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City OKs Massey proposal





Trip to honour chief


A plan to build a new performing arts centre in the new high school project has cleared a hurdle at city hall. On Monday, city council approved a staff recommendation to support proceeding with the replacement of Massey Theatre with a new Massey Performing Arts Centre with up to 1,000 seats. Council also directed staff to strike a task force to facilitation input from performing arts groups about the requirements and specifications for the future performing arts centre. Mayor ◗RELATED STORY Wayne Wright The school district said the agrees to its part of city has the project. received some See page 3. financial information from the school district about the cost of a theatre but will start work on getting some more indepth analysis of the costs. He said the city’s portion could cost $7 million, but that’s a preliminary figure because the project is five years away from taking place. “The beauty about the Massey is 70 to 80 per cent want to do it,” he said. “Those are taxpayers.” City council received a staff report about the public consultation that’s been taking place about the school capital project and the Neighbourhoods of Learning component, which is a provincial initiative that would provide ◗City Page 4


Tsilhqot’in Nation members hope to eventually determine if Chief Ahan is buried under school BY NIKI HOPE REPORTER

Arlen Redekop/PNG

Victory bump: New Westminster Hyacks receiver Jeremy Wilson (right) hams it up with teammate Jordan Chin after one of Wilson’s two majors at Mercer Stadium in New Westminster on Friday. For more, see sports on page 27.

Members of the Tsilhqot’in Nation are travelling to New Westminster this month to honour their chief, who was executed here 145 years ago. They will hold a ceremony at the New Westminster Secondary School, and then one at the location of the old downtown courthouse. These are the two sites where they believe Chief Ahan could be buried. The Tsilhqot’in chief – executed in July 1865 – was one of six chiefs sentenced to death during the Chilcotin War. The war was a confrontation in 1864 between members of the Tsilhqot’in people in B.C. and European settlers. The exact location of Ahan’s burial remains a mystery. The possibility that Ahan might be buried at the high school surfaced in 2008 and drew attention to the old cemetery under New Westminster Secondary School. Ultimately, a research report determined that it was likely that Ahan was buried by the old courthouse downtown, where he had been executed for his part in the war. ◗Ahan Page 4


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A02 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, B.C. V3L 1H9 Phone 604-521-3711 Fax 604-521-3895 Strong in Tradition - Committed to Service

CALENDAR of events

New Westminster Public Library Launches New Interactive Catalogue

Thursday, October 21 5:30 pm Community & Social Issues Committee Committee Room #2 Monday, October 25 3:00 pm Committee of the Whole Committee Room #2 7:00 pm Regular Council Council Chamber

Get to know the New Westminster Public Library better with the Library’s new interactive catalogue, The new catalogue offers more ways to create lists and to keep track of the books you’ve read and books you’d like to read, and a faster way to place holds. With the Bibliocommons catalogue you can interact with other library users and staff right in the catalogue; find out what other users are reading; review books and suggest your own favourites; view bestseller and award lists; and place holds directly from lists and search results. The New Westminster Public Library is the first library in BC to have a Bibliocommons catalogue. We hope you have a great time finding new books, DVDs and CDs to enjoy! For more information, call the library at 604-527-4660.

Green Waste Pick-up Effective immediately, the new cleaner, greener yard trimmings and food scraps carts will be picked up weekly along with garbage and blue box recycling collection. Due to an overwhelming response from residents, we are pleased to offer this increased level of service earlier than originally planned. For the remainder of this year, we will also accept any additional clean green in Kraft paper yard trimmings bags that are left out with the new cleaner greener carts. We will incorporate these changes with further detail in the 2011 garbage and recycling calendar. For more information, please visit or contact Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691.

Volunteer Opportunity for Clergy

(Minister or Representative of Places of Worship) The City of New Westminster annually appoints a Ministerial representative to be the Presiding Minister for City events and offer prayers at City functions. New Westminster City Council will consider this appointment for a one year term ending November, 2011 at its meeting on November 29, 2010. The appointee would attend the following events: • Inaugural Meeting of City Council (December 6, 2010) • Committee Appointments and Committee Recognition Dinner • May Day Banquet • Canada Day Celebration • Citizenship Ceremony • Remembrance Day Ceremonies If you wish to be considered for appointment as the Ministerial representative, please submit your application with your resume. Applications must be received by mail, fax 604-527-4594, email or hand delivered to Mayor’s Office no later than Monday, November 15, 2010. For more information, please call Naseem Hassanali, Mayor’s Office at 604-527-4522 or email

Looking to rent in New Westminster? Own or manage a rental property? The CFMH Program is designed to create safer apartment communities through creating relationships between owners, managers, residents, and police. Check out our program at or call 604-529-2446 to find a member building in New Westminster or to learn more about how to join. Build it and they will come. Maintain it and they will stay. Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING November 1, 2010 - 7:00 p.m.

Council Chamber, City Hall 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, B.C. V3L 1H9 ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 7420, 2010, ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 7416, 2010, and ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 7411, 2010 Location/s: a) Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 7420, 2010: Text Amendment b) Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 7411, 2010:1109, 1117, 1129 and 1135 Ewen Avenue, and 301 and 307 Gifford Street c) Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 7416, 2010: 42 South Dyke Road (properties shown hatched on sketch plans) Purpose: a) Bylaw No. 7420, 2010: The purpose of this bylaw is to insert the following Districts into the Zoning Amendment Bylaw and to establish permitted uses and requirements for each District: Section 418 Queensborough Townhouse Districts (RT-3) and Section 419 Queensborough Townhouse Districts (RT-3A).

Bylaw No. 7416, 2010

b) Bylaw No. 7411, 2010: The purpose of this bylaw is to rezone 1109, 1117, 1129 and 1135 Ewen Avenue and 301 and 307 Gifford Street from Queensborough Neighbourhood Residential Dwelling Districts (RQ-1) to Queensborough Townhouse District (RT-3A). The applicant proposes to develop 61 townhouse units. c) Bylaw No. 7416, 2010: The purpose of this bylaw is to rezone 42 south Dyke Road from Queensborough Neighbourhood Residential Dwelling Districts (RQ-1) to Queensborough Townhouse Districts (RT-3) and Parks District (P10). The applicant proposes to develop 36 townhouse units and dedicate a portion of the river foreshore on the site to the City for Park use. City Contact: Development Services Department at 604-527-4588.

Bylaw No. 7411, 2010

Inspection of Documents: A copy of the proposed bylaw may be inspected at Legislative Services. Details and materials may be inspected at the Development Services Department (Planning), City Hall, 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia during normal office hours being 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive (except Statutory Holidays) from October 4, 2010. Public Participation: At the hearing, the public shall be allowed to make representations to the Council respecting matters contained in the proposed bylaws. All persons who believe their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaws shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw. Written submissions can be submitted to the Corporate Officer until the close of the Public Hearing. All persons who prefer to have their submissions available to Council members in advance as part of the Public Hearing agenda package, should deliver their submissions to Legislative Services, 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, B.C. V3L 1H9 (Fax #: 604-527-4594), by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, October 26, 2010. Please be advised that submissions received will be published on the City of New Westminster website, with other associated information. No further submissions can be considered by Council after the conclusion of the Public Hearing. Rick Page Corporate Officer

The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A03

◗IN THE NEWS Assault trial of New West cop ◗P5 Recycling depot rules relaxed ◗P9

Done deal: Massey will face wrecker’s ball

School trustees vote to replace 60-year-old Massey Theatre with a new 1,000 seat performing arts theatre BY NIKI HOPE REPORTER

School trustees unanimously passed a plan that will mean a final curtain call for the Massey Theatre.

At a special meeting held Monday night, the board of education passed a motion that confirms its plan to replace Massey Theatre. The board opted to replace the 60-year-old theatre and replace it with a 1,000-seat theatre. The plan was sent out for public consultation, and the majority of those who responded – 73 per cent – favoured the bid to replace the theatre with a new performing arts centre. “We had a rather extensive public process,” board of education chair James



students, Janzen said. “We can move 200 students from the high school to the new middle school,” he said. “We are trying to create a minimum amount of disruption for students.” The district undertook a six-week consultation process to garner feedback on Neighbourhoods of Learning, a government initiative that allows up to 15 per cent of additional space in new schools to be built to meet the needs of the broader

Janzen said. The theatre wouldn’t be torn down for at least three years, Janzen said. He estimated the theatre would be closed for about two years once it comes down. The new theatre would be built as part of the high school project. The plan is to build three new schools – an elementary, middle and high school – in New Westminster. The high school is the last of the three schools to be built because it is the best sequence for accommodating

◗School district Page 4


Stabbing ends in charges

Scraps to be picked up weekly



A 27-year-old sex-trade worker who may have been kidnapped in Vancouver on Sunday morning escaped in New Westminster later on Sunday. The incident began at the Cassandra Hotel in Vancouver when Vancouver Police received a report of a woman screaming in the 3000 block of Kingsway. “The reports were that a female was forced into a vehicle and that vehicle left the scene,” This story first appeared on Vancouver Police Insp. Eric Grummisch told The Province newspaper. Grummisch added that it was the quick thinking of a witness who helped secure the capture of the alleged kidnapper. “We had alert citizens who took note of the licence plate of the vehicle involved and that was a major element in the successful resolution,” said Grummisch. That resolution involved the New Westminster police being called to Queensborough, where the woman managed to escape. The woman was suffering from stab wounds to her back and was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital for non-lifethreatening injuries. She has since



Squash pit: Young Royal City residents quickly scooped up the 1,000 pumpkins up for grabs at real estate agent Derrick Thornhill’s annual pumpkin patch event at Queen’s Park on Saturday.

Royal City residents have embraced the city’s new green waste collection service with gusto. When it was launched at the beginning of October, New Westminster’s new automated waste collection system provided weekly garbage pickup and biweekly yard and food waste pickup. The city will now be picking up yard and food waste from single family homes weekly. “We had an overwhelming amount of participation from residents,” said Kristian Davis, the city’s supervisor of solid waste and recycling. “Our volumes for greens are outweighing our volumes for garbage.” Davis said the city doesn’t want to discourage residents by not picking up all of their food and yard waste or by having them put it into their regular garbage. “We were looking at the option of weekly collection for 2011,” he said. “The demand is there right now. It is going so well – we want to keep that participation up.” Before deciding to move to weekly pickup, the city had received phone calls from residents expressing concern that their green bins were full and they had nowhere to put the rest of the greens and food waste. Yard trimmings, leaves and grass, foodsoiled paper such as napkins and pizza boxes, and cooked or uncooked food scraps, including meat, fish, bones, dairy, and eggshells can go in the new yard/green waste carts. Each single-family household in New Westminster received a 240-litre cart for Cleaner Greener food scraps and yard trim-

◗Kidnapping Page 4

Last week’s question Do you support the tax break for Honour House? YES 81% NO 19% This week’s question Do you agree with the city OK’ing the Massey proposal? Vote at:

◗Waste Page 8

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A04 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

Ahan: Tsilhqot’in Nation paying respects in city ◗ continued from page 1

The Tsilhqot’in will visit both the high school and the courthouse site to honor Ahan on Oct. 26. “It’s our version of Remembrance Day,” said Joe Alphonse, director of the Tsilhqot’in National Government. The day is held to honour those who were executed for their part in the Chilcotin War, he said. The Tsilhqot’in people object to the chiefs being tried as criminals and maintain that the Chilcotin War was a territorial dispute between two warring nations. Along with their land (Tsilhqot’in territory lies in the Cariboo-Chilcotin regionofBritishColumbia),Alphonse said they were also protecting their women, who were being violated by the settlers, he said. It’s something that’s rarely talked

about but was significant part of why they went to war, Alphonse said. “You can touch a man all you want but don’t touch the woman – that’s the core of your nation,” he said. If any human remains are found during construction of the high school site, Alphonse said they expect DNA testing would be done to determine whether the remains are Ahan’s. He also said they would like to see a monument on the site to acknowledge Ahan and his role in the Chilcotin War. This is the second time members of the Tsilhqot’in Nation have come to New Westminster to honour Ahan. A group also came in 2008 and held a ceremony at the high school.

File photo/THE RECORD

Honour: New Westminster MLA Chuck Puchmayr (far right) receives a gift of leather gloves from Tsilhqot’in Grand Chief Ervin Charleyboy (far left) during a Tsilhqot’in ceremony of reconciliation at New Westminster Secondary School in 2008. The ceremony marked the believed discovery of the burial location of Tsilhqot’in Chief Ahan, whose remains have been missing for more than 100 years. Also pictured is Cecil Grinder (centre).

City: Proposed 1,000-seat theatre would have shared funding ◗ continued from page 1

some funding for the theatre. The report stated that more than a thousand people have been consulted about the high school capital project since midAugust and there has been “overwhelming” support for the school capital project, the Neighbourhoods

of Learning component and the proposal to replace the Massey Theatre. In addition to receiving a report about the school capital project, the council meeting included a designated time for people to speak about the project and the Neighbourhoods of Learning concept at its evening meeting.

“I think the people have confidence in us that we are going to do the right thing,” Wright said, noting no one spoke on the matter. “I think that is why they are not showing up.” A staff report states the new John Robson elementary school, the new middle school for the west side of the city and the new

School district: Board chair wants ministry deal by end of the year ◗ continued from page 3

community with options like daycares and social service outlets. Six hundred and fifty seats in the new theatre would be provided by Neighbourhoods of Learning funding. The City of New Westminster would pay for the rest of the seats to create a 1,000-seat regional community theatre. At Monday’s meeting, the board also confirmed its plan to include neighbourhood learning centres at the elementary school at the St. Mary’s site, the middle

school at the John Robson site and the high school. The city also supports moving forward with the bid to build a new theatre. The next step for the school district is to work with a Neighbourhoods of Learning committee – made up of parents and district representatives – to determine what other types of Neighbourhoods of Learning programs should be in the schools. Janzen said he hopes to have a project agreement signed with the Ministry of Education by the end of the year.

