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Essential Con versa tions DR. JOHN P. LEWIS

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an amazing American. After attending Bowdoin College in Maine and studying languages in Europe, he accepted a professorship at Harvard. He later became a well-known poet and writer. Longfellow penned popular poetry, published textbooks in four languages, and wrote a travel guide for the European traveler. In the 1840s, he was broadly admired and actually became the first “American Idol” type celebrity. Yet, despite his notoriety as a writer, many people considered Longfellow to be a classic educator driven by the need to teach clarity of word and simplicity in understanding. Historically, Longfellow is credited with many quotations. One of his quotes in particular carries a powerful teaching message; he said, “A single conversation across a table with a wise man is better than ten years’ mere study of books.” And with those words, American educators began examining practices, principles, and methods used to promote quality education. It seems that the need for clear thinkers and role models with a deep commitment to intellectual society was as apparent then as it is today. Those who choose a career in education accept the challenge of one the most difficult and important jobs in the world. Great teachers are always seeking pathways to connect with their students and to influence them in a positive way. Cape Henry teachers constantly evaluate the best ways to instruct students without sacrificing the integrity of the curriculum. They teach in labs, in classrooms, at Harkness Tables, on-line, in advisor groups, on stage, and on the ball fields. They teach in settings that promote the greatest understanding. And because of their use of various venues of instruction, we witness the successful outcomes of the Cape Henry experience. We are delighted when we hear improvement in reading and sweet voices in song, when we observe correct solutions to complex problems and notice improving scores, and when we hear success stories at alumni events and learn about their accomplishments in the news. We feel pride when we read notes from our alumni and are reassured that our “conversations across the table” remain as meaningful today as they were centuries ago. One last thought: I believe that Longfellow must have experienced the same degree of satisfaction from his work that our teachers receive from their hard work today. When the city of Cambridge grew, Brattle Street needed to be widened, so it became necessary to remove “the spreading chestnut tree,” which Longfellow had walked under every day and had written about in his Village Blacksmith. As a tribute to Longfellow, his students planned a surprise gift for his 72nd birthday. Seven hundred children donated their pennies to pay for a beautiful armchair – a chair carved from the chestnut tree’s wood. Longfellow placed the chair in his study near the fireplace, and whenever one of the children would stop by, he would let the child sit in the armchair while they discussed poetry. Amy Waters Yarsinske, Valedictorian of the Class of 1981, enjoys a conversation with Dr. Lewis, just as she remembers having them with Dr. Moomaw while in his class years ago.

2007-2008 Board of Trustees Board Officers

January 2008

Mr. James H. Sparks Chair Dr. John P. Lewis Head of School/President Mr. J. Christopher Perry '92 Vice Chair for Development Mr. Scot N. Creech Vice Chair for Facilities Mrs. Linda W. Cross Vice Chair for Finance Mrs. Katherine C. Willis Secretary Mrs. Mary H. McNeal Treasurer

Trustees RDML Nevin P. Carr, Jr.† Mr. Dennis M. Ellmer Mr. William H. Fuller, Jr. Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli '89 Mr. Gregory H. Law Ms. Dorothy P. Mannix '82 Mr. Jerry F. McDonnell Mr. Craig L. Mytelka Mr. John C. Napolitano Congressman Owen B. Pickett† Mrs. Cheryl Xystros †




Leave of Absence

Ex-Officio Trustee Mrs. Leslie Quisenberry

President, 2006-2008 Cape Henry Parents’ Association





Founders & Trustees Emeriti Mr. W. Cecil Carpenter* Mr. John P. Edmondson* Mr. Andrew S. Fine Mr. L. Renshaw Fortier Mrs. Dow S. Grones* Mr. Benjamin Huger, II Mrs. Grace Olin Jordan* Mr. Bernard W. McCray, Jr. Mr. James R. McKenry Mr. Arthur Peregoff*

Mr. George G. Phillips, Jr.

Mr. James P. Sadler* Mr. William J. Vaughan* Mrs. Anne Dickson Jordan Waldrop

Headmasters Emeriti Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw Mr. Daniel P. Richardson

* Deceased

2007-2008 Cape Henry Parents’ Association Executive Officers Mrs. Leslie Quisenberry, President Mrs. Michele Brooks, First Vice President Mrs. Julie Perry, Second Vice President Mrs. Kathleen Smith, Treasurer Mrs. Sibyl Seth, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Berkley Wheeler, Recording Secretary Mrs. Kim Wheeler, Immediate Past President Mrs. Joanne Capria, Lower School Representative Mrs. Cindy Coureas, Lower School Representative Mrs. Linda Serpe, Middle School Representative Mrs. Kim Thompkins, Middle School Representative Mrs. Diane Grubiak, Upper School Representative Mrs. Meg Zoretic, Upper School Representative


CHCS WELCOMES NEW TRUSTEES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 LEADERSHIP LEVEL RECEPTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 ANNUAL GIVING KICK-OFF. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 CHPA NEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 WELCOME NEW FACULTY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 PARENT WEB TRAINING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 STUDENT & FACULTY ACCOMPLISHMENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 NEXUS NEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 FALL ATHLETIC REPORT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 THE 20TH REUNION OF THE CLASS OF 1987. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 CHCS VISITS RICHMOND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 ALUMNI NOTES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33



Cape Henry Welcomes New Trustees Ms. Dolly Mannix '82 and Mrs. Cheryl Xystros have been elected to their first, three-year terms of service (2007 – 2010) on the Cape Henry Collegiate School Board of Trustees. Their dedication to our students, faculty, and community and their professional expertise will be of great value to the Cape Henry community.

Ms. Dolly Mannix '82 Ms. Dolly Mannix '82 is with BB&T in Norfolk and works with Wealth Management. A 1982 graduate of Cape Henry Collegiate School, Dolly continued her education at the Cannon Trust School and the Northwestern ABA Trust School. Being very civic minded, Dolly serves on the Board of the Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation and the Virginia Beach Public Educational Foundation. She is also a member of the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters’ Birdneck Circle, a former Rotarian, and former Lion’s Club member.

Mrs. Cheryl Xystros Mrs. Cheryl Xystros is a CPA and Partner with KPMG LLP in Norfolk. She holds a B.S. with Honors from the University of Illinois. Cheryl serves on the Hampton Roads Technology Council and is a Brownie Leader at Cape Henry Collegiate School. She and her husband, Chris, have three children in the Lower School, Anna, Grade 4, Emily, Grade 4, and Michael, Grade 2.

Thank You for Helping Chart Our Voyage We would like to take this opportunity to thank these individuals who were very instrumental in the fundraising success of the Science and Technology Campaign. These campaign volunteers, whose numerous names you see below, gave of their time, talent, and resources to make the campaign a success. Over the past three years, each attended campaign committee meetings, helped strategize, phoned parents and other prospective donors, went on solicitation visits… or all of the above! Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for their unsurpassed commitment to Cape Henry.

2 Soundings

The Sparks Science and Technology Center C ampaign V o lunteer s

Donna Brehm Skip Brehm Ned Brooks Scot Creech Kevin DiBona '85 Mark Kelly Greg Law Kelly Law '83 Craig Mytelka Fred Napolitano

John Napolitano Chris Perry '92 Doug Perry Pat Perry Chris Sanders Jim Sparks Jon Wheeler Katherine Willis Ros Willis '82


“You have inspired all of us through your commitment to Cape Henry Collegiate and its core values–community, opportunity, scholarship and integrity. Without your commitment and dedication, none of this would have happened.” – Mr. Jim Sparks, Chairman of the Board



The Sparks Science and Technology Center Dedication The Trustees, students, faculty, and staff were pleased to host the dedication ceremony for The Sparks Science and Technology Center on Thursday, August 30 at 10:00 in the morning. It was a monumental day in the growth of Cape Henry, not only aesthetically, but also academically. The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place in front of the new facility with parents, faculty, friends of the school, and dignitaries assembled to view Mr. Jim Sparks and his daughter, Kristin '02, hold the ribbon while Mr. Greg and Linda Cross and their daughter, Rachel, cut the ribbon. The Crosses purchased the honor of cutting the ribbon at last year’s Grand Auction.

Dr. John P. Lewis addresses the audience.

Dr. John P. Lewis welcomed guests to the facility’s packed auditorium after the ceremonial ribbon cutting. Opening remarks were made by Mr. Jim Sparks, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and by his daughter, Kristin. Mr. Aneesh Paul Chopra, Virginia’s Secretary of Technology, was the guest speaker, and Senior Emily Burke spoke about the future of Cape Henry students.

“Realize that, right now, you are gathered in the finest academic science and technology building in the country. Take a moment and dream about the possibilities that lie ahead for us all. I know that some day, what you learn in this building will bring great returns, and you, in turn, will invest in others.”

Tours preceded and a reception followed the ceremony.

– Dr. John P. Lewis, Head of School

Mr. Aneesh Paul Chopra, Virginia’s Secretary of Technology, inspires the audience. Mr. Jim Sparks, Rachel, Linda, and Greg Cross, and Kristin Sparks help cut the ribbon.

Enjoying a light-hearted moment after the festivities in one of the new laboratories are Mr. Aneesh Paul Chopra, Virginia’s Secretary of Technology, Mr. Jim Sparks, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Kristin Sparks, Member of the Class of 2002, and Dr. John P. Lewis, Head of School. Kristin Sparks ´02 and former CHCS classmate, Jimmy Dregas ´02, enjoy a moment to catch up.

“We might even take small steps in solving global problems. We appreciate the opportunities and will use them well.” – Senior Emily Burke

Karen and Jim Sparks

About Our New Sparks Science and Technology Center The center is completely wireless, with state-of-the-art laboratories for courses in molecular biology, robotics, organic chemistry, and laser science. Theses are but a few of the many offerings in the new facility, raising the level of science in a high school setting. Located between The Perry Library and The Sims Lower School, The Sparks Science and Technology Center continues the architectural design of the master campus plan and provides an enclosed, covered access throughout the connecting buildings.

The second floor continues its practical design and use of space with six state-ofthe-art classrooms and laboratories, a computer technology center, and the 600-seat Dreyfus Family Auditorium. That lecture space has allowed the entire Middle and Upper School student body to assemble in one academic setting for the first time.

On the first floor, this 40,000-plus-square-foot Science and Technology Center houses seven state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, Dr. Lewis’s office and classroom, and the Admissions Suite of offices.


