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Rolling forward

NDP’s Libby Davies elected in 1997 Federal



Canada votes May 2 Naoibh O’Connor Staff writer

Vancouver East covers 21 square kilometres with a population of 106,816.

photo Dan Toulgoet

The Courier continues its weekly profiles of the five federal electoral districts in Vancouver. Riding name and location: Vancouver East sits largely between Ontario Street and Boundary Road, although it pushes towards Cambie Street downtown. Its southern and northern borders are from Vancouver Harbour to about 16th Av-

enue. The boundary shifts to Grandview Highway as it gets closer to Boundary Road. What it’s like: It covers 21 square kilometres, with a population of 106,816, according to Statistics Canada information based on the 2006 census. Vancouver East is known as left-leaning and working class, although many neighbourhoods are gentrifying. The riding includes trendy Commercial Drive, the troubled Downtown Eastside—one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada—Chinatown and Strathcona. More than 30 per cent of residents are of Chinese descent, while the Commercial Drive area is home to a large lesbian population. See DAVIES on page 4

Former health officer says mega casino will create addicts Casino proposal includes 150 games tables and 1,500 slot machines Mike Howell Staff writer The city’s former chief medical health officer has joined ranks with a coalition fighting to have city council reject a proposal from a Las Vegas company to build a mega casino adjacent to B.C. Place Stadium.

John Blatherwick, who retired in 2007, said in a statement posted yesterday on the Vancouver, Not Vegas! website that he fears a large casino in downtown will create more gambling addicts. “All addictions show that the more available a product is, the more of a problem the addiction becomes,”

Blatherwick wrote. “Placing this large addiction centre next to the sports centres (B.C. Place and Rogers Arena) where mainly young males go, ensures a fresh supply of new addicts for the casinos.” Blatherwick said the Lower Mainland has enough casinos. Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam,

Langley and New Westminster all have large casinos with slot machines and games tables. Slots also ring at Hastings Racecourse and Edgewater Casino at the Plaza of Nations, which is owned by Paragon Gaming Inc. of Las Vegas. Paragon wants to relocate its gambling licence to a new facility

on land immediately west of B.C. Place Stadium. The company wants to double its games tables to 150 and triple its slots to 1,500, making it the biggest casino in Western Canada. The proposal also calls for two hotels and restaurants to be part of the $500 million complex. See RETIRED on page 4




photo Dan Toulgoet

A bite of success

CHERYL ROSSI Dana Whaley of Off the Wagon celebrates being chosen as one of 19 new street food vendors to be approved by the city. The vendors will hit downtown this summer. BY


5I 6I

12th & Cambie: Tongues wag

MIKE HOWELL The bill comes in for the mayor’s Mandarin lessons as council’s travel expenses for the year are revealed. BY

Class Notes: Yes, Minister

BY NAOIBH O’CONNOR The Vancouver School Board prepares to host Education Minister George Abbott for the day this Thursday.



Saving grace

BY SANDRA THOMAS As Vancouver celebrates 125 years, let’s thank the volunteer-driven heritage groups striving to preserve our history.


24 I

Peachy keen

BY JO LEDINGHAM Morris Panych’s latest coming-of-age play The Trespassers deals with life, death, family and peaches.

20 Web Opinion: Strange alliance F H





Why is a progressive politician like Jennifer Clarke running with the Harper Tories? She’s not telling.

News: Blue guardian

BY MIKE HOWELL A veteran former Vancouver cop is appointed to be deputy police complaint commissioner.

News: Roots of success

BY NAOIBH O’CONNOR One of only two Liberal MPs to be elected in Vancouver East says a community-oriented candidate is vital for winning that riding.

News: Sign of the times

BY CHERYL ROSSI An electronic billboard next to Burrard Bridge has become a canvas for public art involving Twitter and aboriginal languages.

Photos: Galleries online

Check out our news, sports, entertainment, travel and Fred UnLeeshed galleries.

Entertainment: Mood pieces

BY MICHAEL KISSINGER Les Birch, creator of the local web series Chasing Mood, discusses struggling actors, mockumentaries and multicultural humour.

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Retired cop recalls triple homicide after gambling loss Continued from page 1 “There are already more than enough casinos in the Lower Mainland so to attract more into this one centre, new recruits are needed,” Blatherwick continued. “Adding newer and younger gamblers ensures more people will become addicted to gambling.” Blatherwick’s statement comes almost a month after Dr. John Carsley of Vancou-

ver Coastal Health urged council at a public hearing on the proposal to reject Paragon’s proposal. Carsley’s recommendation has the support of current city medical health officer Patricia Daly and B.C. medical health officer Perry Kendall. Carsley said he based his recommendation on literature and research he reviewed on whether an expansion of gambling would

create more problem gamblers. He concluded the evidence is contradictory and therefore advised council to reject Paragon’s proposal, saying “once you make the decision to go ahead in the hope that one theory is better than the other, you can’t really go back.” Retired Vancouver Police Department Sgt. Bob Cooper also joined the Vancouver, Not Vegas! coalition. Cooper

was a homicide investigator and member of the Asian Organized Crime Section. “I’ve seen the worst side of gambling and its effects on individuals and society in general, including murders, suicides, extortions and a lot more,” said Cooper in a statement posted March 7 on the coalition’s website. “In one of those cases that you never forget, a man lost hundreds of thousands of dollars

over 24 hours in a Burnaby casino. He went home, murdered his wife and two small children, spread gasoline around his East Vancouver house then struck a match blowing the house off its foundations and killing himself in the process.” Added Cooper: “Once you’ve walked into a scene like that you tend to view those B.C. Lottery ads showing smiling people having a

wonderful time at the blackjack tables just a little bit differently than most people.” VPD Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke told council last month that he was more worried with crime associated to nightclubs and bars than crime occurring at casinos. The hearings into Paragon’s proposal resumes April 9 at city hall. Twitter: @Howellings

Davies captured more than 22,000 votes in 2008 election

Continued from page 1 Immigrants account for 43,725 of the population of 106,816— 5,905 identify as aboriginal and 49,945 are from visible minority groups. Statistics Canada reports that the median earnings of people 15 and older who worked full time is $35,376. Who’s running: Libby Davies (incumbent, NDP). Davies was first elected MP for Vancouver East in 1997. Prior to that, she was a fiveterm city councillor under COPE. Davies and her late partner Bruce Eriksen were key figures in the for-

mation of the Downtown Eastside Residents’ Association in 1973. Irene Yatco (Conservative). Yatco, who immigrated to Canada in 1973, publishes the Philippine Journal. She’s also worked as an accountant and general manager at several companies over the years. She’s a former vice-president of the Multicultural Helping House Society. Douglas Roy (Green Party). Roy has worked in education for most of his career. He’s a visiting professor in the international business department at Sun-Yat-Sen Univer-

sity in China. Roy spends an average of four months in China and eight months in Vancouver. He’s worked at Vancouver Community College and at the Vancouver Aboriginal Centre. The Liberal candidate is unconfirmed. Who won last time: Libby Davies won in 2008. She’s held the seat for 14 years and captured 22,506 votes in the last election—54.4 per cent of the vote. Liberal Ken Lowe earned 7,127 votes for 17.23 per cent; Conservative Ryan Warawa collected 6,422 votes for 15.53 per

cent; and the Green Party’s Mike Carr won 4,708 votes for a 11.38 per cent share. Betty Krawczyk ran for the Work Less Party (425 votes) and Anne Jamieson was the Marxist-Leninist candidate (171 votes). The NDP and its predecessor the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation have held Vancouver East for all but two terms since its creation in 1933. Liberal Arthur Lee served as its MP from 1974 to 1979, while fellow Liberal Anna Terrana served from 1993 to 1997. What matters to voters: Hous-

ing is a hot topic as affordable housing is increasingly difficult to find even in Vancouver East—whether renting or buying. The environment and sustainability are key concerns with more residents becoming interested in cycling, composting and growing their own food and being troubled by global warming. Young families are worried about the access to and affordability of childcare, and gay rights are of concern to constituents. Twitter: @Naoibh




12th & Cambie

with Mike Howell

China hand

Have you ever heard Mayor Gregor Robertson speak Mandarin? I haven’t but I’d like to. And I’m thinking the distant relative of national hero to China—Dr. Norman Bethune—must be able to string a few sentences together in Mandarin. But it’s not because of family lineage. According to a city report on council remuneration and expenses—and additional information supplied to the Courier from the mayor’s office—Robertson plunked down $733 of taxpayer cash for Jie Jade He to teach him how to speak Mandarin. Another $1,525 was spent on translating and preparing speeches in Mandarin for Robertson’s trip in September 2010 to China, where he led a group of business leaders on an economic trade mission. I attempted to get in touch with Robertson last week to discuss his language skills but he was on holidays. For the record, Robert-

son’s middle name is Bethune, who was a cousin to the mayor’s grandmother. Bethune is best known for developing the first mobile blood transfusion service in Spain in 1936, and later performing emergency battlefield operations in the Second Sino-Japanese War in China. Robertson visited the memorial to Bethune during his trip to China. The overall tab for the mayor’s trip cost roughly $27,000.That included his expenses and covered costs of his chief of staff Mike Magee, assistant Lara Honrado and Vision Coun. Raymond Louie, who was there on sister city duties in Guangzhou. According to the mayor’s office, the Vancouver Economic Development Commission covered the expenses for Robertson and his entourage, which sounds like a good deal for taxpayers. But my understanding is about 80 per cent of the commission’s funding comes from the city. Some of the mayor’s other expenses included $3,124 on trips to Toronto and Ottawa for the lighting of the Paralympics’ flame. Another $2,584 was spent on a Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) meeting in Toronto and $1,793 for economic development meetings in San Francisco.


Mayor Gregor Robertson, who visited a statue of his distant relative during his September trip to China, took Mandarin lessons. submitted photo He also spent $2,386 on a trip to New York for a climate change seminar. Organizers of the seminar covered $1,426 of the tab. The Union of B.C. Municipalities’

convention in Whistler cost the mayor $1,155. But Robertson wasn’t the only one spending taxpayers’ money. Vision Vancouver Coun. Tim

Stevenson racked up a tab of $18,156 for travel, training and local expenses. It’s not a surprise since he is council’s representative to the FCM. Previously, Jim Green and George Puil had the same responsibility, travelled across the country and racked up big tabs. One FCM meeting was held in Iqaluit, where Stevenson was joined by Robertson. But Stevenson spent $4,529 to Robertson’s $3,826, a difference of $703. Why the disparity? I contacted Stevenson on his cellphone in New Zealand. He was in traffic and he told me to contact him later. I’ll follow up when he returns to city hall. Not sure if his trip to NZ was business or pleasure. COPE Coun. David Cadman, who travels the globe in his capacity as the president of International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, was the most frugal politician on council. He spent $3,111 on training, travel and local expenses. All other councillors’ tabs can be viewed on the city’s website, under the council agenda for April 5. The mayor earned $139,395 as an annual salary while councillors’ raked in an average of $63,000, depending on their deputy mayor duties. Twitter: @Howellings

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Vancouver Park Board Public Open House Jericho Park Marginal Wharf Site Restoration Open House You are invited to an open house regarding the Jericho Park Marginal Wharf Site Restoration Project.


Naoibh O’Connor

Curious George

The Vancouver School Board doesn’t always get what it wants, but one of its wishes has been granted. Education Minister George Abbott is expected to spend a day in the district Thursday April 7 (barring any unforeseen circumstances) in response to an invitation from the board. Mike Lombardi, a Vision trustee, told me Abbott will meet with the board and visit schools to learn about seismic upgrading, technological and digital initiatives, and sustainability projects. He’s also expected to meet teachers and the District Parent Advisory Council. Board chair Patti Bacchus filled me in on the details: the day will start at Elsie Roy elementary

with an hour-long meeting with the board. Trustees have a long list of subjects they plan to raise, including a review of funding, the status of the special adviser report recommendations, an update on school closures and sectoral review. The board will also renew its request for “predictable funding” and the need to speed up seismic upgrading. Trustees also want to talk about “21st century learning,” technology, the idea of a balanced calendar, Mandarin programs, and the proposal for an aboriginal-focused school. After the meeting, Abbott will tour Elsie Roy to see its iPad project (the school has 30 iPads) before moving on to Laura Secord elementary school, which is undergoing an upgrade, to discuss seismic and heritage building concerns. The third stop will be Windermere secondary—to show the minister the school’s environmental projects. Windermere has a student-led garden dubbed the Little Big Garden in its centre courtyard and students use bike trailers to pick up compost

new minister. The fact that he has granted Vancouver such a large piece of time when he is new to the role is a positive and unprecedented sign,” she said.

