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Candidate Rick Singh meets the Community at CAP News Magazine’s Meet the Candidate Series Phagwah Citrus Bowl, March 18th


hagwah has been rescheduled to Sunday March 18th 2012.

Admission is FREE for everyone 11:00AM-7PM! At the Citrus Bowl located 1610 Church Street Orlando, FL. Enjoy music and singers from FL, NY, & GA Diya International, Nach Vedha Dance Group, Vashnie Dance Academy, and Maya Dance Studio. Vendors will have food, drinks, fashion, games and prizes. Bring the whole family and enjoy a beautiful day of Phagwah! For more info contact: Hari Singh 321-662-1887.

Queen’s College Alumni Wale Omawale, Candidate for Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh & Anything Guyanese Facebook Group Consul General of Trinidad & Founder Lloyd Phillips. Photos Courtesy Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine Tobago, Dr. Anil Ramnanan.

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Prince Harry races Usain Bolt in Jamaica K

INGSTON, Jamaica (AP) It wasn’t much of a race, but then it really couldn’t have been as the world’s fastest man and Britain’s Prince Harry met up on a track Tuesday in the Jamaican capital. The prince got off to a false start and was

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was married at 20 with my daughter at 21 and a son at 23 and I’ve always believed that if you have children and could afford to stay home with them – then they need it especially in the early years of their life. So I stayed home studied and worked around a family schedule…which meant that in the evenings I did most of what I needed to do after Sam, my husband had come home from work. I did this until my children went to middle school.

Guenet Gittens-Roberts, Publisher/Editor

teered and knew the Caribbean Community.

Two years and Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine later – I have to tell you - As a woman it’s hard to start a business when you have a young family, my father proud as he was of the newspaper, kept calling from Guyana to tell me that 20 great business women aren’t worth one good mother, and that I shouldn’t forget that family comes first while I build the business. I have not worked as hard in my life as I have these last 18 months or been At that time, of course, they wanted more space, but still atten- absent as much from my family as I have. I’ve lost a chunk of tion – so it worked perfectly with me becoming more active, my friends because I don’t have the time to hang out and talk. doing more outside of home and them having responsibilities However, I know that if you aren’t willing to sacrifice something for chores and getting themselves ready for their active sports to build your business – you might as well not even do it, because lives. I was in Real Estate and looking back that was the easi- you won’t do it well. I used to love reading – that’s now dwindled est money I ever made – while leaving enough time for a per- from 1 book a week to 1 book maybe every three months. The son to maintain a flexible schedule for family and friends… time I do have is limited to family and business with my friends even though at the time I felt imposed upon when I had to now being mainly the people I really like that I do business with. check my computer during vacations. As a woman, who was naturally inclined to listen to people expound on their problems, one of the hardest things has been to Then the economy toppled - real estate agents, mortgage bro- say to those same people – I don’t have the time…I can’t. Some kers – an entire industry, lifestyle and people vanished. People day, friends will be back in the picture – but that’s a sacrifice I started losing jobs and there was no work to be found. I had to know I had to make as a woman to build my business. dig deep to find what I could build upon to make money. Luckily nothing was really making money, so I had to choose to do I recently attended a women’s summit the Women of Power Sumsomething I loved as well, so that I’d want to do it. My roots mit, at the Ritz Carlton, organized by Black Enterprise Magawere based in advertising and marketing, as I’d worked with my zine. Women of Power were present from every industry - Conparents in their company in Guyana. The company was NCE struction to Cosmetics. As business women we need to attend Screen Printers Ltd., where I was trained from the age of 16 to these types of events. They validate the sacrifices we make, create marketing plans and to find local products that we could they know us - and when you leave you are empowered. I left print on. We had a garment company, so if we couldn’t find t- with the knowledge that - there are more women like me who shirts in the colors that we needed – we bought the fabric and don’t follow the rules and are “wantonly unsupervisable” not sewed the t-shirts and then printed them. As a result I knew great candidates for anyone who wants to put us in a box. But graphic design, I knew how to sew, I knew to create marketing we are entrepreneurs, willing to fight and sacrifice while we work proposals and from my experience in Orlando, I had volun- hard at your own business – and that we’re not alone. Whenever I think of complaining about my schedule, I think about those women and a friend who said – you chose what you’re – if you whine, I’ll just give you cheese to go with it…cause ubscribe to Caribbean American doing that’s the only thing you have time for.

Passport News Magazine today. Get the news delivered directly to your door each month!

For a limited time we are offering a one year subscription to CAP News Magazine at $25.00. This will also provide you with discounted admission to events, coupons for shopping at your favorite stores as well as updates on caribbean events coming up in our community. This Christmas Season give the gift of a subscription to CAP NewsMagazine to someone and we will personalize a card to them from you in that gift package.

This month as we celebrate Women’s History , take a few minutes to get motivated by the Women of Power Summit videos at http:/ /www.blackenterprise.com/events/women-of-power-summit. While on the Black Enterprise Magazine website check out the Entrepreneur’s Summit in Chicago – May 23rd – 26th, 2012. We’re putting together a team to attend. On the first day that I attended the Women of Power Summit, I was told by the team organizing the event that Earl Graves, the founder of the Magazine was of Caribbean Heritage, Barbados to be exact….my thoughts – “I was already happy to be here, this news is just Icing on the Cake!” We will be working to bring you more information about the many events they do to help you to build your business and yourself as a professional.

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Please mail this subsciption with your check or money order to Caribbean American Passport News Magazine 1230 Hillcrest Street, Orlando, FL. 32803 • 407-427-1800 ! Yes this is a gift subscription from: _____________________________________________________

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You Are Invited to Attend: Meet the Candidate Series by Caribbean-American Passport - Jerry Demings Candidate for Orange County Sheriff Sunday April 15th, 2012 from 4 pm - 6 pm

You’re Invited! Please join Ralph Bowen, Caribbean American Passport NewsMagazine & Singh’s Restaurant & Bar for a Campaign Fundraising Reception for Orange County Sheriff

Jerry Demings April 15, 2012, 4:00 pm – Singh’s Restaurant & Bar, International Drive Location – 7000 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando, Fl. 32819

Food & Drinks will be on sale To play a role in this event, please contact Ralph Bowen, 321-356-1499 or Guenet Gittens-Roberts, 407-427-1800 For more information: http://capmagazinemeetthecandidate.eventbrite.com Please make checks payable to: “Jerry Demings Campaign” Contributions are limited to $500 per person or corporate entity. No foreign national payments are accepted. The purchase of a ticket for, or contribution to, the campaign fundraiser is a contribution to the campaign of Jerry Demings. Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jerry Demings, Democrat, for Orange County Sheriff 2012 Campaign. Contributions to the Jerry Demings Campaign are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.


