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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Daisy Pavon will traverse 48 flights of steps this weekend to aid the BC Lung Association.

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ary Annivers 1985-2010


Ruth Paré owns the Haney Place Market & Antique Mall, which operates in the former Safeway location, on the east end of the Haney Place Mall. The announcement was made on Monday that this is the site of the new Thrifty Foods coming in 2012.

Maria Rantanen/TIMES

Haney Place Mall

Thrifty Foods becomes new anchor

The downtown shopping centre gets new entrances and facade as the mall prepares for a new tenant. by Maria Rantanen

The happy face on Thrifty Foods logo reflected how Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin was feeling Monday. He was “happy” indeed, when the announcement was finally confirmed that Thrifty’s is opening a store at Haney Place Mall in 2012, after improvements are made to the exterior of the mall. “Since Safeway left, there was

a void in that mall,” Daykin said. “It’s good news for downtown – it’s another welcome addition.” The agreement Thrifty’s made with Haney Place owners is that the mall itself will undergo “signficant upgrades” to the exterior, its entrances, and the parking area before the new grocery store opens. The former Esso station and car wash are also part of the property, and these will be integrated into the new shopping centre, said Chris Sherry, one of the owners of Narland Properties – which owns the mall. The new grocery store will be 35,000 square feet and will be located where the Haney Place Market & Antique Mall currently

exists – the former Safeway site. This will be Thrifty Foods’ “Bringing a retailer of this eighth location in the Lower calibre to Maple Ridge is a huge Mainland. win for the dowtown core,” said Ruth Paré, owner of the Sherry. antique mall, said she has been He added that paying rent the mall will take month month “Bringing a retailer for the to advantage of the last of this calibre to town core inceneight years, and tive program. said been she’s Maple Ridge is a The next phase heard rumours huge win for the is to start working about Thrifty’s with an architect coming to the downtown core.” through the design mall for many Chris Sherry process, Sherry of those years. explained. At this point, “The opportunity she’s not sure to locate one of our stores with is she will relocate or just close our flagship fresh departments in down the antique store. the heart of Maple Ridge is cause “It’s hard to find something for celebration,” said Jim Dores, big enough, that’s reasonably president of Thrifty Foods. priced,” Paré said.

The antique store is used by a lot of movie and television companies for props, and they’ve told her they don’t know where they’ll get their props, if she closes. Paré rents 24 booths in the antique mall and has one fulltime and one part-time employee. Target has bought the Zellers chain and Sherry said Narland is in discussions with that company about whether Target will replace Zellers or not – but he said he is optimistic. The District of Maple Ridge has recently bought 12 residential properties just east of the new Thrift location, which they hope will be developed into a high-density retail-housing mix.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



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Local jerseys bound for Russia by Maria Rantanen

What’s OnLine

Turley stands trial A former Maple Ridge woman will stand trial in connection with the 2008 death of a teenager. The verdict came down last week, following Victoria Turley’s preliminary hearing in Port Coquitlam provincial court. She is charged with failing to provide the necessities of life to 16-year-old Shannon Raymond, who died while attending a party at the Turley house. • More online:, click on “News”

David Boyce presented Annika Polegato with a cheque for RMHF.

Patients benefit

Exceptional women wanted The YWCA is currently accepting nominations for amazing women from Metro Vavncouver with their annual Women of Distinction awards. Anyone in the community is invited to nominate a woman who they feel has contributed to the well-being and future of Maple Ridge and/or Pitt Meadows. The deadline for submissions is March 7. Applications are online at or by calling 604-895-5768. • More online:, click on “News”

Flyers • The Bay • Safeway* • Panago • Toys-R-Us • M&M Meats * Full delivery to area homes; others partial delivery only

Maria Rantanen/TIMES

David Riddell and Dave Rempel tried on some used local minor hockey jerseys that the Meadow Ridge Rotary Club plans to ship to Russia.


Chair pushes local bargaining with union Negotiation at the local level would strengthen democracy, said school board chair.

by Maria Rantanen

The topic of bargaining parts of the local teachers’ contract will be under consideration by the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows board of education this week. Board chair Ken Clarkson is recommending the board support an expansion of local bargaining “in principle” to make sure local issues get addressed locally. But, he noted, wages and benefits would stay at the provincial level. The last three teacher contracts have been drawn up at the provincial level, but Clarkson said the

irony is that no one really knows if provincial bargaining works because each time a contract has had to be imposed. Clarkson said for him, when local people bargain for local issues, it strengthens communities and democracy. “The trouble with simplicity is just that and democracy is complex,” he said. Clarkson brought up the example of the local Bill 33 committee, something that exists only in School District 42 The committee, which deals with any class size and composition issues that arise throughout the school year, works because the board of education has allocated money for the committee and the right people are in place to continue that committee. SD42 has a lot fewer griev-

Clarkson said Rempel “has ances because of this committee, a good point,” but when local Clarkson said. However, the Bill bargaining existed before, school 33 committee isn’t in a contract, and, therefore, later it might cease boards didn’t have the B.C. Public School Employees’ to exist. Association as a Negotiating that into resource on their side the local contract would of the bargaining table. guarantee its continuaSchool district contion, he added. tracts end on June 30, “Right now it depends therefore, bargaining on the people in those can begin in March. positions,” Clarkson Before that, BCPSEA said. “Whereas if it’s in and the BCTF have the contract, it’s there to agree on protocols for the future.” and delineate what are Trustee Dave Rempel Ken Clarkson provincial issues and said at the January what are local issues. board meeting that he School board chair George Serra, preswould support local ident of the MRTA, brought forbargaining if it were between ward the idea of local bargaining, the Maple Ridge Teachers’ or some hybrid model of it, at the Association and the local board, board meeting on Jan. 12. but not if the provincial B.C. • More at:, click ”News” Teachers’ Federation is involved.

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The Million Dollar Round Table Foundation recently donated $1,177.20 to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation to buy new clothes and supplies for patients needing them when they come to the hospital. • More online:, click on “Community”

A pile of jerseys used by Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows minor hockey players will soon travel across the globe to be used in Canada’s archrival hockey country of Russia. School board trustee Dave Rempel left on Sunday for Russia to see how the Meadow Ridge Rotary Club can best help children in orphanages and young teenaged boys in reform school. Before he left, David Riddell, who is involved with the Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey Association and is secretary of Meadow Ridge Rotary, told him the association had about 200 jerseys they planned to get rid of, and they were wondering if the club could donate them to aspiring hockey players in Russia. While the Rotary Club is donating money for things like a tractor, it’s also important to offer gym equipment and sports opportunities, Rempel said. “Those are all necessary for building up young men – in rehabilitating them,” he added. Hockey Canada used to have a program where old jerseys were sent to places like Russia and Chile. But the program was discontinued, meaning the old RMMHA jerseys were bound for the landfill. Rempel’s trip will take him from Vancouver to Beijing to Tashkent to Moscow to Novosibirsk to Valdivostok to Beijing and then back to Vancouver, and he estimates about 43 hours of travelling, not to mention 15 hours of waiting in Beijing at both ends of the trip – “life in the fast lane,” he said. “What you gotta do, when you gotta do it, you got no options,” he added.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Real estate

Multi-family homes lacking

Colliers International claims Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are losing ground to areas like Abbotsford and Langley.

Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows have been given a red light by Colliers International warning potential multi-family investors that the market is sluggish. The Colliers report gives neighbourhoods a green, yellow or red light indicating whether there is room for more development. Four areas were coded goahead green, six were a cautious yellow and only one, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows got a red light. “Nearly eighteen months after the completion of the Golden Ears Bridge, demand for multi-family product remains sluggish with the exception of townhome product priced appropriately below the single family market,” Colliers wrote of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. “The development landscape in this area appears to be losing ground to areas to the southeast, in particular Abbotsford and Langley.” The report by Colliers on new multi-family sales was released last week. The report, done by Urban Analytics Inc. looked at multi-family residential development from West Vancouver to Aldergrove. The method of collecting information was done largely by personal visits to each project that was on the market. The report notes that there are 400 to 500 units planned for the north edge of Meadow Gardens Golf Course, 338 units at Cedar Downs in the centre of Pitt Meadows, and the final

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Maria Rantanen/TIMES

Construction continues in downtown Pitt Meadows where the first ever towers in the City were built. build-out of Osprey Village at Bonson Landing. Overall, though, Colliers continues to have a positive view of the rest of the Lower Mainland market. “The fact that we are ‘the best pace on earth’ creates a steady stream of buyers entering this market,” the report said. Chinese immigrants and investment demand will also continue to push the market, espe-

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– with files from Postmedia Network, Inc.

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rules and possible rate hikes. So projects targeting first-time buyers may have more trouble selling than other projects, the report said.

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cial in Vancouver West, Richmond and Metrotown, the report said. On the other hand, firsttime buyers will continue to be negatively impacted by changing mortgage

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emergency response

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Search team welcomes recruits

A local rescue team currently has 23 active members, many of whom have been with the group for more than 10 years.


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63,6/,$03563, @*/*5@% HE3, 2#"= %D%/< +#)/-&*< %"*#!)''*#!)&($

by Amy Judd

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It is often a thankless job, but dedicated members of the Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue (SAR) team logged more than 2,000 hours of volunteer time in 2010. Team manager Rick Laing gave a presentation to council last Tuesday night about the team’s efforts, and said they have just taken on seven new recruits who have are beginning their one-year probationary period. “We average about 30 calls per year,” Laing said, and these include missing people, missing boaters, and injured people. SAR can be called upon from the fire department, police, and ambulance service, and they can also be called out to help other search and rescue teams – if they need assistance in their area. The team also provided more than 120 hours of education last year, going into schools and teaching the public about how to be safe and take care of themselves, Laing said.

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Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue team can be called out to search on land, on the water, or in the air. They have just recruited seven new team members, and recruit about every two years. “I guess education must be a part of this, because people still go off and get lost,” said Pitt Meadows Mayor Don MacLean. “How do we educate people to not take those risks?” he asked. Laing answered. He believes people will continue to take risks, no matter what.

“With the growing population and the growing recreational pursuits. you’ll still see these types of events happening,” Laing said. “We do it because we enjoy helping out,” he said. “And we do get to play with some really cool toys,” Laing added, prompting laughter from council.

Police blotter

Memorial benches stolen

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Ridge Meadows RCMP are looking for Alcohol thief sought A man walked into Firefly Wines and help to catch a variety of thieves. Ales on Lougheed Highway, located

• More online:, click on “News”

to replace.

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between 216th and 218th Streets on Sunday, Feb. 13 at about 10:55 p.m., and took two bottles of liquor from the store before leaving. Three aluminum benches, two of which Police said he met up with have memorial plaques, have two friends on the road, and been stolen. then they walked away, headThe benches were located ing in opposite directions on on the dikes in Pitt Meadows, Lougheed Highway. between Harris Road and The suspect is described as a Baynes Road, and Ridge Caucasian man, 18 to 25 years Meadows RCMP are now of age, about 5 ft 8 in tall, and investigating what happened to Police want help weighing about 150 pounds. them. catching this man. He had a small scar, or mark The thefts occurred at on his face, below one of his some point over the night on Wednesday, Feb. 16, or the early morning eyes, and light-coloured brown hair. He was wearing a grey hooded sweathours of Thursday, Feb. 17. Two benches shirt, a black shirt, blue jeans, and a pair had aluminum plaques attached to them, of black shoes. containing a memorial to a loved one. Tipsters can call 604-463-6251. The benches are valued at about $3,000

by Amy Judd


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Local Big Brothers suspended Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows’ Big Brothers Big Sisters will cease operations next month. by Amy Judd

Due to economic hardship and government funding cuts, Big Brothers Big Sisters will no longer be able to operate in this community after March 14. Speaking about how their need has been greater than ever with the economic hard times, Shirley Wilson, executive director for BBBS in the Upper Fraser Valley said “the last ones who get hit, when their increased need goes up gets hit.”

