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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Readers share their favourite pet pictures with the TIMES.

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ary Annivers 1985-2010


Artists hold court

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Donnae Bell and Karen McLaren displayed their art during the 13th annual Art Studio Tour this weekend. They work in the same studio which allows for artistic collaboration. See story on page 9 and more photos online.

Provincial politics

Sather supportive of new opposition leader Adrian Dix won on the third ballot against other frontrunner Mike Farnworth at Sunday’s NDP leadership convention. Teija Beck

The B.C. New Democratic Party elected Adrian Dix as their new leader this Sunday, and Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows MLA Michael Sather is “excited” by

the result. “I think he’s going to bring a lot of new energy, specific ideas, and we’re all feeling really energized,” Sather said. While Sather declined to publicly endorse a particular candidate leading up to the leadership vote, he predicted that the decision would be a close one. Dix won in the third round of polling with 52 per cent of the vote, edging out other frontrunner Mike Farnworth by only 677 votes to become the new opposition leader. Despite the split vote, Sather

said the whole party will be supportive of Dix. “When you’re backing a different candidate, there’s always some disappointment with that, but the whole campaign was really positive,” Sather said. Looking forward to an election that many expect will take place later this year, Sather said the NDP are talking about the different issues that affect British Columbians, such as jobs and the economy. “[Dix] is talking about rolling back the corporate tax cuts by two per cent to where it was in

2008,” Sather said, adding that he supported the move which would “put some money in the coffers” to use elsewhere while still being a competitive rate. Liberal Maple Ridge-Mission MLA Marc Dalton said he feels there’s some angst surrounding some of the policies Dix supports. “He is pretty clear that he does want to take the party more away from the centre,” Dalton said. “It’s moving it more in an ideological direction, so I think there are some real concerns out there if he was to become pre-

mier.” While Dalton wouldn’t speculate as to the timing of an upcoming election, he did say it would be an interesting race, and that the economy would be a key issue. “We all know the importance of the economy,” Dalton said. “We need a good relationship with the business community... There’s a difference between the [Liberal and NDP] parties, and I think that’s very clear with Adrian Dix.”

• More online at, click on “News”

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Your Diesel Truck Specialist 04191180

Unit 101, 18940 - 94th Ave. Surrey B.C. •

604.882.FUEL(3835) S E R V I C E




What’s OnLine

Political library

Instructor Stacey Reeder groomed NFTRA horse “Keno,” who nosed up to the camera.

A meet and greet with candidates running in the federal election is being held at the Maple Ridge Randy Kamp Library today from 2:30 to 4 MP p.m. • Election coverage at, click on “Federal election news”

Bullying targeted

Fifty convictions A 30-year-old man, who has the “distinction” of reaching 50 criminal convictions, has received two years for his latest robbery. Chad Allen Stewart robbed the Subway restaurant in the 22800 block of Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge on Jan. 31, 2009. He wore a mask and brandished a large knife. Stewart fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, in a stolen car. He was caught and arrested nearby a short time later and has remained in custody ever since. • More online:, click on “News”

Flyers • Cathy Kitzler • Easy Home • La Trattoria • Papa John’s Pizza • Safeway • The Bay • Zellers* * Full delivery to area homes; others partial delivery only

Troy Landreville/TIMES


Horses provide therapy for riders

Volunteering at the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association is fulfilling, says its program coordinator. by Troy Landreville

Like tiny pebbles, driving rain pelted the metal roof of North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association’s indoor arena on a bitingly cold recent Tuesday afternoon. With each breath, puffs of air blew out of the nostrils of the Norwegian Fjord “Rupert” as he carried Liam, a new rider taking part in his first lesson at the NFTRA’s centre in rural Maple Ridge. The cold didn’t seem to affect Liam as he and Rupert ambled around the arena. Guiding horse and rider were volunteers Tania Teixeira, Lynne Bradley, Anne Jonatschick, and Maureen Newton, whose roles with the NFTRA are crucial. And more like them are needed. With the NFTRA’s spring horseback riding program starting, the association is seeking volunteers to help groom and tack its seven horses, and to lead or side walk with the riders during their lessons. “We can’t be a successful program without them,” said Jonatschick, president of

the NFTRA board and a parent of one of the Conn said. “That’s a ton of volunteers.” riders. Her son Riley, 11, who has muscular Some volunteers donate two hours of their dystrophy, has been riding at the centre for time each week at the NFTRA, others are the past six years. there the equivalent of two full days. One has The association offers equine activities for logged close to 1,906 hours at the centre. children and adults with physical, emotional, “This volunteer is also a rider in our proand developmental challenges. gram which is something we are really proud Situated at its current site on 254th Street of,” Conn said. “That some of our riders are since 1998, the NFTRA is the only theraalso able to volunteer for us is unique.” peutic riding centre north of the Fraser River The payoff is straightforward: volunteers are and helps clients from Mission to North helping to improve the quality of lives, Conn Vancouver. noted. NFTRA currently has 86 riders in its pro“You just can’t come out here and [not] be gram, using horses who work between six and amazed at what people overcome, and their seven hours per week. ability to participate in what “One rider might The riders usually take part they’re doing” Conn said. in three- to 10-week sessions “For a lot of riders, they really need three during the year. need to trust the people around volunteers in order “The riders may continue them, so they like the same to have a lesson.” indefinitely but there are people working with them, and some changes between sesthey develop a relationship,” Gay Conn sions with some riders leavConn said. ing and new ones coming NFTRA’s existence relies on in,” program coordinator Gay fundraising and donations. Conn said. “We always have The association also receives a wait list of riders.” annual gaming funds from the province, which The sheer volume of riders makes volunteers helps keeps costs down for riders and their the driving force behind the NFTRA’s success, families. according to Conn. To volunteer with the NFTRA, call 604-462“When you consider that one rider might 7786 or email for further inforneed three volunteers in order to have a lesmation or to sign up for an orientation. • More online at, click on “Community” son, we rely on about 70 volunteers a week,”



20629 - 119th Ave., Maple Ridge 604-465-8955


Youth and adults across the Lower Mainland have the opportunity to weigh in on some important social issues with the United Way Care to Change video competition. This is the first year the organization has held the video competition, which is intended to educate viewers on issues such as poverty, bullying, and isolation and inspire them to help others. For more information, go to • More online at www.mrtimes, com, click on “Community”


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Petition to save Albion Hall

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Albion Hall has been slated for demolition.

by Amy Judd

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However, Cook has a better idea – she would like to buy it herself, and turn it into a guild hall. “A personal, private individual can do what they want,” she said, “because it’s a heritage building,” meaning she would not have to bring it up to municipal standards. “It’s a real piece of our heritage,” he added. “I’ve saved buildings worse than that in Vancouver and all over.” Cook would like to see the building used as an Elizabethan-style guild hall, where artists can use it for a low cost. “I was going to do it personally to

TIMES’ files

show people that something can be done,” she said. The building was assessed at $315,500, and council had decided this amount, less the cost of demolition and legal bills, will be set aside for a “future community gathering place” that will be accessible to the Albion neighbourhood. Cook has no problem bidding for the property and is prepared to pay what the District paid for the transfer. Cook said the petition will be available for people to sign starting April 20 at The ACT, during the run of Anne.

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Federal election

Many ways to vote this May

Advanced polling and mail-in ballots give voters more options. by Maria Rantanen

Voter information cards should have arrived in mailboxes last week. If not, Elections Canada encourages residents to register as soon as possible to make election day on May 2 as smooth as possible. Voter information cards include information about where and when to vote. However, voters should look at the information carefully, said Susan Friend, spokesperson for Elections Canada, to see that their personal information is correct. The local Elections Canada office is at #51022470 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Advance polling will take place on Friday, April 22, Saturday, April 23, and Monday, April 25 from noon to 8 p.m. The location of the advance poll is on each voter’s information card. Local residents who haven’t received a voter information card should call Elections Canada office at 1-800-463-6868 to register. Advance registration should be done by April 26. Voters, however, are able to register and vote on election day, but it will be smoother if registration is done in advance,

according to Friend. A brochure is being sent to every household in Canada, which Elections Canada is calling “reminder cards.” They include the type of identification that can be used to register for voting. Voting by special ballot is another option to make one’s voice heard. It is an option for all voters, but it is especially useful for emergency workers who might be called away on election day, or for voters

who will be travelling on election day. To vote by special ballot, one must be registered by April 26. A special ballot can be downloaded from the Elections Canada website or picked up from the local office. Voters can vote at the office when they pick up the package or mail it in. However, the special ballot has to be in by the time

polls close at 7 p.m. on May 2. “The onus is on the voter to get that vote in,” Friend said. During the last election, 30,000 people in B.C. voted by special ballot. However, if a voter picks up a special ballot, they are marked on the voters’ list as having received the ballot and cannot vote either in the advance poll or on election day. For more information, go to

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One hundred seventy-six signatures on a petition to save Albion Hall is just the beginning, according to president of the Peace Twig Fundraising Association, Wendy Cook. She dropped off the list at the Maple Ridge council chambers on Monday morning and hopes it will persuade the councillors and Mayor Ernie Daykin to bring the matter back before council. “The council hadn’t really known how much of the community used it,” said Cook. The hall was transferred to the District of Maple Ridge’s ownership at the end of March, and it will be torn down as bringing it up to municipal standards would be too costly, according to Kelly Swift, general manager of community development and parks and recreation.

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The historic building has been a feature on the Maple Ridge landscape since the early 1900s.

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lawren Mallory said he followed his instincts when it came to a Postmedia customer.

The IB Programme

Amy Judd/TIMES

Good deeds

Carrier saves woman A Maple Ridge resident noticed an elderly woman had not picked up any newspapers for a few days last week. by Amy Judd

Lawren Mallory is out and about delivering newspapers for Postmedia before most of us are even awake. But even at 3:30 a.m., his instinct was sharp enough to know that something was wrong at a customer’s home. “It was Tuesday that I noticed the lady had not been picking up her papers,” said Mallory, who delivers the Sun, Province, and National Post, sister papers of the TIMES. “I’ve had the route a little over a year now and she’s never gone away on holiday or stopped her paper.” Papers had been piling up outside her

Maple Ridge home since Saturday, so Mallory phoned his distribution manager Jeremy Taylor. “He called me,” said Taylor, “and I called the RCMP non-emergency line.” Police were able to find a neighbour with a key, and when they entered the home they found the elderly resident had fallen the previous Saturday and had been laying there ever since. Taylor said the homeowner is “doing ok” and is still in the hospital. Mallory is happy the woman is getting care, and that he was able to do his part. “I go by at 3:30 in the morning,” he said. “The only reason I knew she was an elderly lady, and she lived by herself, is that at Christmas time she asked me to ring her doorbell because she wanted to give me a card and a tip.” “If that hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it,” he added.

In an interconnected, globalized world, life requires criticalthinking skills and a sense of international-mindedness, something that International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme students come to know and understand. The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The IB diploma is a passport to higher education The IB Diploma Programme is designed as an academically qk_iinfljfl _fp ^_i_fqnp dcelc_ggn em npaq_bjef ]jbk of_i examinations that prepare students, usually aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. The programme is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

Find out more You are invited to an International Baccalaureate Continuum information session at

Meadowridge School

on Wednesday, April 27 starting at 7:00 P.M. Learn more about the IB curriculum areas and the advantages they offer for your child. Primary Years Programme (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5) Middle Years Programme (Grade 6 to Grade 10) Diploma Programme (Grade 11 and 12) Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Implication for Graduation and Post-Secondary Education Don’t delay! Seats are limited for this highly informative event. RSVP to Shelley Lewis at or call (604) 467-4444

12224 240th Street, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, V4R 1N1 (604) 467-4444



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



BIA seeks new mandate The five-year mandate for the association representing downtown businesses ends on Dec. 31. by Teija Beck

Maple Ridge council will put forward a recommendation to renew the mandate of the Maple Ridge BIA after a presentation in council workshop Monday morning. The Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association currently operates under a five-year mandate that expires Dec. 31, 2011. “I would say [council] were very positive about the presentation,” said BIA executive director Ineke Boekhorst after the meeting. “I think there’s a lot of things we can do in partnership with the District of

Maple Ridge and many other organizations.” Boekhorst said the presentation was part of the association’s annual review. Part of the discussion centered around renewing the mandate, and the staff recommendation to renew it would be “fabulous for the BIA,” she said. Among members of the association, support for the continued existance of the BIA is strong, according to Boekhorst. “We have done a survey to our members that was 100 per cent in favour of renewal, so from our perspective we have been very successful in the past five years,” Boekhorst said. The BIA is a non-profit organization funded through tax contributions of participating businesses. Its purpose is to encourage business in the downtown core and act on behalf of area businesses including promotion, security, cleanliness and parking.





