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September/October 2015


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Guyana's Vice-President & Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge & the Mayor Messam of the City of Miramar.

Guyana Vice President, Honorable Carl B. Greenidge and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Florida Visit by Wesley Kirton

Guyana’s Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge wrapped up a 60-hour visit to south Florida last Saturday night during which he briefed various audiences on the current situation regarding Venezuela’s renewed claim to Guyana’s territory and waters. Minister Greenidge used the opportunity of the Florida Conference on Current Caribbean issues put on by the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) and the Greater Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce; a Town Hall meeting for Guyanese and friends of Guyana in South Florida hosted by the Guyana Honorary Consul; a meeting with a group of maritime lawyers; a lunch hosted by the Beacon Council; an interview with a team of senior editors at the Miami Herald; and a press brunch to clearly outline the historical and recent developments regarding Venezuela’s claim and recent threats against Guyana. In all his presentations he made it clear that the only option to which Guyana would agree to decide whether there is any merit to the claim is judicial settlement via the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and it was now up to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon “to do his job and facilitate the process towards a judicial settlement of this claim”. (Continued on page 7)

A Call for Change Sweeping the Caribbean – Dr. Rowley and the PNM win Trinidad General Elections

The main Opposition People's National Move -ment (PNM) won the general election in Trinidad & Tobago over the Labor Day weekend – Sept 7th. The PNM defeated the coalition People'sPartnership (PP) of Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar that came to power in 2010. "I want to thank all the people for the very hard

Dr. Keith Rowley celebrates with PNM supporters

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Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15-October 15 is dedicated as “Hispanic Heritage Month” in the state of Florida and you guess it; Lake County is officially dedicated to celebrate. Continued on page 11


L I F E S T Y L E Sam Roberts, Publisher

Commitment, Engagement & Reality

We spend our lives planning our future and doing the things necessary to achieve the goals that we place on ourselves and for this reason sometimes we miss out on the true opportunity to live our life, to commit and truly engage in the life we have. I’ve lived and I’ve lived; there are times when I am truly engaged in the life I want to live and there are many times in my life when I'm just barely scratching to the surface of the life I want but being forced to live the life I have to live to survive. These are the necessary sacrifices we all must make to try to live the life we so desperately want. However, we must force ourselves to stop along life’s journey and force ourselves to dig deep and truly become engaged and committed to the world and the life we want. For those of you who don’t truly understand what I’m trying to say, let’s try asking yourself a few quick questions: . • • • •

As a child growing up what did you dream about doing when you grew up? . When you left your home (migrated or moved out of your parents’ home) what did you want to do with your life? . When you were in high school or college where did you see your future and what were your career plans? . When you’re alone with your thoughts, your dreams and even in your prayers, what do you see as the life for you and your family, what promises might you give to God? When you’re on your dying bed and reflecting on the life you lived, the lives you touched, the world you lived in and the difference you made – will there be any regrets? .

Take a few private moments to think about these questions and your answers, especially the last one. . I understand that we make life choices sometimes based on the opportunities that come our way, or sometimes the lack of opportunity forces us down a path different from our dreams and career plans; sometimes our dreams and vision far exceed the reality of possibilities. As a child I dreamt about being an engineer that would fly around the world and work with children to make a difference in their lives…..don’t ask me how being an engineer, flying around the world and working with children are really connected. However that was my dream.

Guenet Gittens-Roberts, Publisher/Editor

Today, I’m an engineer, I’m not flying around the world, maybe driving around Florida, and I’m helping my two children, and sometimes other children that come into my life. Making them aware of the world of potential and opportunity they have in the world today. As my story can tell, maybe I’ve scratched the surface of my dreams, in a watered down version, and I know that I am nowhere close to fulfilling and being truly satisfied with my level of commitment to my life, my dreams. I am constantly challenging myself to do more, dig deeper, get more involved, make more of a difference and the one sad but useful thing or word that I tell myself is “Ok, tomorrow I’ll start” or “Ok, October 1st, May 1st”…..or some other futuristic date that gives me the opportunity to postpone. Today (Sept 13th, 2015), or whatever date you may be reading this editorial, I challenge myself and you to start to fulfill the commitment to yourself to live the life you’ve dreamt about, commit to the life you want and let us change the World or maybe the State, or the City, or the neighborhood, or maybe just the home you live in, or the people around you……..but commit today and be engaged in the life you live and the effort needed to make the difference. Remember the world’s greatest journey begins with just one step; your first step, let us commit to make that first step TODAY. .

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Letters to My Lawyer™ Supportive Fathers & the Department of Revenue

no minimum requirement. However, if the capital required to start/obtain the business is less than $100,000.00, USCIS will typically want to see most if not all of that being your investment. To be eligible, you must be from a treaty country. Fortunately, Jamaica is participating treating country. E-2 visas are issued for an initial period of up to 2 years and may be extended or renewed in 2 year increments. .

By Sasha Watson, Esq.

Dear Lawyer, I have been traveling to the US from the Caribbean as a visitor for many years and would like to remain in the US and establish a business. I am from Jamaica and I have the funds to purchase franchise (restaurant / gas station) or to start some other business. I was told about the EB-5 investment visa green card but I do not have $500,000.00 minimum required for that type of visa are there any other options for business investors? From Prospective Businessman Dear Prospective Businessman:


There are many different visa options for entrepreneurs with sufficient capital for investment. Since we have already ruled out the EB-5 green card option, in a very similar fashion, here are some of the other available options: E-2 Treaty Investor - You may be eligible for an E-2 visa if you invest a substantial amount of money in a new or existing Substantial amount means there is .

