mixed with Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip cleanser.

Dermaflash is the first at-home exfoliating device which uses a blade plus sonic pulsations to not only remove peach fuzz, gunky debris and dead skin cell build up, but also help smooth fine lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate the skin. Removing peach fuzz allows for smoother makeup application because you’re refining the skin and removing hair that otherwise hindered makeup from blending properly. You simply hold your skin tout and brush swift strokes in a downward motion wherever you deem necessary. Before Dermaflash you could only get this treatment done at med spas (under the name dermaplaning) and it was pretty pricey. Now younger-looking skin can be achieved in the comfort of your own home.

By Ilse McDonnell

Morphe Brushes


In a world where brushes can climb into the hundreds of dollars, Morphe gives us quality at an affordable price point. They’re mostly online, with one retail store in Burbank, California and their prices start at around $3. They’ve grown in popularity with recent collaborations with top influencers in the beauty community and continue to impress and expand with limited edition sets and products.  

Best known for the way they conceal redness, hyper-pigmentation, and dark circles, corrector’s neutralize our biggest flaws. And although they’re not new to the beauty industry, brands are developing new and improved formulas that cater to all skin types. These new products are lightweight so you can layer easily and blend like a dream under your daily foundation and concealer.

By Ilse McDonnell

Figuring out what skin care products work best for your needs is important, but equally as important (if not more) is applying them in the correct order. After all, skin care is expensive so insuring you’re getting the most out of each product has everything to do with applying it in an effective manner and giving each product enough time to sink into your skin.

This skin care sequence is geared toward night-time routines since they’re normally more in-depth than morning because our skin is naturally repairing itself so we tend to use more products. Follow this guide and start getting the most out of your skin care today.

(Optional 1) Remove Eye Makeup

1. Cleanse

Start your night-time skin care routine by soaking a cotton round with your favorite eye makeup remover and let it sit on your lids for about 30 seconds. A gentle massage will remove leftover product and normally does the trick for heavy and/or light eye makeup. This step is optional and not required or essential for everyone.

The point in cleansing is to remove all dirt and environmental pollutants. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin in circular motions to increase circulation and make sure to use warm water as hot water assists in aging.

Toners are a bit controversial; Some say you need them while others don’t. We believe you definitely do! Make sure you’re using an alcoholfree toner so that it doesn’t over dry your skin but rather balances the pH.

(Optional 2) Pre-Cleanse

Before going in with your cleanser, remove the first layer of makeup with cleansing towelettes. You can also use a cleansing oil or others prefer a balm. Your face gathers a ton of build-up throughout the day so removing that first layer will ensure thorough cleansing.


2. Tone

3. Topical (Spot) Treat

Whether your concern is dark spots or acne, you want to apply your spot treatment right after your toner so it penetrates your skin first and boosts its benefits. As a rule of thumb make sure you apply the thinnest consistency first and make sure to allow at least five minutes for these products to absorb before moving on (all other steps you can wait less). 4. Serum(s)

Some people like to mix serums together to create a “cocktail” of sorts to target different skin problems; Others look for an “all-in-one” product. Whatever you choose make sure you press the product into your skin including your neck. Serums are filled with nutrients and are some of the most effective over-the-counter products when combatting aging. 5. Eye Cream

Our under-eye area shows signs of aging (wrinkles) and exhaustion (dark circles) first because it’s the thinnest and most delicate area on our face. When applying your eye cream always tap around your orbital bone, as well as above your eye (especially if you’re using a lifting cream), with the tip of your ring finger because it delivers the gentlest touch. Secret tip? Apply leftover eye cream along your laugh lines to plump and help “fill” those fine lines. 6. Moisturize

You’ll find night-time moisturizers are more emollient. This is because they’re meant to be absorbed throughout the night. What you’ll want to do is generously massage in circular motions then press all around your face. This is to lock in every product you’ve applied beforehand, and

when applying on your neck (don’t forget your neck) make sure to sweep upwards (no need to add to “sagging issues”). (Optional 3) Oil

If you have dehydrated skin, we highly suggest adding an oil to your skin care routine in order to lock in moisture and help with dryness. If you’re oily you might find that adding an oil to your skin care routine will actually trick your skin into believing it’s producing enough oil, balancing your skin out. (Optional 4) Mask(s)

Try to use a mask 1-2 times a week to further target and treat your specific skin issues.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016 45

By Brandy Gomez-Duplessis


Caribbean girls have always embraced their beautiful lush curls. But not every hair product out there has dedicated a hairline just for curly hair. Bumble and Bumble recently launched Bb.Curl, a line designed just for natural curls. Bb.Curl is infused with HydraSculpt Blend, a mix of Brazilian oils, and a curve-defining polymer. These products work on all curl patterns from waves, spirals, ringlets, corkscrews, and coils. Treat your natural curls to luxurious style.


Which Means: Springy curls that fall in an “S” pattern | Curl Cocktail: Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer + Defining Crème | Style Secret: Twist Out (for movement, hold, and texture)

CORKSCREWS Which Means: Tightly wound tresses that tend to shrink | Curl Cocktail: Custom Conditioner + Pre Style/ Re-Style Primer + Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil | Style Secret: Bantu Knots (to define, and unfurl tight curls)

COILS Which Means: Straw-sized curls with volume | Curl Cocktail: Pre-Style/ Re-Style Primer + Defining Crème+ Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil | Style Secret: Ribboning (for separation and frizz reduction)

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016 47

When your a busy woman on the go, you definitely need beauty items that you know you can count on. Here are 5 of my must have items that I always have with me to help get my day started.


