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Soundings C A P E


A Publication for Families and Friends of Cape Henry Collegiate School

January 2009



C a p e H e n ry C o l l e g iat e S cho o l

2009 Golf TOurnament M ON DAY, APRIL 2 7 C AVALIER GOL F AN D YAC H T C LU B For more information regarding reservations and hole sponsorship opportunities, contact Mrs. Vicki Wicher, Special Events Coordinator, at (757) 963-8250.

C a p e H e n ry C o l l e g iat e S cho o l


RO U N D - RO B IN TENNI S S O C IAL T H U R SDAY, M AY 1 4 VIRGINIA BEACH TENNIS AND COUNTRY CLUB For more information regarding reservations and sponsorship opportunities, contact Mrs. Laurie Cooper at (757) 412-0209 or Mrs. Peggy Ettel at (757) 437-8823.

2008-2009 Board of Trustees Board Officers Mr. James H. Sparks Chair Dr. John P. Lewis Head of School/President Mr. J. Christopher Perry '92 Vice Chair for Development Mr. Scot N. Creech Vice Chair for Facilities Mrs. Linda W. Cross Vice Chair for Finance

Soundings C A P E


Summer/Fall 2008

Mrs. Katherine C. Willis Secretary Mrs. Mary H. McNeal Treasurer

Trustees RDML Nevin P. Carr, Jr. Mr. Dennis M. Ellmer Mr. William H. Fuller, Jr. Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli '89 The Honorable Pamela E. Hutchens Ms. Dorothy P. Mannix '82 Mr. Jerry F. McDonnell Mr. Craig L. Mytelka Mr. John C. Napolitano Mr. Christakis J. Paphites Congressman Owen B. Pickett Mrs. Cheryl Xystros Mr. Richard C. Zoretic

Ex-Officio Trustee Mrs. Cindee Riordan

President, 2008-2010 Cape Henry Parents’ Association







Founders & Trustees Emeriti Mr. W. Cecil Carpenter* Mr. John P. Edmondson* Mr. Andrew S. Fine Mr. L. Renshaw Fortier Mrs. Dow S. Grones* Mr. Benjamin Huger, II Mrs. Grace Olin Jordan* Mr. Bernard W. McCray, Jr. Mr. James R. McKenry Mr. Arthur Peregoff*

Mr. George G. Phillips, Jr.

Mr. James P. Sadler* Mr. William J. Vaughan* Mrs. Anne Dickson Jordan Waldrop

Headmasters Emeriti Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw Mr. Daniel P. Richardson

* Deceased

2008-2009 Cape Henry Parents’ Association Executive Officers Mrs. Cindee Riordan, President Mrs. Berkley Wheeler-Chittenden, First Vice President Mrs. Lea Keenan, Second Vice President Mrs. Kathleen Smith, Treasurer Mrs. Sibyl Seth, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Angela Jones, Recording Secretary Mrs. Leslie Quisenberry, Immediate Past President Mrs. Cindy Coureas, Lower School Representative Mrs. Grace Limroth, Lower School Representative Mrs. Kim Tompkins, Middle School Representative Mrs. Cheryl Weber, Middle School Representative Mrs. Diane Grubiak, Upper School Representative Mr. Bob Capria, Upper School Representative

OTHER FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 NEWS AND CHCS WELCOMES NEW TRUSTEES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 INFORMATION CAPE HENRY PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION NEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 FROM THE DESK OF JULIE SCHERRER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 GRANDPARENTS’ DAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 NEW CAPE HENRY FACULTY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 NEXUS NEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 STUDENT & FACULTY ACCOMPLISHMENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 ALUMNI FEATURE: JENNIFER LARUS '95. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 CAPE HENRY VISITS ALUMNI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 ALUMNI NOTES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 COVER: Middle School students, in conjunction with the “Lynnhaven River NOW” project, monitor water quality and phytoplankton at Cape Henry’s designated sample location. (Read more page 8 )


With Technology Comes Responsibility Technology is powerful. It is an exciting teaching tool for both the teacher and the student. At Cape Henry, we have increased the use of technology both in and out of the classroom, and have hired staff and faculty with the expertise to help students become more proficient and versatile with technology. The rapidly changing field of educational technology requires that we engage in continuous training of faculty and staff that is part of our Strategic Plan. As you peruse this issue of Soundings, notice how aspects of the new Strategic Plan are being addressed. More importantly, notice how powerful and exciting these advances are for our Dr. Jack Lewis, Head of School students. Cape Henry has been moving forward with the initiative to implement a Tablet PC program throughout the School. Last year, Cape Henry outfitted the fifth graders with Tablet PCs and continued the program into the Sixth Grade during the fall of this year with additional hardware. Over a period of time, Tablet PCs will be fully introduced into a school-wide program. In order to move forward aggressively with this initiative, a Director of Instructional Technology was established to oversee the Tablet PC program. Through the years, Cape Henry has been repeatedly recognized for addressing scientific and environmental challenges. Today, with the new Sparks Science and Technology Center, there are no limits to what our students can achieve. • National and international awards have ranged from World Champions of the Odyssey of the Mind competition, to National ExploraVision winners, National NASA Student Involvement winners, My Planet Earth winners, Robotics Design and Performance Awards, and first place recipients in the Great Computer Challenge. • CHCS is consistently one of the first educational institutions in the Hampton Roads area to use new technologies as part of our instructional materials. These technologies include: iPods, Podcasts, Tablets PCs, Digital Readers, Flip cameras, and video. These high-tech teaching tools are now a normal part of the School’s curriculum and are resources for all grades. • Involvement with numerous programs, such as The Water Measurement Project, The Climate Connection Project, and the Kids Science Challenge are training our young students to utilize new technology to conserve and problem solve. • Hosting the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Environmental Conference on campus, with over 80 educators and scientists from the East Coast attending, showcased Cape Henry’s facilities and curriculum and further positioned the School as a leader in technology and environmental science education. • Participation in global education programs within our Nexus program that promote community and care for the environment teaches our students to think more of their global community and responsibility to others. Trips such as the South African trip where students planted fruit trees on school grounds, built homes for the poor in Fiji, helped at Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Calcutta, India, or delivered clothes to porters at Mt. Kilimanjaro help students understand how simple steps can become very positive strides. • And finally, Cape Henry has become an educational resource for the entire community and has been instrumental in beginning a speakers’ series, inviting internationally celebrated scientists and speakers to campus and opening our doors to all members of the Hampton Roads community. As you read through these pages, please notice the many ways in which technology is enhancing learning experiences across the curriculum, but what is even more amazing is to watch, in turn, how our students are using that technology to enhance the quality of life for all of us. They understand the responsibility involved with the use of this new technology. They understand the power of science and they feel the excitement of possibilities. No matter what class or age group you observe, you can witness students analyzing, researching, hypothesizing, and testing theories that may someday solve global problems. Cape Henry students are not only learning how to use the new technologies, but are also learning the responsibilities and unlimited potential that accompany them.



Cape Henry Welcomes New Trustees Mr. Christakis Paphites and Mr. Richard Zoretic have been elected to their first, three-year terms of service (2008 – 2011) on the CHCS Board of Trustees. As President of the Cape Henry Parents’ Association, Mrs. Cindee Riordan also serves on the Board of Trustees as an ex-officio Trustee for a two-year term (2008-2010). Their professional expertise and their dedication to the CHCS community will be of great value to us all.

Mr. Christakis Paphites

A lifelong resident of Virginia Beach, Chris graduated from First Colonial High School and then earned his bachelor’s degree from Guilford College where he was an NAIA All-American in football. Chris is a former COO and President of BurgerBusters, which held 84 stores in the Hampton Roads area. Chris also stays very involved with the community, serving on the University of Virginia – Virginia Athletics Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Hampton Roads, and is a member of the Bayville Golf Club and Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club. Chris and his wife, Deborah, have three children attending Cape Henry, Courtney in Ninth Grade, Casey in Seventh Grade, and Catherine in Second Grade.

Mrs. Cindee Riordan

Mr. Richard Zoretic

Mr. Richard Zoretic is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at the Virginia Beach-based AmeriGroup. Prior to AmeriGroup, Dick served as Senior Vice President of Network Operations and Distribution for CIGNA Dental Health. Richard and his wife, Meg, have one son, Danny, who is in the Eighth Grade at Cape Henry. They have two daughters who graduated from CHCS, Colleen '07 and Kelly '08.


After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia and her master’s degree from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Cindee began her career on Capitol Hill on the personal staff of two members of the House of Representatives. She moved on to become a political fundraiser at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and then served as Senator Bob Kerrey’s Finance Director on both his presidential and senatorial re-election campaigns. Cindee also served on the Board of Trustees for her children’s prior school, St. Francis Episcopal Day School, in Potomac, Maryland, for seven years and served as Board Chair for four and a half years. Cindee and her husband, Kevin, have two girls at Cape Henry, Mary in the Eighth Grade and Lizzi in the Fifth Grade.

The Gianascoli Family The Gianascoli Board Room Given in honor of Anita and Joseph Gianascoli.

Mr. Paul Hirschbiel Honored T he D arden A ward Former Trustee, Mr. Paul Hirschbiel, was honored this fall with the 2008 CIVIC Leadership Institute’s Darden Award for Regional Leadership. Paul was recognized for his tireless efforts to improve the lives of children. He is shown here with his wife, Susan, his son, Matt '05, a senior at Rollins College, and his daughter, Anna, a senior at Cape Henry.

Lisa and Michael Gianascoli '89 have given several generous gifts to the School, but rather than select a room naming for themselves, they have chosen to name the Board Room in honor of Mike’s parents. The picture above was presented to Anita and Joe over the Thanksgiving holidays by their grandchildren, Gabriella, Grade 2; Joey, Kindergarten; and Annika, Prekindergarten.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Honoring Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw On December 2, 2008 at six o’clock in the evening in The Phillips Family Gallery, Dr. John P. Lewis, Head of School, Mr. James H. Sparks, Board Chair, and the Board of Trustees hosted a reception honoring Founders and Former Trustees and members of the Everett Society with a special dedication of the Moomaw Alumni Garden honoring Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw, Headmaster 1975-1986.


After Dr. Lewis’ “State of the School” presentation and a thank you to all of the Founders and Former Trustees for their continuing guidance and support, Dr. Moomaw was honored for his service to the School. The Moomaw Alumni Garden was dedicated to Dr. Moomaw and his wife, Lee. Dr. Lewis honors Lee and Hugh Moomaw.

Former Board Chair, Mr. Doug Perry, Mrs. Patricia Perry, and current Trustee and Vice Chair for Development, Mr. Chris Perry '92

Former Trustee Mrs. Shelby Balderson and Mr. Stafford Balderson

Mrs. Lee Moomaw, former Lower School Librarian, dedicates a special tree in the Moomaw Alumni Garden.

Mr. Michael Gomez, former Trustee and current grandparent

During that period, Dr. Moomaw proposed and the Trustees agreed that the word “Collegiate” be added to the school’s name. He facilitated the initial accreditation of Cape Henry, 18 months ahead of the Trustees’ schedule. He recruited faculty who produced excellent academic results. He established The Henricus Collegium Chapter of the National Honor Society, initiated, named, and edited the School’s newsletter, Soundings, and increased the physical plant through the first new building and other improvements so that additional sections of each grade could be housed. Dr. Moomaw’s leadership extended to athletics, as well, where he expanded the athletic program to include wrestling and lacrosse, and personally coached soccer for five years.

Former Alumni President Mr. Trent Dudley '88 with current Trustee Mr. Mike Gianascoli '89.

Former Trustees Mr. Paul Hirschbiel and Reverend Michael Simone converse with Mrs. Gail Simone.

Mrs. Cathy Lewis with Mrs. Helen Johnson, Middle School Mathematics Department Chair Mr. Jim Sparks, Board Chair


During Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw’s tenure, Cape Henry grew from 157 students to an enrollment of 498 students. He witnessed the graduating class size grow from four in 1975, to 37 upon his retirement in 1986. Those 11 years were a period of rapid growth and development for the School.


Annual Fund Thank you for your generous support of Cape Henry. At press time, the Annual Fund has received pledges and gifts totaling 85% of the goal. So far, the Board of Trustees and Alumni Board have 100% participation, faculty/staff/administration have 81% participation, and Third and Eleventh Grades have both reached the 67% parent participation goal. Many other grades are very close to reaching the goal, too. Last fall was a challenging season for our community. It would have been easy for many of you to reduce your gift or not make an annual gift this year, but you have responded generously. Many of you joined the Everett Society. Everett Society members make leadership gifts that are above and beyond the minimum commitment, and we express our deep appreciation to those listed on the next page. In December, Everett Society members joined the annual gathering of the School’s current and former Trustees to dedicate the Moomaw Alumni Garden.

Current Trustee and Vice-Chair for Facilities, Mr. Scot Creech with Annual Fund call nights started in late September, and while several Board Chair, Mr. Jim Sparks.

call nights were rescheduled due to the financial markets’ turbulence, 46 callers participated over seven productive call nights. A couple of nights, we had an overflow of callers. In mid-October, a three-night calling period matched alumni callers against parent callers. It was great to see everyone’s friendly competitiveness.

Your generosity helps provide for the following programs and much more: Mr. Richard Olivieri, Founder Mr. • The “Tablet PC for every student” initiative Andrew Fine, and Former Trustee Mrs. • Additional art, athletic, and leadership opportunities Maureen Olivieri • Continued educational and postgraduate degree opportunities for our outstanding faculty members • Campus classrooms, fields, and common areas upkeep and renovations that meet Cape Henry’s high maintenance standards • Community service and global learning that enables students to broaden their horizons We often say the Annual Fund helps “every dollar, every student, in every way” and at Cape Henry, it truly does.

Associate Director of Development Leanna has served as the Director of Advancement at the Langley School in McLean, Virginia, and at IONA Senior Services in Washington, D.C., as Campaign Director for Community Counseling Services, Inc. in New York, and as the Executive Director and Assistant to the Director of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta National Foundation (OIF) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She has also worked for Cigna Individual Financial Services and Crossland Savings Bank in Tampa, Florida as an investment advisor, Assistant Vice President for Administration, and Assistant Branch Manager. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa and holds a variety of awards


The Annual Fund plays a critical role in the fiscal health of Cape Henry, and it provides resources that directly impact the quality of a Cape Henry education. Since the Fund represents a key portion of the School’s operating budget, the Annual Fund gives our school its edge of excellence.

Leanna Jackson, CFRE

for fundraising and professional community involvement.

Thank you.