Bill Maher Gives President Obama $1 Million for Campaign tacked the president’s decisions, and he appeared to be angry with the president.

By Roger Caldwell

Maher admits that at times he does not agree with the direction that the administration is going, and the president has not been at his best during his first term. But based on the alternative, he feels the president is the only choice.

“After watching the Republican field and the 20 debates they’ve had, I fear Santorum and Romney. They live in a bubble of insanity, half the country is nuts, and Obama could very well he presidential election of 2012 will be determined by lose,” says Maher. He believes that many of President Obama’s which candidate wins the most votes, and which candi- supporters are complacent and they think the president has date raises the most money. It’s a different world in poli- the election won. tics, when Super PACs were added to the equation. With Super PACs rich donors can contribute millions of dollars to a candi- Maher thinks that this will be a much closer race than the one date without disclosing their name or their company’s name. in 2008. Based on his study of American politics, there are 12 The wealthy Republicans can contribute millions of dollars competitive states that will determine if the president will be under a PAC, and create negative advertisements to defeat Presi- victorious. “For years I’ve never done anything overtly political for either party. But c’mon. Who’s kidding who at this point? dent Obama. It’s not even close....I decided to put my money where my mouth This 2012 election will be a nasty and dirty fight, and the is,” said Maher. Republicans have decided that their only goal is to defeat the president. In 2008, President Obama was able to raise more Many of the liberals are talking but he believes that they will have to get into the money than the Republigame by putting up cans, and in 2012 they are money. Maher benot going to let that haplieves that the wealthy pen again. President Obama Republicans are writwas able to beat the Repubing checks and the licans because he raised his wealthy Democrats money on the internet, and will also have to begin $25 pledges from grassto write checks. If the roots citizens. Democrats do not write checks the ReThe Republicans have been publicans will out consistent with their sound spend the Democrats, bites attacking the and the president president’s initiatives, and at stands a good chance times if you listen long of losing. enough they appear to be right. Many of the indepenMaher is telling how dents have switched sides, and many of the conservative Democrats are also switching he truly feels about the election of 2012. He is fearful about the sides. This election will not be a cake walk and everyone will outcome of this election and supporters of president can not have to reach in their pocket and donate their few extra dol- take anything for granted. With all the new regulations and laws with voting, all of Obama’s supporters will have to be on lars to the president’s campaign. point, and get out the vote to win. Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s talk show “Real Time” is doing more than talking. He has reached down in his bank account Maher is hoping that his donations will nudge liberals with far and gave a gift of $1 million to a Super Pac that supports the fatter checkbooks than his to contribute. Nevertheless, Maher president’s reelection campaign. Maher has always supported is leading by example and everyone who supports the presithe president, but at times some of his political satire has at- dent needs to write a check, because this fight is for our future.


“After watching the Republican field and the 20 debates they’ve had, I fear Santorum and Romney. They live in a bubble of insanity, half the country is nuts, and Obama could very well lose . “


BRYAN AND GARY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING A PUBLIC FORUM FOR SOME OF THE MOST PROV OCATIVE AND VO THOUGHT PROVOKING TOPICS THAT DEAL WITH EVERYDAY LIFE. TODAY THEY’RE ASKING THE QUESTION: WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR LOVE? GARY: Bryan would you do anything for LOVE? BRYAN: Of course wouldn’t you? GARY: Yeah Right!!! What exactly would you do for LOVE? BRYAN: I’d climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest sea. I might have to get swimming lessons, but once that was done, I would do it. GARY: Next you’re gonna tell me that you would go to hell and back, RIGHT??? BRYAN: Well If I knew there was definitely a way back from HELL, then yeah I would go to hell and back. So for now I’ll just let you go first & &LOL GARY: So then you wouldn’t do anything for love? Would you take a bullet for the one you LOVE? BRYAN: Of course, I would bring it all the way to the ends of the earth and back if that’s what I had to do. GARY: I meant if her life depended on it. If someone was shooting at her & Wouldn’t you stand in her place and take the bullet? BRYAN: LOL, HELL NO. I love her, but til death we would have to part. Now if the bullet was going in my hand or leg, then MAYBE. Gary If you’re asking would I give my life . . . HELL NO. GARY: That’s the Bryan that I know, I knew he would come out eventually. BRYAN: What are you telling me Gary? That you would

GACACF prize raffle ticket winners of $500.00 raffle prize


give up your life for the one you LOVE? Is that really what you’re telling me? GARY: In all honesty Bryan, I would have to think long and hard about that one. BRYAN: Look they say fool fall in LOVE, but I’m no FOOL. I won’t DIE for LOVE. That’s what you see crazy people doing in movies. Not in real life. GARY: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah &.I wonder what our readers would say. What Would You Do for LOVE?


Roberts & Roberts Property Management Services Serving Orlando & Central Florida Property Management We provide property management solutions for homes, businesses and vacation rentals. Renters! we have homes available.

Sebastian Eriste and Family


Contact Sam for more details: 407-810-6435

Poster Contest announced for Anancy Festival


reak Away Moments will be hosting a Poster Contest in conjunction with its presentation of Anansy Festival being held on June 9, 2012 at The Princess Theater in Sanford, FL. The Anancy Festival is a celebration of Caribbean cultural heritage and designed with particular appeal to children and teenagers curious about the Caribbean. Anancy (or Anansi) is the West African trickster hero of numerous folk tales that are popular across the Caribbean. This clever and conniving character is familiar to millions of people around the world and an appropriate icon for the festival’s blend of Caribbean culture on a platform geared for children and adolescents. June 9th, enjoy a promotional display of abundant Anansy Fables/Storybooks along with a variety of Jamaican and Caribbean cultural books offered by DARE BOOKS located in Longwood.

