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Grand Opening of Shipwreck Restaurant

Marley the Movie to be released on 4/20 in Select Theaters and on Facebook


arley, is the first U.S. release ever to be made available for streaming on Facebook on the same day as its theatrical release. Facebook’s users will be able to instantly watch the film streaming from the Bob Marley Facebook page.

Saturday, April 21


f you've visited Lux Night Club, Tavern on the Lake or Level in New York and you were impressed by the style and quality then you'll have to visit Shipwreck, the next venture for young entrepreneur Ronnie Kishore. Shipwreck is a new restaurant opening in the building popularly known for D' Caribbean Hut. From the beginning of April, for as long as I've lived in Orlando, if you stopped by Caribbean Hut you could easily drop in on a band launching for Orlando Carnival or at Christmas time, you'd be sure to find Parang party in session or coming up. It's been a popular party venue for the Caribbean Community for years and certainly a place to stop in to find out the latest about Carnival or when a fete coming up. Tucked in the back of the Magic Mall Plaza at 2141 W. Colonial Drive, between Tampa & John Young Parkway. On Saturday, you'll witness the transformation to Shipwreck Roti Shop Restaurant & Bar. We've been promised that we will be blown away by the decor of the building. Stop by for free appetizers and a Happy Hour that runs from noon to 5pm for the Grand Opening.

Magnolia Pictures has set the release date of April 20 for the documentary "Marley" - the symbolic release date

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Adonal Foyle’s Caribbean Gala raises $20,000 to Empower Youth Magic’s Chris Duhon recognized with special achievement award at gala

Magic’s Chris Duhon

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Guenet Gittens-Roberts, Publisher/Editor


pril is my favorite month of the year. My birthday falls Here are the things that we want to do: just in the middle and I'm able to anticipate and enjoy the excitement of gearing up for the day and then I • We're at 24-28 pages every month, and we want to get to 32float on through the rest of the month on all the positivity gener36 pages every month, to provide more content for you. ated at birthday time. I love it! This birthday found me at 37 years old, not thinking about life or being anxious about the things • We're primarily in Central Florida, we want to personalize that I haven't done. But planning my expansion of Caribbean middle segments of the paper for Orlando, Melbourne, American Passport. We're ready to increase our print numbers Clermont, Ocala, Tampa, Poinciana and Daytona area. and we're ready to increase our distribution, but we need your help. • We're at 10k print copies per month, but last month we ran If you'd like to see more coverage of events in your community out completely and we know that we're not covering all the - then call us to ask for it or send us photos and write articles. locations of Caribbean Americans in Central Florida. We We welcome your voice, we want your suggestions and cerwant to ensure that we increase our quantity to 30k copies tainly your eyes, so take photos and send them to us. It's very distributed throughout Central Florida. hard for me to know what's important in all segments of the Caribbean Community - Jamaican, Haitian, Guyanese, How you can help! Grenadian, Trinidadian, Antiguan and other islands and then the different races, Indian, Black, Chinese to name a few and We're a free paper, we do not and will not charge for editoriyou're also divided by where you live, Orlando, Kissimmee, als and we try to support Caribbean Non Profit Associations Melbourne etc and boy remember in the Caribbean we have by giving them a 50% discount or free ad for their events. those that consider themselves street smart, roots folk and those Those programs are important to us and we want to keep that the roots people like to call Bourgeois. Plus we have the them in place. We need your support of us, this can be done young and old partiers and the religious community- that's through subscriptions and ads and also by supporting our not just Christian but Hindu and Muslim as well. Plus we have advertisers. Let them know that you appreciate their supto keep the American aspect involved too, because after all, port of this paper, their support allows us to bring you conthis is who we are now too. It's a task keeping it all together tent. Support our writers and the events featured in the paand keeping you all at least a liitle satisfied. per. If you can't attend tell a friend. Be proactive and not passive in your support. We need you if we're to grow. Tell Every month, I have Sam ( my husband and the financial arm your marketing department that you know of a paper that of the company) looking over my shoulder making sure I stay reaches your community and that they should check it out. within budget and that I don't get too excited by what's hap- Tell us where Caribbean events, people and places are so that pening and end up busting the budget. So I thought let me tell we get there. Every time someone tells me they love the payou about my expansion plans, not Sam. per, I try to explain that it's actually the diversity of our culture that they're getting to see and that's what is beautiful about the paper. So all of you doing your thing out there, ubscribe to Caribbean American representing in some form or the other for caribbean culture, you, for doing such a great job of providing us with Passport News Magazine today. thank content. We'll continue to see you out there!

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Please support the Lucille Wheatley Scholarship Award Association, Inc. Scholarship Fundraising Luncheon Stetson University • Carlton Union Building 131 E. Minnesota Avenue, DeLand, FL Sunday May 6, 2012 2:00-5:00 PM Tickets $25.00 per person For more information Tel: 386-532-0478

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Florida Can Lose Flood Insurance if Governor Signs Bill they could circumvent the federal government, and eliminate regulations. FEMA, which is run by former Florida Emergency Management Director Craig Fugate has determined that the law is a violaBy Roger Caldwell tion of National Flood Insurance Program rules. By leaving federal agencies out of the permitting process, the director of FEMA, believes there would be over development in flood arovernor Scott is no stranger eas. Also major companies would be able to lower their buildto controversy, and it is no ing standards without proper federal regulations and laws. surprise when he walks a thin line on a legal or federal is- Florida is a place where floods and hurricanes happen, because sue. But, when FEMA, a government agency gives a warning that the water table level is low. Hurricanes season can be devastatthey will suspend Federal Flood Insurance, he needs to listen. ing for many different counties in Florida, and the federal flood insurance program is the only place to insure against floodEveryone knows that our governor does not support our presi- ing. Private insurance companies and state-backed insurance dent, and he does not like federal regulations. He believes in companies do not insure or issue flood insurance or losses. state’s rights and he thinks the states should be left alone to make their own decisions. This Without a federal flood insurance program the kind of thinking has got our governor in hot housing market would be devastated and water before, and it looks like our governor is come to a standstill. Real Estate companies getting ready to get in hot water again, if he would not be able to make deals, because the refuses to comply with FEMA (Federal Emermortgage companies need flood insurance to gency Management Agency). insure their properties.