Ros Willis '82 Leanna Jackson, CFRE Annual Fund Chair Associate Director of Development f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

C ape H enry focuses on R E S OU RC E S Cape Henry Collegiate School’s goal is to further develop financial resources in order to reflect the values of the Cape Henry community and support the aspirations we set forth for all students. To achieve this, we will: • Complete the fundraising for the Voyage To Excellence Campaign over the next three years. • Increase the level of unrestricted endowment to an amount equal the operating budget ($20 million), while instituting a comprehensive planned giving program. • Work aggressively to increase the Annual Fund level of giving to $1 million by 2013. • Acquire suitable housing for faculty to help recruit and retain top-quality teachers and administrators. • Acquire funding to establish a summer college-preparatory outreach for students with superior academic potential and significant financial need.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9




Tax-Free Gifts from IRAs Reauthorized for 2009 Congress has passed legislation that allows donors to make charitable gifts from their IRA accounts during 2009 without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. The “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” enables those individuals who are age 70½ or older, required to take minimum withdrawals, and do not need the cash for personal use, to make a gift to one or more qualified charities. Cape Henry is a qualified charity. While you cannot claim a charitable deduction for IRA gifts, you will not pay income tax on the amount.


Where leadership and giving come together 2008-2009 Annual Giving LEADERSHIP DONORS

To qualify: • You must be age 70½ or older at the time of the gift. • Transfers must be made from a traditional or Roth IRA account by your plan provider DIRECTLY to the charity. Funds that are withdrawn by you and then contributed do not qualify. • Gifts from 401k, 403b, SEP and other retirement plans do not qualify. • Gifts must be outright. Distributions to donor-advised funds, supporting organizations, or life-income arrangements such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities are precluded. Benefits–Qualified charitable distributions: • Can total up to $100,000 in each tax year (if your spouse has a separate IRA account, you can each contribute up to $100,000 per tax year); • Can be excluded from your gross income for federal income tax purposes on line 15a of Form 1040 (no charitable deduction is available, however); • Can be used to satisfy your Minimum Required Distribution (MRD); • Are not subject to the 50% deductibility ceiling or the 2% rule. Example: You have $500,000 in an IRA and will be required to withdraw approximately $25,000 this year, and suppose that you were planning to contribute $20,000 to Cape Henry Collegiate School. You may authorize the administrator of your IRA to transfer $20,000 to Cape Henry and $5,000 to yourself. The $20,000 distributed will not be subject to tax and will still be counted toward your annual minimum distribution. For more information, please contact Ms. Leanna Jackson, CFRE, Associate Director of Development, at leannajackson@ or (757) 963-8226 so she may assist you with the transfer. CHCS recommends that you consult your tax or legal advisors prior to making a planned gift.




Mr. and Mrs. Garret A. Alcaraz Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Allred Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. Averette Mr. and Mrs. Branson Barry Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Berlin Mrs. Constance Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Burke Mr. and Mrs. John P. Castleberry Mr. and Mrs. George B. Clarke IV Mr. and Mrs. Denny P. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Scot N. Creech Mrs. Linda W. and Mr. Gregory W. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cutrino Mr. and Mrs. T. Clinton Damuth Mr. and Mrs. Neel D. Desai '93 Mr. and Mrs. Tejal D. Desai '98 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Dieffenbach Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Ellmer Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fagan Mr. and Mrs. James D. Finley, III Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fuller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Serban Ghenea Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Gianascoli '89 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grubiak, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Hannahs Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hasty Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. John T. Henning Susan and Paul Hirschbiel The Honorable Pamela E. Hutchens Ms. Leanna Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Ante Jakovljevic Mr. Todd W. Jared Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Kasinger Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Keenan Ms. Stella D. S. Kibbey Dr. Jung W. and Prof. Dong-Hyun Kim Mr. Robert F. Knuth and Dr. Renee A. Woodford Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Lesley T. Lascari William and Susan Lavelle Karen and Kelly Law '83 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Law Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Lee

Mrs. Catherine and Dr. John P. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Mark Manthey Carolyn and Jerry McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. John F. Melley Mr. Paul V. Michels Mr. Robert G. Morecock and Ms. Frances H. Camp Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Mytelka Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Mytelka Mr. and Mrs. John C. Napolitano Norfolk Southern Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Olivieri The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christakis J. Paphites Patricia and Douglas Perry Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Perry '92 Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Perry Congressman and Mrs. Owen B. Pickett Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman The Honorable and Mrs. Harry R. Purkey Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Reedy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Riggins, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Riordan Mrs. Martha K. Roland Mr. Robert Rudman Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Scherrer Amelia and Ivan Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Short Mrs. Jean Siebert Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Siviter Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Smith Mrs. Lisa N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sparks Mrs. Dona P. Stooksbury Phillip and Beth Templeton Mr. and Mrs. W. Adam White Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Whittemore Mrs. Katherine C. and Mr. Ros R. Willis '82 Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Willis Mr. William V. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Christos M. Xystros Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Zoretic



Literally at Their Fingertips


ith technology, there is always one constant – change! Technology is always evolving. Students who train now and are taught to adapt to change will be the leaders in their communities and beyond. When one considers that the amount of information readily available to today’s students is expanding exponentially, teaching students to investigate all aspect of their school curriculum easily and in greater depth, not only hastens their acquisition of knowledge, but is essential to their ability to access future information. CHCS is using technology in very innovative ways. Take a look at how Tablet PCs, e-kindles, Flip cameras, video classrooms, Internet resources, online databases, and more are enhancing our curriculum. Ironically, these technologies are also enhancing our “Green Initiative.”

Tablet PCs

During the last academic year, Cape Henry added Tablet PCs to the Fifth Grade. Two carts with twenty Tablets were made available for classroom use. The teachers and students use the machines and the provided software to explore and enrich their educational experience.

Mr. Brian Facemire '98’s Sixth Grade World Tablet PCs also make our lives easier in terms of reducing our usage of resources. The “green” Geography classes used their Tablet PCs for a Cultural Exploration Project that added a cultural side of Tablet PCs is that students take handwritten notes in class using the digital pen on the aspect to the physical geography of countries each PC screen. They do not use paper. Using less paper means fewer trees are cut down. Using student selected to research.

less paper means those trees and even their by-product, paper, will not need to be transported around the world. Additionally, notes and information taken in class can be stored on the Tablet PC indefinitely without taking up physical space. There is the added plus that notes are harder for students to loose than on a piece of paper. Editing becomes easier, too, since students can write their outline with the stylus and then type their thoughts into their paper at a later date. The digital notebook allows students to combine the best aspects of the computer with the paper and pencil aspects of learning. Sixth Grade students have shared Tablet PC carts in their Earth Science and World Geography courses. The teachers have helped them track hurricanes, make star notebooks, and use a number of web-based resources to make their teaching come to life. In a recent project, Earth Science students used the Tablets to communicate on a simulated mission to Mars from their classroom. It was the first time the students have gotten a feel for what the real space explorers and Mission Control are up against. Using the video conferencing of the Tablet (each Tablet has a builtin camera), students used the Meebo account (a communication web-based program) that allowed students to see with whom they are chatting. Prior to the Tablet PCs, the students did the simulation in the classroom “pretending” they were traveling to Mars and that they were communicating with Mission Control rather than actually doing so.


A Tablet PC, or the Pen Computer, is a notebook-shaped mobile computer, equipped with a touchscreen. The student operates the computer with a stylus (digital pen) or a fingertip instead of with a keyboard or mouse. Tablet PCs are often used where normal notebooks are impractical or unwieldy. Many higher education teachers express their delight that they can now actually see their students’ faces rather than looking out at a sea of laptops.

f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

Cape Henry focuses on TECHNOLOGY The goal of advancing technology at Cape Henry Collegiate School is to anticipate and adjust opportunities as the world of instructional and informational technology evolves. To achieve this, we will: • Continue to implement the school-wide tablet PC technology program with appropriate campus peripherals for students and teachers. • Enhance classroom technical and instructional support by creating a full-time faculty position of Integrator of Instructional Technology. • Expand the number of televisions throughout the campus, and install a public announcement system for all television screens. • Continue to enhance Cape Henry’s website, and strive to reach a goal whereby all constituencies will routinely access information in a seamless fashion.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Flip Cameras, Video, and Video Classro omS

With the advent of in 2006, millions of people have posted video as a way of sharing their thoughts. Some sublime and some simply ridiculous, the world of video does help students learn. Cape Henry teachers and students have produced a number of videos this fall. Some were posted on the CHCS website and many were posted on is an educational resource for schools to post videos to share with students around the world. To date, 2,649 viewers have checked out what Cape Henry has been producing on The video is taken with a small inexpensive camera called a Flip. The machine is compact, has no tape, is easy for students to use, and can be uploaded directly into a computer. Teachers in history, science, foreign languages, in the library, and in numerous clubs have already made use of this new tool. The faculty look forward to using video to help students show what they know and begin building a community of knowledge that can be shared from year to year. One teacher is already planning to use this year’s video of a field trip as a preplanning tool in class next year. Two classrooms have been designed as video classrooms thus far. Dr. Lewis and Mr. Fluharty both have classrooms outfitted with flat screen TVs capable of showing resources from the web to their students. It is surprising how many quality videos are available that send a message to students. Often, a video is used to open a discussion and to get students thinking.


Electronic Readers/e-Kindles/Web-based Sites

Upper School students are using electronic readers in Dr. Lewis’s Freedom class this year. This senior course explores America and the value of freedom. Students share the electronic readers that have downloaded texts for the course. Up to ten books can be stored on each e-Kindle, the font can be adjusted and sizes changed to suit each reader, but one of the biggest advantage of downloading texts to e-Kindles is the cost.

Each year more resources can be found on the web. The Internet has a new term called Web 2.0. These resources that used to be software on a single machine are becoming web-based. The CHCS website is a perfect example. Teachers use the website to communicate with their students and parents, to place resources online for their students, and for the first time this fall, they placed grades online. Students enjoy having the resources used at school available for home use. Many Lower School students learn something in class and then spend the week at home honing their skills on the site used in class. There are countless web resources used in all three divisions.

Real Time Examples of Teaching Technology and Responsibility In and Out of the Classroom These are but a few of the countless examples of technology in use in every subject and in every division of the School. Technology is not only helping impart knowledge, but is helping to teach conservation, preservation, and responsibility to and for one another.

The Water Measurement Project

Cape Henry has entered into a partnership with the Lynnhaven River NOW project to take on monthly water quality and phytoplankton monitoring at our designated Cape Henry sample location. The Sixth Grade is responsible for the water quality aspect. Within their curriculum, students are focusing on the impacts of land usage and water quality and what they can do to “undo” the harmful impacts that have been done to our waterways. The Seventh Grade and Upper School Marine Biology classes are overseeing the phytoplankton monitoring. In addition, in the winter, students will be growing Spartina alterniflora (marsh grass) in the lab and replanting it along the shorelines of the Lynnhaven River to help restore shorelines and provide a buffer for land run-off. The Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, and Upper School are all participating in this project. The Lynnhaven River NOW staff 8


hopes to use Cape Henry’s efforts as a model to entice other schools into adopting a site to monitor and report results. In the spring, Cape Henry will be the site for a teacher workshop on this entire project.

The Lego Team

The Lego Robotics Team competed at Old Dominion University this November with their research project topic called “Climate Connection.” The project linked our local climate to an area problem – the spring rains in the area to the fertilizer run-off from local neighborhoods. To view a video presentation of the students’ work, go to Cape Henry’s team took second place in the ODU competition and qualified to go to the state competition at James Madison University in December.

“Overall, we hope the students will be involved in sending the message of environmental awareness and behaviors that everyone can do to become more environmentally friendly to our community. Our kids are the catalyst for environmental change.” – Mrs. Debra Duffy

Lego team members (Front Row) Riley Manthey, Sean Duffy, Hannah Galbraith, (Back Row) Cooper Browning, Wade Browning, Coach Tom Rodgers, and Coach Debra Duffy.

Upper School Art Displays

Blind Technology

Welcome to the Bat Cave! Lower School science teacher, Mrs. Pam Northam, explains “echolocation” to a group of Kindergarteners through the use of digital video and a bat game.

Hurricanes and Presidents

Sixth Grade geography students used the Tablets PCs on an almost daily basis in a number of ways: each sixth grader had their own World Geography notebook online and in that notebook they had a map of the Atlantic with the 2008 storm season plotted as well as a map of the electoral college count for the 2008 Presidential race.


The Tablet PCs were also used in the Sixth Grade earth science classes. The students constructed their own digital notebook that resembles a three-ring binder with section dividers and individual pages. Students took notes using the stylist, drew pictures, and inserted

It’s a Monarch!

The Lower School Butterfly Garden was an active, hands-on learning ground this fall with follow-up lessons online for the whole family. Lower School science students studied the migration of Monarchs, and then tagged and released numerous butterflies into the organic garden. During the first few weeks of school, the youngest students (after planting seeds and flowers last spring) were able to witness metamorphosis before the butterflies were tagged and released. Supplementing what students were doing in the garden and classroom was a link to a video clip on the students’ school webpage of a monarch actually emerging from the chrysalis. Students were able to watch this video with their parents and reinforce what they were learning. Their webpage was also used to give parents updates on what their children were doing in class and for supplemental activities such as related books to read and family field trips to take.

“I cannot talk about what we are doing with the Tablet PCs in the Middle School without mentioning Mark Cunningham. He has been incredibly resourceful in helping me and my students understand what can be done with the machines and has been an invaluable supplier of pertinent websites and just general ‘look what you can do with this’ kind of information. It is a very exciting time in the history department, and we look forward to continued use of the Tablets.” - Mrs. Karen Mason


Mock Presidential elections were held in each of the three school divisions. In each instance, technology was used. In Lower School, students actually voted on the computer. In the Middle and Upper Schools, students’ names where checked against their voter registration online before they were allowed to cast a ballot. This system prevented anyone from being allowed to vote twice. It also made students realize they must register to vote ahead of an election. Eighth Grade students in Mr. Facemire and Mrs. Mason’s classes used the Tablet PCs to create Election 2008 instructional videos that were shown to the entire Middle School during a number of assemblies prior to the mock election on November 4.


Have you seen this? It is a space-saving, high-tech art gallery in The Sparks Science and Technology Center. Recent Upper School student art is featured in slideshows on two large computer monitors for all who pass by to see.

diagrams and text (that automatically cites the source), as well as voice, music, and video clips. Their notebooks can be shared electronically with the teacher and other students.

