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Citizen Advisory Committee 7:00 PM, Wednesday, September 9, 2020 – Held Electronically Until further notice Citizen Advisory Committee meetings will only be available via telephone and/or the web-based application Go To Meeting. You will not be able to attend meetings in person. You can join the meeting electronically by clinking on this link https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/913545925 and following the directions or dial in using your phone: +1 (872) 240-3412 Access Code: 913-545-925 Please visit www.capitolregionwd.org to get additional CRWD COVID-19 information. Agenda 7:00


Welcome, Announcements, Updates, and Introductions



Public Comment for Issues Not on the Agenda (3 minutes per person)



Approval of the Agenda



Approval of Minutes A) Approval of the August 12, 2020 Minutes





CAC Initiatives



Project and Program Updates A) Lake McCarrons Update (Sellner) B) Partner Grant Program Update (Schwantes)


VIII) CAC Observer Update





Materials Enclosed

District Initiatives for Review, Comment and Recommendations

A) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan (Gardner)

Discussion A) New & Old Issues B) CAC Observer for September 16 and October 7, 2020 Board of Managers Meetings Adjourn

Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 7:00 p.m.

CAC Members Present: Mike McDonald, remote Bob Simonet, remote Cheryl Braun, remote Steve Duerre, remote David Arbeit, remote Gwen Willems, remote Richard Weil, remote

Others Present: Mark Doneux, CRWD remote Anna Eleria, CRWD, remote Joe Collins, CRWD, remote Bob Fossum, CRWD, remote

CAC Members Absent: Mary Lilly, excused Nicole Soderholm, excused Michelle Ulrich, excused Tom Elko, unexcused

I. Welcome, Announcements, and Updates Ms. Willems opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. by videoconference. Ms. Willems asked for any announcements or updates. There were none. II. Public Comment for Issues Not on the Agenda None. III. Approval of Agenda CAC 20-23 Motion: To approve the CAC September 9, 2020 agenda Duerre/Arbeit Unanimously approved IV. Approval of Minutes

“Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.� 1

A. July 15, 2020 CAC Meeting Minutes CAC 20-24 Motion: To approve the July 15, 2020 CAC Meeting Minutes with a few minor edits. Simonet/Duerre Unanimously approved V. District Initiatives for Review, Comment and Recommendations A. Responses to comments on the draft Watershed Management Plan (Eleria) Ms. Eleria presented the responses to comments on the draft Watershed Management Plan. In mid-May 2020, the District’s Board of Managers approved the draft 2021-2030 Watershed Management Plan and authorized a formal, 60-day comment period. The draft WMP was distributed to plan review agencies, District cities, Ramsey County, other government partners, CAC, community organizations, past WMP meeting attendees and survey respondents, and many others. The plan was also posted on the District’s website and promoted through our social media channels. Two community meetings were held in June to present the draft WMP, answer questions and receive comments. The District received over 160 comments on the draft WMP including over 90 from the CAC. The most significant comments were the following: • • •

Add more measurability to plan goals to assess progress towards meeting goals Provide clarity in the District’s theme of community equity and engaging underrepresented groups Provide a discussion on fiscal management and health.

The CAC reviewed two comment and response tables for Board review and approval. The first table includes comments from the technical advisory committee (TAC) and community members and proposed responses to comments. The other table has the CAC comments and proposed responses. Ms. Eleria discussed the main comments and proposed responses to comments, she answered questions and received CAC feedback on the District responses. The CAC thanked Ms. Eleria for her presentation.