Police blotter

Three arrested in home invasion Baseball bat allegedly used in attack. Police were able to arrest all three suspects in what they are calling a “home invasion style break-andenter” that occurred Friday April 15, just before 1:30 p.m. Two women and one 26year-old man armed with

a baseball bat forced their way into an apartment in the 22200 block of 122 Avenue. The man allegedly hit one of the people inside the suite. The two women involved, ages 24 and 47, were later released from police custody with court appearance dates in May. The man was held in

custody for a first appearance on Monday. Police are recommending charges of possession of a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering a residential dwelling, and mischief to property, which covers the damage incurred to the apartment suite.

• More police news online: at, click on “News”

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604.552.5466 604.294.0445 604.467.0714

204-1530 Kingsway Ave Port Coquitlam, BC

3572 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC

22380 Lougheed Hwy Maple Ridge, BC

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maria Rantanen/TIMES

Cailin Green and Lila Terweil opened their studio for the Art Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday.


Artists open up studios

Members of the community were invited to visit artists in their milieux on Saturday and Sunday.

Thirty-two artists welcomed art enthusiasts from Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows to view their pieces this weekend. The 13th annual Art Studio Tour took place in 23 homes and More studios of local artists. Photos The Online weather wasn’t fully

cooperative with occasional bursts of rain and hail interspersed with sunny breaks. The turnout for the tour was “average,” according to organizer Suzette Fram who hopes the tour will grow in popularity over the next few years as it has in many other communities. “It’s a way to get your work seen and [get] a personal connection with people who [might] buy something,” Fram said.



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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Real world winning is everything The connection between the blood sport of politics as it’s played on the ground and the lofty ideals of democracy is debatable at best. Never is that more apparent than at election time. Take the current election. Indeed, many potential voters would dearly appreciate anyone taking this election… and don’t bother bringing it back! Many Canadian citizens are rational people who understand that they live in a democracy, with accordant privileges and responsibilities. And yet they resent the fact they’re heading to the polls in a couple of weeks, and would just as soon see the election go away. You might think that would be bad news for politicians. But that’s not necessarily true. Turning off voters can be an advantage in a campaign, something not lost on the authors of various attack ads that started during the unofficial election, before the real election was even called. While most people are prepared to get on their high horse about the unpleasantness of “negative” advertising, parties keep at it because it works. Primarily, it works by making people so disgusted they don’t bother to vote. When average folk stay away, it leaves the votes of the ideologically motivated and party faithful -- who always vote -to carry the day. In an ideal world, of course, parties would try to encourage intelligent policy debate and to get as many people out to the polls as possible on May 2. But that’s not how realpolitik functions. Political strategy tends to be more complicated and sneaky than that. Decisions are made by those who show up. Especially to the ballot box. That’s worth a thought before the nastier, eye-glazing parts of the campaign cause a large chunk of the electorate to tune out, turn off or drop out.


Gianni Dente Guy Hatchard Ad Control

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It’s hard to catch the right vote For a newspaper editor, I am in Many generations ago, her seva very embarrassing position. eral-great grandfather joined up I’m undecided. with some out-of-work seafarers, It’s close to crunch time, and I got some local bankers to finance still haven’t made up my mind. them, and bought a boat called I can’t bring myself to vote for the Tyger. And they put some the Conservative candidate in my pretty big guns on it. riding. He’s a shoo-in anyway, so Britain was at odds with France that revelation is unlikely to drive at the time, so they set out to him to tears. plunder a French vessel. And it’s nothing personal. He’s And there she was: ripe for the a nice fellow… but I just don’t plucking. But instead of going by Bob Groeneveld agree with his politics. right at it, however, our wouldThe Liberal candidate looking be privateers decided it would be for my vote is also a good, decent, upstanding a good idea to get drunk first – they could catch member of the community. Nice lady. the rotter in the morning, eh mateys? But she’s probably not getting my vote, either, When they went looking for the Frenchie in because… you guessed it… I don’t agree with the morning, hungover and feeling right nasty for her politics. the job, they discovered the blighter had left port The NDP appears to be offering a very personovernight, narrowly escaping an undoubtedly terable young fellow, too… but… rible fate. Heck. The truth is, I don’t agree with anySo then this Dutchman, loaded with tobacco, body’s politics. Never have. crossed their path… I have close friends who are or have been Unfortunately for Donna’s ancestor, the Brits politicians, and of practically every political had no quarrel with Holland at the time, and the stripe. Even a Communist or two (of the Marxist- Dutch wanted their tobacco back. So when the Leninist variety). We get along just fine. But I privateers floated their booty into port, instead don’t agree with their politics. of a hero’s welcome, they got fined and thrown And if I did… what would we talk about? in jail for 60 days while the Dutchman and cargo You know, I just might vote for the local Pirate were restored to full seaworthiness – at the Party candidate. Tyger’s backers’ expense. All I really know of him is what I learned The pirate crew disbanded. when he ran for council what may well be half Mate John Moore (Donna’s several-great grandhis lifetime ago. He was just a kid. father) opened a pub, where he became semiTo me, politics is more of spectator sport than famous for a song he wrote – and often sang the participatory variety – I was always lousy at – about his piratical exploits… well, really only sports when I was a kid – but it impresses the one exploit. heck out of me when someone that young gets See? Now, that’s the kind of guy who could so completely involved. capture my vote. A pirate after my own heart. But my contemplation of a Pirate vote isn’t pol(Speaking of which: The pirate’s descendent itical. It’s ancestral. stole my heart in similar fashion, and while I My wife Donna recently discovered that she is believe my heart is more valuable than a hogshead of tobacco, I consider myself fortunate that descended from a pirate – not a terribly successful pirate, but a pirate nonetheless. she stumbled upon this particular Dutchman and took possession of it.) And that’s kind of romantic, don’t you think?

Odd Thoughts


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Federal election

Environment needs attention Dear Editor,

Where is the environment in this election? After a five-year track record of failing to meaningfully tackle greenhouse gas pollution, Canada is now falling further behind in being a competitive player in the rapidly growing clean-energy market. There is nothing in the Conservative platform that would reverse this trend. The government has announced it would introduce regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production of electricity, but so far there are no such regulations in place. The government also has not implemented the key climate policies needed to meet emission targets for 2020. Environment Canada projects that emissions will actually be higher in 2020 than they are today. Canada would miss the Copenhagen target by nearly 30 per cent. There is nothing in the Conservative platform to reverse this trend. The worst culprit of the fast-growing greenhouse gas pollution, the tar sands, are not even mentioned in their platform. Actually our government officials actively lobby in the U.S. and the E.U. against any restrictions of dirty oil. They now claim the tar sands oil is “ethical” oil, because it is not coming from a country like Libya. There is no commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies to companies that treat Canada as a corporate colony and reap billions of dollars in profits from raping and pillaging our environment. As far as sustainable transportation is concerned, there is no new funding for transit, high speed rail, or other clean transportation, something which would

truly benefit our quality of life and the air we breathe. All the other parties have made much stronger commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. The environmental platform of the Conservative government, if you can even call it that, would definitely deserve a failing grade. And we will have to dearly pay for that in the future.

Maria Raynolds, Maple Ridge

[More letters about the federal election and another from this author are online:, click “Opinion”]


Column cruel Dear Editor,

Re: [Politicians singing wrong tune, April 15, TIMES] it is Tim Tyler whose tune has a discordant note. His statement that Randy Kamp would push a disabled child’s walker out of the way for a photo op was “mean and downright cruel.” Writers lose credibility when they use such low-blows to further their own political views. Tim should have added a few stanzas to his song regarding the other political candidates non-abilities, as it was a little heavy on the drums. By the way, I usually enjoy Tim’s columns and sense of humour, but I don’t care for criticizing people’s motives regarding the disabled. I’m sure everyone wants the best care and concern for them.

Cherryl Katnich, Maple Ridge

Pitt Meadows

CP not being good neighbours Dear Editor,

It appears that the people who operate the intermodal terminal on Kennedy Road do not care about the businesses or residents of Pitt Meadows. I have lived on Kennedy Road for 14 years. Recently, I have noticed an increase


Say ‘no’ to malls Dear Editor,

Shopping malls are usually accessed by cars, thus generating dense traffic. Not only does traffic increase, but cars are usually driven slowly, when most of the toxic exhaust is generated. It has been shown that air quality in the mall and its vicinity is affected. Malls are big energy consumers, and thus generate greenhouse gases, adding to global warming and pollution. In the past, big box stores have violated numerous water-quality standards. They did not use proper methods for clearing the site for construction. When heavy rains began (and keep in mind we are living on the “Wet Coast”), the water carried tons of silt to nearby rivers and streams. I could go on about plastic shopping bags. And there is also the possibility that local retailers would be gobbled up within in a short time. What is the minimum wage in B.C.? I believe it’s the lowest in Canada. So I’ll leave it at that for the readers to ponder. Sharon Russell, Maple Ridge

in the amount of time trains spend blocking the Kennedy Road grade crossing. During rush hours, the crossing is now blocked more often. Sometimes the crossing is blocked anywhere from five to 30 minutes – whatever it might take. The trains pull through the yard and out to block Kennedy Road. They stop to unload containers at various locations from the trains, and maybe load some containers on for elsewhere. CP has claimed that they were here first. But the intermodal terminal was built in 1997-98, so this is not the case. When the intermodal terminal was being built, representatives from CP Rail management were involved in some really positive meetings at the Pitt Meadows community hall. They said they would try to keep Kennedy and Harris Road crossings as clear as possible. There was supposed to be liaison between CP Rail and the City of Pitt Meadows. Sadly, it seems that this is no longer the case. For local residents and businesses, CP Rail’s attitude comes across as “if you don’t like it you can lump it.” There is a sign near the Kennedy Road grade crossing that has a 1-800 number in case of long delays. The phone seems to be answered from some distant place, like Calgary – or Mars. Calling it never results in any satisfaction. Recently a CP Rail representative said they were going to start running 9,000foot-long trains. What are they now, 19,000 feet long? What can be done to address this problem?

Ron Wilson, Pitt Meadows

LETTERS POLICY: Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the Publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the Publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms. Letters are also subject to editing for content and length. The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows TIMES is a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Good neighbours

Humble hero saves house from fire damage

Debbie Cook’s house may not be standing today if it weren’t for the help of her neighbours.