“This year is our introductory pilot year, but the benefits that the future brings support our efforts to become more green. No longer will paper, ink, or textbooks be needed. The creativity element is probably the element I cherish most with the Tablets. The kids can really shine.” – Mrs. Debra Duffy

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9



Going Green

Cape Henry Joins The Green Cup Challenge

By The Green Team Co-Chairs, Price Wheeler and John Farley


The 2009 Green Cup Challenge is a national student-driven, interschool energy challenge that supports and promotes student efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Schools throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West will be participating in the Challenge. This program asks schools to measure and reduce campus electricity use and greenhousee gas emissions, while building awareness about climate change, educating the community about the importance of conservation and encouraging campus-wide participation. CHCS has a team heading up this effort consisting of faculty, parents, and student representatives who will be leading the School through the challenge. One of the first steps is to determine CHCS’s electricity use for the past three years by examining utility bills. Then, each Friday from January 26 to February 23, meter readings will be recorded and compared with this past data. During that four-week time frame, students, faculty, and staff will be asked to reduce energy use. Over the course of that period, CHCS will calculate the improved energy efficiency, total savings for the School, and usage per student. The emphasis will be to reduce CHCS’s energy footprint as much as possible, not only by actively conserving energy, but also by analyzing each use of energy and determining possible methods of energy reduction. These conservation John Farley and Price Wheeler are Co-chairs of the ideas can be suggested by ANYONE – not just those connected with a particular CHCS Green Team. school function. For example, it is likely that someone in the CHCS Maintenance Department might suggest that installing timers on the water heaters would allow the School to use less energy for hot water during non-school hours. But this idea does not have to originate with the faculty or staff; it can come from anyone. We want innovative and unusual suggestions from everyone on any use reduction. And Cape Henry plans to have an incentive program that will reward those with the best suggestions. We are not the only school doing this. Our ideas will be shared with other schools throughout the Green Cup Challenge community. Not only will our school benefit from everyone’s efforts, but these conservation ideas should spill over into our personal lives, affecting our families and friends. The Challenge can be a “win-win” for everyone! The ideas we adopt at school can also serve us at home. Not only can a school install water heater timers, but there are already programs that enable homeowners to do the same thing. They can save energy and money each month on their electric bill simply by making a telephone call. Furthermore, these ideas and practices can serve us over the span of our lives and the lives of those around us. Greening our schools and private lives is a challenge and a commitment, not a competition. Green Cup participants will share experiences and build a community of energy conservers in the community of schools and succeed in lowering our carbon footprint. Together we can make a difference!



The Green Team and The Greening of CHCS The Green Team was established this year to “educate and enhance awareness about conservation and to pursue practical solutions to environmental problems.” The Green Team Committee, led by senior Price Wheeler and junior John Farley, did not waste any time in making changes for our campus. At their first meeting in September, they opted to have the administration check into the removal of plastic water bottles and place filtered water containers in the cafeteria. As a way of promoting The Green Team, there was a T-shirt design contest during the month of October. Students at every grade level submitted their designs and the winner, eighth grader Hollis Camp, was recognized by having her award winning design placed, not only on T-shirts, but on the School’s new filtered water containers as well.

Winning design by Hollis Camp


Lower School representatives met with Mr. Mark Cunningham to inquire about “rain buckets” for the butterfly garden. Middle and Upper School representatives met with the manager of Café Dolphin, Mr. Matthew May, to research if items being used are safe. Other items that were discussed included carline emissions, a sharing garden to feed the poor, and safer products for cleaning around campus. Middle School students enjoying one of the new filtered water containers.

The Green Team has even established an email account where anyone who has an idea they would like to see implemented can go to let the team know. To view information regarding the Green Team or to send an email, go to Cape Henry’s website, then to My Groups, and then click on The Green Team.

 Another example of how seriously students are now taking these conservation suggestions is that most flyers and notices hung around campus by the Upper Schoolers are on recycled paper. Members of the CHCS community participated If a sign has only been used once, in the rain barrel workshop held at Cape Henry after the event is over, it will be saved, this November. The workshop is offered by the flipped over, and used for another Lynnhaven River organization. Cape Henry’s rain event. Simple, but just with that, there barrels will be used in the Butterfly Garden. has been a 50% reduction in waste!

The CHCS Green Team met with the management of Café Dolphin and asked if the café could become more environmentally

The 2008-2009 Green Team Members Co-Chairs

Price Wheeler John Farley
 Lower School

Lizzi Riordan Chris Lewis 

Middle School

J.W. Pogue Freeman Wood 

Upper School

Paige Wheeler Stephen Kayota Price Wheeler John Farley 


Mrs. Kim Tompkins Mrs. Berkley Wheeler 

Mrs. Debra Duffy Mrs. Elaine Galanides Mrs. Ashleigh Cake Mr. Larry Ward

Please congratulate the members of this committee and share the excitement of this most important initiative for our school community. Everyone has taken great pride in turning our campus into a more environmentally friendly campus.

friendly. The students were specific in asking for five areas where improvements could be made. This display was an initiative by the management of Café Dolphin to illustrate their willingness to become more environmentally conscious. It was very much appreciated by the school community!

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Berkley Wheeler 1st Vice President


Lea Keenan 2nd Vice President

Kathleen Smith Treasurer

Angela Jones Recording Secretary

Sibyl Seth Corresponding Secretary

Leslie Quisenberry Past President


2008-2009 Executive Board • 2008-2009 Executive Board • 2008-2009 Executive Board • 2008-2009 Executive Board

Cindee Riordan President


Great Programs Kick Off a New School Year The Cape Henry Parents’ Association has had an extremely busy and eventful fall. The CHPA Volunteer Information Fair was a huge success at the start of the year with new faces and familiar friends signing up to volunteer for everything from the Fall Festival to the Booster Club, to Staff Appreciation, to the Annual Giving Phonathon, to countless other events and committees. CHPA had success with its Gift Wrap fundraiser again this year and also organized the Safe Homes Contract and Directory Program with record numbers of families signing the Safe Homes contract. You may view a list of participating homes online in the Forms, Online Resources, and Downloads portal.

The New Family Focus Committee was on hand during New Student Orientation with a welcome table and gifts for all parents. They had a tent at the Beach Party on the Lawn and hosted a wonderful morning coffee in conjunction with the CHPA Volunteer Information Fair.

The Beach Party on the Lawn, in its fourth year, has become a Cape Henry Back-to-School classic. This year we saw a record attendance and the event boasted a DJ, caricature artist, moon bounce, snow cones, cotton candy, face painting, necklaces, and numerous other attractions.


Each year our Cape Henry Parents’ Association works very hard to coordinate this beloved tradition for the Cape Henry community. The activities, energy, indoor setting, and over 60 volunteers made this year’s Fall Festival, held on Saturday, October 18, a very special one! Many thanks to our Fall Festival Chairs, Mrs. Angela Jones and Mrs. Noel Barry, for their hard work and creativity in producing another wonderful event! In spite of the dismal weather forecast, the planning and quick thinking by Mr. Keith Scott, Angela, and Noel allowed the Fall Festival to continue without missing a beat. Leslie Quisenberry and Cindee Riordan

All profits generated from the Fall Festival are shared between our CHCS Middle and Upper School Student Clubs and Organizations, participating Middle and Upper School classes, and the Lower School Student Council Association.

Brooke Castleberry, Alexandra Land, Madison Land, and Erin Scherrer with Dr. Lewis

Kristin '01 and Karen Sparks

Grace Limroth '84,Tammy Dail '80, and Emily Medley Robbins '97

Jack Praver

Cindy Coureas Lower School Representative

Grace Limroth '84 Lower School Representative

Kim Tompkins Middle School Representative


Sammy White, Amalia Riess, Chandler Georgia Putney, Katie Heilig, and Ettel, Nikki Mandell, and Caroline Lindsey Hudgins Finley

2008-2009 Executive Board • 2008-2009 Executive Board • 2008-2009 Executive Board • 2008-2009 Executive Board

Festive Family Fun at the Fall Festival

Cheryl Weber Middle School Representative

Bob Capria Upper School Representative

Diane Grubiak Upper School Representative

Bryce Cutrino, Chandler Averette, and Pyar Seth

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Theresa Hudgins

Booster Club Natalie Averette

Sports Madness Cheryl Weber Lori Kalfus

Community Projects Lynnda Brotman Maryrose Cutrino

Fall Festival Angela Jones Noel Barry


Gift Wrap Rachel Wendt LeAnn Havill Jeanine Strickland

Hospitality Monica Purkey

New Family Focus Sarah Sautter Margaret Merritt Chris Fagan Cindy Herrle

Race At The Cape Kim Tompkins

Safe Homes LaRue Puglisi Precilla Fuller

Staff Appreciation Jane Law Beth Robbins

Tennis Tournament Laurie Cooper Peggy Ettel


2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9 C H P A CO M M ITT E E C H AIR S A N D CO - C H AIR S • 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9 C H P A CO M M ITT E E C H AIR S A N D CO - C H AIR S

After Prom

Race at the Cape Success Despite the wet weather, CHPA’s Race at the Cape was a tremendous success on Saturday, October 18. Many brave souls overlooked the wind and rain to run in the race with many Cape Henry supporters on the sidelines to cheer on their efforts. Over 30 volunteers made this year’s race seamless from start to finish. A special thank-you goes to Mrs. Kim Tompkins for her outstanding leadership as Race Coordinator for this year’s event, and to Mr. Keith Scott and his facilities staff for their invaluable assistance. Thank you, also, to our sponsors, students, faculty, staff, parents, Cape Henry’s Operation Smile volunteers, and Cape Henry friends who made this year’s event a healthy, fun-filled morning! Continuing an outreach tradition started by Cape Henry’s ACE Club, CHPA has made a donation from the Race at the Cape proceeds to Operation Smile in recognition of their efforts.

Ready, set…

Alex Capria, Lizzi Riordan, Rachel Keenan, and Nick Capria

Maddie Spears


Anthony Sherwood, Sarah Sherwood, Robert LeBrun, and Noah LeBrun

To the finish line.

From the Desk of Julie Scherrer I have often been accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Most of the time, I take that as a compliment, although I’m not always certain it’s meant that way! 

 Lower School education has always run through my veins, and has certainly contributed to my “perceived” rosy outlook. Even as a young girl, I loved working with the children in my neighborhood, at my church, and in my own family. I was always the one playing school or organizing some type of learning game. Becoming a teacher was never a question for me. Twenty-seven years ago, when I interviewed at the tiny school called Cape Henry on Mill Dam Road, I couldn’t help but feel that this school was the place for me. At the time, fewer than 300 students were enrolled; yet the hallways seemed filled with the energy and enthusiasm of thousands. The students were excited and engaged, and the teachers seemed Julie Scherrer has been a part of the Cape thrilled to be here. Henry community for over 26 years. She Cape Henry has certainly grown in size since that time, and I am so proud that my family and I have been a part of this special community over the years. In the mornings, as I stand on the sidewalk before the children arrive, I reflect with awe on the beautiful school buildings, the flags waving proudly, and the silent, green fields just waiting for the games to begin. 

 As the families pull up in the car line, I feel such a sense of connection as the students hop out of their cars, wave good-bye and throw kisses to their parents, and skip through the front door, ready for the new day. 

 Later, I walk down the hallways, which are works of art in themselves. I love to hear the chatter of young voices as the children move to their various classes and activities, so proud of the work they’re doing and eager to share with each other, and with the teachers, their discoveries and accomplishments. 

I also love to observe the quiet times as students sit pensively in The Sparks Foyer, reading their favorite novels or whispering to others about suspenseful stories. As I pass through the cafeteria doors, I hear the older students reaching out to the young ones, encouraging them to draw or read, or sharing with friends their understanding of a Spanish expression posted on the wall. 


holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and has served various roles in Cape Henry’s Lower School for 21 years, including teacher and Director of Admissions. Julie has been in charge of all of the development initiatives at Cape Henry and managed the fundraising for our wonderful new Sparks Science and Technology Center. Julie leads the Lower School and will also continue specific development initiatives.

As the day goes by, I walk by the Lower School Library where students are immersed in a reading group or a book club meeting. Then I pass the music room, where all of the instruments are being tuned at once, chaos to the ears to some, but a symphony to mine. 

 I can walk down the hallway at any given time, and have not one or two, but ten or more students eager to talk to me about what they’re doing in class or the work displayed on the wall, or to share a cupcake or a piece of fruit to commemorate a special day. 

 Perhaps I do see the world through rose-colored glasses; but on this very beautiful day, I wanted to share with you how happy I am to be here and how lucky we are to have your family as a part of the Cape Henry community. What a special place this is indeed! 

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Lower School Welcomes Grandparents from Near and Far Grandparents filled the halls and classrooms of The Sims Lower School just prior to Thanksgiving, all thrilled to share in the excitement of visiting their grandchildren. Each year, the Lower School students host a Grandparents’ Day celebration to honor their loved ones and to show off their school. It is always a day filled with stories, love, hugs, and smiles. Many grandparents appear regularly on campus throughout the year, volunteering around campus, but many make a special trip from out of town just to share this “grand day” with their grandchildren. Here are some of the Lower School students with their grandparents and special friends.


Taylor Cummings

Stephanie Strickland

Cameron Dodzik

Tyler Greason

Nikolas Chrones

Reese Meyer Olivia Kasinger

Athena Michaels

Braeden Shepheard



Sophie Lane

Catherine Paphites and Jason Paphites

Noah LeBrun

Tripp Hanley

Kendall Hathaway

Tyler Morris

Aiden Winfield


Paris Cabatit

Taisho Miller

More Sights and Sounds of Grandparents’ Day

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


[ community service]

Serving Others Serves All Community Service is a valuable aspect of the Cape Henry Collegiate School student’s experience. Cape Henry considers its Community Service program an integral part of the School’s educational philosophy and curriculum. Through volunteer work, students develop a stronger awareness and understanding of social responsibility, sensitivity to others, and a more positive self-image. Experience shows that our students often receive as much benefit from their service as those they serve. These life lessons cannot be taught in the classroom, but through involvement in our greater community. “By having advisors adopt a favorite charity and then giving advisees an opportunity to become involved in those various ‘good causes,’ we are teaching our students the importance of giving back to the community in which we all live. Their involvement is, often, more important than fundraising for that charity. By being hands-on, the experience tends to be more fulfilling and worthwhile.” – Mr. Larry Ward, Faculty Member and Director of Community Service


A few of the many Community Service Events from this fall:

Red Cross Blood Drive

Virginia Beach SPCA

The Red Cross Blood Drive, volunteering at the Virginia Beach SPCA, and the students’ food drive benefitting the FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia were all on the community service agenda this fall. Other community service opportunities were: cheering for the Special Olympic athletes, the ALS Walk, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk, the Stockley Garden Fall Arts Festival, the Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital, the Coats for Kids drive, The Salvation Army holiday store, the Lynnhaven River NOW Project, and students sponsoring several families in Virginia Beach during the holidays.

FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia

f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

C ape H enry focuses on C ommunity Service The goal of the Cape Henry Community Service Program is to encourage students to develop a broader understanding of community needs. Students choose from experiences, both inside the Cape Henry community as well as in the greater community, designed to enhance their overall character development. To achieve this, Cape Henry will: • Celebrate the importance of Cape Henry traditions with community service events that honor our past and present commitments. • Promote greater community connections through volunteerism. • Develop a mission-directed community service plan that reaches all students, family members, and faculty members that requires ongoing dialogue and a sense of urgency and commitment to others. • Develop an annual community service fair to aid students and faculty in recognizing a service organization that suits their interests.



