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Morgan County   Workforce   Development   Resource  Guide    

A  publication  of  the  Decatur-­‐Morgan  County  Chamber  of   Commerce’s  Workforce  Development  Coalition  and   Morgan  County  Economic  Development  Association      

Contents Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Coalition  Information  ......................................................  4   Educational  Services  and  Organizations  ............................................................................................  5   Decatur  City  Schools  ......................................................................................................................  5   Hartselle  City  Schools  .....................................................................................................................  7   Morgan  County  Schools  .................................................................................................................  8   AIDT  ...............................................................................................................................................  9   Alabama  Technology  Network  (ATN)  ...........................................................................................  12   Alabama  A  &  M  University  ...........................................................................................................  15   Athens  State  University  ...............................................................................................................  17   J.F.  Drake  State  Technical  College  ................................................................................................  29   Oakwood  College  .........................................................................................................................  32   The  University  of  Alabama  Huntsville  ..........................................................................................  34   Wallace  State-­‐  Hanceville  Community  College  ............................................................................  37   Government  Organizations  ..............................................................................................................  43   Alabama  Department  of  Rehabilitation  Services  .........................................................................  43   Decatur  Career  Center  .................................................................................................................  46   LAUNCH  Program  .........................................................................................................................  50   Morgan  County  Legislative  Delegation  ........................................................................................  51   Workforce  Development  Council  of  Alabama-­‐  Region  II  .............................................................  52   Community  and  Not-­‐For-­‐Profit  Organizations  .................................................................................  54   Boys  and  Girls  Club  of  North  Central  Alabama  ............................................................................  54   Decatur/Morgan  County  Chamber  of  Commerce   .......................................................................  56   The  Decatur  Morgan  County  Entrepreneurial  Center  .................................................................  59   Decatur  Youth  Services  ................................................................................................................  61   Dream  !t.  Do  !t.®  ..........................................................................................................................  63   Junior  Achievement  .....................................................................................................................  65   Morgan  County  Economic  Development  Association  ..................................................................  68   Morgan  County  System  of  Services  .............................................................................................  69   Neighborhood  Christian  Center  ...................................................................................................  71   North  Alabama  Center  for  Educational  Excellence  (NACEE)  ........................................................  73   TEBIN-­‐  Alabama  Training  for  Existing  Business  and  Industry  Network  ........................................  75   Tennessee  Valley  Training  Center  (TVTC)  ....................................................................................  76   Additional  Web  Resource  Links  .......................................................................................................  79  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Coalition  Information        

The Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Coalition  is  a  partnership  of  the  Decatur-­‐ Morgan  County  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  the  Morgan  County  Economic  Development   Association.

Vision:  Our  vision  for  Morgan  County  is  to  be  the  place  where  current  employers   thrive  and  new  employers  locate  because  of  our  skilled,  highly  competitive   workforce.  Mission:    Our  mission  is  to  close  the  workforce  skills  gap.

Values Business  &  Industry  Driven          Measure  Outcomes          Educational  Avenues  for  All Collaborate          Communicate          Reduce  Service  Duplication

Recruit 1) Grow the  Career  Pathways   brand  through  increased   job  postings  and   resources  on  the  website   and  Facebook.   2) Strategically  market  the   community  as  a  great   place  to  live  and  work.  


Retain 1) Design all  programs  and   activities  to  close  the   Skills  Gap   2) Develop  revenue  sources   to  fund  scholarships  for   students  and  adults   pursuing  high  demand   careers.   3) Create  a  curriculum-­‐ based  program  that  can   be  delivered  in  the   schools  to  increase   awareness  of  high     demand  careers.  

Retrain 1) Communicate retraining  and   retooling  programs  that  reach   people  where  they  are.   2) Promote  leadership  and  soft   skills  training  for  team  and   leadership  development.  

Educational Services  and  Organizations    

Decatur City  Schools   Mission:  The  mission  of  Decatur  City  Schools  is  to  provide  an  innovative  learning  community   committed  to  academic  excellence  and  meeting  the  unique  needs  of  every  individual.     Website:     Contact  Information:        Dr.  Danna  “DeeDee”  Jones       Jeanne  Payne                                Coordinator  of  Secondary  Education     Curriculum  and  Staff   Development   Coordinator                                                                                                                              th 302  4  Avenue,  NE   Decatur,  AL  35601   Phone:  256.552.3000     Program/Services:   • Career  Technical  Curriculum  Offered:         Austin  High:    Automobile  Technology  Service,  Drafting  and  Design,   Precision  Machining,  Healthcare  Science,  Business  Marketing,  Family  and   Consumer  Science,  Pre-­‐Engineering,  and  Cooperative  Education     Decatur  High:    Drafting  and  Design,  Business  Marketing,  Family  and   Consumer  Science,  Carpentry,  Pre-­‐  Engineering,  and  Cooperative  Education,   Aircraft  Maintenance     Both  High  Schools:  EMT   o

Engineering Academy/  Pre-­‐Engineering  with  Project  Lead  the  Way  (PLTW):   Secondary  program  designed  to  engage  high  school  students  at  Decatur  and   Austin  High  Schools  in  engineering  curriculum  in  9th-­‐12th  grades  including  project   work  and  completion  in  their  senior  year  in  partnership  with  UAH.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Any  secondary  student  meeting  pre-­‐ requisite  requirements  (if  any)  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Students  who  have  completed  or   are  taking  Algebra  I  and  Biology  as  a  ninth  grader.  

The Leader  in  Me,  Seven  Habits  Program:      This  program  is  a  public-­‐private   partnership  with  the  Decatur-­‐Morgan  County  Chamber  of  Commerce.  It  is   supported  by  business  and  government  agencies  and  the  cooperation  of  the   Franklin  Covey  Company.  Franklin  Covey  has  selected  the  Decatur  City  Schools   System  as  the  first  pilot  program  in  the  world  for  implementation  on  the  7  Habits   of  Highly  Effective  People  district  wide  in  elementary  schools.  This  learning   process  lays  the  foundation  for  our  teachers  and  our  children  to  be  proactive,   results-­‐oriented,  and  to  understand  the  value  of  synergy  of  working  together  as  a   team.  


Engineering is  Elementary:    Program  in  elementary  schools  designed  to  expose   younger  students  to  principles  of  engineering  and  opportunities  in  the   engineering  field.  Curriculum  is  taught  using  a  combination  of  academic  and   hands-­‐on  activities  to  insure  that  the  student  has  an  understanding  of  the   components  of  the  engineering  studies.   o



Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:      Elementary  students  in  2 -­‐5   grades  are  eligible  to  participate  in  this  program  within  the  science  and  math   curriculum.  

Community Education  Program:  The  Decatur  City  Schools'  Community  Education   program    is  now  partnered  with  Calhoun’s  Adult  Education.   Contact  Donna  Bass  at  256.260.2462  or  for  more  information   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Elementary  school  students   attending  Decatur  City  Schools.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Anyone  can  participate  in   Community  Education,  although  there  are  certain  age  requirements  for  certain   classes.    There  is  a  minimal  fee  to  participate  in  classes.  The  price  of  each  class   varies.       **Decatur  City  Schools  provides  tutoring  and  mentoring  programs,  varying  from   school  to  school,  and  also  provides  programs  for  the  disabled  at  Somerville  Road   Elementary  and  Decatur  High  School’s  Developmental  Program.    For  more   information,  contact  the  individual  schools  of  interest.          

Hartselle City  Schools     Mission:    The  Hartselle  City  School  system  is  a  student-­‐centered,  academically  enriching  school   system  that  prepares  students  for  tomorrow.     Website:     Contact  Information:    Mike  Reed,  Superintendent                                                                           305  College  Street  NE                                                                                                                                                                   Hartselle,  AL    35640   Phone:    256.773.5419     Program/Services:   • Career  Technical  Curriculum  Offered  at  Hartselle  High  School:       Business/Marketing:    Business  Technology  Applications,  Advanced  Business   Technology  Applications,  Multimedia  Design,  Personal  and  Business  Finance,   Marketing  Dynamics,   Coordinated  Studies,  Cooperative  Education,  Sports  Marketing    Agriscience:  Fish  and  Wildlife  Management,  Agrscience  Communications,   Agribusiness  Technology    Family  and  Consumer  Sciences:    Housing  Design,  Fashion  Design,  Food  and   Nutrition,  Family  Consumer  Science   Healthcare:    Foundations  of  Health  Care  Science,  Health  Curriculum  Science   Internship,  Advance  Health  Seminar   o

Dual Enrollment:    Classes  offered  for  Dual  Enrollment  are  Calculus  and  English   101  and  102   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Advanced  students  in  Math  and   English  

Career Tech  Partnership  with  Calhoun  Community  College:    Opportunities  to   earn  college  credit  in  business  technology  applications,  advanced  business   technology  applications  and  cooperative  education  are  available.   o


Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Any  secondary  student  meeting  pre-­‐ requisite  requirements  (if  any)  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Any  students  who  has  taken  the   required  prerequisite  courses.      

Morgan County  Schools   Mission: The  Morgan  County  School  System,  in  partnership  with  family  and  community,  will   provide  a  comprehensive  curriculum  to  meet  the  unique  intellectual,  social,  emotional,  and   physical  needs  of  each  student  and  will  advocate  lifelong  learning  and  productive  citizenship  in  a   global  society.   Website:     Contact  Information:  Chris  Blevins,  Morgan  County  Career  Tech  Director                                                                         1325  Point  Mallard  Parkway  SE     Decatur,  AL  35601   Phone:  256.353.6442     Program/Services:   • Career  Technical  Curriculum  Offered:         Brewer  High:  Agriscience  Technology,  Auto  Service  Technology,  Business   Marketing,  Early  Childhood  Education,  Collision  Repair  Technology,   Drafting/Design  Technology,  Electronics  Technology,  Family  &  Consumer  Science,     Restaurant  and  Food  Services,  Healthcare  Science  &  Technology,   Heating/Ventilation/Air  Conditioning,  ,  Welding  Technology,  Cooperative   Education  ,  Cosmetology,  Robotics  Team     **Brewer  High  School  is  the  only  high  school  in  Morgan  County  that   encompasses  a  Career  Technical  High  School.   West  Morgan,  Danville,  Falkville,  &  Priceville  High:    AgriScience,  Family   and  Consumer  Science     Cotaco  Junior  High:  Agriscience        Union  Hill  Junior  High:  Agriscience       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Any  secondary  student  meeting  pre-­‐ requisite  requirements  (if  any).  

**Morgan  County  Schools  provide  tutoring  and  at-­‐risk  youth  programs  along   with  programs  for  special  needs  students  and  the  disabled  varying  from  school  to   school.  Contact  the  individual  school(s)  of  interest  for  more  information.  


AIDT Mission:    The  mission  of  AIDT  is  to  provide  quality  workforce  development  for  Alabama's  new  and   expanding  businesses,  and  to  expand  the  opportunities  of  its  citizens  through  the  jobs  these   businesses  create.  AIDT,  encourages  economic  development  through  job-­‐specific  training.   Training  services  are  offered  in  many  areas,  and  are  provided  at  no  charge  to  new  and  expanding   businesses  throughout  the  State.     Website:     Contact  Information:  Ronnie  Smith,  Assistant  Director  North  Alabama                                                                           2903  Wall  Triana  Hwy.,  Suite  1   Huntsville,  Alabama  35824-­‐1537   Phone:  256.461.7550     Program/Services:   Pre-­‐Employment  Selection  and  Training:  Through  its  pre-­‐employment  services,   AIDT  is  able  to  evaluate  and  enhance  employee  skills  through  job-­‐specific  training.     Employers  have  the  opportunity  to  observe  candidates  in  a  simulated  work   environment  where  attitudes  and  interpersonal  skills  are  put  to  the  test.   Quality  workforce  development  requires  a  quick  and  complete  response.  AIDT  is   specifically  designed  for  each  company's  job  requirements  and  start-­‐up  schedule.     Based  on  job  specifications,  AIDT  works  with  employers  to  define  curricula,   required  skills  and  abilities  for  each  job  to  set  the  training  schedule  and  evaluation   process,  and  to  determine  staff  and  equipment  needs  for  training.   AIDT  provides  comprehensive  design  and  development  of  training  manuals,   corporate  and  process  training  videos,  multimedia  presentations,  as  well  as   printing  and  distribution  services.  It  designs  and  build  specialized  training  systems,   as  well  as  provide  on-­‐site  setup  and  maintenance  of  all  training  hardware  and   materials.  In  addition,  AIDT's  financial  infrastructure  allows  flexibility  to  make   things  happen—fast  and  efficiently.   It  assists  in  recruiting  candidates  who  meet  companies’  unique  requirements  for   employment.    Its  detailed  screening  process  is  designed  to  seek  the  most  highly   qualified  candidates  available.   Training  can  be  conducted  at  a  plant,  at  one  of  AIDT's  three  training  centers   located  in  Huntsville,  Montgomery  and  Mobile,  at  leased  facilities,  or  in  one  of   AIDT's  mobile  training  units  that  can  be  trucked  to  a  plant  site.  Any  of  these   locations,  including  the  mobile  units,  can  be  customized  with  the  equipment  and   training  materials  to  meet  needs  for  classroom  and  hands-­‐on  training.  Other   facilities  are  arranged  as  needed.   Just  as  each  company  is  unique  in  its  products  and  processes,  so  is  AIDT’s   selection  and  training  system.  But  there  is  one  common  thread:  The  desire  and   need  for  a  skilled  workforce  that  produces  results.       Related  Services:  

Project Management   Total  Project  Responsibility   Needs  Analysis   Job/Task  Analysis   Lead-­‐Time  Planning   Instructor  Contracting   Resource  Allocation   Project  Support  Services   Training  Equipment  Procurement   Training  Systems  Design  and  Production    Expendable  Materials   Tools   Safety  Assessments   Maintenance  Assessments   Facilities  Set-­‐up   Mobile  Training  Units   Transportation  and  Placement   Media  Support  Services   Training  Manual  Development,  Design  and  Production   Training  Video  Design  and  Production   Graphic  Design   Printing  Production   Recruitment  Advertising/Media  Buying   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  New  and  Expanding  businesses   hiring  more  than  ten  full-­‐time  positions  (a  minimum  of  36  hours  per  week  and   maintained  year  round).  Employers  must  also  pay  an  entry  hourly  wage  of   $10.00/hour  plus  benefits.  

AIDT EXtra:  EXtends  Training  and  Recruitment  for  Alabama  Employers  and   provides  assistance,  accessories  and  advice  to  help  businesses  recruit,  assess,   train  and  enhance  the  workforce  needed  for  today’s  changing  market.    AIDT  EXtra   services  include  the  development  of:  Employee  Recruitment  Ads;  Train-­‐the-­‐ Trainer  Manual;  Principles  of  Daily  Success;    Performance  Assessment  Program;   Comprehensive  and  Illustrated  Trainee  Manuals  and  Workbooks;  Multimedia   Instructor  Guides  and  Training  Aids;  and  Videographic  company  information   including  policies,  production  processes,  step-­‐by-­‐step  procedures  and  operational   instructions.     Manuals  and  instructor  guides  provide  a  range  of  skill  building  topics,  such  as   basic  math,  safety,  precision  measurement,  quality  control,  team  building,  and   other  topics  requested  by  each  company.  Manuals  also  include  company-­‐specific   information  such  as  production  process  details,  standard  operating  instructions,   or  step-­‐by-­‐step  machine  operation  instructions.  Training  materials  provide   information  trainees  and  employees  need  for  comprehension  and  performance.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  AIDT  EXtra  is  tailored  towards   companies  that  do  not  traditionally  qualify  for  AIDT  services  encompassed  in  Pre-­‐ Employment  Selection  and  Training.    Contact  the  AIDT  Huntsville  Center  to  see  if   your  company  qualifies.  

Leadership Training:  Leadership  Skills  I  is  the  recommended  first  course  for  first-­‐ line,  team  leads,  and/or  new  supervisors.  There  is  a  comprehensive  test  given   after  the  class.  If  passed,  the  exam  offers  the  credential  of  “AIDT  Certified  Leader   I”.    The  class  is  offered  in  a  two-­‐day  format.    


Leadership Skills  II  is  a  follow-­‐up  course  to  Leadership  Skills  I,  and  includes  more   advanced  topics  of  supervision.  A  test  is  also  given  with  credentialing  if  passed;  it   is  also  offered  in  a  two-­‐day  format.     Interview  T.I.P.S.  (Training  to  Improve  Presentation  Skills):  This  class  prepares   job  seekers  to  submit  correct  applications,  demonstrate  confidence,  and  improve   communication  skills  with  mock  interviews  and  proper  interview  follow-­‐up.     o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Interview  T.I.P.S.  is  available  at  no   cost  for  job  seekers,  high  school  and  above.   Maintenance  Assessment:  AIDT  provides  the  answers  before  hiring,  promoting,   and  training  maintenance  personnel.    AIDT’s  comprehensive,  full  day  Industrial   Maintenance  Technician  Assessment  Program  (IMTAP)  will  put  candidates   through  paces  to  give  employers  the  information  they  need.  Employers  provide   them  with  the  candidates’  contact  information,  and  AIDT  handles  the  rest.     Company  representatives  initially  interview  candidates  who  are  screened  by   AIDT’s  on-­‐line  system  or  resumes  submitted  directly  to  the  company.  Once  the   company  makes  decisions  regarding  candidates  they  desire  to  be  assessed,  the   maintenance  candidates  contact  information  is  provided  to  AIDT.    contact  AIDT   schedules,  administers,  and  scores  the  assessment.  Depending  on  the  candidate’s   availability,  employers  have  the  final  report  in  their  hands  in  as  little  as  one  week.     AIDT  continuously  refine  and  adjust  the  assessment’s  methodology  to  stay   current  with  technology,  and  candidates  are  only  assessed  on  the  skills  you   require.    AIDT  also  works  with  employers  to  develop  customized  assessment  tools   to  address  your  unique  maintenance  requirements.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Maintenance  Assessments  are   provided  for  companies  that  meet  AIDT  project  requirements.   Safety  Assessment:    AIDT  offers  you  companies  the  chance  to  see  what  OSHA   might  see  if  they  visit  your  facility.  And  with  AIDT’s  help,  companies  can  correct   any  problem  before  OSHA  arrives  to  avoid  costly  fines-­‐and  more  importantly,   ensure  the  safety  of  your  employees.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Safety  Assessments  are  provided  for   companies  that  meet  AIDT  project  requirements.   OSHA  Standard  Training:    This  training  covers  construction  and  general  industry.     AIDT  also  provides  comprehensive  training  and  resources  for  concentrated   support  in  facility  and  equipment  hazard  assessment,  written  program   assessment,  hazard  abatement  assistance,  CPR  training,  AED  and  first  aid  training,   PPE,  powered  industrial  trucks  and  many  other  areas.     o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  OSHA  Standard  Training  is  provided   for  companies  that  meet  AIDT  project  requirements.   Process  Improvement  Assessment:    AIDT  provides  an  independent  third-­‐party   review  of  your  company’s  business  processes  as  it  relates  to  lean  manufacturing.   The  assessment  scores  an  operation  based  on  17  areas  of  interest.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  The  process  improvement   assessment  is  provided  for  companies  that  meet  AIDT  project  requirements.  