1. Beauty Blenders 2. Clarisonic Cleaning Brush 3. L’OREAL Paris Infallible Mattifying Primer & Foundation 4. Marc Jacobs Beauty Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash Discovering Mascara 5. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks






By Tessa Johnson

Check out our hair and skincare picks to add to your daily regimen

Repair – Some of us might not want to admit it but hair loss due to breakage is common to experience. At times finding the product(s) can be a daunting task. OGX Beauty’s Niacin & Caffeine collection helps prevent hair fallout due to breakage and promotes hair growth. It’s formulated with alpha hydroxy acid, niacin, caffeine and natural DHT blockers. Niacin & Caffeine collection – Retail Price, $10.99USD. Check for your local retailer.

Repair – We strive to age and look flawless but it doesn’t hurt to add a few pick me ups to your daily routine. Clinique’s Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment is great for brightening, contouring and firming your skin by the eyes to reduce crow’s feet. Also, try adding Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum to even your tone for a radiant glow and correct those dark spots. Clinique’s Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment – Retail Price, $49.00USD and Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum – Retail Price, $59.50USD $154.00USD

Maintain – Whether if your hair is chemically treated or it’s natural we always want to minimize breakage. OGX Beauty’s Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Collection is formulated to strengthen and increase elasticity to resist

breakage. One of main ingredients and favourite of mine argan oil keeps your hair looking smooth and shiny. Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil, Retail Price, $9.99USD each

Maintain – Stress does not only affect the mind and body it can have negative impact on our skin. Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial detoxifies and eliminates skin dullness. Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial – Retail Price, $65.00USD

Rejuvenate – There is nothing cute about humidity and fizzy hair and it doesn’t hurt to try a few products until you find the right one. OGX Beauty’s Hydrate + De-Frizz Kukui Oil Collection is the humidity repellant to help eliminate frizz and hydrate the hair. Hydrate + De-Frizz Kukui Oil Collection – Retail Price, $9.99USD each

Rejuvenate – How about being fresh face all day every day? And have a product that does it with natural ingredients. Josie Maran’s Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist, does not contain parabens, sulfates and phthalates (plastic chemicals). Try spraying it after a skin cleanse to help nourish, hydrate and replenish electrolytes in your skin. Josie Maran - Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist – Retail Price, $38.00USD

By Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Female Fragrance 1. Derek Lam-10 Crosby 2. Romano Ricci-Juliette Has A Gun White Spirit  3. Maison Martin Margiela-Lipstick On 4. Tory Burch-Jolie Fleur Bleue 5. Miu Miu-Miu Miu






Perfume is a booming business. Everyone from music artists, to actresses, to designers have all dabbled in the fragrance industry. I selected 5 female designers’ and 5 male designers’ new fragrances that you should be enjoying this season.

Male Fragrance 6. Cartier-Pasha Edition Noire 7. Gucci-Guilty Eau Pour Homme Sport 8. Hugo Boss-Boss The Scent 9. John Varvatos-Artisan Blu 10. Maison Martin Margiela-By The Fireplace

8 6





Over 100 female entrepreneurs and working-women attended the 1st Caribbean POSHgirl POWER Brunch: BVI. A Global Empowerment Movement for Caribbean Women.

The first of its kind in our region, the Caribbean POSHGirl POWER Brunch: BVI created by Janette Brin for Caribbean POSH Magazine was nothing short of inspiring and empowering. Following the mission of the magazine the event served as an outlet for women to empower each other and establish relationships as well as friendships that carry on throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors. The inaugural event, hosted by MTV Tempo host and model, St. Croix native Janeisha John, presented a diverse group of influential and dynamic women. The 2016 Class of Panelists included: ll Chantelle Fraser, Bravo’s Blood, Sweat & Heels ll Chardelle Moore, FOX45/CW Baltimore TV Personality & Producers ll Yvette Thomas-Henry, General Manager of the Four Seasons Atlanta ll Patricia Reinders, Founder & CEO of SULA NYC ll Sachkia Barnes, “Chief of Ideas,” Barnes Public Relations ll Fiona Compton, Designer, Photographer & Artist Left to Right: Chardelle Moore, Fiona Compton, Sachkia Barnes, Patricia Reinders, Yvette Thomas-Henry, and Chantelle Fraser

host janeisha john

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

The ladies shared their journeys in the world of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful in business. Through laughter and tears the women shared their stories, lessons learned and wisdom garnered in their pursuit of their dreams. “I felt like it was time for us as Caribbean women to get together in sisterhood and get motivated to have the best year, the best career, the best life, the best us period,” Janette Brin said when asked why she began the Power Brunch event. “This event is an unapologetic fun and stylish way to celebrate today’s career woman.”



As guest arrived at the luxurious Scrub Island Resort they walked into pure POSHness. Attendees of the event also enjoyed a very POSH fashion show, which highlighted female Caribbean designers – Kristen Fraser for Trefle Designs (BVI), Markita Smith-Turnbull for Menen-I Designs (BVI), Meiling Esau for Meiling (Trinidad) and Fiona Compton’s new luxury line Paraiso (St.Lucia).