Our Students Making a Difference

In addition to the regular school-organized community service efforts, numerous students took it upon themselves to find community service opportunities that suited their lifestyles and desires. Our students are learning to make community service an essential part of their own lives, and that makes us all better. Lucy Willis, A Girl On A Mission It all started when Lucy’s father, Ros Willis '82, was part of a group that went to Mexico on a mission trip in 2007 to help build a hospital for Mexican Indians in Matzam, Ocosingo. When Ros and his friend, Randy Duvall, came back, they told stories about the children who were so eager to learn, but had absolutely nothing. Lucy heard these stories and thought it would be great to collect supplies and send them down to the village. She set up a program in the Lower School last year to collect supplies. Those supplies, donated by Cape Henry students were delivered to the children in Matzam this past summer. The gentlemen who delivered the supplies were so moved by they whole experience that they visited Lucy afterwards and shared the photos with her. Because one student decided to help, hundreds of children in a far away land benefitted. There was delight on their faces as they began to unpack the bags of items given by the CHCS students. The children had never seen so much and stood in line to receive a single pencil or crayon and a piece of paper.


AN ORCHESTRA IN PANAMA This past summer, junior Kaleigh Cohen and senior Bryan Goldner traveled to Panama to work with a group of 30 music students, ages 5 to 17, in Nata, Republic of Panama. In the city Nata de los Caballeros in Panama, a youth orchestra was created three years ago with donations from the United States. With the donation of music books for violins and cellos from the Cape Henry Collegiate School Music Department and with violins and cellos donated from a family in Connecticut, the Youth Orchestra is showing great promise. The children come from very humble homes with no capacity to travel to the city and pay for private lessons. The children only receive instruction once a week from a teacher who travels from Panama city to the country. Until the donated music books arrived from Cape Henry, the students taught themselves to play folk music by ear. Kaleigh and Bryan focused on improving the students’ skills in playing their instruments and in learning to read music. Their students were very enthusiastic, motivated, and positive about learning music from the CHCS Upper School Orchestra students. “Some of them are outstanding and learned very fast,” said Kaleigh.

Orquesta Juvenil De Nata De Los Caballeros

She was amazed at how fast the cello players learned their music since the two cellos were just donated this past February. The Youth Orchestra is hoping for donations of wind instruments, violas, and string basses, essential for the continuation of the Youth Orchestra of Nata.

“I felt every day that I went into the center I connected in some way or another with a different person if not several. Teaching music quickly bypasses normal social tendencies and you immediately bond with the person both at the level of understanding and the amount of learning that can be accomplished.” – Bryan Goldner “Teaching the children in Nata really opened my eyes and mind to an absolutely spectacular culture. The children are filled with passion. They want to go to school, to learn, and do their homework. With limited resources the children were able to learn to play by ear and become true musicians. The language barrier initially appeared to be a huge issue, but within just a few days, our patience and persistence proved to overcome this communicational challenge. I remember the first time one of my students, Carla, finally understood and applied my teaching to the music. The look on her face went from total confusion to understanding. It was an epiphany for both of us; smiles ensued with a laugh.” – Kaleigh Cohen COURTNEY CAMDEN/OYSTER GARDENER Courtney Camden, 13, and her father, Greg Camden, have been oyster gardeners for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for four years now. Last year, Courtney documented any changes in size by periodically recording the oysters’ measurements as part of her Bronze Award service project for Girl Scouts. She is working toward her Silver Award, but she is satisfied knowing she is doing her part. “The environment is our home,” she said. “Without that, where would we be?”

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Welcome New Faculty


Mr. John M. (Jack) Effner, Guidance Counselor and Wrestling Coach, is a graduate of Indiana State University (B.S.), Clemson University (M.S.) and Long Island University (M.S.). He comes to Cape Henry from Cleveland State University (Division I) where he was Head Wrestling Coach. Previously, he was employed as Head Wrestling Coach by the United States Military Academy at West Point. Jack is married to Lori Anne and is the father of two sons, Jason and Marcus, and a daughter, Kayla, who is a senior at Cape Henry. Jack has earned numerous awards and recognitions, and we look forward to his winning style at Cape Henry. Mr. Brian Facemire '98 is expanding his longtime relationship with Cape Henry Collegiate School to join us as a Middle School History teacher. A 1998 graduate of Cape Henry, Brian earned his undergraduate degree at James Madison University and is currently finishing his M.S.Ed. at Old Dominion University. Mr. Facemire has extensive experience as a substitute teacher both here at Cape Henry and also at other local independent schools and in the Virginia Beach Public Schools. He also has coaching experience for the Dolphins as the Middle School Girls Soccer and Middle School Boys Tennis Coach. As always, we are pleased and proud to have a Cape Henry Collegiate School graduate join us. f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

Cape Henry focuses on FACULTY Cape Henry’s goal is to attract and retain a collegial faculty that is diverse in background, intellectually engaged, committed to honor and character development, and enjoys being an important person in the lives of students. To achieve this, we will: • Develop a program of ongoing faculty assessment that challenges our abilities and supports student growth, lifelong learning, instructional innovation, and appropriate applications of technology. • Ensure that the compensation package for faculty is appropriately funded and is structured to address the cost of living in our area and meets the economic needs of our teachers. • Develop and implement a recruitment strategy that increases diversity of the faculty so it more closely matches the diversity of our student body.



Mrs. Stephanie Fluharty brings her passion and energy for the theatre as the Middle and Upper School Drama instructor. Stephanie is a graduate of the College of St. Benedict (B.A.) and Virginia Commonwealth University (M.F.A.). Stephanie will also direct productions that will have cast members from all three divisions in the school. Mrs. Fluharty has extensive experience in teaching drama and theatre in numerous area colleges and universities and also at Hampton Roads Academy. Many of you may also be familiar with her as the director of numerous very popular drama programs here at Cape Henry Collegiate School over the past few summers. Last, but certainly not least, Stephanie is the mother of three students in the Lower School and the wife of Nexus Director and Upper School History Department Chair, Willy Fluharty. Ms. Sara Joseph, Instructor for the AES program, is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with her B.S. in kinesiology. She describes herself as a creative, high-energy leader who is motivated to provide students with the skills to become lifelong learners. A dean’s list student at Penn State, Sarah was also a talented field hockey and lacrosse player. Prior to coming to Cape Henry, she taught for two years at Chichester High School in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Sarah is very interested in sharing her athletic expertise on the athletic fields by coaching. Mr. Scott McGraw joins us in the Upper School History Department to teach AP United States Government and American History. Scott graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in history and the University of Virginia, Juris Doctor. After a successful career as a lawyer, he gained Alternative Teacher Licensure at Marymount University and became a highly acclaimed AP Government teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia and at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach. We are pleased to add a teacher with Scott’s energy and expertise to our Upper School faculty.

Administration: Welcome Barbara Beachley Mrs. Barbara Beachley, Dean of Academic Affairs, joins us with solid academic credentials: a Master of Education in administration, planning, and social policy from Harvard University; a Master of Arts in applied linguistics from Boston University; and a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish from Trinity College. Barbara attended Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh. She served as a faculty member, Assistant Academic Dean, and Lead Advisor, as well as being involved in faculty professional development, global studies, and curriculum mapping with The Collegiate School, an independent, K-12, college-preparatory, coeducational school with over 1,500 students in Richmond, Virginia. In addition to being the new Dean of Academic Affairs, Barbara also has Tenth Grade advisees and teaches Eighth Grade Spanish.


s the new Dean of Academic Affairs, Barbara works with all grades, Prekindergarten through Twelfth. Although she completed many different tasks such as putting together the Middle and Upper School schedules and exam schedules, her two major roles are in curriculum and professional development.

Barbara with advisees Hannah Martin and Meghan Clark.

Barbara’s first goal for curriculum development is to create an accessible, living document that will outline the curriculum across the board. That document will allow educators to accurately see what they are teaching and analyze it for gaps, weaknesses, and strengths. As Barbara stated, “I can’t really discuss specific programs because nothing is definitive, but I will say that I am examining ways to make global education a fundamental quality of everything we do here, not only because I believe so strongly in it, but so that Cape Henry has a specific niche within an increasingly competitive market.”

“Happy kids come from happy teachers!” On the professional development side, Barbara manages the professional development budget and suggests opportunities that help teachers grow professionally and personally. “Our own faculty have a tremendous amount of talent, and I am hoping to create an atmosphere that allows them more time to learn from each other, as well,” she said. Barbara also said that some have asked her why she went into administration after teaching for 12 years. Her response has been, “First, I am excited by the direction that education is taking because of all the change happening in the world and I want to be a part of it. Secondly, I want to give teachers a voice that sometimes they don’t feel they have and help schools take advantage of all the expertise teachers possess. Happy kids come from happy teachers!”


Currently Barbara is heading up the PK-12 curriculum committee, made up of faculty from all three divisions, whose focus is to create links between each grade level and division, and to put

systems in place so that teachers can work inter-curricularly. Cape Henry wants to create a system that allows teachers access to the entire curriculum, so that everyone understands where he or she falls in a seamless, consistent path from Prekindergarten through graduation. Barbara also looks at comparable schools and trends in education to make sure that what we are doing is on target as far as preparing our students for a world that is increasingly unpredictable.

f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

C ape H enry focuses on Acade M ics A Cape Henry graduate should be prepared not only to succeed in a challenging college or university curriculum, but also to be an informed and ethical decision maker in an increasingly global environment. Cape Henry’s goal is to offer a purposeful, college-preparatory program, strengthened by significant exposure to the arts, athletics, and leadership opportunities. To achieve this, we will: • Review and modify the current curriculum with particular attention to rigor, global connections, artistic expression, and leadership opportunities, and implement an ongoing review process for all grade levels and divisions. • Review the academic Enrichment Program to further define its purpose, and implement program goals which are consistent with the broader Cape Henry Collegiate School Mission. • Evaluate and enhance the opportunity for extending the Cape Henry experience through community service, artistic excellence, problembased and project-based learning beyond the typical classroom environment, and the utilization of innovative technology and pedagogy. • Evaluate and enhance student opportunities made available through Cape Henry’s Middle and Upper School Advisor-Advisee Program.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Community Accolades


“Our community is thrilled to welcome Barbara and we are feeling the impact of her work and professionalism already as the curriculum and research developer.” – Dr. Jack Lewis Head of School “Barbara has added an extra dimension to our program through her deep understanding of both curricula and by virtue of her rich, independent school background. Her ability to produce a schedule for every Middle and Upper School student before school started is testimony to her insight, ability, and dedication to the task. Her work was an invaluable contribution to an excellent start to the academic year. I am thrilled to have her in our community.” – Mrs. Arlene Ingram Assistant Head of School and Director of College Counseling “Barbara’s enthusiasm for teaching is active; she visits classes in all divisions and emails us with joyous details of what she has observed, but she is far more than an intelligent cheerleader who knows how to motivate. I think she will also follow Roosevelt’s suggestion to ‘walk softly, but carry a big stick.’ When she believes an action is right or is necessary, she will undertake it and defend it, calmly and confidently – and without losing her sense of humor.” – Mrs. Marguerite Ulmer Upper School English Department Chair 22

Barbara may be new to the area, but Virginia Beach has always had a very warm spot in her heart. She grew up in Richmond and went to public schools until the eighth grade, but her family owned a home at Sandbridge for 20 years. She is very familiar with the Hampton Roads area and has always associated coming to this area with relaxing and family times. Barbara moved to Pittsburgh during her high school years, with one year spent in France. Her years in Pittsburgh turned her into a huge Steelers fan. One of the highlights of her fall was attending the Steelers and Redskins game in Washington this November with her brother on his birthday.

“The kids are fantastic. I love my advisees and it makes me so happy that they are my first priority every morning at 8:10. It grounds me in why we are all here. I have thoroughly enA horseback rider, pianist, and competitive joyed visiting classes, and I am so impressed swimmer in high school, Barbara knew from by the quality of the teaching the time she was in kindergarten that she wanted to teach “A school is simply a that is going on and by the kids who are inspired by it. and that she had a deep love teacher and students Seeing the little guys reading of languages. That passion outside of the cafeteria warms motivated her to try to make schools places where kids want working together – the my heart every day. to be. building, sports, and “Cape Henry has a lot of but there are a few Today, Barbara and her husadministration are all strengths, that really stand out. First, Jack band, Matt Morrissette, love Lewis’ vision and support and to explore new restaurants and added benefits.” Willy Fluharty’s hard work have new dining experiences. and expertise put Cape Henry at the forefront To stay in shape after all of that dining, she of global education with our Nexus program, loves to exercise - running, biking, hiking, and keeping in line with the concept of creatand going to the gym. She and Matt are also ing global citizens, Cape Henry is making both animal fanatics. “We spend a lot of time a visible effort to go more ‘green.’ Secondly, playing with our two cats and two dogs and Cape Henry has a world-class college counselfeeding the neighborhood stray cats.” And ing and guidance program that is on the same as an added stress reliever, Barbara is thrilled level with schools that have far more staffthat just recently she started taking piano lesing, to which we can credit Arlene Ingram sons again, after 20 years. and Randy Pike. Thirdly, the Board and the parents are very involved and supportive of First Impressions the School, which When Barbara was asked what her first imis fundamental pressions of the Cape Henry community and to its success as students were, she had much to say. a community. Last, but not at all “I am pleased to say that there was no disapleast, the teachers pointment when I actually came to Cape are innovative, Henry to work in July. Cape Henry is every committed, and bit as wonderful as I had imagined. The entire put the students’ administration could not have been more interests first. A helpful in my transition into the new posischool is simply tion. They are a wonderful group to work a teacher and with - hard-working, dedicated, but with the students working sense of humor necessary to work in a school. together – the Working on students’ schedules, I had many building, sports, opportunities to talk with parents and they and administraall welcomed me to the School and told me tion are all added they were glad I was here. As a teacher, I have benefits.” found the parents to be equally supportive of our efforts.



Focusing on Our World


inancial aid awarded for international education is critical as a measure of a school’s commitment to making global travel a universal opportunity for all students. Our goal of having 100% of our graduates with at least one Nexus experience would be unattainable without financial aid. Last year, approximately 9% of Nexus participants received financial aid. This year, the percentage of students receiving aid for Nexus programs will be 30% which places Cape Henry at the top of independent schools that award financial aid for global education experiences. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the kind donations and pledges from several key individuals. Jerry McDonnell has devoutly supported Nexus since its inception. Lisa and Michael Gianascoli '89 made a huge gesture by establishing the first Nexus endowment to ensure financial aid for future Cape Henry students. Kim and Jon Wheeler joined in with a substantial gift towards the $100,000 challenge goal. When we reach the Nexus endowment goal, we will rank in the top five schools in this category. Another remarkable achievement for Cape Henry especially considering the prestigious institutions we are benchmarking with.