& Sari House

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L-1, Intracompany Transferees - if you have a company overseas that will open an affiliate, subsidiary or branch in the US and you serve in an executive, manager, or a worker with specialized knowledge capacity for at least 1 year within the last 3 years, you may seek a transfer to the US to work in one of the capacities listed above. L-1 visas are issued for an initial period up to 3 years and may be extended in up to 2 year increments. There is maximum period of stay of 7 years for managers and executives and 5 years for specialized knowledge workers. These visas are non-immigrant and do not result in a green card and must be periodically renewed. There may also be other available options in the non-green card myriad of visas. Entrepreneur immigrant/green card based visa will typically require a sizeable investment (minimum $500,000) or that you have extraordinary ability (EB-1), or an advanced degree or exceptional ability (EB-2). . If you are interested in pursuing a non-family based nonimmigrant or immigrant visa application, you should discuss your options with an attorney who can carefully and strategically determine which option is best for you. These types of visas can be very complex and challenging to pursue. . Regards, Sasha Watson, Esq. HAWM, PLLC Please submit your letters to Each month a reader’s selection will be chosen for response. This column is primarily for educational purposes as well as to give the reader general information and a general understanding of the law, not to provide any legal advice whatsoever. By reading this column you understand that there is no attorney-cliet relationship between you and writer/publisher. This column should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney. This column is not published for advertising or solicitation purposes. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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A Call for Change Sweeping the Caribbean - Dr. Rowley and the PNM win Trinidad General Elections Continued from pg 1 work they did in bringing a successful end in what was a difficult election. I want to thank Trinidad and Tobago for demonstrating once again that we can conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of the name Trinidad and Tobago," PNM leader Dr. Keith Rowley told reporters. The preliminary figures showed that the PNM won 22 of the 41 seats with the remaining 19 going to the PP that had won 29 seats in the 2010 General Election. . The 66-year-old volcanologist, one of the longest-serving legislators, said the election proceedings "have gone down relatively smooth. "Election day had some challenges, but at the end of the day, once again, I think we had a very successful operation. And I am pleased to be in a position to say that the PNM has won the majority of the seats.

In her Facebook posting,PM Kamla Persad Bissessar said that she wanted to wish Rowley “all the best for the sake of all our people. Indeed, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago deserve competent and effective governance and it is my hope that this new government can continue our legacy of performance and delivery".

m P

“Personally, I am very proud that so many promises were delivered during my government’s time in office. The People’s Partnership leaves our country in a far better position today than what we inherited in 2010. I hope the new Prime Minister will use all that has been achieved thus far, and build on it so as to ensure that development continues."

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley at his desk

"We are confident that the country has been placed in good hands. We have prepared ourselves well, we expect that we will take the responsibilities of managing the affairs of all the people of Trinidad and Tobago in a way that will allow us all as a people to look at tonight the beginning of a new era," said the prime minister-elect.

For the sake of our country let us all hope Dr. Keith Rowley now follows that lead. “We may not hold the reins of power but we will do our utmost to be patriotic citizens and an effective opposition".

Both Persad-Bissessar and Rowley easily retained the seats they had in Parliament over the past two decades. The PNM was also able to regain the two seats in Tobago it lost in 2010, with Shamfa Cudjoe winning the Tobago West and Ayanna Webster-Roy winning the Tobago East seats, respectively. Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Austin Jack Warner, who said his party would have been a major factor in determining the new Government, failed to win the Chaguanas East seat he switched to after successfully contesting the Chaguanas West seat in 2010 and 2013. "I said win, lose or draw it would be my last hurrah, "Warner said, telling reporters "it is a PNM victory and one for ILP". Warner said his "greatest success" had been the failure of Persad Bissessar to win the election, adding "Kamla will never see Government again in our collective lives". PNM supporters took to the streets in celebration, and Rowley said, "we have taken the responsibility of offering ourselves, and now we will proceed with what we outlined in our manifesto, given the circumstances that have developed, bearing in mind all the time that we do not govern for ourselves but we are servants of the people of Trinidad and Tobago." Former Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar has hinted at not pursuing a legal challenge to the results of the September 7 General elections, saying members of the coalition People’s Partnership “We will do our patriotic duty as members of the Opposition”. In a posting on her Facebook page, PM Persad Bissessar said that the “result of an election is an expression of the will of the people” and that she was taking this opportunity “to congratulate my opponent Dr. Keith Rowley on his victory”.


. .



By Tony Deyal In Carapichaima where I spent the first eleven years of my life, I found elections to be great fun. In those days, on the one narrow road leading through the village, the “mike” vans or cars, with horn-type loudspeakers at the top and someone inside on the “mike”, would pass announcing the latest Indian movie at the Jubilee Cinema in Chaguanas or a Western with “licks like peas” and “serials” like Nyoka and the Tigermen or Spy Smasher. Snatches of songs, mostly “Indian” hits from the movies, interrupted the announcers who made talking into a “mike” an art-form. We heard the “mike” long before we saw it and ran outside to see how many of the newsprint “pamphlets” advertising the movies we could collect. It never mattered whether some of us were able to read. When elections came the place was hot with mikes.