For additional  online  information,  please  go  to  and/or  submit  your  request  


Alabama Technology  Network  (ATN)     Mission:  ATN  provides  the  most  innovative  technical  assistance  and  training  to  continually   improve  Alabama  businesses  and  industries.     Website:     Contact  Information:       Perry  Shields,  Center  Director-­‐  Cullman   ATN-­‐Cullman   206  3rd  Street  SW   Cullman,  AL  35055   256.734.4796     Mitch  Hamm,  Center  Director-­‐  Muscle  Shoals   ATN-­‐Muscle  Shoals  Center*   Northwest  Shoals  Community  College   P.O.  Box  2545   Muscle  Shoals,  AL  35622   Phone:  256.331.5383     *There  are  ATN  Centers  across  the  state  of  Alabama  including  the  campuses  of  The   University  of  Alabama,  Auburn  University,  UAH,  as  well  as  12  other  Community  Colleges.    The   corporate  office  is  located  in  Birmingham.     ATN-­‐  Corporate  Office   500  Beacon  Parkway  W.   Birmingham,  AL  35209   Phone:  1.877.428.6457     Program/Services:   • Lean  Manufacturing:    ATN  provides  programs  related  to  lean  manufacturing   including  SS,  Kaizen,  Kanban,  Lean  101,  Quick  Changeover,  Total  Productive   Maintenance,  Value  Stream  Mapping,  Lean  Office,  Visual  Workplace,  Lean   Enterprise  Certificate  Program,  Coaching,  Cellular  Manufacturing  and  Lean  and   Clean       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Manufacturing Systems:    Programs  and  resources  related  to  Manufacturing   Systems  include  CNC    (Computer  Numerical  Control)  and  plant  layout  help.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Quality Systems:  ATN  provides  management  systems  training  including  ISO  9000,   TS16949,  AS9100,  ISO  13485,  ISO  14000  and  AISC.    Also  in  the  area  of  quality   systems,  ATN  provides  training  related  to  internal  auditing,  overview  of  standards   requirements,  system  implementation,  system  audits,  quality  engineering,  design   of  experiments,  statistical  process  control  (SPC),  root  cause  analysis,  Six  Sigma   (green  and  black  belt)  and  automotive  core  tools  (MSA,  FMEA,  PPAP,  APQP,  and   SPC)     o

Information Technology:  ATN  provides  support  for  computer  systems  networking   and  network  management  and  design.    Computer  training  in  MS  Office,  CISCO,   and  Customized  IT-­‐LAN/WAN  is  available.         o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Industrial Maintenance:    Industrial  Maintenance  services  in  the  fields  of   electrical,  mechanical,  electronics,  hydraulics,  pneumatics,  variable  drives,   welding,  process  controls  (PLCs),  robotics,  and  practical  energy  are  offered       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Business Services/Strategic  Management:  Services  and  training  related  to   business  services  includes  strategic  planning,  leadership  development,  market   research,  website  development  and  growth  strategies  through  Eureka  Ranch®   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Environmental Safety  and  Health:  Training  and  support  in  the  field  of   environmental  safety  and  health  includes  HAZMAT  (DOT),  ergonomics,  OSHA  10   hour  and  30  hour,  Environmental  Regulations  Review,  Occupational  Health  and   Safety  Compliance  Assessments  and  Audits  Emergency  Action  Plans,  Emergency   Action  Plans,  HAZWOPER  (refresher,  24  hour  and  40  hour),  NFPA  70E,  Respirator   Fit  Testing,  Confined  Space  Entry,  Lock  Out  Tag  Out  and  Industrial  Hygiene   Sampling   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Engineering and  Technical  Services:  Areas  of  service  offerings  in  this  arena   include  product  design,  prototyping,  CAD/CAM,  blueprint  reading,  reverse   engineering,  process  design  and  manufacturing  systems,  advanced  machining  and   machine  cells,  design  for  manufacturability,  CMM,  3D  part  printing  and  die  design.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost  

Innovation Engineering:    Where  is  your  business  or  industry  on  the  growth  curve?   Apply  these  “next  generation  growth  strategies”  to  find  out  what  your  next   product  or  services  need  to  be.     o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  an  ATN  center  for  more   information  on  how  these  services  are  provided  to  Alabama  businesses.     Programs  are  individualized  and  vary  in  structure  cost.  

Alabama  E3-­‐  For  a  limited  time  only:    E3  is  a  coordinated  technical  assistance   initiative  that  assists  manufacturers  to  increase  profits  and  strengthen  their  future   by  implementing  efficient  production  processes,  reducing  all  wastes,  lowering   costs,  growing  jobs  and  driving  innovation.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  For  additional  information  including   limited  time  funding  assistance  for  E3  projects,  please  visit  the  Alabama  E3   website  at        

Alabama A  &  M  University  

Mission:    Alabama  Agricultural  and  Mechanical  University  reflects  the  uniqueness  of  the   traditional  land-­‐grant  institution  which  combines  professional,  vocational  and  liberal  arts  pursuits.   The  University  provides  baccalaureate  and  graduate  studies  that  are  compatible  with  the  times  to   all  qualified,  capable  individuals  who  are  interested  in  further  developing  their  technical,   professional,  and  scholastic  skills  and  competencies.  It  operates  in  the  three-­‐fold  function  of   teaching,  research,  and  public  service,  including  extension.  A  center  of  substance  and  excellence,   Alabama  A&M  University  provides  a  setting  for  the  emergence  of  scholars,  leaders,  thinkers,  and   other  contributors  to  society.  Specifically,  the  University  is  committed  to:     Excellence  in  education  and  a  scholarly  environment  in  which  inquiring  and  discriminating  minds   may  be  nourished.   The  education  of  students  for  effective  participation  in  local,  state,  regional,  national,  and   international  societies.   The  search  for  new  knowledge  through  research  and  its  applications.   The  provision  of  a  comprehensive  outreach  program  designed  to  meet  the  changing  needs  of  the   larger  community.   Programs  necessary  to  adequately  address  the  major  needs  and  problems  of  capable  students   who  have  experienced  limited  access  to  education.   Integration  of  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  technology  into  all  aspects  of  University  functions.     Alabama  A&M  University,  in  cooperation  with  businesses,  industrial  and  governmental  agencies,   and  other  institutions,  provides  a  laboratory  where  theory  is  put  into  practice  in  a  productive   environment.     Website:     Contact  Information:    Dr.  Andrew  Hugine,  Jr.,  President   Alabama  A&M  University     4900  Meridian  Street   Normal,  AL  35762   Phone:  256.372.5245     Program/Services:   • Programs  of  Study:       School  of  Arts  and  Sciences:  Behavioral  Sciences:  political  science,  sociology,   criminal  justice,  geography,  history  and  philosophy;  English,  Languages  and   Telecom;  Mathematics;  Military  Science  (ROTC);  Natural  and  Physical  Sciences;   Physics;  Social  Work   School  of  Business:  accounting,  business  administration  with  concentrations  in   management  information  systems,  logistics  and  supply  chain  management,   international  business,  and  office  systems  management;  business  education;   economics;  finance;  management;  and  marketing.  Minors  are  offered  in   accounting,  business  administration,  economics,  finance,  management,  and  

marketing. Master  degrees  are  offered  in  business  administration  (MBA),  and   business  education  (M.Ed.).  Educational  Specialist  (Ed.S.)  degree  is  offered  in   business  education.   School  of  Education:  Communicative  Sciences  &  Disorders;  Curriculum,  Teaching,   &  Educational  Leadership;  Developmental  Reading;  PH.D.  Reading;  Secondary   Education;  Educational  Leadership;  Elementary  &  Early  Childhood  Education;   Health  &  Physical  Education;  Music;  Psychology  &  Counseling:    Clinical   Psychology,  Counseling  Psychology,  Guidance  &  Counseling,  School  Counseling,   Rehabilitation  Counseling,  Special  Education  (Collaborative  Teaching)   School  of  Agriculture  and  Environmental  Science:    Agribusiness,  Community   Planning  and  Urban  Studies,  Food  and  Animal  Sciences,  Family  and  Consumer   Sciences,  Natural  Resources  and  Environmental  Sciences   School  of  Engineering,  Technology,  and  Computer  Science:    Civil  Engineering,   Computer  Sciences,  Construction  Management,  Electrical  Engineering,  Electrical   Engineering  Technology,  and  Mechanical  Engineering    

Athens State  University  

Mission:    Athens  State  University  is  a  baccalaureate  degree  granting  institution  offering   coursework  at  the  junior  and  senior  level.    Athens  State  University  provides  affordable  education   in  an  environment  which  recognizes  diversity  and  nurtures  the  discovery  and  application  of   knowledge.  Located  in  Northern  Alabama,  Athens  State  University  acknowledges  a  commitment   to  primarily  serve  transfer  students  of  the  Alabama  Community  College  System  as  well  as  students   from  other  accredited  institutions  of  higher  education.  The  University  prepares  students  for   professional  careers,  graduate  school,  lifelong  learning,  and  enrichment.  The  University,  through   quality  teaching,  individual  attention,  and  a  varied  course  delivery  system,  assists  students  in  the   timely  achievement  of  their  professional  and  career  goals.  In  addition,  Athens  State  University   offers  programs  of  continuing  education  and  community  services  that  provide  a  variety  of  cultural   and  professional  opportunities.   Website:   Contact  Information:  Robert  K.  Glenn,  President   Athens  State  University     300  North  Beaty  Street   Athens,  Alabama  35611   256.233.8100   800.522.0272     Programs/Services:   •

Adult Degree  Program:  The  new  Adult  Degree  Program  (ADP)  at  Athens  State  University   is   designed   to   serve   the   adult   working   student   who   has   completed   some   college   coursework   and   needs   to   finish   a   bachelor’s   degree.     The   ADP   works   to   eliminate   barriers   for   returning   adult   students   while   providing   academically   sound   alternative   methods   to   apply   knowledge   gained   from   the   integration   of   work   and   classroom   experience   and   to   assist  the  student  in  the  timely  achievement  of  their  professional  and  career  goals.    ADP   students  must  complete  at  least  33  credit  hours  of  coursework  at  Athens  State  University.     In  general,  the  ADP  will  focus  on  three  degree  programs:   § B.S.  in  Liberal  Studies   § B.S.  in  Management  of  Technology   § B.S.   in   Education   with   a   concentration   in   Career/Technical   Education   (non-­‐teacher  certificate  track)   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Adult  students  25  years  or  older  who   have  a  minimum  of  5  years  of  work  experience  and  have  completed  some  college-­‐ level  coursework  with  a  cumulative  GPA  of  2.0  on  a  4.0  scale.  

Traditional Programs  of  Study:  Did  you  know  that  nearly  900  students  graduate  each  year   with   a   baccalaureate   degree   from   Athens   State   University?     Athens   State   offers   a   wide   variety   of   college   majors   and   professional   development   certifications   to   prepare   students   for   the   challenges   of   the   workplace.   Nine   degree   programs   are   offered   fully   online   and   most   of   the   programs   from   the   College   of   Arts   &   Sciences,   College   of   Business,   and   College   of   Education   provide   at   least   one   or   more   classes   that   can   be   taken   over   the  

internet. Please   see   our   website   for   additional   information   regarding   our   distance   education  programs.     College  of  Business:   Accounting   Human  Resource  Management   Management   Management  of  Technology   Acquisition  and  Contract  Management   Acquisition  and  Contract  Management  Certificate   Enterprise  Systems  Management   Logistics  and  Supply  Chain  Management   Logistics  &  Supply  Chain  Management  Certificate   Marketing  Certificate   SAP  Certificate     College  of  Education:   Career/Technical  Education   Class  B  (Certification)   Post-­‐Secondary  Education  (Non-­‐Certification)   Military  Instructor/Staff  Development  (Non-­‐Certification)   Technical  Education  Early  Instructor  Option  (Non-­‐Certification   Technical  Instructional  Design  Instructor  (Non-­‐Certification)   Early  Childhood  Education  P-­‐3   Elementary  Education  K-­‐6   Elementary/Collaborative  K-­‐6   Physical  Education  P-­‐12   Special  Education   Collaborative  Teacher  K-­‐6   Collaborative  Teacher  6-­‐12   College  of  Arts  and  Sciences:   Art   Computer  Graphics  Option   Studio  Arts  Option   Art  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Behavioral  Science   Biology   Biology  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Chemistry   Chemistry  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Computer  Science   Computer  Information  Systems  Option   Computer  Networking  Option   English   English  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Health  Science   Health  and  Wellness  Management  

History History  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Criminal  Justice   Liberal  Studies   Mathematics   Mathematics  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Political  Science   Psychology   Public  Safety  and  Health  Administration   Religion   Social  Science   Social  Science  Teacher  Licensure  Track   Sociology     o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  A  complete  list  of  tuition  and   fees,  admission  requirements  and  financial  aid  options  can  be  accessed  at       Business  and  Professional  Development  Training:     ASU  is  a  proud  provider  of  a  variety  of  training  opportunities  focusing  on  individualized   and  corporate  needs.    These  services  include:   ServSafe  Food  Protection  Manager  Certificate:    Food  safety  is  now  Alabama  law.    This   course,  the  book  and  exam  meets  the  new  State  requirements  and  is  designed  to  provide   food  service  managers  and  employees  with  a  detailed  understanding  of  food  safety.     Certificate  examination  is  also  available  without  the  training  course.    For  more   information,  contact  Dr.  Diane  Sauers  at  256-­‐233  -­‐8260.   OSHA  10-­‐hour  Training:    This  course  focuses  on  the  general  industry  standards  including   fall  protection,  emergency  action  plans,  hazard  communication,  ergonomics,  fleet   management,  and  workplace  violence.    For  dates  and  times,  contact  Dr.  Diane  Sauers  at   256-­‐233-­‐8260.   eMarketing  Essentials  Certificate:    Get  a  fundamental  yet  advanced  introduction  on   eMarketing,  including  improving  email  promotions,  analyzing  web  site  traffic,  doing   search  engine  optimization,  and  how  to  successfully  employ  online  advertising.    Contact   Dr.  Diane  Sauers  at  256-­‐233-­‐8260.   AHA  CPR  Anytime®:    CPR  Anytime®  Personal  Learning  Program  allows  anyone  to  learn   core  skills  of  CPR  in  just  20  minutes  using  your  own  personal  kit.    The  kit  contains   everything  needed  to  learn  basic  CPR,  AED  skills  and  choking  relief.      Contact  Mrs.  Wanda   Campbell  at  256-­‐233-­‐8261  for  schedule  information.   Medical  Billing  &  Coding  Certificate:    Upon  completion  of  4  courses  students  will  be   prepared  to  pursue  credentials  from  the  American  Academy  of  Professional  Coders   (AAPC).    Courses  include  Medical  Terminology:  A  Word  Association  Approach,  Human   Anatomy  &  Physiology,  Medical  Coding,  and  Medical  Billing.  For  schedule  and  price   information  contact  Dr.  Diane  Sauers  at  256-­‐233-­‐8260.   Alabama  Department  of  Agriculture  &  Industries  Certificate:    Recent  state  laws  require   an  individual  to  be  certified  if  they  are  employed  to  administer  chemicals  used  for  the  

purpose of  eradicating  insects  and/or  weeks  and  grass.    For  information  on  scheduling   and  pricing  for  this  exam  please  contact  Ms.  Jackie  Warner  at  256-­‐233-­‐6540.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Customized  training  can  be   developed  to  meet  the  needs  of  business  and  industry  partners.    Training   solutions  can  be  delivered  at  your  location  or  ours.  Contact  Dr.  Diane   Sauers  at  or  at  256-­‐233-­‐8260.    Additional   courses  and  information  located  at              


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Calhoun  Community  College         Mission:  The  mission  of  Calhoun  Community  College  is  to  provide  quality,  innovative  instruction  and   promote  community  development  and  cultural  enrichment  by:   •  Ensuring  open  access   •  Providing  responsive  student  support  services   •  Valuing  diversity   •  Integrating  assessment,  accountability,  and  improvement   •  Assuring  a  safe  environment   •  Promoting  lifelong  learning   •  Securing  partnerships  for  economic  development   •  Facilitating  research  efforts  to  meet  workforce  d evelopment  needs   •  Supporting  professional  development   Website:   Contact  Information:   Bethany  Clem  Shockney   Dean  of  Business/CIS,  Technologies,  and  Workforce  Development   256.306.2839   Tad  Montgomery,  Assistant  Dean  for  Technology    and   Workforce  Development   Calhoun  Workforce  Solutions   256-­‐306-­‐2669   Ann  Coleman,  Business  Development   Calhoun  Workforce  Solutions   256.306.2938   Angela  Henderson,  Alabama  Parenthood  Initiative  Program  Coordinator   256.306.2914   Terri  Bryson,  Director  of  Development   256.890-­‐4703  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Gwen Baker,  Dual  Enrollment  Coordinator   256.306.2665  

Ashley Watts,  Career  Coach  

Kelli Morris,  Career  Coach   Program/Services:   •  Associate  of  Applied  Science  (AAS)  Degrees:  Offerings  range  from  established  programs  in  Aerospace   Technology,  Design  Drafting  Technology  (including  3D  modeling),  Machine  Tool  Technology  (including   CNC  Programming),  Industrial  Technology  (including  Industrial  Maintenance,  Electrical,  and   Instrumentation)  Robotics/Automation  Options,  Air  Conditioning  and  Refrigeration,     and  Renewable  Energy.   -­‐Other  Degree  Concentrations:   Accounting   Art   Associate  Degree  Nursing  (Traditional)   Barbering   Biology   Biotechnology   Business   Chemistry   Communication  Studies   Computer  Graphics   Computer  Information  Systems   Cosmetology   Cosmetology  Nail  Program   Criminal  Justice   Dental  Assisting   Electronic  Imaging   Elementary/Early  Childhood  Education   EMS   English   Fire  Science   Graphic  Animation   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide   Graphic   Design     Health  Education   History   Mathematics   Music  Education  Program   Music  Industry  Communications   Nursing  Assistant   Photography  and  Film  Communications   Physical  Education   Physical  Therapist  Assistant   Practical  Nursing  Pre-­‐ Engineering   Security   Social  Sciences   Surgical  Technology   Theatre   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Students  must  submit  applications  to  Calhoun  and  have   received  a  high  school  diploma  or  GED.  Course  fees  are  $131  per  credit  hour.  

• Summer  Camps:  Four  Summer  Camps  are  offered  at  Calhoun:   -­‐Robotics  and  3D   and  Music  Camp:  The  Calhoun  Community  College  “Virtual   Journeys”  Technology  Camps  incorporate  hands-­‐on  physics,  engineering,  and  computer  design  to  build  a   working  robot  or  to  create  animated  3D  models.  In  addition,  there  will  be  a  camp  for  the  Decatur  Youth   Symphony  that  will  offer  master  classes  in  winds,  percussion,  and  strings  and  a n  introduction  to   robotics,  3D  modeling  and  animation,  and  sound  recording  technology.  Each  camp  runs  five  consecutive   days  with  a  steady  progression  of  knowledge-­‐based  challenges  presented  each  day  of  the  camp.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  The  Robotics  and  3D  Modeling  and  Animation  Camps  are   open   to   all  students   entering  6th  through   12th   grades  for   the  coming   school   year.   The  Youth  Symphony   camp  is  only  for  those  students  that  are  m embers  of  the  Decatur  Youth  Symphony  Orchestra.  There   is  a   cost  for  these  camps.  

-­‐SWeETY Camp:  This  is  the   Summer  W elding  and   Electrical  Technology  camp   for   area   high   school  girls.   This  is  a   weeklong  camp  that  is   a   fun  and  challenging  introduction  to   electrical  technology  and  welding   and  career  opportunities  in  those  fields.  Space  is  limited  to  20  participants.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Area  high  school  girls  in  9th  through  12th   grade.  This  is  a  free  camp.  

-­‐ Technology  Camp  for  Educators:  This  week  long  camp  offers  the  opportunity  for  area  high  school   administrators,  counselors,  and  classroom  teachers  to  learn  about  exciting  careers  in  the  technical  fields   and  how  to  better  advise  students  about  these  jobs.  The  camp  gives  educators  the  opportunity  to  visit   local  industries  and  complete  hands-­‐on  projects  in  areas  such  as  Aerospace,  Process  Technology,  Design   Drafting,  Machine  Tool  Technology  and  Industrial  Maintenance.  Space  is  limited.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Area  high  school  administrators,  counselors,  and  classroom   teachers.  There  is  a  stipend  for  educators  that  attend  this  program.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide   •  D  ual  Enrollment  Opportunities:  Dual  Enrollment/Dual  credit  is  a  program  that  allows  eligible  high   school  students  to  enroll  in  college  classes  concurrently  with  high  school  classes,  either  a t  the  college   campus  or  at  the  high  school,  and  to  receive  both  high  school  and  college  credit.  Students  may   participate  in  any  college  level  course  above  the  100  level  in  English,  foreign  languages,  mathematics,   science,  or  social  science;  a ny  occupational/technical  course;  or  any  other  courses  agreed  upon  by  the   school  system  and  the  college.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Eligible  students  are  in  the  10th,  11th,  or  12thgrade  who   have  a  “B”  average  in  their  completed  high  school  courses  and  who  have  written  approval  of  both  the   high  school  principal  and  the  local  superintendent  of  education.  Some  schools  limit  participation  to  11th   and  12th  grade  students.  Students  must  meet  the  course  prerequisites  prior  to  enrollment.   To  apply  for  the  program,  students  may  pick  up  a  dual  enrollment  application  packet  from  their       high   school  guidance  counselor,  from  the  admissions  office  at  Calhoun,  or  online  at  Cost  for   the  courses  are  dependent  upon  the  course  credit  hours.  Most  courses  are  3-­‐4hours,  with  the  cost  for  1   credit  hour  being  $131.  