View the posters created for the Break Away Moments Poster Contest:

The theme for the poster contest is: ‘THE CARIBBEAN . . . A PARADISE REGION ALIVE WITH CULTURE’ Criteria for poster must include the following: 1. Poster must depict a Caribbean cultural essence 2. Poster should incorporate a positive reflection of the Caribbean and/or its people, geography, tourism, craft, ethnic food, flora & fauna 3. Poster should demonstrate a sense of ingenuity and creativity 4. Contestants should be 18 yrs or older

Prize offered: $100 to winner All posters entered meeting the established criteria will be showcased at the Anansy Festival event. Judging will be done by Ricky Neath of YardMedia.com whose artwork will also be on display The Winner will be awarded at the end of the performances affiliated with the ‘Anansy Festival’ event This Poster Contest is meant to promote the interest of the Caribbean with a focus on the culture and vibrancy which the region has to offer. Event Admission is FREE to children under the age of 2yrs, Children over 2yrs up to 18yrs is $3 and Adults $5 College students with Student ID will be $3 For more information: Contact Sandy Isaacs at (407) 272-7522 or email sandylisaacs@yahoo.com


LEADING LADIES BEHIND THE SCENES Welcome to my column on Leading Ladies behind the Scenes. Our column will introduce you to leading ladies who have branded their own recognition and blazed their own trails. These ladies work behind the scenes but manage the front line with high impact results. You might have heard their names or admired their work, but never met them up close and personal. Our column will give you the chance to meet these ladies so you can place a face with the name and their trendsetting work in our community, various organizations and in business. Thank you for celebrating their value with us.

Nouchelle Hastings: “Girl What Do You Bring to the Table?”

Women’s History Month: Earline Blumhagen, founder of God’s Hands Agency and Partner of JAB Designs


any people have put Earline in a box they think she only prepares obituaries and hands out tissue to grieving families. You are not alone I used to think the same thing until our worlds collided with collaboration. Do you remember the television cartoon, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines? They were always chasing Yankee Doodle Pigeon, which is where the show actually gets its theme song.....”Stop that pigeon” This is what a day in the life of Earline will remind you of - grab her, nab, but stop that pigeon now. As with the cartoon it never happens and you guessed it, you cannot stop Earline.

vices and language learning opportunities to and for the 180,000 Deaf and their families here in Central Florida. We strive in everything we do to bring awareness to the facts, i.e., there is no unintentional learning for Deaf children, most Deaf people CANNOT read lips (speech) (contrary to popular belief), and yet the Deaf CAN succeed, given an opportunity, because with God ALL things are possible. Speaking of possibilities, the slogan “Where Every Event Makes the Mission Possible” is the tag-line for all that GHA does. Events like the amazing undertaking of the first ever Mission Possible Tour which was done under the umbrella of WiFi Pedalers. The Mission Tour on the Mississippi River Trail took Earline and her husband JAB over 2,222 miles, 42 bridges and 3 months to complete in their quest for deaf advocacy and equality in services and economic opportunities. And they are doing it again in parts which began Tour # 2 November 20th, a 2-week, 400-mile tour in northeast and Central Florida. Follow their blogs at www.wifipedalers.com because the Yankee Doodle Pigeon is on the rise.

“Blindness separates you from things; Deafness separates you from people.” - Helen Keller

Earline who learned sign language after her son was born deaf, is an amazing story of triumph; a self-made and proclaimed enthusiast for life and business. While we have all come to know and respect the first name to call when you have lost a loved one is JAB Designs, the world has learned a new story and although it’s plagued by silence, it’s a loud testimony. Can you hear it? It’s the story of how our deaf and their families are finding new success in life and society through the programs and advocacy of Earline and GHA for over fifteen years.

God’s Hands Agency Inc., is the only Christian-based organization that provides family and community support ser- Earline Blumhagen eating at diner while on the road..

As a wife, mother of three and grandmother of one, Earline knows the importance of patience and compassion. This is exemplary in her support as a teacher, interpreter for the deaf dealing with the legal system, domestic issues and the day to day struggles that come with being deaf. Now she is taking it to a whole new level as she recently graduated as a Partner in Policymaking ( w w. f d d c . o rg / a b o u t / p a r t n e r s - i n policymaking). Advocacy will have to be redefined. This is why Earline is our choice and First Leading Lady to meet during Women’s History and Heritage Month. Get to know her better at www.godshandsagency.com

Join Life Worth Living Pharmacy 6488 Currin Drive, Orlando, FL 32835

at their 2nd Annual Spring into Health Fair Saturday April 21st 11am - 3pm

Free Health & Wellness Information A Fr of s dm ee s Music t y iss Lo awa ion Bounce House for the Kids e v Gi Opportunity to speak one on one with Health Professionals in Pediatrics, Dermatology, Hormone Replacement, weight loss and more Bring all of the Medication and Supplements you use for a free medication review with our Pharmacist Meet our Fitness Center Staff and learn about Dancing your Pounds away

For more information: call 407-522-5685


Caribbean American Candidate Rick Singh meets the Community at CAP News Magazine’s Meet the Candidate Series T& T Consul General, urges Caribbean Nationals to participate more fully in America’s political arena

By Audrey Johnson, Editor Caribbean American Passport News Magazine


r. Anil Ramnanan, Consul General of Trinidad and Tobago, was the featured speaker at the first Meet the Candidate Series held by Caribbean American Passport Newspaper for the Rick Singh Campaign for Orange County Proper Appraiser. This event, dubbed the Caribbean All Star event was held at the Majestic Event Center, in partnership with the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and hosted by Caribbean American reporter with Fox News, Jennifer Bisram. Focusing on “Political Empowerment of the Caribbean Community” the Consul General pointed to the glaring lack of real political involvement of Caribbean nationals in the US political process. He outlined the financial achievements and successes that Caribbean Nationals have obtained in the US, driven he said, by their spirit of hard work and industriousness. However, he wondered why the same level of achievements were not being accomplished in the area of politics. Dr. Ramnanan said that although this is the seventh year since Congress adopted a resolution establishing Caribbean Heritage Month, and even though our people have died in defense of this country, “we remain a bloc that is largely ignored and dismissed” by the larger society, both public and private sector. Stating that political involvement enhances the respect of our birth nations and could facilitate growth in such sectors as trade, business, cultural exchanges and tourism, the Consul General challenged the Caribbean Community to become American citizens and step into the political arena, in order to draw more attention to the impact of this community on the nation as a whole. While congratulating and complimenting Rick Singh on his decision to step up to the political plate, he also called for a