Governor Scott has been put on notice that homeowners and businesses across the state will lose access to the Federal Flood Insurance program. The bill now sits on the governor’s desk, and if he signs the bill more than 2 million policies representing $471 billion in coverage is at risk. The House Bill 503 is the piece of legislation that allows local governments to issue building permits without getting approval from any other state or federal agency. The bill was backed by businesses who claimed the permitting process was time consuming and involved too many agencies. The House Bill 503, the legislature, the business community, and the Scott administration thought that

The federal members of FEMA have written a letter to Governor Scott explaining the consequences if he goes forward with signing the House Bill 503. “One consequence is that flood insurance may not be sold or renewed within the community. We want to ensure that Florida citizens continue to receive the benefits of the National Flood Insurance Program,” says FEMA Regional Administrator Major May. The House Bill 503, the legislature, the business community, and the Scott administration thought that they could circumvent the federal government, and eliminate regulations.

Our governor has the potential to destroy the housing market for the State of Florida, if he signs the House Bill 503. As a homeowner with flood insurance, I am hoping that he listens to the members of FEMA and he does not sign the House Bill 503.

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Grand Opening of Singh's Restaurant & Bar


Adonal Foyle’s Caribbean Gala raises $20,000 to Empower Youth


BA veteran and Orlando Magic Director of Player Development, Adonal Foyle, held his 3rd Annual Gala and Caribbean Fete at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort to benefit a great cause; empowering at-risk youth through his Kerosene Lamp Foundation (KLF). Foyle, the now retired NBA player, has worked with youth in the U.S. and around the world, particularly in the Caribbean, through Athletics & Academics Camp, mentorship programs and basketball court refurbishment projects with the goal to teach kids practical skills to help them develop into successful leaders and encourage them to become student-athletes. During the dinner, Foyle recognized guard for the Orlando Magic guard, Chris Duhon, with KLF’s annual Beacon of Excellence Award (J.J. Reddick received the inaugural award last year). The award recognized Chris for his achievements as a studentathlete on and off the court.

is completing his Masters program in Sports Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. "I have had the opportunity to work closely with Chris Duhon over the past several years and have seen his personal commitment not only to the sport of basketball, but to academics and making a difference in his community.

The event was emceed by Local 6 News’ David Pingalore with a variety of live entertainment and music by New Generation Branches Steel Orchestra, Musicology, Sensual Bachata, SistasWit-Style and DJ Fusion & DJ Militia. For more information about KLF and how to become involved, visit KLF was founded by Adonal Foyle, a native of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and professional basketball player to empower youth to grow into healthy and well-educated adults. KLF uses basketball as a bridge to the next generation, promoting education and health awareness, providing free basketball clinics and building/refurbishing basketball courts to more than 5,000 "Many people take academics for granted, but my life has youth since its inception. KLF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organitaught me the value of a great education," said Foyle, who zation. Please visit for more information.

Photos by DW Photography




U.S. Supreme Court Reject Retroactive Application of Immigration Laws to Conviction before 1996 By Attorney Gail S. Seeram, 1-877-GAIL-LAW


n March 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an important decision, Vartelas v. Holder, No. 10-1211, rejecting the retroactive application of a provision of an immigration law passed by Congress in 1996 that has prevented many lawful permanent residents (LPRs) from returning to the United States after a trip abroad. Citing the “deeply rooted presumption” against applying new laws retroactively, the Court ruled 6-3 that LPRs who temporarily leave the country cannot be denied readmission on account of criminal convictions that occurred before the law took effect. The Justice Department argued that LPRs with certain criminal convictions may be barred from re-entering the United States any time they leave the country-even if the law in effect at the time of their guilty pleas did not make them eligible for deportation or ineligible for reentry to the United States. The Supreme Court properly rejected this argument, noting that the government’s interpretation effectively prevented such LPRs from ever leaving the country.

U.S. Supreme Court decision concludes that a returning lawful permanent resident cannot be placed in removal proceedings for a conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude that was committed before the 1996 IIRIRA laws. Temporary Status Granted for Syrians in U.S. On March 23, 2012, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced her intent to designate the Syrian Arab Republic for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for eighteen months. On Thursday, March 29th, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that eligible Syrian nationals (and persons without nationality who last habitually resided in Syria) in the United States may begin the application process for TPS. According to the L.A. Times, “more than 10,000 people have died in the yearlong conflict, including civilians, armed dissidents and security forces, according to U.N. and Syrian government figures.”

The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a foreign country for TPS due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately. U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services may grant TPS to eligible nationals of certain countries (or parts of countries), who are already in the United States. The Secretary may designate a country for TPS due to the following temporary conditions in the country: ongoing armed conflict (such as civil war), an environmental disaster (such as earthquake or hurricane), and other extraordiIn summary, before Congress enacted the Illegal Immigration nary and temporary conditions. Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) in 1996, lawful permanent residents who had committed a crime of During a country TPS designated period (such as Haiti), elimoral turpitude could return from brief trips abroad without gible individuals: are not removable from the United States, applying for admission to the United States. However, after cannot be detained by DHS, can obtain an employment auenactment of IIRIRA n 1996, lawful permanent residents who thorization document (EAD), and may apply for travel auhad committed a crime of moral turpitude were required to thorization. Although having TPS, by itself, does not lead reapply for admission to the U.S. and the crime of moral turpi- to permanent resident status (a green card), a TPS benefitude (even though committed before the 1996 law) would place ciary may immigrate permanently under another provision the lawful permanent resident into removal proceedings. This of law if qualified.