B. Review and Comment on the Preliminary 2021 Budget and Levy (Doneux) Administrator Doneux presented the preliminary 2021 Budget and Levy for review and comment. Each year the Board of Managers must establish a plan of work for the upcoming year, establish a budget based upon the work plan, and establish a levy for the budget. The Board of Managers discussed the current 2020 budget and revenue at the May 6th and 21st Board meetings. The also reviewed the preliminary 2021 Work Plan along with the budget and levy at Board workshop on June 3rd and July 8th as well as at Board Meetings on June 17th and July 22nd, 2020. The Board approved the Preliminary 2021 budget and levy for Public Comment and set the Public Hearing date for August 19, 2020 at 6:00 PM. As part of the public review and comment process the Board is seeking comment from the CAC. Administrator Doneux reviewed the draft 2021 budget and levy with the CAC and solicited comments. The preliminary 2021 budget is $9,077,610. The proposed 2021 tax levy is “Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.” 2

$8,277,699. The CAC inquired about how the budget and levy has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrator Doneux responded by saying the 2021 budget was essential the same as 2020 and there was no increase in the tax levy. Administrator Doneux also reviewed how the commitments to the Ford Site and other major CIP are affected by the budget. CAC 20-25 Motion: To support the proposed preliminary 2021 Budget and Levy as presented. Arbeit/Duerre Unanimously Approved VI. CAC Initiatives A) Diversity and Inclusion Administrator Doneux stated that the District staff are working on the Diversity Implementation plan and will present a draft Implementation plan at a future CAC meeting. Administrator Doneux mentioned that Mr. Seitu’s last Board meeting with be September 16, 2020 and there was much discussion about sending Mr. Seitu off with a certificate or plaque of service. VII. Project and Program Updates A)

Ford Site Redevelopment Update (Fossum)

Mr. Fossum provided a brief update on the Ford Site Redevelopment. The CAC thanked Mr. Fossum for his update. B)

Public Art Program Update (Schwantes)

Ms. Schwantes provided a brief update on the Public Art Program. The CAC thanked Ms. Schwantes for her update. C)

Master Water Stewards Update (Schwantes)

Ms. Schwantes provided a brief update on the Master Water Stewards Program. The CAC thanked Ms. Schwantes for her update.

VIII. CAC Observer Update Ms. Willems Attended the August Board meeting and provided an update. Mr. Collins thanked the CAC for their comments to the Watershed Management Plan. IX. Discussion A. New & Old Issues None.

“Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.” 3

B. CAC Observer for August 19, 2020 and September 2, 2020 Board of Managers Meetings Mr. Simonet volunteered for September 2, 2020 X. Adjourn CAC 20-26 Motion: To adjourn the August 12, 2020 CAC Meeting. Braun/Arbeit Unanimously approved The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Belinda Gardner

W:\05 Citizen Advisory Committee\Minutes\2020\August 12, 2020 CAC Draft Minutes.docx

“Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.� 4

September 9, 2020 CAC Meeting V. A. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan Update (Gardner)


September 4, 2020 Citizen Advisory Committee Belinda Gardner, Administrative Assistant Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan Update

Background CRWD’s Board of Managers formalized a diversity and inclusion statement in 2010, “The Capitol Region Watershed District embraces and values diversity and seeks to recruit, promote and retain employees that reflect the community we serve. We believe that a diverse mix of employees enrich the workplace and enhance the quality of our service. The Capitol Region Watershed District encourages all qualified to apply for open positions.” The Board directed staff to develop a Diversity Plan with support from a consultant in 2016. A Committee comprised of two Board Managers, a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) member and staff was created to interview and hire a firm to develop the Plan. A Diversity Strategic Plan was developed and approved in 2018. In 2020, District staff along with Kevin Lindsey, developed Implementation Tasks supporting the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan. Issues In August 2020, staff reviewed and commented on the Implementation Tasks. Updates were made to the plan. In addition, a meeting was held with the Diversity Committee. Staff will present the draft Implementation Plan to the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) for review and comment. On September 16, 2020 Staff will present a draft of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan to the Board of Managers for adoption. Action Requested Review and provide comments and recommendations.

enc. Draft Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan.

W:\04 Board of Managers\Diversity Plan\Diversity Implementaiton Plan\Brd Memo Special Report Diversity Plan Update August 19 .docx

Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD)



Capitol Region Watershed District values diversity, equity and inclusion and can achieve cleaner waters through engagement across communities.

COMMITMENTS INNOVATION We will be innovative in our approaches to communities who truly represent our district.