Caribbean Identity on the national census, which he said will define the economic and political empowerment story more effectively “in numbers that matter”. The man of the moment, Rick Singh, of Guyanese background, is the only State-Certified Appraiser in the race for Orange County Property Appraiser and the first Caribbean American to run for this office in Central Florida. In his remarks, he stated that Caribbean Americans are the least represented section in the political process. The reason, he emphasized, is not because they are lazy, but because the most qualified among them are reluctant to step up and become involved in the political process. He said he accepted the challenge to serve when he realized that politicians are least concerned with the plight of small business owners in the County. In his opinion, the US was built on the backs of small business owners, like many of those from Caribbean backgrounds. Mr. Singh noted that Caribbean Americans may be educated, independent, and philanthropic, but all of that is of very little effect if they have no significant political representation in their host country. In his passionate manner, he emphasized that “freedom and success mean having the courage to be what you were meant to be”. This Meet the Candidate Series sponsored by Caribbean American Passport News-magazine, was very well attended by local representatives from various countries from the caribbean region. There was also a special guest appearance by Charles Mattocks, local chef and nephew of Reggae Superstar Bob Marley. Mr. Mattocks is currently a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association and is conducting a Mall Tour to address the debilitating effects of uncontrolled Diabetes. Sponsors for the event included the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Majestic Event Center and Singh’s Restaurant & Bar who sponsored the food for the event. — Continued on page 23 —


Black History Month Recognition nity in Uniform, Inc. a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization in Orlando, Florida celebrated last month’s Black History Month with the announcement of 3 scholarships. The scholarships in honor of Lieutenant Timothy Jackson Scholarship, Chief Bessie Hudson and Engineer Willie Green were unveiled on February 27, 2012 at the City of Orlando’s Council Meeting held at 400 S. Orange Avenue (City Hall). They also recognized the scholarship recipients for two of the three awards.


The scholarship opportunities support individuals pursuing education in the Emergency Services, Nursing and other Healthcare fields. “Unity In Uniform” is representative of a diverse group of firefighters from Central Florida region. This includes members from Orlando Fire Department, Orange County Fire Rescue, Maitland Fire Department, Sanford Fire Department, Orlando International Airport Fire Rescue, etc. Nurses and educators employed within Orlando Health, Florida Hospital, Health Central, Keiser University and other uniformed professionals from within our community are also a vital part of this organization. Our motto is “Helping Hands”. As nurses, firefighters and other uniformed professionals in Central Florida, we seek to provide educational opportunities for youths and adults within the Central Florida community. Members of the Executive Board that were in attendance included the Chairman, Dr. Winston Warren of Daytona State College, Vice-Chairman Maurice Mascoe, MD, Director of Emergency Medicine at Health Central Hospital, Executive Director Hezedean Smith, Chief Officer at Orlando Fire Department, Associate Director Stacey Brown, Educator at Orlando Health, Secretary Jennifer Klinger, Engineer at Orlando Fire Department and Treasurer Ian Davis, a Chief Officer at Orlando Fire Department. The families of the first 6 Black Firefighters hired by the City of Orlando in 1968 were in attendance along with other members of Unity in Uniform. 2012 Chief Bessie Hudson Scholarship or many years, obstacles sat squarely in front of Bessie Hudson. Her parents parted ways when she was a girl. Before she was a teenager, she helped support her family by working in the field. She was a teen mother and wife. She learned she had a fear of heights while working a job that included climbing a 117-foot ladder. Those are hardly the ideal pillars of a ground-breaking career, yet that’s exactly what Bessie Hudson has overcome. Seventeen years after her historic hire at Orange County Fire Rescue, Hudson was promoted to Battalion Chief, the highest rank of any Black woman ever at the department. Bessie Hudson has made history for being named the first Black female Battalion Chief of Orange County Fire Rescue in Orlando, Florida that came up through the ranks. During her nearly 20 years of firefighting, Chief Hudson has overcome some serious obstacles of racism and cultural differences, but always ended up on top. She has been at the forefront of the Breast Cancer Awareness and other fundraising endeavors from the very beginning of Unity in Uniform and in her honor we are proud to dedicate the 2012 Scholarship Award in recognition of her service to the community and fire department.


On June 10, 1968 the City of Orlando Fire Department hired 14 new firefighters.


nity in Uniform acknowledged the contributions of Timothy Jackson, Willie Green, Davell Davis, Jimmie Hawkins, Harley Leak and Samuel Williams for their service to the community and the Orlando Fire Department. Last year, a Memorial was unveiled in honor of the City’s first 6 Black Firefighters. The leadership of the Orlando Fire Department was recognized in making that endeavor a reality.


Lieutenant Timothy Jackson Scholarship ieutenant Timothy Jackson worked for the Orlando Fire Department and served this community from 1968-77. Lieutenant Timothy Jackson’s illness required him to leave the fire department early and he passed away from Cancer in May of 1977. Lieutenant Jackson was among the first 6 Black firefighters hired by the department in 1968. It is with much respect and an obligation to one of the Trailblazers that Unity In Uniform dedicated the 2011 Scholarship Award to Lieutenant Timothy Jackson’s service to the City of Orlando. His family received the award in honor of his services.


Recipient: Anderson Brown, Jr. Lieutenant Timothy Jackson Scholarship ge - 18 years old and a graduate of Central Florida Preparatory School, Orlando in 2011. Played football and mentored young kids at his school. Graduated with a 3.1 GPA and subsequently enrolled in Valencia College’s EMT Program. He has been involved in the OFD Explorer for the past year and actively participates in training evolutions and ride-alongs. His goal is to become a Firefighter and ultimately get hired with the Orlando Fire Department. BJ as he is affectionately known comes from a strict home. His father is a Probation Officer with the State of Florida, Osceola County.


Recipient: Katy Christman 2012 Chief Bessie Hudson Scholarship aty is currently enrolled in the Paramedic program at Daytona State College. She is actively involved in the Deltona Fire Explorer’s Program and has contributed over 140 hours in community service. She is currently employed with the City of Deltona Fire Department. Her goal is to continue serving the community while enhancing her abilities to provide emergency medical care to victims that need help. She has committed to further contribute to the mission and objectives of Unity in Uniform.