Exterior matters

George Abbott material for its earth-tub. John Oliver secondary students and teachers will be on hand to talk about its mini-school’s digital immersion program. The group, including representatives from DPAC, will then have lunch with Abbott at Windermere, prepared by culinary arts students, after which the minister will meet with teachers. Bacchus expects the visit to end just before 2 p.m. “This is a great opportunity to give him a whirlwind tour of some of the innovative and exciting things happening in Vancouver schools, and also to highlight our challenges and opportunities. I hope this provides a positive start to our relationship with the

Jericho Sailing Centre 1300 Discovery Street April 12, 2011 5:00pm to 8:00pm For further information, contact: R Choy, Project Manager Phone: 604-257-8461

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(*$ '&%* &#$ &) A*>8@8$"% ;85&$%; *8 ('$8

The VSB has to tweak the exterior design for Kitchener elementary school to address concerns of the city’s urban design panel. The panel voted 4-3 against the exterior design, but the changes required aren’t significant enough to delay work. Design modifications are being dealt with at the staff level. The panel wants the exterior building form and material selection to be simplified to be more sympathetic with the appearance of the original heritage building that’s being retained as part of the redevelopment, according to COPE trustee Allan Wong. It also wants the VSB to “simplify the roofline and the select use of wood details in favour of more contemporary materials to better integrate with the community.” Twitter: @Naoibh


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news hoc group formed last month in response to a proposal from the park board to cut down 30 elm trees along East Sixth Avenue. A second arborist report shows not all of the trees need to be cut down, but a decision on their fate has yet to be determined. The planning and environment committee takes place April 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the park board office, 2099 Beach Ave.

Central Park with Sandra Thomas

Shake ‘n bake

Birther movement

Joy Jose (l) of Gourmeted and Melody Fury of Gourmet Fury are part of the Bake for the Quake fundraiser for vicphoto Dan Toulgoet tims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami April 20 at the Roundhouse. The event takes place April 20 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Roundhouse, located at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Davie Street.

On the agenda

The park board’s planning and environment committee agenda for tomorrow, April 7, includes several interesting items. The problem with the planning and environment online agenda is it

rarely includes any reports, so typically not even the park board commissioners on the committee have any real details about an item until the actual meeting. But when I saw the item, “Boathouse Restaurant Patio Proposal,” I thought it was worth a phone call. Vision Vancouver commissioner and chair of the planning and environment committee Sarah Blyth says the Boathouse wants to ex-


From our Family to Yours... Complete Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

pand its outdoor seating capacity. The proposal includes expanding the existing patio on the second floor as far as the lifeguard tower. Blyth notes the proposal is very preliminary and the committee will have to give direction before the park board considers it. Another item of interest on the agenda is that the Save Our Elms group is making a presentation to the committee tomorrow. The ad

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Just a reminder today (April 6) marks Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, but there are far too many events taking place to list in this column. In fact, a Google search brought up thousands of items dedicated to the anniversary including everything from music concerts to art exhibits, walking tours and birthday cake. Many events, including a free concert with 54-40, are taking place outdoors at the Jack Poole Plaza, home of the Olympic cauldron. Free valet bike parking will be in effect. As well, youth street hockey exhibition games are taking place from 9 a.m. to noon at several community centres across the city, including Thunderbird, Sunset, West End, Britannia, Riley Park and Killarney. The city has a complete list of official events and a location map at Twitter: @sthomas10

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There have been many fundraising events across the city for the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but one scheduled for April 20 might prove to be the tastiest. Local food bloggers, pastry chefs and bakers are coming together at the Roundhouse Community Centre to sell goodies they’ve created for an event called Bake for the Quake, during which they promise to help Japan’s earthquake victims “one bite at a time.” The volunteers have teamed up with Doctors Without Borders to raise money for the Japanese earthquake victims. Some of the city’s most popular food bloggers and bakers are taking part in the event including Melody Fury of Gourmet Fury, Joy Jose of Gourmeted, Kimberley Mulla of Kimberley’s Kitchen, Emily Seeton of Ems Gems, Cathy Wong of SweeTease Cupcakes and Brian Robinson of Crust, formerly known as Robinson Fine Food. As it turns out, Robinson is the husband of award-winning Courier reporter Cheryl Rossi so I can personally attest to his gourmet cooking skills.




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WEB POLL NATION Go to to vote Have you already decided which candidate or party you will vote for in the May 2 federal election? Last week’s poll question: The fourth federal election in seven years gets you: A) excited—30 per cent B) frustrated—39 per cent C) sleepy—31 per cent This is not a scientific poll.

Happy anniversary, Vancouver. While researching this column about Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, I came across an interesting tidbit in the book The History of Metropolitan Vancouver, written by Mr. Vancouver himself, the late Chuck Davis. According to Davis, this advertisement appeared in the Vancouver News-Advertiser in 1908: “Manager George Calvert, of the Pantages Theatre, takes great pleasure in announcing that there will be an extra act on the bill this afternoon and this evening, namely ‘Jeff,’ the Boxing Kangaroo. This animal is claimed to be an adept in the boxing line, in fact almost as good if not better than an ordinary boxer and he has proved a great attraction wherever he has appeared. This is an act that will greatly please the ladies and children and there should be a large turnout of them at all the performances to-day.” Sadly, the much-loved Pantages Theatre is no more, which is the case with many other theatres, attractions, businesses, iconic stores, city buildings—well, you get the point. And instead of boxing kangaroos, the city recently approved mixed martial arts and dancing horses. Luckily, Vancouver has several groups dedicated to preserving our city’s history, and their members fight tirelessly to save the same theatres, attractions, businesses, iconic stores and city buildings going the way of the dodo. Two of the most high-profile groups in the city are the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and Heritage Vancouver Society, both of which hold regular workshops and events on everything

sandrathomas from building conservation and Vancouver Specials to heritage paint and transportation. The Vancouver Police Historical Society is another group that in recent years has been working hard to raise the profile of its Vancouver Police Museum. While for years the creepy little building dedicated to murder and mayhem sat in virtual anonymity on East Cordova Street, today it’s so well known it was recently named as one of the “expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasure” mustsees by the international Obscura Day. The event, taking place around the world April 9, is the creation of Atlas Obscura, “a compendium of the worlds wonders, curiosities, and esoterica.” According to a description on the Obscura website, the Vancouver Police Museum’s more curious exhibits include “a painted skull sent into the Vancouver Police

Department, an exhibit of the police officers who have died in the line of duty since 1886, some fairly intense anatomical specimens left over from crime analysis, the milkshake murderer exhibit, and—in the behind-the-scenes area, which you can see on a tour—the blood drying room.” I recently attended a sold-out “autopsy” at the museum as part of its ongoing forensics workshops, which also includes blood splatter as a topic. Fascinating. It’s because of the hard work of these groups, mostly driven by volunteers, that we’re informed of the potential loss of important heritage sites across the city. The annual Top Ten Endangered Sites tour organized by Heritage Vancouver highlights endangered buildings. This year the focus of the tour was heritage schools across the city. And heritage preservation isn’t just about old buildings, but has expanded to include arts, culture and horticulture. When the trees along Cambie Street were threatened several years ago by the construction of the Canada Line, the Cambie Boulevard Heritage Society came out in full force to ensure they were preserved. That’s when I fully recognized the historical significance of each of those trees along Cambie Boulevard. So while the city marks its 125th anniversary with many free events today, let’s salute our historical and heritage groups that work year-round to sound the alarm about what’s at stake should we forget our past. Twitter: @sthomas10


604-464-8090 604-583-1316





Housing project proposal endangers teenage girls No amount of newspaper opining can sufficiently explain the Downtown Eastside. In these green-wary times of blue box disposal, there’s not enough paper, not enough ink. Vancouver’s homemade ghetto stands alone in the Canadian experience and therefore occupies a unique corner of our collective psyche. To visitors, it’s shocking. How can the “most livable city in the world” produce 10 square blocks of misery. To locals, it’s driven through, glanced and discarded. Public empathy falls victim to time. But every now and then, it’s worth wondering how we got this far? And every now and then, we’re reminded that policy—not poverty—maintains the neighbourhood status quo. Consider a new housing proposal “under review” at city hall. The Atira Women’s Resource Society wants to transform the old International Inn (built as a brothel in 1912) at 120 Jackson Ave. into a women’s only housing project for at least 25 teenagers, mainly 16 to 19 year olds, who’ve “aged out” of foster care. A lone “house mom” will marshal the facility. Considering the role prostitution plays in the neighbourhood, and the inn’s past utility, the proposal falls somewhere between irony and the absurd. Opposition to the plan, driven by women’s groups, focuses on deliverance from evil. “If I was a pimp, I would love this. This is where I’d do my fishing.” So says Michelle Miller, director of REED, a Vancouver-based anti-human trafficking and sexual exploitation organization. Miller supports women’s housing. She ran a women’s only house in the Seattle area. But she opposes warehousing teenage girls in a sea of pimps and drug dealers. She’s especially concerned about the proposal’s focus on foster care graduates, a famously vulnerable demographic. “That’s exactly who pimps are recruiting and that’s exactly who make up the majority of women in prostitution.” Teenage girls are hot commodities in the Downtown Eastside. Their profit potential, measured in tricks, attracts the worst people on Earth. Consider the situation one block from 120 Jackson at the Vivian, a women’s only housing project on Cordova Street. Last Friday afternoon I watched several men loiter outside the squat brick building, talking to women and talking on cell phones. No one confronted them. To advocates I’ve interviewed, the Vivian symbolizes unintended exploitation. Subsequently, proponents of 120 Jackson are quick to distance themselves from the Vivian model. “The difference is the support services that will be available,”

letter of the week

markhasiuk says Janice Abbott, executive director of Atira. “But predators target all of our housing. So yes, we have to be aware of that and manage it.” Those “support services” are yet to be determined and largely irrelevant. The Downtown Eastside is a service hub. You don’t need a new housing project to connect teens with services. That’s not how the neighbourhood works. And Abbott knows the neighbourhood. Her society operates several women’s only housing projects in the Downtown Eastside. Its for-profit subsidiary, Atira Property Management, manages 17 single-occupancy hotels in the neighbourhood. Alongside its rival entity, the Portland Hotel Society, Atira uses taxpayer millions to centralize social housing in the Downtown Eastside. More than any other policy scheme, housing decisions—made at city hall with provincial and federal money—enable neighbourhood decline. The 120 Jackson proposal elevates flawed housing policy to fantastic heights. How could anyone support this idea? What playbook are they reading? Michelle Fortin lauds the proposal and its commitment to “harm reduction.” As director of Watari, a counselling organization on East Hastings, she’s on the steering committee, working closely with Atira. She speaks quickly, using terms like “commercially sexually involved” and “problematic substance use.” (Translation: prostituted and addicted.) According to Fortin, it’s better to keep some troubled teens in the Downtown Eastside where they feel comfortable and available to folks like her. “When people come into the community and try to tear kids out of here, they go deeper underground which makes it harder for us to create any opportunity to get them out of here.” No doubt that’s true. But apparently, in HarmReductionLand, the solution is 120 Jackson—a housing nightmare that may doom its tenants in their teenage years. The proposal is under review. Building permits are pending. Expect a city hall decision sometime this spring. Twitter: @MarkHasiuk

According to one reader, the park board should keep their hands off mature trees on East Sixth near Semlin Street. photo Dan Toulgoet To the editor: Re: “Elm tree nightmare on East Sixth,” March 23. It would surely be the moral equivalent of culling sled dogs. I am aghast at the park board plan to cut mature trees that pose no clear and present danger. I simply can’t see how even heavy pruning could render a tree unsafe. Looking at the pictures on the website Sandra Thomas provided, it seems clear that B.C. Hydro did the heavy pruning

years ago. All Hydro should need now is light maintenance pruning every few years to snip off insolent young shoots that ignore power lines in obeying the botanical imperative of growing toward open space with more sunlight. Besides, how could the chronically cash-strapped board afford to spend big money on unnecessary work? My plea to the board: keep the trees, and save us grief and money. Joe Bako, Vancouver

April Fool’s tunnel story ‘freaked’ believers

To the editor: Re: “City considers underwater bike tunnel,’ April 1. OK, I admit it. I fell for your April Fool’s gag. I read the headline about the submarine bike tunnel and immediately freaked without bothering to read the article. A good lie is not only believable, but also desired. I must have wanted to believe that our mayor was planning to burn $420 million to help people save $1 million. Robert Martin, Vancouver

