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WorkIntegrated Education 2016

From Learning to Impactful Learning in WIE Placements


CONTENT Welcome Messages Message from the President Message from the Interim Dean of Students Message from the Director of Careers and Placement Services

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Work-Integrated Education (WIE) About the Work-Integrated Education Quick Facts about WIE

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Students’ Stories & Employers’ Feedback Accounting, Banking and Finance Building, Construction and Property Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Hospitality, Leisure and Travel Information Technology Logistics, Transportation and Consumer Goods Marketing, Advertising, Design and Media Public Service and Charity

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New Locations’ Highlights Jinan (Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE Programme) Macedonia (IAESTE) Italy (HKETO – Internship Scheme for Hong Kong Students in Europe) The U.S. (HKETO – Internship in the United States for University Students of Hong Kong) Taiwan (Taiwan WIE Programme)

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Coordinators’ Feedback Beijing Coordinator Nanjing Coordinator Shanghai Coordinator

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About the WIE Ambassador Progamme About the Programme WIE Mentor List (2016/17)

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About CAPS


Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was the first tertiary institution in Hong Kong to have incorporated a mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component into the undergraduate curriculum. This pioneering initiative was introduced in 2005 to enhance the all-round development and professional competence of our students facing an ever-changing and increasingly competitive business environment. Our University will mark its 80th Anniversary in 2017. Building on its proud legacy and steered by the vision to excel in partnership for the betterment of Hong Kong, the nation and the world, our students can now practise their WIE learning in 29 countries and 10 locations on the Chinese mainland. In 2015/16, 1,166 students benefited from this initiative in a wide array of industries and sectors. This booklet showcases not only their eventful experiences but also how the University fulfils its promise for education - “Opening Minds • Shaping the Future”. We are committed to equipping our students with professional skills and knowledge, as well as a broader and deeper understanding of the world, with a view to nurturing them to become competent talents who will contribute to the development of our society.

Timothy W. Tong, Ph.D. President The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

MESSAGE FROM THE INTERIM DEAN OF STUDENTS Over the past eight decades, PolyU has put emphasis on practical training and application-oriented education in order to meet the needs of society. We are proud to be the first university in Hong Kong to incorporate Work-Integrated Education (WIE) into a mandatory component of the curriculum, nurturing professional competence in all-round students. In the summer of 2016, an approximate of 1,200 students participated in various offshore WIE programmes. These WIE opportunities cover a wide range of industries, such as business sector, the Government, social welfare and educational organisations. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the support from our industrial partners. PolyU will celebrate its 80th Anniversary in this year. To uphold the motto “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”, we are committed to offering valuable opportunities for students to experience a real-world working environment in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and overseas. I hope you enjoy reading these students’ stories which play an essential role in the student life to enhance their employability and prepare themselves better for future challenges.

Prof. Esmond Mok Interim Dean of Students The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF CAREERS AND PLACEMENT SERVICES Since its inception in 2012, the Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS) have provided over 4,500 offshore Work-Integrated Education (WIE) opportunities in diverse industries. Given the ever-changing employment landscape, students are expected to be adaptive to work environments soon after they graduate. Through WIE, students apply the knowledge they have acquired to the workplace with impacts and values to employers while CAPS have been providing extensive services to students to equip them to be work-ready. We offered over 1,000 sessions of career advising and mock interviews to students in 2015/16. Highlighting the essence of “impactful learning”, WIE has extended not only its geographical locations to 29 countries and 10 locations on the Chinese mainland but also sectional placements. Five sectors listed in this book have recorded a double-figure growth in the number of offshore placements while the sectors of “Marketing, Advertising, Design and Media” has skyrocketed with 220% growth in this year. The achievement of WIE is a collective effort. I am pleased to present this book which showcases our students’ accomplishments and positive feedback from employers. I look forward to the continuing support from you in the expansion of the WIE Programme.

Melina Lai (Ms) Director of Careers and Placement Services The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

ABOUT THE WORK-INTEGRATED EDUCATION Upholding the motto, “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”, PolyU puts emphasis on practical training and connecting classroom theory with workplace applications in order to meet the needs of society. All students in our undergraduate degree programmes are required to complete a mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component as a part of the curricular requirement since 2005. WIE is a work-based learning experience through internship that takes place in a real life work environment which is relevant to the student’s chosen profession. CAPS assist students in fulfilling WIE requirements through offering summer internship opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and from around the world. To encourage students to take on a meaningful offshore WIE placement which may not be remunerated, students can apply for Offshore WIE Sponsorship to cover part of the costs incurred such as passage, accommodation, and travel insurance.

Pre-WIE Training

29 sessions 1,471 students


About Pre-WIE Training To help students get prepared for WIE internships, CAPS offer Pre-WIE training and Pre-departure training sessions.

Total 38 sessions 1,877 students (12% compared with 2014/15)

Pre-departure Training

9 sessions 406 students

Pre-WIE Training To help students make the best use of their internship experience. Topics covered: • Understanding WIE • Transitions from School to Work

• Expectations from Employers • Financial Support

Pre-Departure Training To help students learn about precautions to take when travelling abroad. Topics covered: • • • • •

Preparation for Travel Outbound Travel Tips and Advice Handling Cultural Differences Offshore WIE Sponsorship (OWS) WIE Kick-off Ceremony

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16



2016 WIE Offshore Placements by Sectors

16% 16%

Germany Canada

6% 6% 32% 32%

The United Kingdom

11% 11% 8% 8% 16% 16%

6% 6%

5% 5%

Poland Scotland

The United States Ireland Spain

Total: Approx.1,200 students Accounting, Banking and Finance

Information Technology

Building, Construction and Property

Logistics, Transportation and Consumer Goods

Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing


Marketing, Advertising, Design and Media

Hospitality, Leisure and Travel

Public Service and Charity

2016 WIE Offshore Placements by Faculties 7%




Italy SD Up 70%



8% 25%

SHTM Up 107%


(Compared with 2014/15)

Total: Approx. 1,200 students


Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Business

Faculty of Construction & Environment

Faculty of Engineering

School of Design

Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles

School of Hotel & Tourism Management

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Growth of Offshore WIE Placements 2012-2015



926 Slovakia



576 No. of Students

Austria 2012








Thailand Czech Republic






Djibouti Xi’an



Oman Vietnam Australia

Taiwan Nanjing





New Locations

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


ACCOUN T I NG , B ANK I NG& F I N AN C E List of Employers China • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


AJ Securities Co. Ltd. Allianz Group Baker Tilly China Bank of China Bank of Communications Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Bank of Shanghai BOCOM International Holdings Co. Ltd. China Construction Bank China GuangFa Bank China Merchants Bank China Merchants Securities CITIC-Prudential Fund Management Co. Ltd. CURA Investment Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. DataYes Co. Ltd. Everbright Securities Co. Ltd. GJFAX (Shenzhen Qianhai Financial Leasing Asset Exchange Co. Ltd.) Great Wall Securities Guolian Securities Co. Ltd. Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. Huatai Securities Co. Ltd. Huawen Futures Co. Ltd. (subsidiary of Shanghai Xinhuangpu Real Estate Co. Ltd.) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jin Yuan Futures Jinghang Wealth LehmanBrown International Accountants Nanhua Futures Co. Ltd. New Hope Group Panda Financial Holding Co. Ltd. People’s Bank of China

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Qiandao Capital Management Shanda Group Shanghai Caitong Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd. Shanghai ChangJiang Wealth & Asset Management Co. Ltd. Shanghai Fushen Evaluation & Advisory Group Shanghai Fushen State Assets Evaluation Co. Ltd./ Everbright Securities Shanghai Jiyuan Finance Shanghai Jiyuan Financial Information Consulting (Group) Co. Shanghai Judicial Accounting Centre Shanghai Vision Credit Technology Ltd. Shanghai Yinling Asset Management Co. Ltd. Shanghai Zhangjiang Huoju Chuangye Yuan Touzi Kaifa Youxian Gongsi Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Tellhow Group Co. Ltd. Tianan Property Insurance Co. Ltd. Xiamen International Bank Yuanta Financial Holding Co. Ltd.

International • • • • • •

ALLN Accounting & Consulting Co. Ltd. Bank of China Limited Singapore Branch Canadia Bank China Merchants Group (Djibouti, Africa) Financial Planning Association of Singapore Rufil Consulting

Hong Kong • • • • • • • • • • •

BOCI-Prudential Trustee Ltd. CCS & Company Ernst & Young Kingdom Risk and Wealth Management Agency KPMG L. M. Chong & Co. MassMutuaI Asia Ltd. OCBC Wing Hang Bank Ltd. SHINEWING (HK) CPA Ltd. Xin Tian Fund Management Co. Ltd. Zhongtai Financial International Ltd.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Accounting, Banking & Finance

LIANG Tzu Yu BBA (Hons) Accountancy Canadia Bank

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Together with six other interns from different universities, I had a fruitful and valuable internship experience in Canadia Bank in Cambodia this summer. I was assigned as a Customer Service Officer at the main branch and at the Management Department. I provided quality customer and translation services to customers who speak Putonghua. At the Management Department, I drafted proposals and gave suggestions to increase the company’s productivity. At the same time, I wrote reports by analyzing data from different branches to the senior managers. My good performance on the final presentation brought me positive feedback from my colleagues. I learnt the Cambodian culture and to be more independent and confident after engaging in this internship programme. My friend and I (front row, first left)

MA Congying BBA (Hons) Accountancy Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai, China I was assigned to Settlement Department and Corporate Finance Department. At the Settlement Department, I drafted a reply to JP Morgan Hong Kong. During this process, I was given an opportunity to contact the leading multinational banks and got to know the procedure of international settlement. When I was in Corporate Finance Department, I assisted in handling the loan contracts with some companies and administrative staff. After accomplishing the duties, I think I have more knowledge of the procedure and document format for corporate loan in China. Before the internship, I thought auditing would be the perfect path for me. However, this internship experience told me that commercial banking is also a good choice.