1. Expand CRWD’s internal awareness of the opportunities and challenges related to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment.

2. Deepen relationships with many communities in CRWD by increasing outreach.

Goals Goal 1. a) Create safe spaces and opportunities to explore and understand unconscious bias and increase cultural competency. Goal 1. b) Formalize regular reviews of progress made implementing the Diversity Strategic Plan and share with CRWD’s staff, Board and CAC.

COLLABORATION We will continue to collaborate across differences.

OPEN We will be open to the challenges our community presents as it relates to diversity and inclusion.

Implementation Tasks Create internal communication strategy about the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Identify speakers and presentation topics. Select DEI workshop opportunities. All Board, Staff and CAC will attend Implicit Bias and Anti-Racism Training. Schedule regular meetings throughout the year between Administrator and Senior leadership team to discuss DEI efforts. Consider implementing Diversity tool or dashboard to graphically communicate progress and present to the Board of Managers.

PASSION We will approach our efforts of inclusion with the same level of passion as water resource protection.

Indicators of Progress Indicator 1. a) Internal communication strategy has been created. Speakers and topics have been identified. All Board, Staff and CAC attend 1-2 Implicit Bias/Anti-Racism Training. workshops or cultural experiences annually.

Timeline 2020-2022, ongoing

Indicator 1. b) Provide quarterly Diversity Strategic Plan updates at CAC, Board, and staff meetings.

2020-2022, semiannual


Goal 1. c) Establish Diversity Coordinator.

Designate a Diversity Coordinator on staff to lead and coordinate the implementation of the District's Diversity Strategic Plan and track progress to achieving the District's DEI goals and actions.

Indicator 1. c) Diversity Coordinator has been identified and appointed.

Goal 2. a) Use local data to learn more about the audiences CRWD serves.

Meet with the Office of MN Demographer to better understand demographics within CRWD. Conduct demographic analysis of the District and determine how this information will be used.

Indicator 2. a) Meet with diverse groups, community leaders and partner organizations to identify three underserved1 communities to focus engagement and communications work. Meet with District demographer, gain access to data/maps.


Indicator 2. b) Implement an outreach plan for three underserved communities with guidance from members of the community.

2020-2021, ongoing

Indicator 2. c) Implement a communications plan for the same three underserved communities (identified in 2. b) with guidance from members of the community.

2020-2022, ongoing

Meet with Minnesota Legislative POCI Caucus (People of Color and Indigenous) and ethnic community groups to gain a better understanding of ethnic communities and to identify strategic community partners. Goal 2. b) Create an outreach plan which includes community engagement focused on building long-term, sustainable relationships.

List existing outreach strategies. Develop and implement Thick Engagement2.

Goal 2. c) Create a communications plan which includes materials that are culturally appropriate and translated into the underserved community’s native language(s).

Review existing communications materials. Meet with MN Legislative POCI council and ethnic community groups to refine engagement and communications strategy. Identify metrics for communication plan.

Identify evaluation tool for community engagement plan. Identify evaluation tool for community engagement plan.


3. Increase organizational diversity and inclusion efforts by increasing recruitment of candidates who truly represent our district for staff, CAC and service providers.

4. Be a Leader in Diversity and Inclusion.


Implementation Tasks

Goal 3. a) Identify organizations, schools and student groups working with people of color and underserved communities to encourage them to enter the environmental field.

Identify trade associations or groups comprised of environmental organizations to collaborate on DEI efforts.

Goal 3. b) Formalize best practices in hiring staff are used to ensure an inclusive process and to provide diverse pool of candidates. Goal 3. c) Outline and implement recruitment efforts for the CAC in communities of color. Goal 3. d) Develop and implement best practices to increase contracting with Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged/Veteran Owned Small Businesses3.

Develop long term employment strategy of raising visibility of employment opportunities in the environmental field within high schools and colleges. Identify hiring needs (ongoing). Ensure that organizations and groups are identified and are made aware of CRWD’s hiring opportunities. Develop schedule for outside consultant to review hiring practices. Gain more insight on emerging best employment practices. Use DEI Watershed Forum to develop recruiting partnerships at colleges and recruiting fairs such as People of Color Career Fair; Meet with officials from organizations such as state POCI councils, councils serving people with disabilities, ethnic business chambers, and ethnic community groups to discuss recruiting.