Wilson claims a program has existed in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows for about 40 years, and it’s a difficult decision to close the chapter. “We are very, very cognizant of the need to contact those folks impacted directly,” Wilson said. There are about 26 families in the region that will be affected by the decision. But, Wilson elaborated that for every match made, there will be at least three people affected, and most likely, many more. “We are very aware of the impact that this is going to have,” she said. Both BBBS Upper Fraser Valley and BBBS Abbotsford Mission Ridge Meadows have been working together since 2010 by creatively sharing resources and collaborating across boundaries to try and deal with the

increased economic uncertainty. The two boards have now chosen to align efforts and have undertaken a joint strategic plan, which involves closing the local chapter. “It is with regret that we cannot continue to provide mentoring services to the Ridge Meadows area,” said president Edwin Palsma. “What we have learned over the past year is that many agencies across the country are experiencing similar challenges and that really tough decisions have to be made.” “This has been a difficult decision,” said Wilson. “And we want to hear from the community.” Those with comments can contact her at or David Sheach, at david.

Waste management

Garbage no place for scraps Ridge suggested as composting site. by Maria Rantanen and Kelly Sinoski Postmedia Network, Inc.

By the end of next year, anyone in a house in Metro Vancouver will have their kitchen scraps banned from the trash. That means everything from apple cores to chicken bones, bread crusts, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper towels and pizza boxes must be in your green bin instead of the garbage can. Kim Day, executive director of Ridge Meadows Recycling Society, said she’s actively trying to figure out how and where a drop-off facility for kitchen waste will be located. Currently, the only place to take kitchen

scraps is the Fraser Richmond Biocycle, two hours away. “If they’re going to ban (kitchen scraps), there have to be some options,” Day said. The first step is to get a transfer station in the east Fraser Valley area. But a longer term plan would be for a local composting facility and “Maple Ridge would be a handy location,” Day said. Port Coquitlam, which started its kitchen scraps program in 2007, has been followed by Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody, Richmond and Vancouver, which signed on last year. Once the plans are in place, most Metro Vancouver cities will reduce garbage collection to every two weeks and pick up the organics weekly.

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#!2 *7)<@76 $->4! %-4427 3). (2?27+2= '++-<00


• More online at, click on “News”

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>F- /4A F4FF

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Pickton investigation

Jane Doe still a mystery 16 years later

Police have released a sketch of what a woman found in Ruskin might have looked like.

“Somebody knew her and her fam- areas such as forensic anthropology, ily deserves to know what has hapbiology, forensic entomology, forenpened,” he said. sic odontology, and human anatomy. Sandra Gagnon, a resiInvestigators have been dent of Maple Ridge, also able to determine that believes her sister Janet Jane Doe was a Caucasian Gail Henry went missing female, 20 to 40 years on Pickton’s farm. old, who died sometime Since the discovery of between 1985 and 1995. Jane Doe’s skull, police She had missing teeth have reached out across in the upper right portion the world in an effort of her jaw, and may have to identify this woman, worn dentures. and worked with a forPolice said it is possible ensic sketch artist with that this woman’s family A sketch of a woman the Federal Bureau of does not know that she found in Ruskin in 1995. is missing, or under the Investigations (FBI) to develop a composite drawmistaken belief she was ing based on what was learned from reported missing and a file is open. her skull by experts who examined Anyone with information about it. Jan Doe’s identify is asked to call A number of subject matter the Missing Women Task Force’s experts were utilized, specializing in toll-free tipline at 1-800-687-3377.

by Amy Judd

On Feb. 23, 1995, Bill Wilson was filling his water bottle from the creek just south of the Lougheed Highway, about 800 metres east of the Ruskin bridge, when he found a partial skull with an attached vertebra. Sixteen years later, the woman, who is genetically linked to bones recovered at Robert Pickton’s farm in August 2002, still has no name. “We believe someone out there knows who Jane Doe is and can help solve this mystery”, said Project Evenhanded RCMP Sgt. Dan Almas.

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!83%3 4-)&*5 #:50 72(+5 6,./50 "9 ,% 71-63) )-#'5 -0 "-#.5224 $!: 72'!22/ %8&*4 9/4 %8('5+



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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: 1 ' * : ; $ - % + " ; ! 4+ /! - % & ; % *) ; & - ! 4 = ; + 1 ' ! * : ! 9 % ;

L,'KB8! G<:"M 3:I?,5,2 GM,'6?2 H,"8 G$?B:,6 4:!< ) 4":?! 0># EE

#E 2CE : 1 D # " % % & " ? < 3 7 * / : % - ! & # % ' 1-4 %- 1 $ : 1D#" %%& " ? < ; 6 GE5 ) " + ) ;

? ? ? ; ( D $ $* : 1 ' :D ( ; ' *


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



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:*4!% 2"&$% #)-8&*" < ,.,7. !6-$#%%& #+) < :*4!% 2"&$%; (' < 1=959135.9=7 "#!$


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge artist Kjaer Neletia has given up clay for clothing, and is hosting her first fashion event, to show off her new wares, at Monk McQueens restaurant in Vancouver on March 6, starting at noon. Jean Konda-Witte Postmedia Network Inc.


From canvas to fashion A Maple Ridge artist creates original couture clothing line. by Jean Konda-Witte Postmedia Network Inc.

Local artist and teacher, Kjaer Neletia Pedersen recently traded in her charcoal and paints for a sewing machine and has launched her own fashion design label. Kjaer, who lived in Abbotsford and Mission before moving to Maple Ridge to become an artist in residence, owned her own clay studio and sold her work to galleries and private collections around the world. About a year ago, she decided to change focus, bought a sewing machine and began creating K.O. (which stands for Kjaer Originals), or as she describes it, wearable art for every body. “Everything is one of a kind. I’m having so much fun creating them,” she said of her colourful garments designed to fit and

flatter every type of body. “I saw a need in fashion to take a different approach and I wanted to celebrate a woman’s form by playing with shapes and angles and the drape of the fabric so that any woman’s body can look even more beautiful,” Neletia said. Her clothing line flatters all women and is also the perfect solution to carefree dressing; it’s the ‘throw on and go’ approach. She comes by her fashion sense naturally. Her father was a master tailor trained in Denmark, and mother a seamstress. “I attribute my creative ability to watching my dad, being an artist, and I am also quite mathematical. I have never even thought of using a pattern… I allow the fabric to dictate the clothing designs so that colours and textures become form.” Kjaer sells her designs locally at UnCommon Thredz in downtown Mission and is now gearing up for her very first fashion show next month in Vancouver.

• More online at, click on “News”

#1!$* 0%,(* )*/-%+1$ ") $%('- /".%*-&



Q% %O# Q=;#E *&&O*6 4C!Q;M*6 %A /;?=Q+ 1%;& O! Q% GC6C(#*QC Q=C "#Q!, PO6QO#C *&E N;MC#!;Q3 ;& %O# G%''O&;Q3+

4#;E*3, 4C(#O*#3 F@, F)HH XSww CxIx ;E TSww CxIx +hG;@h +E8@;{ t$Gh‚ R\$lh n$\\ $Gj nhIE@a$\ Rh$lh R$@^x

" AO& CMC&Q A%# *66 *?C! 5;Q= 6*&QC#& '*8;&? 5%#8!=%$!, 6*&QC#& $*#*EC, C&QC#Q*;&'C&Q *&E 'OG= '%#CvE@ aGfE@I$;aEG \ lEG;$l; @dWVXUwW,;h\8>xGh; B7)) $' B7H@ $' B7D) $' B7B@ $' @7)) $' @7F@ $' @7B) $' @7@) $' >7)) $' >7H@ $' >7D) $' <7)) $' <7D) $' :7)) $'

L$C&;&? JC'*#8!, .+P+7 0*Q=3 .%#!C K*'C6* IO&!=;&C - ;&QC#*GQ;MC 8;E! $#C!C&Q*Q;%& .JII P=*'(C# P=%;# K%C' IQ*MC 4*66! IG%QQ;!= N*&GC#! 2'%&? E*&GC#! K%C' 2;66 "G*EC'3 %A N*&GC K%C' 0*O=*&C K%63&C!;*& IG=%%6 %A N*&GC .CQ;! 9;??;&? /;%& N*&GC Q=#%O?= Q=C '*66 *&E %OQ!;EC I$;#;Q 4;#C $#C!C&Q*Q;%& /*&QC#& K*#*EC Q=#%O?= Q=C $*#8

P@/< %@7H35 P!,

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3 7*$-(+,-+& (-.5&-/ 0''%-' 3 6+4*(,5&0*+ *+ 2*$-(+,-+& )(*2(5,' 3 !-(&04"0+2 "*%( 1*)0-' 3 #((5+20+2 1*+2(5&%.5&*(" ,-''52-' 2.F O FG.2& %-D95-C L/E58 N90 P@17- NM9"-: *' BFA G#4

I.$ $JI $&G. = L377O)/-- 2 +JJ +44 GF2&

6@/<09@7H35067@?7-"0><0<@ BMKMH P@/< @H; DDD06@/<9@7H3567@0><0<@



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Spare thought for children Here’s a thought experiment we’d like to put before the provincial government: let’s imagine a world in which British Columbia continues to be “the best place on earth.” Let’s imagine a world in which every child in the province has a fighting chance to achieve his or her full potential, a chance to be the best he or she can possibly be, a chance to be a productive and positive influence on the social fabric. Let’s imagine a world in which provincial leaders understand the value of funding organizations that work to provide such opportunities to children at most risk of missing the mark. OK. That last one is a bit of a stretch for our thought experiment, especially in a community where just such an organization – Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Big Brothers Big Sisters, which has been effectively serving the community and its young people for four decades – is being forced to close for lack of funding. But before we continue our thought experiment, let’s take a moment to reflect that the funding that has been cut by the provincial government used to come from a pool of money that was created specifically to provide for organizations like BBBS – money raised through gambling and lotteries, and which was to go back into communities to help mitigate the dubious social qualities of such fundraising activities. It was supposed to be a sort of “giveand-take” source of funding. Now it’s just “take.” And the worst of it is that it’s not just communities that pay the price as those funds get steered into general tax revenues, it’s children who pay, and especially children at risk. Let’s continue our thought experiment now, shall we? Soon B.C. will have a new premier. And if he or she still can’t get it right, let’s imagine that the opposition will soon have a brand new leader, too. Surely, somewhere in that mix we can imagine a leader who can care of our children, the leaders of our future – indeed, our very future itself. – B.G.

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This Week’s Question ■ Your View Last week’s question Should someone convicted of 50 crimes be locked up forever and deemed beyond help? YES NO

82% 18%

This week’s question Should there be a fight to keep Big Brothers and Big Sisters operating locally?



Oscar makes short story long Oscar is planning to make his However, working from a stance annual appearance this weekend. of complete ignorance, I’m going He’s the golden boy whose prime to take a stab at naming this year’s purpose is to transport us all into the winning movies, roles, songs, whatLand of Make Believe for a few long, have-you. dry hours on Sunday night. Starting with Best Picture, True Bob I’m not quite sure how the Great Grit should come in at a strong secMinds of Hollywood have it figured, ond place. It will be starring Michael Groeneveld but I wonder sometimes how the Ignatieff… or someone else… or whole Oscar thing got so big. not… maybe. Incidentally, this one Odd Thoughts I understand that this year the may also place well in the Foreign theme for the show will be “honesty” Film category… or not. – taking a screen-shot out of one of this year’s Edging it out, however, will be The King’s top contenders, they’re calling the awards presSpeech, centring on Stephen Harper’s inability entation extravaganza 127 Hours, and everyone to clearly articulate a majority thought. In this who watches is encouraged to cut off an arm to story, it is not the lead actor, but his poll numhelp make the time go faster. bers that begin to stutter as soon as he gets near In fact, this year I have to admit that I have a podium. (Harper is bound to take a second not seen a single one of the movies that are in Oscar for Let’s Pollute.) contention for any Oscars of any stripe – even For Actor in a Somewhat Leading Role, I’m the ones that are being presented in a back room picking either Kevin Falcon or George Abbott in the night before because they are not important The Kids Are All Right, or Adrian Dix or Mike enough to help drag the show down further. Farnworth in Social Network. And since I have not seen any of the nominatFigure the same list for Actor in an ed shows, I can really only offer fleeting surmisUnsupporting Role. es of what the shows are actually about, based I know I’m kind of waffling here… but what only on their titles (and the occasional trailer did you expect? It’s all politics. that meddled its way into my semi-consciousness Look for Carole James of Rabbit Hole to get the while surfing channels from my couch). nod as Actress in a Formerly Leading Role, and On the other hand, not knowing anything at all Christie Clark will be the also-ran Supporting about any of the nominees puts me, I believe, in Actress in Animal Kingdom. a much better position than ever before to pick Closer to home, there’s a lot of buzz for the winners beforehand. Marc Dalton’s Exit Through the Gift Shop as the I haven’t even had much luck picking them Documentary Short Subject, coming soon to a after the fact. recall petition near you. Indeed, the last winner I picked with knowOther big winners will be Thrifty’s Inception, ledge aforethought was Chariots of Fire (go to the a story about downtown rejuvenation, and The internet and, to paraphrase the Friendly Giant Illusionist, a guide to Albion and how to deal – who was still on the air back then – “look with the Agricultural Land Commission. back, look waaaaay back,” my little darlings, and Finally, don’t sell Golden Ears Bridge traffic it will give you some serious clues as to both my numbers short in the Animated Short Subject, age and my cinematic competence). The Lost Thing.