••• To the editor: I have to thank you for an excellent article last Friday. Not being fans of the Burrard Bridge and downtown bike lanes, my husband and I read the article and experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions— disbelief, fury, incredulity and inferiority (although fit and healthy, our family will never qualify for the property tax breaks offered to “cycle families”). Then from the fourth last paragraph on, I was doubled over laughing hysterically. I forwarded it to several friends all of whom were equally appalled, and I also posted it on the Facebook page “Against Gregor’s Bike Lanes.” This morning I went onto Twitter to see what other interesting things Mark Hasiuk may have posted because I re-

ally liked his writing style. I noticed the post from a fellow journalist of his which gave me a clue that the entire article was (a brilliant) Aprils Fool’s joke. After pondering this and re-reading it, I decided that the underwater rest stop was really too much, as well as Mr. McElroy’s dubious character and fantastic quotes—they were hilarious and maybe just over the top. I have not yet Googled “DigableProjects” but I suspect I will not find it. I retraced my steps: clarified for my friends and hastily removed the post from Facebook; however, I would like final confirmation that it was indeed an April Fool’s Day joke. Thanks again for a great laugh (hopefully it really is just a laugh!). Melanie Ferrandi, Vancouver

••• To the editor: Up until now, the city’s piddling budgetary contributions made to encourage cycling, green paths and to save the environment have been petty cash in the range of $30 million spent. What the city truly needs is much bigger thinkers and much bigger budgets as represented by the underwater connection proposal in the Friday Courier. I would go even farther and propose natural non-polluting shower facilities in the mid-

tunnel rest area which could be supplied with a gravity-flow water distribution system. Rick Angus, Vancouver

••• To the editor: Thank you for starting the second quarter of the year with the brilliant article about a bike tunnel modelled after those in Venice and Helsinki. Yes, the Tsrif Lirpa connector in Helsinki is indeed controversial. Critics say even the naming of the project was retrograde. Colin Miles, Vancouver

••• To the editor: My husband and I read your front page piece with growing alarm and dismay. Our comments ranged from “this guy has to be committed” to “over my dead body.” It wasn’t until, “If you bore a tunnel with love” (and the dead star-nosed moles) that the light finally came on! Extremely good gag on your part, we both agree. The fact that we were three quarters of the way through the article before we made the connection does reveal something else. Given Mayor Gregor Robertson’s track record, we actually thought this could be possible! Thanks for the laughs on an otherwise dreary day. Marie Decaire, Vancouver

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opinion Hate it or love it? We want to know... really, we do! Reach us by email: Letters to the editor (1574 West Sixth Ave., Vancouver V6J 1R2, fax 738-2154 or e-mail may be edited by the Courier for reasons of legality, taste, brevity and clarity. To be considered for publication, they must be typed, signed and include the writer’s full name (no initials), home address, and telephone number (neither of which will be published), so authorship may be verified.






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Off the Wagon’s Jenn Willoughby (left) and Dana Whaley were among businesses awarded 19 vendor licences Monday. photo Dan Toulgoet

City awards street vendor licenses Cheryl Rossi Staff writer

Spicy Korean fusion tacos, matzo balls and sweet and savoury stuffed Indian paratha flatbread should soon be served on downtown streets. The city announced the winners of this year’s 19 new street food vending licenses in a chilly morning downpour behind city hall April 4. The winners will join 17 food vendors who won spots last year in a city lottery. The city hopes to see the new vendors operating by early summer. In total, there will be about 100 vendors on city streets. Sadhu Johnston, deputy city manager, said staff short-listed about 100 applicants to 54 contenders. A panel of judges reviewed the applications for their business plans and food and referred about 25 finalists back to staff, which considered the panel’s recommendations alongside results of the city’s online survey. The survey on street food garnered nearly 2,000 responses and revealed strong public demand for Mexican, Indian, Thai, barbecue, organic and healthy foods. The city didn’t disclose the points received by the winning vendors, but those with the highest scores had the first choice in spots. All of the 2011

victorious vendors chose locations downtown with one in Gastown, although spots in other business districts were options. Johnston said the city was surprised so many vendors chose big food vending trucks rather than carts. One quarter of the vendors approved in the last two years will occupy curbside spots instead of sidewalks. Johnston estimated half of this year’s winning vendors are food business newbies and half have a food business background. Some applicants secured two locations this year. Re-Up BBQ, which won a spot in last year’s lottery, secured a second spot near Robson Square where it will sling beef brisket sandwiches and chili. Roaming Dragon won a spot for Asian fusion, including pork sliders, soba noodle soup and duck salad at Burrard and Smithe, plus a second spot for comfort foods including shepherd’s pie and matzo balls at Burrard and Robson. Ryan Spong, a partner with Tacofino, says it makes good financial sense to run two trucks from one commissary kitchen. Jason Sussman of Tacofino will operate Kiss Kiss Banh Banh, selling Vietnamese subs, salads and coffee at Howe and Robson. Kaeli Robinsong, his wife, will sell Baja-inspired tacos at Denman and Davie.

Andrew Fielding, owner of The Kaboom Box, which sells Oceanwise Certified seafood, burgers and poutine at Granville and Robson, said when it comes to earning a living from a street food business, “Let’s just say I’m an optimist.” Off the Wagon tacos, which was unlucky in the lottery last year, won a spot this year. “We’re totally stoked,” said Dana Whaley. Off the Wagon chose a curbside spot at Howe and Dunsmuir to offer flexibility in case construction pops up. Cartel Taco will sell Korean fusion tacos at Dunsmuir and Richards. Chawalla will sell stuffed paratha at Howe and Robson. Other new vendors will sell Greek food, English-style kebabs, grilled cheese sandwiches and Japanese takoyaki, or octopus balls, with juice and smoothies in Gastown. None of the vendors said they would sell items that cost more than $10. Charles Gauthier, executive director of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, said street food trucks and carts would compliment brick-and-mortar restaurants in Vancouver and that street food vendors are “integral to the downtown economy.” Twitter: @Cheryl_Rossi




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exotic courier

"(, '0629 %+ 10-* 5'0531%0'& 10-* 9+# %+ &6.0%9) $!15A6 )C 7?, +)-+5CA 4,)7,)A62 "5 <7,B <)A+ /,5 854!,A=5:AC A7 C?447,A A+5= ): 85!@):- 0?);B@6 !:8 C!15@6 <)A+ :!A?,!@ -!C !:8;!,>7: =7:79)85 5=5,-5:;)5C2

#5,!C5: &!C !:8 '7,A)C*( :7< C+!,5 7:5 :!=5 3 '7,A)C*(2 42%.1 ,)' #)$' *2%$'2- 32& 0/-- ,')+ 6)'%/&"!( 5/&/% $& 2% (%"#'!*)$)%&(

&@5:: %!=)@A7:4 $/0-2 8#*0'!/&+' &7,ABC*( ':/,+6 #:5.3 &7,ABC*( ':/,+6 2!;:57?</, #C@;:10 #:5.3 &7,ABC*( ':/,+6 2>)BCA@/,0 #:5.3 ;:1 &7,ABC*( #:5. 17 8?CB:/CC ;C &7,ABC*(. ")/ 57=4;:B/C ;,/ B:1B,/5A3 9)7@@6 79:/1 C?8CB1B;,B/C 7- &7,ABC #:5. &7,ABC*( ?C/C A)/ &7,ABC*( :;=/ ;:1 @7+7 ?:1/, @B5/:C/ -,7= &7,ABC #:5. &7,ABC*( ?C/C A)/ "/,;C/: %;C :;=/ ?:1/, @B5/:C/ -,7= &7,ABC*( $7@1B:+C #:5.

Courier readers: Pat Carmichael and Sheila Pomeroy Destination: Washington, D.C. Favourite memories of trip: After finishing a cruise on the Pana-

710 .#%#'0) "5.,5 ,5!862

Attn: Honda Owners

Send your Exotic Courier submission to

ma Canal, Sheila, her husband and sister Pat travelled to New York City, where “they’re is something to look at on every blook.” They also stopped in Washington, D.C. where they visited the Washington monument and the White House and left copies of the Courier for President Obama. Or not.


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of all net proceeds will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital




Happy Birthday, Vancouver

year is Summer Live, a three-day festival at Stanley Park, which will feature live music, sporting events, local food and children’s activities. It’s July 8-10. The city is also doling out more than $1.7 million in grant money to community artists and non-profit arts and culture programs that want to produce anniversaryrelated initiatives. Sixty-two groups have already been awarded funds and the city is currently sifting through 200 more applications for Vancouver 125-inspired events. Funding is coming from the city, federal government and corporate sponsors and will help sponsor projects throughout the year from small scale block parties to art exhibits like WE: Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery. “It will celebrate the arts and culture in the city, it will keep the city thinking about how to be a tourism destination and how to be a great place for the people who live here,” said Coun. Suzanne Anton about the city’s funding of 125 events. For a list of events, go to —Airika Owen

Going up?


"&%$% !#

Today, April 6, 2011, marks Vancouver’s 125th birthday and the city is celebrating with music and parties. The Birthday Live festivities start at 2 p.m. and run into the evening at Jack Poole Plaza, home of the Olympic Cauldron, which will be re-lit to act as a birthday candle for the day’s events. A street hockey tournament will kick off the party at the plaza, which will feature performances by 54-40, Leela Gilday, the Uzume Taiko drummers, Bend Sinister and hip hop dancer mmHoP. “O’ Canada” will be performed by the Vancouver Bach Choir while a video and light installation by German multi-media artist Philipp Geist plays. And it’s not a birthday party without cake, so Vancouver Community College’s Baking and Pastry Arts Department is making sure there will be enough to go around by baking an eight-foot by four-foot cake. The free birthday celebration is one of many events that the city is hosting as part of its year-long program to celebrate the anniversary of Vancouver’s incorporation in 1886. Also planned for the 125th

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health Live with eyes open

eyes together give us the full depth of vision. When my patients with myopia (needing glasses for distance vision) become pres-

We need two eyes to see fully. Though we can get by perfectly well with monocular vision, two

byopic (needing reading glasses), they sometimes choose to use a weaker lens for one eye. So instead of bifocals, they will have

monocular distance and near vision. Early fatherhood was a spiritual “eye opener” for me. The moment my first son

was born, I saw the world in a different way—through his eyes. Playing, teaching and growing with my three children in their early years

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(>6 51-% *3& +*<% 51-% 13 *77 !3. +)1'9 :*+"%-+2 &-6%-+2 $-!&#%+2 +)1<%+2 &!+":*+"%-+ *3& 5!'-1:*<% 1<%3+

*+& ,L& U ^-#N ,L% D#'#^)# , ML% ^-#N !D##

B#,DB %,& B,)^LbB

*+& U ,HHP^,L'#_ B,)# U:6 *+& M ,HHP^,L'#B_ B,)# MA6 *+& O JD NJD# ,HHP^,L'#B_ B,)# M:6

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,PP !+DL^B`^LbB (`#L &J+ +B# &J+D B>$201 N$0Q>2'$2@1 V2 B>$20 '$2@

B,)# ,L ,%%^-^JL,P UA6 JL ,PP N,SJD ,HHP^,L'# H+D'`,B#B (`#L &J+ +B# &J+D B>$201 N$0Q>2'$2@1 V2 B>$20 '$2@

aKQ Y> $ @>$Z VX Z$GXYVG>20 " **F0 B,)# MA6

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,XX 3YV8X= Y0=W QO4^7(3=3 C(M= M:6 V;; SO4 (X4=(?I 4=?O^=? Q4Y^=

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B,)# ,L ,%%^-^JL,P UA6 JL ,PP B,P#] HD^'#% *#%%^Lb (`#L &J+ +B# &J+D B>$201 N$0Q>2'$2@1 V2 B>$20 '$2@


B,)# ,L ,%%^-^JL,P UA6 JL ,PP !JJ-(#,D H+D'`,B#B (`#L &J+ +B# &J+D B>$201 N$0Q>2'$2@1 V2 B>$20 '$2@

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opened my grownup eyes to a limitless vision of my world and our future. Through the eyes of a young child, the world is forever new, wide and wonderful. There is something new around every corner and in every moment. Life is one adventure after another. And those adventures are not hard to find—in a trip to the market, a walk in the park or a drive across town. There is wonder in the mundane: the shapes of clouds, the movements of an ant and the whirlpool in a flushed toilet bowl. Joy is found in life’s little nuisances: puddles of rain, a heavy snowfall and a pile of leaves. And love is found in the arms of a mother and father who accept and embrace all of you and love you just the way you are. As we grow up and grow busy, we become short and long-sighted. We see trees and streets, people and places differently. Sometimes we don’t see them at all. But if we’re lucky to live long enough and to grow with the experience of life, we can regain the eye of a child and discover the eye of an elder. The perspective of life lived promises— though doesn’t guarantee— wisdom. The eyes of wise elders see themselves and their past in the drama of youth and the stages of life around them. They see that many things have changed but the essentials remain the same. The wise elder knows that our days are numbered and the wonder, joy and love must be appreciated today. Each moment is enjoyed as it is. Each day seized and let go. The eye of the elder can see the true nature of things—what has value and what does not. They can see what is worth holding and what we must let go. We need two eyes to see fully. This week, see your world with both eyes. Look at others, yourself and your life with the wonder of a child and the wisdom of an elder. Live each day as if it was your first and your last, and treat the people you love accordingly. —Dr. Davidicus Wong Dr. Wong writes regularly for this paper. His daily insights into living a happier life can be found at davidicuswong.wordpress. com,, and drdavidicuswong.