Editor’s Note: CHCS was featured in two articles in the fall edition of the National Association of Independent School’s national magazine, Independent Schools. The articles focused on Cape Henry’s Global Education Program and the School’s leadership role in assisting the start up of programs for other independent schools across the country. These two articles may be viewed at

Spring Break West Indies Schooner Virginia February 27 - March 13 EIGHTH GRADE TRIP Washington, D.C. April 16 and 17 Senior Project Thailand and Laos May 13 - 29 Surf and Serve Mexico June 6 - 13 Ruta Maya Program Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize June 6 - 20


Of the many people who have regularly supported the Nexus aid budget, Lee and Angie Peregoff, Bob Gaylord, and Kathrine and Ros Willis '82, have stepped forward to help ensure that Nexus is a nationally known global education opportunity for all Cape Henry students. To all who have supported Nexus, you have helped broaden the horizons of dozens of our students in ways that are hard to quantify; meeting the Dalai Lama, building homes for the poor in Fiji, helping at Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Calcutta, delivering clothes to porters at Mt. Kilmanjaro and more. Our students make a difference around the world because you help them to. Thank you.

2009 Nexus Trips

STRINGS Panama June 7 - 17 Classic Civilizations Greece and Turkey June 16 - 30

f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

C ape H enry focuses on beyond the classroom – ne x us Cape Henry students will have the opportunity to study and travel overseas and explore diverse cultures and varied ecosystems, or to immerse themselves in the language and culture of various communities. The Cape Henry Collegiate School Nexus Program seeks to introduce students to a wide variety of stimulating experiences fostering an awareness of the global community. To achieve this, we will: • Establish a partnership with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, along with such universities as McGill and Florida State, and create a Cape Henry International Campus in the City of Knowledge in Panama City, offering a variety of unique opportunities in the sciences, arts, language immersion, anthropology, as well as service learning. • Work to ensure that all Cape Henry students have at least one international experience by graduation. • Establish an endowment to provide sufficient operating capital for need-based financial assistance for the Nexus experience.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9





Cape Henry Collegiate School Transition Teacher, Ms. Karen Buchardt was quoted throughout The Virginian-Pilot’s feature article on Transition classrooms. Brynn Earl, left, and Braeden Shepheard were photographed for the article.

Photograph Copyright (c), The Virginian-Pilot. Reprinted with permission.

Hayden Miller and Anna Melley were photographed as well. Ms. Alice Meredith doing a demonstration of the Hand Jive for parents in Mrs. Leesa Hannah’s classroom on Back-toSchool Night. Ms. Meredith did a wonderful job of explaining how the Hand Jive works various muscle groups, helps with coordination, and teaches left from right.

M I DDL E S chool

Nicholas Bruner was presented the Beck-Paolini Trophy for Junior Golfer of the Year, awarded to the one junior golfer each year who emulates the fine qualities of sportsmanship, character, academics, and work ethic displayed by both Evan Beck and Brinson Paolini. Congratulations to the 2008 Spelling Bee Champion, seventh grader Aleksander Salvon-Harman and to Runner-Up seventh grader Laila Serpe. The Pronouncer was Mr. Paul Lankford and the Spelling Bee Coordinator was Ms. Hilda Roe.



Congratulations to Ashley Ireland who will perform at the Junior District II Orchestra Festival in January. There were 42 violists competing for 18 chairs.

The poetry of fifteen Middle School students was accepted for publication in a poetry contest sponsored by Creative Communications. Grade 7: 
Ethan Armistead, 
Kevin Cunningham, K.J. Grubiak, 
Leigh Anne Kline, 
Laila Serpe, 
Zoe Serratelli, and 
Halley Townsend. Grade 8: 
Courtney Camden, 
Elliott Dunn, Erin Kirkpatrick, 
Natalie Mason, 
Chase McDonnell, 
Kevin Riggins, 
Andrew Rosenblum, and Ashley Warren. Also, Cape Henry Collegiate School was noted as a “Poetic Achievement Honor School” in the front of the book because CHCS had over fifty percent of the entries accepted; “the purpose of this award is to recognize schools with excellent Language Arts programs.” Sixth grader Taylor Thibault had a feature article in the June/July issue of the local Pet Tails publications entitled, Fun Facts About Dolphins. Congratulations to the Middle School delegates to the 2008-2009 All District Chorus Festival: Lindsay Castleberry, Keeley Deel, Jennifer DeSteph, Hayley Greason, Meghan Hare, Jake Kantor, Leigh Anne Kline, Jenna Knight, Laila Serpe, and Andrew Vice.

U P P E R S chool

The Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School cheerleading squads went to Appalachian State for cheerleading camp this summer. They competed against 56 other teams, the majority of which were Varsity.

These young cheerleaders came home with the following awards: Camp Champion in Middle School Home Pom Routine Competition, Camp Champion in Middle School Cheer and Extreme Routine Competition, Lindsay Castleberry was named Middle School Champion in the Jump Off, Lindsay Castleberry and Natalie Mason were named All-Stars.

The Upper School cheerleaders came home with the following awards: Honorable Mention in Varsity Home Pom Routine Competition, 2nd Place in Varsity Extreme Routine Competition, and Courtney Cripps named to All-Stars Cape Henry’s overall cheerleading program was awarded the coveted “Banana” after the first full day of camp. The CHCS Yearbook, The Compass Rose, was once again recognized for excellence and was highlighted in the 2008 Jostens Gotcha Covered Look Book.

cators Conference this fall. Phil was also chosen as a finalist for the 2009 GRAMMY Jazz Ensemble, a national competition. He was the only finalist from the state of Virginia on any instrument!

Three Cape Henry Students participated in the USA Junior Olympic National Volleyball Championships in Dallas, Texas this summer. Juniors Paige Wheeler and Kate Pleasants are pictured with their team from Coastal Virginia. Junior Morgan Freeman (not pictured) played in the 17’s age division with Virginia Elite Volleyball Organization.

winning a Special Merit Award at this year’s Youth Art Show during the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival. In addition to being an accomplished artist, Senior Blakely Cohen has begun her own cake decorating business. She has moved forward with her business plan acquiring quite a supply of baking and decorating equipment and is planning to study business and possibly own her own bakery one day.

The Skin of Our Teeth was performed by the Upper School drama students in November. This year marked 15-year-old Kaleigh Cohen’s third season of playing cello with the Symphony Orchestra of Virginia Beach. This summer they presented “Passion and Power” at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts.

Junior Phil McNeal was one of only two drummers statewide to win a spot in the All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble. He traveled to Covington, Virginia for rehearsals and a performance at the Virginia Music Edu-

Photograph Copyright (c), The VirginianPilot. Reprinted with permission.

Congratulations to Blakely Cohen for winning the Special Achievement Award and to Candy Chiu for

Here is an example of Blakely’s cake decorating skills, a Nightmare Before Christmas grooms cake for a recent wedding reception. Congratulations to the Upper School delegates to the 2008-2009 All District Chorus Festival: Kalan Brehm (Women’s Chorus), Wesley Gregory (Women’s Chorus), Kristin Hopkins (Women’s Chorus), Alexandra Huffman (Women’s Chorus), Heejung “Grace” Kim (Women’s Chorus), Nikki Mandell (Women’s Chorus), Kristen Vretakis (Women’s Chorus), Jake Bishop (Mixed Chorus), Jennifer Lee (Mixed Chorus), Maggie McGraw (Mixed Chorus), Elizabeth McNamara (Mixed Chorus), and Brooke Stellmach (Mixed Chorus).


In October, a group of CHCS Varsity Cheerleaders and Varsity Boys Basketball players teamed up to participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk! Congratulations to Greer Fawley and Cecil Ward for all their hard work coordinating the team effort!

Kaleigh Cohen, 15, and Allen Hilliard, 82, are members of Symphonicity, the Symphony Orchestra of Virginia Beach, which opened its 28th season this fall at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts.

f r om t h e n ew

CHCS Strategic Plan…

C ape H enry focuses on ST U DE N T S Cape Henry’s goal is to develop a well-rounded student body, diverse in background and talent, and superior in academics, arts, and athletics. To achieve this, Cape Henry will: • Enhance marketing and branding to ensure that Cape Henry’s reputation is accurate and shaped by its mission, values, and honor code. • Create a targeted marketing plan to attract and retain the best candidates for a balanced and diverse student body. • Raise sufficient endowment to support need-based and merit-based financial aid to enable the best students to enroll and remain at Cape Henry. • Proceed with a community outreach initiative to develop a need-based college-preparatory summer program for young students with superior academic potential.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9



Price Wheeler was also invited to attend this prestigious national surfing championship. Price was among only ten East Coast boys invited to compete.

On December 6, the Upper School Robotics Club traveled to the University of Virginia to participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge. Under the team name “Wiglaf ’s Pride,” the team was ranked ninth at the end of the qualifying tournament. “Wiglaf ’s Pride” was also named as one of the three finalists for the “Inspire Award,” the most prestigious award given by FIRST. Cape Henry’s team was nominated because the judges felt the students exemplified the skills and values that FIRST is trying to promote. From a field of 67 teams from all over the state, the judges held up Cape Henry’s as one of the three “prototype” teams that others should strive to emulate. Team members are: Jamie Burke, Connor Bleakley, Carson Delle Donne, Casey Dyckman, Elizabeth Harker, Thomas Hoskins, Yasemin Johnson, Kat Nielsen, Matt Remmie, Dylan Royston, and Maddy Woodson. Congratulations to the all three CHCS Neptune Festival Sandsculpting Teams this year on jobs well done. The CHCS Middle School team won second place in their division, and the Upper School team took first place in the High School division.

Upper School Team

Congratulations go to sophomore Kate Easton who won the SIMA Surfing America USA Girls Longboard National Championship this fall in San Juan Capistrano, California. Kate had several feature articles about her national title in The Virginian-Pilot.



The Cape Henry Girls Varsity Volleyball Team hosted a Dig Pink match in October in the Alfred T. Taylor Field House in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Girls Volleyball Team raised over $1,800 from gate admissions, donations, and T-shirt sales which were donated to the Side-Out Foundation for breast cancer research and patient services. Paige Wheeler and her beach partner Corrie Sanders (Cox High School) won the Silver Medal in the 18’s division of the USA Volleyball Junior Beach Tour, Atlantic Coast Championships.

On November 22, along with Coach Carol Kerbin, Maddy Woodson, Emily Pettigrew, Jamie Burke, and Sean Poppen traveled to Christopher Newport University to compete in the 9th Annual CNU Regional Mathematics Contest. There were approximately 100 students competing. Our group received a framed certificate for being the highest scoring Independent school. Emily Pettigrew won $50 and received a certificate as highest scoring sophomore. Maddy Woodson has been selected by the faculty as the senior who best exemplifies excellence in the Jeffersonian ideals of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. She is Cape Henry’s nominee to be a Jefferson Scholar.

Congratulations to Julia LaSalvia and Kelsey Scherrer for being selected as Athletes of the Week by The VirginianPilot. Kelsey was also named National Field Hockey 2nd Team All-American and TCIS Player of the Year.

The Adam Thoroughgood Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizen Award annually recognizes a senior from Cape Henry Collegiate School. The selection is based on personal characteristics as specified by the DAR: dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. Emily Ahern was recognized at a DAR luncheon in December.

Freshman Kayleigh Reed placed second in the girls division at the Cavalier Payton Memorial Golf Tournament. She also participated in the Virginia State Golf Association Junior Championships at Elizabeth Manor Country Club this summer where she came in fourth in the Girls 14-15 age division.

The Optimist International organization recognizes outstanding graduating high school seniors (male and female) based on their demonstration of excellence in character, community service, extracurricular activity, scholastic achievement, and citizenship. Steven Farmartino and Aubrey Northam were recognized at an awards breakfast in November.

Congratulations to Katherine Grubiak for being the Morehead-Cain Scholars Program Nominee. Each fall the Cape Henry Collegiate School faculty nominates a senior to compete for the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The nomination is based on criteria established by the scholarship program: a capacity to lead and to motivate fellow students; scholastic ability and extracurricular attainments; moral force of character; and physical vigor. Of the 1.5 million students who took the PSAT in the fall of 2007, 34,000 Commended Students placed among the top five percent of students who took the qualifying test. Dylan Royston and Maddy Woodson have been recognized for the exceptional academic promise demonstrated by their outstanding performance on the PSAT and have been named National Merit Scholarship Corporation Commended Students.

Princeton Club Book Award nominees as selected by the faculty are sophomores or juniors who have demonstrated talent in the Core Values of Cape Henry Collegiate School and academically: Libby Bland and David Blanchard Hayley Pocock was the winner of the Charles Barker Automotive Scholarship this fall for her efforts in community service.

CHCS hosted the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Environment Conference. Over 80 scientists and educations were on campus from all over the East Coast. Mrs. Kim Johnson was instrumental in Cape Henry’s hosting the conference.

Ms. Liz Moore, Upper School Biology Teacher, petting a harbor seal at the Virginia Aquarium as part of a “Meet the Seals” field trip during the Mid-Atlantic Marine Educator’s Conference.

The Cape Henry Writer’s Group’s Annual Summer luncheon was held at Judy Snider’s Home: Back Row From Left: Mrs. Pam Racine, Mrs. Carolyn Scullion, and Mrs. Cindy Dragas; Front Row: Mrs. Mary Sever, Mrs. Pam Northam, Mrs. Lesley O’Brien, and Mrs. Debi Wacker; Mrs. Judy Snider missing from picture. Mr. Noureddine Elforsi, one of our Café Dolphin staff members, accompanied by his wife, Kim, and their 6 year-old son, Landon, visited Noureddine’s native country, Morocco, last July. Morocco

is located in North West Africa and the native language is Arabic French. It was his son’s first trip to Morocco. In August, Mrs. Arlene Ingram, Assistant Head of School and Director of College Counseling was invited to speak at the opening of school meeting for Prince William Public Schools psychologists, counselors, and nurses on the topic of Understanding the Millennial Generation. In November, she was also an invited speaker for the Roanoke Valley Educational Consortium; the presentation was on the topic of Current Trends in College Admissions. At the annual National Association of College Admissions Counseling Meeting in October, Arlene was a presenter on a panel that discussed the topic of Gender Complexities in College Admissions. Having been awarded a faculty summer grant, Ms. Marieke Vanderwerff had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands and Greece this past summer. Being that she is a first-generation American, the focus of her trip was family heritage. Her parents accompanied her on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.


Advanced Placement Scholars: Connor Bleakley, Bryan Goldner, Aubrey Northam, Stephen Parnigoni, Dylan Royston, and Maddy Woodson have earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the collegelevel Advanced Placement Program Exams. The students took the AP exams after completing challenging college-level courses at Cape Henry. Maddy qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams taken. The remaining students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP Exams, with grades of 3 or higher.