10 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

This was my cubicle at ICBC

I provided customer service with the help from my colleague

LIU Fangyuan BBA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

I phoned the customers to remind them e-bank reconciliation

Photo taken on my last working day

My colleague and I (middle)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China We visited Jiangnan water town

Shanghai, China The experience at ICBC not only showed me the difference between working and studying, but also let me apply what I learnt. I was an accounting assistant in Accounting Department. My major duty was providing customer services at bank lobby and handling telephone enquiries. I am happy that my colleagues thought I was very responsible and careful when dealing with customers. In fact, I did not have much experience in handling complicated customer enquiries, so I needed to ask my colleagues for help and had to work harder than the others before starting a task. I met my supervisor on the first day and he comforted me a lot. Also, my colleagues used to encourage me and share their experiences with me.

My colleagues and I (first right)

I handled customer enquiries at my department

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Accounting, Banking & Finance My supervisor and I (first right)

CHEN Shengda BBA (Hons) Accountancy People’s Bank of China

Shanghai, China

I worked in Shanghai Headquarter of the People’s Bank of China, the central bank of China, which is located in Lujiazui Finance District. I worked as a counter helper for Foreign Debt Division. As I was not familiar with banking system, I was first assigned to assist in general office work. After getting known more about the bank, I was given more tasks to do, for example, making phone calls, replying to enquiries, and providing customer services. Also, I was a gatekeeper to monitor confidential information which required me to record some outdated materials. The things we have in books are usually theories; they are quite different when I experienced in the workplace. This experience helps me prepare for my future career.

My team and I (Front row, first right)

Zhouzhuang with historical buildings

LYU Jiangyu I (fourth right) present the souvenir

BBA (Hons) Financial Services Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Shanghai, China I worked in the Fund Operation Department which was responsible for daily fund accounting and valuation, capital registration and liquidation, and report redaction. My duty was to check the preliminary work for the daily and annual yield rate with custodian banks. I also required to stamp and double-check the official cheques.

Other interns and I (first right)

12 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

My accomplishment was to apply my knowledge of macro programming to develop a programme which replaced manual verification work. Before having this proramme, the staff had to check data manually which was time consuming and had high error rate. Therefore, I decided to design a programme which could verify the data automatically. My friends and I (first right)

The programme I developed saved at least 20 minutes each day to complete the daily work and minimised errors.

Supervisors, interns and I (third right)


Trip at Yuyuan Garden

BBA (Hons) Management Tellhow Group Co. Ltd.

Shanghai, China

There was a clear intern plan for me when I came to the placement to serve as a marketing specialist. I was first briefed the diesel generating set, including principles of mechanics, sales processing, competitors, and market conditions. After that, I learnt ”The Incoterms® rules”, which is a set of three-letter trade term reflecting business-tobusiness practice in contracts for the sale of goods. Then, I learnt ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600). The rules are applied to the documentary credits when the credit shows that it is subject to these rules. I also did marketing research and data analysis to find out the potential customers and present to my supervisor. The experience at Tellhow helps me develop directions for my future career. My staff card

Employers’ feedback Tellhow Group Co. Ltd. [Shanghai] All the three stud ents (JIANG Qinyu, Changjie, WU Xuerui) SUN showed positive attit and self-motivation. Their performance was ude beyond our expectat far ion. They were very serious and dedicated to work instructors to each stud . We arranged related ent to plan an internship programme and to make sure each job well-suited to their was disc were able to pass the iplines. Three of them performance evaluatio n. Through this internshi p the mutual understa programme, it enhanced ndin Kong Polytechnic Univ g between The Hong ersity and Tellhow Grou It also paved the way p. for Tellhow to provide platform for the intro duction of talents in a future. To the students the , we trust that they woul sharpen their skills d and for future learning and broaden their horizons care is significant to all inter er development which ns.

Looking forward to a large-scale internshi p and closer cooperation! ! ! Celia HE Human Resources Man ager

Co. Ltd. Tellhow Group [Beijing] i Kit and YANG ts - WONG Wa The two studen f-motivated and responsible sel e. are ng Junxio -learn attitud and willing-to work with positive assigned the d ille into fulf te gra y y inte The and could quickl wholeheartedly of the students showed his e of the the team. On g the content din tan ers und part of the strength in quickly took up work faster and guidance of the instructor. a work under the t helped with the dat Another studen preparation of the report dge and wle tion kno nal collec to his professio work. Overall related partly ure an efficient and skills to ens planning process of the the but it would be speaking, well arranged internship was internship period can be the if helpful le bit longer. extended a litt

Shenwan Hongyu an Securities The student inte reliable perfor rn, CHOI Ko Wai, Kenny has ma idea generation nce on live transactions and sessions. He was closely with abl our experienc e to work professionals. ed senior Our division nor students as our mally recruits postgraduate interns, but this an exception for time we made attitude. He is Kenny because of his learning the first candid met that still ate I have ever too year, even tho k up internship in his fina l ugh he has alr eady secured graduate offer a Accounting Firms!from one of the Big Fou r I am deeply impressed by knowledge and his industry pas I am sure his inte sion for investment banking. exchange exp rnship here together with his eri Tsinghua Univer ence at the world-class enhance his pro sity in PRC could greatly fes a strong candid sional knowledge. Kenny is ate and I can future in him. see a bright FENG Zhenyu Managing Direct or

ZHANG Junmei Manager Human Resources

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


B U I L D I NG , CON S T RU C T I ON & P ROP E R T Y List of Employers China • BBMG Group Co. Ltd. • China Architecture Design & Research Group • China Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd. • Create Group of Xi'an Jiao Tong University • Energy and Enviornmental Development Research Centre • Enjoy Town/ Enjoy Capital Co. Ltd. • J.J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners • Nacity Property Service Co. Ltd. • Shanghai Mapletree Management Co. Ltd. • Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design (Group) Co. Ltd. • Sina Leju • T.H. Studio Shanghai • Turner & Townsend • Zhongliang Real Estate Group

International • • • • • • • •

Barcelona-Home Cubic Real Estate Evolve Real Estate hettler.tüllmann Ideadero, S.L Knauf dooel Skopje Morgan Randall Canary Wharf Universal Design Studio

14 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

Hong Kong • • • • • • •

Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd. Fugro Geotechnical Services Ltd. Gensler Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Housing Society Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. Oui Open Hong Kong Ltd. (PopUp Immo, Inc., Corporation) • Swire Properties Ltd.

FUJII Miki BSc (Hons) Surveying

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.

Hong Kong

I am honored to work at Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. (JLL) as a summer intern. I gained diversified experiences and knowledge of Hong Kong real estate market. I worked in the Department of Office Leasing (Kowloon Markets). I was responsible for conducting market researches and updating information system. I also had to deal with many company calls to update tenants’ information. Besides, I felt so great to apply my knowledge obtained from school for calculating the total surface area. This internship offered me great opportunities to polish both of my hard and soft skills, which are beneficial to my career development. My thanks go to my supervisor Ms. MA for her genuine support, as well as BRE professors, staffs and CAPS for the assistance given.

LAI Wing Yiu BSc (Hons) Environment and Sustainable Development Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd.

Hong Kong

Chun Wo is one of the largest construction group in Hong Kong. During my 3-month internship there, I gained practical on-site work experience including monitoring and assisting in implementation of mitigation measures of different construction activities. I worked for the Environmental Team to provide assistance and arranged various activities including on-site environmental training, periodical on-site monitoring and audit.

Bridge construction

It was a good learning experience to work in Chun Wo, which provided me with insights into construction field. I also learnt to be more confident in presenting and communicating with others. The most important gain for me is that the internship allowed me to obtain a clearer direction of my future career.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Building, Construction & Property

PANG Hau Yuen BEng (Hons) Building Services Engineering Create Group of Xi'an Jiao Tong University

Xi’an, China

I was glad to join Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE. The core business of my company is incorporating sustainable features and advanced technologies in building design. As a Building Engineering Trainee, I was assigned to a project related to geothermal heat pump. Besides, we conducted site visits and investigation for the project West Intelligence Valley. Our manager showed us the operation of geothermal heat pump and the use of capillary tubes, which was a valuable experience. I was given a great support by my supervisor. He provided interns with useful documents (e.g. technical design guidelines) to enhance our technical knowledge.