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Fraser Academy’s half-day Boost Camp is ideal for students who need to supplement a learning gap in language arts or math, or who’d like a jump start on fall learning. Get an academic boost through daily one-to-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring, a creative boost through six workshop electives that include rock music and photography, and a fun boost, period! Boost Camp is specifically designed for students who are bright, motivated to learn and emotionally healthy. They may or may not have been diagnosed with a language-based learning difficulty. Camp runs weekdays, 8:30am to 12:30pm, July 4 to 29.

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Finding a work/life balance can be difficult, especially when caring for young children. Karen is married with three children, manages a fulltime career as a financial advisor and takes care of her diabetic 82-year-old father who still lives independently in his own home.


trip on. Given the increased number of falls and at home injuries among seniors, many caregivers are choosing to install a personal emergency response systems. Vancouver Coastal Health’s Caregiver Support Program can be a real help. So, what is a caregiver?

Karen is not alone. Known as the sandwich generation, these caregivers are caught between the conflicting demands of looking after their own children as well as their aging parents. Approximately 712,000 Canadians aged 45 to 64 find themselves in this situation, according to News Canada information.

For these purposes, a caregiver is essentially anyone who provides unpaid care and support at home, in the community or in a care facility to an adult friend or family member who is living with a disability, chronically ill, elderly or palliative.

“Its challenging trying to find enough time to do ‘everything,’ like keeping up with work, while meeting the needs of your loved ones,” says Karen. “And these primary needs have a wide range, from monitoring the proper use of medication to scheduling and attending appointments. You become so protective of your parent that you forget that you are dealing with an autonomous and intelligent adult.”

About 85 per cent of people provide care for loved ones at some point in their lives. Some people take care of a relative for a few weeks or months following an acute illness or surgery, while others provide care on a daily-basis for someone with a chronic condition.

With today’s sandwich generation unable to tend to the needs of their aging parents or relatives 24/seven, caregivers look for reassurance that they will be safe at all times — even when left alone. Caregivers are routinely advised to take certain precautions such as, installing handrails in the bath or shower and removing small area rugs that are easy to


Family and friend caregivers offer a range of support, from physical care to personal care, emotional and social support, meal planning, transportation, and linking with health and community services. In Canada, unpaid caregivers’ contributions would cost the health care system billions annually if delivered by a paid workforce. In addition, many caregivers are employed, and the challenges of caregiving can lead to greater stress, absenteeism, and decreased concentration on the job.

Family and friend caregivers, often women, sometimes must leave jobs, reduce the amount of time they work, or pass up career opportunities. The Vancouver Coastal Health Caregiver Support Program acknowledges and addresses the five key elements to sustaining family and friend caregivers: recognition, information, education, support and respite. The program offers programs and services which include education workshops, support groups, phone support, referrals to healthcare and other resources. Plus, all services are free. Contact the Caregiver Support Coordinator at Vancouver Coastal Health, Caregiver Support Program, 3425 Crowley Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5R 6G3. Tel: 604-877-4699. Email:

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Help us give hope to the 1 in 12 children with rare diseases and their families

seniors WATER PROVIDES A LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT, AT ANY AGE If you are looking for a great way to improve your physical fitness and well-being try exercising in the pool. Water exercises are great because they are low impact and a lot of fun. There are many exercises that can be performed in a pool. Aqua running with a water belt, exercises with a pool noodle and pool dumbbells are just some of the tools available for exercising in a pool. You can also swim lengths and your local pool may even have weekly water aerobic classes that you can participate in.

Join us for a Fundraising Cocktail Party benefitting The Rare Disease Foundation. Live entertainment, auction items including autographed sports jerseys, great vacation packages including houseboating with Twin Anchors, plus a raffle for WestJet airfare anywhere and so much more! Saturday, April 9 at 7 pm To purchase your tickets please visit or call 866-348-6677.

The benefits of swimming have been recognized for many years. Swimming is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. If performed three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes you will improve your cardiovascular endurance and, coupled with good nutritional habits, you will burn off some of that excess body-fat!

Fit to Drive? P THE

rofessional drivers, drivers approaching their 80th birthday, or drivers who may have certain medical conditions affecting their driving ability are required to complete a driver’s medical exam when instructed. Within 45 days of receiving such an Cedric Hughes instruction they must complete all of the following steps: take the Driver’s Medical Exam form to their doctor to complete it and mail it on their behalf; receive notification from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles if any further action is required; and, if the driver’s medical exam has found a medical condition affecting their ability to drive, take a re-examination road test. If this last step is required, a generous notification period is provided. During the 45 day period for completing all the steps, they may continue to drive, but failing to take the steps can result in the cancellation of all driving privileges. Instruction to complete a driver’s medical exam can be given based on a person’s driving record or it may result from a report made to the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (OSMV) by a medical professional, vision specialist, family member, allied health care provider, or a concerned citizen about that person’s fitness to drive safely. The report must be in writing and it must identify the driver in question as clearly as possible, give details concerning the driver’s fitness to drive safely and it must include the full name and contact information of the person providing the report. Anonymous reports, or verbal reports are not acted upon. Conversely, full reports from identified persons with first-hand knowledge of the driver in question are high priority. OSMV will not release the


Barrister & Solicitor

report supplied by the writer to the driver but says that “if medical conditions are disclosed in the report, it will become known to the driver what condition was reported.” Nor will OSMV advise the reporting person as to any action it takes with respect to the driver in

question. Fitness to drive is a thorny issue. While driving is a privilege, it feels like a ‘right’ and for many, a ‘necessity’. More people have driven their whole driving lives than ever before and now, every day throughout North America, on average, 10,000 of these people are celebrating their 65th birthday. Plus, a good number of these people will be undergoing knee, hip, and eye surgeries, to mention only a few of the most common age related treatments that may render them temporarily less than fully fit to drive. Will they have the common sense to refrain from driving until they are fully recovered? A recently reported minor rear-end collision was a good reminder about temporary unfitness to drive. Light rain mid-day on a reasonably quiet street gave no major cause for concern. But a low speed impact from behind while stopped at a light still packed a punch. The at-fault driver stopped but didn’t hop out to exchange information. She couldn’t. Her right knee was in a cast and she admitted it had slowed down her ability to brake properly. Please drive safely. Road Rules is by Cedric Hughes, Barrister & Solicitor with regular weekly contributions from Leslie McGuffin, LL.B.

Personal Injury Law, ICBC Claims “Experienced representation for serious injuries”

604-602-1828 • 501-1128 Hornby St.

Law Corporation

Free Initial Consultation

Besides the aerobic benefit, it is one of the few aerobic sports that emphasizes upper body conditioning while also improving flexibility. The other benefit is that, because gravity is eliminated, there is less potential for injury to the lower extremity joints, muscles and tendons. If swimming lengths is not your thing, try a water belt used for aqua running. A water belt fits around your waist and helps you to partially float so that you can perform a running motion in the water. This form of running closely patterns the form used on land. Water provides a resistance that is proportional to the effort exerted, much like running into a stiff wind. For variation, this exercise can also be performed in a cross-country skiin motion. The benefit of pool exercises is that the water allows you to move freely Also, the water provides added resistance without the stress or impact on your joints and soft tissues. Water aerobic classes often use pool tools such as water dumbbells, pool noodles or even empty capped milk jugs. These devices are great for performing strengthening exercises as they provide resistance from being submerged into the water Milk jugs are especially great for pool exercises because they are effective and very inexpensive. A good aquatic class will provide an aerobic workout and it will also effectively strengthen the major muscle groups of the body. For people with lower back pain or with injuries to their lower extremities, exer cising in a pool is often the best way to restore muscle strength, endurance, and joint range of motion. If you are just starting out on an exercise program remember that all programs can be tailored to your individual needs based on your age and fitness level. Always start with a program that is comfortable for you and slowly progress from there. Local pools Vancouver Aquatic Centre, UBC Aquatic Centre, YMCA Langara, YWCA and several of the city’s community centre pools have programs specifically geared at seniors, and priced accordingly. Article provided by Karp Home Care, Vancouver.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: A LEGENDARY ‘PERFORMER’ supplied by Laura-Anne Scherer, VSO

An all-inclusive retirement never looked better… you should see us now!

The Vancouver Symphony Society recently announced the passing of its Honorary Life President, Eleanor (Mrs. H.R.) Malkin, C.M., O.B.C. Mrs. Malkin died March 9, 2011, in her 99th year.

Her volunteer service was recognized in a number of awards, notably her membership in the Order of Canada and Order of B.C. For her services to the Symphony, the orchestra members


awarded her an honorary membership in the Vancouver Musiciansí Union. The VSO will be dedicating its June 6th concert to her, while another angel in heaven strums a harp in her memory. Note: A reception will be held in Mrs. Malkinís honour on Tuesday, Apr. 19 at 2 pm at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811 Point Grey Road. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or Vancouver Symphony Society.

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Wellness & Vitality™ Centre and Programs mPOWER™ Fitness programs Salon and Spa Services Elegantly designed Independent Suites VITALIS™ Assisted Living Suites and Services Private Outdoor patios and gardens Respite and Guest Suites

~ Open House Week ~ Wednesday, April 6th to Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily Call today for your personal tour and stay for lunch, compliments of our Executive Chef Robert! Amica at Arbutus Manor A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence 2125 Eddington Drive Vancouver, BC V6L 3A9 604.736.8936 •

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.!B@A@!B@!8 -!B *;;6;8@B +616!<( 89@ D9C6D@ 6; "C5=; 7$?56;8@ #@-/; A=@A-=@B ," 3@B 0@-/ D9@> @1@="B-" 09C=8 8@=# & =@;A68@ ;8-"; %689 )@=86>6@B )-=@ *6B@; 8C -;;6;8 "C5 *D861686@; 89-8 ;86#5/-8@ "C5= ;C5/ -!B =@251@!-8@ "C5= ,CB" 6!D/5B6!< 89@ >-,5/C5; :C%@= :/-8@® 468!@;; 0";8@# ! 7!=6D96!< 0CD6-/ 71@!8;

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Eleanor Malkin was a devoted supporter of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for over 80 years, having first volunteered in the VSO box office in 1928 at age 16. As chair of the Symphony Womens’ Committee in the late 1940s, a board member and President in the 1950s, and a board member and Honorary Life President in later years, Eleanor was an assiduous fundraiser, advocate, mentor to and member of the Symphony community.

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Kitsilano Community Centre is featuring an “Exercise Strategies for Seniors” workshop, put on by instructor Andrew Burchell. He says people are now living longer than in any time in history. But as we age, we must decide what quality of life we want for ourselves into our senior years. In this seminar, Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist Andrew Burchell will present statistics and research on aging and health. In addition, simple exercises that encourage functional independence will be shared. Be prepared to move! There will be small practical components throughout this lecture. Andrew Burchell is an Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist with ACE and a BCRPA ‘Trainer of Fitness Leaders’ ( This free workshop commences Thursday, Apr. 14, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM, at Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre, located at 2690 Larch Street; phone 604257-6976 for registration details. Vancouver/Kerrisdale Osteoporosis Branch will host a lecture: “Learn How to Boost Brain Power - Exercise to Promote Cognitive Function in Older Adults” by Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, PT PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physical Therapy, UBC, and Direc-


tor of Aging, Mobility and Cognitive Function Laboratory on Tuesday, Apr. 26, 7:00 PM, at the Seniors Centre, Kerrisdale Community Centre, 5851 West Blvd. Free admission; no registration required. Info: 604-731-4755 or 604-224-5063. If you have a non-profit event or activity focusing on Healthy/Active Seniors, contact: Helen Peterson or e-mail:; or by fax: 604738-4739. One listing per organization, please.


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Amica Mature Lifestyles, Inc.’s 22 Wellness & Vitality retirement communities across Canada raised $10,900 in the month of February to aid seniors living on or below the poverty line. This year throughout February, all Amica retirement communities donated $20.00 to the Have a Heart campaign for every person or group who toured their premises.


Mature Discount for Over 50 Home • Business • Travel • Medical A family owned business putting you first •••

5606 Victoria Dr. at 40th Avenue

Last month’s special fund raising promotion, appropriately named Have a Heart, is just one of the many fund raisers every Amica retirement community hosts throughout the year in support of the annual Amica Helping Hands Community Program.