Mr. Paul Lankford is celebrating his 40th anniversary year in the classrooms of Virginia Beach! He continues to speak to the Westminster Canterbury Book Club as he has done for the past twenty years, being voted their “Favorite Guest Speaker of All Time.” Paul will also be a lead actor in the Guy Fawkes Day Celebration at the Adam Thoroughgood House.

This past October 31, Mrs. Michelle Hinck, the Middle School Foreign Language Department Chair was invited to present at the Foreign Language Association of Virginia Conference. In her presentation “Let’s Travel,” she shared her more than 15 years of expertise on how teachers can successfully organize student-teacher based trips. Michelle Hinck is also an executive board member of the American Association of Teachers of French of Virginia. Mr. Jeff Smith was honored to have The Chrysler Magazine use his image to promote their Wednesday Night Jazz programs this fall.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Mrs. Kerry Kisa has been asked to serve on the Board of Trustees for the American Shakespeare Center. This prestigious honor ensures that Kerry will have access to the greatest minds attached to the Bard, including those involved in the forming of the Globe in London. Mr. John Ingram, the Head Coach of the varsity baseball program, has been recognized as the High School Coach of the Year by the Chesapeake Athletic Club.

“Artist helps King Neptune Kick Back a little before his soon-approaching busy schedule kicks in.” Mr. Jeff Warden was honored with the selection of his creation as the iconic symbol for this year’s Neptune Festival – the 2008 Neptune Festival poster. Jeff was interviewed for numerous newspaper articles, photographed, asked for autographs, and to sign his posters.


Dr. Jack Lewis was quoted in several prominent articles this fall. The first was a special supplement on Private Education featured in The Virginian-Pilot where Dr. Lewis was quoted throughout, and the second was an endorsement in the Hampton Roads Inside Business Special Report for the awarding of the Darden Award for Regional Leadership to former Trustee, Mr. Paul Hirschbiel.


As our community continues to grow and expand, it can be difficult to keep up with important transitions in the lives of those around us. For that reason, Transitions highlights the births, marriages, and losses in our Cape Henry family. By being aware of these sometimes joyous and sometimes sad transitions, we will be better prepared to empathize with our students and our community as a whole. B irths Congratulations to Sarah Williams and Mike Lewis on the birth of their son, Dylan John Lewis, born July 29, 2008 at 11:45 a.m. Dylan was 7lbs., and 10 oz. and was 21.5 inches long. Dylan is the first grandchild of Cathy and Jack Lewis. Morgan Olivia Porter was born on August 24, 2008 to CAPT Robby and Sarah Anton Porter '97. Morgan was 7 lbs., 14 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. She is her grandmother, Mrs. Pam Racine’s, namesake as Morgan is Pam’s maiden and middle name.

This photograph was taken by Jeff ’s daughter. He had a camera set up to take photos of the painting at various stages. His daughter asked if she could help him by taking this photo. Logan is six years old.

Rowan Pace Lonergan, first-born son of Frances and Charlie Lonergan, was born on Monday, September 29 (same birthday as his father) at 9:20 a.m. Rowan was 7 lbs., 9oz. and 19 inches long. Andy Tilhou '98 and wife, Rebecca, celebrated the birth of their first child, daughter, Sophie Madeline. She was born on August 22, 2008 at DePaul Hospital weighing in at 6 pounds. Ray Maiello '87 and wife, Kim, celebrated the birth of their first child, son, Quade Rhodes Maiello, on August 1, 2008.

L O S SE S Jane Lechler, mother of Laura Lechler '92, passed away in August 2008. John Tilhou, father of Andy Tilhou '98, passed away in September 2008.

M A R R IAG E s Christine Keenan '00 and Will Holland '00 joined in marriage this summer at the Francis Asbury United Methodist Church.




RECAP: THE FABULOUS FALL OF 2008 As we close the chapter on one of the most memorable athletic seasons in the history of the School, it is apparent that energy through the hallways is palpable. An exemplary level of talent, coupled with a true concept of “team” produced: four TCIS Champions, three TCIS Coaches of the Year, two TCIS Players of the Year, and two Division II State Champions! The Varsity Coed Cross Country Team, Coached by David Smith and Jennifer Jellig, saw vast improvements from August to November. 1st Team All-TCIS recipient, David Blanchard led the field of male runners, while eighth grader Haley Smith shined for the female squad. The October Cape Henry Cross Country event held at Mt. Trashmore highlighted a season of hard work and leadership from Captains Anna Frieden, Jennifer Lee, Michael Sautter, and aforementioned Blanchard. The effort of this entire team was remarkable. As this program grows, and the word gets out that this is a sport/fitness style for life, the sky is the limit for the Cape Henry Collegiate School Cross Country Team.

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team, compiled of nine seniors, represented Cape Henry Collegiate School with a great deal of class. Senior Captain Matt Cheniae, an automatic 1st Team All-TCIS recipient led this team in his focused, driven, professional style of leadership to compete with the comparable play of the soccer style of years past. Both in victory and defeat, this TEAM has every ingredient for future success. Returnees, Corey Mavromatis (2nd Team All-TCIS), Michael Maroon, and Greg Noordanus, to name a few, are bound to hang a banner as this program continues to grow stronger due to the tradition of excellence left behind them. Thanks for remarkable Dolphin representation!


“Leading by Example” is the quote on the Varsity Girls Field Hockey Banner, and there is no better way to describe this TEAM. Their “never say die” attitude in addition to one of the best senior class contributions to the sport, earned them the School’s first TCIS Conference Championship and one of the best seasons the School has ever had the pleasure of witnessing. TCIS Player of the Year and with no question, the best field hockey player to ever grip a Cape Henry field hockey stick, Kelsey Scherrer teamed with her Division I College futures Kristen Meredith (1st Team All-TCIS) and Julia LaSalvia (2nd Team AllTCIS), and the sound senior contributions of Meggie Chicoine, Kaitlin Johnson, Melissa Anderson, and Kendall Burns made this season one of the most rewarding for three-time and 2008 TCIS Coach of the Year, Kristen Wheeler. “She never gave up on us,” a quote from sophomore Molly O’Brien, will be remembered for many years to come following the success of the TCIS Championship Game. After battling some tough defeats early in the season, Coach Wheeler made some key adjustments with players stepping up at just the right time to finish exactly where they should have in the TCIS: Number 1! Excellent season, ladies!

Another Varsity Team making their mark on the Cape Henry athletic history books: the 2008 TCIS Champion and Division II State Champion Girls Tennis Team. After losing close matches earlier in the season to Norfolk Collegiate, this TEAM seemed to come together at the right time. A remarkable level of talent at our number 1 and number 2 positions in that of Karling Watson and Brittany Pilkington, shouldered with the impeccable leadership of Senior Captains Georgia Putney and Kelsey Bergen, this group of athletes were destined for success. Finishing with an astounding season record of 14-2, the Varsity Girls Tennis Team has certainly risen to the top in area tennis. Laney Clarke, Morgan Sabol, and Erin Kirkpatrick, along with the depth of talent in the remainder of this and the JV Girls Tennis Team will make for quite a future to ride on the success of a State Championship. Coach Carol Bulkeley is thrilled with the achievements of her team and the road that lies ahead. Well done! The season started on a rocky note, but things smoothed out as soon as the Dierstein Brothers came in to head the Varsity Boys Volleyball Team to their first 2008 TCIS Crown. Head Coach Adam Dierstein was voted by his peers as the TCIS Coach of the Year in his inaugural season with the Dolphins. A season record of 15-4 does not quite depict the true success of this TEAM. They, too, dropped two early matches to Norfolk Collegiate earlier in the season only to sweep them in three in the Conference Final Game. 1st Team standouts and Captains Clarke Templeton and Ter-

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


rell Allen are two athletes you want at the helm of any ship. Max Wagner refined his setting skills to earn him Tournament MVP honors in addition to the all-out play of Blake Whited, consistency of Chris Ostrowski, and the complete athleticism of Scotty Morris. Returnees Brad Hunter and Justin Lee also added depth to a very balanced roster. This team will all return next season in hopes of adding a matching banner to their 2008 TCIS Championship Title. Great season and an incredible commitment to Cape Henry Athletic Programs is the legacy this team leaves behind!


Last and certainly not least, this TEAM accomplished what only the 2007 Varsity Girls Lacrosse Team completed‌ the impeccable trifecta: winning the TCIS Regular Season Championship, the TCIS Tournament, and the 2008 Division II State Championship. An unprecedented record of 22-3, undefeated in the TCIS, marks a solid statement in Girls Volleyball at Cape Henry Collegiate School. TCIS Player of the Year, Paige Wheeler, along with 1st Team All-TCIS recipient, in addition to the exceptional play of Kensey Gooch (TCIS All-Tournament Recipient) control a commanding level of power at the net. All of this power is channeled through the best setter in the State, Kate Pleasants. Volleyball is not volleyball without digging; and, Alice Shipp and Maddie Houck round out the aggressive play needed to hang banners. This roster is augmented by the step up play of Avi Goldman, Amy Bennis, Addie Cooper, and Meredith Wallace. This exceptional group of athletes will all return next season in hopes of duplicating this amazing season. After coaching for a decade at Cape Henry, the 2008 TCIS Coach of the Year, Marck Weiss, can cherish this shining moment for another season. Congratulations, Cape Henry Collegiate Girls Volleyball! There are simply not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe the 2008 Fall Season. It has been time well spent, and we are all better people to have shared penalty kicks in tournament games, penalty strokes in semi-final games, and the adversity of injury and circumstances outside of our control. Team sports teach us to come together as one unit, and all of our teams came together both in celebration and in the finality of high school careers. Luck is defined as the combination of preparation and opportunity, and we are so appreciative that all of our student athletes were able to prepare in order to seize an opportunity. The energy mentioned above that flows through our corridors will absolutely flow into the forthcoming winter season. It was a great season to be a Dolphin!

Cape Henry coaches display their championship trophies, l to r, Carol Bulkeley, girls tennis; Marck Weiss, girls volleyball; Adam Dierstein, boys volleyball; and Kristen Wheeler, field hockey. (John H. Sheally II / The Virginian-Pilot) Photograph Copyright Š, The Virginian-Pilot. Reprinted with permission.

The Fall of 2008 brought four TCIS championships and two state championships to Cape Henry athletes. A special assembly was held to congratulate girls volleyball, boys volleyball, girls tennis, and girls field hockey. Cape Henry also had three Most Valuable players, Max Wagner, Kelsey Scherrer, and Paige Wheeler, and two players of the Year, Kelsey Scherrer and Paige Wheeler. In Field Hockey, Kelsey Scherrer was named the TCIS Player of Year for the second consecutive year, All-South Region Team for the third consecutive year, and 2nd Team All-American for the second consecutive year. She is one of only two players in the state of Virginia to achieve All-American status in 2008. Kristen Meredith was also named 1st Team All-TCIS. Julia LaSalvia was named 2nd Team All-TCIS. All are seniors, and all three were tri-captains.



Fall 2008 Athletic Achievements B OY S CRO S S C O UN T RY

F IEL D H O C K E Y T e a m Ac h i e v e m e n ts • TCIS Tournament Champions • Division II State Semifinalists IN D IVI D UAL Ac h i e v e m e n ts • Julia LaSalvia 2nd Team All-TCIS Division II State All-Tournament Team 2nd Team All-Tidewater • Kristen Meredith

1st Team All-TCIS 2nd Team All-State

• Kelsey Scherrer

TCIS Player of the Year TCIS Tournament Offensive MVP 1st Team All-Tidewater 1st Team All-State State All-Tournament Team 2nd Team All-American

• Kristen Wheeler

TCIS Coach of the Year


IN D IVI D UAL Ac h i e v e m e n ts • David Blanchard 1st Team All-TCIS

B OY S VO LLE Y B ALL T e a m Ac h i e v e m e n ts • TCIS Tournament Champions IN D IVI D UAL Ac h i e v e m e n ts • Terrell Allen 1st Team All-TCIS TCIS All-Tournament Team CHC Invitational MVP • Clarke Templeton 1st Team All-TCIS TCIS All-Tournament Team CHC Invitational All-Tournament Team • Max Wagner

2nd Team All-TCIS TCIS Tournament MVP

• Adam Dierstein

TCIS Coach of the Year


IN D IVI D UAL Ac h i e v e m e n ts • Matt Cheniae 1st Team All-TCIS

T e a m Ac h i e v e m e n ts • TCIS Regular Season Champions • TCIS Tournament Champions

• Delaney Oksman 2nd Team All-TCIS

• Division II State Champions

G IRL S T ENNI S T e a m Ac h i e v e m e n ts • TCIS Tournament Champions • Division II State Champions IN D IVI D UAL Ac h i e v e m e n ts • Laney Clarke TCIS All-Tournament Team

IN D IVI D UAL Ac h i e v e m e n ts • Morgan Freeman 1st Team All-TCIS Va. Volleyball Showcase All-Tournament Team TCIS All-Tournament Team Division II State Tournament MVP Division II All-State Team • Kensey Gooch

TCIS All-Tournament Team

• Maddie Houck

Honorable Mention All-TCIS

• Brittany Pilkington 2nd Team All-TCIS Division II All-State

• Kate Pleasants

2nd Team All-TCIS Division II State All-Tournament Team

• Karling Watson

• Paige Wheeler

TCIS Player of the Year TCIS Tournament MVP 2nd Team All-Tidewater Division II State All-Tournament Team Division II State Player of the Year

• Marck Weiss

TCIS Coach of the Year Division II State Coach of the Year

1st Team All-TCIS 1st Team Division II All-State

• Karling Watson/ 1st Team All-TCIS Doubles Brittany Pilkington Division II All-State

f r om t h e n ew


• Corey Mavromatis 2nd Team All-TCIS

CHCS Strategic Plan…

C ape H enry focuses on beyond the classroom – AT H L E T IC S Cape Henry’s goal is to offer a purposeful, college-preparatory academic program, which would be strengthened by significant exposure to, and opportunities in, the arts, athletics, travel, and community service in an increasingly global environment. To achieve this, we will: • Strive for superior athletic experiences that emphasize character education and Cape Henry’s core values through excellence in coaching. • Refurbish the tennis facilities and, in that area, include a walk/run plyometric track in order to support both the athletic programs and physical education. • Research the possibilities of providing an Athletic Equipment Manager to stock, inventory, maintain, and protect athletic equipment, supplies, and uniforms. • Advance coaching stipends in order to remain competitive with independent school and local public school salary ranges. • Promote team unity and alumni pride by highlighting our outdoor and indoor facilities and displaying team pictures, banners, and memorabilia of teams past and present.