• The  Co-­‐Operation  Program:  The  Co-­‐Operation  program  is  a  joint  effort  among  local  companies,   Limestone  and  Morgan  County  Economic  Development  organizations,  and  Calhoun  Community  College.   The  intent  of  the  program  is  to  provide  paid,  part-­‐time,  cooperative  student  work  experiences  as   students  complete  their  AAS  degrees  in  Aerospace  Technology,  Design  Drafting,  Electrical  Technology,   Machine  Tool  Technology,  Industrial  Maintenance,   Process  Technology,  Renewable  Energy,   and  AS   degrees  in  Business  and  Computer  Information  Systems  .  This  program  also  includes  a  Pre-­‐engineering   Co-­‐Op  option  for  students  expecting  to  pursue  a  degree  in  engineering.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  To  apply  for  the  Co-­‐Op  position,  students  must   complete  and  submit  a  Co-­‐Operation  Program  Application,  have  successfully  completed  12  hour  of   coursework  at  Calhoun,  be  18  years  of  age  and  eligible  to  work  in  the  United  States,  maintain  3.0  GPA  or   better  in  Program  coursework  and  a  2.5  GPA  overall,  and  adhere  to  Calhoun’s  attendance  policy.    To  apply   for  the  technologies  co  op  positions,  students  m ust  also  have  completed  ADM  100,  Industrial  Safety  and   received  a  grade  of  “C”  or  above,  and  also  completed  one  of  the  following  classes  with  a  grade  of  “C”  or   above  –  ADM  101      Precision  Measurement  or  ADM  106  Quality  Control  Concepts.   To  apply  for  the  pre-­‐engineering  co-­‐op  positions,  students  must  have  completed  at  least  33  hours,   declared  pre-­‐engineering  as  his/her  m ajor,  have  a  2.5  overall  GPA,  have   completed  Calculus  II  and  Physics   I  with  grades  of  “C”  or  above,  and  have  taken  or  are  taking  EGR  101,   Engineering  Foundations.   For   additional  information,  call  256-­‐306-­‐2515.  

• Alabama  Robotics  Technology  Park  (RTP)  The  vision  of  Alabama  Governor  B ob  Riley,  the  RTP  is   a   collaboration  between  the  state  of  Alabama,  Calhoun  Community  College,  Alabama  Industrial   Development  Training  (AIDT),  and  robotics  industry  leaders  across  the  nation.   When  completed,  the   RTP  will  consist  of  three  individual  training  facilities  each  targeted  to  a  specific  industry  need.   The  three   buildings  will  have  an  investment  of  approximately  $73  million,  including  robotics  equipment.   The   documents  below  contain  information  on  the  three  phases  of  the  Robotics  Technology  Park:  types  of   training,  types  of  students  expected,  the  resources  to  be  provided,  and  expectations.   Phase  I:  The  Robotic  Maintenance  Training  Center  houses  an  industry  training  program  where    are  trained  to  work  on  robotic  machinery.  The  60,000  square  foot  facility  is  staffed  by   trainers   li    top  robotics  vendors  as  well  as  AIDT  staff  and  is  home  to  several  major  robotics  and   automation  brands.   Phase  II:  The  Advanced  Technology  Research  and  Development  Center  features  a  test  facility  for   companies  currently  in  the  robotics  manufacturing  industry.   The  30,000  square  foot  facility  will  be  used   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide   by  v   arious  industry  sectors  for  the  purpose  of  research,  development  a nd  testing  of  leading  edge   robotics  and  automation  a pplications  u sed  for  military  projects,  medical,  agriculture,  manufacturing,   etc.   The  structure  will  have  appropriate  infrastructure  to  support  these  activities  with  substantial   outdoor  areas  for  testing  in  a  variety  of  environments.   Phase  III:  The  Integration  and  Entrepreneurial  Center  will  be  a  collaborative  consolidation  of  technology   involving  higher  education  and  industry.   This  facility  will  allow  companies  to  build  and  a dapt  robots  for   new  industries.   Start-­‐up  plants  will  be  a ble  to  set  up  manufacturing  lines  to  integrate  software  and   equipment,  test  systems  and  train  maintenance  and  production  staff.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Students,  Industry,  Government  and   will  have  access  to  the  center  for  training  purposes.  


• Calhoun  Workforce  Solutions  (Non-­‐Credit  Business  and  Industry  Training):  In  addition  to  a  wide   range  of  traditional  and  credit  courses,  Calhoun  is  committed  to  providing  short-­‐term  training  to  the   business  community  as  well  as  non-­‐credit  community  education.  Opportunities  include:   -­‐Professional  Development:     CWS   offers   a   variety  of   online  and   traditional  facilitator-­‐led  professional   development  opportunities  including  WorkKeys  Test   Preparation,  Call   Center  Training,  Industrial   Maintenance   Online  Theory  Training,  basic  computer   skills,  Ed2Go,  and  Leadership   Training.     For  more   information,  call  256-­‐306-­‐2585.   -­‐Industrial  Technologies:     CWS  offers  learning  opportunities   in  the  following   areas:  pre-­‐apprenticeship   Lineworker   Training,   millwright   maintenance   mechanic,   machining,   instrumentation   technicians,   HVAC,   plumbing,   OSHA   10-­‐   and   30-­‐hour,   and   welding   for   plate   and   pipe   (construction   and   industrial)   using   NCCER,   Contren   curriculum.   Online   Industrial   Maintenance   Training   is   available.   For   more   information,   contact  Tad  Montgomery  at  256-­‐306-­‐2539.   -­‐Professional   Operations:   CWS  provides  local  area  companies  and   nontraditional  students  with  timely  training  a nd  preparation  for  the  workforce.   Companies  have  an  option   to  take  advantage  of  the  regularly  scheduled  courses,  or  CWS  can  customize  training  to  meet  client   requirements.  Calhoun  is  a  recognized  Certiport  Center  for  third-­‐party  testing.   Opportunities  include   Microsoft  Office  Suite,  Microsoft,  CISCO,  CompTIA,  and  customized  computer  network  training.  For  more   information,  contact  Dr.  Wyla  Washington  at  256-­‐890-­‐4734.   -­‐Professional  Certifications/Health:     CWS  delivers  certification  preparation  in  areas  such  as   Electronic   Health   Record   Management,   Medical   Administrative   Assistant,   Medical   Billing   and   Coding,   Pharmacy   Technician,   and   EKG   Technician   (Calhoun   proctors   the   National   EKG   Technician   Exam).       For   more   information,  contact  Dr.  Wyla  Washington  at  256-­‐890-­‐4734.   -­‐Professional   Certifications/Quality  Training:   In  conjunction  with  local  industry   partners,   CWS  offers   refresher  courses  for   ASQ   certification  in   the   areas   listed   below.   Facilitators  are   local   working  quality   professionals.   Companies  have  an  option  to  take  advantage   of  the  regularly  scheduled  courses.  In   addition,   Calhoun   can   customize   training   to   meet   client   requirements.   Third-­‐party   testing   is   provided   locally   through  the   American  Society   of   Quality   (ASQ).       For   more   information,  contact  Dr.   Wyla  Washington  at  256-­‐ 890-­‐4734.   -­‐Other  Professional  Certifications:    In   addition  to  the  Commercial  Driver's  License  Program  (see   below),  CWS     offers     certification    preparation    for     American     Design     Drafting     Association    (ADDA),     American  Institute   of   Architects   (AIA),   Crane,   National   Center   for   Construction   Education   &   Research   (NCCER),   National   Institute   of   Metalworking  Skills   (NIMS),   Robotics   &   Automation,  SpaceTEC,  Welding,   and   many  others.   For   more  information,  call  256-­‐306-­‐2585.   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide   -­‐Commercial     Truck     Driving     Training     (CDL):     There     is     a     federal     requirement     that     each     state     have     standards   for   the   licensing   of   commercial   drivers.     This   class   provides   driver   license   testing   information   and  training  for  unskilled  drivers  who  wish  to  have  a  commercial  driver  license  (CDL)  and  endorsements.  To   get  a  CDL,  you  must   pass  knowledge   and  skills  tests;  this  class  will  help  you  prepare   to  pass  the  tests.  For   more  information,  call  256-­‐306-­‐2462.   -­‐Workforce   Testing   and   Assessments:       Calhoun   is   a   nationally   recognized   ACT   Testing   Center.       CWS   conducts   ACT   WorkKeys   Job   Profiling   to   local   business   and   industry   clients   to   determine   the   basic   skills   needed   for   specific   jobs.       In   addition,   the   ACT   Center   delivers   individual   WorkKeys   assessments   to   determine   the   level   of   skills   one   can   bring   to   a   job.       Additionally,   the   ACT   Center   offers   a   variety   of   online   licensure  and   certifications  exams.  For   more   information,  contact  Dr.   Denny  Smith  at   256-­‐306-­‐   2637.   -­‐Global  Corporate  College:  Calhoun  is  a  member  of  the  Global  Corporate  College  (BCC)  network.   This   positions  Calhoun  to  provide  customized,  targeted  corporate  training  through  the  unique  GCC   network  of   leading  colleges  and  universities.  Through  this  network,  Calhoun  works  one-­‐on-­‐one  with  companies     design  and  deliver  superior  corporate  training  programs  throughout  each  company’s  footprint.   Capabilities  are  from  entry-­‐level  to  “CSuite”  executives,  from  local  to  international,  and  across  the   spectrum  of  industries.  Utilizing  the  GCC  curriculum,  CWS  offers  a  wide  array  of  supervisor/manager   leadership  employee  development  opportunities  (see  below).   For  more  information,  contact  Diane  Peck   at  256-­‐306-­‐2515.   -­‐Supervisor/Manager  Training:   This  training  integrates  learning  principles  and  concepts  with  exercises   and  tools  to  help  participants  transfer  the  training  from  the  classroom  to  their  job  performance.  Program   content  is  based  on  business  objectives  to  ensure  that  employees  have  the  skills  they  need  to  drive  the   business  forward.   The  training  is  characterized  by:   a  modular  approach  to  content  development,   customized  exercises,  and  post-­‐training  follow-­‐up  to  enhance  skill  development  and  integration.     For   more  information,  contact  Diane  Peck  at  256-­‐306-­‐2515.   •  Tech  Prep  Consortium:  The  Calhoun  Tech  Prep  Advanced  Technologies  Consortium  include:  Calhoun   Community  College,  Athens  City  Schools,  Decatur  City  Schools,  Hartselle  City  Schools,  Limestone  County   Schools,  Madison  County  Schools  and  Morgan  County  Schools.  The  program  was  established  in  1990  and   seeks  to  provide  career/technical  students  with  a  seamless  transition  between  high  s chool,  college,  and   career.   Tech  Prep  allows  students  to  receive  postsecondary  credit  for  technical  competencies     high  school  and  gives  them  access  to  hands-­‐on  experience  in  the  career  of  their  choice  through  plant  tours,   cooperative  education,  and  other  on-­‐the-­‐job  training  experiences.  Articulation,  the    allows   students  to  receive  college  credit  for  technical  skills  mastered  in  high  school,  is  the  cornerstone  of  Calhoun   Tech  Prep.  Other  activities  include,  the  High  Tech  Symposium  series,  Support  for  summer  campus  and  the   annual  Career  and  Workforce  Expo  (see  Decatur-­‐Morgan  County  Chamber  of  Commerce  for  the  Career  and   Workforce  Expo  description).   In  addition,  all  8th  graders  in  the  Tech  Prep  Consortium  qualify  to  receive  the   CHOICES  program.   -­‐High  Tech  Symposium:  The  High  Tech  Symposium  program  is  presented  annually  by  the  Calhoun  Tech   Prep  program  and  consists  of  at  least  four  (4)  one-­‐day  seminars  presented  over  the  course  of  the  s chool   year.  The  series  offers  an  opportunity  for  junior  and  senior  students  attending  high  schools  within  the   Advanced  Technologies  Consortium  to  take  part  in  a  variety  of  work-­‐based  learning  experiences.  Each   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide   symposium   focuses  on  issues  involving  the  importance  of  technology  in  the  industrial  sector  and  the     importance  of  career/technical  education  in  preparing  to  enter  the  workforce.  The  program  is  one  of   several  Calhoun  Tech  Prep  programs  designed  to  keep  students  involved  in  career/technical  education   and  prepare  them  to  eventually  enter  the  technology  workforce.  Each  year,  30-­‐35  students  from   participating  area  high  schools  take  part  in  the  series.  Symposium  events  have  included  Robotics  and   tours  of  local  industries.  Lunch  and  chartered  bus  transportation  are  provided  for  each  Symposium.   -­‐Professional  Development:  Professional  Development  for  counselors  is  another  key  element  of  Tech   Prep.  Each  year  (if  needed)  the  program  presents  a  B usiness  Industry  Certification  (BIC)  seminar  for   instructors  of  career/technical  programs  in  service  area  high  schools.  Calhoun  Tech  Prep  also  supports   workshops  for  counselors,  participates  in  the  annual  Alabama  Career  Development  Conference,  and   provides  funding  for  Consortium  counselors  and  educators  to  attend  a  variety  of  career/technical   professional  development  conferences  and  workshops.  Career  Groupings  that  are  included  in  the   consortium  are:  agriscience,  business  and  marketing,  family  and  human  services,  health  services,  and   technical.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Contact  Gwen  Baker  at  Calhoun  or  your   local  school  system  Career  Tech  Director  for  a  list  of  programs  that  articulate  from  high   school  to  Calhoun  for  credit  and  for  those  who  qualify  for  specific  services  and  programs  

• Grant  Writing:  Grants  h ave  two  purposes  for  Calhoun:  (1)  to  serve  as  a  catalyst  for  ideas  a nd   programs,  and  (2)  to  permit  college  objectives  to  be  met  more  quickly  and,  perhaps,  fully.  The  mission  of   the  Grants  Administration  Office  is  to  work  with  faculty  and  staff  in  order  to  a ttain  the  College's   Elements  of  Student  Success  by  researching  external  funding  sources  to  meet  identified  needs,   preparing  and   submitting  proposals,  and   manage   role   in  meeting   the   changing   economic  needs   of  our   community  by   developing  partnerships  with  industries,  and   faith-­‐based  community  groups   for   funding   of  projects  that  will  benefit  our  College,  community  a nd  most  importantly  our  s tudents.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Funding  and  services  allocation  is  dependent  on  specific   grant  characteristics.  

• Alabama  Parenthood  Initiative:  This  program  is  directed  towards  non-­‐custodial  parents  (dads  or   moms)  who  are  unable  to  make  child  support  payments  d ue  to  unemployment  or  lack  of  job  skills  to   make  a  livable  wage.  The  goal  of  the  program  is  to  help  noncustodial  parents  develop  and  maintain   positive  relationships  with  their  children  and  to  enhance  their  ability  to  support  their  children.  Services   provided  include:  skills  assessment,  short  term  skills  training,  counseling,  resume  writing,  job  readiness   classes,  job  search  skills,  job  development,  job  coaching,  esteem  building,  adult  education  (GED)   open  enrollment  and  involvement  in  Decatur  Youth  Services  S.T.A.R.  Program.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Non-­‐custodial  parents  who  have  court-­‐ordered   child  support  payments.  Participants  must  work  while  participating  in  the  program,  pay  child  support,   complete  assessment  satisfactorily,  and  meet  attendance  and  other  requirement  specified  by  the   program.  These  services  are  free.  

• Adult  Education  and  GED  Program:  The  adult  education  program  provides  academic  instruction  up  to   the  college  level.   Areas  of  instruction  include:  reading,  English,  mathematics,  social  studies,  science,   English  as  a  s econd  language,  preparation  for  the  Alabama  High  School  Exit  Exam,  Preparation  for  the   Armed  Services  Vocational  Aptitude  Battery,  and  preparation  for  the  General  Educational  Development  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     (GED)   high  school  equivalency  test.  An  individualized  program  of  study  is  planned  based  on  one’s  goals   and  skill  level  as  determined  by  assessment  tests  given  at  the  time  of  enrollment.     Adult   education   also   helps   upgrade   your   skills   though   free   college   prep   math   classes.   Classes   are   also   available   for   anyone   wanting   to   “brush-­‐up”   on   math,   English   or   reading   for   entry   into   postsecondary     programs   or  the  workforce.   o  Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Anyone   17  years  of  age  or  older  and  not  enrolled  in  high     school  is  eligible  for  Adult  Education.  Open  enrollment  allows  students  the  opportunity  to  enroll  at  any  time.   Adult  Education  services  are  free  to  those  who  are     eligible.  


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

J.F. Drake  State  Technical  College  

Mission:    J.  F.  Drake  Technical  College  is  a  two-­‐year,  public  institution  of  higher  education  that  provides   the  citizens  of  North  Alabama  with  flexible,  innovative  vocational  and  technical  training  at  a  reasonable   cost.    The  College  is  student-­‐centered  and  offers  career-­‐oriented  diploma,  certificate,  and  associate   degree  programs  and  courses,  as  well  as  comprehensive,  specialized  training  for  business  and  industry.     J.  F.  Drake  Technical  College  seeks  to  satisfy  the  needs  and  academic  pursuits  of  the  community  by   offering  developmental  studies,  noncredit  short-­‐term  courses,  and  continuing  education  courses  on   scheduled  days,  evenings,  and  weekends.    Showing  a  major  concern  for  a  diverse  population,  the   College  aims  to  provide  educational  opportunities  that  will  enrich  the  lives  of  its  student  intellectually,   culturally,  and  economically.         Website:     Contact  Information:  Dr.  Helen  McAlpine,  President           3421  Meridian  Street  North   Huntsville,  AL  35811   Phone:  256.539.8161     Program/Services:   • Programs  of  Study:   Business  &  Engineering  Technologies  Division     Accounting  Technology     Culinary  Arts/Hospitality  Services  Management     Industrial  Electronics  Technology     Information  &  Communication  Technology     Office  Systems  Technology   Manufacturing  &  Applied  Technologies  Division     Automotive  Technology     Electrical  Technology     Engineering  Graphics  Technology     Heating  &  Air  Conditioning  Technology     Industrial  Systems  Technology     Machine  Tool  Technology     Welding  Technology   Health  Science  Technologies  Division     Practical  Nursing     Nursing  Assistant   Salon  Management  Technologies  Division     Barbering  Technology   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    


Cosmetology  Technology   General  Education     Standard  Lists     Area  I  English     Area  II  Humanities/Fine  Arts     Area  III  Natural  Science/Math/Computer  Science     Area  IV  History/Social/Behavioral  Sciences     Area  V  Institutional  Requirements   Adult  Education     The  Adult  Education  Program  offers  FREE  Adult  Basic  Education,  Adult         Secondary,  High  School  Exit  Exam  Classes,  and  Workplace  Education  instruction       focused  on  assisting  our  students  in  obtaining  the  knowledge  and  skills  required       for  self-­‐sufficiency  and  employment.  Classes  are  designed  to  be  open  entry       open  exit.  Orientation  is  required  before  entering  adult  education  class.  Includes     basic  skills  instruction,  GED  Preparation  (both  traditional  and  online  formats)       and  workforce  development  programming  (including  the  Ready  to  Work       Program,  WorkKeys  assessments,  Career  Readiness  Certification,  and  English  as       a  Second  Language  (ESL)  Classes).    



Certificate Programs:    Certificate  are  offered  in  GTAW,GMAW,  SMAW  plate  and  pipe   Lithographic  (X-­‐ray)  Certifications  (Welding),  Soldering,  and    Soldering  Inspection.    A+,   Cisco,  and  Microsoft  Computer  Certifications  are  also  available.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    Adult  Education  Programs  are  free  of   charge.    All  other  classes  are  $90.00  per  credit  hour  for  Alabama  residents.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Certificate  programs  vary  in  length  and  the   amount  of  training  required,  therefore  costs  vary.  Contact  the  appropriate  certificate   program  coordinator  listed  on  Drake  State’s  website  for  specific  information.  