For the past seven years in December, every Amica Mature Lifestyles community has lovingly shopped for and filled baskets full of non-perishable foods, a gift certificate for a local supermarket

Notary Public

and a warm blanket that is given to a senior in need who might otherwise have nothing during the Holidays. To date, over 7,000 baskets have been donated to seniors in need through the Amica Helping Hands registered charity. All Amica residents and staff are involved in supporting those less fortunate in their local community and February’s Have a Heart campaign proved to be another successful example of caring and concerned people coming together to help a particularly vulnerable segment of the population. Congratulations! For more on the program and information on Amica at Arbutus Manor and Amica at Rideau Manor, go to


The Peter MacDonald Insurance Building

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Sid Cross and Global TV’s Sophie Lui emceed the Bacchanalia Gala Dinner and Auction, the wine festival’s signature fundraiser.

Fred Chair Lawrence Burr showed off the largest bottle at this year’s Wine Festival, Paras Balta Mas Irene 2003 Cabernet Franc and Merlot, valued at $2,500.



Jackson Triggs winemakers Derek Kontkanen and Brooke Blaire displayed their International Wine and Spirit Competition trophies for World’s Best Merlot.


Spanish winemaker Telmo Rodriguez raised a glass at the 33rd annual Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival.

Wined and dined: Vancouverites can be forgiven if they’re a little hung over this week. Festival director Harry Hertscheg welcomed wine enthusiasts and industry leaders to the 33rd annual Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. A celebration of everything grape, 62 events kept oenophiles busy sipping, spitting and swallowing. It was all about the “f” word as fortified wines was this year’s global focus, while wines from Spain were the fete’s regional theme. The wine was flowing and the bids were rising at the Bacchanalia Gala Dinner and Auction, the festival’s signature fundraiser, held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and chaired by Vicki Prince-Wright. Global TV’s Sophie Lui and wine aficionado Sid Cross emceed the golden gala sponsored by Goldcorp. A sparkling Cava reception and nine wines paired with five courses created by hotel executive chef Robert LeCrom left everyone’s senses reeling. All wined up, a spirited live auction contributed more than half of the $270,000 raised for Max Reimer’s Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company. At the Awards Lunch, the festival honoured industry professionals, including wine critic Jurgen Gothe (Spirited Industry Professional Award) and West’s Owen Knowlton (Sommelier of the Year). Best Wine List kudos went to West Restaurant and Blue Water Café. Next year’s regional theme will be Chile. Hear Fred Mondays 8:20am on CBC Radio’s The Early Edition; email Fred at; follow Fred on Twitter: @FredAboutTown or

Hester Creek principals Mark Sheridan (l) and Rob Smith launched their new line of Character and The Judge estate wines.

Miner Wines winemaker Gary Brookman and executive chef Dino Renaerts along with his wife, Nessa Van Bergen.

Under the Jacqueline Conoir label, local designer Rozemerie Cuevas celebrated 25 years with a new collection and new edgier, younger JAC line.

Celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and barman Jay Jones of Market hosted a wine wingding at the Shangri-la Hotel.




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arts & entertainment

Picks of the week

1. Combining original and period songs of struggle, loss, celebration and perseverance, We Are the People is a live concert event commemorating 125 years of history and hope in the Downtown Eastside. The musical celebration runs April 7 to 10, 8 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday at Ukrainian Hall, 805 East Pender St. For more information, call 604-6285672 or go to 2. Straight outta Kamloops, crazy mother ’effer named Folk Thief is the acoustic strumming incarnation of Dave Hadgkiss. Relocated to Vancouver and inspired by the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Nirvana, Folk Thief plays the Railway Club April 6 in support of his down-in-the-mouth debut Love, Heartache and Oblivion, with guests Blind God and Carolyn Mark. More info at 3. Vancouver’s only live and televised variety show Paul Anthony’s Talent Time celebrates Vancouver’s 125th birthday April 6, 9 p.m. at the Biltmore Cabaret. Performers include Romanian-born entertainer and YouTube sensation Ligia Oancea, comedian Emmett Hall (from the Sunday Service), First Nations dancer Curtis Joe, action star Kyles McKay, one-man house band Devon Lougheed and the ever-popular Cover Charge Piñata. More info at 4. Adventurer Colin Angus shares his death-defying tales of travelling the entire length of the Amazon River by raft along with a screening of the National Geographic film Amazon Extreme April 7, 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Hollywood Theatre, 3123 West Broadway. Tickets available at Hollywood Theatre, The Travel Bug (3065 West Broadway) or at the door. Info at

kudos & kvetches Election trail mix

The federal election campaign staggers into its second week like a drunken father desperately trying to win our affections after years of being absent and neglectful. Hey, who wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight? Who wants ice cream? And if you’re really good, Daddy’s going to buy you a pony. Ahh, you’re the best dad. All is forgotten. Yes, this week was one of shiny promises with no clear or succinct platforms and no pressing issues—just blatant, desperate vote buying, fallacious arguments and breathtakingly cheesy photo ops. Speaking of which…. • PM Stephen Harper hit Ontario’s agricultural heartland Monday for a campaign stop at a grain farm in some place called Wainfleet. Not surprisingly, Harper chose the picturesque rural setting to stoke the cold embers of the long-gun registry, promising to abolish it and suck up to duck hunters everywhere. The opposition “simply doesn’t get it,” said Harper in front of a backdrop of supporters who were sitting on, no joke, bales of hay. Nicely played, Mr. Harper. We’re just disappointed he only used the set of Hee Haw for his political stumping. If he were really savvy, he

would have carted in Roy Clark and the corpse of Buck Owens to perform one of their pickin’ and grinnin’ skits. “I see by the papers up in Ottawa a man there gets hit by a car every 30 minutes,” Owens would say, to which Clark replies, “Bet he’s gettin’ tired of that by now!” • According to the Globe and Mail’s Campaign Notebook, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has been taking a page from Harper’s ahh shucks, down-home playbook by dropping into Tim Hortons branches across the East Coast. He was at a Timmy’s in Halifax on Monday and one on the Conception Bay Highway Tuesday. Unfortunately, Ignatieff’s “in touch with the average Canadian” message was drowned out by the hissy fit he threw upon learning Tim Hortons doesn’t carry croissants or brioche. “What kind of savages are you?” he said, before his team of handlers tackled him and stuffed a maple-glazed doughnut in his mouth. • NDP leader Jack Layton, still feeling the surge from a Vancouver newspaper’s online photo gallery of what various celebrities would look like if they had Layton’s moustache crudely Photoshopped onto their faces… sigh… put


his acoustic guitar down for a moment to visit factories and press the flesh of the proletariat, which, to be honest, is kind of rough and could use moisturizer. He also promised to double Canada Pension Plan benefits, saying that the Canadian pension plan is woefully inadequate to keep people living in comfort in their old age… unless, of course, you’re a member of Parliament. “We don’t really have an adequate system of retirement security in the country,” Layton said Monday morning during a campaign stop at a dance club in the Toronto riding of Davenport, the symbolism of which we’re still trying to grasp. The other parties are dancing around the issues? We need to bust a move on pension reform? The Tories have let the pension system’s backbone slide? We’ll have to get back to you on that one. • As far as we know, Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe remained in Quebec—because where else is he going to go?—and Green Party leader Elizabeth May remained in a state of denial, refusing to accept the fact she wasn’t invited to the federal leaders’ debate. • On a happier note: three and a half more weeks and it will all be over.






Trespassers explores life, death, family and fruit


Peachy Panych play gets real


The Trespassers

At the Playhouse until April 16 Tickets: 604.873.3311

Stories and photos from Re-built. your Re-designed. ~ In print and online all the time Re-newed.


Reviewed by Jo Ledingham

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The Trespassers—described in press releases as being about “life, death, love, family and peaches”—premiered at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in 2009. A new production of Morris Panych’s play, directed by Ron Jenkins, was mounted at Victoria’s Belfry Theatre last September and it’s this production, in association with the Belfry, that now graces the Playhouse stage. I’m a Panych fan from way back, and the Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia nails what it is that I find so attractive in the Panych canon: “His plays are characterized by existential themes and ‘theatre of the absurd’ style and sensibility... they pose broad philosophical questions on human interaction and isolation, on the nature of good and evil, and on the relationship between fantasy and reality.” The Trespassers, however, is much more realistic than his other plays, and this is reflected in Narda McCarroll’s set, which has none of the thrillingly forced perspective interiors or charmingly wonky exteriors of Ken Macdonald (Panych’s partner and most frequent set designer). It’s a one-set-fits-all, wood-

Brian Dooley, Jennifer Clement and Amitai Marmorstein appear in Morris Panych’s The Trespassers. en-slatted interior that multifunctions as the inside of a barn and a kitchen or, with suspended glowing orange globes, a peach orchard. The peaches-as-people metaphor is implied throughout: their delicacy and their vulnerability to bruising or going bad. Fifteen-year-old Lowell (Amitai Marmorstein) is an odd kid. Cash, his mother (Natascha Girgis), thinks he’s borderline bi-polar and tries to keep him medicated. Hardy, his grandfather (Brian Dooley), thinks the kid’s OK and tries to keep him off the meds. Cash, dumped by Lowell’s father for someone half her height, has taken up Christianity; Hardy is a socialist and an atheist. So while Cash works at the local museum, Hardy does his best to set Lowell straight by teaching him a thing or two about poker, stealing peaches and sex.

And that takes us back to peaches. It’s a real show stopper when Jennifer Clement, as sexy, heart o’ gold Roxy, pops out a bare boob, grabs Marmorstein’s hand and plunks it there. Director Jenkins gives that a long minute before Lowell, blown speechless, asks, “How much do you think it weighs?” The Trespassers is Panych so it’s funny. But it’s also a mystery. The play opens with Lowell being interrogated by Milton, a cop (Raphael Kepinski), and we don’t know why. Marmorstein, absolutely spellbinding in Zee Zee Theatre’s Nelly Boy several years ago, makes his Playhouse debut in The Trespassers. Without resorting to cute, he plays awkward and 15 easily. He makes Lowell’s affection for his grandfather palpable, and his little victories—like bluffing Hardy at poker—have us

rooting for him. And, in spite of Lowell’s continuing conflicts with Cash, Marmorstein nevertheless shows us that this lost boy loves his mother. Girgis, with a perpetual frown of parental concern on her face, has a rather onenote role until a late reconciliation scene where she exposes Cash’s devastating frailty. And Dooley, after spouting lots of Hardy’s folksy wisdom, eventually shows us that not-quite-so-hardy Hardy has doubts and fears, too. Beautiful Clement, who often portrays a refined, regal character swishing about in silk and satin, makes a terrific floozy with a rat’s nest hairdo. Compassion just flows off her like warm honey. Hardy’s so-called “paramour,” Roxy teaches Lowell a few things about the female anatomy but a lot more about life. I enjoyed The Trespassers, but I missed the quirky irony that has been Panych’s trademark. This play packs a lot of charm; heaven forbid Panych should be mellowing. However, re-reading the last couples of scenes makes me wonder if The Trespassers isn’t Panych’s saddest play. Tennessee Williams’ line from A Streetcar Named Desire, “I have always been grateful for the kindness of strangers,” comes to mind as Lowell is packed off to a place “where they can look after” him. Where, exactly, will that be?


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Large-scale prints of ‘perishable sculptures’ on display at Winsor Gallery

Photographer creates art for cart’s sake State of the Arts

with Cheryl Rossi A man with a shopping cart pulled up in front of photographer Brian Howell and dove into a garbage bin, giving Howell time to study its contents, two weeks before the 2010 Winter Olympics. Shortly afterwards, Howell found himself fortunate enough to be shooting Olympic hockey games for Maclean’s magazine. “That really struck a chord with me that there was so much optimism in the city and it was a time that there was all this promise and yet not a whole lot was going to change for a lot of people,” Howell said. An idea was forming. Howell wanted to photograph binners’ carts, but he wasn’t sure how to proceed. On Father’s Day, he spied a large photograph of a woman’s face jutting out of a cart in West Vancouver that forced him to pull over. He asked the binner how he could go about photographing his cart, and the man told him he could buy the

vessel, contents and all. “That was kind of the defining moment of wow, people don’t live out of these things. They’re willing to part with them. They don’t have this attachment that you may otherwise think,” Howell said. “There are those people out there, but there’re also a lot of people that are out collecting things and selling them to make money.” From June until February, Howell purchased 45 carts from binners, took the carts to a warehouse and photographed them. The results—25 nearly life-size prints of what Howell sees as “perishable sculptures”—will deck the walls of the Winsor Gallery, April 7 to 30. One cart holds a riotous tangle of yellow, lime, orange and blue cords. Another cart is wrapped with a scarlet tablecloth that’s bound with a bungee cord. Each of the men and women Howell approached set a price for their collection, which was accepted without negotiation, the average price being $25. Usually binners were happy to move all of their goods in one go, Howell said. He made sure binners removed any personal possessions. Then

For his latest exhibition, Brian Howell photographed shopping carts and their contents, which he bought from binners. he told them the purpose of the exchange, rolled the carts up the ramp he’d built into the old pickup truck he bought and drove them to the studio he rented. He shot these found compositions, untouched and intact, with a rented high-resolution medium-format digital camera. “The idea is so that the viewer can look at every aspect of them, can con-

template the contents,” said Howell, who’s the younger brother of Courier reporter Mike Howell. “After I photographed them, I would find details in some of the objects that I didn’t even see when I bought them off people.” One of the carts Howell purchased included a bar fridge, microwave, toaster, plant, Razor scooter and desk chair.

