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Trump on Immigration

Grenada Celebrates 43rd Anniversay of Independence


EORGETOWN, Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Ambassador Irwin LaRocque commended the progress Grenada has made as it celebrates its 43rd Anniversary of Independence on February 7. Grenada’s strides towards a better future, he said, are reflected in the theme of the celebration “forging ahead together for continued national development”. “The progress made by Grenada over these 43 years is commendable. The belief, resilience and determination shown by the government and people of Grenada, to overcome all obstacles as they strive to build their nation, is an example to many,” the SecretaryGeneral said in a congratulatory message to the Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr Keith Mitchell. LaRocque noted the Community’s appreciation for the role the country has been playing in science and technology and in regional integration.

The U.S. Court of Appeals blocked Trump’s travel ban but immigrants and nonimmigrants remained worried about deportation from the United States. Trump signed three immigration executive orders. The travel ban executive order has been getting most of the media attention....Continued on pg 4

Grace Kennedy USA 95 year Celebration GraceKennedy Limited was founded on February 14, 1922 by Dr. John J. Grace and Mr. Fred William Kennedy. Prior to the founding of GraceKennedy these two gentlemen worked for Grace Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of W.R. Grace & Company of New York City, New York. GraceKennedy is one of the Caribbean's largest and most dynamic corporate entities. The company started in Jamaica in 1922 as a small trading establishment and wharf operators. It has expanded and diversified over the

years, changing from a privatelyowned enterprise to a public company listed on the stock exchanges of Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago. Today, the GraceKennedy Group comprises a varied network of some 60 subsidiaries and associated companies located across the World. Please visit our website for a full report and pictures from the celebrations.


L I F E S T Y L E Samuel J. Roberts, Publisher/Editor


Guenet Gittens-Roberts, Publisher/Editor

Give yourself permission to be happy. have not written an editorial in years. But this month I snuck in and wrote

it before Sam did. Why? Because I really feel compelled to share a lesson I learnt last year that is serving me well this year.

Give yourself permission to be happy.

It sounds simple enough, but try executing it and you will find that first of all, you may not even know what makes you happy. Susan Taylor and her In the Spirit editorials served as my inspiration when I first laid out the concept of this newspaper. I knew that the editorial would reflect, how we were feeling and how we dealt with life...In the manner that Susan Taylor did in her editorials that I grew up reading. So it's only fitting that at the beginning of the year, I followed my spirit, trying to find joy in this new world that felt foreign, different, downright scary andit too me right back to Susan Taylor. I went to New York, seeking. I usually start January with my friend and Caribbean Passport writer Nouchelle Hastings. This year, I knew in my heart that if we didn't carve out the time for what I like to call our "Annual General Meeting" We were going to lose what was an opportunity to measure how far we've come, what we were up to and what our goals were for the New Year. Nouchelle was in New York, for the Annual Cares Mentoring Movement meeting and Gala. I had promised to attend last year and didn't but thought very hard about my Happiness Challenge to myself and realized, New York, Susan Taylor and Nouchelle were a great start to the year, and would make me happy. Usually, I would prioritize - work, charitable commitments, even loans to others over something as trivial as enjoying myself. But not this time...and guys that weekend in New York, recharged me, reminded me of the fun of friendships old and new and the joy and love of family. Things that are important to me. We are living in tough times. It can be tough emotionally, it can be tough mentally. Fight for your happiness and claim it. We are immigrants, many of us left families and a full life behind to make a better one in America, but let me be clear, if life is not better here, don't hold on to a mistake. Just as simply as we sold off our possessions to come to this foreign land, we can leave it for better opportunities either in other countries or back home.

You are smart and can thrive anywhere. Don't buy into a false narrative that this is the only place for you. That leads to a feeling of being trapped. You have choices, there's an entire beautiful world out there. If you're here illegally, what are your options - are you willing to wait and hide? Is it time to bid goodbye and open yourself to the freedom of living fully elsewhere? Consult an attorney and weigh the options. Whichever one you decide on, remember you have choices. Immigrants thrive on new adventures, make yours a fulfilling life adventure. Susan Taylor once said:

"Remember, life is for living and learning. So listen to your life and the lessons it offers. What choices must you make this day to help you move forward? Make your list of the things you can do right now to create what you want and begin to do the work. You can say yes to happiness, wholeness, and prosperity. You can live fully and creatively. You can claim your power to choose. Why not claim it?"