Industrial Training:  Drake’s  industrial  training  coordinator  interfaces  with  local  business   and  industry  in  establishing  courses  and  programs  dedicated  to  specifically  identified   community  employment  and  cross-­‐training  needs.  Local  industries  are  contacted  on  a   regular  basis  for  the  purpose  of  determining  their  training  concerns,  as  well  as,  making   them  aware  of  the  institution’s  training  capabilities.    As  a  result  of  this  type  of   involvement  with  industry,  the  college  is  able  to  assess  the  market  demand  for  the  local   service  area.    Marketing  data  is  used  to  determine  the  type  of  training  that  the   institution  should  provide,  either  TBE  (Training  for  Business/Industry)  or  regular   program  instruction.    Regardless  of  the  type  of  training  offered,  program  department   heads  are  informed  as  to  what  their  involvement  will  be.  When  special  equipment   needs  arise,  AIDT  (Alabama  Industrial  Department  Training)  is  called  upon  to  aid  or   advise  in  equipment  acquisition.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  For  customized  training,  contact  Mr.  Dana   Moore  at  256.551.5210  or  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     •

Summer Educational  Opportunities:  These  programs  are  outside  of  the  core  curriculum   offered  by  the  college  and  are  funded  through  a  grant  from  The  National  Science   Foundation.    There  are  three  different  programs  available:   -­‐The  Student  Summer  Bridge  Program  is  designed  to  combine  traditional  class  room   learning,  field  trips  and  hands-­‐on  opportunities  taught  by  instructors  from  the  fields  of   Science,  Technology,  Engineering  and  Mathematics.    By  taking  a  series  of  four  classes  in   Mathematics,  Physics,  Biology  and  Computer  Science,  the  Summer  Bridge  program  will   aid  students  making  the  move  from  high  school  to  college.    Students  will  learn  to  build  a   personal  web  page  and  explore  physics  simulations  that  are  animated  with  game  like   environments.    As  part  of  this  program,  each  student  completing  a  minimum  of  half  the   program  will  receive  a  stipend  of  $8.50  per  class  hour  completed.    If  a  student  attends   all  of  the  classes  he  or  she  will  receive  $544.00  for  participating.    As  a  result  of  the   National  Science  Foundation’s  sponsorship,  this  summer  program  will  be  offered  for   FREE  to  a  limited  number  of  applicants  who  are  incoming  high  school  juniors,  seniors  or   2009  graduates.    Additionally,  who  successfully  complete  the  program  will  receive  either   dual  enrollment  credit  or  3  College  Credit  Hours  for  CIS  146.   -­‐The  Summer  Bridge  Program  for  Adult  Learners  provides  the  same  quality  learning   experience  as  the  program  for  high  school  students.    The  program  provides  an   exceptional  opportunity  for  learners  who  have  successfully  attained  a  GED,  displaced   workers  in  need  of  additional  education  or  anyone  who  is  interested  in  expanding  their   education  in  the  areas  of  Mathematics,  Physics,  Biology,  or  Computer  Science.    Because   the  program  meets  from  6  pm  –  8  pm  four  days  a  week,  the  length  of  the  program  is   expanded  to  eight  weeks,  June  1  through  July  25.    Just  as  with  the  student  version  of  the   program,  students  completing  a  minimum  of  half  the  program  will  receive  a  stipend  of   $8.50  per  class  hour  completed.    If  a  student  attends  all  the  classes  he  or  she  will  receive   $544.00  for  participating.    Students  who  successfully  complete  the  program  will  receive   three  College  Credit  Hours  for  CIS  146.     -­‐The  Summer  Technology  Institute  is  created  specifically  for  area  educators  and   guidance  counselors  to  gain  first  hand  experience  about  the  advancements  in  technical   education.    The  program  combines  hands  on  experience,  workshops,  and  industry  field   trips  to  assist  educators  in  preparing  students  for  post  secondary  educational   opportunities  and  careers  in  fields  requiring  science,  technology,  engineering,  or  math.     Participants  who  complete  the  entire  program  and  successfully  submit  the  required   assignments  will  receive  a  $1,000  stipend.    This  two-­‐week  institute  is  held  from  8:00  am   to  3:00  pm,  Monday  through  Friday,  July  6th  to  July  16th.    Contact  Montie  Parks  for   more  information  at  256.551.1710  or     o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    High  school  students  making  the  move   from  high  school  to  college,  adult  workers  needing  additional  education  or   anyone  interested  in  expanding  their  education  in  Mathematics,  Physics,  Biology   or  Computer  Science  and  educators  and  guidance  counselors.  

                                                  Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Oakwood College  

Mission:    Oakwood  University,  a  historically  Black  Seventh-­‐day  Adventist  institution  of  higher  learning,   provides  quality  Christian  education  that  emphasizes  academic  excellence;  promotes  harmonious   development  of  mind,  body,  and  spirit;  and  prepares  leaders  in  service  for  God  and  humanity.     Oakwood  University’s  LEAP  (Leadership  Education  for  the  Adult  Professional)  Adult  Degree  Completion   Program  is  designed  for  the  busy  adults,  age  25  and  older,  to  complete  their  degrees  while  continuing  to   work.  LEAP  students  can  earn  a  bachelor’s  degree  in  Organizational  Management,  Psychology,  Church   Leadership,  Information  Technology,  or  General  Studies.       All  degrees  are  designed  to  be  completed  at  an  accelerated  rate.  Students  with  60  credits  or  more  can   generally  finish  in  about  18  months,  though  students  with  as  few  as  24  credits  can  be  accepted.  Classes   are  available  year-­‐round  and  meet  one  night  a  week  or  are  taught  partially  online.  Students  learn  in   small  group  settings  with  other  adults.       Website:;       Contact  Information:         President's  Office   7000  Adventist  Blvd  NW   Huntsville,  AL  35896   Phone:  256.726.7334     LEAP  Program   4920  University  Square  Dr.   Huntsville,  Alabama  35806   256-­‐726-­‐7098     Program/Services:   • Programs  of  Study:   -­‐Graduate  Studies:     Master  of  Arts  in  Pastoral  Studies   -­‐Undergraduate  Programs:     Biological  Sciences     Business  &  Information  Systems     Chemistry     Communication     Education     English  &  Foreign  Languages   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide                      

Family &  Consumer  Sciences   Health  &  Physical  Education   History   Math  &  Computer  Sciences   Music   Nursing   Psychology   Religion  &  Theology   Social  Work   o


Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Tuition  and  fees,  admission  requirements   and  financial  aid  information  can  be  found  on  Oakwood’s  website  listed  above,  under   the  “Admissions”  Tab  

L.E.A.P. Program:    Oakwood  University’s  LEAP  (Leadership  Education  for  the  Adult   Professional)  Adult  Degree  Completion  Program  is  designed  for  the  busy  adults,  age  25   and  older,  to  complete  their  degrees  while  continuing  to  work.  LEAP  students  can  earn  a   bachelor’s  degree  in  Organizational  Management,  Psychology,  Church  Leadership,   Information  Technology,  or  General  Studies.   All  degrees  are  designed  to  be  completed  at  an  accelerated  rate.  Students  with  60   credits  or  more  can  generally  finish  in  about  18  months,  though  students  with  as  few  as   24  credits  can  be  accepted.  Classes  are  available  year-­‐round  and  meet  one  night  a  week   or  are  taught  partially  online.  Students  learn  in  small  group  settings  with  other  adults.     Highlights:         -­‐  Attend  a  fully  accredited  university     -­‐Have  old  credits  accepted     -­‐  Use  military,  trade  school,  or  non-­‐accredited  school  credits  (C-­‐  grade  or  above)     -­‐Apply  for  full  financial  aid     -­‐Pay  only  $259  per  credit  hour   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Adults,  age  25  years  old  or  older,  with  two   years  or  more  of  work  experience,  who  have  earned  24  or  more  semester  hours  of   academic  credits  from  an  accredited  college  or  post-­‐secondary  institution  (we  do  accept   most  trade  school,  technical,  and  military  credits),  and  have  a  cumulative  GPA  of  2.0  or   better  on  a  4.0  scale.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

The University  of  Alabama  Huntsville  

Mission:    The  University  of  Alabama  in  Huntsville,  a  research-­‐intensive  university,  is  committed  to   rigorous  scholarship,  innovative  education,  technological  research,  cultural  growth,  and  entrepreneurial   creativity  in  order  to  enrich  our  global  community.     Website:     Contact  Information:    Dr.  Dave  Williams,  President     The  University  of  Alabama  in  Huntsville           301  Sparkman  Drive     Huntsville,  AL  35899            1.800.UAH.CALL     Program/Services:   • Programs  of  Study:   Undergraduate:   Business  Administration:    Accounting,  Finance,  Management,  MIS,  and  Marketing   Engineering:  Chemical,  Civil,  Computer,  Electrical,  Industrial,  Mechanical  &  Aerospace,   and  Optical     Liberal  Arts:  Art,  Communications,  Education,  English,  Foreign  Language,  History,  Music,   Philosophy,  Political  Science,  Psychology,  and  Sociology   Nursing:  BSN  Nursing,  BSN  for  RN,  RN  -­‐  MSN  for  RN     Science:    Atmospheric,  Biological,  Chemistry,  Computer,  Mathematics,  Physics     Pre-­‐Professional:  Law,  Dental,  Medicine,  Optometry,  Physical  Therapy,  Pharmacy,  and   Veterinary       Graduate  Studies:     Master’s  Degrees:   Master  of  Accountancy     Master  Business  Administration     Master  of  Science  in  Management  Information  Systems      Chemical  &  Materials  Engineering  Master  of  Science  in  Engineering  (Chemical   Engineering)     Civil  &  Environmental  Engineering  Master  of  Science  in  Engineering  (Civil  Engineering)     Electrical  &  Computer  Engineering  Master  of  Science  in  Engineering  (Computer   Engineering)     Master  of  Science  in  Engineering  (Electrical  Engineering)     Master  of  Science  in  Software  Engineering     Industrial  &  Systems  Engineering  and  Engineering  Management  Master  of  Science  in   Engineering  (Industrial  &  Systems  Engineering)     Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Master  of  Science  in  Operations  Research     Mechanical  &  Aerospace  Engineering  Master  of  Science  in  Engineering  (Aerospace   Engineering)     Master  of  Science  in  Engineering  (Mechanical  Engineering)     English  Master  of  Arts     History  Master  of  Arts     Political  Science  (Public  Affairs  Program)  Master  of  Arts     Psychology  Master  of  Arts      Nursing  Master  of  Science  in  Nursing      Atmospheric  Science  Master  of  Science     Biological  Sciences  Master  of  Science     Chemistry  Master  of  Science     Computer  Science  Master  of  Science     Master  of  Science  in  Software  Engineering     Mathematical  Sciences  Master  of  Science     Physics  Master  of  Science      Materials  Science  Master  of  Science   Doctoral  Degrees:   Engineering  Civil  &  Environmental  Engineering  Ph.D.     Electrical  &  Computer  Engineering  Ph.D.     Industrial  &  Systems  Engineering  and  Engineering  Management  Ph.D.     Mechanical  &  Aerospace  Engineering  Ph.D.   College  of  Science  Atmospheric  Science  Ph.D.     Computer  Science  Ph.D.   Mathematical  Sciences  Ph.D.  (Applied  Mathematics)     Physics  Ph.D.     Biotechnology  Science  &  Engineering  Ph.D.     Materials  Science  Ph.D.     Optical  Science  &  Engineering  Ph.D.   5th  Year  Programs:   English  Master  of  Arts     History  Master  of  Arts      Biological  Sciences  Master  of  Science     Chemistry  Master  of  Science     Mathematical  Sciences  Master  of  Science     Physics  Master  of  Science   Graduate  Certificate  Programs:   Software  Engineering     Teaching  English  to  Speakers  of  Other  Languages  (TESOL)     Technical  Communication     Nursing  Education  Family  Nurse  Practitioner  (Post-­‐Masters)     Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Environmental  Science     Software  Engineering     Information  Assurance   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Tuition  and  Fees  and  Financial  Aid   information  can  be  found  through  the  homepage  links  with  these  captions  on   UAHuntsville’s  homepage.  

Small Business  Development  Center  and  Procurement  and  Technical  Assistance   Center:  The  Mission  of  The  University  of  Alabama  in  Huntsville  Small  Business   Development  Center  is  to  provide  educational  assistance  to  strengthen  small  businesses   in  the  Madison  County,  Huntsville  metro  area,  and  Northeast  Alabama  region,  thereby   contributing  to  the  exponential  growth  and  advancement  of  the  local,  state,  and   national  economies.     The  UAHuntsville  Small  Business  Development  Center  provides  assistance  to  small   businesses  and  aspiring  entrepreneurs.  The  center  provides  business  management   counseling,  startup  counseling,  training/workshops,  and  a  resource  library.     Small  business  owners  or  managers  can  receive  professional  assistance  and  direction  in   any  of  the  following  areas:  financial  capital,  business  planning,  personnel,  record   keeping,  licensing,  taxes,  intellectual  property,  government  procurement,  governmental   regulations,  marketing,  commercialization,  small  business  innovation  and  research   programs,  market  research,  inventory  control,  or  how  to  conduct  a  feasibility  study.     As  a  member  of  the  Alabama  Procurement  Technical  Assistance  Program,  the   UAHuntsville  Procurement  Technical  Assistance  Center  provides  assistance  to  small   businesses  interested  in  government  contracting.  We  provide  assistance  in  registrations   and  certifications  required  for  government  contracting  as  well  as  training  in  proposal   writing.  Technical  assistance  includes  a  solicitation  bid  matching  email  service  that  is  a   valuable  tool  for  business  development.    The  UAHuntsville  SBDC  provides  government   training  opportunities  as  well  as  contact  information  for  government  agencies  in  our   area.     Small  business  owners  and  entrepreneurs  may  visit  the  resource  library  to  obtain   information  in  handouts,  business-­‐planning  guides,  and  check  out  business  related   books.   For  more  information,  visit  the  Center’s  Website  at:   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Small  business  owners  and  entrepreneurs.   Most  services  the  center  provides  are  free  of  charge.  


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Wallace State-­‐  Hanceville  Community  College     Mission:  Wallace  State  Community  College,  a  degree  granting  public  community  college,  is  committed   to  enabling  meaningful  learning  that  transforms  lives  and  communities.  In  support  of  the  mission,   Wallace  State  Community  College  is  committed  to:   •  promoting  student  success  in  learning  environments  that  are  student  centered,  innovative,  engaging,   and  supportive   •  providing  teaching  excellence  that  inspires  a  quest  for  lifelong  learning   •  respecting  uniqueness  and  valuing  diversity   •  forging  strategic  partnerships  that  advance  community,  workforce  and  economic  development   •  culturally  enriching  our  communities   •  accountability  and  integrity     Website:       Contact  Information:  Vicki  P.  Hawsey,  President     Wallace  State  Community  College   801  Main  Street  NW   P.O.  Box  2000   Hanceville  AL,  35077-­‐2000   Phone:  866.350.WSCC     Elizabeth  Moore-­‐  Career  Coach,   256.352.8231     Dr.  Dale  Palmer-­‐  Fast  Track/Dual  Enrollment/Honors,   256.352.8050     Kelly  Jones-­‐  Adult  Education/GED,     256.352.8077         Program/Services:   • Programs  of  Study  Wallace  State  offers  a  wide  array  of  programs  of  study  through  its   academic,  technical  and  health  sciences  divisions.  Students  have  access  to  an  unlimited   number  of  transfer  options  through  the  college's  statewide  articulation  system,  known   as  STARS,  which  guarantees  transfer  of  credit  from  Wallace  State  to  any  public  college   or  university  in  Alabama.     Programs  of  study  offered  through  Wallace  State  are  listed  below.  Also  included  are   opportunities  for  high  school  students,  as  well  as  classes  offered  through  Continuing   Education,  Adult  Education  and  Workforce  Development.  For  more  information  about   each  division,  please  visit  our  website  at       Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide        



• Art/Visual Communications  (AAS,  Transfer)  

Health Division

• Child Development  (AAS,  AS,  Certificate,  

Simulation and  Modeling  Technician   (Certificate)   • • Business  Administration  (AS,  Transfer)   • • Business  Education/Office  Administration   • (AAS)     •      Accounting   •      Administrative  Assistant   •      Medical  Administrative  Assistant        Software  Applications  (Short  Certificate)        General  Office  Assistant  (Short  Certificate)   • • Business  Management  (AAS)   •      Business  Management          Financial  Management        Office  Management   •      Entrepreneurship     • Computer  Science  (AAS,  Transfer)          Programming        Software  Support   •      Networking   •      Web  Technology   •      Cybersecurity/Computer  Forensic   • Criminal  Justice  (AAS,  AS,  Transfer)          Forensic  Investigation   •      Law  Enforcement   •      Cybersecurity/Computer  Forensics   • • English   • • Genealogy   • • Liberal  Arts/Transfer  Programs/General  Studies   (AA,  AS,  Transfer)     • Music  Education  (AS,  Transfer)     • Paralegal  (AAS)     • Pre-­‐Engineering  (Transfer)     • Religious  Studies  (Transfer)     • Sports  Medicine  (AS)     • Theatre  (Transfer)                                        

Transfer) Clinical  Laboratory  Technician  (AAS)   Dental  Assisting  (AAS,  Certificate)   Dental  Hygiene  (AAS)   Diagnostic  Imaging  (AAS,  Transfer)   Diagnostic  Medical  Sonography  (AAS)   Emergency  Medical  Services  (Transfer)     Basic  (Certificate)   Paramedic  (Certificate)   Gerontology  (Certificate)       Health  Care  Information  Programs  (Transfer)    Health  Information  Technology  (AAS)      Medical  Coding  (Certificate)   Human  Services  (AAS,  Transfer)    Drug  and  Alcohol  Associate    Mental  Health  Technician    Social  Work  Associate   Massage  Therapy  (Certificate)   Medical  Assistant  (AAS)   Nursing      Practical  Nursing  (Certificate)    Registered  Nursing  (AAS,  Transfer)   Occupational  Therapy  Assistant  (AAS)   Pharmacy  Technology  (Certificate)   Physical  Therapist  Assistant  (AAS)   Polysomnographic  Technologist  (Certificate)   Respiratory  Therapy  (AAS,  Transfer)    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    


