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All about the girl 2018

Vocational School Scholarship My First Job Program Update

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Message from the CEO


Project Overview


Ready for their final step


Internship in Design and Surveying


Nursing Internship


Back in School


New Beginnings



My Dream is to become a doctor

Sponsor a Girl


Precious Moments


Training Makes the Difference


Lumotar’s Life Changing Oppotunity


Dream’s Really Do Come True


Shamo’s Story


The Start of Something New



Changing the future of women

Meet the Shamtse Team


Meet the Captivating Sponsorship Team


Vocational School Scholarship & My First Job Program Update

Implementing Partner

Project Partners


Captivating Sponsorship Family


Message from the CEO Welcome to our 2nd Annual “All About The Girl” update - an overview of two of our premier China based programs (1) the Vocational School Scholarships (VSS), and (2) My First Job (MFJ). As always, we are so thankful to all of you who are reading this report, for your willingness to join hands together with us to make all of what you read possible.

“Together, we’re bringing hope and a future to each of these girls left behind.” As I reflect on the past 12 months, several highlights stand out: Our Program is Expanding: since September 2017, we are aiming to add a further 103 girls to these two programs, taking our total number of girls to 281 - an expansion of 60% on last year. Graduating Girls are securing jobs: Of the 40 girls who started the MFJ program this past year, 33 graduated from their vocational studies. Of these 33 girls, 23 secured and retained paid employment following their internships. This is a 70% net success rate. 10 of the girls were unable to start employment due to family or personal circumstances requiring them to remain at home. We remain in contact with these girls in the hope that when they are able, we can help them secure employment. Our Support Base is expanding: A girl cannot start in either of these programs until we have successfully secured a sponsor for her. We have continued throughout the year to have new families and companies join with us to make this possible. Again, we can’t thank you enough. Each one of you is a critical piece of the solution, and you are changing a girl’s life in dramatic ways.


It was such a thrill for me to join with our Qinghai registered implementing partner, Shamtse Charity, visiting several of our program sites in May 2018. As one of the privileged few who has the opportunity to read the individual stories and “thank-you” letters from all the girls in these programs, nothing beats the thrill of meeting them in person. Three things struck me most about this visit: (1) The pure excitement these girls have about this opportunity. This truly is a “dream come true” for them and one they want to make the most of; (2) Their genuine gratitude. Do this type of work for long enough and you quickly realize that genuine gratitude is not always the case and can be quickly replaced by feelings of entitlement. Not so with these girls - it was heartfelt thanks all around; and (3) How wonderful our on-the-ground project partners and vocational teachers are. This is not just a job. These girls quickly become family it seems. I was touched by this especially. But there was a new spring to my step on this particular visit in May. My road trip immediately followed preliminary discussions with a wonderful company called ZURU - a foreign (New Zealand) owned company who have operated in Shenzhen China for over a decade. They were looking for more ways to give back, and lucky for Captivating, our paths crossed. Being particularly interested in programs bringing about sustainable change in the lives of those most in need, they were immediately drawn to the VSS and MFJ programs. I am thrilled to report that ZURU is not only a new long-term partner with Captivating in our work in China, but that they now “underwrite” our VSS/MFJ programs agreeing to fund 50% of the total yearly budget now and into the future. This ensures our ability to continue our plans for ongoing expansion - we’re thrilled. Great to have you with us in this work Anna, Hannah, Irene and the whole team at ZURU. Your support, combined with our existing individual and company sponsors, means we can now double our efforts. Thank you to everyone reading this update. You are likely reading it because you sponsor a girl’s education, or you engage your school, company or organization to do so. Together, we are changing lives and creating the opportunity of more vibrant tomorrows for every young woman and her family in this program. You are a critical piece of this special solution. Let’s keep it going. Regards

Andrew Colquhoun Captivating CEO


Project Overview IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GIRL The numbers 2016