2012 Engineer Willie Green Scholarship ngineer Willie Green worked for the Orlando Fire Department and served this community from 1968-1986. Engineer Green was among the first 6 Black firefighters hired by the department in 1968. Shortly after retirement, he succumbed to his illness, dying of lung cancer in 1987 at the age of 44. It is with much respect and an obligation to one of the Trailblazers that Unity In Uniform dedicated the 2012 Scholarship Award to Engineer Willie Green’s service to the City of Orlando. The scholarship recipient will be determined in October 2012 after the 3rd Alarm Scholarship fundraiser event. Willie Green’s family was on hand to receive the acknowledgement and award.


Please contact Roderick Waisome, Informatics Manager for information about advertising your company/logo on our website. To be involved as a Corporate Sponsors or a member, please contact them at (321) 800-8838, email: unityinuniform@gmail.com or visit www.unityinuniform.org.

Also visit Singh’s Roti Shop located at 4 Old Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Fl. 32811 • 407-253-2

7000 S. Kirkman Road • Orlando, FL 32819 Corner of International Drive & Kirkman Road 407-730-3832

West Indian Chef Needed Needs to be an expert Roti Maker & experienced in Curry Dishes & Indian Dishes Call 407-443-7749

visit Singh’s Roti Roti Shop located at at AlsoAlso visit Singh’s Shop located 5244 Old Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Fl. 32811 • 407-253-2900 244 Old Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Fl. 32811 • 407-253-290 11

Guyanese Association (GACACF) celebrates Guyana's 42nd Anniversary as a Republic



OCEAN Style Secures US National TV Syndication Deal with New Media Buys and Omniverse One World Television


he highly regarded lifestyle TV show “OCEAN Style” has inked a distribution deal with New Media Buys to distribute its 30 minute lifestyle show across the US. The deal will see the show, which urges viewers to ‘dive in to the good life in the Caribbean’, broadcast in up to 43 Million Over the Air Household across the US via 200 different channels in all 211 TV markets and some 15 Million Cable Households. The multi-faceted deal was concluded at the famed Fontainebleau Hotel in South Beach during NAPTE between OCEAN Style Executive Producer Douglas Gordon and New Media Buys/Omniverse One World Television CEO Jason DeMeo. The deal includes options for additional international distribution and domestic sponsorship.

mass market shift not only here in the US but around the world.” said DeMeo. There’s an APP for That

The partnership will also put OCEAN Style which is comprised of - OCEAN Style Magazine and OCEAN STYLE TV, a 30-minute show mixing luxury travel destinations, fashion updates and lifestyle events - on to all android operating systems which now boasts

Deal will see Caribbean Luxury Lifestyle show distributed into all 211 US markets reaching up to 43 Million Households.

The show has been very well received having already been broadcast into 20 plus countries internationally. Gordon commented “The response to the program has been phenomenal. All total we have inked deals that have taken OCEAN Executive Producer Style globally Douglas Gordon into over 100 Million households including our previous DirecTV and Sky distribution deals. This is by far our most significant transaction as it puts the show front and center into the lucrative US households that translate much more directly to advertising dollars. We are working assiduously to share the news and opportunity with our valued advertising partners to ensure that they have first stab at reaching this market.” “I’m excited to be another piece to the puzzle bringing Ocean Style to the next level. I truly believe it’s time for Ocean Style and Executive Producer Douglas Gordon to announce to the world what I would call the best-hidden secret in Fashion, Lifestyle, and Entertaining Television. In addition to our traditional distribution we’re especially excited about the Omniverse One World Television set top box and our device agnostic media platforms including an Ocean Style Android app, Ocean Style Omniverse Advanced Media Platform, and distribution via Omniverse One World Television empowering viewers to watch Live and or Video on Demand. It’s this type of advance media that’s necessary to reach as many people as possible during this


more than 200 million downloads allowing advertisers the additional benefit of traditional media via TV and new media through banner spots in the rapidly exploding advanced media space, which currently enjoys 80 million active daily users via advanced media platforms. The first season of the show which is hosted and Produced by LA-based Chie Davis features many of the Caribbean’s leading luxury destinations and brands including Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Half Moon, The Tryall Club, Audi, Hublot, Revlon, Custo Barcelona and First Citizens Bank. Additionally they cover a number of high end fashion and lifestyle events including New York Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week and OCEAN Style’s own annual celebrity golf tournament and Fashion Showcase. The show also features a number of celebrity interviews and features including golf legend Greg Norman, businessman Eric Trump, former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, actress Victoria Rowell, celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch and Essence Magazine Editor in Chief Constance White, amongst others. Gordon continued, “We welcome the opportunity to work with Jason and his team. They have been enthusiastic partners in this process and have a compelling long term strategy for the show that we look forward to seeing come to light. It is a testament to the work that has been done by Chie Davis and the rest of our team to date and we look forward to continuing to raise the bar in the future seasons.” The syndication will put the show into all 211 TV markets including the prime markets of New York and the Tri-State area, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago.

More of the Diaspora should be filing for U.S. citizenship


he Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce applications. Filing for naturalization used to cost $50 at one time. (GHACC) would like to see more of our Caribbean broth Now the filing fee is $680 and will likely go up in the near future. ers and sisters become U.S. Citizens. This is an important final step in the immigration process. Please do not forget that this is a presidential election year. Becoming a U.S. Citizen certainly means that you can vote. Four There are many misconceptions and missed opportunities about years ago, many of us felt so much pride to vote for the first Afribecoming a U.S. Citican-American to bezen. Most of us in come President of the Diaspora always United States. Exercise dream of returning your right to vote! home. However, 30 years go by, we have For all these reasons, children and eventuGHACC invites to come ally grand-children that are born here and we still dream of to our Citizenship Drive on May 12th 2012 and file your Citizenship returning home. Dreaming of one day returning “HOME” application. We will also have a Voter Registration Drive that day. should not hinder us from becoming a U.S. Citizen. All of this will take place at the Magic Mall. We ask that you One of the greatest pitfalls of not becoming a U.S. Citizen is bring your Passport, your Green Card and your Driver’s License. that when someone is convicted of a crime and he/she only We will have volunteers ready to help you draft the applicahas a “Green Card”, he/she becomes automatically subject to tion Free of Charge. Several locations in Central Florida also deportation proceedings and possible removal from the United offer free civic classes to help you pass the naturalization exam. States. A U.S. Citizen never has to worry about being deported. We will also make that information available for you.