Thank You to Our Employees As our students enjoy the benefits of The Sparks Science and Technology Center, we are mindful of the administration, faculty, and staff who helped make this building a reality for our community. We would like to give special thanks to the following employee donors: Ms. Beverley L. Almond Mrs. Linda M. Bawcom Mrs. Dana C. Bender Mrs. Karen L. Bennis Mr. David P. G. Cameron III Mrs. Leslie F. Chavez Mrs. Kelly M. Christianson Mr. Erik P. Cofer Mr. Mark R. Cunningham Mrs. M. Danielle Dayton Dr. Karendra Devroop Mrs. Kristen L. Dodzik Mrs. Debra L. Duffy Mrs. Joan G. Efird Mr. Edward C. Faubert Mrs. Valetta J. Fellenbaum Mrs. Diane W. Fields Mrs. Angela C. Finley Mr. Terry W. Forehand Ms. Michelle L. Frasher Ms. Judith L. Godsey Mrs. Gilda L. Goldner Mrs. Laura J. Grady Mr. Michael A. Green Mrs. Leesa M. Hannah Mr. George D. Holden, Jr. Dr. Janet C. Holden Mrs. Judy A. Howard Mrs. Arlene P. Ingram

Mr. John A. Ingram, Jr. Mrs. Helen C. Johnson Mrs. Kim M. Johnson Mr. F. Calvin Jones Mrs. Carol H. Kerbin Mr. James C. Kerbin Mrs. Jennifer L. Kreinheder Mrs. Julie W. Levine Dr. John P. Lewis Ms. Wendy L. Lewis Mrs. Nancy C. Lim Mr. Sammie L. Logan, Jr. Mr. Jay R. Maizel Mrs. Karen C. Mason Mrs. Yvette S. Mentore Ms. Alice B. Meredith Mrs. Elizabeth R. Moore Ms. Frances O. Morgan Mrs. Nancy B. Moye Ms. Susan S. Mulvey Ms. Debra L. Murnane Mrs. Rebecca A. Nelson Mr. Ernest A. Nilsen Mrs. Pamela T. Northam Mrs. Lesley L. O’Brien Mrs. Linda L. Overstreet Ms. Carol J. Parker Ms. Pamela A. Parker Mr. Edrick A. Peake

Mrs. Randy Pike Mrs. Pamela M. Racine Mrs. Ruth H. Rainey Mr. Thomas E. Rodgers Ms. Hilda N. Roe Mrs. Deborah K. Sanders Mrs. Julie W. Scherrer Ms. Linda K. Schon Mrs. Carolyn W. Scullion Mr. Kevin E. Shain Mrs. Judy K. Snider Mrs. Anne W. Stephens Mrs. Brenda M. Stone Mrs. Katherine J. Temme Mrs. Margaret H. Thornton Mrs. Carolyn F. Turner Ms. Marguerite Ulmer Mr. August Vanderwerff Mr. Brian T. Walker '95 Mr. Larry W. Ward Mr. Jeffrey B. Warden Mrs. Kristen E. Wheeler Mrs. Shannon Whitney Mrs. Vicki M. Wicher Mr. Douglas S. Wine Mrs. Laura G. Wingett '94 Mrs. Tricia Zimmerman

Members of the CHCS Administration don hard hats prior to taking a tour of the new construction.

Home of the Dolphins! Students, faculty, Boosters, athletes, coaches, and even visitors were thrilled this September when the Paphites Concessions Stand opened – a much needed addition which greatly enhances the newly designated Charles Barker Outdoor Athletic Complex.

Mrs. Tammy Mavromatis, Mrs. Karen Mason, and Mr. Mike Mason volunteer for the grand opening. 4 Soundings

Mr. Mike Mason holds the fist dollar earned.


Mrs. Beverly Cheniae, Mr. Dick Cheniae, Dr. Robert Sullivan, and Mrs. Debbie Sullivan are among the first customers. Clay Willis, Lucy Willis, and Hannah Foster waiting to purchase some concessions!



Annual Giving Fund Leadership-Level Appreciation Dr. Jack Lewis, Head of School, and Mr. Jim Sparks, Chair of the Board of Trustees, celebrated with our Leadership Level Donors to the 2006-2007 Annual Giving Fund at the Princess Anne Country Club in September.

Alumni Ros Willis ´82 and Kevin DiBona ´85 enjoy a few laughs about the old days.

Proud parents Jerry and Lou Flowers enjoyed the talk that daughter Mary gave to the audience about life at Cape Henry and what it means to her.

Parents Les and Cat Lascari enjoy a few minutes with Kevin DiBona.

Congressman Owen Pickett, Mr. Jerry McDonnell, and Mr. Terry Forehand

Senior Lara Barbir entertains the guests at the Princess Anne Country Club.

Mrs. Karen Allred shares a laugh with her son, Brandon, who spoke of the unique opportunities Cape Henry afforded him.

Mr. Lee Summers and Mr. Steve Saal catch up with each other and enjoyed the festivities.

John and Bryn Todman enjoyed the night of celebration for Leadership Donors.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman and Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Kasinger

Mr. Donald Clark and Mr. John Todman enjoy a few laughs.


The 2007-2008 Annual Giving Campaign is Underway The Cape Henry Collegiate School Annual Giving Campaign is underway, and we need all of our parents to support this important initiative. The unrestricted resources raised through the Annual Fund support every possible facet of life at Cape Henry Collegiate School: from the creation of new classes, to engaging the most illuminating assembly speakers; from upgrading our technology, to providing the warmest possible community for our students and alumni. Your support of the Annual Fund sustains each and every element of the Cape Henry experience. Please call Mr. Larry Ward, Annual Giving Coordinator, at (757) 963-8241 to become involved.


Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Mr. Larry Ward, and Mr. Jim Sparks kick off the Annual Giving Phonathon.

Annual Giving Fund G oal


2007-2008 Annual Giving Class Agents Prekindergarten

Mrs. Cindy Coureas

Kindergarten First Grade

Mr. Chris Beale Mrs. Missy DiBona

Second Grade Third Grade

Ros Willis ´82 is delighted to get a positive response from one of our many parents.

Mr. Dimitrios Karides

Bob Capria enjoyed making calls so much he came a second night.

Ned Brooks relaxes as he makes calls for our students.

Mr. Chris Xystros

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Carolyn Castleberry

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Diane Grubiak

Seventh Grade

Chairman of the Board, Jim Sparks, appeals to parents for their support.

Mr. Brad Hobbs

Fourth Grade Larry Ward, Chris Perry ´92, Craig Mytelka, and Ros Willis ´82, share a few leads with one another.

Mrs. Michelle Riggins

Eighth Grade

Mrs. Christie Kelly

Ninth Grade

Mrs. Lee Bergen

Tenth Grade

Mr. Bob Capria

Eleventh Grade

Mr. Charlie Landen

Twelfth Grade

Mr. Fred Napolitano

Faculty and Staff

6 Soundings

Fred Napolitano has been making these calls for longer than he cares to remember.


Chris Perry ´92, Ros Willis ´82, and Julie Scherrer discuss the importance of the night.

Dr. Michael Hasty is delighted to make a difference for his twins, Graham and Patrick, in the Second Grade.

Leslie Quisenberry and Joanne Davlin share a few laughs while making calls to parents.

New Parents

Mrs. Merni Medley Mrs. Susan Bernhardt

Annual Giving Chair Annual Giving Coordinator

Mr. Ros Willis '82 Mr. Larry Ward



CHPA News The CHPA Volunteer Information Fair was a huge success at the start of the year with new faces and familiar friends signing up to volunteers for everything from the Fall Festival to the Booster Club, to Staff Appreciation, to the Annual Giving Phonathon, and countless other events and committees.

New Family Focus was on hand during New Student Orientation with a welcome table and gifts for all parents. They had a tent at the Beach Party on the Lawn and hosted a wonderful morning coffee in conjunction with the CHPA Volunteer Information Fair.

2007-2008 Cape Henry Parents’ Association Executive Board

Leslie Quisenberry President

Cindy Coureas Lower School Representative

Julie Perry Second Vice President

Linda Serpe Middle School Representative

Sibyl Seth Corresponding Secretary

Kim Thompkins Middle School Representative

Diane Grubiak Upper School Representative

Berkley Wheeler Recording Secretary

Meg Zoretic Upper School Representative

Kathleen Smith Treasurer

Kim Wheeler Past President


Joanne Capria Lower School Representative

Michele Brooks First Vice President

Beach Party on the Lawn, in its third year, has become a Cape Henry Back-to-School favorite. This year had record attendance and boasted a student band and DJ, caricature artist, a moon bounce, snow cones, cotton candy, face painting, necklaces, and numerous other attractions.


Together Every Action Matters Please join our CHPA Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs with their efforts to enrich school spirit, involvement, and enthusiasm at Cape Henry Collegiate School. After Prom Theresa Hudgins and Mary Vance Booster Club Cheryl Weber, Cindee Riordan, and Precilla Fuller Communications Jacqui Lewis Community Projects Rachel Wendt and Lynnda Brotman Fall Festival Tammy Dail and Angela Jones Gift Wrap Lea Keenan and Lynne Uher Hospitality Natalie Averette and Sandy Jared New Family Focus Sarah Sautter and Maryrose Cutrino Safe Homes Larue Puglisi and Pamela Hutchens Staff Appreciation Jane Law and Beth Robbins

8 Soundings •


The Fall Festival and Race at the Cape were once again festive family fun, and CHPA had record-breaking numbers and successes with the Gift Wrap fundraiser. CHPA also organized the Safe Homes Contract and Directory Program and had record numbers of families sign the Safe Homes contract, as well. The list of participants is in a directory online for those participating to review.

Tennis Tournament Lori Kalfus, Grace Limroth, and Sherry Beisel

It is never too late to be a part of the


J o in a c o mmittee t o day !











Race at the Cape 2007

The fifth annual Race at the Cape began at 8:30 a.m. on October 20 when 265 runners and walkers dashed from the starting line! Sponsored this year by the CHPA Booster Club, Race Chair Cindee Riordan and her incredible team of volunteers coordinated the pre-Fall Festival event. Thank you to all of the sponsors, donors, students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, and Cape Henry friends who helped or joined in for this healthy, fun-filled morning event. The Race at the Cape generated funds to be used for the CHCS Sports Madness Event to be held in February.

Mr. Richard Plank, Mrs. Carol Parker, and Mrs. Patti Jo Whitney

And they’re off!

Members of the Varsity Field Hockey team joined Dr. Lewis in singing the National Anthem to start the race.

Runners to your mark!

Linda, Richard, Layla, and Max Serpe

Mrs. Leslie Chavez, Mrs. Diane Fields, and Mrs. Mary Ruehrmund

Race Chair Cindee Riordan

Mrs. Leslie Quisenberry, Dr. Lewis, Mrs. Cathy Lewis, and Joanne Capria 9

Mr. Bob Capria enjoys working behind the scenes.

Mrs. Arlene Ingram, Mrs. Randy Pike, and Mrs. Karen Mason

Cole Pachter and Kat Fine

Fall Festival 2007 The sometimes-mischievous fall weather cooperated once again to produce a picture-perfect fall setting for this year’s Fall Festival. A Cape Henry tradition since the 1960s when it was called “The Cape Henry Happening,” this annual event brings all ages together for a day filled with family fun. Each year the concessions, booths, games, music, crafts, fundraisers, amusement rides, and countless other activities are more bountiful. With over 100 volunteers, 30 CHCS clubs and organizations, and hundreds of guests and alumni, this year’s festival was a wealth of warm smiles and fall adventures. The CHPA Fall Festival Chairs, Tammy Dail '80 and Angela Jones, coordinated the massive undertaking which produced unprecedented amounts of money that will be used to support student organization goals and projects for the year! Mrs. Angela Jones, Mr. Keith Scott, and Ms. Tammy Dail ´80 Sophie Short and Shelby Spera

Justin Wynne and Zoe Weber

10 Soundings

Zach Earl, Wiley Levine, and Michael Russo


Mrs. Julie Perry and Mrs. Leslie Quisenberry


C A P E H E N RY C O L L E G I AT E S C H O O L Mrs. Peg Thornton and Miss Laura Lechler ´92

Perry Chair Tom Rodgers demonstrates for customers.

Mrs. Meg Mytelka and Mrs. Rachel Mullis

Mrs. Beth Robbins with family and friends.