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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Technical  Division     • Agricultural  Production/Horticulture     (Certificate,  Transfer)     • Automotive  Manufacturing  Technology  (AAS,     Transfer)     • Automotive  Service  Technology  (Certificate)     • Aviation/Flight  Technology  (AAS,  Certificate)        Commercial  Airplane  Pilot  Training     Commercial  Helicopter  Pilot  Training     • Collision  Repair  (Certificate)     • Culinary  Arts  (AAS,  Certificate)     • Commercial  Sewing  (Certificate)     • Cosmetology  (Certificate)        Cosmetology  Instructor  Training      Nail  Technology     • Diesel  Mechanics  (Certificate)     • Drafting  and  Design  Technology  (AAS,     Certificate)     • Electronics  Technology  (AAS,  Certificate)        Biomedical  Equipment  Technician      Computer  Repair      Industrial  Electronics      Industrial  Maintenance      Telecommunications     • Heating  &  Air  Conditioning  (Certificate)         • Machine  Tool  Technology  (Precision     Machining)/Computer  Numerical  Control  (CNC)     (AAS,  Certificate)     • Tool  and  Die  Technology  (Certificate)     • Upholstery  (Certificate)     • Welding  (Certificate)                 Online  Programs     • Degree  Programs     • Non-­‐credit  Classes      Professional  Development      Continuing  Education      Career  Certificate  Programs      Personal  Enrichment/Hobby  Courses         Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?  A     complete  listing  of  Tuition  &  Fees  can  be  found     on  WSCC’s  website.  Financial  Aid  and  Admissions     information  is  also  available.     Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Adult  Education   Training  for  Existing  Business  and  Industry   • GED  Prep  Classes   • Short-­‐Term  Skills  Training   • Employment  Training   • Continuing  Education     Healthcare  workers  need  Continuing  Education   The  Adult  Education  Program  offers  many   units  to  maintain  Licensure.  Course  are  available   advantages  to  a  variety  of  students.  Adult   for  Nurses,  Respiratory  Therapist  and  Physical   Education  classes  are  offered  during  the  daytime,   Therapist  and  Physical  Therapist  Assistant  that   evening,  and  online.  AE/  GED  classes  have  open   will  award  CEU’s.  Continuing  education  course   enrollment,  meaning  a  student  can  enter  the   are  also  available  for  the  Healthcare  Information   program  at  any  time  during  the  year  and  remain   field  for  coders  needing  to  upgrade  their  skills  to   in  class  until  goals  are  met.  Goals  may  include   the  new  ICD-­‐10  codes.   preparation  for  the  General  Education   • Online  Courses   Development  (GED)  certificate,  Compass,  ACT,   You  can  learn  from  the  comfort  of  your  home  or   WorkKeys,  or  to  improve  educational  skills  in   office  with  our  ed2go  online  classes.  Hundreds  of   Math,  Reading,  Language  (Writing/Essay),   topics  to  choose  from  such  as  web  design,   Science,  and  Social  Studies  for  workforce   computer  skills,  Spanish,  accounting  and  more.   purposes.   Courses  available  24/7.   Instructional  delivery  varies  by  class  location.     However,  most  classes  utilize  live  instruction,   Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?     computers,  one-­‐on-­‐one  tutoring,  and  printed   Training  classes  can  be  customized  to  fit  industries’   materials.  Computerized  tutorial  packages  are   needs;  therefore,  costs  vary.    For  more   available  at  most  sites.  Students  may  receive   information,  contact  Melinda  Edwards  at   instruction  in  select  areas.  An  assessment  is  given   256.352.8172  or   upon  class  entry  to  determine  a  starting  point     and  administered  periodically  throughout  the     instructional  process  to  monitor  progression.         Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?       All  Adult  Education  classes  and  materials  are  free.       The  Adult  Education  program  provides  classes  in     Blount,  Cullman,  Winston,  and  Southeast  Morgan     counties.  Please  call  for  class  locations  and     schedules  and  for  an  Orientation  to  begin  the     classes.  Please  contact  Ms.  Kelley  Jones,  Adult     Education  Director  at  (256)352-­‐8077,  (256)352-­‐   8078  or                                                   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide       Workforce  Development   Programs  for  High  School  Students   Whether  you  are  interested  in  training  for  a  new   • Dual  Enrollment/Honors  Program   career  in  a  short  amount  of  time,  upgrading  your   • FastTrack  Academy   skills,  or  you  are  a  business  interested  in  training   Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?     for  your  employees,  our  Workforce  Development   For  application  or  more  information  regarding   courses  are  geared  to  meet  your  needs.   these  programs,  please  contact  Dr.  Dale  Palmer   Examples  of  non-­‐credit  Workforce  Development   at  256.352.8051  or   courses  are  Phlebotomy,  Certified  Nursing     Assistant,  Commercial  Driver’s  License  training   • STEM  Camp   and  computer  courses.   Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?       Science,  Technology,  Engineering,  &  Math  (STEM)   Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?     Camp  is  a  summer  experience  for  high  school   A  complete  list  of  available  courses,  fees,  and   students.    For  application  information,  please   potential  funding  is  available  in  our  semester   contact  256.352.8154  or   schedule.    This  can  be  found  on  WSCC’s  website.   • The  Alabama  Technology  Network  (ATN)  Center   GED  Testing   • CARCAM   GED  Certificate   • CAWS  (Cullman  Area  Workforce  Solutions)   Ms.  Jamie  Blackmon,  GED  Chief  Examiner     256.352.8461   Wallace  State  partners  with  CARCAM,  ATN,  and   CAWS.  Please  WSCC’s  website  for  more   Adult  Education   information  about  these  partnerships.     The  GED  Tests  are  given  every  other  Friday,  7:30     a.m.  until  4:30  p.m.  in  the  basement  of  the   • WorkKeys  Services   baseball  stadium  in  classroom  #101.  Registration   The  WorkKeys  Assessment  is  a  national  system   is  every  other  Monday  night  at  6:00  p.m.  in  the   developed  by  ACT  in  order  to  document  and   basement  of  the  baseball  stadium  in  classroom   improve  workplace  skills.  This  comprehensive   #101.  Registration  is  required  before  a  test  day   system  helps  individuals,  businesses,  educators,   can  be  assigned.    Requirements  for  registration   and  policymakers  make  informed  decisions  to   are  as  follows:   improve  the  overall  quality  of  America’s     workforce.  WorkKeys  measures  skills  that   If  18  years  of  age  or  older,  bring:   employers  believe  are  critical  to  job  success.     1.  Valid  Alabama  ID  (Driver’s  License  or  State  ID)   Businesses  use  the  assessments  to  measure  the   2.  Social  Security  Card   skills  of  current  and  prospective  employees  and  to   3.  Receipt  from  WSCC  Cashier  ($50  for  first-­‐time   compare  their  scores  to  job  profile  requirements   testers)   when  making  hiring,  promotion,  and  training   -­‐If  under  18  years  of  age  in  addition  to  the  above   decisions.  Students  can  use  their  test  results  to   items  bring:   gain  an  advantage  with  the  growing  number  of   1.  Student  Exit  Interview  Form  from  high  school   employers  who  accept  or  require  WorkKeys   2.  Notarized  parental  permission  to  take  the  GED   scores.   exam     The  WorkKeys  assessment  will  allow  you  to:     Re-­‐tests  are  scheduled  as  needed.  Persons   wishing  to  re-­‐test  must  call  Jamie  Blackmon  to   ·∙  Understand  employers’  requirements  for  job   schedule  a  test  date.  Those  interested  in  taking   performance;     the  GED  test  should  call  256.352.8461  for  a   registration  date  and  a  test  date  and  location.   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Community  Education   ·∙  Develop  specific  skills  needed  by  local  employers;     • Community  Education  Classes   Express  yourself  in  the  arts,  music,  and  dance,   ·∙  Rank  above  other  job  applicants  who  have  not   plan  what  you  will  do  after  retirement,  learn  a   demonstrated  needed  skills;     new  language  or  join  a  fitness  program.  Take  up   Cake  Decorating  or  log  on  to  new  technologies.   ·∙  Take  advantage  of  better  skills  to  get  better  entry-­‐ These  are  just  some  of  the  topic  to  enrich  your   level  salaries;     life  through  non-­‐credit  Community  Education.     ·∙  Use  WorkKeys  reports  as  concrete  proof  of  skills   • Senior  Adult  Program   achieved   • COMMAND  Online  Spanish   Please  see  our  website  for  more  information     regarding  these  opportunities.   • Ready  To  Work     The  Ready  to  Work’s  program  provides  trainees     the  entry  level  skills  required  for  employment   with  most  businesses  and  industries  in  Alabama.   The  training  curriculum  includes  training  in:  job   acquisition,  personal  qualities  and  work  ethics,   thinking  skills  and  workplace  behaviors.     Who  qualifies  for  these  services  or  funds?     Alabama’s  Ready  to  Work  program  provides  a   career  pathway  for  adults  with  limited  education   and  employment  experience.    Ready  to  Work’s   workplace  environment  provides  trainees  the   entry  level  skills  required  for  employment  with   most  businesses  and  industries  in  Alabama.     Enroll  today,  it  is  free!!  Classes  are  held  in   Cullman,  Blount,  Winston  and  Morgan  counties.   The  classes  run  two  nights  a  week  for  ten  weeks.     For  more  information  about  Ready  to  Work  or   WorkKeys,  or  to  register,  contact  Jamie   Blackmon  256.352.8461  or        


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Government Organizations    

Alabama Department  of  Rehabilitation  Services  

Mission:    To  enable  Alabama’s  children  and  adults  with  disabilities  to  achieve  their  maximum  potential.     One  department  providing  a  continuum  of  services  to  assist  Alabamians  with  disabilities  at  home,  in   school  and  on  the  job.       Website:     Contact  Information:       Wanda  Manosky,  Field  Representative

Alabama Department  of  Rehabilitation  Services   PO  Box  1686   Decatur,  AL  35602-­‐1686   256.353.2754     Program/Services:   • VRS  Transition  Service:    Whether  you  are  preparing  to  go  to  college,  to  technical  school,   or  directly  into  the  work  place,  Vocational  Rehabilitation  Service’s  Transition  Service  will   help  you  get  ready  for  the  big  move  from  high  school  to  adulthood.    Your  rehabilitation   counselor  will  work  closely  with  you  to  develop  the  educational  and  employment   opportunities  that  are  best  suited  for  you.       Career  interest  testing,  career  counseling,  individualized  goal-­‐setting,  assistive   technology,  self-­‐advocacy  training,  on-­‐the-­‐job  training,  guidance  services,  job-­‐readiness   services,  labor  market  information,  job  development,  job  placement,  job  coaching,   supported  employment,  job  accommodations,  and  follow-­‐up  services  are  provided.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Students  with  disabilities.  

Maximum College  Potential  for  Alabama’s  students  with  disabilities:    The  transition   from  high  school  to  college  is  a  crucial  time,  particularly  for  young  people  with   disabilities.    Since  1990,  Vocational  Rehabilitation  Services  has  helped  college-­‐bound   students  prepare  for  life  after  high  school.   One-­‐on-­‐one  counseling  will  teach  you  how  to  take  good  notes,  find  your  best  study   style,  improve  your  computer  skills,  manage  your  time,  polish  your  social  skills,  improve   your  reading,  writing,  and  math  skills,  handle  stress,  manage  your  money  and  advocate   for  yourself.    College  prep  also  includes  a  taste  of  college  life  –  mock  lectures,  campus   tours,  and  college  computer  labs.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Alabama  students  with  disabilities  referred   by  a  VRS  counselor  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     •

Maximum Employment  Potential  for  Alabamians  with  disabilities:    Vocational   Rehabilitation  Services  assists  people  with  a  broad  range  of  disabilities,  including:     blindness  or  other  visual  impairments,  deafness  or  other  auditory  conditions,  diabetic   conditions,  head  injury,  mental/emotional  problems,  orthopedic  impairments,  cerebral   palsy,  respiratory  conditions,  specific  learning  disabilities,  epilepsy,  and   alcohol/substance  abuse.    Services  are  based  on  your  needs  and  choices  and  may  include  any  combination  of  the   following:   Evaluation  and  assessment   Necessary  medical  examinations   Vocational  assessment   Psychological  examinations   On-­‐the-­‐job  evaluations   Counseling  and  guidance   Disability-­‐related  issues   Vocational  planning   Job-­‐readiness   Physical  restoration   Medical  equipment   Purchase  of  assistive  devices   Training  and  related  services   Vocational  skills  and  necessary  equipment   Academic  training   On-­‐the-­‐job  training   Transportation   As  needed  for  training  or  employment   Job  development  and  job  placement   Labor  market  data   Job  leads   Job  analysis  and  job  matching   Job  site  coaching   Job  clubs   Rehabilitation  technology   Post-­‐placement  assistance   Follow-­‐up  after  employment   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  To  be  eligible  for  services,  you  must  have  a   physical  or  mental  impairment  which  results  in  a  substantial  impediment  to   employment,  and  must  be  able  to  benefit  from  services  in  terms  of  becoming  employed.     Once  you  have  been  determined  eligible  for  Vocational  Rehabilitation  Service,  you  will   work  with  a  rehabilitation  counselor  to  choose  an  employment  goal  and  plan  your   vocational  rehabilitation  program  to  reach  an  employment  outcome;  receive  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     appropriate  services  to  develop  and  prepare  you  for  a  job;  and  receive  assistance  in   finding  and  keeping  the  right  job.  

AL-­‐ WIN  of  Central  and  Northern  Alabama:  A  Work  Incentives  Planning  Assistance   program  for  individuals  who  receive  Social  Security  Disability  Insurance  (SSDI)  or   Supplemental  Security  Income  (SSI).  ALA-­‐WIN  of  Central  and  Northern  Alabama  is  a   cooperative  program  of  the  Social  Security  Administration,  Independent  Living   Resources  of  Greater  Birmingham,  Inc.  and  United  Cerebral  Palsy  of  Greater   Birmingham.        An  ALA-­‐WIN  Community  Work  Incentives  Coordinator  will  help  you  plan  how  to  use   work  incentives  or  other  benefits  for  a  successful  return  to  work.    They  will  answer  your   questions  about  how  work  would  affect  your  health  insurance,  individual  disability   benefits  and  other  benefits  you  may  receive  from  Federal,  State,  and  local  programs.     They  will  discuss  your  individual  employment  goals,  including  possible  barriers  and  the   resources  or  services  you  would  need  to  overcome  any  barriers.    A  community  work   incentives  coordinator  can  also  help  you  find  those  resources  and  services.    They  help   you  work  with  your  local  Social  Security  Office  to  put  in  place  the  work  incentives  that   you  need  and  help  you  use  your  Ticket  to  Work  and  find  the  Employment  Network  that   is  right  for  you.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Individuals  who  receive  Social  Security   Disability  Insurance  (SSDI),  and/or  Supplemental  Security  Income  (SSI)  and  are  over  the   age  of  14.    This  service  is  for  those  who  may  or  may  not  be  employed.    

RAVE-­‐ Retaining  A  Valued  Employee:    RAVE,  Retaining  A  Valued  Employee,  is  a  unique   program  of  the  Alabama  Department  of  Rehabilitation  Services  that  helps  businesses   find  solutions  to  issues  involving  employees  injured  on  or  off  the  job,  or  employees   whose  performance  is  affected  by  a  disabling  condition.    The  program’s  goal  is  the  same   as  yours:  to  retain  a  valued  employee,  with  or  without  accommodations.    And  though   some  specific  work-­‐site  accommodation  costs  may  be  shared,  most  services  are  free.       RAVE  can  help  businesses  retain  a  productive  worker,  reduce  recruiting  and  retraining   costs,  minimize  job-­‐related  frustration,  reduce  “lost  days”  and  down  time,  access   technical  expertise  and  customized  accommodation  options,  and  provide  seamless   service  delivery  from  job  jeopardy  through  job  stabilization.    RAVE  services  meet  your   company’s  individual  needs  and  may  include:    on-­‐site  job  assessment,  problem-­‐solving   for  return  to  work  and  performance  of  essential  tasks,  identification  of   accommodations,  counseling  and  education  about  medical  and  emotional  issues,   provision  of  job-­‐site  trainers,  comprehensive  communication  with  employee  and   employer  from  initial  meeting  through  job  stabilization  and  modified  duty/transitional   work  options.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  An  employee  is  a  RAVE  candidate  if  his  or   her  job  performance  is  negatively  affected  by  a  physical  or  mental  impairment,  his  or   her  job  is  in  jeopardy  because  of  a  physical  or  mental  impairment,  he  or  she  is  ready  to   return  to  work  but  is  currently  on  disability  leave,  or  a  promotion  is  affected  by  physical   or  mental  impairments.    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Decatur Career  Center     Mission:  The  mission  of  the  Alabama  Career  Center  System  is  to  ensure  that  Alabama  has  a   comprehensive  workforce  development  system  that  is  efficient,  effective,  and  responsive.       Website:       Contact  Information:       Abott  Wood,  Site  Manager         Felicia  Williams,  WIA  Manager         Venessa  Edmonds,  Career  Center  Specialist  for  Business  Services         Chris  Miller,  Adult  Education-­‐  Calhoun  Community  College     256.306.2830           Mamie  Hill,  MS,  Youth  Success  Program  (YSP)-­‐  Northwest  Shoals  Community  College     256.331.5468    


Sherman Dailey,  MS,  LPC,      LAUNCH  Program  Manager    (see  also  separate  listing  for  this   program)    256.705.6339  Office    256.683.4594  Cell  

Wandy  Manosky,  Rehabilitation  Services  (see  also  separate  listing  for  these  services)     256.353.2754     Decatur  Career  Center     1819  Bassett  Avenue  SE     Decatur,  AL  35601     Phone:  256.355.0142       Program/Services:   The  Following  Services  are  Free  to  Anyone:   • Job  Referral  Services:  Job  seekers  benefit  from  having  professional  customer  service   information  available  on  jobs  in  the  local  area  as  well  as  statewide  through   •  Community  Resources  Information:  Information  is  available  on  the  many  community  resources   provided  in  the  tri-­‐county  area  such  as  housing,  childcare,  health  care  and  many  others.   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     •                   •

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Resource Room  Services:  Internet  ready  computers  provide  access  to  job  opportunities  from  all   over  the  world.  Resource  Room  Services  are  open  to  the  general  public  from  7:45  a.m.  to  4:45   p.m.  Monday-­‐Friday.    You  can:       -­‐Use  the  computer  for  job  search,  career  exploration,  etc.       -­‐Assistance  with  resume  preparation       -­‐Assistance  with  Unemployment  Compensation  Claims       -­‐No  cost  nationwide  calling       -­‐No  cost  usage  of  fax  machine,  copiers,  computer       -­‐Computer  Training  Tutorials/Workshops         -­‐Typing  training  tutorials     -­‐Referral  to  Community  Services  and  Partner  Services       -­‐Skills  assessments  to  help  identify  personal  assets  for  career  planning.     Adult  Education:  Classes  to  improve  math  and  reading  skills,  preparation  for  GED  testing  as  well   as  classes  for  the  non-­‐English  speaking  adult  who  needs  help  speaking,  writing  or  understanding   the  English  Language  are  available.     Labor  Market  Information:  Data  is  available  on  wages  and  employment  trends,  occupational   requirements  and  state-­‐by-­‐state  labor  market  conditions.     Federal  Bonding  Program:  Bonding  of  eligible  job  seekers  who  cannot  obtain  commercial  bonds   required  by  perspective  employers  is  available.     Typing  Proficiency  Test  for  State  Personnel  Certification   On-­‐line  KeyTrain  Remediation  for  WorkKeys  Testing  

Program/Services  Available  to  Businesses:   • Business  Services:  Employers  benefit  from  interviewing  office  space,  job  posting  services,  grants   to  upgrade  workers’  skills,  funds  to  add  new  staff,  specialized  workshops  for  employers,  and   Department  of  Labor  information  on  the  labor  market.     -­‐WIA  On-­‐The  -­‐Job  Training  (OJT)  Program:  Funded  by  the  U.S.  Department  of  Labor,  the   Workforce  Development  Division  of  ADECA  administers  the  program.  This  program  gives   individuals  an  opportunity  to  learn  job  skills  and  allows  employers  to  train  new  employees  while   saving  money  on  training  costs.       A  training  plan  is  created  by  a  Service  Representative  and  the  employer  that  defines  training     objectives  and  goals  of  the  trainee(s).  Employers  make  all  hiring  decisions  and  tailor  all  training     to  meet  their  needs.  Employers  may  receive  up  to  50%  reimbursement  of  hourly  wages  to  pay  a     trainee.  This  reimbursement  serves  as  an  incentive  to  encourage  employers  to  hire  individuals     who  do  not  have  all  the  required  skills  for  a  particular  job.     o


Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Trainees  must  meet  Workforce  Investment   Act  (WIA)  eligibility  requirements.  Employers  must  have  Workman’s  Compensation  or   an  approved  on-­‐site  accident  insurance.  The  training  agreement  must  be  approved   before  the  trainee  begins  work  and  full-­‐time  employment  is  generally  required.   Employers  must  also  provide  an  average  wage  of  $9.00  an  hour  and  the  trainee  must   receive  the  same  wages  and  benefits  as  other  employees  holding  the  same  or  similar   positions.  Likewise,  the  trainee  must  abide  by  the  same  company  policies  as  other   employees.    

-­‐WIA Incumbent  Worker  Training  Program:  Funded  by  the  U.S.  Department  of  Labor,  the   Alabama  Workforce  Investment  Act  (WIA)  Incumbent  Worker  Training  Program  is  administered   by  the  Workforce  Development  Division  of  ADECA.  The  program  provides  funding  for   customized  employee  training  for  existing  businesses  that  are  experiencing  difficulties  in  staying  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide            

competitive. Businesses  may  use  public  or  private  training  depending  on  the  nature  of  the   training.     Through  this  customer-­‐driven  program,  Alabama  is  able  to  effectively  retain  businesses  and  to   keep  businesses  competitive  through  skills  upgrade  training  for  employees.     o


Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  For-­‐  Profit  companies  needing  assistance   with  remaining  competitive.  Companies  must  be  current  on  all  state  tax  obligations,   have  an  operation  in  Alabama  for  at  least  two  years  prior  to  application  date  (may  be   waived),  demonstrate  the  anticipated  outcomes  on  business  operations  and  indentify   the  transferable  skills  acquired  by  employees,  and  finally  present  a  training  program   which  provides  new  and/or  upgraded  job  skills  that  are  vital  for  the  company  to   maintain  or  increase  competitiveness  in  a  global  economy  while  also  providing  job   security  for  the  workers.  The  maximum  grant  amount  is  $30,000.00.  Please  note  that   this  funding  may  not  be  used  to  pay  trainees’  wages.      

