2020-2021 Impact Report

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WHAT DO WE STAND FOR? To answer in one word – HOPE. HOPE for a bright and healthy future for children with cancer. HOPE that their families receive the support that

We always say we couldn’t do this without you. And it is more true today than ever. With the uncertainty and hardship of COVID-19 we saw incredible resiliency and strength from our camps, they knew the show had to go on.

they need during a difficult time of

We could not do this work without the

their lives.

generous support of donors just like

HOPE that comes from being in the outdoors and making connections with others that know your journey, and say to you, “We’re in this together”.


you. You make this happen. You create HOPE for these kids. And for that we are forever grateful. Thanks for being a part of this.


What Do We Stand For?


Mission and Vision


Our Values


Message from the Chairman


Camp Innovation In Action

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Someday, cancer will be nothing more than a memory. Until that day, Care Camps is here to bring hope, healing, and happiness to kids with cancer and their families through the healing power of the outdoors.




Care Camps is a charity that helps kids

Through its charitable fundraising

with cancer find hope and healing in the

efforts, Care Camps will provide the

great outdoors through special oncology

necessary support to send kids with

camps. At camp, kids get all the medical

cancer to medically-supervised cancer

care they need, along with specialized

camps where they can have fun, build

counseling, and they do it all surrounded

awesome friendships, feel the joy that

by friends who know exactly what they

comes from camping and spending

are going through. At camp, kids can

time in nature, make memories that

forget about the chemo, the radiation,

will help them heal and ultimately

and all the hard stuff that comes with

return home feeling renewed and

cancer…and just be a kid again.

filled with Hope.


OUR VALUES ENSURING OPPORTUNITY Children with cancer face hardships few of us can even imagine. That’s why Care Camps is committed to giving every child who dreams of being in the outdoors and experiencing camp the chance to do just that; free of charge to their family.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Care Camps is dedicated to helping kids build lifelong relationships with other kids who understand exactly what they are going through and sending them to special medical oncology camps, by providing the funds and support these camps need to continue their efforts today and in the future.

WORKING TOGETHER We engage Campgrounds, the RV and Outdoor Industries, Foundations, and Friends to work together with us in our fundraising efforts to support medically supervised cancer camps. All that we do is focused on a single purpose: making dreams come true.

STEWARDSHIP The stewardship over the funds contributed to and raised by Care Camps is something we take very seriously. We operate in a fiscally conservative manner to ensure that the money entrusted to our care will have the greatest financial impact on the camps we support.



MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN In 2020 COVID stopped most people in their tracks, but not the Care Camps we support. During the year 135 camps provided programming to thousands of children and their families. The Camp Directors were very innovative and quickly adapted to new forms of programming to reach the kids. They developed virtual camps, did “Camp In A Box” packages, held online counseling sessions, and ran socially distant family retreats. These innovative programs allowed the camps to reach a larger audience as they brought fun to more children through “In Hospital” sessions for those too sick to attend camp in person. They were also able to cover a larger geographical area, even reaching international children, as bed numbers and traveling were no longer restrictions for participation. Many camps also expanded their programming to a more frequent basis to include yearround events, rather than just a week or two in the summer.

Kids were still able to do their favorite activities such as crafts, games, and getting messy. They participate in Singa-longs, Smores tastings, cooking lessons, and scavenger hunts, and even got to attend group campfires.

Although COVID was a challenge the camps stepped up and made the magic happen! At the same time, our very generous sponsors, partners, and friends also stepped up to help make camp possible. Their giving, during what is a very uncertain economic time, allowed us to raise $1.88 million, just shy of the $2 million goal. Our partnership with KOA Inc. continues to be strong and they remain our top donor directly providing more than $500k during the year. In addition, the KOA campground system and Howard Livingston and his fans made significant contributions. Forest River Inc. has become a major donor and advocate contributing to the cause. Old partnerships continued and new ones developed, as we expanded our reach to a national level through the RV, Camping, and Outdoor Industries, as well as numerous donors with a passion for helping kids with cancer. 2020 was challenging, emotional, and hard work. We are thankful to everyone who gave generously to help the kids. 2021 will continue to be a challenge as more and more children want to engage in camp programming and the costs to provide these experiences spirals upwards. We look forward to working with everyone to make more magic happen this year. Thank you for being a part of this.

Wade Elliott Chair of the Board, Care Camps



CAMP INNOVATION IN ACTION In 2020, camps all over the country have been met with new challenges to deliver safe camp experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The need for emotional support and connection for our campers is more important than ever before with seclusion and uncertainty taking their toll on our vulnerable kids. Innovative and virtual programs are filling that need. "Virtual Camp?" you may ask. Yes, indeed. Check out the great things our camps did in 2020!

ally i c o S ced n a t s di ily fam p! cam

Campin-aBox Rocks !

al u t r i V p cam n! u f s i 2020-2021 IMPACT REPORT


BRINGING CAMP TO THE CAMPERS "I love camp from home! It honestly has given our three children at home so much to look forward to! They signed up for something at least once every day of the week! It's so refreshing to see them interacting and just so positive about their zoom meetings and chats with the different counselors. I love how ecstatic and just happy they are when they go over their meetings with me and they tell me all about what they learned, who joined in or how funny it was. So THANK YOU! God bless you all for every single joy you guys bring to our lives". -Parent, Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON "Because of your generosity we were able to provide an Outrageous Courageous week of CAMP IN to our Camp Quality Illinois campers and their families. While nothing can ever replace our in person summer camp, this CAMP IN experience allowed us to gather virtually and provide a fun-filled week of at home activities to 142 children during these challenging and uncertain times. Thank you for the role you played in bringing camp to our Camp Quality Illinois campers and siblings." - Camp Quality Illinois

“We needed to find different ways to stay connected.... The world paused, but cancer did not. And neither did Camp Sunshine." - Sally Hale, Executive Director, Camp Sunshine



WE FEEL HUMAN AGAIN "Cancer scares the hell out of you. The uncertainty and the fear and the nasty feelings of dread... it's all the things that make us feel inhuman. However, when we have a moment, a weekend to enjoy camp, we are reminded of all the things that go right, all of the things that make us feel human again. Your support in whatever way you do, allows us to forget this disease that has caused us so much turmoil. Your support bolsters us and helps us fight another day. Thank you for everything." -The Hill Family, Family Camp

CAMP-IN-A-BOX "Camp is all about moments, and no virus could take that away from us... We spent countless hours throwing around crazy ideas trying to figure out how we take seven, 24 hour days of non-stop fun and put them into a 2' x 2' box. That "camp magic" took over and by the end of June, Camp In A Box was ready for action... To the ordinary person, that box held rope, popcorn, dominoes, paracord, and other random things, but our campers opened that same box and heard the laughter of team building, the encouragement from their favorite counselors, and even tasted goodies from the Kickin' Kitchen. I know it might sound crazy but if you ask me, Camp In A Box was the most successful Camp during my tenure at Camp Happy Days. Thanks to 2020 we were reminded that camp isn't about the place; it will always be about the people."