Julia LaSalvia, Erin Comerford, Melissa Anderson, and Brianna Gomez

Alumni Tent Event

The Alumni Tent Event is in its fourth year and continues to lure alumni to campus for this familyfriendly day. It is an excellent venue for reminiscing and catching up on the lives of many friends and on the School’s enormous recent success.

Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, Elise Neubeck ´04, Andrew Riddle ´05, and Micaela Lesyshyn ´03

Mike Gianascoli ‘89 and daughter, Annika

Caroline ´18, Missy, Kevin ´85, and Katie DiBona ´19

Savannah Gomez and grandfather, Michael Gomez

Jason ´19, Dolores, Kaitrin ´05, and Tassos Paphites

Scott Saal ´07, Tommy DiBona ´15, and Madison Land ´15


Trey Braithwaite ´86 and daughter, Quin Sarah ´15, Andrea, and Tom Elliott ´76

Michaela Lesyshyn ´03 and Jason Wagner ´03

Another “Grand” Day at Cape Henry Thrilled to share in the excitement with their grandchildren, grandparents filled the halls and classrooms of The Sims Lower School. Each year, the Lower School students host a Grandparents’ Day celebration to honor their loved ones and to show off their school. Braden Sheppard It is always a day filled with stories, love, hugs, and smiles. Many grandparents appear regularly on campus throughout the year, volunteering around campus, but many make a special trip from out of town just to share this “grand day” with their grandchildren. Here are some of the Lower School students with their grandparents and special friends. Grace Fluharty

Jessica Copeland

Lucy Willis

Kelly Field

Caroline Albert

L et U s E ntertain Y ou … 12 Soundings •


Grades 5-7 Production of The Music Man Jr.

The Strings Ensemble

Second and Third Grade Chorus


Riley Manthey

Ethan Olivieri


Nylie Armstrong

Chrissie Horne

Bailey Goldberg

Madison Beale

Morgan Lane

Ike Brehm Caroline Bell 13

Jason and Catherine Paphites

Clay Willis

Marcus Duke

M r . J ames D ragas '02

Mr. James “Jimmy” Dragas, a 2002 alum of CHCS, is teaching Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry, and Multivariable Calculus. Jimmy has a B.S. in Mathematics with a religious studies minor from the College of William & Mary. He was very involved with the choir; “Bulletproof,” a gun-violence education group; and several theater and music endeavors while in college. He is happy to returning to CHCS and brings his passion for learning to the students as well as assisting with play productions after school.

M rs . F rances Lo nergan

Mrs. Frances Lonergan is a long-term substitute teacher and the Lower School Reading Specialist. Frances has her B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York and her master’s degree from Framingham State College in Massachusetts. Frances recently moved to Virginia Beach from Arlington, Massachusetts, where she spent the past three years as a first grade teacher at Hardy Elementary School. Before teaching at Hardy Elementary School, Mrs. Lonergan worked as a literacy and math tutor. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Lonergan has worked as a children’s ski instructor and a children’s sailing instructor. Mrs. Lonergan is married to Charlie, who is a college counselor and head lacrosse coach at Cape Henry. (See page 16)

M S . K aren M arshall

14 Soundings •

Ms. Karen Marshall is teaching Upper School History. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in social science education and a minor in history. For the past two summers Ms. Marshall has taught at a summer program on Yale University’s campus. In addition, Ms. Marshall recently returned from teaching abroad this past spring in a German public school in Cologne, Germany for four months, teaching both English language and social studies to grades five through twelve. She hopes to become involved in Cape Henry’s Nexus programs and is thoroughly involved in Model United Nations.

M s . E r i ka P eck

Ms. Erika Peck teaches Latin courses from IA in Middle School to AP. She graduated this past summer with her M.A. in classics from the University of Kentucky after earning her B.A. in humanities from Western Washington University. She has been a Latin instructor and Latin tutor and has won several awards for academic achievement, including the Daniel R. Reedy Quality Achievement fellowship, the Women of Western Endowment Scholarship, and the Washington State Promise Scholarship. She is excited not only to teach at CHCS but also to bring some spoken Latin to the community.

M r . R i chard P lank

Mr. Richard Plank joins Cape Henry this year as the new Director of Admissions. Mr. Plank earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in middle grades Education from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and holds a Master of Arts degree in education with concentrations in administration and supervision. Richard began his teaching career at the Wooster School in Danbury, Connecticut, as a middle school math teacher. From there he went on to Grandview Preparatory School in Boca Raton, Florida, where he was the math department chair and middle school coordinator. He also served as the director of admissions at The Winchendon School, a boarding school in Massachusetts. Richard has also coached lacrosse and soccer throughout his career. Most recently, Richard served as the associate headmaster of Grandview Preparatory School. He is married to Shannon Plank, the Lower School technology teacher, and together they have a daughter, Madison, in Prekindergarten.

M rs . S hann o n P lank


Mrs. Shannon Plank is teaching the tech classes in Lower School Grades 2 through 5. Shannon received her B.A. at Hollins College and her M.A.T. at Sacred Heart University. With Shannon’s strong background in both English and Technology at all levels, her expertise in the area of writing has been utilized to begin a Lower School writing center. Prior to Cape Henry, Shannon taught English at Grandview Preparatory and The Winchendon School.


M R S . J ane S aal

Jane Saal joins the Lower School faculty as a Fifth Grade teacher. Jane earned her B.A. in elementary education from Marshall University and her M.S. at Old Dominion University. Jane joined us from Greenbrier Intermediate School in Chesapeake. Her strong interest in teaching and great experience is a plus for the Lower School. Jane’s son, Scott, is a 2007 Cape Henry graduate. Alex, her daughter, is in the ninth grade at Cape Henry.

M r . J effre y W. S m i th

Jeffrey W. Smith is the Band Director for all divisions. He has an M.A. in music and jazz studies and performance from William Patterson University as well as a B.A. in music and music education from Old Dominion University. For the past several years, Jeff has worked with the Governor’s School for the Arts as the jazz and big band coordinator with duties that also include teaching theory classes and directing jazz combos. In addition, he has taught music locally at Tallwood High School, Old Dominion University, and Christopher Newport University. He is enjoying working with the students at CHCS and having the rare opportunity to build a program from the Lower School through the Upper School.


M r . M i chael Wag o ner

Mr. Michael Wagoner teaches English 9 and English 10 classes this year. He received his B.A. in English and theater from Washington and Lee University. During his time there, he was a writing center tutor and has won several awards including Phi Beta Kappa honors, Omicron Delta Kappa honors, the Maxwell P. Wilkinson Scholarship in English, and recognition as an E.A. Morris Scholar. He brings his passion for reading, writing, and theater to CHCS students. New Faculty photos courtesy of Mrs. Susan Hirschbiel

Parent and Faculty Web Training


FACULTY Training

Parent Training

Soon after the start of school, once the students settled into their routines, numerous before and after school workshops were held for parents and faculty on how to manipulate their information and navigate the new Cape Henry website. Not only is the site aesthetically pleasing, it is incredibly functional, as well. During its inaugural year, its capabilities have only begun to be introduced. Mr. Kevin Shain, Director of Technology, and Mrs. Dani Dayton, Database & Website Manager, conducted hands-on workshops to answer questions and explain some of the “hidden treasures” to the parents and faculty.

Faculty Feature

Mr. Charlie Lonergan FACULTY MEMBER • COLLEGE COUNSELOR • COACH • SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR Mr. Charlie Lonergan joins the Cape Henry Collegiate School Faculty in many roles this year. In addition to being a College Counselor, Charlie is also serving as the Middle School newspaper instructor, the Sports Information Director for the athletic programs, and the Boys Varsity lacrosse coach. Before joining Cape Henry, Mr. Lonergan was in graduate school at Springfield College where he worked as a graduate assistant for the men’s lacrosse team and earned his Master of Education degree in sport management. Prior to enrolling in graduate school, Mr. Lonergan lived in Boston, Massachusetts where he spent five years coaching high school lacrosse and helped start a non-profit company in honor of a former player who tragically lost his life (21 Lacrosse). Also during that time, Mr. Lonergan was a correspondent for the Woburn Times-Chronicle, Inside Lacrosse Magazine, and Spare Change Newspaper, writing stories on high school, college, and professional sports, and covering news and events for the homeless community in the greater Boston area. He graduated from Hobart College in 2000 with a degree in English and communications. When asked about specific areas of his new responsibilities, Varsity Lacrosse Coach and College Counselor, Mr. Lonergan had specific answers ––complete with observations, goals, and aspirations.

O n AT H L E T IC S “There is a great deal of energy around the lacrosse program and the varsity players have been welcoming of the change. I’m sure it is a difficult time for them, having to get used to a new head coach in a time when college coaches need to be contacted, but they have been very respectful and eager to begin the team building process. “Aside from the varsity players, there is a general wave of excitement around the sport at CHCS, and that is great to be a part of. I am really looking forward to the spring season to see what levels of success we can attain. Along with that, though, I am looking forward to working with students in the Lower and Middle Schools to maintain their excitement and help them achieve the levels of success they desire.


“In the end, I want the lacrosse program to have a family feel from the varsity level to the Lower School; I want the younger players to have a connection to the older players, and vice versa; I want there to be program pride not only at the varsity level, but at the lower levels as well. So far, that seems to be growing at a rapid pace. At the first fall youth clinic run by the varsity players as a team fundraiser, we welcomed 40 Middle and Lower School players to Cape Henry for a great day of lacrosse. It was a great start to what I hope continues to be a successful future for this program.

Soundings •


As for the Sports Information position, it is a very close match to my background. After having written for a couple publications and earning a Master’s in sport management the role of SID is something that I value greatly. It allows me to work with the athletics department and have a finger on the pulse of the teams and the athletes, which is important to me (as an administrator, coach and member of the CHCS community). Plus, being able to write the game stories and Athlete of the Week stories is very rewarding. It is a role that I relish here at Cape Henry, and one that I hope to continue doing in the future.

Coaching photos courtesy of Tim Oksman.



O n CO L L EGE COUN S E L ING “The college counseling staff here is a great team. Being able to work alongside, and learn from Mrs. Arlene Ingram is a very valuable experience for me. The level of knowledge she is able to pass along is tremendous, but at the same time, she is willing to give me a great deal of responsibility and let me run with it. “Specifically speaking, it has been a rewarding position so far due to the fact that I get to work so closely with Upper School students and parents in what is a very important transition period. From an athletic perspective, due to my background in coaching/recruiting at the college level, I feel that I have a great deal to offer Upper School athletes who are hoping to continue their playing experience at the college level. In terms of working with non-athletes, I feel very capable of guiding their college exploration process with them, but understand that there is much to learn. I look forward to continue that learning process and to continue helping Cape Henry students find their best college match. “In short, I am very excited to be working as a college counselor at Cape Henry. The School has a very talented and driven student body with a faculty and staff that will do everything in their power to help them succeed. I look forward to being a part of that process with them.”

Nobel Laureate Launches Lecture Series On Saturday, November 3, Cape Henry hosted a lecture by Nobel Laureate Dr. Anthony Leggett in the Dreyfus Family Auditorium. Dr. Leggett provided an overview of quantum mechanics, with specific emphasis in the areas of quantum entanglement and cryptography. Following his lecture, approximately 200 students, parents, and members of the local community were free to engage in a twenty-minute question and answer period. Dr. Leggett discussed applications for quantum mechanics in areas such as artificial intelligence and supercomputing. Perry Chair Tom Rodgers said Dr. Leggett’s speech is the first in a series of science lectures that will be brought to the community. Mrs. Pamela Racine organized Dr. Leggett’s appearance.

