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WV totem returned to Squamish

Forgotten pole donated by new property owners Benjamin Alldritt

A totem pole discovered on a neglected West Vancouver lot has been donated back to the Squamish Nation by the family that recently purchased the land. The pole is believed to be at least 70 years old and the work of Chief Mathias Joe, a hereditary Squamish chief and prolific carver who died in 1967 at age 91. The 6.4-metre red cedar pole was carefully loaded onto a truck Monday and shipped to the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, where it will be partially restored and used both as an exhibition piece and a training aid for student carvers. “It’s extremely significant,” said Sarah Goodwin, the centre’s manager of program development. “This pole will NEWS photo Cindy Goodman be an addition to our carving program. We have cultural TIMBER Haven mill worker Eric Hemel (centre) and members of the Jensen family of West Vancouver work to secure and protect a 70-yearexperts come in and teach old totem for its journey via Black Tusk flatbed truck to its new home at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre in Whistler. aboriginal youth ambassadors. The pole will be restored by Cody Mathias and Gary Mathias Ray Baker, which is just incredible.” Mathias and Baker are the original carver’s great-grandson and great-great-grandson respectively. “He’s going to do some restoration work on it but it has a beautiful weathered appearance. “Outside the schools, people are just going to see more Given the age of the piece and the amount that it has weathered, cops than usual,” said Cpl. Fred Harding, a spokesman for the there will be a fairly minimalist approach,” Goodwin said. “Then West Vancouver police. “I can’t obviously discuss our tactics the pole will be installed in November as part of the Cultural — there are things going on — but no one’s going to find them Journey exhibition that will open in the spring. Our vision is intrusive.” to display this piece alongside a replica piece carved by family James Weldon The measures were in response to a note scrawled on a wall members by the end of next year.” at the school about 10 days ago, which apparently warned that Goodwin said a bear and a thunderbird are identifiable on something would take place on Oct. 19. Other media have the pole, but the lower figures are not recognizable yet. The two TENSIONS were high at West Vancouver reported the anonymous writer claimed 12 people would die, Squamish restorers may be able to remedy that. but police would not confirm that. Goodwin added that the family that discovered the pole on secondary Tuesday morning as police and security “I can tell you it was a non-specific threat,” said Harding. “I their British Properties lot was under no obligation to return it, guards flocked to the school in response to a can categorically say there were no names, no venues, no places and they will be invited to the blessing ceremony next year. threatening message. attached to it.” The land changed hands about 18 month ago, said a The Province newspaper reported Tuesday that the note had West Vancouver officers were patrolling the area and had spokesman for the Jensen family, at which time the pole, while beefed up surveillance around the community’s other public and included a hit list of specific individuals. Harding said that wasn’t still standing, was almost totally obscured by trees and bushes. private high schools. Guards with a private security firm were See Gift page 5 visible on campus. See Police page 3

Heavy police presence at WVSS Warning threat prompts security measures at all WV high schools


OCT 23 & 24, 10AM-4PM

Base of Grouse Mountain 6400 Nancy Greene Way North Vancouver



A2 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A3

Sexual assault trial underway

Michael Berry taught children acting Jane Seyd

THE trial of a former Capilano College instructor from West Vancouver charged with sexually assaulting eight children and possessing pornographic videos has started in B.C. Supreme Court.

Michael Berry, 72, stood in court and pleaded not guilty to 18 charges before Justice Paul Williamson Monday. Berry has elected to be tried by a judge alone. Berry entered the court with a walker and with the help of two friends who accompanied him, after being told he could be arrested if he didn’t make an appearance in court. The trial was delayed several hours Monday over what Berry’s lawyer described as “mental health issues” that had resulted in him not showing up to court earlier in the day. He was excused from the courtroom shortly after entering his not guilty pleas. The first part of the trial is taking place in a voir dire — a trial within a trial — held to determine what will be included in the court case. The trial this week gets underway almost 5½ years after police raided Berry’s Bay Street home in May 2005. Police seized thousands of sexually explicit photos, videotapes and computer images in the raid. So much material was seized, police had to get a moving truck to help cart it all away. Police said at the time there were potentially hundreds of children depicted in the material, which was thought to date back 30 years. Officers refused to say if Berry was depicted with children in any of the explicit photos, but said evidence from the pictures had caused investigators to believe he was involved in making the images. Prior to his arrest, Berry was well known in the film and theatre business on the North Shore. He had previously worked in the BBC’s television drama department and had directed for the Disney Channel, MGM and Atlantis Films, as well as for the long-running Beachcombers series, filmed in Gibsons. Starting in 1981, Berry taught acting for film and TV to children aged eight to 10 for Capilano College’s continuing education department. He was also a part-time instructor for adults taking the professional film studies program. Berry had taken a leave of absence from Capilano College for health reasons before he was arrested. Shortly after he was charged, he moved out of his Horseshoe Bay home. Over the past five years, the case has been plagued with a series of delays. Two years ago, Berry lost a bid to have the charges against him thrown out of court. Berry had argued in North Vancouver provincial court that his charter rights were violated when he was denied legal aid because his income is not low enough. But the judge denied Berry’s application, saying that his financial situation was not extraordinary, and any hardships he is facing are of his own making.

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

SERGEANT Paul Skelton and Cpl. Fred Harding were part of the police presence at West Vancouver secondary Tuesday. It’s been alleged that threats in the form of graffiti were written on a surface near the continuing education area of the school campus. Harding suggested the threat to student safety was minimal.

Police have no ‘specific person of interest’ From page 1 true. He wouldn’t say what medium the writer had used. West Vancouver secondary issued an email alert to parents Oct. 13 warning them that the threatening message had been found. “This was a precautionary measure only,” wrote principal Steve Rauh. “As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe learning environment, we take all situations that may affect school safety seriously.” The alert doesn’t seem to have deterred parents, however, said

Harding. “I think everyone should be concerned that someone would do something like this, but . . . it would appear the parents have voted with their feet,” he said. “It was a busy morning of drop-offs at that school.” Investigators still have no suspects. “We’ve spoken to a number of people of interest at this stage, but we don’t have a specific person of interest,” said Harding. “There’s no one under arrest for this investigation; no charges are being forwarded or recommended at this time. We’re still actively looking for the person responsible.” You can comment on this story at

Joyriding bikers stopped in N. Van

Benjamin Alldritt

NORTH Vancouver was the end of the line for one of two motorcycle riders who went on a wild, dangerous joy ride through four Lower Mainland municipalities last week. The two bikers, one of whom was carrying a passenger, were first spotted in Coquitlam Wednesday afternoon. Officers on the ground called in their description but did not pursue them. However, it wasn’t hard for the crew of regional police helicopter Air 1 to spot the two bikes on Lougheed Highway as they hit

speeds of 200 kilometres per hour; ran red lights; passed cars on the shoulder, exit lanes and in the face of oncoming traffic; and hurtled through school zones at 120 km/h. With police cameras rolling, the two bikes blew through an entrance ramp red light onto Highway 1 and headed west. “Along Highway 1 in Burnaby, both motorcycles were literally passing cars like they were standing still,” said Sgt. Peter Thiessen, spokesman for the RCMP’s regional police service. The Mounties ordered the racers to pull over near the Dollarton exit in North Vancouver. Both bikes came to a stop, but the one with a single rider seemed to have a change of heart See Fleeing page 4

Passerby grabs alleged jewelry robber RCMP praise public’s help after Cap Mall heist James Weldon

NORTH Vancouver RCMP are praising the quick actions of a man who helped them catch a suspected jewelry store robber. Ashley Russell-Taylor, is being hailed after he brought down one of four men investigators say held up Peoples Jewellers at Capilano Mall Thursday. Russell-Taylor, 29, was walking through the mall with his young daughter at about 10:30

a.m. when he heard shouting from down the hall. A moment later, he saw a man sprinting toward him, chased by a security guard and two or three other people. The medical supplies salesman, six foot four and 225 pounds, felt he might be able to help. Handing his daughter to a friend, he prepared to intercept the fleeing suspect. “I noticed that were some people chasing (him). . . . By process of elimination I figured he’s not the one in the right,” said RussellTaylor. “I grabbed him basically by the shirt and led him into a pillar that was there. As he hit (it), he took one step back and then I took him down to the ground and just wrapped his arm up.” The security guard and the others who had been chasing him soon caught up and helped

pin the man down. The father didn’t wait around. Smelling mace in the air, allegedly used in the robbery, he grabbed his daughter and got out of the area. Russell-Taylor returned later to give a statement to police. The North Vancouver RCMP lauded his actions and those of other passersby in a release to media Tuesday. “Without the help of the public, this case would have been much more difficult to investigate,” said Cpl. Peter DeVries, spokesman for the detachment. “The amount of assistance from civilians in the area was impressive.” The suspect was one of four men who reportedly rushed into the store Thursday morning, smashed a number of display cases

and snatching some $200,000 worth of jewelry. As the men prepared to leave the store, they were confronted by a group of bystanders, who attempted to block their exit. The cornered suspects allegedly discharged a can of bear spray, incapacitating the onlookers long enough to make a getaway. Three of the men escaped from the mall on foot. The fourth was brought down by Russell-Taylor. Police investigated the incident over the weekend and interviewed some 20 witnesses, with whose help they ultimately tracked down and arrested the three missing suspects. Investigators have recovered “a large portion” of the merchandise that was taken See Four page 5

A4 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

City opposes TransLink property tax grab SkyTrain, Surrey bus upgrades would add $54 to household tax Benjamin Alldritt

CITY of North Vancouver councillors are unanimous backing a TransLink Mayors’ Council resolution that rejects property tax as a funding source for the transportation authority. Coun. Craig Keating, the city’s delegate to the council, asked his colleagues to voice their support at a meeting Monday. Earlier this month, the provincially appointed TransLink board asked the mayors to pony up $39.3 million to pay for the Evergreen Line and sections of the North Fraser Perimeter Road — an element of the Pacific Gateway project. The board also suggested a further $28.9 million in spending for increased bus service in Surrey and upgrades to SkyTrain stations in Vancouver and Burnaby. On average, the full package would add $54 to a typical household’s property tax bill. “What is particularly irksome is that the Evergreen Line is a


project the route of which and the technology of which have been entirely selected by the province of British Columbia without any consultation with the municipalities or with mayors,” Keating said. The province had named the route and the technology for the Expo and Millenium lines, Keating noted, but had also paid the whole bill. For both the Canada Line and the Evergreen Line, the province also made all the decisions but only paid part of the costs. “The mayors have been very clear that property taxes are oversubscribed,” continued Keating. “There are major costs that we are going to have to face for sewage, solid waste and water. That’s going to have to come out of property taxes: as it should be, that’s the business we’re in. TransLink wants to use property taxes again, and they want to borrow against future property taxes to make this possible.” Keating said some sort of tax on transportation use was a better model. Coun. Guy Heywood said TransLink’s funding model was “systematically biased against the North Shore.” “None of the (local) improvements that are being considered, including the renovation of the SeaBus station or the third SeaBus, make it into the critical zone to be eligible for funding. So we are yet again being hit with a levy and asked to socialize the transit costs of the Lower Mainland when we are being left to go solo with respect



to our sewage treatment costs.” “We’re being told that we have to approve this financing by Dec. 31 this year or we won’t get an Evergreen Line,” concluded Keating before the unanimous vote. “Well, maybe we won’t get an Evergreen Line.”

Fleeing biker ultimately crashes

From page 3 and accelerated away from police almost immediately. This rider went east into Deep Cove, still weaving through traffic, before turning around and heading back west on Dollarton. After passing the other bike and police officers, the biker pulled an illegal U-turn on a red light at Mountain Highway and got back onto the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing. The fleeing motorcyclist headed back to Vancouver and then Burnaby, ignoring red lights and school zones and narrowly missing pedestrians. The driver eventually lost control of the bike and crashed on Imperial Avenue in Burnaby. Both bikes were automatically impounded under excessive speed regulations and the riders fined. They may also face criminal charges.














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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A5

Four face robbery charges From page 3 and are attempting to locate the rest, said DeVries. Russell-Taylor was modest about his contribution. “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” he said. “I was pretty excited that we caught the guy. . . . At the end of it all, I was happy I was able to do something.” Ahmad Ayoubi, 18, from Surrey, Jerry Bui, 18, from Burnaby and Mouhmmad Sakandari, 21, also from Burnaby, are due to appear in North Vancouver provincial court Thursday. The fourth suspect cannot be named because he’s underage. All four have been charged with robbery.

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photo submitted

THIS 70-year-old Squamish totem pole was discovered 18 months ago almost completely hidden in brush by new property owners in the British Properties.

Gift respects cultural importance From page 1

“The property sat unoccupied for five, 10 years and during that time it just got overgrown; the landscaping wasn’t taken care of and the pole was kind of lost,” Jensen said. “We were surveying the property before we bought it and we found this totem pole.” One of the men helping build Jensen’s new house was a member of the Squamish Nation, and he helped connect the family with other carvers at the nation. “Chief Floyd Joseph came up to look at it,” Jensen said. “He knew immediately who carved the pole and said, ‘This is a really big deal.’” Seven decades of North Shore weather had taken their toll

on the cedar, and during talks with the Squamish over what to do with it, Jensen became concerned that it would topple over in high winds. He invited Joseph and Mathias to be present as it was lowered to the ground safely. Based on conversations with longtime neighbours, Jensen believes that the land’s original owner was an anthropologist who purchased several lots in the area. “I guess the guy spent a pretty significant chunk of change and this lady commissioned it for him as a gift,” he said. “It was really important to my family that because of the cultural significance of it that it not get wasted away. It’s out of respect for their culture. We really understood from the people from the Squamish who came up to visit it that it is significant. It was just the right thing to do.”



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A6 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of Postmedia Network Inc., 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Stink, stank, stunk T

HE surprise ending to the legal case against former government aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk this week has done little to clear the air around this long-simmering political scandal. On the face of it, the shocking guilty pleas tell a tale of two bad apples — rogue Liberal insiders who went off the tracks, accepting bribes and favours in return for providing railway bidding information to lobbyists. But in the court of public opinion, lingering questions remain. Many question why the pair decided suddenly to plead guilty this week, after seven years, just as some heavyweight political muscle was about to be called to the stand. Nobody in the upper echelons of power whose inter-connected ranks were

revealed by the case was keen for the trial to continue. The number of former cabinet ministers, political lobbyists, and friends in high places who must be relieved that some questions won’t even be asked now is impressive indeed. The public has a different viewpoint. With the plea deal and its sanitized version of events accepted, much of what may or may not have gone on behind the scenes in the complex case will remain subject to rumour and innuendo. As the finishing touch, however, the public will still inexplicably get to foot the legal bills for Basi and Virk — an estimated $6 million — despite the guilty pleas. Liberal insiders are undoubtedly happy this legal deal is done. But the whiff around the seven-year corruption case isn’t likely to go away.


Hydro project impacts LSCR

Dear Editor: Enough already! Say no to power generation in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. To protect Lower Mainland residents from cloudy drinking water a few times a year, Metro Vancouver embarked on a mega project to filter water in the LSCR. In environmental terms, the LSCR paid a big price for being selected to host filtration operations. Many areas of the LSCR that used to be accessible to recreational users continue to be “restricted access.” It’s in those restricted areas where sand and gravel-pit mining and concrete mixing were introduced to keep construction costs down. Access to the dam, 12 kilometres north of the filtration plant which used to be accessible to road cyclists, continues to be out of bounds. Many areas were fenced off to protect the public from construction hazards; “no go” zones are everywhere. The LSCR is a North Vancouver jewel. It’s a huge multiuse, semi-wilderness recreational area that is visited by hundreds of thousands of people a year. It’s accessible, clean, brilliant and beautiful. It requires management to ensure that many future generations of people, plants, fish and wildlife can thrive and enjoy it at the same time that water can be drawn in an environmentally sustainable manner. There was healthy debate before the filtration project plan was approved for the LSCR. Many reluctantly agreed after being told that this was the only building site that could support filtration cost effectively. But now, while the project is still underway, we’re being asked to support hydroelectric power generation in the same protected areas in order to offset financial costs! Metro Vancouver proudly claims they deliver the cleanest tap water more cost effectively to its residents than any other water


authority in the world. Do we need to increase our industrial footprint in the conservation area/park to further offset costs? With power generation at the dam comes 12 kilometres or more of overhead transmission lines and future temptations. Will we next be asked to raise the dam to generate even more power or support future run-of-river projects in the watershed itself? Tsawwassen residents are still recovering from recent power transmission cost-saving measures. North Vancouver residents should say “no thanks” to Metro Vancouver’s current proposal for the LSCR. It’s time to finish the current project, rehabilitate and reopen restricted areas, put tools down and let the LSCR heal. William Schuurman North Vancouver

Shop at home for ships, eh Dear Editor: I find John Shaw’s (Washington Marine Group) comments about the “survival and prosperity of ship building in North Vancouver” in your Oct. 15 story Full Speed Ahead for NV Shipyards to be hypocritical at the very least. Why did you not ask him and/or publish how many ships (and other marine equipment) the Washington Marine Group own that were built in China (or check out their web site)? Now to almost demand a place to feed at the public trough is almost beyond belief. John May Eurocanadian Shipping Ltd. West Vancouver

Gleneagles golf course weeds could feed goats

Dear Editor: The District of West Vancouver has a no-pesticide weed control policy (eco-friendly or otherwise) for their parks and golf courses. My issue isn’t with parks and boulevards, although many boulevards are becoming inundated with dandelions. But Gleneagles Golf Course is a different issue as it is obviously “pay to play.” Currently Gleneagles has thousands of broadleaf weeds as large as six inches across in the middle of their fairways. The maintenance crew at the golf course do a great job, but Gleneagles is now the worst course in the Lower Mainland in terms of playable conditions. I play roughly 100 rounds of golf a year, the majority at Gleneagles, and 15-20 rounds at other Lower Mainland golf courses. Weeds affecting play are not an issue on any course other than Gleneagles. Some type of eco-friendly treatment keeps the weeds in check at other courses, including Capilano. However, at Gleneagles, the broadleaf weeds have now become so predominate and so large that your ball can end up in the middle of the fairway on top of or underneath a leaf of one of these weeds. The rules of golf do not allow any improvement so you have to hit it where it lies. To compound the issue, green fees at Gleneagles have increased twice in the past ten months. When you pay to play, you expect the course to be in an acceptable and playable condition. If the current policy of “ignore all weed control” continues into next summer, “the jewel of West Vancouver” will become nothing but a goat track — which is a total shame. Craig McDowall West Vancouver





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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A7

We could all get our seniors on the Go “Never lose sight of the fact that old age needs so little but needs that little so much.” Margaret Willour, RN (1892-1988)

WHEN it comes to taking a well-earned rest, the remarkable Miss Margaret Willour seems not to have understood for herself what the term “old age” really meant; but her simple, insightful reminder shows us she quite clearly understood what it meant for others.

Just Asking

Elizabeth James

Little doubt, therefore, that Willour would have known just how important it is for North Shore seniors that their Go Bus continues in service. As Tessa Holloway described in these pages on Aug. 12 (Seniors Go Bus Back in Action) “Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities, which owns the Summerhill retirement residence in North Vancouver . . . stepped up with $10,000 to keep the service rolling until October.” That is, PARC had saved the service until the end of this month. Reached for her comment, Annwen Loverin, executive director of Silver Harbour Seniors’ Centre in North Vancouver, the group that operates the service, explained that the bus runs three days per week, and costs about $350 a day to operate. “It is such an important service for seniors who are striving to retain their sense of self-worth and independence,” Loverin explained.

“Booked in advance, the Go Bus takes them to medical appointments and recreational activities; it allows them to do some of their own shopping and socialize with the friends they make on those trips.” Since the initial Pacific Arbour donation in August, the Fraternal Order of Eagles has matched that amount to ensure the service can keep going until Christmas, and challenged several other groups to join in the effort. Asked how she felt about the response to date, Loverin expressed optimism for the near-term but says, “We really need to find a way to achieve stable funding if we are to feel comfortable about maintaining the service — even at its current level.” At present, the Go Bus covers most of North

Vancouver and the eastern edge of West Vancouver, and Loverin confirmed that many seniors would like to see its routes expanded to provide service to the entire North Shore. “We’d like to see that, too; but it can’t be done on the present budget,” she said. That need for a stable source of funding is compounded by the fact that many non-profit groups are struggling to meet increasing demands for all kinds of social services. With some organizations short of dollars enough to be sure of their own survival, their donations can barely scratch the surface of the Go Bus operation. Living Well Homecare Services has agreed to cover one day per month for a year; the North Shore Keep Well Society donated a one-time $300 and the Lynn Valley Seniors’ Association has committed to $300 per month. As Loverin was explaining the scope of both the service and its funding challenges, my brain was running on a parallel track, wondering what could be done to help solve Silver Harbour’s problem. I picked up and as quickly discarded most of

the traditional ways to raise funds — car washes, funruns, walks, bike-rides and letters to the stone-hearts in Victoria — none of them offered the stability and immediacy that seemed to be necessary. I was also reluctant to suggest that the City and District of North Vancouver take on 100 per cent of the Go Bus cost because, on principle, I don’t believe municipal governments should take up the financial slack for social services more properly the responsibility of senior governments. And then, still listening to Loverin, I had an idea. According to numbers reported in the 2006 census, the total population of the North Shore that year was around 170,000. The breakdown was as follows: District of North Vancouver, 83,000; City of North Vancouver, 46,000; and District of West Vancouver, 42,000. The Go Bus service is not yet provided to most of West Vancouver. However, when the community reports that approximately 25 per cent of its population is older than 65, it should come as no surprise that seniors there would like to see it available. So here’s the general idea:

if we assume we are working on 40 per cent of the total North Shore population, and challenge each municipality to include a separate donation request for five or six dollars in the property-tax envelope it mails out each spring, by July each year the returns could raise a lumpsum upwards of $400,000 to be dedicated to an expanded Go Bus operation, with money left over for other seniors’ services to boot. That way, we know exactly what the money is being raised for and exactly how it is being spent; and that’s a good deal more than we can say about all the other taxes and fees we pay. For the folks not yet in need of the service — trust me, it will not be that long. And besides, if it were your mum or dad being taken out for shopping, bowling or a treat, wouldn’t the Go Bus make it easier on you


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when you need to rush to your kid’s soccer game in the opposite direction? The cost of one or two lattes or beers for a whole year of service; that’s all it would take. From her beginnings as a 26-year-old army nurse at the end of the First World War, to 18 years spent as a public health nurse, and on to an unbelievable 50-year career in life insurance sales, Willour did not truly retire until she was 93. Unfortunately, many members of our older generation are not as robust. So although I hope to follow Willour’s example, I also plan to remember her mantra and to never lose sight of the fact that old age needs so little but needs that little so much. My small cheque will land on a Silver Harbour desk before this column is printed.