Training and  Educational  Services:  Services  and  funds  provided  to  improve  worker   employability  and  productivity  through  advanced  training  or  educational  services  are  available.   Money  is  provided  for  tuition,  books,  uniforms,  and  necessary  tools.  The  primary  mechanism  for   doing  this  is  through  Individual  Training  Accounts.  Individuals  who  express  an  interest  in   securing  WIA  funds  for  training  are  interviewed  by  a  staff  member  who  determines  eligibility  for   WIA  Youth,  Adult,  or  Dislocated  Worker  Funding.     The  Alabama  Consumer  Information  System  is  the  guide  to  approved  training  programs     that   can  be  funded  by  WIA.  The  chosen  field  of  study  must  be  high  wage/high  demand  for  our   area.  WIA  will  pay  from  $3,500  up  to  $12,000  depending  on  the  category  of  training  either   short-­‐term  or  up  to  104  weeks   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Individuals  who  qualify  for  WIA  Youth,   Adult,  or  Dislocated  Worker  Funding.  To  see  if  you  qualify  you  must  be  interviewed  by  a   Career  Center  Staff  member.  Training  taken  must  be  an  approved  training  program  in   high  wage/high  demand  field  for  our  area.    

Services for  the  Disabled:  Rehabilitation  services  assists  people  with  a  broad  range  of   disabilities.  Assistance  to  prepare  and  train  individuals  to  become  qualified  job  applicants  and   help  with  matching  interest,  skills,  and  abilities  for  the  best  job  are  available.     o


Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Disabled  individuals  who  have  received  a   professional/medical  determination  of  disability  status.  

Youth Services:  This  program  encompasses  a  variety  of  services  to  prepare  young  people  for  the   work  world.  Activities  for  qualified  youth  may  include  literacy  skills  training,  financial  aid  for   continued  education  or  training,  on-­‐the-­‐job  training  and  career  counseling  services.     -­‐Job  Corps:  A  vocational,  academic,  and  social  skills  training  program  for  youth  ages  16-­‐24.   Training  is  provided  at  residential  settings  located  throughout  the  nation.  There  are  currently   two  centers  in  Alabama  (in  Gadsden  and  Montgomery).     -­‐Youth  Success  Program,  Lawrence  County:  Northwest  Shoals  Community  College  is  the   grantee.  The  Decatur  Career  Center  is  responsible  for  eligibility  determination,   information/reporting,  and  follow-­‐  up  services.  This  program  provides  tutoring,  counseling,   GED  testing  assistance  and  internships.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  For  WIA  purposes,  youth  are  defined  as   being  between  the  ages  of  16-­‐21.  Youth  must  meet  federal  income  guidelines  to  qualify.    

-­‐Launch Program:  The  mission  of  the  LAUNCH  program  is  to  increase  the  number  of  prepared,   qualified  youth  entering  the  workforce  so  that  North  Alabama  can  experience  continued   economic  prosperity.    A  professional  team  of  coordinators  and  licensed  professional  counselors   work  with  each  participate  to:   -­‐Assess  and  remediate  academic  deficiencies   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     -­‐Survey  and  explore  career  interests   -­‐Develop  educational  career  goals   -­‐Assist  in  enrollment  in  training  and  degree  programs   -­‐Facilitate  work  experiences  and  job  shadowing   -­‐Engage  each  participant  in  leadership  programs,  including  work  readiness  skills,  personal   finance  skills,  and  Junior  Achievement  Success  Skills   -­‐Help  participants  gain  meaningful  and  self-­‐sustaining  employment   For  more  information,  visit:     o

Veterans Services:  Veterans  receive  priority  consideration  for  all  employment  services.    Job   referrals  are  provided  as  well  as  transition  assistance,  counseling,  and  referral  to  other   supportive  services.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  the  Career  Center  if  you  are   interested  in  utilizing  the  Career  Center  bus  to  check  for  availability.    

N Program  and  MyBiz:  This  program  offers  training,  online  resources,  and  counseling  for  those   displaced  workers  wishing  to  start  their  own  business.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Companies  downsizing  50  or  more   individuals  and  the  workers  who  are  displaced  by  the  layoff  or  closure.    

Mobile Career  Center  Bus:  The  Career  Center  can  schedule  the  mobile  unit  for  Career  Center   activities  such  as  visits  to  local  schools,  Rapid  Response  Meetings,  Career/Job  Fairs,  and  general   marketing  purposes.  There  are  computers  with  Internet  access  and  a  52-­‐inch  flat  screen  monitor   for  presentations.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  WIA  eligible  adults  (meeting  federal  income   guidelines)  and  dislocated  workers  who  are  unable  to  find  a  job  in  the  local  area.    

Rapid Response  Services:  A  team  of  representatives  made  up  of  partner  agencies  responds  to   massive  layoffs  and  closures  of  businesses.  Displaced  workers  are  made  aware  of  the  various   programs  and  services  offered  to  them  through  the  Rapid  Response  Meetings.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Any  veteran  of  the  United  States  Armed   Forces.    

Relocation Assistance:  WIA  eligible  adults  and  dislocated  workers  who  are  unable  to  find   suitable  employment  in  the  local  area  and  have  received  a  bona  fide,  self-­‐sufficient  long-­‐ duration  job  offer  outside  of  a  75  mile  radius  of  his/her  residence  may  be  eligible  for  $5000.00   for  actual  moving  expenses  not  paid  by  another  source.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Out-­‐of-­‐school  youth  ages  16-­‐21.  For   information  about  qualifying,  contact  Sundra  Sandifer  at  256.355.0142  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Dislocated  workers  should  contact  Career   Center  for  qualification  details.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

LAUNCH Program     Mission:  To  increase  the  number  of  prepared,  qualified  youth  entering  the  workforce     Website:       Contact  Information:  Sherman  Dailey,  Launch  Program  Manager                                                                            Work:  256.705.6339                              Cell:  256.426.2912/256.665.1564     Mental  Health  Center  of  Madison  County   4040  Memorial  Parkway  South   Huntsville,  Al    35802                                                                                             Program/Services:   • Launch  Youth  Services  Program:    Launch  is  a  career  development  program  for  out-­‐of-­‐ school  youth  age  17-­‐21.  Launch  provides  free  counseling  service,  career  guidance,   activities  and  incentives  that  encourage  career  development  for  youth  who  face  barriers   to  success.  Participants  receive  financial  assistance  with  GED  preparation,  short  term   training  programs  and  community  college  education.     o



Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  The  program  is  available  in  Madison,   Morgan,  Marshall,  Etowah  and  Limestone  Counties.  Program  Counselors  and   Coordinators  are  located  in  the  Alabama  Career  Centers  in  Madison,  Morgan  and   Etowah  County  and  at  the  C.A.R.E.  Center  in  New  Hope  and  Family  Resource  Center  in   Athens.     Launch  is  funded  under  the  Federal  Workforce  Investment  Act  through  the       Alabama  Department  of  Economic  and  Community  Affairs  in  partnership  with       the  Mental  Health  Center  of  Madison  County.  



Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Morgan County  Legislative  Delegation  

Mission:    The  purpose  of  the  Morgan  County  Legislative  Delegation  Office  is  to  have  a  central  source   and  location  for  the  citizens  of  Morgan  County  to  communicate  with  their  elected  state  officials.     Website:          n/a     Contact  Information:       Morgan  County  Legislative  Delegation  Office,  Inc.   2128  6th  Avenue,  SE   Suite  504   Decatur,  AL    35601   Phone:  256.260.2146     Fax:  256.260-­‐2144       State  Senator  Arthur  Orr   Visit  and  follow  the  contact  link   256.260.2147     Representative  Ed  Henry     Representative  Micky  Hammon       Representative  Jeremy  Oden       Representative  Terri  Collins       Julie  White,  Executive  Director   256.309.8829-­‐  Blackberry       Charlotte  McKelvy,  Legislative  Coordinator         Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide      

Workforce Development  Council  of  Alabama-­‐  Region  II  

Mission:    Advise  the  State  of  Alabama  as  to  how  to  provide  the  education  and  training  needed  to  meet   the  workforce  and  economic  development  needs  of  Region  2  (Lawrence,  Limestone,  Morgan,  Cullman,   Madison,  Marshall,  Jackson  and  DeKalb  counties)     Website:     Contact  Information:   Dr.  Amy  Brabham,  Director  of  Workforce  Development,           Department  of  Postsecondary  Education 334.353.5201

      Sarah  Horton,  Regional  Workforce  Initiatives  Coordinator         334.293.4706     Physical  Address:     Mailing  Address:   401  Adams  Avenue     P.O.  Box  30213   Montgomery,  AL     Montgomery,  AL  36130-­‐2130           Dale  Greer,  Region  II  Chairperson       Mary  Ila  Ward,  Region  II  Morgan  County  Representative         256.353.1213             Teresa  Walker,  Region  II  Fiscal  Agent       256.840.4211   Program/Services:   • Strategic  Planning:  The  Region  II  Council  is  charged  with  coming  up  with  a  strategic  plan   and  priorities  for  the  Region.    This  strategic  plan  is  then  used  to  judge  Requests  For   Proposals  (RFP)  for  funding  which  are  submitted  to  the  council  for  review  before  being   sent  to  the  GOWD  and  voted  on  by  the  Planning  Council.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Not  applicable  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     •

Funding:  Workforce  Investment  Act  (WIA)  service  provides  are  eligible  to  submit   Requests  for  Proposals  (RFP)  for  funding  to  aid  in  workforce  training.    The  RFP  document   can  be  found  at     RFPs  are  due  to  the  Regional  Councils  at  least  two  months  prior  to  the  State  Planning   Council  Meetings  for  review.    Planning  Council  meetings  dates  are  posted  on  the  above   website.    Once  reviewed  and  ranked  by  the  Region  II  Council,  proposals  are  sent  to   Montgomery  for  review  and  funding  allocation  by  the  Planning  Council.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    To  be  eligible  to  submit  an  RFP,  entities   must  be  an  eligible  WIA  Training  Provider.      Currently,  Calhoun  Community  College  and   EDS  Truck  Driving  School  are  the  only  WIA  Service  Providers  in  Morgan  County.     However,  other  entities  can  partner  with  these  training  providers  to  submit  RFPs.    Also,   entities  can  apply  to  become  a  training  provider  through  the  State  of  Alabama.    

Other RFP  Processes:    In  certain  cases,  for  example  when  stimulus  funding  through  the   federal  government  became  available  for  dislocated  workers  and  funds  were   disseminated  through  the  states,  the  GOWD  will  issue  a  stand-­‐alone  RFP  based  on  the   criteria  spelled  out  from  the  funding  source.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Depends  upon  funding  source   specifications.  



Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Community and  Not-­‐For-­‐Profit  Organizations   Boys  and  Girls  Club  of  North  Central  Alabama   Mission:  To  enable  all  young  people,  especially  those  who  need  us  most,  to  reach  their  full  potential  as   productive,  caring,  responsible  citizens.   Website:   Contact  Information:     Casey  Coleman,  Assistant  Chief  Professional  Officer           Savanne  Hammond,  Director  of  Marketing  and  Resources             David  Varner  ,  Chief  Professional  Officer     P.O.  Box  1431   Decatur,  AL  35602   Phone:  256.340.3466     Program/Services:   The   Boys   &   Girls   Clubs   of   Morgan   County   provides   diversified   activities   that   meet   the   interest   of   all   youth.     Core   programs   engage   youth   in   activities   with   adults,   peers   and   family   members   that   enable   youth   to   enhance   self-­‐esteem   and   to   develop   their   full   potential.     Based   on   physical,   emotional,   cultural   and   social   needs   and   interest   of   girls   and   boys,   and   recognizing   developmental   principles,   our   Clubs   offer  diversified  program  activities  in  five  areas:   • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT…  

empowers youth to support and influence their Club and community, sustaining meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive self-image, participate in the democratic process and respect their own and other’s cultural identities. EDUCATION   AND   CAREER   DEVELOPMENT…enables   youth   to   become   proficient   in  

basic education   disciplines,   apply   learning   to   everyday   situations   and   embrace   technology  to  optimize  employability.  

HEALTH AND  LIFE  SKILLS…develops  young  people’s  capacity  to  engage  in  positive   behaviors  that  nature  their  own  well-­‐being,  set  personal  goals  and  develop  the   competencies  to  live  successfully  as  self-­‐sufficient  adults.   THE   ARTS…enables   youth   to   develop   their   creativity   and   cultural   awareness   through   knowledge   and   appreciation   of   visual   and   tactile   arts   and   crafts,   performing  arts  and  creative  writing.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Page 54  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

SPORTS, FITNESS   AND   RECREATION…develops   fitness,   positive   use   of   leisure   time,  skills  for  stress  management,  appreciation  for  the  environment  and  social   and  interpersonal  skills.        

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Page 55  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Decatur/Morgan County  Chamber  of  Commerce  

Mission:    To  promote  business  and  commerce  for  the  Decatur  and  Morgan  County  area  through   volunteer  leadership  in  economic,  political  and  social  development     Workforce  Development  Coalition  Mission:    The  mission  of  the  workforce  development  efforts   through  Decatur-­‐Morgan  County  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  the  partnership  with  MCEDA  is  to  close  the   workforce  skills  gap.     Website:     Contact  Information:    Taylor  Simmons,  Director  of  Workforce  Development  and  Education                                                                                   515  6th  Avenue  NE   Decatur,  AL  35601   Phone:  256.353.5312           Mike  Davis,  Chairman  of  Workforce  Coalition,  TORAY  Carbon  Fibers              Program/Services:   • Career  and  Workforce  Expo:  Workforce  readiness  is  a  need  that  has  been  identified   repeatedly  among  employers  in  our  area.  This  event  is  an  effective  way  to  reach  young   people  to  encourage  them  to  begin  preparing  to  fill  the  jobs  of  the  future  by  developing   the  skills  they  will  need.    Hundreds  of  students  from  across  the  four  county  areas  of   Morgan,  Limestone,  Lawrence,  and  Madison  counties  will  attend  the  Expo,  and  business   and  industry  participation  is  very  important.  Students  complete  brief  Expo  related   assignments  that  encourages  them  to  ask  exhibitors  questions  and  become  more   engaged  with  the  event.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  High  school  students  in  Morgan,   Limestone,  Lawrence  and  Madison  counties.  

Diversity Development:    As  a  sub-­‐committee  of  the  Workforce  Development  Coalition,   Diversity  Development  focuses  on  assuring  that  everyone  in  our  community  has  the   opportunity  to  obtain  the  knowledge  and  skills  to  succeed  in  the  workforce  of  the   future.    The  committee  hosts  summit  to  help  job  seekers  and  employers  and  celebrates   successes  of  minority  business  owners  and  minority  development  through  an  annual   dinner.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Any  Chamber  member  can  become  a   member  of  the  Diversity  Development  Committee.      Nominations  are  taken  from  the  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Page 56  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     general  public  for  selection  in  honoring  successful  minority  business  owners  at  the   annual  dinner.  

Partners in  Education:    This  program  develops  partnerships  between  business  and   public  school  systems  to  establish  a  best  practice  to  share  available  talents  and   resources  to  maximize  the  development  potential  of  our  youth  and  provide  an  overall   awareness  of  business  and  industry  in  our  community.         o

SWeETy Camp:  The  Chamber  partners  with  Calhoun  to  present  the  Summer  Welding   and  Electrical  Technology  camp.    This  free  summer  camp  experience  is  available  to  the   top  twenty  applicants  from  the  city  and  county  high  schools  in  Limestone,  Madison,  and   Morgan  counties.  The  camp  provides  hands-­‐on  experience  in  welding  and  electricity  and   will  help  students  develop  problem  solving  skills  and  teamwork  as  they  participate  in   instructor-­‐led  projects,  field  trips,  and  interact  with  women  role  models  during  industry   sponsored  lunches.  Students  are  challenged  to  break  down  stereotypes  that  may  deter   girls  from  pursuing  technical  professions  by  introducing  them  to  women  who  currently   work  in  nontraditional  fields  and  by  offering  them  a  number  of  convincing  reasons  why   girls  should  consider  technical  careers.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  All  schools  in  Morgan  County  have  partners   currently.  



Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    9 -­‐12  grade  girls.  

Workforce Strategic  Plan:    In  partnership  with  MCEDA,  the  Chamber  works  to  develop   and  administer  a  proactive  strategic  plan  to  promote  the  Workforce  Development   Efforts  in  our  area  by  informing  community  groups  and  organizations  about  how  we  can   work  together  to  better  prepare  our  current  and  future  workforce.       A  monthly  workforce    e-­‐newsletter  is  a  part  of  this  plan.    This  Resource  Guide  is  a  result   of  the  plan  as  well  as  the  website.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  All  community  citizens  and  companies.   Edge  Student  Leadership:  Edge  is  a  nine-­‐month  program  for  high  school  sophomores   and  juniors  in  Morgan  County.  You  should  apply  during  9th  and  10th  grades   (applications  can  be  picked  up  from  your  guidance  counselor  or  the  Chamber’s  website),   so  you’ll  be  in  the  appropriate  grade  when  the  program  starts.  The  program  is  designed   to  develop  a  group  of  informed  and  qualified  young  leaders  to  step  up  and  take  on   leadership  roles  in  their  schools  and  communities.  As  a  participant,  you’ll  get  to  meet   students  from  other  schools  and  learn  about  what  it  means  to  be  a  leader.  You’ll  be   forced  to  step  outside  your  comfort  zone  and  be  asked  to  think  outside  the  box.  You’ll   learn  valuable  leadership  skills  that  you  won’t  find  in  the  classroom.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  This  program  is  offered  to  students  in   Decatur  City  Schools,  Morgan  County  Schools,  Hartselle  City  Schools,  Private  Schools,   and  Homeschoolers.    Students  must  have  an  overall  “C”  average  for  the  school  year,  and   submit  two  references.  One  reference  should  be  from  an  adult  at  your  school  (a   teacher,  coach  or  counselor)  and  one  should  be  from  an  adult  outside  your  school   (youth  pastor,  family  friend,  etc.).  Students  also  have  to  submit  an  essay  along  with  your   application.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     •

Excellence in  Leadership  Decatur-­‐Morgan  County:  The  Excellence  in  Leadership   Decatur-­‐Morgan  County  program  is  the  flagship  program  of  the  Chamber’s  Leadership   series.  The  program  was  designed  to  identify,  orient,  develop  and  network  existing  and   emerging  leaders  with  the  goal  of  enhancing  positive  growth  in  the  area  business   community.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Participation  in  leadership  programs  is   open  to  all  members  and  member  businesses  employees.  You  can  download  an   application  for  the  program  at:  

Experience Leadership:  Experience  Leadership  is  designed  to  identify,  orient,  develop   and  network  with  existing  and  emerging  young  professional  leaders  with  the  goal  of   enhancing  positive  growth  in  our  business  community.  It  is  a  leadership  development   program  that  provides  training  to  young  professionals  in  the  areas  of  personal  and   professional  development.    It  promotes  values  of  growth,  integrity  and  service  to  young   professionals  in  our  community.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Participation  in  leadership  programs  is   open  to  all  members  and  member  businesses  employees  between  the  ages  of  20-­‐39.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

The Decatur  Morgan  County  Entrepreneurial  Center     Mission:    To  encourage,  enthuse  and  empower  business  start-­‐ups  and  small  businesses  by  providing   support,  mentoring  and  training  to  ensure  their  success.       Website:       Contact  Information:  Larry  Waye,  Executive  Director           1629  Fourth  Ave.  S.E.   Decatur,  Alabama  35601   256.686.2999  –  office   256.476.6193  –  cell     Program/Services:   • Support:  The  Entrepreneurial  Center  provides  a  variety  of  support  venues  including  a   nurturing  environment  with  office  and  light  industry  space  providing  a  controlled   overhead,  free  business  plan  review,  business  plan  development  guidance,  professional   business  counseling  and  coaching,  clerical  and  receptionist  services,  and  access  to   telecommunication  services,  fax  and  copy  machines.   o

Mentoring: Mentors  are  available  to  businesses  and  business  professional  at  all  levels,   from  the  seeking  entrepreneur  to  the  large  plant  manager  and  leader.    Working  with  the   Senior  Core  of  Retired  Executives  (SCORE)  and  professional  volunteers,  the  E-­‐Center  has   access  to  over  14,000  mentors  who  specialize  in  every  area  of  business.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Contact  the  E-­‐Center  to  find  out  more   about  the  support  services  offered  and  the  associated  fees,  if  any.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  This  service  is  available  to  all  who  ask.   Extended  mentoring  and  coaching  may  require  remuneration.  