Perry Chair Tom Rodgers gave Dr. Leggett a tour of the new science and technology facility.


The first day of school and the events that follow closely thereafter always produce beautiful images and memories. The Middle and Upper Schools began the year with Convocation in the new Dreyfus Family Auditorium. The faculty wore robes and the Chairman of the Board and administrators welcomed the students. Many students were wide-eyed as they tried to locate their classrooms in the new Sparks Science and Technology Center. A plethora of faculty and staff were on hand to guide them through their schedules.

The First Day of School

18 Soundings •




Convocation for Middle and Upper School Students


Spirit Day

Fall would not be fall without the traditional and beloved Halloween Parades!

Fall also brings out school spirit on “Spirit Day!”




Student & Faculty Accomplishments L O W E R S C H OO L

Fourth grader Brooke Pilkington won the Girls 10 and under sectional of the Little Mo Tennis Tournament held at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia this past June and traveled to Atlanta for the regional tournament in August. Brooke currently is ranked 9th in the USTA MidAtlantic section in the Girls 10 and under age group. and ranked 61st in the Girls 12 and under group. Brooke qualified to go to the Nationals in Austin, Texas.


The members of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades performed the Music Man Jr. this November to packed houses and rave reviews for all three performances.

Third grader Scotty Watson also competed in the Boys division of the the Little Mo Tennis Tournament in Charlottesville and Atlanta. Fourth graders Rachel Keenan, Zach Brotman, and Claire Posey all have been selected to perform with the Virginia Children’s Chorus. Rachel Keenan also performs with the symphony in the Nutcracker during the holiday season. Fifth grader Caileigh Gold was accepted to train with the American Ballet Theater in New York City this summer under the direction of Franco De Vita, principal of the American Ballet Theater’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School. She performed locally in The Nutcracker this December. NEW

20 Soundings •


The following students were elected to serve as Lower School SCA officers for 2007-2008: President, Lucy Willis; Vice President, Savannah Gomez; Secretary, Tommy DiBona, and Treasurer, Tom Crow.

Annalise Hannah (Grade 7), Laila Serpe (Grade 6), Kristen Parnigoni (Grade 8), Kyle McCammon (Grade 8), Kevin Cunningham (Grade 6) and Sarah Sherwood (Grade 6) were the finalists in this year’s Middle School Spelling Bee. Annalise Hannah emerged as the winner and Laila Serpe served as the alternate. They are shown here with Middle School Director and Assistant Head of School Mr. Dave Cameron, Ms. Hilda Roe, the Bee organizer, and Mr. Paul Lankford who presided over the competition.

The Middle School Lego Team Competition was held at Old Dominion University this November. The Dynamic Dolphins took first place in the Research Presentation Category. Congratulations to Cooper Browning, Daniel Mulvey, Wade Browning, John Hurley, Drew Greene, and Josh Lim.

Sixth grader Dean Potter Watkins placed First in the East Coast Surfing Championship 5K this fall in his age division 14 and under category. Dean also finished second in the 19 and under division at the Hampton Bay Days 10K Race held in September.


The 2008 All-Virginia Elementary Chorus will perform in April at the Ferguson Center for the Arts. Please congratulate Mrs. Heidi Melcher for serving as the chair of this event. Congratulations also to fifth graders Caroline Albert, Lily Burroughs, Brooke Castleberry, Kate Cavallari, Madison Clagg, Susan Donaldson, Naomi Joynes, Korey McCammon, Erin Scherrer, Taylor Thibault, Emilee C. VanderWerff, and Lucy Willis for being selected for this chorus.

Kyle McCammon placed 3rd chair bass for the upcoming Junior District Grade 8 Orchestra Festival in January. This is the first time Cape Henry has had a student audition for this prestigious orchestra.

Seventh grader Kendall Tompkins competed in a USA swimming sanctioned “Age Group Championship/Junior Olympic” meet in Newport News this summer. Her top AAA times were in 50-Yard Freestroke, 50-Yard Butterfly, 50-Yard Backstroke, 100-Yard Backstroke, and 200-Yard Backstroke which qualified her to compete for “Eastern Zones” in Buffalo, New York in August. Seventh grader Nicole Carter volunteered for Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters annual Change Bandit fundraiser for a second year. By “holding up” friends and neighbors, she collected over $265 in change for the hospital.

Auditions for the 2008 All-District Chorus Event were held in November. Twenty-one of our students were selected as delegates or alternates. The event will be held at Green Run High School on February 8 and 9. Congratulations to our Middle School Delegates Ciara Clements, Keely Deel, Jennifer DeSteph, Meghan Hare, Jenna Knight, Jan Kocbek, and Sophie Manserg, and Alternates Courtney Camden and Ashley Warren. Congratulations to our Upper School Delegates Brittany Agrillo, Lara Barbir, Rachel Cross, Katie Heilig, Jamie Mandell, Kelly Vance, Kristen Vretakis, and Paige Wheeler, and Alternates Amy Bennis, Kalan Brehm, Kristin Hopkins, and Brooke Stellmach.


Brandon Allred has been nominated by the faculty to compete for one of ten Harry F. Byrd, Jr. leadership awards. The Byrd Leadersship award recognizes ten of Virginia’s Outstanding High School Seniors who exhibit the following qualities: excellence, leadership, character, and duty. Barrett Jacobson has been awarded the DAR Good Citizen Award by The Adam Thoroughgood Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The Good Citizen Award annually recognizes a senior from Cape Henry Collegiate School, and selection is based on personal characteristics as specified by the DAR: dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Jamie Mandell and Josh Collingsworth have been selected for the Optimist Youth Awards. The Optimist International organization recognizes outstanding graduating high school seniors based on their demonstration of excellence in character, community service, extracurricular activities, scholastic achievement, and citizenship. Emily Burke has been named a commendation recipient in the 53rd annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Of the 1.4 million juniors in 21,000 high schools, Emily is among the top five percent of students who took the qualifying test, and she is recognized for the exceptional academic promise demonstrated by her outstanding performance on the PSAT. Emily Burke and Andrew Ruetzel are to be congratulated for being named Commended Students in the 2008 National Merit Scholarship Program. Jeffrey Brooks has been selected as the recipient of the Charles Barker Toyota Automotive Scholarship for his extraordinary commitment to community service. Jeffrey was featured in The Virginian-Pilot.

Emily Burke has been selected by the faculty for the Jefferson Scholars Program of the University of Virginia. She is the student who best exemplifies excellence in the Jeffersonian ideals of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship.

Congratulations to Zac Snyder and Stephen Parnigoni for being selected the recipients of the Princeton Club Book. Award nominees, selected by the faculty, are sophomores or juniors who have demonstrated talent in the core values of Cape Henry Collegiate School. Wendy’s High School Heisman honors scholar-athlete-citizens by recognizing their excellence in the classroom, on the field, and within their communities. Sheanita Bryant is this year’s recipient. Nominees for the Governor’s School for Visual and Performing Arts for Summer 2008 are: Stephen Parnigoni, Theater; Candy Chiu, Visual Art; and Ryan Zaki, Instrumental Music (Clarinet). Senior Lara Barbir was selected out of 180 applicants to attend the Governor’s School for Visual and Performing Arts at The University of Richmond this past summer. Lara spent four intensive weeks involved in programs, classes, workshops, field trips, and special events designed to encourage students’ individual growth as well as to challenge them to achieve personal excellence in their field. Junior Aubrey Northam spent three weeks this summer at the Governor’s German Academy on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. At the German Academy, students lived their lives completely in German to boost their abilities to use the language. The Lighthouse, the Upper School Student newspaper, received the Gold Medal Award from Columbia University, Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The students earned 976 points out of a possible 1,000 with perfect scores for opinion coverage, basic journalistic principles, news, feature and sports stories, headlines and cutlines, layouts and graphics, and editing and business. Mrs. Robyn Judge is the sponsor, and the editors for 2006-2007 were: Casey Scherrer and Fitz Shipp, co-editors-in-chief; Brittany Bertolino, layout and design editor; Morgan Pearman and Guy Carmeli, copy editors; and Brandon Allred, executive chief of staff.

The Upper School Play this fall was J.B. by American poet/playwright Archibald MacLeish. In addition to supurb performances by the Upper School students, Mr. Michael Wagoner presented an informal lecture on MacLeish and his work.

Freshman Kate Easton competed in the 40th Annual Eastern Surf Association (ESA) tournament in September where she placed 1st in Women’s 29 and under longboard, 4th in Menehune longboard (14 and under boys and girls), was selected for the Iron Women Award (third year running), and was name to the ESA All-Star team for the second year in a row. Kate then traveled to Huntington Beach, California to qualify for the U.S. Surf Team in late October where she placed 3rd in the U.S. in Female 18 and under. NEW


Kelsey Scherrer and Molly O’Brien were selected for the National Field Hockey Tournament this past summer. Kelsey was then selected for the Junior Olympics for the second time. Kelsey was also the focus of a feature article in The VirginianPilot entitled, “Cape Henry’s Scherrer set for new challenge,” and was selected by The Virginian-Pilot as their Athlete of the Week. NEW



Additional photos are available online at



The complete article is available online at

A Podcast is available online at

Barrett Jacobson, Raj Dhillon, Emily Burke, and Rex Mahoney have earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program Exams.

For the second year, Cape Henry has participated in the Morehead-Cain Scholars Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The faculty nominate students based on the following specific criteria: students who demonstrate a capacity to lead and to motivate fellow students; scholastic ability and extracurricular attainments; moral force of character; and, physical vigor. This year’s nominee is Nathaniel Kerbin.

Cape Henry Collegiate School students took gold medals at the United States Volleyball Association’s National Junior Beach Tour tournament held in Virginia Beach in July. Winning first place in the Girls U16 division were sophomore Paige Wheeler, and her partner (former CHCS student), Amanda Walker. In the Boys Division were junior Dylan Shiflett and Niraj Patel '07.

Guy Carmeli, Nick Stone, and Zach Wallace were featured in the Meet The Band section of The Virginian-Pilot for their performance as The Lepers.

Senior Christina Breitenberg-Scavuzzo was featured in The VirginianPilot for earning the Gold Award, Girl Scouting’s highest achievement. Christina developed and implemented three projects for Equi-Kids, an equestrian riding therapy program for those with special needs. NEW


A team of nine Cape Henry students and one First Colonial student won the High School Co-ed Division of the Sand Soccer tournament this June.

The Virginian-Pilot featured a photo of Cape Henry students Chandler Ettel, Caroline Finley, and Sammy White at the Race for the Cure event held in Virginia Beach on October 20. All three school divisions had entries in the North American Sandsculpting Championship at the Neptune Festival this fall. The Lower School took second place in their division, and the Upper School took first place.

the faculty members who sponsored the workshop. FAC U LT Y & S TA F F

Mrs. Valetta Fellenbaum was honored this summer by the Governor’s School for Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Richmond as the recipient of a 2007 Governor’s School Outstanding Educator Award.

In the student division of the Neptune Festival Art Show, Blakely Cohen won a Merit Award ribbon and Candy Chiu won an Honorable Mention ribbon. Congratulations to Kaleigh Cohen for passing a rigorous cello audition for Symphonicity, the Symphony of Virginia Beach. Mrs. Valetta Fellenbaum is shown at a reception in Richmond here with Lara Barbir.