“It just says so much about how we live, the fact that we can just move on and toss all our stuff away. So disposable, such a wasteful society, but intriguing that someone thinks they can repurpose it before it goes off to the landfill,” he said. After shooting the carts, Howell recycled or donated the contents and, under the cover of darkness, returned the carts to the supermarkets they originally came from. The award-winning editorial photographer has previously focused on the worlds of celebrity impersonators and minor league wrestlers, as seen in his photography books Fame Us and One Ring Circus. Douglas Coupland has written an introductory essay for the Shopping Carts show catalogue. “It’s almost things that are right underneath our nose that are not given any attention,” Howell said of the subjects that inspire his photos. “I’m intrigued by how commonplace they are, yet they’re not things that had really been documented in any way.” The opening reception runs April 7, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Winsor Gallery, 3025 Granville St. Twitter: @Cheryl_Rossi


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sports & recreation

Jock and Jill

with Megan Stewart

Five Hole for 125

Kat Cronin (a.k.a. Major A$$ets) with rookie skaters Delna Dalsima (D.A. DaRuckus) and Belinda Williams (Didgeri Doom) show off their muscled and costumed bodies before the Terminal City Rollergirls season opener April 9. photos Dan Toulgoet

‘Fresh meat’ helps roller derby league expand Megan Stewart Staff writer

Eight months ago, a record number of skating novices undressed to dress up and express their cheeky, shortshort, smoking-hot selves on wheels. Ninety-one women attended tryouts in September. Thirty-one skaters ultimately made the cut to become “fresh meat” and are now drafted rookies in Vancouver’s skater-owned and owner-operated roller derby league called Terminal City Rollergirls. The women also formed a critical mass that enabled the league to expand from three teams to four. A spike in players means additional support behind the scenes and the potential for greater revenue as more fans pay to watch the women compete in a sport celebrated for its ferocity and aggression as well as its camaraderie and camp. “The more people who play, the more people find out about roller derby in Vancouver and hear how much we love it,” said the league’s spokesperson Andi Struction. “They fill the seats when we play.”

Since its inception in 2006, this year is the first the Terminal City Rollergirls are members of the international Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, an organization representing 75 leagues with standardized rules and guidelines and global competition. The 2011 season begins this weekend with a doubleheader bout. The expansion Public Frenemy makes its debut against the Riot Girls, followed by the three-time league champion Bad Reputations squaring off against the Faster Pussycats. Belinda Williams, a rookie with the expansion team, says roller derby is the playtime of serious sport. Multiple three-hour practices each week plus cross-training increase her endurance. She cares for bruises and road rash on

her limbs—wounds she welcomes as a sign she’s tough enough to handle the flat-track violence of competitors she otherwise considers her friends. “The bruises on my arms are from hitting other girls. The ones on my leg and butt are from hitting the ground.” Opponents hit each other as hard as they can in the spirit of competition and respect, says Williams, who goes by the derby name Didgeri Doom. “You wouldn’t want to insult each other by going soft.” Although the costuming adds to the entertainment factor of the sport, Williams says her focus is on the bout, not her body. “When I’m out there, what I’m wearing is the last thing on my mind.”

Delna Dalsima, who was drafted to the Riot Girls as a rookie this year, said she’s more confident in her physicality. “Something about being as tough as we are, I don’t care about how little or big my butt is. It can do so much more than most people’s butts,” she said. Even when stripped down to fishnets, booty shorts and a cut-off T-shirt, as the naturally shy person Dalsima says she’s become more comfortable in her own skin, much of which is painted in a mosaic of body art. The rookies agree that the only mandatory gear after skates and a helmet are kneepads. If you scrimp, you’ll be paying for it one way or another. A “fresh meat” equipment package goes for about $500, with stakes costing roughly $150. Special-made, custom rollerskates can reach upwards of $600. The season opener begins April 9 at 6 p.m. with doors opening at 5 p.m. at the Kerrisdale Arena. Tickets are $10 to $15. Twitter: @MHStewart

Lacrosse is Canada’s official summer sport, but Vancouverites could make a case that it be changed to road hockey. After asphalt rinks took a share of the spotlight and upped fan fervour during the 2010 Olympics, every celebration has become a reason to chase after a hard, fluorescent orange ball. If there was ever an occasion to play, it’s Vancouver’s 125th birthday. The ball drops today (April 6) at 2 p.m. at the Olympic Cauldron at 1055 Canada Place. Bring your gear and a donation for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. The enthusiasts behind Five Hole for Food will collect goods for the food bank. Canucks blogger Richard Loat (follow him on Twitter @ Mozy19) conceived the crosscountry fundraiser during a road trip and will drive the length of the Trans-Canada Highway again this summer. Five Hole for Food starts in the east and sets off June 23 from St. John’s, Newfoundland before hitting Saint John, N.B. four days later for, what else, the World 3-on-3 Ball Hockey Championships.

Soccer clubs merge

The Vancouver Girls Soccer Club is merging with Grandview Legion FC for the 201112 season. Joe Moulins, the president of VGSC, says the move will make both small clubs more competitive and will create space for more players. “Last season we were so small, we had to turn away quite a few players. We had enough for one team but not enough girls to form two teams, so girls ended up on wait lists or not playing at all.” VGSC counted 210 players on teams across U12 to U18 age groups last year. Moulins’ club had to turn away 10 per cent of players after tryouts. One parent said the small Vancouver clubs need to find ways to be competitive with the deep-rostered programs in Richmond and Surrey. Along with VGSC and Grandview Legion FC, Douglas Park and Killarney soccer clubs are running joint tryouts. The four clubs host tryouts for 11- to 17-year-old girls April 13 to May 4 at the Strathcona Ova. Visit for details.


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Quick, Easy, Confidential No credit or income required 1st, 2nd, 3rd mortgages

Call 604-328-6409


Money to Loan

NEED A LOAN - BAD CREDIT? Has your credit prevented you from getting a loan? Buying a home or having your own business? We can help you get up to 1 million business or mortgage loan and up to 200K personal loan with interest rates starting at 2.9% APR. Bad credit ok. Apply now at: or call 1-877-500-4030

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All Like New! Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Stacker $

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your Sudoku savvy to the test!

Pets - Other




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STANDARD POODLE pups, CKC reg. brown, black & cream, Chwk. 604-823-2467 ..302-1761




GOOD HOME for beautiful 5 yr old in/outdoor female tabby cat (spayed) Rod 604-985-7193




For Sale Miscellaneous

A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464. CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866-981-6591


For Sale Miscellaneous

GARAGE DOOR REVOLUTION. The amazing rolling garage door is now available in Canada. Quiet. Safe. Attractive. Space Saving. And competitively priced. Check it out at or call 1-877-765-2367. Mention “Community” and receive an automatic 10% off.



5 PIECE Oak brm suite. Head board, frame, armoir, 2 side tables with drawers. Long dresser, 9 drawer with mirror. $600. 604-736-4082


Garage Sale

Collectible Fair & Computer Swap Meet

Saturday, April 9 • 11am-4pm Scottish Centre • Adm: $3 8886 Hudson St., S. Vancouver 604.521.6304




MOVING SALE Sat, Apr 9, 10am-3pm Sun, Apr 10, 10am-2pm 4750 Granville St

New treasures arriving daily!

Misc items + split firewood. Everything must go!

Any Size Mattress $99, Headboards $50,Nite Tables$50, $50, Mattresses $100, Sofabeds $200, Armoires Dressers $100,Sofa Beds $200, Banquet Chairs $15, Sofa Chairs $50, Dining Chairs $20, Tables $50. Lamps $20, TV’s $30, Armoires $100, Drapes $30 1000’s of lamps, mirrors & art... and much more! Mini-bars $40 ...and much more! We are Canada’s largest supplier of pre-owned furniture. 250 Terminal Ave @ Main St, Vancouver Visit ★Anizco★ Liquidators Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5 +Sat 10-2 Visit ★ANIZCO ★Liquidators 604-682-2528 250 Terminal Ave, Vancouver 604-682-2528 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-5, Sat: 10-2

E GARAGE SALE GP Lawn Bowls Club14th Ave. ( at Fir St,) Sat. April 9, 9:00-3:00 Sun.. April 10, 12:00-3:00 Home Baking Treasures Galore!

Just arrived from the PACIFIC PALISADES HOTEL



Garage Sale

H - WILSON HEIGHTS THRIFT SALE. 1634 East 41st at Argyle. Fri Apr8th 5-7 pm Sat Apr 9-12 noon;

Something for everyone.


Lumber/Building Supplies

DO-IT-YOURSELF STEEL Buildings Priced for Spring Clearance - Ask about Free Delivery to most areas! Call for Quick Quote and Free Brochure 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170 SAWMILLS – Band/Chainsaw SPRING SALE – Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY In stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195.00. 1-800-566-6899 Ext.400OT

STEEL BUILDING SALE... SPECIALS from $4 to $11/sq.ft. Great pricing on ABSOLUTELY every model, width & length. Example: 30x40x14 NOW $7995.00. End walls included, doors optional. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers 1-800-668-5422.


Wanted to Buy

ANTIQUE: COINS & paper money, silver & gold wanted. Will pay cash & come to you wherever you are. Call Joe 604-564-3564

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5505 4051

Registered Massage Services


$45/hr $109 Head to toe pkg. $78/2hrs Body+Facial or Waxing pkg. Brazilian Waxing from $35

3482 Main St. Van 604-376-1686


Try the Best 604-872-1702



*CONNECT WITH YOUR FUTURE* Learn from the past, Master the present! Call A True Psychic NOW! $3.19min 1-877-478-4410 (18+) 1-900-783-3800 Answers to all your questions!


Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Chester Allison Johnson otherwise known as Chester A. Johnson and Chester Johnson, deceased, formerly of 980 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, BC, are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executors c/o Owen Bird Law Corporation, P.O. Box 49130, 29th Fl, 595 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1J5, on or before the 6th day of May, 2011, after which date the Estate’s assets will be distributed having regard only to the claims that have been received. Doreen Violet Johnson, Garfield Chester Johnson and Robin C. Macfarlane, Executors. Owen Bird Law Corporation, Solicitors NOTICE IS hereby given to Mr. Herb Hoffmann, that the agreement to rent the garage at 10 West 11th Ave. in Vancouver, B.C. is now terminated and you are hereby required to remove your property on or before April 20th, 2011 after which date the garage owners will sell, donate or dispose of the whole content of the garage. Elizabeth Berezowska and Wojciech Grzybowicz, 10 West 11th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1S5, 604-876-6487

Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE IS hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the Estate of PATRICK WILLIAM McCANN, Deceased, late of 1105 – 4505 Hazel Street, in the City of Burnaby, in the Province of British Columbia, V5H 4T1, who died on the 11th day of October, 2010, are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executor, BMO Trust Company at 595 Burrard Street, 9th Floor, P.O. Box 49500, Vancouver, B.C., V7X 1L7 on or before the 30th day of May, 2011, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received.

Notice to Creditors and Others Re: the Estate of William Gordon Calderwood. Deceased, formerly of #204 - 999 West 57th Ave., Vancouver, BC. Creditors and others having claims against the estate of William Gordon Calderwood who passed away on Feb 12, 2011, are hereby notified under Section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to Karin Hilliard, Executor, at 6810 Thunderbird Court, Delta, BC V4E 2S7 before April 30, 2011, after which date the Executors will distribute the Estate among the parties entitled thereto having regard to the claims which they have notice. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Re: PEGGY BURNETT, otherwise known as PEGGY M. BURNETT, Deceased, formerly of #302 - 2803 West 41st Ave., Vancouver, B.C. Creditors and other having claims against the Deceased, who died on September 20, 2010, at Vancouver, B.C. are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executor at #2700 - 700 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1B8, on or before, May 2, 2011, after which the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims received. Royal Trust Corporation of Canada, Executor. Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP, Solicitors.