The first one I remember was for a candidate named “Ramoutar Dass” and even though he lived not too far from us and my mother knew his wife it did not stop us from distorting his surname. Sometimes the “mike” cars of two rivals would find themselves abreast of each other and like the old time steelband clashes they tried to outdo each other with the music and the mike men raising the ante and the volume. This way I got to see Bhadase Sagan Maharaj and now, when I hear the middle-name of the Prime Minister used repeatedly, I wonder if this is not some kind of political tradition. I will never forget how Muriel Donawa stressed the “George MICHAEL Chambers” and before that “Eric EUSTACE Williams.” Thinking about the mighty Muriel, she was one of my favourite politicians ever, loyal to her leader and party, with her own panache and, in her time, a celebrated Southern beauty and one of the first disciples of Dr. Eric Williams before the PNM was formed.


We had moved to Siparia by the time she took on Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler in 1966 for the Fyzabad seat in what was Butler’s political swan song. I had seen Butler before in Carapichaima when he held a meeting and promised that if he won he would give everybody “Butler” rice, “Butler” flour and even “Butler” money. He swore that he would print enough money for everybody to become rich. In the election against Muriel, as Butler, still fierce and fiery, started his speech, some of us tried to heckle him with the chant “We want Muriel! We want Muriel!” Butler stopped and a wicked smile covered his entire face, “So what happen?” he asked and then said, “I is ah man. I want Muriel too!” We did not have the heart to continue. He had won us over and owned us when he asked, “Who went to jail for you in 1937?” and the crowd shouted, “Butler”. “Who went to jail for you in 1939?” and, joining in, we roared, “Butler”. “Who going to jail for you in 1966?” and when we responded, “Butler!” he replied, “Not ah ass ah dat!” . In Siparia too there was the candidate who owned a sawmill and gave away free lumber to all who came to him offering their votes. He was the original promising politician. Unfortunately when he lost he chided them for their ingratitude with, “I give youh mudder wood. I give youh fadder wood and if you and all did come you woulda get.” Long after his death his words live on as a political classic. Then there was Ranjit Kumar. While there were standpipes on the Carapichaima main road, Roopsingh Road had none. Kumar dropped huge metal pipes along the road with the promise that if the people voted for him they would get water. The day after the election his truck passed and took away the pipes. This leads to the moral and same old story- whatever a politician promises you, whether money or metal, all you get in the end is wood. .

Guyana Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honorable Carl B. Greenidge Florida Visit Continued from pg. 1

However, Venezuela is opposing the judicial settlement option preferring to pursue the good offices mechanism, which Minister Greenidge pointed out has been tried for the past 23 years yielding “little or no success”. “Guyana is of the firm belief that this controversy, arising out of the Venezuelan claim that the Arbitral Award of 1899 is null and void can only be settled once and for all through the judicial process. Before there could be any adjustment to the demarcations of our territorial and maritime boundaries the ICJ must first rule on whether the Arbitral Award of 1899 is null and void. It is Guyana’s firm view that that Award is legally binding and that the existing boundaries must remain intact,” Greenidge told a luncheon at the conference attended by diplomats, elected officials, business executives and community leaders. In tracing the historical developments related to the boundaries Greenidge referred to a number of agreements which clearly point to Venezuela’s acceptance of the current boundaries up until it first raised its claim in 1962. Among these agreements, he explained is the 1932 demarcation of the point where the Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil borders meet. Further, he explained that as a result of the1899 Arbitral Award Venezuela had benefitted from “the award of significant portions of real estate (land) which were previously the territory of then British Guiana.” Mnister Greenidge argued that the renewed Venezuelan claim to Guyana’s land and maritime space is an attempt by that country to develop sovereignty over an Atlantic Coast which it does not currently have so as to lay claim to the resources which are to be found in those waters. The recent Venezuelan decree seeks to lay claim to waters which fall within the legally established boundaries not only of Guyana but Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Dominica and other Eastern Caribbean countries, he said. . The Vice President and Foreign Minister made it clear that Guyana was leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the safeguard of its legally established boundaries and had embarked on a campaign to sensitize and seek the support of the international community including CARICOM, the Commonwealth, the G-77 and the United Nations. He disclosed that this issue would occupy a great deal of the presentation by Guyana’s President David Granger to this year’s session of the United Nations General Assembly as well as form the basis for a number of bilateral meetings during the President’s visit to New York later this month. Venezuela, according to the minister, has been accusing Guyana of being hostile and of “undertaking the greatest heist of another country’s natural resources ever in history” which he said points to the true reason for president Maduro’s actions…..access to the oil and other resources

which belongs to Guyana. While not ruling out that Maduro could resort to military action, even if limited, Greenidge said that Guyana’s efforts include sensitizing its friends and allies to this possibility and encouraging them to use their influence to advise Maduro against harboring any such thoughts. The Minister in his presentations at the conference and the town hall meeting pointed to the important role of the Guyanese and Caribbean Diaspora in assisting to defend and promote Guyana’s interests on this matter. “I am indeed pleased with the interest shown and the commitments of support for Guyana on the Guyana/ Venezuela issue. I had very good meetings at which I was able to exchange views with persons knowledgeable on maritime issues and with Guyanese and friends of Guyana who were eager to be updated on the matter,” Greenidge told reporters at a press brunch last Saturday hosted by former Guyanese diplomat Wesley Kirton.