Indicators of Progress


Indicator 3. a) Engage 3-5 organizations and schools working with people of color and underserved communities.

2020, ongoing

Indicator 3. b) Research and ensure best practices in hiring are used.

2020, ongoing

Indicator 3. c) Engage community leaders and organizations to invite participation on the CAC.

2020-2022, ongoing

Review, benchmark and assess existing CRWD procurement plan; identify and implement procurement strategies.

Indicator 3. d) Increase the number of contracts and vendors from the certified Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged/VeteranOwned Small Businesses.

2020-2022, ongoing

Goal 4. a) Develop and maintain a list of diversity and inclusion partners.

Identify watershed districts and partners that could act as DEI representatives within watershed community; Meet with DEI representatives to identify collaboration opportunities; Create DEI Metro-Wide Watershed Organization Forum. Use DEI Watershed Forum to supplement list of DEI partners.

Indicator 4. a) Invite our partners to explore and implement diversity and inclusion efforts.

2020, ongoing

Goal 4. b) Create a leadership forum focused on sharing diversity and inclusion work with other watershed districts and partners.

Convene DEI Watershed Forum meeting with watershed districts to: (1) benchmark DEI efforts, (2) identify collaboration opportunities in employment, procurement, and engagement, (3) share best practices, and (4) identify forum infrastructure.

Indicator 4. b) Host semi-annual diversity and inclusion workshops for watershed districts, conservation agencies and environmental nonprofit organizations.

2020-2022, ongoing

Goal 4. c) Advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Present CRWD’s DEI initiatives.

Indicator 4. c) Promote CRWD’s approach and efforts at a variety of forums.

2020-2022, ongoing

1 Underserved is defined as communities where Capitol Region Watershed District has less presence. 2 Thick Engagement is more intensive and interactive. Opportunity for dialogue is offered in small groups, interaction and exploring of diverse perspectives is encouraged, and the options generated by participants are shared with all. Identify evaluation tool for community engagement plan. 3 The MN Office of State Procurement’s Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged/Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program supports small businesses owned by a woman, racial minority or person with a substantial physical disability and certified as Economically Disadvantaged or Veteran-Owned.

September 9, 2020 VII. Project and Program Updates B) 2021 Partner Grant Program DATE: TO: FROM: RE:

September 3, 2020 CRWD Citizen Advisory Committee Lindsay Schwantes 2021 Partner Grant Program

Background Partner Grants support organizations who share in CRWD’s mission to protect, manage, and improve our water resources. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include personnel/staff time and materials. Any organization or community group serving residents within CRWD’s boundaries is eligible to apply. Projects funded in 2021 must be completed with a final report submitted by December 31, 2021. Grants are funded on a reimbursement basis and liability insurance is required for all grantees. Partner Grants are given to organizations, schools, businesses and other entities for clean water education and outreach projects. Grant awards range from $1,000-$20,000. Issues Staff will distribute the 2021 Partner Grant solicitation to the attached list and any additional community organizations, cities or agencies suggested. The distribution list includes previous grant recipients and organizations that represent new audiences for CRWD. The draft 2021 budget for Partner Grants is $135,000. Changes to the promotion and evaluation process include CRWD’s diversity and inclusion goals, an updated application form that includes improved questions that address CRWD’s priority audiences as outlined in the 2020 WMP and measuring project impact. These will be used during the review process. I will also be requesting information on how partners will respond to COVID 19 safety recommendations at the time of project execution. Staff will be hosting a virtual information session for interested applicants to learn about eligibility and contracting requirement on October 7, 2020. Staff will also promote CRWD’s Stewardship Grant Program and provide information on how to apply to the CAC in the promotion email. The 2020 Partner Grant Committee Board appointments are Managers Murphy and Texer. Staff request the CAC identify two members to serve on the 2021 Partner Grant Review Committee. The committee will review applications virtually and select grant recipients in November for Board approval in December. Request Action Identify two CAC members to serve on the 2021 Partner Grant Review Committee. Enc:

2021 CRWD Partner Grant Request for Proposal Letter 2021 CRWD Partner Grant Distribution List

W:\07 Programs\Stewardship Grant Program\Partner Grants\2021 Grants\CAC Memo_2021 Partner Grant_9-9-20.docx

Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

Dear Community Partner: Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) is accepting proposals for 2021 Partner Grants through Sunday, November 1, 2020. Grant Program Goals Partner Grants support organizations who share in CRWD’s mission to protect, manage and improve our water resources. Eligible costs include both personnel and materials. Recent projects have included water focused education programs, community organizing initiatives, training, events, community art, and water quality internships. Eligibility Any organization or community group serving residents within CRWD’s boundaries is eligible to apply and activities and events must take place within CRWD. Find a map of our watershed boundaries on our website here: capitolregionwd.org/about-crwd/ Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a virtual information session about grant eligibility on Wednesday, October 7, from 12:00 – 1:00 pm. Contact Lindsay at lschwantes@capitolregionwd.org or (651) 644-8888 for questions or to RSVP. Audiences Served CRWD is committed to community equity and engaging new and historically underrepresented groups served by our programs. CRWD believes we can achieve cleaner waters through engagement across all communities. Proposals that take place in or serve residents from our Trout Brook, Phalen Creek, Saint Anthony Hill, Como Lake or Lake McCarrons watersheds are priorities however proposals located or serving other areas are still eligible. These watersheds are shown on our map linked above. Funding Cycle and Timeline Grants are funded on a reimbursement basis and liability insurance is required for all grantees. Please review our grant agreement terms available in the attached agreement template. Projects funded in 2021 must be completed with a final report submitted by December 31, 2021. CRWD’s Board of Managers has made $135,00 available in 2021. Eligible projects can request funding from $1,000 - $20,000. Preference will be given to applicants who clearly identify program goals and target audiences and demonstrate measurable impacts (pollution reduction, clean water actions taken, etc.).

Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

COVID 19 Please consider the feasibility of executing your proposal under current CDC and MDH guidelines for COVID 19. We recognize that protocols will be updated as new information and guidance is released. We request that grantees propose projects that can be executed should in-person activities be restricted. CRWD staff will continue to work with partner groups to determine how best to execute funded proposals given guidelines at the time of the activity. 2020 Partner Grants Timeline November 1, 2020 Proposals due November 2020

Committee makes funding recommendations for Board approval

December 2020

Board approves Committee recommendations for grant awards

January, 2021

2021 grant recipients notified

Applications must be submitted using the application form available an our website here: www.capitolregionwd.org/grants/partner-grants/ CRWD looks forward to hearing your ideas for how to protect and improve our lakes and the Mississippi River. Sincerely, Lindsay Schwantes Community Outreach Coordinator

Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

Capitol Region Watershed District PARTNER GRANT AGREEMENT This Grant Agreement (Agreement) is entered into between Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD), a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota; and ______ (Grantee), this 31st day of January 2021. WHEREAS, CRWD has established a grant program to provide financial assistance to various individuals or organizations to protect and improve water resources within CRWD; and WHEREAS, the mission of CRWD is to protect, manage and improve water resources of CRWD by encouraging water resource stewardship in the watershed district; and WHEREAS, the Grantee has presented a proposal (Project) that CRWD believes will further its mission; IT IS THEREFORE AGREED BETWEEN THE PARTIES AS FOLLOWS: 1.


The Grantee will perform the Project as described in the Grant Proposal, which is attached as Exhibit A and incorporated as part of this Agreement. The grant funding will be used for Tasks X, and X with a total not to exceed $X,XXX.00. Other work and costs not directly associated with this project are not eligible for reimbursement. 2.

