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REMEMBERING A TRUE CAPE HENRY LEGEND When I first met Anne Dickson “Dickie” Jordan Waldrop, I had been serving as Head of Cape Henry Collegiate for only a couple of weeks. Julie Scherrer and I met Dickie for lunch at Westminster Canterbury. We had a wonderful conversation about the history of the School. As a teacher of history, I have always felt that it is important to know and to celebrate one’s past. Near the end of our lunch, Julie told her that the School had purchased a Head’s home behind the baseball field. Dickie looked over at me and told me that the School had owned a Head’s house once before. Yet, that Head of School had not worked out, had left after one year, and the School had sold that house. (At that time, Cape Henry actually went through three different Heads of School in four years.) In her story, I heeded the advice and the warning: The house does not make the man! Get to work!

I so appreciated Dickie’s wry humor and forthrightness. To me, it came from a place of care for, and commitment to, the Cape Henry community. After all, Dickie and her aunt, Grace, played pivotal roles in building Cape Henry. Dickie’s association began as a student and later a French teacher at the Everett School. (The Everett School preceded and became Cape Henry.) In 1960, with her aunt, she took over the Everett School. Later, in the early 1970s, Dickie and her aunt led the Everett School through the process of becoming Cape Henry and moving to our current location on Mill Dam Road. For a short time, Dickie served as Headmistress of Cape Henry. Throughout her lifetime, she remained an active and dedicated advocate for the Cape Henry Collegiate community.

After my first year at Cape Henry, my wife, Charlene, and I were pleased to welcome Dickie to the Head’s home for a reception. It was a gathering of former Trustees and Founders. That evening, before she left, Dickie let me know that she was glad that the Board hadn’t had to sell the house. As I think back, her comment makes me smile. It was brilliant. It included a small compliment, but more importantly, it reminded me to keep working hard.

The best schools should be viewed as communities: places where people take care of each other and work to improve individually and collectively. They require advocacy and service. They ask that members treat each other kindly and respectfully. They “push” their members to become better. They inspire loyalty. During her life, Anne Dickson Jordan Waldrop led, served and “pushed” so that Cape Henry could be that community for us today.

Enjoy this winter issue of Soundings and its celebration of our Cape Henry community.



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Cape Henry Collegiate Board of Trustees BOARD OFFICERS Mr. Thomas H. Atherton III CHAIR

Mr. Ronald M. Kramer


Remembering “Dickie”

Cape Henry Collegiate would not be the premier independent school it is today without the hard work of Founder Anne Dickson “Dickie” Jordan Waldrop.


Mr. W. Trent Dudley ‘88 VICE CHAIR

Mrs. Cheryl L. Xystros TREASURER

Mr. Bruce A. Berlin SECRETARY

Dr. Christopher S. Garran HEAD OF SCHOOL/PRESIDENT

TRUSTEES Mr. Eric Apperson Mr. Scott Duncan Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli ‘89 Mr. Edward M. Hewitt Mr. Michael Hillier Mr. James Karides Mrs. Gail King Mrs. Maureen Olivieri Mrs. Zelda Patrick Mr. George F. Shipp Mr. James H. Sparks Mr. Hobie Whitmore ‘88 EX-OFFICIO TRUSTEES Mr. Gerald L. Harris ‘03 PRESIDENT, ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS

M​r. Craig L. Mytelka GENERAL COUNSEL

HEADMASTERS EMERITI Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw* Mr. Daniel P. Richardson Dr. John P. Lewis FOUNDERS AND TRUSTEES EMERITI Mr. W. Cecil Carpenter* Mr. John P. Edmondson* Mr. Andrew S. Fine Mr. L. Renshaw Fortier* Mrs. Dow S. Grones* Mr. Benjamin Huger, II Mrs. Grace Olin Jordan* Mr. Bernard W. McCray, Jr. Mr. James R. McKenry* Mr. Arthur Peregoff* Mr. George G. Phillips, Jr. Mr. James P. Sadler* Mr. William J. Vaughan* Mrs. Anne Dickson Jordan Waldrop* *deceased


2018 Grand Auction

In January, the CHC Community gathered together for a "Night in the Mediterranean" resulting in a record-breaking fundraiser for the School.


Honoring Our Veterans

Each year, Cape Henry Collegiate hosts its Veterans Day Breakfast celebrating members of the community serving, past and present, in the Armed Forces.


Amanda Scott '05

From scientific discoveries in the lab to athletic accomplishments on the race course, this alumna is making her mark on the world.


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15 Five Questions with… 16 Athletic Reports 26 Alumni Notes

ON THE COVER: A portrait of Anne Dickson “Dickie” Jordan Waldrop by former CHC Administrator Mrs. Kay Temme.


Anne Dickson "Dickie" Jordan Waldrop by Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Associate Head of School and Director of Development In 1924, Helena Allen Everett opened a small school in her home on Cavalier Drive in the Linkhorn section of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The school began with eight students, four of whom were her own daughters. Over the next 35 years, the Everett School grew to over 100 students, and Mrs. Everett, who was by then in her 70s, asked two of her most trusted employees to take over the school. In the spring of 1959, Anne Dickson “Dickie” Jordan and her aunt, Grace Olin Jordan, took the reins of the Everett School. As the school continued to grow in enrollment, so did the vision for its future. In 1965, the school received tax-exempt status and subsequent accreditation by the Virginia Association of Independent Elementary Schools. In 1970, with the help of Andy Fine, Ben Huger and several other Trustees, 30 acres was secured on Mill Dam Road, earmarked for construction of a new building; during that same time, the name was changed to Cape Henry School.

Dickie Jordan Waldrop with Mrs. Julie Scherrer.

In the fall of 1971, Cape Henry students moved into their new facility on Mill Dam Road consisting of a gymnasium divided by movable partitions to form classrooms and office spaces. At that time, Dickie Jordan was officially named Headmistress of Cape Henry School. As a Founder and former Head of School, Dickie Jordan remained connected to Cape Henry Collegiate for the rest of her life. She was a frequent visitor to campus and was always one of the most enthusiastic ambassadors and supporters of her "little school." Anne Dickson “Dickie” Jordan Waldrop passed away on December 2, 2017, in the place she loved the most, Virginia Beach, Virginia. We will miss seeing Dickie around Virginia Beach and on campus, but we know that her loving and dedicated spirit will live on at the school that she held so dear to her heart—Cape Henry Collegiate.



Dickie Jordan Waldrop teaching French at the Everett School.

Everett School Headmistress Grace Jordan with Assistant Headmistress Dickie Jordan Waldrop.

Dickie Jordan Waldrop with her nephew, Shep Jordan, and husband, Luke Waldrop.

Dickie Jordan Waldrop with Virginia Rountree, Barbara Fine, and Andy Fine.

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Mrs. Arlene In gram Former CHC Ad ministrator

Dickie Jordan Wa ldrop with Susan Moomaw, daughter of forme r Headmaster Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw.

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


F CUS By Mrs. Becky Schnekser, Lower School Science Specialist

It has been nearly a year since our math faculty, PK-12, began their journey researching math programs. After hearing from several publishing companies about current trends in mathematics pedagogy and programs, the faculty chose one clear front runner to observe in real time at several independent schools in Northern Virginia. A focus group of math faculty representing our PK-6 classrooms was identified to travel and observe on behalf of our school. At the conclusion of this visit, the focus group was ready to adopt Math in Focus, the American version of Singapore Math. Most impressive of the observations was the ability of students in the program to think deeply and articulate clearly their mathematical thought processes and strategies. Based on the pedagogical scaffolding within Math in Focus, classrooms embrace sharing of ideas and error analysis. Mistakes or mis-steps are embraced, and students coach one another to find their way to the correct final answer. Upon their return to Cape Henry, the focus group presented their observations and reflections to the math faculty and recommended the adoption of Math in Focus. A consultant was hired and a Lower School Math Coach position was created to aid in the implementation of this robust and rigorous program. In June, August, and September of this year, teachers trained in small groups and on grade level teams with Ms. Shelly DuBose, our math consultant. Mrs. Lisa Wood remarked, "It's very practical, easy to follow, with varying strategies for students." Mrs. Pam Zettervall followed with, “I am excited to learn how to bar model for clearer teaching of [mathematical] concepts.” Throughout the first semester, each grade level met weekly to dig into the program, incorporate vast resources that the program offers, and debrief content and strategies. The program offers resources such as physical and virtual manipulatives and online text access for students, teachers, and parents. In the Kindergarten portion of the program, they even incorporate language arts as lesson openers to enhance cross-curricular connections. In response to the program, Mr. Dashiell Quasebarth said, “I like how my students have a deeper understanding of the math concepts we are tackling in class.” Third graders Devin Rai, Mary Burke, and A.J. Larkin have enjoyed their experiences thus far. Devin says, “I like Math in Focus because it’s more interesting than Investigations and it’s more challenging.” Mary adds, “I think it’s harder than last year’s math program, but we are learning a lot of new things.” A.J. says, “I like Math in Focus because it’s very fun, and I like having access to the website.” We are already seeing an increase in students’ math vocabulary, ability to articulate their thinking, and comfort in solving more complex and rigorous number stories. Mrs. Zettervall notes, "I am starting to see students engaged more in lessons because they are beginning to see the connections from chapter to chapter. Solving problems



using two possible methods is becoming more familiar to them, so they are ready to work to solve the problems now." The basis of the program is to grow mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. Each lesson progresses from concrete to pictorial to abstract. This allows students to make sense of concepts before adding numbers and symbols, which are not as relatable to the real world. The core principles of Math in Focus pedagogy are illustrated using a pentagon containing mathematical problem solving in the center surrounded by attitudes, metacognitive processes, skills, and concepts, all of equal importance in building mathematical problem solvers. As math faculty, PK-12, we identified the need for a more rigorous and real world applicable program to build students’ skills, confidence, and self-efficacy in math. As a focus of the Strategic Plan and, more specifically, for the Math Skills Alignment Committee, we were tasked with evaluating our current mathematical practices, tracking student success, and finding ways to strengthen our math program as a united PK-12 school. In fact, this process, from researching, evaluating, selecting, and implementing a new math program, was a direct result of our collaboration and Strategic Plan Committee efforts. We are committed to knowing, valuing, and challenging each student, as Cape Henry’s Mission Statement proudly proclaims. One semester into adoption, we are confident in our choice of Math in Focus and look forward to our successes in the upcoming semester and foreseeable future.