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Immigration News For Our Community Trump Travel Ban Blocked but Deportations under Trump has begun in the U.S. By Attorney Gail S. Seeram, 1-877-GAIL-LAW

@GailSeeram FREE In-Office Consultation FREE Live Chat


he U.S. Court of Appeals blocked Trump’s travel ban but immigrants and non-immigrants remained worried about deportation from the United States. Trump signed three immigration executive orders. The travel ban executive order has been getting most of the media attention, however the executive order entitled, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” signed on January 25, 2017 has already been implemented by Immigration and Custom Enforcement in the U.S.

What can we expect to see immediately by the implementation of “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States”: 1. Deportation and removal from the U.S. of immigrants and non-immigrants with final orders of removal (meaning person already appeared in front of judge in immigration court and were ordered removed from the U.S.). These individuals may have been allowed to remain in the U.S. under President Obama through an Order of Supervision and reported monthly to Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) local office. So, any individual with a final order of supervision should be worried about ICE making travel arrangements for deportation.

under the “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” there is limited use of discretion by ICE, most likely stays of removal will not be granted and removal/ deportation will be more immediate. 3. Workplace raids will increase as ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations is directed under the executive order to “prioritize for removal noncitizens” – especially those working illegally. 4. Detainers by immigration on those booked into jail who are illegally in the U.S. or green card holders being charged with deportable offenses. The executive order also prioritizes removable of aliens convicted of criminal offenses, those “charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved”. Thereby, this means that if you are charged with an offense that is deportable, ICE will place a detainer on you in jail and you will not be eligible for bond. Procedures are also being implemented so local police can be trained and function as immigration officers, thereby detaining individuals who are unlawful in the U.S. or green card holders subject to deportation if convicted of charged criminal offense. 5. No more catch and release of individuals trying to enter without inspection. So, anyone entering the U.S. illegally will no longer be simply returned or denied entry. Instead, these individuals will be charged with federal criminal immigration violations, detained, and then returned to their native country. Copyright © Law Offices of Gail S. Seeram, 2016. All Rights Reserved. 1-877-GAIL-LAW or 407-292-7730

2. Limited granting of Stay of Removal. Generally, when an individual has a final order of removal/ deportation, they can present to ICE a request to temporarily pause their deportation (known as a stay of removal). Usually, ICE would consider factors such as medical issues, young U.S. citizen children, financial issues, etc. in granting a stay of removal. However, since



More Guns Than Roses

uns N’ Roses, the American hard rock band, was formed in 1985 and has sold more than 100 million records since since then. The band has toured widely and has perhaps travelled as many miles as its record salesso you would think by now that its members would be able to tell one city or state from another. Some critics say that it might have been the state they were in when they arrived on stage to start a show in Australia that caused them to mistake Melbourne for Sydney. According to Australia’s ABC News, “Thousands of people arrived hours before the gig was due to start and the crowd roared when the band finally hit the stage. But the cheers turned to boos after guitar technician McBob forgot where he was.” The 70,000 people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) endured the late start but could not take the McBob blunder, or given the venue, balls up. One of my friends quipped lamely that perhaps Brian Lara’s daughter Sydney, named after that city’s cricket ground, was in the audience and they called out to her but that quip retired as hurt as the MCG audience. Last year, in not a reversal but maybe a “preversal” of fortune, Melbourne was mistaken for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, not by a rock group but an airplane pilot. CNN reported that a flight to Malaysia from Sydney was diverted to Melbourne after its pilot entered incorrect coordinates of the plane's starting position. While mistaking Sydney for Melbourne is bad enough, what about mistaking Sydney for Sydney? Joannes Rutten and his grandson Nick had planned to take their holiday in Sydney, Australia. It is said that when the plane arrived they were dressed like Crocodile Dundee, told the flight attendant that the trip was “bonzer”, and were all set for the Opera House and shrimp on the Barbie (grill not doll). As they made their way toward Customs and Immigration, some- thing seemed a bit amiss. It turns out they had landed in Syney, Nova Scotia. Actually, there is another Canadian city which is pronounced the same but is spelt differently – Sidney, British Colombia. Then there is the man who sued British Airways for putting him down in Grenada, West Indies, instead of Granada, Spain.