GENERAL CONDITIONS A. Non Assignment The Grantee shall not assign any part or all of this Agreement to any other person without the prior written consent of CRWD. B. Independent Contractor The Grantee is an independent contractor and neither the Grantee, its agent, employees, assigns nor other persons while engaged in the performance of the Project shall be considered employees of CRWD. Nothing contained in the Agreement shall be construed to create the relationship of co-partners, joint ventures or a partnership or association between CRWD and the Grantee. C. Indemnification The Grantee agrees to defend, indemnify and hold CRWD, its officials, agents and employees harmless from any claims, demands, actions or causes of action, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of any act or omission of the Grantee, its agents or employees in the performance of the Project and Agreement. D. Alteration No alteration, variation, modification or waiver of the provision of the Agreement is valid until it is in writing and signed by both parties.

Capitol Region Watershed District - Partner Grant Agreement

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E. Insurance Grantee shall purchase and/or maintain the insurance necessary to protect CRWD from claims, which may arise out of, or result from, the Grantee’s performance of the Project. Grantee shall provide a copy of all certificates of insurance to CRWD upon request. It is the sole responsibility of the Grantee to purchase and maintain insurance that may be necessary for performance of the Project and Agreement. F. Setoff If damages are sustained by CRWD as a direct or indirect result of the Grantee’s performance of the Project or Agreement, CRWD may withhold payments (not to exceed the amount of the damages) to the Grantee until the exact amount of damages is determined. G. Termination CRWD may suspend or terminate the Agreement for failure of the Grantee to meet the terms of the Project and Agreement. In such case, CRWD shall provide written notice to the Grantee specifying the extent of the suspension or nature of the termination and the reasons for it, and the effective date. Upon receipt of such notice the Grantee shall discontinue further performance or expenditure of funds as related to the Project and Agreement. H. Compliance With Applicable Law The Grantee shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and apply, pay for and obtain all permits or licenses necessary for the performance of the Project and Agreement. I.

Documents CRWD, its authorized representative or the State Auditor shall have full access to all documents relating to the performance of the Agreement. The Grantee shall maintain records for all services provided under the Agreement and retain those records for seven (7) years following the termination of the Agreement.

J. Data Practices The Grantee’s performance of this Agreement and all documents related thereto are governed by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minn. Stat. Ch. 13 and applicable federal law. K. Publicity and Endorsement: a. Publicity. Any publicity regarding the subject matter of this grant agreement must identify CRWD as a sponsoring agency. For purposes of this provision, publicity includes traditional and digital media and communications, including but not limited to social channels, website, photography, videography, notices, informational pamphlets, press releases, research reports, signs and similar public notices by or for the Grantee individually or jointly with others, or any subcontractors, with respect to the program, publications, or services provided resulting from this grant agreement. For style and branding requirements please reference CRWD Grant Communications Guide (attached as Exhibit B). b. Endorsement. The grantee must not claim that CRWD endorses its products or services. L. Interpretation/Venue Capitol Region Watershed District - Partner Grant Agreement

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This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed according to the laws of the State of Minnesota. Any litigation involving this Agreement shall be conducted in the State of Minnesota. M. Term This Agreement shall be effective as of the date it is signed by both parties and continue until December 31, 2020 or until terminated pursuant to the Agreement. N. Ownership All work products, including but not limited to concepts, ideas, layouts, drawing, maps, models, computer programs or simulations, photography, scripts, graphics, reports and recommendations become the property of CRWD upon completion of the Project. The Grantee shall be entitled to retain copies of all work products. O. Entire Agreement This Agreement and Exhibit shall constitute the entire Agreement between CRWD and the Grantee and shall supercede all prior oral and written Agreements or negotiations. P. Final Report Upon completion of the Project, the Grantee is required to prepare a Final Report of the Project’s implementation and benefit and submit it to CRWD within 30 days of completion of the Project. The Final Report should include details about the audience reached (total # and demographics, if available), a detailed description of each funded task and associated outcomes, receipts for approved supplies and an invoice for staff time, high resolution photos/video and a brief quote about your experience working with CRWD for program promotion. 3.