It wasn’t until the commotion had died down, and Cook was able to take a look around, that she noticed her hose was unravelled. “I thought, ‘What is that hose doing there?’” she said. “Did the firemen have to use my tiny hose?” she laughed. by Amy Judd It was then that she found out Matt Laity had sprung into action and done A local farmer was just finishing lunch everything he could to try to save the when he stepped out on his back deck home of a neighbour, whom he had and noticed the house across his field never formally met. was burning. While the farmer is humbled by the “Fire!” Matt Laity yelled to his wife. attention and praise, he knows what it’s “I’m off!” like to lose things in a fire. He and his wife then raced across their “I’ve just had a house fire recently field in his pickup truck, he jumped the that’s somewhat similar to this,” he said. fence, grabbed the garden hose and start- “I’m experienced, I’ve lived it, it’s a ed to water the side of Debbie Cook’s nightmare.” house. Cook found out Laity was moving so It was March 24, and a fire had started fast he didn’t even close the door to his in a shed of Cook’s neighbour’s house on truck or consider his own safety that day. Meadowbrook Place in Maple Ridge. “When it’s a fire that big, the hose feels “I was at work,” said Cook. “Just the mighty small,” said Laity. “I had to back cat and the dog were here.” up because the fire was Laity was not the only one too hot.” “When it’s a fire that to come to Cook’s aid that Cook’s neighbour’s big, the hose feels day. house suffered extenHer neighbours came over sive damage, but her mighty small.” right away to grab the family house has some burned Matt Laity dog, and Cook said her friend trees in the back, Kim Fetherstonhaugh made and the side is a little sure the firefighters knew the scorched – nothing family also had a cat. compared to what could “My other neighbour Glen Elliot rushed have been. over and was hammering on the door and When she found out what Laity had the 30-foot flames were there,” said Cook, done, she took some things over to him, “and my other neighbours also offered including a letter that tried to say how any help they could.” thankful she was. “I don’t think it gets any better than “It was the least I could do,” she said. that or any closer than this,” she said, “I’m just grateful and we feel very lucky. pointing to the charred remains of the I was quite emotional when I did meet trees planted right up against her house. him.”

Amy Judd/TIMES

Debbie Cook, left, said she is grateful for her neighbour Matt Laity’s efforts to save her home last month.

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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36( #!%% 826)& ,0.)6-$71 6'+ 8$" E+== +P3?66+@ 1?JV NJC;@CO@ (+CJ3O+N ?;B=3@?;X S;GJCOA ,K* C;@ C3J8<CJ?BR

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&'"""'%!"'!$#" <707 (@B2=? #96 '!"##!('%!'%&$ < (>5'!/ )%/- 5$ '53+"->*; '%8-1% 8%A- -5 -"; #51-58C/

,== ;+1 CO+ ;+J 8( (CBJ8O/ ?;B+;J?2+NR ,== 6O?B+N 6=3N JC0 Q =+2?+NR ,== &;C;B?;X 8; C66O82+@ BO+@?JR F+V?B=+N ;8J +0CBJ=/ CN ?==3NJOCJ+@R


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Bryant Kamlade is offering small, affordable music classes for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar starting May 4.

Grand J&K Cabinetry Serving Your Cabinet & Countertop Needs

Amy Judd/TIMES


Music within reach for all

A musician is making sure any child who wants to learn how to play guitar can do so without breaking the bank. by Amy Judd

A love and desire to play music and teach others seems to course through Bryant Kamlade’s veins. The 23-year-old Maple Ridge resident, and soon-to-be Simon Fraser University student, decided he wanted to give all children the chance to play and learn guitar at a low cost to their parents. “I think everyone should be able to have that opportunity,” he said. “The focus is on guitar, but there will be a drumming and songwriting tutorial. That’s my passion.” Kamlade has been playing guitar for about 12 years, and as part of the the band Last Day Lost, he has shared the stage with acts such as Theory of a Deadman, Hedley and Faber Drive. He has also been a semifinalist

for songwriting in the International Songwriting Competition, and the Billboard World Song Contest. After finishing a degree at Douglas College and teaching guitar out of his home, Kamlade now wants to spread his love of music through affordable, small classes. The program is eight weeks, with class sizes between three and six students. Instruments will be provided for those who don’t own one. A beginner adult class, along with intermediate youth classes are also offered. “I really feel it’s important for the kids to have fun,” said Kamlade. “I really love teaching, and I think the kids have to be in a fun, relaxed setting.” The program begins May 4 and runs until June 29 at the Burnett Fellowship Church in Maple Ridge. Prices are $50 for classes once a week, and $80 for classes twice a week. “If people have trouble raising the funds, they can contact us and we’ll work with them,” said Kamlade. For more information and to register, contact, or

"(, '0629 %+ 10-* 5'0531%0'& 10-* 9+# %+ &6.0%9)

COUNTERTOPS • Granite • Quartz • Marble

Stainless Steel Undermount Double Sink ONLY $199

100’s to choose from granite countertops starting at $45/sq.ft.

15% Off Cabinets* HURRY! SALE ENDS SOON

FREE on Site Measurement and Estimates

Installations & delivery available

403 - 20285 Stewart Cresent, Maple Ridge

*Solid Maple Wood

604.459.1168 Fax: 604.459.1169 Mon - Sat 10am - 4:30pm


/1(7- .237 +-77 /-*3236 #38 4#'#-8 +-77 -751)#., % (41331!0

$!15A6 )C 7?, +)-+5CA 4,)7,)A62 "5 <7,B <)A+ /,5 854!,A=5:AC A7 C?447,A A+5= ): 85!@):- 0?);B@6 !:8 C!15@6 <)A+ :!A?,!@ -!C !:8;!,>7: =7:79)85 5=5,-5:;)5C2

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#5,!C5: &!C !:8 '7,A)C*( :7< C+!,5 7:5 :!=5 3 '7,A)C*(2 42%.1 ,)' #)$' *2%$'2- 32& 0/-- ,')+ 6)'%/&"!( 5/&/% $& 2% (%"#'!*)$)%&(

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&@5:: %!=)@A7:4 $/0-2 8#*0'!/&+' &7,ABC*( ':/,+6 #:5.3 &7,ABC*( ':/,+6 2!;:57?</, #C@;:10 #:5.3 &7,ABC*( ':/,+6 2>)BCA@/,0 #:5.3 ;:1 &7,ABC*( #:5. 17 8?CB:/CC ;C &7,ABC*(. ")/ 57=4;:B/C ;,/ B:1B,/5A3 9)7@@6 79:/1 C?8CB1B;,B/C 7- &7,ABC #:5. &7,ABC*( ?C/C A)/ &7,ABC*( :;=/ ;:1 @7+7 ?:1/, @B5/:C/ -,7= &7,ABC #:5. &7,ABC*( ?C/C A)/ "/,;C/: %;C :;=/ ?:1/, @B5/:C/ -,7= &7,ABC*( $7@1B:+C #:5.

),I"K C68- )OII")3 ,6$ NION"I 3");6:J1"H ,I" 1H"$ 3O "8:7:6,3" ,6- H,R"3;,F,I$HK !OI 7OI" :6ROI7,3:O6 ,+O13 O1I )1II"63 /OI9 OI O3;"I 0"<"3,3:O6 7,6,<"7"63 NI,)3:)"H& N8",H" ),88 P"6 G,31I61H& -O1I ,I", )OOI$:6,3OI OR ?"<"3,3:O6 E,:63"6,6)"& ,3 5=8 85- !!=-;

710 .#%#'0) "5.,5 ,5!862



/OI9"IH "7N8O-"$ +- *' S-$IO ,I" 3I,:6"$ :6 +O3; "8")3I:),8 H,R"3- ,6$ 3I""

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011





ACCENT L SPORT 3DR GL Sport model shown

83 0 OWN IT















140 0%





Limited model shown


HIGHWAY 6.5L/100 KM – 43 MPG"


Limited model shown











134 0 OWN IT


91 0% OWN IT


HIGHWAY 5.7L/100 KM – 50 MPG"



GLS Sport model shown



HIGHWAY 6.5L/100 KM – 43 MPG"




Limited model shown





UNTIL 2012

HIGHWAY 5.7L/100 KM – 50 MPG"












HIGHWAY 7.2L/100 KM – 39 MPG"


142 0













The most fuel-efficient fleet of vehicles on the road. The EPA named Hyundai’s 2010 Fleet of Vehicles the Most Fuel-Efficient in the U.S.!

Visit HYUNDAICANADA.COM to find out more.

5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Powertrain Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Emission Warranty

live smart.

TM The Hyundai names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. †Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2011 Accent L Sport 3 Dr 5-speed/2011 Elantra Touring L 5-Speed/2011 Sonata GL 6-speed/2011 Tucson L 5-speed/2011 Santa Fe 2.4L GL 6-speed with an annual finance rate of 0%/0%/0%/0%/0% for 84/84/84/72/84 months. Bi-weekly payment is $83/$91/$134/$140/$142. No down payment is required. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,495/$1,495/$1,565/$1,760/$1,760. Registration, insurance, PPSA, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Financing example: 2011 Accent L 3 Dr 5-speed for $15,094 at 0% per annum equals $179.69 per month for 84 months for a total obligation of $15,094. Cash price is $15,094. Example price includes Delivery and Destination of $1,495. Registration, insurance, PPSA, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Price for models shown are: 2011 Accent GL 3Dr Sport/2011 Elantra Touring GLS Sport/2011 Sonata Limited/2011 Tucson Limited/2011 Santa Fe Limited are $19,444/$24,744/$30,564/$34,009/$37,559. Delivery and Destination charges of $1,495/$1,495/$1,565/$1,760/$1,760 are included. Registration, insurance, PPSA, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. ‡Purchase or lease a 2011 Accent/2011 Elantra Touring/2011 Sonata/2011 Tucson/2011 Santa Fe model during April 2011 and you will receive a preferred price Petro-Canada Gas Card valid for $0.30 per litre savings on each litre of gas up to a total of 1,000/1,000/1,0 00/1,200/1,200 Litres. Based on Energuide combined fuel consumption rating for the 2011 Accent L 3dr, 5-speed (6.7L/100km)/2011 Elantra Touring L 5-speed (7.7L/100km)/2011 Sonata GL 6-speed (7.8L/100km)/2011 Tuscon L 5-speed (8.9L/100km)/2011 Santa Fe 2.4L GL 6-speed (9.0L/100km) at 15,200km/year [yearly average driving distance (Transport Canada’s Provincial Light Vehicle Fleet Statistics, 2008)]. This card is valid only at participating Petro-Canada retail locations (and other approved North Atlantic Petroleum locations in Newfoundland). This card has no expiry date. Petro-Canada is a trademark of SUNCOR ENERGY INC. used under license. Petro-Canada is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. Eligibility for the card is subject to conditions and exclusions. Offer not available on 2011 Elantra, 2011 Genesis Coupe, 2011 Genesis Sedan, 2011 Veracruz, and 2011 Equus models. Fuel consumption for 2011 Accent 3Dr (HWY 5.7L/100KM; City 7.3L/100KM)/2011 Elantra Touring L Auto (HWY 6.5L/100KM; City 8.7L/100KM)/2011 Sonata GL 6-speed manual (HWY 5.7L/100KM; City 8.7L/100KM)/2011 Tucson L (HWY 6.5L/100KM; City 9.1L/100KM)/2011 Santa Fe 2.4L 6-Speed Automatic FWD (City 10.4L/100KM, HWY 7.2L/100KM) are based on EnerGuide fuel consumption ratings. Actual fuel efficiency may vary based on driving conditions and the addition of certain vehicle accessories. Fuel economy figures are used for comparison purposes only. † ‡Offers available for a limited time and subject to change or cancellation without notice. See dealer for complete details. Dealer may sell for less. Inventory is limited, dealer order may be required. Based on projected sales figures incorporated into Table 28 of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fuel Economy Trends report. This comparison is limited to the top 14 highest-volume manufacturers in the U.S. based on the 2010 model-year fleet. ∞Based on the December 2010 AIAMC report. See your dealer for eligible vehicles and full details of the Graduate Rebate Program. ††Hyundai’s Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage covers most vehicle components against defects in workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions.