I am starting to see students engaged more in lessons because they are beginning to see the connections from chapter to chapter. Solving problems using two possible methods is becoming more familiar to them, so they are ready to work to solve the problems now.

- Mrs. Pam Zettervall GRADE 5 TEACHER

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G




CHC Gives Back

Lower School Students Focus on Community Service By Mrs. Pam Zettervall, Grade 5 Teacher This fall, Cape Henry was busy connecting with our local community and giving back. Friday, October 6 kicked off Operation Smile’s monthlong global “Change Makers” campaign. Students that attended Operation Smile’s International Leadership Conference this summer in Rome, Italy were asked to go back to their respective schools and spread the word that even pennies can make a difference in the life of a child. Seniors Michael White and Laura Zettervall helped kick off the Lower School’s efforts by introducing the campaign at an assembly and the Prekindergarten through Fifth Grade students took it from there. Over the course of four weeks, Lower School students scoured their cars, couches, and pockets for spare change and helped raise over $800 for smile-correcting surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates. Continuing the spirit of giving, our Lower School fifth graders helped organize Cape Henry’s Annual Turkey Toss. On Friday, November 17, families were asked to donate a frozen turkey for a local family in need during the Thanksgiving holiday. Fifth Grade students collected the turkeys during morning carline, then Mrs. Melissa Newport and her math students counted the turkeys and added up the total weight collected. This year's extraordinary community effort yielded about 140 frozen turkeys, weighing approximately 1,700 pounds, for families in need. We were fortunate to have many families donate and be able to help

Students representing Cape Henry at the international Operation Smile conference in Rome, Italy this summer.

families at our neighboring school, Alanton Elementary. Some of those same families also received pajamas and gifts for the holidays. During the month of December, pajamas and gifts were collected for families in the Hampton Roads region. Pajama Jams is a charity providing new pajamas to children in need. Since 2008, more than 8,500 Hampton Roads children have received help from Pajama Jams. They collect pajamas throughout the year and distribute them during the holiday season. We are proud to say the pajama collection box in the Lower School was overflowing with donations of sleepwear! Finally, the Adopt-a-Family program organized by Mrs. Linda Bawcom was once again a huge success! Through the generosity of Cape Henry families, teachers, Middle School advisory groups, and the Cape Henry Parents' Association's Executive Board, we were able to provide gift cards for groceries, gifts, and clothing to eight different families. A tremendous thank-you to volunteers who helped facilitate the program, including Samantha Brittain, Denise Caudron, Jennifer LaForge, Lesleyanne Mulkey, Joanna Peterson, Amy Piggrem, Annie Smith, and Keri Whitfield. We extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone that contributed items, donated wrapping supplies, attended the Wrap 'n' Roll event, and purchased grocery store gift cards. What a wonderful experience to watch the Cape Henry community give back. Together we can make a difference!

Around CAMPUS EXTRAORDINARY TEACHERS HONORED Ms. Kim Johnson, Upper School Science Teacher, was selected as one of the 2017 Recognition in Science Education Award recipients by the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. An honoree is selected in a collection of categories. Ms. Johnson was chosen as the winner in the Environmental Science division. She was honored by the organization at a celebration in Roanoke this past November. In November, Mrs. Becky Schnekser, Lower School Science Specialist, was awarded the Donna Sterling Science Award and Grant at the same gathering as Ms. Johnson. Mrs. Schnekser plans to use the award money to travel to Peru to engage in several investigations, including installing survey systems for tracking illegal logging and general characteristics – geochemical and geothermal - of the river as well as the biodiversity of the tropical rainforests along the Amazon.

2017-2018 CUM LAUDE SOCIETY INDUCTIONS Cape Henry Collegiate proudly inducted this year's honored students into the Cape Henry Collegiate Chapter of the Cum Laude Society. The new members are: Katherine Atherton, Renee Bawcom, Catherine Bingham, Honghao Chen, Raeanna Kilby, Jack Rosenblum, Rex Serpe, Julia Skeen, Jasper Smith, Jacob Sobers, Yiwei Tang, Nathaniel Thomas, Samuel Townsend, Michael White, Michael Xystros, Qianyi Yang, Laura Zettervall, Haochen Zhang, and Ao Zhu. As the Cum Laude Society states on their website, “the presence of a Cum Laude chapter at a secondary school is an indication that superior scholastic achievement is honored”. Cape Henry Collegiate is certainly proud to be in the ranks of such schools and equally proud to announce our new members. Membership in the Cape Henry Collegiate Chapter of the Cum Laude Society is gained strictly through placement in class by GPA.

ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR Congratulations to Ms. Jeanne Short on being selected as the Independent Athletic Administrator of the Year by the Virginia Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (VIAAA). In late March, Ms. Short will be recognized and celebrated at the VIAAA State Conference Luncheon and Awards Program at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia. It is a well-deserved honor! "I am glad that VIAAA and others in the state recognize what we already know - that Cape Henry Collegiate has the BEST Athletic Director in Virginia (and beyond)," said Dr. Chris Garran, Head of School. "Since my arrival, I have been so impressed by Jeanne's commitment to our student athletes and our coaches. She leads by doing and 'lives' at Cape Henry. We are so fortunate to have her leading our athletic programs and serving on our Leadership Team."



Tweets from CHC

Facebook Favorites

@AthleticsCHC Dajour Rucker ‘19 joins the CHC 1000-Pt. Club! Congratulations to an incredible young man! #godolphins #chcbasketball JAN 12

@CHCNexus #CHCModelUN18 had a wonderful intimate conversation with Ambassador Beckles of the Permanent Mission of Trinidad & Tobago to UN JAN 12

@AlumniCHC CHC Job Shadowing Day is April 11 and provides juniors the opportunity to observe a professional in an industry of their choosing. Hosting a student is open to all members of our community, including our friends and neighbors. Sign up today! JAN 11

@AlumniCHC Loved seeing our alumni at VT, JMU and UVA! NOV 14

@ChrisGarran Governor-elect @RalphNortham has strong ties to Cape Henry Collegiate. His two children graduated from here and his wife, Pam, served on our faculty. Today, we offer our congratulations to the Northam Family. NOV 7

JANUARY 24, 2018

As a part of their study of genetics, 7th Grade scholars extracted DNA from strawberries to get a better understanding of what makes up chromosomes. NOVEMBER 29, 2017

On #GivingTuesday, $28,905 was donated in support of our students, faculty, staff and programs. Thank you for loving Cape Henry! NC O O TV OE B MEBRE R1 52, 92, 021071 7

Fall Festival was a hit! Thank you to the many volunteers who organized a fun filled day for all ages. Special thanks to Mrs. Sarah Kubicki and Mrs. Natalie Averette for their dedication to this favorite tradition! OCTOBER 2, 2017

Meet one of the newest members of our CHC #community who hatched this morning in the butterfly garden!

@ChrisGarran Truly appreciate the commitment and leadership of Cape Henry's Board of Trustees. SEP 28

@capehenry Thank you to our friends from Admissions at UVA, Georgia Tech, Richmond, and Davidson for being here for our Mock Admissions program. SEP 27

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

It has been a banner year for Tyler Ramirez '13, in his first full professional season. He recently led the AA Midland Rockhounds (Athletics) to the Texas League Championship and was named a Rawlings Gold Glove Award Winner! #alumnipride

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


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Some weren’t sure what to make of a “Night in the Mediterranean” theme for this year’s Grand Auction but with a little imagination it all came to life on Saturday, January 27. Over 300 parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and friends entered the gym that night and discovered blue, teal, and white linens, fabric draping elegantly from the ceiling, olive branches and lemons. They dined on leg of lamb, roasted lemon and lavender chicken, garlic cilantro shrimp, and Mediterranean orzo salad. Guests also had a chance to enjoy our first-ever craft beer bar featuring a special Grand Auction Ale brewed by Back Bay's Farmhouse Brewing Company and selected craft beers from Coelacanth Brewing. Both breweries are operated by CHC parents. Our Raise the Paddle portion of the evening was by far the most exciting and incredible. During the week leading up to the auction, CHC had announced that it will be renovating Cafe Dolphin. Over 1,000 students, faculty and staff eat daily in our current cafeteria and as one of the School's older spaces, Café Dolphin is well overdue for a makeover. Updates will include additional seating, an expanded food service area, improved traffic flow, a reorganized disposal area, and relocated dry food storage. As the auctioneer began the bidding, the paddles flew into the air and before we knew it, we had raised over $140,000 in just under 15 minutes. A generous donor had also offered to provide a match of $25,000 that night so in total we raised over $165,000 for a new cafeteria. Then onto the dancing, desserts and casino games where all the guests were still buzzing about the live auction and enjoying the delicious cupcakes provided by Gigi’s Cupcakes which is owned by Kaitrin Paphites Young ‘05. The Grand Auction brought in a staggering revenue of over $300,000 from the silent and live auctions, the Raise the Paddle, ticket sales and sponsorships. There were a tremendous number of sponsors and donors this year that helped to make this event possible. We had an amazing auction committee with special thanks to Bonnie Green and Amy Jackson (Auction Co-Chairs) and Linda Exterkate who coordinated our decorations for the event. Once again, the CHC community showed its strength and commitment to our students and the school. Be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s Grand Auction to be held on Saturday, January 26. 2019!



u A SEASON OF SPECIAL EVENTS 2017 Race at the Cape

For some, a rainy morning might cancel outdoor plans, but not for nearly 475 participants in the 2017 Race at the Cape. This annual event was held just prior to the start of the Fall Festival in October. The morning kicked off with a beautiful 5K run/walk through the Linkhorn Cove and Brighton on the Bay neighborhoods surrounding the Cape Henry campus. Our very own Middle School teacher and CHC parent, Mr. Jim Lancaster took home first place honors with a finish time of 18:09. After crossing the finish line, 88 ambitious 5K runners decided to take on the Dash 'n' Splash Challenge and completed an additional One-Mile Fun Run/Walk around the CHC Campus. From the 5K to the One-Mile to the Challenge participants, everyone seemed to enjoy the day and were determined to not let a few raindrops dampen their spirits.