Kidnapping: Sex trade worker escapes in New West after Vancouver incident ◗ continued from page 3

been released from hospital. Meanwhile, police continued their investigation and soon received a report of a 47-year-old man trying to wash blood out of his car at a car wash in Surrey. Surrey RCMP were on the lookout for the car, a blue Honda Civic, after an alert went out from Vancouver police. “The arrest was done by the Surrey RCMP at our request,” said Grummisch. “We had put a lookout on the system for this vehicle, and the Surrey RCMP responded and took the male into custody.” According to a press release from

the Vancouver Police Department, Ivan William Arnold, 47, of Surrey has now been charged with kidnapping, unlawful confinement, aggravated assault, robbery, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and uttering threats. Grummisch added it isn’t clear how the victim and the alleged kidnapper know each other. “The (relationship) is being investigated,” said Grummisch. “The understanding, at this point, is that they are known to each other, but the exact relationship between them is still under investigation.” – with files from Postmedia Network Inc.

replacement high school are to be developed under the Neighbourhoods of Learning model, which will provide up to an additional 15 per cent of space to meet community needs with the capital costs being funded by the provincial government.

The proposed 1,000seat performing arts centre would include 650 seats funded by the Neighbourhoods of Learning program and 350 seats funded by the City of New Westminster. Some people have voiced concerns about the

loss of a heritage resource in Massey Theatre, the challenges of having the theatre out of service for up to 30 months, and fears that the theatre may not materialize because of costs and other demands. TheresaMcManus

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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A05


Delta cop testifies at trial of New West officer He said Klassen was by then on the 49year-old delivery man’s back and had him in an arm bar submission hold. He said he told Gillan to stay put and The ongoing trial of New Westminster Police Const. Jeffrey Klassen, accused of then went over “to see if Jeff was OK.” Tanino said Gillan, who earlier pleaded assaulting newspaper delivery man Firoz Khan and stealing his cellphone, contin- guilty to assault and was sentenced to 21 days of house arrest, instead came back ued in B.C. Provincial Court this week. Delta Police Const. Blair Tanino, one over to Khan “two or three times.” “It appeared he wanted to of three officers involved in come back and hit Mr. Khan. the beating early Jan. 21, 2009 … He kicked me,” said Tanino, in front of the Hyatt Regency who suffered a cut lip from his Hotel in Vancouver, took the drunken colleague’s poorly stand Monday and gave details aimed kick. of a six-hour drinking binge that New Westminister Police ended with the three rookie cops Insp. Douglas Walcott also tesin handcuffs. tified Monday, saying Klassen Tanino said he and Klassen had yet to be officially certified were in the Roxy nightclub on as a police officer after defence Granville Street when they lost the lawyer Dwight Stewart asked third member of their party, West him if Klassen was acting within Vancouver Const. Griffin Gillan, Jeffrey Klassen his rights as an off-duty officer who called on his cellphone say- on trial when he stepped in to assist to ing he needed their help. Tanino and Klassen then took a cab to Const. Gillan. “I guess it would be subject to the judgthe Burrard Street hotel a few blocks away, where they found Khan and Gillan in a ment after the fact as to whether they were fit for duty,” said Walcott. physical struggle. “But I would be very cautious about “They each had their hands on each other’s shoulders,” said Tanino, who was officers who are under the influence of never charged in the incident. “I separated alcohol.” Gillan and Klassen are both expected to them.” “I asked Griff, ‘What’s going on, is testify this week. everything OK?’ He didn’t answer. … I – with files from Postmedia News and turned around, and I saw Khan on the photo by Ric Ernst, PNG ground.”

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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A07

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Sapperton has challenges ◗ continued from page 6

The Fry centre across the street, which used to be a medical building, has had exciting moments with those who cannot contain their problems within the walls. Across Sherbrooke is the mental rehab unit of the hospital, which also has patients in funny flannels fidgeting around this little town. The speed limit is very slow, few are watching for cars. The distractions on this shopping strip, made up of hospital staff mixing with patients on a daily basis, has one not doubting our medicare system in action. The syringes and pills, stethoscopes and other paraphernalia, hospital employees bring along makes one nervous. It’s all in a day at Sapperton. Shop owners here along East Columbia have seen some risky and frisky days from this strange mix of mediocre people. They are hard-pressed to blame it on street improvements, and not desperate enough to put the blame at the door of medicare facilities that are never funded quite right. The banks and post office outlet left long ago, blaming it on everybody’s going online and it’s the information age. Everybody here complained bitterly about the electronic excuse, and some even tried to lock the bank doors from the outside claiming it was the opposite to a robbery. It was not a happy ending, and many left for good. One of the more stable businesses is the

Chevron station, but between 7-Eleven and the Town Pantry with the bank machines, gas and stuff the others are overlooked. For those owners who accepted this challenge, you deserve the Courage Star of Small Business. The brighter spots are the athletic shops like archery, bikes, dojo and a personal training boutique. As long as the membership is moderate and stable, those people may be choice customers of others also. The light at the end of the tunnel may be an indoor shopping plaza or a living pod situation, attached to the hospital. The brewery site and those new residences behind the hospital certainly need a pod with shops and a SkyTrain extension adjoining that to answer owner complaints on what to do. It would give the building owners time to knock down the old 194050 world of buildings that are shop-worn and outdated. TransLink has announced offices in the Brewery complex that could adjoin the shopping pod too. For the most part today, all this is just overflow medical parking lots that could easily just be general pay parking for that is expected in hospital districts. The time is now to build the shopping pod while construction is in progress. The city will have to change a few zoning laws, but the customer base is there for years to come. The little guy who took the challenge on the streets of Sapperton should get the reward of a place in the pod with security and modern features.

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a showdown on her leadership, because waiting too long could actually cement her hold on the job? In recent weeks, James can point to several things that cast her in a good light. She spoke at a corporate fundraiser that oversold its target (250) by almost 100 per cent (400 tickets were sold). She received glowing coverage in a special Globe and Mail section on powerful Canadian women leaders. And the latest poll pegs NDP support at 49 per cent, more than double the support for the B.C. Liberals. But there are those within the NDP who resent her attempt to modernize the party, expand its support, and to push it more toward the political

middle, and away from the left and organized labour (think Tony Blair in Britain). For some of these people, their rigid ideology will never allow them to embrace James’ nonideological approach. They would rather lose an election than compromise their ideological positions. Meanwhile, James’ troubles have given Premier Gordon Campbell and his government a brief respite from the pounding they’ve been getting over various issues, notably the HST. But Campbell must face his own leadership vote at the party convention next month, and it is by no means a sure thing that he’ll score a high number. However, unlike the New Democrats, the B.C. Liberals are sticking

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together. Other than Blair Lekstrom quitting the caucus back in June over the HST, there has been no sign of public discontent from the caucus ranks. The two parties’ marked difference when it comes to dealing with problems with leadership brings to mind that famous line from the Godfather movies: “It’s not personal. It’s just business.” That would seem to be the B.C. Liberal motto as they begin to deal with the leadership question. But the NDP seem to have turned that line around. For them, the attacks on James show their motto is: “It’s not business. It’s just personal.” Keith Baldrey is chief political correspondent for Global B.C.

The New Westminster Record welcomes letters to the editor. We do, however, edit for taste, legality and length. Priority is given to letters written by residents of New Westminster and/or issues concerning New Westminster. Please include a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Send letters to: The Editor, #201A–3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4, fax them to: 604-444-3460 or e-mail to: No Attachments Please. Letters to the editor and opinion columns may be reproduced on The New Westminster Record website, The New Westminster Record is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to


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NDP: Is ideology getting in the way? ◗ continued from page 6

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A08 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

Pepper spray disrupts classes BY ALFIE LAU REPORTER

Some high school students got an early dismissal Monday after a pepper spray incident at New Westminster Secondary School At 1 p.m., high school officials responded to a report of pepper spray being released in the hallways of NWSS. “Although the spray was not directed at any one individual or group, the spray is an irritant,” said New Westminster Police

Service Sgt. Gary Weishaar. While the school’s police liaison officer investigated the incident, the New Westminster fire department was called to help clear the air with fans. Weishaar said that while no one was injured as a result of the incident, police are investigating it as a mischief incident. According to Weishaar, high school officials were looking at sending some students, who had classes in the affected area, home early as a result of the pepper spray.

Last Monday at the Movies

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Waste: More green pickups ◗ continued from page 3

mings carts. Most houses have received one 120-litre cart for their garbage, while properties with a registered suite have received a 240-litre container. After Nov. 1, people who feel they need a larger cart will be able to upsize to the 240L carts for an additional $102 per year. “I haven’t received too many calls from people to upsize,” Davis said. “It’s been kind of surprising.” Since launching the new automated waste collection system at the beginning of October, city staff has fielded phone calls and emails from residents with a variety of questions and

concerns. “Most of it is starting to settle down,” Davis said. “We are working on the last few details.” Inquiries have ranged from what to do with yard waste and green waste that doesn’t fit in bins, and why garbage and green collection is now taking place at front curbs instead of alleys in some areas of the city. “We try to keep most people with the same collection location as previous,” Davis said. “There were some lanes that were really tight. They are few and far between.” Davis said some people have voiced concerns that

they received the wrong size bins, while others questioned why they can’t place diapers and compostable bags in the green waste container. Davis said they contain some plastic content that doesn’t break down and contaminates the product. City staff is using stickers to help inform residents about the correct placement of their bins, as well as to help inform them of any items that have been placed in wrong bins (such as plastics being put in greens cart). “So far, so good,” Davis said. “Obviously there were a few bugs we had to work out.”



Monday, October 25, 2010 $ 7:30pm


Tickets available at: • MASSEY THEATRE Box Office 735 8th Ave. 604-521-5050 • ARTS COUNCIL OFFICE & GALLERY Queens Park 604-525-3244 • Presented in partnership with Massey Theatre

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#1101-11 E ROYAL AVENUE NEW WESTMINSTER • $339,900 The one and only Victoria Hill. You can’t beat this price for concrete highrise. Fabulous corner unit comes w/2 bdrms, 2 baths & stunning view of city/North Shore mtns. S/S appliances, granite counters, breakfast bar & pendant lighting complete kitchen. Master bdrm has walk-in closet & spacious ensuite. Floor to ceiling windows allow loads of natural light. One parking stall & one storage locker. Short walk to transit. Amenities include: outdoor pool, hot tub & gym. PETS & RENTALS ALLOWED. Don’t miss this steal of a deal! MLS: V848764



Unique 2 bdrm corner unit with southwest flair in uptown New West. Gorgeous heated ceramic flooring thru-out living room, dining, kitchen & hallway. New laminate floors in bdrms. Updates include paint, crown moulding & mirrored closet doors. Very private 500 sq.ft. garden patio - perfect for entertaining. Storage shed included. Minutes to skytrain, schools, shopping & recreation. 2 pets welcome, rental restrictions for comfort & pride of ownership. MLS: V853536

Attention Investors! Best price in building, perhaps in whole downtown core. Don’t miss this fabulous 2 bdrm & den, boasting granite counters & S/S appliances in kitchen. High quality laminate floors and insuite laundry. Ideal location - Close to Douglas College, skytrain, restaurants, shopping & entertainment. PETS & RENTALS ALLOWED. Amenities incl. swimming pool, hot tub, gym, media and party room. What more could you ask for? MLS: V847021







Fabulous location in this great mobile home park. Not only does this home have a new roof, the kitchen has just been renovated as well. Front loading washer and dryer. Two bdrms, one bath. Great covered deck. Situated across from greenbelt and facing Bear Creek Park. Air conditioning and tons of storage (3-10x10 storage units). MLS: F1025215

You will never need your car again. These suites so rarely come on the market. Two bedrooms, each with their own bath. Large kitchen has room for table & chairs. Conveniently located in prime uptown location with direct connection to Royal City Centre & Safeway. Floor to ceiling windows with lovely mountain views, gas fireplace, insuite laundry, one storage locker & one parking. Don’t let this one pass you by!

MLS: V853079

Over the top & lovely!! This concrete

and steel building boasts custom cabinetry, Miele 2 drawer dishwasher, spring activated drawers & cupboards with soft closures in the kitchen. Fisher Peykel fridge, Gaggenau wall oven, accented by porcelain backsplash. Miele cooktops & caesarstone counters. Miele front loader washer and dryer. Cast aluminum casings over the registers, bamboo hardwood flooring throughout. Cordless Hampton Bay blinds. 2 bdrms, 2 baths, 1225 sq. ft. The list is endless. MLS: V852241


#122-1150 QUAYSIDE DRIVE NEW WESTMINSTER • $324,900 Don’t miss out on this fabulous Quayside living opportunity. Situated in the heart of New Westminster’s Quay, this ground-floor unit offers 2 spacious bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors in living and dining room, slate tile entry, gas fireplace, crown mouldings, and insuite laundry. Enjoy your peeka-boo river view from your private patio. It’s like being MLS: V848658 on vacation all year long!