Becoming a U.S. Citizen also means you can sponsor certain family If you would like more information or to schedule an interview members to become a Lawful Permanent Resident. Also, every with Jackson Marcelin, Esq., please call Katiana LaGuerre at other year, the government raises the filing fees for most of the 321-287-8119 or at PR@ghacc.org.

New Site, New Look. Post your Events & your Business for Free on CaribbeanFinder.com


16 Jonathon Brown 407-421-0253. Jonathon Brown



aparkan Trading is among the sponsors of the Third Annual Linkage Music Awards honoring outstanding Jamaican artistes who have helped to propel reggae music on the world stage.

to be invited to be one of the presenters at the awards ceremony.

“Reggae has evolved as one of the leading music forms globally and this is testimony to the creativity and great talent of our Jamaican artistes, some of whom will be honored during The awards ceremony, to be held on Sunday, March 11, at the this event,” Taylor said. Macedonia Center in Mount Vernon, New York, will honor a number of leading reggae artistes including Marcia Griffiths, Taylor pointed out that reggae music along with the steel pan, Beres Hammond, Denroy Morgan, Wayne Wonder, Sanchez which was invented in Trinidad and Tobago in the 20th cenand Ken Boothe, said founder of the Awards Show Dexter ‘Link- tury and West Indies cricket “have over the years helped to age’ Blake. A number of top artistes have also been nominated positively propel the Caribbean on the world stage.” for awards in various categories. Among the nominees for awards this year are Romain Virgo, General Manager of Laparkan Shipping Jamaica, Ms. Marguerite Mavado, I-Octane, Kip Rich, Beres Hammond, Tony Matterhorn Taylor says Laparkan is pleased to be among the sponsors of the and Laza Morgan. Virgo made international headlines last year awards especially as Jamaica celebrates its 50th anniversary of when he became the first reggae artiste to perform at the CounIndependence this year. Taylor said the company is also honored try Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.



aparkan Shipping is moving its Miami warehousing operations to its new 166,000 square-foot state of the art facility, effective Monday, March 12, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, Glen Khan announced, he also went on to say that as off March 12th, all cargo will be delivered to the new warehouse. Khan said the move to the new warehouse, located at 3775 NW 77th Street, is intended to better serve the company’s expanding customer base which includes personal effects shippers, commercial entities, government and non-government

agencies and international donor organizations. The new facility also houses the Disaster Emergency Relief Center which serves as a pre-positioning and staging area for emergency relief supplies needed in the event of a natural disaster in the State of Florida and/or countries in the Caribbean basin. Laparkan donated a section of this facility following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010 as a relief center, and working with the Americas Relief Team (ART) has transformed it into a permanent center to facilitate an immediate response in the event of a natural disaster.


CFAWL Spring Fashion Soirée


Runway for Justice

t 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers (“CFAWL”) will present its Spring Fashion Soirée: Runway for Justice, a high-end fashion runway show sponsored by NEIMAN MARCUS. This event will benefit - A Place for Children and CFAWL’s inaugural scholarship fund, and serve as CFAWL’s annual Professional Women’s Exchange (“PWE”). This will not be your average fashion show. Guests and supporters will be treated to a night of private shopping, a silent auction, wonderful door prizes and delicious delicacies. They will also enjoy the most cutting edge fashion show this spring. The main focus of this event is to raise $10,000 for A Place for Children. A Place for Children is a free daycare service located inside the Orange County Courthouse. The facility operates without any public funding, and provides a place where children can stay without being subjected to court business that is often not in the best interest of a child to witness. This event will also showcase CFAWL’s annual PWE and its inaugural scholarship fund. CFAWL is devoted to actively promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession and expanding the leadership role of its members in the community at large. The purpose of PWE is to encourage networking, support and growth among Orlando’s professional women and women owned businesses. For more information about this event contact Committee Chair Conti Moore at info@cfawl.org or visit http://www.cfawl.org/ runway-for-justice. Tickets can be purchased online at: https:/ /www.brownpapertickets.com/event/222406.


Give your heart a healthy Jamaican patty break says representative Vittel Smart


n most instances, it takes an encounter with a life-altering event, such as a debilitating illness, to bring about profound changes in our lives. Such was the case with Caribbean Frozen Foods (CFF) Representative Vittel Smart, whose company took advantage of his near-miss with a heart attack to develop the recipe for heart-healthy Jamaican patties.

ments to the product include the elimination of saturated fats, addition of certain ingredients containing vitamins essential to heart health, formation of blood cells and support energy and nervous system functions. Cholesterol levels from fats, trans-fat and sodium levels were lowered by CFF in the formulation of what they consider to be a healthier product.

The company estimates that it has disAlthough involved in sales and marketing of patties for many years with Smart tributed some six million patties annually from its production plant in Miami. Foods Distributors, Inc., Mr. Smart did Beef patties-mild and spicy, jerk chicken, not focus on health concerns in the incurry chicken, and vegetables, which dustry. His concern was primarily the include carrots, cabbage and celery, are taste and competitiveness of the prodavailable from such markets as Publix, uct, and giving the consumers the flavors to which they had become accusWalmart, Super Target, Sedanos, U-Save and many others throughout the State tomed. However, his own experiences of Florida, the East Coast as well as napropelled him to recommend significant tionally. According to Mr. Smart, the changes in the company’s patty business, and now CFF, which is the sales and Vittel Smart in front of a display of Heart Healthy company “is proud to be the leading Patties with Playwright Debra Ehrhardt advocate for the production of healthier marketing wing of Smart Foods, has introduced customers to a healthier version of the Jamaican fast Jamaican patties”,- now known as the “Smart Patty” and touted food staple, and the market appears to be receptive. Improve- to be the “healthier alternative”.

New Year, New Route for Surinam Airways


ward-winning Caribbean airline announces twice- ways. “Now, travelers may choose two different direct flights to coastal weekly flights from Miami, FL to Georgetown, Guyana. South American cities - Paramaribo and, of course, Georgetown.”