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A8 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jane Seyd

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A securities commission panel found Steven Peter Kyllo raised US$1.14 million by promising 40 investors they would earn returns that experts say are not legally possible, while risking nothing. Kyllo used one company to raise $500,000 from 13 investors who thought their money was going into a Utah gold mine. Kyllo told other investors who put cash into schemes between 2002 and 2006 their money would be safe in private high-yield trading programs. In one case, investors were promised returns of 10 times their initial investment in as little as two to four weeks. In another, investors

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A former West Vancouver resident took part in a fraud when he duped investors out of more than US$1 million through several bogus companies that promised them impossibly high rates of return, the B.C. Securities Commission has ruled.

were told they’d receive returns of 25 per cent for four months before having their initial investment returned. But instead, he took most of the money and used it to enrich himself and other family members, the securities panel found. Half of the money went directly to Kyllo his wife and daughter-in-law. None of the money was put in high-yield trading programs — because they don’t exist. “None of the investors received returns anywhere near those promised, and indeed those returns were not possible,” the panel said in its determination. After telling investors in October 2005 that he had cancelled the investment program, Kyllo continued to promise them that returns on their investments were imminent until the end of 2006. However, that was not the case. Kyllo’s daughter-in-law Cheryl Kyllo reached a deal with the securities commission earlier this year in which she admitted a role in one of the schemes and had restrictions placed on the kinds of investments she is allowed to sell. She was also fired from her job selling mutual funds for the North Shore Credit Union as soon as the allegations came to light. The securities commission will decide later on sanctions to be imposed against Steve Kyllo, who did not show up for the hearing and was not represented by a lawyer.

The chamber issued the memo to members earlier this month after several owners called its offices to ask why they were receiving the unusual and often repetitive requests for street addresses, relocation details and other information from the NVCC. “The first couple of calls we thought nothing of it, (but) after the third or fourth, we thought: ‘This is awfully strange,’” said chamber president Anne McMullin. The organization contacted the North Vancouver RCMP, who confirmed the calls had the hallmarks of a scam. “They ask you a bunch of innocuous question that don’t have any impact and (you) start to feel comfortable and then start answering questions of a business or personal nature that could . . . result in fraud,” said McMullin. “There was no proof of that, but the RCMP said that’s how these things generally work.” The chamber received the complaints from the end of September into the beginning of October. When the caller was challenged, he would hang up, said McMullin. No incidents have been reported to the NVCC since the memo was sent out. Police have collected the information provided by the chamber and issued a warning to commercial establishments in their Business Watch newsletter, but until a fraud has been committed, there’s little more they can do, said Cpl. Peter DeVries, a spokesman for the North Vancouver RCMP. “We don’t have evidence there was an offence,” he said “But it’s certainly suspicious to us.” Anyone who receives such a call should report it to the NVCC and to the RCMP, he said. DeVries also repeated the police’s mantra never to give out personal information over the phone if there is any doubt whatsoever as to who is calling. — James Weldon

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High-yield trading programs didn’t exist

THE North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is warning business owners not to be fooled by a man they say has been phoning North Vancouver companies posing as a representative for the organization.



Investors duped out of more than $1M

NV chamber warns of information scam


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Lancer GTS model shown

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A9

Longboards’ speed a problem THE North Shore News introduces a new column to its readers today.

Ask a Cop will appear every second Wednesday in this space and allow readers to pose questions to Cpl. Peter DeVries, media spokesman for the North Vancouver RCMP. If there are questions that are West Vancouver specific, Cpl. Jag Johal, media spokesman for the West Vancouver Police Department, will provide an answer. The column will not answer questions related to specific sentences, or ongoing court cases or investigations. Readers are asked to be patient as we have already received a lot of questions. — Martin Millerchip

QUESTION: I have a son into longboarding. I’d like to know where he can and can’t do it, and what laws apply. Olga Kominek Hello, Olga. Thanks for your question. It’s not hard to argue that longboarding can be

Ask a Cop

Peter DeVries dangerous. Riders on North Shore mountains most often crouch down low on the board, and can reach speeds of up to 50 or 60 kilometres per hour. Riding down hills requires speed control, a need fulfilled in the absence of brakes by carving back and forth across the road, or sliding the board sideways as a means of slowing down. The thrill of riding a sled on wheels on the edge of control around hairpin corners in a crouched position, all on regular-use roadways populated with vehicles, creates an undeniable and unjustifiable risk. Even with a leather

skid-suit and full-face helmet, a collision with a vehicle can be fatal, a reality that was tragically struck home this summer with the heartbreaking death of Glenna Evans. The Motor Vehicle Act of British Columbia does not specifically address skateboarding. North Vancouver City and District bylaws, however, do, and consider longboarding to be a type of skateboarding. Offences include: ■ Skating without a helmet, $35; ■ Skating other than on the right side of the roadway, $35; ■ Skating on the street at a speed greater than 50 km/h, $35; ■ Skating when it poses a hazard, $35; ■ Skating other than in a standing position, $35. West Vancouver doesn’t allow skateboarding anywhere except in the Ambleside and Gleneagles skate parks. Exceptions are made occasionally for parades and other special events, at which point a temporary permit is issued. Longboards can certainly

Weekly Specials

be used appropriately and legally as a good form of green transportation, provided a rider remain on the right side of the road, stand upright, wear a helmet, and not pose any hazard. But this is not how longboarders typically ride on our North Shore mountains. Longboarding that involves carving back and forth across the road, crouching, and speeds more than 50 km/h, is not legal in North Vancouver, and the RCMP and bylaw officers will ticket those they find breaking the laws. That said, the police recognize that the popularity of longboarding is growing, and we support any efforts undertaken by the longboarding community to work with local municipalities to develop a safe venue in which to engage in their sport. Peter DeVries

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If you have a question for Ask a Cop, email it to editor@nsnews. com or mail it to the attention of the editor, North Shore News, Suite 100 – 126 East 15th St., North Vancouver, B.C., V7L 2P9.




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A10 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red light cameras to return

Cameras provide quicker tickets Jane Seyd

DRIVERS who make a habit of running red lights could soon find their lead-foot ways expensive as the province gets set to launch a new red-light camera enforcement program.

The $23-million expansion to the program will increase the number of intersections where red-light cameras operate to 140 from 120 province-wide. But unlike the previous program, this time all of the locations will be armed with digital cameras that can send photos of guilty motorists’ licence plates electronically to police. In the old program, 30 film cameras were rotated around the 120 locations. But to process a violation ticket “it required someone climbing up to the tower, taking the film out and getting it processed,” said Adam Grossman, spokesman for ICBC. The new program means red-light runners will get their $167 tickets much quicker than they did in the past. Cameras may be turned off and on at the new locations depending on when the worst crashes occur, said Grossman, in order to minimize the costs of processing the tickets. Currently there are cameras at eight intersections in North

Vancouver. Grossman said cameras might stay at those locations under the new program, but some intersections could be dropped or added. He said the priority is to install cameras at the locations where red-light runners result in the most serious crashes and injuries. The program is expected to cost about $1 million to operate annually and will be phased in starting in January. Currently red-light cameras result in 20,000 tickets and revenues of about $3.3 million each year. Under the new program, the province expects to hand out 33,000 tickets and generate $4 million in fines. Grossman said the locations for the cameras have now been chosen and will be announced by the province. “Some cameras have been installed already,” he said. “We want drivers to know these are out there.” Under the existing program, red-light cameras were installed at the following locations on the North Shore: Lonsdale Avenue at 13th Street, 13th Street at St. Georges Avenue, Esplanade at Lonsdale Avenue, Lonsdale Avenue at 23rd Street, Mount Seymour Parkway at Riverside Drive, Marine Drive at Capilano Road, Main Street at Mountain Highway and Taylor Way at Marine Drive. According to ICBC, the highest-crash locations on the North Shore include several off and on-ramps to Highway 1, including the Capilano Road off and on-ramps as well as those at Lonsdale Avenue, Westview Drive, Main Street and Taylor Way as well as intersections along Marine Drive at Taylor Way and Capilano Road.

Judge reserves decision in ferry crash civil suits

Jane Seyd

A B.C. Supreme Court justice has reserved her decision on whether two North Vancouver companies can be held responsible for a ferry crash in 2005 that saw the Queen of Oak Bay smash into docks at Sewell’s Marina in West Vancouver. Nobody was injured in the crash, but 28 boats were crushed or damaged after the ferry lost power in Horseshoe Bay and smashed into the marina. After insurance payouts, the accident still ended up costing the ferry corporation over $2 million. A judge will now consider if B.C. Ferries can collect any of that from two local companies that worked on the vessel as part of a refit prior to the crash. B.C. Ferries has sued both Vancouver Drydock Ltd. and Prime Mover Controls Inc., claiming their mistakes resulted in the dramatic accident. In particular, B.C. Ferries has alleged Prime Mover Controls failed to properly reinstall a crucial part after being called to the ship to make an adjustment on June 23. Both North Vancouver companies have denied the claims. Arguments in the first part of the case — which centred on contractual issues between the companies — wrapped up last week in B.C. Supreme Court. Justice Susan Griffin is expected to rule on whether either of the North Vancouver companies can be held liable for the mistakes leading to the crash, under the terms of their contracts. If she decides they can, a second part of the trial going over what actually happened leading up to the crash will take place at a later date.

Have you seen any good ghosts recently?

THE North Shore News is asking its readers for help in finding the best decorated Halloween homes in North and West Vancouver.

If your family is planning something spooktacular for Oct. 31, or if you have seen a ghosty garden that impressed you, please let us know. We will publish a selection of photos in our Sunday, Oct. 31 issue as well as addresses of displays that might be worth taking the family to see. Please send your tips to Have a safe Halloween. — Martin Millerchip


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A11


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Back in the ’hood

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

MarGarEt trudeau, the former wife of Prime Minister Pierre trudeau who grew up in West Vancouver, makes an appearance at 32 Books in Edgemont Village Saturday to sign her book Changing My Mind, a memoir of her life in the international spotlight and how she has dealt with bipolar disorder.


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A12 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Retirement party

by Cindy Goodman

Artists Roohy Marandi and Sachiyo Grossmann flank Betty Ditters.

Cheryl Karchut (at right) passes the torch to new executive director Sara Baker. An open house was held at the Silk Purse Sept. 29, to honour the hard work and dedication of Cheryl Karchut, executive director of the West Vancouver Community Arts Council, who after 12 years, has decided to retire. Many local artists and musicians were in attendance, interested in saying goodbye to Karchut, who is responsible for developing many programs at the popular gallery and music venue.

West Vancouver’s manager of cultural affairs and corporate partnerships Cathy Matheson and arts council board member David Schreck have a chat.

Board members Colette Chilcott, Michael Martino and Ieva Cornford team up for a photo.

Karen Lee-Morlang plays piano.

Singer Dee Daniels and Carol Wells attend.

Former board members Siggy Dawson and Marlena Massey flash their smiles.

Longtime volunteers Olivia Creighton, an artist, and Aileen Wilkie show their support.

Please direct requests for event coverage to Bright Lights c/o North Shore News. Email: Fax: 604-985-2104





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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A13



Digital Age

Steve Dotto

Price of eBooks too high THERE are several very exciting promises that devices like the iPad and Kindle make to us. NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

MAKE the most of late blooming hydrangeas, fruit and twigs by creating a colourful autumn wreath.

Festive wreath for fall

Decorative pieces are easy to assemble

DIG DEEP Todd Major weighs in on the native plant debate. page 14

Home Ideas

Barb Lunter THIS is the time of year to really appreciate all the beautiful fall colours that surround us.

As the last of our flowers in the garden start to fade, we begin to think about the

bulbs we would like to plant for next spring. It’s always nice to admire the warm autumn hues of the tree leaves as they fall to the ground and perhaps bring a bunch inside before the cold sets in. One way to make late blooming hydrangea heads last a little longer is to use them in a pretty wreath for your front door. Believe it or not these wreaths are easy to make and take only a short time to assemble. They make beautiful gifts as well. Materials: 1 16” grapevine wreath 2 bunches of freshly clipped salal (available at grocery stores and floral shops) 5-6 large hydrangea heads Fresh or artificial fruit

Moss and twigs Sharp pruning shears or scissors Wire I like to use fresh figs and plums in a wreath at this time of year. But it may not be a favorite for some as they can attract birds and other wildlife. If this is a concern then there are many artificial varieties of fruit on the store shelves that will look as pretty. Start by inserting the salal stems into the wreath. For the nicest effect work in a clockwise direction until the wreath is completely covered. Be sure to fill in the sides as well. Next, insert your larger items such as the large hydrangea heads and fruit. The

heavier pieces of fruit should be secured with wire if possible so as to avoid falling out of the wreath once it is hung. Finally, add the smaller decorative pieces such as moss, twigs and other small flowers. To lengthen the life of the wreath it’s nice to add a few artificial items that will add colour and texture to the salal leaves. Over time the leaves will dry on the wreath and you are able to simply replace the fruit and flowers over the two to three week period. Once the wreath is complete, secure a wire at the top, back section for hanging. Place your wreath on your front door or side wall outside.

As eBook readers the promise is we can carry a large library with us anywhere, and we can add books and content to our library anytime, not having to go into a bookstore to acquire new titles. Additionally, the book we want is never out of stock; the rarest of tomes should be a piece of cake to download and enjoy. Electronic books deliver on these features; however, there are a few others where the concept seems to come up woefully short. And unfortunately, try as I may, I am having trouble coming up with any reason except greed for the shortcomings of the technology. We should also be enjoying a cost savings from choosing the electronic path. After all, publishers need not print and manufacture books if we read them electronically, nor need they transport them from press to warehouse to store. Without question publishers pay far less to get an electronic book into our hands than they do a paperback or hardcover. Yet prices for eBooks are See Publishers page 17

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A14 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HOME Massage and Bodywork

Michael Gunn

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! " $ #

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No problem with exotic trees of a paper bark maple or a magnolia? Not a chance. Secondly, is planting an exotic tree species really a faux pas? And can anyone who says “faux pas” really be trusted? Are we all supposed to think that the big, beautiful magnolia in our neighbourhood that blooms every year with such exuberance, colour and drama is really a mistake? I think not Dig Deep and no one should feel guilty about planting one. Why are Todd Major exotic trees like magnolia, gingko, dawn redwood or SOMEONE has to chestnut that are 40, 50 or provide a realistic 60 years old, productive and perspective to counter contributing to the health all of the opinions being and beauty of the community any less worthy than a native written by gardening tree? Such significant trees prophets across the are without question valued country who believe members of the community planting native plants in and our urban forests. Just our gardens will lead us look around our streets and at NEWS photo Mike Wakefield to botanical salvation. sanctuaries like Park & Tilford My years of real-world WHILE some gardening enthusiasts recommend Gardens, the UBC Botanical horticulture experience have planting only native species, there are many benefits Garden, VanDusen Gardens taught me many things about to growing exotic trees such as the paper bark maple. and the Riverview Arboretum plant selection but none are as and you will see large, important as “the right plant for the right place.” This simple, magnificent “alien” trees that are considered heritage trees, part of elegant and time proven rule about plant selection is obviously our botanical history and important enough to be protected and not within the lexicon of some of the native plant fanatics and preserved. But perhaps they cannot grow such beautiful trees in so-called garden writers who are telling us to plant only native Toronto, so they are stuck planting sugar maples (Acer saccharum) plants and to forsake all others. everywhere. In an article by Stephen Westcott-Gratton in Canadian Thirdly, if every gardening consumer in the province were to Gardening Magazine, Westcott-Gratton states that one of his switch overnight to planting only native plants, 90-95 per cent predictions for gardening trends in 2010 is, “Planting large, of our local nursery industry would go out of business. Native non-native tree species will become a major gardening faux pas. plant sales comprise a small part of total B.C. nursery industry There are hundreds of terrific native species to choose from sales. And those facts don’t even touch the reality that there is — suitable for every situation — so that Canadian gardeners a finite range of native plants available for sale. Not to mention never need to opt for an ‘exotic alien.’ This stricture applies that most street trees planted by municipalities are rarely native primarily to big trees that will dominate the landscape for trees, primarily because there is a limited range of native trees decades or even centuries; non-native shrubs and perennials suitable for street tree planting. (providing they aren’t invasive), like Japanese maples, Eurasian As a rule, I try not to criticize other people who make rhododendrons or peonies, remain perfectly acceptable.” There opinion-based statements about garden practices and trends. are so many statements in that paragraph that I take issue with After all, who am I to disagree? Perhaps they know better. But that I can barely contain my objections to this column. someone has to stand up to all of these native plant supporters Firstly, there are not hundreds of native trees to choose with their subtle ways of making us all feel guilty about planting from that are suitable for planting in our gardens, at least not in a magnolia instead of a cedar. Yes, it is true that some invasive British Columbia. Only a handful of native plants and trees are species do have damaging effects on our environment; however, commercially available and they are the best of the worst. Don’t not all of them do and no one has accurately quantified the get me wrong, our majestic coastal cedars, hemlocks and firs negative effects on the environment of planting magnolias, are among the best and most desirable trees in the world. But chestnuts and black locusts in our communities. beyond those three trees, a native maple or two, a few pines, So where does all of this pro-native plant information leave some spruce and a couple of other odd-ball tree species, none us gardeners who want to beautify our gardens and do right of the rest of our native trees are esthetically pleasing enough by the environment? It leaves us right where we have always to plant in residential gardens. Does anyone even know what been: choosing the right plant for the right place, regardless of our native Cascara tree (Rhamnus purshiana) looks like? I do whether it’s a native tree or an exotic, alien species. and it’s a nice tree but would I plant it in my garden instead



!-(/ + %- " *$.,/( *$ ' #//&() Before


4+& 27)>'91> .0,=! /7$'6 59>87)%*$ #- ; %$'!&(#!"&"'

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A15


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NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Patch work

REESE, 10, and Connor Dawkins, 12, harvest their traffic circle pumpkin patch at 16th Street and Mahon Avenue. The boys watered and tended the pumpkins over the summer and also grew large sunflowers.

green guide

Edible Garden Project Produce Donation Schedule: The Harvest Project, 201 Bewicke Ave., North Vancouver, Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The North Shore Neighbourhood House, 225 East Second St., North

Vancouver, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m.-noon. Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver, Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

do not want it and distribute it to organizations like the Harvest Project. Info: 604983-6444, ext. 640 or www. donate/.

leaves, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 78:30 p.m. at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Workshop is free, but registration is required: 604-990-3755.

The North Shore Fruit Tree Project is looking for volunteer pickers to collect tree fruit from homeowners who

GardenSmart Workshop — Leaves: Love Them, Leave Them or Lose Them: Learn the many ways to make use of

Dried Flower Sale: Topiaries, wreaths, bouquets and See more page 16

$350,000 $400,000 $500,000 $750,000 $1,000,000




$280,000 $320,000 $400,000 $600,000 $800,000

$1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000

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Key Insurance Services 105–200 West Esplanade North Vancouver 604 982 3111

we are interested in hearing stories from all seniors call 604 985 2131 or email

A16 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lowest Prices on the North Shore

Cabinets Granite & Quartz

Solid Wood/Custom Kitchen



10’x10’ starting at

• Solid wood doors • Plywood cabinet construction (no particle board) • Full extension drawers • Professional, fast installation

Granite Tops



starting at INSTALLED


Vancouver Cabinets Inc.

COQUITLAM STORE RICHMOND STORE #1-11520 Voyageur Way 2568 Barnet Highway 778.285.1118 604.233.9297

LANGLEY STORE #104-6360 202nd St 778-278-1818

NORTH VANCOUVER 3A-987 Marine Drive 604.929.9828

HOME books

Record your life story

■ Memento: My Life and Stories, Chronicle Books, 195 pages, $23.95

EVERYONE has a story to tell and the longer a life the more there is to share. The problem comes when there is no record of those stories and sadly that person is gone. Michael McQueen faced that reality when his father unexpectedly died at 51, but what made the loss easier was the discovery of his father’s journal. Those stories he’d recorded allowed McQueen to gain new insight into his dad. From that experience came the creation of this ready to create keepsake. In Memento, McQueen has organized a series of sections to inspire the sharing of your life experiences. Within each section are lined pages ready for your writing and they all begin with a question to prompt those memories, such as

green guide arrangements will be for sale, Oct. 23 and 24, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver. Info:

11 a.m.-4 p.m. at VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver. There will also be speakers, slide shows, books and experts on cultivation, preservation, gourmet cooking, medicinal use, hunting, ecology and cultural use. Admission: $3. Info: 604-878-9878 or

The Vancouver Mycological Society’s Mushroom Show: This show provides displays of identified mushrooms and other fungi, Sunday, Oct. 24,

FilmScreening:TheVancouver Cherry Blossom Festival will host a viewing of The Man Who Planted Trees, Monday, Oct. 25, 7 p.m. at VanDusen

From page 15

if you know a silent hero, please speak up.


