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acques Cousteau was onto something when he decided to spend his life, exploring and

discovering the wonders that the world had to offer. Similarly, to truly experience Barbados to its fullest is to discover a complexity, a diversity, a sense of romance and peaceful calm that truly encapsulates island life and island living. This charming isle is a country soaked in contrasts; modern marvels stand next to historic relics and old and new traditions mix and mingle to create a delightful experience for the explorer at heart. And discovery is simply a matter of arming yourself with a map, a camera and taking a little time to find the hundreds of un-spoilt coves, plains, byways or well kept secrets. Not an explorer? Then bask in the glorious weather, fall in love with smiling faces and marvel at the talents of our local artists and artisans. Hike over the little travelled highlands, scuba dive into the richly populated turquoise waters, consume the knowledge of the ages at a museum, rub shoulders with the elite at a polo match, or soak up the culture of the world at this year’s Holder’s season. Whatever your hearts’ desire you’ll find it here, on the shores of Barbados, and within the pages of Caribbean Dreams Magazine. With so much to do it’s easy to escape the frustrations of mundane day to day of living. Simply…

Read, Share, Explore…DREAM!


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The Colonnade Mall Broad Street Bridgetown 246.431.0031



f you’re blessed to be a Bajan, we hope that you are taking full advantage of the island and all it has to offer. When you travel, you love to explore other countries to ensure you get the most out of your stay. So why isn’t it the same when you are at home? We should know more about our country, than any visitor, but often times, that’s not the case. Travellers explore! They research before travelling and arrive equipped with more knowledge than some text books.

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If you previously roamed free, some years ago, and think there’s nothing else to do. THAT’S NOT TRUE! Everyday there are new adventures to behold; new tours, new restaurants, new dishes, new movies, new hikes, new challenges! Maybe you haven’t been since its upgraded, changed management, changed staff. Get out and start reexploring today. Go find out more about your island. This is for the visitor in you; get out and see how the island springs to life with just a little exploration.



o you have finally arrived! You made a quick pop across the ocean or took the journey by plane or cruise ship to the island of Barbados. Welcome! Barbadians are happy to have you and we are just as excited as you are to be here! There’s not a minute to lose! Grab that sun screen, slippers, sun glasses and get outside. Let’s explore Barbados together – hand in hand. Don’t worry, Bajans are quite friendly and welcoming as you will see. What should you do first? Start with your surroundings, see what’s nearby and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of island life. Now let’s go further, “Hey taxi!” Yes! Of course you can just

lay on the beach, but your visit to Barbados should not only be a vacation, but a fantastic experience! Sample everything. Meet local people and experience our culture one on one. While Barbados may not be your home, Barbadians will give you a warm welcome, with open doors and open arms. You’ve come into our island and we want to share all the beautiful treasures, which we have with you. But our biggest desire (if you do decide to return home) is for you to be able to say, “Barbados is more than just beautiful beaches, it’s an adventure! There is so much to see and do, I can’t wait to go back!”

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that only

happen in



We are constantly explaining dat de dolphin you eat is a fish and not a mammal!

Whuh fuh dinner?

2 A bread and two is not 3 breads! 3 Yuh does stupse when yuh hear a Tobagonian 4 5 6 7

talking bout their ‘flying fish’. You see someone pun de road you in see in a long time and ask, “wait, you still living?” Yuh don’t have to be drinking to ask for a scotch. You ask ‘wuh happenin?’ or ‘what’s up?’ even at a funeral. When somebody call pun de phone, they ask, “You still home?”

John Public Translates Bajan Sayings { p r o v e r b }


Ac t ua l T r a n s l at i o n

Everything you see you can’t have.

John Public’s T r a n s l at i o n

“Yuh eyes bigger dan yuh belly.”

6 | Caribbean Dreams

His version of what things might mean!

{ p r o v e r b }

{ p r o v e r b }

{ p r o v e r b }

{ p r o v e r b }





Ac t ua l T r a n s l at i o n

Ac t u a l T r a n s l at i o n

Ac t u a l T r a n s l at i o n

Ac t u a l T r a n s l at i o n

You may miss out on what is important when you are overly ambitious, or traveling too fast in life.

Don’t trust people with things which will tempt them.

Be careful what you say. You never know who is listening.

Use what you have.

John Public’s T r a n s l at i o n

John Public’s T r a n s l at i o n

John Public’s T r a n s l at i o n

John Public’s T r a n s l at i o n

“Plenty bushes around for a man to pee in.”

“Mek due with what you have.”

“When yuh in a hurry, yuh does do foolishness.”

“ If yuh put money in front of a thief, he will tek it up!”

extra! extra!

Tings to mek yuh

Natural Remedies We Give You Permission To Try At Home!

Smile A bajan funny!

The fly - Author unknown One day, a Trinidadian, a Jamaican, and a Bajan walked into a rum shop together. They proceeded to each buy a Banks Beer. Just as they where about to


Sore throat? We’ve got you covered. Dilute lemon or lime juice in a glass of water and gargle frequently. Incidentally, lemon juice is also useful in bleaching stains from white clothes. Combine lemon juice, blue soap and salt, apply to clothes and place in the sun.

enjoy their creamy beverage, a fly landed in each of their beers. The Trini pushed his beer away from him in disgust. The Jamaican fished the offending fly out of his beer and continued drinking it as if nothing had happened. The Bajan picked the fly out of his drink, held it out over the beer and then started yelling. “SPIT IT OUT, SPIT IT OUT, YOU IGRUNT BRUTE!”

Do you have a funny Bajan photo or joke that you want to share with us? Email us at


The plant, Dog Dumpling, (better known as Noni) may have a strange name, but its therapeutic effects are undeniable. You can ease a fever or headache naturally by wrapping the head with the leaves of this plant or brew into a tonic to help with arthritic joints.


Cerasee leaves are another great “cure for all”. These leaves may be used to treat influenza and is said to be a great blood purifier and cleanser. Boil the bush in water, allow it to cool, and drink. You just have to get past the bitterness.


Spranksious (Sprank∙shuss) – Adj

Uninhibited good looking, precocious.

Common use – ““You see Gardenia out Oistins pun Friday night? She was getting on real spranksious pun de dancefloor!” Interpretation – “Did you notice Gardenia partying in Oistins Friday night? She was behaving quite uninhibitedly on the dance floor.” Defined & Illustrated by Nicholas Ward’s Bajan Slang Dictionary. Available at all Ganzee locations, Cave Shepherd, Pages, and other locations. Contact Nick at for special orders!

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LL COOL J The oh so sexy LL Cool J, rapper and current NCIS: Los Angeles star, is the grandson of a Barbadian.

With Bajan pioneers in every field, Charles was the first black United States Secret Service agent. His father was a Bajan.

Stacey Dash

This stunning actress & model has a Barbadian father.


Laman Rucker Cutie pie Lamman Rucker best know for Meet The Browns is the grandson of columnist Ebenzer Ray, who was born and raised in Barbados.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2011 Gwyneth visited our shores tracing her ancestry; turns out her great-grandmother, & great grandfather were Bajans.

Doug E. Fresh

“Teach me how to Dougie, Teach me, Teach me, How to Dougie!” Yup! This song & dance are about the beat boxer, producer and rapper, Barbadian born Doug E. Fresh.

8 | Caribbean Dreams

Charles Gittens

“If Yuh Proud to be a Bajan, Put all yuh flags up, put all your flags up and if you represent we nation let me see flags up!” These popular words, from the song “Colours” by Natalie Burke & Shontelle, don’t only hold true for the average Bajan Joe. Many internationally acclaimed individuals frequently go on record to talk about their Bajan pride, heritage and influences. Most people know our diamond in the sky, Rihanna, and other names like Shontelle and Sir Garfield Sobers also hail from these shores but looka who else is a Bajan or has Barbadian roots!

Cuba Gooding Jr

Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr, his brother, actor Omar Gooding, and their father (singer from the Main Ingredient) Cuba Gooding, Sr. are all Barbadian descendants. Jr’s grandfather and great grans were all Bajans.

Eric Himpton Holder, Jr

The current and 82nd Attorney General of the United States and the first African American to hold this post. Holder’s father…a Bajan!

Meagan Good

Her grandfather from her father’s side is a Barbadian. That makes the “Think Like A Man” star part Bajan.

Grand mast-er Flash

The first hip hop/rap artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a Bajan - Grandmaster Flash was born Joseph Saddler, in Bridgetown Barbados.

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5 Top Island


Check out our ratings for this editions top 5 picks on the island. Ratings run from 1 Flying Fish (Poor) to 5 Flying Fish (Most excellent). Be sure to visit every one of them.


Take a Sunset Catamaran Cruise Romance or party, sunset catamaran cruises make for an excellent evening. Glide over the twinkling blue waters as the sun sets in the distance. Watch as the stars slowly reveal themselves on their majestic perch. Enjoy a relaxed evening with that special someone, or dance the night away with family and Service


Miami Beach Located just on the outskirts of Oistihns, is Enterprise Beach. This beach, locally known as Miami Beach, is a favourite among Bajans and visitors alike, its optimal location and great layout make it a popular destination on weekends and public holidays. Located on the South Coast, the waters in this area offer occasional swells which watersports enthusiasts may find favourable, the Service Water Sports & Amenities

10 | Caribbean Dreams

Fun Factor

western side of the beach, however, offers calm waters, perfect for children and general sea bathers. Did we mention the various vendors? We suggest you try the Mr. Delicious food van, and enjoy your meal on the picnic benches shaded by the trees nearby. Have a picnic, take a swim, boogie board or just relax! This beach has something for you. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Seniors, Locals, Tourists, Everyone Overall Value for money

friends. You may find a variety of sunset cruises, ranging from moonlit dinners and simple relaxed cruises to all out jump and wave party cruises. So whether you romance your lover or jam to the latest hits with friends, join a scheduled cruise or charter your own private one, it’s sure to be a night to remember. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone Overall Value for money


Cou – Cou & Flying Fish When a real Bajan hears “cou-cou and flying fish”, their mouth starts to water… well at least mine does. This dish is Barbados’ national dish. The cou cou, usually prepared with cornmeal and okra is stirred until firm with a cou cou stick (a cooking utensil which looks like a miniature Taste

cricket bat). Friday is cou cou day and you should be able to find cou cou in several establishments across the island, including the Waterfront Café and Atlantis Restaurant. Notably there are a few variations on cou cou; sometimes done without okra or using breadfruit instead of cornmeal. However it is done, this national dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.


