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Wednesday, October 13, 2010




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Students adapt to life in Canada

In THE NOW A family of bears is relocated after getting dangerously close to traffic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jennifer McFee


hink back to your first day of high school. Remember the excitement and anxiety of this new environment, filled with unfamiliar faces and unknown routines. Now imagine you only arrived in Canada a month before, after spending your entire life in a refugee camp. Suppose you’ve never had electricity or running water, let alone a laptop or IPhone. You can speak a little English, but your parents can’t, so you must shoulder new family responsibilities. When you look outside, you see sprawling concrete and speeding cars instead of the lush land that surrounded your small bamboo hut. This is the reality for a group of 10 Bhutanese refugee students who started school last month at Port Moody Secondary. Despite the challenge of adapting to a drastically different culture, these Paul vanPeenen/NOW young newcomers seem relaxed as they smile and joke in their Gokarna Baniya talks about the differences between life in Canada and life in a refugee camp in Nepal. new school’s office. Since she came to Coquitlam this summer, Rai They’re actually having to create their own comFifteen-year-old Gokarna has been surprised by countless contrasts. munity from the very beginning.” Baniya is taken aback by the change to his physical “It’s so cold. In Nepal, so hot. The house is bigCoquitlam was chosen as their settlement comsurroundings. gest here. In Nepal, house small,” she said, laughing munity for several reasons, including availability of “The roads, there’s too much city here. In Nepal, affordable housing and pre-existing services such as you don’t find this type of place. You find mostly for- and gesturing with her hands. “[Food] so sweet. Too sweet.” adult ESL classes and settlement workers in schools. est area. Here there is little, little forest. We have a Like Rai and Baniya, most of the 80 Bhutanese The area is also close to Surrey, where the majorbig forest and we can get lost in it. The little forest, refugees living in the Tri-Cities arrived this sumity of the Nepalese community lives. As well, the we find so much different,” he said. Tri-Cities share general geographic similarities with “But the transportation we like. The buses and the mer. In 2007, the federal government announced that Canada would resettle up to 5,000 Bhutanese Nepal. train I like. When we were living in the camp, we refugees across the country over the next five years. “It was important from previous experience to used to have to go far away to find a road. The bus The government provides assistance for one year settle them as a community in one location so that would come in the morning and the afternoon. It’s and then the refugees must find a way to support they themselves could provide each other with additoo long. And we used to have to wait for the bus for tional support,” Friesen said. “So in fact, it’s like the long periods, so it’s too difficult. And train, we didn’t themselves. concept of a virtual community centre because of find in Nepal. We would take bus. If it is too far, we the location of the community.” hey come from a community of more than would take a bus, and if it’s too short then we would To help the youth adapt, ISS and School District 100,000 refugees spread among seven camps in walk by foot.” 43 hosted an eight-week summer camp for immieastern Nepal, where they have lived since the Another surprise for Baniya was the sight of other grants and refugees between 10 and 18 years old. early 1990s when they were expelled from Bhutan. students. The Bhutanese students participated in this proAs part of the Nepali-speaking Lhotshampa ethnic “The biggest change is the students are too difgram, which provided them with academic, social group, they were displaced when the Bhutanese govferent — their face, their skin. And their height is and recreational skills. ernment tried to impose a single national language much too tall. We didn’t find the students like in ISS also hired a full-time Nepali-speaking settleand culture. Nepal,” he said with a smile. ment counsellor to work with the 38 Bhutanese Chris Friesen, settlement services director for “It’s very different. Many languages and the colour families. Immigration Services Society of B.C. (ISS), said of them too are different — black, white, brown. In As well, the organization continues to recruit more Bhutanese refugees are expected to arrive in Nepal, all the people is brown. And the people from volunteers for its host program, which provides addithe Tri-Cities. other countries. We didn’t think the people would tional support networks for refugee families. “I think what makes the Bhutanese unique is live here, but many from India, China.” Through School District 43, settlement worker the fact that they have been in a protracted refugee Similarly, 17-year-old Sunita Rai marvelled at her Stella Chen has also been working with the camp situation for close to 20 years. Most, if not all, new home. She laughed about how easy it is to get Bhutanese students and their families. of the children and youth were born in the refugee water in Canada. “I mainly work with parents. The school will take In the refugee camps, families would line up to fill camp and had some exposure to schooling in the care of the kids, but the parents need health care refugee camp,” Friesen said. jugs with well water before walking long distances and housing and other basic needs for their fam“But probably one of the most distinguishing feahome with their heavy load. tures of this group is the fact that prior to the arrival ily. When they’re here as refugees for the first year, To visit friends, they also had to travel great there’s a different kind of health insurance for them. of these folks, there was no pre-existing Bhutanese lengths — and heights. Rai said she would trek all day up mountains to reach her destination, stay for a community in B.C. That in itself makes them unique  CONTINUED ON PAGE 8, see LEARNING ENGLISH. in comparison to other refugee youth populations. quick meal and then walk for hours back home.