23213 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge Toll Free 1.888.808.6430

HOURS: Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm Fri & Sat 9am-6pm Sun 10:30am-4pm


SUNDAYS 10:30am - 4:00pm

*Lifetime Warranty is offered by Tricor Automotive Group dealers and applies to qualified vehicle power trains only. Warranty is only valid if all factory required maintenance is performed by a Tricor dealership. Lifetime Warranty is not available on vehicles with 140,000 kms or more, vehicles must be less than 9 years old to qualify. See dealer for full details. DL#7356

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011





UNDER $20,000 UC264974

2006 Jeep Liberty Ltd. UT2212571



2007 Jeep Wrangler




2010 Dodge Avenger UC126404

2010 Ford Focus

Leather, Sun Roof, Heated Seats



2006 Nissan Pathfinder UT609712 SE, Leather, Loaded



2005 Dodge Ram 1500 UTA61173



2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor UT010020


2008 Hyundai Sante Fe UT215270

4x4, Loaded





2006 Toyota Tundra UT479525


2008 Dodge Ram 1500 UTA18424




UNDER $15,000 2007 Dodge Caravan UT115984



2005 Chrysler Crossfire UCC42363



2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser UC596255

2009 Dodge Caliber SXT UCA15013





2009 Chevy Cobalt SS UC197758 Leather, Sunroof



2005 Ford Mustang



GT, Leather


2004 Chrysler Pacifica UT561330

2010 Dodge Caliber UC597058

Sunroof, AWD






2009 Dodge Caravan SE UT622103


2010 Dodge Avenger UC126312




UNDER $10,000 2004 Chevrolet Epica UC128523



2005 Dodge SX 2.0 UC217348




2003 Honda Civic UC804081


2005 Dodge Caravan UTA28608




2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser UT358876





1993 Dodge Stealth UC005990



2005 Chrysler Sebring UCA26869

2009 Pontiac G5 IC189241







Life is Full of Choices.... Make us Yours!



2007 Ford Ranger

2001 Dodge Ram 3500 UT520326 Cab & Chassis





604•465•8931 OR 1•877•465•8931

MON - FRI 8AM - 9PM SAT 10AM - 6PM • SUN 10AM - 56PM 9







31,.- 20/+- !)*'(.-* &&%&& #-(" $"*--" VWPF @Q:PF =EHGWPP




11911 West Street, Maple Ridge





DL# 30538


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

9- $#%! (*"'


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&77 ?4B>3.A7 .A .49?47 2.A E.9?:#C E.KA>D

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&^M( Y-&72$ &MS `3[] *-\-"- ,, (dd` [3 ;9<;d3 $!&%&"

_9]9S =$ -`Sd3 ^9]9S Y39&d

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!3A;L CL7G< B75 2LH;-9&

1d^d&Sd" K-39dS9d1$ 3d<M^-3 [3 "9dS$ ZO G Q?? ]_

1d^d&Sd" K-39dS9d1$ ZOA <

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_9]9S =$ -`Sd3 ^9]9S Y39&d

&$%'' d-U

NA:5<32 P<&A 5A?Q >SA5<32 19Cd O:0$ Ob41:/A41


,AQ<2$75 $7L ?3722 @H92

@AQ<> ;3<2$ S9"2L73<


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Y3["M&S [` FJ,

!S9><3 CH353S2< PAES

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C<ADH<2LJ !S9& *3A@ )AG7H3<> 57OO7?Q )AQ<2



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;37/<9 HLSOSL0 LH3Q<0

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

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Best friends

Cat kidneys need attention Pet Pause

More Photos Online

Westgate Animal Hospital Committed to Providing Veterinary care with a personal touch General Examination............................... $25


Neuter (male)............................. $40 & up Spay (female) ............................ $50 & up Cat Vaccinations FVRCP (Distemper combination) ..... $28 Leukemia ....................................... $19 Rabies (with other vaccinations) ..... $20

All vaccinations include a physical exam by Veterinarian.

General Examination............................... $25


Neuter (male)............................. $70 & up Spay (female) ............................ $85 & up Dog Vaccinations DA2PP (Distemper Combination) +Corona .... $32 RABIES (with other vaccines) ................... $20 Boarding (per day) .........................Cats $12






+#'( )'(,$! %, *'"'& 6(*&-1& 5*%( 6-& $0&2 *%( 6(*4-''0*+3. !.-3 6(*/%1&' '(,"/-$"# /(0/ ,.,&%,*%( &! )%&!&)+ 31) #*#0.#!.7 03 9.0309 WBL$M L2M?$M/) %<?<5B: CMB/ A E:5MBL628(N


- ,:: 9$(<+B: A L2M?<+B: QM6+$(2M$L Q$MX6M9$( <8 +:$B8) 96($M8 +:<9B5$ +685M6::$( XB+<:<5/

<*+"%.- 19*'% !066 I:; :8:1/.1-/ .06;?/.0> ;B-76->H &- I:; : F0?-6 D0E IB. B0//7-/ ?1 6B- 1-;6 I- D:JB?4 :1/ I:65B-/ 0; I?6B ;.48-> -E-;H (?++ .17E 1--/; : B.4IB->- B- 01/->;6:1/; B-A; ;:+:1/ 7.J-/H #15- B- 91.I; 6B:62 B- I?77 ;B.I B?; ,7:E+07 ;?/-H (?++ B:; >-7:G-/ 1.I :1/ B:; ;B.I1 6B:6 B- ?; : 5B-->+072 +>?-1/7E D0EH &- /.-;1A6 :;9 +.> :66-16?.1 :1/ B- ?; 87:59 ;. B-A; :7I:E; .J->7..9-/H

4:=>> !*'<-35 /3*&@ 7*19% /"&$% 2(%#"5& +#% -1'*0 ) A:;8;A?8,64, $+#('2 ,++,5%288 "9&#(09:' 7 "#,09:' 6 !!!)19&3.'*/94.)4+-

!#5!0 7.;6 B-> .17E B.4- /0- 6. :77->D?-; :1/ C6.. 4:1E 5:6;AH !B-A/ :7I:E; 8--1 : ,->6 :1/ ;:;;E 7?667- 6B?1DH (:48? 5:1 -1<.E : J?;?6 I?6B ,-.,7- 806 B-> 6-1;?.1 7-J-7 ?; 5.1;6:167E -7-J:6-/ /0- 6. 7?J?1D :4.1D .6B-> 5:6;2 ;. ;B7-6; E.0 91.I ?+ ;B-A; 1.6 ?16->-;6-/ ?1 ?16->:56?.1H $1.I?1D B.I ;B-76-> 7?+5:1 8- ;6>-;;+07 +.> ;.4- 5:6;2 I- B.,(:48? 5.07/ >-7:G :1/ 8-5.4- 4.>4-77.I ?1 : ,>.,-> B.4-H

67#+27- :1/ B-> 8>.6B->2 /7-74-0372 7.;6 6B-?> -16?>I.>7/ IB-1 6B-?> ,->;.1 ,:;;-/ :I:EH @B-E B:J- 8.6B :/<0;6-/ ,..>7E 6. ;B-76-> 7?+-H =- B:JI:65B-/ 6B-4 ;7.I7E D?J- 0, .1 7?+-H @B-E 0;-/ 6. 7..9 +.>I:>/ 6. .0> J?;?6; :1/ I.07/ ;.:9 0, :1E :66-16?.1 B01D>?7EH @B-E /.1A6 :1E4.>-H %+ ;.4-.1- 5.07/ 6:9'-:6B-> :1/ B-> 8>.6B->2 "->-D>?1-2 B.4-2 6B:6 I.07/ 8- : B:,,E 4?>:57+.> 6B?; ;I--6 ,:?> .+ 5:6;H

73+-" #+0,3. 7*')0&3.

-.#0! (0&& $)!/'*) /)")!'%,!',% *&'%'*+

,91+.(3 B:; 8--1 I?6B 0; +.> : 7.1D 6?4-H !B- 5:4- 6. 0; +>.4 :1.6B-> ;B-76-> IB-1 ;B- ,>.J-/ 6.. ;BE 6. :/.,6 .06H !B- B:/ 8--1 : ;6>:E 8-+.>- 6B:6H *6 .0> ;B-76->2 ;B- B0//7-/ 4.6?.17-;; ?1 B-> 8-/ +.> : 7.1D 6?4:1/ /?/ 1.6 I-75.4- :66-16?.1H =-A>,>-66E ;0>- ;B-A/ 8--1 :80;-/H %6 B:; 6:9-1 3 E-:>; 806 !5.67E1 B:; )1:77E :55-,6-/ B04:1; :1/ 5.4-; .06 +.> 50//7-;H !B-A; >-:/E +.> : B.4- .+ B-> .I1H

R.T=33JTV %$1(8$/ FM28; H(



111N>B8$/B8<9B:>6LQ<5B:N+69 1/73 % !#2- # 4776 5()+-0$ ,0*+,&* . -") ''0*+%&*

U$9@$M 6X


Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Sat-Sun 9:00 am - 4:00 pm #650-20395 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge, BC V2X2P9


We have moved to a more convienient location to serve you better!


All vaccinations include a physical exam by Veterinarian.



Veterinarian and owner of Alouette Animal Hospital


There are many causes for renal failure such as congenital kidney problems, cysts, urinary tract infections, cancer, leukemia virus, and kidney stones. Unfortunately the looked into early diagnosis of Bimbo’s sunken renal failure is difby Michael Orser eyes as he spent ficult, as changes in his last few blood parameters are ous moments in the not evident until there arms of his owner, is significant loss of kidney function. Ellen. All senior cats should have a urinalyWe both knew he had suffered with sis done every 6-12 months to check for kidney failure long enough and it was protein and dilute urine to assess kidney time to put him to sleep. function. Unfortunately this scenario is all too If early kidney failure is detected, what familiar to me as a veterinarian treating can be done? There are special diets that cats with chronic kidney failure – one of are reduced in protein and phosphorus the most common causes of feline fatalthat will reduce the cat’s production of ity. excessive toxic metabolites. The kidneys have many functions: to Phosphate binders can be given, as well remove metabolic waste products and as potassium supplements, probiotics that regulate potassium and sodium, and to reduce urea levels, and medications to conserve water and produce urine. Fortunately they have a large amount of reduce blood pressure if needed. Often these older cats will need more spare capacity so cats can live quite well water than they are able to drink, so with less than 100 per cent kidney funcsometimes they will need intravenous flution. ids for a few days to improve their condiMany older cats have lost more than tion when in crisis. half their kidney function, but when they Once the kidney tissue is damaged, it get beyond two-thirds lost they start to does not usually repair itself. But, with develop chronic renal failure. proper monitoring and treatment, it is In the early stages they experience possible for some older cats to live a weight loss, poor coat, bad breath, and few years with chronic kidney failure. increased thirst and urination to compenHowever, when they reach end stage sate for early failure. kidney failure and they are not enjoying As the toxins such as urea, creatinine life, such as Bimbo, euthanasia may be and phosphorus build up in the blood, the best option to consider to end the sufthey experience nausea, vomiting, oral fering. ulcers, anemia, and depression.

Rachel Watson introduced her new Teddy bear hamster Butterscotch to the family dog Rocky. The TIMES asked readers to send in their favourite pet photos. Check out all the great submissions.


With proper treatment, some felines can live with kidney problems.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Community happenings


WHAT’S ON Post events to and email them to

April 19 to 21

❚ The Downtown Maple Ridge BIA presents a free Easter egg hunt in downtown Maple Ridge. Pick up a passport at any participating business or at the DMRBIA office at #34-22374 Lougheed Hwy., bring the family and park your car to discover 20 unique local businesses. Find one Easter egg hidden in each business and get a stamp on your passport. Children accompanied by a parent receive a free prize and Easter candy at each location. Hand in your completed passport to any participating business or at the DMRBIA office to be entered into a draw for one of 20 prizes. Info: or phone 604-467-2420.