Training:  The  foundational  cornerstone  of  the  Entrepreneurial  Center’s  process  is  the   training  and  educational  services  we  provide.  These  training  opportunities  are  open  to   everyone.  Many  of  them  are  free  and  all  others  are  offered  with  a  nominal  fee.     -­‐Business  Start-­‐Up  Class  –  this  course  is  designed  to  help  the  entrepreneur   start,  run  and  grow  their  business.  It  is  a  10-­‐week  –  35-­‐class  hour  course  that   covers  over  45  essential  elements  every  business  owner  needs  to  know.  These   sessions  begin  in  February  and  September.  Detailed  information  can  be  found   on  our  website.   -­‐Leaders  and  Lunch  Series  –  Each  month  on  the  first  Thursday  from  11:30a  –   1:00p,  we  offer  business  owners  and  business  leaders  the  opportunity  to  enjoy   lunch,  fellowship  and  continuing  education.  Professional  experts  are  invited  to   come  and  invest  in  the  Decatur  business  environment.  Each  session  covers  a   different  topic  related  to  the  current  needs  and  interests  of  local  business   owners.    Included  are  sessions  such  as  the  Essential  Elements  for  Effective  Start-­‐ up,  Conflict  Resolution  at  work  and  home,  SWOT  analysis,  Operations   Management,  QuickBooks,  Financial  planning  and  many  more.    There  is  no  cost   and  lunch  is  optional.    You  can  visit  the  E-­‐Center  website  for  detailed   information  on  topics  and  lunch  options.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     -­‐Legal  Lessons  for  Business  Leaders  –  These  sessions  meet  every  month  on  the   2nd  Wednesday  from  11:30  am-­‐  1:00  pm  and  are  free.  Registration  is   encouraged  and  detailed  topic  information  is  available  on  the  E-­‐Center  webstie.   -­‐Financial  Peace  University  –  This  great  course  by  Dave  Ramsey  is  offered  twice   a  year  and  is  open  to  anyone  in  the  community.  Theses  session  are  offered   starting  in  January  and  September.  Detailed  information  can  be  found  on  our   website.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Different  costs  are  associated  with   different  training  classes.    Contact  the  E-­‐Center  for  additional  information  regarding  the   cost  and  schedule  of  classes.  

Office and  Light  Industrial  Space:    The  Entrepreneurial  Center  has  30,000  sq.  ft.  of  space   available  for  lease  for  qualified  business  start-­‐ups  and  small  businesses  that  are  taking   that  next  step  of  growth.  Participation  in  the  incubator  process  is  a  privilege  and   includes  access  to  business  consultation,  broadband  Internet,  VOIP  communications   systems,  conference  rooms,  and  a  business  friendly  environment.  Qualifications  and   applications  can  be  found  on  our  website.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Qualifications  and  applications  can  be   found  on  our  website.   The  Decatur  Morgan  County  Entrepreneurial  Center  is  dedicated  to  helping  business’  succeed.  We   believe  that  a  nurturing  environment  helps  reduce  the  risks  in  business  start-­‐up,  provides  access  to   quality  facilities,  equipment  and  services,  and  makes  available  coaching  and  counseling  in  all  areas  of   business  is  key  to  ensuring  success.  And  while  we  believe  the  clients  located  in  the  center  have  a  great   advantage,  most  of  our  services  and  all  or  our  training  sessions  are  available  to  our  off  campus  clients   and  the  community  at  large.         •


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Decatur Youth  Services  

Mission:    The  city  of  Decatur  Youth  Services  Department’s  mission  is  to  help  facilitate  and  encourage  a   community-­‐wide  effort  in  combating  the  problems  involving  our  youth.     Website:       Contact  Information:    Bruce  Jones,  Director                                                                                  bjones@decatur-­‐                            Phone:  256.341.4960         Program/Services:   • Parents  as  STARS  Program:    This  program  focuses  on  building  a  healthy  relationship   between  children  and  their  non-­‐custodial  parent.  It  works  and  exists  through  a   partnership  with  The  Family  Service  Worker  (F.S.W.)  and  seeks  out  referrals  from  the   schools,  the  court  system,  DHR,  and  the  Morgan  County  Community.    Participants  in  the   program  receive  assistance  with  parenting  skills,  chemical  dependency,  job  readiness,   and  legal  issues  to  name  a  few.    Group  meetings  are  held  and  participants  are  required   to  attend  one  group  meeting  per  week.   o

Tutoring Program:    Tutoring  is  available  for  middle  school  and  high  school  students  in   the  City  of  Decatur  at  the  Center   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  This  program  is  free  to  middle  and  high   schools  students;  students  must  live  in  the  city  of  Decatur.  

GED Classes:    Classes  are  offered  to  prepare  students  for  the  GED  Classes  are  Tuesday   and  Thursday  8:00  a.m.  until  1:00  p.m.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  This  program  is  free  to  all  youth  ages  14-­‐21;   students  must  live  in  the  city  of  Decatur.  

Boys to  Men  and  Girls  to  Women  Leadership  Mentoring  Program:     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    This  program  is  free  to  all  middle  and  high   school  students;  students  must  live  in  the  city  of  Decatur.  

Summer Youth  Employment:    DYS  offers  employment  assistance  and  career   information  for  youth  ages.    Assistance  with  job  leads  and  career  interest  opportunities   is  provided.    Services  include  job  referral,  career  counseling,  computer  training,  resume   assistance,  workshops,  Internet  access,  and  GED  preparation.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?      Non-­‐custodial  parents  who  want  to  build  a   healthy  relationship  with  their  child/ren  and  find  employment  or  skills  training.    This   service  is  free  to  those  who  qualify.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  This  program  is  free  to  all  youth  ages  17  and   older  1;  students  must  live  in  the  city  of  Decatur.  

Police Activity  League  (PAL)  Boxing,  Wrestling  and  Martial  Arts  Program:    This  program   is  open  five  days  a  week,  Monday  through  Friday  from  4:00  p.m.  to  8:00  p.m.    The   location  for  the  program  is  733  Wilson  Street,  NW.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Page 61  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  This  program  is  for  kids  ages  seven  (7)  and   up.  Transportation  is  provided.  


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Dream !t.  Do  !t.®  

Mission:    Dream  It.  Do  It.  is  a  national  campaign  designed  to  educate  young  adults  about  opportunities   in  advanced  manufacturing.    The  campaign  has  been  adopted  by  the  Tennessee  Valley  Region  including   Morgan  County  and  provides  various  resources  to  help  teens  make  informed  career  decisions.       The  story  behind  the  campaign,  which  can  be  found  on  the  Dream  It.  Do  It.  website  also  helps  explain   the  initiative:   “The  National  Association  of  Manufacturers  (NAM)  started  to  hear  from  its  members  that,  despite   layoffs  during  the  last  recession,  manufacturers  were  still  having  trouble  attracting  employees  with  the   right  mix  of  skills  in  certain  job  functions  to  meet  the  demands  of  modern  manufacturing.     To  learn  more,  NAM  and  Deloitte  &  Touche  conducted  extensive  quantitative  and  qualitative  research   across  the  U.S.  The  findings?     We  learned  that  an  estimated  80  percent  of  manufacturers  reported  a  "moderate  to  serious"  shortage   of  qualified  job  applicants  during  the  recent  recession  -­‐  a  problem  only  growing  increasingly  urgent  with   the  increase  in  global  competition  and  retirement  of  Baby  Boomers.  The  research  also  found  that   manufacturing  has  an  outdated  image  filled  with  stereotypes  of  assembly  line  jobs  that  has  kept  young   people  from  pursuing  careers  in  this  sector.     The  campaign  was  created  because  we  know  that  these  perceptions  are  seriously  out  of  step  with   manufacturing's  broad  range  of  interesting  and  financially  rewarding  careers-­‐like  an  electrical  engineer   for  a  private  jet  manufacturer,  product  developer  for  a  candy  manufacturing  plant,  or  a  designer  at  an   MP3  manufacturing  company.”     Website:       Contact  Information:   Ronnie  Boles,  President,  General  Automotive  and  Machine  Shop         Phone:  256.539.0719     Program/Services:   • Multi-­‐Media  Material:  The  Dream  It.  Do  It.  Campaign  offers  a  variety  of  videos  in  length   and  focus  that  demonstrate  the  exciting  opportunities  in  Advanced  Manufacturing.     Some  videos  are  being  used  as  advertising  spots  on  local  stations.  Graphics  for  posters,   flyers,  etc.  are  also  available.    Facebook,  Myspace,  and  YouTube  sites/profile  pages  are   available  for  viewing  for  educational  purposes.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    Videos  can  be  viewed  and  downloaded   from  the  website  and  are  available  for  viewing  by  anyone.  

Career Tools:    Career  Calculators,  Career  Profiles,  Job  Search,  School  Search,  and  a   Dream  Career    Quiz  are  available  for  students  to  take  through  the  website  to  aid  in   assessing  their  interests,  connecting  them  with  community  colleges  in  the  area  as  well   as  jobs.    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     o

Training Resources:    The  site  provides  information  for  students,  parents,  and  educators   to  explore  resources  (website  links)  to  explore  career  information  and  training   programs.  This  section  also  contains  first  hand  information  from  individuals  in  target   fields  about  their  jobs  and  their  experiences  in  a  field  of  advanced  manufacturing.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    Anyone  can  access  this  material  from  the   Dream  It.  Do  It.  website.  

Career Awareness  Events:  The  Dream  It.  Do  It.  Campaign  sponsors  career  awareness   events  throughout  the  Tennessee  Valley  that  provide  access  to  career  counseling,  career   awareness  material,  and  the  opportunity  to  network  with  community  colleges  and   existing  industry  in  the  area.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Anyone  can  access  this  material  from  the   Dream  It.  Do  It.  website.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    Any  student  who  wishes  to  attend  the   events.    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Page 64  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Junior Achievement  

Mission:    Empowering  Young  People  to  Own  Their  Economic  Success     Website:  http://www.            Site  for  JA  of  North  Alabama-­‐     Contact  Information:     Leah  Amos,  President,  JA  of  North  Alabama       JA  of  North  Alabama   PO  Box  365   Huntsville,  AL  35804   Phone:  256.533.4661       Program/Services:   Junior  Achievement  programs  offer  a  wide  variety  of  people  the  opportunity  to  apply  their  expertise  to   the   educational   needs   of   our   communities’   students,   from   kindergarten   through   12th   grade,   in   an   effective   and   fun   way.     Programs   use   age-­‐appropriate   hands-­‐on   curricula   to   teach   students   about   workforce   readiness,   entrepreneurship,   and   finanaical   literacy.     Programs   are   offered   both   during   the   school  day,  directly  in  the  classroom,  as  well  as  in  after-­‐school  and  summer  settings.  Please  visit  the  JA   website  for  more  information  about  programs.   ELEMENTARY  PROGRAMS   • Ourselves®:    This  program  uses  compelling  stores  read  aloud  by  a  volunteer  along  with  hands  on   activities  to  demonstrate  helping,  working,  earning,  and  saving.  Students  are  introduced  to  basic   personal  economic  issues  and  the  role  individuals  play  as  workers,  consumers,  and  family   members.  Five  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.  Recommended  for  kindergarten.   o

Our Families®:    This  program  emphasizes  the  roles  people  play  in  the  local  economy  and   engages  students  with  activities  about  needs  and  wants,  jobs,  tools  and  skills,  and   interdependence.  Five  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.  Recommended  for  1st  grade.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  an  elementary  school  program.   Contact  the  JA  office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.       Our  Community®:    This  program  explores  the  interdependent  roles  of  workers  in  a  community,   the  work  they  perform,  and  how  communities  work.    Students  take  part  in  activities  that   demonstrate  the  responsibilities  of  and  opportunities  available  to  citizens  in  their  economic   community.    Five  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.  Recommended  for  2nd  grade.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  an  elementary  school  program.  Contact  the   JA  office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  an  elementary  school  program.  Contact  the   JA  office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

Our City®:    This  program  studies  careers,  the  skills  people  need  to  work  in  those  careers,  and   how  businesses  contribute  to  a  city.  Students  conduct  business  operations,  make  city-­‐planning   decisions  and  examine  economic  development  issues.    Five  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.   Recommended  for  3rd  grade.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     o

Our Region®:    This  program  introduces  the  relationship  between  the  natural,  human,  and  capital   resources  found  in  different  regions  and  explores  regional  businesses  that  produce  goods  and   services  for  consumers.  Five  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.  Recommended  for  4th  grade.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  an  elementary  school  program.  Contact  the   JA  office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  an  elementary  school  program.  Contact  the   JA  office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

Our Nation®:    This  program  provides  practical  information  about  businesses’  need  for   individuals  who  can  meet  the  demands  of  the  job  market.    Further  it  introduces  the  concept  of   globalization  as  it  relates  to  resources  and  careers,  and  the  need  for  students  to  be   entrepreneurial  in  their  thinking  to  meet  the  requirements  of  business  worldwide.  Five  required,   volunteer-­‐led  sessions.  Recommended  for  5th  grade.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  an  elementary  school  program.  Contact  the   JA  office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

MIDDLE SCHOOL  PROGRAMS   • JA  Global  Marketplace®:    Students  learn  practical  information  about  what  make  international   trade  work  and  how  it  affects  students’  daily  lives.    Students  will  learn  about  the  six  key   economic  aspects  of  world  trade  and  use  these  to  analyze  historical  events  and  contemporary   international  business  concepts  and  practices.  Six  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

JA Economics  for  Success®:    Students  explore  their  skills,  interests  and  values,  and  the  world  of   work  to  make  informed  education,  career  and  life  decisions.    They  will  also  learn  about  budgets,   the  use  and  abuse  of  credit  and  financial  risks.    Six  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  middle  school  program.  Contact  the  JA   office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

JA America  Works®:    Students  learn  the  impact  of  business  and  entrepreneurship  on  the   economic  development  of  the  United  States  during  the  1800’s.    They  will  learn  how  new  and   improved  technologies  advanced  the  production  of  goods  and  services.  Six  required,  volunteer-­‐ led  sessions.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  middle  school  program.  Contact  the  JA   office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  middle  school  program.  Contact  the  JA   office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

JA It’s  My  Business!®:    The  program  emphasizes  entrepreneurship  while  providing  a  strong   focus  on  social  studies,  reading,  and  writing  skills.  Students  are  encouraged  to  use  critical   thinking  to  learn  entrepreneurial  skills  that  support  positive  attitudes  as  they  explore  and   enhance  their  career  aspirations.  Six  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  middle  school  program.  Contact  the  JA   office  for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

HIGH SCHOOL  PROGRAMS   • Success  Skills®:    Provides  engaging,  academically  enriching,  and  experiential-­‐learning  sessions  in   work-­‐readiness  education  and  career  perspectives.  Students  will  be  able  to  identify  and   demonstrate  the  work-­‐readiness  skills  needed  to  research,  get,  and  keep  a  job.  They  will  also   develop  innovative  personal  strategies  to  achieve  lifelong  learning  pursuits  and  career   opportunities.  Seven  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  high  school  program.  Contact  the  JA  office   for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

JA Careers  with  a  Purpose®:    Introduces  students  to  the  importance  of  seeking  careers  that  help   them  realize  their  life  potential  and  noble  purpose.  The  program  demonstrates  the  importance  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Page 66  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     of  positive  values,  life  maxims,  and  ethical  decision-­‐making  within  the  context  of  career  and  life   decisions.  Seven  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

JA Business  Ethics®:    This  program  is  designed  to  foster  ethical  decision-­‐making  in  students  as   they  prepare  to  enter  the  workforce.  Students  learn  to  recognize,  analyze,  and  apply  basic   terminology,  theories,  and  concepts  common  to  the  study  of  ethics.  They  explore  their  own   ethical  values  and  philosophy,  establish  ethical  priorities,  recognize  key  ethical  issues,  and  learn   to  evaluate  their  decision-­‐making  process.    Seven  required,  volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  high  school  program.  Contact  the  JA  office   for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

JA Financial  Literacy®:    This  program  helps  students  develop  a  complete  portfolio  of  skills  to   make  financial  decisions  and  set  personal  financial  goals  throughout  their  lives  by  covering  a   range  of  topics  including  credit,  investing,  savings,  identity  theft,  and  insurance.  Five  required,   volunteer-­‐led  sessions.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  high  school  program.  Contact  the  JA  office   for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    This  is  a  high  school  program.  Contact  the  JA  office   for  specific  schools.  The  classes  are  free  to  students.      

JA Job  Shadow:    Would  you  rather  tell  students  about  the  workplace  or  show  them?  This   program  introduces  students  to  careers  through  one-­‐day,  on-­‐site  orientations  or  through  more   extensive  internships.  Either  way,  it’s  an  authentic  work-­‐world  experience  for  the  students  …   enhanced  with  classroom  preparatory  and  follow-­‐up  activities.  Two  teacher-­‐led  sessions  prior  to   the  worksite  visit,  and  one  follow-­‐up  session.     o



Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    JA  Job  Shadow  is  a  free  opportunity  for  8 -­‐12   grade  students.    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Morgan County  Economic  Development  Association  

Mission:    The  mission  of  the  workforce  development  efforts  through  MCEDA  Decatur-­‐Morgan  County   Chamber  of  Commerce  is  to  close  the  workforce  skills  gap.       Website:     Contact  Information:    Mary  Ila  Ward,  Existing  Business  and  Workforce  Development  Consultant                       300  Market  Street  NE,  Suite  2   Decatur,  AL  35601   256.353.1213     Program/Services:   • Wage  Survey:    Annually,  MCEDA  produces  a  wage  survey  for  the  benefit  of  area   industry.      This  allows  local  employers  to  access  their  wage  structure  compared  to  the   local  marketplace.  Every  three  years  a  benefits  analysis  is  conducted.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  Any  company  who  participates  in   the  survey  receives  a  copy  free  of  charge.    Wage  information  is  gathered  from   industry  in  April  every  year  and  the  survey  report  is  distributed  to  participating   industries  in  May.  

Workforce Strategic  Plan:    In  partnership  with  MCEDA,  the  Chamber  works  to  develop   and  administer  a  proactive  strategic  plan  to  promote  the  Workforce  Development   Efforts  in  our  area  by  informing  community  groups  and  organizations  about  how  we  can   work  together  to  better  prepare  our  current  and  future  workforce.       A  monthly  workforce    e-­‐newsletter  is  a  part  of  this  plan.    This  Resource  Guide  is  a  result   of  the  plan  as  well  as  the  website.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  All  community  citizens  and  companies.   Demographic  and  Market  Research:    MCEDA  provides  workforce  related  demographic   information  to  area  employers  when  requested,  free  of  charge.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Any  industry  in  need  of  demographic  data.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Morgan County  System  of  Services  

Mission:    To  offer  a  broad  array  of  services  within  SOS  or  in  partnership  with  other  agencies  to  address   the  needs  of  high-­‐risk  youth  and  their  families.     The  Morgan  County  System  of  Services  (SOS)  is  a  private,  non-­‐profit  agency  offering  an  array  of   individualized  treatment  programs  for  at  risk  youth  and  their  families.    We  are  licensed  by  the  Alabama   Department  of  Youth  Services  to  provide  comprehensive  services  to  juveniles  ordered  by  the  Morgan   County  Juvenile  Court.    We  also  accept  referrals  from  other  community  agencies  as  well  as  a  limited   number  of  walk-­‐in  clients  that  fit  the  agency's  criteria  for  services.     Website:     Facebook  Page:     Contact  Information:  Sara  Bruce-­‐Hall,  PhD.,  and  Executive  Director                                                        Vaneesa  Turner,  Vocational  Coordinator                                 Mary  Copeland,  Teacher           Mala  Reynolds,  Teacher       2531  Hwy  20   P.O.  Box  1124   Decatur,  AL  35602   Phone:  256.350.8434     Program/Services:   • GED  Academic  Improvement:    Students  attend  the  GED/Academic  improvement   program  five  days  per  week  between  the  hours  of  8:00  A.M  and  12:30  P.M.  Students   can  work  toward  getting  their  GED  or  returning  to  public  school.  Each  GED  student   completes  a  TABE  test  to  determine  his  or  her  academic  level.  GED  students  work  on   PACEware,  an  online  instructional  program  designed  for  at-­‐risk  students.  In  addition  to   the  online  program,  students  also  benefit  from  individualized  and  small  group   instruction.  Students  returning  to  Decatur  City  or  Morgan  County  Schools  will  work  on   the  computer-­‐based  credit  recovery  programs  provided  by  his  or  her  respective  school   Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     system  in  order  to  return  on  grade  level.  Students  returning  to  other  systems  will  work   on  PACE  and  receive  individualized  instruction  to  meet  the  state  requirements  for  each   course.  Students  also  participate  in  physical  education,  life  skills,  art,  and  the  Boys  and   Girls  Club  programs  and  bi-­‐weekly  vocational  instruction.   •

Vocational Counseling:    A  range  of  vocational  counseling  services  are  provided  to   students  in  the  GED  program  as  well  as  clients  enrolled  in  other  SOS  programs.     Vocational  Counseling  includes  but  is  not  limited  to  career  exploration,  job  readiness,   job  development,  job  referrals,  application  assistance,  and  vocational  education   planning.   •

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Students  in  Morgan  County  who  are   assessed  as  high  risk  and  referred  or  youth  who  have  dropped  out  of  regular  classes  and   request  admission.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Any  client  participating  in  other  SOS   Programs  or  referred  based  on  an  at-­‐risk  assessment.    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Neighborhood Christian  Center     Mission:    To  provide  compassionate,  Christ-­‐centered  ministry  by  building  healthier  families,  stronger   communities  and  meeting  practical  and  spiritual  needs  of  the  poor  and  people  from  all  walks  of  life.     Website:     Contact  Information:  Tim  and  Pamela  Bolding                                                                           Address:    619  Bank  Street   Phone  Number:    256-­‐351-­‐7633     Program/Services:   • Jobs  for  Life:    The  purpose  of  the  JFL  course  is  to  elevate  the  power  of  work  to  transform   lives.    It  trains  people  not  only  how  to  get  a  job,  but  keep  a  job.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:    Those  seeking  job  training.    Currently   teaching  males,  females,  and  youth  in  different  settings:  such  as  women’s  residential   alcohol/drug  treatment  centers,  jails,  prison,  youth  programs,  and  on-­‐site  at  the  NCC.  