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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Use carbon tax, Trasolini says  CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1.

more each year in funding. That works out to $54 per year for the average household. It would also start in 2011 and increase three per cent each year after. TransLink noted in the presentation that it would have to increase its borrowing limit from $2.8 billion to either $3.3 billion or $3.5 billion, according to which option is undertaken. Doing so would require approval from the mayors’ council and consultation with the Metro Vancouver board. The next steps, according to the document, would see the TransLink board determining whether a supplemental plan will be brought forward, which would require consultation throughout October followed by a plan submitted to the mayors’ council in November.

Trasolini said generally he opposes the concept of increasing municipal taxes to pay for regional transportation needs. “Every year the property tax will go up automatically. That source, in my opinion, has been maxed. There is also a lot of pressure municipally,” he said, adding that the carbon tax’s $125-million pool should be on the table. “Nevermind giving it back. It should be invested in getting people out of their vehicles and investing in greenhouse gas reduction. Who’s going to argue against that? For some reason the provincial government is maintaining that position.” A meeting was convened Tuesday of the mayors’ council, and resolutions were passed at that time. Because it was an in-camera meeting, the agenda could not be confirmed and results could not be reported by NOW deadline.


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‘The entire thing was a hoax’  CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1.


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three were later released. Officers were trying to contact the alleged victim on the cellphone and landline numbers provided by her mother, and Paquet said that, having not found the victim, officers contacted the tenants of the upstairs suite. McNabb said the officers ordered them to come outside, where they were met with a host of cops with guns drawn and pointed at them. She and her family had to walk backward to the street, kneel and then lie face down on the ground. The daughter described how her mother, who suffers with health conditions, was screamed at for taking more time getting to the ground and how the woman began to cry because of the pain and embarrassment. After half an hour on the ground, the family was taken into squad cars and McNabb said officers explained it was a mixup. Paquet said once the residents were on the street, investigators were able to search the upstairs suite for weapons. When they found no weapons or alleged victims, officers let the four residents go with apologies. “The entire thing was a


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Three police officers — two behind a brown car and one behind a white SUV — wait outside a house Saturday. Police continue to investigate the hoax. An apology has also been given to the family, he said. “It’s extremely unfortunate that this happened as the family gathered for dinner,” he added. “It was really intense,” said a neighbour, who did not want to be named. “I feel very bad for those people.” McNabb, however, said her family hasn’t slept since that day. “It’s about accountability,” she said. “I understand you come out in full force. But … the family that was actually in the centre of this was quietly removed and it was us that had excessive force.”

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hoax,” Paquet said. “Until we were able to confirm that, all the information we had was that somebody was being held against their will at gunpoint at that address.” He added that forcible confinement with a weapon typically constitutes a “top priority call” that will draw all available resources. “Nothing else is more urgent than this; only a handful of types of calls hold the same priority status” as forcible confinement, he said. “We go, we all go, we go quickly and we go now. It places a lot of people at risk and drains the resources from other calls that require our attendance as well.”

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010






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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Station not set for best location Having just seen the proposed Douglas College SkyTrain station rendering for the first time, I find it absolutely unbelievable that they would locate a station at Town Centre Park and directly in front of the theatre. It would completely ruin the peace and tranquility of the area — the theatre, the art gallery and the very popular Coquitlam Town Centre Park. Is it really necessary to have a station closer to Douglas College? Ideally the To The station should be at Coquitlam Centre, with a bus connection transfer for students and staff at Douglas College. Town Centre Park has developed so beautifully over the years; why would anyone want to ruin the beauty and serenity of the area? It’s set up such that there can be games and activities going on at the various venues, courts and play areas, yet you

can still enjoy a peaceful walk around the lake and through the park. Another concern (as has happened at areas around other SkyTrain stations) is that the safety of those who use the park could be an issue. Transients could easily hop on and off the trains, putting park users at risk, particularly in the evenings. Isn’t that another good reason to have the station at Coquitlam Centre? Not necessarily a good alternative, Editor but if it must be closer to the college, why not have it at the unused lot on the southeast corner of Guildford and Pinetree ways across from City Hall? It isn’t a long walk from the City Hall area to the college, and a bus connection could also still be an option. Jean Geissinger Coquitlam