WIKIPEDIA reveals that Trinidad is short-tempered and has a childish personality, but has moments where he picks up on things that even the other group members miss. He has built his identity on being evil and desires to be feared by the world as the Great Evil King. He claims to be the reincarnation of, and therefore the heir to, the Great Evil King Gohma, who was defeated by the Great Hero Hopkins three hundred years previous to the story. Hopkins also sealed Stan away into a bottle, which is found by the father of Ari, the game’s hero. It’s all blood and mayhem, spells and incantations. Except on Valentine’s Day, you will find many guns but very few roses rocking here. Many people from Trinidad now wish for a return to the old Trinidad in which they grew up, a kinder, gentler, more humane and much more peaceful place. This would require a time-machine and these are not yet available, not even from Amazon. So those fed up with the state of the country can travel to one of the other, many Trinidads. However, given the experiences of people with Sydney, Sydney and Sidney, even if they’re travelling to Trinidad, Brazil, they better pack some warm clothes just in case.

* Tony Deyal was last seen saying if you reach a country where elite is a shirt, reform is a village, police and thief are generally indistinguishable, and maracas is a beach and not a rattle, you can literally bet your life you’re in Trinidad

If you think Guns N’ Roses made a mistake, here is what happened to Englishman, Kevin Jones and his friend Jeanette who headed out for their dream vacation in Trinidad. All thoughts of sun, sand and other delights vanished when they arrived at Birmingham Airport in the West Midlands. They found out that they were in the wrong Birmingham Airport and the reason the American Airlines flight was so cheap was that it originated from the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport – the biggest in the U.S. state of Alabama. Had the couple left on their journey to Trinidad, there was still another hurdle and perhaps even more excitement. Would they have got to the right Trinidad? While Trinis from Trinidad and Tobago think that their country is unique, the name “Trinidad” is not. WIKIPEDIA has a list starting with one in Antarctica, another in Belize, a regional capital in Bolivia, others in Brazil, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico (two), one in Paraguay, and even more in the Phillipines (three), five in the United States and one in Uruguay. I know some of my mail even went to a Trinidad in Guatemala While the video version is a game that can become a great Carnival Band, the scenario with its many battles and dangerous characters is a lot like modern day Trinidad where there were 467 murders last year and 69 for the year so far. This does not include killings by the police. and am still not sure whether it went to a person (like the Puerto Rican boxer, Felix Trinidad, rapper Trinidad James, Diego Capel Trinidad (footballer) or one of those Trickydadians, the fictional Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, the Great Evil King in the Japanese roleplaying video game, Okage, Shadow King.


By Tony Deyal

A Caribbean carnival of carnivals by RYAN VER BERKMOES


– a festive season that typically includes parades and public street parties – is serious business in the Caribbean. The saying here goes that the party lasts year-round: eight months preparing and partying in anticipation, a month actually celebrating, followed by a period of blissful recovery and recollection. Unlike the rest of the world where carnivals are typically held in February (the most famous of which are in Venice and Rio, as well as Mardi Gras in New Orleans – which has many Caribbean roots), visitors to the Caribbean can find a carnival at almost any time of year. Islands such as Trinidad and Dominica where the original colonists were Catholics tend to keep their carnivals on the traditional schedule, meaning they climax in the pre-Lenten period before Ash Wednesday, usually around February. Guyana's Carnival celebrations are known as Mashramani and is celebrated on February 23rd. But elsewhere, local festivals like the July Harvest Festival ( on the former British colony of Barbados have morphed into huge events with all the trappings of carnival. No matter the name or origin, all of these explosions of creative energy share raucous dance, pounding music and flamboyant costumes that combine into one heaving, sweaty orgy of color and sound. And while Caribbean carnivals share much, each has its own flavour. You will need to visit many – if not all – to get the complete picture of what is always the main event on each island's calendar. Visitors are welcome at all these events and you can fully expect to be swept up in frenetic, hectic riot of it all. So pick your month, pick your carnival and enjoy the celebration.