With a reputation of excellence that spans more than 50 years, Surinam Airways recently expanded their services to include non-stop flights between Miami, Florida and Georgetown, Guyana. The move marks the tenth international route for the airline that provides at least once-weekly service to eight different Caribbean and European cities. “In adding flights between Miami and Georgetown, we saw an opportunity to give our travel clients even greater access to South America,” said Mr. Fitzjim, Manager North America at Surinam Air-

The new flights are scheduled to run once a day, each way on Tuesdays and Saturdays, departing from Miami International Airport (MIA) or Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana (GEO). Passengers can choose from economy class or the airline’s signature business class that includes dedicated check-in, private airport lounges, priority booking and baggage retrieval, and complimentary champagne upon take off. For more information from Surinam Airways call 305 599 1196 or email info@flysurinam.com


Your TAXES and IMMIGRATION Consequences By Shahzad Ahmed, Attorney at Law


t is that time of year again . . . to pay your dues to Uncle Sam! But besides just being the only certainty along with death (as the adage goes), taxes can also be necessary for your immigration status. Let us explore how paying, or not paying, your taxes can affect your status in the United States.

When filing any petition. In general, when filing an immigration petition, the sponsor or the joint sponsor must show that he or she makes income at least 125% of the poverty guidelines. To determine this, the USCIS looks at the sponsor’s tax returns for the last 3 years. This illustrates that it is important not only for the immigrant, but the sponsor to file taxes. If you have no legal status in the U.S. What if you have no legal status? Should you take advantage and forego your tax obligations? To the contrary, my opinion is to pay your taxes for the following reasons. You may become eligible for certain immigration benefits in the future, which require showing good moral character or attaining favorable discretion of the Immigration Judge or the USCIS. For example, if an illegal immigrant is placed in deportation proceedings, he or she may be eligible for Cancellation of Removal, which requires showing that the person has resided in the U.S. for 10 years and that he has had good moral character throughout those years. Having filed tax returns for those years can help establish both of these requirements.

When applying for Citizenship. How you treat your tax obligations can affect your eligibility for naturalization. Specifically, when applying for naturalization, one must demonstrate good moral character. The regulations provide that someone who avoids paying taxes lacks good moral character. Therefore, if you are applying for naturalization, you should not be delinquent on your taxes. If you are behind on your tax obligations, then you should enter into an “offer in compromise” with the IRS, which is basically a payment plan. At the naturalization interview, you can present the Similarly, if Congress does pass the Immigration Reform we have letter from IRS confirming the payment plan. been anxiously awaiting, then the undocumented immigrant may Another tax issue that comes up in the naturalization context is be required to prove physical presence and good moral characpaying taxes as a “non-resident.” Often, applicants spend a sub- ter. Having filed tax returns may help prove these requirements. stantial amount of time abroad in their country of birth or derive income from there. As a result, the person may file tax returns If you do not have a social security number and wish to file with the IRS as a non-resident. However, to be eligible for natu- taxes, you can obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ralization, one must establish that he or she has been continuously from the IRS to file your taxes. residing in the U.S. Filing tax returns as a non-resiSo don’t delay fildent leads the United States and Citizenship and Iming your taxes, see migration Service (“USCIS”) to believe that you have your CPA today! not continuously resided in the U.S., or have abanWhile the old addoned your residency. Therefore, if at all possible, one age lumps up death should not file as a non-resident. and taxes within the same phrase, the latter one does not have to If you are a Permanent Resident. As noted above, filing taxes be dreaded. Rather, it may be the most important thing you do in with the IRS as a non-resident or filing in a foreign country can planning for your or your loved one’s immigration status. lead the government to believe that a permanent resident has abandoned his or her residency. Consider one scenario: A law- Filing a False Tax Return May Result in Deportation. In its ful permanent resident returns to the U.S. after an extended trip decision, Kawashima v. Holder, , S. Ct. Dkt. No. 10-577 (U.S. 2/ abroad. Upon entry, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection 21/12), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that willfully preparing questions the person whether he or she has earned income abroad and subscribing a false tax return constituted a crime of fraud or and filed taxes there. If the CBP determines that as a result of deceit under the aggravated felony statute of the Immigration filing taxes abroad, he or she has been residing there, then it can and Nationality Act. Thus an alien convicted for this violation refer the person to Immigration Court for removal proceedings. under 28 USC § 7206(1) is subject to deportation if the loss to The person will have to convince the Immigration Judge that he the government is in excess of $10,000. or she did not intend to abandon U.S. residence. The aliens in this case were a Japanese couple who had been When filing a Marriage Petition. If you are filing for perma- lawful permanent residents of the U.S. since 1984. The husnent residence based on your marriage to a U.S. citizen or a per- band pled guilty to willfully preparing and subscribing a false tax manent resident, you must prove that the marriage is bona fide, return while his wife pled guilty to aiding and assisting in same. i.e. to establish a marital life together and not just to get a green These convictions led to their removal proceedings. card. As part of the evidence, the USCIS will review your tax This case is an example of how even lawful permanent residents returns to confirm that they were filed jointly. must be careful in maintaining their status in the United States Similarly, if you are filing a petition to convert your two-year and abide by the law, or otherwise risk deportation. green card to a 10 year card, you must again establish the bona fides of your marriage. Once again, the USCIS will want to see The opinions in this column are not meant to be tax or financial advice. For tax advice, please consult with your Certified Public Accountant. that you filed taxes jointly with your spouse.

Filing a False Tax Return May Result in Deportation.