This amazing event would not be possible without the dozens of volunteers, donors, and event sponsors showing their love for the School through the time spent on the course and at registration, items donated for the swag bags, and monies given in support of the event. We look forward to see everyone again next year.

PLATINUM-LEVEL SPONSORS Cavalier Ford Dr. Christopher King Glasson Sports Medicine MSP Design Group Rai Oral Surgery and Dental Implants GOLD-LEVEL SPONSORS Art Walker's Auto Service, Inc. Downs Dental Care Drs. Savage, Sabol, and Visser Innovative Spas Mulkey & Company, P.C. Orange Peel Transportation Virginia Institute for Sports Medicine SILVER-LEVEL SPONSORS Bay Colony Dentistry Beach Eye Care Cox Media - Sharon and Brian Fantos Dai Roberts Group Fully Promoted Konikoff Salzberg Periodontics OrangeTheory Fitness Planet Pizza Pool Scouts Private Veterinary Services TidalWheel BRONZE-LEVEL SPONSORS Hosek Dentistry Precision Door Service of Hampton Roads

For event results, please visit C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Special Events u Fall Festival It may have been a cold and rainy day, but that didn’t stop Cape Henry families from coming out to the ever-popular Fall Festival on Saturday, October 14. Once again the festival was a tremendous success as evidenced by our community spirit, raising over $6,500 for our student clubs. Children of all ages enjoyed the inflatable obstacle course, the bounce house, and, of course, the Cake Walk. There were games provided by the student clubs…everything from robot battles sponsored by the Robotics Club to Chopsticks Olympics sponsored by the International Club. The Drama Club featured the spooky and scary Haunted House, while the Middle School students braved the rain outside to adorn kids with colored hair spray. There was plenty for the adults to do as well. This year the festival featured the CHC PopShop which was a pop-up shopping area filled with vendors like Pampered Chef, LulaRoe, ContraVan, Two Girls with Gifts, and more. The Compass Rose Coffee Company was there to offer hot coffee to the shoppers. Also new this year was the Dolphin Diner set up in the cafeteria, featuring a taco bar from Moe’s Southwest Grill, pizza from Shorebreak, and hot dogs from Aladdin. For the avid readers, there was the ever-popular Book Barn, which did a brisk business that day. A special thank-you to all of the parent and student volunteers who worked the event and helped make it a huge success. Special recognition and appreciation go to Fall Festival Chairperson Sarah Kubicki for all of her hard work and organization. We hope to see everyone at the 2018 Fall Festival!



Special Events u Lower School Grandparents' Day November 21 was a beautiful day to host our Lower School grandparents and special friends. The weather was sunny and a bit warmer than usual for this time of year. The parking lot was overflowing (literally!) with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends who came to watch some amazing and adorable performances from our Lower School students in the Perry Family Auditorium. After the show, with the help of our volunteers, our guests were led through the hallways over to the Lower School classrooms to work on creative and heartwarming projects with the students. The hallways were teeming with grandparents visiting the classrooms, with many having to go from room to room if they had more than one grandchild. The children were so excited to share their projects, their friends, and their classrooms. As volunteers handed out freshly-baked cookies to the grandparents, they were all wished a very Happy Thanksgiving and thanked for participating in our students’ special day.

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Special Events u 2017 Veterans Day Breakfast The Cape Henry Collegiate Veterans Day Breakfast was held on Thursday, November 9, to honor all of our current and former active, reserve, and guard military families. We had over 175 in attendance including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and CHC students who all have some connection to the armed forces or to our NATO allies. The student speaker was Jack Bailey ‘18, who spoke to us about his family’s long history of military service. His father took command of the USS George H.W. Bush in January, one of only eleven U.S. aircraft carriers currently in service. He touched on the impact his father's service had on his life and the importance of serving your country, but also the importance of serving your community. Our featured speaker this year was Captain Don Burke. Captain Burke served for over 27 years in the US Navy, and his assignments included sea duty, foreign shore and extensive Naval Special Warfare experience. He retired following his tour as Commanding Officer of Reserve Seal Team 8. Captain and Mrs. Burke have a granddaughter, Mary Burke, who is a student in Cape Henry’s Third Grade. Captain Burke highlighted the growing disparity in the number of citizens who currently serve in the armed forces compared to the percentage of the population that served during WWII and what that means for the country and for the military. Although we live in Hampton Roads, which is reported to have the highest concentration of military personnel, retirees, and veterans of any area of the country, it may be hard to see that less than 1% of the population is currently in uniform. However, there has been a positive change in our society, and that is in the way veterans are respected and honored like never before. As evidenced by the support and attendance at this year’s breakfast, it is a reminder of how important it is to convey our thanks to each and every service member we meet.




W I T H . . .

Captain Don Burke

U. S . NAVY ( R E T.) | CA P E H E NRY G R A NDPA R ENT Captain Burke served for over 27 years of combined active and reserve service in the US Navy. His assignments included sea duty, foreign shore and extensive Naval Special Warfare experience. Captain Burke first served as an Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer on a destroyer, and subsequently was Officer – In – Charge of various PT Boats, Riverine and Patrol Craft. He worked closely with the Republic Of Korea Marines in support of their combat operations in Vietnam. Additionally, he represented Naval Special Warfare Group Two as a Mission Planner and Staff Officer in major NATO Exercises in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. Captain Burke retired following his tour as Commanding Officer of Reserve Seal Team 8.


You’ve attended all three of our Veterans Day Breakfasts for the past three years. Why do you think that it is important to carry on the tradition of this event? These events bring together multiple generations to honor service and sacrifice. It really is a bonding experience between the students with the older generations and enhances a shared patriotic spirit. CHC seems to do everything well, but these breakfasts have turned out to be particularly special.


What advice would you have for a CHC student considering military service after graduation? CHC graduates going on to college should look into opportunities at the service academies such as the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Military Academy at West Point, or Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. These appointments require considerable lead time, so you cannot wait until your senior year to begin the process. Likewise, there are many ROTC and NROTC opportunities, including scholarships. Entering active duty as commissioned officers, young college graduates are given responsibilities and leadership training that is rarely available in the civilian world until much later in their careers. This early experience serves individuals very well regardless of their ultimate career directions.

3 4

Given the proximity of the School to the world’s largest naval base, how do you think that has an impact on the CHC community? The CHC community, unlike most communities around the country, is afforded the opportunity to get to know the truly great Americans who have willingly stepped up to serve our country. We know them as family members, friends and neighbors, but they are much more and deserve our gratitude and respect.


With your granddaughter, Mary, here as a Cape Henry student, what impressions do you hope she will have about the military that she will impart to her classmates? Mary’s entire family here in Virginia is military, obviously Navy, but also Army and Air Force. I hope that she shares with her classmates that these special people, through their actions, demonstrate love of country, sense of duty, honor and self sacrifice that go beyond normal citizenship.

As you look back at your 27 years of combined service, what moment or event stands out to you as being significant? As a “brand new” Ensign, I reported aboard my ship, a destroyer, which had already deployed for a six month Mediterranean cruise. It was summer, and we “manned the rails” in our white uniforms as we transited the Bosphorus Strait, the very narrow channel that connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. At the narrowest point, we heard a honking car horn and saw young college-age people shouting to us while waving an American flag. It made me feel very proud to wear our country’s uniform overseas, and I have never forgotten that feeling.

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Athletics Athletic Report COED CROSS COUNTRY HEAD COACH Jim Lancaster

ASSISTANT COACH Dashiell Quasebarth

TEAM CAPTAINS Rex Serpe Owen Richards

BOYS RECORD 4th Place TCIS Finish 9th Place State Finish

GIRLS RECORD 7th Place TCIS Finish

The 2017-2018 Dolphin Coed Cross Country program welcomed two new coaches to the ranks in Head Coach Jim Lancaster and Assistant Coach Dashiell Quasebarth, and the dedicated atmosphere was apparent from day one. With veteran leadership from junior Captain Owen Richards and senior Captain Rex Serpe, the Dolphins were excited to compete with the area’s top runners.