“What do your remember about your first job?” or ‘”Where did you go on your honeymoon?” This simple concept is so well executed that the end result would be an amazing keepsake for any family. — Terry Peters Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver. There will be a commentary on the value of trees and horticultural projects benefitting environments and communities. Admission: $5. For reservations visit info@ — Compiled by Debbie Caldwell and Pamela Stone Email information for your North Shore non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A17


Publishers not following music industry example From page 13

exceedingly high, beyond what anyone who looks into the story in any detail can accept. Unless, of course, you are a publisher bound and determined to extract every cent from the marketplace. Common sense dictates that eBooks should cost a minimum less than hard copy. Everyone I talk to feels an average price of around $4.99 to a high of $9.99 would be a fair price to pay, yet few titles are in this range. I think a discount of 45 per cent on hardcover and 35 to 40 per cent on paperback would be a good starting point, yet I often find the eBook version at a higher price. We can buy music at a discount over the old cost of CDs and we can buy individual songs when we don’t want a whole collection — the price for singles ranging form a practical $.99 to $1.39 or so, and whole albums from $7.99 to $11.99. Surprise, surprise. The music industry is adjusting to the new

revenue streams and consumers are supporting it. But books seem to be another matter, and publishers are digging in their heels and refusing to budge on pricing. I have three main concerns over this stance. Firstly, environmental responsibility: the impact on the environment of an eBook is minimal. A traditional book cannot make that claim. We need to move people to this new model, it is good green stewardship, but people are less likely to take the eBook plunge at these prices. Secondly, piracy: people are far more likely to balk at paying $16 for an eBook when the hard copy is $14.99, and far more likely to decide to download it from one of the endless torrent or pirate sites. Once you download your first pirate copy, the second is a far less difficult moral step to take. Lastly, economy: I have a profound hope that in a few years first-year university students will be given a tablet of some

sort on enrolment at school, containing all sorts of wonderful tools, including all their textbooks. Imagine, actually having all your books the first week of class, and not spending whole days standing in lines at the bookstore. This should also be a concept that reduces the cost of education. But this will not occur if we don’t have widespread acceptance of the technology, and the cost savings will be far less if all publishers do not get on the program, reducing the cost of school for students. eBooks have come a long way, technically. The computer industry is doing its part. It is time the publishers followed suit.

Steve Dotto hosted and produced the TV show Dotto Tech for 15 years. He is a sought-after speaker and writer who focuses on the social impact of technology. Visit his website at



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“Get a Cedar Conversion or Flat Roof receive $1000 credit towards another one of our services” • TPO, EPDM, 1& 2 ply cold process • Home Renos • Treated and Cedar Decks

• Patio Covers and Guard Rails • Gutters, Fascia and Soffit

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SHINGLED RITE ROOFING & HOME IMPROVEMENT LTD. “Creating Today’s Energy Efficient Home”


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Lonsdale Flooring


2nd Narrows

Main Street

Mountain Hwy

1357 MAIN ST., NORTH VANCOUVER 604.987.6612

Canadian Tire

Harbour Ave

Est. 1960

Lynn Ave

PARK ROYAL NORTH (By the Bay) 604-925-9756

METROPOLIS AT METROTOWN (By Zellers) 604-437-5600 WOODGROVE CENTRE (Nanaimo, BC) 250-390-2821 CLEARANCE OUTLET NOW OPEN Haney Place Mall (Maple Ridge) 604-466-6405



Dieter, Tanya and Kevin Kupferschmid along with Mike Shea and John Allison

A18 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WV centres host a harvest festival

REPRESENTATIVES of the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre and the West Vancouver Community Centres Services Society invited community members to celebrate the season with a Harvest Festival on Sunday.

Events honoured a number of milestones, including 100 years of service for Girl Guides of Canada with the opening of a 25-year time capsule as well as a free public skate marking the 45th anniversary of the West Vancouver Arena. A number of harvest-themed activities were also enjoyed, including picking pumpkins from the great lawn and purchasing homemade apple pies from the seniors’ centre. Festival-goers also participated in the commemoration of former West Vancouver mayor Peter Jones, honoured through the unveiling of a dedication plaque recognizing his leadership and contribution to the community and the seniors’ centre.

NEWS photos Cindy Goodman

SIENNA, 4, and Jayda Hagedorn, 3, and Sarah Conlin, 3, pick pumpkins from the temporary patch.

ABOVE, Brownies Gabriella Palacios, 8, and Bailee Nadin, 7, try out the vintage telephones on display. At right, Portia McDonald, 8, spies through an old Kodak Fiesta camera. At far right, current District of West Vancouver Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones unveils a plaque commemorating former mayor Peter Jones, who held the position from 1975 to 1978, with his granddaughter, Emily Jones.



$53,710 - $9,000 ONE *


$ = $44,710 OR 0% OR 1.9%

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Includes: City Safety Generation 3.0L Lease2,APR forengine, up to 48leather, months*** power passenger seat, Bluetooth, sunroof and more. Includes: 3.2 AWD, 7 passenger, 17” Neptune alloy wheels, home link, power driver seat and more.


Volvo. for life

2010 XC90 3.2 AWD is *$53,710. Purchase Price is **$44,710 which includes “Cashinsurance, Purchase Allowance” of $9000. Cash Allowance available cash are customers mayisbesubject deducted the negotiated before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease andmay finance MSRP Some and Cash Purchase Price include *MSRP of a new 2011 MSRP S60. for Excludes administration fee, air Cash conditioning tax (where applicable). License, registration and other applicable taxesonly andtofees extra.and Offer tofrom change without price notice. Retailer may sell for less. Retailer order/trade beoffers. necessary. terms/conditions apply. freight and PDI ($1715). Taxes, license, insurance, registration, retailer charges and up to $75. PPSA are extra. ***Purchase finance and lease offers based on the Selling Price of $53,710 and cannot be combined with cash purchase offers. Financing available on approved credit to qualified retail customers through participating Volvo retailers and See your Volvo retailer for full details. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. ©2010 Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. “Volvo. for life” is a registered trademark used under license by Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. Always remember to wear your seat belt. Visit

DL #10969

Volvo Financial Services Canada. Offers end Sept 30, 2010. Some terms/conditions apply. Vehicles shown may have optional equipment at additional costs. See Volvo of North Vancouver for complete details.


809 Automall Drive, North Vancouver, BC 604.986.9889

DL # 10969

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A19


Young artist of the week


In support of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Fresh eats & local treats at the Market.

w w w. l o n s d a l e q u

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Audrey Brasseur, 9, Ross Road elementary Art teachers: Suzanne Simon and Sherry Summers Favourite art: drawing and painting Favourite artist: Robert Bateman Her teachers write: Audrey loves art and she works hard on her drawings and paintings. Audrey’s attention to detail is well developed. She puts much consideration into her compositions. Young Artists of the Week are selected from North Shore schools by Artists for Kids for displaying exceptional ability in their classroom artwork. For details, visit the website

Attention Parents!

If your growing children are skiing or riding more than 6 times a season, you should be on this program.

Every time that they grow out of their equipment you simply exchange it.

Full set of ski or board equipment




For 2 full seasons!

Halloween Treats

Sunday, October 31, 3pm – 4pm 6 Trick or Treat at participating merchants (while quantities last) Children 12 years & younger in costume accompanied by an adult

6 &,(( 7-!7$%9 .*0834/%9'5 )40*274%9/%9'5 /4//8815 49. #4""8+**9 034)/15 1pm - 4pm Bring your camera for a photo memory at

Benefits ... ✔ Trained staff ✔ Regular ✔ You keep the ✔ Family wide instore maintenance equipment ensure gear special at home & tune-ups is correctly pricing avoiding onincluded sized hill line-ups

1550 Marine Drive, North Vanocuver (604) 984-7191 (604) 984-4394 Zellers, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Save-On-Foods, Black Bear Pub & over 40 stores. Lynn Valley Road & Mountain Hwy.

connecting our community

A20 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Spooky reads a treat

AS Halloween nears, Scholastic introduces three frightfully good books for young ghouls and goblins.

■ The Haunted House that Jack Built, by Helaine Becker with illustrations by David Parkins, for ages three to eight, $8 This is a spooky twist on the classic nursery rhyme, with a

cast of characters chasing each other around the dark halls of

Jack’s haunted house. Readers will meet a mummy, a ghost and a monster (or two). The book’s cartoon-like illustrations ensure this book is light and fun enough for even the littlest readers to enjoy at bedtime without fear of scary dreams when the lights go out. ■ Scary Science, by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone with illustrations by Ashley Spires, for ages seven to 12, $7 Kids love science and when it’s creepy, even better. Scary Science includes 25 experiments to make you shriek, gag and hide your eyes. Middle-grade scientists will have fun learning how to: make their own spider webs, look like a zombie, make their own shrunken heads, create an alien barf bag and brew bubbling alien blood, among other creepy creations. The instructions are simple and spooky ingredients easy to find. Adult supervision recommended. ■ Zen Ghosts, by Jon J Muth,

for ages three to eight, $20 Zen Ghosts follows on New York author and illustrator Jon J

Muth’s enchanting picture book Zen Shorts and companion, Zen Ties, which have been translated into more than 12 languages. This beautifully illustrated hardcover catches up with young trick-or-treaters Addy, Michael and Karl and their good friend Stillwater the panda, who has a surprise in store for them. Children will be challenged by the thoughtful tale and parents will appreciate the quiet beauty of Muth’s watercolours. — Compiled by Layne Christensen

Ghouling around

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

JACOB Brandt leads a band of costumed ghouls through the pumpkin patch at Eagle Harbour primary school, which will host a Halloween fair, Saturday, Oct. 23, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at 5575 Marine Dr. in West Vancouver. The event will include a bouncy castle, face painting, barbecue, games and a scary story corner.

North Van Suzuki 1695 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604-983-2088

$ ! & ) % ! ) " / ( - * " . + ' & 0 - ) " ' 2 0 1 ) " 0 & 0 * )0 , ' E ) / ) A > ) 7 / ) E 7 6 A / / @ + /7 = ) ? ) < ) : E5 2 .9 < A B C 5. @ E +7 1 , . E 7 + @ E / C 7 D ) . ' ! $ 8 % 4 4 & . . , < C A : ) D @ + + : A ) D : 7 D B( : A 6 A B . 1 ) + ) E / @ D B. 6 ) E (

/. - 4 - 0#. 3 1 0 - ) " 3%;(*##(#%%*

*. / ! 3 . 1 0 2 . 3 3 00-(";%("0#"

.," *, .-1*+ &)'! $/( #/0% 5&8& (4<& .3& ,*%%,*1%, -

$ - 066 #;"=<! #/!/#9/2

- (0.)+:0&.'7

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A21


Family caregiver must consider options

One typical question I get is as follows. “Our first grandchild, Belinda, is nearly 12 months old and her mother is preparing to return to her job. She has looked for infant daycare and has found that it’s very expensive. She’s Parenting Today also hesitant about leaving Kathy Lynn Belinda with strangers. She’s asked us to be the caregivers. This would involve five days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. I don’t think we have the health to take on this responsibility and frankly, although we love her, we already raised our children. What can we say without sounding uncaring?” You’ve taken the difficult first step by being honest with yourself. It’s difficult to admit that although you truly love your daughter and granddaughter, taking on this level of care would be too much. If you had decided to go ahead against your best instincts you would have regretted it down the road. The next step is to decide whether you’d like to take on part of the childcare. Maybe you could handle two days a week, or

ALL three North Shore municipalities recently awarded a total of $5,000 in community grants to the Big Sisters of B.C. Lower Mainland.

The money will support mentoring programs the organization provides to girls on the North Shore. Programs match up girls aged seven to 17 with women 19 and older to spend time together at least once a week over the course of a year. Matches can watch movies together, play sports or just hang out and chat. For more information go to

if you see news happening call our news tips line 604 985 2131



You can be a helpful resource in this regard. Your daughter could probably use some help choosing her daycare. Offer to visit some with her so she has someone to talk to about the choices. Remember that there is a range of options, from group daycares to home care. Decide what you and your husband can and will do, then you’ll have lots of energy to be very supportive and helpful. Once you have taken these steps you are going to be free to truly enjoy your grandchild. Spend time with her on the weekend so that her parents can take care of the myriad errands that pile up during the week. Offer to take her overnight occasionally so her parents can have a special evening without interruption. You can also be helpful by taking on occasional household tasks. If you are making a casserole for yourself, make more and offer a meal to your daughter and her family. Be a caring and involved grandparent instead of a caregiver and the whole family will benefit. Kathy Lynn is a professional speaker, broadcaster, columnist and author of Who’s In Charge Anyway? How Parents Can Teach Children to Do the Right Thing. For information or to book Kathy for a speaking engagement, go to her website at www.



C A R T E R ’ S





YOU PAY $10,998*


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2010 CHEVROLET COBALT LT Loaded with options, Z22 appearance pkg. MSRP $20,770* PRICE ADJUSTMENT $6,970*


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YOU PAY $24,998* Stk #888460



YOU PAY $24,900* 0% 72 MO. FINANCE


MSRP $45,705* PRICE ADJUSTMENT $11,805* GM LOYALTY $1,500

YOU PAY $32,400* Stk #855280

Stk #J86220



YOU PAY $24,998*


Stk #8G69360




*See us for details C H E VY TR U C K S

DL# 10743



YOU PAY $57,992* Stk #F31760






Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van




N. Shore gives funding for mentoring program

a few half days. You may want to offer to be the emergency back-up in case Belinda is sick or her daycare arrangements fall through. Continue to be honest with yourself and take some time to make this decision. You may also want to visit her in her daycare over the first few weeks to help her to settle in to the new arrangement. Don’t talk to your daughter until you have decided what will work for you. Once you’re clear with yourself then talk to her and your son-in-law and be absolutely honest with them. It’s more positive to present what it is you’d like to do than what you can’t handle. Then listen. It’s difficult to choose a baby’s first daycare and she needs a sympathetic ear. Listening to her concerns doesn’t bind you to being her solution. Accept that she may be disappointed in your decision and let her talk that out. Many companies today have work/life programs designed to help mothers in this situation. If she hasn’t already checked her workplace, suggest she contact them to see if they can help. They may have a good list of childcare options both close to her work and home. Help her to consider other work options. Can she flex her hours so that between her and her husband they can reduce the length of the time spent in daycare? Are part-time work or telecommuting options? She may be so emotional about leaving her baby that she hasn’t objectively considered all the possibilities.


GRANDPARENTS today are often the childcare providers for their grandchildren.






A22 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Share fond family memories

CELEBRATE your family by sharing a cherished memory during the first annual Family Writes short story contest sponsored by B.C. Council for Families.

The contest, inspired by National Family Week held earlier this month, is asking parents and kids alike to reflect on the importance of families and share a memorable moment in their family life. All entries will be posted onto the contest website and winners will receive free copies of the illustrated Family Writes Storybook. The contest closes Dec. 31. Winners will be announced Jan. 27, 2011 — National Family Literacy Day. — Manisha Krishnan

photo submitted

Spooktacular show THE Great Big Boo, a Halloween musical adventure designed for families with children ages two to 12, comes to Centennial Theatre this Friday, Oct. 22, 3:306:30 p.m. Admission is $20.95. Tickets: 604-984-4484 or www.centennialtheatre. com. The theatre is at 2300 Lonsdale Ave. in North Vancouver.

kids’ stuff

Kinder Text Series: Children’s literature author Tanya Lloyd Kyi will read from her books, Thursday, Oct. 21, 11:30 a.m. in the library at Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Free. Info: or 604986-1911, local 2425. Pro-D Day Fun: Author Richard Scrimger will give a presentation, with stories and what it’s like to be an author, Friday, Oct. 22, 1 p.m. at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Then at 2:30 p.m. watch the movie How to Train Your Dragon. For children in grades four to eight. Free. Info: 604-925-7408 or

DL# 24977

604-980-3673 833 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


Howls and Growls: A free children’s book reading, Saturday, Oct. 23, 1 p.m. at the Lynn Canyon Ecology Center, 3663 Park Rd., North Vancouver. Ian McAllister will share stories, photos and videos of the salmon bears and sea wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest and sign copies of his new books. Bear cubs and wolf pups of all ages welcome. Kids Needlecraft Workshop: A free workshop for ages four to nine, Saturday, Oct. 23, 1-2 p.m. or 2:30-3:30 p.m. at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. See more page 23

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A23

kids’ stuff

604-998-3480 or visit cpror@

From page 22 The workshop will feature a special Halloween project to take home. Registration required: 604-925-7292. Halloween Puppet Show: Children ages three to five will enjoy 30 minutes of spooky fun, Friday, Oct. 29, 10:30 a.m. at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Free. Info: 604-925-7408 or www. Halloween Storytime: A free Halloween themed session for children ages three-seven, Friday, Oct. 29, 3:45-4:30 p.m. at Parkgate library, 3675 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Children are invited to come in costume for stories, songs and crafts. Registration is not required. Witchy’s Big Mistake: A Halloweenthemedpuppetshow, Saturday, Oct. 30, 10:30 a.m. at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: $8/$5. Reservations required: 604-925-7292. Teen Reading Club: North VancouverCityLibrarywelcomes readers ages 13-18 to the annual online club, which provides teens with opportunities to read books, post their own reviews and personal writing, participate in chats, discuss books and win prizes for the reviews they submit. Sign up at www.teenrc. ca. For more information call

After-school Sports: Ages eight to 15 can drop in for fun any Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 3:30-5:30 p.m., John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Fee: $1. Storytime Fun: A program of stories, songs and puppets with a focus on pre-reading skills, for ages three to five, Fridays, 10:30-11 a.m. at West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Info: 604-925-7408 or www. Art Studio: Develop your artistic ability while working on our own projects or try something new. Youth ages 1317 can drop in to the studio, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesdays at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Fee: $2. Storytime Fun: A program of stories, songs and puppets with a focus on pre-reading skills, for ages three to five, Fridays, 10:30-11 a.m. at West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Info: 604-925-7408 or www. Crafts Funtastic: Children ages six to 12 can discover the wonderful world of art with creative activities including painting, sponging, drawing, collage and more on Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30 p.m. at

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Double deals NORTH Shore multiples invite the public to attend the North Shore Mothers of Multiples kids’ stuff sale, Saturday, Oct. 23, 9:30 a.m.-noon at St. David’s United Church. Admission is $2 for adults, free for kids. The church is at 1525 Taylor Way in West Vancouver. John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Drop-in: $2. Info: 604-982-8311. Kids Night Out: Offered by the North Vancouver Recreation Commission. Kids can have fun

doing arts and crafts, playing in the gym and/or watching a movie at the Lynn Valley Community Centre, 3590 Mountain Hwy., 6:45-9:30 p.m. For ages three to 12. Fee: $9.50. Registration: 604-9877529.

Scottish Country Dancing: Every Saturday at Mickey McDougall gym, 123 East 23rd St., North Vancouver. Beginners, 9-10 a.m.; intermediate, 10-11 a.m. and advanced, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Info: 604-922-4406 or — Compiled by Pamela Stone and Debbie Caldwell Email information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to listings@

Wealth of Experience

TD Waterhouse Presents...

Options as Protection We welcome the Montreal Exchange to discuss how Options can be used as protection in one’s portfolio

Tuesday, October 26st, 2010 Presented by Josiane Lanoue, Business Development Representive The Montreal Exchange

Fashion Frame Days October 21–23, IRIS Park Royal

Come and see our special collection of the latest late designer eyewear. y In-store offers & gift g with p purchase.

Location: TD Waterhouse 1655 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM RSVP: 1.877.839.7787 or 604.981.4500 to book your reservation. Seating is limited.

Wealth of Experience

Fashion Frame Days this location only

Park Royal Shopping Centre

604.925.3470 Dr. Peter Mulhall & Dr. Pratil Lal, Optometrists

TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage, is a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., a subsidiary of the Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. - Member CIPF.

1430 Lonsdale Avenue, 604.981.0400 E Caulfeild Village Mall, 604.923.4747 ®TM

Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and IRIS The Visual Group.

*Trade-mark of The Toronto-Dominion Bank, TD Waterhouse Canada inc. is a licensed user.

A24 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Show provides guide to golden years Manisha Krishnan

BRITISH Columbians may be getting older but they’re still living it up. That’s the message behind the new Chek TV show North of 49. The series focuses on those in their fifties and older, exploring how they keep life fulfilling and meaningful at that age. And whether it’s working out, pursuing the arts or online dating, there’s a lot more going on than bingo at the local church. “We’re trying to really cater to those questions at that stage in life where you’re still out there doing a lot but you’re doing it with a different perspective and a different pace and different physical abilities as well,” says Michelle Gibson, host of the show. Gibson, 52, and producer Stu McNish, both North Vancouver residents, got the idea for the show when visiting Gibson’s great-aunt on her 100th birthday. She had retired at age 65 along with her husband and expected to die within six years. “The projection going forward in 1909 was that nobody who was born in that year was going to live to see 2009. So here’s this woman who did and she’s not alone, so what happened?” says McNish. “Here we are now with this group of people who can live that long without a guidebook on ‘How do I make sure I can do that and have quality of life, and meaning and purpose?’” North of 49 follows guests who can serve as an inspiration to others and then asks experts to weigh in on their lifestyle. “As we started to explore possibilities the right people came,” says Gibson. “There are so many vibrant north of 49ers around and doing really cool things.” People like well-known local sports broadcaster Paul Carson, who opens up about his battle with pancreatic cancer. “Paul’s been a fixture in the community for many, many years,” says Gibson. “He’s faced a really big health problem and he’s overcoming it with such gusto and enthusiasm. They told him he’d have three months to live and he’s pushing a year now cause he just went after treatment and (had) a good attitude.” North Shore News editor Terry Peters will also be featured on an upcoming episode. Peters teaches CrossFit, an intense

photo submitted

NORTH Vancouver resident Michelle Gibson interviews a guest on the new TV series North of 49. The show, which airs on Chek TV, explores how British Columbians in their fifties and older are leading meaningful lives. strength and conditioning program, five times a week in addition to painting and riding his motorcycle. “Terry’s kind of got it figured out — he’s got intense work, intense exercise, intense creative pursuits,” says Gibson, who will also be interviewing a sports medicine expert and a psychologist to talk about the benefits of fitness and art, respectively. Many North of 49ers have had the benefit of a good

education, finances and health, says Gibson. “They’re still full of life and energy so they’re saying ‘How do I reinvent myself to contribute to the community, to have fun, to be a good friend and family member and neighbour and also keep surprising myself and being excited about getting up every morning.’” North of 49 airs Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on Chek TV.