Vocational School Scholarship Program (3 Year Program) Class of Sept 2016


Class of Sept 2017


47 78% of original class still in the program



Class of Sept 2018

103 our estimate TOTAL




The impact # of girls who graduated NOT YET COMPLETED # of girl employed




% of girls in jobs




MY FIRST JOB Program (6 Month Program) 10


# of girls who graduated



# of girl employed







Started MFJ training

60 our estimate

The impact

% of graduates now with jobs TOTAL GIRLS HELPED IN THE YEAR


Narrative: Total girls in the programs this year have increased by 111 (67%). No girls have graduated from the VSS 3 year program yet, but we are excited that 47 girls from our first year intake (2016) have just started their final year internships. We specifically look for girls who have already dropped from school. Both programs are challenging for some girls with catch-up giving them high-stress, and/or family issues to deal with. So realistically, we are aiming to see 70% or more girls graduate from either program. 7 girls (17%) didn’t complete the 2017 MFJ program, and of those that graduated, 10 have been unable to find employment (27%). Reasons vary, but most common was girls wanting or being requested to return home to care for aging parents or for their own children. Many stating they were appreciative of the training, that they felt more confident, and that they hope to gain employment at a later time. Our partner, Shamtse, will keep in contact with them to help when the time is right. 6


47 girls have now completed their second year back in school through the Captivating Vocational School Scholarship Program. 1 year to go, then graduation. Having started their Vocational Program in 2016, these girls are ready to take their next step and begin their internships. Starting in June 2018, because of the amazing support of our project partner Shamtse Charity and the incredible support of our Captivating Sponsorship Family, these 47 girls will commence their final year with an internship excelling in their specific subjects and growing her practical skills, ready for graduation.


Internship in Design and Surveying Drugmo started her internship in mid July 2018 and she is doing very well. “I am very happy for getting the chance to study design and survey. I am enjoying my internship especially because I can work at my county town and meet my mother almost every week. It has been a nervous experience coming to this company for the first time. Everything around me is very unfamiliar. But all my concerns and worries are not needed as the leaders of the company and the team I am with is very supportive and kind to me. They are willing to help me whenever I feel nervous about using the equipment. I am encouraged every morning and I truly appreciate all these amazing people. I am getting used to the work and daily routines here and I find myself improving a lot. This internship is giving me a great opportunity to put the knowledge that I have learnt at school into practice and I fully agree that practice is crucially needed no matter how well you do on things at school. I am confident for a great future for both myself and my family through schooling now. Thank you so much for giving me such a great chance to fulfill my own dreams and help my family. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.� Drugmo is filled with confidence and bright smiles as she remembers where she has come from and what now lies ahead of her. Thank you to SWIS and Judith for sponsoring Drugmo and giving her this wonderful opportunity in the vocation of Design and Surveying.


Nursing Internship “My name is Dejyidtso and because of your help, I was able to go back to school and study nursing in 2016. I have always wanted to be a nurse and help people and now my dream is coming true. “I have just started my internship at a local hospital and I really like my job. The hospital has a well-managed process for transitioning from studying into working. The hospital has given me responsibilities here that I frankly thought I would struggle to understand. I was worried that I wouldn’t be a good nurse but things are going very smoothly. I am so happy to prove that I remember the things I have studied. The other nurses and my supervisor are always encouraging to me and commenting on how quickly I am improving. “This is the life that I have been dreaming about for years and I never thought my dream would come true. I know that I would have no chance without your support over the past 2 years. I am always grateful for your support and trust. Thank you!” Thank you to QSI and Anne for sponsoring Dejyidtso through her studies. You have changed her world.

What can we possibly say about ZURU TOYS that would be adequate in just a few sentences. Starting July 2018, ZURU began funding 50% of the total budget of our Vocational School Scholarship Program, and MY FIRST JOB programs in in China - bringing hope to over 300 girls a year. ZURU are a world famous family business with origins all the way back to NZ. With offices all over the world, ZURU have their manufacturing base in Shenzhen China and for that reason were passionate about looking for a way to give back to China. Our special thanks to Anna Mowbray and family, Hannah Leeming, and Irene He Yizhen for their support.


BACK IN SCHOOL 75 beautiful girls began the Vocational School Scholarship in September 2017. 71 have now completed their first year back in school thanks to the incredible support of the Captivating Sponsorship Family. The girls are well into their schooling journey studying various subjects with the partnership of eight government approved vocational schools where they also get tuition subsidies to help bridge the financial gap. With the skills and knowledge they gain from this 3 year program they will have the chance to get into their very first job. Some of the subjects the girls are majoring in are: Medicine | Nursing | Computer | Preschool Education | Pharmacist Road Safety Officer | Language Study


NEW BEGINNINGS A huge group of 103 girls are estimated to start their Vocational School Scholarship program in September 2018. All of these girls had already dropped from school before hearing about this program. Now they are all smiles. Each of these 103 girls will now have a dream of being educated with the opportunity to secure a good job and financially support their future.