Site visit

BSc (Hons) Environment and Sustainable Development China Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China During the internship period, I have participated in two projects: Shanghai Disneyland Project, and Lanzhou West Station Project in Gansu province. One of the greatest accomplishments of mine is to master the Tianzheng software, which has greatly improved my AutoCAD skills.

My desk

However, I also encountered some challenges. For example, I did not understand some English technical terms, and I tried my best to familiarise myself with these terms via dictionary. These experiences had further enhanced my problem-solving skills. This internship had a significant meaning to me as it was my first internship. It also opened up more career opportunities to me in the future.

16 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

My friends and I (first left) at Fudan University


My colleague and I (first right)

BSc (Hons) Surveying Turner & Townsend

Shanghai, China

During my internship, I handled the whole tendering process of three construction projects. For the pre-tender period, I helped my colleague to prepare documents for pre-qualification assessment and tender evaluation. I collected and consolidated tender submissions from bidders and made a financial credit assessment. I also prepared pre-qualification reports for our clients so as to ensure the tender opening process went smoothly.

My work desk

For the post-tender period, my major duty was translating documents. I had to translate English documents into Chinese to cater for local clients. Moreover, I also had to prepare weekly report templates for Jinan, Kunming, Shanghai and Shijiazhuang Projects. After the internship, I have learnt more about how a construction consultancy firm operates. My office

Employers’ feedback Turner & Townsend to convert themselves ts’ performance. All of them tried their best We all got positive feedback regarding studen with their leaders and made nship relatio good up built They ny. from students to a part of the compa contribution to the team. r and is able to take r Cost Manager), ZHAO Xi is a quick learne As mentioned by Mr Benjamin FORSEY (Senio good attitude. with and e Chines and h Englis t perfec near up the tendering process immediately. He has t with excellent work Manager), SUN Rui is very nice and diligen According to Mr CHEN Fei, Brian (Project he has done. Many what to values add can and g, solvin m proble attitude. Also, he is quite good at thinking and thanks for his contribution to the team. hted that she did a Beijing, Ms LI Jing (Associate Director) highlig For LEUNG Lai Sim, Teresa, who interned at proactive and have l, helpfu learn, to willing , She is hardworking r good great job as an assistant to Project Manager. she has good communication skill and can delive s, Beside rs. membe team t projec with good relationship quality of work. about completing or), XU Xuefei is very positive and enthusiastic As told by Mr Rex HUANG (Associate Direct er. manag cost senior the to rt suppo great ed the assigned tasks. She provid Jenny ZHANG Human Resources Manager, China Turner & Townsend

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


E NG I N E E R I NG , I N DU S T R I A L & MANU F AC T UR I NG List of Employers China • EVE Group • Gudeng Precision Industrial Co. Ltd. • Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co. Ltd. • Shaanxi Bangzheng Technology • Shanghai Construction Group • Shanghai Diro Electrical Co. Ltd. • Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd. • Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System Co. Ltd. • TIME Group Inc. • Tongwei Group • Xi'an Zhongyang Electric Co. Ltd. • XIZI UHC

18 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Budem-Project Design Office Chevalier International Holdings Ltd. CLP Holdings Ltd. (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) FCC Industrial Green Momit S.L. Hydron Unipress Institute of Materials Science JHV-Engineering Ltd. Meyer Industries Ltd. Nextime Living BV Ogranak RB Kolubara PC Engines GmbH Salt 3 Schlumberger Oman & Co LLC Sumo Power Sustainable Business Australia 13. jul Plantaže

Hong Kong • Gildan (Hong Kong) Ltd. • Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. • Oceanography Expositions (China) Holdings Ltd. • OMICRON electronics Asia Ltd. • REC Engineering Co. Ltd. • TAL Apparel Ltd. • Taolight Co. Ltd.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing

CUI Aihui BA (Hons) Fashion and Textiles (Knitwear Design and Technology)

EVE Group

Beijing, China

As an intern in womenswear design department, I had to draw flat sketches, prepare colour boards for designers, do research on current fashion trends, etc. My greatest accomplishment was designing six outfits for an online shop called Eve de Cina. I was also proud of involving in a fashion show with my classmate. We designed how to manage the golden-fabric-made flowers on a dress to present the luxury and elegant effect. We sewed all the flowers onto the dress and put LED lights into the flowers. Thankfully, I had a chance to handle pattern design and outfits design for 16/17 spring and summer ready-to- wear seasons and had been working in the haute couture studio too. This WIE experience drove me to the career goal of being a fashion designer. My colleagues

LI Bingyi BSc (Hons) Food Safety and Technology

Tongwei Group

Chengdu, China

I was assigned to the food safety and inspection centre as a Food Safety and Quality Control Intern. My duties were assisting in the operation of experiments and helping the researchers modify the current laboratory guides. I was involved in different content analyses related to ash, water, sodium, calcium ion, crude fat, and protein. I also gave a presentation related to Hong Kong food safety. I was complimented by the manager not only because of the thorough preparation and good delivery skills, but also the useful presented information related to the industry. Doing titration experiment

Being able to participate in the Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE Programme, I experienced the business culture in China and explored my future career. The laboratory

20 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

Golden-fabric-made flowers

My workplace

Hand-made embroideries

ZHOU Qi Huan BEng (Hons) Electronic and Information Engineering Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China I was assigned to Intelligent Production Department, which is responsible for designing, producing, and testing new products like CPU module and some related software programmes. I worked with my colleagues to create some tests on new products and judge whether they are qualified. I spent about a week to design a simple circuit with the software “eControl” in order to judge if the module worked well. Besides, I also made use of a software programme called “Netscada” to transfer the data received from module to a statement automatically. In this six-week internship, I applied what I learnt at school to the workplace.

My colleague and I (first left)

Xitang Ancient Water Town, Shanghai Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing

SHEN Jia MSc of Software Technology Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. Hong Kong I was a summer intern of the IC Design Digital (ICDD)-VIDEO Department. My job was to perform image processing tasks by using MATLAB and data collection for machine intelligence companies. I designed and implemented the algorithms for Image Super-Resolution using Deep Convolutional Networks and also defined the modules for optimal image processing and automatic extraction of objects / players from the background. I gained much video and image processing knowledge as well as improved my programming skills in MATLAB. My internship in ASTRI not only improved my professional skills, but also broadened my network. There were 37 interns from different countries and different universities. I made friends with them.

TSE Chi Ho BSc (Hons) Enterprise Engineering with Management Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co. Ltd.

Xi’an, China

I made tangible contributions in the six-week internship. As a Business Operation & Development intern, I collected required documents for the application for ISO 9000 (Quality Management), ISO 14000 (Environmental Management), and ISO 18000 (Occupational Health) for the company. Besides, I enhanced its file management system by consolidating existing files and categorising them. I also reviewed the current work process and suggested ways to improve the team performance.

I climbed Mount Hua

22 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

Besides projects, I handled daily general operation, for example, marketing research, data analysis, and staff enquiry. I even helped with editing and proof-reading of its monthly newsletter ”Zhongyang Communication”. All these enabled me to combine the subject knowledge I learnt at school.

This is my working desk for constructing the connection cables

SING Yan Lok BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering Shaanxi Bangzheng Technology

Xi’an, China

During the six-week internship as a Hardware Engineering Trainee, I handled two projects. The first one was Emergency Cloud-end Combined System. My job was to produce connection wires and sufficient DC motors for the future use. The second project was Emergency Platform System. I conducted research and collected related information for designing hardware. I assembled the system with different functional units so that the team could test the control panel, signal generation speed, operation temperature, communication, and sound quality. After the internship, I discovered what I learnt can be applied to many industries. Beside electricity supply and building services, my knowledge is also applicable to hardware development. I am on the top of Mount Hua

Employers’ feedback

eng Technology Shaanxi Bangzh and always positive SING Yan Lok is mble hu ry ve is trustworthy. He lp and willing to he about his work colleagues out. WU Yongchao r Product Manage

Xi’an Zhongy ang Electric Co. Ltd. TSE Chi Ho complies with company stan and perform dards ed proactivel y in the task management. of file He was able to take up th soon after jo e job ining the com pany. He coul classroom le d apply arning to so lve problems. such a good He is communicator that he works well with his very team members . I believe he have a good could career prospe ct. ZHANG Xin Supervisor

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


HOS P I T A L I T Y , L E I S UR E & T RAV E L List of Employers China • Chaptel Hotel Hangzhou • Nanjing Zhongbei Youhao International Travel Service • The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai

International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

AVIAREPS Bayview Eden Melbourne City Travel Review Fullerton Hotel (Singapore) Grand Park Orchard Hanoi Hotel HostelWorld JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa LS Retail Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Okinawa Kariyusi Beach Resort Ocean Spa Park Hotel Alexandra Perfect Household Staff Ltd. Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel Ripley's Believe it or Not Select Ireland Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Usuzan Ropeway Wakasaimo Honpo Doya Lake Honten

24 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

MAN Ting Yan

All metro stations in Moscow have their own features

Dealing with marketing project in the office

BBA (Hons) Management AVIAREPS

Moscow, Russia

It is an international tourism company and I worked at the Tourism Department. My greatest achievement was the Marketing Study of Potential Markets Meeting and Incentive Department for Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). It was my first and ever largest task. I helped in analysing the behaviors of MI travelers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and comparing the competitive force of tourism in certain countries to those MI travelers. It was so challenging to handle such a great amount of data. I also prepared tourism newsletter, publication and PowerPoint for AVIAREPS Business Event Proposal and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) European representative. As there was no official deadline set for the tasks in AVIAREPS, I learnt to solve problems independently and ask questions at right time. Participated in a cocktail session

Entrance of Moscow Domodedovo Airport

MAN Ting Yan (first left) and I (third left)

WU Haoye BBA (Hons) Accounting and Finance


The slide praised by my supervisor

Moscow, Russia

I was assigned to Financial Department and Tourism Department. At Financial Department I was responsible for checking errors in the balance sheet, reconciling the accrual account of our clients and combining different accounts into a final report. The duties in the Tourism Department included analysing the tourism industry of different countries, researching market news for quarterly marketing plan and preparing reports and presentation of potential tourism spots for promotion, etc.