- Ian Riddle, Camp Happy Days Camp & Program Director




Howard Livingston is one of the best-

In addition to bonding over the love of

loved musicians of the Florida Keys,

some great island music, the Castaways

and he and the "Mile Marker 24 Band"

mission is to meet new people, make

bring "trop rock" fun to thousands of

new friends, and give back to the

folks every year, including his very

community by volunteering at local

own official "Friends Club", the

events, including Care Camps

Southernmost Coconut Castaways!

fundraisers! Their motto is "Serving community roles with Caribbean souls."

"A huge thank you to all the wonderful people who have given so generously to help the awesome kids at Care Camps. A special shout out to the Coconut Castaways and all our friends around the world for being part of this amazing cause. You rock!" - HOWARD LIVINGSTON

Our heartfelt thanks go to Howard and Cyndy Livingston & the Mile Marker 24 Band. Also, a huge thank you to The Southernmost Coconut Castaways, as well as Cindy Leone and the Venture Out Gang for their ongoing support of Care Camps and the kids we love! A very special thank you as well to Papa’s Pilar Rum, for sponsoring the Rumrita auctions during the year.



RV THERE YET? In a year that impacted so many financially, our partnership with Forest River provided over $250,000 in crucial funding to Care Camps! Forest River currently gives $1 for every RV, cargo trailer, pontoon boat, shuttle bus, and commercial truck they sell. Each vehicle is adorned with a colorful sticker featuring their Care Camps partnership proudly placed on the side, raising awareness and instilling pride in the company for both employees as well as the dealers who sell their products.

Forest River CEO Peter Liegl said, “I believe camping can be essential to your well-being, and we want to help create that experience for everyone — especially children who may not otherwise have the opportunity.” Forest River’s employees and leadership have been actively finding additional ways to support Care Camps. Rollin’ On TV and Forest River teamed up on a special fund-raising raffle of a Super NO BO travel trailer! We thank Forest River and all our partners who made this possible and helped customize this ‘SUPER NO BO’ into a ‘one-of-a-kind’ showpiece that will stand out anywhere, making the winner of this raffle one proud, happy camper! Due to the success of this initiative, a Super No Bo II will be raffled off in 2021 with the winner being announced at the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart, IN in Sept. “This gives [kids] an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the outdoors with their families,” said Darryl Searer, president of the RV/MH Hall of Fame. “And so it’s a great thing. It truly is a win-win.


13 11

MILESTONE MOMENT SEPI RAISES MORE THAN $500,000 FOR CARE CAMPS Over 25 years ago, a well-known and

campground each year that went above

respected vendor in the camping

and beyond for the Care Camps cause.

industry began supporting Care Camps. The legacy of faithful giving continues Each year, Southeast Publications

today under the new vision and

founder, Peter Warrick and Vice

leadership of Peter’s son and daughter,

President Wayne Morris spearheaded

Wally and Kim, current owners and

an incredible effort with their team

CEOs, along with Vice President Carlene

enabling thousands of kids with cancer

Morris and the entire team at SEPI.

to experience the transformational

Though the leadership has changed,

healing power of the outdoors.

their dedication to Care Camps has not

SEPI has also been an invaluable


partner for the charity by providing both financial support and In-Kind

It is with grateful hearts that we say

marketing services enabling us to share

“thank you” to Wally, Kim, Carlene, and

our mission to a broader audience.

the entire team at Southeast Publication for their incredible support of the Care

In gratitude for their incredible

Camps. You have changed the lives of

dedication, the annual Peter Warrick

so many children, and we are proud

Wayne Morris Award was created to

to have you as partners!

celebrate the efforts of one outstanding



WHY DONATE? The worst words a parent can hear: "Your child has cancer." Cancer can be devastating to a person at any age. During childhood it can be especially destructive for a child’s psychological growth and development. At a time when most children are deciding which sport to play, pediatric cancer patients have their lives disrupted as they are faced with harsh treatment methods such as chemo and radiation. At medically supervised camps, children expand their quality of life by spending time in the great outdoors with other kids who understand what they are going through- all while receiving the treatments they need.

Being sick or different involves a change in nearly every aspect of a child’s life. Children will experience changes in their relationships with other people and in their perceptions of themselves. Camp allows children with cancer the opportunity to be themselves, by allowing their focus to be off their disease and on meeting friends, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, and making crafts. By participating in enriching camp experiences, these children gain confidence in themselves and learn activities that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Because of donors like you, there is no cost to the child or family to attend.



ANNUAL GIVING Ambassadors ($500,000 to $999,999) KOA Kampgrounds of America Pioneers ($100,000-249,999) Forest River Inc. Pacesetters ($50,000-$99,999) Dometic Howard Livingston et al. Partners ($25,000-$49,999) AGS a division of Texas Advertising Gettysburg/Battlefield KOA Okeechobee KOA Savannah South KOA Southeast Publications Southernmost Coconut Castaways Southernmost Entertainment LLC The Sommers Company



Patrons ($15,000-$24,999) Cardinal KOA Charles & Margaret Burback Foundation Chautauqua Lake KOA Honesdale/Poconos KOA Amy & Robert Martin St. Petersburg/Medeira Beach KOA Tempest Technologies LLC Wheaton Precious Metals International Builders ($10,000-$14,999) Dragonfly Energy Lippert Components Inc Manchester KOA NBM Inc. Jim & Sandy Rogers Sibanye Stillwater Williamsport S/Nittany Mtn. KOA Winnebago Industries Foundation

ANNUAL GIVING Leaders ($5,000-$9,999) 1000 Islands/Ivy Lea KOA 1000 Islands/Mallorytown KOA Astoria/Seaside KOA Automarine, Inc. Cape May KOA Jerry Dale Dallas/Arlington KOA Daryl Vernatt Contracting, LLC Door County KOA Fancy Gap/Blue Ridge KOA Harry W & Jo-Ann D Wallace Fdn Independence Bank Industry E News Kansas City West/Lawrence KOA KEI Enterprises Kentucky Lake/Prizer Point KOA KLJ Solutions Holdings Company Lake Hartwell Campground LLC Lena KOA Jason & Darla Lippert Monroe County/Toledo N KOA Nashville KOA David & Michelle Olsen Philadelphia/West Chester KOA RDO Equipment Co. South Padre Island KOA Sweetwater/I-75/Exit 62 KOA Tengo Internet Tentmasters The Jump Pad Tucson/Lazydays KOA Uniontown KOA Utility Supply Group Wilcor International Williams/Circle Pine KOA



ANNUAL GIVING Benefactors ($1,000-$4,999) 5659928 Manitoba Ltd. Amazon Smile Foundation Andrea Arnold Asheville East KOA Asheville West KOA Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA Benevity Foundation David & Jane Berg Boston/Cape Cod KOA Boyer Park & Marina/Snake River KOA Robert & Madonna Brennan Jr Buena Vista KOA Buffalo KOA Burlington/Anacortes KOA Burlington RV Superstore Campspot Cananadaigua/Rochester KOA Cape Hatteras KOA Deborah Cartmell Charlottesville KOA Chicago Northwest KOA Chincoteque Island KOA Clynk to Give Coloma/St. Joseph KOA Jay L. Cooke Crane Fund for Widows & Children D. Gaeddert Real Estate, LLC Hanley Dawson Delaware Water Gap KOA John & Carol Downing Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA Wade Elliott Erie KOA Estate of Donald Taylor Flagstaff KOA Forsyth KOA Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA G & G Media Group, LLC GAD Enterprises Inc 16