The Boys Cross Country Team completed a 4th Place TCIS finish and jumped six spots from last season to finish 9th in the VISAA State Meet, while the Girls Cross Country Team finished the season as the 7th place program in the TCIS. Junior Owen Richards continued to dominate the competition with a 2nd Place TCIS finish and a 6th place VISAA State on his way to 1st Team All-TCIS and 1st Team All-State honors. Senior Rex Serpe, affectionately referred to as “the face of the Cross Country program,” brought home 1st Team All-TCIS honors after finishing 13th in the TCIS. Freshman and a new student, Logan Warden surprised all but the Dolphin community by finishing 6th in the TCIS, 9th in the VISAA State meet, earning 1st Team All-State and 1st Team All-TCIS honors, as well as grabbing the 5th spot on the Girls All-Time CHC Cross Country record board. Strong performances from returners Simon Altmeyer, Mitchell Cuthriell, and Brandon Midgette consistently rounded out the scoring five for the boys, while extraordinary finishes from Bella Acosta, Lily Grant, Liz Bowles, and Cat Lestyan aided the success the girls saw in 2017. As Rex Serpe and Daisy Yang complete their CHC Cross Country careers, the Dolphins are excited about returners Berk Alptekin, Connor Clay, Nick Damuth, Zach Earl, Andy Fan, Taisho Miller, Andy Qian, Byron Richards, Gary Sheng, Jack Sui, Sam Tankard, James Tyler and Gary Xu to continue their growth as Cross Country athletes.


S O U N D I N G S | WINTER 2018


In Head Coach Kristen Wheeler’s final season, it was clear the Dolphins had eyes on Cape Henry’s 5th State Championship with Wheeler. Consistent with years past, the Dolphins’ focus in 2017-2018 was team chemistry and goal setting. The focus was evident in the DII State Champions’ technical and selfless style of play. The trio of captains, comprised of senior Kendall Hathaway, senior Sydney Dudley, and junior Alexandra Land, led the Dolphins to another dominant season and a record of 18-2-1, with the two losses falling to the eventual Division I State Champions. After a hard-fought loss in the TCIS finals, the Dolphins were off to the VISAA Division II State Tournament as the state’s # 1 seed. Behind the efforts of junior captain Alexandra Land (Division II State Player of the Year, 1st Team All-Tidewater, 1st Team All-TCIS, and 1st Team All-State), the Dolphins rolled through the State Tournament without conceding a single goal, outscoring opponents 10-0 in the process. Seniors Kendall Hathaway (2nd Team All-TCIS and 1st Team All-State) and Kelsey McCoy (1st Team All-TCIS and 1st Team All-State) provided veteran leadership for a young Dolphin Field Hockey program, while senior captain Sydney Dudley and senior goalkeeper Reilly Bawcom (1st Team-All TCIS and 1st Team All-State) delivered a strong, confident, and consistent defensive half, tallying 12 shutouts throughout the 2017-2018 campaign. Sophomore Ali Gordon (1st Team All-TCIS and 1st Team All-State), consistently carried the load in the middle of the field for the Dolphins, displaying critical tackles and setting up the Dolphin attack.



TEAM CAPTAINS Sydney Dudley Kendall Hathaway Alexandra Land

RECORD 18-2-1

While the Dolphins will miss the leadership from seniors Reilly Bawcom, Caroline DiBona, Sydney Dudley, Kendall Hathaway, and Kelsey McCoy, the Dolphins are excited for the future of the program with juniors Claire Bingham, Amberly Butler, Katie DiBona, Lexia Hann, and Alexandra Land prepared to lead the Cape Henry Field Hockey program.

The Dolphins opened the 2017-2018 season as a favorite in the TCIS picture once again. With 13 returning seniors leading the charge, the Dolphins displayed a technically sound brand of soccer throughout the season. Building from the back line, the Dolphins were able to consistently control possession. Head Coach and 2017 TCIS Coach of the Year, Dave Brun, and Assistant Coaches Brian Facemire and David Liebig knew this team was poised to make a run deep into the season. Led by Captains Matt Johnson, Sebastian Gunbeyi, and Carson Averette, the Dolphins dominated with an 18-2 regular season record. In the process, Cape Henry earned the TCIS regular season title and entered the TCIS Tournament as the conference’s #1 seed. After defeating Norfolk Christian and Steward School to earn a TCIS Tournament Championship berth against #2 Norfolk Academy, the Dolphins were looking for revenge from a 1-0 loss in the 2016-2017 TCIS Tournament Championship. With a 3-0 victory in the TCIS Championship, Cape Henry was ready to enter the VISAA Division I State Tournament as the #2 seed. A 4-3 victory over #7 Woodberry Forest in the State Quarterfinals and a 4-2 win over #3 Paul VI in the State Semi-Finals propelled the Dolphins to a 2-1 win over reigning State Champions, #5 St. Christopher’s. The Dolphins capped off a 21-2 overall record by winning the final 20 matches in route to Cape Henry’s first VISAA Division I State Soccer title.


ASSISTANT COACHES Brian Facemire David Liebig

TEAM CAPTAINS Carson Averette Sebastian Gunbeyi Matt Johnson


Along with impressive team honors, the Dolphins also had five players earn All-TCIS honors and three earn All-State honors. Senior Sebastian Gunbeyi took home TCIS Player of the Year, 1st Team All-TCIS, and 1st Team All-State to cap off his Cape Henry soccer career. Senior Bryce Harrison earned TCIS Tournament MVP honors, adding to his 1st Team AllTCIS and 1st Team All-State honors. Seniors Carson Averette and Phil Usonis earned 1st Team All-TCIS honors, while senior Matt Johnson finished his Cape Henry soccer career with 2nd Team All-TCIS and 1st Team All-State honors. The Dolphins are graduating 13 important pieces of the 2017 State Championship roster; however, Cape Henry is excited about what the future holds. The Dolphins will look to veteran leadership from juniors John Ermini, Grant Shepherd, Logan Tucker, George Selamaj, and Konrad Keenan to continue the success in the 2018-2019 season.

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G




TEAM CAPTAINS Charlotte Brown Fiona Clunan


After years of success with George Pilkington as the Head Coach, the 2016-2017 season saw Brittany Pilkington take the helm of the Dolphin Tennis program. After a successful 2016-2017 campaign, Brittany was fortunate enough to accept an assistant coaching position at the Division I college level with Norfolk State University. The Dolphins were thrilled to welcome new Head Coach Diane Deaton to the Cape Henry community. Coach Deaton was tasked with leading and developing a young core of student-athletes. The 20172018 Dolphin Tennis program, comprised of six juniors, five sophomores, and one freshman, showed moments of greatness, leaving the Cape Henry community excited for the future of the Dolphin Tennis program. Led by Captains Fiona Clunan and Charlotte Brown, the Dolphins earned a 5th Place TCIS finish. A year removed from competing as the #3 singles player, Fiona Clunan found herself competing as Cape Henry’s #1 Singles player and a member of the #1 Doubles court. Fiona finished the year with 2nd Team All-TCIS Singles honors and 2nd Team All-TCIS Doubles honors. Competing on the #2 Singles court and the second half of the #1 Doubles court, Charlotte Brown earned 2nd Team All-TCIS Doubles honors. Anne Porter Hudgins’ stellar TCIS Tournament performance propelled her to #3 in the conference, earning more points than all other competitors in the process. The Dolphins are excited to continue the growth as the 2018-2019 Dolphins welcome back the entirety of the 2017-2018 roster. Head Coach Diane Deaton and Assistant Jacquelyn West are thrilled to guide a determined group of student-athletes back to the top of the conference.



TEAM CAPTAINS Nathan Branson Grayson Browning Jack Rosenblum




The Dolphin Boys Volleyball program is no stranger to success behind Head Coach Adam Dierstein, and 2017 was more of the same. Entering the 2017 season with a bitter taste after the Dolphins failed to claim the top spot in 2016, Cape Henry had all eyes on claiming their ninth title. Led by captains Nathan Branson, Grayson Browning, and Jack Rosenblum, Cape Henry competed at the highest level. Regularly competing against the area’s top public and private schools, the Dolphins finished with an outstanding 17-3 record. The Dolphins battled to a #4 area ranking throughout the 2017 season, also claiming the top seed heading into the TCIS Invitational. After falling to Norfolk Christian in the previous season, the Dolphins brought back the TCIS title in 2017, winning for an impressive ninth time in ten seasons. The Dolphins remain thrilled with the team’s success and are proud of the individual accolades earned in 2017. Seniors Nathan Branson and Jack Rosenblum earned TCIS All Invitational Tournament Team honors, while Grayson Browning claimed TCIS Invitational MVP honors, 1st Team All-Tidewater honors, and became Cape Henry’s first Men’s Division I College Volleyball commit. The 2017 season marked the end of the CHC volleyball careers for seniors Grayson Browning, Nathan Branson, Jack Rosenblum, Max Joynes, Michael White, and Tomas Mariano. While the seniors will be greatly missed, the Dolphins are excited for the returning core of eighth grader Kade Keenan, freshmen Thomas Couch and Gianni Bezada Schenone, sophomores Brady Old, Barrett Nickles, and Robert Campbell, as well as veteran leadership from juniors Marshall Joyce, Cam Ciolfi, and Tucker Bruner.