Arlington House


Located in Queens Street, Speightstown, in an eighteenth century home, the interactive Arlington House museum is a fascinating trip back in time. It showcases the life of the first settlers and the sugar trade, and the importance of Speightstown to our history. The three-storey museum is great fun and a fully interactive experience for the whole

1st Floor-“Speightstown Memories”-About the island’s first settlers. 2nd Floor-“Plantation Memories”- Showcasing the islands sugar industry 3rd Floor- “Wharf Memories”A talking pirate takes you on a journey loved by all. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.

Fun Factor Experience Cost Adults 10US Children 5US Open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am - 3pm


Bay Tavern “I’m going to Martin’s Bay this Thursday. You coming?” It’s an invitation that every Bajan, who knows about this hidden treasure, enjoys hearing. However, most don’t know the actual name of this delectable restaurant. It’s “Bay Tavern”, often described as a hidden gem, a diamond in the rough or by many other terms that simply explain it is a wonderful stop worth travelling

Overall Value for money

to. Martin’s Bay is a secluded area in the parish of St. John. The restaurant, a traditional rum shop setting, looks over the rugged waves of the eastern coast and offers an authentic culinary Bajan experience. Great Bajan food, at a great price. Be sure arrive early; arrival anytime after 11:30am, might mean you wait awhile. Excellent for Couples, Tourists, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Everyone

Service Food local ambiance & Fun cost Meals (which are often large enough to share) range from 12US to 15US.

Overall Value for money

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Fun & fete caaaaaahn DONE!

Island Vibes &e Nightlif

sez who? Questions to bring stars closer to earth!

14 | Caribbean Dreams

amanda reifer has got you covered

Rihanna is not the only superstar to originate from this island paradise of Barbados… So did the big band, Cover Drive, comprised of 4 talented young people - Amanda Reifer, T-Ray Armstrong, Barry "Bar-Man" Hill and Jamar Harding. The band gained recognition worldwide but has had massive success in the United Kingdom, with hits such as Explode, Lick Ya Down, Twilight and Sparks. The band also opened for Rihanna, toured with Kelly Clarkson and was featured on Far East Movement’s, ‘Turn Up The Love’. Caribbean Dreams Magazine got to learn more about Amanda Reifer, the 23 year old songwriter and lead singer of Cover Drive.

island vibes & nightlife

fun & fete caahn done!

CD What were you praised for as a child? AR Passion, drive and creativity. CD What do you miss most about home, when you are on tour, other than family. AR I always miss Bajan lemonade. Brown

sugar, limes and bitters...There's nothing like it!

CD What’s the strangest thing you have ever been caught doing as an adult that when you caught yourself you thought, "Oh shoot, I hope nobody noticed"? AR Singing and re-enacting songs from

The Little Mermaid in my hotel room. The guys caught it all on camera. So embarrassing!

CD What were you getting into as a child? AR I've always loved the arts so I threw

myself into anything arts related as a kid. I did everything I could from singing, dancing and piano lessons to painting and sketching. I realized that I thrived on being busy at a very early age.

“...I threw myself into anything arts related as a kid. I did everything I could from singing, dancing and piano lessons to painting and sketching. I realized that I thrived on being busy at a very early age.”

Caribbean Dreams: What is your favourite family members' pet name for you? Amanda Reifer 'Cousin It'. It's a horrible nickname!

CD What is your favourite TV Show? AR Scandal! Olivia Pope is my hero. CD People around you frequently nag you for…? AR Daydreaming, I'm a chronic

daydreamer. I can sometimes become so oblivious to the world around me. I might even start daydreaming in the middle of a conversation and that drives people crazy! That, and talking too loudly. I have no volume control!

CD Do you have any obscure dreams that you think might never come true or that just may come true (you never know). AR: Oh yes! One of them is to play the role

of Velma Kelly in the musical, Chicago, on Broadway, another is to fly a plane and another is to do a duet with Gwen Stefani. I might just die of excitement if that last one actually happens!

CD Do you have comfort food? If so what is it and when do you crave it most? AR I have an ongoing love affair with

chocolate chip cookies. They are the ultimate comfort food. To be honest I crave them all of the time but most intensely after watching a serious tear jerker.

CD If you could be anyone in the world for a day who would it be? AR I've always wondered what a day in

the life of Oprah would be like.

CD What food can't you stand? Or what food do you really like BUT only from a particular place? AR I really can't stand bananas. CD What did you always get in trouble for as a child? (or the most trouble for?) AR I always got in trouble for being too

defiant or stubborn. If I didn't agree with something I'd oppose it and that doesn't always go down well when you're a child growing up in Barbados.

CD If you had to pick a profession that you could magically be for life (other than an entertainer) what would it be? AR If I said anything other than an

entertainer I'd be lying!

CD What do you enjoy the most about being a star or being you? AR I love the fact that I get to do what I

love everyday.

CD When you are in Barbados what is your favourite thing to do here? AR Chill at the beach!

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It’s a matter of the right place at the right time. If you happen to be on island during any of these dates, don’t let these sporting activities pass you by.

This Season’s Top Sporting Events

Polo in Barbados has a rich history, dating back to 1884 when British Calvary officers introduced it to the island. The Polo Season runs from January to May and is played up to the 14point level. The event attracts thousands of spectators, to Holder’s in St. James, Lion Castle in St. Thomas, Ape Hill in St. James or Clifton in St. Thomas, for a fantastic afternoon of relaxation and socialization.

Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

Polo Tournament

Top Gear Festival

Polo Calendar

Apes Hill - Tour - Apes Hill Tue Apr 1 Thurs Apr 3 Sun Apr 6

Tue Apr 8 Thurs Apr 10 Sun Apr 13

Lion Castle - Tour - Lion Castle Tue Apr 15 Thurs Apr 17 Sat Apr 19

Club Matches

Sat May 3 - Lion Castle Sat May 10 - Apes Hill Sat May 18 - Holders Sat May 24 - Lion Castle

Presidents/Kearns Trophy - Lion Castle For more information on polo, contact the Barbados Polo Club at (246) 432 1802

Rally Barbados Yes! This is the third time we are mentioning Rally Barbados! With good reason! Fast becoming one of the largest motor sporting events in its class, this is a must attend event, enjoyed thoroughly by visitors and locals alike. Food, drinks, great friends, a fantastic social atmosphere, thrills, spills and rally car driving! All the ingredients needed for a fantastic weekend. This years event runs from May 31st to June 1st.

Hike Barbados If you’re interested in seeing another perspective of the island, why not hike through our tropical rain forest, along river beds, between the cane fields, through valleys and over long lost train tracks to picturesque locales, hidden coves and views which will only be seen by the most adventurous. See a full list of free Sunday hikes put on by the Barbados National Trust on Page 44

16 | Caribbean Dreams

The newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit will host the spectacular international Top Gear Festival on 17-18 May, 2014. The festival will feature an array of cars and driving celebrities including the Top Gear Stunt Team, The Stig, 2008 Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton and talented specialty drivers from the world over performing, stunts, tricks and amazing feats. The festival will be hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Tickets are on sale and priced at BBD$75 (approx. £22) for a general admission ticket, BBD$200 (approx. £59) for a Club House ticket and BBD$500 (approx. £149) for a VIP Marquee ticket. Children’s tickets are also available. For more information on ticket packages or to book visit

Sir Garfield Sobers Golf Festival This event hosted by cricketing legend Sir Garfield Sobers, attracts players from all over the world. This annual 72 hole Stroke Play Competition is one of the largest and most popular golfing events on the island; it features golfers competing in teams of four over three days at the Country Club at Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland, the Barbados Golf Club & Apes Hill Club. There is also a ladies’ competition. For more information contact the Barbados Golf Club at (246) 428 8463. Schedule of Events

Thurs 1st May: First Round of Championships Fri 2nd May: Second Round of Championships. Sat 3rd May: Third Round of Championships. Sun 4th May: Fourth Round of Championships with Presentation of Prizes at the Barbados Golf Club at 6:30pm and farewell drinks from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

island vibes & nightlife

fun & fete caahn done!


Top 7

Movie Pet Peeves!

Meet me

at the


atching blockbuster movies at the cinemas is a timehonored tradition. The smell of Popcorn wafts through the air and you line up, pile in and wait with eager anticipation as the trailers roll by. It’s a great night out for couples, family, friends and even

strangers brought together in a socially shared experience, where we all scream, laugh and cry on queue as if we were ourselves apart of a movie, an experience that could never be replicated at home with your “surround sound” and big screen TV.

The Mortal may or may not know that every cinema in Barbados means a different movie going experience. But what is really on offer… LIMEGROVE CINEMAS The only movie house on the west Coast is a moviegoers

dream come true. Limegrove Cinemas have huge comfortable chairs, footstools, lounge chairs, attendants that bring your concession stand order to your seat and No Long Lines (simply book your ticket online)! With service available at the touch of a button, it’s literally a luxury experience for moviegoers of all ages. Typical Show times See online or call 420-2000 for start times and pricing.