My office

I was praised by my supervisor for the design of my presentation slides. She even let me conduct a class for colleagues on how to make a better presentation. I was really proud of that!

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Hospitality, Leisure & Travel

SI Wing Yan BA (Hons) Chinese and Bilingual Studies Wakasaimo Honpo Doya Lake Honten

Hokkaido, Japan

To summarise my 10 weeks of internship in one sentence, it will be “You never get a wider view of the culture you like unless you live in it�. I mainly worked at its ramen restaurant. This was my first time to work at catering industry. Besides providing courteous services to customers, I had to set tables, prepare ingredients, ensure sufficient clean utensils for the chef and all meals uplifted are accurate and in good condition. I did learn to be multi-tasking, especially during peak hours. I also worked at the souvenir shop by providing translation assistance for the foreign customers. My manager asked me to communicate with potential clients from Malaysia. I could demonstrate my knowledge gained from university and provide value to my employer. My

supervisor and I

Had great fun in the Okinawa aquarium

Leonard KUNG BBA (Hons) Marketing Okinawa Kariyusi Beach Resort Ocean Spa Okinawa, Japan Okinawa Kariyusi Beach Resort Ocean Spa is at the North of Okinawa. It is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever visited. As one of the staff in the beach, I was responsible for guest reception, such as introducing the beach to visitors, handling payments and providing service to visitors. When there was enough staff in the beach, I would be the assistant in marine area. The atmosphere there was like a carnival. My job was to bring happiness to people. It was a beautiful experience for me. This internship had an impact on my future career planning. After the internship, my Japanese improved a lot! Also, I would consider working in a Japanese company in the future. My colleague and I (second right) 26 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

I (second left, back row) feel really fortunate I could work here

My lovely colleagues

CHAN Chong Tat BA (Hons) Chinese and Bilingual Studies Chaptel Hotel Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China

In this summer holiday, I applied the knowledge gained at school to make impacts on the company. It was my first time to work in a hotel. I was quite excited to be a short-term butler. I had to provide room and counter services, daily delivery and translation services. I usually worked from 11:30am to 8:00pm. I even had to serve customers alone if there was no other staff on duty.

It was good to be a butler

As the original version of some publicity materials was not good, I was assigned to revise the Chinese to English translation. I was appreciated by my supervisor for my passion and effort given at work. My version will be used thereafter. I become more confident after this internship.

Employers’ feedback Wakasaimo Honpo Doya Lake Honten Sylvia (SI Wing Yan) is a good team playe r in the restaurant. She was willing to learn and also liked to share knowledge and information with other team members. She has good communication skills in Japanese, English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Her perfect interpreti ng skills have received many positive comments from her Japanese co-worke rs. She is a friendly, easy-going and patient person. Her presence helped a lot in dealing with foreign visitors. Yu TAKAHIRA Supervisor

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


I N F ORMA T I ON T E CHNO L OGY List of Employers China • BangFeng Technology Company • Beijing Dong Sheng Bo Zhan Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. • Beijing Makerspace • China Unicom • Dongsheng Bozhan Technology Development Co. Ltd. • Hangzhou Green Cloud S&T Corp. Ltd. • Hangzhou Long Ying Internet Financial Information Technology Co. Ltd. • Hua Hai Information Technology Co. Ltd. • Huaqiang Electronic World • JiangSu Wisedu Information Technology Co. Ltd • Lenovo Group • Nari Group Corporation • Redflower Network Technology • Sanet Electronic Co. Ltd. • Shanghai Potevio Co. Ltd. • Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park • Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd. • SINA Corporation • Wiscom System Co. Ltd. • Wisu Technology Co. Ltd.

28 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

International • • • • • • •

Fixir Pte Ltd. Flextronics International Ltd. HKT Global (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Intesa Sanpaolo Card MakoLab Techsociety Private Ltd. Western Digital (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong • • • • • •

China Mobile International Ltd. Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd. Legan Development Ltd. Optix Solutions Ltd. P2 Wireless Technologies Ltd. Questwork Consulting Ltd.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Information Technology

YU Maichao BSc (Hons) Information Technology China Unicom

Shanghai, China

During the internship, I was lucky to join the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 on behalf of China Unicom; I helped with the logistic support in this international event. After the event, I helped the Director of Shanghai Unicom to analyse the trends of the latest mobile technology by doing desktop research. Also, I summarised the products of China Unicom displayed in MWC 2016 with a bilingual report for the senior management. After the internship, I discovered my interest and strengths. I enjoy planning and providing innovative solutions. At the same time, I realised the importance of being responsible to my work. I believe that every university student should pursue some internship experiences in order to explore themselves.

Afternoon tea

YANG Muqiao BEng (Hons) Electronic and Information Engineering Nari Group Corporation

Nanjing, China

The first impression that the company gave me was large-sized, well-organised, and systematic. The core business of Nari covers a variety of fields, from software programmes to hardware. During the internship, I was arranged to work in the integrated workshop and electrical workshop and thus have a general understanding of the working processes of different kinds of products in Nari. Among all the work I was involved in, I was most proud of successfully repairing some malfunctions of feeder terminal units (FTUs) when debugging them. I tried to test a machine with a specially-designed bell, suddenly, two pins got sparked. To find out the problem, I dismantled the cover of the machine, looked into the inner part. Finally, I found out that two lines were connected in a wrong way. With this valuable experience, my problem solving skill was strengthened. This internship inspired me a lot to devote myself to this industry.

30 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

AROONSAKUL Ingkatit BEng (Hons) Electronic and Information Engineering Other PolyU interns and I (first right)

Lenovo Group

Shanghai, China

At the beginning, I had to do a research on the topic of OpenStack and how the docker can be enabled within the OpenStack environment. This topic was completely new to me. I now understand more about the OpenStack cloud operating system. The second task was translating the OpenStack user guide from Chinese to English. This was quite challenging as I was quite new to the Chinese language. The task enabled me to learn some Chinese technical terms and improve my Chinese proficiency. In the last few weeks I was given the task to study and implement materials on GitLab and Jenkins on Docker running on CentOS7. This internship has given me an opportunity to observe and learn from the way how a world leading technology company operates. I look forward to using the experience I obtained from this internship to improve and prepare myself for my further studies and career.

My friend and I (second left)

A boat ride at West Lake, Hang Zhou Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Information Technology

YEUNG Ka Man BBA (Hons) Marketing HKT Global (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Our exhibition booth at Marina Bay Sands Expo


In the 9-week internship, I was assigned to various departments. Having worked at the annual exhibition at Marina Bay Sands Expo in the first week, I knew the company better, met many guests, and built up relationships with my colleagues. Then, I was assigned to Department of Operations, Finance, Sales (Enterprise), Product Management, Presales and Global Service Management. With my marketing background, I assisted in conducting research to compare the products in the markets and preparing sales proposals. The internship provided me a clearer picture of the telecommunication industry. I gained a lot throughout this internship programme and even had my first marathon in Singapore in the company event. I am grateful to CAPS for this precious opportunity.

Staff canteen

My first marathon

TAI Wai Tat BEng (Hons) Product Analysis and Engineering Design Wiscom System Co. Ltd.

Nanjing, China

I worked as a system tester. This internship supplements my knowledge with practical experiences. I developed a smart grid integrated network management system for the company, installed and tested the operating system (Linux) by the security monitor (SecureCRT). Also, I installed various databases (KingbaseES, Oracle database, MySQL database) and applied Toad to Oracle and MySQL. Eventually, the newly installed database would closely integrate the on-site manufacturing process with workflow. It can minimise error and enable the implementation of enterprises management cycle. The enhanced system, which I helped with, could check the status of manufacturing orders and generate production performance report timely and efficiently which lets the senior management get the whole picture of the production performance.

32 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

CHUNG Pik Ki BBA (Hons) Marketing Redflower Network Technology

Hangzhou, China

The company develops mobile applications, which are available on App Store and Google Play Store, for 3 to 12 year-old children. During my internship, I worked at the Content Development Department. My job was to listen to and edit audiobook soundtracks and make sure that they were in good quality. I also designed icons for the audiobooks which would be displayed in the app; once those icons were clicked, the audiobooks would start playing. I was also responsible for retrieving anchor’s contact information on the internet so the company could contact them for helping out with voice-over. The CEO and her husband started up this company with an aim to provide quality education materials to children. Their belief drives me to spread the spirit of philanthropy in my future career.