There’s a reason they’re called “Guaranteed” Investment Certificates. Protect your money with a BMO high-rate GIC. Get guaranteed interest for 3 years when investing $1,000 to $20,000. Feel confident knowing that your investments are going to grow. Invest in a BMO® high-rate GIC* today. It’s one way to keep more of your money. For more ways to make sense of saving and investing follow BMO SmartSteps® for Investing. Visit your local BMO Lonsdale & Esplande Branch at 101-100 East Esplanade and talk to a BMO investment professional today. Or for more info, call us at 604-903-2963 or visit

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A25

Bras Across the Bridge: Virgin Radio will broadcast live from Capilano Suspension Bridge, Oct. 22, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. at 3735 Capilano Rd., North Vancouver. The station is asking the public to donate bras to be strung across the bridge and hope to beat last year’s total of seven times across the expanse. After the final tally, Virgin Radio will donate $1 from every bra collected (up to $5,000) to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Bras can be donated at Capilano Suspension Bridge, Ricky’s Restaurants, Current Fashions and Virgin Radio. Good Souls Gather Books at Capilano University: The United Way of the Lower Mainland’s annual book sale will come to Capilano University, Thursday, Oct. 28, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. in the Birch Building Cafeteria, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Book donations are being accepted for various genres of books until the sale, which can be dropped off at one of the many bins located around the North Vancouver campus. See more page 26

Please join us for an

OPEN HOUSE to celebrate the opening of the

NORTH SHORE HOSPICE Saturday, October 23, 2010 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

NEWS photo Lisa King

Jazz it up SAM Ellington, 10, and his mom Diane Lines invite the public to attend Jazz Vespers, a series of performances held Sunday afternoons at 4 p.m. at Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver.

319 East 14th Street, North Vancouver

with its movement containing over 150 actively moving parts, your rolex deserves quality maintenance that only a highly

Please note that East 14th Street is a cul-de-sac with limited parking. Parking is available at Lions Gate Hospital.

trained and dedicated rolex watchmaker can provide.

Tours will be led by Hospice staff and volunteers. THANK YOU TO OUR GOLD SPONSOR

For information, please call 604.984.3864

A26 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what’s going on

gyle Ave., West Vancouver. Visitors are welcome. Info: www. Dare to be Heard, presented by the North Shore Writers Association, meets the first Wednesday of every month, 7-9 p.m. at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. The association invites writers of all genres, fiction and non-fiction, to read their work in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and to listen to other writers share their work and talk about the writing process. Readers are invited to attend to get to know established and new local writers. Free for members and non-members by donation.

The Ambleside Orchestra of West Vancouver rehearses Wednesdays at 3:15 p.m. in the Community Music Hall at West Vancouver Community Centre. All strings welcome. Info: David, 604-922-1035.

Deep Cove Ladies’ Lions Club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second and last Wednesday of each month at Lions Garey Ham Court, 936 Bowron Court, North Vancouver. New members are welcome. Info: Sally Scott, 604-924-1923.

Caroun Photo Club: Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month, 7-9 p.m. at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Ar-

The Dutch Koffieclub meets the third Wednesday of every month, 10 a.m.-noon at the food court, Park Royal, south mall, West Vancouver. Meet new people and keep up your Dutch language or improve it. The club brings used Dutch magazines and books. Info: Henk, 604-987-4978 or Nel, 604-987-6879. A

Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club: Experienced classes every Wednesday, 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Hollyburn Elementary, 1329 Duchess Ave., West Vancouver. Info: Simon, 604-925-9333.


International Training in Communication: Learn to speak with confidence and poise on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, 7 p.m. at Cheers Restaurant, 125 East Second St., North Vancouver. Info: Doris Dungey See more page 33 p

Hearty help

on onselect select 2011 2011 models models on approved approved credit. credit. on pp

Steel Rims The Pressure Monitoring System

On Focus • Fusion • Fiesta and Escape







Stk. 1M8066




Stk. 0FO4005


community bulletin board From page 25 Vancouver Freestyle Ski Club Open House: Learn about the 2010/2011 ski programs available for six-to-18-year-olds and meet the coaches, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 7-9 p.m. at the West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Dr. For more in-

formation go to Join Jane: Drop by the fireplace area at Lynn Valley library, for one-on-one chats with North Vancouver-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite, Thursday, Oct. 21, 10-11 a.m. at 1277 Lynn Valley Rd.

Lions Gate Pub Night: Lions Gate Gogos (grandmothers helping African grandmothers) will hold a fundraiser supporting the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Thursday, Oct. 21, 6:30A p.m. at The Bridge Between Pub, 1970 Spicer Ave., Northw Vancouver. There will be a silent auction and prizes. Admission: $20 which includes a burger, See more page 37 w W




Leather, moonroof, navigation




w j

LYNN Valley elementary students load up a Shaw cable truck with non-perishable items for the Harvest Project. Shaw is kicking off a national Fill the Food Banks campaign, asking communities across the country to donate to local food banks.

Winter Tires


NEWS photo Mike Wakefield p









Stk. OR1537

299/mo $299 down


48 mo. lease at 11% APR. Total payments $14,651, plus taxes & license.

Stk. 0FO171

498/mo $498 down



48 mo. lease at 8.99% APR Total payments $24,402, plus taxes & license.


*Includes PDI and freight. Taxes and licence are extra. Unit may not be exactly as shown. Net of all rebates. Financing avaialble on approved credit.

604-980-241 1

833 Automall Dr. North Vancouver DLR#24977


Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A27

INDULGE in fall’s favourite flavour. See story PAGE 28


Vedas: worth going out for

Bring a Date for Three Course Plates: Herons Restaurant is offering a dinner promotion for $48 until Oct. 31. The dinner includes a starter, entrée and dessert. You can pick three items from the entire menu inspired by the season. Herons is located in the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel at 900 Canada Place Way. Reservations: 604-6911881 or herons@fairmont. com.

Deana Lancaster

LIKE any true-blue foodie, I have no favourite cuisine, no favourite dish, no favourite restaurant. I love them all. It’s true though, that at different times I’m drawn to certain flavours and styles of food. Right now, I’m having a moment with South Asia. The region serves up brash and bold cuisine, with earthy meats and hearty vegetables mingled with robust spice combinations. It’s food that I’m wary of cooking at home; doing it well can take hours and includes roasting and grinding your own spices, not to mention cooking in the clay oven known as a tandoor. I prefer to let more practised hands prepare my Indian food, so you can imagine the thrill I felt upon learning of the opening of Vedas, The Indian Restaurant on West Third Street in North Vancouver. Owners Kapik Grover and Amrik Singh have plenty of experience in both service and the kitchen at Vancouver restaurants such as Maurya on West Broadway, and hope to introduce the North Shore to a few of their favourite dishes: fruit chaat, made with homemade dressing and spices; chicken lollipop (deepfried drumsticks); and a lamb curry made with rum. I tapped Shorty, my neighbour in the next cubicle, to head for Lower Lonsdale with me to sample Vedas for lunch. Let me preface this account by saying the parking situation in the strip mall that houses the restaurant is irritating. There is only space for vertical parking in front of the businesses, which also include Kyung Bok Palace restaurant and North Shore Bowl. Still, some drivers insist on parallel parking against the perimeter of the tiny lot, effectively blocking the legitimate spaces. When we left after lunch, I found myself boxed in: parked properly between a long (and shiny) Jag, and an equally See Come page 29

food calendar

Paris at Pastis: Bistro Pastis’ features menus inspired by Barbara-Jo McIntosh’s book Cooking for Me and Sometimes You, A Parisienne Romance. This week a charcuteriethemed menu is available until Oct. 24 for $45 for three courses. Bistro Pastis is also offering a special discount of 25 per cent off its wine list during the Paris at Pastis promotion. Upcoming Paris at Pastis Menus include: Oct. 26 - 31: Squash; Nov. 2 -7: Pear; Nov. 9 - 14: Mushroom. Bistro Pastis is located at 2153 West Fourth Ave., Vancouver. Call 604-731-5020 for information. The West Coast Chocolate Festival runs until Nov. 10. The Festival offers something for everyone with a unique and innovative collection of individual high calibre chocolate-themed events for all ages at various locations. For a complete calendar of events visit

NEWS photos Paul McGrath

DAAB Chingri, prawn curry dished up in a hollowed-out coconut, is on the menu at Vedas The Indian Restaurant (top photo). Above, owners Kapik Grover, left, and Amrik Singh hope to introduce North Shore diners to some of their favourite traditional dishes.

Celebrity Chef Cooking Classes: The Arts Club Theatre Company will host the 10th anniversary of this fundraiser until Nov. 22. The event combines cooking instructions by renowned Vancouver chefs with wine at private homes around the city. Each three-hour class begins with a glass of bubbly followed by the creation of a three-course meal. Chefs will impart their culinary wisdom and treat guests to kitchen hints. Chefs for 2010 series are: Oct. 29, Lillooet Fox from Love That Chef; Nov. 1, Quang Dang from Diva at the Met; Nov. 10, Alain Rayé from La Relegadé; Nov. 16, Jeremie Bastien from Boneta and Nov. 22, Tina Fineza from Flying Tiger. Admission: $125. Tickets and info: 604687-5315, ext. 248 or www. Black



See more page 29

A28 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010 ON THE WATERFRONT AT LONSDALE QUAY MARKET

Monday & Tuesday




For British Entrees (except seafood)

Purchase one British Entree & two beverages at regular price and receive 2nd Entree of equal or lesser value for $6.95 * Maximum 2 coupons per table * Not valid with any other discounts * Expires Nov. 30, 2010

The Cheshire Cheese

2nd Floor of Lonsdale Quay Market • (604) 987-3322


tell your community about your upcoming events


CRABFEST NOW ON! View our Crabfest menus online at

3-course crabfest dinner! WITH THIS COUPON:


whiskey crab soup, wild greens or caesar salad CHOICE OF ENTREE: crab & shrimp topped sirloin chicken or bc salmon or crab & shrimp ravioli CHOICE OF WINE OR DESSERT: crème brulee or a glass of BC VQA wine

available everyday

fire-grilled sirloin & king crab legs

Valid until until Nov. 7, 2010. May not be used in combination with any other offer. Maximum of 2 people per coupon and 2 coupons per table.

available everyday




Pumpkin: fall’s signature flavour “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” - Linus van Pelt, Peanuts

Deana Lancaster

IT’S that time of year, when our thoughts turn to spherical, orange, perfectly spiced squash; we’re talking about pumpkin of course. Believed to be one of the first foods to be cultivated by North American natives, colonists discovered them after arriving in the New World. They put it to use in many incarnations: mashed, in stew, pumpkin beer — they even ate the pumpkin flowers. Late in the 17th century, cooked pumpkin found its way into a pie along with milk, eggs, and molasses. The dish was such a hit that in 1796 author Amelia Simmons included it in American Cookery, the first cookbook published by an American. Her pie included one quart of pumpkin, three pints of cream, nine beaten eggs, and lots of sugar and spices. Whatever its origin, the appearance of pumpkin in bins outside your grocery store, in pies and on menus is a sure sign of fall. Here are just a few of the way we love to enjoy this fall

fruit. Granville Island Brewing Pumpkin Ale. In a recent press release, Granville Island Brewing brewmaster Vern Lambourne said the company’s limited releases complement the best of every season, and the Pumpkin Ale is no exception. “Its earthy undertones lend a unique twist to this untraditional ale. With its burnt orange colour and roasted pumpkin and spice flavours, this ale reflects our city’s flavourful transition into fall.” I would tell you myself what I think of the flavour, but the bottle I had chilling in the fridge went missing. The report from my husband though, is that it was smooth and delicious. Pumpkin Ale is available in individual 650ml bottles for a limited time only, in select Lower Mainland government liquor stores and at the Granville Island retail store, for $5.30/650ml bottle. Visit for stores and availability.

Cactus Club’s Pumpkin Cheesecake This creamy New York cheesecake is infused with pumpkin pie, topped with hand-whipped cream, toasted walnuts and decadent caramel sauce. And no surprise, it’s a favourite with Cactus Club customers. Available for a limited time.

available everyday

Valid until Nov. 7, 2010. May not be used in combination with any other offer. Maximum of 2 people per coupon and 2 coupons per table.




Your kids aren’t the only ones

who need a time-out. ~ Sunday Night ~

Family-Style Dinners at Fraîche






crab & jumbo prawn $ topped salmon Valid until until Nov. 7, 2010. May not be used in combination with any other offer. Maximum of 2 people per coupon and 2 coupons per table.

Pumpkin Spice Latté at Starbucks. Not an everyday coffee, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is a fall indulgence not to be missed.

Signature espresso blended with the unmistakable spices of fall – cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove – smooth with steamed milk and topped with sweetened whipped cream.


crab & tiger shrimp $ topped chicken Valid until until Nov. 7, 2010. May not be used in combination with any other offer. Maximum of 2 people per coupon and 2 coupons per table.

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

GRANVILLE Island Brewing’s Pumpkin Ale makes for delicious fall drinking; if you can keep it from going missing, that is.


JOIN US FOR APPY HOUR (3-6pm daily in the bar) Oysters a Buck a Shuck Appy specials available from 2.99 Daily drink specials 4.99 all day

English Bay: 604-669-2225 • Richmond: 604-273-7014 New Westminster: 604-525-3474 • White Rock: 604-536-7320 Horseshoe Bay: 604-921-8188 • Port Moody: 604-931-5300 Kitsilano: 604 738-KITS (5487)

3 course dinner for $40 and $20 for the kids. R E S E R VAT I O N S R E C O M M E N D E D

# ' & ! $ % " % ! % or online at:


PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING A redevelopment is being proposed for 1172 West 15th Street. You are invited to a meeting to discuss the project. Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Time: 7:00pm Location: 1172 West 15th, North Vancouver The applicant proposes to construct a new two-storey structure. The proposed building is approximately 3,385 sq. ft. (314.58 sq. m.) in building area and with a height of 26’ 2” (7.97m). Access to the building will be on the North side of West 15th Street and the lane access to the North of the property. The meeting is held by 0857140BC Ltd. in compliance with District of North Vancouver Council policy. The applicant will present details of the proposal and discuss any concerns residents may have. Information packages are being distributed to residents within 350m of the site. If you would like to receive a copy or if you would like more information, contact Steven Petersson of the Planning Department at 604.990.2378 or Brian Jeffery of 0857140BC Ltd. at 604.986.1191 or bring your questions and comments to the meeting. * This is not a Public Hearing. Council will receive a report from staff on issues raised at the meeting and will formally consider the proposal at a later date.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A29


Come for lunch, linger over traditional dishes From page 27

impressive Porsche Cayenne, and with a rickety old sedan lengthwise behind me. I inched back and forth, slowly easing my Honda out of the space, cursing the fool who thoughtlessly left their car in my way, and only letting out my breath when I had worked my way out. I’ll think twice before parking in that lot again, but it won’t stop me from returning. The interior is a refreshing sweep of cool white and crimson, with miniature chandeliers hanging over tables set properly with linens and glassware. Our server arrived with a small dish of sev, crunchy threads of fried chickpea flour. She explained the menu: we were welcome to order anything from the a la carte dinner menu, or select from the list of express lunches, each of which comes with salad, rice, naan and the day’s vegetable option. I like this format.

food calendar From page 27

Rehabilitation Fundraiser: Throughout the month of November the Black Bear Pub at 1177 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver will donate a portion of money from each Black Bear Ale purchased towards bear cub rehabilitation at the Critter Care Wildlife Society. Undercover: On Thursday, Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. Shooting Stars invites value-driven wine lovers to taste over 80 wines, priced under $20 at this sixth annual event. This “blind” wine tasting takes place at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St., Vancouver. All wines will be hidden throughout the tasting with patrons choosing their favourites via their palette rather than labels. During the last half hour the covers come off and all will be revealed. There will also be a

Though I am a fan of Indian buffets for lunch, you have a better chance of getting at least your main curry dish hot and fresh when your plate is made to order. We led with a starter. Dahi Wada is a plate of tiny lentil dumplings, deep-fried until puffed golden and feathery, draped thickly in tangy yogurt sauce, punctuated with sweet tamarind chutney. I could have tried all of them: veggie or chicken samosa, those chicken lollipops, crispy prawns, chicken kabobs, fire-roasted lamb or roasted paneer. Instead we moved on to the lunch menu ($9 to $11.50). Though it isn’t traditional, I like that you can choose to have your meal with mild, medium or hot spice. I skipped the ubiquitous butter chicken, intriguing mint chicken, and a couple of my favourite lamb dishes in favour of Dahi Halibut. The fish was poached in yogurt until succulent and

silent auction. All proceeds benefit the Shooting Stars Foundation in support of local direct service AIDS agencies. Admission: $37. Tickets: www. Dish and Dazzle: On Monday, Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m. the British Columbia Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) will host this new fundraising event and cocktail competition at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Admission: $250. Funds raised will benefit the BCHF. Tickets and info: www.bchospitalityfoundation. com or contact Alan Sacks, 604-984-8649 or asacks@ From Farm to Forks — A Harvest Kitchen Party will take place Monday, Oct. 25, 7 p.m. at The Dirty Apron Cooking School, 540 Beatty St., Vancouver. Guests can enjoy canapés, cooking and cocktail-making demos and tastings from prominent local chefs, growers and mixologists, accompanied by B.C. beer and wine pairings. Proceeds from the event will support Growing

served in a soulful red curry sauce. I ladled it onto my rice, then scooped spoonfuls of that into naan bread and folded it for easy eating. After having an appetizer (at lunch!) I shouldn’t have managed more than a few mouthfuls, but I almost finished all of it. Shorty’s lamb kathi was equally inspired: a nutty stew of simmered lamb, cashew, ginger and garlic, wrapped into naan with lettuce and sided by a mélange of curried veggies, salad and rice. We washed it all back with masala chai, India’s delicately spiced tea, and readied for our return to work. There’s plenty more on this menu that I’m keen to try, but it will have to wait until my next visit. Our bill for lunch added up to $34.72 including HST. Vedas, The Indian Restaurant is located at 149 West Third St., North Vancouver. Call 604-973-0123 for information or take-out, or visit www.

Chefs, a non-profit helping local chefs teach elementary students about growing, cooking and eating food. Admission: $140. Tickets and info: harvest-party/. Whole Hog Dinner: Refuel Restaurant & Bar announces a Whole Hog Dinner to be held Wednesday, Oct. 27. Chefs Ted Anderson and Robert Belcham will prepare a whole hog feast, designed to please the palate and connect diners to their food source. Guests will sit at communal tables and share in platters of nose to tail cuts of Sloping Hill Farm pork. There are three seatings available at 6 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 11 p.m. Tickets are $49. Call 604-288-7905 to reserve. Ambleside Farmer’s Market will run every Sunday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. until Oct. 31 in the parking lot behind the police station, Bellevue Avenue and 13th Street, West Vancouver. The market will feature local food products as well as handcrafted items from local artisans. Info: www.


Ripe food for thought

■ Ripe from around here, by Jae Steele. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press, $24.95.

Terry Peters

IT would be a mistake to call this new book by Jae Steele a vegan cookbook. While it does contain an extensive collection of delicious recipes, there is much more being offered. Steele is passionate about the food we eat but her enthusiasm goes far beyond

how to create wonderful tasting food. She wants to raise our awareness about what we eat, where it comes from and what we get from it. As a holistic nutritionist, Steele understands the benefits of a vegan diet and endorses it as a healthier choice. The first third of the book examines a variety of related issues, such as organic farming, buying local, growing your own vegetables, composting, being food aware and more. The rest of the book is devoted to a wide range of recipes that covers everything from soups to smoothies. Steele provides food for

thought in her suggestions on how to eat mindfully and with joy, how to end nutritional stress and the benefits of a shorter food chain that comes from eating local. or 604-3180487. Artisan Farmer’s Market will run Saturdays until Oct. 30, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Lonsdale Quay Market’s East Plaza, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. The market will feature local food products as well as handcrafted items from local artisans. Info: www. — Compiled by Debbie Caldwell

LUNCH SPECIALS 1 piece Cod & Chips

Everyday 11:30am - 3.30pm • Dine in only *Prices subject to change without notice.


$ 95*

Celebrating 14 years on the North Shore

All specials at N.V location only



1660 Pemberton Ave., N. Van

Marine Drive & Pemberton (behind the Shell station) Sorry, no substitutes on specials

symposio greek taverna 1564 Lonsdale Ave • 778.340.1564

3 course dinner ~ CHOICE OF STARTER ~

Soup or Salad




Shank of Lamb or Moussaka or Souvlaki (Chicken or Prawn)


Baklava or a Glass of House Wine







Minimum purchase $30 Valid to Oct. 24, 2010 One coupon per customer *Except bread and caselots

%((#(7, 30&17$. 610#(-

*"" 50&17$. '0+$-/2 )(&&$(/2 &05.(0$(/ 4 !50(

,##8 !24 /9#"+ -;289# ,2897#6+ 20. :21$3# 9#! $!#$2!#. %!;207/+ !24 /67:70#( 5286!.2&+ ) * ' Saturday 9 - 4, Sunday 10 - 2 1479 Hunter St., North Van. (off Lower Mountain Hwy) 604-983-6657

A30 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Elsie Kulch North Shore resident Elsie Kulch was born on Oct. 17, 1930. She will be celebrating her 80th birthday with friends and family.

Jason Hafso and Jacqueline Lebel

The families of Jason Hafso and Jacqueline Lebel announce the couple’s engagment. The wedding is set for August, 2011.

Kye Mikkelsen and Kathleen Rogers

Ron and Pina Rogers are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Kathleen Rogers to Kye Mikkelsen. The wedding is to take place in 2011.

Linda and Ron Anderson Linda and Ron Anderson will celebrate their 30th anniversary on Oct. 25. Their children Sara and Daniel and the family send their love and congratulations.