Mrs. Leslie Chavez was invited to be an AP Spanish Reader in San Antonio, Texas this summer. There were 1,300 Spanish teachers from universities, colleges, and high schools from the United States and Europe. This August, a combination of Middle School, JV, and varsity cheerleaders attended a UCA cheerleading camp at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. The team was awarded 4th place out of 20 teams for the home dance routine competition. Josh Collingsworth, Courtney Cripps, Addie Law, and Madison Marchbank were named as All-Stars. Mrs. Chavez is the second from the right.

Mr. Jeff Smith performed in The Ewell Concert Series with the jazz guitarist Woody Beckner Quartet in October.

22 Soundings •


The students are: (Front Row) Redding Deurance and Kelsey Bergen; (Back Row) Liza Goldman, Nathaniel Kerbin, Emily Burke, Michael Maroon, T.J. Maroon, Robert Morey, Henri Noordanus, and from First Colonial High School, Taylor Giblin.

Forty-Seven Upper School leaders went to the Leadership Workshop at Camp Silver Beach in August. The workshop included Upper School students involved with Peer Leaders, Honor, and Judiciary Councils, SCA, and the Class Presidents. Mrs. Kim Johnson, Mrs. Merni Medley, Ms. Amy Donnelly, and Mrs. Callie Donnelly were

Mr. Michael Wagoner and Mr. Jimmy Dragas participated in the New Teacher Institute, sponsored by VAIS and held at Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia, this August. The mission of the New Teacher Institute is to inspire, equip, and challenge talented individuals to teach. Mrs. Helen Johnson also participated, completing her 8th year as the Middle School core faculty for NTI.



Mrs. Michelle Frazier was invited by the City of Virginia Beach and the Bayfront Advisory Committee to participate in the Bridge Design Charette for the Lesner Bridge Replacement Study this November. Mrs. Arlene Ingram, Cape Henry’s Director of College Counseling, was quoted In U.S. News & World Report’s 2008 America’s Best Colleges this fall. NEW


Dr. and Mrs. John P. Lewis were photographed and recognized recently for their support and volunteer efforts with the Chesapeake Care Free Clinic. Cathy Lewis is the clinic’s Executive Director.

The Cape Henry Writers’ Group meets quarterly to share information about personal writing projects and pursuits. Faculty, staff, and parents are welcome. Pictured here are Mrs. Lesley O’Brien, Mrs. Judy Snider, Mrs. Cindy Dragas, Mrs. Pam Racine, and Mrs. Pam Northam.

Mrs. Trish Zimmerman celebrated the birth of her daughter, Megan, this August. Megan weighed 7 lbs 10 ozs. and was 20 inches long.

Cape Henry was sad to see Mrs. Nancy Moye retire after over twenty years of dedicated service to Cape Henry and The Perry Library. Nancy has moved to Ashburn in Northern Virginia where her husband, Bill, has taken a new position. Joy Hakim, author of Freedom and A History of US, a series of books that were made into a PBS television series, was on hand for The Sparks Science and Technology Center Dedication. She gave the School an autographed copy of her latest book, The Story of Science.

women rarely have a classical ensemble perform on the base, and artists often do not have the opportunity for such direct access to boost moral. The show was called “Classical Nights.” There concerts were the focus of a feature article in The Virginian-Pilot’s Beacon about their experience. Part of their tour included being interviewed on the local radio station and conducting a demonstration Charlotte signing autographs for an elementary in Cuba school. NEW


Also in October, Charlotte conducted a cello master class for the Norfolk Public School Orchestra Directors to enable them to better identify difficulties and provide problem solving techniques for young cellists. Ms. Dettwiler-Carr has been invited back for future workshops and recommended as a clinician for the Virginia Music Educators Conference. This past summer, Charlotte was invited to Prague, Vienna, and Olomouc as the cello coach and mentor for the Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra on their tour.

Mrs. Kim Johnson won two environmental teaching grants this summer and was the focus of a feature article in The Virginian– Pilot entitled “Cape Henry Collegiate stays tuned to Bay water.” Science teachers from the Chesapeake Bay watershed were chosen to join a unique new network of teachers, scientists, and students for a two-year project tapping the educational potential of the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System (CBIBS). NEW


Charlotte performing in Prague.

Brooke and Reed


Photographed here are Kim and the other members of the class on the VIMS research vessel, R/V Pelican.

This October, Mrs. Charlotte DettwilerCarr, along with six other local musicians, traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to perform three classical shows for the troops. This was a rare opportunity for the troops and musicians alike as the service men and

Congratulations to Mrs. Brooke Fox on the birth of her son, Reed Demming Fox. Reed weighed 7 lbs., 12 oz.

Nexus News “If you want to feel better about yourself, give to someone else.” – Dalai Lama Something extraordinary happened after our Nexus Tanzania trip last year. Upon our return from the plains of the Serengeti, our students decided to continue their efforts to make a difference. While in Tanzania, our students donated warm clothes to the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project and money to the AIDS educational group, White Orange Youth Group. After donating $2,600 or six months of operating expenses, one of our students said, “Mr. Fluharty, we just helped save lives for another six-months.”

Sarah Potter – Masai Lands, Tanzania

So distraught our students were at the condition of Tanzanians, they continued their efforts by creating a scholarship fund that would finance a high school education for four students. It is a striking example of how Cape Henry students can and do make a difference, not only locally, but globally through Nexus community service projects. Whether building a kindergarten in Fiji, planting fruit trees in South Africa, or helping Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Calcutta, our students make a difference in someone’s life, and by doing so, become better people. This year we are visiting the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India for his spring lectures. It was the Dalai Lama who said, “If you want to feel better about yourself, give to someone else.” That is exactly what our students are learning during our Nexus programs. Morgan Pearman – Arusha, Tanzania

Brad Neubeck and David Peregoff – Moshi, Tanzania

Marguerite McNeal – Moshi, Tanzania

Shelby Evans, Kelsey Pick, and Jordan Kroll – Serengeti, Tanzania 24 Soundings



• Buddhist studies in India and Bhutan

• Spanish Immersion in Spain

• Endemic Species of the Galapagos

• French immersion in Martinique

For more information, visit the Nexus section of the Cape Henry website,



Fall Athletic Report The Fall 2007 Season started with the word - “rebuild” - and ended with the word - “ reload.” Our student athletes seemed to be motivated to establish themselves as strong as the teams the School fielded in the past. They accomplished this task, and then some. A State Championship Cross Country Finalist, a Division II State Runner-Up, Two State Semi-Finalist Teams, and a State Quarterfinalist just to name a few. Coaches and athletes used the word “rebuild” as a motivational tool instead of as a branding, and it established Cape Henry Athletics as evolving competitively – as graduating classes leave their individual marks on our school. The Varsity Girls Volleyball Team, led by Coach Marck Weiss, nearly doubled their victories from last season with a 14-9 record to finish. They began their season competing with the best in the Fragile X Tournament and winning the Steward Invitational Tournament. This stellar all-sophomore class was constantly asked if their official roster was correct as it depicted all sophomores; and, after viewers watched them play, it was ominous to imagine this team in the years to come. Morgan Freeman, Kate Pleasants, Paige Wheeler, and Kensey Gooch, just to name a few of the eleven talented sophomores on this team combine both power and finesse that seems beyond their years. They defeated the eventual TCIS Champions, Norfolk Academy, in the last match of the season and took the Division II State Champions, Notre Dame Academy, to five games in the State Semi-Finals. No other words to say, except, “Great Season, Ladies!” Coach David Brun once again completes a phenomenal 14-9-1 season with Senior Captains Carter Mavromatis and Henri Noordanus driving the team. This Team continues to set the bar high with state ranked tournaments early in the season to prepare for late October. Even though the TCIS Regular Season match-up versus Norfolk Academy ended in defeat to Norfolk Academy, it was truly one of the best games of the season for area soccer and for the Cape Henry Collegiate Soccer Program. The 2007 Varsity Boys Soccer Team earning 14 wins over the course of the season behind the elite play of seniors Glenn Sullivan, Redding Deurance, and junior Matt Cheniae, proves that after graduating so many talented seniors from the Class of 2007, the Dolphin Soccer Program will always be competitive! The Varsity Boys Volleyball Team also had a successful season of 10-6. Coach Chris McGarity spent a great deal of the off season inviting our up and comings to the beach to play sand volleyball and it paid off. The Dolphins defeated last season’s TCIS Champions and this year’s title winners early in the season. Senior Chris Rosa epitomized the word Captain, as he positively led his team on and off the court. Coach McGarity has been successful in attracting athletes such as Dylan Shiflett, Terrell Allen, Clarke Templeton, Eric Ambrosino, and Barrett Jacobson to the Varsity Boys Volleyball Program in order to maintain our status within the conference. This program will continue to schedule strong area opponents and set their sites on a Championship Banner. This Team is deserving!


Exit 178 A, left on Pump Road, Right on Patterson, Left on River Road… Why do these directions sound familiar? Simply because our Varsity Field Hockey Program has competed in the State Semi-Finals and Finals for the past five seasons both at the Division I and II level. Season after season, Coach Kristen Wheeler continually produces a field hockey team to be reckoned with. TCIS Player of the Year, Captain Kelsey Scherrer, along with a strong supporting cast, Senior Captains, Liz Napolitano and Brittany Bertolino, and a very promising cast of underclassmen, completed an impressive 13-5-1 record for the ’07 season. The addition of junior goalie Julia LaSalvia to an already phenomenal junior class – Kristen Meredith, Melissa Anderson, Meggie Chicoine, Kaitlin Johnson, Kendall Burns, and forementioned Scherrer, in conjunction with a fabulous class of sophomore and freshman tells me the trip to Goochland is promising in ’08. An overtime loss to Walsingham Academy in the State Final, after defeating them twice earlier in the season, ended their season. Probably not as they had hoped, but this team proved they could play with anyone taking the Division I State Semifinalist Bulldogs to strokes in the TCIS Tournament Championship. Maybe the State Final happened to be a bad day at an inopportune time, but this was a great team that defined “reload!”

The 2007 Varsity Girls Tennis Team shared the Regular Season TCIS Championship with Norfolk Collegiate and Norfolk Academy to finish with a record of 11-4. They also had a nice run at the State Championship, losing to the eventual State Champions in the Semi-Finals. Coach Carol Bulkeley and Senior Captains Jamie Mandell, Emily Burke, and Maddie Baine guided their team to split results with Norfolk Academy and Norfolk Collegiate during the regular season. Seeds #1 and #2 Karling Watson and Brittany Pilkington measured up nicely with their opponents, in addition to the versatile play of Georgia Putney and Laney Clarke. This team picked up the slack after losing the contributing play of Kelsey Bergen to a season ending knee injury midway through the schedule. This Team has much to be proud of. Well done, Ladies! Coaches Buzz and Lori Cooper guided the 2007 Cross Country Teams to one of the best seasons of recent history. Kelli Morrisey captured her second TCIS and 2nd State Championship finishing #16 in the State Pool of over 250 runners. The leadership of Senior Meg O’Brien combined with the addition of athlete Emily Ahern produced a 4th place finish in the TCIS Championship with a limited roster of only 6 runners. Sophomore Anna Frieden saved her personal best for the State Meet finishing 2nd for the Lady Dolphin Cross Country Team. The Boys Cross Country Team also improved leaps and bounds from last season with David Blanchard winning a TCIS Championship at a 17:30 pace in the TCIS Meet. Seniors Oliver Goode and Michael Blanchard ran their personal best in the TCIS Meet to help their Team earn a 6th place finish in the conference. Jazz Rozier and Will Overman both had great seasons improving their times to under 17:50. Both Coach Coopers could not be more pleased with the 2007 season and the potential of their underclassmen for great things to come! So, our apologies to all of our Fall Teams that had to overcome a “rebuilding” season. Our only hope is that we can do the same kind of “rebuilding” in the winter and spring seasons. These teams definitely reaffirmed that Cape Henry Athletics can withstand the graduation of some pretty impressive seniors, as we reload with the Class of 2008!