Watch for a familiar face to reappear in this space starting on Friday


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Albion Flats

What stores will come? Dear editor,

I am submitting this in response to yet another [Council made ‘right’ decision, Feb. 15, TIMES] article sent in by Leslie Sofarelli and members of Residents for Smart Shopping. First of all, Ms. Sofarelli et al have not been asked what type of shopping they prefer and what retail stores they spend


Many with quota don’t actually fish

Dear editor,

The recent story about halibut allocation [Halibut fishing season still on hold, Feb. 15, TIMES] was interesting but glossed over one important point: More than half of the 436 people who own commercial halibut quota don’t actually fish for a living. Instead, they lease out their quota to others each year and collect royalty cheques that rightfully belong to the people of Canada. Recreational anglers have no desire to take fish away from hardworking commercial fisher who support their families. But being handed a shortened season and reduced bag limits so that “slipper skippers” can continue to profit from a public fishery that they do not actually participate in is too much to take.

Deryk Krefting, Nanoose Bay

manmoney at when they make that painstaking trip to Coquitlam. Three examples would be good wouldn’t you say? Does everyone gas up their eight-cylinder vehicle when heading to Walmart at Lougheed Town Centre? After looking into their crystal ball, does it show them what retail businesses would be putting down stakes in Maple Ridge? Middle to higher-end stores like Le Chateau, Coast Mountain Sports, or Future Shop? Or would it be something on the other end of the spectrum like Walmart, Dollarama, or my personal favourite another Tim Hortons? I would like more local shopping as well, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t see many of those middle-end stores going for it. How much shopping do people need to do? A large amount of people enjoy being outdoors while seeing the many different species of life who use such areas for recreational and feeding purposes. And how many members of Residents for Smart Shopping frequent retail businesses such as Walmart and Army & Navy? Well, personally, I’m glad I have a four-cylinder car that has recently been tuned-up. This way I’ll be able to afford gas so that I can still head to Coquitlam when required.

Sharon Russell, Maple Ridge

[Another letter on this topic available at

Provincial politics

Gaming cuts devastating families Dear editor,

I am glad the BC Fiberals can be counted on to get their priorities right as usual, talk about morally challenged. Apparently the provincial gaming grant of $230,000 of last year to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters has been reduced to absolutely nothing this year. So Big Brothers and Big Sisters is no more in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and many other Fraser Valley municipalities. It seems a lot of families will be devastated by this funding cut. I am sure there are many good reasons for this cost trimming of essential servi-

ces for needy families and in particular children, after all the government can’t possibly give those poor casino owners $400 million to help them over the bumps and fund social programs as well, and hey many agencies across the country are facing similar cuts and really tough decisions have to be made, and the Fiberals obviously are just the guys to make the hard choices. Way to go Gordo and company, keep up the good work. Wayne Clark, Maple Ridge

[More letters from this author online at, click on “Opinion”]

Pitt Meadows

Golden Ears Bridge

Opponent needs to realize Tolls must small homes are the future be lowered

Dear editor,

In regards to the zoning vote on Hammond Road, are we putting labels on council members, or are we discussing the four to three vote? To the gentleman’s objection to the vote, I ask where was your opposition before the vote? The sign was on the property for months and that is when you should have expressed your feelings. An old expression pertains, the horse behind the cart theory.

Rear lanes don’t exist in Pitt Meadows, they take up space for housing. Small lots with homes are the future, thus entitling a family to their own land. This generation does not have time for big lots, check out the South Bonson area. In-fill is the future of our town core. Dear sir look to the future, we are now a city, with smaller city lots and still a great agricultural base.

Carole Kubb, Pitt Meadows

Dear editor,

The Golden Ears Bridge is not making enough money on tolls because people find the tolls too expensive. What good is a bridge if no one uses it? Why not decrease the tolls? More people will use the bridge. The increase in volume will ultimately increase the revenue. Low cost, higher volume should make everyone happy.

Karen Ennyu, Vancouver

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Tuesday, February, 2011



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Community happenings


seminar is free, but register to reserve a spot. Call Heather at 604-786-7404 or email:

February 25

WHAT’S ON Post events to and email them to

February 22

❚ The Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association is presenting its monthly free businessto-business event, hosted by Sopranos Pizza at 22358 Lougheed Hwy. from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Discussion topics are: coupon book, map, Easter egg hunt, other events/promotions for 2011, and any topics of interest concerning downtown. All BIA members and interested guests are welcome. Call 604-467-2420 or to RSVP.

❚ Building Community Connections pilot workshop will be held at the Ridge Meadows Seniors Centre at 12150 224th St. from 1:30 to 3 p.m. The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support is developing a workshop about how social connection can help protect older adults from abuse and neglect. The

single. For information and meeting location call Art at 604-462-9813 or Don at 604329-9760.

February 25

February 25

❚ The Hominum Fraser Valley Chapter meets at 7:30 p.m. Hominum is a support and discussion group to help gay, bisexual and questioning men with the challenges of being married, separated or

February 23

❚ Get ready for the Lantern Festival. The Maple Ridge Library will be offering a lantern making workshop at 3:30 p.m. for Grades 5 and up. For more information, call the second floor information desk at 604-467-7417.

❚ The third annual Festival of Light takes place at Haney Place Mall and Memorial Peace Park from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Participants can make their own lanterns, and watch Polynesian,


February 26

❚ The Maple Ridge Library will be offering five sessions of Supercool Saturday Storytimes beginning Feb. 26 from 11 to 11:30 a.m. Join them for stories, puppets, songs and other children’s activities. For more information, call the Maple Ridge Library at 604-467-7417. continued on page A20…

% 1-)")3-)/ "*"-+"!+2


(& &)*+#)% !' #( "-,,,$ 2*2.( $#&&

,=55 6"/"6* , /"6* (":"%%*


%/@>/ .A &<4@4:/ +A.6DDD


February 22

❚ Eric Langton PAC and Hung Sing Koon Martial Arts celebrate Chinese New Year at the HIVE Neighbourhood Centre at Eric Langton Elementary – follow the bees around the back. Check out the interactive Great Wall, try your hand at Chinese calligraphy, watch martial art demonstrations, listen to the Chinese singing choir and music, and enjoy an ethnic snack. Everyone welcome. For more information, contact Grace at 604-479-2004.

Scottish and Metis dancers. The Maple Ridge Secondary chamber choir and Pamela Sunshine will also perform. There will be a lion dance procession around the park. At 7:30 there will be a Spirit Fire performance with fire spinners, fire jugglers, acrobatic, and contemporary dancers. For more information, contact

2+@ 5;%'#*" '%"%(8*3#>!


!%&#$ ("$'

%/@>/ % +A.6 )5<7 6.43?3? I/A



44.H H<3?

!% #" *AQ2#P,

8C 6. 9/@>/7 BD1G *#"7 '# 2K,-- !# 2 ,,7-BC

>1%8 7A666A666 !%/ 3>->3*C5 2+<= .,9 )==. 5>"& 0. '+.+?+ /= +B= 2+<0.4 + (#$ '%"%(8*3#>! 5*"%5 %1%!3: !"01 +,)!1"02 !)23/.0 ,+ .-

, ,=5= 6"/"6* "6* $*6:&0

*%'##( * %'##(

%/@>/ .A )4@4:/ +A.6DDD



511 I/A 6.43?

QU 74 8"=K"( .M5N ,ED( %E $Q...( BE $33(5IU


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$3U(.U. PCDE + $G... '=K; *=)9 + $S.. ?41L %406 E=/7"6H + $S.. B!C %406 E=/7"6H P=H);:6<

!"01 +,)!1"02 !)23/.0 ,+ .-

*$'##( '##(

(@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/ +A.6DDD

59+;<= )

%/@>/ +A.6

!"01 +,)!1"02 !)23/.0 ,+ .-

,=5= 6"/"6* /*:&8 I/A 6.43?


8C 6.43? 9/@>/7 *#" ,DEG7 '# 2K,CC7 !# 2,,7E-CD $G 6@F 4.3 =/ :.6=<4/5 H<3? :@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/D


!"01 +,)!1"02 !)23/.0 ,+ .-


February 23

February 24

❚ The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is offering a free teleworkshop called Advocacy and Navigating the System at 7 p.m. and can be accessed from home or work, by telephone or the Internet. The session will help participants make sense of the healthcare system and will look at how they can act as an advocate to ensure families get the help and support they need. The night features guest speaker Barbara Lindsay. For more information, visit www.alzheimerbc. org or phone toll-free 1-866396-2433.


>,G**B, >,G**B

,=5= 6"/"6* !:&48

(@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/ +A.6DDD

%/@>/ +A.6

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(@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/ +A.6DDD

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%/@>/ +A.6

QU 74 8"=K"( ,ED 2M5N( %E $GJ2U( BE $2.(J2.M .N 7=/ 64H -" )47-:6"& 0:H; '=K; O1L);=K" OL:)"



(@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/ +A.6DDD

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%/@>/ +A.6

B- 6.43? 9/@>/7 KDEG *#"7 '# 20;K-7 !# 2 KC718C CG 6@F 4.3 =/ :.6=<4/5 H<3? (@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/



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B- 6.43? 9/@>/7 ,D1G *#"7 '# 2KCCC7 !# 2,;7K8B CG 6@F 4.3 =/ :.6=<4/5 H<3? :@>? IJA:?@>/ IA<:/

*<< ,C?=5A !78 ,!H:579A ,<6A 9!I5A !78 /55AG *<< -7!7=?7) 17 !,,C1358 =C58?9G EE #55 85!<5C /1C 859!?< @ 17 A5<5=958 750 35D?=<5A

#'%$ !&"%$

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.44+F &16)D558 '0HG; $?99 %5!810A

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76'7/6& )+5 +7

16$7-'* 2$+76/* 2-34 8-(+*6

! L

*$46'$& 3-(20667 0'&


"(+26+ 5./2


❚ Kanaka open mic features local singer/songwriter Christina Alconcel from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Kanaka Creek Coffee, #101-24155 102nd Avenue, Maple Ridge For details, call 604-463-6727.

8$/$7.$/ ).+6


"24*#6*! 1) 72& $2-&6/ 8,-&30 '"$"63" ,-) .!! &0# & $.2+462"05&:/ %&9 .! !..# 1657 "3":/ #"05&4 $4"&0609;

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uptown Health Foods


One day Sale - Sat. Feb 26


Revolutionar y Liquid Heart Formula!

130 - 22529 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge BC

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients

*Certified Kosher

Please RSVP by phone 604.467.5587

Facts: Canadians and Cardiovascular Health There are an estimated 70,000 heart attacks each year in Canada. That’s one heart attack every 7 minutes. Over 16,000 Canadians die each year as the result of a heart attack. Most of these deaths occur out of hospital. The number of heart attack-related hospitalizations has increased steadily over the past decade (1994-95 to 2003-04).

Come and hear our special guest speaker Dr. Gaetano Morello N.D, speak about Cardiovascular Health and provide solutions for optimal health through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.


