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What to Ex p e c t for Yo u r Chi ld ’s Po r t r a i t S e s s i on w i th L auren Ma g g i

Preparing for Your Session What to Wear Tips Bring Extras We know how kids can be, they will find anything and everything to get into and make a mess! One explosive diaper can make a session a stressful situation when it doesn’t need to be. So make sure you have extra clothes!

Mix Solids and Patterns Do a combination of solids and patterns, but try to avoid having too many patterns, or having all the same pattern. This goes for if we are photographing more than one child.

Start With One Piece and Work Around it

Pick a Color Palette

Pick one piece of the outfit or an accesory and then work everything else around that. Working one at a time makes this part less stressful and helps outfits be more cohesive.

Having a palette of 3-5 colors can help you narrow down the outfit chouces. Mix and match the colors through out so that everyone’s outfit ties in to another’s if we are photographing more than one child.

Avoid Neon Colors and Ball Caps

Make Sure They are Comfortable

When someone is wearing a neon or extremely bright color, it reflects onto that person, and those around them. And ball cap style hats can cause very dark shadows on the face.

If a little one is uncomfortable in an outfit, it can cause tantrums and grumpy faces. When they are comfortable, and even love what they are wearing, it will make the session go smoother

Make Sure You Are in the Right Mindset This one can be really hard! But when you are getting little ones ready for a session, keeping things relaxed will make sure the session goes nice and smooth. It can be hard with a grumpy toddler who doesn’t want their photo taken, or a baby who really doesn’t want to put their pants on. Planning ahead by making sure all clothes are ready and you have plenty of time to get ready will help!

Don’t be Afraid to Bribe the Kids!

Whether you use candy, a favorite toy, or a promised trip for ice cream after, this is a time that bribery will work very well for your kids! Or your husband!

Arrive Early

Give yourself plenty of time to leave and get to the location. We all know that anything can happen, and one explosive diaper can make you run behind!

Just Relax! I want your kids to have fun at the session! Be goofy with the kids, make funny faces at them, don’t worry about them smiling straight at the camera. I will make sure to get those photos of them looking ahead for grandma’s fridge, but I promise you will love the ones of your child being themselves the most. If the toddler is throwing a fit, go with it! We will make it work! Trust me to make sure your photos look great, and you just focus on enjoying the moment.

What To Expect During The Session I usually start with the simple poses and let them get used to the camera. Don’t worry if these ones don’t turn out or they don’t have a real smile yet, just think of these as a warm up! We’ll get all of the posed photos done first, this way we make sure we keep the kids attention! Then we get to the fun ones. I usually will step back and let your kids do their own thing and capture them in their own element. This is when I get the genuine smiles and their real personality. This is also gives the kids a chance to do their own thing! Silly faces and tickling is completely acceptable during this part! If there is anything specific you want to try that I don’t usually do, please just let me know! All I ask is that you trust me!

Receiving Your Photos After I finish editing your photos, I will upload them to an online gallery. Once they complete uploading, I will send you an email, like the one to the left, with a link to your gallery. Make sure to read the accompanying email as it will have instructions and helpful tips for your gallery, as well as a few reminders. Your gallery will look a bit like the gallery to the right. It is where you can view, download individual photos or all the photos, share the entire album or individual photos, as well as purchase prints and canvases!

Paying for Your Session When I first email you your contract and questionnaire, at the end you will have paid the invoice either by credit card, or by clicking “mail a check.” To pay for the remainder of the session, you may access that same email, or I will be sending you another email shortly before your session. You may pay in advance, or if you would like to pay by check or cash at the time of your session, simply click the “mail a check” option again. If you have any questions regarding payment, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Ordering Photos While you are more than welcome to print at other places, I highly suggest printing from the lab connected to your gallery. In your gallery, each photo will have a shopping cart icon, or there is a “Buy All” button at the top. When you click the icon, a menu will pop up on the side with the different printing options, and you can pay right from the gallery as well. Then they will be shipped straight to you! If there is a product you don’t see that you have in mind, please just send me a message!

Leave a Review If you love your photos as much as I do, a review will mean the world to me! I love being able to see clients feedback and it also helps future clients! You can leave a review on Facebook or on Google. If there is anything that I can do to help make the experience better, please feel free to send me an email. I am always looking for ways to make your session be an exciting time for everyone!

T h a n k Yo u !

Every client is special to me and I look forward to every session! It means the world to me that you have trusted me to take your family portraits. Just know that by hiring me, you are helping me support my family and follow my dreams. I truly don’t think of this as a job, and I go into every session planning on making new friends. So thank you for welcoming me into your family if just for a little while. I hope this guide helps you be more prepared for your session and covered any questions you might have.

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What to Expect-Child Session  

What to Expect-Child Session