Fall Athletic Achievements B OY S C ROSS C O U N T RY

I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • David Blanchard 1st Team All-TCIS


T eam Achievement s • TCIS Runner-Up • Division I State Quarterfinalist


I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • Kelli Morrissey 1st Team All-TCIS 1st Team All-State


T eam Achievement s • TCIS Runner-Up

I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • Matt Cheniae 2nd Team All-TCIS • Carter Mavromatis 1st Team All-TCIS 2nd Team All-State • Henri Noordanus 1st Team All-TCIS 1st Team All-State • Glenn Sullivan

TCIS Tournament Defensive MVP

• Division II State Runner-Up I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • Melissa Anderson State All-Tournament Team • Brittany Bertolino 2 Team All-TCIS nd

26 Soundings •


• Kaitlin Johnson

TCIS Tournament Offensive MVP

• Kristen Meredith

1st Team All-TCIS State All-Tournament Team 2nd Team All-State

• Kelsey Scherrer

TCIS Player of the Year State All-Tournament Team 1st Team All-State Penn Monto/NFHCA High School 2nd Team All-American Penn Monto/NFHCA High School All-South Region Team


T eam Achievement s • TCIS Regular Season Champions • Division II State Semifinalist I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • Maddie Baine 2nd Team All-TCIS • Brittany Pilkington 2nd Team All-TCIS • Karling Watson

1st Team All-TCIS

• Karling Watson/ 1st Team All-TCIS Doubles Brittany Pilkington


I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • Chris Rosa 1st Team All-TCIS • Dylan Shiflett

1st Team All-TCIS

• Clarke Templeton 2nd Team All-TCIS


T eam Achievement s • Division II State Semifinalist

I N D I V I D UA L Achievement s • Morgan Freeman 2nd Team All-TCIS • Paige Wheeler

2nd Team All-TCIS Division II State All-Tournament Team



New Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, a former faculty member and current coach at CHCS, is now the Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs. She holds a B.S. in Humanities and Sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University and an M.S.Ed. in Sport Administration from Georgia State University. She has fourteen years experience teaching health and physical education, and has coached a variety of sports in Georgia and Virginia. Mrs. Wheeler, the current head coach of the varsity girls field hockey team, has a strong history and presence in the Virginia Beach area. During Kristen’s senior year at Cox High School, she was named 1st Team All-Beach for field hockey and basketball, 1st Team All-Tidewater for basketball and 2nd Team All-Beach for softball. To culminate her senior year, The Virginian-Pilot named her the “Best Female Athlete in the city of Virginia Beach”. This was an honor the news organization started in 1988. Kristen went on to play field hockey at Virginia Commonwealth University where she was VCU’s “Scholar Athlete of the Year” in 1992 and was awarded the prestigious “Michael Brown Award” for “achievement in personal, athletic, and academic goals.” As head coach at Cape Henry Collegiate School, Kristen has led her teams to five consecutive state final four appearances, winning two state championship titles, once in 2003 and again in 2005. The 2003 title marked the first state championship banner ever won by a female team at Cape Henry. Kristen has twice been named the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools Coach of the Year, once in 2004 and again in 2006. In addition to her coaching career, Kristen worked at the Metropolitan Collegiate Athletic Conference Headquarters in the Communications Department, with the United States Field Hockey National/Olympic team during the 1996 Olympic Games, at Georgia State University in the Athletic Department, and also performed an internship at Channel 3 in the sports department. Kristen and her husband, Johnny, have been married ten years. They have two daughters, Hope, 9, is in the Third Grade at CHCS, and Kylie, 3, is in Prekindergarten at Cape Henry. As the new Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs, Kristen has already spearheaded many new alumni programs and has endless enthusiasm for developing strong relationships between the School and its alumni of all ages.

Log On to the New Alumni Site Have you seen our new Cape Henry Collegiate School Alumni website? Everything you need is accessible –– right at your fingertips! Information regarding reunions, events, Head of School Visits, Alumni Awards, Alumni Nexus Trips, Alumni Media Galleries, Ways to Support CHCS, and shopping in The Brooks Family Spirit Store is all set up to better serve you and keep you connected with the Cape Henry Collegiate School community. Once you log on to our website, additional services are available, such as: Alumni and Staff Directories; a link for updating your information; and so much more. Please take a minute to log on. It is quick and easy. Directions in the login box will take you through the process step-by-step.

Mrs. Kristen Wheeler Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs


We have so many exciting opportunities for you to become involved with Cape Henry during this coming school year. Our school calendar, which is accessible through our website, lists all events that take place each day. Our students’ talents are constantly on display; whether it is in the classroom, on the athletic fields, or in the performing arts. Come visit us today and see all that is happening!

Celebrating the Class of 1987’s 20th Reunion Coordinated by Namaste Narelle Anderson and Kathleen Carpenter, the Class of 1987 celebrated their 20th reunion on October 6. The festivities began in The Phillips Family Gallery and The Alumni Atrium and continued with a tour of the new facilities. Following the on-campus event, members of the Class of 1987 continued their gathering over dinner at a local restaurant.

Head of School, Dr. Jack Lewis, is joined by faculty members Mrs. Karen Mason (on left) and Ms. Alice Meredith (on right).

First Row: Mary Snyder Patton, Julie Davis Pillow, Ashley Jones Royster, Jennifer Hickman Holbach 2nd Row: Kathleen Carpenter, Namaste Narelle Anderson, Reese Smith 3rd Row: Jonathan Keyes (in back), Philip Scalione, Grant Herrle, Michael Hughes, Richard Doub, and Spencer Jones

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Grant Herrle, Jennifer Hickman Holbach, Ashley Jones Royster, Richard Doub, Kathleen Carpenter, Mary Snyder Patton, Michael Hughes, Namaste Narelle Anderson, Spencer Jones, Julie Davis Pillow, Philip Scalione, Reese Smith

Head of School Dr. Jack Lewis stands with current CHCS parents, Grant and Cindy Herrle and is joined by Spencer Jones.

Associate Head of School, Mrs. Julie Scherrer, and Communications & Public Relations Coordinator, Ms. Judi Godsey, enjoy catching up with Kathleen Carpenter, Spencer Jones, Namaste Narelle Anderson, and Ashley Jones Royster. Grant Herrle, Class of 1987’s “Best Looking” and parent of current CHCS 1st grader Skylar Herrle, stands with Jennifer Hickman Holbach who was voted “Class Flirt” her senior year!



Pete McMahan was a wonderful, well-rounded young man who enjoyed attending Cape Henry Collegiate School. He graduated with the Class of 2000 and was an influential member of our community. While Pete was a member of the Cape Henry Collegiate School basketball team (1997 to 2000), Cape Henry won three consecutive TCIS Championships and was ranked as one of the top teams in Tidewater by The Virginian-Pilot. Pete was the ultimate “team player” and never put individual accomplishments ahead of the team.








ETB A LL 2007





Upon graduating from Cape Henry Collegiate School, Pete continued to support Cape Henry by attending athletic contests and cheering on the Dolphins. In 2002, the School kicked off our Annual Alumni Co-ed Basketball Game, and Pete was one of the few players who came back and played each year. Cape Henry could always count on Pete.


Friday, December 21 Alfred T. Taylor Field House

Pete passed away this spring and our Cape Henry Collegiate School community was saddened with the loss of our friend. At the suggestion of many former players and friends, the School was pleased to rename the Annual Alumni Basketball Game the Pete McMahan Annual Alumni Basketball Game. The first Pete McMahan Annual Alumni Basketball Game was played on December 21 in the Alfred T. Taylor Field House.

Rob Chapman ´02, Linda Temoche ´97, Pete McMahan ´00, and Phil Quam ´01 at the 2006 Alumni Basketball Game.

A lumni Athletic H all o f Fame Congratulations to the 2007 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

James S. Fry ´97

Ceci Carpenter Liner ´83

Kinte D. Smith ´96 29

PAST INDUCTEES 2003 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005

David M. Hooker '80 Allison Ingram '90 Burt Burroughs '94 Erick Mulkey '94 Repp Lambert II '89

2005 2005 2006 2006 2006

Thomas K. Barnes Byron Mitchell '91 Scott D. O’Hara Kaddy Ward '81 Patrick Foley '80 David Ford '82

Alumni Feature

Kick-Off Celebration of the D.C. Chapter On October 9, the Cape Henry Alumni Association, D.C. Chapter held its inaugural event at the prestigious Old Ebbitt Grill located in the heart of our nation’s capital. Over two decades worth of Cape Henry alumni joined the celebration as they rekindled friendships and reconnected with Cape Henry Collegiate School. This very impressive group of alumni includes professionals in the fields of science, federal government, public safety, public relations, financial planning, private enterprise, computer engineering, and law. Bridget Bradley '01 and Suezy Vaughan '02 spearheaded this inaugural event and are continuing to work to formulate the mission statement as well as short term and long-term goals for the D.C. Chapter. The dynamic duo is organizing an informational, pot-luck style gathering in January to bring the Chapter together and iron out the plans. Stay tuned!

Bridget Bradley '01

Bridget Bradley is a 2001 graduate of Cape Henry Collegiate School and 2005 graduate of the University of Virginia. She is currently an Associate Director at the Corporate Executive Board in Washington D.C. Bridget held a variety of volunteer and leadership positions while at the University of Virginia serving as Vice President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Class Trustee, Women’s Lacrosse Team captain, facilitator with the Day in the Life Program, and participant in the Adopt-a-Grandparent Program.

Suezy Vaughan ´02 and Bridget Bradley ´01

Bridget currently sits on the Leadership Council and Non-Profit Relations Committee of the Streetwise Partners Program of Washington DC, a non-profit that builds mentoring relationships between motivated low-income individuals and volunteer business professionals to develop workplace skills and employment networks as the bridge to a successful career. Additionally, Bridget continues to serve as a University of Virginia Class Trustee, working specifically to improve alumni relations and class support. She hopes to leverage her volunteer and fundraising experience as she works with Suezy to create Cape Henry’s first regional alumni chapter.

Suezy Vaughan '02


Suezy Vaughan graduated from Cape Henry Collegiate School in 2002 and from the University of Richmond in 2006. She is currently working for Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company as a management consultant for the Federal Government. Suezy is no stranger to leadership positions. She currently serves as a committee member of the Young Grad Council for the University of Richmond, she co-leads the mentoring group within the Human Performance Women’s Group for Accenture, and she heads the Training Committee at client sites for work.

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Suezy fondly looks back on her 13 years at the Cape and admits that she has drawn on her experiences at Cape Henry to guide her countless times throughout college and now in her career in consulting. She hopes that her work with the D.C. Chapter will give alumni a forum to reconnect with other Cape Henry alumni, share experiences with current students, and give back to the Cape Henry community. She eagerly accepts the opportunity to help lead this D.C. Chapter to pave the road for future regional chapters.