90 capsules Seabuck Thorn & Cayenne with purchase of the 120ml

*some exceptions apply

Have a Heart! February 28th, 2011 @ 6:30pm

• prevent heart attacks • prevent strokes • prevent bypass sugery • improve blood circulation • relieve angina pain • normalize blood pressure • lower LDL cholesterol • strengthen the heart • boost imunity

We offer a large assortment of supplements!


Cardiovascular Health

Based on scientific data from studies of individual ingredients, the formula can help to:

100% Certified

Buy 1 Supplement get 2nd of same @ 50% OFF



Dr. Gaetano Morello, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine



Back Pain Hip Pain Knee Pain Neck Pain Muscle Pain Joint Stiffness


Live Pain Free

Uptown Health Foods For Quality Service & Knowledge... We’re #1

#130 22529 Lougheed Hwy. Selkirk Plaza (corner of Lougheed & 225


*Seniors daily discounts

604-467-5587 • Monday-Friday 9-5:30pm • Saturday 9-5:00pm • Closed Sunday and Stat Holidays.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011






2010 Dodge Caliber SE


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84 months at 3% Interest BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT*


$10,000 4x4

2010 Jeep Wrangler Stk#UT159996


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2011 Hyundai Sonata Stk#UT065228

30,888 $ 199








2010 Dodge Charger Stk#UT141679


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2010 Ford Focus Stk#UT264974


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28 3



2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stk#UTA32600


29,999 207






Life is Full of Choices.... Make us Yours!


Staples Canadian Tire

Jeep 604•465•8931 OR 1•877•465•8931

9 MON - FRI 8AM - 9PM SAT 10AM - 6PM • SUN 10AM - 5 6PM



oad runk R ney T d w De

We st


Lougheed H ighway

Maple Ridge Chrysler 11911 West Street West Coast Express


*$10,000 Cash back are added to Sale Price.* Payments are bi-weekly. On no payments for 6 months offer, interest is accrued on loan. **30 day exchange policy on used only, due to mechanical failure, dealer will not repair. *Interest is accrued on loan. Net of all rebates. No two offers can be combined. *With no payments for 6 month offer, interest is accrued on loan. 2010 Dodge Caliber TP=18073, TI=1650, 2010 Dodge Challenger TP=34096, TI=3113, 2010 Dodge Journey TP=24089, TI=2200, 2010 Jeep Patriot TP=20538, TI=1875 UC264947 TI=4778 TP=27921 UT123078 TI=5909 TP=34527 UC065228 TI=7286 TP=40385 UTA32600 TI=7560 TP=41903 UT521958 TI=8972 TP=48735 UT162872 TI=7090 TP=41433 UT414347 TI=6391 TP=37347 UT159996 TI=6836 TP=39948 UC141679 TI=4500 TP=26300 UT1711193 TI=4547 TP=26573 UC154279 TI=2928 TP=17100 UC124147 TI=4521 TP=26419 UC125746 TI=3388 TP=19799 UT166960 TI=7553 TP=44136



11911 West Street, Maple Ridge

Maple Meado ws Wa y


DL# 30538


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pitt Meadows

Seniors centre moves forward

Westbrooke Congregate Housing and Pitt Meadows Seniors Centre have applied for a development permit. by Amy Judd

Councillor Deb Walters wanted to thank staff at the previous council in committee meeting for all their hard work associated with the building of a new seniors centre behind the Family Recreation Centre. “I know this has been a long process and they stuck with it,” said Walters. Council forwarded the authorization of a development permit to council, and that was given final approval at last week’s council meeting.

Harris Park update

will oversee construction on the Youth Action Park, and the driveway and parking area.

Second farm home denied

A McNeil Road blueberry farm wanted approval from council to forward its application to build an additional home on the land to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). The family has lived on the farm since 1981, but the mother was no longer capable of running the farm herself and her son wanted to build a home on the land that would allow for him and his family, and enable him to work on the farm part-time. However, the land use bylaw allows for a house only for a full-time employee on properties such as this one that are larger than four hectares. While council was sympathetic, they decided not to forward the application to the ALC.

Pitt Meadows will see construction start on the new and improved Harris Road Park Deb Walters Council authorized a route after this year’s Pitt Meadow’s Pitt Meadows councillor network for trucks at last Day, and council adopted the week’s council meeting that plan at last week’s council would restrict traffic on McNeil Road, meeting. Hammond Road, Harris Road – from Bruce McLeod, manager of parks and Lougheed Highway to Airport Way – and open spaces with the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows parks and leisure services, gave the urban part of Ford Road. Trucks with a gross vehicle weight a presentation at council in committee more than 4,600 kg would be required to earlier in January, saying that after the last meeting, an opportunity was given to travel on the designated roads. “It is our intention in the early stages the public to view the plans and provide to make sure people are aware [of the feedback. changes],” said director of operations and As a result they received three email development services Kim Grout. They comments, and will now move forward will be doing this through forward planwith the park plan. ning and putting up signs. This year, parks and leisure services

New truck routes

"F4, ",3- 7/ 6,//%-3'# +F..I,43G 36/3>8 '57'*( /1;B/)G 71)274# &+0 0A< /3113,.4114F, 6%(',/2)( +I83F.B;8 83;F,9A ('),-.+ >.:C 7455)7.)+ .4 .") E40J+ :5+ C4G0 (0N)5+/ :5+ /)) E"C /4 6:5C 4.")0/ ":F) 8)746) : 2:0. 4( .") >":E 7466G5N.C 8C /N$5N5$ G2 (40 45) 40 84." 4( .")/) $0):. /)0FN7)/1

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$=!& :$=@& (*5#'



Tuesday, February 22, 2011



...continued from page A14

February 26

❚ The Friends of the Maple Ridge Library will once again be hosting its popular Quiz Night on at 7 p.m. There will be up to 10 teams, with a maximum of eight people per team. Tickets are $10 and include door prizes and refreshments. All proceeds support library programs in the community. Register a team at the main floor information desk. For more details, call 604-467-7417.

February 26

❚ The Ridge Meadows Seniors Society will hold a hoe down from 7 to 10 p.m. in the lounge at 12150 224th St. Tickets are $3 and there will be entertainment by Ed Wahl and Wayne Bransfield. Tickets are available at the reception. No minors allowed.

February 27

❚ The Alouette Field Naturalists travel to Iona Beach to see shore birds. Meet at 9 a.m. at Harris Road and Dewdney Trunk Road

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

to car pool. Call Joan at 604460-6415 for information.

February 27

❚ Between 2 and 4 p.m., get dizzy at the Pitt Meadows Museum making kaleidoscopes. Feel free to bring beads, gems or other small objects. Museum Sundays is open to children, adults and families. Admission is by donation. For more information, call the Pitt Meadows Museum at 604-465-4322.

February 28

❚ Fraser Valley Rhodo Club meets at 7:30 pm at St. Andrew’s Heritage Hall, 22279 116th Ave. Join them to hear Bill Bischoff speak about Gardens of the Olympic Peninsula.

World, 22225 Dewdney Trunk Rd. at 7:30 p.m. Reserve now at 604-4760718. The cost is a $5 donation to the Family Education and Support Centre.

March 1

❚ The next Garibaldi Art Club meeting is at 7 p.m. in the craft room, third floor of the Maple Ridge Arts Centre. Members will be discussing plans for the spring show. Remember to bring items for the raffle baskets. New members welcome.

March 1

March 1

❚ Artists and artisans of all kinds are invited to participate in this year’s Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Art Studio Tour, which runs April 16 and 17. Deadline for submissions is March 1. For more information or to join, contact Suzette Fram 604466-5477 or email

March 1

❚ The Bluegrass Music Circle meets from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at at Bergthorson Academy of Musical Arts, 12229 Harris Rd. This is a free biweekly drop-in circle, including oldtime fiddle, banjo and mandolin music. Bring your own instrument to play, learn new techniques and share your own skills. For more information or to reserve a spot,

❚ Volunteer Maple RidgePitt Meadows is hosting an information session for the public from 7 to 8 p.m. in the seniors lounge of the Pitt Meadows Recreation Centre. Find out about volunteer opportunities with over 60 organizations. Contact or 604-467-6911 ext. 230 to register for this free event. ❚ Local chiropractor Dr. Nima Rahmany will lead a discussion on Natural Strategies to Boost Your Immune System by 300 per cent at Organic

call Rob at 604-467-6613 or 778-230-0543.

March 1, 2 & 3

❚ Anne Frank and Me, a play about Holocaust denial is presented by Westview Secondary. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the curtain rises at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Westview Secondary is at 20905 Wicklund Ave.

March 2

❚ First-time author Anita E. Viljoen, originally from South Africa but now living in Maple Ridge, will be signing her book The Feeders at Temptations Salon and Spa from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Pitt Meadows Library ❚ The Mumble Jumble Storytimes will take place every Tuesday until April 12 (except March 22) from 11 to 11:30 a.m., and Thursday until April 14 (except March 24) from 11 to 11:30 a.m. The same program runs both days and include: stories, singing, dancing, puppets. Drop in, no registration. ❚ Family Games Nights at the Pitt Meadows Library on March 2 and April 6 (the first Wednesday of the month) from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m. There will be a variety of board games along with light refreshments.


❚ Have you seen the devastating floods in Australia? It could happen in Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge. You will need to be self-sustaining for a minimum of 72 hours. Are you prepared? Help yourself by helping others, join us in Emergency Social Services. Visit www. and www. and click on visitors/emergency services/municipal emergency program for information. Or contact Barb Morgan, ESS Director at 604-467-7301 or Complete listing:, click on “Community”

March 1

*"3('3 -3!43'& /2 .'0+0%/21 &$&%!/2!5/-/%#,)

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'&(C&46 $( A,9' %,*?(&% !?$A .4 4?9> 9?"?*C $4%<%1 =#& '&(C&46 (DD,&&% %,&"?0,% 9?<, .&?"?*C $( 4''(?*$6,*$% 4*. 9?CA$ A(#%,!(&<5 7A, C(49 ?% $( A,9' >(# 9?", ?*.,',*.,*$9> ?* $A, 0(6D(&$ (D


&"/99) 94 (950-"@)0@58 *%"@)0=

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-(66#*?$> /0$?(* D(& :,*?(&%; B*.,',*.,*0, 7( 9,4&* 6(&,8 0499 $A, %,&"?0, '&("?.,& ?* >(#& 4&,43 5/'CH 2DIFH:3D!! 5H/I*J# O*BBN,D!A 1H%LD.H# &9);)&$;&"88 C*.;-+M60K21K#"!$$ O*BBN,D!A 2H#*N%.H# >1N%%HA<4HJ!*,= @ &9);(9$;--&&


2H,G%HJ<O*CCD,FJ**I 1H,D*%# OH,!%H &9);)+(;9+$(

'9>:%=! *8#5@%5= ,6 6:3 9-" &>>- <.,6" '$+4/!= ($-9@5" ,;);< '$+4/!= *=9$55



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)#$!" '& ( *,%%+

HY` S ""`+H ?e[gKeZ 7/pKP ;g +Y^S^-+SJc"$ [[[0LQi\5eN.5'\e/0iIL


by Amy Judd

Input wanted for Pitt Meadows’ youth action park Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Parks and Leisure Services is looking for input tonight from youth and groups in the community about the youth action

-@ <A

park slated to be finished by fall. “We’re looking to put together a task force over the next few weeks to a month,” said youth coordinator Tony Cotroneo. “We want community input about what they want to see in their park,” he explained.

*#=< OB 'D,==P

<A>?-# 828 /&5!4 <A)OBS )) $2== /&; !-#D #'ABAC& #


"<+(7)==1- 6.,$ )0<"(7)==1- %34,###

<Q# B#) 0.NN !5N7.