April 19 ❚ Meet the candidates for the May 2 federal election at the Maple Ridge Library from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Anyone can chat with the candidates in an informal setting, pick up a pamphlet, and enjoy some refreshments. Get the answers you need to make your decision on election day. Info: 604-467-7417.

April 19 ❚ Open mic night with United Circle of Arts Society at 7 p.m. in the lobby of the ACT as part of its after-hours program. Info:

April 19 ❚ Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie will be shown at the Hollywood 3 Cinemas in Pitt Meadows at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. Info: 604-463-2229 or

April 19 ❚ Spring Fling Luncheon: celebrate spring with a cold plate lunch and goodies in the multi-purpose room in the Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre at 12:30 p.m. Tickets are $8.50 and available in the seniors lounge from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. Info: 604-465-2478.

April 19 ❚ St. John Ambulance is holding its annual general meeting at 7 p.m. Everyone welcome to join. Light refreshments will be served. The meeting will take place at #306 -22230 North Ave. in Maple Ridge. Info: 604-4671490.

April 20 ❚ Maple Ridge Garden Club meets 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) at Fraserview Community Centre. Speaker: Pam Erickson on day lilies.

Guest fee is $2. Info: 604462-7888 or visit the website at mapleridgegardenclub.50w

April 20 ❚ Kanaka open mic/stage, features singer/guitarist Ivan Zenovitch at Kanaka Creek Coffee, #101-24155 102nd Ave. from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Info: 604-463-6727.

April 20 to 23 ❚ Anne is presented by Emerald Pig Theatrical Society at the ACT. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. from April 20 to 23 with an extra show on April 23 at 1 p.m. Tickets are $18 for adults and $16 for seniors and students.

April 21 ❚ All Aboard For Kindergarten special event from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Pitt Meadows Library. Come to the library to see a very special guest and a marathon read-aloud of some of the 100 best books for kindergarten. No registration necessary, drop-in, leave when you have to. The Pitt Meadows Library is at 12047 Harris Rd.

April 21 ❚ Vanishing of the Bees, a movie about colony collapse disorder in honeybees, will be shown at Maple Ridge council chambers at 7 p.m. A discussion will follow the film. Admission by donation. ...continued on page A22

• 9272 Glover Rd., Fort Langley •



Easter Sunday Brunch April 24th • 11am-2pm Open for Dinner @ 5 pm Call us for reservations 604-888-2333

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

times WHAT’S ON ...continued from page A20

April 23

❚ The Family Education and Support Centre is kicking off the running season with its fourth annual River Run on April 23. The run takes place along the Pitt Meadows dikes on Harris Road at the South Alouette River bridge parking lot. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., with a start time of 9 a.m. for the 10-kilometre run. There will be prizes for the winners and goodies for everyone, including an Easter egg hunt for the young ones. Info: Karen at 604-467-6055 or Nancy at murray3552@

April 23 ❚ “I love to dance” Easter dance will take place at 8 p.m. in the Ridge Meadows Seniors Centre ballroom. The centre is at 12150 224th St. There will be a dance lesson from 7 to 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 and include refreshments. Info: or Ray at 604-8367295.

April 24 ❚ The Alouette Field Naturalists travel to Golden Ears Park for spring birds and plants. Meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Fern Crescent parking area at Maple Ridge Park to carpool. Info: Duane at 604463-8743.

April 24 ❚ Hammond United Church is again holding a Sunrise Service on Easter morning at 7 a.m. at the Haney Wharf. Bring a chair and dress for the weather. Everyone is welcome.

April 26 ❚ Comedy Night with Russ Brummer and friends takes place at 7 p.m. in the lobby of the ACT as part of its after-hours program. Info: www.theactmapleridge. org.

April 27 ❚ The Pitt Meadows Economic Development Team is presenting their 2011 Export and International Business Seminar with Doug Taylor, a facilitator for Trade & Investment with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Innovation from 8 to 11:30 a.m. at the ACT, 11944 Haney Pl. This session will provide insights, ideas, real success stories, and strategies to sell and succeed in the international marketplace. There is no cost for this event. To register, go to http://exportandinternationalseminar.eventbrite. com/

April 27 ❚ Baskin Robbins Canada is holding its annual 31¢ Scoop Night, a fundraising initiative in support of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF) from 5 to 10 p.m. at 20398 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Unit D220. Enjoy

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

a 2.5-ounce cup or cone, 3 oz. soft serve cone or one of three new mini parfaits in support of CFFF.

April 27 to 30 ❚ X-treme Theatre, a group of 90+ local homeschooled children, present Seussical Jr. from April 28 to 30 at The ACT. Admission is $12. Tickets are available at The ACT box office.

April 29 ❚ The Hominum Fraser Valley Chapter is a support and discussion group to help gay, bi-sexual and questioning men facing the challenges

of being married, separated or single. Their next meeting is at 7:30 p.m. For information and meeting location, call Art at 604-462-9813 or Don at 604-329-9760.

April 30 ❚ Music Memories, featuring a variety of singers in the style of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and others, will be at the Ridge Meadows Seniors Centre at 12150 224th St. from 2 to 4 p.m. Info: RMSS reception 604467-4993.

April 30 to May 4 ❚ Pitt Meadows Library at

12047 Harris Rd. holds its annual book sale. Fifty per cent of the proceeds to the Pitt Meadows Secondary dry grad. Times: Saturday, April 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday May 1 from 12 to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 3 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Wednesday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Groups ❚ If you are single, over 55 years old and would like to get out, and enjoy B.C. trails and walks in various Lower Mainland locations, sign up for free two-hour walks every Saturday morning.

Info: eileenanne70@hotmail. com. No cost to join group, no meetings.

Groups ❚ The Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (COSCO) is an advocacy group devoted to improving the quality of life for all seniors. Seniors organizations wishing to be affiliated or individuals who want to be members should contact Ernie Bayer at 604-576-9734 or

Groups ❚ For information about emergency planning, visit and and click on visitors/emergency services/municipal emergency program for information. Or contact Barb Morgan, ESS director at 604467-7301 or


❚ Ridge Meadows Hospice Society is hosting meat draws at the Jolly Coachman Pub, 19167 Ford Rd. in Pitt Meadows every Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. All proceeds from the draws go to support hospice society programs.

A complete listing is available online at, click “Community”

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times Tuesday, April 19, 2011 A23

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Local talent

Pitt Meadows resident takes on beauty pageant Angie Medina is competing in her first Miss World Canada pageant this year. by Teija Beck

Pitt Meadows resident Angie Medina is more than just a pretty face. While she is undoubtedly beautiful, this aspiring pageant competitor is passionate about fundraising for local charities and promoting positive body image among young girls. The 19-year-old Simon Fraser University student will be competing in this year’s Miss World Canada pageant at the River

Rock Casino on May 16 to 19, her first pageant. “This is all new for me, so I’m just trying to take this one step at a time,” Medina said. From shopping for evening gowns to organizing fundraisers for Variety — The Children’s Charity, Medina is channelling her energy into the pageant and enjoying every minute of it. At SFU, Medina is an executive for SFU UNICEF and a member of Club for the Cure, an organization that raises money for cancer research at BC Children’s Hospital. On top of those responsibilities, why get involved in a beauty pageant? “I like being involved, and once I found out that [Miss

Angie Medina is competing in Miss World Canada for the first time this year. World] works with Variety, I figured since I already like to help out with charities, why not?” Medina said.

“I also want to empower young girls that beauty is more than skin deep ... You can have beauty, brains and a heart.” As part of her participation in the pageant, Medina is holding a fundraiser at Roosters Country Cabaret on May 5, with all proceeds going to Variety. “I’ve had lots of support from the community,” Medina said. “The tickets are coming in later this week, so I’m just planning on having my friends sell as many as we can. I’m hoping at least 100 people [come out].” Each year, the Miss World Canada pageant helps raise about $100,000 for Variety, according to Carla Jones, Variety’s director of marketing. If Medina wins the Miss World

Canada competition in May, she will represent Canada in the international pageant in Brazil. While her main goals are to raise funds for Variety and enjoy the experience, Medina said she hopes to make it to the semifinals or beyond in the pageant. Born in Lima, Peru, Medina moved to Canada at the age of four, settling first in Calgary and moving to Pitt Meadows eight years ago. She is studying communications at SFU, and aspires to be a lawyer specializing in international law. For more information on Medina’s fundraiser, visit her Facebook event page: Angie presents Variety — The Children’s Charity at Roosters.

Maple Ridge Alliance Church An Inter-Church Good Friday Communion Service 10:00 am - April 22nd

Easter Sunday Worship Service 10:00 am - April 24th 20399 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Maple Ridge 604-465-5717

Maple Ridge Christian Reformed Church 20245 Dewdney Trunk Rd.

Good Friday – April 22 Meet Me At the Cross - 10:00 a.m. An inter-church Good Friday communion service Easter Sunday – April 24 Service of Celebration – 10:00 a.m. Jesus is Alive! Nursery is available for children ages 2 and under during both services • 604-465-9416 Sponsored by: Ridge Meadows Ministerial Association

An Inter-Church Good Friday Communion Service 10:00 am / April 22 / 2011 One Service - Six Locations: 20399 Dewdney Trunk Road

Salvation Army

22188 Lougheed Hwy.

Maple Ridge Baptist

Christian Life Assembly

Maple Ridge CRC

Burnett Fellowship

Maple Ridge Alliance

11756 232nd Street

20245 Dewdney Trunk Road

22155 Lougheed Hwy.

20639 123rd Avenue

Come celebrate Easter at

HANEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 11858 - 216th Street • 604-467-1715

HOLY WEEK SERVICES April 19 & 20 - 7:30 pm

April 21 - 6:00 pm


April 22 - 10:00 am GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE

April 24 - 10:00 am


High Way Church 604-467-5959

21746 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge Pastors Rod & Colleen Shearing

Sunday, April 24th


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Society donates $13,500


abc Country in Maple Ridge has New Owners!

Ridge Meadows South Asian Cultural Society held its fourth annual gala.


Education and Support Centre, and a cheque for $8,500 to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation. “[These beneficiaries] have been doing good work with the communRidge Meadows South Asian Cultural Society photo ity at large,” said Dr. Teija Beck Society members presented the $5,000 Biju Mathew, founding cheque to the Family Education Centre. president of the society. The Ridge Meadows “The hospital needs South Asian Cultural Society donated funding for equipment. The family centre $13,500 to local charities after a successis doing a lot of wonderful work, but ful gala fundraiser in February. their funding is very restricted.” The fourth annual event, which “We are extremely thankful to the comincluded South Asian food, music, and munity at large for supporting us and dance performances at the senior centre making the gala a night to remember,” in Maple Ridge, was nearly sold out this Mathew said. “I think every year it’s been year, with more than 200 members of the a near sell-out crowd.” community in attendance. The South Asian Cultural Society was Last week, the society presented formed in 2006 by citizens whose ancesa cheque for $5,000 to the Family try is from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

May 21/11

June 3/11

The Traditional Anglican Church of Canada

St. George’s Anglican Church

Parish of St. Bride

23500 Dewdney Trunk Road • 604-463-9622

Meeting in Pitt Meadows Community Church (Corner of Harris and Ford Roads)

EASTER SERVICES April 21 Maundy Thursday Liturgy with Eucharist 1:00 pm April 22 Good Friday Liturgy 1:00 pm April 23 Easter Vigil, First Eucharist of Easter 7:00 pm No Service Easter Day

A warm welcome awaits you!