Exhibition highlights inside the events Pop Up Shop drove home the message of #ShopCaribbean by featuring products from Trefle Designs (BVI) and itiba Beauty (St.Croix, USVI).



by Sherina Russell-Garcia

That she can transfer her “Real Hot Gal” blueprint to her female fans plus inspire them with real lyrics dealing with topical love relationship issues is a bonus as a young female in the powerful Jamaican dancehall industry.

in the hypnotic song to some of the biggest dancehall artists to show the importance of balancing studying with partying.

Signed to Downsound Records since 2012, Ishawna has been busy heating up the dancehall waves with other explosive hits like her flirty debut “Do for Love” with Specialist, the provocative “Need Love”, the powerful “Restraining Order”, the controversial “Cheerful Giver” the fun “Vroom Vroom” on the popular Cute Bubble rhythm “Oh la la” the sexy “Answer Me” featuring Masicka and the mischievous “A Bay”.

“You can whine whine whine whine Pon a Kartel song a de end of the day Yo pass yo exams.

Enjoying the airwaves right now is her latest creation “School Gal”. Lyrically luring young female teens to put their education high on a pedestal away from distracting elements, Ishawna skillfully weaves in witty references

The on-point catchy hook goes like this:

Whine whine whine Pon the Teacha song At the end a the day Yo get yo education. When you whine, whine, whine To Alkaline yo a whine Wid the maths and accounts pon yo mind. Whine whine, whine Yo grades never decline and your street smart up to the time.

By extension, Ishawna a champion for women’s rights and empowerment in her hit song “Restraining Order” addresses the issue of domestic violence. “It is a real situation for many women, and every time I perform it is so popular because it shows the realness that women go through in dealing with domestic violence. Plus a song was never done like that before. But women are standing up and saying no I am not going to do things this way” she said. Coy about her own personal life she explained that contrary to popular belief that all of her songs come from a place close to home she said: “life is my inspiration, my personal life, a friend’s life. I will be at the hairdresser and I will hear someone complaining about her man and I’ll write a song about that.”

You have to put in the work to get back what you want.” A talented writer she loves contributing her ideas to music video concepts. “I am a very creative person. I always try and say my part, but leave the video directors to do their job. I am an artist. But do have input sometimes, because it is the teamwork that makes the dream work.” “As a woman you have to go hard to get the respect. I put my all in my performances, and I try to listen to my team so I can be better” she added.

Her first lovable hit in 2012 “Do for Love” officially introduced Jamaica to Ishawna. However, years later she morphed into a sex kitten with her next hit “I Need Love” that got tongues wagging. “Life is about evolving and I am an entertainer, and I am also an adult. If I want to sing a sexy song that people love, they get to enjoy that through me for three minutes. They get to come out of their box. If I do a sexy song I am going to do a sexy video too” she said in her defence. Ishawna the winner of the 2016 Young Viewers Award for Fashion Icon and Young Hot and Hype Female is not a newcomer to music as her father Don Angelo was a singer back in the 80’s signed to famous Jamaican producer King Jammys. She herself was part of New York-based Rhythm and Blues Girl group in the United States. “I always wanted to do music, be successful, and be an artiste” she told Caribbean POSH. A 2006 performance by Ishawna which was witnessed by dancehall royalty Bounty Killa at the Asylum Nightclub afforded her an invaluable link into the industry.

A self-professed workaholic who looks up to international music greats like Tina Turner, Lauryn Hill and Mariah Carey shared: “my life is consumed by my work. I enjoy going to the studio and making music. When I am not working I am resting or going to a resort to relax.

“Be yourself, live, take risks have fun. Life is an adventure. Don’t accept what society tells you. If everybody accepts that concept, life would be better for everyone” she advises.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

“I love touching people’s lives musically, performing for my fans, going out and seeing how people gravitate to me. I believe that its’ my realness fans are drawn to. I am being me. At the end of the day we live in a judgmental society, so I just do me and represent me” she added.

The fashionista defines her fashion style saying: “it depends on my mood. I can be very sexy, feminine, raunchy and hard-core. Sometimes I want to be feminine or a tomboy. I don’t put myself in a box. When I get up I wear whatever I am feeling.”


In a city near you, there is a bold woman – she loves upbeat music, spicy food and being herself. She studies hard, works hard, and plays hard, but when she plays, she does it fashionably. She always had a problem with other fashionistas owning the same handbag she did. She tried searching for obscure brands; she just wished she could find a bag that showcased both the stand-out that she truly is, and her unique identity…until one day, she discovered Le Gendre! She saw bright color, unexpected patterns and texture! Unlike the bags she’s seen before. Le Gendre lets her be unique – lets her express her style and reflect her identity to the world. If that bold woman is in you, then your wish has come true.


Le Gendre is an independent New York-based designer handbag brand that launched its first range of handbags in early 2015. Le Gendre is one of many brands which are increasingly realizing the potential of marketing a business online and connecting the dots of the African diaspora, through the use of social media. The designer, Khadeidra Le Gendre, is originally from Trinidad & Tobago but has spent the majority of her adult life in New York. Khadeidra grew up with her grandparents in warm and sunny Trinidad. Imitating her grandmother Pearl, who was a well-known seamstress of small town Tacarigua, little Khadeidra began to hand-stitch dolls’ dresses out of colorful scraps of leftover cloth. As a pre-adolescent ‘seamstress’, she was adamant that each of her dolls should have a unique look. While creating these looks, Khadeidra often recited, “Oh, How I love to be just me, I’m unique, alone, and different you see – of all millions of girls in the world, there’s not one soul who could be me, I’m told...” These were the opening lines of a poem composed by her grandfather Lance, which earned little Khadeidra the winning spot of national poetry recitation competition.