SPECTACULAR VIEWS #1302-615 BELMONT STREET, NEW WESTMINSTER • NEW PRICE $328,500 One of the best city, mountain & river views you could ever find. Building has been re-piped. Two bedrooms, 2 baths, upgraded appliances, insuite laundry, enclosed balcony for even more living space. Awesome rooftop deck on the 7th floor; guest suite available for $15 per night. E OUS PM N H 4:30 OPE 2:30DAY SUN

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A10 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

City councillor at conference McEvoy is attending a Livable Cities gathering in South Carolina


Coun. Jaimie McEvoy is hoping to pick up some new ideas for creating a livable city in South Carolina. McEvoy is attending the International Making Cities Livable conference from Oct. 17 to 21 in Charleston, South Carolina. “This is the organization that started the entire Livable Cities movement,” he said. The Livable Cities website states that conferences focus attention on the importance of making cities livable for children, the need for public transit, bicycle lanes and trafficcalmed streets, for human scale architecture and mixed-use urban fabric, for reviving the city centre and creating public places where people can gather. Topics at the conference include healthy cities, child-friendly communities, nature in the urban environment, public health and planning issues, promoting healthy transportation modes, urban villages and towns, regional planning for healthy cities, green buildings/green neighbourhoods and traditional town planning. “Other councillors have previously been to one of these,” McEvoy said. “I am the only one going to this one. The emphasis is on healthy cities for children.”

McEvoy said the City of New Spitale, who co-chaired the task Westminster has tried to make the force, said all of the early work about city more livable for children through livable cities is still relevant today. initiatives such as increased child “It is still important,” she said. care options. “The reason why that conference, I “The question for me is, can we do felt, was a good one was it is about more?” he said. “As the city densifies making cities and downtown childand grows we want to make sure it is friendly. That has been a principle in still a good city for kids.” the downtown plan.” The International Making Cities Coun. Betty McIntosh attended Livable website states that the theme a Making Cities Livable conference of the 48th conference is True in Portland in 2007, along Urbanism: Planning healthy with councillors Jonathan and child-friendly commuCote, Bill Harper and Lorrie nities. The city of Charleston Williams. She felt some of and the International Making the topics presented at that Cities Livable Council are conference were more applico-organizing the convencable for American cities tion and an exhibit on sucand advised McEvoy against cessful solutions for healthy attending. and child-friendly commuSpitale said she had been nities. scheduled to attend the conMaking Cities Livable Jaimie McEvoy vention but was unable to conferences have been held councillor do so because of her workin various places including load. McEvoy took her spot San Francisco, Portland and Santa Fe at the conference. (United States), Freiburg (Germany), “There’s always something to Vienna and Alpbach/Salzburg learn,” she said. Whether a confer(Austria) and London (England). The ence is held in Toronto or the United first conference was held in Venice, States, Spitale said some of the inforItaly in 1985. mation presented may not be directly The City of New Westminster’s applicable to New Westminster, but task force on community problems there are often best practises or useful and social issues began work on a lessoned learned that can be applied neighbourhood livability model in locally. the fall of 1998. Before attending the Oct. 17 to 21 “It was about the principles of International Making Cities Livable community planning, crime preven- conference in Charleston, McEvoy tion and a continuum of housing vacationed in the area. Reached via choices,” said Lisa Spitale, the city’s cellphone, he said his vacation was development services director. “We “on my own dime” so taxpayers embedded it into the city’s work weren’t footing the bill for his holiplan.” day.

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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A11

Chinese delegation visits Royal City BY THERESA MCMANUS REPORTER

New Westminster didn’t reveal any city secrets when it opened up the books to some visitors from China – but it may have helped pave the way for a tighter ties to Dongcheng. A delegation from the Dongcheng district of Beijing visited the city last week. During their visit, they dropped by city hall to pick up some pointers. Rick Page, the city’s director of legislative services, said all the visitors were finance and taxation staff from the city of Beijing, and they came to learn about finance and tax systems. “We have an agreement with the city of Beijing,” he said. “We are one of the very few small cites to have this kind of an agreement.” The delegation, which was in town from Oct. 13 to 15, also attended a banquet in their honour and took a tour of both the city and a tour of the Justice Institute of B.C. “It was a very tight schedule,” said Paul Lam, the city’s deputy director of foreign relations. “After this they went to the U.S.” According to Lam, the delegation was from Dongcheng, which merged with the Chongwen District of Beijing in July. “They would like to know what we can offer in our city,” he said. “They feel quite happy and satis-

fied with what we arranged.” Mayor Wayne Wright said the delegation came to see the city’s systems for dealing with taxation, grants, capital and operating costs and utilities. “How this will help us, this is municipality to municipality,” he said. “When we have business people coming from any part of China, we will be able to say we are working with that group.” Wright said two groups of business people from China will be visiting New Westminster in the coming weeks. “What we are wanting is to keep the relations open so when the investors come here we can say, this is what we have shown them, this is what we are going to do, this is what we would like you to do,” he said. Wright believes New Westminster has been “tested” by the contacts it has been developing in China in the past few years and is now poised very well to benefit from those relationships. The City of New Westminster had signed a memorandum of understanding with Chongwen District in the Beijing province of China, an agreement that touches on cultural, tourism, sports and municipal ties. Page said the visit is “essentially is the first step to establish some more permanent ties” with an area that the city has already signed a memorandum of understanding with.

Larry Wright/THE RECORD

Out for Justice: Program director Glenn Hocking talks to a delegation from the Dongcheng district of Beijing at the Justice Institute of B.C. The delegation spent time in the city last week. “China is evolving,” Page said. “They are doing it very quickly from what we have seen. They are trying to keep up with that evolution at a government level.” New Westminster city council recently approved the formation of an international relations task force, which will help establish some policies and procedures

related to the city’s ties with foreign cities. In addition to some long-term sister city relationships in Japan, the Philippines and China, New Westminster has been pursuing friendship city agreements and various memorandums of understanding with cities in China. Page said the city believes its

relationships with foreign cities and districts have the opportunity of creating economic development and cultural initiatives, and bringing foreign investment into the city. “We are exploring all of that now,” he said. “We agreed to sign this agreement. We can see a lot of potential with Beijing.”

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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A13

◗ IN THE COMMUNITY What’s up this weekend ◗P21 The fear of falling ◗P23

Larry Wright/THE RECORD

Mosaic nation: Settlement workers Daisy Johal and Hargurjeet Sekhon help newly arrived students and families adjust to Canadian life.

Helping hands for new Canadians School district’s settlement workers help students and families adjust to Canada


The school district’s manager of multicultural services uses the story of an Afghani family to describe how settlement workers in schools help new students and their families adjust to life in Canada. There were five or six children in the family - the two oldest girls had some education, but the younger children had none when they came to this country, Hargurjeet Sekhon explained. The refugee family needed help to get their children settled in school – the youngest, who had a terminal illness, could not sit still during class. The oldest daughter had mental health issues and was in and out of hospital. The family was living in a cramped

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basement suite. Another challenge – the mother of the children had arrived in Canada before the rest of the children, so they were emotionally disconnected for her, Sekhon said. A settlement worker helped the family access housing, medical care, school counselling and parenting classes for the mother. That family is an extreme example of the needs that some new immigrants arrive with, but their circumstances illustrate the various ways in which settlement workers help. The workers are “one-stop referral” shop for school and community programs for students and their families, Sekhon explained. “It’s a way of making them feel welcome, telling them we are there to help them. It’s not just about jobs, schools,” Sekhon said. Settlement workers were introduced in 10 Metro Vancouver school districts in 2007. The federal government pays for

money to get her ID back. the settlement workers. The top 10 countries of “It was a reminder to New Westminster receives me ‘Oh, I am an immi$154,000 a year for two origin for newcomers in grant,’” she said. full-time and two part-time New Westminster Sekhon came to the New settlement workers. 1. Philippines Westminster school district The needs of those arriv2. China in 2008, a year after the ing in Canada are as vast settlement workers came to as the countries they come 3. India schools. from, Sekhon said. 4. Iraq She was a multicultural Sekhon has first-hand 5. Korea worker in the Surrey school knowledge of the immidistrict for 18 years. grant experience. She came 6. Russia “Being a multicultural to Canada from India in 7. Afghanistan worker for so many years, 1986, and although she 8. Bulgaria I had always felt there had a masters’ degree and was definitely a need for spoke English, she still 9. Canada (born Canadian a settlement worker in experienced culture shock. but raised elsewhere) schools, especially for the “The whole system is 10. Romania immigrant families. They different than what it is had to sink or swim for back home,” she said. She had a recent reminder of her immi- themselves,” she said. “I’m seeing the grant status when she lost her purse. Not benefit of it ... jobs, housing, references.” The settlement workers help 650 people having a Canadian birth certificate - though she did have her passport - meant she had in New Westminster. Forty-five per cent of to go through more hoops and spend more them are students.


225 Regina Street, NW • $989,000 Queen’s Park! First time on the market!

Lovely architecturally-built home on one of the prettiest streets in the prestigious Queen’s Park neighbourhood! This very special home sits majestically on a large 46x132 sq/ft lot & offers large room sizes and superior design. Enjoy the welcoming LR, large entry hall & bright open kitchen w/eating area & family room. 3 bdrms up, 3 bathrms, master with ensuite, & fully finished bsmt. Bonus, X-large dble car garage & driveway.

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A14 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record


2010 FOCUS

Very well equipped, wheel locks #103007



Very well equipped #103668

2010 RANGER S/CAB Very well equipped, boxliner, wheel locks



2010 F150 S/CAB


Very well equipped boxliner, wheel locks

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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A15

Become the hero of your own life story HEALTHWISE



ost of us would say we don’t need any more drama in our lives, yet we love to see it all around us. Only the most saintly among us will cover their ears when coworkers or classmates promise the latest gossip. We are drawn into the fictional worlds of literature, television, theatre and cinema. We vicariously live the adventures of our heroes and heroines as they struggle to achieve their goals, make their relationships work and find love. Compared to fiction, real life can seem mundane – but it doesn’t have to be. Real life is drama, and you are the hero and protagonist in the story of your life. You have your own goals – some you still pursue, some you have abandoned. You have your own relationship issues – with your parents, friends, siblings, co-workers, classmates and partners, and throughout your life you seek love – from others and in your own heart. We play a variety of roles in real life, and our

roles change as we change and the cast of characters change. In much of our lives, we are performing. Who is the real you? Who is the playwright? What role do you play in the writing of your life story? How often do you sit back and watch in the audience, thinking you are not in the story? Do you just walk through your role day after day, without reflection or deliberation – your daily routine just as it is, wearing the same clothes, saying the same things, hanging out in the same places, listening to the same music and watching the same shows? Have you typecast yourself and lost your zest for your role? Whose fault is that? The director? The playwright? Are you stuck in your costume, thinking you can’t change it? Have you ever wondered how everyone else on the stage and in your life would react today if you acted out of character or if your character just evolved? What if you became the protagonist in your own life and took over the stage instead of playing the minor supportive role in everyone else’s story? Could you assume the role of the hero and change the trajectory of the plot? Would the changes you bring to your role enhance

the subplots around you, making the drama of others on the stage more comedic than mundane, more uplifting than tragic? Look at your life – the drama, the pathos, the backstory, the complication of roles. Can you rewrite your own backstory – reconceive your past with a fresh point of view, with the perspective of experience and the wisdom of years, and in so doing, reconceive yourself? What can you change in your own character? It can be as simple as changing the way you walk on stage – how you carry yourself in the world, your wardrobe, your posture, your dialogue and your confidence. An actor can play many roles. Don’t get stuck in a role that is not your role of a lifetime. You are coauthor of your own life. You can be the hero who makes a positive difference in the lives you can touch. Take control of your place on the stage. Be present, be responsible, and be heroic. So when the curtain comes down, you will have earned a standing ovation. Dr. Davidicus Wong is a family physician at PrimeCare Medical. His Healthwise column appears regularly in this paper and his internet radio show can be heard on

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#704-680 Clarkson Street

• Downtown New Westminster GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Located in Downtown New West, this is a great Investment Opportunity! Nice 2 bedroom unit with a view & funky updates, 697 sq. ft. Close to Skytrain & College, this SE facing unit comes with 1 parking stall & storage. Pets & $249,800 rentals ok.

#2004-1 Renaissance • Westminster Quay, NW UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW...

Perfectly appointed, SW facing, 2 bed, 2 bath sub-penthouse with unobstructed view to Fraser, S/S appliances, granite counters, insuite laundry and more! Resident caretaker. Pets & rentals welcome.