Mike Gast Harrisonburg/Shenandoah KOA Hixton/Alma Center KOA Jacksonville N/St. Mary’s KOA Jennings KOA Charles King Diane & Scott King Rebecca Kirch KOA Inc. Employee Fundraisers KOA Owners Association Lake Livingston/Onalaska KOA Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn KOA Lisa Larkin Las Cruces KOA Las Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town Allen & Cindy Leone Howard & Cyndy Livingston Lookout Mtn/Chattanooga W KOA Louisville South KOA Lynden KOA Susan Marcoux Medina/Wildwood Lake KOA Mercer/Grove City KOA Milton/Madison SE KOA Missoula KOA Montana Canvas Inc Carlene Morris Mt. Lassen/Shingleton KOA James Murphy Naples KOA Newburgh/NYC North KOA Toby O’Rourke Orlando SE/Lake Whippoorwill KOA Orlando Southwest KOA Outdoorsy HQ Daniel Parent/ Karen McAndrew Paris Landing KOA Parry Sound KOA

ANNUAL GIVING Anita Peoples Perry KOA Philadelphia South/Clarksboro KOA Picacho/Tucson NW KOA Polywood Inc. Port Huron KOA Elisa & Robert Prato Raystown Lake/Saxton KOA Red Apple Campground Renfrew KOA Mindy Riggio Rock Island/Quad Cities KOA San Antonio KOA San Diego Metro KOA Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Chris Scheer Chris Scianna Shady Grove Campground Shadybrook Campground & Boat Rental Skowhegan/Kennebec Valley KOA Brett Siebenaler Spartanburg/Gaffney KOA

Spokane KOA Springfield KOA St. Louis West/Historic Route 66 KOA Steel Studs Motorcycle Campground Barry & CJ Stern Sturgeon Falls KOA Temecula/Vail Lake KOA Thompson/Grand River Valley KOA Thunder Bay KOA Kim Tietz Titusville/Kennedy Space Center KOA Toronto N/Cookstown KOA Townsend/Great Smokies KOA Travelers Rest/N. Grenville KOA Twin Mountain/Mt. Washington KOA Jane White Wilcox/Cochise KOA Williamsburg/Bush Gardens KOA Wilmington KOA Wisconsin Dell KOA Laurie Wisby



ANNUAL GIVING Supporters ($500-$999) Alamosa KOA Albany/Corvallis KOA Allentown KOA Anderson/Muncie KOA James Ashurst Association Island KOA Bear Lake/Marine Side KOA Bear Run Campground Billings, Montana KOA Dennis and Jennifer Bostedo, Jr. Borderline Trikers of Pennsylvania John Burke Butler/Mochican KOA Buttonwood Campground Christina Camp Chattanooga N/Cleveland KOA Cherokee/Great Smokies KOA Ryan Coffin Janet B Cole Cornwall KOA Cover/South Haven KOA Cripple Creek KOA Jill & Chris Currier Dayton KOA Denver West/Central City KOA Devil’s Tower/Black Hills KOA Russell Dorsten Ed Duncan Ellensburg KOA Ft. Myers/Pine Island KOA Glenwood Springs W/Colorado River KOA



Grand Canyon/Williams KOA Grose Morine KOA Hammondsport/Bath KOA Hinton Jasper KOA Hot Springs National Park KOA James Hudson Huntington/Fire Fox KOA LaFayette KOA Lake Conroe/Houston North KOA Rhonda Landis Lebanon/Bennett Spring KOA Lemolo Lake/Crater Lake North KOA Limon KOA Lincoln Woodstock KOA Livingston/Paradise Valley KOA Madison KOA Martin Masker Jennifer A Mercer New Bern KOA Niagara Falls NY KOA Niles & Nancy Noblitt Lee Oliver Olympic Peninsula/Port Angeles KOA Orlando/Kissimmee KOA Psyclone Tent Pigeon Forge KOA Pueblo South/Colorado City KOA Ethan Rafei Redmond/Central Oregon KOA Rotary Club of Barrie Huronia Salome KOA Salt Lake City KOA Santa Fe KOA

Santa Margarita KOA Seattle/Tacoma KOA Louise Shim Daniel Sigouin Springfield/Route 66 KOA St. Augustine Beach KOA St. George/Hurricane KOA Starke/Gainsville NE KOA Keith Stachurski Sugarloaf Key/Key West KOA Trinity Lake KOA Darin Uselman Virginia Beach KOA Randy Wagner Waldon/Newport KOA Watkins Glen/Corning KOA Weber-Stephen Products Westfield/Lake Erie KOA Gary Wilde Wendy Woodman Jimmy Wroda


ANNUAL GIVING Friends ($100-$499) Alamogordo/White Sands KOA Albuquerque Central KOA Albuquerque North KOA Kathy Allen Andover/Pymatuning Lake KOA Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Anonymous Mary Arlington Pamela Attardi Auburn Hills/Holly KOA Augusta/Gardiner KOA Austin East KOA Avila/Pismo Beach KOA Badlands KOA Bandon/Port Orford KOA Bar Harbor/Woodlands KOA Batesville KOA Bay Center KOA Bear Lake/Marineside KOA Benbow KOA Benson KOA Lorelle Bergeron Berkeley Springs WV KOA John & Debbie Bierbach Aaron Bills James & Rhonda Bingman Darin Bjornson Donna Leigh Bliss Blvd/Cleveland Nat. Forest KOA David Bower Marybeth Boyle Bradenton/Hunsader Farms KOA Branson KOA Walter & Jo-Ann Breissinger Stefan Brosick Brown County/Nashville KOA Buffalo River/I-40 KOA James & Karen Burchalewski Burford Homes Limited Scott Burkard Cannonville/Bryce Valley KOA Canton KOA Canton/East Sparta KOA Carlsbad KOA Carrolton KOA Cascade Locks/Portland KOA

Casper KOA Nunzio Cataldo Charleston KOA Charlotte/Fort Mills KOA Phil Chatlosh Chocorua KOA Clearwater/Lake Tarpon KOA Cloverdale/Hearldsburg KOA Cody KOA Cool Water Jewelry Mary Beth & Daniel Coon Earl & Linda Cooper Coleville/Walker KOA Colorado Springs KOA Cordele KOA Cortez/Mesa Verde KOA Coshocton KOA Craters of the Moon/Arco KOA Crawfordsville KOA Custer/Mt. Rushmore KOA Marcio Dealmeida Deer Park/New York City KOA Denver East/Strasburg KOA Des Moines West KOA Elizabeth DeRosa Frank Dugas Elk City/Clinton Lake KOA Anna Easy Kurt Eby Emmett KOA Estes Park KOA Eureka Springs KOA Thomas G Fader Fillmore KOA Fort Pierce/St. Lucie KOA Linda Frame-Ellis Freeport/Durham KOA Joshua Fugate Yvonne & Don Gagnon GCI, Inc Outdoor Katie Gill Suma Girish Terence Gooding Goodland KOA Grand Junction KOA Grans/Cibola Sands KOA Gravenhurst KOA