Daniel Maiello ’85, Gaynor Bretherton ’91, Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Associate Head of School, and Mike Burns ’80



Phil Medley ´02, Ashlyn McKeithan ´02, Brian Jarvis ´02, Tamara Hathaway ´02, Tyler Wessell ´02 and Bridget Bradley ´01

Hilary Hoffman ´94, Vivek Chakrabortty ´94 with wife Kathy, and Stephen Work ´95

Julia Newton and Andrew Newton ´98, Darcy Gill ´99, David Ashinoff ´98 and Brian Miller ´01

CHCS Visits Richmond What an outstanding turnout for the Richmond Area Alumni! On November 4, Cape Henry Collegiate School treated the Richmond area alumni to dinner at the Capital Ale House in downtown. The group had a great time telling stories of their fondest CHCS memories, laughing about “the good old days,” rekindling old relationships, and meeting new friends. Over dinner, Dr. Lewis, Head of School, and Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Associate Head of School and Director of Development, had an opportunity to inform the alumni on all of the exciting happenings taking place at Cape Henry. For more information on Cape Henry’s regional alumni dinners or on information regarding forming an official Chapter of Alumni, please contact Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, Assistant Director of Development for Alumni Programs at or call (757) 963-8208.


Dr. John P. Lewis, Jeremy Flax ´06, Stephanie Chambers ´01, Betsy Cranford Clawson ´85, Jennifer Larus ´95, Mrs. Kristen Wheeler, Leslie Mounaime ´06, Henry Willett ´92, Rob Chapman ´02, Pankti Barot ´06, Michael Lesyshyn ´03, Kriston Proffitt ´05, Susan Campbell ´85 and son, Luke, and Mrs. Julie Scherrer

The Sparks Science and Technology Center

Alumni Initiative

In The Mytelka Vestibule of The Sparks Science and Technology Center, there is a beautiful display of the periodic table of elements dedicated to alumni giving. Seen by all who enter The Sparks Science and Technology Center, the Elements of Giving Alumni Wall is a formidable way to honor alumni as well as support Cape Henry Collegiate School. Elements may be purchased by or on behalf of an alumnus for a tax-deductible gift of $1,000. Each tile represents an element and lists the name and class year of the participating alumnus. For more information regarding how to purchase an element and for payment options, please contact Mrs. Julie Scherrer at (757) 963-8256.

“Elements of Giving Alumni Wall”

The Young Alumni Club is taking off! The Young Alumni Club was recently launched to encourage alumni under the age of 30 to stay connected with and to support our great school. The response has been overwhelming! Alumni are jumping at the opportunity to not only sign up, but to also send in beautiful testimonies regarding what Cape Henry meant to them. Here are just a few examples:

“I joined the Young Alumni Club to express my appreciation for everything I learned at Cape Henry. I never could have gotten so far - Harvard, Oxford, Wall Street - if I hadn’t been given such a strong education when I was growing up in Virginia Beach.” – Rachel Wagner ´00

“Cape Henry is my home. I’m giving back to the school that gave me so much. The Alumni Annual Fund helped me get through my four years attending Cape Henry. It’s my turn to do the same for another student.” – Rob Chapman ´02


Kristin Sparks ’02 remarks, “Throughout my college and brief professional careers, I have continued to surround myself with communities that echo the values and ideals of Cape Henry Collegiate. I am thankful to have the opportunities to remain a part of this ever-changing school. I encourage all alumni to continue to be apart of this community after graduation because it truly is the past and present students of CHCS which create such a bright future.” - Kristin Sparks ´02

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“Although I have graduated and left for college, I still wish to remain a member of the Cape Henry community– it was my home away from home for 11 years. I want to do my part so other students can find it as much of a home as I did.” – Ethan Kelley ´07 For more information regarding the Young Alumni Club, please contact Mrs. Kristen Wheeler at or at (757) 963-8208.



Alumni Notes the first of the year to spend time with her new son, Samuel Fletcher Brown.

T he 1 9 8 0 s

Mike Burns '80 Mike will celebrate his 20th anniversary at the Central Intelligence Agency in January. Mike’s had a variety of interesting assignments, and he currently serves as the chief of the Programs, Policy, and Evaluation Group within CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence. Mike and his wife, Maura, also an Agency careerist, celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in October. Mike and Maura live in Alexandria. Amy Waters Yarsinske '81 Amy was recently honored by the Hampton Roads Association of Environmental Educators with the “Award for Outstanding Environmental Communication” for her book, The Elizabeth River. This is the highest honor bestowed by the association. In addition to that honor, she has been invited to serve as a panelist for the 2008 Virginia Festival of the Book; Amy was also a panelist in 2003 due to her top-selling book, No One Left Behind. Amy, who holds three degrees and is working on her Ph.D., is currently writing three more books that have yet to be officially released by her publisher. Her website is Louise Van Patten '82 Louise spent ten years working for Cellar Door as the point person for bands shooting videos in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. This experience in production led her to working in television, which eventually led her to Los Angeles, California where she currently works in production for some reality TV shows. Her most famous productions include work with Fear Factor and Tommy Lee Goes to College.

T he 1 9 9 0 s

Chris Sawyer '90 Chris was recently appointed as the Director of the new Cambridge College Memphis Regional Center. Chris has worked in higher education for the past ten years. Within the Cambridge community, he has served as an admissions counselor at the Chesapeake Regional Center and as an Assistant Director at the Augusta Regional Center in Georgia. His wife, Ryan, and their two sons, Peyton and Jaxon, have joined their father and set up their new home in Memphis, Tennessee. Courtney Totushek Brown '93 Courtney and her husband, Adam Brown, were married August 6, 2006. He works for the State Department. Courtney is a Marketing Manager for a commercial real estate company, Cassidy & Pinkard, in Northern Virginia, although, she is taking a sabbatical until

Beth Chastain '95 Beth lives locally in Willoughby Spit and has recently accepted a position in Recruitment Advertising with the Interactive Media Department of The Virginian-Pilot. Hunter McCaa '95 Hunter married Kara Mustin on June 2, 2007. Hunter graduated with an MBA from the College of William and Mary in 2006 and now works for Soilex Corporation in Chesapeake. Alison Moye Rose '95 Alison visited Cape Henry this summer to show off her newborn son, Sam. Sam was all decked out in Cape Henry colors, from the CHCS onesie, to the CHCS socks, to a school colored stroller! Former Head Librarian, Mrs. Nancy Moye, is the perfectly proud grandmother!


Betsy Cranford Clawson '85 Besty recently joined the Richmond group of alumni for dinner at the Capital Ale House. She is a Ph.D., LCP and works for the Children’s Feeding Program at the children’s hospital in Richmond. Besty also put on her best Cape Henry colors and supported the girls varsity field hockey team during their state championship game in Goochland.

Namaste Narelle Anderson '87 Namaste lives in Franklin, Tennessee outside of Nashville with her husband, Mike, and their two daughters. She returned to the classroom this year at Montessori School of Franklin as the Elementary teacher where she teaches first through fifth grades. Of her 20th reunion, Namaste had this to say, “It was wonderful seeing everyone again at our 20th reunion. Collectively, we have married, divorced, become parents, lost parents, grown, and yet stayed the same. It was a delight to walk down memory lane and create new memories over the course of the weekend. I look forward to the next time we all get together!”

Vivek Chakrabortty '94 Having graduated from CHCS in 1994, Vivek attended (and graduated from) Purdue University, where he met his wife, Kathy. Kathy earned her law degree from Cardozo School of Law in NYC and passed the Virgina State Bar in 2006. Their son, Aidan, was born in 2004 and will be three years old this December. Vivek works for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Washington D.C. and specializes in emergency preparedness and disaster planning. Most recently, he helped develop standards and guidelines for healthcare facilities and professionals during an unexpected medical disaster for the state of California. Prior to that, he served as the emergency preparedness advisor to the Public Health and Healthcare task force of the Louisiana Recovery Authority in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Emily Medley Robbins ‘97 On Friday, September 21, Emily married her childhood swimming friend, Mike Robbins, in a beautiful sunset beach ceremony located on 6th Street in Virginia Beach. Family and friends joined them in their celebration including several from the Cape Henry community.

Carly Cais ‘96 Carly launched a business in Hawaii called RIVETED Clothing and Accessories. She hosted a Debut Fall 2007 Collection party which was attended by about 50 of Honolulu’s fashion elite, local celebrities, and boutique owners. Please check out Carly’s website at SHevika Ward '97 “A Determined Role Model.” That is how the July 2007 issue of Tidewater Women titled Shevika’s write-up. Shevika serves as the Vice President of NationsFirst Mortgage of Virginia, which she joined after graduating from Randolph-Macon with a communications degree in May in 2001. Shevika plans to help as many people as possible become homeowners; she also plans to open real estate properties all over Virginia to help disabled children and homeless people. In addition to her work with NationsFirst, Shevika finds time to act and model. She has appeared in a variety of television episodes on the Discovery Channel, commercials for Beach Ford and Riddle Acura, and training videos and independent films with Regent University.

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Amanda Cabrera '98 Amanda has recently started her own personal training business, Trainers On Call, LLC. This is a unique approach to personal training in which Amanda brings the trainer to the client, no gym is necessary. She incorporates weight training, plyometrics, and nutritional counseling into each program. Amanda is a WITS (World Instructor Training School) certified personal trainer and you can reach her at trainersoncall@

David Ashinoff '98 David is working in Arlington, Virginia for the Associated Builder and Contractors (ABC) in their Government Affairs Division. ABC is a national trade association representing merit shop construction and construction-related firms across the United States. David manages two of ABC’s political programs, ABC’s Political Action Committee (ABC PAC) and the Free Enterprise Alliance (FEA). ABC PAC is one of the nation’s largest PACs whose sole purpose is to collect voluntary contributions for the purpose of electing candidates to the White House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives. The FEA is dedicated to issuing advocacy and the education of ABC members, member company employees and the general public on the merit shop construction agenda. Through David’s extraordinary work, he has had the privilege of meeting candidates running for office for the first time, as well as, many members of Congress. Prior to joining ABC, David worked for the Republican Governors Association. Valerie DeWandel Ayres '98 Valerie works as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, treating young children, birth through elementary school age, who have disabilities or developmental delays. Valerie and her husband, who works for Northrup Grumman, have a two-yearold son, George, and are expecting their second child in February.

Chip Wiedeman, II '99 and Lena Goldin '99 Chip and Lena stopped by Cape Henry in October and took a detailed tour of the campus. They were amazed with all of the

growth and mentioned they were “jealous” of the new Sparks Science and Technology Center! They enjoyed chatting with faculty members including Mr. Ed Faubert, Mrs. Merni Medley, and Mr. Dave Cameron. Chip is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia. Lena recently graduated with a nursing degree from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia and is currently studying to take the boards. T he 2 0 0 0 s

Calvert Kelsey '00 Calvert is enjoying life in the television industry. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Communication Studies in 2005 and is now working for WAVY-TV 10 and Fox 43 as a Production Operator. She also works in Reporting/ Broadcasting for VBTV (Virginia Beach Television). Jessica Jones '00 Jessica Jones and Richard Miller were married on Sunday, August 12, at the First Street Jetty in Virginia Beach. Jessica attends Virginia Wesleyan College where she will complete her B.S. in interdisciplinary studies and will receive a Certificate in Elementary Education this semester. Ricky is a Northeast representative for Wham-O, Inc. as well as being the owner/general manager of The Jewish Mother restaurant in Virginia Beach. Classmates K.C. Ray '00 and Jacqueline Weisberg '00 were among the bridesmaids.