Gone but not forgotten Junior Pouchet


rlando and the steelband fraternity bid farewell to founding member of the Silver Stars Steel Orchestra Junior Edgar Francis Pouchet. Among the band’s highlights was winning the title of masquerade Band of the Year in 1963 with Gulliver’s Travels, the only steel-band ever to earn that distinction. Pouchet passed away on March 24 in his sleep at his home in Orlando, Florida, USA. He was 75 years old. President of Pan Trinbago Keith Diaz spoke at the funeral, saying Pouchet served the steelband movement well for decades and at the highest levels. Diaz said he found out recently that Pouchet would do arrangements for steelbands free of charge. "I have had the good fortune to communicate with several leaders who have testimony that Junior Pouchet had done musical arrangements for their bands free of charge. In fact, it seems that Junior always felt compelled to give of his talents and skill so that less fortunate bands could progress," said Diaz. Diaz said the steelband movement and the nation, by extension, have lost a great man who has thankfully left a great legacy. Junior Pouchet is popularly known in Orlando as the man who took steel pan to Disney, Silver Stars started with them in 1971 when Disney opened - now more than 30 years later they are still there.


May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Polycarpe to mark the month with a Walk-a-Thon to raise awareness


olycarpe a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization which helps with mental health awareness outreach in Caribbean Communities has organized a walk-a-thon to raise awareness within the Caribbean community about mental health issues. Their mission is to promote mental health awareness throughout the Caribbean Community by outreach and research of current trends in treatment in order to refer clients to available services. This year, Polycarpe is celebrating over ten years of working to provide educational awareness and to remove that strong stigma put on those with a mental illness. According to representatives “Often times, during what is known as a “crisis”, the victims of mental illness find themselves in an involuntary mental health hospitalization known as a Baker Act or even worse they are incarcerated for their actions. In children, delayed diagnoses have been found to affect academic performance.” Specifically, the organization provides educational assistance to Caribbean Communities by providing funding for research & training for those affected by mental illness or those agencies that service those affected who are descendants of the Caribbean basin. Penny B. Delerme, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Polycarpe President, states: “We are extremely motivated by the overwhelming support thus far of the WalkA-Thon and our community awareness campaign. It is through these partnerships that we can collectively affect change for the families in this region and fight stigma by eliminating the taboo of discussion of mental health amongst those of Caribbean descent. The effort to have May 5, 2012, officially recognized at the local level succeeded on March 21, 2012, when Mayor Teresa Jacobs of Orange County, FL declared that Saturday as “Caribbean Mental Health Awareness Day.” The Walk-A-Thon will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon with participant registration beginning at 8am. The Walk will be held at Blue Jacket Park on the Glenridge Middle (Track/ Field), 2501 General Reese Ave , Winter Park , FL 32789. For more information on the event or sponsorship opportunities, contact Polycarpe, Inc. at or visit:


LEADING LADIES BEHIND THE SCENES AND ON THE FRONT LINE Welcome to my column on Leading Ladies behind the Scenes. Our column will introduce you to leading ladies who have branded their own recognition and blazed their own trails. These ladies work behind the scenes but manage the front line with high impact results. You might have heard their names or admired their work, but never met them up close and personal. Our column will give you the chance to meet these ladies so you can place a face with the name and their trendsetting work in our community, various organizations and in business. Thank you for celebrating their value with us.

Nouchelle Hastings: “Girl What Do You Bring to the Table?”


Susan L. Taylor Editor Emeritus Essence Magazine and Founder of National CARES Mentoring Movement

first met Susan Taylor while working for a prominent furrier in New York City. In life I believe there are no coincidences only direct must-haps orchestrated by God. These encounters are so overwhelming and glorious beyond belief we call them coincidence.

that has ever been or will be born - her footprints will always be the path others will follow and her spirit will always end up in someone’s college thesis or dissertation.