Employers’ feedback

Lenovo Group rner. Ho is a quick lea WONG Kavin Chun his s er liv de d always He is clever an ows kn He . ty ali qu th d wi tasks on time an ces to of existing resour how to make use was vin Ka ly. ive ct fe ef solve problems ade gr up k ac e openst involved with th is an He . ct oje pr nt module developme novo. of the team in Le important member Aaron SHI ger Development Mana System Software

Beijing Makerspace All interns (TANG Lo k In, FOK Ching Kit, CHEN Yuji, FENG Zhifeng, WONG Ka i Ho and ZHANG Lihuan) were acclaimed for their diligence and contribution. Espe cially for ZHANG Lihuan, he wa s the core member of two big projects. The quality of his work was outstanding. Through continued learning and practice, I am sure all of them can ac hieve their career goals in the future.

hnology Redflower Network Tec humble Pik Ki is accountable, good a has She and polite. leagues. col h wit hip ons ati rel r. She She is a quick learne hop and tos Pho r ste ma ld cou create cool edit from zero and ing the Dur . put out lity qua ld she internship, not only cou she did nt, wa we at wh red ive del ed by more than we expect She is ch. ear res t rke ma ng doi nt! really excelle LUO Kaitian Supervisor

JIANG Lingyun Partner Work-Integrated Education 2015/16







List of Employers China • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Allist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BDP International Brink's China Ltd. DLD Logistic Co. Ltd. DTW Logistics Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Kerry EAS Logistics Kuehne + Nagel Group M+R Spedag Group Orient International Logistics Holding S.F. Express Co. Ltd. SDV International Logistics Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Shanghai Bailian Group Co. Ltd. Shanghai International Fashion Center Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories Co. Ltd. • Xiamen Airlines

34 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aerly Bird Trans Global Bally Bel Vietnam Ltd. Five 0 Five Forward Logistics Ltd. George Weston Foods Ltd. Gucci Keelings Kerry Logistics Neman Europe SL New Indo-China International Logistics Co. Ltd. Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. Taylor Hill Scarves & Co. Utelier Ltd. WHSmith

Hong Kong • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Airport Authority Hong Kong Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd. BRITA Hong Kong Ltd. Darton Ltd. DCH Logistics Co. Ltd. De'Longhi Kenwood APA Ltd. G & G Medical Products (HK) Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Airlines Ltd. Hongkong International Terminals Ltd. KADOSH Health Beauty Co. Ltd. Li & Fung Ltd. Nike 360 Holding B.V. Reckitt Benckiser (Hong Kong) Ltd. Shun Hing Group Dairy Farm Group William E Connor and Associates Ltd.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Logistics, Transportation & Consumer Goods I was packing the shoes

CHAN Siu Fong BBA (Hons) Global Supply Chain Management DLD Logistic Co. Ltd.

Beijing, China

I was assigned to handle a research on the topic of optimisation of shoes delivery and shoes packaging for the company. I gained much more than I expected. I did the project from the beginning on my own, including formulating a work schedule, selecting useful data, and familiarising myself with different departments and the front-line staff so that I could analyse the current problems for the company.

I visited Temple of Heaven (Tiantan)

I have successfully helped the company solve its logistics problems such as shoes packaging. My suggestion of having the products packed by net pockets instead of ropes was highly appreciated by my supervisor. He said that it was a creative idea which could improve the efficiency and save the operational cost. The front-line staff was also happy about the improvement since they thought the new packaging was more convenient and no harm to their hands. I even got the best project research award. I gained the Best Project Research Award

CHANG Dealon BBA (Hons) Global Supply Chain Management Kerry EAS Logistics

Shanghai, China

I was assigned to Integrated Logistics Department of Kerry EAS Logistics. My supervisor gave me and other two interns (from The University of Hong Kong and Harvard University) a special project. We had to produce an internal promotion video about staff motivation and pride to work in Kerry. The audience was the top management and general staff. We drafted scripts (10-15 minutes), arranged the details of the video, sought quotation, and contacted the production house for details. But, our supervisor requested us to revise the first proposal before 4pm after a meeting with him at around 11am. We could finally complete it before 3pm. (That was really challenging!) After that, we held several meetings with the production house for the filming process. I am grateful to my supervisor – Mr Zachary LI. I learnt to make decisions from the perspective of the company. I am so delighted that I could work here where gave me a fruitful summer and an unforgettable work experience.

36 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

NG Hoi Yan, Cathy BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Technology

Taylor Hill Scarves & Co.

Melbourne, Australia

My company is a Melbourne-based wholesale company specialising in scarves, jewellery, and other fashion items. As an intern, I performed uniform administrative task and graphic work. After receiving new orders, I needed to record orders, verify payment, and pack and send the products to customers. I was also responsible for the promotion of the new Spring/ Summer items by organising photo shoot for those products. Also, I had to create a new season catalogue and other promotion materials for our website, social media platforms, and magazine advertisements. Moreover, as my company took part in two trade shows which were organised by the Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) and Frontline Australian Buying Event (FABE), I had chances to help design the company booth and do follow-ups to the venue set-up. The internship allows me to apply the photo editing skills that I learnt at school. I hope to develop my future career in this industry.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Logistics, Transportation & Consumer Goods

LAI Long Yat

TANG Yuk Kwan

BEng (Hons) Air Transport Engineering

BEng (Hons) Air Transport Engineering

Hong Kong Airlines Ltd.

Hong Kong Airlines Ltd.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

This summer, I was very lucky to be able to participate in the Hong Kong Airlines Summer Internship Programme 2016. I was at the team of Production Planning and Control to manage the aircraft maintenance schedules. Besides, I was working with the fleet planner engineer for the fleet planning work of A320 and A330. I assisted in the planning of maintenance tasks and control functions, for example, planning the maintenance schedule of a fleet, etc. I have learnt more about the aircraft maintenance and the technical terms of the aviation industry, daily operations, and the news of the airlines. I highly recommend the programme to those who are interested in joining the aviation industry. It must be a fruitful experience for you.

38 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

That was an unforgettable internship and I took this programme as a learning opportunity to prepare for my career. I worked for Maintenance and Engineering Department and also Line Maintenance (LM) Department and Maintenance Control Center. For the LM Department, I worked in the Tooling Support team. I was responsible for drafting Tools Calibration and Maintenance Standard Manual and constructing Tools Inspection Manual. After this learning process, I knew more about the LM Department . I attended an Engineer Induction Training with my colleagues and studied HKA Engineer Procedure Manual. This programme gave me a chance to understand how an airline works. I now have a great passion for the aviation industry.

LEE Wing Yi, Ivy BBA (Hons) International Shipping and Transport Logistics George Weston Foods Ltd.

Sydney, Australia

The company has been operating for over 50 years and is one of the largest consumer products companies in Australia and New Zealand. In this placement, I was appointed to work in the procurement team which is responsible for managing the company’s ingredients by considering the supply chains and vendors’ technology. I did a project on assessing risk for the company’s supply chain. This project required me to consolidate information within my team, improve the internal sharing system, and analyse the risk level of an enormous amount of ingredients purchased from different vendors and countries. I was praised by my manager for the useful outputs and satisfactory performance. It was the most delightful thing to me and is also one of the greatest accomplishments. I also realised that the key to success is not to be ashamed to ask. This internship is fabulous which could never happen twice in life!

Employers’ feedback Taylor Hill Scarves & Co.

ods Ltd. eston Fo George W you (LEE d having he work e y jo n e y We reall ) in the team. T e very Ivy to b Wing Yi, is going mplished made a good and o c c a u o y e and you’v n GWF. valuable no io s s e r p strong im PALMER Michael artner, usiness P B r io Sen t n e ocurem Group Pr

Cathy is open to all chances of learning, so I would say she has already learnt a lot thr ough observation. Th ere are many different areas that Cathy wa s trained throughou t the programme, for example, administrativ e work, social media, exhibition set up, ord taking, face-to-face er meeting with new and existing customers, invoice, packing, and a lot more that could not be listed. Cathy very smart that she und is erstands instructions very well. Cathy took initiatives and worke d very hard. Although she seemed to be qui she was actually obs et, ervant and able to acc omplish the work she was assigned. Cathy is professional and skilled. She is admire since she even came d to work and completed the tasks on time to show her support dur ing the peak office hou rs. We viewed her as very responsible and a a good team member. We are glad that she a part of our team tho was ugh it was only a sho rt period. Pearly YEOH Owner

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16






E T I NG , R T I S I NG , GN& A

List of Employers China • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

25TOGO DESIGN Alice Wang Design Blue Ocean Network China Arts and Entertainment Group Fantawild Holdings Inc. GYMBABY J Communications Group Ltd. MisoSoupDesign N-Dynamics Market Research & Consultancy Shanghai Advertising Co. Ltd. Shanghai Dwits Shellon Public Relations Consulting Co. Ltd. Inc. Vhall VNU Exhibitions Asia

40 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

BAIKAL Communications Group Cheil Australia Deluxe Australia EdTechXEurope Gorgeous Bride Magazine Jennifer Rothwell Designs Learn Hot English Lyonsdown Melbourne Chinese Post Mision Imposible Mussenbrock & Wang Office Athletes ONCALL Interpreters & Translators Publishing House Moscow-Beijing Russia Beyond The Headlines China Edition Súmate Tailwind Solutions Ltd The Big Issue The Chinese Daily The Fairchild Group The Trinity Gallery

Hong Kong • • • •

Brainchild Ltd. Honeycomb Design Ltd. Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Ltd. TFI Digital Media Ltd.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Marketing, Advertising, Design & Media This is the place where Expo was held in Shanghai

CHEUNG Wai Ling BBA (Hons) International Shipping and Transport Logistics Shanghai Advertising Co. Ltd.

