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MARCH 2019


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Thank you to our project partners

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Seng Girls Vocational Training School


from the CEO







Supporters. How quickly another year passes since our last annual update. This marks now the 11th year of support for the girls school - a program that has directly touched the lives of over 280 girls since we began with Dockpo and his team. As you will read in this update, many of these girls now find themselves moving into a position of true independence. It’s been a long, and oftentimes hard road for all of them - but they are doing it. Much of this thanks to the work of dedicated teachers and project team headed up by Dockpo, but also thanks to the long and consistent support by you - our readers and supporters. I was again privileged to visit the program in May of last year. What is still fresh in my mind are the faces of girls who now have their chance at schooling thanks to this program. The reasons vary as to why these girls are not in school in their home locations, however, what sits behind almost every story are always issues of poverty and/or prejudice. Amazing progress has been made on the poverty side of the equation in rural Qinghai which is great news - and, it is resulting in our partners seeing a progressive decrease in the number of rural based girls who are missing out on school. This is great news. But for many, the issue of family prejudice still exists even when the financial capacity improves to do something about it. This still results in a girl who will miss out. A highlight for me this year has been seeing and hearing more stories of girls transitioning into independence. The results are sometimes quite different to what we imagined - some good, some not quite to plan. However, the outcome is the same based on our original objective: to see at-risk, impoverished girls who, without intervention, had a tough and potentially unsafe road ahead of them. A road based requiring them to be fully dependent on others. That has now changed. The girls we now see leaving the program are independent and earning money through jobs of their own choosing. And, although some will make choices different to what we think are best for them like any young adult leaving home, the key point is that they now have “real choices” - the ability to chart their own futures. This is what it’s all about for us. Thanks again for your continual support of this program through so many years.

Andrew Colquhoun CEO & Co-Founder Captivating International

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Dockpo (SGVT


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Principal’s w der), Andrew,

Grade 1

Grade 2 Grade 3

Grade 4 Grade 5

Grade 6 5

Sisters For Life

4 Primary School Graduates The Seng Girls Vocational Training School runs classes for grades 1 through to 6. Many of the girls have not had the opportunity to go to school.

Left to ri

ght – Ka

lsang, T

Congratulations to Kalsang, Thanzen, Dezom and Khadro who



and Kha


completed their primary school studies in July 2018. Each of these girls has been able to continue their studies with a middle school in Beijing. They are enjoying the opportunity to continue their education. We wish these 4 girls all the very best as they follow their dreams. Thank you to their sponsors for supporting them through their early years of schooling.

Kalsang joined the school in 2013. She has made life long friends over the past 5 years and has a love of clothes and design.

“My dream is to become a seamstress when I grow up, to open a tailor shop of my own and make all kinds of clothes. I am a person who likes to wear a variety of clothes. Different clothes can present different kinds of me. I want to design a lot of beautiful clothes. Junior high school curriculum is much

Kalsang in 2013

more complicated than the elementary school curriculum but no matter how hard it is, I am prepared to stick to it!” Kalsang in 2018 on graduation day

Thank you Rebecca for sponsoring Kalsang.

Khadro came to the school in 2013 and has studied hard over the past 5 years and is fascinated with languages.

“I like English. I think my English teacher is amazing because she can learn foreign languages so well. I hope I can become an English teacher to stand in a classroom and hold an English book in my hand to teach students. I believe that knowledge can change my future. I want go to college and get equipped to be an excellent teacher.”

Khadro in 2013

Thank you to Gary and Shenzhen College of International Khadro in 2018 on graduation day


Education for sponsoring Khadro.

Thanzen joined the school in 2014. She is a smart girl and over the past 4 years, has grown into a very talented young lady.

“I’ve learned Chinese, Tibetan, Mathematics, English, Computer and sports in past years here at Seng Girls School. My Tibetan writing is improvement and I can write a high level article. I am enjoying junior high school, I will continue to study hard!”

Thanzen in 2014

Thank you Virlane and Jason & Whalen Compliance Team for sponsoring Thanzen

Thanzen in 2018 on graduation day Dezom came to the school in 2015. She is a quiet girl but has a strength of character that helps her persist with things she struggles with.

Dezom in 2015

“I was particularly nervous when I was typing for the first time. I felt my hands shaking. We chose one Chinese story to enter into the computer. It could be completed over several classes. Practicing typing is a very interesting thing.”

“My character is introvert. When my classmates get together to play games, I like reading books and do homework by myself. My dream is to go to college. This is my family’s expectation for me and my own dream. I want to cheer for my dream!” Thank you to Peter & Whalen QE Employees for giving Dezom the gift of education. Dezom in 2018 on graduation day

My Qinghai Trip I am Vivian and I’m the Communications and Event coordinator for Captivating in Shenzhen, China. In June 2018, I had the opportunity to visit the Seng Girls Vocational Training School and personally meet the girls and the staff who invest into these young lives.