Susan has taken her God-inspired energy to found National CARES Mentoring Movement and it has become one of nation’s finest The day Ms. Taylor came in to the showroom, I was not sup- mentoring organizations. There is so much to share about National CARES and you can do so at our website posed to be on the showroom floor. It Her national was a busy and bustling time for busiwork is being impacted on the local level ness with sales going through the roof. through Greater Orlando CARES Circle and I was busy working QA with the incommore recently with the devastation suring pelts when I heard I was needed on rounding the death of Trayvon Martin. the floor. I was asked to run the customer service department and relieve sales for lunch. Looking back I believe A little known fact about Susan Taylor it was what I was doing that caught her is that she was born in Harlem and is of attention and drifted us together. I had Caribbean descent her mother is from my psychology book opened. I thought Trinidad & Tobago and her father from I would catch in a page or two while St. Kitts- she started her career at Essence, waiting for updates from the customer in 1970, the year the magazine was service manager. Ms. Taylor asked me founded. Her first position at the magamy name and I responded. She then zine was freelance fashion and beauty said it’s smart of you to work and study editor. At the time, she was a divorced and then she smiled. By this time the single mother without a college degree. customer service manager was giving me the eye to hurry up and take care of By 1981, Taylor had risen to become her. So I shifted to “and what brings editor-in-chief, a position she held unyou to the showroom today.” She went til 2000. During the 1980s, she attended on to explain why she was there. Confident in how I handled night school and earned a B.A. from Fordham University. her concerns, I smiled back. She said to me “little sister, keep doing what you are doing and if you ever need to reach me In addition to her editing responsibilities, Taylor had success here is my information, take care”. building the Essence brand. She was executive producer and host of Essence, the Television Program, a syndicated interview I would like to pretend that I didn’t know who she was but her program broadcast on more than 50 stations for four years In the Spirit column was at the top of my reading list. Reading during the 1980s. In the 1990s, she began Essence Books. Essence was what all New Yorkers did on the train. Honestly, I Taylor’s monthly inspirational column, “In the Spirit”, became think it spoke class and style to other train riders. Throughout a popular feature of the magazine. In 2000, Taylor was prothe 25 years that we knew each other, Susan kept her word moted to publications director. She left the magazine in 2008. and during my darkest hours of life, she was there to offer advice and abstract thought. She never allowed me to play stupid or cheat myself into saying “I don’t know” what and why Note From Susan Taylor about specific situations and life events. She has been more than a mentor to me at times she was the hope and courage to In the name of this beautiful youngster-Trayvon Martin-and on betake a next breath or step. She is my Purple Heart hero. One half of all our children who are forced to live their lives under siege, lesson of many I learned from her was never to allow a man of we must lay a new foundation, speak with new voices and love with means to steal your integrity. Working your way to the top more open and willing hearts. Ultimately, in the search for justice will keep you on top, if you sleep your way to the top, you and for Trayvon, we must also seek justice for all the young brothers and the mattress will be destroyed. That valuable pearl kept me sisters who struggle under the disregard and disrespect that too offocused when approached by multi-millionaires looking for ten have led to terrible endings of the sort that happened on Februplay dates - thank you Susan! ary 26, 2012. We ask each of you to join with us now in embracing the true meaning of “stand your ground”-a phrase that must beSusan is still on the frontline championing for change. Change come a rallying cry on behalf of our children. We say again and for our children, change for healing and restoration. I don’t without equivocation, justice for the senseless killing of Trayvon Marknow if in all of her prolific vocabulary and soiree of slogans tin, justice for all our children, and healing for this nation. that she ever stops to think of herself. Susan is the most unselfish and giver of self person that I know. For all of our community in the Orlando and Sanford area, please do connect with the leadership of our affiliate there, Nouchelle From Essence Magazine to National CARES Mentoring Move- Hastings and Darrell Butler at The ment, Susan has been a leader in our modern day society. She Greater Orlando CARES team is hard at work helping to solve the is respected by all levels of government and civic platforms challenges our children face. They need caring and committed men and she is hailed as the best ready-writer our universe has ever and women to join with them in mentoring and advancing our young. experienced. The difference between Susan and the astounding scholars and brilliant writers of our time is relational. To In the Spirit, me, Susan is the most approachable and loving philosopher Susan


Poinciana News By Phillip Browne Kissimmee/Poinciana Correspondent


Rockell Brown

oinciana Needed a “Rock”-ell. For over 15 years, one of our Caribbean sisters has been the Bookkeeper for the Poinciana Villages association. Mrs. Rockell Brown, has been the consummate professional. She has accumulated many awards over her period of employment. Through surgery, she has stayed steadfast in her commitment to getting the job done. A wife, a mother, a grandmother, and one written book later we acknowledge Mrs. Brown. You have shown that we as Caribbean people are instrumental in the success of government at every level. Poinciana is a better place because of your hard work.



The Few, The Proud, The Brilliant

few months ago I wrote a piece called, “American by birth, Caribbean by blood”. It chronicled the lives of some of the young people born in this country to West Indian parents. How they embraced our cultures and our foods, but equally of great importance our drive for education. So let us acknowledge 3 of the many Caribbean Americans who excelled in the last marking period. From left to right we have Jolene Lyman (2nd grade), Shannon Levy-Browne(1st grade), and Gabriella Henry (1st grade). These 1st and 2nd graders has consistently stayed on their schools Honor Roll. So from the “Caribbean American Passport”, and Caribbean people at large, we congratulate you. Keep up the good work. But they are just 3 of many. There is Donique Johnson (8th grade), Justin Lyman (3rd grade), and sheldon Levy-Browne (8th grade) whose grades are normally excellent. At the high school level there is Makellon Michael, recently inducted into “The National Honors Society”. If your child is on the next Honor Roll, or is excelling academically, please send me proof so they can be acknowledged. Send it to email: And title it, “Caribbean Children Excel”. This is for Poinciana children only please.

Free Tennis Coaching in Poinciana

very Saturday morning from 11 am until around 1pm there is free tennis coaching in Poinciana. These coaching clinics are held at Vance Harmon park, located on country club road in Poinciana. The brain and master mind behind these clinics is Mr. Dennis Bruckel (middle of the photo). Mr. Bruckel is a professional tennis coach. Mr. Bruckel, or “Dennis”, as he prefers to be called is one of those pillars in the community. Someone who makes our lives better by their willingness to give of themselves. Granted “Dennis” has classes during the week where a fee is charged, Saturdays are free and open to all kids. Mr. Dennis can be reached at 407-414-0531. Or you can bring your kids to the park on saturdays once the weather permits.

Roberts & Roberts Property Management Services Serving Orlando & Central Florida Property Management We provide property management solutions for homes, businesses and vacation rentals. Renters! we have homes available.

Contact Sam for more details: 407-810-6435. 10

CADVA, Inc. (Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness) launched globally February 25, 2012 in Orlando, Florida


ebruary 25, 2012 marked the historic launching of CADVA, INC. in Orlando, Florida. Its goal is to leave a legacy and a roadmap behind for any one person who thinks he or she cannot make a difference.

understanding abuse and moving beyond.