A Member of the Anglican Catholic Church - Original Province Worshipping around the world with the Book of Common Prayer Phone: 604-463-5300

ST. LUKE’S EASTER PARISH SERVICES 20285 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge


HOLY THURSDAY (April 21) 7:00 pm GOOD FRIDAY (April 22) 12 Noon - Stations of the Cross 3:00 pm - the Passion of Our Lord HOLY SATURDAY (April 23) 9:00 pm- Easter Vigil EASTER SUNDAY (April 24) 8:30 am, 11:00 am, 7:00 pm

St. John the Divine Anglican Church

Maple Ridge

Maundy Thursday April 21 7:00 pm Stripping of the Alter

21299 River Road


THURSDAY APRIL 21 MAUNDY THURSDAY 7:00 pm Celebration of the Lord’s Supper & Foot Washing Ceremony

Good Friday 11:00 am Celebration of the Passion April 22 Easter Sunday 6:00 am Sunrise Service April 24 8:30 am Holy Eucharist 10:30 am Holy Eucharist





10:00 am Good Friday Service RESURRECTION: EASTER DAY 8:30 am Holy Eucharist, B.A.S. 10:30 am Holy Eucharist, B.A.S.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church 22561 121st Ave., Maple Ridge, BC Corner of 121st & Edge


12145 Laity Street, Maple Ridge



April 21, Holy Thursday 7:30 pm - Mass of the Lord's Supper April 22, Good Friday 3:00 pm - Celebration of the Lord's Passion Good Friday Confessions 2:00 pm - 3:00 and 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm April 23, Holy Saturday 9:00 pm - Easter Vigil April 24, Easter Sunday Liturgies 9:00 am & 11:00 am & 4:30 pm

Maundy Thursday - April 21 Holy Communion - 7:30 pm Good Friday - April 22 Worship - 11:00 am Easter Sunday - April 24 Easter Worship - 8:30 am & 11:00 am Easter Breakfast - 9:30 am

EDB?= B: 86mBlkj E 6iDh g==feee d ldYm=X WiVm:=he

WEBSTER'S WHONNOCK UNITED CHURCH 25102 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge

Good Friday Service Easter Sunday Service

April 22 Aprl 24

H. Holness, (DLM) Minister


Everyone Welcome

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times



Track and field season in full swing Students across the district, from high school to elementary, took part in some track and field events these past few weeks. by Amy Judd

The sun was bright, the ground was dry (ish), and the energy was high for the Nick Wilkes Invitational held at Maple Ridge Secondary School on April 7. About 400 high school students from School District 42, as well as most of the Coquitlam schools, and Walnut Grove, descended on the track at MRSS to compete in the first track and field meet of the season. “The whole idea is to encourage participation,” said MRSS English teacher and organizer Ken Elphick. This event is held every year and honours Nick Wilkes, a former MRSS student who died in 2002. “On our track team he still holds the provincial record for the decathlon,” said Elphick. “We named the meet after him. It’s all about fun and participation, and he was someone who was passionate about track and field,” he added. The races were for both boys and girls at the meet,

with some co-ed races thrown in. A highlight of the event was the steeplechase, where participants had to jump over obstacles and land in water. The bigger the splash the bigger the cheer. “It’s a lot of work,” said Elphick, “but it is such a reward to see so many kids out there.” He also stressed that he couldn’t organize it by himself, and had many volunteers from the high schools running all the events. The MRSS track team now competes in numerous events and competitions, and Elphick is hoping to take a solid team to the provincial championships this year. Hopefully the weather will be just as good as the first day event. “This is about the first year in 10 we’ve had good weather,” Elphick laughed. Unfortunately the same could not be said for School District 42’s primary cross-country races held last week. The rain poured down on the heads of the children, parents, and volunteers at Albion sports fields last Wednesday. However, that did not stop the children from having fun. Cheers for each school could be heard coming from various tents, and despite wet hair hanging in their eyes and their clothes sticking to their skin, most children were

On Deck

Ridge nominated Maple Ridge had been nominated as the best place to fish in Canada as part of the 2011 WFN Ultimate Fishing Town contest. Maple Ridge could be the best place to fish in the entire country, if voters deem it to be so through an online competition. WFN: World Fishing Network, North America’s only 24-hour fishing lifestyle network, is conducting the search through a nationwide contest and awarding a $25,000 prize and more to the winning community. • More online:, click on “Sports”

happy just to get a chance to run. Wednesday, April 13, was grades one to three from half the district, and that still totalled about 500 kids. “It’s all about participation, and encouraging kids to get out and get active,” said Lisa Jakeway, the elementary facilitator. “I give ribbons to the first 25 participants in each age category, and everyone gets a participants’ ribbon,” she added. This primary meet has been running for a long

Alan V. Young photo

Amy Judd/TIMES

Ridge race open

Grade 9 MRSS student Adam Bannister (above) got wet in the steeplechase, while Ethan Coumont, Grade 8, got ready to jump at the district cross-country meet. Jade Lenton, right, took part in the primary cross country race and came first in her Grade 2 event. time, and even though the weather has often not cooperated, it’s still rewarding for everyone involved. “Just seeing the kids having fun,” said Jakeway, “even in the rain they’re

cheering and running around.” “It’s a great community event and it brings people together,” she added.

Pitt Meadows

River Run on dikes takes place this weekend In support of the Family Education and Support Centre, residents will be running to raise money on Saturday morning.

Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities will hopefully be able to enjoy a sunny morning this Saturday, as the fourth annual River Run kicks off the running season. The run is in aid of the Family Education and Support Centre, and takes place along the Pitt Meadows dikes on Harris Road.

Reach The TIMES: Phone: 604-463-2281 Fax: 604-463-9943 Email:

Faye Luxumberg-Hyam, executive director of the centre said they have about 75 to 100 participants, but the race builds every year. “It’s to support families, it’s a family event,” she said. “We get whole families running and walking together.” Everyone is welcome to take part, and there will be prizes for the winners, “goodies” for the first 100 participants, and an Easter egg hunt for young children. Luxumberg-Hyam said this race is “an opportunity for families to get together, have fun and challenge themselves, while enjoying

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the natural beauty of our community.” The Family Education and Support Centre is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and works in the community to provide information, educations, resources, and support to individuals and families by promoting knowledge, and supporting growth, Everyone is welcome to come out and see the runners. Registration takes place at 8:30 a.m., with the 10-kilometre run starting at 9 a.m., and the five-kilometre run and family run kicking off at 9:05 a.m. For information, go to

Race the Ridge stage race takes place on May 7 and 8. Cyclists from all over will take over Maple Ridge in early May and registration is still open for those wanting to take part. To register, visit www.karelo. com. Race the Ridge is presented by Local Ridge Bike Shop in Maple Ridge, and the 22-kilometre timetrial on May 7 is open for registration as a single event. • More online:, Click on “Sports”

Sign-up and win Residents who register for soccer camps before July 25 could win a chance to see David Beckham and the LA Galaxy play the Whitecaps on July 30. Precision Soccer is now accepting registration for its summer soccer camps. For those who register before July 25, along with every registered camper, they will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize, which is to see Beckham and the LA Galaxy play the Whitecaps on July 30. • More online:, Click on “Sports”

Send in your scores to

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



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*@= OM>&

*% "% +++$!+)#&')&$(%& Maria Rantanen/TIMES

Getting chummy

Rick Hilland (above) helped his grandson, three-year-old Kaeden Olsen, set some chum free down Kanaka Creek at the Goodbye Chums event on Sunday at the Bell-Irving Hatchery. Karen Hartley (left) was at the Goodbye Chums event with Storm, a Harris hawk that she helps care for at Raptors Ridge in east Maple Ridge.

&*$(/ !#7*!/ %$3%7(9 /#5 7#, '8260 $8;:84 3+;.0) +#%M#E%,)_ O,) U=_ PBUU

E+,M]#]E#C *,) G#EKGC & 'KAMCG) 'QA* EK'`,Q bKAGa /IO %`MM#Ga 0IO C`'S#CEa ?UBB #,'b

'VX> 7(L> ( R]cVN21> X>(Y ;V2 ( c7(2\.("Y> @>(Y_ [V\W ;2\>W@1_ 7(L> 1VX> ;NW ] .7>2>31 ( ->8(1].2\T .V "> JVW< !\W@ ( ;NYY c(1\WV J\.7 T2\D>1 8(YV2>_ 1V TY(F_ ">._ @VW(.> (W@ 1cV2>4 C7>W .(cZY> .7> (Nc.\VW V2 2>L>21> @2(J_ .V J\W c(17_ 17VJ .\cZ>.1 (W@ XV2>444 FVN2 7>YT \1 W>>@>@_ 1V cVX> .(Z> T(2._ (W@ @2>11 ;V2 ->8(1a 1Y>>Z (W@ 1X(2.<

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"' $' ###&$#"%()"(&!'( $' -'/) 2(. !/#. 1)0 ,)0 %'+. *&.1$ !&"$#%

TRYOUTS FOR 2011/12 SELECT TEAMS Age Group: BOYS Under-18 Bronze

GIRLS Under-18 MSL/Gold

BOYS Under-17 Bronze

GIRLS Under-17 Silver

BOYS Under-16 Silver/Bronze

GIRLS Under-16 MSL/Gold

Girls Under-16


Boys Under-15 Silver/Bronze

Boys Under-14 Silver/Bronze

BOYS Under-13 Silver/Bronze

Girls Under-13


Girls Under-13




Thursday, MAY 19 Wednesday, MAY 25 Saturday, MAY 7 Tuesday, MAY 10 Wednesday, MAY 18 Thursday, MAY 19 Wednesday, APRIL 27 Saturday, APRIL 30 Sunday, MAY 15 Tuesday, MAY 17 Saturday, APRIL 30 Sunday, MAY 1

6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 10:00am to Noon 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 10:00am to Noon 1:00pm to 3:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 1:00pm to 3:00pm 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Monday, MAY 8 Wednesday, MAY 11 Sunday, MAY 1 Wednesday, MAY 4 Monday, MAY 2 Sunday, MAY 8 Tuesday, APRIL 26 Tuesday, APRIL 28 Tuesday, MARCH 29 Tuesday, APRIL 5 Monday, APRIL 25 Sunday, MAY 1

6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 10:00am to Noon 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 1:00pm to 3:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00pm to 8:00pm 4:00pm to 6:00pm



ALL TRYOUTS AT PMSS SECONDARY (unless noted otherwise)

Parents must register their child before try-outs to take part in the try-out. Information and registration at

Registration for 2011/2012 Season Open @

@ !V2 .\cZ>. \W;V2X(.\VW ("VN. .7\1 \XTV2.(W. (WWN(Y c7(2\.F >L>W. TY>(1> cVW.(c.a

*2>W@( #HW>2 $ 6/B95 /BR]=B9R ^(W b\cZX(W $ 6/B95 =P=]R99:


A28 Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Elizabeth McMaster 1939 - April 19, 1959. The mother I was not to know, only by a picture did I get to see her. If you can tell me about either my mother or father I would like to hear about them. Write to: Ronald Alexander Mackenzie McMaster born January, 1958. 16070 Nukko Lake Rd, Prince George, BC V2K 5K9 In Loving Memory of our Cherished Son DANIEL LEONARD GORDON Who left us April 17th, 2010. Gone are the days we used to share, but in our hearts you are always there. The gates of memory will never close, we miss you more than anyone knows. With endearing love and deep regret, we who love you will never forget. You are always remembered & sadly missed, Daniel. With special love, from Dad, Papa & Nana, Auntie Leona, Kit and Wyatt.



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Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628

Wholesale Food Distributor DRIVER / MERCHANDISER

Requires mature, experienced, Driver / Merchandiser. Experience is an asset. Mon to Fri, days.


Required for Shipping / Receiving, Order Picking. Fluent written and spoken English required.