Green River KOA Gulf Shores/Pensacola W KOA Harpers Ferry KOA Andy Heck Connie & David Hill Dana Hodges Horse Cave KOA Kurt & Lori Hosteller Al Johnson Timothy Jones Joplin KOA Robert & Rachel Kaiser Kansas City East/Oakgrove KOA Robert Kaplan Richard Kelbaugh Craig Kirby Mark Koep La Junta KOA Lake Milton/Berlin Lake KOA Lake Oconee/Greensboro KOA Lakewood Community Church Las Vegas, New Mexico KOA Lava Hot Springs KOA Lava Hot Springs/City Center KOA Eric Lawrence Brian Lerg Lori & Gary Levesque Marcia Levine Littleton/Lisbon KOA Logan/Hocking Hills KOA Jason Lowe Lulu Shwarma & Grill Lumberton/I-95 KOA Judith MacBride King Madison/Pittsburgh SE KOA Mark & Michelle Maidment Anita Mangels Martinson’s Ranch Chocolates, LLC Louise Massart Dawn Maust Ron McNitt Andy Metroka Gary Mertz Mesa/Apache Junction KOA Conor Miller Milton/Gulf Pines KOA Minneapolis NW KOA



ANNUAL GIVING Mitchell KOA Moab KOA Curtis Moldenhauer Montpelier Creek KOA Brett Morrill John & Doreen Morrison Moss Landing KOA Mount Pleasant KOA Mount Shasta City KOA Mountain Vista Campground Thomas Mry Murphy/Peace Valley KOA Muskegon KOA Myrtle Beach KOA Mystic KOA Nashville East/Lebanon KOA Nashville RV Resort & Cabins National Tennis School of Ottawa Needles KOA Brenda Nejedlo Andrea Neumann Brian & Jenn Newell Newport/I-40/Smoky Mntns KOA Newport/Little Diamond KOA Newton KOA Niagara Falls ON KOA Oakdale KOA Oklahoma City East KOA Onawa/Blue Lake KOA Ottawa BlackjacksOuray KOA Ozark/Fort Rucker KOA Palm Springs/Joshua Tree KOA Panguitch KOA Papa Pilar Rum Donald & Marita Parker Pasco/Tri-Cities KOA John & Susan Peck Pamela Peery Marc Peterson Debra Pillizzi Pleasant Hills Campground Polly Products Polson/Flathead Lake KOA Port Lavaca/Matagorda Bay KOA Marc Prichard Pueblo KOA Stephanie Quinn



Todd & Maria Randle Twin Falls/Jerome KOA Rapid City SD KOA Unadilla/I-88/Oneonta KOA Red Lodge KOA United Way of Met. Dallas, Inc. Renfro Valley KOA Marion & Andy Van Dyke Reno KOA at Boomtown Vara Winery & Distillery Steve Riad Vernal/Dinosaurland KOA H Daniel Richards Visalia/Sequoia Natl Park KOA Richfield KOA W Palm Beach/Lion Safari KOA John Rinkel Ed Wilkins Rochester/Marion MN KOA Todd Wilkins Rock Springs KOA William or Victoria Weagley James Rogers Virginia Wilson Ross’s Your Independent Grocers Washington DC/Capitol KOA John Rossetti Karen Watts Royal Gorge/Canon City KOA West Glacier KOA Norman Rubin West Omaha/NE Lincoln KOA Russell Springs KOA WiFiRanger-A LinOra Company Rob Ruth Yankton/Missouri River KOA Salem/Lisbon Ohio KOA Salina KOA Care Camps received Sallisaw/Fort Smith KOA donations in loving memory Sanger/Denton North KOA of the following individuals: Santee/Santee Lakes KOA Kirk Dominque Amy Schmid Jame P Fugere Whitney Scott Terri Hatcher Seligman/Route 66 KOA Heidi Hartman Gary Shatzer Marvin Linde Shelby/Mansfield KOA Ralph Lortin Sheridan/Big Horn Mtn. KOA Dick Mankin Phil and LuRae Shreves Maurice (Moe) Massart Sr. Michael Shulman Judah Peoples Iris Shupe Teresa Sommers (2014) Silver City KOA Andrea Staves Sioux City North KOA Michael Valchuis Sioux Falls KOA Dean Valchuis So We Go Sams Dorothy Sorlie Starbucks/Lyons Ferry Marina KOA Starkville KOA Kelly Starr Steamboat Springs KOA Judy Stevens Strafford/Lake Winnipesaukee S KOA Violet Taylor Tennis Club of Venture Out Townsend/Canyon Ferry Lake KOA Irene Tweedle

ANNUAL GIVING Associations & Groups Foundations & Giving Funds Borderline Trikers of Pennsylvania Amazon Smile Foundation Howard Livingston Benevity Foundation & the Mile 24 Band Charles & Margaret Burback Fdn. KOA Inc.- Employee Fundraisers Chubb Charitable Foundation KOA Owners Association Clynk to Give Lakewood Community Church Crane Fund for Widows & Children National Tennis School of Ottawa Estate of Donald Taylor Ottawa Blackjacks Facebook Individual Fundraisers Papa Pilar Rum Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Pennsylvania Campground Harry W and Jo-Ann D Wallace Fdn. Owners Association Mobile Giving Foundation Rotary Club of Barrie Huronia Network for Good So We Go Sams Paypal Giving Fund Southernmost Coconut Castaways/ Schwab Charitable Glenda DeRudder, Pres. Southernmost Entertainment LLC Tennis Club of Venture Out United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc. Venture Out Gang & Cindy Leone

Campgrounds that donated $1 for every VKR Sold: 1000 Islands/Mallorytown KOA Baileytown KOA Cardinal KOA Chautaqua Lake KOA Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA Gettysburg/Battlefield KOA Honesdale Poconos KOA Skowhegan/Kennebec Valley KOA

THANKS TO KOA, 100% OF YOUR DONATIONS GO TO THE KIDS! The KOA Rewards program contributed $316k in 2020 for a cumulative total of $2.2 million. We are grateful to KOA Inc for this ongoing generous support. These funds are used to cover the cost of our administrative and fundraising expenses so 100% of your donations go to the kids and have a significant impact on their lives.



Year end donation from KOA Inc.

Raised by KOA-COP (Company Owned Properties)



Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association (PCOA) and the Pennsylvania KOAs





Raised by KEI Outdoors (The Bell Family)

Okeechobee KOA

Raised by RAC (Recreational Adventures Co)

Gettysburg KOA


CAMPS WE SUPPORT UNITED STATES ALABAMA Camp Rap-A-Hope Mobile, AL Smile-A-Mile Alexander City, AL ARIZONA Camp Rainbow Williams, AZ Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks Prescott, AZ Camp Sunrise Day Camp Prescott, AZ Candlelighters Family Camp Mt Lemmon, AZ ARKANSAS Camp Quality Arkansas Bald Knob, AR We Care Family Camp West Fork, AR CALIFORNIA Camp Independent Firefly Fawnskin, CA Camp Okizu Berry Creek, CA Camp Reach for the Sky Julian, CA Camp RMD for Good Times Mtn Center, CA Camp Sunshine Dreams Lakeshore, CA COLORADO Camp Courage Jamestown, CO Camp Wapiyapi Woodland Park, CO Nighthawk Ranch Guffey, CO DELAWARE Kay's Kamp Newark, DE FLORIDA Camp Boggy Creek Eustis, FL

GEORGIA Aurora Day Camp Atlanta, GA Camp Rainbow Lincolnton, GA Camp Sunshine Rutledge, GA Red Carpet Day Duluth, GA