The group was in Guyana during March and their message was taken to communities countrywide by the rapidly expanding network of volunteers who are committed to changing the CADVA was founded by a local Central Florida vicsocial landscape. Through this medium, the ortim who became a survivor and is using negative perganization continues to promote its message ussonal experiences to create positive outcomes. Sukree ing an art exhibition with a series of blood-curdling Boodram, author of Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcohol- paintings placing faces to the stories. ism. This is My Story is the founder. See more on Ms. Boodram at www.sukreeboodramcom. Because instances of domestic abuse have escalated tremendously, this amazing concept of the brilliant, sensiThe mission is to provide a safe environment where individu- tive, and highly creative Dianne Madray and artist Carl als and communities can converge, listen, become sensitized, Anderson have individualized the faces of abuse. This share and receive vital information and help on how to com- unique art exhibition was unveiled on March 5, at the bat domestic violence in their local areas. CADVA is educating University of Guyana (UG) Berbice Campus at Tain, those experiencing abuse by providing help and guidance to Corentyne in Berbice, under the theme ‘Reflections: The victims and families. Faces of Domestic Violence.’ Work began long before the formal launch under Break the Silence, Say No to Violence message. This organization helps by encouraging, facilitating and teaching those having knowledge of abuse to speak up through the processes of empowerment on how to react when witnessing abuse, taking each peculiar circumstance into consideration. CADVA is guiding victims to make choices best suited for their own particular circumstances. CADVA brings ‘grass roots’ open discussion sessions to targeted communities. CADVA teaches victims how to walk away from abuse, how to stay safe when in an abusive situation and how to protect your children and loved ones. Their 2012 message is: Break your silence, become a survivor,

CADVA traveled to New York on April 9th for an empowerment session at the New York University Campus. Caribbean American Passport Magazine was proud to accompany them on this mission with its art exhibit depicting domestic violence at New York University. Again their message was well received to an engaging and participative audience. For more information on CADVA as well as how you can obtain help and to support our Caribbean-American first Domestic Violence organization formed right here in Central Florida. Website: or Email:

CADVA Launch in New York at NYU Campus April

ADVA Launch in Orlando with Sukree Boodram, Founder and Dianne Madray Chief Operations Officer-February

CADVA Launch in Guyana, University of Guyana, Berbice Campus in March

Operations Dreamcatcher team in NYU with Sukree Boodram and Dianne Madray


— Marley, continued from page 1 — commonly referred to as 4/20 - is a bonus for Marley Fans and those who know the symbolism behind the date. Kevin McDonald, the Oscar-winning Director of The Last King of Scotland, has put together an "authorised" portrait of Bob Marley, with extensive input from Marley's family and close associates. The two hour, 24minute film will be accompanied with a disc that contains concert footage of four songs previously unseen, a 20-

minute interview with Bunny Wailer, an interview with Stephen Marley that did not make it into the film and 20 minutes of people all around the world speaking about Marley and his music. The two hour, 24-minute film will be accompanied with a disc that contains concert footage of four songs previously unseen, a 20-minute interview with Bunny Wailer, an interview with Stephen Marley that did not make it into the film and

20 minutes of people all around the world speaking about Marley and his music. The film sticks closely to the story of Bob Marley's rise as reggae's first international superstar with a detailed overview of Marley's life and times, from the hillside Jamaican shack where he grew up to the snowy Bavarian clinic where he spent his last weeks in a fruitless attempt to cure the cancer that killed him in 1981, aged 36. The first third of the movie is the most revelatory, with photo-

graphs of a young and cleancut Marley hacking his way through the Jamaican charts with the first, ska-influenced, incarnation of the Wailers: hits like Simmer Down and their warbling version of Teenager in Love which put them on the map in the mid-60s. Macdonald, however, offers more than a straight music biog; he grapples at length with Marley's philosophical and religious convictions, as well as his precarious place above the fray of Jamaica's post-colonial political antagonism. The film opens with a sequence inside an African slave embarkation point (dramatically named "the door of no return") and returns time and again to the knotted loyalties of Jamaican politics and Marley's attempt – through conversion to Rastafarianism – to convey a global Black Power message in his music. Marley, is the life story of the musician that took reggae all over the world and is a chronicle from his early days to his rise to international superstardom with revelatory interviews, rare footage and incredible performances. Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine will be working to organize a local showing of the movie, for more information on this event contact us at 407-4271800. The film is available for a $6.99 rental on facebook, beginning April 20th, which is the day it opens in theaters. A portion of the proceeds from Facebook sales will benefit Save the Children, a charity for needy children. Marley is also being released via video-on-demand on April 20th.



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Runway for Justice, Spring Fashion Soiree, by the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Sponsored by Neiman Marcus

Fundraiser for Mayor Buddy Dyer’s Reelection Campaign

Caribbean Chamber Members at Business After Hours at Mango's Restaurant


Sheriff Demmings Fundraiser at Singh’s Restaurant & Bar


Introduce Your Kids to the True Spirit of Caribbean Carnival Cocobean Productions Presents:

Kiddies Carnival 2012

Spring Fantasy Fairies and Dragons (Creative Direction by Tara Davis)

SaturdayMay 26th, 2012 9:30 am - 1:00 pm At Prairie Lake Park 2075 Hackney Prairie Road Ocoee, FL 34761

Free Admission & Fun for the Whole Family $25 per Child (ages 12 & under) Which Includes:

Special - $20 for Early Registration (must register and pay by April 30th) Costumes Are Limited Registration Closes on May 9th

For More Info or to Reserve a Costume •Costume •Music Email: •Interactive Games for •T-Shirt •Drink the Kids and Adults or Call Creig at 407-788-BEAN (2326) or Tara at 407-493-7449 •Parade •Prizes

Thanks to Our Sponsors:

2141 West Colonial Drive

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Caribbean Food and Drinks on Sale