In front of my workplace building Other interns and I (second left)

Shanghai, China

I worked for the Event Department. I had to coordinate all logistics with all external and internal partners. During my internship period, there were two big events: sales meeting and strategic meeting. I had to help our clients to arrange venues, decorate the venues and organise stage performance. Venue decoration was my major job. I had to follow up our clients requests to contact with my colleagues who work in Design Department to design the venues. I also needed to contact the material suppliers to place orders according to the design. On the event day at Pudong Shangri-La hotel, I monitored the workers to set up the venues. My client was Hershey, my colleagues and I worked overnight to make sure everything was ready. I am so lucky that I could work here.

My lovely colleague shared domestic culture

Me (second left) and other interns had farewell party with HR department

All my colleagues and I (second right) 42 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

YIU Yuen Kwan, Erin BA (Hons) English Studies for the Professions

ONCALL Interpreters & Translators

Melbourne, Australia

Oncall is an international leading expert with over 4,500 professional translators and interpreters. It has been serving more than 17 different industries for over 30 years. During the 2-month internship, I worked in the translation team as an intern assistant. The actual translation work usually requires professional qualification, but I was lucky enough to be the proof-reader of a few projects including legal documents, marketing brochures and booklet, factsheets and medical certificates, and I was involved in a project required trans-creation of people’s name from English to Simplified Chinese. My supervisor also offered me various translation practices. He sent me the source files of the past projects and let me translate them. And then I would improve my works via the comparison with the previous professional translation works. He was also willing to provide me feedback. All colleagues, even CEO have no airs and graces. The atmosphere was great!

LUI Wing Yan BA (Hons) Chinese and Bilingual Studies


London, UK

Working as a marketing intern at Lyonsdown, I was responsible for sourcing potential companies and cooperating with them as media partners. I also facilitated the growth of online communities via major social media platforms by ensuring our materials were promoted through these channels. I had to draft at least 10 tweets for each article written by our writing team, schedule the posting time and manage the data on buffer. Besides, I provided assistance to some projects such as mapping competitors, partnerships and evaluating competitors’ key campaigns. After the internship, I realised that although I did not study any courses related to marketing at university, I can still apply some of my skills at work, such as writing skills. This experience made me think more about my future career.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Marketing, Advertising, Design & Media

LAI Wing Kwan BA (Hons) English Studies for the Professions BAIKAL Communications Group Moscow, Russia As the only intern in the company, I had been assigned various job duties like translating materials from Chinese to English and vice versa, editing presentation materials, developing database of Chinese media and conducting researches on different topics, such as communications market in Asia and sports plan of China.

LUO Jin BA (Hons) Chinese and Bilingual Studies Publishing House Moscow-Beijing Moscow, Russia I was responsible to manage and promote the company on Chinese social media platforms. Moscow-Beijing already has Facebook and Twitter accounts, yet still doesn’t have any Chinese microblogging website. Moreover, the Facebook and Twitter posts were written in Russian, thus most of the Chinese there could not understand. I was assigned to manage the Weibo account starting from drafting. I launched 5-6 posts each day, and attracted more than 60 followers with 101 tweets at the end of my internship. What’s more fulfilling is that I was able to meet some Weibo influencers. I learnt much about social media management and expanded my network. Besides, I also handled ad-hoc duties such as proofreading the articles in Chinese and researching on some prestigious companies in China. I felt grateful that I got this chance immersing in an amazing working culture in Russia.

44 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

One of my greatest accomplishments in my internship was the Chinese translation of the company official website. Translating the whole office website required me to be totally concentrated and to make good use of my language proficiency and translation techniques. I have learnt to become a more organised person after the internship. While working, it’s crucial to be concentrated and mindful.

LI Zhuoran BBA (Hons) Financial Services EdTechXEurope

London, UK

EdTechXEurope is a leader summit bringing together executive level investors and industry influencers from education companies. I had the opportunity to interact with many CEOs and promote the summit to them, with an aim to get them pay for entrance. I have learnt from my supervisor how to respond to senior executives via different correspondences including email and Skype. Finally, I made a success with 20 tickets sold out. Since our company would like to invite guest speakers from prestigious institutions for the summit, I conducted a market research on top universities and international schools. I also translated the flyer to Chinese in order to engage more Chinese companies. At first I was unfamiliar with communicating online with CEOs from multinational companies. But practice makes perfect, I have boosted my confidence after this 6-week internship.

Employers’ feedback

EdTechXEurope ! He tion to our team a wonderful addi y good all re a LI Zhuoran was d an d ing, dedicate r was hard work us develop ou truly helped He . er ads for he s es research sin bu w gaged with ne n database and en ntastic translatio apore. He has fa ng Si in t s, which nt me cu our even do e es glish to Chin abilities for En activities. r event outreach ou ed lp he further te Michelle DuQuet rship Manager Events & Partne

BAIKAL Communications Group Over the internship period, I have come to know LAI Wing Kwan as an active, initiative, highly motivated trainee, possessing a good theoretical knowledge and practical skills. During her internship, Wing Kwan gained extensive experiences in communications, learned Russian and Chinese markets, helped with translation and adaptation for our website to cater our clients from Asia. She energetically participated in Office’s activities concerning international marketing and PR, as well as information activity including preparation and translation of presentation and Office’s news in Chinese. She got to know basics of PR and office management. She always seriously approached all the tasks given and got impressive results in the end. Anastasia TSVETKOVA Director for Development and International Cooperation

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


PU B L I C S E R V I C E & CH AR I T Y List of Employers China • • • • • •

Georgia Tech-Shenzhen HKSAR - Beijing Office IAESTE China Nanjing Museum Nanjing Presidential Palace Taihu Basin Authority of Ministry of Water Resources • United Nations Development Programme

46 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Afea Pty Ltd. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Association of Strategic Outsourcing ASTRA BestTop Consulting Pte Ltd. Camara Education Inc. Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology Dresden University of Technology HKSAR - Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Berlin HKSAR - Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in San Francisco HKSAR - Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Singapore HKSAR - InvestHK Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Language Your Way Lodz University of Technology Louisiana Tech University Medical University of Lodz Montanuniversität Leoben Moscow international higher business school MIRBIS Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine Origin Multilingual People and Parks Foundation Simon Fraser University Technical University of Hamburg The Institute of Far Eastern Studies The Technical University of Košice The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague Tohoku University Trade Development Council - Italy University of Belgrade University of Cincinnati University of Edinburgh University of Erlangen-Nuremberg University of Zilina Werkstatt-Bremen Xponential Philanthropy Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation

Hong Kong • HK Electric Investments Ltd. • HKSAR - Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department • HKSAR - Architectural Services Department • HKSAR - Buildings Department • HKSAR - Census and Statistics Department • HKSAR - Civil Engineering and Development Department • HKSAR - Drainage Services Department • HKSAR - Efficiency Unit, Chief Secretary for Administration's Office • HKSAR - Electrical and Mechanical Services Department • HKSAR - Environmental Protection Department • HKSAR - Government Property Agency • HKSAR - Highways Department • HKSAR - Home Affairs Department • HKSAR - Hong Kong Observatory • HKSAR - Hong Kong Police Force • HKSAR - Hongkong Post • HKSAR - Housing Department • HKSAR - Inland Revenue Department • HKSAR - Lands Department • HKSAR - Legislative Council Secretariat • HKSAR - Leisure and Cultural Services Department • HKSAR - Marine Department • HKSAR - Office of the Communications Authority • HKSAR - Office of the Government Chief Information Officer • HKSAR - Radio Television Hong Kong • HKSAR - Rating and Valuation Department • HKSAR - Social Welfare Department • HKSAR - Student Finance Office • HKSAR - Transport Department • HKSAR - Water Supplies Department • Hospital Authority • West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Public Service & Charity

FAN Yuen Hei BA (Hons) Bilingual Interdisciplinary Chinese Studies Nanjing Museum

Nanjing, China

Nanjing Museum has history exhibition hall and art exhibition hall with over 400,000 exhibits. I worked at the Service Department and was responsible for organising special exhibitions and events, borrowing exhibits from other museums, providing guided tours and interpretation services to visitors. I provided docents to visitors. My supervisor organised training sessions for me to improve my body language, tone of speaking and presentation skill. It made me more confident about being a public speaker. I have leant a lot from this internship. I believe that it is hard to gain this experience from other placements. I really gained a lot!