Subtitles that flash by too quickly for anyone to read! People who allow their kids to run all over before the movie starts

People who have seen the movie and should be wearing, “a flashing, neon, spoiler alert sign!” Trailers that show all the best bits of the entire movie, leaving us disappointed at the cinema. Ridiculously slow concession stands! One person working at the launch of a blockbuster! ARGH! People who answer their phone during the film. “ Hello? Oh hi Bob! I’m at the movies… I’m watching ‘The Incredibles’… Oh yeah its fantastic so far!”…PLEASE! PLEASE! Please shut up! People who feel a running

commentary is needed on every move in a film like a rousing game of cricket or football – FAIL


Call movie listings after 5:30pm:

Recline that chair & relax in your own private, viewing center… namely your car, and settle in for a nightly double feature. Set the volume and the AC just the way you like it, then save bucks by bringing a car full of yummy, movie snacks… that’s just one option; if that doesn’t suit you, head to the concession stand for the popcorn (that never tastes the same at home). Typical Show times: 6:30pm and 8:30pm

1(246) 437-0480 THE OLYMPUS THEATERS Another popular movie experience is the six cinema Olympus multiplex theater. This multiplex has something for most moviegoers, including 3D. Expect long lines on special offer Tuesdays and blockbuster opening nights. Typical Show times: Call for showtimes and listings: 1(246) 437-1000

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island vibes & nightlife

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With information constantly at our finger tips, our decision to catch any flick these days is seriously impacted, not just by the teasers and the crazy line up of stars, but by the Oscar Buzz, the budget, the soundtrack, leaks from the movie set, the past work of the director or author, and of course the internet “plants” used to generate excitement for things to come (i.e fake websites etc). All used to build a burning desire to empty our wallets on many


We are definitely going to see!

films well before the official release. YES! The days of movie selection based on one image and a description may be long gone, but today we are making our way back to a simpler time. Here are our picks for movies to consider this season based SOLELY on their trailers. The ones that made us feel good, laugh, cry, cringe or tingle with excitement in just 3 minutes or less.

These look Great!

Some people liked

Walk of Shame

Bad Neighbours

Mom’s Night Out

Grand Budapest Hotel

A Million Ways To Die In The West



The Double



Blended The Immigrant

X-Men: Days Of Future Past


We are definitely going to see!

These look Great!

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

How to train your Dragon 2

Think Like A Man Too

Trust Me

22 Jump Street Edge of Tomorrow


We are definitely going to see! Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Jupiter Ascending Hercules Edge of Tomorrow

The Signal Edge of Tomorrow

These look Great! Sex Tape Tammy The Purge: Anarchy

Some people liked Snowpiercer Jersey Boys They came together The Rover

Some people liked Planes: Fire & Rescue Step Up: All in Begin Again Wish I Was Here

Deliver Us from Evil

Caribbean Dreams | 19

fun & fete caahn done!

island vibes and nightlife


veryone needs a break, and that certainly includes you. Your job may be stressful; without you at the helm running the show, the whole operation may crumble before a working day is done. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to pamper yourself, on the contrary, you need it even more. But if you need added incentive, then visit the spa because…

Because...of The Heath Benefits You feel relaxed and refreshed after a trip to the spa. Take the advice of the staff who can guide you to the treatments that are best suited to you. A ask for suggestions on nutrition and wellness ( yoga etc) that can help with reducing the stress of your daily routine. helps to Reduce pain

Just one trip to the spa can increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. Additionally, the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room are also great ways to get rid of toxins and reduce stress. The results are greatly enhanced after several therapies.

Turtle Beach Resort Christ Church

(246) 228-2634 OR (246) 827-7859


• Manicure • Pedicure • Hair Styling • Massage • Reflexology • Facials • Waxing • Body Wraps • Scrubs • Ear Candling for gents

20 | Caribbean Dreams


Crystal's Executive Salon & Spa enhances body, mind and spirit. Their lovely facilities offer Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Styling, Massage, Facials, Waxing, Body Wraps, Ear Candling and much more. A visit to the spa is sure to leave both ladies and gents feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and at Crystal's, their aim is to provide care for the overall wellbeing of their clients and the friendly staff ensures this. Take a spa day for yourself or come with friends, visit Crystal’s Executive Salon & Spa at Turtle Beach Resort or the Courtyard Marriott. Contact them today to find out how they can cater to your needs, call 228-2634 or 827-7895. Come in and be pampered! can help to Improve Brain Function

Take a head or scalp massage to improve blood circulation, stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin and calm muscle tension around the head. Or have a beauty treatment or two (or three) to decompress, feel good about yourself, boost your confidence and enable you to return to the rigors of life, energized and rearing to go. can help to Improve Circulation

Several spa treatments and massages can help to improve the blood circulation in the body and reduce blood pressure, in turn reducing the likelihood of blood clots and even the possibility of getting strains and sprains. can help to Improve your Skin

Healthy skin, healthy you! Radiant skin gives that special glow that can make us look and feel good. 
Facials, body wraps and other body treatments, can target skin problems and reduce acne, blemishes, wrinkles and much more. With all these great reasons, and more, why not treat yourself to a fabulous spa day?

fun & fete caahn done!

island vibes and nightlife


usic pumping, waistline gyrating, hands in the air, wuk up and wave. Calypso must be in the air, and if it’s not, it must be on my mind. The rhythm and beat of the brass and drums passed on from our African forefathers, remain with us today. For Barbadians and Caribbean people on the whole, this music wakes up something inside that says “it’s time to move”. From melodious tunes to loud and raucous chants, waistlines move to the rhythm. While most Bajans are born with the ability to feel the music and move in time, others see it as an art form, one which, we believe, could be taught…

2 3

4 5

May 17 Crop Over Crawl @ Various Locations

You will need a full-length mirror, calypso music, videos of people wuking up and the will to learn.

Tour @ Starting in Bridgetown

Watch as many videos as possible, interchanging watching and practicing.

June 13 Brewster’s Road

Holding the shoulders in place, move your waistline in a clockwise motion, in tune with the music. You may put your hands on your waist for reinforcement. (Some people wuk up anti-clockwise. While clockwise is preferred, anti clockwise may work better for you)

June 15 Crop Over Heritage Lecture & Tour @ Codd’s House Car Park & Nidhe Isreal Synagogue & Museum

Practice, practice, practice. If all else fails, just do what you want to enjoy yourself and the music. Don’t worry about others in the party. Ultimately, dancing is all about how you feel when you do it .

22 | Caribbean Dreams

June 8 Crop Over Heritage Bus June 9 Christ Church Carnival @ Silver Sands to Wotton Crew (BRC) - Event Launch @ Kensington Oval

June 20 Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - Awareness @ Kensington Oval June 27 Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - Soca Champions @ Kensington Oval

July 4 - Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - Sweet Soca @ Kensington Oval July 6 - Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - Awaken @ Golden Grove Plantation

Sobers Gymnasium July 19 - Junior Calypso Monarch Finals @ The Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium July 20 - Soca on the Hill @ Farley Hill

July 6 - Visual Arts Festival Official Opening @ The Grande Salle Central Bank

July 20 - Crop Over Heritage Walk from Princess Alice Highway to Cavan’s Lane

July 10 - Pan Yard Lime @ Bajan Cultural Village, Waterford

July 25 - 40th Anniversary Crop Over Monarchs in Concert @ National Stadium

July 11 - Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) – Scandal @ Kensington Oval July 11 - Pan Fusion @ Illaro Court July 12 - Pan in de City & Cruise to Speightstown

July 25 - Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - Ole Ting New Ting @ Kensington Oval July 26 - Folk Concert @ Frank Collymore Hall

July 12 - Chelsea Boyzz - Puff of Colour

July 26 - Junior Kadooment and Junior Soca Monarch Finals @ National Stadium

July 13 - Pan Pun De Sand @ Brandons Beach

July 27 - Soca Royale @ Bushy Park

June 29 – Crop Over Read-In @ Codrington College

July 18 - Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - H2O - Soak n Soca @ Kensington Oval

July 31 - Brewster’s Road Crew (BRC) - Bucketfest @ Kensington Oval

July 3 - Gospel Concert @ Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Center

July 18 - Pic-O-De Crop Semifinals @ The Sir Garfield

July 31 - Bridgetown Market Opens @ Spring Garden Highway

June 27 Junior Soca Monarch Semifinals @ Queen’s Park Steel Shed

Line Up Of Crop Over Events






ally Barbados is easily the Caribbean’s biggest annual international motor sporting event. This two-day event is high speed, adrenalin-pumping action. Witness drivers from across to world display their talent on Barbados’ winding roads. Travelling from one race point to another, showcases another

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side of the island. The experience sends you over hill and dale, across cane fields and through more of Barbados’ ‘back roads’ in these two days, than some will find in two months. So pack up the truck with your friends, coolers, food, snacks, some sun screen, chairs and umbrellas and get ready, because

Rally Barbados is a perfect lime (hang out) and a brilliant outing with friends. If you don’t know the island, we suggest you travel with someone who does, or travel with your map. Remember to set out extra early, not only to get one of the best spots, but because the roads will be closed just before the racing starts.

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fun & fete caahn done!

SPORT BARBADOS MUD DOGS If you love vehicles, 4x4s and mud, then Mud Dog 4x4 motorsport is for you. These versatile off road vehicles, traverse some of the most difficult terrain to prove that they are worthy to be called Mud Dogs!

A Quickie on RALLY 2014 Rally Dates May 1st to June 1st

Barbadian Favourites Paul Bourne or Roger Skeete

2013 winner Paul Bird & Aled Davies

Best Event (In Our Opinion) King Of The Hill

Fastest Time Overall 1h 00m 31.75sec

No. of Spectators Tens of Thousands

Number of Participating crews 2013: 94 Number of Crews to finish 2013 56

Driving through muddy waters as high as the windscreen, and climbing over piles of boulders taller that the vehicles, this sport tests the capability of the driver as well as the vehicle. This is not a speed event, its focus is on the ability to manoeuvre through rugged terrain. That being said, this adrenalin pumping event is open to spectators and anyone with a four wheel drive jeep or pick up.

Mud Dogs Calendar 2014 April 6th - April Safari (Island Wide) May 4th - Mudfest June 28th - 29th - June Safari (Island Wide)

Favourite rally spot (In Our Opinion) Kendal Duck Pond

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Music is an integral part of island culture in Barbados and the Caribbean. When a beat drops so does a Bajan! Ok, well maybe, not! But Bajans can party all night long; will leave one party to go to another, or as is seen at so many Crop Over fetes, can keep going from sun up to

sun down... and back up again. Fortunately, we don’t expect you to live that lifestyle while you are on vacation but we do expect you to shake a leg at least once during your stay. Check out our nightly activities time table to decide what to do.

*Typically the club gets jumping between 11pm and 1am and ends at roughly 3am. Info accurate at time of Publishing.