LOUSIANA Camp Quality Louisiana Mer Rouge, LA Red Carpet Day New Orleans New Orleans, LA

IDAHO Camp Journey Post Falls, ID Camp Magical Moments Swan Valley, ID Camp Rainbow Gold Ketchum, ID

MARYLAND Camp Sunrise & SunSibs Annapolis, MD Horizon Day Camp Baltimore, MD

ILLINOIS Camp His Kids Waterloo, IL Camp Hope Hudson, IL Camp Kids Are Kids Chicago Chicago, IL Camp Quality Illinois Frankfort, IL TLC Camp Lombard, IL INDIANA Camp Little Red Door Martinsville, IN Camp Quality Kentuckiana Underwood, IN Camp Watcha-Wanna-Do Wolcottville, IN IOWA Camp Heart Connection Sibling Camp Boone, IA Camp Heart Connection Teen Camp Boone, IA

KANSAS Camp Hope & Camp SIBsational Claflin, KS Camp Quality Kansas Wichita, KS KENTUCKY Indian Summer Camp Perryville, KY The Center for Courageous Kids Scottsville, KY



MAINE Camp Sunshine Casco, ME

MASSACHUSETTS Camp Casco Yarmouth Port, MA Dream Day on Cape Cod Brewster, MA Rett's Roost Ogunquit, MA MICHIGAN Camp Casey Rothbury, MI Camp Catch-A-Rainbow Jackson, MI Camp Quality Michigan North Luther, MI Camp Quality Sibling Camp Lapeer, MI Camp Quality Michigan South Fenton, MI Camp Quality Teen Camp Beaver Island, MI Special Days Camps Montague, MI MINNESOTA Camp Quality Minnesota Zumbro Falls, MN Kamp KACE Lake Park, MN MISSOURI Camp Quality Central Missouri St. Clair, MO Camp Quality Kansas City Excelsior Springs, MO Camp Quality Missouri Missouri, MO Camp Quality NW Missouri Stewartsville, MO

Camp Quality Ozarks Neosho, MO Camp Rainbow Family Camp Potosi, MO Camp Rainbow Summer Camp Wildwood, MO Leaps of Love Family Getaways St. Charles, MO MONTANA Big Sky Kids Program Big Sky, MT Camp Mak-A-Dream Gold Creek, MT For One Another Family Camp Goldcreek, MT Stronger Together Family Camp Goldcreek, MT NEBRASKA Camp Quality Heartland Fremont, NE NEW JERSEY Camp Quality New Jersey Sandyston, NJ Happiness Is Camping Hardwick, NJ NEW MEXICO Camp Courageous Mayhill, NM Camp Enchantment Torreon, NM NEW YORK Camp Adventure Roscoe, NY Camp Good Days & Special Times Branchport, NY Camp Simcha Glen Spey, NY Saddle Rock Day Camp Middle Island, NY Sunrise Day Camp Long Island Wyandanch, NY Sunrise Day Camp Pearl River Orangeburg, NY Sunrise Day Camp Staten Island, NY

CAMPS WE SUPPORT NORTH CAROLINA Camp CARE Lake Lure, NC Camp Merry Times Hendersonville, NC Red Carpet Day Charlotte Charlotte, NC OHIO Camp Quality Ohio Butler, OH OKLAHOMA Camp Quality Oklahoma Adair, OK OREGON Camp Millennium Oakland, OR Camp Ukandu Gresham, OR PENNSYLVANIA Camp Can Do Lebanon, PA Camp Dost Millville, PA Camp Happy Times Tyler Hill, PA SOUTH CAROLINA Camp Courage Marietta, SC Camp Happy Days Summerton, SC Camp Kemo Honea Path, SC Camp Rachel Cleveland, SC Camp Rise Above Charleston, SC Camp Victory Cleveland, SC SOUTH DAKOTA Camp Bring It On Florence, SD Camp Quality Black Hills Whitewood, SD

TEXAS Camp CAMP Center Point, TX Camp Discovery Kerrville, TX Camp H-Town Houston, TX Camp iHope Plano, TX Camp Periwinkle Burton, TX Camp Quality Texas Huntsville, TX Camp Sanguinity Meridian, TX The Rainbow Connection Burton, TX VisionWorks Family Camp Woodcreek, TX


UTAH Camp Hobe Tooele, UT

NEWFOUNDLAND Camp Delight Holyrood, NF

VERMONT Camp Ta-Kum-Ta South Hero, VT VIRGINIA Camp Fantastic Front Royal, VA WASHINGTON Camp Goodtimes Deer Park WA Camp Sparkle Seattle, WA The Goodtimes Project Vashon Island, WA

ALBERTA Camp Kindle Water Valley, AB Camp Quality Alberta Bentley, AB BRITISH COLUMBIA Camp Goodtimes Loon Lake Maple Ridge, BC Camp Pringle Shawnigan Lake, BC MANITOBA Camp Quality Manitoba Whiteshell, MB Family Camp Goodtimes Sunny Beach, NB

NOVA SCOTIA Camp Goodtimes Aylesford, NS ONTARIO Camp Ooch Rosseau, ON Camp Quality E Ontario Lanark, ON Camp Quality New Heights Irondale, ON Camp Quality N Ontario Noelville, ON Camp Quality NW Ontario Thunder Bay, ON Camp Quality S Ontario Schomberg, ON Camp Trillium OuR Island Bloomfield, ON Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake Waterford, ON QUEBEC On the Tip of the Toes Fdn Chicoutimi, QC

"How do you smile at a time like this?" they asked. "Cancer can take many things from me, but I will never let it take my smile" I responded. - Camper at Camp Horizon

WISCONSIN Camp One Step Williams Bay, WI Joshua's Camp Eau Claire, WI

TENNESSEE Camp Eagle's Nest Townsend, TN Camp Horizon Kingston Springs, TN



SPECIAL INITIATIVES FOR THE LOVE OF KIDS AND CAMPING Tempest Technologies commissioned artist Joe Heins to create an original oil painting depicting a beautiful camping scene. The 2020 art poster prints and note cards are available for sale online at fortheloveofcamping.com, in KOA and independent campgrounds, RV dealerships, and other retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. 100% of the profits from the project will be donated to Care Camps. Contact: info@fortheloveofcamping.com

LEVEL 5 DEALER ROADSHOW Care Camps Hits the Road to Reach RV and Marine Dealers with host Level 5 Marketing’s Todd Wilkins, a Care Camps board member and avid supporter. As Todd travels he is building awareness and engaging the support of the dealers, their staff, and their customers in the Care Camps mission.

MEDIA AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION PARTNERSHIPS Care Camps is now recognized on a national level through news stories and our media partners. These partnerships continue to bring in new supporters, and spread the mission of Care Camps throughout the RV, Camping and Outdoor Industries.

ENGAGING NEW DONORS As the number of kids who need the healing power of the outdoors grows, so does our need for new partners! Care Camps is working hard to build partnerships with businesses in the camping and RV industry that benefit both the businesses and the kids.



GIFTS-IN-KIND In addition to the monetary gifts we receive, we also receive many generous donations of items and services. We are extremely grateful for this support, which helps us raise more money for the kids. In 2020 we received $49k worth of items, at no cost to the charity, which we auctioned off at the virtual convention event.