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Hotel Restaurant

SUSHIRO JAPANESE Restaurant in Maple Ridge seeks an Ethnic Korean Cuisine Cook Completion of Secondary school or trade certificate. 3 years or more experience in cooking required. $17−19/hr, 40hrs/wk. Fluency in Korean E-mail: Fax: 604-648-8806



MEDICAL OFFICE trainees needed! Hospitals & doctors need medical office & medical admin staff! No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1-888-748-4126

Office Personnel

MAPLE RIDGE OFFICE needs Day Dispatcher/CSR. Must be a multi-tasker and type at 50+ wpm. Knowledge of lower mainland an asset. Starts at $12/hour. Send resume to attn: Chris, fax: 604-460-4423 or email:



EVERYDAY STYLE, a Canadian company, is expanding in your area. The market for our entertaining, cooking, and decor products is huge! Join us and earn money as a Consultant. Visit to find out more.


CONCRETE FINISHERS. Edmonton-based company seeks experienced concrete finishers for work in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780-444-7103. JOURNEYMAN MECHANICS required immediately, NW Alberta. Heavy Duty and Automotive positions, competitive wages, benefit plan. Caterpillar experience. More info: Fax 780-351-3764. Email:

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Postmedia Community Publishing makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

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1310 VANCOUVER’S LARGEST Lawn and Property Maintenance Company pays $120-$360 DAILY for outdoor Spring/Summer work. Hiring honest, competitive, and energetic individuals to fill our various 2011 positions. Apply online @

In Memory of Grace Simson Beloved Wife, Mother and Granma April 21st, 2010 A heart of gold stopped beating. Hard working hands at rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. The leaves & flowers may wither. The golden sun may set. But the hearts that loved so dearly Are the ones who won’t forget.

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PRO-LINE CONSTRUCTION Materials is a leading supplier of construction materials. We are currently looking for qualified full time HIAB, STIFF BOOM OPERATORS & A 5 TON DRIVER in our Surrey Branch. We offer a competitive hourly wage as well as a RRSP plan. Plse fax resume to: 604- 596-4559 Att: Erik Schilling or apply in person 13385 Comber Way, Surrey THINK BIG! Heavy Equipment Service Technician Training. $1000. entrance scholarship. Paid practicum with Finning. High school diploma and a mechanical aptitude required. On-campus residences. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-999-7882;




Fab-All is currently looking for a full time GTAW (TIG) welder. ● Must have 3 to 5 years experience ● Work well with others ● Able to read blueprints ● Perform housekeeping duties ● Clean and grind own welds We offer competitive wages, extended health & dental benefits. Great working atmosphere! Fax resume to 604-945-3597 or email


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If you answered yes to this question, then come and join our team at the The Record in New Westminster as an ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE. We are one of the most established community based organizations and are looking for people who share our passion for excellence. By utilizing your strong outside sales experience you will be responsible for providing both print and online adver tising solutions to local businesses. YOUR SUCCESS WILL BE MEASURED BY YOUR ABILITY TO: • PROSPECT & DEVELOP NEW BUSINESS • MANAGE & GROW AN ESTABLISHED TERRITORY • EXCEED CLIENT EXPECTATIONS & BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS

This position requires great attention to detail, the ability to multi-task, prioritize and work under tight timelines. We offer a great working envir onment and a competitive base salar y and commission plan which includes a competitive benefi ts package. If this sounds like the per fect fit, please submit your resume and cover letter in confi dence to Lara Graham at by April 25th 2011. We thank all of our applicants for their interest. Come and be par t of the excitement of Postmedia Community Publishing.

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APPLY NOW: Pennywise Scholarship For Women to attend Journalism certificate course at Langara College in Vancouver. Deadline April 29, 2011. More information: files/scholarships




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Maple Ridge Campus: 604-466-3600 Call (Campus Name): 555-555-5555

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A30 Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3508 3507



Beautiful 1 Year Old Neutered Male Pitbull

with some issues, couch potato want to be. Required experienced adult dog handler, no children, fenced yard. Looking for love after a year of mistreatment. Fur and Feathers Rescue 604 719-7848

STANDARD POODLE Black Male 8 weeks old from Champion, fully health tested parents. Raised in home with children, dogs & cats. Crate trained, leash trained, knows all basic commands. 604-986-6193 YORKIE PUPPIES-READY May 20th, M-$900 F-$1200, call for info 604-751-2269

RAGDOLL KITTENS, 1ST shot & worming , raised underfoot & post trained. $450+. 604-581-2772

Foster homes urgently req’d for rescued, abandoned & neglected dogs. Many breeds. www.

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! LAB PUPS yellow, chocolate & black, male/ female, vet checked. $550. Phone 604-701-1587



SCHNOODLES (SCHNAUZER X Poodle) $699. For more information please visit our website 604-736-0557

ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding $399+. 604-590-3727, 604-514-3474

YORKIES PB Reg. microchip, 1st shot, fam. Raised $1200.00 604-857-0722

Cares! The Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit


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Apartments & Condos



2BDRM,1BATH MAPLE RIDGE, Spacious,Views,w/d,d/w,n/p,n/s, Avail May 1st $975 Call 604-467-1758


COQ. CNTR, 2BD-2bath, hi/ceiling condo, ensuite, wkg/closet, balcony, insuite laundry, SS applncs, Grte counter, elec. f/pl, f/sprinkler, 1 parkg & 1 storage. $1400/m incl. cookg gas & H/water. 778-898-1941

office: 604- 524-8174 cell: 604- 813-8789


CKC CHOC lab puppies, vet checked micro chipped, family raised. $850. Ph 604-701-1587 FILA/MASTIFF GUARD DOGS owners best friend. Intruders worst nightmare. all shots, each. ready now! 604-817-5957




PLEASE ADOPT Cleo! She is a wonderful 3 year old female tortoise shell cat. She seems to be good with other laid back cats, and would be fine with a cat friendly dog. Cleo would do well in a adult oriented home or home with older children. She has been here for too long and we would really like to find this special girl her forever home. Please contact us for more info @ the Tsawwassen Animal Hospital 604-943-9385



Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


2232 McAllister Port Coquitlam 2 BR Apartment Available MAY 1

* Newly reno’d, quiet secure bldg, walk to all amenities. * Near WC Express. * Rent incls heat, hot water, fridge, stove, priv balcony & window coverings * Laundry & Storage ea floor * No pets ✔ Wheel Chair Access

604 - 941 - 7721

AMBER ROCHESTOR 545 Rochester Ave, Coq

Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation. office: 604- 936-3907


401 Westview St, Coq Large Units. Near Lougheed Mall. Transportation & S.F.U.

office: 604- 939-2136 cell: 604- 805-9490

ARBOUR GREENE 552 Dansey Ave, Coq

Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U.

office: 604- 939-4903 cell: 778- 229-1358

1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building.

COQ. 2 BR $900, Avail Now or May 1, heat, parking. 778-990-7079 or 604-521-8249

COTTONWOOD PLAZA 555 Cottonwood Ave, Coq

Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall.

office: 604- 936-1225

JUNIPER COURT 415 Westview St, Coq

Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604- 939-8905 cell: 604- 916-0261 KING ALBERT COURT 1300 King Albert, Coq Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604-937-7343 cell: 778-848-5993 M/R CENT, 11735-225th St, Adult bldg, 2 Br heat/h/w incl’d, no dogs 604-467-9420, 604-720-5502 NEW WEST nr RCH/Skytrain, 1 BR apt, $755/mo, No Pets, quiet complex, Call 604 299-8288




22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great view of River

office: 604- 463-0857 cell: 604- 375-1768 SURREY/CITY CENTRE Pacifica Beautiful 2 bdrm +den condo, laminate floors, large patio, all appliances, sec.prkg & storage, short walk to sky train, shops & bus W&D Avail.Now $1200 N/S Small Pet ok SURREY- FLEETWOOD . Large 1 bdrm condo, TOP FLOOR laminate floors, f/p, storage, secure prkg, ns np, $900 incl h/water. May 1st Call to view Sutton Group Email: homesforlease@ for a full list of rentals available or call Cindy at 604-807-1105.



115 PLACE CO-OP Located in Burnaby near Lougheed Town Centre

Accepting applications or waiting list for Bachelors, 1 BR’s, 1 BR & Dens & 2 BR’s. Adult oriented high rise. Pool, exercise room and workshop. No Pets. Participation mandatory and $2000 share purchase required. Enquiries to Membership Committee

Call 604 421-1222


Houses - Rent

AVAIL MAY 1, 5 BR hse 2 bath 4 appl or legal Business front. 2653 James St, Abby. $1600/mo. N/P. 604-583-6844 or 604 809-7796

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Condos/ Townhouses



Abbotsford- 3262 Clearbrook Rd. HOUSE with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. Mortgage helper. Walk to all Schools and other amenities. Only $1,598/m. Low Down. Flexible Terms. (604) 626-9647 or (604) 657-9422

STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● ABBOTSFORD - 2087 Lonsdale Cr, HOUSE, 3bd w/ 2bd suite, quiet neigh., hot tub & pool.......$2,188/M CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49x171’ lot, excellent investment property in heart of town..... $888/M Call Kristen today (604)786-4663


Office/Retail Rent

POCO RETAIL 1236sf, 3450/mo, 2569 Shaughnessy St. Air cond, exc loc acreoss from City Hall. Jun 1. Bill Evans 604-836-2494



BBY N room in house, priv ent, bath & kit. Nr Lough Mall, SFU & Skytrain. $420 incl hyd/cbl/net, w/d, Ns/np. May 1. 604-438-7341


Shared Accommodation


Coq./Poco/ Port Moody

COQ, Lough Skytrain. Bright rm. Sh’d big kitchen. $480 incl util/’net & a/c. Ns/np. Refs. 778-355-3575

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Houses - Sale


Real Estate

Money to Loan

NEED A LOAN - BAD CREDIT? Has your credit prevented you from getting a loan? Buying a home or having your own business? We can help you get up to 1 million business or mortgage loan and up to 200K personal loan with interest rates starting at 2.9% APR. Bad credit ok. Apply now at: or call 1-877-500-4030

Need Cash Today?

✔Do you Own a Car? ✔Borrow up to $10000.00 ✔No Credit Checks! ✔Cash same day, local office




Houses - Rent

CULTUS LAKE. Cottage avail for long or short term rental. Fully furnished 2BR, BBQ & sunny deck. Near beach. $900/mo incl utils. N/s. Immed. 604-813-7535





Bank On Us!

Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1-888-685-6181

Own a home? Need Money? Get Mortgage Money Fast! Quick, Easy, Confidential No credit or income required 1st, 2nd, 3rd mortgages

Call 604-328-6409


Build Results

Renee Dubois

Mobile Mortgage Specialist TD Canada Trust. 778-686-5107



KELOWNA - Upscale Adult Resort, 4 Jacuzzi Stes., 6 ½ baths. Salt pool, media room & sauna. Lake, mtn & city views. Private 2 bdrm. res. Fabulous semi-retired lifestyle. Turn key. $1,549,000. 1-877-762-7831


Condos/ Townhouses



MOUNTAINVIEW VILLAGE in quiet end location. Family oriented complex in East Abby. Has outdoor pool, club house, playground, pets allowed. This UPDATED 3 BR, 3 bath feels like a home. Spacious mn flr offering eating area/computer space off the remodeled kitchen w/new modern cabinet fronts & hardware, counters, tile floor & appls. Nice dining rm w/slider to private yard & patio. Good size living rm w/gas fireplace w/lam flrs. 3 BR up master has ensuite & walk in closet. Double side by side garage. Painted in trendy colours & close to visitor parking. Great place to call home! Easy access to Hwy 1, shopping, parks, and all levels of schools. $284,900. Call Pamela Stadnik, Remax Treeland Realty, 604-533-3491

PANORAMA RIDGE. Sun. 2 4pm, at #113 - 6363 121st St. Spac 2 BR. 2 f/baths, gas f/p, inste w/d, priv patio, 2 u/g prkg, lots of storage. 1072 sf. Near bus, parks & shops. $247,500. Call Sean Thompson, Re/Max Colonial Pacific Realty. 604-862-5370


Houses - Sale


Real Estate 6 BR home from $19,000 down $1,940/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain @ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock


Mobile Homes



Don’t be fooled by out-of-province Dealer Promises. Enjoy 10yr. Extended Warranty. Local Service Prices Approx. $70.00 sq.ft.