Julie MacLellan’s Blog A blog about the local arts and entertainment scheme Connecting with our community online

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A16 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

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340 Alberta St. Heritage Home Lovingly Updated



411-1150 Quayside 308-1210 Quayside




701-7 Rialto Crt



407-1310 Cariboo 3 beds 2 bath Insuite Laundry


1102-1235 Quayside


Saturday 2:30 - 4:30 Top Floor Penthouse 749 SF High Ceilings, skylight 1 bed 1 bath Open kitchen, many upgrades SW River view

Beautiful new Kitchen Maple cabinets, tile floors 2 bed 2 bath 2 decks 1261 SF Corner gas fireplace SW River & Fountain view

The “Q”

1604-1 Renaissance

Top Floor Penthouse 976 SF VERY PRIVATE High Ceilings, HUGE deck 2 bed 2 bath 2 parking 180 degree + view

Tiffany Shores

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The Promenade

209-1230 Quayside

1106-1250 Quayside

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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A17

The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A21

What’s up this weekend

Cell 604-970-5863 (JUNE)



,9 39



Lot 1 Lancaster

1 Acre *Charming* ................ $719,900

2663 Fern Drive – beautiful home, 4600 s.f., 1/2 acre, beautiful setting

Lot 2 Lancaster

1 Acre *Delightful* ................. $739,900

Lot 3 Lancaster

1 Acre *Ready to Build*...... $749,000


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501-549 COLUMBIA ST. 1193 s.f. of Yaletown style luxury in this 5th floor penthouse. Only steps to Skytrain, Starbucks, the Quay, Douglas College and in the heart of Downtown, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath home boasts open concept, hardwood floors, huge balcony, high ceilings, view of the river and bridge and so much more. This home is truly special... June for private viewing




BELCARRA WATERFRONT Stunning Ocean front Lot *Estate Quality* $1.5M

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te a m ulti

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OCT 22, 23 & 24



With everything going on in this busy city of ours, how can you choose what to do? Here’s our staff’s Top 5 (Or More) Things To Do This Weekend. Watch for it in our Wednesday editions. 1. Get doubtful with Doubt, presented by the Vagabond Players, running from Oct. 21 to Nov. 13 at the Bernie Legge Theatre in Queen’s Park. Shows Thursday to Saturday are at 8 p.m., Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets $5 to $15. Info: www.vagabond, reservations@ or 604-521-0412. 2. Get tailgating at the eighth annual NWSS Hyack Football Tailgate Auction at Inn at the Quay, 6 p.m. on Saturday. Live auction items include trips, a fireworks cruise for 10 and many other unique items. Tickets are $60 per person or $500 for table of 10. Info: Marilyn Davis at 604-517-6292 or mdavis@ 3. Get book smart at the New Westminster Public Library’s monthly Book Club Café, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Plaskett room on Saturday. This monthly event is held the fourth Saturday of each month, and people are encouraged to drop in and tell the group about one or two books you have read. For more info, call 604-5274667. 4. Get cheering for the New Westminster Hyacks varsity football team as they go to Burnaby Lake West on Fri. Oct. 22 to play the Notre Dame Jugglers at 5 p.m. The Hyacks are coming off two straight wins and another win would put them into the driver’s seat for a playoff spot. Go wear your orange and black and cheer for Regan Eberding, James Belgrave and Ian Henderson. 5. Get catty and drop in for a belly rub and a purr at the Royal City Humane Society, open 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturdays or by appointment. This comes courtesy of reader Linda Fox, who said the Royal City’s sanctuary for abused and abandoned cats and kittens has provided shelter and care for these animals since 1994. For more info on this 100 per cent volunteer registered charity, call 604-524-6447. E-mail your Top 5 ideas to calendar@royalcityrecord. com or send them to alau@ You can also check out our full arts and events calendar listings on our website’s homepage at


A22 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

College first in Canada to win sign interpreter program award Douglas College is the first post-secondary institution in Canada to win a North America-wide award presented to sign language interpreter programs for their contributions to the field. Douglas’s Program of Sign Language Interpretation was given the 2010 Video Relay Service Interpreter Education Program Award of Excellence by Sorenson Communications. The annual award is given to an interpreter education program that is making a meaningful contribution by expanding curriculum and responding to the everincreasing demand for interpreters.

“It’s incredible,” says Jan Carrie, dean of child, family and community studies. “This is an award of excellence for all of North America, and to get an award of this calibre says a lot for our program.” Cheryl Palmer, coordinator of the Douglas College sign language interpretation program, says the award reflects the program’s uniqueness and dedication to its students. “Our program has been fortunate over the last 20 years because we have been the beneficiary of extensive support and encouragement from the local deaf and interpreting communities,” Palmer said.

Scott McLeod Cell: 604.319.4438


1107 833 Agnes Street, New Westminster


Exceptional value. South-west facing corner unit with views of the Fraser River and far beyond. Largest floorplan at the News - 784 sq ft, 2 bedroom + den, 2 full bathrooms. Lived in by the original owners and exceptionally well maintained. Granite counters, stainless steel appliances, brand new laminate HW floors in LR/DR + den, spacious master bedroom, good sized balcony for entertaining or relaxing, 2 parking stalls and one storage locker. Excellent location that is going through a major transformation. Close to skytrain, shopping, Douglas College, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity. Investors: Rentals allowed! 1st showing @ OPEN HOUSE: SAT, OCT 23 1-3pm. $

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Crest Realty (Westside) 1428 W. 7th Avenue, Vancouver

HYACKS TAILGATE AUCTION You are invited to attend the 8th Annual Hyack Football Tailgate Auction! SATURDAY, OCT. 23, 2010 @ 6 P.M. INN AT THE QUAY With friends enjoy a Mediterranean buffet dinner while bidding on the Wine Auction and Silent/Live Auctions items. Everyone will have a chance to win a 5 day Carnival Cruise for 2 in our new Hyack Football Raffle. Live Auction Items Include: • Cowboy Get-a-away Chilcotin Holiday Guest Ranch • Butler Did It Catering-dinner party at your own home • Fireworks Cruise for 10 - hosted by Mick McLennan-Re/Max Advantage • Three days at Chaunigan Lake Lodge • And many other unique items! Advance Ticket Sales Only - $60 per person or $500 for table of 10. Tickets and more information, please contact: Marilyn Davis at 604-517-6292 or Friends who are unable to join us for our Tailgate evening, we ask you to consider making a tax free donation to the Football Team through the Royal City Education Foundation.


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The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A23

The fear of falling and how to fight it KEEPING FIT SHAUN KARP


hen you’re young, a tiny trip over a rogue electrical cord or a stumble on the bottom stair is no big deal – a bit of dust on your knee or a harmless bruise on your wrist. But for older adults, it’s a very real fear. Falling is the greatest cause of injury death among adults 65 and older. It’s estimated that one in every three people in this age group will experience a fall each year. While about half of these falls cause only minor injuries, about two per cent are fatal. Moreover, some have estimated that more than 50 per cent of older adults who break a hip from falling will die within one year. The fear of falling in itself causes great anxiety among many older adults. Elderly people who have

fallen once often develop an intense fear of falling again and limit their activity as a result. This not only lessens their quality of life, but the decrease in daily activities will actually make a fall more likely for these men and women. A fall, or the fear of a fall, often leads to inactivity, which leads to weakness, which in a cruel twist of irony leads to a greater risk of falling. There are plenty of ways to reduce the risk of falling, while still enjoying a high quality of life. The first step is to get checked out. If you’re noticing you have trouble walking, it could be due to weak leg muscles or poor balance. But there may be other factors involved as well, and it’s important to make sure your physician is aware of any struggles you are dealing with. Difficulty walking could be a symptom of a specific medical issue, like arthritis or other joint diseases, dementia, stroke, anemia, Parkinson’s disease, or muscle and bone diseases, to name a few. If you are suffering from one of these

conditions, it’s important your physician knows so they are better equipped to deal with both your difficulty walking and the underlying medical issue. You should also discuss any medications with your physician, even the ones that are available over the counter. Some have side effects, like dizziness, drowsiness or disorientation, which can increase the risk of falling. If halting these medications isn’t an option, taking them in the evening before bed can help reduce that risk. Your eyes need regular care, too. If your vision is blurry, you’re more likely to misstep, trip or accidentally run into an object. Seeing an optometrist every year will ensure your eyeglass prescriptions are up to date and that any other visual restrictions, like glaucoma or cataracts, are treated. Make sure you consult your health-care professionals, and remember that they’re there to help keep you safe and strong. Shaun Karp is a certified personal trainer. See www.

Gerard MAJOR

Professional Results Guaranteed


RE/MAX Advantage Realty 102-321 6th Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7


1315 5th Ave - $469,900

2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,350 sq ft home on a corner lot. Large living room & family room (has been used as a third bedroom). Very bright living space. Main floor needs updating and tlc. 587 sq ft unfinished basement. Covered deck gets plenty of sun & partial views South.

212 7th Ave - $649,900

1930s character home in highly desirable, family friendly Glenbrooke North. 3 bdrms, 2 bath on large lot. Plenty of room for the kids or avid gardener in fully fenced yard. Sliding door from back deck leads to bright & spacious open kitchen and family room. New bathroom on main with heated floors. Updated windows, roof and hot water tank.

1723 Edinburgh St - $939,900

2643 sqft home w/4 bdrms, 3 bath + 1 bdrm legal suite. Overheight ceilings, tasteful colour schemes, recessed lighting & high-end moulding & millwork. Entertain in style as guests are wowed by double height foyer & elegant chandelier, spacious lvgrm & dngrm & kitchen cabinetry & tile work that covers every detail. Large bdrms upstairs & enclosed deck (not counted in floor area). Lane access to 2 car garage + uncovered space for 2 more.

#614-415 E. Columbia St - $319,900

Spacious 2 bdrm, 2 bath on the quiet side of the 6th floor. 927 sq ft offers a big Mbdrm w/ walk-in closet & large 2nd bdrm that can easily be divided into a bdrm and office. The spacious kitchen features granite counters & stainless appliances. 2 parking stalls. Close to all amenities.


#305-611 Blackford St - $125,900

Upper floor studio apartment in great uptown location. Features very functional layout, newer paint & balcony with S/W exposure. Wellrun building with live-in caretaker. Shared laundry on each floor. Walk to transit & all amenities. Maintenance fee includes heat, hot water & cable. Rentals allowed.

#307-78 Richmond St - $319,900

Spacious 2 bdrm, 2 bath suite w/ peaceful setting & fantastic river view. Kitchen w/pot lighting, tile backsplash & breakfast bar. Freshly painted w/crown mouldings. Huge M/bdrm with sitting area, ensuite w/ soaker tub & separate shower. Large covered deck overlooking beautiful landscaped gardens. Pets welcome.

#2304-280 Ross Drive - $579,900 Brand new & No HST! 1,143 sq ft of living space in this 2 bdrm & den, 2 bath unit on the most desirable SW corner. Unique to the 23 flr is a large 275 sq ft balcony. Lots of room to entertain inside & out. Smart layout w/bright living spaces & satellite bdrms. Mbdrm has W/I closet & 5 pc ensuite. Gourmet kitchen has granite counters & stainless appliances, including gas range & B/I microwave. 4 parking.

#506-70 Richmond St - $329,900

Spacious 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 1170 sq/ft suite with river & mountain views! Hardwood floors in entry & kitchen, newer stainless appliances, gas F/P, updated bathroom & fresh paint throughout. Large in-suite laundry room & huge deck - 14x11 sq ft! Close to transit & shuttle to Skytrain. Small pet OK.

#1804-15 E Royal - $449,900

#903-38 Leopold Pl - $319,900

Stunning river & mtn views from every room! This 2 bdrm + den corner unit is in immaculate condition w/quality finishings & tastefully decorated. Bright open layout w/over 1100 sq ft on the ‘cool’ side of the bldg. Enjoy your unobstructed views from the oversized windows and large deck. 2 parking and great rec facilities.

Spacious 2 bdrm, 2 bath corner unit w/river and mountain views. The functwional layout offers lots of windows for natural light, open floor plan, large dngrm & lvgrm w/gas F/P. Mbdrm has W/I closet, 3 pc ensuite & balcony access. Room to work & entertain in the kitchen w/big eating area. 2 side by side parking & 2 balconies.



#406-5 Renaissance Sq - $439,000 2 level Penthouse in the Quay! Over 1900 sq ft of living space, 2 bdrm, 2 bath corner unit. Updates incl. new appliances, in kitchen, carpets, light fixtures, paint & granite tile foyer. Kitchen has granite tile counters, eating area & lots of cabinets. Lvgrm has 15’ ceiling w/windows all around for lots of sunlight. Dngrm has access to east facing deck. Den has french glass doors & built in bookcases. Loft area has access to private roof top deck.

#208-25 Richmond St - $349,900

Beautiful, bright, 2 bdrm/loft + 2 bath. Top floor, end unit in immaculate condition w/tasteful updating throughout. Beautiful tile entry leads to laminate flooring on main, kitchen boasts granite counters & new stainless appliances. Spacious room sizes, towering 9’ ceilings (vaulted in LR & DR), gas F/P, lots of insuite storage + oversized storage locker of close to 200 sf!

Visit for information on all our listings!

The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A25

Take us with you



Want to be featured in Paper Postcards? Take The Record along on your next trip and take a photo with a scenic backdrop or landmark. E-mail photos (high-resolution, please) to postcards@, or mail to The Record, 201A-3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4. Include a few details about your trip and the names of people in the photos. Check out our gallery of Paper Postcards online at – look for the link for Photo Galleries under the News tab. Happy trails!

Moroccan gold: At right, Dennis Hurd and Jayantha Withanage took The Record to Spain, Portual and Morocco – here, they’re in Marrakech’s famous square, Djemaa el Fna. Below, Loree and Ralph Baker with The Record at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

Church Directory UNITED


Shiloh Sixth Avenue United Church

Queens Avenue United Church

Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m

With Children’s Church and Nursery Room

1111 Sixth Ave., New West. (near 12th St.) 604-522-3443

Progressive, diverse community


First Church of Christ, Scientist 633 - 8th Street, New West

Sunday Services & Sunday School 11:00 am Wed. Testimony Meeting 12:30 pm RADIO CFUN 1410 am Cable 100.1 fm Sun., 8:30 am

Through Danube: Wilf Mowbray took his Record on a cruise down the Rhine and Danube rivers, starting in Amsterdam and finishing in Budapest. Above, on the gangplank at Vienna.

INTERNET READING ROOM at the church Tues., Thur., Fri. 11 am to 3 pm


All are welcome to worship!

Sunday Service

10:30am 6:30p.m. Minister: Rev. Nathan Wright Organist & Choir Director: Rachel Alflatt

529 Queens Ave., New West Church Office: 604 522-1606

Book your ad TODAY! Call Virginia


A26 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record

Team Dave Vallee 604-526-2888

THIS WEEK’S SOLDS 302 E 10th Ave, NW 101-1 Renaissance Sq, NW 208-295 Schoolhouse, Coq

Visit our website for an online photo tour of our listings

Winner 2005-2008

RE/MAX Advantage Realty (Each office independently owned and operated) Email: RE/MAX Advantage Realty’s Top Sales Team of the Year 2003-2009 TRACY HILL


#803-719 Princess • $409,900 •

2 bdrm and den suite has had the den opened to create a large & flowing ‘great room’ plan. Wow! This bright space can easily accommodate your large house-sized furniture. Located in a well-run building close to shopping, Century House, transportation & parks. Features include gas fireplace, 2 bdrms, 2 full bathrooms, corner suite, 2 large balconies, lots of windows, in-suite laundry and more.