Auction items included: Luxury canvas tent < Tentmaster Luxury canvas tent < Montana Canvas Tent < Psyclone Tent Swivel glide recliner & theater seating < Lippert Inc. Lobster and Lodging Stay < Red Apple Campground 5-piece dining set <Polywood Jump Pad < THE JUMP PAD SEO Marketing Package < KOA Inc. Terramor Resort stay < KOA Inc Happy bear carving < Sweetwater KOA 2 cabin refresh packages < Great American Direct Smokefire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill < Weber Stephens Ultimate camping package < GCI Outdoors $2,000 gift certificate < Outdoorsy Amy Burkman canvas - Campfire <The Bell Family In addition, we received $44k in marketing, travel, and printing services from the following: SEPI Marketing Corp. National Business Media Inc AGS a division of Texas Advertising Independence Bank RV Industry E-News

We also received a significant amount of news coverage in 2020 that we cannot put a value on as it is priceless: Woodall’s Campground Management, RV News, RV Business, RV Pro, E-Campground News, Rollin’ On TV, and RV Lifestyle Tempest Technologies: In addition to the poster/note card program Tempest also hosts and manages the Care Camps website for us on a pro bono basis. Many other organizations and individuals gave generously of their time including the campground owners and staff, Brian Searl, Mark Koep, Clint Bell, and Mike Reid Production Management. We do apologize if we have missed anyone on our lists. We do try to track all gifts, however, sometimes we do not always hear about the wonderful things people are doing for us. We are no less grateful for what you have done and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




Corporations/Foundations 22% KOA Franchisees 18% KOA Rewards 17% KOA /COP /Livingston 14% Annual Giving 10.5% KOA Convention 7% KOA Big Weekend 4% Facebook/ GivingTuesday 3% Board Members 1% Interest/ Exchange 1% PPP Grants 1% In Memoriam 1% RV Car and Equipment .5%

2020 EXPENSES $1.14 MILLION Grants to Camp Programs 73% Development 16% (Covered by KR $) Admin 9% (Covered by KR $) Social Media 1% (Covered by KR $) Convention 1% (Covered by funds raised at event) *KR = KOA Rewards



2020 BY THE NUMBERS Care Camps is committed to providing every child who dreams of attending a medically supervised cancer camp the chance to do just that—free of charge to their families. It is because of you that this is possible.


Children & Family Members Served Every Year


Camps Supporting Every Community across the US and Canada

$18 MILLION Raised Since inception


Grants Distributed to help send kids to Camps

THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE OF YOU Thanks to your generosity - more kids will experience the healing power of the outdoors. They have the opportunity to just be a kid. To forget about hospitals, chemo, and being looked at as if they are different. To just be themselves - and not be defined by their cancer.




FROM THE VERY BEGINNING We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to KOA Inc, their staff, and their campgrounds. As our largest donor, they have been consistently supportive, extremely generous, and are an instrumental part of our success. From the KOA Rewards program to the Big Weekend and the KOA Convention they provide valuable dollars, as well as resources and staff, that allow us to raise a significant amount of money through their channels. In June 2014, KOA Inc made a commitment to donate a portion of the revenue from every KOA Rewards card sold. Since that time the company has donated $2.2 million through this program to ensure kids with cancer enjoy a fun-filled camping experience.

At KOA Inc. we all believe in the physical and mental health benefits of being in nature, and I can’t think of an organization more aligned with the values of our company than Care Camps. We are dedicated to ensuring that children with cancer continue to have these special places that allow them to thrive in the outdoors. -Toby O'Rourke, President and CEO



KOA COP PROPERTIES Erik Gothberg, VP-COP, Robyn Koromhas (Regional VP-COP East), Jill Currier (Regional VP-COP West), and the Managers and Staff of the KOA COP properties are some of our biggest supporters and even have competitions with each other to see who can raise the most money for the kids. They are passionate and engaged and are always prepared to go above and beyond for the success of the charity.

Albuquerque, NM

Las Vegas at Sam’s Town, NV

Philadelphia South, PA

Angola/Hogback Lake, IN

Louisville, KY

Pigeon Forge, TN

Bar Harbor/Oceanside, ME

Lumberton, NC

Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, CA

Boston, MA

Moab, UT

St. Petersburg/Madeira Beach, FL

Cape Hatteras, NC

Mystic, CT

South Padre Island, TX

Cherokee, NC

Naples/Marco Island, FL

Sugarloaf/Key West, FL

Dallas Metro, TX

Nashville, TN

Townsend, TN

Door County, WI

Niagara Falls, NY

Trinity Lake, CA

Fort Collins/Lakeside, CO

Niagara Falls, ON

Tucson/Lazydays, AZ

Houston/Lake Conroe, TX

Orlando/Kissimmee, FL

Virginia Beach, VA

Lake Placid, NY

Orlando Southwest, FL

We cannot thank KOA COP Properties enough for what they do. When traveling to these properties, please let the Managers and Staff know how much they are appreciated and thank them for their efforts on behalf of the kids and their families.



CARE CAMPS BIG WEEKEND GOES VIRTUAL Each year, hundreds of KOA campgrounds across the nation host in-person events and fundraisers at the beginning of May for KOA’s “Care Camps Big Weekend”. Unfortunately, the spring of 2020 brought us COVID, resulting in closures and restrictions that forced the cancellation of Care Camps' biggest fundraiser. That didn’t stop the fun though, as dozens of amazing volunteers came together to create a wonderful lineup of fun, interactive events for families looking to find some entertainment and adventure in their own backyards! Families participated in nearly twenty kid and family-friendly events and activities, including a live concert by Nashville Recording artist Stephanie Quayle, a family “bear hunt” scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, three different fireside storytimes, introductions to some animals you might meet while camping, kids campfire singalongs, an astronomy “star party,” a living-room fort building activity, kid-friendly yoga, and much more!



VIRTUAL KOA CONVENTION The 2020 KOA Convention went virtual! The online event and auction were still a huge success raising more than $127,000 to help send more kids with cancer to camp. Thank you to all our sponsors, partners, and donors who made this possible. A very special thank you to Clint Bell, Mike Reid & his team, and Lindsey Rowe Parker for making this event happen. Our gratitude to Howard Livingston and Stephanie Quayle for their performances and a special thank you to Amy Burkman for doing the speed painting of a campfire! Event Sponsors: KOA Inc. Independence Bank AGS- a division of Texas advertising Tengo Internet Utility Supply Group Wilcor International Inc. The Jump Pad Tent Masters



CARE CAMPS AWARDS 2020 WE CARE AWARD The We Care Award is presented to individuals or groups who go above and beyond for Care Camps, through their actions, consistent involvement in fundraising activities, and promotion of Care Camps either long term or in some very dramatic fashion. We were honored to present this year's We Care Award to The Bergeron Family of the Gettysburg/Battlefield KOA!

2020 WE CARE PARTNER AWARD We also recognized Forest River with the 2020 We Care Award for their dedication to supporting our kids. Through their steadfast commitment to donating for every RV, boat, and trailer sold, and the NO BO Raffle results, they became our secondlargest donor of the year.