Ken and Una Wood Ken and Una Wood were married in Vancouver on Oct. 7, 1960. Their family and friends send love and congratulations on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

Erika and Paul Hogan

Tony and Rosemary Lawrence

Erika and Paul Hogan were married in Calgary, Alta. on Oct. 7, 2000. The couple looks forward to raising their two young sons, Kohlton and Braeden, on the North Shore. Their family wishes them a happy 10th anniversary.

Tony and Rosemary Lawrence were married in the UK on Oct. 8, 1960. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii with their family. Congratulations!

Danielle and Elton Mey

Gary and Sandi Bellamy

Pat and Jack Little

Family and friends of Danielle (née Forster) and Elton Mey would like to wish them a happy 10th anniversary. The couple — who were married in Vancouver on Oct. 14, 2000 — are happy to raise their son in North Vancouver.

Married in West Vancouver on Sept. 29, 1990, longtime North Shore residents Gary and Sandi Bellamy celebrated their 20th anniversary in Palm Springs. Along with daughters Emma and Faith, the couple enjoys hiking and camping, which makes life on the North Shore ideal.

Pat and Jack Little were married in Newcastle, England on Oct. 23, 1965. The Lynn Valley residents are wished a happy 45th anniversary with love from their family.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A31

A32 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Port is bringing 2,000 square metres of park improvements to the North Shore. To make rail operations more efficient, Port Metro Vancouver and its partners are building a new rail bridge over Lynn Creek. And while they’re at it, they’re upgrading the nearby Harbourview Park to make it more enjoyable for everyone. The project represents a unique collaboration between government and industry to improve land in the community, while enabling growth in international trade.

The goal of the park improvements is to preserve and enhance the historical, recreational and natural resources of Harbourview Park. In other words, making a good park even better. Among the planned improvements are a revamped parking lot, a new lookout with a seating area, and the restoring of native tress and shrubs.




1. Lookout with seating 2. Native restoration planting 3. Timber fence 4. Trail

Staying on the rails.

Sharp & Diamond

The new rail bridge is important too. Rail is already considered the most fuel efficient method of transportation for bulk commodities. This project supports the use of longer trains, making rail operations even more efficient. A side benefit is, by accommodating longer trains, there will be less noise from having to break trains into smaller blocks of rail cars.

Stacked timber fence: This fence will provide a safety barrier between the river and the trail, while native seeding will help to redevelop the river’s edge.

Sharp & Diamond

For the first time, visitors will be able to walk along the entire length of Lynn Creek.

Native plant restoration: Invasive plant species will be removed and replaced with native tree and shrub species. Any areas that have been disturbed will also be restored with native seeding.

Long walks along the creek.

A part of your community.

Sharp & Diamond

Perhaps the most exciting of the new additions to the park is the pedestrian walkway being built under the new rail bridge. The walkway will connect the trails in Harbourview Park to the rest of the Lynn Creek trail system, which means that for the first time, visitors will be able to walk along the entire length of Lynn Creek. That’s great news for dog walkers, joggers and anyone else who enjoys a stroll alongside the creek.


Sharp & Diamond

Getting a better Harbourview.

Harbourview Park’s trail will be extended northwards so visitors can access the shores of Lynn Creek wherever possible.

To learn about the Port’s other community initiatives, visit port

As a neighbour to 16 different municipalities, Port Metro Vancouver is committed to running operations responsibly and sustainably. Creating a new walkway in a newly improved Harbourview Park is just one of the ways the Port is giving back to the communities in which it operates.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A33

From page 26 at 604-926-3954. North Shore Chamber Orchestra meets Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Sutherland Secondary, 1860 Sutherland Ave., North Vancouver and is looking for new string players. Info: or 604988-6652. North Shore Chorus meets Wednesdays, 7:15-9:45 p.m. at Mount Seymour United Church, 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver, and is looking for new members. Info: 604-985-2559 or or audreyowen@shaw. ca. North Shore Historical Society: Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month (except July and August), 7 p.m., at the Community History Centre, 3203 Institute Rd., North Vancouver. North Vancouver Newcomers’ Club welcomes singles and couples who are new to the community or have experienced change of status and are looking for a new social group with meetings the first Wednesday of the month as well as a variety of activities throughout the month. Info and details: Christine, 604980-5885. reVive Vocal Ensemble is expanding and inviting young women, 19 years and over, to join their group, which rehearses Wednesdays, 6:45-9 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 885 22nd St., West Vancouver. Info: Tiffany, 604-813-8433 or *Singing for Fun by the Sea: The first and third Wednesday of the month, 10:30 a.m.-noon at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. A sing-along of well known songs with lyrics provided. Info: 604t922-0264. Soroptimist International of North and West Vancouver, a volunteer service organization for business and professional women, meets on the second Wednesday of each month, September to June, 7 p.m. Info and location: 604-980-0108 or sinorth.westvancouver@ Guests are welcome. SpeakerHub Toastmasters meets every Wednesday, 5:457:15 p.m. in the Education Centre at 1044 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver. Guests are welcome. Info: Gordon at 604-986-3179 or gbl@ Weavers Square Dance Club: Plus Dancing every Wednesday, 7:30-10 p.m. at St. Martin’s Church Hall, 195 East Windsor Rd., North Vancouver. Info: Carole, 604-987-6115.

Bingo: Every Thursday, 6-10

p.m. at the North Shore Alano Club, 176 East Second St., North Vancouver. Info: 604987-4141. *Canadian Federation of University Women: The North Vancouver chapter of this national organization committed to improving women’s status and human rights meets on the second Thursday of every month, September to May, 7 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion, 123 West 15th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-980-0138 or Community Lunch: Come and enjoy lunch with other people in the neighbourhood, Thursdays, noon to 1 p.m. Hosted by the Sharing Abundance Association at St. Andrew’s United Church, 1044 St. Georges. Free, but donations are gratefully accepted. Info: or 604-985-0709. Contract Bridge: Every Monday and Thursday, 12:30-3 p.m. in the Cedarview Room at Delbrook Community Centre, 600 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $1. Info: 604-987-7529.

Story session

Duplicate Bridge: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 12:45-4 p.m. in the Cedarview Room at Delbrook Community Centre, 600 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $2. Info: 604-987-7529. EnglishClasses:Allarewelcome to basic and intermediate level classes, Thursdays from 6:30-8 p.m. and Saturdays, 10:30 a.m.noon, at 941 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Cost: Free. Information: 604-657-0908. Family of Origin Parenting: Westcoast Family Resources Society North Shore offers a free

NEWS photo Kevin Hill

CHILDREN’S author Tina Powell reads to kids at Black Bond Books’ story time at Lynn Valley Centre, Oct. 2. The event featured an autograph session and free bookmarks and activity pages.

Dads’ Parenting: Westcoast Family Resources Society offers a free group on Thursdays, 6-8 p.m. Call Stephen at 604417-3407 for information and venue.

Do you love your pet? Their fur, feathers, even scales delight us. The North Shore is a great spot for pet owners and we would like to provide a place to share your pet with the whole community.

connecting our community

Become a Fan & Win!

Starting today you can send in your pet photos and we will post them to our website Please send us your photo and information, which should include your name, the pet’s name, age, breed and any other details you’d like featured.

Become a fan and you could win tickets to sports, theatre or entertainment events. Check our Facebook page daily for updates!

Send your email to or submit it via our website.

See more page 35



To shop or locate a store near you go to


Ed’s Linens

what’s going on


Ed’s Linens

your purchase of $50 or more. VS

Coupon Coupon expires expires OctoberOctober 25, 2010 11, 2010

Choose from hundreds of our everyday low priced, sale and clearance items

* One coupon per customer. No reproductions. Coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase. Purchase cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon. Coupon not valid towards previous puchases. For in-store shopping only. Any return of purchase will reduce your discount proportionally.

We gladly accept competitors coupons. for the identical products available at those competitors

We will not be undersold. Guaranteed. If you find a lower price at any of our competitors, we will beat it. some exceptions may apply.

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NEWS photo Lisa King

Harvest honey KATE Leuvekamp, 3, makes a Halloween mask during the Harvest Festival at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The festival runs through the month of October, and features harvest decorations, live music, and special activities for the entire family on the upcoming Halloween weekend. For more information, visit www.capbridge. com. • • •







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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A35

what’s going on From page 33 group on Thursday mornings. Call Nancy at 604-417-3406 for information, time and venue. Host Program Orientation: Make a newcomer feel more welcome in the community. Orientation sessions are the second Thursday of the month, 7-9 p.m. at the North Shore Multicultural Society, 207-123 East 15th St., North Vancouver. To RSVP or for more information contact Virginia at 604-988-2931 or virginiac@ Lions Gate Anglers: Freshwater and saltwater outings, seminars on fishing tackle and techniques, speakers, videos and social events are offered throughout the year. Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month except July and August. Info: Ron at 604-929-4262. Mentoring Orientation: Learn how you can encourage and inspire someone in your profession to fulfill their potential. Meetings are the second Thursday of every month, 7-9 p.m. at the North

Shore Multicultural Society, 207-123 East 15th St. North Vancouver. To RSVP or for more information contact Rosy at 604 988 2931 or rosyj@nsms. ca. Mount Seymour United Church Thrift Shop is open every Thursday, 2-8 p.m. at 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. Info: www. Mount Seymour United Community Gospel Choir: Practices are held once a month at 7:30 p.m. at the church, 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. No experience is necessary and all voices are welcome. Info: 604-929-1336 or North Shore Needle Arts Guild meets the second Thursday of the month and offers instruction in all types of embroidery and beading at St. Martin’s Anglican Church hall in North Vancouver. New members are welcome. For more information call 604-922-4032. — Compiled by Pamela Stone and Debbie Caldwell Email information for your nonprofit, by donation or nominal fee event to

Play time

AMY Pankratz (left), Nicky Pratt, Peter Bond and Joe Arduini rehearse for the upcoming SMP Dramatic Society production of Fawlty Towers, written by John Cleese and Connie Booth, Oct. 21-23, 7:30 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday, Oct. 23 at St. Martins Church Hall, 195 East Windsor Rd., North Vancouver. For more information and tickets call 604-767-0665.

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Our Holiday issue will feature Home Interiors, Fashion and Cuisine.


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Oct. 29

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A36 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NEIGHBOURHOODS Noteworthy neighbours

Community volunteers to be honoured

Time Traveller

REPRESENTATIVES of North Shore Neighbourhood House will recognize five outstanding North Shore residents and one collaborative community at the Heart of the Community Award celebration Oct. 21.

According to a written statement, executive director Don Rutherford said they are delighted to recognize good people doing good things. The recipients reflect the values of North Shore Neighbourhood House and recognizing them through the awards program is a small way to celebrate their contribution. City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto will present the Heart of Gold award to Ruth Kershaw for her tireless support and nourishment of the homeless in the community. Quayside Cohousing will be celebrated as a community collaborator with their innovative approach to community living demonstrating how strong communities are built. Carol McQuarrie, a founding member, will be on hand to accept the honour. Cheyenne Gardner has been named the Youth Rise Above award recipient for overcoming challenges with determination and compassion. Finally, the Welcoming Neighbour award will be given to: Shirley Harris for her long-term volunteer role with local organizations; Dean Bonozew who brings Christmas cheer to underprivileged families; and Mahin Khodobandheh, an advocate for newcomers to Canada for the North Shore. Send details, along with your contact information, for our regular Noteworthy Neighbours section to

photo courtesy of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives

THIS 1937 view from Prospect Point shows the Princess Marguerite and the Princess Elaine passing through the First Narrows. Construction of the Lions Gate Bridge can be seen in the background at left. The First Narrows is one of thousands of places featured in Andrew Scott’s Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names. Attend a talk and book signing by Scott, Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m., at the Community History Centre. Call to register, 604-990-3700, ext. 8016. Fee: $6. Info:


Bringing Knowledge and Innovation Together


Finding the Missing Pieces The Pacific Autism Centre Society is holding focus groups throughout the province. Please join us in:

VANCOUVER Wednesday, November 17th | 7 to 9 p.m. Century Plaza Hotel, 1015 Burrard Street We want to talk with parents, family members, service providers, professionals and individuals on the spectrum to learn more about your needs in the Vancouver area, and find out how the Pacific Autism Centre Society (PACS) can help address those needs. What is the PAFC? This is a new parent and community-driven initiative, led by the not-for-profit PACS, to help all British Columbians affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other developmental disabilities.

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? Contact Dana Hough at or 888.687.2281, x. 223. For more information, and to participate in our online survey, visit:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A37

community bulletin board From page 26 fries and beer or wine. Tickets available at the door. Carson Graham Class Of 1980 will hold their 30th grad reunion, Saturday, Oct. 23, 6 p.m. at Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill in Westview shopping centre, North Vancouver. No spouses due to the small size of the venue and large grad class. Admission: $25. Info: 604-9287560 or Disaster First Aid Level Two: A workshop, Saturday, Oct. 23, 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at North Shore Emergency Management Office, 147 East 14th St., North

Vancouver. Learn how to use common household items such as tea towels and garbage bags to supplement regular first aid supplies in this non-certificate course. Fee: $20. Registration required: or 604-983-7440. Get Fit for Families: Equal Balance Fitness and Zazou Salon and Spa will host a benefit for North Shore Family Services, Saturday, Oct. 23, 9 a.m. at Lynn Valley Library Square, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd. There will be a bootcamp class at 9 a.m. for a minimum donation of $5. Massages will be available by donation. There will also be raffles, draws and a kids’ craft table.

Pledge sheets can be found at Michael Jackson Dance Event: Be a part of a worldwide simultaneous dance to honour Michael Jackson and bring Thriller to life around the globe, Saturday, Oct. 23, at Gleneagles Community Centre, 6262 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Learn the dance routine at 1 p.m. and then at 4 p.m. the simultaneous dance will take place. Fee: $15. Net proceeds will go to charity. Info: 604-921-2100. Hawaiian Ceremony: Open to all families of Hawaiian decent, featuring the raising of the tiki pole and other ceremonies, Sunday, Oct. 24 from 3 to 10 p.m. at Chief Joe Mathias Centre,

100 Capilano Rd., North Vancouver. There will be a potluck. Free. Info: queenaloha@shaw. ca. Author Reading: Join author Treasa O’Driscoll as she reads from her new book Celtic Woman: A Memoir of Life’s Poetic Journey, Monday, Oct. 25, 7-8:30 p.m. at Parkgate library, 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Free. Registration: 604929-3727. — Compiled by Pamela Stone and Debbie Caldwell Email information for your nonprofit, by donation or nominal fee event to For our online listings, go to www. scroll to Community Events and click on Add Your Event.



NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Enchanting evening

VI Roden (left), co-chairwoman of the Sinfonia Orchestra board, and Paige Freeborn, president of the orchestra, get ready for their upcoming fundraiser gala Masks, Music and Magic, Saturday, Oct. 30, 7 p.m. at Mulgrave School, 2330 Cypress Lane, West Vancouver. The orchestra will play alongside jazz musicians Monique and Michael Kreber. The event will also include cocktails, hors d’oeuvre and a silent auction. For tickets, $90, call 778-786-3208 or email Dress code is evening attire.

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A38 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Has your favourite Dry Cleaner run out of steam? You decide.

READERSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; CHOICE AWARDS 2011 First Ballot October 27th


Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A39


Blues race for playoffs Cap women facing final showdowns for spot in provincials

Capilano hosts golf, badminton tourneys this weekend

Andy Prest

Andy Prest

THE Capilano Blues soccer teams close out the BCCAA regular season with their final home games of the year this weekend and both the men and women are facing battles with big playoff implications.

NORTH SHORE SCORES BCCAA SOCCER Oct. 16-17 WOMEN Capilano - 4 Douglas - 2 Capilano - 0 Kwantlen - 3 MEN Capilano - 0 Douglas - 3 Capilano - 2 Kwantlen - 0 B.C. RUGBY Oct. 16 ELITE MEN Abbotsford - 50 Capilano - 22 DIV. 1 MEN Abbotsford - 22 Capilano - 41

CAPILANO University is offering a sports smorgasbord this weekend with three of the school’s teams in action at home.

The men have clinched a spot in the provincial championships and this weekend they’ll be looking to lock up second place in their conference to improve their path to the title. The women, however, still have some work to do to book their ticket to the BCCAA championships hosted by Kwantlen Oct. 2931. With three playoff spots per conference, the Capilano women sit in third with 10 points while Squamish’s Quest University is in fourth with five points. One win or tie in two games would wrap it up for Capilano, as would one loss or tie for Quest. But it’s no sure thing. On Saturday Capilano hosts first-place Vancouver Island University, undefeated NEWS photo Cindy Goodman in league play, while Quest travels to second-place Langara. CAPILANO’S Elise Horton (left) chases down a ball in a game against UBC Okanagan If Quest wins and Capilano earlier this season. The Blues finish the regular season at home against VIU and loses on Saturday, Sunday’s Quest this weekend and are looking to lock up a playoff spot. Search the photo regular season finale takes on a galleries at for more pics from this rain-sodden matchup. whole new meaning: Capilano vs. Quest with the winner going to playoffs and the loser going home. Capilano head coach Doug Abercrombie is hoping it won’t come to that. “There’s no way I want to be playing Sunday with everything on the line,” he said, adding that at least the Blues control their own destiny. “We do have it in our hands. That’s always what you want.” The Blues are in this fight for the final playoff spot because of a horrible start to the season, said Abercrombie. Fielding a lineup of 12 rookies and only three third-year players, the Blues sputtered to a record of one tie and three losses in their first four games. Since then they are 3-2 but it’s been an uphill battle all the way. “If we’d started off properly we probably would be trying for second place or even first place,” said Abercrombie, adding that it’s always tough to get rookie players tuned in to what it takes to succeed in a league with such a short schedule. “You can’t tell them enough how important every single game is until they’ve been through it once. All those 12 rookies, if they came back next year they would all understand — the first game is as important as the last game.” One veteran player who knows what it takes is Sutherland grad Faith Williams, a third year defender who controls the centre of the back line while also adding to the attack — her three goals are tied for the team lead. NEWS photo Paul McGrath “Faith Williams has just been outstanding all year long,” said Abercrombie. “She’s doing an outstanding job defending and CAPILANO’S Adam Staschuk (left) takes to the air against Langara earlier this year. The Cap men are See Blues page 41 battling for second place.


While the soccer teams make their home-game swansongs (see story at left), the Blues badminton and golf teams are also taking centre stage as Capilano hosts the BCCAA’s final golf tournament and first badminton tournament of the year. Capilano’s golf team, now in its third year of play since being resurrected in 2008, will play host to the rest of the province Saturday and Sunday at the Seymour Golf and Country Club. The college golf season is a little unique in that the teams are playing one final event even though the national championships were held last weekend in Kamloops. At nationals the Blues finished 15th out of 18 teams. Four North Shore golfers — Matt Steger, Kyle Moody, Ryan O’Keeffe, Kyle Roszman — teamed with Edmonton’s David McGlone to post a three-round cumulative total of 943 (the high score for each round is dropped). Ontario’s Humber College took the win with a total of 848, 38 shots better than the University of Fraser Valley in second place. Steger, a St. Thomas Aquinas grad, was the top individual finisher for Capilano, shooting rounds of 79, 75 and 76 to finish in a tie for 40th place with a threeround total of 240. Earlier this year the Blues posted their best-ever tournament finish at a UFVhosted event, placing second with Moody, an Argyle grad, finishing third overall for the tournament. Last season McGlone became the first Blues player to win a tournament. This weekend Capilano will hope to capitalize on their home course advantage — they hold their practices at Seymour and the club’s head pro, Dale Schienbein, is the See Golfers page 41


A40 - North Shore News - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SPORT high school athletes of the week

Name: Nell Jones School: Rockridge Grade: 12 Sport: field hockey Position: defence Coach: Leonie Plunkett

Name: Victor Sun School: Handsworth Grade: 12 Sport: football Position: running back Coach: Jay Prepchuk

The scoop: Nell, in her fifth year of field hockey at Rockridge, has shown a desire and determination to work on and improve her defensive skills throughout her time at the school. She was named an all-star honorable mention last year and has stepped her game up even more this year. Her coach says she has a strong command of where to be on the field and her positional play, vocal leadership, commitment and enthusiasm on defense make her a valuable asset for the team.

The scoop: Victor, in his fifth year of football at Handsworth, played running back for the first time this year and the results have been exceptional. In back-to-back league games Victor racked up more than 200 rushing yards, including 18 carries for 219 yards and three touchdowns in a 29-6 win over Pitt Meadows. Sun is also a starting linebacker and kick returner. His coach says he is a very coachable, hard working senior player.

Race-y attire

North Shore News high school athletes of the week are selected by the North Shore Secondary Schools Athletics Association

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A colourful character takes the lead at the start of the 2010 Strachan Hartley Legacy Run Sunday at Handsworth secondary. The annual Run the North Shore event is a fundraiser for the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation. The next Run the North Shore event is the Hallow’s Eve half-marathon and 10-kilometre race Oct. 24. Visit for a gallery of photos from the race. Visit for more race photos.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - North Shore News - A41


Blues men make playoffs From page 39

their Sea to Sky neighbour 2-1 earlier this season in Squamish. And things have only gotten better for the Blues since then, said Abercrombie. “I’m really pleased with the way they’re coming together. Twelve rookies, it’s really difficult.” On the men’s side the Blues sport a record of four wins, three losses and two ties. They also have Quest creeping behind them, four points back, meaning their Sunday matchup could be a battle for second place in the conference. Either way Capilano will advance to the provincials where they will meet either Thompson Rivers University or the University of Northern British Columbia in the opening round. Last year the Blues men finished third in the province. They won provincial and national titles in 2008. Catch this weekend’s final home games as VIU visits Capilano Saturday with the women playing at 1 p.m. and the men following at 3 p.m. Sunday’s showdowns with Quest are also at Capilano with the women kicking off at noon and the men following at 2 p.m.

starting the attack.” Up front the duo of Paige Taylor, a secondyear Handsworth grad, and Coquitlam’s Elise Horton is creating a lot of scoring opportunities. “Paige Taylor is bringing all kinds of energy to the game. Her work rate is just fantastic,” said Abercrombie. “You need players that just bring everything to the park and don’t leave anything when they’re finished.” Horton is tied with Williams for the team lead in goals. She came to Capilano this season after playing basketball at the University of Calgary last year. “She’s basically been out of soccer for a year,” said Abercrombie. “Her touch is getting better and we’re looking forward to her stepping up for the balance of the season. She’s causing lots of trouble for the back lines.” If the season does come down to a one-game showdown against Quest, the Blues can take confidence from the fact that they knocked off

Golfers end season at Seymour


Juvenile Rugby - Mulgrave vs Collingwood; Senior Volleyball - Mulgrave vs Carson; Senior Football - Carson vs Notre Dame and more....