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Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

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Celebrations & Festivals

May | Gospelfest | May 18th – 25th It is well known that Christianity plays a major role in the lives of most Barbadians, as it is said that, “you can find a church and a rum shop on almost every corner”. It is therefore no surprise that there is a festival to celebrate this important aspect of Barbadian life. Gospelfest is a showcase of music and talent, but most importantly, it showcases love and community spirit. This year Gospelfest will be featuring the international star, Hezekiah Walker, along with many other singing sensations. The week of events will be held at various locations throughout the island, highlighting a variety of musical styles. Schedule Thanksgiving Service Sun May 18, 8:00am Venue To Be Announced

Hymnspeak Tue May 20, 7:00pm St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Bridgetown

Sunset Concert Wed May 21, 5:30pm Independence Square, Bridgetown Joseph Niles Legacy Lecture – Thur May 22, 8:00pm Grand Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre, B’town

Laughter & Jazz Fri May 23, 8:00pm Divi Southwinds Beach Resort, St. Lawrence, Christ Church Ultimate Gospel Sat May 24, 7:00pm Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, Wildey, St. Michael

Top Gear Festival | May 17th – 18th As mentioned previously, this popular European festival is now making it’s way to the Americas for the first time. May 17 and 18 will see a superb line up of cars and drivers at the newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit. It’s hosts are Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (the regular hosts of BBC’s Top Gear Show). Don’t miss out on the first event of the 2014 Top Gear championship, featuring the only Red Bull Rally cross outside of the US for the year.

May - A ugust | Crop Over Festival | Crop Over is truly the largest festival in Barbados, with origins which date back hundreds of years. In those days, Barbadians celebrated with a massive street fair to commemorate the end of the sugar cane harvest. Two hundread years later it has evolved into the vibrant display of culture’ art and craft, dance, music, masquerading, and more, with persons travelling from around the globe to participate in the festival. The twelveweek festival culminates on the first day of August with a street carnival, Grand Kadooment. The streets come alive with tens of thousands of revelers sporting beautiful and imaginative costumes. On this day, many persons release their inhibitions, become infected by the beat and the rhythm of kaiso (soca) music, Bajan gyrations and merriment. Grand Kadooment 2014 will take place on August 4.

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Brown Sugar Restaurant

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Islande Cuisin



The foodie List Of “Must Try’s” On Island

“Come taste me hand!”, is a popular Barbadian phrase that


are tons of delectable goodies to be had all over the island. From impressive restaurants to side bars, corner stores and food stalls, all with menus of mouth watering creations… making a decision on what to order maybe a bit daunting. However, if you happen to be a foodie looking for Bajan food that really captures the essence of who we are, then we suggest that you don’t set foot off this island without trying these island favourites.

Cou Cou & Flying Fish |

Mahi Mahi |

Water front Café, Bridgetown or Atlantis Restaurant, St. Joseph. This is the islands national dish, cou cou (made of Corn meal) and steamed flying fish

Rotisserie Chicken – Chicken Barn, Christ Church or RA. Mapps, Eagle Hall, St. Michael This mouth watering delight, is no ordinary rotisserie chicken, add spicey Bajan seasonings.

Macaroni Pie | Mustor’s, McGregor

Oistins, Bay Gardens, Christ Church Also known as Dolphin, to Bajans, but this is a fish and not the mammal we also call Flipper.


to try your cooking and there

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Snapper |

Bay Tavern, Martins Bay, St John This snapper arrives fresh daily is often times more than enough for two.

A Fish Cutter |

Cuz’s, Bay Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael Ask any bajan about Cuz’s and they will direct you easily Famous for fish cutters, our favourite is the unusual fish, egg and cheese cutter.

Barbeque Pig Tails |

Baxters Road, St. Michael or Oistins, Christ Church It’s exactly what it sounds like, slowly barbaqued over an open flame and flavoured with Bajan Barbeque Sauce.

.Ribs | Chris’s Place, Rock Dundo, St Peter These ribs are said to be the best on the island, a part of this is the secret sauce.

Fish Cakes |

Hot Legendary Fish Cakes in Oistins, Christ Church or Eagle Hall, St. Michael Fishcakes are a Bajan favourite; these fried delacies are a must.

Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael Whatever you thought you knew about macaroni pie will change after you have tried it in Barbados.

Barbeque/Fried Pork chops | The Village Bar, Lemon Arbour, St John Just the thought of these pork chops sets my tummy in an uproar. Try these immediately!

Souse | De Souse Factory, Kendal,

St John Pickled Breadfruit, sweet potatoes and pork! Bajans enjoy this item so much that we have even designated Saturday as “Souse Day”.



Top Floor, Cave Shepherd Bridgetown, St. Michael

(246) 431-2139

Opening Hours Mon - Sat 9 - 10:45am Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch


Ideal restaurant| Ideal Restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of Cave Shepherd in Bridgetown. This a wonderful place to have a delicious meal. Serving some of the best food in Bridgetown and at the best prices, there is no doubt that this restaurant is truly ideal. Ideal’s wide array of Bajan dishes whet the appetite and certainly satisfy the taste buds. These local delicacies include peas and rice, cou-cou, creamed potato, macaroni pie, shepherd’s pie, chowmein, baked or stewed chicken, beef stew, lamb, flying fish,

baked pork and even souse on certain days. Coleslaw, potato salad, tossed salad and pickled cucumber are also on the menu. This fully air conditioned restaurant has plenty of seating, friendly staff and television entertainment is provided. The casual ambiance at Ideal Restaurant, is a welcoming break from the hustle and bustle of Bridgetown. When seeking a refreshment stop, why not try the Ideal Restaurant.

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Grandma’s Kitchen! A

s a child I spent many happy moments just watching my Granny trot about the house; chores, fun or relaxation it was all the same to me, her round face, warm smile and welcoming demeanor could often dry tear filled eyes with a smile, simple hug or a bit of bribery. One of the many things she loved to do was bake, somehow creating large meals in what I thought was the twinkling of an eye. Granny was the baker, and I was the spoon licker, so we were a match made in heaven, if I do say so myself. One Item she made quite often was sweet bread, (a very serious thing) and my stomach was always full long before the cake

Granny’s Sweet Bread Ingredients 1 lb All purpose flour ¼ lb Margarine or butter, melted ¾ Cup milk 6oz Sugar 1 Small dry coconut, grated or 1 ½ cups desiccated coconut 1 tsp Vanilla essence 3 tsps Baking powder 6oz Raisins ½ Tsp Salt 1 Egg

went into the oven. More than the baking or the recipe, it was the experience (grandchild and grandparent) that we always treasure, and is a staple in Caribbean households. This recipe from Granny’s kitchen is a delicious treat that’s easy to prepare - all very straightforward with the exception of the coconut. You may decide to purchase your grated coconut, or choose to go the old fashioned route, using the whole dry coconut. What an experience that was! If you have never tried before, you will never know how hard it is to jimmy,

wiggle, jiggle, crack and remove that hard coconut from its shell. Once the excavation was over, Granny moved on to grating and I to snacking on coconut bits (my official responsibility, as I thought, was to ensure that the bread didn’t have too much coconut). I hope that you enjoy making this as much as we did.

Method 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. 2. Grease loaf pans. 3. Cream sugar and butter until light and fluffy; add the egg, milk, butter and vanila essence. 4. Sift flour and baking powder together and add slowly to the creamed mixture. 5. Stir in grated coconut and blend well 6. Pour into loaf pans and bake 1hr or until the top is golden brown. 7. The bread is finished if when stuck with a match stick or fork the end comes out clean. 8. Allow to cool, then slice.

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Island Cuisine

He Said, She Said, Trip Advisor Said!


t’s quite true that millions of people use and rate their experiences on Trip Advisor (TA). The good ones, the bad ones and the ones they wish they had skipped all together. But while every experience is genuine, we wondered how their restaurant rankings (mostly posted by visitors) would match up with our local readers, who had more time to appreciate the island and more visits to these restaurants. We asked six locals about their favorite places to eat in Barbados here are their answers as compared to the top restaurants on Trip Advisor.



Island Plates “Wow- what a little gem!” “Tasty Island Plates!”


Champers “Excellent food, service & ambiance.“ TA





Champers “Stunning meal & Location” “Up there with the best”

The Cliff “The wow factor” “Went for cocktails”


Tides “Excellent food, service & ambiance.“ TA


Mojo “Great burgers, great atmosphere, great service” TA



Daphne’s “Good food, excellent service.” TA


Cin Cin


“Top of the line service, great for special occasions”

“Food & Service are great and the place is just lovely.”






Coffee Bean


“The whole zen feel, fantastic view, ultra romantic.”

“Great Place for lunch, I love the wraps and service.”

“Love the location, overlooking the sea.”



The Good Life “Excellent” “Great Food and Friendly staff”

Café Luna “Its just sooo romantic”

Cuz’s Fish Shack

Wytukai “Love Polynesian

“Excellent Fresh Fish on the beach” “One of the best meals I’ve ever had”




39 Steps “A new favourite of mine”



Lemon Grass “The service is ok but everything else


R.A Mapps “Love the rotisserie chicken love the sauce.” TA


Chicken Barn “Love the rotisserie Chicken love the pricing.” TA


Tides “Excellent food, excellent Service” TA


Jus’ Grillin’ “Great Place to lime.”


Champers “My favourite restaurant, love the food, and the atmosphere.” TA


Fish Pot “love the view & the food”



Chicken Barn “I would eat their rotisserie chicken everyday if I could.” TA


Chefette “Convenient, affordable , great desserts and specials.” TA


Bubbas “Love the ambiance, sports bar feel, and they have the best nachos.” TA


To Go Deli “Cheap & healthy”


Wytukai “Eat free on your birthday!”

Tides “Lovely view and best desserts.”

is perfect there.” TA


food and you eat free on your birthday!” TA




Jus’ Grillin’ “Good grilled food we dine there or takeaway.” TA




Zen “The atmosphere is great and the food is good.” TA




Chefette “Convenient an great place to lime.” TA




Oistins “Fresh Sea food on open grills.” TA



KFC “Convenient with the best chicken.”