OPEN SUN 2:30-4:30

1941 Edinburgh St • $523,000 Diamond in the Rough! 1943, 1920 sf, 3 level character home with 3 bdrms plus den (3 bdrms up + den down), 1 bath, high ceilings on main, spacious LR, hardwood floors under carpets on main, country kitchen, longlasting newer metal roof, large 48.7’x132’ lot with private, fenced backyard, double garage & open parking. Nice street appeal & located in super family area close to Skytrain, shopping, schools, parks & recreation. Low 5’9-6’ bsmt. Easy to view & flexible possession.


SAT 1-3 SUN 3-5

1210 Foster Ave, Coquitlam • $689,900 •

Well-maintained solid 1965, 5 bdrm, 3 bath, 2896 sq ft home on huge 12,600 sq ft lot in central Coquitlam. Close to parks, recreation, schools, shopping & transit. Bright & spacious home feats hardwood floors, 2 F/P (1 gas), large rooms, open kitchen w/sliders to huge sundeck. LR w/stone F/P, master w/2pce ensuite, huge fenced yard, new furnace & newer HW tank. Lovely family home & safe neighbourhood.


#111-28 Richmond St • $514,900


725 2nd St • $549,900

1700 sf, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1911 Craftsman-style bungalow in desirable Glenbrooke North neighbourhood, close to Herbert Spencer Elementary & Glenbrooke Middle School, shopping, Queen’s Park & transit. Home features fir floors, high ceilings, hot water radiant heat, wood exterior, covered front porch & back deck with views of the mountains. Bright living room, updated kitchen, bath & electrical, spacious fenced yard, 6-yr-old roof, 2 bdrms on main - good height basement with large rec room, 3-pce bathroom, laundry & storage.


108 Miner St. • $724,900

Beautifully updated, 3 level, 2163 sf, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath townhome in Castle Ridge in Fraserview. Quiet location on greenbelt w/river views & clse to parks, shopping, recreation & transit. Bright & spacious home feats h/w floors, newer carpeting, new paint + light fixtures, lrg LR w/gas f/p & bay window, huge mstr bdrm w/updated ensuite w/Italian marble, kitch w/European cabinets, greenhouse wndws, custom blinds+wndw cvrs, newer counters & sink and open to family room or lrge eating area. Huge 24’3 x 10’5 rec room dwn, dbl garage, lots of storage. Built-in vac system, security system, new hw tank & more. Great proactive self mngd complex w/newer roofs, wood siding, very friendly adult oriented (19+) complex, allows pets & rentals.

Added on to & re-built from studs in 1998/2000, beautiful 3059 sq ft, 3 level, 4 bdrm, 2 bath home feats awesome river & mtn views, bright open kitchen/dining area w/island, gas stove, newer appliances. Lge living & rec rooms, big closets, 612 sf dble garage/workshop w/11’ ceilings & 9’ door. All new electrical, plumbing, windows, hi-eff furnace, baths, lighting, built-in vac done w/reno & house/garage roofs done 2 months ago. 200 amp service. This renovated home shows like new & has very strong bsmt w/suite potential. Large lot w/nice landscaping, outdoor lighting, patio & sundeck. Safer & family neighborhood near parks, schools, shopping, Canada Games Pool, transit/Skytrain. Nothing to do but MOVE IN!!

#1402-739 Princess St • $369,900

#206-45 4th St • $174,900

#47-7501 Cumberland • $494,800 •


Wow! Marvel at the views to North Shore Mtns & SFU from updated corner unit townhome in “Deerfield” a popular family oriented complex. 1795 sf townhome features 5 bdrms (3 up, 1 on main & 1 down), bright open kitchen with eating area that opens to sunny & spacious balcony, Whistler-inspired LR w/wide plank fir floors & river rock f/p, 3 spacious bdrms up, main bath w/updated tub surround & skylight. Full size laundry room, bdrm/rec room down & 3 pce bath, built-in vac system & double garage. Located in prime location within complex and has small fenced front yard for gardening or for your pets to lounge in. Great complex with lots of visitors parking, outdoor pool & exercise room.

OPEN SAT 12:30-2:30

#1403-69 Jamieson Crt • $354,900

Stunning NE river & mtn views from every window of 1125 sf corner unit Bosa-built concrete building with good reputation. Features 2 bdrms, 2 baths, awesome views from LR & Master bdrm, fabulous slate floors in foyer, kitchen & DR, beech laminate floors in master & living rm, updated kitchen w/granite counters & stainless steel applcs, updated bath w/granite counters. Maple French doors all in excellent floor plan with no hallways & wasted space. Building has new roof since 2009 & hallways & lobby areas were recently updated. Complex offers great amenities incl pool, billiards rm & fully equipped gym. Great convenient location close to hospital, SkyTrain, shopping & transit.

OPEN SUN 12:30-2:30

#102-707 Hamilton St • $185,000

Great value here for spacious 1 bdrm, 1 bath condo in very desirable New Westminster’s Uptown location. Features include insuite laundry, new laminate floors & carpet, newly painted, ample storage space + walk in closet, large patio area and is located on the quiet side of the building. “Casa Diann” has been updated with new boilers, updated hallways & lobby and has been re-plumbed. Excellent location just steps away from all Uptown amenities. 1 cat allowed.

WOW! Over 1,000 sf 2 bdrm & 2 bath corner suite at the Berkley. Gaze at the wonderful Mountain and City views from this spacious and open floor plan. 2 balconies, gas fireplace, insuite laundry with storage, large master bedroom with soaker tub in ensuite. Building is just steps to all the amenities in the heart of Uptown. No need to drive. This building allows a small pet as well. Includes parking and storage locker. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!

Attractive view of the Fraser River. Watch the Patullo bridge to the left and sweeping views to the right all the way to the Alex Fraser bridge. Very bright suite with newer Ikea kitchen, tile floors, and laminate floors in dining room. Very friendly building with lots of long term owners. Close to public transportation, skytrain, and restaurants. 2 storage lockers inside the suite. Building is to be repainted soon and has been paid for. Priced Right!!

#404534 6th St • $289,900 •

#21011 Renaissance • $574,900 •

118A Miner St • $609,900 •

Fabulous river & mtn views from this recently reno’d 2 level, 2429 sf, 5 bdrm, 2.5 bath, strata titled, 2/3 up/ down, duplex on quiet residential family-oriented street near schools parks, shopping & Skytrain. Unique property has spacious open plan w/spacious living room with gas f/p & picture windows, newer maple kitchen with black applcs, gas stove & pantry, 3 lrg bdrms + new 1.5 bath on 1366 sf main floor + 2 bdrm, 1 bath 1013 sf accommodation down. Partly covered 528 sf sundeck recently redone, 1 year old hi-efficiency furnace, double windows, metal roof, new hot water tank, superb sound proofing between floors, updated electrical & plumbing, nice landscaping, 24' x 12' workshop + single garage. Shows very well!

#106-525 Agnes St • $194,900

Super, 1 bdrm, 721 sf corner suite in 15-yrold rainscreened building in Downtown New Westminster, close to Westminster Quay, Douglas College, shopping, Skytrain, parks & recreation. This spacious suite features open floor plan, generous sized living room/dining room area, laminate floors, designer paint, large bdrms & closets, insuite laundry, galley kitchen with newer fridge and stove. Pets allowed. No rentals.

B e l m o n t Towers, in the heart of Uptown New We s t m i n s t e r close to shopping, transit, schools & parks. This 27 year old 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1512 sf suite features 3 large bedrooms, kitchen with eating area, big bright living room, concrete construction, building is well maintained & managed & has been replumbed, has games room, roof deck, guest suite & 2 parking stalls.

R5 DUPLEX LOT Pending 4th reading (already passed 1st, 2nd, #307-707 Gloucester St. • $249,900

109 Agnes St • $549,900 1350 sf, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Heritage Duplex. Features high ceilings, wood floors, large windows & 10 yr warranty. Homes show very well. Reserve for a private showing today!

Very nicely updated & immaculate top floor, NW corner, 893 sf, 2 bdrm, 1 bath suite features newer kitchen, appliances, bath & laminate flooring. Also feats insuite lndry, gas f/p, bathroom with soaker jacuzzi tub, lots of closets & insuite storage, large private balcony, newer paint & light fixtures. Bldg. is well maintained & managed, re-plumbed in 2001, new roof last year, new boilers coming up, maint. fee includes heat, hot water, gas & rec facility. Close to skytrain, Douglas College, NW Quay, uptown, parks, schools & recreation. Includes a car!

#617-615 Belmont • $369,900

EXCELLENT VALUE! By far the best priced condo over 1500 sf currently for sale in all New Westminster (based on price per sf). Rare & unique 1793 sf Yale Town-style loft suite. Bright & spacious suite features lge family room & living room/dining room area perfect for entertaining. Gourmet galley style kitchen w/gas stove, stainless steel appliances, maple cabinets & granite counters, 2 baths, 2 electric f/p, laminate floors, high ceilings, ample closets & storage, insuite laundry, 2 parking stalls, SE views of city & Mt Baker & much more! Located in the heart of Uptown New Westminster just steps to shopping, transit, parks, recreation & schools.

& 3rd reading), 66.67' x 124' lot, currently has older 6 bedroom character home on it. 3804-3810 Napier, Bby $799,900

WOW! stunning top floor, 1 yr old, NE corner, 1475 sf, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, PENTHOUSE at the “Q” on New West Quay close to boardwalk, river market, skytrain, shopping & parks. This immaculate suite feats open plan, high ceilings, gourmet kitchen w/granite counters, top of the line applces including gas cooktop & wall oven, mahogany cabinets, spacious master bdrm with ample closets & full ensuite, insuite lndry, insuite storage & locker, huge 32’ long balcony w/gas hook up & water tap & awesome river, mtn & city views, 2 parking stalls. Bldg has caretaker, full exercise room, theatre & balance of 2-5-10 warranty.


The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A27


Mixed martial arts ◗P29

SECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 •

Hyacks beat Mt. Doug Rams New West’s win first on the field; 2-1 in conference

Fond farewell to ‘Caps



It may have been their second win on the official record but it was the New Westminster Hyacks first win on the field. The Hyacks went to 25 on the season and 2-1 in their conference with a 35-24 win over the visiting Mt. Douglas Rams on Friday afternoon. The Hyacks secured their first win a week before with a default when the West Vancouver Highlanders team folded. There was no doubt on Friday which was the better team as the Hyacks got a 204-yard rushing effort from James Belgrave, 400 yards in total on the ground and two touchdown receptions from Regan Eberding to Jeremy Wilson, putting away the Victoria-based opponents. “I’m very proud of these guys,” said Hyacks head coach Farhan Lalji. “They have stayed positive and worked hard, and it finally paid off against a quality opponent. “I’m happy for the kids, happy they got a win because their attitude, their preparation in practice since the (49-0) Fox loss has been very good. “Our kids came out extremely focused and hungry. Our line was very good so the offense consistently moved the ball all day, and our defense made big plays at key times.” The Hyacks got off to a great start, with Belgrave going 37 yards on the first play from scrimmage to put the Hyacks up 7-0. But Belgrave was the

Photo courtesy of Alan Wardle/THE RECORD

Ramming one home: James Belgrave, with ball, became the fifth Hyack to ever have 200 rushing yards in a game on Friday during New Westminster’s 35-24 home win over the Mt. Douglas Rams of Victoria. goat on the Hyacks’ next possession, the ball going to the Rams, who took the lead 8-7 after a touchdown and two-point conversion. Belgrave made amends with the Hyacks’ next TD, a three-yard scamper and a successful two-point conversion. The Hyacks extended the lead with Eberding’s TD passes to Wilson, from 26 yards and then 33 yards out, before a late secondquarter TD by Manraj Bains – sandwiched around another Mt. Douglas TD – made it 35-16 Hyacks at the half. The Rams scored the only TD in the second half, with all three TDs followed by two-point conversions. “James played real hard and made people miss,” said Lalji. “It also had a lot

to do with how well our (offensive) line played and how our backs were able to open up lanes for James.” Lalji said the Hyacks base offence has three main plays and while teams will try to take away one or two of those plays, they can’t take away all three. While running back Ian Henderson had a great game two weeks ago against Kelowna and quarterback Regan Eberding is getting better and more mature with every snap, the Rams shut them down on Friday, leaving the stage wide open for Belgrave. “We took what they gave us and what they gave us was James,” said Lalji. Eberding had perhaps the most efficient game in recent Hyacks history, run-

ning for 78 yards on 14 carries and going two-forthree passing for 59 yards and two touchdowns. “Regan gets better and better every week,” said Lalji. “He gives us a chance to win in every game. ... The maturity I’ve seen in him is that earlier in the season, he got excited when something was wide open and then he’d miss the pass. ... Now, he doesn’t get as excited and he makes the play.” Other notable performances from the Hyacks included Bains finishing with 10 carries for 49 yards and the one touchdown, Henderson with six carries for 40 yards, and Wilson with two receptions for 59 yards and two TDs. Overall, the Hyacks finished with 400 yards on the

ground and 459 total offensive yards. The Hyacks had 271 yards rushing and 330 total yards of offense in the first half alone. Defensively, Henderson had 11 tackles, including two sacks, while Clay Alexson had four tackles and a sack to lead the defensive line. As nice as the winning streak is, Lalji knows the road ahead won’t be easy. “We were far from perfect with four lost fumbles and will need to be better against a physical Notre Dame team,” said Lalji. “Second through fifth in our conference is wide open this year. The four teams involved are quite even.” The Hyacks play Notre Dame at 5 p.m. at Burnaby Lake West this Friday.