After a rebuilding year and a 6-11 overall record in 2016, the Dolphins entered the 2017 campaign with a committed core of student-athletes eager to regain their place at the top of the conference. The 2017 Girls Volleyball program battled through another tough schedule against the area’s top public and private school competition and showed moments of greatness throughout the challenging schedule. In a competitive conference where the top half of the conference was competing for a legitimate chance to claim the conference title, the Dolphins finished 4th with an overall record of 12-10. The 12-10 record earned Cape Henry the 10th seed in the end of the year VISAA State rankings. Senior Captain Bayla Deel claimed 2nd Team All-TCIS honors with her impeccable defense, amassing over 80 digs in the final four matches. Junior Genevieve Reynolds continued to prove her dominance as one of the conference’s top middle hitters while earning 1st Team All-TCIS honors. Senior Captain Gabby Lascari provided a consistent outside threat for the Dolphin offense, while junior Captain Morgan Jones continued her growth and consistently impressed as the Dolphin setter.



TEAM CAPTAINS Bayla Deel Morgan Jones Gabby Lascari

RECORD 12-10

The Dolphins say goodbye to a dedicated core of seniors in Veronica Beggs, Bayla Deel, Morgan Jones, Olivia Jones, Gabby Lascari, and Laura Zettervall, but are excited for the experience that the returning student-athletes bring to the table. Head Coach Marck Weiss and Assistant Coach Monica Scott are thrilled to continue striving for conference dominance behind the likes of Caroline Cashion, Brynn Earl, Caroline Estes, Skylar Herrle, Morgan Jones, and Genevieve Reynolds.





C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Coaching a Generation of Players

A F T E R 1 5 Y E A R S AT T H E H E L M , C O A C H W H E E L E R R E T I R E S F R O M C O A C H I N G by Mrs. Jeanne Short, Director of Athletics Compiling 215 career wins, five conference titles, and five state championships over a 15-year coaching career is impressive by all objective measures. Dolphin Field Hockey alumnae playing collegiate field hockey at Duke, UVA, Stanford, Ohio State, VCU and Louisville, just to name a few, has also been remarkable; but the lifelong impact on the lives of student athletes is probably the reason most people coach. Head Coach Kristen Wheeler has certainly made an impact. Coach Wheeler announced to her team on the return trip home from their recent State Championship victory that she was retiring. What a way to finish earning her fifth state championship ring—“one for the thumb”—and her story could not have ended more perfectly. In the Fall of 2003, Coach Kristen Wheeler showed up in early August pulling her Little Tikes wagon stocked with practice equipment and, of course, a practice plan. Her previous resume included a standout high school and college playing career at Cox High School and VCU. Her post graduate years at Georgia State also included some significant coaching seasons with various sports such as softball, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. A good coach can coach, bottom line. But Coach Wheeler had much more to offer. Coach Wheeler would certainly attribute her former high school coach, Nancy Fowlkes, and VCU coach, Pat Stauffer, as formidable mentors early in her coaching career. ODU Hall of Fame legend Beth Anders was also an incredible resource, always willing to share coaching ideas and philosophies. Again, in an effort to always perfect her craft, Coach Wheeler sought out assistance from all who could strengthen the CHC Field Hockey program. Former U.S. Women’s National Team players and/or coaches Kim Dooren, Kate “Tiki” Barber Kinnear, Amy Tran Swenson, Justine Sowery, and Natalie Dawson Ashman provided coaching insight, while Kim Dooren, Willy Fluharty, Kerry DeVries and Margaret Brandon all stood by her side, at various times, on the sidelines, building championship seasons along the way. From day one at CHC, Coach Wheeler’s preparation for success and her persona of commitment and dedication followed her throughout her illustrious career. Field Hockey teams at CHC had certainly had their share of success, but none had been able to hang a State Championship banner. She ushered her first team into the gym and pointed out that something was missing from the wall--a State Championship title for a girls' team in any sport. Since then, the field hockey program has earned an incredible five State Titles. This level of success did not come by chance. It came with a well-thought-out plan, a commitment to hard work and timed runs, and the leadership of Head Coach Kristen Wheeler. The first step in developing champions is to get your team to believe; the next step is to get them to buy into the work necessary for success. These life skills are gifts cherished by current and former players. Her former players so appreciate th e gifts that Coach Wheeler has given them that they were eager to share their remarks: Kelsey Scherrer '09, former VCU field hockey’s All-Time Leading Scorer: “Some of my greatest accomplishments as a student athlete came under the direction of Coach Wheeler. The incredible amount of dedication and consistency that she has poured into this program for so many years is something the entire CHC community should be very proud of. I’ve never been led by someone who knew how to motivate me quite like Coach did. She taught me how to cross the finish line when I was sure I had nothing left to give, the importance of shaking my opponent’s hand with my head held high regardless of the outcome of the game, what it meant to be a team player, and most importantly, not to take the opportunity to play in a Cape Henry uniform for granted. Coach, you set the standard and “thank you” will never do it justice. You may be hanging up the whistle, but you’ll always be “Coach” to me! Thank you a million times over for the memories, and congratulations on the next chapter!” Ashmore Standing '11, former ODU Girls Lacrosse All-American and current CHC faculty member: “Coach Wheeler has always been an inspiration to me and always pushed me to reach my full potential. Not only did I look up to Wheeler for anything relating to athletics, but I knew I could go to her with personal questions as well. She has always been a role model, and I'll always continue to reach out to her for coaching tips.”



Khajae Hester '12, former Randolph Macon Women’s Basketball Athlete: “I remember the first time Amalia Riess ‘11 brought me in to meet the notorious Coach Wheeler. I didn’t know much about her or field hockey, but Amalia insisted we talk. So we did. We sat down together, and immediately Coach Wheeler told me I was going to be a hockey player—and from that point on, she was right! She made me fall in love with a sport I had no idea how to play. She had the ability to bring out the most of every player no matter what; she made you want to be better every day, not only for yourself but for your teammates. She helped mold me into not only a great athlete but, most importantly, a great person. So for that, Coach Wheeler, I thank you and appreciate all you have done for me and the Cape Henry Field Hockey program.” Brooke Castleberry '14, current field hockey athlete at UVA: “Coach Wheeler built me into the athlete I am today both physically, and more importantly, mentally. Through the timed runs, hearing “get on the end line,” and through many other struggles my teammates and I faced, we grew stronger and learned how to cope with mental toughness. I will never forget all of our successes, and I thank Coach Wheeler so much for building an amazing program that we’re all proud to be a part of.”

Colleen Rogers ‘14, current VCU field hockey athlete: “I’ll always appreciate Coach Wheeler for taking me in as a little freshman with very little field hockey experience, given that I had dedicated my life to the pool for swimming. Once I gave up the cap and goggles, Wheels showed me what it was like to run a timed run every day; she pushed me to my limits and allowed me to develop friendships for a lifetime. I now get to play collegiate field hockey at my dream school, and I couldn’t thank Coach Wheeler enough! She is leaving the Cape Henry Field Hockey program some big shoes to fill. My favorite quote of hers that I still use to this day when I have a freshman come in on the team complaining how hard it is: “Put your big girl pants on.” I’ll miss seeing ya out there Wheels—thank you for everything! “ “A good coach can change a game—A great coach can change a life.” —John Wooden, American basketball player

A Tale of Two Titles


Flashback to 2016, the Dolphin Field Hockey program battled through a difficult State Tournament to enter the State Finals versus Covenant School. At the same time, the Dolphins Boys Soccer program faced a tough Quarterfinals match-up with St. Christopher’s. Field Hockey was handed a 2-0 defeat, while Soccer’s season was cut short after a 4-3 loss. With a combination of reflection and a bevy of returning talent, both Dolphin programs began working for the next season and would not allow these losses to define an otherwise successful season. Enter 2017, both Kristen Wheeler and Dave Brun knew their respective programs were poised to make a run deep into the State Tournament. For Head Coach Kristen Wheeler, it was not long before she and Assistant Coach Kim Dooren realized this team had the makings of a potential powerhouse. “We lost to Covenant 2-0 in the 2016 state title game,” Wheeler said of the Field Hockey program. “I felt like we definitely left unfinished business on the field that day; however, we returned the majority of our players for the 2017 season and they had an entire year to reflect on the fact we left unfinished business on the field. This group was determined to not let it happen again.” Wheeler continued, “When we started off the season 3-0, having defeated three well-established public school teams in Ocean Lakes, Princess Anne, and Kellam, Kim and I felt confident in what the team could ultimately accomplish.” Kristen and Kim were not wrong. The only two Dolphin losses this season were to the eventual DI State Champions. For Head Coach Dave Brun, and Assistants Brian Facemire and David Liebig, there was no doubt as to what this team could accomplish. However, the defining moment came early in the season as the Dolphins traveled to St. Christopher’s. “We dropped two games to the 2016 State Champions, St. Christopher’s, in the 2016 season. Once in the regular season and once to end our season,” Brun said of the Soccer program. “ We knew early in the 2017 season this team would be special; the way we played ‘our game’ to beat #1 St. Christopher’s on the road left little doubt as to who was, arguably, the best team in the state. Even though we were saddled with a #11 ranking, this team knew where it stood amongst the competition.” The Dolphins eventually tallied 20 straight wins to cap off the first state Soccer title for Cape Henry; it is clear the Dolphins were correct. It is difficult not to see the similarities between the two programs. Each program promotes choosing what is best for the team over what is best for “me.” As Dave Brun proclaimed, “We were successful this season due to a combination of talent, technique, and discipline tied together by an overwhelming sense of selflessness and team-first mentality.” For the Dolphin Field Hockey program, work ethic was the common denominator. Kristen Wheeler said of her team, “Some players provided a high level of technical ability, while others contributed athleticism and speed. We had a great mix of goal-scorers, precision passers, and tough defenders. All of this mixed with our mantra, ‘We Before Me,’ led to a successful 2017 campaign.” With selflessness at the front of these programs, it is easy to understand why each program has brought a State Championship Title to Cape Henry in 2017. For Field Hockey, Kendall Hathaway, Reilly Bawcom, Kelsey McCoy, and Ali Gordon brought home 1st Team All-State honors, while Alexandra Land earned DII State Player of the Year. On the boy’s side, Sebastian Gunbeyi, Bryce Harrison, and Matt Johnson earned 1st Team All-State honors. The individual accomplishments from both programs are impressive, but each athlete understands individual accomplishments are earned together, as a team. This is a testament to the “team-first” mentality each program represents. With many returners earning valuable time and young athletes ready to prove themselves, both programs have a great deal to look forward to in the 2018 season.