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


From the Alumni Board President Since joining the Alumni Board as President in August 2008, I have quickly come to the realization that the formation of our new Alumni Board in 2008 has proven to be a great investment for Cape Henry and its many alumni. The many successful events organized and led by the Alumni Board this year and the events scheduled the remainder of this year are a clear indication that the Board’s diligence and dedication have paid off. This past summer, the Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter had the opportunity to attend a National’s baseball game/social night, which allowed many D.C. Metropolitan alumni to reconnect. In October, the same chapter hosted Mr. Dave Cameron, Assistant Head of School and Director of the Middle and Upper schools, for the initial Teacher Series event. The event was so successful that many alumni participated for the first time in order to meet and reminisce with Mr. Cameron.


The Alumni Phonathon was also held in October, and attracted a record number of alumni volunteers. We were able to increase our donor base and have a great start in Alumni Annual Giving.

Emily Medley Robbins '97 and Neel Desai '93 enjoy browsing through old yearbooks at the Fall Festival.

At the Fall Festival in October, alumni and their children had the opportunity to play games and spend valuable time together. While the students were able to hang out with fellow classmates, many of the parents who actually attended Cape Henry themselves were able to reconnect with other alumni at the Alumni Booth. Yearbooks were available at the booth so even if you were not able to personally meet someone from your class, you could look them up and reflect upon the years spent at Cape Henry.

The much anticipated Athletic Hall of Fame took place on December 17. There were a record number of nominations this year and after much deliberation, five inductees were chosen. They included: Mr. Bruce Wright '77, Ms. Anne Wachtmeister '84, Mr. Stace Lowman '86, Mrs. Leigh Newman Davenport '90, and Mr. J. Christopher Perry '92. The Friday following the Hall of Fame evening was a super school-spirited Homecoming and the Pete McMahan Alumni Basketball Game on December 19. As you can tell, 2008 was a busy year for Cape Henry and its alumni. However 2009 is just as busy and we have many events planned: the Inaugural Alumni Career Day on March 13; the Alumni Volunteer Month in April; and the Spring Reunion, which includes a combined Upper School musical performance along with an alumni art show, kickball game, and a reception in the Moomaw Alumni Garden, all of which will take place between April 30 and May 2.

CHCS Alumni Board Officers Mr. Neel Desai '93 President Mrs. Emily Medley Robbins '97 Vice President Mr. Ros Willis '82 Treasurer Ms. Tammy Dail '80 Secretary Mr. Trent Dudley '88 Membership Secretary Mr. Jason Wagner '03

The new Alumni Board of Cape Henry is determined in making Cape Henry Collegiate an even better school than it is. Our hope is to continue to improve our school with the help of our alumni across the country. By coming together and taking part in this forward momentum, we can ensure that future generations of Cape Henry students reap the benefits. In addition, as more and more alumni get involved, a broad network of professionals who have Cape Henry in common, can help the School’s graduates establish themselves in this highly competitive world. I hope you have a great year and please make sure you drop by and experience for yourself the great things happening at Cape Henry Collegiate School.

Neel Desai '93 President, Alumni Board



Neel Desai '93, Tammy Dail '80, Ros Willis '82, Jason Wagner '03, and Trent Dudley '88 proudly remove the Alumni “piece” of the Annual Giving puzzle. They hope you will be joining them.


Personal Passion Leads to Exciting Career


Jennifer Larus '95

he Garden of the Gods, Gulf of Mexico, Ohio River, Hot Springs, The Flat Irons, Cheyenne Mountains, Sarasota Bay, Lake Michigan, Singer Island, Riverfront Park, the world’s largest occupied structure, St. Petersburg Bay, the list could go on and on. What is this list anyway? This is a snapshot of the places I have seen over the last 90 days as I have traveled around the United States watching American history unfold. By the time you read this article, our country’s political fate will be sealed… well, at least we will know who won the election. What happens after that only time will tell. In the mean time, I am having the most extraordinary experience observing this year’s Presidential race.

One of my first jobs after graduation was coordinating OpSail 2000® Virginia, which many of you may remember. OpSail brought 150 tall ships from around the world to the Tidewater area. An avid sailor, this was the most perfect job I could imagine. That experience confirmed that planning and running large-scale events was for me. I completed my master’s in tourism and event management at The George Washington University in 2000. Working full time, my classes were on weekends and via the

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


I have never had political aspirations; I didn’t march off to Washington after college to pursue the betterment of our country. My story is about following my bliss, and who would have guessed where it would lead me. After my four years at Cape Henry, I received a degree in business management and marketing from Longwood College. College was a springboard into the world of event management.


Internet. It was challenging although a labor of love. Passion for life, for fun, and a mind for hosting large scale “parties” led me to Washington, D.C. where I found lots of opportunities, none of which were in politics. I directed national conventions for the ski and snow sports industry, the National Opera Association, and found my way into hotel event management. It was my last job that took me out of Washington and back to my home territory of Richmond, Virginia. For three and a half years I worked as the Convention Services Manager at the Omni Richmond Hotel. I loved this position, however by the beginning of 2008, I was ready for a new challenge, something that would expand my professional horizons and allow me to travel. What came next was a little unexpected but not unorthodox for me. I decided to quit my job and take time touring our country, learning what it is to produce an event for a presidential candidate.


Over the past 90 days, I have traveled the United States, from East to West, and North to South. I have been in and out of the largest of cities and the smallest of towns. It has been an unexpected pleasure to live out of a suitcase, jump in and out of airports every four days, and move from hotel to hotel. From California to Ohio, I have seen the most glamorous and the most destitute areas. In each city or town, a key part of my experience has been observing some of our country’s most dedicated individuals produce events in support of their preferred political candidate. A political event, particularly a presidential-style event, is very unique from other events: “the drape must be presidential blue, not navy blue, and the flags must be positioned just like this, the banner must be so many inches above the crowd’s head, not right behind it…” The conversations go on and on. Standing in the middle of a rally site there are so many details to take in: the main press riser, the cut riser, the head on shot, the podium, the flags of varying size, the miles and miles of bike rack and rope, the mags, the press shoot, the rope line, and of course the hundreds of volunteers. I thought I had been to events. I thought I knew what it was to produce events, however, I have never seen anything like this. The most impressive part? These talented “advance staffers” pull this all together in three to four days. With the help of volunteers and a local office of administrators, five to seven staff members hit the ground and pull off site selection, crowd development, promotion, secret service coordination, press management, ticket sales, and opening the doors, all within the most restrictive of time frames. As my travels come to a close, I am filled with reflection on what I’ve seen. Like most in the country, I have been riveted by this year’s election season. My unique perspective is that I have witnessed the production of what you see on TV. I have discovered an entirely new genre of event management, something that has always been there but was previously unexplored for me. What happens November 5? This is the question that I am asked daily now. I can only respond by saying that I am looking forward to watching the election outcome surrounded by some of the most talented and dedicated people I have ever met and call friends. It will be my honor to see the country’s fate unfold with this particular team of individuals, knowing the importance of the work we’ve done, no matter what the results. I am not sure what is in store for me next professionally, but I take with me the wisdom that has gotten me here today. Following my personal desires with openness to new possibilities has offered the most incredible career. As this goes to print, I am in Washington, D.C. working for the Presidential Inauguration Committee 2009 – so the story continues on!




Cape Henry Visits D.C.

By Mr. Dave Cameron, Assistant Head of School and Middle and Upper School Director

There is a wonderful old saying that goes something like, “when I stand on the shoulders of giants, I can see forever.� On occasion, it is perfectly reasonable to think about the current state of success of Cape Henry Collegiate School in terms of that saying. So much about the present of Cape Henry Collegiate School today is remarkable and additionally the future of the School projects to be very bright; however, it is also clear that we would not be where we are now without the contributions of the students, faculty, and administrators that were the School in the near and distant past. Without those shoulders to stand on, we would not be blessed with quite the same nearly unlimited vision that we have as a school today.

A great deal of thanks for the organizational end of the evening should go to Bridget Bradley '01, Suezy Vaughan '02, and Karen Lilly '02. Their vision and energy helped provide an atmosphere for a memorable start to what we can only hope will be a great tradition of future meetings.


With these thoughts in mind, it is with great pleasure that we can report that the recent visit with the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Cape Henry Collegiate Alumni Association was a huge success. On October 9, Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, and I were privileged to be able to meet with a significant number of CHCS graduates at the Rookery on the edge of Georgetown to enjoy an evening of good food, drink, and camaraderie. Attendees ranged from graduates of the early '90s to those who have fairly Hilary Hoffman '94, Mr. Dave Cameron, Assistant Head recently completed their college education. It was an exceptional opportunity to renew of School and Director of Middle and Upper School, old friendships and catch up on what we are all doing now. We were happy to report to and Chappy Venkatesan '92 the graduates on the unprecedented condition and progression of the School today and engaged in some brief discussion of how Cape Henry Collegiate continues to strive to explore that best pedagogy for helping students prepare for the challenges of the century ahead. For the most part, though, the formal portion of the evening and then in a smaller gathering that extended into the wee hours, revolved around reminiscing about students, faculty, and events of the past. Needless to say, this activity lead to many laughs and some occasional poignancy as the memories were jogged and shared. We can only hope that the graduates left with some understanding and appreciation that as great as Cape Henry Collegiate School is today, and can become in the future, we have not gotten here without being able to stand on their shoulders, and we are grateful for that!

Back Row: Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs, Andrew Newton '98, David Ashinoff '98; Middle Row: Chris Hazzis '00, Andrew Bradley '02, Bryan Miller '01, Darcy Gill '99; Front Row: Mr. David Cameron, Assistant Head of School, Suezy Vaughan '02, Bridget Bradley '01, Tyler Wessell '02, Karen Lilley '02, Tamara Hathaway '02, Ashlyn McKeithan '02, and Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Associate Head of School

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Reuniting in Richmond “The Richmond Chapter alumni get-together was again a success this year. We had about ten alumni attend at the Capital Ale House for dinner and conversation. It is great to see how many wonderful people have gone through the doors of Cape Henry. Although it is such a different physical place today than when I attended, it seems the values, commitment and experiences are so similar to my experiences 20 years ago. It is nice to know that with all the changes, some things never change. Thanks for making the time to visit us in Richmond.” 

 – Susan Burns Campbell ‘85


Gordon Johnson ’93, Susan Burns Campbell ’85, Kriston Proffitt ’05, Andrew Riddle ’05, Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Associate Head of School, Matt Beck ’07, Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs, Stephanie Chambers ’01, Dr. Jack Lewis, Head of School, and Micaela Lesyshyn ’03.

Forthcoming Alumni Events Alumni Career Day March 13

Inte rested in speaking to CHCS seniors about your care er field? To volunte er your expertise, call Mrs. Kris ten Wheele r at (757) 963-8208.

Alumni Volunteer Month



We are encouraging CHCS alumni across the nation to volun teer in their local communities. Take pictures and let us know what you are doing!

It is always great to see alumni teams at this annual CHCS eve nt. To register, con tac t Mrs. Vick i Wicher at (757) 963-8250.


April 30 Upper School Combined Concert

Spring Branch Community Church

MAY 1 Alumni Art Show


Varsity Athletic Games

MAY 2 Coed Alumni Kickball Game Reunion Reception, Classes of 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, 1984, 1979, and 1974

Organizers for each reunion year are needed! Please call Mrs. Kristen Wheeler at (757) 963-8208 to help organize your class! 36


Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

Scott Miller, Reese Smith '87, Stace Lowman '86, Mark Devlin '85, and Pete McCoy ‘88

The 2008 Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees: Bruce Wright '77, Stace Lowman '86, Leigh Newman Davenport '90, Chris Perry '92, and Anne Wachtmeister '84


Chrissy Blanchard Alworth '84, Coach Larry Ward, Haven Wachtmeister, Anne Wachtmeister '84, Lizzie Goulart, and Loring M. Wachtmeister

Jason Wagner '03 with Patricia Perry

Coach Ed Faubert and Leigh Newman Davenport '90

Chris Perry '92 with his daughter, Anna Cathryn.

Coach Tom Barnes, Lee Peregoff '77, Claudia Barnes, and Angie Peregoff David Wright, Alex Elliott '08, Andrea and Tom Elliott '76, Bruce Wright '77, and Laurie Simpson '79

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


AlumniNotes 79

Laurie Simpson '79 Laurie received her B.A. in social sciences from Virginia Wesleyan College this past May. She has worked as a tax collector for the City of Virginia Beach Treasurer’s Office for the past 13 years.

Johns Hopkins University Hospital, and while the recovery process is still underway, she is happy to report that the tumor was benign! Friend, and fellow alumna, Anne Burns Steinbrook '89, was inspired with how gracefully Laura managed her adversity.



30th Reunion Year


Ray Maiello '87 Congratulations to Ray and his wife, Kim, on the birth of their son, Quade Rhodes Maiello!

Quade was born on August 1 at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. Ray reports that both son and wife are doing great! Ray and Kim work in Hollywood and live at the beach in Venice, California. Ray is the Assistant General Counsel at Paramount Television and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences which means he gets to vote on which shows get an Emmy Award. Kim is a Vice President at E! Entertainment and Comcast.


20th reunion year

Laura Hill Dean '89 In January of 2008, Laura learned that her dizzy spells and high pitched ringing in her ears were the result of a tumor located behind her right ear. In June, she underwent surgery at


Chris Sawyer '90 Chris has moved back to Chesapeake and is now the Director of the Cambridge College Chesapeake center. He and his wife, Ryan, just celebrated the birth of their third child, this time a girl! Regan was born on May 8, 2008.

agency. Carolina is married with two daughters. Lewis, who lives in Virginia, is an antique dealer who just happened to also be in Peru at the same time. Jorge, who attended Cape Henry in 1991 for about three months to learn English, lives in Peru and has a beautiful baby girl. The group thoroughly enjoyed their time together. It had been approximately 17 years since they had last seen Kelly Troiano each other. Kenis '94 Kelly is living in Atlanta with her husband and two children. Sophia is two and Logan was born in June 2008.



Gaynor Bretherton ‘91 Gaynor is currently working in London, England, but travels back to Washington, D.C. every five weeks or so to check on her house and see her friends. Travelling back and forth from Europe is nothing new to Gaynor. She loves having the opportunity to enjoy both London and D.C.!



15th reunion year

Alexis Fischer '94, Carolina Morillas '94, & Meredith Fischer '92 Alexis, who is a Spanish teacher in Santa Barbara, received a grant from her school to travel to Peru. She brought her sister, Meredith, who lives in Eugene, Oregon and is a middle school guidance counselor, with her, and they had an amazing opportunity to catch up with former Cape Henry Collegiate classmates, Carolina Morillas, her brother, Eric Morillas, Lewis Trimble, and Jorge Del Castillo. Both Carolina and Eric live in Peru, and run a travel


Jennifer Larus ‘95 Jennifer was part of Senators Obama and Biden’s full-time advance team. She traveled around the country for the last several months, sloshing from one swing state to the next in an effort to get the Democrats elected. Her particular role was to handle all of the hotel logistics. Jennifer says it has been a fascinating opportunity, one that gave her incomparable access to the now, President-elect. (See feature Kristy article on page 33) Redmon Winfield '95 Kristy and her husband Ross, have enrolled their son, Aiden, in the Kindergarten at Cape Henry. Kristy is now not only an alumna, but a legacy family as well!