Royal City resident wins six medals at Games

New Westminster resident Klazina Noort took home six medals from the B.C. Senior Games, held in the Comox Valley and Campbell River in mid-September. Noort won two golds, three silvers and bronze in the sprint events.

Burnaby record setter

Burnaby senior Norm Lesage now has six Canadian seniors track records. Lesage’s most recent accomplishment came at the B.C. Seniors Games in the Comox Valley in September, as part of the 4X200 relay team that recorded a Canadian record time of 2:40.99.

He also set outdoor records this summer in the 100 metres, 16.11 seconds on July 10 and the 200 metres, 34.37 seconds on July 19. He set three Canadian indoor seniors records in March, with a 9.92 time in the 60 metres, 34.86 seconds in the 200 metres and 2:40.99 in the 4X200 metre relay.

Split bouts for boxer

Burnaby boxer Robert Couzens split a pair of bouts out east. On Sept. 24, in Montreal, Couzens defeated Marcos Osorio by a unanimous 3-0 decision. Two days later, Couzens lost to Osorio via a split 2-1 decision.

Next on the docket for Couzens is the B.C. senior provincials on Nov. 6 and 7 and then the Canadian senior championships in Quebec City from Dec. 7 to 12. “This will be the first time that Robert competes at the senior championships, after winning the Canadian cadet and youth championships three consecutive years,” said Sobral.

No series for Morneau

New Westminster slugger Justin Morneau will have to wait another year for the World Series. Morneau’s Minnesota Twins were swept in three games by the

New York Yankees, but Morneau wasn’t a part of that sweep after being sidelined since July. Morneau took batting practice and ran some light drills with the Twins on Sept. 30, but was told by team doctors in early October that Morneau will not play again this season. Morneau was hitting .345 with 18 homers and 56 RBI on July 7 when he was kneed in the head accidentally by Toronto Blue Jays second baseman John McDonald. The Twins won the American League Central crown.

The Vancouver Whitecaps played their final game at Swangard Stadium on Sunday night, dropping a 2-0 extra-time decision to the Puerto Rico Islanders in the second round of the USSF D-2 playoffs. The Whitecaps, who drew 0-0 on Oct. 14 in Puerto Rico, were favoured to advance but were undone by a former Whitecap, Nicholas Addlery, who came off the Islanders bench and scored both extra-time goals for the win. Addlery, a ‘Cap in 2008, scored the decisive goal in the 113th minute when he converted a rebound of a Richard Martinez pass past ‘Caps goalie Jay Nolly. With the Whitecaps pressing for an equalizer, Nolly came up for a corner kick, but was stranded when the Islanders Sandy Gbandi found a streaking Addlery on the break. Addlery rounded Nolly at the halfway line before racing forward and slotting the ball into an empty net from 35 yards out for his eighth goal of the season. The Whitecaps, who beat the Portland Timbers in the first round of the playoffs, were undone by their inability to hit the back of the net. After scoring twice in the first 13 minutes against Portland, the Whitecaps went 377 minutes – almost four full playoff games – without scoring another goal. The Islanders now go on to meet the NASL Conference winners Carolina RailHawks in the final after the RailHawks beat the Montreal Impact 2-0 at home. The Whitecaps now look forward to next season, their inaugural season in Major League Soccer. The squad will start taking shape in November with the MLS expansion draft. In March 2011, the Whitecaps will begin MLS play at Empire Field on the grounds of the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver. Later in 2011, the Whitecaps will then move to a newly-renovated B.C. Place in downtown Vancouver.

The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A29

Local martial arts head takes Canadian team to world championships BY ALFIE LAU REPORTER

Dragan Jovanovic has made good use of his 5,000 square foot training facility at 7673 Sixth St. in South Burnaby. When he’s not training security officers for his Canadian Marshals Security Services company, he’s running martial arts classes at his Total Kombat Training Academy for more than 60 students. And now those students have something to shoot for because Jovanovic has been asked to help assemble the Canadian team for the 2010 International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association team for the Amateur World Championships, to be held Nov. 2-7 in Almeria, Spain. “I’m planning to take 20-plus athletes,” said Jovanovic. “They have divisions for competitors as young as six and all the way up to seniors’ division.” There are seven different divisions at the world amateur championships, including forms, weapons, light contact sparring, semi contact sparring, full contact, freestyle rules kickboxing and Thai boxing. Jovanovic is planning to compete himself, in the middleweight full contact and mixed martial arts divisions. He currently holds a fourth-degree black belt in Shotokan karate and aikido/aiki-jiu-jitsu. Former member of a military police and special forces unit, Jovanovic is a certified security training instructor for the province through the Justice Institute in New

Westminster. The former European full-contact champion has run Total Kombat for the last two years and got the job organizing fighters because of an old Vancouver Island contact. “I used to live in Victoria and I met up with Wally Petrovic, who was named as the official recruiter and team leader for ISKA Team Canada,” said Jovanovic. “Wally asked me to help put together a team with people from the Lower Mainland, and I agreed.” Jovanovic has lived in the Lower Mainland for the past 11 years, and his security business has continued to grow. His fitness business is also growing, with cardio kickboxing and full body training amongst the most popular programs offered in his Edmonds-area facility. The amateur championships allow participants a chance to compete against the best in the world, but participants have to pay their own way, meaning Petrovic and Jovanovic are busy trying to line up sponsors. “We are looking for companies and organizations who want to help us out,” said Jovanovic. “This is an event that will give the competitors valuable experience as we try to groom more fighters.” For more information, contact Jovanovic by e-mail at For more information on the amateur world championships, go to www.iska

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Larry Wright/THE RECORD

In the blood: Dragan Jovanovic trains his six-year-old son, Dragan Jr., at his Total Kombat Training Academy in South Burnaby.

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Ken passed away suddenly in his home. Survived by daughters; Debbie and Bettyann, son; Walter, brother; Harry (Doreen), mother; Melva Halliday. Ken was a life long resident of New Westminster and will be sadly missed by his family and many friends. No service by request.

DUBOIS, NELSON (Nels) Born 1912 in Estevan Saskatchewan, passed away Friday October 15th, 2010 in North Vancouver. Predeceased by the love of his life Ann, he is survived by his loving daughter Nancy (Rob), grandchildren Sarah (Larry) and Scott (Erin), great grandchildren Dexter, Griffin, and Sadie. Nelson was a long time resident of North Vancouver. He touched the hearts of all who knew him. Nelson had a smile for everyone and was always willing to help others. Many thanks to the staff of Evergreen House who treated Nelson with compassion, dignity and respect. A celebration of Nelson’s life will be held on Saturday, October 21st at his former residence on Arborlynn Drive from 11am-2pm.



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A32 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record



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The seeking an Office Assistant. The Burnaby Burnaby Teachers’ Teachers’Association Associationisrequires office assistants to The Teachers’ Association requires office assistants to work Burnaby on a Casual / On-call basis. work on a casual/on-call The successful applicantsbasis. must be proficient in word processing, The must beskills proficient in word maintaining processing, havesuccessful excellentapplicants inter-personal including have excellent skills including maintaining confidentiality, workinter-personal under the supervision of the Office Staff and confidentiality, work under the supervision of the Office Staff and Elected Officers, and be willing and able to perform a variety of Elected Officers, and be duties. willing and able to perform a variety of clerical and non-clerical These duties may include filing, clerical and non-clerical duties. These duties may include filing, office reception, mail-outs, meeting preparation, and answering the office reception, mail-outs, meeting preparation, and answering the telephone and and directing directing inquiries. inquiries. telephone The office office is is smoke smoke and and scent scent free. free. The Please forward resume and references references to: to: Please forward resume and The Burnaby Burnaby Teachers’ Teachers’ Association Association The #115-3993 Henning Henning Drive, Drive, Burnaby, Burnaby, B.C., B.C., V5C V5C 6P7 6P7 #115-3993 Attention: Patti Jukes Mark the envelope PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL The successful applicants will need to become members of LEU-USW Local 2009. Salary and benefits are in accordance with their their Collective Collective Agreement. Agreement. Closing Closing Date: Date: November November 1, 1, 2010. 2010. Only Only the the applicants applicants meeting meeting the the criteria criteria will be contacted interview. will be contacted for for an an interview.




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14. Roman historian DOWN 15. Olive genus 1. Countries in an alliance 16. Hay Marie wrapper 2. ____ Presley 17. Town in Iceland 3. Elliptic 4. Amino tyr or____ y Ude 18. Buryatacid capital 5. Light creamy dishgod set with 19. Belongs to sun gelatin 20. S. FL. river 6. God in Islam 23. Waistof ribbon 7. Wife Jacob 24. Chromaticity 8. Source of the Blue Nile 25.Ancient Irony calculators 9. 10. Immerses in liquid

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Business Opps/ Franchises

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★A RENT TO OWN! ★ If you have a small down payment, I have a nice home for you! Less then perfect credit OK. Call Kim 604-628-6598


Condos/ Townhouses



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DIAL-A-LAW OFFERS general information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available). LAWYER REFERRAL Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604-687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM).


Houses - Sale


Real Estate


We Offer Quick Cash For Your House

Damaged Home! Older Home! Difficulty Selling! Call us first! No Fees! No Risks! 604-626-9647 * ATTENTION * WE BUY HOUSES WE CASH YOU OUT FAST!

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Any Price, Any Condition Any Location. No Fees! No Risk ! (604) 435-5555 OR (604) 786-4663

Sat Oct 23rd, 2-4pm 8655 159 St, 3 lvl T/H just 3 yrs old, 3BR, 3ba, nr amens, quick sale, $335K Mala @ Sutton 604-710-9030


Expired Listing No Equity High Pymts?


Houses - Sale Real Estate

$99 can sell your home 574-5243 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $99,900 597-8361 id4714 Harrison Hot Springs immaculate 1650sf 3br, 2ba rancher $389K 604-796-3531 id5222 Langley parklike acreage w/2 homes, 1 with suite, barn, $1,495,000 857-9093 id5238 Maple Ridge drastically reduced 4.9ac serviced vu acreage $420Kobo 722-3996 id4694 Poco immaculate 1790sf 3br 2.5ba end unit tnhome $424,900 778-554-2263 id5241 Sry Sullivan Mews ground lvl 1200sf 2br 2ba tnhse, 55+complex $220K 834-6935 id5136 Sry E Newton 1 acre lot with 2600sf 6br 2.5ba bungalow $479,900 778-549-2056 id5198

Call 604-998-0218 604-444-3000 to place your ad to ad

RE: THE ESTATE OF THOMAS CLELLAND LARKIN late of Burnaby, in the province of British Columbia, DECEASED Creditors and others having claims against the above estate are required to send full particulars to Maguire and Company. 1727 Jefferson Avenue, Victoria, BC V8N 2B3. Attention: Robert J. Maguire, on or before the 30th day of November, 2010, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard to the claims of which the Executor will then have received notice. ANDREW ANDERSEN Executor by his Solicitor: MAGUIRE & COMPANY


Sun Oct 24th, 2-4pm 3337 Ganymede Dr, Bby N, 3 lvl T/H, 3BR + rec rm, quick sale, $295K Mala @ Sutton 604-710-9030

Pet Services


Call us First! 604-700-4419

SHIH TZU. 12 week old male. First shots. Very friendly. Cute & so adorable! $550. 778-394-6666


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YORKIE OR Yorkie X Maltese Toy size, local, 604-590-3727


★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422



OPEN HOUSE Sat Oct23 Noon-4:00pm 3355 164A Street,Surrey Executive 6300sf home in Willbrook Estates, just around the corner from Morgan Creek. 20,000sf lot. House is priced to sell $1,199,899! Quiet cul-de-sac & only a few blocks from South Ridge private school & shopping. Leigh Turnbull McDonlald Realty 604-783-6270


Lots & Acreage

BUILDING LOT, New West. 33’ x 130’. $75,000 in services paid! No HST! 4,240 total sq. feet. Priced to sell! $321,000. 604-726-0677

A34 • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • The Record




1 BR N/West h/wd flrs, 5 appl, f/p, ug prkg/storage, ns, np $850 avail immed or Nov 1st 604-690-6627 $750/M BRGHT 1BR in Cntrl Cqtlm new home, incl. insuite wsh/dry intrnt cbl alrm full bath & kitch Near transit gym pool library 604-780-8873 available Oct 15 SALISBURY PLACE 7272 Salisbury Ave Bby Highgate 1 BR incl heat & hot water. N/S & N/P. $877/mo. 604-524-4720 BBY, 2 BR Apt, cls to school and Lougheed Mall, newly reno’d kitch & bath, N/s, N/p, Avail now, $1100/mo. Call 604-420-7023. BBY METROTOWN 1 & 2 BR avail Immed, Clean, quiet bldng. Inc heat/hot water. 778-788-1867 BBY METROTOWN 1 BR avail Immed, Clean, quiet bldng. $775 Inc heat/hot water. 778-994-2334 BBY METROTOWN 1 BR avail Immed, Clean, quiet bldng. Inc heat/hot water. 778-323-0237 BBY METROTOWN 1 BR avail Immed, Clean, quiet bldng. Inc heat/hot water. 778-323-0237



BBY S. 1 BR. $710 - $730, Tile, laminate, ug prkg, hw, WiFi, cat ok, Metrotown, 604-818-1129

COQ. 1 BR, $750. 3 BR, $950. Now/Nov 1, Incl d/w, ht, 778-990-7079, 604-521-8249 COQ, 1 BR. Blue Mtn Park. Quiet & priv. Patio, trees. $770/mo. Nov 1/15 or Dec 1st. 604-619-3444 COQ AUSTIN & BLUE MTN. 2 BR, $820, Avail Nov 1, incl h/w, Bldg w/d. 778-865-6696

COQ/BBY, CORA Towers. 1000+sf, 2 BR, 2bth, appls, Gym, Media, 2 sec prkg. Near SFU/ skytrain. $1595 incls ht/hot water N/S. Sm pet negot. 604-787-1413 MINT COND! Sth Slope. 2 bdrms, 2 bath, gran, steel appl, w/d, fp & balc! Nr trails, Edmonds skytrn, shops, playgrounds, schools. $1300/mo. 604-524-5426

BURNABY CENTRE Metrotown Area - Bby

Bby N. Nice 1 BR, quiet. $675 incl heat & h/w, hyrdo, prkg. By bus. Av Nov 1. NS/NP. 604-205-9409


Updated Studio & 1 BR Apts. Rental Incentives Offered. Rent includes heat and hot water.