6522 6007


KELOWNA - Upscale Adult Resort, 4 Jacuzzi Stes., 6 ½ baths. Salt pool, media room & sauna. Lake, mtn & city views. Private 2 bdrm. res. Fabulous semi-retired lifestyle. Turn key. $1,549,000. 1-877-762-7831


Houses - Sale


Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Chilliwack 2.5yr old 2967sf 3 storey 4 br 2.5ba w/suite potnl $417,900 798-2511 id5344 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $98,500 597-8361 id4714 Sry Bear Creek Park beauty 1440sf rancher, gated 45+ $275,900 306-931-3939 id5234 Sry Priced to Sell!!! Guildford 909sf 2br updated quiet condo $165K 588-5592 id5305 Sry Boundary Park immaculate 3139sf 5br 3.5ba w/bsmt suite $689K 590-0981 id5335 Sry Sullivan Mews upper lvl 1150sf 2br 2ba tnhse, 55+ complex $175K 543-8549 id5346 Sry Tynehead on Greenbelt 3600sf 5br 4.5ba 1/2ac GD lot $930K 575-7311 id5350

★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422 * AT WE BUY HOMES * Sell Your House Fast! Call us First!

Damaged House! Older House!

Difficulty Selling! Need to Sell Now! No Fees! No Risks! 604-626-9647


Difficulty Making Payments?

Alternative to Bankruptcy!

Penalty, No Equity? We Take

Over Your Payment! No Fees!! / (604) 812-3718


Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk!

Body Work

Authentic Chinese bodywork, gentle or deep tissue 15 yr exp’d 10a-9p 604-329-8218. S.E. BBY


New Westminster

1202 - 7th Ave. Sunday, April 10th, 2 - 4pm. 5 BR incl legal ste. $640,000. Karim Juma, Royal Le Page City Centre, 604-678-9143


Mobile Homes

NOTICE is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of DOLORES LOUISE SCOTT, Deceased, late of 1405 - 2045 Nelson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, who died on the 12th day of December, 2010, are hereby required to send them to the undersigned Executor, BMO Trust Company at 595 Burrard Street, 9th Floor, P.O. Box 49500, Vancouver, B.C., V7X 1L7 on or before the 30th day of May, 2011, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received.


Houses - Rent




CRIMINAL RECORD? Canadian pardon seals record. American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation? All CANADIAN / AMERICAN Work & Travel Visa’s. 604-282-6668 or 1-800-347-2540 DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, CALL NOW. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+). GAY PHONE Chat. FREE TRIAL. 1-877-501-1012 Talk to or meet desirable guys in your area 24/7. Where private, confidential fantasies come true! 1-877-501-1012 18+ GENTLEMEN! Attractive discreet, European lady is available for company 604-451-0175


Escort Services

★★ Able to Please You!★★ AMBER 604-505 0522 Anytime Day or Night

SRY, #1-7850 King George Blvd. Great double wide 2 BR + den. 1 pet ok! 55+ adult park. $79,500. Lorraine Cauley, Royal Lepage North Star, 604-889-4874


Out Of Town Property

2645 McBain Ave. renod, 4 br, 1.5 bath, 1840sf, hardwood, fp, lease, np, ns, $3400, now, Royal Pacific Prop. Eric 604-723-7368 *RENT TO OWN*

Abbotsford- 3262 Clearbrook Rd. HOUSE with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. Mortgage helper. Walk to all Schools and other amenities. Only $1,598/m. Low Down. Flexible Terms. (604) 626-9647 or (604) 657-9422

STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● ABBOTSFORD - 2087 Lonsdale Cr, HOUSE, 3bd w/ 2bd suite, quiet neigh., hot tub & pool.....$2,188/M NEW WEST- 1722-6th Av 2 bdrm

HOUSE w/1 bdrm suite, very central location, close to skytrain..$1,188/M CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49x171’ lot, excellent investment property in heart of town..... $888/M Call Kristen today (604)786-4663

UPPER LONSDALE 5 bdrm house, Tamarack Rd, 3500 sq ft, NS, No pets, lease req’d, $2,700 plus utilities. 604 261-4833, David


Office/Retail Rent

LADNER CORE Comm 400-4000 sqft. Short/long term. 604-240-9340


Shared Accommodation


Vancouver East Side

12TH & Fraser, shared accom, own bdrm, very clean, great for male student, $460 mth incls w/d, avail now. Kevin 604-325-4671


Suites/Partial Houses

2 BDRM, brand new bsmt, flex space, gas f/p, inste stor, Fraser/ 41st area, shrd w/d, n/s, $1350inc cbl/net, avail now 604-961-5419 2 BR ste, ground flr, newer, nice, clean, Kensington Park area, nr transit, share laundry, $980 + util, ns np, May 3rd, 604-327-6603 DUNBAR 2 br nice bsmt ste, nr all ammens, 1/2 blk to bus, share w/d, np, ns, $1250 incl utils + i/net Avail May 1st. 604-266-3517

NEWLY RENOVATED BACH avail now, Full kitchen, bthrm, suits 1 person, N/s, N/p, Shared laundry, $675 + 20% hydro. 604-317-6465


OWN 20 ACRES-$0 Down $99/mo. ONLY $12,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas Money Back Guarantee, No Credit Checks, Owner Financing, Free Color Brochure 1-800-343-9444


12TH & Quebec, main flr, large furnished 2 room ste, shrd w/d, priv entr & bath, N/S N/P, lady only. $725inc utils. 604-576-1746


CARPENTER AVAIL for general work, clean & fast service. 40 yrs exp. 604-961-5906 or 732-0533.


QUALITY CLEANING. Exc refs. Res/com. Move in/out. Carpets + pressure wash’g. 778-895-3522



A. FOUNDATIONS, Retaining walls, Stairs, Driveways, Sidewalks. Any concrete project. Free ests. Call Basile 604-617-5813 CONCRETE SPECIALIST, patio sidewalk, driveway, exposed aggregate reas rate 604-764-2726 L & L CONCRETE. All types: Stamped, Repairs, Pressure Wash, Seal Larry 778-882-0098



HOMEOWNERS Are you looking for a builder who can take care of your home projects, honestly & professionally. Call Rae 604-323-3922






one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865




Factory Direct Cedar Fence Panel for Sale & Installation 8291 No.5 Rd Richmond Call 604-275-3158


Flooring/ Refinishing

ANYTHING IN WOOD Hardwood flrs, install, refinishing. Non-toxic finishes. 604-782-8275

Mia Casa − Drain Tile/Sewer Line Water Line Repairs / Replacement & Cleaning. Vince 604-941-6060, Al 604-783-3142


Artistry of Hardwood Floors



Specializing in drywall & textured ceiling repairs, drywall finishing, stucco repairs, painting. Fully insured.

604-916-7729 JEFF

*Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925 VICTORIA DRYWALL LTD. 25 yrs exp. Reno’s & New Constr. Call Bruno ★ 604-313-2763



The current choice serving the Lower Mainland for more than 15 years. All Kinds of Work and Reasonable Rates.


Plywood Kitchen Cabinets & Refacing, Counter Tops • In business 50 years 604-879-9191

Superior Cove Tops & Cabinets

#3 - 8652 Joffre Ave, Burnaby



★ Greenwave Landscapes★ Complete Garden Maintance & Edible Solutions 604-317-3037

Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hardscaping & Landscaping. Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls, Returfing, Demos, Drainage, Jackhammering. 604 782-4322

Lawn & Garden

Spring Services

• Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing • Yard Clean-ups • Aeration • Pruning/Hedges • Power Raking • Rubbish Removal • Odd jobs •Yearly Maintenance Programs •

Century Hardwood Floors ★Hardwood flr refinishing ★Repairs ★ Staining ★ Free Estimate. Contact 604-376-7224


Glass Mirrors

ANGEL GLASS, Comm/Residential, store fronts, windows & doors, custom shower & tub enclosures, patio doors, mirrors etc. 2837 Kingsway, Vancouver. 604-603-9655



Edgemont Gutters. Sales & Install 5’’ continuous gutter, minor repairs, cleaning. 604-420-4800 Waters Home Maintenance Gutter Cleaning, repairs, windows Free estimate 604-738-6606




310-JIMS (5467) BOOK A JOB AT


Residential, Strata, Commercial Gardens Designed, Installed, Maintained Trees/Hedges Installed, Removed, Power Rake, Aerate, Moss Control AVG $170 Retaining Walls, Patios, Pathways


Certified • Insured • WCB

LAWN CUTTING • Weekly lawn cutting • Organic lawncare • Spring yard clean-up • Shrub & hedge trimming


• Lawn Mowing • Aeration • Spring Cleanups • Hedging Visa / MC / Debit Accepted

Lic. 22308

#1 A-CERTIFIED Lic. Electrician. New or old wiring. Reasonable rates. Lic #11967. 604-879-9394


000-000-0000 604-283-2416

CHARLIE’S ELECTRIC Co. #94835 all electric needs, reas rates bonded WCB 778-888-4528

Call 604-630-3300 to place your ad


CARPET, VINYL & HARDWOOD Repair & Replace. Material sales Dwight, 778-322-6048 I’ll show you the inexpensive route

Max: 604-341-6059

FCE ELECTRIC - All types of electrical work - new construction & maintenance 604-861-2647

Lorenzo & Son Plumbing & Heating (604) 312-6311 Local Licensed Plumbers & Gas Fitters

Same Day Service, Fully Insured

Contact us today for a free estimate. Licensed & Bonded


Refinish, sanding, install, dustless Prof & Quality work 604-219-6944

INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508




CELTIC HARDWOOD FLOORS Installations & refinishing. Quality work. Reas rates. 604-293-0057

A Lic’d. Electrician #30582. Rewiring & Reno, Appliance/Plumbing. Rotor Rooter & Hydro Pressure Jetting Service, 604-255-9026 - 778-998-9026 Free Estimates / 24 Hr Service


Furnished Accommodation


A. LIC. ELECTRICIAN #19807 Semi-retired wants small jobs only. 604-689-1747, pgr 604-686-2319

BEAUTIFUL SUITES Marpole area. Bach, 1 & 2 BRs. Newer kitchens & baths. H/W flrs, balcony/patio. $800 & up. Incl heat, h/water, 2 appl. 604-327-9419. or 778-855-8666




**RELIEVE ROAD RAGE** NOTICE is hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the Estate of BONNIE JEAN SMITH, Deceased, late of 304 - 5750 Larch Street, in the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, V6M 4E2, who died on the 13th day of December, 2010, are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executors Diane Eleanor Brown at 3 - 5260 Ferry Road, Delta, BC, V4K 4Y4, Gillian Heather Wilson at 6527 Maple Street, Vancouver, BC, V6P 5P1 and BMO Trust Company at 595 Burrard Street, 9th Floor, P.O. Box 49500, Vancouver, B.C., V7X 1L7 on or before the 30th day of May, 2011, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received.

HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom in the Westend Vancouver at reas rates. call 604-684-7811 or visit

Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663

6020-22 7005

Real Estate

Furnished Accommodation

Since 1989

RENOS • REPAIRS 9129 Shaughnessy St., Van.


WILDWOOD LANDSCAPING Hedge Trimmimg & Tree Pruning & Hedge Removal Spring Up Chaffer Control & Lawn Restoration. Comm/Strata/Res Aerating & Power Raking. Free Estimates. 604-893-5745 604-723-2468; T. TRAN, New lawns, grass cuts, p/raking, aerating, hedging, pruning. Reliable Akasha Turf Grass Mngt complete lawn restoration, aeration & fert. Res/Comm. $79. 526-6305 AVANTI GARDEN SERVICES Spring cleanup, new design, planting, etc. Laura 604-264-0775

LIC. ELECTRICIAN #17228. Renovations, Home Wiring, Panel/ Service Upgrades, Small Jobs Too! Special April Rate $45 Call Larry, 604-726-6051.

BEST PRICE! Bath, kitchen, plumbing, flooring, painting, etc. Call Mic, 604-725-3127

Gardening Services 21 yrs exp. Tree topping, West & Eastside & Rmd. Michael 604-240-2881

LIC. ELECTRICIAN #37309 Commercial & residential renos & small jobs. 778-322-0934.

DUSTTIN’S HANDYMAN Service All jobs Large and Small. Competitive Rates 604-873-5990

GREENSTAR GARDEN Complete Lawn & garden care. Free estimates. 604-736-5791

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

EXP’D HANDYMAN offering high quality affordable services. Drain cleaning, plumbing, tiling, drywall, painting etc. Call: 604-839-5353

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Lawn & Garden


Moving & Storage


Patios/Decks/ Railings


Ny Ton Gardening yard & lawn maint. trimming, shrubs, hedging, power raking etc. 604-782-5288

TWO BROTHERS MOVING Local & Long Distance 604-720-0931 • •

★ SD ENTERPRISES ★ Gardening, power raking, lawncare, pruning, cedar fencing. Free est. Call Terry at 604-726-1931 Moving, Storage, Free EST 604-628-7136. Visa, OK

WILDHORSEGARDENS.CA ✫Eco Garden Care✫ Free Consultation & Estimates. Call Today! 604-328-4498 YAMATO LANDSCAPING Garden maintenance, Comm & Res. Free Est. 604-761-7109

YARD CLEAN-UP, lawns cut, hedges pruned, trees trimmed, power raking, aerating, rubbish removal, gutters. 604-773-0075



Fence & Gates Stainless Steel Door Window & Door Replacement Patio Covers & Sunrooms

SOUTH VAN. Mini Public Storage, bus/res. vehicle, motorcyle, furn. Eco Friendly, 604-321-0213

LAWNS CUT Mowing, trimming & small pruning jobs. Call Andrew 604-708-1152


Oil Tank Removal


• Oil Tank Removal • Work complies with city bylaws BC Mainland • Always fair & reasonable rates • Excellent references

• Sunrooms • Aluminum patio/deck covers • Aluminum railings • Glass railings • Aluminum fencing • Auto gates Free Estimates 604-521-2688




RENOS • REPAIRS 9129 Shaughnessy St., Van.