*TA ratings as at March 19th 2014

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Warrens, St. Michael Coverly, Ch Ch Bay Street, Bridgetown Worthing, Ch Ch

Chicken barn|

Home of The Heavenly Chicken

Chicken Barn is rotisserie at its best! Available at several locations island wide. (246) 228-6381

Opening Hours 10:30am - 10:30pm 9 - 10:45am Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch


Head over to Chicken Barn Coverly. Where birds are slowly cooked over a keenly regulated open flame in the rotisserie to allow the specially prepared seasonings and herbs in each bird to penetrate the meat giving it a mouth-watering flavor that tantalizes the palate, creating an authentic Caribbean experience in every bite.Enjoy rotisserie chicken accompanied by a choice of french fries, garden or pasta salad and

cole-slaw. Try a succulent chickenbreast sandwich garnished with lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles or the flying-fish and chips is an alternative for the non-meat eaters who are desirous of enjoying this Barbadian favourite. On your next visit enjoy home-style hamburgers made from ground beef, using their forty-year old family recipe. A treat thoroughly enjoyed by the discerning beef lover.

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Hit the bar for improved brain function!

Love wine for a healthy Heart

Forget the Ginko Biloba, the brain trainers and the books and head over to the bar if you are looking to improve your brain function. Researchers in Australia tested the mental functioning with respect to the drinking patterns of 7,485 people age 20 to 64 years and found that abstainers were twice as likely as occasional drinkers to receive the lowest test scores. This may be because the polyphenols in wine, when consumed in moderation (a glass a day) can help to prevent blood clots and improve cognitive abilities. The alcohol itself also aids in reducing inflammation, in turn improving blood flow to the brain.



Drink up for good eye sight! Protect your beautiful eyes! It’s yet another great reason to raise those glasses! Researchers on the five year Reykjavik Eye Study have indicated that the consumption of one glass of red wine daily may decrease your chances of developing cataracts. In fact, non-drinkers and heavy alcohol drinkers had a higher incidence of cataract development than those who consumed moderate red wine.

“Inhale” your wine for healthy lungs A Study of 1,500 Caucasians and African-Americans with varying alcohol consumption and lifestyle habits conducted by the University of Buffalo reported a link between white wine consumption and healthy lung function. A more recent study conducted by the University Medical Center Groningen in The Netherlands also reported similar findings.



Reduce the Risk of Cancer Though regular alcohol consumption has been said to increase the likelihood of developing cancer, for you ladies, moderate consumption of red wine (or red Grapes) has been said to reduce the likely incidence of ovarian cancer. The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) reported that consumption of one glass of red wine could help reduce your chances by 20%. Additionally a study by the University of Leicester also revealed that the “daily amount of resveratrol in two glasses of wine could reduce the rate of bowel tumors by around 50%.”

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Yes! Wine is good for the heart! Consumption of a glass of red or white wine has been linked to a reduction in the risk of a heart attack or cardiovascular disease. The resveratrol in red wine is said to help reduce fat accumulation in arteries and improve heart function. Additionally its antioxidants may help prevent heart disease by increasing the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol) and protecting against arterial damage.

With all these health benefits, connoisseurs have great reasons to hit the wine isles tonight. Just remember this exciting news is only for a glass and not a bottle per day! Sorry folks!

Wine & chocolate Pairings

Five Great Reasons to Have Wine Tonight


enjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying that “wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance”, it’s no doubt that millions of consumsers world wide would invariably agree. 31.68 billion bottles of wine were consumed in 2011 with a 6% increase expected by 2015, but all this “wineing up” didn’t start over night. In fact, archaelogists date the worlds first known winery (discovered in Armenia) circa 4100 BC. As such, this lovely palatable liquid, which has delighted the goblets of connoisseurs and abstract consumers at gatherings, dinners and events the world over, has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Wine exposes hidden flavours in our foods, changes our mood, adds spice to festivities and thankfully, also positively impacts our health, when consumed in moderation.

What could be better?

Chocolate lovers enjoy the decadent taste of chocolate melting in our mouths, and Oenophiles (connoisseurs or lovers of wines) enjoy the complexity and textures that a good bottle of wine brings. Wine and cheese go perfectly together but wine and chocolate pairings? Sounds right! But it’s easier said than done. Both have their own subtle flavors and qualities that when combined can have a delightful or a disappointing end result. Sparkling wine and champagne work well with all types of chocolate but much like pairing other wines with food, the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine. Below are our suggestions but we encourage you to enjoy testing & experimentation. White chocolate

Select a Muscato, a fruity Chardonnay or Sherry. These wines will pick up the buttery tones of the chocolate nicely. Caramel Chocolate

Pair Pinot Noir with caramel chocolate for a delightful combination. Milk chocolate


Again Pinot Noir or White Zinfandel, Merlot, Riesling, and dessert wines. Avoid

fruity red wines as the milk chocolate can make it taste bitter. Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate typically needs a robust wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Port. Bittersweet chocolate

(70% or more): The most bitter chocolate on the register could be paired with a Beaujolais, Malbec, Bordeaux, Shiraz or Port.

island cuisine

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Treasure Beach Hotel, Paynes Bay, St. James Barbados

Kathy’s Restaurant|

At Treasure Beach

A taste of Barbados (246) 419-4200 reservations@

Dinner 7 - 9pm Breakfast 9 - 10:45am Lunch 11am - 3:30pm

Casual Elegant

Delicious offerings from the kitchen together with warm and welcoming staff make the award-winning Kathy’s Restaurant a must, where guests can dine under the stars and enjoy a variety of culinary experiences all using fresh local ingredients prepared to international standards. Guests may purchase the Modified American Plan which includes breakfast and dinner.

All of our guests may choose from 6 appetizers and 6 entrees that change on a nightly basis. Richard’s bar, casual and relaxing, serves delicious rum based concoctions including what is often referred to as ‘the best rum punch on the island’. . While the entertainment is led by our excellent band, ‘Spectrum’.

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Island Cuisine


Favourite Food Gimme a bread and two


n Special occassions, parties, events or just

the intention to purchase three loaves of bread, however.

another night, Bajans love a good reason to make

However, this phrase is actually a request for a fishcake cutter

fishcakes. These tasty treats are often prepared

(sandwich): two fishcakes in a bun, a popular rum shop

with bakes (a bajan variation on pancakes) or sold with bread


or dip at establishments across the island. “Gimme a bread

Not to be mistaken with UK’s “flat potato circles” this Bajan

and two” is a phrase often heard in rum shops across the

Favourite is easy to make and will be a delight to serve with

island. To the untrained ear, this may easily be mistaken for

dipping sauce, bread or plain, at any gathering or event.



1/2 lb Salt fish 1 cup Regular flour 1 tsp Baking powder 1/2 lb pumpkin or English potato ( optional) 1 egg lightly beaten 3/4 cup water 3 small onions, finely chopped 2 tbsp Bajan seasoning 1 tbsp hot pepper sauce 2 cups oil for deep frying

1. Place salt fish in a bowl and cover

38 | Caribbean Dreams

with water

2. Soak for six hours, throw out water and cover with fresh water and leave overnight

3. Drain salt fish, remove bones

5. In a separate bowl, sift flour & baking powder 6. Gradually stir water into the sifted mixture. 7. Add remainder of ingredients and mix till well combined 8. Heat oil in the saucepan

carefully, shred and set aside in clean, non reactive bowl.

9. Using a table spoon , carefully drop a spoonful of batter into the hot oil.

4. Cook pumpkin or English potato till soft, then crush into a paste.

10. Fry for three minutes or until golden

11. Drain on paper towels

island cuisine

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#33 Broad Street, Bridgetown

(246) 436-1177 ryannesrestaurant@

Mon - Sat 7am - 4pm

Casual Elegant

Ryanne’s Restaurant| Their breakfast menu includes bol jol with bakes, real hash browns, breadfruit or green banana with saltfish, fried plantains, bacon, eggs and sausages and more. At lunchtime they have a semi-A-la-Carte menu as well as a buffet style menu where you can entice your taste buds with delectable local

offerings. The a la carte menu includes fishcakes, samosas, caesar salads, steaks, shrimp, mahi mahi and burgers and fries. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will find “hearty bajan soup’. Cou Cou - Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Steamed pudding and souse on Fridays and Saturdays.

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looka de




Looka de view

Sight Seeing

parish hopping 11 Sights, 11 Parishes, Just 1 Day!

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, each with beauties and treasures to behold. Whether visitor or resident, the island is your stomping-ground and you should enjoy it! And why not enjoy it in fine style, but challenging yourself to visit 11 sights, in 11 Parishes in just one day! Grab your significant other or a carload of friends or family and set out on your ‘parish hopper’ Barbados island adventure. On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

Bridgetown St. Michael


he capital city Bridgetown, established in1628, is the commercial center of the island. Today, this St.Michael town is a hive of activity with duty free shopping, restaurants and a population of more than 90,000. In June 2011, Bridgetown and the surrounding Garrison were named a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll in these areas and view several historic monuments, buildings & museums.

Gun Hill Signal Station St. George


un Hill Signal Station is one of the best look out points in Barbados. With its panoramic views of the entire island, it is understandable why it was chosen as the main lookout point by British soldiers in the 1800s. From this vantage point, soldiers could spot enemies coming from any direction and warn the troops across the island. As you leave the signal station, you will pass the ‘Lion at Gun Hill’ which, in 1868, was carved out of a single stone by an officer at the signal station. Photo op: take a photo sitting on the lion!

Earthworks Pottery St. Thomas


itness skills and creativity at work as the potters at Earthworks Pottery create masterpieces. Learn about the process of turning clay into spectacular pieces ranging from tableware to vases. This art studio has grown from a meagre art studio to a 24 person venture. On the property, you will also find On The Wall Gallery as well as a batik studio. Spend some time traversing the compound and taking in some of Barbados’ arts and crafts. You won’t get to play with the clay, but if you are travelling with children, you can help them to mold something special. Be sure not to visit on a Sunday or a public holiday because they will be closed. Photo op: take a photo of one of the potters at work (Before & After – double points

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sight seeing

Looka De View

St. James Parish Church St. James


n Holetown, St. James, you will find St. James Parish Church. It sits on one of the oldest parcels of consecrated land in the island and is a few feet away from Folkestone Marine Park. This church houses the oldest bell in Barbados (even older than the Liberty Bell), inscribed “God Bless King William 1696”. In 1881, the bell fell from the belfry and was severely damaged and was sent to England to be repaired, in the interim a new bell was donated to the church. Today, due to its historic value, the original bell can still be found in the belfry. The church also boasts many of its original relics, including the original baptism font and historic hand beaten silver pieces which date back to the 1680s. Photo op: be sure to take a photo by the bell.