Quality Homes •


Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Chilliwack 2.5yr old 2967sf 3 storey 4 br 2.5ba w/suite potnl $417,900 798-2511 id5344 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $94,900 597-8361 id4714 Sry Bear Creek Park beauty 1440sf rancher, gated 45+ $275,900 306-931-3939 id5234 Sry Tynehead on Greenbelt 3600sf 5br 4.5ba 1/2ac GD lot $930K 575-7311 id5350 Sry Guildford reno’d 922sf 1br+den or 2br condo, private yard $219K 454-7050 id5353

Mobile Home Restorations and Service Work No Job too small Chris 604-393-3087 NEW SRI homes single, dbl & modular on display, Abby. 604-830-1960 NEW SRI single wides in Langley and Maple Ridge parks. Call 604-830-1960 Repossessed mobile homes to be moved, 1974-2008, Chuck at 604-830-1960.

* AT WE BUY HOMES * Sell Your House Fast! Call us First!

Damaged House! Older House!

Difficulty Selling! Need to Sell Now! No Fees! No Risks! 604-626-9647


Difficulty Making Payments?

Alternative to Bankruptcy!

Penalty? No Equity? We Take Over Your Payment! No Fees!! / (604) 812-3718


Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk! Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663

SRY, 7850 King George Blvd. Looking for a beautiful dbl wide under $80,000? 55+ adult park. Pet ok. Lorraine Cauley, Royal Lepage North Star, 604-889-4874


Recreation Property

SHARED OWNERSHIP late model 40’ - 60’ cruising yachts moored on Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland. Sail & Power. Professionally maintained. 604-669-2248.

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Shared Accommodation


Suites/Partial Houses

New Westminster

COQ WESTWOOD Plt. 2 BR, gr lev ste, 5 appls. $950 + 1/3 utls. Avail now. NS/NP. 604-834-8355

MISSION. 2 BR. 2 gas f/ps, f/yard. Priv laundry. $900/mo incl hydro/ cbl/internet. Ns/np. 778-839-0905

FURNISHED ROOMS. $450 $500/mo incl hydro/cbl & tv. Sh’d w/d & kitch/bath. 778-892-1936


Suites/Partial Houses

1BR COQ, 1 yr New own W/D $850 incls utls cable net No Pet/ smoke, Avl. Now 778-834-8464

BBY 11TH/2ND St 2BR g/lvl, totally renod, granite counters, new appls, full bath. N/s, np. $950 incls utils. Av now. 604-526-8798 BBY 3 BR upper flr, nr Canada Way, quiet CDS, w/d, 6 appls, lge, deck, smoking outside, $1300. Avail now. 604-522-3663

BBY, HIGHGATE. Spacious 1 BR + den. F/bath, sh’d w/d, f/yard. Suits 1. Nr bus. N/s, n/p. $700/mo incl hydro. May 1. 604-522-6525


PORT COQUITLAM 2 BR townhouse, $830, quiet-family complex, no pets call 604-464-0034.


The price is right!

POCO, 2 BR ste, $800. PITT MEADOW, 1 BR ste, $650. Pet ok. Sh’d W/D. Pitt Meadow STORAGE 1150sf, $600. 604-727-4085 or 604-552-6084

Can’t beat the convenience!

POCO, Stafford/Shaughnessy. 1 BR ste. $775 incl heat & elec. Avail Now. 604-941-8344

I love the location!

Townhouses Rent

MAPLE RIDGE Brookside Gardens

AUTOMOTIVE Auto Miscellaneous

$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.


Scrap Car Removal

We pay up to $300 cash


Collectibles & Classics

1959 356A Coupe 1981 VW p/u 1984 VW cab Wolsburg 1986 Audi Turbo Quattro 1988 Audi Turbo Selling to downsize. Best offer takes all. 604-462-1410



Visit our website @ Free tow, no wheels, no papers no problem! Hassle free friendly service. 2 hr service in most areas.

604 628 9044


Blinds & Draperies


Lawn Care Pressure Washing Rubbish Removal 10% Discount for Seniors

(604) 813-5282


ADAM’S YARD CARE Hedge trimming, pruning trees, yard clean up, etc Adam 778-899-4162


Marie’s Customized Cleaning Services. ★ Move outs ★ offices & homes ★ new construction ★ carpets & blinds. WCB Insured & Veterans VIP Blue Cross Certified Provider. Call Marie 604-467-1118 CLEANER REQ’D for light & medium duty afer 5pm. Fax resume to: 604-244-1729 or Call 604-244-1719



YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899



ALL TYPES OF STONE, Brick, Block, Tiles, Reno’s & Repairs. Certified European Craftsman. 35 yrs exp. Call Mike 604-328-7974

Moving & Storage



45 We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

FREE ESTIMATES Seniors Discount

• All Bobcat & Mini-X Services • Small Hauls Available • Fast Reliable Service

Call Ryan: 604-329-7792



A MOVING EXPERIENCE WITH L & D ENTERPRISES !!! Fast & Dependable Special Rates Seniors Disc. Call 604-464-5872

Grant’s Home Maintenance

Residential & Strata Prompt Service. WCB Insured

604- 936-2808 Powerwashing & Gutters Free Quote, Low Cost Chris 604-463-1951

Poppa & Sons Ultimate Pressure Washing. Driveways, Decks, Sidewalks, Siding, Free Est. Wayne 604 671-9524


Additions ★ Renovations Concrete Forming ★ Decks Garages ★ Bathrooms Ceramic Tile ★ Drywall Hardwood Flooring ''Satisfaction Guaranteed''

NORM, 604-466-9733 Cell: 604-841-1855

Haney Home Improvement


Bathrooms Kitchens Laminate

Quality Work You Can Trust!

Flooring/ Refinishing


Scrap Car Removal

Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee

STEVE TOWING SERVICES Scrap Car Removal. We Pay $$ for all cars. Call 778-316-7960


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673 FREE SCRAP car & truck removal. Top $$ paid for all. No wheels - no problem. 604-761-7175




604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H



Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2000 TJ Sport Jeep, green, complete hard & soft top, 4 l, 6 cyl, low 120k kms $10,500. 604-530-2839

Artistry of Hardwood Floors

Refinish, sanding, install, dustless Prof & Quality work 604-219-6944 Century Hardwood Floors ★Hardwood flr refinishing ★Repairs ★ Staining ★ Free Estimate. Contact 604-376-7224



Two Easy Steps to Finding a Pre-Owned Vehicle 1. Go to 2. Search by STOCK# 3. Get details & photos of cars you choose Contact the dealer, check out your new ride and drive home. Easy, right?


Sports & Imports

2000 VW Jetta GLS, 88,000k, 4 cyl auto, full pwr, a/c, heated seats. $5900 obo. 604-936-0538 2010 NISSAN VERSA, 4 dr h/b, auto, red, some option 20k, $8800 Firm. 604-538-9257



Aluminum Boat Wanted, 10, 12 or 14ft, with or without motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720



29 FT 5th WHEEL, recently refurbished, incls upholstery, awning, appls, new bed, wood flr, $4700 obo. 604-464-2702


Stevie’s Handyman Services Big or Small, we do it ALL! Call Stevie • 778-997-0337


Spring Services

Same Day Service, Fully Insured


310-JIMS (5467) BOOK A JOB AT LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION, tree services, hedge trimming, spring lawn care. 778-885-6488




Licenced & Insured. Refs.

15% Discount with ad!


604-317-4729 A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

Call Geoff Dann at:


A Name You Can Trust

Lawn & Garden


Call Geoff Dann at:

• Pressure Washing • Residential/Commercial • Over 25 years experience

Drywall Decks Tile


• Pressure Washing • Residential/Commercial • Over 25 years experience


Renovations & Home Improvement


Painting/ Wallpaper


Power Washing

Complete Pressure Washing: Roofs, Houses, Driveways, etc Gutter Cleaning & Repairs.


Scrap Car Removal


Water Lines (without digging) Sewer Lines (without digging) Install. Drain tiles. 604-739-2000

1 to 3 Men






1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

1986 CHEV Gruman. Propane. Step van style. This is an ex-tool truck. $5,500 obo. 604-607-7711

2 Drive.


The Whole Nine Yards

• Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing • Yard Clean-ups • Aeration • Pruning/Hedges • Power Raking • Rubbish Removal • Odd jobs •Yearly Maintenance Programs •

1 Click.

Lawn & Garden


#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

Cash for junk cars! $100 to $1000 Ask about our $500 Credit!


Check out the real estate listings in the CLASSIFIED PAGES.

Aarrow Recycling

• Auto • Trucks • Equipment Removal

To advertise in the Classifieds call

call 604-630-3300



MISSION: Silver Creek Industrial Park. 1800 sq.ft. FOR LEASE $1088/mo + triple net. RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty, Gary Fraipont 604-466-2838 or 604-240-3948

Or to advertise a listing

3 BR newly renovated, carport, 5 appl, fenced yard, Avail Now, ★Pets Welcome ★ *deposit required

COQ. 2 BR, grd/lvl. Private w/d & entry. Full bath. N/s, n/p. $975/mo incls utils. Immed. 604-931-3677

Warehouse/ Commercial

The right move starts here.

Finally, a place of my own!

POCO, NORTHSIDE 1 BR g/lvl, n/s, n/p, shared w/d, $675 + 1/3 utils. Avail May 1. 604-728-7404


Looking for a new place to live?

What a view!

NEW WEST, Queensborough. Clean & spac. 1 BR. Ns/np. $625 incl hydrol. Near bus, park, shops, schools. Avail now. 604-306-3057


Wanted To Rent

CLEAN Non sm, middle aged couple with a clean small dog, looking for 2 bdr house, on the gas main, opening windows, in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Poco area. up to 1250 per mo, refs. by May 31/11 604-467-9639

NEW WEST. 2 BR bsmt, full bath. Ns/np, no laundry. $950/mo incl hydro/cbl. Immed. 778-836-1196

BBY, The Crest. Newly reno’d 2 BR. Priv w/d & yard. N/s. $1000 incl hydro. May 1. 604-522-5547


Townhouses Rent

POCO 2 BR T/H $785/mo. Quietfamily complex, No Pets! Avail Now. Call 604-464-0034

Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

M/RIDGE LARGE unfurn bdrm/ ldry /cable incl, nr Hospital, ns. np, $450mth 604-922-6003



Tuesday, April 19, 2011 A31

STARBRUSH PAINTING • Free Estimates • Seniors Disc. • High Quality, Low Cost • WCB

25% Off with this ad

Call 604-518-0974

#1 PAY-LESS PRO PAINTING 31 yrs exp. Spring Special Ext/Int. Call 24 hrs, 7 days 604-891-9967


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



$69/HR Lic’d/Ins. Exp & friendly Clogged drains, plumbing, small jobs OK! Call 24/7! 604-805-2488

Home Reno Feature


We encourage all Maple Ridge homeowners and Ridge Meadows businesses to take this opportunity for a chance to win a pair of Canuck playoff tickets by signing up today for waste and/or recycling services with BFI Canada.

BFI Canada 25 Fawcett Road, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V2 Tel: 604-525-2072 Service Centre Email:


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

CLINT’S EXTERIOR STUCCO Small repairs our specialty. Res/Comm. 604-306-2658


Tree Services


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585


8335 • • • • • •

Window Cleaning

DB WINDOW CLEANING Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Building Siding Cleaning Registered & Insureed Residential/Commercial 604-376-7842

Need help with your Home Renovation? Find it in the Classifieds!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge Times April 19 2011  
Maple Ridge Times April 19 2011  

Maple Ridge Times April 19 2011