From page 39

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Home run





COMING NEXT WEEK: Senior Volleyball, Bantam & Juvenile Rugby, Jr. AA Football, U-16 Field Lacrosse and more



604-998-3508 or email us at

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JLX, loaded, sunroof, leather

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A Capilano Rugby Club runner makes a move in a B.C. elite game against Meraloma last month at West Vancouver’s Klahanie Park. Meraloma came away with the win, but Capilano will look to regain their winning form on Saturday when they host the Ravens. The Div. 1 men start at 1 p.m. followed by the elites. Visit the photo gallery section at for more shots of the Meraloma match.

team’s coach. Tee times for the tournament begin at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and 9 a.m. on Sunday. Moving indoors, Capilano Sportsplex will play host to the first tournament of the BCCAA badminton schedule Friday and Saturday. Douglas, VIU, Kwantlen, TRU and Langara will join the Blues on court with matches starting at 1:30 p.m. on Friday and continuing through to Saturday afternoon.

A42 – North Shore News – Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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WHITEFIELD - Doris Doris passed away peacefully on October 13, 2010 at Evergreen House in North Vancouver, BC at the age of 88. Born in Nestow Alberta on July 21st, 1922. She was married to her husband Maurice on July 20, 1944. He predeceased her in 2003. She will be deeply missed by her sons Skip & Derrick, daughter Irene, also her grandchildren Carmen, Jason, Melissa, Christopher and her beloved great grandchildren. A memorial service was held at Boal Chapel Wednesday, October 20th in North Vancouver.

McOUAT, Harry Dwight

Wonderful, adoring husband, devoted father and grandfather and beloved of our Lord Jesus Christ. Born December 14, 1932; passed from this earth to the glorious presence of His Lord October 15, 2010. Predeceased by his daughter Dana and unborn baby Cassia. Survived by and dearly loved forever by his precious wife, Lois; daughters, Robyn (Greg) Bohn, Julie (Gordon) Gildemeister, Lori (Danny) Young and their children, brother Ron (Debbie) McOuat, sister Myrna (Alex) Low and their families. Absent from the body – Present with the Lord! Hallelujah! To place on-line condolences go to

MICHAEL HOPKINS Jan 11, 1956 - Oct 19, 2005 In Memory of a dearly loved Husband, Father, Son & Friend. A gentle Gentleman. All those who love you and miss you are holding you close, Mike. 'and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make'





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CLASS 1 TRACTOR-TRAILER DRIVER wanted for year round short haul employment in northern BC. Benefit package included. Fax clean drivers abstract and resume with references to 250-774-2314 or call Rob at 250-775-1700 for more information.


Lost black male cat ‘MICK’ $500 Reward. White patch on chest, wearing red ID collar. Missing since Aug 15 from the Newdale Rd area West Van. 604-922-5411

Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable winterized vehicle and be available from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you.


20393 Fraser Hwy, Langley

Gen. Admission $7 under 12 free Check out our vendors & register for jewellery making classes at




175 tables & booths of fun, fabulous finds for you & your eclectic abode!

Sunday • OCT 24 • 10am-3pm Croatian Cultural Centre

3250 Commercial Drive, Van. 604-980-3159 • Adm. $5


1248 LOST CAT, black & white S/H male, 5 yr old, Bayridge area, West Vancouver , lost Oct 12th. Call $500 Reward 778-688-4149

Coming Events

Information Wanted

BREAK-IN ....On Oct. 8th between 6 & 8pm on corner off Mt. Seymour and Dollarton Hwy. our house was broken into. Suspect left with a grey & orange carry on suitcase w/wheels by bus? Any info would be appreciated 604-929-7279

LOST LARGE tabby cat Melvin black stripe down the back, green eyes, brown muzzle/belly, Lower Lonsdale last seen on Oct 14 th. Reward 604-929-7902


MIRA STUDIOS is looking for a F/T Stylist to rent a chair. Call Tara, 604-219-4718.


General Employment

A LEADING FURNITURE & appliance retailer in the B.C. Southern Interior has an opening for a Sales Associate. Some computer skills are required. We offer a competitive commission salary and great team environment. Please mail or email your resume to: P.O. Box 397, Trail BC, V1R 4L7;

Garden Care & Design Inc. LANDSCAPE

Construction Manager

Must have extensive plant knowledge; leading a crew in large residential/commercial installations is mandatory. Permanent position. Top wages commensurate with experience. BRIAN 604-802-5272

Home Support

PART TIME LIVE IN CAREGIVER WANTED for elderly woman with dementia. Parkgate area, car preferred. Salary negotiable. Experience required. Please call 778-397-1952


Hotel Restaurant

Office Personnel

P/T Office Clerk North Van

2 days/week, Rate $20/hr Minimum 3 yrs exp, vehicle required. Daily tasks plus basic bookkeeping & travel booking. Email resume to: Subject line: OFFICE CLERK

RING FOUND approx 1 yr ago at William Griffin Pool, (name inside ring) call to id 604-987-7529


Personal Messages

REMOVE YOUR RECORD: A CRIMINAL RECORD can follow you for life. Only PARDON SERVICES CANADA has 20 years experience GUARANTEEING RECORD REMOVAL. Call 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)


General Employment

Molly Maid

North & West Vancouver Mature f/t housecleaners required Mon to Fri, days. $11 to $16/hr. Valid BC drivers licence required. For interview. Call 604-987-4112

Bean Around the World is looking for year round employees! Must be available to work mornings, weekdays and have a flexible schedule. Please apply with resume at: 1520 Marine Dr. West Van, No calls please.

LUNCH SUPERVISOR The Salmon House West Vancouver

The Salmon House is a world renowned premier seafood restaurant looking for a qualified Lunch Floor Supervisor 5 shifts per week (includes Saturday & Sunday Brunch). This key position will be responsible for staffing, customer service and developing and maintaining strong customer relations and building our Lunch/Brunch business. We have a strong dedicated team at The Salmon House and we invite you to join us. Please call 604-926-3212

PEMBERTON STATION The best sports environment on the North Shore seeks reliable experienced

★ P/T Line Cook & ★P/T F/T Server

Competitive wages. Please visit the pub in person between 2 & 4:30pm for an interview today. 135 Pemberton Ave. North Vancouver

hotels/restaurants Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. If you’ve been looking for a home-based opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work. Qualified applicants receive training, support and monthly remuneration. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628



NORTHERN BC FORD DEALERSHIP Seeking experienced Service Advisorto join our team. New building, Greatpay and benefits. Relocation assistanceavailable. Send resume to SERVICEMGR @CAPITALFORD.CA



ENSIGN ENERGY SERVICE INC. is looking for experienced Drilling Rig, & Coring personnel for all position levels. Drillers, Coring Drillers $35. - $40.20.; Derrickhands $34., Motorhands $28.50; Floorhands, Core Hands, Helpers $24. - $26.40. Plus incentives for winter coring! Telephone 1-888-ENSIGN-0 (1-888-367-4460). Fax 780-955-6160. Email: ISAAC R. CONT. seeking F/T Cement Finisher. Compl. of high school & min. 3 yrs of exp. req. $26/hr. E-resume:

LOST OCT. 9 Sabin small old white dog St. James & Lonsdale. Call Ryan 604-761-8545

EMPLOYMENT Beauticians/ Barbers



OCTOBER 22 to 24 Cascades Casino

WITNESS WANTED Bus 232 Tues Oct. 5th noon turning at Mtn Hwy & Keith Rd. Lady in front seat, fell to ground, bus driver slammed on the brakes. Bus driver did not stop 604-473-2077

Send picture and 25 words or less to

NORTH SHORE NEWS #100 - 126 East 5th Street North Vancouver, BC, V7L 2P9 Attention: Remembrance Day or email:

Lost & Found

Looking for Ringette Players 20 yrs & over for North Shore area, call 604-790-7093

Honouring Our We are proud of those men and women that are serving our country now or served in the past. Submit a photo of yourself or a loved one who served our country with a brief biography. ALL PHOTOS WILL BE PUBLISHED IN EARLY NOVEMBER as a tribute page honouring our past and current military personnel.


In Memoriam



retail sales




trades/technical farm workers

health care

To advertise in Employment call 604-630-3300

NAPD in Vancouver is currently looking for individuals with land/ marine pile driving experience. If you are looking for a career as one of the following: ● Bridgman Pile Driver ● Bridgman Pile Driving Foreman ● Pile Driving Crane Operator we would like to hear from you. To apply today, please visit our careers page at


Work Wanted

MATURE WOMAN wanting full time work with car.Call 604-985-7235 or 604-817-9779 PRIVATE DUTY RN experienced in home care, palliative care, avail for days or evening shifts. 604-986-2931 * 778-868-1767

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Postmedia Community Publishing makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 – North Shore News – A43

1420 1410


Tutoring Services

PROFESSIONAL MATH TUTOR Over 15 yrs exp K-12. Excellent Results. Shiva 604-729-5744

Get 14 WorkPlace Certificates in 12 Days! Save Thousands. Start Today. 604-888-3008 LOVE ANIMALS? Love a career as an Animal Health Technologist. On-campus working farm. Small town environment. 2-year diploma program. GPRC Fairview Campus, Fairview, Alberta. 1-888-999-7882; MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is rated #2 for at-home jobs. Train from home with the only industry approved school in Canada. Contact CanScribe today! 1-800-466-1535. TWO WHEELIN’ EXCITEMENT! Motorcycle Mechanic Program. GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. Hands-on training for street, offroad, dual sport bikes. Write 1st year apprenticeship exam. 1-888-999-7882


Tutoring Services

TUTOR DOCTOR NORTH SHORE Tutoring for All Ages and Subjects. Experienced & Qualified Tutors. 778.340.3100



ANTIQUE DINING table, 6 chairs & hutch, antique Welsh dresser. Queen Anne chairs, 4 seater sofa & other items 604-839-3863



12 CUBIC Fridgidaire UPRIGHT freezer , 6yrs old, $125. U Pick Up! 604-921-6850


1825 Lonsdale Ave



For Sale Miscellaneous

CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866-981-6591. DINING TABLE & 6 chairs, only 6 mths old $500, cost $725. Other items avail 604-925-0012 **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348. MOVING OUT OF COUNTRYFurniture, New big sc TV, complete dining & sitting room and br furn. Some tools, s/s barbecue... All must go! 604-961-0987 Titlelist, T-made, Adams, Ping API’s, R9135, blacks, G-15’s, all 2010. All must go. 604-986-9390. Also 10’ kayak, all gear $250 TRANSPORT WHEEL chair, w/2 cushions $250; Dolomite walker, w/basket $250; Invacare bath w/bench $100; 604-922-2572


Childcare Available

★ BOOK NOW!★ An overseas live-in Nanny for 2010 placement. 604-682-4688 Exp. with excellent refs. avail mornings Mon to Fri., flex. 1st aid cert. Melissa 604-980-7063


Daycare Centres

New Toddler Program Sept 2010. Register now. Also 30mos - 5 yrs ★604-929-5799★

For Sale Miscellaneous



KITCHEN CABS, 15 x 10ft, $650; fridge sub zero, micro & dw $650, good cond. 604-999-9695 MATTRESS/BOXSPRING, SINGLE Beautyrest, exc ond. $150. call 604-922-7468.

FOODSAFE 1 Day Courses #1 in BC • $62 • 604-272-7213 FOODSAFE 1 DAY COURSES Guaranteed best value! Six Metro Vancouver Locations: Vancouver • Burnaby • Surrey • Richmond • Coquitlam • Maple Ridge All our Instructors are also working local Health Inspectors! Classes held each week & weekend! Course materials available in 6 languages. Same-day Certification. Visit our website at or call 604-272-7213 ADVANCE Hospitality Education – B.C.’s #1 Choice for Foodsafe & WorldHost Training.




A CLEAN DRY SPLIT Maple, birch, alder. Guar lowest prices. David 604-926-0014 24H TOP KNOT FIREWOOD est 1981 Dry Alder, Birch & Maple. Pick up or delivered. Rod 604-985-7193



MOVING SALE! Must sell! bdrm & dining room suite, living room furn. sofa bed, 604-612-4249 Q/S MATTRESS/BOXPRING & frame, Sealy Posturpedic. exc cond, $125. call 604-929-4911 SOFA/LOVESEAT $250, extra clean no bed bugs, 4 dwr dresser nite tbl IKEA $100 604-985-9443 SOLID ROSEWOOD coffee tables, 2 end tables, large sofa, oak ent centre, oak pedastel table 4/chair exc. cond. 604-929-5061


Garage Sale West Vancouver

91 - Gleneagles Community Centre Garage Sale Sat Oct 23rd, .. 9am-1pm Free Admission Over 40 Tables of Treasures. 6262 Marine Drive, West Van ★ 604-921-2100 ★ Table Rental $30


Lumber/Building Supplies

BUILDING SALE... “ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!” 25X30 $4,577. 30X40 $6,990. 32X60 $10,800. 32X80 $16,900. 35X60 $12,990. 40X70 $13,500. 40X100 $23,800. 46X140 $35,600. OTHERS. Ends optional. Pioneer MANUFACTURERS DIRECT 1-800-668-5422. NEW NORWOOD SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cyclesawing increases efficiency up to 40%. 400OT - FREE Information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT


Musical Instruments

DIGITAL KORG Piano, 88 keys model EC150 piano, with bench, paid $2060, receipt, as new $900, 604-913-2173



1 STROLLER, 2 exer saucers, good condition. U Pick Up! 604-833-7745

FEATURED EMPLOYMENT Your experience begins at Expedia CruiseShipCenters.

7 FT HARD PLASTIC plastic row boat with oars. U PICK UP. Call 604-980-1801 9 DRAWER dresser, kitchen table/5 chairs. good condition, free for pick up. call 604-925-4208 COUCH, DARK green, earthy tones, 3 seater, good cond. free for pick up. call 604-987-5272 INGLIS washer & dryer, excellent condition. Energuide. Free for pick up. call 604-985-4208 LOVE SEAT & chair, dark brown speckled fabric. Free you pick-up. 604-986-9869 SOFA BED. Good condition. Free You pick-up 604-988-0697


Wanted to Buy

JOIN OUR TEAM! Turn your ;@993=? 5=: 8:@6<A into a >@:<<: 9<AA3?4 >:739<9

We offer:

Flexible Work Schedule in a Fun Atmosphere Ongoing Education & Support

You offer:

A Passion for Travel A Commitment to Clients of Outstanding Customer Service Learn more about how you can



All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed North Shore dealer. 604-960-0045

Monday, October 25th @ 7:00PM 2434 Marine Drive, West Vancouver RSVP required to




Top Notch USED FURNITURE Just arrived from the PACIFIC PALISADES HOTEL Any Any Size Size Mattress Mattress $99, $99, Headboards Headboards $50,Nite $50,Nite Tables Tables $50, $50, Dressers Dressers $100,Sofa $100,Sofa Beds Beds $200, $200, Banquet Banquet Chairs Chairs $15, $15, Lamps $20, TV’s $30, Armoires $100, Drapes $30 Lamps $20, TV’s $30, Armoires $100, Drapes $30 Mini-bars Mini-bars $40 $40 ...and ...and much much more! more! 250 250 Terminal Terminal Ave Ave @ @ Main Main St, St, Vancouver Vancouver Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5 +Sat Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5 +Sat 10-2 10-2 Visit Visit ★ANIZCO ★ANIZCO ★Liquidators ★Liquidators

604-682-2528 604-682-2528


Preschools/ Kindergarten

Mamalina’s Montessori

Preschool & Child Care Centre 4317 Gallant Ave., Deep Cove Music, Spanish & French incld. A.M./P.M. Classes, Kindercare Call for more info



Academic Programs, Yoga, Cooking, Daily French, Music Before & After School 5 - 12 years 530 East 12th St, North Van

Saturday October23rd, 18th, 11am 11 am -- 65pm pm Saturday October Sunday October 19th, 10 am - 4pm


Even Kids Have Stress A child’s stress is expressed in a variety of ways – tummy aches, fears, sleep disturbances, and grumpiness – to name a few. Help young ones to deal with stress before those symptoms appear: • Balance their lives by reducing commitments. An over-scheduled child is a stressed child • Increase their daily physical activity with simple activities like walking • Let them develop an enjoyable creative outlet of their choice • Build their skills – teach them yoga or meditation techniques • Be a good role model of healthy coping skills • Encourage laughter • Give them the opportunity to express their feelings without being judged. Find out what’s really bothering them • Make sure they are eating healthy food and getting enough sleep • Help them accept their mistakes and move on • Teach them to manage their time, balancing exposure to video games, TV and computer activities.

Information provided by: North Shore Child Care Resource Program, a service of North Shore Community Resources Society: 604-985-7138



It’s a place we create and share with people who care about us. Open your home to an adult with a physical or mental disability and experience the many rewards that come with home sharing. Contact us today to see how we can match your lifestyle and financial goals with a disabled adult that simply needs a place to call home. or call Liz at 604.584.9572

A44 – North Shore News – Wednesday, October 20, 2010



2 NICE 3YR Reg. TB mares, moving CHEAP. $650. obo, 1-604-626-5617 *604-820-4554



RAGDOLL & Russian Blue Kittens, raised underfoot & post trained. $250 up. 604-581-2544


Homecare Available

ABSOLUTE CARE SERVICES ★ Professionally screened Nannies & Caregivers. ★ Full & part time available






FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 $3.19 min. 18+ 1-900-783-3800


ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding $350+. 604-590-3727 BOXERS, CKC reg. show champion lines, 9 flashy brindle males, 2 reverse, chip, wormed & shots, ready Nov 12. 604-987-0020 GOLDEN RETRIVER pups & Golden Doodle pups, book now $650 & $850.. 1-250-674-0091

BLACK LAB puppies, males & females, very cute, ready to go $450 604-793-9369

Business Services


GET RESULTS! Post a classified in a few easy clicks. Choose your province or all across Canada. Best value. Pay a fraction of the cost compared to booking individual areas. or 1-866-669-9222.


Computer/ Internet

Onsite Computer Repair FREE ESTIMATES Visa & M/card Call Chris 604-613-8738

Financial Services


FILA/MASTIFF GUARD DOGS owners best friend. Intruders worst nightmare. all shots, $2000 each. ready now! 604-817-5957

SHIH TZU. 12 week old male. First shots. Very friendly. Cute & so adorable! $550. 778-394-6666

YORKIE OR Yorkie X Maltese Toy size, local, 604-590-3727


$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660 A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464 IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744 80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar,, 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020. BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today.


Condos/ Townhouses



Condos/ Townhouses

West Vancouver

PENTHOUSE 2 BR, 2 bath, Argyle Ave. over 400sf sundeck, spacious, room for pool table, spectular water & mountain views, 3 storage lockers, 2 parking. Steps to Seawalk. Reduced to: $1,050,000. Peter Birrell Re/Max 604-250-3301


North Vancouver

705-121 W. 16th, North Vancouver

Legal Services

DIAL-A-LAW OFFERS general information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available). LAWYER REFERRAL Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604-687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM).

Legal/Public Notices


NOTICE IS given to Francois Ravidat, that the bed, couch, table, chairs, of the abandoned property #204-1320 Chesterfield Ave., North Van, B.C. will be disposed of after 30 days. Christine Edwards, #204 1320 Chesterfield Ave., N. Van, B.C.


Body Work


Guaranteed the Best! $38 for 45 minutes

Treat, train couple sex problems, pain.


DON’T WORK NO CHARGE within 10 min.

$40UP IN/OUT Cell: 604-603-3638



Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

1 & 2 & 3 br large bright, Central Lonsdale $850 & up, newly updated. Immed. 604-720-2913

Lily’s Relaxation Centre

1 BR Avail Nov 1, 140 E 15th St. on bus route, np, $950+utils 604-618-9259, 604-988-1956

Nice Oriental Massage


2 br $1160.. avail Nov 1. Heat & hw, no pet, no smoking, 130 W 5th St. 604-987-2761

1050 Marine Dr., North Van (by McKay) parking at rear




Escort Services

GENTLEMEN! Attractive discreet European lady is available for 604 451-0175 company. COMMUNITY • NEWS

B.C. Couple guilty of exposing themselves to 2.6 million readers. With a Community Classified Ad, you will reach 2.6 million readers in 115 newspaper in B.C. and Yukon. If you are buying, selling or simply telling ... It pays to spread the word. For Formore more information, information callnewspaper this call this newspaper or: at:

604-630-3300 1-866-669-9222 COMMUNITY • NEWS

162 VICTORY SHIP Way @The Pier: Brand New. Stunning view, 7 appl, air/cond,1 br $1550; 2 br $2700 Anson Rlty 604-671-7263 2 BR. 1 & 2 bath, avail now or Nov 1. 1 yr lease, 125 West 19th, no pets, Please call 778-554-0537 2 BR, $1150-$1225, central Lonsdale panoramic view, balc. heat, cable, Nov 1-15, ns, np, 913-6727 2 BR, 2 ba, view, VISTA PLACE $1900/mth incls FREE digital TV, 88 channels & hi spd internet for 12 mths 604-904-0490 2 BR avail now, 831 sq ft, $1450 incls h/w, heat, prkg. Close to Seabus, Quay 604-308-1361 2 br bright, central Lonsdale, parking available, heat, cable & hot water, cat ok 604-988-1346 2 BR corner unit, bright, spacious, hardwood, new reno, central Lonsdale, ns, np, avail Nov 1, $1136 & $1178, 604-904-7545 2 BR, Nr Cap Univ. very spacious, incld heat & hw, 1 prkg, immed, ns, np, $1350, 604-921-4384 3 BR, 120 West 19 Nov 1. approx 1200sf, hardwood, heat/hw incl, 1 yr lease, np $1900. 604-687-1686 326 WEST 1st St. 1 bdrm $775 & up. Nr seabus, secure prkg, no pets. Avail immed. 604-983-6916 ★ A QUIET BUILDING★ 1Br. top (3rd flr.) north east corner approx 650sf. avail Nov 1. $935. Carpets, drapes, heat, hw. Gated prkg avail. ★ No dogs ★1 cat ok ★ Pet Policy ★604-986-7745★ Bach, newer reno, $700incls central Lonsdale, incl hw, prkg, hardwood, ns, np. 604-988-5501 Beautiful Large Suites 1 br $925: 2 Bdrms from $1310. Avail now or Nov 1. Heat, h/w, prkg. Lease 604-986-3866

Beautiful Views


Condos/ Townhouses




Sun Oct 24th, 2-4pm 3337 Ganymede Dr, Bby N, 3 lvl T/H, 3BR + rec rm, quick sale, $295K Mala @ Sutton 604-710-9030

Condos/ Townhouses



Sat Oct 23rd, 2-4pm 8655 159 St, 3 lvl T/H just 3 yrs old, 3BR, 3ba, nr amens, quick sale, $335K Mala @ Sutton 604-710-9030




LUXURY RELAXATION SPA 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van

Relaxation Massage Special Rates

Legal/Public Notices

Beer & Wine Brewery, $139,000 great hrs. income & lots of potential, N Van. 17 yrs in bus. Sutton 604-618-0224


DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies.1-877804-5381. (18+).