Farley Hill National Park St. Peter


ome to many events throughout the year, Farley Hill is not only a great picnic spot but is an interesting area to explore. Travel to the top of the hill and enjoy the spectacular views of the east. View the ruins of Farley Hill House, once a stately mansion; it was featured in the film “Island In The Sun” in 1965 but was later destroyed by fire. The ruins sit amongst a forest of mahogany trees creating a sense of wonderment. Visit Farley Hills National Park and stroll through the lovely grounds. The children can play in the play park or have fun exploring.

Photo op: Be sure to take a photo by the ruins.

River Bay St. Lucy


iver Bay is one of the more popular picnic spots in Barbados. Upon arrival, you may not realize how special it is, but once you take the trek atop the large rock formation, you will find a superb lookout point with spectacular views of the northern coastline. You can watch as the waves crash against the cliffs creating lovely sea sprays. Stay long enough and you may even spot a whale. Photo op: Take a photo with you and the sea spray.

Cherry Tree Hill St. Andrew


ffering magnificent views of the Scotland District and Barbados’ East Coast, Cherry Tree Hill, believed to be named after the scores of cheery trees which were once in abundance in that area. It sits over 800 feet above sea level. The scenic drive towards this lookout point is truly magnificent. The road is lined with gigantic mahogany trees, which act as a beautiful natural canopy. Imagine yourself driving through a tunnel and emerging in paradise. That is what you can expect. Photo op: There is no way that you can stop without taking a few photos. Make sure you take one of yourself with the view in the back.

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Looka de view

Sight Seeing

Bathsheba St. Joseph


rguably, the freshest air in Barbados blows in the east. Not only is Bathsheba windy but it also has some impressive views. You know you are in Bathsheba when you see the striking rock formations protruding along the coastline. Dine at one of the seaside restaurants or just picnic on the beach, the area is quite relaxing. If you are a surfer, be sure to travel with your board. The Soup Bowl, an area in Bathsheba, is known for its awesome breaks, seeing international competitions annually Photo op: Capture a photo of yourself with one of the boulders in the background.

St. John Parish Church St. John


his Gothic church was built in 1836, after the previous structure was destroyed by hurricane in 1831. It sits atop a ridge in St. John and offers panoramic views of the east coast. It is said that on a clear day, the Church Tower can be seen from neighbouring islands. Here, you will find the final resting place of the late Prime Minister of Barbados, the Hon. David Thompson. The church’s rich history and beautiful views, make it a popular attraction for both locals and visitors. Photo op: snap a photo of one of the church’s historic features, for example the Westmacott sculpture or the sundial

Harrismith Beach St. Philip


lso known as Cave Bay, due to the hidden caves nearby, this secluded beach is truly a gem. Unknown to many, this white, sandy bay hides amidst the cliffs of the east coast. Though the beach offers rather calm waters, swimming is not advised due to the undertows. The seclusion and beauty of this beach make it a very romantic location. Atop the cliff overlooking the bay, is the ruins of the Harrismith Great House which was built in the 1900s. Photo op: Be sure to snap a pic of yourself with the Great House in the background, or go the extra mile and take a photo of your feet in the water!

Graeme Hall Sanctuary Christ Church


raeme Hall Nature Sanctury, originally a part of Graeme Hall Swamp, was the brain child of Stuart Heaslet, to promote the care for animals in their natural environment. Here visitors and residents get the opportunity to see various birds and other endangered creatures in their natural habitat. Due to unforseen circumstances, the sanctuary was closed in 2009. The café remains open so, you can still visit for lunch and get to see a portion of the spectacular wetlands. The manicured lawns and open space make it a prefect area to relax. Photo op: Be sure to take a photo by the open lake

Something Different!

Share your photos wih us on Facebook!

Turn this trip into a fun game with groups of friends! After each location, there is a directive: “take a photo…” and it’s not just for our face book.

44 | Caribbean Dreams

Game 2 Start at the same location. The first team to reach a destination takes the photo and posts it to an agreed social network! FaceBook, Twitter,etc. The other team(s)can therefore opt not to go to that destination as it has already been won. They can attempt to head straight to destination 2 and so on. The team winning the most destinations wins the game.

What you will need: Friends More than one car 1 camera per car 1 clock per car (all set to the same time) 1 smart phone per car Please Note: This game is not intended to have you racing about Barbados, but just aimed at adding fun to your experience.

Looka de view

Sight Seeing

May 2014 HIKES May 1st (Thursday) Special Holiday May Day Hike / Labour Day Hill Challenger: "HAGGATTS OLD SUGAR FACTORY YARD", find it St Andrew @ 6:30am ONLY (5Hrs)

24-36-82 National Trust Hikes



f you are looking to see a lighter, natural, un-spoilt side of the island then we suggest the very popular, free Sunday hikes, organized by the Barbados National Trust. These hikes take you off the beaten path and into the belly of the island. You get to explore nature in its purest state. They offer three levels of intensity to cater to all individuals. Beginners | The “Stop ‘n’ Stare” group walks 5-6 miles. AM & PM Walks

Intermediate |The “Here ‘n’ There” group walks 8-10 miles. AM Walks Only

Advanced | The “Grin ‘n’ Bear” group walks 12-14 miles. AM Walks Only Most hikes last approximately 3 hours and all PM walks require a flashlight/ torch. For those more interested in taking in the nature around them and stopping to take photos, we suggest the Stop ‘n’ Stare group. Don’t forget the necessities: sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, water and a camera. (246) 426-2421

Hashing |

MAY 11th (Wednesday) Moonlight Hike "SKEETE'S BAY", St Philip @ 5:30pm ONLY MAY 14th: Moonlight Hike "LESTER VAUGHAN SCHOOL", St Thomas @ 6pm ONLY MAY 18th: “ROCK HALL PLANTATION” (by Old Mill Wall), find it St Peter @ 6am or 3:30pm MAY 25th "CODRINGTON COLLEGE", find it St John @ 6am or 3:30pm

June 2014 HIKES JUNE 1st “INDIAN GROUND SPORTS FIELD”, find it St Andrew @ 6am or 3:30pm JUNE 8th “LESTER VAUGHAN SCHOOL” find it St Thomas @ 6am or 3:30pm JUNE 9th: (Monday) Special Holiday Whit Monday Hike: “GRANTLEY ADAMS SECONDARY SCHOOL” find it Blackmans, St Joseph @ 6am ONLY (5HRS) JUNE 12th (Thursday) Moonlight Hike “BRIGHTON FARMS”, find it St George @ 6pm ONLY JUNE 15th Moonlight Hike “GUN HILL SIGNAL STATION”, find it St George @ 6am ONLY JUNE 22nd “SEARLES OLD SUGAR FACTORY”, find it Christ Church @ 6am or 3:30pm JUNE 29th “ARCHER’S BAY”, find it St Lucy @ 6am or 3:30pm

July 2014 HIKES

Have you ever heard about hashing? No! I don’t mean when you put the number sign before the word when sharing info! I mean hashing. It’s basically a fun run/walk, exploring various parts of the island, with “eats and drinks” upon completion. The group, Barbados Hash House Harriers, was founded in 1985 and plans FREE events on Saturdays and Run# | Date Run# | Date holidays. A different member of the group, 1675 Sat 5/10/2014 1666 Sat 3/29/2014 referred to as a hare, is 1676 Sat 5/17/2014 1667 Sat 4/5/2014 tasked with planning 1677 Sat 5/24/2014 1668 Sat 4/12/2014 the run each week and 1678 Sat 5/31/2014 1669 Sat 4/19/2014 the details are posted 1679 Sat 6/7/2014 1670 Mon 4/21/2014 on their website www. as 1680 Mon 6/9/2014 1671 Sat 4/26/2014 the date approaches. 1681 Sat 6/14/2014 1672 Mon 4/28/2014 Join in on any of the 1682 Sat 6/21/2014 1673 Wed 4/30/2014 following dates. 1674

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MAY 4th "HAGGATTS OLD SUGAR FACTORY YARD", find it St Andrew @ 6am or 3:30pm

Sat 5/3/2014


Sat 6/28/2014

JULY 6th “DRAX HALL PLANTATION”, find itSt George @ 6am or 3:30pm JULY 11th (Friday) Moonlight Hike “BARCLAYS PARK”, find it St Andrew @ 6pm ONLY JULY 13th Moonlight Hike “COVE BAY “ find it St. Lucy @ 5:30pm ONLY JULY 20th: “DISTRICT C POLICE STATION”, find it St Philip @ 6am or 3:30pm JULY 27th: “HAYMAN’S OLD SUGAR FACTORY” find it St Peter @ 6am or 3:30pm

Hiking Tours are also offered by other groups on the island, including Hike Barbados and Barbados Eco Tours.

sight seeing



Barbados is full of crafts people plying their trade in various parts of the island. From north to south you will find artist’s studios, open for your enjoyment . Sit and chat with the artist, watch them work, and learn about what inspires them. We mentioned Earthworks Pottery in the “Island Hopper” but there are many more for you to explore. Let Caribbean Dreams Magazine guide you to a few.

Princess Alice Highway, Bridgetown, St. Michael Pelican Craft Centre was originally opened

TIYI By Design Art Jewellery Studio | Witness the making of exquisite, hand-crafted jewellery designed by art jeweler, Ichia Tiyi. Tiyi’s interest in this art form led her to explore and experiment with a variety of indigenous and organic materials. She has travelled the world honing her craft and sharing her talent with others; her talent has granted her numerous awards. Visit TIYI By Design and enjoy an exclusive opportunity to watch art in progress.

HP Batik Studio | #2 Edgehill Heights, St. Thomas Open Hs.: Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm Upper Halcyon Heights, St. James Janice Sylvia Brock is internationally known for her lively paintings. Her use of colour and strong brush strokes have granted her wide recognition. She has been invited to exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery; two of her pieces adorn the walls of the White House in the USA. She works from two studios, one in St. James, Barbados overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the other in the UK. Ms Brock welcomes visitors to her Barbados studio by appointments only. Give her a call to arrange your visit at (246) 432 6061 or (246) 237 7670.