0.NN !5N7. =-@#>',* (D< 6/6

C,B C,B-! ;.. : C,B-!,'<->#> >#*,<# KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 9 9H;... A)B T !A> ABD&

1KHD +G72=0 *'


Everyone is welcome, and groups such as skaters or BMX bikers, will have the chance to have their say about what they would like to use in the park. The parks department had a lot of success with Thomas Haney’s park, and staff hope to build off

A!!#> OB'D-%#= 9H;... C,B-!,'<->#>J= >#*,<# ,B% 9N;77. !>#OSQ< " ,O> <,(K


-/ *6368) /6' #!%% 4-+7 )+(85*

1$/(4$8)(+6+ +6"$)6

GK 0D +878)) *'

7K.D +8729= *'

1K7D #R2*22IF 729: *'

$##% +0 +-!30 *31/"-3 ( 23. ,) .+ &$'%##

#A@' M%>? :A= @%*:*M% :A=@

>A;,@'? CA?> B%; #A@' <%QO*M%?0

C,E# &A-> <>-'E; &A-> <>-'EK ABD& ,< &A-> *' !A>% =<A>#K <A<,D #DOSO*D# OB'#B<O+#=

that momentum to create a similar area in Pitt Meadows. “The beauty of an action park is that you can have 60 to 70 people playing at the same time,” said Cotroneo. During tonight’s meeting, parks staff will give a brief presentation

@D-= ?-,DO!O#% *-&#>= >#'#O+#P ! >#'&'D# &A-> >O%# OB'#B<O+# KKK 90;... ! >#<O># &A-> >O%# OB'#B<O+#KKKKKKKKKKK 91.. !A>% >% '>#% !A>% '>#%O< ',=Q M)Q#B !OB,B'#%LKKK 9N;...3

9 ;

-@ <A

1 1..

'-=<ACO$# &A-> !A>% <>-'E )O<Q TT

'-+)0 -4 /- 6&)+$ 80$+26 4-+7 8(*)-1 $886**-+.6*

'.)0 )06 ,(+80$*6 -+ 36$*6 -4 1-*) /6' #!%% 4-+7 )+(85*

6 ,DD5B#) #BSOB#= <Q# B#) 0.NN !5N7.

*#=< OB 'D,==P



"<+(7)==1- 6.,$ )0<"(7)==1- %34,###

<A>?-# 828 /&5!4 <A)OBS )) $2== /&; !-#D #'ABAC&

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"- !2&$-,&%(/) #/$(


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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times Tuesday, February 22, 2011 A21


regarding the recently approved park location, followed by a presentation by a design consultant. The meeting is being held on the lower floor of the Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall, located at 12460 Harris Rd, tonight (Tuesday, Feb. 22) 7-9 p.m.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Festival of Light set to dazzle downtown Maple Ridge

Fire dancers, Metis jigging, a lion dance, and hundreds of lanterns will be among the attractions set to entertain residents on Friday.

Festival of Light Celebration schedule:

• 4 p.m. – Opening remarks from Kathy Morse • 4:15 p.m. – Pamela Sunshine • 4:30 p.m. – MRSS Chamber Choir • 4:45 p.m. – poem • 5:00 p.m. – Stave Falls Scottish Dancers • 5:25 p.m. – Hmong dancers • 5:40 p.m. – poem • 5:50 p.m. – Hill Academy of Dance • 6 p.m. – poem • 6:15 p.m.– Kauhane Polynesian School of Dance • 6:30 p.m. – Metis jigging • 7 p.m. – Lion dance through the mall and outside • 7:30 p.m. – Spirit Fire presentation • 8 p.m. – Lantern parade through the park

by Amy Judd

About 30 volunteers, dancers, performers, wordsmiths and drummers will be coming together Friday, for a celebration of fire. Peter Tam, fresh off his success with the Spirit Wood festival, is producing the show Spirit Fire, which he said is reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil without the aerial acrobatics. “It’s a full production,” he said. It is a smaller cast than Spirit Wood, but Tam said it is just as spectacular, with fire dancers and twirlers, among other elements. “The whole atmosphere has a very powerful sound,” he said, “with drums and fire.” Although fire is exciting, Tam said the elements of dance and music add more drama, and should draw the audience in. “Some skills are involved,” he said,

Spirit Fire dancers, from the back, Sarah Purton, Dana Sorensen, Emily Craig and Genevieve Gardeauner. “but it contains a lot of dance elements.” The theme of the Spirit festivals is the fusion of different artistic elements to create something new. With a mix of different styles of music and dance, Tam said “each on its own is not as exciting as when you’re combining

it together.” “Heat is what we need in the middle of February,” he laughed. Other performers include Pamela Sunshine, who is set to put on an interactive kids show Friday afternoon. “She is really something else,” said organizer

Jetty Prins. Residents can also send in a poem before the festival, that has never been read or performed, and there will be readings and a contest held during the night. The event will go from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and is free to attend. It will be held at centre court in Haney Place Mall and in Memorial Peace Park. For more information, contact

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

11876 227th Street Maple Ridge





Ye 3 ar s

Ye 8 ar s

Start Automotive Inc.


22715 - 119th Ave., Maple Ridge




23284 McKay Avenue Maple Ridge



22334 McIntosh Avenue Maple Ridge


Timberline R A N C H



Ye 1 ar s


Ye 7 ar s

224th St. & Lougheed Hwy. 604-467-1554



Ye 1 ar s


Ye 2 ar s

Ye 8 ar s

Celebrating Our 22351 – 144th Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2P8

Ridge Meadows Recycling 10092 236th St., Maple Ridge


Adjecent to Maple Ridge Garbage Transfer Station





Ye 6 ar s


Expect to see a return to some of the Chamber of He stated one of the big goals will be to start creating Commerce’s past successes, and a new focus on giving more value for members, and to let them see that the members more value for their dues. value is being created. That’s the word from the Chamber’s new executive “We need to convey value to our members beyond the director, Jesse Sidhu, who was hired last month to group benefits package. I think we need to evaluate replace Dean Barbour, who left the organization last what worked well in the past, and what didn’t, and summer. then make some decisions to move ahead with the Sidhu began his new job at the beginning of January, ideas that will provide value.” and says it’s been non-stop ever since as he tries to He said he’ll be talking with existing and former get a handle on the various pieces of the Chamber Chamber members, as well as exploring what other puzzle. chambers of commerce are doing well. So far it’s been mostly meetings, as he introduces Sidhu says he’s pretty sure that a greater focus on himself to people he’ll have to work with on behalf education will be part of the plan, by providing of the Chamber in the opportunities – small and coming months and years. large – to learn from business It’s also been planning for “The board will have to take leaders, to gain practical the organization’s upcoming knowledge of current a strong leadership role in annual general meeting, business issues through the Chamber if it’s going which took place this seminars, networking events, January. and regular guest speakers. to move in the direction The AGM, which normally “We’ll probably re-instate members expect it to” takes place in the fall, was the luncheons, with a focus Jesse Sidhu on quality speakers, and overdue, but Sidhu indicated it was postponed because of there will be other business some disorganization within the Chamber following events (as opposed to purely social events) that have not only Barbour’s resignation, but some changes at an education component to them.” the board level. But it won’t be all work and no play, says Sidhu, who The last couple of months have seen some serious has it in mind to bring back a new and improved gala, board recruiting, and some planning taking place, and as well as the annual golf tournament. Sidhu says. “I want to see the Chamber as the proper voice of “The board will have to take a strong leadership role business in this community once again,” he says,“and in the Chamber if it’s going to move in the direction for it to be recognized as such.” members expect it to” says the new executive director. He admitted it will be a big challenge, but he believes “I think people who have stepped up will do just the challenges are not insurmountable. that.” submitted by Robert Prince Ye 1 ar s

Celebrating our 25th year as a Chamber Member!

• Guaranteed Mufflers • Shocks • Brakes • Custom Welding & Bending DALE & ROB STORER

Chamber must give more value to members, says E.D.


WEST COAST FORD LINCOLN 604-465-5434 WEST COAST TOYOTA 604-465-9146 WEST COAST MAZDA 604-465-9111 WEST COAST NISSAN 604-460-1333

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Ye 6 ar s


Ye 4 ar s


Ye 8 ar s


City of

Pitt Meadows 604-465-5454

12007 Harris Rd., Pitt Meadows, BC

• Deter property loss & vandalism during & after business hours • Highly trained security officers available 24/7 • Foot patrol, mobile units & bicycle patrol guards

Hassle-free monthly mobile patrol package



per month all inclusive plus applicable taxes

Please call today for more info:

604-463-8933 1-866-308-9777

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Advertising Feature


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Ye 0 ar s

Ye 9 ar s Ye 8 ar s


MARKETPLAC E & ANTIQUE MALL 11895 - 226 Street


w w w. h a n e y m a r k e t p l a c e. c o m

Michael Sather, MLA

Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows 105 - 22561 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge V2X 3K1


Ye 6 ar s

#5-20468 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 2P8



Ye 2 ar s



Notary Corporation

Maple Ridge BC V2X 8S2

22814 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Maple Ridge

604-463-6009 22345-119th Ave., Maple Ridge

#1 - 7167 Vantage Way, Delta


Ye 8 ar s

Robert J. Gunnell, LL.B Rhonda E. Quinton, B.A., LL.B

Ye 3 ar s


306 – 22230 North Ave. Maple Ridge Fax: 604-467-6179




Ye 6 ar s

#2 - 20306 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Maple Ridge • 604-465-9988

Ye 2 ar s

Ye 6 ar s

Ye 4 ar s

Bart R. Findlay, LL.B Martha A.Sandor, B.A., LL.B

Unit #10 11435 - 201A Street, Maple Ridge

#3 - 12814 232nd St, Maple Ridge


“It’s About Wine!”



22490 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge



Ye 6 ar s


Ye 3 ar s


Ye 4 ar s


Ye 7 ar s

Home-based business, please email or call


R D Shantz & Associates 604-463-8890





22326 McIntosh Ave


22568 Lougheed Hwy Maple Ridge

Barristers & Soliciters

22318 McIntosh Ave. Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3C1


NOTARY PUBLIC 22369 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge

Avanti Planning Group

Ye 5 ar s

Cythera Transition House Society


Cheers, Jeremy Bekar, President Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce



Ye 0 ar s

Wednesday April 6th 2011 2pm to 7pm

local economy.With everything we have going for us and with the Golden Ears as our backdrop, the coming years will prove to be a tremendous boom. To aid in the development of our business community, our mandate at the Chamber of Commerce is to create an atmosphere where our member companies feel free to ask tough technical questions, learn from experienced mentors and grow their businesses through the services we offer. In order to accomplish this, we have put together a cadre of business experts from many different fields who may act as resources, educators or who will offer up their experience over a cup of coffee. No business owner is an expert in all fields, but together we can build our communities and companies into international powerhouses. We need only work together and benefit from the experience of others. We all live in the greatest place in the lower mainland and Canada.It is our responsibility to build these communities intelligently and responsibly. Knowing our organization’s mandate the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce will continue to offer local business all the support they need to grow and prosper. Hence, through the shared expertise of members, through educational initiatives and through advocacy when needed, the Chamber of Commerce will always be here to help our member firms whenever and wherever they need it.

Ye 3 ar s

MARCH 10, 2011 Women’s AM is a non-porofit organization that provides the opportunity for women to meet on a professional and social basis. The group was founded in 1988 by Michelle Emmerson, Manager of the Chamber of Commerce at the time, and Lois Hourston, the Sales Manager of The News. Since then, Women’s AM has grown in the comunity and meetings and events are well attended.

The Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce is an innovative organization which continues to, “Wow” chambers and municipalities around BC.We have come off a year where we won Chamber of theYear for 2009, we have created new events drawing people to town from all over and we have helped spread the word that Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are the best municipalities to start a business in the lower mainland.The next two years will be even better. Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge has been rated in the top 5 for best investment cities in Canada by the Real Estate Investment Network. The Chamber of Commerce does not take credit for this, as it is our proximity to Vancouver, our bountiful natural beauty, and all the new transportation infrastructure which make us the natural choice for any business looking to relocate. Our region’s balance of work and play is unparalleled anywhere else. Locals have access to multiple lakes for water sports; mountains for hiking, horseback riding and bike riding; as well as the largest concentration of golf courses in BC. Where else can you leave work and have this many choices for relaxation or adventure without leaving town. The board of directors for your local Chamber of Commerce has been working hard setting the stage to put Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge into the limelight. We want to show off the businesses we have locally while attracting new and innovative businesses from around the world. Our proximity to airports, train lines, ports along with easy access to highways and public transportation make us the logical choice for any business. Because we do not want to limit our potential, we have chosen to focus on businesses which cannot be easily sent over seas, businesses which are at the forefront of their industry and those who have the potential to grow, thus generating more jobs for our


Check our website for upcoming Business-to-Business networking events to help your business. www.ridgemeadowschamber. com/events-news.html

President’s Message

Ye 5 ar s

Upcoming Events



Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Stanlawson Enterprises



A26 Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

We Believe in You.