Florida Conference on Current Caribbean Issues:The Diaspora Discussion

Dave Clark, VP Network Planning Jet Blue Airways and Hon. Carl B. Greenidge, VP, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Former Crime Chief, Skip Roberts, Hon. Carl B. Greenidge, VP, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Sam Roberts, Publisher, Caribbean American Passport



Dr. Usain Bolt

Celebrated by Hilary Beckles, Vice Chancellor University of the West Indies The UWI community across the region, and in our many Diasporas beyond, stood at the finish line to welcome Dr. Bolt to the place he has made his very own. It's a global space he has domesticated for his Caribbean folk who foretold that no Beijing bird nest would contain the flight of the pelican. There is in his victory more than a common contest of physical capacity. There is a passionate philosophical expression of self-confidence and native belief that again and again rises from within. It is flashing across the finish line the bold message: if we are going to build sustainable, resilient economies and societies in the Caribbean we must begin with self-confidence and end with self-belief. Every child in this Caribbean world, beginning with Jamaica, and ending wherever Dr. Bolt has touched with his ancestral magic and Gift of God, now knows the truth: that our people

have been through the hottest fires of hell but, like the Jewish boys of biblical times, were not burnt to ashes, and rather are rising daily from them. Dr. Bolt's performance before the world that admires his universal humanity, African amiability, Caribbean sensibility, and Jamaican savvy, is testimony also to another truth; that within our Caribbean cultural space are solutions to our challenges, no matter how testing. When I visited him at the Sir Frank Worrell playing field at Mona a few months ago, and witnessed his training, it became clear to me that here within our university's heart was a hero who believes in the indigenous power of our academy. I found in him a spirit so humble and historic, majestic and monumental, so completely and irrepressible yet responsible. Such a spirit I thought cannot be ordained by our ordinary ovation. Before every race he points his finger in the right direction an indication that the issue is internalized. I commended him for knowing that there will never be any need for him to run to any American academy in order to discover how to contain Mr. Gatlin and others of his ilk. Dr. Mills, his mind manager, agreed and said that the Mona bowl contained all Usain needed to drink. With these words my cup runneth over! It is for these revolutionary reasons that the university community at the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados rose to its height and "big up Bolt" when it named its spanking new sports complex in his honor. Across our UWI we stand as one with the number one. President Obama must have had a glimpse into the future when he spoke to Bolt at UWI; maybe he understood as he looked into his eyes that the biggest U.S made 'Gatlin gun' is no match for the Jamaican thunder Bolt. Maybe! Walk good back home, Dr. Bolt, and rest your weary legs in the foothills of the Blue Mountains until you are called upon to return to Mt. Olympus. Again, we shall be there to welcome you over the line to a place that is now your very own.




Immigration News For Our Community

Back-track is NOT the Right Track into the United States By Attorney Gail S. Seeram, 1-877-GAIL-LAW

@GailSeeram FREE In-Office Consultation FREE Live Chat Many immigrants see coming to the United States as an opportunity to escape poverty, crime, and abuse and to seek a better life. With tourist visa issued at a low rate, many seek entry into the United States through “back-track” or illegal entry. Some immigrants choose to enter the U.S. by land and foot through U.S. land borders or ports of entry such as Arizona, California, Texas and Canada. Others try to enter the U.S. by air with a photo switch passport or use a United States citizen’s passport to gain entry into the United States. The people who get paid to make these “back-track” arrangements would often sell you a dream and tell you that your illegally entry will be undetected by the United States immigration authorities. However, since 9/11, the United States has toughened its ports of entry at the airports and at the land borders. Many immigrants trying to enter with someone else’s passport or a photo switch passport (removing the photo of the passport holder and replacing with the immigrant’s photo) are in most cases apprehended by U.S. immigration, detained and returned to their native country. Before the immigrant is removed or deported back to their native country, their fingerprints are recorded and they are charged and convicted of fraudulent misrepresentation to gain entry into the United States and/or false claim to U.S. citizenship (if attempting to enter with someone else’s U.S. Passport). The removal/ deportation of the immigrant means that he/she will never be able to obtain a tourist visa (B-2) or immigrant visa/green card if tried to enter with someone else’s U.S. passport. If the immigrant was charged with fraudulent misrepresentation then there is the option of possibly filing a 212(i) waiver if the immigrant later wants to seek an immigrant visa/green card.