“Art is life,” so you may hear many art lovers say, and “What would the earth be without art?? Eh!” A painting has the power to create emotional responses. It may move you to tears or laughter. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The creative industry in Barbados is a vast one, representing history, culture and style.

Anthology - Recent paintings by Michael Jackson: Exhibition 01 - 20 April 2014 @ Nu Edge Gallery, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown Open Mon to Sat 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Store #12 Town Square Mall, Speightstown

Brocklands Gallery |

Bajan Art & Crafts

ART HIGHLIGHTS Neville Legall 3 Decades - A Celebration: Exhibition 01 - 04 April 2014 @ Barbados Arts Council, Pelican Art Gallery, Pelican Village, Bridgetown Open Mon to Fri 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Sat 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Pelican Craft Centre |

in 1964 as Pelican Village. In 1999, it was renovated and renamed. Here you can find a cluster of workshops with a wide variety of artists and artisans at work. Ranging from glass blowing to shell craft, the talents of these craftspeople are undeniable, and with over 25 shops, there is a lot to see. However, the village is most active when cruise ships are docked, making that the best time to visit. During your next trip to Bridgetown, make sure to pay them a visit. Watch these men and women at work and have a chat and find out what got them interested in their respective trade. You may even have the opportunity to work along with them and create your own special souvenir.

Looka De View

HP Batik Studio is the workstation of artist, Henderson Reece. Though Reese started his art career painting in acrylics and oils, he found love in batik. Batik is a technique for creating a design on fabric using wax as a resistant. The studio is located on the property of Earthworks Pottery; its doors are opened six days a week. Persons may visit and view his work, and possibly even catch a glimpse of him at work. His creations are bright and vibrant, often with a Caribbean feel; his creations are well appreciated throughout the Caribbean, the USA and UK. Due to the response from those who have visited his studio or know of him otherwise, Mr. Reese sometimes offers one day courses at the studio.

Yasmin Vizcarronde Loving Barbados: Exhibition 01 - 23 April 2014 @Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge, Holetown, St. James Open Thur to Sun 5:30 pm until Vincent Castellanet GCA Exhibition 01 - 09 April 2014 @ Gallery of Caribbean Art, Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown Open Mon to Fri 9:30 am to 4:30 pm; Sat 9:30 am to 2:00 pm Hastings Farmers Market Every Saturday @ Art Splash Centre, Hastings, Christ Church Open 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Holders Farmers Market Every Sunday @ Holders House, Holder’s Hill, St. James Open 9:00 am to 2:00 pm The New Comers GCA Exhibition 13 April – 9 May @ Gallery of Caribbean Art, Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown Open Mon to Fri 9:30 am to 4:30 pm; Sat: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm Crop Over Festival Visual Arts Exhibition 06 July – 08 August @ the Grand Salle of the Central Bank, Bridgetown Open 6pm until

Caribbean Dreams | 47

Looka de view

Sight Seeing

Barbados Photo Hotspots


eeing the world through someone’s camera lens can be a magical experience and for those who are not experts, the best angle, spot or place may escape us. Though you may not have the talent to capture the perfect spot, feel free to cheat a little bit (by using similar angles) or simply appreciate the work of others. All photos were graciously provided by Charles “Ozzy” Osborne. A DJ by profession, Ozzy first picked up a camera over 10 years ago and never put it down. He enjoys capturing motor sports and surfing, but does not hesitate when it comes to capturing the beautiful scenery across Barbados. { Oops }

48 | Caribbean Dreams

{ Guard Sheep }

{ Big Bird }

sight seeing

{ Monkey }

{ Beckles }

Looka De View

{ Batts Rock Fury }

{ Little England }

{ Beach }

Caribbean Dreams | 49

Sight Seeing

Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

Looka de view





With breathtaking views all around the island, taking a driving tour is a must. A spontaneous romantic drive around the island can reignite a smouldering flame or a carload of friends, a map and a cooler would most likely make an afternoon well spent. Whatever your reason: photos, relaxation, romance or the abstract lime (social event with friends), be sure to get a car and get out there.

50 | Caribbean Dreams

Car Rental Listings 1st Choice Car Rental

Worthing Main Rd, Christ Church 434-2277 / 228-2899 Bryce Car Rental

Union Rd, St Philipl 246 423-6630 Or 246 243-7057 Coconut Car Rentals Ltd

Bayside, Bay St, St. Michael 437-0297 Corbin’s Car Rentals Inc.

Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael 427-9531 Executive Rentals Inc

#10 Tamkris, W’thing Main Rd, Christ Church 228-1993 GL Rentals

Green Bay #1 Fairholme Gdns, Maxwell, Christ Church 271-6321

Jones Garage & Rent-A-Car Ltd

Passage Rd, St. Michael 425-6637 Kat’s Auto Rentals #1 Pool Land, St John 246 433-1657 M A H Car Rentals Passage Rd, St. Michael 246 427-1952 or 246 436-7189 Rayside Car Rentals

Kirtons, St. Philip 428-0264 Venture Car Rentals Inc. Warners Park, Christ Church 246 228-4141 Voyager Rent-A-Car

Oldbury Terrace, St. Philip 420-7508 Z & S Car Rentals

Perkins Rd, Brittons X Rd St. Michael 437-7084

Balls Plantation, Christ Church

(246) 420-6372 OR (246) 420-6391 FAX (246) 420-6391

Green Bay, #1 Fairholm Gardens, Maxwell , Ch Ch

(246) 271‑6321 OR (246) 230‑1850 •GL RENTALS OFFERS•

• Prompt, efficient and friendly service Flexible rates

Direct Car Rentals

Established in 1976, Direct Car Rentals can proudly boast 38 years of excellent service. At this family owned and operated establishment, Andrew and Jonathan are dedicated to maintaining and building strong relationships with their customers. Along with the staff of Direct Car Rentals, they pride themselves on offering quality and value, proven by the long list of satisfied clients. They offer a modern, well-maintained fleet of vehicles with offerings suitable for any budget. Purchasing only new vehicles and replacing them every 3 - 4 years, they ensure that they are offering their customers only the best. Vehicles are fully insured and well maintained, with free 24hr roadside assistance. “Direct Car Rentals Ltd. - The BEST choice for your vacation or business needs!”

GL Rentals GL Rentals is a family business, which is operated by Geoffrey and Linda Ince. The company has been operating for the nearly 20 years, currently offers 26 vehicles for hire and has prompt, efficient and friendly service. GL has a wealth of experience and provides a high level of dedication and professionalism to ensure that their clients leave fully satisfied.

• Delivery and pickups free • An ideal location just 5 mins from the airport Free 24hr emergency service • Full insurance is available

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Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

in unda


Oceentaurnes Adv



Get That



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If you are like so many, in search of the perfect beach body, the first thing that you need to know is that there is no such thing as perfection. That being said, here are 10 exercises that you can do daily to tighten and tone your body for that picture perfect beach body.

A b

LEGS Lunges Start in a standing position. Hold your torso upright and your hands by your side. Step forward with your right leg (or left, whichever is more comfortable) approximately 3ft from the other leg. Lower your body, keeping your torso upright and maintaining your balance. The bend in your knees should form two 90 degree angles and the knee on your front foot should not go past your toes. Using the heel of your foot, push yourself back into the starting position. Now repeat the movement on the opposite leg. This is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps. Inhale going down exhale coming up.



C Squat jumps Hip Raises


Lie face up with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and your hands palm-down by your side. Squeezing your glutes and pressing into your heels, raise your hips, forming a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold the position for 3 seconds then slowly lower your body to the starting position. That is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps. Inhale lifting up and exhale going down.



Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Go down into a regular squat (the lower the better). Hold for 2 seconds then, pressing on the balls of your feet, jump explosively. Land on the balls of your feet and immediately squat and jump again. Each jump completes a rep, complete 3 sets of 15 reps. Inhale going down, exhale going up.


fULL bODY M ountain climbers Get down into a push up position – placing hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width, with one leg extended back and the other bent forward. Alternate leg positions simultaneously, pulling the rear leg forward and extending the forward leg back, while holding your upper body in place. The intensity is increased the faster you do the movement. Each exchange is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps. Remember not to hold your breath.

Caribbean Dreams | 55


core b

Lie face down, with your palms flat on the floor and your body resting on your forearms, ensuring that your elbows and shoulders are in direct alignment. Lift your body off the floor, into a push up position, supporting your weight on your toes and forearms. Keep your back flat and straight. Do not let your stomach drop or your hips rise. Hold the position for 30 – 60 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. Tighten your abs but remember to breathe. Inhale and exhale slowly.

Ball pass


Lie on your back, holding an exercise ball. Stretch your arms and legs straight out with your legs lifted slightly so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Lift your upper body (head, neck and shoulders) and your legs, straight up in the air, passing the ball from your hands and placing the ball between your ankles. Lower your arms and legs and come back up, collecting the ball from your ankles with your hands. Continue to pass the ball back and forth. Each lift is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps. Exhale going up, inhale going down.



B Leg Raises Lie on your back with your legs straight out and your hands palm-down by your side. Keeping your legs straight, raise them up until they are at a 45 degree angle from the floor. Hold the position for 3seconds and slowly lower your legs. This is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps. Exhale going up, inhale going down.

aRMS &CHEST Bent Over Rows Hold a pair of dumbbells at your side with your knees bent and your hips back. Lean forward, keeping your back flat until almost parallel to the floor. Your arms should now hang straight down perpendicular to the floor. This is your starting position. Keeping your head up and torso stationary, slowly lift the dumbbells to your sides, squeezing your shoulder blades and triceps together as you lift. Pause at the top and then slowly lower to the start position. This is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps. Exhale as you lift, inhale as you lower.

56 | Caribbean Dreams



Triceps Dip Sit straight up on a stable chair or bench with your legs slightly extended and feet flat on the floor. Place you hands on both sides of your body, just outside of your hips with your fingers wrapped under the seat for stability. Without moving your legs, bring your glutes forward off the bench. Steadily lower your body, bringing your elbows to a 90 degree angle and push yourself back up. This is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Inhale going down and exhale coming up. .