$¾ Trinidad has one of the world's largest carnivals ( The celebrations begin up to eight months in advance, with costumes becoming more elaborate and spectacular every year and hundreds of calypso bands preparing their music. Easily the pulsing heart of Caribbean carnival creativity, the island’s sounds are constantly evolving -- you may hear booming rapso (a mixture of calypso and rap) or the latest variation on soca (the ubiquitous carnival sound that started on Trinidad 50 years ago and combines calypso, soul and African among many other influences). It is a huge honour (and a large cash prize) to be named the Calypso Monarch, the person chosen in national judging for their musical performances.



The event was a huge success and was a prime example of Jason and Farrah’s creativity.

By Ryan Davis



he 6th annual FREN Olympics took place in Ft Lauderdale on Saturday February 11th. It’s an event inspired by the Caribbean “Sports Days” of yester year. Adults get the opportunity to turn into kids again for one day. The only difference........a cooler full of your favorite drinks and a team comprised of your closest friends.

The event was founded and put on by a Trinidadian couple, Jason and Farrah Chow Quan. In 2011 Farrah used her fond memories of primary school sports day and made them into a reality. Using the template of games she played in the past, Farrah added her own adult twist to the events and created a formula where grownups get to relive and experience old and new fun activities 20 to 30 years later. This year’s first event started weeks before the actual day. Teams received Scavenger Hunt like instructions where they had to record events such as “challenge a bartender to a twerking contest” along with sixteen other activities and put the videos on Instagram under #frenolympics to earn points before the actual event.

The day rolled on at a fun filled pace. The Tug of War event lived up to the hype. Whatever competitive spirit the teams could muster was brought out between the ropes in this traditional battle. At the end of the day, the eight events were engaging and enjoyable, there were teams who were pumped up on adrenaline and there were other teams like ours who were amped up on vodka filled “gummy bear shots.” Either way every team who participated made the most of this happy occasion and we all gathered for the last event ……the after party. After 6 years of rising success. FREN-O ( will be taking their event on the road. With last year’s Jamaica 2016 Frenolympics being a hit, Jason and Farrah will be taking their act on the road to cities such as Toronto, Washington DC, Orlando and overseas to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. So if you want a day of complete fun and laughter with friends check their website for an upcoming event near you and enjoy.

On the official day, (like any self-respecting Caribbean organization) there was the latest and greatest Soca and Dance Hall playing on speakers for everyone to hear. There were tents lined up with the most creative Caribbean team names ever seen with the word “rum” usually caught in the mix. The field was divided into two sections, four events on each side. Our first event was a Popsicle eating contest where the participants had to eat as many as they could in the space of a minute. One massive “Brain Freeze” later and our brave participant had to put down her strawberry flavored Popsicle and move on to the next competition. The next challenge was the Bubble Bounce. Teams had to work together and coach each other thru a series of puzzles then perform a “running back drill”, like something you will see in a Dolphins training session. Unfortunately the other team actually had a former college running back and he left a trail of bodies on his way to an easy victory. The third challenge was called Flip Cup and it was easily the most fun activity of the day. Two teams had to race across a soapy slip and slide and get to a table on the other end, drink a shot of beer and flip the disposable cup over using your fingers.


National CARES Mentoring Movements 2nd Annual 'For the Love of Our Children' Gala at Cipriani

Images courtesy of Getty Images. The Caribbean American Passport News Magazine is a preferred outlet for NCMM #Gala2017 and community alliance with Greater Orlando CARES Mentoring Movement. Become a mentor at

Dr. Eric Dyson and Darrell Butler

Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson

(L-R) Bethann Hardison, Russell Simmons, Susan L. Taylor, and Danny Glover

(L-R) Renee Elise Goldsberry, Russell Simmons, and Kemba Smith

(L-R) Charles D. King, Terrie Williams, Asha Bandele, Crystal McCrary, Susan L. Taylor, Jesse Jackson, Chivonne J. Williams, and Michael Eric Dyson

Actress Cicely Tyson (L) & Author Terry McMillan Nouchelle Hastings & Guenet Roberts

Danny Glover & Nouchelle's GrandMother Ruby

Journalist Tamron Hall

For the Love of Our Children Gala was held in honor of Susan L. Taylor’s National CARES Mentoring Movement at Cipriani 42nd Street, and hosted by Tamron Hall and Michael Eric Dyson. This star-studded event honored Charles D. King (executive producer of the critically acclaimed film Fences, and Founder and CEO of the firm, MACRO); Russell Simmons (entrepreneur and hip-hop icon); and Lonnie G. Bunch III (the driving force and founding director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture).