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G






Amanda“ Scott ‘05 By Kristen Wheeler, Director of Alumni Programs

“Work hard, find balance, and trust the process,” is

Amanda Scott’s personal philosophy. “I like to take one step at a time, hopefully in a forward direction,” says the two-time qualifier for the Olympic Marathon Trials. One step at a time might be her process, but her results can be measured in quantum leaps. A summa cum laude chemical engineering graduate from Vanderbilt University, with minors in materials science, chemistry, and mathematics, Amanda might be quick to point out that technically, quantum leaps are tiny. But there is nothing tiny about her list of accomplishments. Amanda, the valedictorian of the Class of 2005 and a member of Cape Henry’s Athletic Hall of Fame, In October 2017, Amanda visited Taipei, Taiwan, where she met with sales partners and customers, reviewed issues, and discussed new products and applications.

also excelled in the classroom and on the track while a student-athlete at Vanderbilt University. Her list of recognitions is extensive, but highlights include the Stein-Stone Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Engineering Student-Athlete; and ultimately, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which led her to the University of Cambridge. There she earned her Master of Philosophy in Advanced Chemical Engineering while running track and

Amanda installed a Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer to be used at the UC-Davis Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science to capture, treat, and recycle rainwater for cleaning.

competing on the famous Hare and Hounds cross country team.

Currently Amanda is the Industrial and Environmental Product and Applications Manager at SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. For the past three years, Amanda has worked to develop and support organics monitoring solutions for industrial and environmental markets through market research, strategic planning, technical and application support, and product development. She has presented at over 20 different national and international water conferences and seminars and is published in multiple trade journals. Serving as this year’s keynote speaker for Alumni Career Day on Friday, February 23, Amanda will pull from her academic, professional, and athletic experiences to inspire our juniors and seniors to forge their own paths and chase their interests. One dream that Amanda continues to pursue is to represent the United States in an international competition. Following her collegiate running career, and while studying in England, Amanda decided to give the marathon distance a test-run. She competed in the 2010 London Marathon, and by 2012 she had qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials, a feat that she repeated in 2016. While Amanda’s road has been paved with success, she also has had her share of setbacks. Just this past October, she dropped out midway through the Chicago Marathon. “I had been preparing for that race for 10 months. I was fit and ready physically, but mentally I was stressed out from work and burned out on running.” Amanda recalls feeling as though her hopes and dreams were unraveling around her. She was devastated and admits that she is still trying to wrap her head around what happened. “We all know that life throws us curve balls along the way, so when that happens we decide to pivot or persevere.” Persevere was her choice for running. In her professional path, she opted to pivot. In 2010, Amanda became a PhD candidate in chemical and biological engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As with most over-achievers, Amanda had a plan. She was going to complete her PhD, follow with a post-doctorate, and then work at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado. But after one year in the program, Amanda was yearning for life outside of the academic environment. “Leaving that program after only one year was the biggest risk I have ever taken.” She pivoted, exited the hallways, and began her professional journey landing her first job as a Product Developer at Crocs Footwear. Almost four years later, Amanda pivoted again and began her work with GE Analytical Instruments (acquired by SUEZ in October 2017) where she has remained. When asked why she decided to pursue a chemical engineering degree, Amanda was quick to credit her mentors at Cape Henry. “Math with the Kerbins and Mrs. Zimmerman provided a strong and comprehensive foundation for engineering. They made math fun! It was like a game to me—I enjoyed solving the puzzles.” Her strength in math and natural love of science created a solid base, but the catalyst came from “learning from young, strong, intelligent women in science,” says Amanda. “I was extremely fortunate to have role models like Kim (McDonald) Johnson, Shannon Whitney, and Rebecca Nelson who were critical in my decision to study engineering.” Jokingly, Amanda added that the fact that Ms. Nelson allowed her to study the viscosity of chocolate after the AP chemistry exam also helped! Water has replaced chocolate, and Amanda’s scientific curiosity continues to propel her. Coined a “resource revolution,” her work with SUEZ, a global water company, is helping to protect, optimize, and develop access to resources while simultaneously working to produce new ones. Water is a key ingredient in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and semiconductor manufacturing. And, as Amanda points out, “Steam generation is a major source of electricity production from a variety of fuel sources.” Amanda adds, “I’ve personally loved learning about the water industry. How many people actually think about where their water comes from, how it’s treated, and how it’s used in industry? We usually think it’s just an endless resource, but water scarcity and population growth are driving the industry to critically think about water reuse opportunities and resource recovery as well.” The Cape Henry Alumni Association is looking forward to soaking up more of Amanda’s experiences when she returns to campus as the keynote speaker for Alumni Career Day. Celebrating 10 years of hosting this cornerstone event, more than 25 alumni from across the country will share their wealth of knowledge with our juniors and seniors, who will hopefully pursue their passions in a forward direction, one step at a time. C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


CHC Alumni

Career Day


Friday, February 23

“The fact that our alumni will travel across the country to join us for this event speaks volumes,” says Tyler Brooks ’05, Vice President of the Alumni Board and Chair of Alumni Career Day. Tyler continued, “This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Alumni Career Day, and we are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back to campus.” Amanda Scott '05 will headline this year’s event as the keynote speaker (see feature article on page 24 for more information). Juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to learn from the alumni speakers listed below (the list is subject to change as confirmations are received).

– KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Amanda Scott '05, Chemical Engineer, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

– EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP – Matthew Audette '92, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, LPL Financial

– BANKING – Ricky Frantz '99, Vice President, Union Bank Shares Ben Temple '97, Owner and Vice President, OVM Financial

– FINANCIAL ADVISEMENT – Rex Mahoney '08, Managing Director, Coastal Capital Investors, LLC

– BUSINESS (STRATEGIC PLANNING/EXECUTION) – Katherine King '12, Management Consulting Senior Analyst, Accenture Federal Services Kristin Sparks '02, Chief Operating Officer, American Borate Company

– HEALTH CARE – Josh Collingsworth '08, Chiropractor, The Spine Group Amber Minton Warburton '02, ARDMS Ultrasound Technologist, Sentara

– BUSINESS (SMALL BUSINESS OWNER) – Kyle Burns '11, Owner and Chief Instructor, Great Neck Martial Arts Academy Alex Elliott '08, Owner, Sun Coast Landscapes – DENTISTRY – Divya Suresh '10, MBS, DMD Candidate, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine – ENGINEERING – Brandon Faubert '07, Naval Architect, Philly Shipyard, Inc. Amanda Scott '05, Chemical Engineer, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

– INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT– Carter Gibson '08, Program Manager, Family Link, Google – LAW – Kristin Hopkins '11, Student, William and Mary Law School Henry Willett '92, Partner, Christian and Barton LLP – MARKETING – Jacob Henning ‘12, Sales and Marketing Associate, DACS, Inc. – MEDICAL – Jon Snider '02, Physician and Assistant Professor of Neurology, VCU Health System

– NONPROFIT – Lauren Cheniae Bassett '07, Missions and Ministry Events Manager, First Norfolk Guy Carmeli '08, Development & Communications Coordinator, The SEED Foundation – PHYSICAL THERAPY – Stephanie Grune '07, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Bon Secours InMotion Physical Therapy Devin Nash '06, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Atlantic Physical Therapy – REAL ESTATE (RESIDENTIAL) – Seth White '11, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty Kate Easton '11, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty – SALES – Dana Truxell '89, Account Manager, Papco, Inc. Cecil Ward '10, Sales and Service, WC Carpenter – TELEVISION / MEDIA – Kyle McKee '13, Broadcast Associate, CBS This Morning

– MILITARY / CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT – Meredith Wallace '11, Intelligence Officer/Analyst, Transnational Threats Department, Office of Naval Intelligence in the Counter Narcotics Division Frank Dolberry '02, Student at the School of Advanced Military Studies, United States Army

Networking Series Event The November Networking Series Event at Chick’s Oyster Bar was hopping! Alumni of all ages mixed and mingled with Trustees, faculty, and current parents. Discussions of internships, Alumni Career Day, Job Shadowing Day, and job opportunities swirled. Please join us for our next Networking Series Event:

ALUMNI CAREER DAY LUNCHEON Head of School’s House | Friday, February 23 | 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

This is always an excellent opportunity for all alumni to mix, mingle, and network. You do not have to be a speaker to attend the luncheon. College-aged alumni are welcome to return to campus, sit in on the Career Day sessions, meet the speakers, and join us for lunch.



uCelebrating Our Legacy Families


Ross and Kristy Winfield '95

Virginia '86 and Bill Hudgins

Margo '89 and Matt Winans

Stacie '97 and Bart Kite

Dana Truxell '89

Eric '94 and Lesleyanne Mulkey

Trent '88 and Sally Dudley '88

Kristen Wheeler and Tammy Hindle '80

2017 Reunion Weekend

“It was great to see so many fellow Dolphins brave the rain and reconnect with each other in celebration of our time at Cape Henry. The fact that our strong sense of community endures so well over the years is truly touching. Each time I step on campus, and particularly at Reunion Weekend, I am reminded of how Cape Henry shaped my life in the best way possible—which makes me look forward to the Class of 2008’s 10-year reunion next fall all the more.” - Brandon Allred '08 “There is always such a fun and eclectic group of alumni at the reunion tent. It’s my favorite event of the year.” - Coles Keeter '10

THANK YOU TO OUR REUNION WEEKEND DONORS! Katherine and Ros Willis ‘82 Oysters and Clams

The Cape Henry Alumni Association is looking for volunteers from classes ending in “3” and “8” for our next Reunion Weekend.