2020 PETER WARRICK/ WAYNE MORRIS AWARD The KOA Owners Association created the award in 2013 in honor of Peter Warrick, Wayne Morris, and Southeast Publications, who have been generous supporters of Care Camps. The award is given in recognition of Achievement and Growth in Care Camps Participation and for outstanding effort in having the largest year over year increase in financial support to the Care Camps program for the entire KOA system. Congratulations to Debby and Tim Cartmell & her team at the Honesdale/Poconos KOA!



OVERCOMING CHALLENGES "Camp meant a great deal to me, it was always the thing I looked forward to the most in the summer. I met a lot of cool people who are my friends now. I got to do some really fun things like climb the rock wall, ride horses, go zip lining and ride the cowboy coaster. The rock wall was hard at first, but then I figured it out and met every challenge! Last Summer was my last year as a camper. I'm going to miss camp because I will miss seeing all the volunteers and campers. I can't wait until I get to come back and volunteer there. Thank you for inviting me to come to camp." Jack, Camper Camp Magical Moments



2021 BIG GOALS, BIG IMPACT Care Camps has set some big goals for 2021, because hitting big goals creates big impact for the kids we serve. Someday, cancer will be nothing more than a memory. Until that day, Care Camps is here to bring Hope, Healing and Happiness to kids with cancer and their families, through the healing power of the outdoors during a camp experience. Raise $2,221,000 to help thousands of kids with cancer experience the joy and healing power of the outdoors at camp, ensuring every child with cancer who wants to go to an oncology camp can participate at no cost to their family. Continue to build and grow new partnerships within the Camping, RV, and Outdoor Industry to be recognized as their charity of choice to help kids with cancer enjoy the outdoors. Find new ways to engage campgrounds across North America and encourage their participation in fundraising for Care Camps. Work with partners to create the next generation of outdoors and camping enthusiasts who understand the healing power of nature. Celebrate the amazing partnerships with existing supporters, helping provide them with positive PR opportunities and ways to engage their employees and customers in a great cause. Educate pediatric oncology communities to ensure parents are made aware of the camp opportunities available for their children. Continue to partner with COCA to ensure every camp we support utilizes the Gold Ribbon standards for children’s oncology camp Best Practices and work together to make sure every camp has the training and tools they need to enhance the quality of life for kids with cancer. Build national awareness for pediatric oncology camps and their dramatic positive impact on the lives of children with cancer and their families.



Cancer changes a child's life... So does camp.

"Cancer changes a child's life. So does Camp. Because of you, kids get the chance just to be kids, and families can access a community of strength and support when they need it the most--all at no cost to them. Thanks to you, kids and families affected by pediatric cancer can still experience the fun, friendship and community of camp- even during a pandemic. COVID can't stop camp- thanks to you." - Camp Ooch



WORKING TOGETHER In 2014 Care Camps entered into a strategic partnership with the Children’s Oncology Camping Association. The mission of the partnership is “To better serve children with cancer and facilitate a life-changing camp experience for those who wish to participate.” By partnering with Children’s Oncology Camping Association our hope is to expand awareness of both organizations, strengthen the quality of the oncology camps we support and


reach even more kids facing cancer.

Maximize Collaboration: Optimize combined expertise/resources to best serve kids at cancer camps. Fundraising: Implement major giving campaigns. Branding, Awareness, and Advocacy: Engage communities and businesses in brand recognition, promoting the alliance and working with agencies and stakeholders to ensure our shared mission is accomplished. Quality Assurance System for Pediatric Oncology Camps: Implement best practices through the ongoing development of the COCA Gold Ribbon program. Education and Research: Share and Promote use of Educational Resources.



WHAT IS THE GOLD RIBBON PROGRAM? Gold Ribbon Accreditation is an educational

The leaders are educated through webinars,

program intended to help COCA member

policy review and visits by a peer and medical

camp organizations identify policies and

professional during summer camp sessions

practices specific to their setting and

June-September. These visits ensure policies

population, that are documented and

and procedures are put into practice.

delivered in the course of providing a medically and emotionally safe pediatric

This best practice program relates to the safety

oncology camp experience.

and well-being of the campers that attend COCA camps. Some of the campers are

COCA recommends the camps use the

immuno-suppressed when attending summer

Suggested COCA Guidelines/Standards to

camp. A Camp that follows established policies

achieve Gold Ribbon Accreditation. This

and procedures can ensure the very best care

suggested camping industry best practice

for its campers.

program helps educate those leaders who provide the very best programs and services

Did you know? Upon a cancer diagnosis, the

to kids with cancer and their families.

whole family embarks on the cancer journey.


Programs for Camps for Siblings.

Multiple Family Camps and programs each year to serve the entire family.


Limited financial assistance to families.

Young Adult Programs and Retreats for survivors.

In Hospital camps to bring the joy of camping experience to children who are unable to travel due to health status.

Monthly activities to stay engaged with campers and families throughout the year.

Educational scholarships to patients pursuing higher education or vocational training after high school graduation.

Hospital Outreach Programs for their patients while they are inpatient receiving chemotherapy, procedures and surgery.








The Campgrounds are also able to give through

The Connect-A-Camp program is a

hosting events like respite weekends or camp

voluntary effort that links Campgrounds

planning meetings. They also host activities at

with an oncology camp in their area. The

the oncology camps like Arts & Crafts, Rocket

Campground has an opportunity to deliver

Launching, or campfires. The Camp Directors

the annual grant check to the camp. They

receive support and additional resources to

also have a chance to volunteer at the

improve their programs. They are also able to

oncology camps and experience time with

build a strong and lasting relationship with the

the kids, where they can see first hand the

Campground staff.

impact their contributions make to the lives of these special campers and their families.

For more details or to become involved please visit our website at carecamps.org.



FUNDRAISING MADE EASY! Everything you need to put on a fun, successful fundraiser at your campground or business is in the Care Camps "FUN-Raising Toolkit" online. View ideas, download the kit, and print! It's that simple. The best part? Not only will you help a child in need, but these fun activities will keep your guests entertained and coming back for years to come! It also helps your entire team feel like they are a part of something amazing, increasing employee job satisfaction and creating a fun workplace for all.

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE FUN-RAISING TOOLKIT AT CARECAMPS.ORG The Care Camps "FUN-Raising toolkit" contains everything you need for a variety of the most popular fundraisers. It includes: Step-by-Step instructions for a variety of events Editable PDF posters you can customize on Adobe & print Staff and volunteer training information Volunteer sign-up sheets to sign up your customers & staff Videos to show your guests about the cause & more!

Questions? Contact Jennifer Mercer jmercer@carecamps.org | 406-671-0447



2021 KOA BIG WEEKEND This year's Big Weekend event takes place on May 14 and 15, 2021, with guests paying for Friday night and receiving Saturday night for $20 plus tax. The Saturday night revenue benefits Care Camps and is paid through royalty remittances. To maximize the impact of this weekend, we encourage you to host fundraising activities on your site to help boost donations and enhance the campers’ experience. This is a great time for pancake breakfasts, icecream socials, silent auctions, raffles, spaghetti dinners, and more! See the toolkit for ideas!

