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How to promote your

STOP the Traffick 5k Event 1. Register at a. Find a local park. b. Choose a date and time between September 2-10, 2017

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c. Choose a Team Name d. During your personal registration you will be able to select the option to create a team and be a group leader. This team name will be listed on the registration page so your friends can select and join your team. Remember to tell your friends the name of your team so they can join.

2. Invite everyone

We suggest June is a good time to do this. a. Email / Facebook message everyone on your list. Here is a sample of what you could send; This year, I’ve decided to do something really cool and take a stand against the injustice of human trafficking. I would love you to join my team. It is estimated 20,000 people – predominately women – will be trafficked out of Nepal this year. Once a young girl is stolen, it is almost always a death sentence only preceded by forced prostitution, gang rape, enslavement, and harvesting of organs. The few that do escape have to deal with the emotional scars, the STD’s, and the shame that it brings to their family. I know it is easier not to think about such horrible things but, thanks to Captivating International, people like us can help make a difference without having to think about or see these difficult things everyday. The money raised from STOP the TRAFFICK 5k will help support Captivating’s partners in Nepal (3 Angels Nepal & Tiny Hands International) I know you are probably bombarded with charitable opportunities, so if you are not maxed out yet, please consider registering (AUD$8 plus a donation of your choice) and join my team, (team name) , and walk/run on (date) at (location) . To register, click the link below. Register Now Please feel free to email or call me to learn more about what I am doing.

b. Attach the flyer with your event details on and make sure you have the correct link for registration.

3. Follow up your contacts. Don’t be

surprised if people are initially excited about your event however are slow at following through with registering. Here are some ideas to help. a. 1 ½ months from the event day, resend your email to those who haven’t responded. b. Nothing beats a personal invitation such as face-to-face or a phone call. c. 2 weeks from your event, you might like to contact those who haven’t responded yet. This is also a good time to message those who have joined your team and keep them motivated.

4. Event day. Your event day has arrived!

Here are some ideas to help your day run smoothly. a. Try to theme your day red. You could ask everyone to wear something red. b. You could print a banner. The file is included in the original email from Captivating and can be printed at your own cost. This is a great way for each participant to put their mark on the event. c. Remember to take photos that are fun and everyone is included. Upload to our Facebook page to share with the rest of the world. We would love to see faces from all over the globe. d. You might like to include a picnic lunch or maybe brunch after your event.

If you are feeling ambitious, you might like to try some of these additional ideas. 1. Include the event in your email signature - STOP the Traffick 5k - Your team name - The date, time, and place of your event - The link to the registration page -

2. Create a Facebook Event 3. Mention it in your voicemail - “You’ve reached John Smith, local race director for STOP the Traffick 5k on September 3rd in Middletown. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” (example only)

4. SET GOALS - US$100 / AU$130 intercepts one girl As a group, decide on how many girls you will help and recruit as many people as possible to join your team.

5. WHO TO RALLY TOGETHER MOTHERS GROUP – If you are part of a mothers group, this would be the perfect opportunity to put on the walking shoes, grab the prams and walk together while uniting to save daughters of Nepal. Wear red and dress your children in red as we bring the attention to the tragedy that human trafficking brings.

YOUTH GROUP – If you are part of a youth group, this is the perfect opportunity to get out in your community and create awareness of the huge number of young women and girls [most likely your age] who fall victim to human trafficking each year by wearing red.

SCHOOL COMMUNITY – This is the perfect opportunity to include physical activity while bringing awareness to the plight of girls in Nepal and the dangers of human trafficking across the globe. Encourage each student to wear red and run 5kms to help save a girl.

CHURCH COMMUNITY – This is the perfect opportunity to engage the whole church to make a real difference to the world. There are girls in Nepal who feel they are forgotten by the world – let’s remind them that they are not forgotten.

NEIGHBORS – When neighborhoods rally together, great things happen. Promote your STOP the Traffick 5k event in your neighborhood, wear red, fill your local park with people and be part of changing a whole community of Nepali women and girls.

WORKPLACES – This is the perfect way to create workplace with a mission. Get your colleagues involved, wear red and step outside of the office. Your fellow women in Nepal need your help.

How to promote your stt5k