There are tough consequences for trying to enter the U.S. “back-track” – my advise is to seek the advise of an immigration lawyer to get options to enter the U.S. on the right-track. Sometimes the wait for an immigrant visa or immigrant petition filed by a family member is 6-12 years and many immigrants can’t wait and choose to enter the U.S. “back-track”. Trust me; just wait the time out because “back-track” entry will mean you will face a lifetime ban of ever returning to the United States. Lastly, “back-track” entry also means you are considered to have entered without inspection or without a visa and if you enter undetected by U.S. immigration authorities, you will NOT be eligible to file for a green card or permanent resident status in the U.S. – even if you marry a U.S. citizen. Back-track is not the right-track into the United States because it means a lifetime ban from returning to the U.S. if you are caught and no possibly for obtaining a green card in the U.S. if you are not caught at the border. Question #1: My uncle decided that he wanted to help me go to America. I was 18 years old and my parents I assumed that it was a chance for me to have a better life. They made arrangement with some local people here in Guyana and I was taken to the airport and I board a flight to Miami. Upon reaching Miami I was held up and taken in custody because I was using a U.S. passport and I looked younger than the person in the passport. I was detained at the airport and was put on the next flight back to Guyana. I was advised by officers who processed me that I will be forbidden to enter the US for a five year period. I started doing some research and I learnt that I was ineligible to enter the US for the rest of my life. Is this correct? . Answer #1: Yes, you face a lifetime ban from ever returning to the United States and you are ineligible for a waiver because you made a false claim to United States citizenship by using someone’s else passport to seek entry into the U.S. Unfortunately, you fell victim to the “backtrack” entry and now face lifetime consequences. Even if you are married to a U.S. citizens, you will not be eligible for an immigrant visa/green card or a tourist visa. Copyright © Law Offices of Gail S. Seeram, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in Lake County September 15th thur October 15th is dedicated as “Hispanic Heritage Month” in the state of Florida and you guess it; Lake County is officially dedicated to celebrate. We celebrate Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba through their contribution of culture, food, arts, music and costumes that burst with powerful colors. This year we are proud to include a ribbon cutting in Clermont hosted by the Caribbean American Chambers of Commerce at Sr. Tequila Mexican Grill in Cagan Crossings/Four Corners. Lake, Orange, Osceola and Polk Counties share the name “Four Corners”. This is not an official town or city but it carries a culture of diversity representing all the Hispanic Islands. Clermont extends to the intersection of SR 27 and portion of Highway 1-92 and enough space to hug the other counties if you cross the street.

ribbon cutting event. For this day we all celebrated to be connected either through blood or the spices in the food. A team of community Builders met at Raintree Apartments to discuss their presence as people of Latino descent and the integration of our cultures to add additional flavor to this community. Mr. Bolivar Baylis, the manger of Raintree Aprtments was very accommodating and spent the time listening to our vision and sharing his vision of representing the people in his apartment community and welcomed the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce as an ideal opportunity for the locals to feel connected with the businesses in town. His approachable personality made it a participatory meeting. As someone says; “great minds think alike”.

The outstanding features of this intersection are the people and the food. The communities of homes and apartments are tucked behind their names but the shops belong to the residents and the millions of visitors who saved all year to get rejuvenated in this community.

“Four Corners” is a sleeping giant ready to be awakened as other families and businesses has begun their pilgrimage to make this their home town. Rosemarie Roth pointed out that most of the fruit trees found in the islands can be grown here or fruits and produce can be purchased in the local La Isla Supermarket. The idea of creating the feel of our homeland right here is phenomenal, to say the least.

Sr. Tequila Mexican Grill offered an array of Mexican flare and a Mariachi band to the delight of the attendees for our first

To learn more about Four Corners and to be a community builder in Four Corners you can call 352-321-0932 .


Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission promotes Antigua’s 60th Carnival during 2015 Labour Celebration in New York In 2016, The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, Antigua’s Carnival, will be celebrating another milestone by hosting the 60th edition of the summer festival. The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission, alongside Minister of Sports, Culture and National Festivals, the Hon. E.P Chet Greene, had the opportunity to visit New York for the annual Labour Day celebrations held in New York. During the visit, the Minister in conjunction with the Chairman of the ABFC, Cliff Williams; Antigua’s top Soca Artistes, and an All Star Band, comprising of members from various Bands in Antigua, met with the diaspora at a Cocktail event held at the Antigua House in Harlem, New York. In the words of the Minister, Hon. E.P Chet Greene, he was astonished at the support that the delegation received from the diaspora, and would love to see the same as we journey to the 60th Carnival Celebration in 2016, and the bigger celebration in 2017 with the staging of the 60th Anniversary of Antigua’ Carnival. He added that the 2016 Carnival celebration will be a lead up to 2017, and it is only fit for us to elevate the momentum, and enjoy the “Greatness” that is about to unfold over the next 2 years. The team used this trip as an avenue to promote and develop significant awareness of the upcoming 60th Celebration of


Antigua’s Carnival to be held next year. Thousands of Antiguans and Barbudans, as well as other Caribbean brothers and sisters, were

treated with Antigua Carnival paraphernalia, which included Carnival bags, flyers, samples of English Harbour 5 year old and Cavelier rum, Antigua & Barbuda Magazines, Bottles, Testimonials, Mas In Antigua (MIA) Magazines, T-shirts, and Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Brochures. At the end of the night, three lucky persons emerged as winners in the 60th Carnival raffle. The first place winner received an airline ticket for one to Antigua for the 60th Carnival and the second and third place prizes both included a carnival costume for one.

Jacksonville Caribbean Festival 2015

KonQwest Mas Camp and Classi Waves Mas, were applauded by the organizers for their pageantry on the road. As well as the collaborating promoters, KBP and Supa Fam, for the additional events that made up the Jacksonville Carnival Weekend.

2015 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion

Allie Braswell, Author with Shanti Persaud, WOKB Radio

The cast of Living Single and the ones who helped to pave the way, the cast of Good Times were part of this year’s Reunion. Tom Joyner brought them and so much more to his annual Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion at the Gaylord Palms.