Large Units. Near Lougheed Mall. Transportation & S.F.U.

Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall.

555 Cottonwood Ave, Coq

office: 604 936-1225



Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U.

Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604 939-4903 cell: 778-229-1358

office: 604 939-8905 cell: 604 916-0261

415 Westview St, Coq



1300 King Albert, Coq


Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U.

Starting at $950 Adult friendly building. Inste laundry, visual intercom, gated parking. Near shops & bus. No pets. Includes hotwater & storage.

office: 604 937-7343 cell: 778 848-5993

1 BDRM’s Avail.

Call 604-522-3391


CALL Bach.,FOR 1 &A VIEWING 2 Bdrm. TODAY! Suites 1 Bedrooms from $870 Heat/Water included, Water & heatavail. included. parking Close to skytrain, No smoking, no pets. shopping just a walk away. CloseSmall to Royal Columbian pet okay. bus/skytrain. “O”Hospital, Security Deposit. Call for details.

RENTALS 604-522-9139 604-931-3273 6508

PORT MOODY, Newport Village. 2 BR + den, concrete bldg, 2 full baths. F/p, in-suite w/d, h/wd flrs, granite counters, S.S. applis, 2 u/grd prkg, gym. Ocean & mountain view! $1,850/mo + util. Avail immed or Nov 1st. 604-469-9261 SILVER STAR APTS 6425 Silver Ave. Bby. Across St from Metrotown & skytrain, clean, quiet, near bus & shops, 1br $825 heat hw incld, ns, np, 1 yr lease Dorset Rlty.. John 604-439-9602


220 - 7th St, New West 1 BR, $700. Rent includes heat & hot water, reno’d suites with big patios. By shops, banks, Skytrain & college. U/grd parking available. Call 604-519-1382 Managed by Colliers International

320-9th St, New West

MASSEY PLACE on McBride Blvd

FALL SPECIALS Rent prices slashed. Largest Apts in New West. Rents starting $795 for Oct!

CALL (604) 524-5840

Family Living WHITGIFT GARDENS 1 BR, (80% adult bldg), $750. 2 BR fr $925. 3 BR fr $1100. ● Spacious apartments ● Heat, h/w, prkg, indoor pool ● Ball court, daycare avail. ● Near Skytrain, shopping & kids park. Sorry no pets.


GARDEN VILLA 1010 6th Ave, New West

1 BR & 2 BR Available. Beautiful atrium with fountain. By shops, college & transit. Pets negotiable. Ref required.

CALL 604 715-7764

SRY, Scott Rd/69 Ave. 2 BR + den, 2 full baths, f/p, 5 appl, u/grd prkg. 1,000 sf. Ns/np. $1,100/mo. Immed. Near bus. 604-418-6486 SURREY/CITY CENTREQUATTRO - 13733 & 13789 107A New Junior 1 & 2 bdrm suites, all appliances, alarm, large patio, granite countertops, sec. prkg, storage&gym, short walk to sky train, shops & bus W&D Avail.Now $750 & up N/S N/P. Sutton Group Email: homesforlease@ for a full list of rentals available or call Cindy at 604-807-1105.

Age 55 or over. Beautiful view. Bach high rise apt. Close to trans & shopping. Rent incl all utils. Refs req. Contact Ana Cell: 778-859-0798 Bayside Property Services Ltd.


22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge

office: 604 463-0857 cell: 604 375-1768

BONSOR APTS Renovated high rise, concrete building. Penthouse, 1 BR & 2 BR available. Very close to Metrotown, Skytrain & Bonsor swimming pool. Rent includes heat, hot water. Reference required.

Contact Natalie 778-230-9037 or Bayside Property Services Office: 604-432-7774

St Andrews Street 1 BR Apt, Large balcony, updated, nr transit & amens. Available Nov 1, small pet ok with pet deposit.

Call 604-540-9300

102-120 Agnes St, N.West

Hi-Rise Apartment with River View & Indoor Pool. 1 BR & 2 BR Available. Rent includes heat & hot water. Remodelled Building and Common area. Gated undergrd parking available. References required.



Duplexes - Rent


Refreshingly Clean Meticulously Maintained

Surrey Gardens Apartments

Bach, 1 BR & 2 BR BBY, NORTH. Clean 2 BR, g/lvl. Nr SFU. Big back yard. Nice area. Ns/np. Immed. 604-253-0168

Owner Managed Sorry, No Pets

Call for details! 604-589-7040


BBY, NEAR Metrotown, BCIT, Skytrain & Hospital. 3 BR upper ste, large living room, & family room, 2 car garage, f/p, w/d, $1550 N/S & N/P. 604-438-0786

COQ, Blue Mtn / Como Lake. 3 BR, upper floor, 1.5 baths, 6 appl., big sundeck. $1,490/mo + 2⁄3 utils. Ns/np. Nr schools. 604-939-6077

COQ, CENTRAL. 2 BR rancher by the lake. Priv w/d. $1450/mo. No pets. Nov 1st. 604-790-9500

COQ Charland, 5 BR, 2.5 bath, all appls, f’/bsmt, dbl garag. $2000. Av now. NS/NP. 604-936-9104 POCO 4 BR, 2.5 baths house, 2600 sqft, newly reno’d, 2 car garage, priv lot, $2300. pets ok, Avail Nov 15. 604-809-4353

Suites/Partial Houses

BBY, DEER Lake. 2 BR, grd/lvl. Sh’d w/d. Ns/np. Refs. $950/mo incls utils. Nov 1st. 604-298-9149 BBY, Deer Lake. 2 BR, sh’d w/d, carport. Suits 1 or 2. $900/mo incl hydro. Ns/np. Now. 604-521-6120

BBY, E. 13th Ave/4th St. 2 BR g/l. 1200 sf. Sh’d w/d, gas f/p, f/yrd. NS/NP. $875 + util. 604-290-2181 BBY EAST, 3 BR g/lvl ste, Brand New, nr bus, n/s, n/p, $1200 incls hydro & gas, Nov1. NS/NP. 604-512-8196 or 604-722-4142

Time to Get Your Own Place? Find your answer in the Classifieds – in print and online!


Suites/Partial Houses

S. BBY, Metrotown, 2 BR g/l ste, new home, W/D. $1200 incls utils, avail now. Refs. 604-518-1328


Townhouses Rent

COQ WW Plateau, 3 BR T/H, 3 bath $1975/mo. Quay Pacific Ppty Mgmt Ltd, call 604-570-2786 M. RIDGE, Brand New, 1400sf, 3 BR, 5 appls, sec’d prkg, deck. Nov 1. $1500. N/S. Sm pet ok. 604-521-5299 or 604-802-4840 PITT MEADOWS 3 BR T/H, quiet family complex, Rent geared to income, n/p, 604-465-4851


BBY SOUTH UPPER 2 BR + Den 2,000sf ste, W/D, D/W, lge deck, sec pkng. Nr bus/schls/5 mins to Metro Town. NS/NP. $1350 + 1/3 utils. Avail Nov 1. 604-728-0377

COQ 3 BR upr, 2 f/bath, D/W, sh’d W/D, 1300sf, $1400 + 2/3 util. NS/ NP. 604 939-1116, 778-773-5977

West Coquitlam 3 BR House, 1600 sf, 2 br up & 1 br down, hardwood floors, 2 full baths, 5 appls, big back yard. Close to School, transit & shopping. To view call Rob McKenzie 604 723-8215


Miscellaneous Rentals

New Westminster CALL 604 723-8215



BBY NORTH Room avail, suits student, $450 incls utils, w/d, Avail Now, n/s, n/p. 604-294-3365


Shared Accommodation


Coq./Poco/ Port Moody

COQ, North Rd. Furnished 1 BR in house. Females only. $450/mo incl util. N/s, N/p. 604-939-6242 COQ/BBY Lougheed Mall, near skytrain. Furn’d room, female only. NS/NP/ND. $550 incls utils, W/D, cable, net. 604-939-8468


Suites/Partial Houses

BBY 2 BR & DEN g/lvl ste, $850 incls utils, n/s, n/p, shared w/d, Avail Now, 604-505-5275

BBY CARIBOO Hill, 2 BR bsmt ste, priv entry. NS/NP. Avail now. $845 incls utils. 604-526-6401


(Coquitlam Centre area)

STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN No Qualification - Low Down CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49x171’ lot, excellent investment property in heart of town..... $888/M SURREY- 6297 134 St. Solid 7 Bdrm HOUSE w/3 bdrm suite on 1/4 acre lot with views... $1,488M WHITE ROCK - 15532 Madrona Drive 3 bdrm, HOUSE on quiet Cul-de-Sac, huge fenced yard, dbl garage, 2yr old roof. $1,688M

BBY CAPTIAL Hill, 3 BR mn flr, 5 appls. $1250 incls utls, cable/net. Nov 1. ns/np. Refs. 604-294-1487

Go to or call 604-444-3000.

BBY, METROTOWN. New 2 BR, f/bath. Sh’d w/d. Ns/np. $950/mo incl hydro. Immed. 604-377-8687

BBY NORTH. Bright 1 BR, grnd/ lvl, priv entry, granite flrs, all appls., N/s, n/p. $850/mo incls utils. Avail immed. 604-299-2448

Call (604)435-5555 or (604)786-4663

3 BR, 1½ baths, fridge/stove, laundry hook-up. $1,250/mo + utilities. Near Skytrain, schools and Lougheed Hwy in North Burnaby. Family-oriented complex. Immed. N/s, no dogs. ★ Cats are welcome! ★

Call 604-420-0763

SRY, Clayton Hills, 7150 - 182nd St. 3 BR rancher on 1/2 acre. 1000 sq ft. Huge workshop/garage with vaulted ceilings & electricity. Great for working on your cars or hobbies! $1,450/mo. Ns/ np. Immed. Joe, 604-721-5121

POCO, Own BR / bath, Female only. $525 incls utls, W/D, share home. NS/NP. 778-216-1727

1-BEDROOM AP T. Move in tomorrow. Affo rdable monthly rent.

BBY, Edmonds/Canada Way. 1 BR. $650/mo incl hydro. Ns/np. Laundry. Suits mature person. Immed. Refs req’d. 604-522-9380

BBY Metrotown/BCIT. Lrg 1 BR $750 + 1/3 utils. Nov 1. NS/NP. 604-430-5062 or 778 892-5161


for your new one bedroom home It’sFrom time to$690.00 discover

Houses - Rent


99-7360 Halifax St, Bby

604 939-0944





ROTARY TOWER 25 Clute St, New West



604 420-5636

Duplexes - Rent

COQ, MUNDY Park. lrg 2 BR, lower lvl, 5 appl, carport. $995 incl util. Ns/Np, Now. 604-291-2090



Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great view of River


CALL 604 715-7764


552 Dansey Ave, Coq

NW 3 BR + den, 3 ba Executive Condo, $2375 Quay Pacific Property Mgmt. 604-570-2786


office: 604 524-8174 cell: 604 813-8789


NEW WEST. Reno’d 1 BR New Appl’s etc. No Pets, From $745 inc. HT/HW 604-724-8353

office: 604 936-3907

office: 604 939-2136 cell: 604 805-9490



Bach & 1 BR Available. All Suites Have Balconies. Undergrd Parking Available. Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.

Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation.

401 Westview St, Coq


CALL (604) 438-4544

1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building.

545 Rochester Ave, Coq

To place your ad call


• 2 BR Townhouse • 3 BR Townhouse 1.5 bath, 2 levels, 5 appls, carport. Sorry no pets.

Call 604-942-2012 WOODLAND PARK

COQ 2 BR g/lvl, lrg liv rm, w/d, newly reno’d, $900 + utils, Nov 1. 778-355-0436, 604-339-7699 COQ, 3 br main flr house, dw, fp, $1300+60% utils, share wd, ns, np, avail Nov. 1, 604-808-4155

COQ CTR. Very clean, big 1 BR. Shared laundry. Ns/np. $750/mo incl utils/internet. Avail Nov 1, Nov 15th or Dec 1st. 604-464-1085

COQ, REGAN. 2 BR, full bath, private W/D. Ns/np. $925/mo incl hydro. Avail now. 604-418-1548

TOWNHOMES Professionally managed family townhome complex on 28 acres located in beautiful Port Moody. Spacious 2 BR & 3 BR units, 5 appls, inste W/D, walk out bsmt, 1 parking. Cat friendly.

Contact 604-939-0221


Wanted To Rent

2 OR 3 Br independant ste or house for rent asap. 3 tennants, responsible, employed, $1200/mo max. Near transit. Please call after 5 604-818-5191

Wanted 2 BR Bsmt Suite in New West, for pensioner who has loud cockatoo, 778-858-1234


Warehouse/ Commercial

COQ, Superstore/Brunette. Nice 1 BR. $650 + util. Pet welcome! 604-522-3100 or 604-941-2444 COQ. WW Plateau. 3 BR g/l, sep ent. Nr schl, golf, bus. Own W/D. $1050. 604-475-1844, 727-2935.