After grduating from Trinidad’s all-girls Bishop Anstey High School, Khadeidra always dreamed of pursuing the business of fashion, but guided by her family, she followed a different path: she migrated to New York to join her mother, and to pursue tertiary education. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications at Baruch College, and a Master’s degree in Social-Organizational Psychology at Columbia University. Fast forward to 2015: post-graduation, with considerably more spare time, Khadeidra decided to teach herself to sew. This time, using her mother’s colorful scraps of leftover cloth, she cut, pinned, stitched, ripped and restitched until she successfully made her first clutch. Once she learned how to construct, next she had to learn more about fabrics. Inspired by her Afro-Caribbean heritage, Khadeidra knew that her handbag line should feature a myriad of colors and textures. She researched online, and talked to experts from Brooklyn to Harlem, to as far as Abu Dhabi and Oman, to build her knowledge of the boldest authentic ankara from Western Africa. Khadeidra kept on sewing, diversifying her bag silhouettes to include bucket bags, oversized clutch bags, tribal and contemporary mixed print bags, zip top clutches, and rollover/ foldover clutches. She began to share images of her work

Dougla Clutch w/ pom pom fringe: Inspired by island life! “Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other”…a dougla is a nice mix. This print pairing is sure to do your wardrobe so much good! Fits your bare essentials phone, wallet, a few cosmetics.

on social media, gained the attention of several Caribbean-American and African American entrepreneurs, which created opportunities to present her collection at live events. A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Khadeidra reads for hours each week about branding and distribution. She recommends to any up-and-coming designers (or business owners) the book “Lean Branding”, by Laura Busche. Using this book, along with expert advice and the feedback of customers, Khadeidra continues to build the Le Gendre brand, in homage to her grandmother, and in remembrance of two generations of her great-grandfathers: Phillip and Henri Le Gendre, both of whom were tailors. The Le Gendre collection of well-constructed handmade cloth handbags is priced from $30-$65. Paired with quality African printed fabric, intricate hardware and stitch detailing, each handmade piece is intended to be a stylish and versatile wardrobe staple. The African prints used are rich with multiple tones, which is what makes these bags unique as their colors easily compliment the other elements of your outfit. Le Gendre handbag styles will launch on each month, offering a wide range of handbags, tote and weekender bags, cross-body saddle bags, woven straw bags, clutches and more!

Bora Bora Bora clutch: Inspired by dreams of vacation. Meet your new summer go-to. Its rectangular silhouette is anything but basic in this standout ankara print and fringe detail. This one-of-a-kind clutch is big enough to fit your most basic essentials and small enough for a night out!

Zip top Dougla Clutch: Inspired by island life! Dougla: “Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other”…a dougla is a nice mix. This print pairing is sure to do your wardrobe good! Fits your bare essentials - phone, wallet, a few cosmetics

In 2006, she had no idea that her sheer power on the microphone would make such an impression on one of the newest radio stations at the time in Jamaica ZIP 103 FM. Hailing from Connecticut in the United States, DJ Nikki Z a US Army veteran with Jamaica parentage in an interview with Caribbean POSH revealed: “I started radio out of the army and connected with Donovan Longmore who introduced me to college radio. But there was something about college radio that I loved. Then things started ballooning where I went from am to pm radio and enjoyed it.” “But hip hop radio was just never something that gravitated to me” she said. Her heart however belonged to Caribbean music. “I gravitated towards more Caribbean-based shows and playing Caribbean music. It got to the point where I was doing so many things and didn’t feel like I was going anywhere and was being faced with the choice of if I wanted to progress I would have to do hip-hop or change my environment. I kept hearing Jamaica in my ears, and one day I got the opportunity to fly down with IRIE Jam Radio out of New York and meet with ZIP FM. What happened at ZIP was kind of weird because I didn’t come here (to Jamaica) with a plan, and within the year their ratings doubled” she confessed.

by Sherina Russell-Garcia

Locally and internationally, her fans have an affinity with her because “I am just myself, and I think people can sense when someone is being authentic with them.”


Apart from her nimbleness on the turntable and natural quirkiness and signature blond dread locks many are enamoured by and drawn to her. “With me what you see is what you get. I am a little zany, crazy some days and very serious about other issues on other days” she said. Currently back in Jamaica since 2015 and working with FAME FM 95 “Rise and Blaze” between 5 and 9 a.m., she remembers back when she started with ZIP FM that “I didn’t want to do the morning show and they forced me to do it. I am not a morning person but it ended up making

me a morning person, because there is nothing like waking up people and setting people’s mood for the day.”

have a tunnel vision in building dreams and blocking out unnecessary noise.

Even though her friend DJ Liquid gave her the moniker “Diva” years ago she is really a down-to-earth sister.

“One of the greatest experiences is my being in the army. The thing about the army is you are in a tight area with massive numbers of people from different walks of life, areas, ages, races and cultures like a melting pot and you were forced to live in unison with them. That gave me the thing where I can work with anybody and it doesn’t matter how much you don’t like me and don’t get along because once we have a mission we are going to get it done as a team” she said.