PAYMENT CRWD shall reimburse the Grantee a total not to exceed $X,XXX.XX of actual documented costs upon completion of the Project and receipt and review of a Final Report (Condition P).

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed by the respective duly authorized representatives as of the day and year written: FOR CAPITOL REGION WATERSHED DISTRICT: By: _______________________________________ (Title): Date:______________________ FOR THE GRANTEE: By:_______________________________________ (Title): Date:______________________ Capitol Region Watershed District - Partner Grant Agreement

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Communications Toolkit for Capitol Region Watershed District Grants Attachments: CRWD Logo Files and Guide zipped folder

Mission and About

CRWD’s mission: To protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District and Mississippi River. Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) is a local unit of government dedicated to protecting, managing and improving the water resources within the 40 square-mile District, which includes parts of Saint Paul, Roseville, Maplewood, Lauderdale and Falcon Heights. CRWD works across geographic and political boundaries to protect the health of the District’s lakes, wetlands, streams and the Mississippi River through monitoring, regulation, planning and action. Tips for writing about CRWD: • Check your spelling – it’s Capitol Region (not capital) • Don’t use “the” before Capitol Region Watershed District or CRWD. • Please use the full spelling if there is only a single mention.

Logo and Color Use

Please refer to CRWD’s Logo Guide for use of the District’s logo and use logo files from the attached zip folder. Don’t change or alter the logo in any way.

Photography & Video

All individuals in photos and videos must sign a photo release. Please list Capitol Region Watershed District as a user on all photo and video releases. Including captions on videos is encouraged. Contact CRWD grant program staff if you would like to use our photo release template.

Social Media Channels

Facebook @CapitolRegionWD ◘ Twitter @CapitolRegionWD Instagram @capitolregionwatershed ◘ LinkedIn @Capitol Region Watershed District

Social Media Posts and Events Promotion

Tag Capitol Region Watershed District on social media channels for programs and events supported by grant funding by using the statement below. CRWD may repost or share programs and events that are supported by grant funding. This program is supported in part by Capitol Region Watershed District.

Questions about Digital Communications?

Please contact CRWD Communications Associate Mary Van Sant (mvansant@capitolregionwd.org) with questions or for collaboration.

Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

2021 CRWD Partner Grant Promotion List Type of group Organization Art Wisdom Dances Hark Designs Public Art Saint Paul Public Art Saint Paul U of MN Art Department COMPAS Hmongtown Marketplace - Frogtown Green Artist Heather Cole Gita Ghei Lisa Elias Midway Murals Brad Kaspari Mark Granlund In Progress Emily Donovan Art Mosaic on a Stick Annie Hejny Mary Johnson Juxtaposition Arts Springboard for the Arts Springboard for the Arts Flower Power Shanai Matteson Colin Kloecker Holly Robbins John Moes Sarah Peters Arlene Birt Cotty Versalles Asia Ward Oskar Ly Teeko Yang Penumbra Theater Penumbra Theater Penumbra Theater Forecast Public Art Forecast Public Art Ananya Dance Theatre Farming/Plants/Landscaping Saint Paul Seed Circle Como Seed Library Frogtown Farm MN Horticultural Society - Northern Gardener Urban Farm and Garden Alliance Urban Farm and Garden Alliance Urban Farm and Garden Alliance Urban Farm and Garden Alliance Ramsey County Master Gardeners Ramsey County Master Gardeners Ramsey County Master Gardeners Ramsey County Master Gardeners Ramsey County Master Gardeners Ramsey County Master Gardeners MN Nursery and Landscape Association City City of Falcon Heights



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emily@wisdomdances.com hark@wisc.edu colleen@publicartstpaul.org Mayumi@publicartstpaul.org baeum002@umn.edu dawne@compas.org sienglee08@gmail.com heather@designhmc.com g@gitapatina.com lisae@visi.com jonathan@midwaymurals.com bkaspari@kasparidesign.com

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Profile for Capitol Region Watershed District

September 9, 2020 CAC Meeting  

September 9, 2020 CAC Meeting  

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