Katherine “K.C.” Ray '00 K.C.’s engagement article recently appeared in the Gracious Living section of The Virginian-Pilot. K.C. is set to marry Mr. Gregory Osteen who co-owns the South End Pub and the Virginia Beach Seafood Company on Mediterranean Avenue in Virginia Beach. The pair first met when K.C. applied for a waitress job at the South End Pub during her summer break from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. The couple has set May 24, 2008 as their wedding date.


Amanda Lehtonen '00 Amanda received her Nurse’s Pen on October 19, 2007 during a lovely ceremony held in Virginia Beach. It was the largest class of graduating nurses Sentera has had in twenty years with over 60 nurses being penned.

Wendy Sims and daughter, Amanada Lehtonen

Bryan Miller '01 Bryan is living in Arlington, Virginia and working for two companies, Asset Harvest Group and Harvest Insurance Agency. The Asset Harvest Group is a financial planning investment advisory firm and Bryan leads the athlete recruitment department. The Harvest Insurance Agency specializes in permanent total disability insurance for professional athletes. Lauren Fisher '01 Can you believe this is a picture of Lauren after she ran the Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon! Lauren is finishing up classes for her masters in early childhood education at Old Dominion University. In her spare time, she can be found in many classrooms at Cape Henry Collegiate School gaining classroom experience as a substitute. Missy Sare Nilsen ’01 and Doug Nilsen ‘01 Missy and Doug were married in the summer of 2006. Doug recently graduated from Shenandoah University with a Doctorate of

Rob Chapman ‘02 Rob is currently in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University where he is busy working with VCU’s athletic department, specifically with the Marketing and Promotions Department. In addition to his school work and athletic department obligations, Rob has recently been hired to serve as a PE teacher and coach for St. Christopher’s School in Richmond. He was the assistant coach for the ninth grade boys soccer team this fall, and he will also coach a middle school basketball team this winter. As to how he can juggle so many commitments at once, Rob simply states, “I am built for it. Cape Henry prepared me!” Rob has stayed very connected with Cape Henry since his graduation; he spent a weekend in early September cheering on the girls’ field hockey team as they played in a Richmond tournament, he recently attended the Richmond Area Alumni Dinner, and he is also one of the first members of the Cape Henry Collegiate School Young Alumni Club!

Lindsey Corter '02 Lindsey was accepted into this year’s Neptune Festival where she proudly displayed her handmade jewelry. It was Lindsey’s first big show and considering there were 50 jewelry booths, she felt the weekend was a huge success. If you are interested in seeing Lindsey’s gorgeous work, check out her website at Lindsey also does in-home jewelry parties; please call Lindsey at (757) 714-6502 if you are interested in learning more. Adam Kuriloff ‘02 Adam graduated with distinction from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. Adam received a baccalaureate degree graduating Magna Cum Laude and received the Department of Philosophy and Religion Award which is given annually to a graduating senior majoring in philosophy. The award recognizes outstanding ability in, and engagement with, the field of philosophy and religion.

Megan McWaters Rathbone ‘02 Megan and her husband, Dave, recently moved to Fairfax, Virginia where her husband is working for an adoption agency called America World Adoption Association. Dave serves as the China Program Director. Megan is applying for graduate school and is pursuing a degree in Special Education. Jack Castleberry '03 Jack recently accepted the position of assistant basketball coach at the University of Tennessee Martin where he will be involved in all aspects of the basketball program, including recruiting, scouting, player development, and video exchange. Jack graduated this past spring from Virginia Military Institute with a degree in economics/business. During his time at VMI, Jack was a leader on the men’s basketball team. In his senior year, Jack captained his team to their first conference tournament final game in over 20 years. For his leadership, toughness, and hustle, Jack was awarded the “Spirit of VMI Award.” Bret Campbell, the head men’s basketball coach for UT Martin, had this to say about Jack, “He has a great passion for the game and a very strong work ethic. We feel he’ll be a great asset to our team. He comes highly recommended from his college coach.” Micaela Lesyshyn '03 It has been a busy couple of years for Micaela Lesyshyn. Besides spending eight months of 2006 and 2007 in Europe or South America, she has recently created her own business called Ocean Bee Art. After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and a minor in Spanish from Virginia Commonwealth University, she decided to go into business for herself. She works mainly in graphite pencil or chalk pastel and does children, pets, and even houses. You can visit her website,, and see some of her artwork for yourself, including photography taken from her travels abroad. 35

Pictured are Cape Henry graduates, Bryan Miller ‘01, James Bell ‘01, Paul Scarborough ‘01, Edwin Sare ’04, Doug Nilsen ’01, Missy Sare Nilsen ’01, and Liz Squibb ‘01.

Pharmacy and the couple moved to Savannah, Georgia, where Doug is working for CVS, and Missy is teaching fourth grade.


Kelly Davies '05 This past August, Kelly proudly displayed her oil paintings during her first formal art show at the Charles Kello Galleries in Norfolk. It was a perfect fitting as Kelly had taken lessons from Charles Kello one day a week for eight years, beginning when she was 12. Kelly is no stranger to success in the art world. She is vividly remembered for her “Lord of the Rings” paintings while she was a student at Cape Henry. She has gone on to win numerous awards in the art world, including the first-place student award in the 2003 Halizo Art Festival and a special achievement youth award at the 2004 Neptune Festival. Kelly is now a junior at Furman University in South Carolina where she is studying art. Amy Hruska '05 Amy, a junior field hockey player at the University of Mary Washington, dedicates a full week to joining the Cape Henry varsity field hockey team during preseason workouts. In addition to her field hockey commitments, Amy has taken on a leadership role in the field of science. Mary Washington sent Amy to the 234th National American Chemical Society Conference to present her research on the study and characterization of electrogenerated chemiluminescence. She has also been selected to do a paid internship in the chemical department at Celanese Chemicals in Clear Lake, Texas this upcoming summer. Amy is thrilled with this opportunity and hopes the experience will lead to a position with them upon graduation.

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Carli Warden '05 Carli is currently a junior at Virginia Tech, majoring in Biology with plans of attending dental school after graduation. Having been honored with numerous athletic awards during her Cape Henry career, Carli mentions that she does miss playing sports, but she is simply too busy with challenging classes and other college activities.

Chris Burke '06 Chris spent his summer volunteering on the Appalachian Trail, specifically working on the Konnarock Trail Crew, which each week would travel to a different spot on the Appalachian Trail anywhere between Springer Mountain in Georgia (the southern end) and Shenandoah National Park. The crew helped local trail clubs with special projects like relocations or bridge constructions or anything that required help beyond basic day-to-day trail maintenance and cleanup.

Blake Burlage '06 Blake, who was selected for the All-District Chorus event during her senior year, traveled to Atlanta this summer to try out for American Idol. She was amazed at how many people actually tried out. Even though she was not selected for the show, she said she had a great time and enjoyed the experience. Blake is currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech. Wes Northam '06 Wes celebrated with his family as his father, Ralph Northam, was announced as the Virginia Senator Elect for the 6th District. Wes summarizes his experience on the campaign trail. “It was a unique learning experience to be so intimately involved with Virginian politics, and I think many of his (now) constituents appreciated hearing my perspective on why he was such a strong candidate when I went door to door. I could not be more proud of my dad and his campaign team, along with Virginia democrats for mobilizing so well during this election. I think the victory for Virginia democrats including my dad is going to catalyze great and much needed change, and I am very excited to be a part of it.”

Wes celebrating his father’s victory with his Mom, Pam Northam, CHCS Lower School science teacher, his dad, Ralph, and sister, Aubrey, a junior at CHCS.

Tyler Vander Meer '06 Tyler stopped by to visit the school in October. He took a tour of the Science and Technology Center and caught up with some former teachers. He is currently in school at Mary Washington University working toward a double major of Political Science and International Affairs. Dan Bain '07 Cape Henry graduate Dan Bain played in his first NCAA Lacrosse game – the Blue Jay Fall Classic, hosted by NCAA National Champion Johns Hopkins University, October 7 in Baltimore. As a freshman at The Ohio State University, Dan played throughout the games as defensive midfielder and face-off wingman for the Buckeyes. Ohio State played Cornell University, last year’s NCAA semifinalist, and Rutgers University. One Ohio State coach said, “The sky’s the limit for Bain!” Adam Carr '07, Ben Almond '06, and Alex Flowe '07 Adam, Ben, and Alex, all members of Virginia Tech’s Theta Chi Fraternity, celebrate Fraternity Parent’s weekend in late September. Pictured from the top are Adam Carr '07, RDML and Mrs. Nevin Carr, Lizzy Carr current CHCS sophomore, Ben Almond '06, and Alex Flowe '07. Lauren Cheniae '07 Lauren, a freshman at the College of William and Mary, says, “It was much different to go into the first day of classes without singing the CHCS Alma Mater and not knowing what my teachers even looked like.” But she is enjoying her college experience and even has one class with Annabelle Dragas '06. Brandon Faubert '07 Brandon is thrilled with his choice of school, Stephens Institute of Technology. He says, “It’s definitely my kind of place. It is very small, but with lots of things to do and the people here are really smart!” Brandon is currently participating in a work study in which he is creating an online database about the American Mob. He is looking forward to his spring lacrosse season; this fall he has been practicing four times a week and lifting three times a week.


Juan Cordero '07 and Nick Ferros '07 Juan, a freshman at Virginia Tech and Nick Ferros, a freshman at Tidewater Community College, stopped by to visit Cape Henry during their fall break.

Wes Forehand '07 Wes is a freshman at the University of South Carolina where he is active with the club lacrosse team. His schedule of games will have him face off with many SEC and ACC powerhouse schools. He is really looking forward to a tournament they will play in Charlotte, North Carolina, as former CHCS lacrosse coach Rich Carrington’s team will be in attendance. Fitz Shipp '07 Fitz loves life in Chicago! As a freshman at the University of Chicago, he took a gruel-

ing copyediting test for the great Chicago Maroon Newspaper. After completing the test in a highpressured room filled with 40 students ranging in all types of collegiate experience, Fitz was named as one of the five copyeditors that were selected. Fitz credits the outstanding training that he received while working on The Lighthouse at Cape Henry as well as the tough lessons each day in his English Classes. Lizzie Wagner '07 and Ben Almond '06 Lizzie Wagner, a freshman at Northwestern University, and Ben Almond, a sophomore at Virginia Tech, had a great time working this summer at “Jody’s” located at the oceanfront. Ben is a member of the Theta Chi Fraternity at Virginia Tech and is golfing as much as possible. Scott Saal '07 Scott is enjoying all of his classes this semester at the College of William and Mary where he attends with the help of an athletic scholarship for golf. Unfortunately for Scott, and his team, he has been battling a back injury since the summer. He is awaiting the results of his final CT / bone scan to see if he has clearance to play this spring. Scott, always the consummate teammate, has attended every practice this fall, but has been

Spring Reunion Weekend M ay 2 and 3

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prohibited from taking a full swing. TJ Maroon '07, Alex Spruiell '07, Casey Scherrer '07, Tyler Jacobson '07, Jonathan Whited '07, and Morgan Pearman '07 These members of the Class of 2007 all stopped by Cape Henry to visit former teachers and old friends during their fall break of their first semester of college.

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