Nikki Z noted: “I do what I do, not because I want to be famous which has never been my intention. I do radio because I love doing radio and enjoy it so much. It does not matter how bad my day is, once I get there and get to play music and talk and bag of crap I am cool.” Shunning the frivolities of fame she does not like to get dressed up with loads of make-up. “This industry is like this place where you have to live this fabulous life which is not reality, because reality is living life as it is. I don’t care about the fanciness but I can do the fanciness. I will go anywhere to any venue, any party. But I just want to live the simple life.” “I am a military girl and I like simplistic things. I don’t even wear acrylic nails. I just keep it simple. I joined the army when I was 17. I was very rebellious and wanted to do something that would get a reaction from my mom, and it didn’t work because she was like alright do what you want to do. She called my bluff. “ Her experience in the army probably best prepared her to give her best to everything she placed her hands on, and to

She added: “one of the biggest lessons from the army is that people don’t get it that when you are in the business and in the same workplace or job, when you have people who won’t work with each other the business falters and you don’t want that.” Talking her mind Nikki Z noted: “the biggest problem we have is the word hype. A lot of people come into this media industry because they want to be somebody and that is the worst attitude to have. The best attitude is to know you are already somebody. That is the major difference. Persons who enter the industry because they want to be

somebody are those persons who the minute they get that break they start treating people like garbage, and dealing with people a certain way and have this energy that’s just very negative and corrosive for the business which is not a good aura.” “So people who come into this business and know who they are and know this is just something they wanna do, love to do or need to do those are more of the energies we need in the business. Because these are the people who will understand what it is to have team work, to work together, to go for a long term goal versus a short quick hype” she noted. Striving always to be herself she says “I am the same person on and off the mike. I don’t know how to be anybody else. Anybody who knows me knows I am the same person from years ago until now. The only thing that has changed is that I am calmer because I am older. But I am the same person only louder.” On her way to fulfilling a dream to having her own revolutionary and interactive television show featuring her signature Top 20 Countdown on RETV soon she believes everyone should cut their own path to destiny. “So the RETV show will be different show for Jamaica instead of counting down stuff they can send in videos and shout out their favourite song or video and we will be reaching out to the social media to get people to be more interactive and hear from everyone around the world. We will also have a dance competition, where viewers can send in their clips for the more television- friendly dances to showcase what is happening in the dancehall.” A strong believer in self-actualisation and setting goals she advises: “don’t follow in the footsteps of others, because when you try to be someone else it never comes off right. You have to listen to yourself and take the direction you want to go and write your own chapter. I will soon be starting a campaign called Betru2u built on self-awareness and self-love, because I feel our young people are being pushed in an agenda in that they have to have a certain look or behave a certain way to get attention or to get the most likes on social media.


Our kids are being basically convinced that is they don’t follow this type of behaviors they are not one of the cool kids. I want them to get interested in learning how milk gets put in a bottle and sold because at the end of the day people are making a massive amount of money from farming. We need to show the kids that what you see on social media is not reality, and if you want a great reality you need to listen to you and be true to you.” Raised by a strong mother who worked two jobs to put food on the table, the daily grind is something that Nikki Z respects and takes seriously. “When you are given the gift of what I am doing it is a struggle but still a gift because what other job can you do that can have you fly to Miami for free to host events or

being hand-picked by Damien “Junior Gong” Marley to host his Welcome to Jamrock Cruise three years in a row. As a single mom I could have worked two miserable jobs that make me unhappy. But my being able to do it (work) and keep and maintain my career means a lot to me” she said. The care and protection of children is also important to her. “I have a major issue in Jamaica where a lot of young kids don’t have a lot of outlets or a place to turn to if they are in places which are unsavoury, whether it be someone in their family abusing them or they having suicidal thoughts. In Connecticut we had community centres where other kids would be at a certain number of hours a week where adults would be supervising us. Without my mom I would not have had anywhere to live or food to eat. She would tell my sister and I that if you want something don’t let anyone tell you no you can’t, just go and get it.” To relax water does it for Nikki Z whether a waterfall, the ocean or river. “It (water) is very calming and I like to go and let the waves run over me. I can stand there for hours. Water makes me re-direct and focus.” Travelling is another of her past-times. “I enjoy travelling the most about being in the media. I went to Nairobi and I cried when I left because you hear a lot about Africa all the time, you see the advertisements but then you see the people, the colours and how powerful the place is.” Dubai in the Middle East as well as Paris and Australia are on her bucket list.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016


Aaaah, Barbados. There’s nothing that we love more about the Caribbean than the culture and uniqueness of each island – Barbados especially. One thing that sets Barbados apart from most other Caribbean islands is the rum and the rum tours! More specifically, the Mount Gay Run Tours! Mount Gay Rum Tours & Visitors Centre is more than a distillery tour, it’s a realy Barbadian experience! Give yourself a taste of the Caribbean at the home of Mount Gay - the

world’s oldest rum and an integral part of Barbados’ history. Barbados Mount Gay Rum Tours will introduce you to a taste of the island’s culture and all the mysteries of rum making at its best. Learn the secrets involved in the fascinating traditional processes of producing the world’s finest rum - refining, ageing, blending and bottling, and the ancient craft of barrel assembly. Read on for more information about a Mount Gay Rum Tour….