INDEX Community Notices ....................................1000 Announcements ...............................................1119 Employment..........................................................1200 Education .................................................................1400 Special Occasions...........................................1600 Marketplace ..........................................................2000 Children ......................................................................3000 Pets & Livestock ...............................................3500 Health............................................................................4000 Travel & Recreation ......................................4500 Business & Finance .......................................5000 Legals ............................................................................5500 Real Estate ..............................................................6000 Rentals .........................................................................6500 Personals ...................................................................7000 Service Directory .............................................8000 Transportation ....................................................9000


We want you to be a success story!

Over 45 Diploma Programs

Call our Maple Ridge Campus


Sales Centre Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm Email: Fax: 604-985-3227 Delivery: 604-463-2281

604-630-3300 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Celebrate all your family occasions in the


& Er are arriva thrilled t ica Brow n l of th o ann eir be ounce e autifu t l babyhe boy b at 9:4orn June 2 0 4 p.m . weig th, 2006 We w h thank ould like t ing 8 lbs. 9 oz. Susa you to D o send a r. s n

Nath a Brown John ne

Haan ppyOB'H irthpeday!

con d the y Er ia areic , Hks bb ge MeBo w ann l to ad onderfufri h, their nt l enads ospit nursto wahelpsoawnals lHhis e ealit s the suad pport for all know hed m .

at Rid

Place y ad onli our n 24/7 e

1010 All advertising published in this newspaper is accepted on the premise that the merchandise and services offered are accurately described All advertising published in this newspaper is and willingly sold to buyers at the advertised accepted on the premise thatof the prices. Advertisers are aware thesemerchandise conditions. Advertising that does not conform to these and services offered are accurately described standards or sold that to is deceptive and willingly buyers at or themisleading, advertised is never knowingly accepted. If any reader prices. Advertisers are awarewith of these encounters non-compliance theseconditions. standards we ask thatthat you does informnottheconform Publishertoofthese this Advertising newspaper Advertising Standards standards orand that The is deceptive or misleading, Council of B.C. OMISSION AND ERROR: The ispublishers never knowingly accepted. If any reader do not guarantee the insertion of witha these standards aencounters particularnon-compliance advertisement on specified date, or although every effort will be made to weataskall,that you inform the Publisher of this meet the wishes ofThe the advertisers. Further, the newspaper and Advertising Standards publishers do not accept liability for any loss Council of caused B.C. OMISSION AND or damage by an error or ERROR: inaccuracyThe in the printingdoofnot an guarantee advertisement publishers the beyond insertion the of paidadvertisement for the space on actually occupied by aamount particular a specified date, the portion of the advertisement in which the or at occurred. all, although effortorwill be made to error Any every corrections changes will be meet the wishes of the advertisers. Further,Ridge the made in the next available issue. The Maple Times will be only one publishers do responsible not acceptforliability for incorrect any loss insertion with liability limited to that portion of or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the advertisement affected by the error. Request the adjustments printing of orancorrections advertisement beyondmust the for on charges be madepaid within the ad’soccupied expiration. amount for 30 thedays spaceofactually by

For best results check your ad for the portion of theplease advertisement in which the accuracy the first day it appears. Refunds error occurred. Any corrections changes will be made only after 7 businessordays notice!

made in the next available issue. The Maple Ridge Times will be responsible for only one incorrect insertion with liability limited to that portion of the advertisement affected by the error. Request for adjustments or corrections on charges must be made within 30 days of the ad’s expiration.

For best results please check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Refunds made only after 7 business days notice!



Are pleased to announce their engageme nt which took place Ma y 20, 2007 while in Hawa ii.


Congraatulation Megan & Dani s el

Wedding to tak e place March 9, 2008

Congra tulation s N

ao Robinmi son U.B.C. G

ra t Bache duate , Science lors of List, att, Dean’s ’ Law Sch ending oo Fall 20 l U.B.C. 07. L


ove frro your fa m all am



ily. y. We are so p of you roud !

Annive r


DON’T LET YOUR PAST LIMIT YOUR FUTURE. Only PARDON SERVICES CANADA has 20 years experience GUARANTEEING RECORD REMOVAL. Fast, affordable, A+ BBB rating, Financing Available. ($45.50/mo.) Call for your FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866- 972-7366)


Lost & Found

IPOD TOUCH found Haney Market Place call to id, 604-467-1236

Personal Messages




GOLFERS! Experience the Tee Shot you’ve dreamt of. Visit

If you or someone you care about has a problem with alcohol or drugs please call 604-467-5179

If there is a baby on the way, then you’ll want to attend this!

Classified Line Ad Deadlines

Tue. Newspaper - Mon. 10:00am Fri. Newspaper - Thurs. 10:00am



DRIVERS/OWNER OPERATORS Wanted. Truck contractors need drivers with log haul experience and clean driver’s abstract. Owner operators needed with 6, 7, 8 axle log trailers. Visit: or call 1-800-661-5210 (ext. 8173).

HIRING for Surrey & Langley • 30,000LB Forklift Operators • Yard Ground Crews

Full-time positions, hourly rate. Full benefits. TMS Transportation

Resume to Attn B. Sinclair: FAX: 604 - 888 - 6297 or EMAIL:


General Employment

Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours.




SALES PERSON req for Roofing Company. Good commission. Fax resume to 604-590-4672

e is a baby on the ’ll want to attend


Tuesday, March 1




DRIVERS WANTED: Terrific career opportunity with outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects using non-destructive testing. No Exp. Needed!! Plus Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation and benefits pkg. Skills Needed- Ability to travel 3 months at a time Valid License-AZ, DZ 3 or 1 High School Diploma or GED Apply online at under careers, Click here to apply, keyword Driver. LMS REINFORCING Steel Group hiring INFRASTRUCTURE REBAR PLACERS for Projects across Western Canada. Experience preferred, not mandatory. Long term full-time employment, Competitive Wage & Benefits. Please fill out an on line application at: LOGGING COMPANY looking for Owner Operator Logging Truck Contractors. Short log for Mackenzie area. Fax 250-714-0525 Phone 250-714-1191 ext 225, include references and capabilities.



MANAGER , Production Engineering: Rural Saskatchewan Agriculture equipment manufacturer requires P.Eng with seven years manufacturing experience. Enhance lifestyle and earn six figures. 1-888-778-0570 Ext.7

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Postmedia Community Publishing makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

Find a

New Career



Looking for a Doorman. Friday and Saturday evenings. Must have Security licence. Drop off resume at the bar.

Love, All our usan, Rick, S Brian Kate &

Call: 604-630-3300 to book your ad!

Classified Display Ad Deadlines

Tue. Newspaper - Fri. 10:00am Fri. Newspaper - Wed. 10:00am

Call 604-708-2628

Dapad) & m o ra M randma & G nd (G

A division of Postmedia Network Inc.


CRIMINAL RECORD? Canadian pardon seals record. American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation? All CANADIAN / AMERICAN Work & Travel Visa’s. 604-282-6668 or 1-800-347-2540


The families of 19, 1947 – MegSeapt n em Wbeberit r 19 e , 2007 Septemh

& Daniel Hunte

jobs careers advice



Doors Open: 6:30 p.m. Show Starts 7:30 p.m.please register on-line at www.w y tickets r exhibitor inquiries, please call MARY 60

To register go to: Exhibitor inquiries please call Sylvia: 604-864-4044 Langley Golf & Banquet Centre 21550 - 44 Avenue, Langley

Kay 463-9376 (Maple Ridge) Glenda 460-1117 Diane 462-8461 (Pitt Meadows)


BANNISTER GM requires Journeyman Automotive and Collision Technicians. Situated at the foothills of the Rockies, 1.5 hours to Edmonton or Jasper, Edson offers outdoor enthusiasts a great living opportunity. Signing bonuses, moving allowances and top pay for the right candidate. Contact

Discover a World of Possibilities in the Classifieds!

Call 604.630.3300 to advertise

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

2095 2005


RETRO DESIGN & ANTIQUES FAIR 175 tables & booths of fun, fabulous finds for you & your eclectic abode! SUN FEB 20 10-3 Croatian Cultural Center 3250 Commercial Dr, 604-980-3159 Admission: $5



Tuesday, February 22, 2011 A27

Lumber/Building Supplies

STEEL BUILDINGS PRICED TO CLEAR - Holding 2010 steel prices on many models/sizes. Ask about FREE DELIVERY! CALL FOR QUICK SALE QUOTE and FREE BROCHURE 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170.


Musical Instruments

ALTO SAXOPHONE, Selmer, Mark VI Serial # 199XXX original lacquer, amazing tone, free blowing, all new pads, in excellent condition and highly cherished. $6300 OBO. 604 808 6223


100 & up





Delivery/Warranty avail.

FILA/MASTIFF GUARD DOGS owners best friend. Intruders worst nightmare. all shots, $2000 each. ready now! 604-817-5957

Foster homes urgently req’d for rescued, abandoned & neglected dogs. Many breeds. www.

SHELTIE PUPS, Reg’d, shots, tatoo, family raised, 4wk pups & 2 older pups. $800. 604-526-1943

604.306.5134 2060

For Sale Miscellaneous

A SAFE, Proven “Restless Leg Syndrome” and “Leg Cramps” Cure That Always Gives You Instant Relief. 1-800-765-8660

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652






CKC REG. Bernese Mtd pups Expected d.o.b. Feb 21 Taking deposits now! $1500. 1-604-758-1828

PUREBRED LAB puppies Born Dec 25, 2010, 1st shots, dewormed, vet checked. black golden & blond. $550-$650. phone 604-308-4401 or 604-850-9690

All Like New! Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Stackers


STANDARD POODLE pups, CKC reg. brown, black & cream, Chwk. 604-823-2467 ..302-1761

Fun By The Numbers

Fun By Numbers LikeThe puzzles?

Then Like you'llpuzzles? love Sudoku. This puzzle Thenmind-bending you'll love Sudoku. willmind-bending have you hooked This puzzle from the moment you will have you hooked square off, so sharpen from the moment you your pencil and put square off, so sharpen your Sudoku savvy yourtopencil and put the test!

YORKIE & Havanese X Toy size, 604-590-3727, 604-514-3474

Cares! The Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit

your Sudoku savvy to the test!

Here's How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, columnHow and box.ItEach number can appear only once in each row, Here's Works: column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers Sudoku puzzles are formatted as clues a 9x9already grid, broken into innine will appear by using the numeric provided the3x3 boxes. boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers mustthe fill puzzle! each The more numbers you name, the easier1 itthrough gets to9solve

row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866-981-6591. DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call Phone Factory Today! 1-877-336-2274.


Lumber/Building Supplies

STEEL BUILDING WINTER SALE... $3.49 to $11/sq.ft. Immediate orders only - FREE shipping, some exclusions. Up to 90 days to pay. Deposit required. Pioneer Manufacturers since 1980. 1-800-668-5422. See current specials

ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding $399+. 604-590-3727, 604-514-3474

BERNESE MOUNTAIN Puppies. Shots, dewormed. Parents on site. $1200 604-823-0097 BOXER PUPS CKC reg’d, Ready Now, Fawn & White, Exc Pedigree, $900, 604-302-5052 CHOCOLATE LAB for stud. 1.5 yrs old, friendly, high qlty proven $500 604-308-8834




Maple Ridge: Mar 19 or Apr 9 Coquitlam: Feb 26 or Mar 19 Also Bby • Van • Rcmd • Sry • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Hospitality Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!


FOODSAFE 1 DAY COURSES Guaranteed best value! Six Metro Vancouver Locations: Vancouver • Burnaby • Surrey • Richmond • Coquitlam • Maple Ridge All our Instructors are also working local Health Inspectors! Classes held each week & weekend! Course materials available in 6 languages. Same-day Certification. Visit our website at or call 604-272-7213 ADVANCE Hospitality Education – B.C.’s #1 Choice for Foodsafe & WorldHost Training.

Dreaming of a career in

Education? Find it in the calssifieds!