Health care reform By Corrine Brown, Member of Congress


ealth care reform was in the news this week as the U.S. Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of the “insurance mandate” in the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) While the mandate targets people who can afford to buy insurance, but choose not to, I don’t know too many people like that. Do you? What’s far more important to far more people are all the other benefits the law brings. Even without the mandate, under Obamacare: • 87 million people now have access to free preventative services through private insurance and Medicare. • Over 5 million seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have saved more than $3.1 billion on prescription drugs. • About 400,000 small businesses have claimed a tax credit for up to 35% of their health insurance premiums. • 18 million children can no longer be denied coverage because they have pre-existing conditions. • Over 2.5 million young adults without insurance can now stay on their parents’ plans. This is just the beginning. When the law is fully implemented, 30 million people will have insurance they could not afford previously and everyone will have more secure health care than ever before. Learn more at So, when you hear people bashing Obamacare, ask yourself who has taken actions that show they care about your health. Obamacare means President Obama cares and I care and no matter what the Court decides, we will keep fighting for better health care for all Americans.



ach month, Caribbean American Passport (CAP) magazine allocates a page to the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (GHACC) as part of its community partnership program. We want to thank CAP for giving us access to this valuable resource. It is truly appreciated and we will strive to make the very best of it. Thank you!

The Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (GHACC) is...

may or may not have a language barrier. GHACC is proud to offer many valuable benefits to its members, by providing business support and focusing its efforts on the areas of: business networking, business exposure and recognition, and business development opportunities. Some specific benefits to becoming a member includes:

• • • A voluntary partnership of business and professional people • working together to build a healthy economy and to improve • the quality of life in our community. One little known fact about • Chambers of Commerce is that they are one of the oldest es- • tablishments in America. In fact, Chambers of Commerce in our country began before we had a Constitution or a Declaration of Independence. No matter what your business is, or how long you’ve been in business, or what your business goals, the Chamber has something to offer you. Whether you are a new or relocating business looking to get your feet in the door or maybe you have been around a while and you are looking to • grow, we have the resources to assist you. We urge you to take • part in the many upcoming business and community development seminars and events. We are not only here to serve Hai- • tian Americans; we are here for everyone, especially Business • owners or Individual/Student French or Creole speakers who • • •

Advertising opportunities in Chamber´s web site Advocacy of business issues at Local, State & National levels Business listed in Chamber´s Annual online directory Access to educational material and research studies Committee participation in Chamber events Discounted booth at Haitian Business Expo’s and events Educational business seminar opportunities

One little known fact about Chambers of Commerce is that they are one the of oldest establishments in America. Electronic news update and event notifications e-Membership Program (web page listing with your company profile) Member-to-member benefits/discounts New business ribbon cutting ceremony Office referrals & business leads Promotional material displayed at Chamber events Information about procurement opportunities with large companies and local government • Notary Public services at no charge We currently have a few special projects that we need your help with. One of which is a “Direct Flight Survey” being con-


ducted to assess the need for a direct flight from Orlando to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. If you ever had to travel to Haiti from Orlando or know someone who has, you may be aware of all the hassle you must go through. Most people usually have to drive to the Fort-Lauderdale or Miami Airport to catch a flight. There have been many reports of accidents and even lost of lives in that journey. We hope that if enough people participate in the survey that we may be able to persuade one of the Airlines of the current need for such a direct flight. If you or someone you know travels to Haiti even once every few years, we ask to you go to our web site and click on the link to participate in this survey. Another ongoing project is our online Business directory. It is a collection of all Creole and Haitian owned businesses in our community. We need your help in order to make this a thorough and complete list. Go to our Web Site and click on the “Directory” and look for where it says “click Here to enlist your business”. This link will take you to a short form that will collect information about you and your business. Once you hit submit we will receive and post that information on our Web Site. Our goal, ultimately, is to print this directory and have it available everywhere. Also, we have a couple of events we would like to make sure you are aware of. In last month’s issue of CAP, we informed you about the Citizenship and Voter Registration Drives taking place on May 12th from 11 am to 2 pm at the Magic Mall Plaza. We will be providing the application and information to help you through the process of becoming an American Citizen. Because this is an election year, we hope to see everyone, who is eligible, register to vote so that we may make our voices known. Secondly, GHACC will be hosting a Business After-Hour Mixer taking place on April 25th at the Majestic located on John Young and Colonial drive from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This is a free event (for those who register at and a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other local business professionals. For more information about this and future events please contact Katia at 321-287-8119 or See the fliers on page on left for more information about these events... GHACC welcomes our new/renewing Members: • Millenium Eye Center - 407-292-9812 at 6601 Old Winter Garden Rd. • Grand Total Tax Services - 407-363-0909 at 5350 S. John Young Pkwy. • Mr. Jean Bazile • Law Offices of Jean B. Chery - 407-487-1630 at 1310 W. Colonial Drive. • Law Office of Jack D. King - 407-888-9989 at 4870 S. OBT. • Center for Multicultural Wellness & Prevention - 407-648-9440 at 641 N. Rio Grande Avenue. • Aliotte & Associates - 407-844-0596 at 8514 Blackberry Avenue. Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce 641 N. Rio Grande Avenue Orlando, FL 32805 Email:



PIMP you out to her friend just like that.

Dear Bryan and Gary,

BRYAN: Awww My Friend, this wouldn’t be just some woman. This is your wife and the bible says that your body is hers and hers yours.