• • • •

Painting/ Wallpaper

★ BATHROOM SPECIALIST★ Tiles, tub, vanity, plumbing, paint framing. From start to finish. Over 20 yrs exp. Peter 604-715-0030

Licensed, Insured & Bonded Lic. Plumbers & Gas Fitters Over 20 years Experience Custom Renovations to Small Repairs

Complete Bathroom Reno’s Suites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights, Windows, Doors, 604 521-1567



1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From


We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

FREE ESTIMATES Seniors Discount



Moving. Storage. Deliveries Local & Long Distance MOVERS.... Residential. Commercial. Industrial. Truck for Clean-ups

garage, basement, backyard.

(604) 875-9072 873-5292

B&Y MOVING Experienced Movers ~ 2 Men $50 ~ • Includes all Taxes • Licenced & Insured • Professional Piano Movers



MOVERS.CA 604.682.2232


* Reno’s & Repairs 24 hrs/day * Furnaces * Boilers * Hot Water Heating * Reasonable Rates * Hot Water Tanks


BARWICK PAINTING Professional Painters with Guaranteed Results

604-731-2443 ★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617

– in partnership with –



HANDYMAN; Reasonable rates. You name it - we DO it! Call Peder • 604-339-2419 BATH/KITCHEN Renos, decks, fencing, home repairs. Home Improvment Centre. 604-240-9081 KITCHEN & BATHS Home renovations, 30+ years experience. Call 604-731-7709 Mozaik Handyman Services Ltd Reno painting, electrical, plumb tiling, 604-739-8786..716-8687



Rubbish Removal

WESTSIDE JUNK REMOVAL ✫Best Price Guaranteed✫ We Recycle! 604-266-4444

Advantage Building Maintenance: •Roof •Chimney •Skylight Repairs •FREE Estimate 604-802-1918

ROOFING/ RE-ROOFING Leak Repairs & Chimney Repairs

Crown Roofing & Drainage Residental Div. Roofing installations & repairs. 604-327-3086

SAVE $ 604-228-ROOF (7663) Showroom: 1230 West 75th Ave.



Rubbish Removal


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925



Cell: 604-839-7881

A to Z CERAMIC TILES Installation, Repairs, Fair Prices Free Est. 444-4715 cel 805-4319


PTV HOME RENOVATIONS All types of reno’s, big or small. 20% off Tile. Call 778-235-1772

Over 15 yrs experience All types of Roofing Reasonable Rates WCB Insured

$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020


A.J.K. MOVING Ltd. Special truck for clean-ups. Any size job Lic#32839 604-875-9072

A Eastcan Roofing & Siding Ltd Re-Roof, Repair. Ins. WCB. BBB. 604-562-0957 or 604-961-0324 ★ASK DISCOUNT RUBBISH★ Best Prices, Yard, House/Const, Demo. 7 days 604-727-6153

A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

A Save on Roofing - specialize in ★reroof ★ repair★ Fully Ins. Free est. 10% discount 778-892-1266

DISPOSAL BINS: Starting at $99 + dump fees. Call 604-306-8599


view ads online @

JACK’S RUBBISH Removal Friendly, Fast & Cheap 604-266-4444

TAL TILE Kitchen, Bath, Floors Install & Repairs Int/Ext. Free Est. Guaranteed David 604-862-7537


Wildwood Tree Services, Exp Hedge Trimming and Removal & Tree Pruning. Free Est. 604-893-5745


Window Cleaning

White Rose Window Cleaning Windows Cleaned Inside & Outside Gutters Cleared & Cleaned FREE ESTIMATES

RUBBISH REMOVAL Reasonable rates - Free Est. Pat 604-224-2112, anytime

THE FAMILY MAN Big or Small we do it all. 604-754-8559 or 604-515-0440

Tree Services


Waters Home Maintenance Window Cleaning, also gutters. Free est. 604-738-6606

HOME SERVICES Find the professionals you need to create the perfect renovation.

WWW.RENORITE.COM Bath, Kitchen, Suites & More Save Your Dollars 604-781-7695

To advertise call 604-630-3300





3 ROOMS FOR $299. walls, w/2 coats of top Cloverdale Paint. 20 yrs exp. Larry 604-961-4391 AAA Professional int/ext painter & wall paperer. Guar work. Free est. John 604-318-2059 (Kits) Barwick Painting Prof. painters, exp. painters, in partnership with Benjamin Moore. 604-263-2530

CONFIDENT PAINTING LTD Int/Ext Specialist 20 yr exp. Reas rates, quality. Licensed, Ins, WCB Jean-Guy 604-626-1975 DJ PAINTING •Int/Ext •Com/Resid •Top Quality 604-258-7300 cell: 604-417-5917

DVK PAINTING LTD. Call Dave Int/Ext. Res/Comm. Quality work. Great rates. WCB. 604-354-2930 MILANO Painting 604-551-6510 Int/Ext. Good Prices. Free Est. Written Guar. Prof & Insured. PainterOne Painting Interior/Exterior, Good Prices 604 812 8900

Need a Gardener?

$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020 AMIGO'S MOVING. Delivery. Storage. No Job too Small or Big. Clean up, Garage, Basement. Call 604-782-9511

Tel: 604-931-7575

Cell: 604-612-4347

Certified Plumber & Gas Fitter

EZ GO MOVERS Quick & Reliable Movers from$48 per hour


For Free Estimate Please Call:

ADVANCE MOVING LTD MOVING & DELIVERY EXPERTS!! Licensed, Bonded & Insured Single item to full house moves We Guarantee the Cost of Every Move Flat Rates always available A+ (604) 861-8885 BBB Rating


Interior and Exterior Painting

ENTERPRISE Mechanical Systems



Vancouver’s West Side Painting Company

Affordable, Experienced! Bath, Kitchen, Flooring, Finishing, etc. 604-230-6278

ALMA Building & Renovation New construction, expansion & reno., 604-228-4272


Moving & Storage


All Residential Renovations, Call Rae 604-323-3922



McNabb Roofing Since 1989

Paving/Seal Coating

METRO BLACKTOP CO. LTD Custom work for Driveways & new lane Aprons. Repairs/resurfacing. Call Gino 604-657-9936

Serving West Side since 1987

MASONRY and REPAIRS •Stone Walls •Bricks •Chimneys •Slate Patio/Sidewalk •Fireplaces & more. George • 604-365-7672

Andy: 604-719-8689 #158-11782 River Rd., RMD

For Free Estimates Call

Off: 604-266-2120 Cell: 604-290-8592

Renovations & Home Improvement


Insured, from $35/hour, 3 ton 604-319-4204 Res/comm. Organic lawn care & quality compost. 604-831-0140



Find one in the Home Services section

Water Lines (without digging) Sewer Lines (without digging) Install. Drain tiles. 604-739-2000

Lorenzo & Son Plumbing & Heating (604) 312-6311 Local Licensed Plumbers & Gas Fitters


Power Washing

PRECISION PRESSURE WASH Spring Clean Savings Now! Concrete, siding, gutters in/out, roof cleaning/treatments. Fully insured ★ bonded. Lorne 604-308-2839 or 604-716-7468


Renovations & Home Improvement

ROOFING/ FRAMING/ Flooring/ Renos or new construction. Acom Construction. Call: 604-240-1850 SMALL JOBS WELCOME RENO Kitchen/Bath, Crown Mouldings, Drywall, Painting, Flooring, 604-771-2201, 771-5197 Renos, repairs, character home specialty. Dean @ 604-908-4813





Serving Vancouver for over 25 years


#1 Roofing Company in BC

Auto Miscellaneous

■ Carpentry ■ Flooring ■ Painting ■Plumbing We Do it All. Small jobs welcome, Free est. Call Robert 778-870-EURO (3876)

All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business Call now for Free Estimates






1998 DODGE Neon $2750 Very Clean AC, PS, PB, good tires, 604-802-2344


''Satisfaction Guaranteed''

NORM, 604-466-9733 Cell: 604-841-1855

Cash for junk cars! $100 to $1000 Ask about our $500 Credit!

Luxury Cars

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200



Call for a free estimate:

Visit us online to receive a special discount:

Sports & Imports

2001 VW Golf $6200 Only 99,000 Kms Exc Condition Auto 2.0 L engine Red with Blk interior Great sound system Have all receipts No Accidents! 604-339-5126

Visit our website @ Free tow, no wheels, no papers no problem! Hassle free friendly service. 2 hr service in most areas.

604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC

Tried & True Since 1902



604 628 9044

FERREIRA HOME IMPROVEMENTS Additions ★ Renovations Concrete Forming ★ Decks Garages ★ Bathrooms Ceramic Tile ★ Drywall Hardwood Flooring

Scrap Car Removal

$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309

22-BUILD (222-8453) Showroom: 1230 West 75th Ave.

EURO STYLE DESIGNING Reliable & Professional


2001 JAGUAR S-Type 3.0 Auto, Black on white, 139km. Perf. cond. $6,188. Tel: 778-322-3598


MUST SELL! Fully loaded, super clean, exc condition 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe. Reg maintained, leather interior, 120,000kms. $16,700... 604-727-3282



WANTED. 3 small outboard motors. 15 HP, 9.9 HP & smaller. Motor doesn’t have to be running. Will pay cash. 604-319-5720




Your Original Fresh

Certified Organic

Halibut Steaks



Food Store Fresh

Steelhead Peru Bananas Fillets Fair Trade


$ 07 ¢ 79 9

/lb. $29.99kg.

/lb. $1.74kg.

/lb. $19.99kg.

We carry a Huge Selection of Organic Products Non-medicated

Chicken Thighs

Boneless & Skinless




/lb. $14.98kg.

Pork Side Ribs



26 $ /lb. $4.99kg.


99 /lb. $8.80kg.

Certified Organic California

Certified Organic Product of California



From the Deli


Honey Ham

Pork Tenderloin

$109 $ 59 $ 89 3 1 100g.




2 for

4lb. bag

Blue Diamond

Almond Breeze Product of USA

99 23 ¢$



Energy Bars

Assorted (Excluding Boulder Bars)


99 $ 19 case of 12

68gr. bar

Canadian Beef

T-Bone Steaks



Lemons or Limes


/lb. $13.21kg.

B.C. Large


99 /lb. $15.41kg.

Fresh Imported



¢ 3 for /lb. $2.18kg.

Plum-M-Good Organic



Endangered Species

Rice Cakes Chocolate Bars




$ 89 $299


Regular & Cluster

$ 99 1kg.

85gr. bar

185gr. pkg

Almond Granola


Strip Loin Steaks





Canadian Beef




Natural & Pearl

$ 89 2.5kg.

2 0 1 1


8 am-9 pm

Sale Dates: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 – Tuesday, April 12, 2011


1595 Kingsway 604-872-3019



Join the fight against Cancer! Starting April 1st, make a donation at any Kin’s location to get a Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil pin!

Happy Easter! Feed your Inner Bunny &

Stay Healthy with Kin’s!

Prices effective: April 4th - April 10th, 2011

Premium Jumbo


Premium No. 1

Fresh & Crispy



$1.00 each

White Mushroom

Russet Potatoes

Locally Grown

Washington Grown


Davie Street

Between Bute St. & Thurlow St. 604.687.8081

Champlain Square

Kerr St. & 54th Ave. 604.451.1329

City Square

Below Kirin Restaurant 604.873.6491

Banana Imported

Oakridge Centre

Beside Public Library 604.264.6800

Sweet & Crispy


Fuji Apple

California Grown

Washington Grown


Now Hiring Cashiers and Stockpersons at stores listed. Assistant Manager at West 10th 4516 West 10th Ave. various locations. Great benefits and 604.221.1330 advancement opportunities. FAX: (604) 272-8065 EMAIL:

w w

Vancouver Courier April 6 2011  

Vancouver Courier April 6 2011