Russell Simmons & Lowell Hawthorne

Guests included: Cicley Tyson, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Rev. Jesse Jackson; Rev. Al Sharpton; Danny Glover; Essence Editor in Chief, Vanessa DeLuca; Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem; Bethann Hardison; Hill Harper; Debra Lee and Stephen Hill of BET;Omari Hardwick, Maxwell, Bevy Smith, artist, Kehinde Wiley; author, Terry McMillan; journalist, Suzanne Malveaux; Attallah Shabazz, Diplomat and eldest daughter of Malcolm X; Jonelle Procope, President & CEO, the Apollo Theater, and many more.



IMMIGRATION Town Hall Meeting The public is invited to attend The Jamaica Diaspora’s Immigration Town Hall Meeting March 1st, 2017 6:00 – 8:00 pm The Metro West Church of The Nazarene - Family Center 3705 N. Apopka Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida 32818. With the signing of several Executive Orders by President Donald Trump some of which are immigration related, there has been a spate of rumors and misinformation being circulated in the Caribbean immigrant community in Florida and in the home countries regarding the status of immigrants, deportation and admission to the United States. This is creating panic and fear among the Caribbean Diaspora and their families. This is the second in a series of planned Immigration Forums which is being presented in collaboration with other Caribbean born attorneys. The first was held in Miami Gardens, Florida with Attorneys Dahlia Walker- Huntington and Oliver Langstadt who were presenters along with Mr. Golding. “We are eager to share our knowledge, quell rumors and give the community the facts surrounding the changes that have been recently announced, and to also advise of possible avenues of relief for those with burning immigration issues”, said Oliver J. Langstadt. “It is critical that the community has an opportunity to ask questions and get competent legal advice. There is a deep concern about the unlicensed practice of law in South Florida,” says Langstadt. Wayne Golding, Esq. who currently serves as the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member – Southern United States. “It is critical that at this historic and watershed moment that


credible and factual information is provided to our community on this raging issue as the decisions they make will impact them and their families for a lifetime to come”. The Town Hall Meeting is being brought to you by: The Jamaica Diaspora Southern USA, The Golding Law Group, Caribbean Affairs Connections, The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, The Caribbean Passport and United Foundation. For continued updates: Telephone : 407 443-3317




The Lost Generation of Young Black Men Out of Control

By Roger Caldwell

here is a crisis in America in the Black community, because it seems no one cares that Black boys and young Black men are failing in school. They expect to fail, and they are only concerned with being professional basketball/football players, rap stars, or gangsters. Seventy percent of Black families are run by single women, and young brothers have no idea of how to be a man.

As Blacks in February celebrate Black History month, it is time to tell the truth about street-life and Black on Black violence that is claiming hundreds of thousands of young Black men’s lives in the community. ”Since 1980 to 2013, more than 260,000 Black men have been killed in America” says Mich Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans. America has given up on Black boys and young men and the majority of them see no way out of their circumstances.

It is easy to blame institutional racism, poor neighborhoods, police brutality, the hip-hop culture, drugs, and guns, but systemic genocide is the fundamental reason so many Black boys and men are dying in America. The criminal justice system is the civil rights issue in 2017 in the Black community. “Right now, Blacks make up 12% of the population but almost 60% of those doing time are drug related – and according to the Sentencing Project, these Black prisoners are serving almost as much time for their drug offenses as Whites are for actual violent crimes” says reporter Wilbert Cooper. 1.5 million prime-aged Black men are missing in America; they’re either behind bars or pushing up daisies.

In 2017, Black boys and young men cannot read. This impacts them in everything they do, and their mothers are too busy working and paying bills to educate them. A good friend of mine who has a college degree and a good job in Maryland, mentors a group of 20 Black young men every Tuesday from the community. After talking to them for five weeks about the importance of education, no one in the group had a report card with a GPA higher than 2.0. The young men thought it was funny, and it appeared that they were satisfied with their results. In many major cities across the country such as Newark, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and Washington D.C., the schools are not working and there aren’t enough decent-paying jobs in the community. The unemployment rate is over 50% in most cities, and young Black men are killing each other because they can’t envision anything better for themselves. “What you’re going to see is a huge governing failure on the part of our society. This country has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the country. That’s failure” says Mayor Landrieu. Within the Black community in every major city across the country, you will find the same pattern. 1 out of 3 Black men will go to prison, and 80% of murder victims are believed to have known their killer. Buying a gun is cheaper than buying a pair of sneakers, and too many young Black men have one. In Chicago in 2016, the city leads the country with over 500 deaths, and this is directly related to drugs and gang street warfare. Black boys as young as 8 to 10 years old are running and selling guns and drugs. They have already decided how they plan to make their money, and no parent (mostly the woman) is going to stop them. Black boys and young men are dying for lack of respect from others on the street, and they are out of control, but where are the solutions during Black History Month?