Trinbago Celebrates Trinidad & Tobago's Independence

Former Lieutenant Governor of Florida Jennifer Carroll, Trinidad & Tobago Consul General - Dr. Anil Ramnanan and guests celebrated Trinidad & Tobago's Independence with a Live Perfomance by the Mighty Sparrow.

Guyana’s Vice-President & Minister of Foreign Affairs visit to Florida

L-R, Ramzan Roshanali, Guyana's Hon. Consul FL, Mr. Wesley Kirton, Hon. Carl Greenige, Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Guyana, Mrs. Kaye Cheong, Caribbean Airlines Rep., Wayne Messam, Mayor, City of Miramar, FL.

At a special reception hosted by the Consul General, Ramzan Roshanali,Vice-President Greenidge was presented with a special painting commissioned for his visit.



CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations to Golden Krust Orlando, Florida Franchisees Ravi and Zorida Manoo. The Manoos are owners and operators of 4 Golden Krust restaurants and Golden Krust distributor of baked products. They have been chosen by the International Franchise Association to be awarded Franchisee of the Year. . This is the first time a Golden Krust franchisee has been chosen. Congratulations to this hardworking couple on their growth and on this accomplishment. The award will be handed out at an official function in Washington in September. .


By Kamal Abdool Then there's Section 34. Off course the PNM voted in favor of passage as they knew the Government was digging a hole for itself. Cabinet approved ten million dollars to retrieve a two million dollar firetruck that went into a ditch. An unlettered Trini will tell you to take the ten million and buy five new Rural Trinidad and Tobago, sadly neglected by prior firetrucks and scrap the crashed truck for parts. Administrations, was spruced up and infrastructure upgraded. The East-West Corridor benefitted from the I believe the people of Trinidad and Tobago forgave the building and repair of roads and bridges. The completion of People's Partnership for those missteps and chalked it up to the Tobago Hospital was a feat that eluded the prior PNM learning pains. After all, Trinis had grown accustomed and acclimatized to PNM missteps over the previous eight years. Government. The general consensus amongst Independents and supporters of the People's Partnership was that the Kamla Administration accomplished results beyond expectations during their five years in Government.

The People's Partnership lost the elections because they did not address the corruption accusations, real or perceived. Think about this - sixty million dollars were fraudulently wire transferred from the National Gas Company's Citizens Bank account - yes, wire transferred so there's a paper trail and not one person was charged for the crime. Who were they protecting? Look at Jack Warner's extradition to the USA to face fraud charges. Twelve million dollars in attorney's fees If the People's Partnership performed above expectations, already paid. What I've mentioned is only small bobol. how come they lost the 2015 elections. Off course if you ask Former Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts, will need a that question to a thousand Trinis you may get a thousand designated column just for his ministry's bobol. different reasons. The following is one man's thoughts why The next three are probably the most damaging of all. Firstly, the People's Partnership lost. . tabling in the National Parliament that Dr Rowley is a product of rape. The Independents began to withdraw their In the beginning there were many missteps and immediately support. Trinis may be many things but this level of the Reshma Affair comes to mind. Sometimes we wonder viciousness was unprecedented in our history. Because of this why smart people do stupid things. For instance, Hillary unwarranted attack, Dr Rowley started to attract the Clinton and the private server in her home. Yes the State sympathy vote and momentum gained. Department approved it and nothing illegal or immoral took place. Hillary and her advisers should have expected the Secondly, removing the Leader of the Opposition from Republicans will go after her citing privilege and National Parliament was a stupid move. Parliament was about to be Security concerns. She learnt nothing from the simple prorogued and there were no visible advantages for the Whitewater land transaction that morphed into the Government. Instead, the sympathy vote for Dr Rowley impeachment of a President. Ditto for Kamla. How could the widened and momentum with the PNM was now reaching Prime Minister take a low level unqualified clerk and elevate critical mass. her as the Head of the country's Intelligence Unit? Finally, announcing most candidates less that three weeks Another major slip up - the State of Emergency. Nothing before the General Election. There was not enough time for productive came out of it and it cost the country millions of the candidates to bond with the electorate, especially in the dollars. critical marginal seats. UNC foot soldiers were bypassed for candidates loyal only to the Prime Minister and not necessarily to the Party. Centering the entire election strategy primarily around Kamla was doomed to fail. . Projects catered to elevate the standard and quality of life of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago were initiated. For example, the Children's Hospital, the Teaching Hospital in San Fernando, University of the West Indies campus in Debe, Aviation School, Cycling Velodrome, Aqua Center, Tennis Center and the proposed development of Invaders Bay to cater for tourism.

So where does the UNC go from here. UNC has to rebrand itself. COP is dead. Therefore a sound strategy has to be in place to build from the ground up. Rebuild from the Party Group level to the Constituency Group level. Suruj Rambachan and Roodal Moonilal must be relegated to the back office and most critical, the election of a new UNC Political Leader preferably someone outside of the current UNC MPs.