Look into the Classifieds to find dogs, cats and plenty of other pets looking for a home like yours!

Place Your Ad for

3 Lines – 3 Times



11 Papers!

To place an ad, please call 604-630-3300.


1. Dog’s bark 4. Fall back (time abbr.) 7. Point midway between S and SE 10. Heap 12. Gross revenue 14. Smallest merganser 15. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 16. Small integer ACROSS 17. Restore to health 18. Banishments 1. Dog’s bark 20. Layers rockabbr.) 4. Fall backof(time 22. Hill (Celtic)

23. Male cat 24. Past tense of 60 across 26. Humans as a group 29. Introduces a further negative 30. Area of conflict 34. A licensed accountant 35. Deep distress or misery 36. A winglike structure 37. Having defined limits 43. A brother or sister 44. A small 23. Male catshiny ornamental disk 45. True firs of 60 across 24. Past tense 47. No. Am. republic (abbr.)

7. Point midway between S and DOWN SE 1. Mimic 10. Heap 2. Journey on horseback 12. Gross revenue 3. Linen plant 14. Smallest merganser 4. Dashes 15. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 5. Single Lens Reflex 16. Smallball integer 6. Golf stands 17. health 7. ARestore particleto of dirt 8. Clear blood fluids 18. Banishments 9. Female sheep 20. Layers of rock 11. Hill Utters 22. (Celtic) 12. Tern genus

26. Humans as a group 29. Introduces a further negative 25. Area Highly incensed 30. of conflict 26. AEarnest 34. licensedentreaty accountant 27. Deep Rent distress or misery 35. 28. Am. immigration island 36. winglikeCouncil structureon 29. ANational 37. Having (abbr.) defined limits Disability 43. brother or sistersibling 31. ASame birthdate 32. A2,000 44. smallpounds shiny ornamental disk 33. True A light 45. firs stroke 38. No. Relating to a horse 47. Am. republic (abbr.) 39. A subterfuge

1. Mimic and garlic 2. Journey on and horseback 19. Leoppold ____ 3. Linen 21. Top ofplant motor vehicle 24. Securing devices 4. Dashes 5. Single Lens Reflex 6. Golf ball stands 7. A particle of dirt 8. Clear blood fluids 9. Female sheep 11. Utters 12. Tern genus 13. Small sofa 14. Shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic 19. Leoppold and ____ 21. Top of motor vehicle 24. Securing devices

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40. Unwholesome atmosphere 41. Dining, coffee and card

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A28 Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5040 4060


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Travel Destinations

SUNNY WINTER Specials At Florida’s Best Beach New Smyrna Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800-541-9621.


Financial Services

$500 LOAN, NO CREDIT REFUSED. Fast, Easy and Secure. 1-877-776-1660 www.moneyprovider.come A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464. DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM We help Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of you credit. Steady income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering bankruptcy? Call us first 1-877-220-3328 Free consultation.Government approved program, BBB member IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

Cut Your Debt by up to 70% DEBT Forgiveness Program Avoid Bankruptcy, Stops Creditor Calls. Much lower Payments at 0% Interest. We work for You, not Your Creditors.

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Business Opps/ Franchises

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744 80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar. 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020. BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today. JEWELLERY SALES OPPORTUNITY! NEW to Canada, trendy, affordable! Work from home, Part or Full-time, Earn GREAT money & vacations. Contact for catalogue and business information. 403.909.4302

Business Opps/ Franchises

FAMILIES EARNING MORE. Work from home part or full-time. No selling. No inventory. No parties. No large investment or risk. Visit

LEARN FROM HOME. Earn from Home. CanScribe Career College offers courses in Medical Transcription and Computers. Great work at-home opportunities. Enrol today! 1-800-466-1535

OFFICE CLEANING FRANCHISE Opportunities in Pitt Meadows - earn $1250/mth & Coquitlam - $1065/mth. Investment required. Call • 604-317-7222


Legal Services

#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free: 1-866-416-6772


Money to Loan

Need Cash Today?


Legal/Public Notices

Notice to Creditors and others NOTICE is Hereby Given that Creditors and others, having claims against the Estate of Linda Jane Mitchell, formerly of 23135 Gilbert Dr. Maple Ridge, B.C. V4R 0C3. Deceased are hereby required to send the particulars thereof to the undersigned Executor, c/o Loretta Edwina Smaniotto, apt 119 - 1540 Northmount Dr. Calgary, AB T2L 0G6 on or before March 28, 2011, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received and any court action. Loretta E. Smaniotto, Executor.



DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+) GAY PHONE Chat. FREE TRIAL. 1-877-501-1012 Talk to or meet desirable guys in your area 24/7. Where private, confidential fantasies come true! 1-877-501-1012 18+

Houses - Sale Real Estate

Renee Dubois

Mobile Mortgage Specialist TD Canada Trust. 778-686-5107


KELOWNA - Upscale Adult Resort 4 Jacuzzi Stes., 6 ½ baths. Salt pool, media room & sauna. Lake, mtn & city views. Private 2 bdrm. res. Fabulous semi-retired lifestyle. Turnkey. $1,549,000. 1-877-762-7831


Condos/ Townhouses



Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Burnaby Highgate 2000sf 4br 3 1/2ba 1/2 duplex w/side suite $779K 418-1002 id5313 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $99,900 597-8361 id4714 Maple Ridge spotless 947sf 1br condo above snrs cent 55+ $219,900 466-1882 id5262 New Westminster Price Reduced, 555sf 1br condo, view, $164,900 525-8577 id5081 Sry Sullivan Mews ground lvl 1200sf 2br 2ba tnhse, 55+complex $220K 834-6935 id5136 Sry Bear Creek Park Reduced 1440sf rancher, gated 45+ $279,900 597-0616 id5234 S Sry Open House Sun 2-4 15168-19th Ave, Spacious 626sf 1br 1ba 2yr old condo, motivated seller $265,900 961-1525 id5298 Sry Clayton 2yr old beauty 3000sf 6br 3.5ba w/2br bsmt suite $610K 612-9594 id5312

★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422



We Will Take Over Your Payment Until We Sell Your Property. No Fees!

(604) 812-3718 /


Legal/Public Notices



Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk! Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663






Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation.

Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604- 936-3907

office: 604- 939-8905 cell: 604- 916-0261

545 Rochester Ave, Coq

415 Westview St, Coq



401 Westview St, Coq

1300 King Albert, Coq

Large Units. Near Lougheed Mall. Transportation & S.F.U.

Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604- 939-2136 cell: 604- 805-9490

office: 604-937-7343 cell: 778-848-5993


MAPLE RIDGE dwntwn Urbano Complex, 2 br, 2 ba, inste w/d, f/p, 2 ug prkg, nr all amens, deck, ns, np. $1100+utils. Refs. 512-8725

552 Dansey Ave, Coq

Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U.

604-630-3300 604-998-0218

CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, Affordable. Our A+ BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT \TRAVEL & FREEDOM. Call for your FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1 866 972 7366).

To advertise call


office: 604- 939-4903 cell: 778- 229-1358 BBY METROTOWN 1 & 2 BR avail Immed, Clean, quiet bldng. Inc heat/hot water. 778-788-1867 BBY, METROTOWN. 1 - 2 BR. Clean, quiet bldg. Incl heat/hot water. Immed. 778-323-0237

N. WEST Quay, 1200 sf, newly reno’d, 2 BR, 2 bath, 7 appls incls in ste lndry rm w/storage, f/p, balc with partial river view, pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, $1,700/mo + utils, N/s N/p, refs. 604-521-8482 NEW WEST nr RCH/Skytrain, 1 BR apt, $755/mo, No Pets, quiet complex, Call 604 299-8288


BBY, N. Lougheed Mall. 1 BR, 7th floor. U/grd parking, indoor pool, sauna & gym. $985/mo. Avail Mar 1st or Apr 1st. N/s. 604-469-0269

CALYPSO COURT 1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building.

office: 604- 524-8174 cell: 604- 813-8789

COQ. 3 BR $1,000, 2 BR $900, 1 BR $750, Now/Mar 1, heat, prkg. 778-990-7079 or 604-521-8249


22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great view of River

office: 604- 463-0857 cell: 604- 375-1768


Furnished Accommodation

POCO. Furn’d rm for female, priv bath, sh’d kitchen. $400/mo incl util. Mar 1. Ns/np. 604-202-4203


Houses - Rent

3 Bdrm Homes! Rent TO OWN! Poor Credit Ok, Low Down. Call Karyn 604-857-3597

555 Cottonwood Ave, Coq



Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall.

office: 604- 936-1225


Houses - Sale


Real Estate 5 BR home from $19,500 down $1,925/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain @ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock



#48-15020-66A AVE, SURREY Senior Strata Complex, 55+, 2 BR Cottage, 2 bth, new appls, all reno’d, new roof, storage, $195 maint. per mo. incls elect & heat, $260,000 obo. 604-572-0036


Lots & Acreage

OWN 20 ACRES Only $129/mo. ..$295/down near El Paso, Texas (safest city in America!) Money Back Guarantee, No Credit Checks, Owner Financing, Free map/pictures 1-800-343-9444

No Equity/High Pymts/Expired Listing?


Re: The estate of GRACE AUDREY RUTH COOK also known as GRACE AUDREY COOK, G.A. COOK, AUDREY RUTH GRACE MURPHY, GRACE COOK, AUDREY GRACE COOK, BOBBIE COOK, G. AUDREY COOK, AUDREY COOK, GRACE A. COOK, A. COOK and AUDREY RUTH GRACE, deceased, formerly of Maple Ridge, British Columbia (the 'Deceased') Creditors and others having claims against the estate of the Deceased are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executor, Sheila Brock c/o Rosborough & Company at #201 - 33832 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, British Columbia V2S 2C5 on or before March 24, 2011, after which date the Executor will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executor then has notice. Executor: Sheila Brock Solicitor: J. Michael Burke Rosborough & Company



Sun Feb 27, 2-4pm, #207-8717-160th St. 2 BR, 2 yr old condo, 2 full bath. $259,000 Sutton Mala 778-859-4458

✔Do you Own a Car? ✔Borrow up to $10000.00 ✔No Credit Checks! ✔Cash same day, local office


Real Estate Services


6007 7010

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Mobile Homes

COLLAPSED SALE New SRI 14 wide selling at dealer cost. 1152 sq ft double wide $77,900. Glenbrook 604-830-1960


Houses - Rent

M RIDGE Kanaka Creek newer 5 BR home, 2 car garage, 5 appls, nr amen/schl. N/S. Mar 1. $2000. 604-838-4661, 604-817-3330 N WEST reno house. 4 BR upper, 1.5 baths, f/p, beautiful view, $1500+utils; 2 BR suite $1000+ utils. Shr w/d, cls to s/train/schls. N/S, N/P. Av now. 604-436-9013 POCO, Lincoln Prk 3 BR, 2 bath, split lev hse, w/in-law-ste, appls, $1900, all newly reno’d & hrdwd flrs, carport, yard. 778-288-8168 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN No Qualification Required

ABBOTSFORD - 3262 Clearbrook Road, 3 bedrooms with 2 bedroom legal suite. Only $1,598/m. Low Down. Flexible Terms. (604) 626-9647 (604) 657-9422

STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● NEW WEST- 1722-6th Av 2 bdrm HOUSE w/1 suite 2 f/p, Long term finance, lrg fenced yard...$1,288/M SURREY- 6297 - 134 St. Solid 5 Bdrm HOUSE w/2 bdrm suite on 1/4 acre with mtn views.. $1,688M CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49x171’ lot, excellent investment property in heart of town..... $888/M Call Kristen today (604)786-4663


Office/Retail Rent

RESTAURANT for lease/sale! M. Ridge restaurant. Fully equip’d, ready to open, was lic. for 43 seats, offices: 269sf - 624sf 604-462-8164 or 604-339-5899


Suites/Partial Houses

BBY, EAST. 2 BR, grd/lvl. 1100 sf. $850/mo + util. Radiant heat, sh’d laundry. Near schools & bus. 604-521-1008 or 604-789-6318 BURNABY N. 2 BR grnd level ste, near SFU, N/s, N/p, avail now. Call 604-253-0168 COQ. 1 BR + den, 900 sq ft, grnd lev, priv ent & w/d, N/p, N/s, cls to bus route & Hwy, $950/mo incls hydro & heat. 604-529-1880 COQ 1 BR g/lvl, nr Miller Park, $750 inc util, suits sngle, w/d, Mar 1. no dogs. Ref. 604-936-2206

COQ, Blue Mtn/ Como Lake. 3 BR, upper floor of house. Ns/np. 1.5 baths, big deck, 6 applis. $1450/mo + 2⁄3 util. 604-939-6077

COQ 2 BR bsmt, lrg kitchen, w/d, small cov patio, newly painted, $825 + 1/3 utils, 604-525-9266


Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Restorations and Service Work No Job too small Chris 604-393-3087 NEW SRI single wides in Langley and Maple Ridge parks. Call 604-830-1960

ADULT PARK AVAILABLE New & Used Homes From 14,900 and 56,900 FOB Quality Homes

1-800-339-5133 Repossessed mobile homes to be moved, 1974-2008, 12 wide to be moved, FREE. 604-830-1960.