June is summer time for almost all of China, but up on the Qinghai Plateau (4,533 meters above sea level), it was snowing. I have rarely stayed anywhere in under 0 degrees. I was surprised to know that it can be cold for around 7-8 months of the year and that it can get as low as -34oC (-29oF). I have a lot of admiration for the girls who live in this cold climate.

I met the school principal. He and his wife are good people. I was very impressed with them. The principal is very strict and has high expectations of the girls. He teaches them to be on time to classes, work hard in their studies, practice good hygiene and eat good food. He also works closely with the teachers. The principal’s wife is a house-mom to all of the girls. The school seems to work smoothly and everyone is happy under their leadership.

Serr Tso is the Administration person and a graduate of SGVTS some years ago. She is back at the school and loves being part of the Seng Girls family. She spent time with our Captivating office administration team and works with Francine in our Shenzhen office on all the sponsorship updates and photos. During my short time at the school, I was able to teach Serr Tso some tips to grow her photography skills. I love taking photos and the scenery up in the mountains was beautiful. We went around the school and I just fell in love with the buildings and the girls.

I have seem many photos and read many stories about the Seng Girls Vocational Training School but now it will always be part of my heart.

Vivian (right) with Serr Tso (left)

From a timid little girl to a high-school graduate Pema joined the school in 2008 where she immediately showed her excitement to learn. Her family was very poor because her grandfather gambled away all their livestock. For Pema, schooling was not an option. Thanks to sponsorship through the Seng Girls Vocational Training School, Pema studied hard, graduated primary school and in 2012, was able to continue her education through middle school and high-school.

“I graduated high-school in 2018 and celebrated my years of study. I started working in a Shenzhen restaurant the same year and enjoy earning a regular salary. It is a good opportunity to improve my communications skills every day as I talk with customers. During my work breaks, I plan to study English and hope to find a job as a translator in the future closer to my hometown.� Thank you to David & Adele and Dennielle for sponsoring Pema through her schooling years. You have changed her world.

Learning the fine art of Thangka Painting. Thank you Bruce for sponsoring Phama Tso.

Teacher Dawa In August 2017, I went to Seng Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS) for my internship. This place is very familiar to me because I used to go to school here as a little girl. I graduated grade 6 in 2015 and then continued my education at a Vocational school in Guangdong Province where I studied English, supported by Captivating, Project Eden. Everything has changed since I was here last. But I loved my experience teaching the little girls.

I graduated last year and now I’m part of the SGVTS family again, but as an English Teacher. I am so excited to be able to give back to girls who are in the same circumstances as I was. I know the opportunities and empowerment that education brings girls. My whole life has changed.

I teach English and Tibetan, sometimes five lessons a day, sometimes eight lessons. The girls are shy but very helpful and love learning. I like this job more and more. I will work hard here and accumulate experience. This school is like home to me. I grew up here, and I like it very much.

Dawa, pictured right, next to Andrew, CEO of Captivating with the grade 1 students at SGVTS

I am very happy, and finally have the ability to support myself. I am especially grateful to my sponsors for their help. I will continue to work hard to do everything well. I’ll continue to improve my teaching skills.

Thank you to Tennelle & Felix and Deborah & Anders for sponsoring Dawa. Because of your support, she is now able to give back to young girls, help them receive a good education and inspire them to dream big and make the most out of every opportunity.

Thanks to their sponsors, these grade 6 girls will graduate primary school in July 2019

The Seng Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS) program started in 2005. In 2009 Captivating International partnered with LOVEQTRA – a locally registered organization who established SGVTS to bring hope to girls desperate for help. 280 girls have benefited from this program since then.

Girls who finish their primary education at SGVTS are then provided further education or vocational school opportunities dependent on age, abilities or funding.

Following are 4 young ladies who’s dreams have just come true. You’ll want to keep reading.

Dandur Tso comes from a family of 8 people. The family was in poverty and were not able to provide for their children. Dandur was accepted into the Seng Girls Vocational Training School in 2007. After six years of primary education, she was supported through a Medical school where she discovered her love of medicine. She is currently completing her internship in a hospital and will graduate in July 2019.

“In the past few years, the knowledge I have learned I can finally use it. The internship is to transform the knowledge I have learned in school into reality. I am a little excited and also a little nervous. When I graduate soon, am excited Dandur Tso in 2007

to become a useful person and help those who are sick.” Our thanks to KONG and Rebecca & Whalen Asian Sales & Financial Analytics Team for sponsoring Dandur Tso through her medical training.

Dandur T so in 201



Amu and her younger sister Chungpo grew up in a family constantly on the run. Their father was a bandit and had been in and out of prison. The two girls were dropped off at their 80-year old grandfather’s place who was too poor to take care of them. The girl’s old grandfather brought them to the Seng Girls home in 2007 where they started 1st grade. When they finished primary school at SGVTS the sisters went to a medical vocational school.