e c b o m o t e s i a doctor m a e r d y M “My name is Lhamo and I come from a rural village in Qinghai Province. I have a lovely family and my parents are nice people. I loved school life and was so dedicated to my learning. Although I was not the top student at school, I knew that schooling could provide me a wonderful life. Unfortunately,

my mother got very sick and my father had to take care of her while supporting me at school and my elder brother at the local monestary. As my mother’s health condition got worse we have had to spend a lot on medical expenses. However, she did not get better and our family condition has gotten worse as my father could not go out to work anymore. I did not go back to school after I graduated from grade 7 at middle school in 2016. I was so sad that I had to leave school. My dream is to go back to school and become a doctor. I am 17 years old and I know I can help my family if I had good education”



Education is the most POWERFUL

which you can use to change the WORLD. -Nelson Mandela


What difference does your sponsorship give a girl? Prior to our support, your girl will likely be living in an impoverished family. She will not be in school. Her typical day will be working to support her guardians (whether her parents and who are often unable to work, or relatives if her parents are no longer there for her). Education Education is the key to opening the future for your girl. Thanks to you, she will be back in school and able to make choices for her future. She will start to dream of becoming for example, a nurse, teacher, seamstress, computer technician or chef. Your support includes tuition, boarding, food and travel costs as often she is coming from very remote and nomadic areas. First Job The final step in our support of your girl is seeing her transition safely and positively into her first job. She will be mentored on important life skills such as self-confidence, budgeting and time-management - skills that will help her secure a great start to her new life of independence.

You can give the gift of education and a future of independence to a girl from US$40 month. Email or go to our website where you will find more girls who are waiting for your help.


Precious Moments It is one thing to see photos and read stories of our sponsored girls, but it is another thing to meet them, laugh and have the opportunity to take their photos. I had the privilege of meeting some of the Vocational School Scholarship girls recently. I couldn’t help thinking about how these beautiful girls are studying so hard, and against all odds are fulfilling their dreams. At first, they were very nervous in front of my camera, it seemed like they didn’t know how beautiful they are. After gathering the girls around me to show them the photos, they became happy and relaxed – we became friends. I was able to enjoy lunch with some of the girls. One of them is studying graphic design, which is something that I have also studied. These girls are just like me! They all have dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, accountants and graphic designers with their biggest dream to be able to change the course of the future for themselves and their families. These precious moments will remain with me forever. I’m so proud to be part of Captivating, an organisation whose mission is to help girls reach their full potential. I know how much it means to these girls and I have seen their grateful hearts.

Vivian Vivian Yuan Captivating China Events Coordinator and Graphic Designer



13 young women have recently completed their training in the My First Job Assistant Chef program. Each has completed 4 months of training and an internship over two months. 10 of these women have now successfully secured their very own jobs and they are making great progress in their assistant chef careers settling throughout the regions of Qinghai Province. The success of these young women has given inspiration and motivation to the new women about to start the training. This is helping to solidify a great reputation in communities for the My First Job program.


Lumotar’s life changing opportunity Lumotar completed the My First Job program in July 2017. One year on, she can’t believe the transformation in her life. “It has been a great pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in the My First Job Assistant Chef program. I have learnt a lot during the program not only the skills of cooking well, but also communicating with others. I have never been to school so I found it challenging to remember all the names of the menu items that we were learning to cook. The more time we all spent together, practicing and testing each other, the easier it became. The 13 of us were able to complete the program.” “I am currently the main chef at a little kitchen. The owner found that I am the best cook in the restaurant. The customers enjoy my food and always give me compliments on my cooking skills. At first I was nervous because I have never worked in such a professional environment before but I am now full of confidence that I have my very first long term, stable job. I am so happy with my life now and I could not believe this all happened to me. Without your support I would not have had this life changing opportunity.” Thank you to Gabriela and Dex for sponsoring Lumotar through her Assistant Chef training. You have given her the opportunity for her life and a future of independence.