Push Ups Lie face down on the floor with your weight on your chest and your hands palms-down and at shoulder level. Push your body off of the floor, supporting your weight with your hands and the balls of your feet, creating the plank position. Now lower your body and push up again. Each push up is one rep. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps. Exhale going up and inhale going down. .

Join us for the newest fitness centre to hit St. Philip - X-treme Body Mechanix. All are welcome to come and experience motion at its best. Whether its weights or pilates, you’ll find it all in one great fitness centre. East Point, St. Philip, Barbados BB18032 I (246) 232-0486 I


lil tings bout de


Banks open from 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday – Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm on Friday and are closed on all National Holidays. You can easily use your credit card at most businesses island wide or withdraw up to $500 USD per day at hundreds of ATM Machines. ATM machines can be found island wide outside banks or at most 24hr gas stations.

BusinessHours From Monday to Friday businesses and stores in Barbados normally open between 8am & 9am and close at roughly 3:30/ 5:00pm. Saturdays are shopping days in Barbados, however stores typically close between 1pm and 2pm in Bridgetown, but shopping malls and supermarkets open till 9:00pm. On Sundays the Grocery stores will close between 12 noon and 2pm. Cave Shepherd, a popular duty free department store in Hastings is also open until this time.

dress You can’t go wrong if you remember the following: • No Camouflage – It’s illegal. • No bare feet & bare backs in most stores. • Sneakers are frowned upon in several clubs & restaurants • Try elegantly casual for fine dining - Call ahead if you need to be sure. • Shorts of a reasonable length are mostly acceptable in this cool climate but if in doubt call ahead.

58 | Caribbean Dreams

Government Barbados was once an island under British rule and as a result the island’s government and governmental practices are a result of British rule. In fact, the island is a constitutional monarchy, and parliamentary democracy, modeled on the British Westminster system. In 1966 Barbados gained its independence from Britain but the island maintains a Prime Minister and 2 parliamentary houses – The House of Assembly (30 ministers) and The Senate, with Elizabeth II, as the head of state (she is represented locally by the island’s Governor General). Notably Barbados has the third oldest parliament in existence.

Education According to UNESCO Barbados’ education level is ranked within the top 5 countries in the world partially because the literacy rate is estimated to be very close to 100%. A Large part of the island’s GDP is spent on education and all children under the age of 16 must attend Primary and Secondary Schools. Notably a large percentage of the population also attends one of four Tertiary Level Intuitions on island.

Health&Safety Barbados is a safe place to visit with no need to worry about vaccinations and disease. You may be on vacation, but safe guard your health as you would at home. Wash hands, and be sure to protect yourself from mosquito bites by using insect repellent to avoid itchy insect bites & wails or to protect yourself against the possibility of dengue fever. Barbados is relatively safe, but be careful when traversing the island. Don’t leave valuables unattended, lock your car and hotel room doors and stay within the areas that are well lit or are heavily trafficked.

Illegal Drugs

Postal System

Having an Illegal drug in Barbados is a serious offence and the penalties can be severe. In fact a person caught with even marijuana can be sentenced to as much as 20 years in prison.

You can easily obtain stamps from the hotel front desk or hotel boutique, however the General Post Office is located in Cheapside, Bridgetown and there are 17 other district post offices island wide.

Electricity The voltage is 110 volts, 50Hz cycle. Consider bringing your converter if necessary or asking your travel agent if your hotel provides one, as many of them do.

DrinkingWater The island’s water supply is clean, tasty and perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap. The coral formation of the island acts as a natural filter for the island water and ensure that it is amongst the purest in the world.


Police 211 Fire 311 Ambulance 511 FMH Emergency Medical Clinic 246 228-6120 Sandy Crest Medical 246 419-4911(Open 24 hours) Sparman Medical Center 246 624-3278 (Open 24 hours) Hospital 246 436- 6450(Open 24 hours)

Language The language of Barbados is British English, however Bajans have a tendency to speak quickly in a heavy dialect affectionately called ‘Bajan’. At times this may sound quite foreign, however its simply ENGLISH - spiced up Caribbean style with the flavour of generations of dialect mixed in.


ExchangeRates The US dollar typically has an exchange rate of $1.00 US - $1.98 US dollars. Other Exchange Rates Major credit cards and US dollars are accepted island wide. Traveler’s checks in U.S., U.K. and Canadian funds can also be used at many outlets.

Pack your sundress, shorts, swimwear, casual shirts and slippers for the day but at night most restaurants and clubs require you to be elegantly casual. To be sure of what’s expected, call ahead or check here before you go.

Taxes &Gratuities VAT - Value Added Tax (VAT)-17.5% is charged on most items Tax on your hotel or

accommodation is 8.5% and at some locations another 10% is added for service charge. Gratuities are normally 10% - 15%

Tele communications Want to check in with your family or the office at home? Make a Direct Call to •North American / Canada territories Dial 1, the area code, and the telephone number. •United Kingdom – Dial 011 44, the area code (Omit the usual 0 before the area code), and the telephone number. Local Calls Feel free to rent a cell phone locally or utilise your “unlocked” international cell phone by purchasing a LIME Smart Card / Digicel SIM card from marked retail outlets’ island wide. From The hotel/ Accommodation Check to see if any fee is attached to this before you dial.

Caribbean Dreams | 59


Taxi! Need a taxi? Just look out for a “Z” license plate and check the list below for typical taxi rates. Please note these are rough estimates and you should always agree upon a fare before leaving. Average taxi rates can also be found on display at the airport. Typical Taxi Rates From The Airport (AVERAGES) BETWEEN THE GRANTLEY ADAMS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AND: Any point North of Speightstown Atlantic Shores Bathsheba/Cattlewash Belleplaine Bridgetown Harbour Callenders Coverley Crane East Point Garrison Savannah Gibbs Harrison’s Cave Heroes Square (Bridgetown) Holetown/Porters Long Beach/Silver Sands Oistins Prospect/Cavehill Providence Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle/Pollards Speightstown St. George’s Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church St. Lawrence

60 | Caribbean Dreams

$USD $BDS 43.50 12.00 36.50 32.00 23.00 12.00 6.50 15.50 20.00 18.50 32.00 26.50

83.00 24.00 73.00 64.00 46.00 24.00 13.00 31.00 40.00 37.00 64.00 53.00

21.00 29.50 12.00 12.00 26.50 9.50 17.00 17.00 36.50 18.50 23.00 15.00

42.00 58.00 24.00 24.00 53.00 19.00 34.00 34.00 73.00 39.00 46.00 31.00

BETWEEN THE BRIDGETOWN HARBOUR/CITY CENTRE AND: Any point North of Speightstown Bathsheba/Cattlewash Callenders Crane East Point Grantley Adams International Airport Hilton/Grand Barbados/ Garrison Long Beach/Silver Sands Oistins Paradise Prospect/Holders/ Paynes Bay Rendezvous Sam Lord’s Castle/Pollards Sandy Lane/Holetown/ Porters Speightstown/Heywoods St. Albans St. George’s Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church St. Lawrence Gap /Dover Welchman Hall Gully/ Harrison’s Cave

$USD $BDS 30.50 29.00 18.50 26.50 30.50

61.00 58.00 37.00 53.00 61.00



9.50 18.50 15.50 9.50

19.00 37.00 31.00 19.00

12.00 12.00 29.00

24.00 24.00 58.00

17.00 23.00 19.50 12.00 27.50 14.50

34.00 46.00 39.00 24.00 55.00 29.00



City Centre Deacons Road Sheraton Centre Warrens

5.00 10.00 5.00 10.00 14.50 29.00 12.00 24.00

BETWEEN SANDY LANE AND: $USD $BDS Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church



20.50 41.00 19.50 39.00 27.50 55.00 27.00 54.00 23.00 46.00 41.50 83.00 34.50 69.00 14.50 29.00 30.50 61.00

BETWEEN GLITTER BAY AND: $USD $BDS Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Farley Hill Park Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/ Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church

34.00 68.00 20.50 41.00 20.50 41.00 19.50 39.00 30.50 61.00 28.50 57.00 27.00 54.00 41.50 83.00 14.50 29.00 30.50 61.00

BETWEEN HEYWOODS AND: $USD $BDS Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Farley Hill Park Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/ Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church

27.00 54.00 15.50 31.00 30.50 61.00 23.00 46.00 36.50 73.00 32.00 64.00 30.50 61.00 46.00 92.00 26.50 53.00 46.00 92.00

BETWEEN PARADISE AND: $USD $BDS Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Bathsheba/ Cattlewash St. John’s Parish Church Rockley Oistins

27.00 54.00 34.00 68.00 23.00 46.00 23.00 36.00 19.50 39.00



Crane St. Philip, Barbados

(246) 423-6220 USA/CAN Toll Free (866) 978-5942 UK Toll Free: (800) 097-1794 reservations@

The Crane|


Set on Barbados’ worldfamous Crane Beach – named “one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – The Crane is the Caribbean’s first resort hotel. First opened in 1887 and now fully restored and expanded, this truly unique property combines old-world charm and incredible natural beauty with a romantic sense of seclusion. The Crane goes beyond the typical Caribbean

vacation packages, and offers unparalleled service and spacious, luxurious accommodation including private pools, gardens, and rooftop terraces. This is combined with awardwinning cuisine, duty free retail shopping, and close proximity to the airport. There is complimentary WiFi in all guest rooms and around the resort even on the beach - and complimentary longdistance calls to most international destinations.

Caribbean Dreams | 61



Green-Ridge, Prospect, St. James, Barbados

Best e. villas|

An intimate hotel of Barbados

With two locations, we can provide more options to suit your individual needs and guarantee you a home away from home in our award-winning apartments. (246) 425 -9751 FAX (246) 425 9653

62 | Caribbean Dreams

Centrally located on the west coast, this beautiful property sits on lushly landscaped grounds with its own private fresh-water swimming pool. Best E. Villas - Prospect - is the flagship of the Best E. Villas. The property hosts both two and three bedroom accommodations, offering much more than a vacation but an experience, with incomparable homestyle living with all the

amenities and more! Best E. Villas - Providence is the newest addition. Set on beautifully landscaped grounds, this property offers four 2 bedroom units and a private freshwater pool. Your complete privacy is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art intercom system and secure parking for up to eight vehicles. Wireless internet access is available to all guests.

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Caribbean Dreams - Issue #3