Natalie Bray '96 Natalie is the former curator at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. She decided to pursue her love of photography and is now working as a portrait photographer at R. Gregory Photography.


Dr. Stacie Crain Kite '97 Stacie and her husband, Bart, enjoyed a fabulous wedding weekend, and then celebrated their honeymoon at Riviera Maya in Mexico. The newlyweds are staying busy with their veterinarian practices and adjusting to married life!

Surrounding Stacie Crain Kite '97 and Bart Kite are Edward Denton '97, Emily Medley Robbins '97, Becket Levy '98, Andrew Newton '98, Ned Miles '97, and Dana Fowler Mace '97.


Amanda Cabrera '98 Amanda continues to build her personal training business. She currently offers “Boot Camp” style workouts tailored to clients’ needs. Be sure to check out her website at Derrick Hunt '98 After traveling all over the country for training, Derrick is now a Navy pilot and is currently stationed at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach. Derrick is with the VFA-32, flying F/A-18 Super

Hornets. He recently returned from a seven month deployment aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, and will remain here until next spring.


10th reunion year

Matt Herman '99 Matt graduated from Virginia Tech in 2003, returned to Virginia Beach, and began work as an EMT with the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. Matt is currently finishing his last year in the Master of Public Health program from Eastern Virginia Medical School and is working as the Project Coordinator for Project Immunize Virginia at the Department of Pediatrics, EVMS.



Micaela Lesyshyn '03 Micaela recently accepted a job with her college alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University, as the Graphic Designer and Studio Coordinator for VCU’s in-house design office. Micaela, who embraces the thrill of travelling, was able to enjoy yet another trip to Europe this past summer.

Chris Mather '03 Chris graduated in May, 2008 from James Madison University, Magna Cum Laude, with a B.B.A. in Finance. He is working as an analyst in Charlottesville, Virginia. Rachel White '03 Rachel recently completed her Master’s of Education degree and is currently in her first year of teaching at Oakwood Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia.


Lindsey Riddle '04 Lindsey graduated from George Mason University this past May and has joined her father’s real estate company, “Riddle Associates Incorporated.”

5th reunion year

Rachel Beck ‘04 This past May, Rachel graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Spanish Literature and a B.S. in Biology. Rachel started medical school at the University of Virginia this past fall and states that her education at Cape Henry played a major role in her success throughout college. Lindsay Breitenberg '04 Lindsay is living in Kakunadate, Japan; a town that is small, but gorgeous, known for its Samurai houses and cherry blossom trees. Lindsay, enjoys a five minute bike ride to school where she teaches English to middle school students, and a five minute walk to her grocery store, Ryan bank, and post office. Curran '04 Ryan transferred from Ole Miss to Salisbury State to continue his lacrosse career in 2007. This past spring, Ryan played midfield and helped his team to a perfect 23-0 season, including the Division III National Championship title. Lindsey Frantz '04 Lindsey loves her sports marketing job with the PGA Tour! Her main responsibility is to secure title sponsorships for tournaments, particularly for the Champions Tour. On the weekends, Lindsey can be found on the sideline during the Jacksonville Jaguars’ football games as she is a member of the dance team. Suzanne Ginnow '04 Suzanne finished her impressive collegiate running career at the University of Virginia having received varsity letters in both cross country and track and field. During Suzanne’s senior year, she qualified for the ACC Championships in both sports and qualified academically for the ACC Honor Roll.

Nancy Marsden '04 Nancy graduated from the College of William and Mary this past May with a double major in Music and East Asian Studies with a concentration in Japanese. She is currently in the Master’s of Music program for ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii at Minoa. Angela Saavas '04 Angela is now a graduate of the University of Georgia with a BA in Theatre and Film. She is currently living in Virginia Beach and, with the help of Mr. Sammie Logan, is piecing together a band. Angela encourages visitors to her webpage where you can hear her pre-band music and check out her musical blogs. www.myspace. Lauren com/angelasavvas. Sparks '04 Lauren graduated from Hope College and is now working at Walt Disney World. She recently finished dangerous training as a stilt performer and can be spotted, up high, during the Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade in Disney’s Animal Mike Timms '04 Kingdom. Mike will suit up for his senior lacrosse season this spring as a returning captain for the University of Virginia Men’s Lacrosse team. Mike graduated this spring with a 3.4 GPA in economics and is now enrolled in UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce graduate program. Mike was named to the ACC All-Academic team last year. Mike’s coach, Dom Starsia, quotes,“Mike is clearly one of the top returning longstick middies in the country.”

J AN U ARY 2 0 0 9


Anna Facemire ‘00 Anna has launched a women’s online clothing boutique, which can be visited at She is offering anyone in the Cape Henry community a 10% discount for any order totaling a $100 or Christine Kennan more! '00 and Will Holland '00 Cape Henry Collegiate School sweethearts, Christine Kennan and Will Holland, were married this summer at the Francis Asbury United Methodist Church, with a reception that followed at the Cavalier Beach Club. Rachael Wagner '00 served as the Maid of Honor and several Cape Henry alumni from the class of 2000 were in attendance, including Thea Williamson, Mandi Warren, and John Watson. K.C. Ray '00 K.C. married Gregory Scott Osteen on May 24, at the First Baptist Church of Virginia Beach,

and then celebrated with a beachthemed reception the Princess Anne Country Club. Many Cape Henry Collegiate School alumni were in attendance and a few were even in the wedding! Sallie Ray '96 served as the maid-of-honor while Jessica Jones Miller '00, and Anna Facemire '00 were bridesmaids. The happy couple honeymooned in St. Lucia. Rachael Wagner '00, Jason Wagner '03, & Lizzie Wagner '07 The Wagner trio headed to Asia this summer for a month long visit which included excursions in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Angkor Wat, Saigon (or, now called Ho Chi Minh City), Japan, and then wrapped up in Beijing for the Olympics.





Amy Hruska '05 Amy is finishing her final year at the University of Mary Washington where she has played field hockey and is majoring in Chemistry. Amy spent this past summer interning at a chemical plant in Houston, Texas as well as doing work as an independent research student. She has decided to pursue a career in teaching and possibly coaching. Konrad Miles '05 Konrad attends Morehouse College and loves it! He is always looking for new leadership opportunities, and this past summer, he served as a mentor to incoming Morehouse freshmen. Alex Rawls '05 This past summer Alex spent five weeks on a submarine, an experience that he thoroughly enjoyed. He described his dive in the Bahamas as a highlight, he was very impressed with the quality of the officers, and he stated that the food was outstanding! In addition to his submarine experience, he spent some time reworking a University of Virginia computer lab, helped train some cadets at a mini boot camp, and attended the Military Order of the World Wars National Convention, which is a veteran’s organization that promotes Amanda patriotism. Scott '05 Amanda, who is a senior at Vanderbilt University, with a 3.998 GPA in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, was honored at a pre-game parade and at halftime of the homecoming football game as a finalist for Vanderbilt’s award of “Outstanding Senior.” The Outstanding Senior award is given to a senior who has a minimum GPA of 3.0, that best represents Vanderbilt as a student-leader, and has positively impacted the organizations of which they are involved, as well as the Vanderbilt Community as a whole. It is the only award on campus that is both merit-based and studentselected. Amanda’s involvement includes Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field, American Institute of Engineers, Habitat for Humanity, OASIS Center Street Outreach Program, Reformed University Fellowship, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science, and Vanderbilt Student’s for Students.

Nick Snider '05 Nick Snider spent this summer studying abroad in Beijing, Wuhan, and Weihai, China. In addition to seeing sights such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, he received a minor in Chinese business studies, which will be useful in the future job market.


Blake Burlage '06, Libi Henley '07 and Sarah Potter '07 Blake, Libi, and Sarah served as coaches at the Dolphin All-Star Field Hockey Camp this past summer. It was a win-win situation as the campers adored their coaches, the coaches loved having sticks in their hands again, and the School loved having the alumnae back on campus!

Annabelle Dragas '06 According to Jim Kerbin, Annabelle did “brilliant work” in her performance as Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, performed at the College of William and Mary. Mr. Kerbin’s critique stated,“The show is good; Annabelle is thrilling, real, and solid. It is the kind of performance that reminds you of why we humans invented Karen Kirk '06 theater.” Karen will graduate from Virginia Tech one year early with a B.A. in English with an emphasis on cultural studies. She will also have a minor in International Studies. Karen is involved with two undergraduate research projects at Tech. One is a linguistics study researching the effects of gender specific terms on third graders and the second is a study on the cultural effects that Wal-Mart has on small towns. Karen also finds time to write for the school


newspaper, the Collegiate Times. Last spring she interviewed Cameron Johnson from Oprah’s show, The Big Give. Wes Northam '06 Wes was granted early admission to EVMS through a non-binding program with The College of William and Mary and EVMS. He states that it is a huge relief to know that he already has an option for medical school. This past summer, Wes was also awarded a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to perform research in Dr. Liz Allison’s molecular genetics lab at the College of William and Mary. He worked on a joint project between Dr. Allison and an Ornithologist from the College of William and Mary, Dr. Dan Cristol. From 1930 to 1950 tons of mercury were dumped into the river system in the Shenandoah Valley. It was an amazing opportunity to learn and work with scientists like Dr. Allison and Dr. Cristol who are so authoritative in their fields. Wes was affectionately called “Spider Man” by the rest of the lab because he was usually catching, dissecting, and analyzing the DNA of spiders and their Brielle Paolini '06 prey. Brielle, along with fellow alum Wes Northam ’06, was granted early admission to EVMS. The two Cape Henry alumni actually had their interviews on the same day. If they choose to accept, then they have a spot held for them in the entering 2010 class. Brielle spent this past summer at Bowman Gray Medical School in Winston Salem, North Carolina where she was selected to work with a biomedical engineer named Joel Stitzel, quantifying the gap between the brain and the skull (the CSF layer) and analyzing how that gap changes with age in the pediatric population. Brielle will have a first author paper published later this year on the data and synthesis of her work at Wake Forest. In addition to that fantastic news, Brielle was also honored with the Monroe Scholar status, which means that she is the top 7% of all students at the College of William and Mary. The honor comes with a stipend to conduct research; Brielle plans to use the stipend to study Digital Photography with Professor Warden and then create a portfolio show of Florentine

culture when she studies abroad in Florence next summer. In addition to that news, Brielle somehow finds time to volunteer at CHKD in the Child Life department and she is a member of the College of William and Mary’s varsity golf team. She says she misses the multidimensional nature of all the people at Cape Henry and believes that attending Cape Henry is the best thing that ever happened to her! Tyler VanDerMeer '06 Tyler stopped by “The Cape” during his fall break. He is a junior at the University of Mary Washington, working towards a double major in political science and international affairs. He is active in Mary Washington’s Young Democrats club and he performs in

the show choir, Encore! for UMW. Dan Bain '07 Dan was awarded Scholar-Athlete 2008 by The Ohio State University, Athletic Council and the Department of Athletics. The recipient of this award is “the student athlete who demonstrates academic achievement (3.00 GPA minimum) and athletic success as a varsity letter Pete Levitt '07 winner.” Pete, a right-handed pitcher for Pitt Community College, was drafted by the Cubs in the 50th round of the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft on June 6. Pete opted to forego the draft and stay in school.


Kristin Quigg '07 Kristin is majoring in Criminal Justice at Old Dominion University. She is running for ODU’s student judiciary council and is considering going to Law School upon graduation.

training, and he worked the sideline for Hampton Sydney’s football team this fall.


Nathaniel Kerbin ‘08 Nathaniel is thoroughly enjoying his freshman year at Tufts. He is especially enjoying his musical activities, including playing in the Jazz Band and two combos. Ashton Little '08 Ashton is a freshman at Hollins University where she and Bryce Northington are dorm roommates. Ashton is majoring in History and loving school!

Brittany Agrillo '08 Brittany is 100% thrilled to attend Wake Forest University! She thanks Cape Henry for helping her to achieve her “dream school!” Ally Brooks '08 Ally opted to study abroad during the fall semester of her freshman year. She studied in Italy and absolutely loved the experience. Her brother and fellow Cape Henry alumnus, Tyler Brooks ’05, was able to spend time with Ally in Italy, including being there Jarrett on her birthday! Center '08 Jarrett is majoring in nuclear medicine at Old Dominion University with an emphasis on x-ray technician work. To gain valuable experience, Jarrett volunteers at Bayside Hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Josh Collingsworth '08 Josh stopped by during his fall break from Longwood University. In typical Cape Henry alumni fashion, Josh immersed himself in activities immediately! He is cheering for the Lancers, majoring in athletic

Bryan Mytelka '08 Bryan is enjoying his freshman year at the University of Mary Washington. He works at the college radio station, is considering majoring in psychology, and is active in several discussion groups such as the Anarchist Social Theory Club.

Carina Tate '08 Carina is yet another example of the multidimensional students that Cape Henry produces! She is on the track and field team at Winston-Salem University, participating in the long jump and running the 200, she is majoring in political science, with aspirations of being a U.S. Senator, and she models clothes for school fundraising events! What a unique combination!


Morgan Pearman '07 Morgan had a great first year at UVA! Academically she was honored as an Echols Scholar and socially she was elected as Sigma Kappa’s Chair of the Foundation which also places her on the President of the Sorority’s Council. This position means that Morgan will be “The Face” for the UVA chapter of Sigma Kappa during National meetings. She will serve as the contact person in UVA’s Greek system and as the contact person to the public in regards to various projects and fundraisers. In addition to her studies and sorority obligations, Morgan also volunteers as a Big Sister in the Charlottesville area. Scott Saal '07 Scott, a varsity golfer at the College of William and Mary, qualified for the U.S. Amateur Championship this past summer when he shot two rounds of 3-under 69 during qualifying play. Scott hit a 7-foot birdie putt on the par-5 17th hole, then went on to sink a 20-foot birdie putt on the par-4 18th hole. This marked the first time Scott had qualified for the national tournament, but not the first time for his family. His father qualified for the same tournament during in 1976! Casey Scherrer '07 Casey, a sophomore at the University of Virginia, spent her summer keeping everyone straight in Cape Henry’s Lower School Office. She said the summer programs kept her very busy, but she still had time to enjoy chatting with her former teachers and seeing plenty of old friends! Taylor Stone '07 Taylor is majoring in fashion at Old Dominion University. She is active with the Fashion Association at ODU. This organization hosts a student-run fashion show each year in which the students design and model the clothes.

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