Dreams really do come true After completing the My First Job Assistant Chef program, Lhamotso is now working at a local restaurant and is loving getting a regular income. She is in charge of the kitchen there and has earned the great trust of the owner because of both her cooking skills and her daily management capacity. She is learning a lot about how to run a restaurant and is hoping to open her own restaurant in about five years’ time. In the meanwhile, Lhamotso is saving her money for her future. We are confident she will do well to fulfill her next dream to have her own restaurant. Thank you to Gislene and Zuru for sponsoring Lhamotso and helping her dreams come true. 16

Thanks to the fantastic support of the Li & Fung Foundation, 19 young women completed the My First Job Home Services Program in November 2017. The core-learning units of this program were; Post Natal Mother and Baby Care, Aged Care and Professional Home Cleaning Service. 13 of these women are now employed full time. Shamo shares her story about how her life has changed because of this project.

Shamo’s New Life My name is Shamo. With gratitude and excitement, in 2017 I became a student of the My First Job Home Services training program. After more than four months of training, the other students and I participated in internships. Because of the things I learned, with the help of Shamtse (project implementer) I was able to look for a good job and was excited to get a stable income. The size of the hotel I work in is small. My job is waitressing and cleaning. I like my work and I work very well. My family is very grateful that I am now able to help support them. My mother is very happy. Not long ago, I was named an excellent employee of the year. My employers and colleagues rated me very high. Therefore, my boss took me and another excellent employee to the Beiyue Temple in Henan Province. It was my first time to travel. We both felt very happy. I still enjoy my work in the local hotel and I am grateful my employer and co-workers take care of me. Finally, thank you for my sponsor and loving people. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to change my life. I will remember your kindness. I am very grateful. In order to reciprocate your support, I will work hard. Thank you to Li & Fung Foundation for giving the opportunity for Shamo to become an independent young lady who is experiencing a whole new life.


The start of something new 60 new young women will be participating in My First Job Program over two locations in Qinghai Province beginning in August 2018. The women of the first group will come from agricultural farming villages. The second group of women will come from nomadic areas of Western Qinghai Province. Because of this amazing tailor made program, the My First Job Assistant Chef training will provide 60 more young women a brand new life.

Changing the future of women Drugmo is the eldest of four daughters in an agricultural farming family from a rural village in Qinghai. She has never been to school because her family is too poor. Her mother was shunned because she could not produce a son. The inequality Drugmo has encountered through out her life has driven her to want to break through the barriers and become an independent woman who has a set of skills that will help her be able to support herself and not have to rely on others. She is a great role model in her community and is very excited to start the My First Job Assistant Chef training. She is determined to do her very best. There are other women in her community who are in the same situation as her so when Drugmo has completed her training, she has committed to help other women learn skills and become strong, independent women.



Meet the Shamtse Team The work of SHAMTSE, a small Qinghai, China registered charity, is amazing. Officially formed and registered in 2015, SHAMTSE is focused on projects bringing hope and a future to children who, without help, will fall through the cracks. SHAMTSE means “good charity” in English, and to emphasizes the importance of full accountability and transparency. It also means putting in place solutions that solve problems, rather than purely aid. We believe they are doing this and we are very happy to be partnering with them.

Bason Lhamo (Carrie), our Project Manager in Qinghai, has implemented projects engaging in capacity building, education, health care and income generation over several years. Functioning as Captivating’s Western China Project Manager, Carrie is our key representative with village leaders and local officials. Carrie is the director of SHAMTSE and coordinates the My First Job Program.

Cai Ji (Sophia), is the Project Coordinator for the Vocational School Scholarship Project (VSS). She collects information from the girls and verifies the accuracy of the information. She also helps each girl apply to the Government Vocational Schools. Sophie is a huge help to Carrie and is instrumental to the successful growth of the life changing VSS project.

Hang Jian Tso is the assistant accountant and helps Carrie with many of Shamtse’s and Captivating’s combined projects. She helps Shamtse meet the audit requirements of local government and Captivating International. Hang Jian Tso writes reports on projects and manages the daily office administration work.


Meet the Captivating Sponsorship Team Francine Zhang is our sponsorship coordinator and works with enthusiasm and passion to drive our sponsorship projects. She works diligently to keep all our sponsors up to date with communications – gathering materials, photos and writing update stories to share.

Eva Huang is our sponsorship assistant. Her focus is working with Francine to translate letters from our sponsored girls into English and communicating stories and updates when necessary. She also assists in our many fundraising events in China.

You are a great team and we are grateful for all your hard work.


YOU CAN BECOME INVOLVED T ODAY QUESTIONS ABOUT SPONSORSHIP contact DONATE to this project through our website and receive tax deductible receipts for Australian, Hong Kong and US donations. SPEAK UP and spread the word about this project to your family, friends, and business networks.

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