1500 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver CALL 778-340-3888

LEGAL PUBLIC NOTICE BE IT WITNESSED AND NOTICE: For the [Coast-Salish) people for the [Coast-Salish-nation) are private people, we are the holders of our culture, language and sacred lands for the [Coast-Salish-nation]. FURTHER TAKE NOTICE: for the Treverdaren.: Armstrong. of the [Coast-Salish-nation) is with the copyright claim of the TRADE-MARK/TRADE-NAME TREVER DAREN ARMSTRONG©™. For the Trever-daren.: Armstrong. is with the claim of the Secured Party by the Certified Trade/Security Agreement NO.CTSATDA08072010, Commercial Security Agreement No.CSATDA07081968, State of CANADA Postal Registry No.RW446488016CA, Personal Property Security Registry Base Registration No.793514F and Uniform Commercial Code Filing No.2010086541. For any name resembling this TRADE-MARK/TRADENAME TREVER DAREN ARMSTRONG©™ in any form with-in any derivation thereof REMAINS THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE. For the PERMANENT-LEGALNOTICE, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND CANNOT BE REPRODUCED BY ANY MEANS WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT. For the Treverdaren.: Armstrong. is with this Right of Claim by the authority of the Treverdaren.: Armstrong. of the [Coast-Salish-nation). Any infringement of the TRADE-MARK/TRADE-NAME will Constitute A Bill of Exchange in the amount of Five Hundred Thousand (500,000.00) functional currency of the united states of America for each use of 'it' plus triple damages, punitive damages and fees. By the authority for the Armstrong-family-clan. ALL INQUIRIES/CONCERNS by writing: [:Trever-daren.: Armstrong.] [:Coast-Salish-nation.) C/o[75532 - 3034 Edgemont Blvd, [North Vancouver], [British Columbia] sic.




✁ ICBC, MSP, WCB claims accepted

ATTRACTIVE mature European lady on North Shore for delightful bodysage. ANITA, 604-808-5589



Bring this ad in for an additional 10 minute FREE MASSAGE



Business Opps/ Franchises

Lots & Acreage

BUILDING LOT, New West. 33’ x 130’. $75,000 in services paid! No HST! 4,240 total sq. feet. Priced to sell! $321,000. 604-726-0677

Recreation Property



Houses - Sale


1 bdrm- $1,025-$1250 Spacious, pool, storage, heat & hw, dw, quiet,

concrete, by shops, Cat Ok

North Vancouver

Real Estate

$99 can sell your home 574-5243 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $99,900 597-8361 id4714 Harrison Hot Springs immaculate 1650sf 3br, 2ba rancher $389K 604-796-3531 id5222 Langley parklike acreage w/2 homes, 1 with suite, barn, $1,495,000 857-9093 id5238 Maple Ridge drastically reduced 4.9ac serviced vu acreage $420Kobo 722-3996 id4694 Poco immaculate 1790sf 3br 2.5ba end unit tnhome $424,900 778-554-2263 id5241 Sry Sullivan Mews ground lvl 1200sf 2br 2ba tnhse, 55+complex $220K 834-6935 id5136 Sry E Newton 1 acre lot with 2600sf 6br 2.5ba bungalow $479,900 778-549-2056 id5198


CENTRAL LONSDALE, bright corner 1 br, d/w, Nov 1. $985. 604-925-8824 DELBROOK GARDENS 2 BR $1540 Wdays 604-990-2971 Weekends 604-985-2876 EXEC SPECIAL Deep Cove 2 BR & den, exc view, 2 baths, inste ldry, $1650. n/p, 604-929-2435 KENMORE MANOR 140 East 17th St. A bright 1 bdrm Available. Heat & h/w incl. N/S, No Pets. 604-980-4554 LE CHATEAU, 1110 E 27th, Lynn Valley 1, 2 & 3 Br large starting @ $950. np, ns, 604-980-9219

Dreaming of a New Home?

MARK LOMA APTS - 144 E. 19th St. - 2 bdrm $1350 Weekdays 604-990-2971 MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS. 4 BR avail Nov 1. 604-988-3828 THE OXFORD - 165 East 6th St. 1 BR, corner ste, 3rd flr, Heat & h/w incl. Gated prkg. Sorry no pets. n/s. Nov 1. 604-987-5844

GREAT LOCATION! 145 West Keith Road. 1 BR - Starting at $995

Modern 2 bdrm, 2 bath. View! 535K. Photos & info at Call Julia to view: 604.988.8000 $

Turn-key Vacation Property, 2 br, 1 bath, 730 sq.ft. $239,000.


Check the Real estate section.

To advertise call 604-630-3300

Avail now. South facing. Ocean view. indoor pool. Concrete bldg. Ht & H/W incls.

Call 604-986-3356


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

TUCKTON PLACE 1520 Chesterfield Rd. NV 2 bdrm $1280 No pets. Call 604-

990-2971 or Wkends 778-340-7406

TUCKTON PLACE 1520 Chesterfield Rd. NV –2 bdrm $1375. No Pets. Wkdays 990-2971/Wkends 778-340-7406 VICTORIA PARK PLACE 615 St. Georges Ave @ E 6th St. 1 BR avail, bright, clean quiet bldg, n/p, n/s 604-980-9057 VIEW STUDIO updated, incl heat/ h/water, hydro, prkg, storage, i/d pool $950 Nov 1. 604-724-3202


West Van Apt. Rentals

1 & 2 BR, 2109 Bellevue. hardwood, hw heat incl’d, Nov 1, np, $1000 & $1500, 604-986-1294 1 BDRM $1400, great location in heart of Ambleside. n/s, no pets. Available Nov. 1st . 604-926-1010 Bonavista Mgt.

1 BR +den, new, spacious, wd, dw, ug prkg, storage, $1700. ns, now/Nov. 1, 778-968-0815 Luxury Over The Seawall! Bach avail now, 1 & 2 BR avail Dec 1. pool rec. rm, pet ok 2190 Bellevue Ave. 604-926-6287

1775 Bellevue Avenue HOLLYBURN PLAZA 2 BR - Avail Nov 1 Fully Renovated, granite countertops, Breathtaking Mnt & partial ocean view, new appls, d/w, new kitchen & bath rm cabinets, 2 balc, 1.5 baths, HW floors, Walk to shops & restaurants. Steps from Seawall, transit & beaches. Sorry, no pets. 1 year lease. Call 604-922-4724 to view.

AMBLESIDE TOWER Studio & 1 BR avail. Excellent views, rents incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms on premises. Walk to beach & shops. 1552 Esquimalt 604-922-8443


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br Move-in Bonus, Fitness rm, out door pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall, 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 604-922-4322

Park Royal Towers Completely Renovated

1 & 2 Bdrm Suites 1BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq. ft.)

Spectacular Views, Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Pool Rent includes all utilities.

604-922-3246 935 Marine Drive

THE IONA 1370 Clyde Avenue Available November 1st

Near Ambleside beach, restaurants, shops, amenities and transit. Bright & Spac. 2 BR apts., breathtaking ocean view. Newly Reno’d, h/w flrs., granite countertops and new cabinets. Prof managed, 24 hr. laundry facility, prkg. avail. Incls heat & hot water. Sorry no pets. 1 year lease.

Call Resident Manager to View

(604) 922-4724


Apartments & Condos


Houses - Rent

West Van Apt. Rentals

WATERFRONT LUXURY The Pink Palace on the Seawall 2 & 3 br, 2 bath spacious Indoor/outdoor pools. Fitness centre & billiard room, small pets allowed, no smoking 2222 Bellevue Ave. To view: 604-926-0627 WHITEHALL APT’S - 1640 Esquimalt Ave - 1 BR $970 M-F

604-990-2971 wkends 985-2876

Westwind Apartments

1 bedroom apt Nice ocean view cat friendly Great West Van location


WHITEHALL APT’S1640 Esquimalt. 2 bdrm $1400, Weekdays 604-562-7097 Weekends 604-985-2876



Duplexes - Rent

567 WEST 28th ST.

Very compact 2 bedroom, 4 appliances. Nice residential area. Avail. Nov 1. N/S. $1395. Lease & perfect refs a must. Al Dodimead, ACD Realty 604 521-0311

Furnished Accommodation

1 BR, self contained fully furn, lower Lonsdale, incl phone, utils cable/net fp, prkg, now, $500/wk or $1500/mo 604-986-6253 5 BR+. Upper Brit. Prop, spectac 180° view, large decks, pool, gym hottub, fully furnished $6800 neg 604-913-1115.778-926-7711

A SHORT STAY Renos, family, execs, long term. 604-987-2691 BACH SUITE i/net included, n/p, n/s, Nov 1. $720 for 1, $950 for 2 W. 23rd area. 778-317-5227 Grand Manor Guest House/ Apt Furn. rooms/suites/apartments daily weekly monthy rates, ns, np, 604-812-2715 HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit WATERFRONT 1BR, HOT TUB Nov to March in Deep Cove Only 25 min to Downtown Van $1995



CAR STORAGE Central Lonsdale, $150/mth, avail now. Safe & well lit. 604-987-2691



Shared Accommodation

6595-45 1490 Mathers Av view 5br, 2 bath new laminate flr., 3000sf, huge living rm, lease ns np $2950, now, Eric 604-723-7368 Prop Mngt 2 BDRM COZY COTTAGE with bsmt, Gleneagles, West Van, f/p, $1990, Immed. 604-925-1728 3 BDRM+DEN, Beautiful Rancher, 2 Bath. Cul-De-Sac. Mt. Symr Prkwy. Avail Dec 1st. $2600/Mth. Call Ryan @604-925-9326. 3br+den Caulfeild Vlge 2.5bath, quiet, garage, cul-de-sac, $3500+ np, Lighthouse 604-551-1409 4 BR, 2bath, 20 St. W. Van. large bsmt, character, rec. reno’s, deck view, garage, large corner, ns, np Nov 1, $3000, 1-604-485-5598 4BR UPSCALE house 2 bath Upper Lonsdale $3300 +util, Nov 1, ns np 604-644-7804

5 BR, 2 bath, all reno, new appls & LCD tvs, lease, beautiful fenced garden, central Lonsdale, ns, np, refs, $3400, now, 604-988-5969

North Vancouver

1 BR in spacious home for n/s female, internet, w/d, $495, bath enste $595 incl. 604-980-2106 1 ROOM, male pref. nr Save-on/ Marine Dr. w/d, Nov 1, $500, 604-988-0624 or 778-688-4846 DINNER, prep/clean up & maintain kitchen for International students, exchange for furn’d room in beautiful heritage home. Suit mature individual/couple. 987-6566 MID LONSDALE, furn br, private home, wd, cable, utils incl. $470 suits n/s male, np 604-980-8012 ROOM MATE to share 2 bdrm ste, shared laundry, near shops, bus, NOW, $500, 604-929-9667


AVAIL NOW! Lower Lonsdale storage space, 600sf, electricity $450, also 900sf. with large loading doors, high ceilings, lane access. $900. 604-983-9493


5 BR 3 bath British Prop. home, like new home,1/2 acre lot, Nov 15, $5000. Audry 778-986-6229 6 BR 3 up 3 down inlaw- suite, 2 bath, 2322sf Lonsdale/29, renod, ns, np $2300+utils, 604-988-4692 890 Wildwood lane, West Van. 5BR 3 bath, lrg lot & deck, nw flrs, paint & appl $3100 604-813-9838

CENTINEL HILL, updated 4br 2 bath, 2 kitch, 2 fp, hw, $3400 604-925-8824 DEEP COVE water view 1 BR f/p, hardwood flrs, patio, shed, lrg lot, quiet area $1450. 604-929-5191 DEEP COVE waterfront, cozy 2 Br+den, priv. fp, prof couple, np, ns Nov $2100+util, 604-929-4773

Suites/Partial Houses

WEST VAN, Caulfeild: 5 BR, 3000sf, 2.5 baths, gas f/p, carport, lots of prkg, lrg sundeck with great view, nr schl/bus, $2900/mo + utils, avail Now , 778-688-2594


Office/Retail Rent

# 104-814 W. 15th @Fell Hot Spot! Fab Showroom. Offices ground floor, 2 pkg 960’ hi ceiling, a/c. $1995 Royal LePage Diana MARINE & CAPILANO Private office in full office space. Call for details: 604-220-0505 WEST VAN - RETAIL Marine Dr - sunny side Ambleside stores. 604-836-2494

1 BR, $875 Lynn Valley, nr bus, suits 1 Only prkg, garden entry, fp, ns, np, Nov 1, 604-988-3392 1 BR Deep Cove VIEW DECK new reno above grd, $850+% util ns np Avail now 604-929-2435

1 BR + DEN bright spacious bsmt suite, w/d, ns, Grouse Woods nr bus, $1100, Now 604-924-9910

1 BR + DEN spacious, bsmt suite, gas f/p, w/d, n/p, n/s, $1080. Avail now. Northlands 604-924-9910

2 BR bsmt, bright, wd, dw, ns, Ambleside, Park Royal, Bus, Cat OK, $1295incl utils 778-848-2747


Auto Miscellaneous

2 ROOM ste, 1 br, priv ent, full bath, fridge, ldry, priv home, prkg, ns, np, $625.Now 778-865-7455 3 BR, 2 bath, lwr Pemberton, new reno, 1500sf, ns np $1500 + 50% utils. Now, Nina 604-925-8824

Pays $150 minimum

CENTRAL LONSDALE, 3 BR main flr, 1 bath, shr w/d, immac., n/s, Nov 1. 604-984-6847

Call 778-316-3217

for Full-Size Complete Vehicles. Free Removal! 2-Hr. Service in Most Areas


Auto Miscellaneous

Like puzzles? Then you'll love Sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your Sudoku savvy to the test!

3 BR 2.5 bath, 5 appl, 2 patios, o/d pool/gym, nr bus shops, n/p, $1850. Karen 604-988-6151

Noma 728 W.14th St, 908-7368. 3 level, 3 BR, 2.5 baths, 2 prkg, roof deck, lease, $2250. TWIN LAKES ESTATES newly renovated, repiped, spacious 3bdrm townhomes, avail Oct/Nov. You will enjoy the finest townhomes set in a 10 acre park, with 2 lakes, and open area to relax, in a quiet setting, fresh air and a running creek. Short drive to Lonsdale shopping and schools. 2.5 baths, nook , computer room, modern kitchen and appliances, w/d, f/p, $2200 ($2,250 with pet), heat, h/water, cable, 2 prkg stalls included. Please call 604-988-1838


Wanted To Rent

2 OR 3 Br independant ste or house for rent asap. 3 tennants, responsible, employed, $1200/mo max. Near transit. Please call after 5 604-818-5191

2 BR grd lvl, bright, recent reno, share w/d, n.s, n/p Grd Blvd ref’s, $1275 incl Immed 604-340-5116

RETIRED BUS Driver & wife with small mature dog want to rent 1 br on North Shore 778-867-6482

2 BR Queensbury bsmt suite. Sep. w/d, d/w, f/p huge stor. room. pet ok, $1400. 604-562-5818

2 BR suite, large, 1100sf, newly decorated, fp, NS. cls to schools, small pet ok, off St. prkg for 2 cars, Upper Lynn Valley. Nov 1, $1250 + 1/3 utils. 604-924-4864


Warehouse/ Commercial

Warehouse, dressy Offices! Light Industrial, a/c, Grade Loading, 14’ ceilings. Work stations improvements $2495

Royal LePage Diana

Do You Need to Rent Your Property? $


Place Your Ad On-line at or call 604-630-3300

2002 CHEV Malibu, 4 dr, exc cond, 109,000 km, lady driven, all records $3000. 604-809-7907

Fun By The Numbers

3 BR, 1.5bath, wd hook up only Lynn Valley, no cats no dogs, $1400 incl basic cable, not utils. call Lee Anne604-984-6331

MOVE IN ALLOWANCE 3 BR’S, 5 appls, 1.5 bath, Avail, 1 year lease, NP/NS. Rent starts at $1675. For viewing call 604-986-0511

1999 CHRYSLER Neon, auto, aircared, 170 K, $4000 spent on it. $2150 obo. 604-946-2885


Townhouses Rent

3 BR, large, nr Edgemont, 2 level, deck, by stream, 1.5bath, 5 appls, fp, ns, np $1955, 604-922-9400


ADS continued on next page

UPPER LONSDALE, 2 Bdrm avail Nov. 1, $1,250/mth incl heat/ hydro f/p & 5 appls n/s n/p call after 6pm 604-897-7771



$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.

NEW 2 bdrm bsmt ste, inste ldry, lrg, micro, d/w, patio, n/p, n/s, Immed. $1500+util604-802-1242

2 BR + den, 2 ba bright bsmt ste, w/d, master w/ensuite, ample prkg, Central Lonsdale, nr bus/ seabus $1650+util 604-617-3196

3 Lines 3 Times Call 604-630-3300 to place your ad

Suites/Partial Houses

1 BDRM g/l bsmt ste. Windsor Park, nr bus, incl util & cable, shared laundry, n/s, no pets, $825, Call 604-612-7146

2 BDRM, 900sf, Dundarave, shrd w/d, h/w flrs, N/S, Nov 1, $1000 + % utils/cbl. Refs, 604-925-9030 LYNN VALLEY updated 4 BR, 2 bath, 2 fp, large yard $2500. 604-925-8824



2 BDRM, $1600, w/d, dw, lrg. yard, some pets ok. Near CapU & InterRiver Parks-604-250-2724


1 BDR, bright, own entry, new renos, w/d, n/s, n/p, wifi/utils inc., $900, avail Now. 604-990-1003

view this & other properties @


Wednesday, October 20, 2010 – North Shore News – A45

Here's How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

A46 – North Shore News – Wednesday, October 20, 2010



North Shore’s Finest

Pre-Owned Vehicle Showrooms


Sports & Imports

Central Auto

The North Shore’s Best 2007 Volvo C30 2.4i Coupe, auto, local, power moonroof, a/c, pwr group, only 39k from new, spotlessly kept. $19,850 2003 Mercedes Benz SLK 230 pwr steel top convertible, auto/Tiptronic, local, only 85k, immaculate. $17,850

2008 LEXUS LS 600HL V8, only 59,000kms, hybrid, black on black, Bluetooth, rear backup camera, fully loaded, C1104 2007 VOLVO XC90 V8, AWD, only 70,000kms, rear entertainment system, leather, 5 seater, C1107 2007 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CONVERTIBLE Fwd, 4cyl, premium audio, C1142 2007 BMW 525XI AWD, leather, CD, pwr group, Xenon headlights, premium audio, C1087

V8, pwr group, Navigation, sunroof, air suspension, C1094 2007 NISSAN 350Z COUPE Rwd, 3.5L V6, Bose audio, Xenon headlights, traction control, C1101 2007 BMW 335I Manual, 6cyl bi-turbo, rwd, pwr group, Xenon headlights, C1111 2006 BMW Z4 CONVERTIBLE 3.0SI Rwd, Xenon headlights, leather bucket seats, pwr sunroof, C1091 2006 MAZDA MIATA MX-5 Only 38,700kms, rwd, leather bucket seats, pwr group, C1105 2006 LAND ROVER LR3 V6, leather, pwr group, 3rd row seating, C1099 2005 NISSAN 350Z CONVERTIBLE sunroof, C1131 1765 Marine Drive, North Vancouver


2008 TOYOTA SEQUOIA Platinum Edition, local, silver, leather, navigation, loaded, only 61,566kms, U5581AA SALE PRICE $54,995

2010 LEXUS LX570 Grey, fully loaded, only 6,800kms, save $10,000 $88,990


2010 HYUNDAI SANTA FE GL V6, AWD, pwr group, a/c, black on grey $26,900

2009 TOYOTA COROLLA XRS Silver, auto, only 54,000kms, one owner, U5535. Was $19,995 MGRS SPECIAL $18,995

2009 LEXUS IS 250 AWD Smokey granite on black leather $37,990

2010 NISSAN CUBE S Cloth, a/c, low kms ONLY $18,530

2008 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER Convertible, black, leather, clean and fun, U5576 SALE PRICE $19,995

2009 LEXUS IS 350 Fully loaded, black on black, only 30,000kms $44,990

2010 VOLVO S40 Leather, sunroof, only 24,000kms

2008 LEXUS IS 350 One owner, sport pkg, pearl white, only 27,000kms, U10893A. Was $38,995 NOW $36,995

2009 LEXUS ISF Silver on black $59,990

ONLY $27,930


Only 45,000kms, 3.5L V6, rwd, pwr

2010 KIA SOUL Pwr group, a/c, only 23,000kms, was $20,995 NOW $20,530

2010 HYUNDAI VERACRUZ LTD Demo, bluetooth, DVD, only 14,000kms ONLY $42,300

2007 TOYOTA YARIS SEDAN Grey, auto, a/c, pwr windows & locks, only 42,798kms, U5580 SALE PRICE $13,995

2008 LEXUS RX350 Premium pkg, only 48,000kms $37,990

2009 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GL Auto, low kms, a/c, pwr group $14,808

2007 MERCEDES BENZ B200 White, leather, a/c, fully loaded, only 50,400kms, U5578 $21,995

2008 LAND ROVER LR2 Fully loaded, low kms $33,990

2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT SPORT Auto, sunroof, alloys, a/c, low kms ONLY $11,950

2007 LEXUS RX 350 2007 NISSAN 350Z CONVERT White on black leather, premium pkg, only Black on black, 6spd manual, only 53,700kms, one owner, very clean 47,000kms, beauty, U5526. Was $32,995 $35,990 NOW $30,995

2007 TOYOTA YARIS 5dr hatchback, a/c, pwr group, only 62,000kms. Was $14,900 NOW $14,530

2006 SMART FOR TWO Grey, one owner, 138,096kms, fully maintained, U101199A SALE PRICE $9,495

2007 AUDI A3 Wagon, white on black, nice car! $26,990

2007 HYUNDAI SANTA FE GL 3.3L V6, AWD, pwr group, 125,400kms NOW $17,995

2004 MAZDA RX8 Black, leather, only 50,300kms, U5579 SALE PRICE $16,995

2006 MAZDA MIATA MX5 Convertible, low kms, red, 5spd $21,990

2007 MAZDA 3 GS SPORT Low kms, a/c, pwr group. Was $18,900. NOW ONLY $18,530

22004 AUDI A4 QUATTRO AVANT WAGON Blue, immaculate, only 84,000kms, U10989A SALE PRICE $19,995

2006 INFINITI G35 COUPE White on grey, fully loaded, low kms $26,990

2006 HONDA RIDGELINE Leather, a/c, low kms ONLY $27,930

2003 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER Silver, V8, 4x4, loaded, leather, sunroof, auto, climate control, only 108,000kms, clean, U5572 $23,995

2004 PORSCHE CAYANNE S Grey on grey, 22” wheels, great looking SUV $27,990

Northshore Auto Mall 855 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


Northshore Auto Mall 849 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


Northshore Auto Mall 845 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


w w w. j p a u t o g ro u p . c o m FULLY SAFETY INSPECTED

Search our selection of over 1000 other Pre-Owned Vehicles





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• 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

Rates From As Low As



Ask us for details Offer may change without notice.