I listen to you guys all the time and I hope you can help me. My husband and I have had our share of problems with cheating. He stepped out of the relationship once before and I took him back. Since then things have been great and I would like to keep it that way. GARY: Please do not bring Recently my mother has taken ill and my assistance for the next 6 the BIBLE into this, because months is needed. She has always been there for me and my kids and this is not supported in there. she has NEVER asked me for ANYTHING in return. So as a matter of Further more, are you telling obligation, I have to go to her side. Now, Because I know I will have to me that if the roles were rego soon, I mentioned to my BEST FRIEND of 13years that I was conversed, you would do the same cerned about leaving my husband unattended and she jokingly asked Bryan for her? if I would like for her to fill in while I was gone. She laughed, but I thought about it very seriously. I wanted to do something, and I trust my friend completely, so I asked her if she could assist with my wifely BRYAN: YUH MAD, YUH CRAZY? duties while I was gone and without hesitation, she agreed. That just tells me she is truly a friend. Guys, I love my husband very much and GARY: EXACTLY, so why would you accept that from her? it is my job to make sure he is taken care of, but do you think that this BRYAN: Look man, I think you are missing the point. First of decision will back fire on me? all, not because I wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with this woman wanting to preserve her reSigned....A Good Woman lationship. Second of all, any woman that is willing to make BRYAN: WOW, she is a GOOD that sacrifice for me would just make me love them more. How could you say NO to such a selfless act? I would tell her to tell WOMAN indeed. the friend to come on. GARY: What would you do in a situation like this Mr. B? GARY: LOL, Next thing you know the friend is driving this girl’s car, trying on her clothes, and getting too comfortBRYAN: You mean, if I was her able in her bed. LOL. Bwoy, every time I think I know you, you surprise the hell out of me. And the funny thing is, your husband? argument isn’t completely HOG-WASH as usual, so I guess whatever floats her boat. GARY: Yeah!


BRYAN: Well seeing as how she went through all that trouble for me, it would seem ungrateful if I didn’t oblige her.

BRYAN: Exactly, if this works for them, then who are we to criticize? As to the question, “Whether or not this would backfire on her?” Only time will tell. It could as well as it might not, but I’m curious to find out what our readers think. Is it ever O.K. to invite a 3rd party into your bed????

HA HA HA, I’m sure you would.

BRYAN: I hate disappointing women Gary, But what would you do? GARY: Well first of all I would probably have to get her head examined, because only a MAD WOMAN would suggest something like that. Then I would kindly let her know that I am not a piece a meat that she can just pass around to any and everybody. BRYAN: Yuh see Gary this is where you and I have to disagree. Do you have any idea as to the thought and consideration that would have to go into a decision like this? The kind of sacrifice that a woman would have to be willing to make to ensure that her MAN would be happy? That kind of LOVE should not be taken lightly my friend. That LEVEL of COMITTMENT to a relationship should not be looked down on. If anything, it should be praised and admired. GARY: Bryan Quit the Crap? This is me you’re talking to. There is no way you are going to let some woman


World Famous “Healthier Coffee” Great Taste & Better Health!

Black Gold Mocha Enjoy Our Delicious Gourmet Flavors: Black, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Supreme, Organic Tea For Additional Info or To Purchase Call Ino Chisolm ~ 407-255-8854 Or Visit Us Online: or Text INO at 75309 We specialize in: Fundraisers & Events

Millenium Eye Care center MEET & GREET MIXER MARCH 29, 2012

Nothing is more precious than your sight!

By Dr. Lauretta Justin

“Nothing is more precious than your sight!” If you lose a tooth it can be replaced, but your eye is different a story. You only have one pair—so take good care on it. “Your vision processes 36,000 bits of information per hour. It is also responsible for 85% of what you know. We believe that your success begins with clear vision.” Therefore, we recommend annual eye for children and adult. We live in a visual society; as a result, we depend primarily on our sight to be productive. Vision impairments and abnormalities can severely impede our success and activities of daily living. This in no way implies that the visually impaired are not successful individuals. In fact, there are many blind and visually impaired individuals who are very successful. However, most would probably agree that there is nothing more precious than sight. As a result, choosing the right eye care provider is essential for good eye health.

It is a pleasure to introduce to the Metro Orlando area, Dr. Lauretta Seide-Justin. She is the founder and the owner of Millennium Eye Center, Inc., the only black owned and operated eyecare center in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Justin received her Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree from the prestigious New England College of Optometry, Boston, Massachusetts . She graduated with clinical honors. Dr. Justin is Board Certified to practice Optometry by the State of Florida Department of Health. She has a vast knowledge of optometric theories and methods, and specializes in primary care optometry. She routinely treats eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Allergies and Dry Eye conditions. Dr. Justin is an active member of the American Optometric Association, the Florida Optometric Association and the Central Florida Society of Optometrists. She is member of the Vision Source Network of Premier Optometrists. She is the epitome of integrity and professionalism. She is blazing a trail for others to follow by becoming the first black female to own a private optometric practice in Metro West Orlando.

Look good, feel good!


Caribbean Students Association of UCF pageant with Ann Marie De Govia flanked by 2012 King and Queen, Miss Caribbean Students' Association-UCF 2012: Anne-Rachelle Lexima Âś Mr. Caribbean Students' Association-UCF 2012: Herbert Utile Anne Marie

Gospel Explosion Featuring Donny Dobson

Organizer Sandra Fatmi with the comedy duo of Ity & Fancy Cat and also Comedian Blakka