CHAU Wang Yu, Michelle My colleague and I at the workplace

BA (Hons) Communication Design Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, Canada

As a Communications/ Marketing Assistant in the Work-Integrated Learning Office, I accomplished many tangible results in this eight-week internship e.g. creating marketing materials for its International Co-op Programme and producing an employer viewbook. I also rebranded HireSFU, which was an electronic platform for employers to hire the right candidates of the University. Besides, I sent weekly mass emails to students to remind them about the latest co-op opportunities. To enhance user experience, I modified the email layout which led to a notable increase in the click-through rate from 3% to over 12%.

My supervisor was reviewing my work

48 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

The slow pace of lifestyle there allowed me to have more time to appreciate the nature and make friends from around the world. This internship provides me with a unique opportunity to travel the world and gain practical experience in the workplace.

SUNG Tsz Shing BSc (Hons) Biomedical Engineering University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK

I worked as an intern in the division of Synthetic and System Biology, Institute of Bioengineering at the University this summer. I was responsible for fabricating molds of different microfluidic devises (MFD) for making usable MFD for other research members to do their experiment. My greatest accomplishment was successfully fabricating a MFD mode Modified DAW 6 myself. Since I did not have any experience on MFD, my supervisor took care of me during the first two weeks and then I had to start on my own. When I encountered challenges, I solved it by surfing the internet or checking books before I sought help from my supervisor. Hence I am quite proud that my research was on track. It was delivered on time and with quality. I was truly grateful for this internship opportunity.

TAM Ming Wai, Queenie BA (Hons) English Studies for the Professions

Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Typical houses and canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands I was at University of Amsterdam

The Chairman (second right) and I at a VIP dinner

In this two-month internship, I completed four tasks. Firstly, I promoted Medical and Aromatic Plants (MAP) EXPO which to be held in March 2017. I generated a guest list and prepared invitations to them. Secondly, I initiated a Member Visiting Programme with an aim to evaluate our services from members’ perspectives. I visited members’ companies on behalf of the Chamber and conducted interviews with CEOs. I analysed the information collected and prepared the report for my supervisor. Thirdly, I helped the Chairman to re-establish the connection with the associations in Hong Kong. Lastly, I coordinated a gathering for all Hong Kong interns working in the Netherlands. As I am majoring in English and minoring in Marketing, the Chairman complimented me on my handling of projects and having a sense of business. It is my great honor to receive his compliments.

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Public Service & Charity

LEE Wai Hung BSc (Hons) Hotel Management BBA (Hons) Accountancy HKSAR - Legislative Council Secretariat

Hong Kong

The internship is an ample opportunity to interact with members of different political parties. The experience was truly remarkable. During the six-week internhsip, I was attached to Research Office and Council Business Division. The preparation work of pre- and post- committee meeting documents have deepened my understanding on various local issues and policies. I participated in internal departmental meetings and observed committee meetings. They let me understand the professionalism of the Secretariat and the constitutional functions of the Council. The experience was meaningful and inspiring. It was not just about political matters but also attitude to life. Overall, the internship is far more than acquiring hands-on working experience. It has further increased my awareness of public affairs.

WONG Ching Hong, Alex BSc (Hons) Surveying West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Hong Kong

I worked as a quantity surveying intern at West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA). My job was to monitor the cashflow forecast of different construction projects and the record of payment to Civil Engineering and Development Department. It is a unique experience because I could realise my dream to contribute to the construction industry. I have become prudent and precise in handling big construction projects. Besides, my communication skills have been improved through working closely with my colleagues who advised me a lot on my career planning and skills. The experience made me become more professional and brought positive impacts to my future career. My colleagues and I (front row, second right) 50 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

My colleagues and I (second left)

MAN Ka Wai, Alice BBA (Hons) Management HKSAR - Home Affairs Department

Hong Kong

I experienced a lot at Tsuen Wan District Office under Home Affairs Department. I involved with an ad-hoc duty in arranging a one-day visit to Tsuen Wan by Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBM, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration. I had to make sure the visit was perfectly smooth. I also arranged meetings with different parties including Tsuen Wan District Council members, elderly, teenage group and some residents. I also supported the Tsuen Wan Youth Programme. I was responsible for designing publication materials, organising orientation and mentor-mentee meetings. I realise that as a civil servant, you have to balance the interests of different stakeholders. The mission of being an Administrative Officer impressed me most and I would consider AO as my future career.

Visiting Energizing Kowloon East Office

Employers’ feedback

ty Simon Fraser Universi ng g Michelle (CHAU Wa vin ha We have enjoyed al ntr Ce ng rni Lea d egrate Yu) join our Work Int rsity, her ive Un ser Fra on Office here at Sim ts was excellent. design skills on projec Amy LEE ordinator International Co-op Co

Hong Kong Drag on Boat Festival in New York PANG Tsz Hin Freeman is a ve ry conscientiou dedicated, and aw s, esome intern. He completed every task in a timely manner and even had time to spar to assist his othe e r teammates with their tasks. I ca always count on n Freeman to be av ailable to help me at a moment’s no tice. One thing th at he can improv on is to have mo e re confidence on himself. Olivia FU Senior Superviso r

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16




Equipment that we used

HAN Zhuangyu BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering TIME Group Inc.

Jinan, China

I participated in the WIE internship programme this summer and was assigned to work in Jinan TIME Group which is the biggest and a dominating stated-owned testing machine manufacturer in China. During the internship, I learnt to design a circuit for driving DC motor with using Proteus EDA. Besides, I had a deeper understanding of the Ether CAT industry field bus. The last part of learning was to manipulate welding robot in person. That was challenging, but at the same time, I enriched my knowledge with fundamental procedures in manufacturing robot and several robot solutions. This is a great chance for me to be an intern at TIME Group which definitely helps prepare me for my future career.

My workplace

At factory

Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE Programme The Programme offers students a unique opportunity to experience the Chinese business culture and gain industry-specific knowledge at the awardees’ companies. In the summer 2016, 29 PolyU students joined.

Host companies Create Group of Xi’an Jiao Tong University

New Hope Group

Students were placed 52 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System

Chengdu (New location)

TIME Group Inc.


Tellhow Group

Jinan (New location)

Tongwei Group


Xizi UHC


MAC E DON I A CHENG Hung Yu BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering Knauf dooel Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia

I am so proud of being a trainee in Knauf, which is a manufacturer of plasterboard. My colleagues took me to a visit at a factory in Debar called Knauf Radika. They showed me the production line in the factory from making plasterboards to shipping to other countries. I also had a chance to visit the gypsum mine underground and witnessed the process of mining and explosion. Working in Macedonia is challenging, but also eye-opening. As I communicated with my supervisors, colleagues, and other trainees in English, my communication skills improved a lot. During the internship, I attended different activities organised by IAESTE Macedonia like International Evening. Also, I had a chance to attend a traditional wedding in Galicnik and visit other cities.

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) The IAESTE is a non-profit organisation that provides overseas internship opportunities with technical degrees on reciprocal basis. In the summer 2016, 33 PolyU students joined: They were from the following 9 departments • • • • • • • • •

Applied Biology and Chemical Technology Applied Physics Biomedical Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Computing Electrical Engineering Electronic and Information Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering They were placed: • 16 countries worldwide • 6 new regions: Croatia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Korea, Macedonia, Montenegro

Life was completely different in Macedonia

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16




My thank you card with hand drawings

KWAN Ho Tung BBA (Hons) Marketing Trade Development Council – Italy Milan, Italy During my internship, I planned promotion schedule for social media platforms, sent business matching emails, searched for and confirmed exhibitor’s contact information, categorised the nature of exhibitors in the fairs, and segmented different account invoices. I applied the accounting concepts and theories I learnt at school when I was doing account entries. Also, I made use of some marketing strategies when planning promotion schedule. What I learnt at university could really be applied in the workplace. My colleagues thought I was a capable helper in the office. Working in TDC Milan Office is really a wonderful and fruitful experience to me.

Scheme for Hong HKETO – Internship rope Kong Students in Eu

Travelling to Bellagio, in the Italian region of Lombardy

ts e for Hong Kong Studen The “Internship Schem ng Ko ng Ho the by d uce in Europe” jointly introd ces (HKETOs) in Berlin, Economic and Trade Offi al n, covers the bilater Brussels and Londo ean op Eur the to ng Kong relations between Ho countries in total. ean op Eur 32 and Union Having lunch with my boss and colleague

54 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

T H E U S PANG Tsz Hin, Freeman BBA (Hons) Management Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York

New York, US

As a Media Intern, I played a crucial role in this international, multi-cultural, and sporting event. To be in charge of the press tent which served as the only coordinating centre for the volunteers between the “waterside” and “landside”, I had to identify whom was given the permit to get onto the dragon boats and who the press was among a flood of people. To facilitate the workflow, I initiated a method to distinguish between volunteers and the press by providing labels to them. As a leader of the press tent, I realised the importance of communication between the organiser, the press, and all the stakeholders. Without communication, the event could not be so successful.