DONATION BOXES One of the easiest ways to raise money is to place a Care Camps collection box on your counter beside your cash register and train your staff to ask each guest during check-in: “Would you like to join us and make a small donation to help send a child with cancer to camp?” Nearly every guest says yes, and it is an easy way to raise thousands of dollars for our Care Camps kids! If you do not have a donation box or need a replacement key please contact Karen at Karen@CareCamps.org or call 800-431-0513

DON'T FORGET TO SMILE! If you have not yet designated Care Camps as the beneficiary of your Amazon spending, this is one of the easiest ways to automatically give back with both your personal and campground purchases! Encourage your staff and customers to sign up as well: our combined purchases will make a HUGE difference! Just go to Smile.Amazon.com and select "Care Camps" as your beneficiary. After that, use the smile.amazon.com site or activate Amazon Smile in the Amazon App and all your purchases will trigger an automatic donation to Care Camps! (Note: Must use Amazon Smile site for purchases to qualify.) Amazon Smile is available for US residents only. Not available in Canada.



BELIEVING IN YOURSELF "...as a tiny five-year-old that had cancer, I was shy and scared." "Camp Magical Moments to me is and was always my second home. When I first got cancer and my mom told me, I thought I was never gonna have friends, never gonna be okay... When I got to camp all of that changed. I made friends and I was told I was gonna be okay, that I would make it. I did, and I will always be thankful for the staff and other campers that always helped me. I am now thirteen and I can't go back till I am able to become counselor. I will always be thankful for Ann and Faye, because as a tiny five year old that had cancer I was shy and scared. Both of them told me that all the other kids there were like me and had gone through close to the same thing as me. As a kid that has gone through it, I know what its like and I wish that no one has to or is going through it now." Alecia, Camper Camp Magical Moments



EASY WAYS TO DONATE Care Camp donors make great things happen. Care Camps is thankful for all the generous support we receive for the kids. To make it easier to give we have many different ways for you to make your contributions.

ONLINE DONATIONS Donate at www.carecamps.org

BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO CARE CAMPS US donations should be remitted to:

Canadian donations should be remitted to:

Independence Bank

Care Camps of Canada

PO Box 2090

609 Pittston Road

Havre, MT, 59501

Cardinal, ON. K0E 1E0

DO AN EASY FUNDRAISER FOR CARE CAMPS Whether you are a campground, an individual, or a business, you can do a fundraiser for Care Camps using our fabulous “FUN-Raising Toolkit”! It has everything you need to make it EASY to do a fundraiser to help kids with cancer and their families to experience the healing power of the outdoors!

VEHICLE AND EQUIPMENT DONATIONS Donate your used auto/RV/Trailer/Boat or equipment by calling Barry Stern 888-320-1414 or visiting our website.

CORPORATE DONORS, SPONSORSHIPS, CAUSE MARKETING AND EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAMS Partner with Care Camps as a corporate donor to provide more opportunities for kids to go to camp. To participate please contact Jennifer Mercer, Director of Development at jmercer@carecamps.org or 406-671-0447.

DONATE IN MEMORIAM Donate to honor a loved one at justgiving.com/carecamps







WHY PARTNER WITH CARE CAMPS? Businesses that effectively engage in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives not only do good for others, but it benefits their business. From proven increases in sales and profit margins to increased customer loyalty, improved employee engagement and retention, choosing a “feel good” cause like Care Camps will be a win for you, your customers, and the kids that Care Camps supports.

COMMUNITY IMPACT Care Camps supports kids in every single community across the US and Canada, including those where your teams and customers live and work.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT & RETENTION Getting your employees involved in supporting a shared cause can increase employee job satisfaction up to 13 times, increase workforce retention by up to 50%, and make it easier to recruit new employees.

POSITIVE PR INCREASES SALES & BRAND LOYALTY Consumers feel good when they see they are supporting a company that gives back. 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one they see supports a good cause, and 66% say they will pay more for a product from a company with a positive social impact. That’s why it is so important for you to market your CSR effectively!

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION FOR ALL KIDS Cancer doesn’t discriminate, so neither do we. Care Camps helps a tremendously diverse group of kids so that every child has the chance to experience the healing power of the outdoors!

INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION OF NATURE LOVERS Through making camping memories, you'll build a foundation for future camping and outdoor enthusiasts.



CARE CAMPS LEADERSHIP Board of Directors Wade Elliott, Chair Poulsbo, WA wbelliott@msn.com Mike Atkinson, Vice-Chair Havre, MT mikeawgkoa@gmail.com Anita Perry, Secretary Chautauqua Lake KOA Dewittville, NY camping@chautauqualakekoa.com Carleen Morris, Treasurer Southeast Publications Deerfield Beach, FL cmorris@sepub.com Jay Cooke, Legal Counsel Troy, MI jaylcooke@gmail.com Debby Cartmell Honesdale/Pocono KOA debbylcartmell@gmail.com Jason Hershberger Forest River Inc. Elkhart, IN jhershbergr@forestriverinc.com Rebecca Kirch Washington, DC Rakirch12@gmail.com



Support Team Mark Lemoine Coloma/St Joseph KOA Riverside, MI

Karen McAndrew, Executive Director Cardinal KOA Cardinal, ON karen@carecamps.org

Susan Marcoux 1000 Islands/Mallorytown KOA Mallorytown, ON Slmarcoux666@gmail.com

Jennifer Mercer, Director of Development Care Camps Billings, MT jmercer@carecamps.org


Barry Stern Lake Hartwell KOA Stuart, FL bestern@att.net Todd Wilkins Level 5 Marketing Fontana, WI twilkins@level5advertising.com

Representatives Brandi Simpson KOA Representative, KOA Inc Billings, MT bsimpson@koa.net Kathy Allen, KOA OA Representative Sweetwater/I-75/Exit 62 KOA Sweetwater, TN Allen.kathryn2@gmail.com Matt Ruttler, COCA Representative The Valerie Fund Kearny, NJ mruttler@thevaleriefund.org

Care Camps of Canada: Susan Marcoux, Chair 1000 Islands/Mallorytown KOA Mallorytown, ON marcoux666@gmail.com Aaron Raposa, Treasurer Barrie KOA Springwater, ON aaron@barriekoa.com

CARE CAMPS COUNCIL Jerry Dale Manchester KOA Jdkoa12@gmail.com

Diane King Springfield, MO threekingsmo@yahoo.com

Mike Gast Imi ola Group Kailua-Kona, HI Mike.imiolagroup@gmail.com

Robyn Koromhas KOA COP Regional VP -East Davenport, FL rkoromhas@gmail.com

Sherman Goldenberg RV Business (Woodall’s) Elkhart, IN sgoldenberg@rvbusiness.com

Fred Kuhn Warrenton, VA, Kuhn.fred@gmail.com

Angela Hayes Brodeur Partners Providence Forge, VA ahayes@brodeur.com Rob Jackson Wave Express Goshen, IN rob@waverv.com

Toby O’Rourke KOA Kampgrounds of America Billings, MT torourke@koa.net Laura Petee Stevensville, MI laura.petee@yahoo.com Shawn Peterson Tempest Technologies Helena, MT shawn@tempesttech.com

Lin MacMaster Renton, WA Jim Rogers linda.macmaster@providence.org Reno, Nevada jrogersreno@gmail.com Jennifer Olendorf Mason Point South KOA Terry Shade Yamessee, SC KOA Kampgrounds of America pskoa14@gmail.com Billings, MT, tshade@koa.net Wendy Woodman Sugarloaf/Key West KOA Summerland Key, FL wwoodman@koa.net





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