There is a lost generation of young Black boys and young men in America, and Black History Month is a time to start the conversation. February is the only time America talks about Black people, so it is time to talk about “The Lost Generation.” Young Black men are dying in the streets and/or jails/prisons, and there appears to be no hope. “The day you were born, there was a pine box and a prison cell built with your name on it” says reporter Wilbert Cooper.

The Orlando Carnival Downtown is projected to bring an audience of 20,000 people to the area. Orlando Carnival's long history shows us that those projections are indeed understated. It is a safe and fun event and we encourage you to be a part of the largest one in our 30 year history. This is the perfect event to showcase your brand and services to a wide, receptive audience through sponsorship, or as an exhibititor.



I will be a change maker- by Rose-Marie Roth

have heard about the shootings in Chicago and other major cities and most time I felt that these locations are far away and then it happens in Orlando and even closer, right in my home. This reality of violence and brokenness in my neighborhood makes it personal for me and now I will invest my time to be a part of the repair. Many churches are seeking divine intervention by praying at street corners, praying within their buildings or meeting with law makers. All these efforts are important and deem necessary towards change but something is missing from me. Where do I begin and who do I seek assistance from to bring resolution? I must first see the problem, feel a conviction and then implement a plan of action. Not a plan to seek validation but simply see it as my responsibility.

I witnessed a shootout in Orlando recently and personally looked in the eyes of the shooter. My instinct was that “he” was “protecting” something that was personal to him. He had no fear in the middle of the day to pull his gun and shoot. Then, in the middle of another day, someone stabbed my grandchild’s father to death three weeks before his birth. Now it has become personal! In my spirit, I could feel the emerging of a soldier ready to be armed to eradicate an enemy. I am not out to find shooters or murderers. That is the job of the law enforcers. Instead I would like to create a team that wants to make a difference in the community by preventing further decay. I would like to begin with the family, by offering weddings that include counseling, parental classes and celebrating mile stones of accomplishments. I believe that the core for change comes from having a peaceful household, therefore children will not exhibit unfavorable behavior on the streets or in schools.


End Time Sabbath Worship Center have partnered with us on several outreach efforts in the past and again they have reached out to us to include them in future events. They are occupying over a hundred thousand square feet in a free-standing structure. This is preparing us for the next phase of a vision of reaching out into our community. This collaboration is of surmountable possibilities to reach a community that has had their share of wounds, even from the bullet of a gun.

Our Strategic Goal

The vision of reaching out to the community one household at a time. This requires our foundation to be strong to accommodate the needs of families and thus strengthen the community. We need your talents to create supportive programs for after school arts and self-improvement classes. Your participation will allow us to accomplish the following: Spiritual Wellness Education Wellness

Mental Wellness Physical Wellness Financial Wellness Legal Wellness

Please join our team of community builders and let us work together. For the wellness of our community. Let’s be the change maker! We are seeking single parent households to clean and paint their homes. Offering a free wedding to those living together and wish to legalize their union. Special service of blessing on the babies including my grandbaby. The emphasis is to gather as a community and to be “god parents” to these children and make a promise to watch them grow up and be responsible citizens. It begins in the home. You may contact Rosemarie Roth @ 352-321-0932 or BABY DEDICATION SERVICE - SATURDAY APRIL 15, 2017 @ 10 A.M. - 2150 BRENGLE AVE. ORLANDO, FL 32808 VOICES 4 HIM, JOAN MYERS & ROSEMARIE ROTH

Trump & The U.S.A Constitution by Kamal Abdool


he United States has three equal branches of Government, the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. Article Two of the US Constitution vested tremendous power in the Office of the President and in a single person. Historians have concluded that the Office of the President was the Founding Fathers most creative act, though it wasn't their best work.