Amu majored in medicine. Her dream was to be a good doctor and in particular, to be able to help those who live in the remote areas.


and C


po in


“In these years of study, I have mastered a lot of medical knowledge. I am very grateful to each of my teachers for cultivating my heart. My graduation is coming. Time really flies. The medical school arranged me to go to a Tibetan hospital for my internship. It was a very large hospital. The doctor was very nice to all the patients. I heard that the medical equipment of the hospital was also very advanced. I never thought that I could have an internship in this large hospital and become a staff member here. I am honored that the school can arrange me to practice in this hospital, and I will do my best to complete my own practice. Our internship time is from September 2018 to July 2019. After the internship, we return to school to receive the diploma”. Our thanks to Jordan and Gayle for sponsoring Amu through her studies. We know you are so proud of her.

Chungpo majored in nursing and enjoyed her internship in the hospital. Her dream is to work as a nurse to be able to support herself. “In the months of my internship, I earnestly fulfilled the duties of a nurse. I worked hard in my nursing

work. I never gave up learning theoretical knowledge and clinical knowledge, I have always used theoretical knowledge to connect with practice. My daily job was to make the beds in the morning, then I would do morning care (oral care, blood pressure, blood sugar...) I also realized how hard it is to be a nurse and to see the pain in the patients. I learned that in order to be a good nurse you must have a good attitude.” Thank you to Patricia and Tom & Jackie for supporting Chungpo through her studies. We are all so proud of her achievements.


po in 20

d Chung

Amu an


Developing computer skills


Into the Workforce Written by Kalsang – English is her 3rd language My name is Kalsang. There are 5 people in my family and I am the youngest daughter of my parents. Although we had enough food to eat and our bodies were healthy, sometime I felt very sad that I was not able to go to school. We were very poor and I had to drop school after I finished grade 2. Not long after that, I was introduced to the Seng Girls School. From then on, I had 2 families. I loved my school family. Sometimes I missed my parents but I knew that education was an opportunity for me to one day, be able to help my family.

After graduating from primary school, I moved to start middle and high school in Dongguan to continue my studies. Staying at Project Eden, I felt very fortunate and happy when I met new people in the school. In high school, we could look for a part-time job, earn some money, and subsidize living expenses during the winter vacation. We were also able to broaden our horizons, accumulate work experience, and gradually learn to be independent.

After graduating from senior high school, I began to look for a job. In Shenzhen, at times I feel somewhat uncomfortable because life in this busy place is very different. However, I like to challenge myself. I never gave up although I encountered difficulties.

Now I am working as an office clerk for a company who provide packaging design solutions for customers. My duty is to check receipts in order to ensure customers’ receipts and products are correct. At the beginning, I felt that the work was very hard. After a few weeks, I felt that my job is becoming easier. I cherish this job very much. Although, my job is not to use English, I am able to communicate with co-workers who are from foreign countries for the sake of enhancing my English language level. Our company’s atmosphere is good. My supervisor takes care of me and will give me opportunities to improve myself. I am confident in my future. Thank you for helping to support me, for giving me the chance to go to school and be able to live my life. Although my parents do not live with me, I feel secure because I can meet my parents once a year and now I am able to support my parents.

Thank you to Denise and Rosanna for believing in Kalsang and sponsoring her through her education. Thank you to GPA Global for hiring Kalsang and giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

I Love Teaching Dance Chodzin lived with her mother and stepfather. Her stepfather didn’t want her and her step siblings were abusive and threatening to her. Chodzin’s mother had grave concerns for her safety. Chodzin


zin in


came to the Seng Girls Vocational Training School in 2008 where she started her schooling in grade 1. In 2015, she graduated primary school and joined Captivating’s Project Eden to continue her studies through the Dongguan Electronics and Technology School where she majored in preschool education.

“In December 2018, I started my internship at a Dance Art Training Centre where I worked hard to teach basic dancing to students aged between 4-8 years. I enjoyed teaching different dance styles to the young children. I am about to start teaching Chinese dance to 10-18 year old students. My supervisor saw my skills and even asked me to teach her how to dance.” Chodzin will complete her internship and graduate in June 2019. She also came second in a Manderin Exam and at the end of 2019 will take her final exam for her Teacher’s Qualification Certificate. “I was an illiterate and unskilled little girl

who has grown into an educated and independent young lady. Thank you to my sponsors, Gary & Shenzhen College of International Education Team, for helping make all this happen for me.”

Chodzin’s accomplishments in dance can be seen by her many awards and certificates

Chodzin with some of her dance students

“I was an illiterate and unskilled little girl who has grown into an educated and independent young lady.“

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