Recreation Property

SHARED OWNERSHIP late model 40’ - 60’ cruising yachts moored on Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland. Sail & Power. Professionally maintained. 604-669-2248. TIMESHARE CANCEL. CANCEL Your Timeshare Contract NOW!! 100% Money Back Guarantee. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 1-888-816-7128, X-6868 or 702-527-6868.


Suites/Partial Houses

COQ 3121 Pattulo, 2 BR bsmt, full bath, own w/d, all appls. $1050 incls utils. Pets ok. 2 mins to Coq Centre. Avail now. 778-688-2594 COQ, Lough Mall. 2 BR, g/lvl. Priv w/d & ent. F/ba. Ns/Np. $985/mo incls utils. Immed. 604-931-3677

COQ MUNDY PARK, 1 BR, clean & quiet, w/d. $650 incls hydro. Suits 1. NS/NP. Mar 1. 604-939-9950

COQ, Westwood Plateau. Beautiful 2 BR & den g/lvl. Hot tub, 7 appl. 1400 sf. Ns/np. $1,475 + util. 1 year lease. Now. 604-945-9594 MAPLE RIDGE 1 BR bsmt ste, sep entry, newer home, 1100 sq ft, own w/d, d/w, $875 incl utils, pet neg, ns, Mar 1. 604-512-5921

NEW WEST. 1 BR, f/p, priv entry & w/d. Ns/np. $695/mo incl hydro/ sat tv/’net. Apr 1. 604-521-3693

POCO, N. Reno’d 1 BR. Sh’d w/d. $600/mo incl hydro. N/s. Suits 1. Near bus. Immed. 604-230-4430 POCO NORTHSIDE, Bach bsmt ste, sh’d W/D. NS/NP. Avail Mar 1. $500 incls utls. 604-783-5822

POCO NORTHSIDE, newer 2 BR bsmt. Near schools, shops, bus. $850 incls utls. Av now. NS/NP. 604-941-6843 or 778-708-4045


Townhouses Rent

COQUITLAM 2 BR townhouse , quiet family complex, no pets. $920. Call 604-942-2277. M. RIDGE. 3 BR + den, 2.5 bath, 5 appl, 2 prkg. 1455 sf. $1425/mo. Nr WCE. Immed. 604-941-5594 POCO 2 BR T/H $765, $785 & $830/mo. Quiet-family complex, No Pets! Avail Now. Call 604-464-0034

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Local climbs steps up for clean air Pitt Meadows resident Daisy Pavon will be taking on more than 700 steps this weekend to raise money for the BC Lung Association.

alive and continue to support a cause I know was important to him,” she said. This year Pavon is struggling with a few health concerns of her own, but she is determined to still take part. “My dedication will still be there,” she said. “I’m just not going to do it as strenuously.” “As long as I do my climb,” she added, “because to finish is good enough for me.” Climbers will have to make it to the top of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel on Feb. 27, and the BC Lung Association expects about 500 people to take part this year. Last year climbers ranged in age from five to 84, with an average climb time of 10 minutes. Participants will be joined once again by the Global BC Morning News Team, including newscaster Steve Darling, traffic reporter Wesla Wong and senior meteorologist, Mark Madryga. All proceeds from the event go toward lung health and air quality-related educational programs, vital medical research, and patient support activities throughout B.C. For more information, visit, or contact the BC Lung Association events team by email at stairclimb@, or by phone at 604731-lung (5874).

by Amy Judd


Daisy Pavon embraced turning 50 last year. Instead of dwelling on the five decades behind her, she turned her attention to the future and decided she wanted to make it extraordinary. She picked up a brochure about the 48-flight fight for clean air, where participants raise money and then climb 739 steps, and this is now her second time taking part. Her dad passed away in 2003 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and she dedicated her first climb to him. “I thought ‘I’m 50, I’ll never be able to do it’,” she said, but she completed the 48 flights in 14 minutes and 41 seconds. Now she is back and has been training since the end of January. She reached 739 steps last week, and will continue doing them each day until about three days before the climb. Pavon also saw this event as the perfect way to get, and stay,

Daisy Pavon will be taking on 739 steps in downtown Vancouver this Sunday. fit, and she said she can even see some muscle definition on herself now. “I’ve never exercised before,” she laughed. She has been raising money by holding silent auctions, and emailing contacts, and by bring-


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ing in treats that people can purchase by donation. “Then I say ‘take the stairs to burn off the extra calories’,” she chuckled. This year Pavon is dedicating her climb to supporter, William Gordon Penwill, who succumbed

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to chronic lung disease just two weeks after last year’s event. He donated quite a lot of money to Pavon the first year, and she asked permission from his wife to dedicate her climb to him this year. “I want to keep his memory


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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On Deck

Winter wins Some local residents are getting their names thrust into the national spotlight this week, with strong showings at the Canada Winter Games. Erin Beckett of Maple Ridge, along with her partner, Kathleen Auton of Ladner, took silver last week for air pistol-women’s team. Ridge Meadows Racer Michelle MacKay, along with teammates Courtney Shmyr, Jamie Macdonald, and Jesse Keca, took silver in the women’s 3,000-metre short-track speedskating relay. • More online: Click on “Sports”

Scott Weighton

Maple Ridge resident Mateo Le Van

Awards night Two local residents were honoured for their lacrosse skills at the Maple Leaf Awards dinner. Maple Ridge student Mateo Le Van was named team MVP for the Burnaby Mountain Selets (BMS), elite touring teams, for the 2010 fall season in the U12 category. Pitt Meadows Secondary student Riley Glemnitz was named to the 2010 tournament All-Stars for the Adrenaline Challenge held in San Diego, among others. • More online: Click on “Sports”

Spring skating The Maple Ridge Figure Skating Club is now accepting online registrations for its 2011 spring CanSkate sessions. These CanSkate programs are designed for beginners of all ages, and everyone is welcome to sign up and learn how to skate. For more information about the programs available visit the website at • More online: Click on “Sports”

Send in your scores to

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times



Girls take frustrations to the mats

In a sport dominated by men, some female members of the MRSS wrestling team are showing their fighting strength. by Amy Judd

In a room with no windows, in what was once Mount Crescent Elementary, the MRSS wrestling team practise hard for their upcoming competitions. Coach Bill McCrae fires off instructions to the group, while teaching them new moves and how to safely take down their opponent. With the B.C. High School Wrestling Championships in Abbotsford later this week, the group has been racking up the wins, with many coming from the small number of girls on the team. Candice Owen, 16, Clarissa Morgan, 14, and Payten Smith, 14, all enjoy the intensity of the sport and see it as a way to take out their frustrations. “It requires mental strength and physical strength,” said Owen, who used to figure skate, but quit last year. Morgan, who also practises ballet, said her competitive side thrives on the thrill of the wrestling competitions. “I love to get gold,” she said. “But if I don’t, it’s OK.” Smith has been a strong contender in every meet so far this year, and as a Grade 9 student, she has many years of wrestling at the school ahead of her. “I really like the sound of the ref hitting the mat,” she said smiling, as that often means she has won the match. “It’s not just something anyone can do,” she said, and although the girls enjoy the same activities others their age do, there is no mistaking that they are tough. “By the second round, you’re just like, done,” said Owen. “It’s really a lot of mental stuff.” Smith, who attended a wrestling camp just before Christmas, said she learned a valuable lesson about competing. “You’ve got to keep trying. When you’re down to your last breath, you’ve got to keep trying.” The girls attribute their technique to McCrae, who has been coaching at the school for 21 years.

Amy Judd/TIMES

Clarissa Morgan observed Payten Smith and Candice Owen as they practised in preparation for the B.C. High School Wrestling Championships.

Amy Judd/TIMES

Candice Owen (left) and Payten Smith faced each other in a practice before heading to Abbotsford. “He pushes you so hard,” Morgan said, “and makes you so much better.” It is also important in this sport to maintain a certain weight to compete in a weight class. Owen and Morgan compete in

("#!0 %4&( 8*2$"&8 + 4: 6! ;,7 !''

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the 57 kg class, while Smith is often in the 80 kg + class. The girls on the team stick together, especially at competitions when they say girls on other teams can be unfriendly. “I always look at the other girls

and judge myself,” said Owen. “I can never make friends.” Smith knows many in her weight class, but agreed with Owen, saying the boys tend to be supportive of those on other teams after a match, but it never seems that way for the girls. “They are so catty,” said Morgan. Even when members of the other team and the coaches try to intimidate them, the girls manage to keep a level head. “If they feel they have to intimidate you then it’s hard to be scared of them,” said Morgan. Smith has won gold medals at the Port Alberni Invitational, and the Upper Fraser Novice games, as well as three major tournaments at Simon Fraser University’s War on the Floor. Morgan also won gold at the Upper Fraser Novice games and the Miri Piri invite in Abbotsford, took silver in the Upper Fraser Valley championships, placed third in Port Alberni, and came sixth at War on the Floor. Owen has won gold at the Miri Piri invite, and the Upper Fraser Valley Championships.


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times Rambler Travis Eagle went nose to nose with a the Walnut Grove Gator last Thursday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Seniors fight to the finish The Maple Ridge Ramblers senior boys AAA team have struggled with only seven players this year. by Amy Judd

It’s been a season of ups and downs for the Ramblers senior boys, but coach Ken Dockendorf said they accomplished a big goal last Wednesday when they beat Rick Hansen Secondary to qualify for the league tournament and the Fraser Valley Championships. Unfortunately, they did not have the same success on Thursday against the Walnut Grove Gators. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it before in my 41 years of coaching,” said Dockendorf. The Ramblers lost to the Gators, 94-45, and he described it as one of the worse losses the team has ever had. “Right from the get go [the Gators] just didn’t miss,” he said. “That’s the most points we’ve given up

in a game in five years.” Last Friday, the boys played Abbotsford Collegiate and although Dockendorf said it was a good game, the team lost 59-52. They came back on Saturday, however, and played for seventh place, beating Robert Bateman 57-53. “We were down and came back,” said Dockendorf. With only seven players and many injuries, the team has struggled against the odds to come this far, and Dockendorf said it has been difficult to keep the team strong. “We’ve had a number of junior players,” he said, “but it’s not the same level as senior.” He said that with so many club sports and choices available to kids these days, it is hard to get some to commit to the time necessary to play with the senior boys team. “A lot of schools are suffering the same,” he said. This Friday the Ramblers will face Heritage Woods, which Dockendorf said are a real tough team. They have to win to move on.

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Flames heading into playoffs The junior B hockey team face the Port Moody Black Panthers.

In what Flames’ fans hope will be an indication of what is to come in the first round of the playoffs, the local team beat the Port Moody Black Panthers 7-5 on home ice last Friday. Danny Brandys, and Christopher (CJ)

Legassic were both named stars of the game for contributing to the high number of goals scored. With just a few short days to rest, the team now face them again in the first round, which began Monday night. They will play at Planet Ice on Wednesday, starting at 8 p.m., and then again on home ice on Friday, starting at 7:30 p.m.


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge Times - February 22, 2011  

Maple Ridge Times - February 22, 2011 printed editiion

Maple Ridge Times - February 22, 2011  

Maple Ridge Times - February 22, 2011 printed editiion