Fit Like A Ras By Jeremy Roberts - NASM

Women and Weights Series: Ann Grant

Dis is numba 2 in de series. Fuh dis one, I n I talk to Ann Grant, former IFBB Pro athlete. Ann has been weight training for 20 years and competed for 6. Her greatest accomplishment to date has been winning the 2000 NGA and NIBF heavyweight titles. She lives in Clermont, FL. FLAR: So, how long have you been weight training? AG: I started lifting in 1995, after my fourth child, at the young age of 40. My son’s father had remarked that I was looking a little heavier. I got myself into the gym and never looked back. FLAR: Did you have any weight training experience before that? AG: I was on the track team in high school, so I did a little bit there, but before ’95, no real serious weight training. FLAR: So, odda than the comment from your son’s father, did you have any other motivation? AG: Not at first, but once I started, and began to see results, I just had to keep going. I’ve been lifting since’95, and have not missed more than 2 weeks in all that time. FLAR: Yuh did seh yuh competed as a bodybuilder. Tell I some more about dat, if yuh don’ min’. AG: Once I started training, a lot of people kept telling me I should try competing. At first, I was really skeptical about that. I was pretty shy and couldn’t imagine getting up on stage in front of all those people, with just a skimpy swimsuit on! But, I found the courage and just did it, competing in my first competition in 1999. I placed 5th. The next 2 shows, I finished 2nd. In 2000, I competed in my fourth one and won, getting my pro card. FLAR: Are you still competing? AG: No, I stopped once I became aware of the extent to which Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) were infesting the sport. All of the top competitors are on PEDs, and I refuse to do that to myself. I won’t compete against people who are competing unfairly, and there is no drug free competition anywhere. I’ve even been encouraged to compete at my current age, 51, and I’ve thought about it. But the issue is too real for me. I’ve been approached by individuals trying to get me to start using PEDs as well. The sport truly is a mess!


FLAR: One of the reasons I n I does write dis series is to try fuh convince women dat dey really should at least give weights a serious try. Ah cyaan seh dat ah been havin’ a lot of success. How about you? D you try to convince women about the benefits of weight training and, if you have, have you had much success? . AG: Yes and yes! I believe too many women are concerned about getting bulky. I really don’t like to hear that sh*&. I keep telling them how hard those bulky women they see had to work to get that way, not to mention the chemical help they get along the way. I think the key is to not tell anybody what to do, but listen to what they want, and ask them questions until they practically end up telling you the kind of weight training program they’re going to do. FLAR: Sometimes I find dat is a knowledge ting: women don’ really know what dey should be doing or how fih do de exercises right. A lot a men don’ know either,butdatdon’stopdem . AG: Yeah, but I think that women who allow themselves to be intimidated like that are really just not ready yet. When you want it, nothing like that will stop you. Going back to what helps women get into the gym, I also think having a great training partner is a huge plus. I initially trained with a friend who was more experienced than I was, and we pushed each other a lot. FLAR: How about your diet? Do you have any food restrictions or patterns? . AG: Not really. I eat ice cream every day, so there’s that. I do restrict salt and sugar, as there’s a history of diabetes in my family. Other than that, I eat just about everything in moderation. FLAR: Thanks so much fuh yuh time, Ms. Grant. I definitely appreciate it, an’ ah know urrbody who read dis will be impressed and, hopefully, motivated to get widdeironindegym. . GT Dread is an NASM CPT, who competes in Masters Track, Field Hockey and Weightlifting. He can be contacted at

Join Caribbean American Passport for the "Hispanic Parade & Saludo a las Americas Festival" event in Orlando. It takes place September 26th in downtown Orlando and becomes one huge Hispanic celebration. The event includes a parade and a free festival in which the Hispanic culture & heritage is presented through food, laughter, costumes, color and the coming together of all Hispanic nations. Caribbean American Passport Publisher, Sam Roberts has been named International Godfather of the Festival. We are pleased to support the Hispanic Community. Puerto Rico and Cuba are two of the largest Hispanic populations in Florida, and both are part of the Caribbean. According to the 2010 Census only Texas and New York have more Hispanics than Florida, the Hispanic population in the State of Florida has risen at a tremendous pace. Its diversity is of equal significance as it shows the emerging Hispanic population to include people from: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and other central and South American countries. The information of the 2010 census shows that one in every four resident of the State of Florida is Hispanic. Ten years ago it was one in every six. Today there are 4.2 million Hispanics in the State of Florida. Over a million are Cubans and over 800,000 are Puerto Ricans, the fastest growing group in the State. More than 400,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida in the last 10 years. Most of the Puerto Ricans families have settled along the I-4 corridor extending from Tampa to Daytona Beach becoming a driving force and contributing to the economic stability of the Florida areas as well as the rest of the State. Parade location: 517 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL. 32804 Starts at 11:00am Festival will be held in front of Dr. Phillips Center and City Hall from 1pm to 9pm For more information please


he Caribbean American Association of Lake County Inc. began April 2004 in Clermont, Florida. CAALC held its first meeting with less than ten people. They have since grown to over fifty active members; they promote cultural activities, provide networking opportunities and reach out to local community through fundraising events. They have a volunteer membershipbase, they are a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organizations that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of young people in our community. Annually they award two scholarships to deserving students of Caribbean American heritage from local high


Nelson Mandela’s Grandson to Speak at UCF Ndaba Mandela, the grandson of former South African president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela, will visit the University of Central Florida on Sept. 21 to discuss his outlook for Africa’s future and the impact his grandfat-her had on the world. His visit is sponsored by the UCF Global Perspectives Office and will be at 10:30 a.m. in the Cape Florida Ballroom of the Student Union. In an effort to continue his grandfather’s legacy, Mandela is the co-founder and chairman of the Africa Rising Foundation, which is

dedicated to promoting a positive image of Africa around the world and increasing its potential for growth in education, employment and international corporate alliances. Previously, Mandela served as a political consultant at Japan’s embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, and worked in business development. In 2012, Mandela was instrumental in creating the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness. As a result of his work, he was named one of the “28 Men of Change” by Black Entertainment Television in 2014.