Mount Gay Rum Tour (Signature Tour): Duration: 30 - 45 minutes Enjoy this tour with as a friendly story-telling guides take you through the fascinating history of Mount Gay Rum, told through centuries-old artifacts, film presentations, vintage photos and your tour is concluded with a tasting session with our head barman.

Mount Gay Rum Tour & Cocktail Experience: Duration 2HRs & 45mins First, you’ll take the Signature Rum Tour, then afterward you’ll be taken to the bar to have your taste buds tempted and tantalized as you are taught the secrets of Exotic Cocktail “Mixology” by their Master Barman. Learn to do the “Loco Motion”, the “Tropical Mojo”, the “Masquerader” or other mixes, all made to perfection using the world’s finest

spirits. Then “turn it up a notch” for more friendly rivalry and camaraderie as they award prizes to the most delicious concoctions. Not surprisingly, in this entertaining and enlightening encounter, the highlight of the show is sampling these appetizing creations.

Mount Gay Rum Premium Package (Lunch & Cocktail Tour): Duration 3½ HRs Start with a delicious Bajan Buffet Lunch, served with a special glass of Mount Gay Rum Punch, then continue onto their Signature Tour as detailed above, and finishing at the Bar – where you will have an unforgettable experience learning the secrets of Exotic Cocktail-making, while your taste buds are tantalized by their master Mixologist. There’s no better way to experience Barbados then heading on a memorable Mount Gay Rum Tour! For more information, visit their site here.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016 65

These are the sounds and what we have been missing and they are back in full swing – that is SWV style! Photographed by Aisha-Zakiya Boyd at the Reichold Center of the Arts.

POSH had the opportunity to sit down with the vocal group of lush voices known as SWV, or Sisters With Voices, after a triumphant concert here in USVI at the Reichold Center of the Arts. Three very talented ladies formed the trio: Cheryl “Coko” Gamble the soprano, Tamara “Taj” Johnson, mezzo-soprano, and Leanne “Lelee” Lyons who sings the contralto parts. Coko and Lelee were the founding members and after getting an initial demo together, sent out the demo tapes attached to bottles of Perrier, the best of sparkling waters at the time. Taj explained, “We couldn’t afford champagne!” After singing live for some record executives, they signed on to an eight album record deal in the back of a limo. With their 1992 debut album of It’s About Time, the new jack swing trio scored a string of Top Ten R&B hits that established them as one of the most popular urban R&B groups of the time. Being so recognized was a huge break after a lot of hard work. For those of you new to the phrase new jack swing or “swingbeat”- it is a fusion genre spearheaded by Teddy Riley and Bernard Belle that became popular during the late 1980s. Its influence, along with hip-hop, permeated pop culture and was the definitive sound of the inventive Black New York club scene then. The ladies of SWV took a hiatus from singing to raise families but have very successfully come back together again since 2005. And what a come back they have had! As recently as 2012, the ladies received the Soul Train Award for Best Independent R&B/Soul Group, and in 2013 receiving the Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance for “If Only You Knew.”

We were lucky enough here at USVI’s Reichold Centre for the Arts to have heard them in person performing with the legendary R&B soul singer, Keith Sweat, and to take some time to talk with POSH after the show. We discovered that this was definitely not the first time any in the group had been to the islands and that their very favorite Caribbean food is the curried chicken. They were also thrilled about being away from snow – most of them anyway. Taj it seems, was on the TV show “Survivor” and was sick of bug bites in the tropical environment she was placed in ever since then. It’s hard work being a performer and there is nothing better than island food to give you energy. These gorgeous ladies have sung with the likes of Blackstreet, Busta Rhymes, and Quincy Jones but one thing is for sure, the admirable fact is that these women have stuck together. When asked about their long relationships, the answer came quickly from them: “It’s the music, the fans and that we are here for a purpose. We each have two children and that is our pride and joy.” “We are old school, but today’s music is super exciting for us. We would love to sing with Sean Paul, Andra Day, or Shabba Ranks or do the “old jazz” that we like. We come from Atlanta, Virginia Beach, and Nashville and grew up on R&B so its nice to include the old and the new sounds,” explained Taj.

The ladies even have Gospel in their background. Coko told us that she grew up in church. “I got my start singing in the children’s choir in Brooklyn, New York.” The motivation is definitely there to continue good sounds. It is all about the music they all chime in. “It is in our hearts to do it and we still believe in ourselves. We still feel young and vibrant and we have many young fans that listen to our sounds and come out to support us. That’s how we started and that’s who we are,” Lelee summed up. As far as their new fifth album called Still is concerned – a mixture of progressive sounds are wrapped up into the signature 90s tones and vibes - harmonies glide in and out. Having produced the album in one week was no small feat. “We were looking to put together great songs that moved us and would move anybody that would listen to it. We stuck to things we knew were true to what we usually do. We were just looking for things that sound great, and have good quality so we stuck to the vibe of SWV and added a little up-tempo sound, but it is us and we had fun putting it together.” Summing it all up, the ladies are true performers. “When the crowd has high energy, that gives us energy. That’s the part of performing that we like.” It is important for them to make each day count and being on the road performing counts. We witnessed that right here in the islands at a fantastic performance. Thank you Coko, Lelee, and Taj for your wonderful voices and legacy of music.