“I think they (West Indies Cricket Board - WICB) are very rude and if anything they owe me and Jamaica an apology.” - Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica (CMC) “My impact in the Bahamas can be measured by when (you) land in our country at the airport and you call my name, they will let you in.” - Dr. Myles Munroe, President, Bahamas Faith Ministries International (Joy Online)

prepared for understanding what high-level customer service means and enter the industry with some experience. The program helps provide much-needed job training in Haiti - vital for the country’s rebuilding - while significantly improving service standards in a growing tourist destination like Jacmel.” - Derek Johnson, CEO, Yéle Haiti “Mobile phone vouchers create additional security and convenience here in Haiti, especially for women, who might feel more vulnerable when carrying large sums of money. With safer housing conditions, this initiative will also encourage the permanent return of camp residents to their neighborhoods and repaired homes.” - Jessica Faieta, Senior Country Director, UNDP Haiti Prime Minister of Jamaica,

“Well my husband and I just got back from celebrating our oneyear anniversary and we went to St. Lucia and it was so beautiful. We stayed at this little place called the Ladera, and it’s basically three walls, and the fourth invisible wall is overlooking like a rainforest in the grand pitons. It’s really, really beautiful!” - Kellie Pickler, American country music artist (Fox News) “We are adding BookDirect(tm) to our Aruba.com website to greatly enhance the visitor experience and send visitors directly to our hotels to book. It’s the right solution for Aruba’s hotel industry and fits our strategy perfectly as we are redesigning Aruba.com and moving forward into the future with a focus on digital marketing in order to align with the consumer demand for simple and direct online bookings.” - Jim Hepple, President and CEO, Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association. “Vocational training is the primary initiative for Yéle Haiti in 2012. HEAT (Hospitality Education and Training) has been designed to expose students with an in-depth knowledge as to how hotels work. This training enables them to be better


Prince Harry races Usain Bolt in Jamaica — Continued from page 1 —

Guyana Karate to be represented at USA Premier Event R

about 50 meters down the track as Usain Bolt bent over with icky Jagnarain, President laughter. The Olympic medalist then jogged up to Harry, makof the Guyana Karate Asing one of his signature skyward points for a crowd of onlook- sociation (GKA) will represent ers at the University of the West Indies in the Jamaican capital. Guyana ( as referee) at the Super Show Karate TournaLater, the two exchanged pleasantries and talked about runment put on by the United ning for an audience made up mostly of university students, States Speciality Sports Assoincluding many athletes. The prince noted Jamaica’s interciation (USSSA) National Kanational reputation as a track and field powerhouse and said rate Program. it was impressive for a small nation of nearly 3 million. Sensei Jagnarain, holds a 5th De“Don’t go running off to America, because you’ve got talent gree Black Belt from the World your country needs,” he told the crowd. United Karate Organization (WUKO) and an ‘A’ Class referee Harry is touring the Caribbean as part of a Diamond Jubilee license form the USSSA Karate tour in honor of Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates 60 years and the Trinidad and Tobago Kaon the throne. The 27-year-old prince , who made earlier stops rate Federation (TTKF). GKA is in the Bahamas and Belize, arrived by private jet and received the WUKO and USSSA Karate a 21-gun salute from members of the Jamaica Defense Force. member to Guyana. His visit comes as the new prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, has called anew for the severing of ties with the British monarchy. Jamaica has been independent from Britain since 1962 but still recognizes the queen of England as the titular head of state. Simpson Miller, who was scheduled to have lunch with Prince Harry during the visit, has professed admiration for the queen, but said political change is necessary to eliminate the vestiges of colonialism. “I think the fact that August coming will be 50 years since we have gained our independence, that it’s time for us to sever the ties,” she said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press. At the track stadium, though, there was nothing but enthusiasm for the prince. University students waved enthusiastically and cheered for him, calling for him to come out of his motorcade. “It’s the first time I have ever been this close to royalty,” 23-year-old medical student Shikera Fearon said as the prince pulled away.

Many Guyanese karatekas from Florida, New York and Guyana are expected to be here for the event. It takes place at Orange County Convention Center on April 27th and 28th.

Caribbean Coaches dominate the U-18 Disney Field Hockey Showcase


he Disney Field Hockey Showcase is one of the USA Field Hockey’s premier events, girls from across the nation and in some cases across the world compete and showcase their skills in the U-18 and U-16 divisions. This tournament is considered a proving ground of the girls’ field hockey program. It is the ultimate place for top field hockey clubs to be seen by hundreds of college coaches looking for great field hockey talent. There is also an open registration forum for teams and players from around the world, so that individual players looking to join a Showcase team are able to sign up for the guest player pool and are given the opportunity to showcase their skills to college coaches and other teams from around the nation. This year the Spirit Eagles U-18 girls team coached by Mark Waldron and Kesley Stephenson came to the tournament with a mission. Spirit Eagles Field Hockey Club (SEG) is the largest most respected field hockey club and training program in the nation. SEG has training sites across NJ which include Rutgers University, The Holmdel School, The Pingry School and The Peddie School to name a few. They are the leaders in teaching the game of field hockey in the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut tristate area. The program is run by head coach Bobby Issar, who comes from a long history of National USA players; Bobby believes that winners are made not born and this is the belief that he has instilled in his coaches and players alike. This year Caribbean Coaches - Mark Waldron from Guyana and Kesley Stephenson from Jamaica, came to Disney on a mission....dominate their division and take home the winning trophy...and that they did. Their SEG U-18 girls team played — Continued on page 23 —


Meet the Candidate Series — Continued from page 9 —

Entertainment was sponsored by InSession Band DJ Al, dancer Aklima KhanMahadeo and singer Khamelian to a very receptive audience. Publisher of Caribbean American Passport & new President of the Caribbean American Chamber Guenet Gittens-Roberts said she was pleased with the collective effort of the Caribbean Community to be involved in the election process and looks forward to working to highlight the achievements of more Caribbean Candidates along the way to the election in November, while getting the message across that we as a community should become citizens, register and vote in November.

Caribbean Coaches

— Continued from page 22 — the entire tournament undefeated and took home the prestigious U-18 girls division trophy after a close final game that saw the lead change four times before the end of regulation; the game ended in a 2 - 2 tie and the final results would be decided by penalty flicks. The coaches showed no signs of concern, as they explained that they had one of the best goalkeepers in the nation. After a nail biting round of 5 penalty flicks from each team the results were decided.... the Caribbean coached team showcased their field hockey talents and walked away with the title of U-18 undefeated champions for 2012. For more on local field hockey in the greater Florida or Orlando area contact Central Florida Field Hockey Association at 407-810-6435.



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CaribbeanAmericanPassport March 2012  

Caribbean American Passport is a magazine about the Caribbean American Community in Central Florida.

CaribbeanAmericanPassport March 2012  

Caribbean American Passport is a magazine about the Caribbean American Community in Central Florida.