BBY 6994 Greenwood St, Brand New approx 1800sf Warehouse with finished office, 1 UNIT LEFT! Clean, large O/H door, 3 phase power, available Now. Call 604 929-9493

NEW WEST, 6th/16th. 1 BR. Ns/ np, no laundry. Suits 1. $650/mo incl hydro/cable. 604-520-6279

NEW WEST, Queensborough. 2 BR. $875/mo incl heat, hot water, & cable. Nov 1st. 604-765-7005 NEW WEST, Westside. 2 BR, grd/lvl. Ns/np. Includes util/cable. Available now. 604-522-1896 POCO 1 BR gr lev ste, sh’d W/D, priv entry. NS/NP. Avail now. $650 incls utls. 778-216-1727


POCO Brand New Bach ste, sep entry, own W/D, suits 1, 685sf, NS/NP $725. Nov1 604-202-7588 POCO CENTER. 2 BR gr lev, own W/D, patio. Avail now. $900 incls utls, cbl. NS/NP. 778-245-8016 POCO WARWICK. 3 BR upper ste, 5 appls, $1200 + 1/2 utls. 3 BR lower g/lev, 5 appls, $1100 + 1/2 utls. Avail now. 778-855-6963 PORT MOODY, 2 BR Upper ste. Near Old Town Centre. Newly reno’d. $750 + utls. Avail Nov 1. 604-218-7660 QUEENSBOROUGH, Newer 2 BR bsmt. Nov 1. $800 incls utls. NS/NP. No W/D. 778-998-0973

Body Work Treat, train couple sex problems, pain. DON’T WORK NO CHARGE within 10 min.


$40UP IN/OUT Cell: 604-603-3638


DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies.1-877804-5381. (18+).

The Record • Wednesday, October 20, 2010 • A35

HOME SERVICES Alarm/Security

ALARM 604-463-7919 Systems Ltd.





YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899


Flooring/ Refinishing

THE ART OF HARDWOOD FLOORS Installations Refinishing & Repairs Dust Free. Affordable Rates! Free Estimates.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS Renos to Handyman’s Service Call Ray 604-418-4208 * RENOS * Bsmt refinish * Drywall * Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors * Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470


Chimney Services

Chimney Sweep Repair Specialists. WETT cert. 604-771-4772


Call: 604-240-3344 ALL ABOUT FLOORS Hardwood, Laminate. Free Estimates. Call Mo 778-789-4333 ALL NEW FLOORS. Hardwood, Laminate. Professional Installation and Refinishing.. 604-715-8455

Exp. Reliable European Cleaning, Move In or Out, Res/ Comm★ Call 604 760-7702 ★ JANE’s • House Cleaning A thorough job every time! Call ★ 778-800-9612



• Removal & Replace • Free Disposal • Free Estimates • Quality Guaranteed • Fully Insured • Commercial / Residential

LMD Ltd. 604-540-6567

DALL’ANTONIA CONCRETE Prompt, Professional, Family run 40+yrs. Seniors % 604 240-3408


DRAIN TILES & WATER LINES Without Digging a Trench 604-294-5300 DRAINAGE, SEWER & WATER Call Tobias 604 782-4322 Mia Casa − Drain Tile/Sewer Line Water Line Repairs / Replacement & Cleaning. Vince 604-941-6060, Al 604-783-3142



ARCO DRYWALL. Board, tape, texture, frame. New & renos. 16 years exp. Mike, 604-825-1500 *Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925 PATCHING, TEXTURE / smooth ceilings, plaster walls. Small jobs. 25 years exp. Call 604-671-9901


• Residential and Commercial Lawn Maintenance • Yard Clean-up • Lawn Repairs • Gardening • Hedge Trimming • Tree Pruning

Free Est 604-779-6978

WILDWOOD LANDSCAPING Hedge Trimmimg & Tree Pruning & Hedge Removal Fall Clean Up Chaffer Control & Lawn Restoration. Comm/Strata/Res Aerating & Power Raking. Free Estimates. 604-893-5745




Painting/ Wallpaper

Good Day Painting Fully Insured, Quality Work, Res/Comm, No Payment till Job is Completed! Call Thomas 604 377-1338


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



A BETTER Better Quality, Better Service

A Gardener & A Gentleman Lawn, garden, tree svcs. Pruning, yard clean-up, rubbish. 319-5302


#1113 Low Cost Electric 522-3435 Comm/Res/Panel change Heating/Appl Repair. Lic & Bonded.

#1167 LIC Bonded. BBB, lrg & sm jobs, expert trouble shooter, WCB, low rates, 24/7. 617-1774. LIC. ELECTRICIAN #37309 Commercial & residential renos & small jobs. 778-322-0934.

604-439-9417 RAIN CENTRE LTD.

(since 1968) 4", 5" & 6 " continuous gutters Vinyl & aluminium siding soffits Install repairs and cleaning. Free Estimates! 604-874-8158 Check us out with the BBB

A1 Steve’s Gutter Cleaning & Repair from $98. Gutters vacuumed/hand clean. 604-524-0667 PRESSURE WASHING, Gutter Cleaning and Repairs Call George • 778-859-7793



RENOVATIONS AND Handyman Service. Residential/Commerial. Call Alan, 604-290-1060



DOUBLE - 0 LANDSCAPING Bobcat (small jobs), lawn care & landscaping. Call 778-885-2984 ★ OPERA LANDSCAPING ★ Retaining walls, irrigation, paving, patios, fences, etc. 778-688-2444


Lawn & Garden

Fall Services

SAME DAY SERVICE “More than just mowing!”

Yard Clean-ups • Hedges Pruning • Gutters • Aeration Lawn Mowing Christmas Lights Rubbish Removal Free Estimates

310-JIMS (5467) Book a job at:

Need a Handyman?

Find one in the Home Services section.


FALL SPECIAL SAVE THE HST Have Your Roof Done Between Now & Nov. 30 A+


#1 Roofing Company in BC

8Plumbing 8Drain Cleaning 8Hot Water Tank Specials 8Seniors Discounts


All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business Call now & we pay ½ the HST


Lawn & Garden • Clean-ups & Disposal, Gutters/Press Washing Seniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142

10% Off with this Ad! Aman’s Plumbing Service, Lic. Gas Fitter, Reas. Rates. 778-895-2005

YARD CLEAN-UP, Trim/Prune hedges, rubbish removal, Free estimate. 604-710-9670


Moving & Storage


1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From


We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance


Water Lines (without digging) Sewer Lines (without digging) Install. Drain tiles. 604-294-5300 LICENSED PLUMBER & Gasfitter. BBQs, ranges, etc. Repairs, renos. VISA ok. 604-830-6617 PACIFIC ACE PLUMBING INC. •Repairs •Installation •Insured Free Est. Call • 778-836-8835


Renovations & Home Improvement

OLMANI DEVELOPMENT Renovations Bathroom/Kitchen Interior/Exterior Home Repair and Additions




Complete Bathroom Reno’s Suites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights, Windows, Doors, 604 521-1567

Seniors Discount

B&Y MOVING Experienced Movers ~ 2 Men $50 ~ • Includes all Taxes • Licenced & Insured • Professional Piano Movers


$30 P/HR. Abe Moving & Delivery & Rubbish Removal. ★ Available 24 hours. Abe at: 604-999-6020 A MOVING EXPERIENCE WITH L & D ENTERPRISES !!! Fast & Dependable Special Rates Seniors Disc. Call 604-464-5872 AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of Moving, Storage & Packing. Different from the Rest. 604-861-8885 AMI MOVING ★ 3-5 ton cube. Starting at $39/hour. Local & long distances. 24/7 ★ 604-617-8620


* Save Your Dollars * Bath, Kitchen, Suite’s & More www. 604-781-7695


Auto Miscellaneous

$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.

Call 778-316-3217

for Full-Size Complete Vehicles. Free Removal! 2-Hr. Service in Most Areas



1999 CHRYSLER Neon, auto, aircared, 170 K, $4000 spent on it. $2150 obo. 604-946-2885


Scrap Car Removal

Removal FREEScrap/Car No Wheels No Problem

TOP Painting & Pressure Wash Res/Comm. Best Rate / Free Est Top Quality! Joe 604-782-1377

10% off ALIN Maintenance •Roof •Chimney •Skylight Repairs •All Leak Problems! 604-319-2229

SSK ROOFING & SIDING Re-roofing. Gutters. WCB / BBB 604-787-4622 or 778 240-6513

★ASK DISCOUNT RUBBISH★ Best Prices, Yard, House/Const, Demo. 7 days Ray, 604-727-6153


Rubbish Removal

A Eastcan Roofing & Siding Ltd Re-Roof, Repair. Ins. WCB. BBB. 604-961-0324 or 604-562-0957 Alive & still roofing after 50 years!! RCABC Certified Roofers. BILL the Roofer • 604-522-8516


HOUR 2Service From Call

Family Owned & Operated

(604) 209-2026

ONSITE DISPOSAL SERVICE Const/ House/ Yard Waste Quality Service at Great Price 7 Days/ Week 604-700-SITE 7483



WE LOAD 604-242-4869

ALL JUNK? Residential & Commercial Free Estimates Large or small jobs Nobody beats our prices $15 Off with this ad

Yes, we Remove & Recycle Anything

604-537-8523 CHEAP CHEAP

Rubbish Removal Seniors discount. 604-807-0198 $30 P/HR. Abe Moving & Delivery & Rubbish Removal. ★ Available 24 hours. Abe at: 604-999-6020 DISPOSAL BINS 4 - 40 yard bins. Starting from $179 including dump fees. Disposal King, 604-306-8599


$50-$150 FULL TRUCK LOADS Rubbish, Lawn, Garden clean-up, fast service Patrick 604-808-1652


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925



A to Z CERAMIC TILES Installation, Repairs, Fair Prices Free Est. 444-4715 cel 805-4319


Tree Services


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585

A-1 TRI CRAFT TREE SERVICES (EST. 1986) Treeworks 15 yrs exp. Tree/ Stump Removal, Prun’in & Trim’in & View Work 291-7778, 787-5915 Wildwood Tree Services, Exp Hedge Trimming and Removal & Tree Pruning. Free Est. 604-893-5745


Tried & True Since 1902

• BBB • RCABC • GAF/ELK Master Elite Contractor • Residential Roofing • Liability Coverage and WCB • Designated Project Managers • Homes & Strata • Third Party Inspection Installations & Repairs Call 604-327-3086 for a free estimate •• 24 Hr Emergency Service Quote code 2010 for a 5% discount


Scrap Car Removal



Many Years Experience Fully Insured Top Quality, Quick Work Free Estimate

MICHAEL JOHN Painting/Decorating Int/Ext, Prof+Guar. No HST, Free Est., 778-789-0452

(604) 299-8131


Pays $150 minimum

D V K PAINTING LTD. Fall Special − 20% Off! Free Est’s. Dave • 604-354-2930

Family owned & operated since 1989

Rubbish Removal

BEN’S RUBBISH REMOVAL $50-$150 a load. Yard clean up. Bby/N. West/Coq. 778-859-8760




Free Estimates 24 Hour Repairs Skylights Gutters Cedar - Duriod - Torch-On Systems All work Guaranteed!

D & M RENOVATIONS, Flooring, tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Top quality, quick work 604-724-3832

Painting/ Wallpaper

Interior/Exterior Specialist

Quality work by Qualified Professionals.


Roofing Experts 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank




ALL JUNK - remove for res. & Comm. Free est. 7days/wk. $15off. w/ad. 604-537-8523


YARD CLEAN-UP, lawns cut & lawn aeration, hedge trim, rubbish removal, gutters. 604-773-0075

Full Seamless Gutter Installation/Repairs Soffits All jobs Guaranteed. Fully insured/WCB covered Will beat any competitors price




A.S.B.A ENTERPRISE Comm/ Res, Free Est, $20/hr incls supplies, Insured, 604-723-0162


Lawn & Garden

INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508

#1 QUALITY Cleaning Service Homes & Business. Senior Disc. Low Rates. 604 724-8998





To place your ad call







Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1988 MAZDA P/UP B2200, metallic blue, well maint, $1100 obo. 604-943-1582


Sports & Imports

1990 TOYOTA Corolla stationwagon, 184,220 kms, 4 cylinder, air conditioning, new automatic transmission, 4 new winter tires. Call 604-985-9407 to inquire.


Window Cleaning

BOB’S WINDOW Gets that Clean, Clear Shine No Drops, No Drips, No Streaks Right into the corners! Serving you for over 20 yrs. Also do Gutters 604 588-6938


Sports & Imports

2005 TOYOTA Echo, 40mpg city/ 60mpg hwy. 4-door hatchback, a/c, cruise, keyless entry, CD player, split rear seat, more room than you’d think! 90k km, regularly maintained by Toyota service only, front brakes recently rebuilt. 1 owner. Accident/smoker free. Great condition. $5,900. 604-219-5508.


604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

1998 HONDA CIVIC EX 149 km, silver honda serviced exc cond. 1 owner $3800. 604-275-7968

2006 HONDA Civic DX Coupe $11,900. Auto, dark blue, PWR Locks/Windows, heated mirrors, digital dash, 4 new tires, new brakes. Honda Serviced. NO Accidents. 100k. Great on gas, +extras. Coq. ★ 604-868-3128

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673 ★ FREE TOWING ★ up to $300 CASH Today!

604-728-1965 John

1999 VOLVO V70 wagon 175,000 k, 5 spd. extra set good winter tires, heated leather seats, sunroof, $7950.00 604-988-3516

2006 VOLVO V70, 103K, fully loaded, blk heater, Volvo service warr 2 yrs $18,850, 604-986-5427

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31 - 8th St. at Columbia St., New Westminster [Opposite to New West Skytrain Station]

DELIVERY 1:30PM - 9:30PM ( MINIMUM ORDER $15.00 )

04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 2010...No. 1 604-519-1388 604-521-1833

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