HKETO – Internship in the United States for University Students of Hong Kong The three Economic and Trade Offices established by HKSARG (“USETOs”) in Washington DC, New York and San Francisco launched the “Internship in the United States for University Students of Hong Kong” pilot programme in 2016.

Aim: • Enable students to be exposed to the work of the relevant industry • Cultivate students as the “ambassadors” of Hong Kong in the US



Work-Integrated Education 2015/16



T A I WAN CHUENG Wai Ki BSc (Hons) Investment Science Yuanta Financial Holding Co. Ltd Taipei, Taiwan It is the biggest securities trading company in Taiwan. In the first half of my internship period, I needed to perform data analysis of the future market base on the historical performance of the futures where I could also apply my speculation skills in predicting the future market. My second task was to write arbitrage strategy for the company. I needed to analyse ample data everyday by using different tools and mechanisms to ensure that the strategy was zero risk. Yuanta is a nice workplace even for fresh traders as you can learn a lot from here!!

LI Yuet Sing BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering Gudeng Precision Industrial Co. Ltd. Taipei, Taiwan The company provides innovative solutions to household appliances. I did a lot here! I was assigned to the research and development department. In the first week, I categorised documents, studied products catalogues of competitors and learnt to use SAP system to handle data processing. I assembled solar battery cassettes from scratch. I also wrote PLC programme for a beverage machine. This task reminded me the skills that I acquired at the IC of PolyU. I cannot describe in words how fruitful this summer and the experience are ! 56 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

Taiwan WIE Programme 19 students embarked on their journeys to Taiwan this summer. Highlighting a cordial exchange with each other, this programme provides new placement opportunities with an aim to promote mutual support among the universities, enterprises and alumni living in Taiwan and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


B E I J I NG COORD I N A TOR Together with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Programmes in 2016 were concluded with applause.

The overall performance of the students was good. ZHANG Lihuan of Beijing Makerspace even received a perfect score of 100 out of 100 and was invited to join the company after graduation. The other five students have also leveraged themselves.

At DLD Logistic Co. Ltd., student interns presented quality report for the senior management and received positive feedback.

Under the le adership of PAN Jiayi, all stud ents could complete the internships at China Archite cture Design & Research Gr oup successf ul ly . PAN’s perfor mance was extremely ou tstanding an d he was widely co mplimented by his colleague s. The compa ny wished him to join the team after gradua tion. It also applauded Po lyU’s work.

At Blue Ocean Network, students also received compliments from the management.

MA Li Beijing WIE Programmes’ Coordinator Work-Integrated Education 2015/16



NAN J I NG COORD I N A TOR Southeast University (SEU) has successfully organised 11 Mainland WIE Internship Programmes since 2005. We have been hard at coordinating the Programme with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the other ten prestigious companies (Nanjing Museum, Nanjing Presidential Palace, Nanjing Zhongbei Youhao International Travel Service, Huatai Securities Co. Ltd., Everbright Securities Co. Ltd., Bank of China, China Construction Bank, JiangSu Wisedu Information Technology Co. Ltd, Wiscom System Co. Ltd. and Nari Group Corporation).

JiangSu Wisedu Information Technology Co. Ltd

Nanjing Museum

Nanjing Presidential Palace

As of July, 54 PolyU students and 13 SEU students were given the valuable openings from these employing organisations. Students have gone through an eye-opening experience and received critical acclaim from the companies.

Students from the two universities could learn from each other and complement each other's strengths. They applied what they had learnt from books to deal with real work situations. Not only have they applied their classroom learning, but they also made use of their professional knowledge to solve practical problems encountered at work.

YIN Lei Deputy Director Office of International Cooperation Office of Hong Kong, Macau,Taiwan Affairs Southeast University 58 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

Though the weather was very hot in Nanjing, all students completed their internships in eminent and serious manner and with great attendance. Their diligent, dependable and courageous performance contributed to the success of this year’s programme.

S H ANGH A I COORD I N A TOR All students at Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd., Shanghai Construction Group, China Architecture Design & Research Group and VNU Exhibitions Asia performed well. Students demonstrated excellent IT knowledge and were able to bring impacts to the companies.

Mr FAN, the Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Fushen Evaluation & Advisory Group, who is also one of the representatives of The National People’s Congress, has kindly offered community visits to two outstanding students. In general, PolyU students were the best amidst the students from Singapore, Taiwan and other universities in Hong Kong. All of them are supportive of partnering with PolyU next year.

ZHENG Songling

China Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd.

Lenovo Group was very satisfied with our students’ performance and is willing to cooperate with PolyU again.

Student ambassadors demonstrated good coordinating skills in leading the group. They were reliable and dependable.

Students in various logistics companies also delivered tasks with quality nature and professional manner. They were appreciated by the companies.

China Merchants Securities, Shanghai Caitong Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd., Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, CITIC-Prudential Fund Management Co. Ltd.and Panda Financial Holding Corp. Ltd. all agreed to receive PolyU students next year. Two students were highly complimented by the HR of People’s Bank of China, which was its first time to partner with PolyU.

Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd.

Shanghai WIE Programmes’ Coordinator Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


WIE Mentors (2016-2017)

(from left: LO Hiu Ching, YAU Yuen Kwan, CHING Hiu Lam, CHAN Chun Kwong, WONG Ching Wai)

WIE Ambassador List (2016/17) CHAN CHANChong ChongTat Tat

LAI LAIYeuk YeukHo Ho

LO LOHiu HiuChing Ching

WONG WONGChing ChingWai Wai

CHAN CHANChun ChunKwong Kwong

LAM LAMChin ChinHang Hang

NG NGWing WingSze Sze

WONG WONGHiu HiuFung Fung

CHANG CHANGDealon Dealon



WONG WONGWing WingLam Lam

CHEN CHENChui ChuiTing Ting

LEE LEEYat YatTin Tin


WONG WONGYuen YuenKiu Kiu

CHEUNG CHEUNGSui SuiKing KingCarrie Carrie


SIU SIUWing WingHei HeiIsaac Isaac

WU WUXuerui Xuerui



Sophia SophiaHO HOLok LokWei Wei

YAU YAUYuen YuenKwan Kwan


LILIYanke Yanke

SUNG SUNGTsz TszShing Shing


FUNG FUNGWing WingChiu Chiu

LIN LINHongtao Hongtao

TAI TAIWai WaiTat Tat

YU YUKa KaKit Kit

GUAN GUANZhong Zhong

LIU LIUChi-Kit Chi-Kit

TAM TAMMing MingWai WaiQueenie Queenie

ZHAO ZHAONannan Nannan

HO HOCheuk CheukHei Hei


TSE TSEHiu HiuChing Ching

ZHAO ZHAOTingran Tingran

Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT On behalf of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the following organisations for their unfailing support to the Work-Integrated Education.


Commission on Youth

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

Supporting Organisations • Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Association • CEO Club, Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE)

Supporting Organisations – International 1 2 3 4 5 1

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) Moscow International Higher Business School Simon Fraser University University of Cincinnati 2

62 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16




Supporting Organisations – China 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Centum Charitas Foundation China Business Strategic Alliance DAB Dreamwork Dynamic Youth of Huizhou Federation of New Territories Youth Feng Chia University Future Star HKUYA Student Exchange Network Hong Kong Association of Youth Development Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council HKSAR - Beijing Office Hong Kong Shanxi Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Tertiary Student Serivce Association Limited Hong Kong United Foundation Limited Hong Kong Youth Synergy

















Hong Kong Youths Unified Association Hong Kong Zhong Shan Youth Association Hua Jing Society Institute for Integrated Rural Development Kong Ching Association Kowloon Federation of Association National Taipei University Scout Association of Hong Kong Southeast University Ta Kung Development Limited Tuen Mun District Women’s Association Limited Unleash Foundation Wofoo Social Enterprises Young Professionals Alliance Youth Online Association






18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33













Work-Integrated Education 2015/16


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Career Career development development and andtraining training programmes programmes

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JJob oband andcareer career information informationthrough through PolyU Job Board PolyU Job Boardand and Joint JointInstitutions InstitutionsJob Job Information InformationSystem System (JIJIS) (JIJIS) Various internship Various internship opportunities and graduate opportunities and graduate permanent placements permanent placements

64 Work-Integrated Education 2015/16

Personal Personaland andsmall small group groupcareer careercoaching coaching and guidance and guidance

CAPS CAPS offer offer

Optimise students’ career plan Optimise students’ career plan

Meeting Meetingand and networking networkingwith with prospective employers prospective employers

Local, Local,Mainland Mainlandand and overseas overseasinternship internship opportunities opportunities

For graduate job opportunities For graduate job opportunities at recruitment talks, job fairs at recruitment talks, job fairs and career seminars and career seminars

For the fulfillment of For the fulfillment of Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Work-Integrated Education (WIE) requirements requirements

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WIE booklet 2016  

This book showcases PolyU students’ accomplishments and positive feedback from employers in Work-Integrated Education (WIE) 2015/16. Over 50...

WIE booklet 2016  

This book showcases PolyU students’ accomplishments and positive feedback from employers in Work-Integrated Education (WIE) 2015/16. Over 50...