Students of history have debated why the framers of the US Constitution vested such power in the Office of the President. Consensus is the Founding Fathers felt that Congress may seek the interests of the rich and famous and a powerful President will look out for the poor and needy. Generally, this worked okay up to the 44th President Barack Obama. The Founding Fathers may not have catered for the ascendancy of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Many Americans and others around the world have questioned why the United States elected a person like Donald Trump as their President. There's adequate proof that he cheated many smaller contractors out of agreed monetary compensation by claiming shoddy workmanship and using the Federal Bankruptcy Laws to avoid payments. I watched as one tearful business owner related how he took out a bridge loan to cover payroll and materials only to have Trump withhold payments and then he was bullied into accepting 50% of the contracted price. This family business owner was forced out of business. It would take all the pages of this magazine to list the con jobs of Donald Trump. From Trump University to Trump Campaign purchasing $55,000 of Trump's book Crippled America. Then there's the Trump Foundation. ThoughTrump often promised to give to charity, his Foundation has proven rather skimpy with gifts over the years and when it has given,

the money often came from other people and companies including NBC and the World Wrestling Federation.Trump reconfigured his Foundation as an intermediary soliciting the money from others and then giving the money away as though from himself and using funds to settle personal legal disputes. Perhaps the saddest episode is Trump getting caught on tape boasting he grabs women by the privates and then dismissing it as locker room talk. I'm no saint and I do not know any men or will not hang out with any man who says he grabs women by the privates. That's the product of a sick and corrupt mind that not only offends but an attempt to disrespect women. How could 42% of women vote for Donald Trump? White men from the midwest voted overwhelmingly for Trump with the expectation that the candidate will bring back factory jobs and restore their prominence in the social order. Robotics, Technology, Cheaper and Efficient Shipping, highly educated and intelligent immigrants may make this promise an elusive dream.

Accredited & License # ST38788


Letters to My Lawyer™ Desperate Father

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By Kafi Kennedy Swanson, Esq D


Dear Lawyer: I’m a father of a 2 year old boy who was never married to his mother. Last week I tried to go pick up my son for a visit and his mother would not let me see him. Every time we make plans she changes her mind and then I can’t see him. I’m trying everything I know to be a good father to my child but his mother is making it difficult. What can I do so my child doesn’t become a statistic of growing up without a father? We had spoken on the phone and arranged this time for the visit. I’m currently paying child support from a department of revenue case but have been told that doesn’t entitled me to see my son. I just want to have time to see my child and take care of him and not only do it when his mother says its ok.

From Desperate Father Dear The Desperate Father:

enting agreement or plan may include a child spends every other weekend with the father, and rotates each Thanksgiving and Christmas. The plan is a road map to where the child will be for 365 days of the year, thus eliminating the guess work and whims of each parent and creates stability for the child.

Another benefit of filing the petition is the modification of child support. Child support is calculated based on a number of factors including but not limited to the income of each parent, number of overnights each parent has with the child, expenses of the child each parent pays, number of children, and expenses of the parent. Your child support amount may change based on the parenting plan such as the number of overnights you may have your son. Also if your employer offers health insurance that you can place your child on this may also affect your child support. Also these details will be worked out through the course of the case. Anyone can complete this process on their own, however, many people hire an attorney to make sure the petition is filed correctly and someone is in court advocating on their behalf for their best interest. The attorney’s at Having an Attorney When it Matters are always just a phone call away. Please submit your letters to Each month a reader’s letter will be chosen for response. Letters to My Lawyer™ is a publication of Karlyn Hylton & Sasha Watson of Hylton, Adamson Watson, PLLC 1820 W. Colonial Drive |Orlando, FL 32801 Phone: 407-802-3223 | F: 407-377-1971 Email:

Many clients come into our office each week with your same concern. I applaud you for trying to be the best father to your child. In order to set up a schedule of when you would be entitled to spend time with your child you will have to file a petition with the court. This petition is called a Petition to Establish Paternity and Time Sharing and Other Relief. This petition will ask the court to establish you as the legal father of child which will entitled you to certain rights as that child’s father. One of those rights includes time sharing. Time sharing lets each parent know during what times of the year they will physically have the child with them. A time sharing plan will also include which holidays and school breaks each parent will have the child. For Example, a par-


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