Compassionate Ministries:      Food  Pantry,  Clothes  Closet,  Household/Furniture  Items,   Emergency  Assistance,  Birth  Certificates/IDs¸  Thanksgiving  Meal  Outreach,  and   Christmas  Meal  Outreach,  and  Christmas  Toy  Store   •

NCC Summer  Youth  Arts/Work  Program:    Program  that  hires  teenagers  and  young  adults   training  them  to  be  urban  missionaries  to  their  community;  focusing  on  ministry  to   children  across  our  community  through  song,  dance,  drama,  arts  &  crafts,  and  games.     Involves  volunteer  work,  life-­‐skill  classes,  Jobs  for  Life  youth  classes,  college  &  career   planning,  etc.   •

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:.  Youth  who  are  involved  in  the  NCC   programs  

C.A.P.S (College  Assistance  and  Program  Services):    CAPS  is  a  program  for  young  adults   graduating  from  high  school  to  the  age  of  24.    CAPS  receive  some  financial  assistance  for   purchasing  of  their  textbooks,  encouragement,  and  mentorship.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  Those  in  financial,  physical  and  spiritual   need    (such  as  low  income,  unemployed,  underemployed,  etc)      

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:.  Youth  who  are  involved  in  the  NCC   programs  

TRUTH Seekers:  An  after  school  program  for  elementary/middle  school  and  high  school   students.    We  currently  implement  this  program  at  a  local  Boys  &  Girls  Club;  providing   tutoring,  games,  snacks,  visiting  time  with  the  children,  and  crafts.    High  school  students   and  adults  volunteer  in  this  program.    High  school  students  meet  afterwards  for  supper   and  time  of  fellowship  and  encouragement.  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     o •

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:.  Youth  who  are  involved  in  the  NCC   programs  and  those  attending  the  local  Boys  &  Girls  Club  

Bible Study  Classes:    Offers  weekly  Bible  studies  and  lunch  at  the  NCC;  also  taught  at  the   Morgan  County  Jail,  Limestone  Prison  and  in  youth  programs   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:.  Anyone  interested  in  attending   Life  Skills  101:  Life  Skills  101  is  six  two  hour  sessions  dealing  with  relationships,   addictions,  employment/education,  finances,  resources  available  and  a  home  plan.    The   class  is  currently  being  taught  in  partnership  with  Morgan  County  Community   Corrections/Drug  Court,  Lawrence  County  &  Morgan  County  Jail  inmates,  and   drug/alcohol  faith-­‐based  residential  rehabs.   Mentor  Programs:    The  NCC  staff  and  volunteers  mentor  clients  through  Biblical  training   and  discipleship.    Building  relationships  with  our  clients  offers    us  opportunities  to  teach   and  guide  them  according  to  God's  Word.   Life's  Healing  Choice:    This  Christ-­‐centered  recovery  class  focuses  on  people's  hurts,   habits,  and  hang-­‐ups  and  provides  a  safe  place  for  people  to  share  their  experiences  and   hopes.    

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

North Alabama  Center  for  Educational  Excellence  (NACEE)   Mission:    The  Center’s  mission  is  to  alert  the  general  public  about  the  educational  opportunities   available  to  them,  and  to  encourage  individuals  to  aspire  to  a  postsecondary  education.    NACEE  is   funded  wholly  by  grants  from  the  United  States  Department  of  Education  and  operates  to  cover  13   North  Alabama  counties.    All  services  are  provided  free  of  charge.     Website:     Contact  Information:      Pam  Woodruff  (Decatur  office)                         Decatur  office:                                                                          Central    office:     U.  S.  Postal  Building,  Room  208   400  Well  Street       4900  Century  Street,  Suite  B   Decatur,  AL    35601       Huntsville,  AL  35816   256.350.6478       256.372.4600                                                           Program/Services:   • Educational  Opportunity  Center:  The  Educational  Opportunity  Center  (EOC)  provides   counseling  and  information  on  college  admissions  to  qualified  adults  who  want  to  enter   or  continue  a  program  of  postsecondary  education.    An  important  objective  of  EOC  is  to   counsel  participants  on  financial  aid  options  and  to  assist  in  the  application  process.  The   goal  of  EOC  is  to  increase  the  number  of  adult  participants  who  enroll  in  postsecondary   education  institutions.    The  overall  mission  of  EOC  is  to  serve  7,200  participants  living  in   thirteen  North  Alabama  counties  by  increasing  the  enrollment  and  retention  of  the   target  area’s  low-­‐income,  first-­‐generation  adults  in  programs  of  postsecondary  studies,   and  to  improve  the  target  area’s  high  school  persistence  and  GED  acquisition  rate.   Services  offered  through  the  EOC:     -­‐Financial  Aid  application  assistance:    Counselors  are  available  to  help  those  desiring  to   pursue  a  post-­‐secondary  education  with  the  Free  Application  for  Federal  Student  Aid   (FAFSA).    This  one  application  covers  several  grants  offered  by  the  Federal  government,   including  but  not  limited  to  Pell,  as  well  as  grants  offered  by  the  state.    Many  colleges   now  require  that  the  FAFSA  application  be  completed  before  institutional  scholarships   will  be  awarded.   -­‐Assistance  with  college  admissions  applications  and  scholarship  applications   -­‐ACT  preparatory  classes:  Classes  are  offered  in  our  Huntsville  office  for  those  wishing   to  improve  their  scores  on  ACT  assessment.    NACEE  is  an  official  ACT  testing  site  and   offers  an  ACT  Preparation  workshop  before  each  test.    NACEE  affiliated  students  attend   for  free.    There  is  a  $100  fee  for  non-­‐affiliated  students,  which  includes  Instruction,  a  full   ACT  Practice  Test,  and  a  Workbook/Strategy  Guide.    The  workshops  are  limited  to  the   first  30  students.       Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     -­‐GED  preparatory  classes:    Offered  to  any  individual  18  years  or  older.    Also  offered  to   those  who  are  16  or  17  years  old  with  a  notarized  letter  from  their  parent  giving  consent   and  an  official  letter  of  withdrawal  from  the  last  school  they  attended.     -­‐SAT  preparatory  testing  site:    for  more  information  contact  Kim  Thomas-­‐Phillips  at   256-­‐372-­‐4600   -­‐Alabama  High  School  Graduation  Exam  (AHGE)  preparatory  classes:  Offered  to  anyone   needing  extra  study  skills  necessary  to  pass  the  AHGE.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Anyone  in  North  Alabama  who  is  a  senior  in   high  school  or  who  is  19  years  or  older  and  is  eligible  to  enroll  in  college.  

Veteran’s Upward  Bound  (offered  through  the  Huntsville  office):  The  purpose  of  the   Veterans  Upward  Bound  Program  (VUB)  is  to  provide  intensive  basic  skills  development   in  those  academic  subjects  required  for  successful  completion  of  a  high  school   equivalency  program  and  for  admission  to  postsecondary  education  programs.    The   program  will  also  provide  short-­‐term  remedial  or  refresher  courses  for  veterans  who  are   high  school  graduates,  but  who  have  delayed  pursuing  postsecondary  education.  Finally,   the  program  will  assist  veterans  in  securing  support  from  available  resources  such  as:   the  Veterans  Administration,  State  veterans  associations,  and  various  state  and  local   agencies  that  serve  veterans.    The  goal  is  to  develop  an  individualized  program  that   fulfills  the  academic  and  personal  needs  of  each  participant.    Services  include  academic,   career,  and  personal  counseling,  tutoring,  short-­‐term  remedial  courses,  financial  aid   assistance,  and  field  trips.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Veterans  interested  in  the  program  must:   1)  Be  honorably  discharged  and  have  served  more  than  180  days  of  active  duty  as  a   member  of  the  Armed  Forces  of  the  United  States,  OR  a  veteran  discharged  or  released   from  active  duty  because  of  a  service-­‐connected  disability.  2)  Be  low-­‐income  AND/OR   first-­‐generation  (neither  parent  earned  a  degree  from  a  four-­‐year  college  or  university.)   For  more  information  about  Veteran’s  Upward  Bound,  contact  Mr.  Cornelius  Howard  at   256-­‐372-­‐4600.      


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

TEBIN-­‐ Alabama  Training  for  Existing  Business  and  Industry  Network  

Mission: The  Training  for  Existing  Business  and  Industry  Network  is  an  organization  made  up  of   members  in  Alabama's  community  and  technical  colleges  that  provides  Training  for  Existing   Business  Industry  (TEBI)  or  related  workforce  development  services.   Calhoun  is  the  local  member   of  the  TEBIN  network  and  can  be  contacted  for  existing  company  or  individual  workforce   development  training  services.     Website:  

Contact Information: Dave  Rodgers,  President  TEBIN                                                                                Dr.  Denny  Smith,  Past  President  TEBIN                                                                                   Shelton  State  Community  College                                                                        Calhoun  Community  College   Old  Greensboro  Road                                                                                                                  P.O.  Box  2216   Tuscaloosa,  AL  35405                                                                                                                  Decatur,  AL  35609    205.391.3952                                                                                                                                            Phone:  256.306.2637                            

Program/Services: • Professional  and  Career  Development:   Provides  guest  speakers  and   networking  partnership  opportunities  that  enhance  and  promote  workforce   development.   o

Training Resources:   TEBIN  forms  collaboration  with  other  community  and  technical   colleges  across  Alabama  to  meet  needs  in  the  local  community.   If  Calhoun  does  not   offer  a  particular  not-­‐for-­‐credit  training  or  course,  the  TEBIN  network  aids  in  finding   that  resource  for  the  local  company  without  having  to  create  another  program.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?   Any  business  or  industry  as  well  as   the  general  public.  

Workforce Development  Awareness  and  Awards:   The  organization  works  to   increase  knowledge  of  current  and  future  workforce  needs  to  create  better   opportunities  in  the  local  community.   To  support  this  effort,  an  annual  Most   Outstanding  Workforce  Development  Program  Award  is  given.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?   Depending  on  the  program  and  or   speaker,  fees  may  be  associated  with  attending  the  event.  Events  may  also  be  open   to  the  general  public,  not  just  TEBIN  members  from  the  state’s  community  colleges.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?   Education  and  award  recognition  are   primarily  geared  towards  TEBIN  membership,  although  this  component  could  be   available  by  partnering  with  your  local  community  college  and  TEBIN  representative.  


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Tennessee Valley  Training  Center  (TVTC)  

Mission:        Tennessee  Valley  Training  Center,  Inc.  was  incorporated  in  1999  as  a  501  (c)  3  non-­‐profit   corporation  by  a  group  of  safety  professionals  from  the  petro-­‐chemical,  manufacturing  and  industrial   contractor  communities  to  provide  cost  effective,  high  quality  OSHA  compliance  Safety  &  Health   training.   The  Mission  of  Tennessee  Valley  Training  Center,  Inc.  (TVTC)  is  to  enhance  and  facilitate  workforce  skills   through  safety,  health,  environmental  and  workforce  development  training.    Ensuring  that  all  training   systems  and  program  development  is  consistent  and  current  with  applicable  government  and  owner   rules,  regulations,  and  industry  best  practices.   TVTC  is  a  full  service  safety,  health  and  environmental  training  facility,  offering  a  comprehensive  list  of   courses  to  assist  companies  comply  with  Plant  Owner  Rules,  local  and  state  safety  and  health   regulations  and  OSHA’s  regulations.    TVTC  courses  are  offered  through  a  multi-­‐media  lab  and  lecture   classes  with  a  professional  instructor.  Many  courses  have  a  “hands-­‐on’  training  exercise  component.     Successful  completion  of  the  courses  includes  the  trainee  passing  a  multi-­‐choice  exam.       Website:             Contact  Information:   Jonny  Bennett,  Executive  Director         256.260.0350           Donna  Witten,  Director  of  Operations         256.260.0355           Shayne  Hill,  Operations  Manager         256.260.0357           Billy  Laney,  Business  Development  Manager         256.350.9944     100  Safety  Way   Decatur,  AL  35601   Phone:  256.350.9944           Morgan  County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide     Program/Services:   • Training  Courses:  TVTC  offers  courses  at  three  different  levels  –  Awareness,  User  and   Advance.    The  following  courses  are  available;     -­‐Fire  Extinguisher  and  Fire  Watch     -­‐Control  of  Hazardous  Energy  (Lockout)     -­‐Elevated  Work     -­‐Fall  Protection     -­‐Scaffolding     -­‐Excavation  and  Trenching     -­‐Confines  Space  Entry     -­‐Powered  Industrial  Truck     -­‐First  Aid/AED/CPR     -­‐OSHA  10/30  Hour  for  General  Industry  and  Construction     -­‐Respiratory  Protection  and  Fit  Test     -­‐Hazwoper  Awareness  Training     -­‐NFPA  70E     -­‐Scissor  Lift/  Manlift   o

Industrial Safety  Orientation:  This  is  a  customized  orientation  encompassing  the  OSHA   regulations  for  a  specific  industry  group  and  the  companies’  safety  &  health  policies  and   procedures.   o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Anyone  working  in  the  industrial  or   contracting  business.    To  register  for  these  classes,  go  to  and  follow  the   registration  instruction.  The  costs  for  these  classes  are  listed  on  the  web  page.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  TVTC  can  develop  and  administer  the   orientation.    Companies  can  register  their  employees  through  our  web  page.    The  cost   of  the  orientation  varies  by  company.    

Basic Orientation  Plus  (BOP):    This  is  a  half-­‐day  program  (approximately  five  hours).     High  quality  instructors  guide  trainees  through  an  interactive  instructional  presentation.     All  students  test  in  the  multimedia  lab.    The  test  is  a  Fifty  (50)  question  comprehensive   written  test.    The  questions  cover  all  material  presented.    Tests  are  graded  and   reviewed.    A  minimum  score  of  eighty  (80)  is  required.       o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    Anyone  working  for  a  contracting  company   working  in  the  petro-­‐chemical  industry.    Most  industrial  plants  in  the  North  Alabama   require  anyone  working  within  their  facility  to  have  completed  the  BOP/BOPR.    TVTC   also  administers  the  site-­‐specific  orientation  for  each  industrial  site.    To  register  for   these  classes,  go  to  and  follow  the  registration  instruction.    The  costs  for   these  classes  are  listed  on  the  web  page.  

Basic Orientation  Plus  Refresher  (BOPR):  This  course  is  a  two-­‐hour  Basic   Orientation  Plus  refresher  that  is  taken  in  our  multimedia  lab.    The  training  is   computer  based,  interactive  instructional  units.    All  students  are  given  a  Fifty   (50)  question  comprehensive  written  test.  The  questions  cover  all  material   presented.    Tests  are  graded  and  reviewed.    A  minimum  score  of  eighty  (80)  is   required.  


Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?    ?:  Anyone  working  for  a  contracting   company  working  in  the  petro-­‐chemical  industry.    To  register  for  these  classes,  go  to  

Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide  and  follow  the  registration  instruction.    The  costs  for  these  classes  are   listed  on  the  web  page.  

Contractor Drug  &  Alcohol  Application  Program  (CDAAP):  This  program  was  established   to  meet  the  needs  of  owners  and  contractor  companies  to  provide  a  standardized   program  for  drug  and  alcohol  testing.   o Reduce  workplace  injuries,  construction  delays,  damage  to  equipment   and  costly  accidents   o Deter  substance  abuse  by  the  employees  of  the  contractors     o Reduce  the  cost  of  redundant  substance  testing   o Provide  a  method  to  allow  workers  with  substance  abuse  to  obtain  help   o Reciprocity  with  other  Safety  Councils   o  *Drug  use  in  the  workplace  costs  employers  over  $100  billion  annually.     o  *  65%  of  on-­‐the-­‐job  accidents  related  to  drugs  and  alcohol   o

Background Checks:    Background  checks  give  employers  critical  information  for  making   the  best  hiring  decisions.  Some  of  the  common  checks  include:  criminal  background   check,  motor  vehicle  record,  Patriot  Act  Search,  workers  compensation,  and  many  more   are  available.      Why  require  a  background  check:     o A  better  quality  of  contractor  workforce   o Less  turnover  of  contractors   o A  safer  workplace  by  avoiding  contractors  with  a  violent  history   o Already  required  by  many  industrial  facilities  to  enable  reciprocity   o The  employer  can  verify  background  screens  online  while  verifying   safety  training  records,  thus  eliminating  paper  trail  and  time  spent  filing   records.   o Most  employees  will  attend  safety  training  at  TVTC,  therefore  reducing   redundant  time  spent  traveling.  It  is  easy,  fast,  accurate,  and  available   right  from  our  website.     o

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  To  register  for  these  services,  go  to  and  follow  the  registration  instruction.    The  costs  for  these  services  are   listed  on  the  web  page.  

Who Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?:  To  register  for  these  services,  go  to  and  follow  the  registration  instruction.    The  costs  for  these  services  are   listed  on  the  web  page.  

National Craft  Assessment  and  Certification  Program:  This  program  offers  assessment   and  certification  for  the  construction,  maintenance,  and  pipeline  industries.    It   determines  individual’s  knowledge  or  skills  relative  to  a  specific  measurable  task  or   subject  area.  Assessments  are  administered  by  paper  and  pencil  or  online.  This  program   helps  companies  meet  business  demands,  maximize  training  dollars,  increase   productivity,  and  enhance  career  progression  among  other  things.   o Who  Qualifies  for  these  Services  or  Funds?  To  inquiry  about  the  cost  of  various   assessments  or  to  schedule  an  assessment  appointment,  contact  Debbie  Robinson  at  or  call  256.350.9944.  


Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

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Morgan County  Workforce  Development  Resource  Guide    

Additional Web  Resource  Links   Career  Pathway-­‐  Morgan  County’s  one-­‐stop-­‐shop  for  Career  and  Workforce  Development  Information       Listing  of  Hot  Jobs  in  our  area­‐jobs       Alabama  Job  Link     CareerOneStop   Career  Clusters   College  Access  Resources  for  Educators     Occupation  Handbook   O*NET  Online   ONET  Free  Online  Career  Exploration  Tools     Job  Corp   SAT,  AP  and  College  search  resources             ACT  website-­‐  includes  ACT,  Workkeys,  Explore  and  Plan  testing  information  which  is  being  used  by  all   Alabama  public  schools           High  school,  college  and  career  planning  tool             Career  search  tools  

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2013 Workforce Development Resource Guide  
2013 Workforce Development Resource Guide  

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