The shooting of Trayvon Martin By Howard Saddler

but he also understood that letting the thought of a possible threat consume him would cause him to look upon people with rogress comes painfully slow in life, the same suspicion that I was warning him against. To him, but it also comes by leaps and progress was going to the movie. bounds. When you search for it sometimes it’s growth can appear so in- Fast forward to this year, and the highly regrettable and unforsignificant that you despair. When you’ve tunate incident that happened in Sanford, Florida. For another given up on it and moved on, you’ll glance family, my fear from years ago, was a reality. Their son was back and realize that progress has moved profiled and gunned down while walking down the street. Not because he was up to no good, but because someone thought on as well and left you behind. he was. Not because he was where he did not belong, but beThere are times when I look at life and I feel enlightened, pro- cause someone assumed that he did not belong there. What for me had been an incident of possible progress, was for that gressive. I feel as if my years have granted me wisdom, or at least insight. Things that would have appeared opaque and family, that community, and those of us who have been touched confusing to me before are now transparent and predictable. by this tragedy, a reminder that progress comes ungodly slow. Other times I feel like a fossil, full of experiences, memories, and fears that no longer fit in the world around me. As if some- My son and I talked about the incident recently. He went to how age had bestowed on me both clear sight, and blindness. high school in Sanford, and for that reason and others the tragedy hit close to home. His response to it was different from That is the way I felt the night my youngest son walked home mine. Where I saw a lack of progress he saw reason to hope. from the movie theatre. He caught a bus to the movie theatre Where I saw the system failing the family because Trayvon late one night knowing that the bus would no longer be run- Martin’s shooter was not arrested he did not see a system failning at the movies end and he would have to walk 45 minutes ure, he saw another tragedy. The same way he wouldn’t hold anyone else accountable for the shooter’s action, he refused to to get back home again. hold the entire system accountable for the decisions of the ofWhen I found out what he had done I was scared for him. ficers at the scene. The fact that the community could band Experience had taught me the dangers posed to a young black together and cry out, the fact that the nation could hear and man, walking alone at night. He’s never had to experience resonate their cry, the fact that the Governor of the state would that. I worked hard to shelter him from the things that used to appoint the state’s toughest on crime prosecutor to review the be common place, so that my generation’s scars wouldn’t be case and decide if charges should be filed; that to him was the his inheritance. On that night my fear led me to speak up. I system working. In his eyes it was progress. wanted him to understand the twisted world we live in, and how others may see him walking innocently and, because of But the progress in this story did not come about without a lot their own prejudice, believe him up to no good and, because of of effort. It took determination, perseverance, and patience. It took prayer and hard work. It took a divisive tragedy, and unity. their own suspicion, cause him harm. The pain of this moment has the power to both drag us back He listened to my fears and my warnings, and responded with and to push us forward. My son and I don’t always see eye to a smile. If he worried about all of that, he told me, he would eye, but on one thing we can both agree; tomorrow is never never get to see a movie. We never did see eye to eye on that promised. Tragedy can strike us all at any moment. Progress point. After speaking with him for some time I came to realize isn’t measured in the lack of tragedy. Progress is measured in that my words were unnecessary. He understood the danger, how we spend our time before tragedy strikes, and how we react after.


My heart and prayers go out to the Martin and Fulton family. Nothing can ever bring back their lost son, but I hope they know that they are not alone.


Caribbean Chamber of Commerce

Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce of Florida new member orientation at the Citrus Club. Sponsors for the event were Dahlia Hayles of Legal Shield and the Attorneys of Hylton Adamson Watson & Moore, Pllc. The new members present at orientation were Kerosene Lamp Foundation, Caribbean Frozen Foods, Unity in Uniform, Bassai Karate Dojo & C&S Real Spice Caribbean Restaurant.

CACCF President Guenet and her husband Sam Head of CAHM Planning Committee hosted a fundraiser for Mayor Buddy Dyer Reelection Campaign.

Grand Opening of Mango's Restaurant & Truck Stop 9565 Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Fl. 32837 (South of Taft Vineland Road)

The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce of Florida would like to invite you to join today. Membership starts at $100.00 and the benefits are worth much more. For more information on CACCF Membership and upcoming Events go to www. or stop by our booth on April 29th at the CAFA Fusion Festival in Kissimmee, 1875 Silver Spur Lane, Kissimmee, Fl. 34744.

Life Worth Living Pharmacy and Nirvana Health Services announce joint venture agreement as Life Worth Living Pharmacy prepares to launch Life Worth Living Health Center


roviding more focus on patient care and not simply prescriptions, Life Worth Living Health Center is evolving from a compounder and supplier of medicines toward that of a provider of total patient care. Life Worth Living Pharmacy and Nirvana Health Services announced today that they have entered into a joint venture agreement. The purpose of this partnership is to help both companies to better serve the central Florida community by providing patients with greater health care options and comprehensive wellness programs. It also better positions the two companies to meet the needs of the rapidly changing healthcare industry. More healthcare services are projected to be provided in the home or at alternate sites of administration, which is in line with Life Worth Living Pharmacy’s patient service model for its infusion and pharmacy business. According to Elizabeth Ayotunde, Vice President of Life Worth Living Pharmacy, “the favorable demographic trends including aging of the U.S. population, which is driving the demand for at home care, and the need for cost containment and to reduce hospital re-admission rates, all favor growth in the Infusion/ Home Health industry. To that end we are proud to offer our


patients and caregivers a new level of support and choice with this joint venture agreement”. Life Worth Living Pharmacy is based in Metro West and is a full service pharmacy that also offers compounding services. The Life Worth Living Health Center will offer a health studio, healthy eating, full service spa, cooking classes and other health and wellness related services. Leo Mendez, President and CEO of Nirvana Health Services in a statement said that “the outstanding Nirvana Health Services reputation developed over the last nineteen years, combined with the health management products and services offered by Life Worth Living pharmacy will provide a complete healthcare menu for our patients and customers. In addition, both companies will enjoy economies of scale as they continue to increase market share and expand service areas”. Nirvana Health Services has been providing specialty nursing, in-home therapy and home health aide services since 1994. The Medicare certified home health agency covers a seven-county area, including Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter and Volusia counties with offices in Winter Park and Leesburg. Nirvana Health Services employs registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, medical social workers and home health aides to provide care in the patient’s home.



Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine April  

Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine is for the Individual, who celebrates the unique vibrancy of the Caribbean Culture coupled with an...

Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine April  

Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine is for the Individual, who celebrates the unique vibrancy of the Caribbean Culture coupled with an...