816 AUTOMALL DRIVE, NORTH VANCOUVER Toll free: 1-888-602-9258 604-984-0331


Parts & Accessories

4 NEW unused winter tires, P275/55 R20, $800 obo & 4 winter tires approx 10,000 km 195/70R14$400 obo 604.985.6470 SNOW TIRES 4 Michelin Pilot Alpin, 205/60R16H on rims with wheel covers $450. 604-649-7115


Scrap Car Removal








604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


FRIENDLY, Professional, Crown mouldings, baseboard, casings rough framing. 778-233-0559 Home & Yard Carpentry. Small jobs. Bsmt, floors, concrete form, tiles. Francisco 604-710-9837


Chimney Services


2004 Mercedes Benz C240 4Dr Sedan auto/Tiptronic, local, $16,850 only 56k, spotless.

✫✫A CLEAN SWEEP ✫ Reliable Housecleaning service. Low rates 778 836-9970 ✫✫ 604 987-9970


Wed to Sat 9am - 5pm

2003 Mercedes Benz CL230K Sports Coupe auto/tiptronic, local, panorama sunroof, only 53k, spotlessly kept $13,850 2002 Mercedes Benz C240 4dr sedan local, auto/tiptronic, only 59k, $12,850 spotless. 2002 Jaguar “X Type” 3.0 AWD Sedan, auto, local, sunroof, heated seats, Parktronic, only 130k & exceptionally well $11,850 cared for. 2001 Volvo S40 1.9 Turbo 4Dr Sedan, auto, local, only 141k, extremely well kept. $8,850 1995 BMW 320i 4Dr Economy Sedan, auto, local, sunroof, alloy wheels, only 163k, exceptionally well kept. $4,850

Serving the North Shore for over 30 years!

• Trades Welcome • Leasing & Finance Available • Select Import Purchases • Open Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

843 West 1st St. N. Van


1990 TOYOTA Corolla stationwagon, 184,220 kms, 4 cylinder, air conditioning, new automatic transmission, 4 new winter tires. Call 604-985-9407 to inquire.


CAPILANO MAID SERVICE Eco-Friendly or Traditional, Low Rates, Quality service, Refs, Insured, WCB. Call 778-895-1919 CLEAN YOUR HOME LIKE MY OWN. Shopping, chores, errands. 604-985-5125 EUROPEAN COUPLE Cleaning Service Excellent ref . 604-584-0389 MAJESTIC CLEANERS Experienced & Honest 604-564-8484 EXP’D CLEANER using non toxic products. References available. Call Yolanda 778-228-8228


Computer Services


~ Free Estimates ~

• Virus Removal • Onsite Service • New & Refurbished

Computers for Sale Laptop and Desktop Repair Specialist

Call Chris • 604.613.8738




• Removal & Replace • Free Disposal • Free Estimates • Quality Guaranteed • Fully Insured • Commercial / Residential

LMD Ltd. 604-540-6567 For all your concrete needs. Chris 604-725-2812, 980-3232 100% Financing MORRISON CONCRETE Design, excavate, form & place all concrete. 604-988-2840




1998 HONDA CIVIC EX 149 km, silver honda serviced exc cond. 1 owner $3800. 604-275-7968



• Drain Tiles • Wet Basements • Sump & Sewer Lowest Prices in Town

2006 HONDA Civic DX Coupe $11,900. Auto, dark blue, PWR Locks/Windows, heated mirrors, digital dash, 4 new tires, new brakes. Honda Serviced. NO Accidents. 100k. Great on gas, +extras. Coq. ★ 604-868-3128


EAGLE TREE Finishing Specialty Crown moldings, base, window,door trim. Call Rob 604-690-9339

$18/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477

2005 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor Sports Hatch Coupe, 6spd manual, panorama sunroof, only 59k, spotless. $15,850


CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS, decks, 32 yrs exp, licensed. Call Ken, Cell: 604-928-3270

2004 Mercedes Benz C240 4dr Sedan auto/tiptronic, local, sunroof, alloy wheels, only 63k, immaculate $16,850


604-929-7133 604-973-0290

ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321 ACME DRYWALL. Board, tape, mud. N. Shore 20 yr, avail immed Spraytext removal a specialty. Kent Cell 604-753-1116 *Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925 PATCHING, TEXTURE / smooth ceilings, plaster walls. Small jobs. 25 years exp. Call 604-671-9901



Automated Home Lighting Control

Leviton Vizia RF+ certified installers. Small jobs to rewires, repairs, new houses. Lic #23726. Insured/bonded.

Call: 604-788-3864 Web:

#1167 LIC Bonded. BBB, lrg & sm jobs, expert trouble shooter, WCB, low rates, 24/7. 617-1774. #24473 Coast Mountain Electric A top quality job & great service guaranteed. 604-987-4872 #381293 LIC’D Bonded Electrician. Service, reno. Low prices Jeff 604-839-2825, 604-929-1094 A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865 604.649.1213 CEL 604.984.2313 Res/comm, Excavating, Bobcat, Trucking, Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Drainage, Landscaping. Hrly/Contract. Free Estimates.



NORTH SHORE FENCES Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction Call 604-230-3559



PRO GAS LTD Gas fireplaces. Service & safety inspection. 604-925-1341 THE ROCK DOCTOR Custom stone fireplaces. North Shore based 604-312-7643

Clean Sweep?

Crown Roofing & Drainage Residental Div. Roofing installations & repairs. 604-327-3086 DRAIN TILES & WATER LINES Without Digging a Trench 604-985-4000 DRAINAGE, SEWER & WATER Call Tobias 604 782-4322

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1988 MAZDA P/UP B2200, metallic blue, well maint, $1100 obo. 604-943-1582


Chimney Sweep Repair Specialists. WETT cert. 604-771-4772

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200



2005 Mercedes Benz C230 4Dr Kompressor auto, local, alloy wheels, only $17,850 70k, spotless



2006 VOLVO V70, 103K, fully loaded, blk heater, Volvo service warr 2 yrs $18,850, 604-986-5427



A PLUS TAPING & DRYWALL High quality, reasonable rates. Free estimates. 604-715-0400 AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476

Sell it in the Classifieds!



Wednesday, October 20, 2010 – North Shore News – A47


Flooring/ Refinishing



Dust Free. Affordable Rates! Free Estimates.

Call: 604-240-3344 ALL FLOOR COVERINGS Repair & Replace. Material Sales Dwight, 604-980-6048 I’ll show you the inexpensive route ALL NEW FLOORS. Hardwood, Laminate. Professional Installation and Refinishing.. 604-715-8455 INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508


Glass Mirrors

ANGEL GLASS, Comm/Residential, store fronts, windows & doors, custom shower & tub enclosures, patio doors, mirrors etc. 2837 Kingsway, Vancouver. 604-603-9655



Full Seamless Gutter Installation/Repairs Soffits All jobs Guaranteed. Fully insured/WCB covered Will beat any competitors price

604-439-9417 CLEARVIEW MAINTENANCE SERVICE 20 15 yrs of Service on the North Shore! • Gutters Cleaned • Power Washing • Roof Restoration • Skylights Window Cleaning • Awnings Awnings Cleaned Cleaned Free Estimates & Quality Service

Doug Robinson 604-985-4604

RAIN CENTRE LTD. (since 1968)

4", 5" & 6 " continuous gutters Vinyl & aluminium siding soffits Install repairs and cleaning. Free Estimates! 604-874-8158 Check us out with the BBB


Home Owners!

Spring Fall Time Time Roof & & Gutter Gutter Cleaning Cleaning

778.809.5327 ALLIANCE GUTTER cleaning, windows by hand/power washing 15 yrs exp. Call Steven


North Shore Gutters. Sales & Install 5’’ continuous gutter, minor repairs, cleaning. 604-988-5294 THE GUTTER GOD. Gutter cleaning & repairs. All ext cleaning Reas rate Brian 778-837-0410



A-1 JOB by Arms and Minds

Renos Carpentry cabinet, drs, laminate, tiles, drywall, paint 761-7745

ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)986-4026/805-8463 ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604 319-2677

Lawn & Garden

IRRIGATION WINTERIZATION Get your sprinklers winterized before the cold arrives. 10% off for early bookings. 778-840-9321

THE ART OF HARDWOOD FLOORS Installations Refinishing & Repairs



Custom Landscape Installs Paving Stones & Walls Drainage & Grading Irrigation & Lighting New Lawn Installs Outdoor Kitchens

PACIFIC LANDSCAPING lawn installations, retaining walls, pavers drainage etc 839-1225 S & W GARDENING SERVICE Comm/res maint, clean-up. Japanese Gardener 604.986.0059






Lawn & Garden


GARDEN SERVICES LTD. Lawn Maintenance, General Clean-Up, Power Raking, Moss Control, Aerating. Trim, Top, Prune. All types of lawn & garden applications. Free Est.

Call Sukh:

604-726-9152 604-984-1988

Fall Services

SAME DAY SERVICE “More than just mowing!”

Yard Clean-ups • Hedges Pruning • Gutters • Aeration Lawn Mowing Christmas Lights Rubbish Removal Free Estimates

Natural & Cultured Stone New & Repairs North Shore based


NORTHLAND MASONRY. Rock, slate, brick, granite, pavers. 20 yrs exp on the N. Shore. No job to small.. Will 604-805-1582 T-A STONEWALL. Rockwalls, paving stones, Allan block walls, etc. 987-8155 / 250-4117


Home Services

PCM Seasonal Exterior Home Maintenance Roofs, Gutters, Windows, Decks, Patios & More Call 604-294-6700 NORTH SHORE Home Services Windows, gutters, power washing 604-988-5294


Moving & Storage


1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

45 We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance



• Gardening • Tree Removal • Fall Clean-Up • Leaf Removal • Hedge Trimming • Lawn Installation • Weeding

General Garden Work & Winterizing



(*based on 2000 sq.ft. + hst)

Junk Removal


A.All Area Gardening Service Lawn Treatment • Maint. • Power Raking Pruning • Trimming • General Clean-Up Topping Trees • Free Estimates


604-926-1526 604-726-9153

MS & SYardTEcleanups, SEE


leaf blowing, hedges, pruning, small tree removal, rubbish removal, res/comm, 25yr exp on North Shore, fully insured, WCB covered

Call Chris @ 604-925-0464


AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of Moving, Storage & Packing. Different from the Rest. 604-861-8885

POPEYE’S MOVING Scott 604-377-2503


Oil Tank Removal


● Oil Tank Removal ● Recommended ● Insured ● Reasonable Rates



incl. 3 gallons of Benjamin Moore paint Fully insured, Master Painter

Call for details: 604-727-6197



A. A. Allwest Garden Service Lawn maint, general cleanup, power raking, moss control, etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988

CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101

Cert. horticulturists 604-518-5661 Scott H. Design & Maintenance


Chau Le Gardening Tree cutting & topping, yard cleanup, trimming, hedging, 604-782-5288

A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $127. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700

ENGLISH LANDSCAPER gardener, 30 yrs exp, complete garden maint. Les 604-209-8853

A LADY PAINTER, professional & color consult, 20 yrs on North Shore. exc refs. 604-961-3451

8135 8140


PRO GAS LTD Furnaces, boilers, gas fitting. Service & installation. 604-925-1341





Int./Ext. Renovations Home Repair & Maintenance Colin Yarrow

Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 Good Day Painting Fully Insured, Quality Work, Res/Comm, No Payment till Job is Completed! Call Thomas 604 377-1338

Int/ext, top quality paint, free est. 778-773-0474

SAM GRINES - Prof Painting No job too small. Seniors discount 604.922.7070


Decks/Patios/ Railings

Aluminum Improves Homes Railings, Covers, Canopies Clear or Solid, Alu-Wood Combos LSA Products Inc 604-618-3145


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187




Drainage & Plumbing Inc.

Plumbing, Drainage, Repairs & Installation

Main sewer lines, water lines, camera inspections, plugged drains, hot water tanks and drain tiles. 24/7 Emergency available Sat/Sun/Holidays Licensed, Insured, Bonded


Three time Georgie Award Finalist National Sam Award Finalist Georgie Award for Best Renovation “Why Trust Your Renovation To Anyone Else”


RBG Contracting Ltd. All Kinds of Renovations • Roofing • Forming • Framing

Call 604.721.8743 ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)986-4026/805-8463 BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renos & Repairs. 604-986-2871 PCM Construction & Maintenance Water Ingress/Mould? Home Inspection, Repair Estimates, Full-scale Remediation Call 604-294-6700 COASTAL RESTORATION Residential & Commercial Building Envelope Specialists (604) 913-2228 / Cell: (604) 307-8433

COMPLETE PLUMBING, heating and gas services, new & old, hot water tanks, lic’d, ins. Quick response; friendly. 604-720-8805

INTERIOR RENOVATIONS Bathrooms, Kitchen, Basement, & More. Tim Gleason 604-926-5440




Don’t Miss This One!

15% OFF

(if bookedbefore before Nov. Feb. 15/10) (if booked 1, 2010)




• Flat Roofing • Cedar Shakes • Asphalt Shingles • Roof Maintenance


604-929-7133 604-973-0290


604-929-7133 604-973-0290

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956

#1 All Season Roofing

Water Lines (without Digging) Sewer Lines (without Diggging) Install. Draintiles. 604-985-4000


Power Washing

604-773-4549 Spring Cleaning and prep to paint. Driveways, walkways, etc. Get rid of that moss & mess around your home or work.


ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! From the City to the Valley Call Today


#1 Roofing Company in BC All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business Call now & we pay ½ the HST




10% off ALIN Maintenance •Roof •Chimney •Skylight Repairs •All Leak Problems! 604-319-2229

A Eastcan Roofing & Siding Ltd Re-Roof, Repair. Ins. WCB. BBB. 604-961-0324 or 604-562-0957 CURTIS JOHN ROOFING (since 1978) Roof tune-up from $149. 24 hr repair. 604-985-1913



Rubbish Removal


We haul everything, no load too big or small, we do it all. Free est. 604-317-2500/ 929-7195 BELL MINI BINS 604-922-5101 Small or large household jobs & Mini bin service. 7 days a week Fast ★ inexpensive ★ reliable.


Top Soil

Dalton Trucking Ltd. Special: Top soil $15/yd. Sand gravel, trucking etc 604-986-6944


Tree Services


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585

A-1 TRI CRAFT TREE SERVICES (EST. 1986) A. A. BESTPRO Tree Service LTD. Tree top trim, Hedge Trimming, Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-726-9152 or 604-984-1988 ★AAA★ TREE SERVICE. Tree & stump removal, pruning/trimming. Ins & cert. arborist 604-987-8500 DYNAMIC STUMP grinding, Specializing stump removal, prof affordable removals 778-840-9321

ROBIN’S 604-986-4091 Expert Tree Care - Cert. Arborist. 25 yrs exp. Fully Ins.

Treeworks 15 yrs exp. Tree/ Stump Removal, Prun’in & Trim’in & View Work 291-7778, 787-5915


Window Cleaning

A Guaranteed Lowest Price • Window cleaning • Gutter cleaning/repairs • Power washing • WCB insured • Free Estimates

West Coast



★ASK DISCOUNT RUBBISH★ Best Prices, Yard, House/Const, Demo. 7 days Ray, 604-727-6153 ROD’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Prompt, reliable, reasonable. 7 days/week. Rod 604-985-7193


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

NORTH SHORE Home Services Gutter & window cleaning, Power Washing Est 1963. 604-988-5294 WINDOW & Gutter cleaning, pressure washing, Free estimates. Call Mike... 604-328-0865

One call does it all...

J. PEARCE STUCCO CONTRACTING. Residential / Commercial. 604-761-6079 Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925


Buying? Hiring? Selling? Renting?

Re-Roofing & Repairs Specialists

Final Chance to Save ½ the HST Please Book by October 31 20 year Labour Warranty available


FALL SPECIAL SAVE THE HST Have Your Roof Done Between Now & Nov. 30




Renovations & Construction. Mano, 604-990-1671/230-7970


★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617


RENOVATIONS: FROM Rendering to Reality. Visit and look for our listing on Sundays. 604-980-8384

10% Off with this Ad! Aman’s Plumbing Service, Lic. Gas Fitter, Reas. Rates. 778-895-2005

• BBB • RCABC • GAF/ELK Master Elite Contractor • Residential Roofing • Liability Coverage and WCB • Designated Project Managers • Homes & Strata • Third Party Inspection Installations & Repairs Call 604-327-3086 for a free estimate •• 24 Hr Emergency Service Quote code 2010 for a 5% discount

LOCAL ROOFER 30 yrs exp. Free estimate. 778-737-9869, cell 604-600-2570 Peter - Thank you

#1 EXCLUSIVE CARPENTRY Interior finishing; bath & kitchen remodelling, tile & stone setting. Stephen, 604-888-1285

604-839-0116 (CELL)

Tried & True Since 1902

D & M RENOVATIONS, Flooring, tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Top quality, quick work 604-724-3832

PROBLEM SOLVED Plumbing Ltd. Plumbing Services large or small. Hot water tanks, faucets, toilets, renovations, new construction.

Interior/Exterior Specialist Many Years Experience Fully Insured Top Quality, Quick Work Free Estimate

Renovations & Home Improvement


•Professional, Reliable • Licensed & Insured • North Shore co. est. 2001

604-724-3670 Painting/ Wallpaper


JB’s PAINTING • 99/room – Int/Exterior


Seniors Discount

310-JIMS (5467) Book a job at:

Painting/ Wallpaper

MASTER PAINTER.....LEVEL 5 drywall finish. Custom doors, trim & crown. 604-836-9675

CONSTRUCTIVE decking, stone masonry, paving stones, bricks & blocks 604-250-7824... 980-8224 Shangri-La Landscaping Design, walls, delta lok, patios, plant hedges, Tim 604-671-1389



















6 000

$ ,

ingenious FOR 2011

is more affordable

Introducing the all-new 2011Odyssey The 2011 Odyssey is the ultimate family vehicle with best-in-class fuel efficiency, enhanced versatility and more affordability.

With these all-new for 2011 standard features: • 3.5L i-VTEC® V6 engine • Variable Cylinder ManagementTM (VCMTM) • 8-way power driver’s seat • Privacy tinted glass • One motion 60/40 split 3rd Row Magic Seat® • 229 watt AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA audio system • Projector headlights

Starting from



Includes freight & fees

Plus these driver-friendly favourites: • 17" wheels • Independent front and rear suspension • Keyless remote entry • Cruise control • Heated side mirrors and much more.

On sale October 22nd

Perfect for Life

2011 Odyssey LX model RL5H2BE



2010 Reader’s Choice Winner

816 Automall Drive, North Vancouver 604-984-0331

*MSRP is $31,580.00 for a new 2011 Honda Odyssey LX, model RL5H2BE and includes $1,590.00 freight and PDI. License, insurance, registration, environmental fees and taxes are extra. Retailer may sell for less. Retailer order / trade may be necessary. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details.


†Cash rebates of up to $6,000.00 available only to cash purchasers on select new in-stock 2010 Honda models. ¥0.9% purchase financing available for up to 60 months on other select new in-stock 2010 Honda models. †/¥Offers valid from October 1st, 2010 through November 1st, 2010 at participating Honda retailers and maynot be combined. Offers valid only for BC residents at BC Honda Dealers locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details.

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North Shore News - October 20, 2010  
North Shore News - October 20, 2010  

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