ZUCCHINI Zucchini is a good source of vitamin C and manganese. It is a wonderful healthy and nutritious vegetable that you can use to make delicious dishes.

fresh lemon juice, diced tomatoes, garlic, pitted olives and a dash of pink Himalayan sea salt to make your easy-to prepare zucchini salad.

Every time I make the raw zucchini pasta in my vegan cooking class people are amazed at how much it looks like regular pasta. The key to making zucchini tasty is the sauce that goes along with it. Zucchini can be made into a number of dishes:

Jamaican-Born Sandi Morais has a BA degree from Florida International University. She is the author of Recipe for Life vegan/vegetarian cook book. Sandi has been featured in local and national magazines. Sandi teaches a vegan cooking class at La Vie Wellness Spa

To order Recipe for Life vegan/vegetarian cook book visit

RAW ZUCCHINI PASTA: Use a veggetti or spiralizer to make the zucchini pasta. Add pasta sauce, or make your own sauce and add to the zucchini for a healthy low carb raw zucchini pasta dish. Raw zucchini pasta is a good alternative to regular pasta. ZUCCHINI STICKS: Cut raw zucchini into sticks and eat it with hummus or guacamole for a healthy snack as an alternative to chips. ZUCCHINI SALAD: Use a vegetable peeler and peel the zucchini into thin strips and put the strips into a bowl. Add extra-virgin olive oil,


-- Prabhudas --

The Promise of Diwali A short story By Harry Bissoon, Founder/President GUYANA DAY USA, INC.

Prabhudas fidgeted uneasily as he sat on the unpainted wooden bench, which had changed with age to a grey metallic appearance. He constantly, with reassuring satisfaction, picked at his nose, plucking long, grey hairs, jutting out of his large nostrils. There was an irritating itch somewhere on the inner side of his left thigh, and his hands repeatedly reached for that spot, to engage in a scratch of tingling content. He was dressed in a white vest, which clung to his body as if it were part of his skin, and an off blue shorts with red and white stripes. His bulging belly, which shivered with jelly – like consistency, whenever he moved, hung over his waistline. Prabhudas presented a picture of comfortable indulgence, as he greeted the dawn of the new day. It was customary and regimental for him to be out of bed at 5:00 am on a regular weekday, even though he was retired, but today was a national holiday, so he slept until 5:30 am. He could have slept later, but Prabhudas never felt good if he missed the rising sun. It had something to do with contentment, fulfillment, and soul power he always told those who knew him well. It brought on the disease of laziness he would say, if the sun catches you in bed. So on this Diwali holiday, he sat on his favorite bench, in his favorite spot, under a gigantic mango tree, in front of his house, waiting with unmoved patience, to bask in the golden glory of the morning sun. In the grey, dreary dawn, he waited. He waited for the sun’s brilliance and penetrating rays to strike him in his face. It was going to be a nice day he thought to himself. The sky was dotted with small puffs of clouds, which seemed to be in a hurry, moving in haste as if to herald the arriving sun. Prabhudas watched as the clouds scurried to the south, exposing clear, blue skies. The sun slowly crept over the horizon, bringing with it an orange brilliance that grew into a bright fireball, emitting light rays that instantaneously struck Prabhudas’ face. He breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was not sure that the sun would come. In solitude he sat, enjoying the new morning, when his tranquility was abruptly broken. The shrieks and squeals of his three grandchildren shattered his silent conversation with the sun, as they scampered out of Prabhudas’ house, through the kitchen door on the ground floor. They ran excitedly into the yard, around the mango tree, shouting in uncontrollable glee that it was a holiday, and that they did not have to go to school. They darted in and around hibiscus and chamomile plants, brushing and bruising red and white flowers. A tantalizing, fragrant aroma drifted from the tender flowers towards the large nostrils of Prabhudas. He hollered at them, telling them to be careful and not to damage the plants, which he had planted and cared for. They hollered back at him. “Nana, Nana! Today is Diwali. We do not have to go to school! Get up and come run with us”! They ran and shouted, mimicking Prabhudas, “Do not damage my plants, do not damage


plants!” shaking their fingers at him. Prabhudas broke out in laughter, his big belly quivering, which provoked more laughter from his grandchildren. His son-in-law, Hitram, was also awake, and had come out into the yard, standing at the old drum, which collected rainwater, running off the corrugated galvanized roof, through gutters that led to the drum. Potable well water was a privilege that Prabhudas enjoyed, because he was a supervisor at the sugar factory, but Hitram preferred the cool rainwater, to splash on his face in the early morning. Hitram coughed, gargled, and spat, as he brushed his teeth with an overused toothbrush. Throughout this morning ritual, Hitram sang an old Indian song, with such incoherence, and a complete lack of melody, that it irritated his father-in-law. Prabhudas reluctantly got up from the old bench and started to run with his grandchildren, with slow, deliberate steps, leaving Hitram to continue his disarrayed, grating rendition of the Indian classic. This story will be continued in our next issue. However you can also read it online at:



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