– FRIDAY, MAY 18 – To learn more about our Athletic Hall of Fame and to read the bios of past inductees, understand criteria, and nominate a candidate, please visit:

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A nomination must be received in order for a candidate to be considered for induction.

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N O M I N AT I O N D E A D L I N E F O R T H E M AY 1 8 I N D U C T I O N I S F E B R U A R Y 2 3 . C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Alumni Alumni Notes

p THROWBACK: By 1931, the Everett School had grown to an enrollment of 23 students. In the photo above, along with the 23 students is Mrs. Everett (back row, center) along with two of her daughters, Margaret (left) and Helena (right) who were teachers at the school. Amongst the young students pictured is a 5-year-old Dickie Jordan (first row, second from right), future headmistress.

Tammy Dail Hindle '80 Tammy and her husband, Vince, continue to love life in Pungo. Tammy’s daughter, Laura, Class of 2008, is working at Professional Tire and Rim, in Chesapeake. Her son, Lee, Class of 2016, is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently attended the CHC alumni dinner in Richmond. Tammy’s younger son, Joe, a senior at CHC, is in the college application process and hopes to get accepted to the NROTC program at his college of choice.

Tammy Dail Hindle '80 and Anne “Dickie” Jordan Waldrop (ES)

Pictured is Tammy with Mrs. Dickie Jordan, an early pioneer at Cape Henry and Tammy’s French teacher for three years. Tammy reflects that her fondest memories from Cape Henry are times spent with Mrs. Jordan. “She inspired us to learn and love all things French. She even wrote a French version of Frosty the Snowman to amuse us.” Tammy continued, “When Laura was born in 1989, she came to visit me and meet Laura. She never missed sending me a Christmas card. I will miss her greatly.” Jamie DiBona Connor '84 Jamie and Andrew “Jack” Timms are happy to announce their engagement! Jack, who also attended Cape Henry, has a daughter, Cora, who is a student in the Lower School. All three are happy to be back in the Cape Henry “family.”




Allison Ingram '90 Allison was awarded the 2017 Nonprofit Association CFO of the Year for her work as the director of finance for the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). Allison leads the 29,000-member organization’s financial direction working closely with the executive director, leads the day-to-day internal functions at the national office, and oversees the financial and legal stewardship of the SAME Foundation, which she helped establish in 2016. Travis Patton '94 Travis and his husband, Jeff Seese, are now winemakers! Travis and Jeff purchased Chester Gap Cellars, a vineyard and winery located just outside of Front Royal, Virginia. They would love to welcome all CHC alumni to the winery. Travis also continues to work at PwC, LLP where he is a partner in the national tax practice.

Travis Patton '94

Hunter McCaa '95 Showing their CHC Dolphin pride, Hunter is pictured with family friend Liam Kamarek, Class of 2028! The two families were vacationing together in Duck, North Carolina. Shevika Ward Hannah '97 Shevika and her husband, Hugh, welcomed their fourth baby girl, Havana Elise Hannah, on August 23, 2017. Havana joins her sisters, Harmonee (4), Hadarah (3), and Haaliyah (1). They feel blessed and thank God for another miracle. Carey Plemmons '97 Carey accepted a new position with AMA, Inc. working on site at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton as their graphic artist IV position working with flight projects directorate.

Hunter McCaa '95

Taylor Adkins '00 Taylor and his wife, Jennifer, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Ruby Foye Adkins, on April 28, 2017. Ruby weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces. The family lives in Alexandria, where Taylor is an executive recruiter for Randstad Professionals in Washington, D.C. His focus is on recruiting for accounting, finance, and human resources. Jon Snider '02 Jon married the love of his life, Chun Guo, in a sunset beach ceremony in November. They then absconded to Walt Disney World and SeaWorld for a mini-honeymoon, where they blew most of their wedding gift money on fish to feed adorable sea lions. When he is not adventuring with his wife, Jon continues to practice neurology with a specialty in movement disorders at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kristin Sparks '02 Kristin was recently promoted to chief operating officer of American Borate Company (ABC). She is responsible for overall operations including customer service, quality conformance, warehouse ops, budgeting, long-term forecasting, and staffing. She celebrated her eighth anniversary with ABC in July. Kristin’s husband, Mark, left the Navy in 2014 after eight years of service as an NFO and is now working for Engility as an air resource coordinator. Kristin and Mark have been married since May 2013 and are enjoying life in Virginia Beach.

Shevika Ward Hannah '97

Amber Minton Warburton '02 Amber, who is an ARDMS registered ultrasound technologist for Sentara, is thrilled that her daughter, Astella, is attending Cape Henry in Prekindergarten 4. Amber’s husband, Tony, is a retired Navy SEAL who is now working with the U.S. government.

Carey Plemmons '97

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Caroline Camp Harrison '03 Caroline’s company, Coastal Accommodations, just wrapped up its first year in business. She and her business partner manage 24 (and growing) Vacation Rental Properties at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Coupled with their vacation homes, the company has a concierge division that pairs locals and travelers alike with cultivated bespoke experiences. Gordon Harrison ‘03 Gordon is the President of the Sales Group at Heritage Woodworks. He and Caroline have enjoyed getting to work together on Coastal Accommodations’ 14 new townhomes being built on the 500 block of 22nd Street. Gordon did all the cabinetry and kitchen design for the new construction. Lindsey Frantz Noel '04 James Wright Noel IV, “Ford”, was born on July 9, 2017, to Lindsey and James Noel. He’s a healthy, happy baby who looks forward to meeting everyone and attending his mom’s alma mater as a future Dolphin! Lauren Bertolino Casey '05 Lauren, who has worked at ADS in inside sales supporting the Navy for the past two years, married Owen Casey in June 2016. Owen is an insurance broker at The Frieden Agency. The happy couple is looking to purchase their first home. Lauren Bertolino Casey '05

focus u Genna Brand '07 Genna, who lives in Israel, is the director of communications at Innovation: Africa. The Cape Henry Athletic Hall of Fame member and former Ohio State Buckeye was a professional soccer player in Israel with ASA Tel Aviv before beginning her work at Innovation: Africa. Recently Genna had the opportunity to provide old Cape Henry athletic uniforms to students in Africa. Here is the story in Genna’s words: “As part of a project with Innovation: Africa, I had the opportunity to help install solar energy to N’gozi Primary School in Malawi. On the last day of the trip, my colleague and I arrived about an hour before the rest of the team met us, and as I waited, I saw many students playing soccer. They were barefoot, playing with a “ball” which was constructed of practically anything they could find on the streets or get their hands on. Prior to the installation ceremony, our founder asked if I would speak to the community on behalf of Innovation: Africa. I was still so affected by what I had witnessed in the street, I made a split second decision to promise those students that I would make it my personal mission to send them uniforms. “The first person I called was Willy Fluharty, and in no time, we had some gently used Cape Henry uniforms to give to the students. It’s not Innovation: Africa’s mission to bring clothes or uniforms, but when I saw the students playing, I couldn’t help myself. Seeing the universal language of soccer played across the world, moved me. I felt like those students should have the same opportunity that I had growing up—understanding what it means to ‘feel’ like a team. To all wear the same beautiful uniform with one name across the front unifying them. “When the uniforms were delivered, the response I got from the children left me speechless! To say the students were ecstatic is an understatement. I am beyond proud that now the students of N’gozi Primary School are sporting CHC swag and loving every second of it! I can’t thank everyone enough. My heart is full and I am very proud to be a Dolphin.”



Jenny Miller Sanford '05 Jenny and her husband, Stephen, continue to grow their business, Central Virginia Wine Tours & Transportation. In addition to running the business, Jenny has taught elementary school for the past eight years. The couple is settling into their new house in Gordonsville, Virginia, and look forward to what 2018 has in store. Kaitrin Paphites Young '05 Kaitrin loves the fact that her son, Greyson Young, who started Prekindergarten this year, attends Cape Henry at the same time as her brother, Jason, who is a junior. Kaitrin and her husband, Grey, are very busy having started two businesses this year: A.R.C. Landscaping and Gigi’s Cupcakes. A.R.C. is a full service landscaping company providing both residential and commercial services. Gigi’s Cupcakes is located in the Marketplace at Hilltop. Gigi’s fresh bakes cupcakes, bread loafs, custom cakes, and cookies every day and offers an ice cream and an espresso menu. Chris Burke '06 Chris, who stopped by campus recently, earned his commercial pilot license and will be starting work in January as a certified flight instructor (CFI) in Tucson, Arizona. Chris, who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail in their entirety, enjoys playing tennis and exploring the outdoors. Nathalie Bank '07 Nathalie, who recently visited campus with her boyfriend Michiel, is a researcher and Ph.D. candidate at the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, Research Institute TNO and Utrecht University. She is currently writing a doctorate dissertation about overt cyber influence operations in irregular warfare, case study Islamic State; meaning, she is researching the use of media in warfare and how it is wielded as a weapon by opponents. She contributes to war studies in the Cyber Department as well as in the Intel and Security Studies Department. Additionally, she guest-lectures officer cadets and midshipmen about media and war, strategic communications, and IS influence operations. Nathalie, who in the midst of writing a book on her research, works with Commodore Frans Osinga and Colonel Han Bouwmeester, two former Cape Henry families.