photography by Recaldo Richardson words by Edith Webber

Conducting an interview with an up and coming superstar of SoCa and Dance Hall music was a most wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and Dejour delivered with style and aplomb befitting a seasoned artist – or how he has been called: “The man with the golden voice.” Although currently only 19 years old, Dejour Alexander has the distinct honor of being the youngest artist to ever perform at the St. Kitts Music Festival when he was just 17. With songs such as “Don’t Love Me”, “African Queen”, and his newest hit single, “The One”, Dejour can belt it out with the best. Proud to be from St. Kitts, he explained that he probably enjoys singing so much due to the fact that, “My grandmother said I cried a lot as a baby and it’s an old folks tale that children usually end up singing when they cry that much. They claim it strengthens their voices.” And for sure he has been doing just that since he was around seven years old – performing in front of his school classes and entering the school’s calypso competition. Although he won every competition he entered from an early age, he maintained his grades and was at the top of his classes throughout his school years. “St. Kitts made me who I am today. The people, the culture, the vibes – it all played a part in my upbringing,” he said with pride. Seeing Kim Collins back in 2003 also made him feel a great sense of pride that one could, “Make it beyond this 68 square miles. How it is I feel like music was born into me here. Over the years I grew an appreciation for several genres. Music is something I love so why not make it a career, a lifestyle.”

Dejour’s career took a leap up when he first made a music video that was one of the prizes from the ZIZ 50th anniversary song competition. After this, he released a few consistent tracks that he bolstered by upholding the standards of performing, so he was requested to perform in other smaller venues and ultimately, the Music Festival. With lyrics like, “You’re the world for me”, “It woulda make my day if I could dance with you tonight”, or “You’re the one that’s in my dreams,” his reputation as a dynamic lyricist and performer has only increased. Having some of his songs influenced by a few female encounters and turning them into powerful words to sing doesn’t hurt either. One can tell immediately that love of music flows through Dejour; he lives and breathes it in as if it were pure oxygen. His own current favorite artists are: Jahmiel, Chronixx, Footsy, and Hilight. As to old school performers, he listed artists such as Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Eric Donaldson, Sam Cooke, and Aaron Neville, he says, “They wrote and sang music with meaning and purpose.” We can’t agree more. Clearly, he’s been feeding on a mix of soul, R&B, and hip-hop. We concluded our dialogue by asking Dejour how he would describe himself and his music: “I would describe myself and my music to be different; different in terms of melodic arrangements and lyrical content. I never try to fit in so neither should my music.” We believe that talent like his will take him only upward and the “sky is the limit” for this young man. His heart and soul is in the right place, while his words fill the hearts of everyone who listens to his melodies. Our hats are off to the golden voice from St. Kitts.

1. On the heels of his surprise Coachella performance with Jack Ü, Bunji Garlin premiered the video for his new single “Television,” exclusively on the Major Lazer YouTube channel with over 350,000 views the first week.  “Television” is available via Feel Up Records, the label co-owned by Major Lazer’s Jillionaire. The track is produced by Jillionaire himself and NYC’s own Richie Beretta. 2. Gaining international recognition with a number of top charting tracks, reggae recording artist Pressure Busspipe has remained steadfast delivering quality, conscious music. His latest single “FIGHT” on the wet Waxx riddim by Digital Vibez/ Prizzmatic Records is gaining great momentum on social media and worldwide airwaves. “Every day its a fight, a fight for human rights! dem amaze how me a strive, with the powers of Haile-AHigh ….Everyday it’s a fight, a fight for equal rights! dem amaze how I a strive, with the powers of Haile-A-High ….. “Pressure Busspipe – Fight. Pressure Busspipe “FIGHT” and the full Wet Waxx Riddim can be heard on soundcloud, while Wet Waxx Riddim is now available on iTunes Spotify Rhapsody and all major online digital stores.

3. Soca Gold is the annual round up of the hottest tracks for the Caribbean carnival season. In its twenty-first edition, Soca Gold 2016 is the most consistent and longstanding Soca music compilation on the market. Hear the full range of riddims emanating from 2016 Caribbean carnival with hits from Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Fay-Ann Lyons, Partice Robers, Skinny Fabulous, Rikki Jai and more...

Jo Mersa Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson and Stephen Marley’s son, carries the torch for this generation on “Burn It Down,” his first single for 2016 featuring vocals from his brother Yohan Marley. The single, produced by Jo, his father Stephen Marley and Llamar “ Riff Raff” Brown, is now available.


From the South Carolina church burning and Trayvon Martin’s murder in the United States to the innocent lives of his friends taken by the police in Jamaica, Jo’s call-toaction anthem touches on topics of racial violence and tension plaguing our globe and our need for social change.  “Carlton Grant Jr. a.k.a. Carlyle (Spragga Benz’s son) and a good friend of mine Sonico were both innocently gunned down in Jamaica by the police within two years apart. Then two years later in 2012, Trayvon Martin’s murder happened. It hit home to me. The potential they all had was taken away from them, for no reason. We are humans whom all have a purpose. My people and my generation are fed up. From my grandfather, grandmother, Martin Luther King Jr. and many people before us to the young activists today like Ashley Yates and Tory Russell, we will fight for justice. Burn out this wickedness and step outta Babylon,” Jo proclaims. Jo will take his message on the road. This summer, he will be supporting with the multi-platinum selling band UB40 on their cross-country U.S. tour.