Kaitrin Paphites Young '05

Chris Burke '06

Lizzie Wagner Lee '07 Lizzie recently wed her college sweetheart, Mitch Lee, in Sun Valley, Idaho. Their August mountain wedding was celebrated by a small group of family and friends. The Lees are excited for their next chapter, and will continue their lives together in San Francisco, California. Jonathan MacConkey '07 Jonathan graduated cum laude from West Virginia University with a degree in finance in 2011 and went on to earn his MBA in 2015. He now lives in Richmond where he is working for Crown Castle, a telecom company. He manages all of the Verizon Construction on Crown Castle towers in Virginia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Kathryn VanDeveer '09 Kathryn received her J.D. from Duquesne University School of Law in 2016, where she actively participated in the Urban Development Clinic and received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award in Civil Procedure II. Additionally, Kathryn was a staff writer for both Joule: Duquesne Energy and Environmental Law Journal and Juris Magazine. Now, Kathryn is a staff attorney with the law firm Babst Calland at their headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She works in their Energy and Natural Resources Group, counseling various energy, oil, gas and mineral-related clients on transaction matters, including title examination, title curative, oil and gas title opinions, and due diligence.

Nathalie Bank '07

Lizzie Wagner Lee '07

C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Kalan Brehm Jasny '11 Kalan married Micah Jasny at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia, on May 28, 2017, and enjoyed their honeymoon in Iceland. She graduated from William and Mary in 2015, and is entering her second year of graduate school at Boston University School of Medicine with a specialization in forensic anthropology. Her husband, Micah, also a William and Mary graduate, earned his Master’s in environmental science from Duke University in 2016 and is working for an environmental consortium in Boston.

Kalan Brehm Jasny '11

Jamie Burke '11 Jamie is soaking up the sun and studying the stars at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is working on his Ph.D. in physics with an emphasis in astrophysics. Jamie’s research on supernovae (exploding stars) utilizes the Las Cumbres Observatory, a worldwide network of 21 robotic telescopes which can be controlled by computer from Santa Barbara. Taylor Calley '11 Taylor, who served in the Marine Corps, is using his GI Bill to attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he is majoring in political science with a minor in linguistics. He works with the wrestling club and is hoping to coach a local high school wrestling team. Kristin Hopkins '11 Kristin, who is in her third year at William and Mary Law School, will have an article published by the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law in the spring of 2018. The article discusses the lack of minority actors on Broadway due to the colorblind casting method, and advocates for a color-conscious casting method to be used to increase the number of minority actors on Broadway. The Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law selects only one or two students to publish every issue through a competitive selection process.

Josh Lim '12 and Sean Poppen '12

Josh Lim '12 Josh is working on his master’s in fisheries management and conservation at the University of Miami. He is conducting coral research with NOAA on the Port Miami and Port Everglades dredging project. During Hurricane Irma, Josh evacuated to Virginia Beach and was able to return to campus and speak to Liz Moore’s AP Biology class regarding his research and college path. Josh is pictured with fellow alumnus, Sean Poppen '12. Josh attended one of Sean’s baseball games in Fort Myers, Florida. Thomas Hoskins '12 After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a mechanical engineering degree, Tom accepted a federal position at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. His team is responsible for the testing and support of the most mature hit-to-kill weapon system of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, the Patriot Weapon System.

Russell Sanders '12

Russell Sanders '12 In December 2016, Russell graduated from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in building construction and real estate. He is currently working with Whiting-Turner in Arlington, Virginia, as a project engineer. He proposed to his college sweetheart, Emily Armentrout, in May, and their wedding is planned for September in Blacksburg. Amanda Finn '13 Amanda graduated from the University of Virginia in May with a Bachelor of Arts in global security and justice. She works for Darktrace, a cybersecurity company, and lives in the D.C. area. Jackson Skeen '14 Jackson, a current senior at Duke University, was selected as a George J. Mitchell Scholar—one of 12 students nationwide. This year, 326 students applied for the scholarship, named in honor of Senator George Mitchell’s contributions to the Northern Ireland peace process. Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic distinction, leadership and service, and spend a year of postgraduate study at institutions of higher learning in Ireland.



Brooke Castleberry '15 Brooke and her University of Virginia teammates clinched the ACC field hockey regular season title with a win over Louisville in October. Kendall King '15 Kendall is an exercise science major at Auburn University and ultimately plans to work in the field of physical therapy. Next semester she hopes to be a research assistant for a lab in the kinesiology department. In her free time, Kendall participates in philanthropy events with her sorority Delta Gamma, is a member of the ultimate Frisbee team, and plays other intramural sports. Madi Albritton '16 Madi was fortunate to attend the Richmond Forum Event featuring President Barack Obama with Randolph-Macon College President, Robert Lindgren, in November. An alumna of Randolph-Macon worked as Obama’s Chief of Staff and she arranged for Madi, two fellow students, and Mr. Lindgren to meet the President before the event! Ashlyn Kale '16 Ashlyn was cast as Paulina in a play called Death and the Maiden which opens at James Madison University at the end of January. This summer Ashlyn will study abroad in Panama where she will learn about sustainability and media arts. Rachel Keenan '16 Rachel, a sophomore at James Madison University, is majoring in writing rhetoric and technical communications with a minor in Christian studies. In addition to her school work, Rachel leads Young Life at Riverheads High School in Staunton, Virginia. She travels to the school about four days a week to minister to the students. Conor Somers '16 Conor, who is double majoring in applied and computational mathematics and Spanish, is loving his experience at the University of Notre Dame. In typical Conor fashion, he is working very hard in the classroom and on the tennis courts. He is hoping to play in one of the top six spots for the Fighting Irish this spring.

Brooke Castleberry '15

Madi Albritton '16

Jack Wren '16 and Conor Somers '16

focus u Erika Schaubach '08 Erika is working as a ranger with the Bureau of Land Management in Elko, Nevada at the California Trail Center. She creates programs and leads tours discussing the California Trail (a 2,000-mile trail that had more immigrants than the Oregon Trail). Erika spent a year volunteering with the Student Conservation Association and AmeriCorps before landing the job. When asked if she was a National Parks Service Ranger, Erika smiled and noted how that is an easy misunderstanding from east coasters! “The Bureau of Land Management is a division of the Department of Interior like the National Parks, Fish and Wildlife, or the Forest Service, but it’s separate.” Erika continued, “BLM’s mission statement is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the multiple use and enjoyment of present and future generations.” Prior to her work in Elko, Erika completed three internships. Her first internship was at Calaveras Big Trees State Park in Arnold, California. The park boasts over 1,100 giant sequoia trees. Sequoia trees are the world’s largest living things, with more mass on average than most coastal redwoods. Her second and third internships were in Kodiak, Alaska, with the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge. “Two thirds of this island is a refuge to protect about 3,500 Kodiak bears. I extended my winter internship into a summer internship for a total of ten months,” said Erika. One of her highlights included getting stuck in a bear camp for five days because bad weather prevented the float plane from flying. “And fishing for salmon at literally every river on the Kodiak roads system was pretty incredible. That was definitely a highlight,” said Erika. Erika has been working in Elko since September, and she takes a road trip every chance she has. Currently her biggest concern is deciding where to spend the holidays. “My roommates and I are trying to pick between Zion National Park and Death Valley,” laughs Erika. C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I AT E . O R G


Colby Jones '17 Colby was inducted into the Tidewater Virginia United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame as the Star of the Future on November 4, 2017. She was not able to attend the ceremony because she was at a college bowling tournament with her team at Sacred Heart University. She won this award due to her dedication, accomplishments, and commitments to her studies, bowling, fellow peers, coaches and teachers.

Noah Joyce ’17 and Blake Mager ‘17

Noah Joyce '17 and Blake Mager '17 Noah is studying computer engineering at Georgia Tech. He enjoys working with the alumni connections committee, which he says has been excellent for making networking connections. Blake, who is in the ROTC program, is studying aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University. Alex Beisel '17, Tyler Morris '17, and Hope Wheeler '17 Alex, Tyler, and Hope returned to campus following their first semesters at Virginia Tech, Jacksonville University, and the University of Virginia, respectively. Alex is majoring in international relations with a minor in Arabic. Tyler, who is playing lacrosse, is majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in math. Hope, who is in the engineering school at UVA, is considering a double major in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Hope Wheeler '17, Alex Beisel '17, and Tyler Morris '17






This fall, in Blacksburg, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville and Richmond, we spent time breaking bread, sharing stories and catching up with our alumni. Regardless of location, when we reconnect with our Cape Henry Alumni, it's always a good time!

- Chris Garran Head of School





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u Change Is on the Menu for Café Dolphin

It is with great anticipation that we share with you our vision for an updated Café Dolphin. Over 1,000 students, faculty, and staff eat daily in our current cafeteria and as one of the School's older spaces, Café Dolphin is well overdue for a makeover. Updates will include additional seating, an expanded food service area, improved traffic flow, a reorganized disposal area, and relocated dry food storage. Improved functionality will be coupled with aesthetic appeal. Renovations will begin in the early summer and will be completed by the start of the 2018-2019 school year. If you would like to pledge a gift for this exciting renovation project, please contact Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Associate Head of School and Director of Development, at (757) 963-8256 or

Soundings - Winter 2018  
Soundings - Winter 2018