Not Working By Lisa Owens, Penguin Random House Inc. – Retail Price $26.00USD

Not Working is a lighthearted tale of twentysomething Londoner Claire Flannery and her quests to figure out what she wants out of life. A great read for the millennial and little farfetch for some to relate to but there are a few moments one can identify with.

By Tessa Johnson

The Star Side Of Bird Hill by Naomi Jackson, Random House Inc. - Retail Price $16.00USD

by Shonda Rhimes, Simon & Schuster Books - Retail Price $24.99USD -

Creator and producer Shonda Rhimes’ The Year Of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person is a memoir that chronicles a year of “yes” and beyond. Rhimes opens up about her struggles with anxiety and the journey of how she’s overcome it. And her thought process behind some of the memorable characters she’s created. It’s journey worth taking and one you will never forget.

I’ll Never Write My Memoirs

A Brief History of Seven Killings

By Grace Jones and Paul Morley, Simon & Schuster Books – Retail Price $26.99USD

By Marlon James, Penguin Random House Inc. – Retail Price $17.00USD

It will be one of the most exciting memoirs you will ever read. Fashion icon, actress and singer Grace Jones gives an intimate glimpse into her world. Jones is candid as she shares stories about her childhood, Hollywood and her modelling days including being a muse for Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gautier. I assure you will not want to put it down.

A Brief History of Seven Killings tells a story of attempted assassination of Bob Marley. The novel is centred on the political turmoil in Kingston, Jamaica and New York during the 1970s to the early 1990s. The Jamaican-born author and winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize, Marlon James recreates history with brilliant storytelling with a meticulous eye for detail with a cast of power characters.

caribbean posh The summer issue 2016

A compelling story about two sisters, Phaedra and Dionne, who are sent home to their native island of Barbados to live with their grandmother. The sisters spend the summer discovering their individual paths. One in search of her summer love while the other explores her family history. A perfect summer novel to get lost in by author Naomi Jackson, a Brooklyn native of West Indian decent.

The Year Of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person


When it comes to the Caribbean, there is no shortage of extraordinary cuisine. Whether it’s native to the islands, or recipes from another culture, there’s no denying that Caribbean flair adds the perfect something to any meal. More specifically, St. Kitts is home to some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. From fresh seafood to mouth-watering Italian cuisine, check out some of the best restaurants on the island of St. Kitts. Spice Mill Restaurant

Spice Mill Restaurant is a gorgeous and chic beachfront beauty that provides everything from Asian, French, African and much more to their menu. However, the kitchen also stays home in proper locavore fashion, as does the bar, sourcing as much local produce as possible from Kittitian farmers and fishermen. Spice Mill flawlessly combines gastronomic traditions, contrasting colors, tastes, and textures right from the dips served with scrumptious homemade breads. Serendipity


This stylish restaurant occupies an old creole home whose charming enclosed patio offers lovely views of Basseterre and the bay. The interior lounge is even more conducive to romantic dining, with cushy sofas, patterned hardwood floors, porcelain lamps, and African carvings. The wine list is well considered; vegetarians will be delighted by the many creative options; and very affordable lunches feature gargantuan tapas-style selections. Marshall’s

Located in the pool area of Horizons Villa Resort, Marshall’s becomes a chic place to eat due to the picturesque ocean views, potted plants, serenading tree frogs, and elegant candlelit tables. Jamaican chef Verral Marshall

fuses ultra-fresh local ingredients with global influences. Recommended offerings include grilled swordfish with passion-fruit beurre blanc, pan-roasted duck breast with raspberrybalsamic sauce, or homemade sorbets. El Fredo’s

El Fredo’s is the perfect example of a place that you absolutely cannot judge by what you see. From the outside, El Fredo’s looks like a tiny shack with not much to offer. On the inside, however, El Fredo’s dishes out some of the finest local fare on St. Kitts. Don’t be surprised if you see politicians and other local celebrities grabbing a quick lunch alongside local workers. The draw is the traditional stewed oxtail, curry goat, or swordfish Creole served with heaping helpings of fungi (cornmeal), rice and peas, and dumplings. Join the locals for delicious dishes that they swear will cure—or at least absorb— any hangover. Carambola

This upscale restaurant is located on the pristine beach of South Friars. Sit and enjoy the ambiance, luxuriate in the night’s fare and sip a delicious cocktail as the island breeze blows. This ultra-stylish restaurant unfurls sensuously down South Friar’s Bay, like something out of St. Tropez. More casual lunches take full advantage of the beachfront setting, with white tents and hedonistic beach beds. But nighttime is truly spectacular, as outdoor fiber-optic fountains enhance the visual flair of the vast, sleek-butnot-slick interior replete with eat-in wine cellar and tile-and-layered-wood sushi bar. You really can’t go wrong regardless of where you choose to eat in St. Kitts. There an endless amount of incredible places to dine any time of the day and we hope you get the chance to check out some of our favorites!

Profile for Caribbean POSH

Caribbean Posh: The Summer Issue 2016  

Featuring Nikki Z, 5 Beauty Products, and the Caribbean POSHgirl Power Brunch

Caribbean Posh: The Summer Issue 2016  

Featuring Nikki Z, 5 Beauty Products, and the Caribbean POSHgirl Power Brunch