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Our View

No surprise mayors won’t back tax hike


ews Tuesday that Metro Vancouver mayors are refusing to vote in favour of hiking property taxes to pay for TransLink improvements comes as no surprise. For members of the TransLink mayors’ council, a vote in favour of increased property taxes would be a vote for political suicide. Between the carbon and TransLink charges that drivers already pay on each litre of gas, as well as the HST — which nobody can escape entirely — many Metro Vancouver residents are already feeling like there’s not much left between one payday and the next. Add in the fact that, between high unemployment levels and increasingly unaffordable real estate, living in Metro Vancouver is already a stretch for many, and it’s no surprise the public just isn’t very receptive to higher taxes right now. Any politician capable of being elected to office has picked up on this tax-revolt-is-brewing mood, and none is ready to put his or her neck on the line. While a property tax increase of either $31 or $54 a year for the average household won’t break the bank for a homeowner, it might — when added in with the other spiralling costs of basic living — be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and forces voters to push local mayors out of office. So if property tax increases are out, how can TransLink come up with the money to pay for the Evergreen Line and United Boulevard upgrades to allow for the North Fraser Perimeter Road? Probably the best alternative involves the province dedicating carbon tax revenues toward transportation improvements. At least then, there’d be a clear connection between those who use roads the most and those who pay for improvements to them, as well as a way to subsidize those who take pressure off the roads: the transit users.


Expect NDP attacks on leader to continue T energize those in her party who have never been he lingering doubts about NDP leader Carole sold on her leadership. James’ leadership that exist within her own Oh, there are undoubtedly other NDP MLAs party exploded into public view last week, but perhaps unhappy with James’ leadership or the we’re still a long, long way from any real revolt direction the party is heading (Harry Lali, Michael aimed at replacing her at the helm. Sather and Guy Gentner spring to mind). And the James booted Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson blogosphere is filled with rants about her, supposfrom her caucus after more than a year’s worth of edly written by NDP supporters or Liberal bashers. grumbling from the two-term politician. Simpson A Facebook page called “Return Bob Simpson to the had clearly been unhappy for some time, and never NDP caucus” has even been created. seemed to get over being replaced as forThe far left-wingers think she’s too estry critic after the last election. centrist, and decry her for wanting to What had been primarily a case of reach out to the business community. private complaining kept within the NDP There is a considerable dose of hyptent found its way onto the Internet in a ocrisy here. The same New Democrats weekly column that Simpson writes for a who gleefully jump into bed with Bill Williams Lake website. Vander Zalm (whose track record on gay Simpson was mildly critical of James’ rights, reproductive rights and unions is performance in her speech to the Union View From so much more at odds with NDP values of B.C. Municipalities convention. (He and policies than any tax break for busiwasn’t alone on that point; most observThe Ledge ness ever would be) think it’s abhorrent ers, including this one, agreed with his Keith Baldrey to even talk to the business community. assessment.) But the party activists and the anonymous comJames asked him to apologize for his comments mentators on blogs have limited power on this issue, and when he refused, she expelled him from caucus. at least until the fall of 2011, when the party convenFor James, it was simply the last straw in dealing tion votes on a leadership review. with someone who was increasingly bold about his The only way James’ hold on the leadership would attacks on her leadership. be sorely tested would be if one of the NDP’s “AI’m told she acted so firmly to head off what was Team” MLAs openly challenged her. If someone like expected to be a more open, public attack on her Mike Farnworth, Adrian Dix, John Horgan, Jenny by Simpson down the road. As well, she’s sending a message to any would-be malcontents in her caucus: Kwan, Katrine Conroy, Shane Simpson, Norm MacDonald, Bruce Ralston or Rob Fleming were to Don’t even think of challenging my leadership. speak out, then James could find herself in a very She may have thought Simpson had left her no precarious situation. choice, but her aggressive action will inevitably

But I don’t see that happening. The fact is that where it counts most — within the key players of her caucus — James finds the core of her strength. There are two more important factors at play here as well. First, there is no logical replacement waiting in the wings to take over should James be toppled, or if she quits on her own. There is no one — from within caucus or from outside — who can make a credible argument that the party stands a better chance of winning in the 2013 election if they were leader. Second, James and her party are sailing along at the top of the polls right now, with a sizable lead over the Liberals. The gap between the two parties will undoubtedly narrow as we approach the next election date — it always does — but it’s simply nutty for the NDP to start talking about changing leaders any time soon. However, it’s typical of that party for its diehard adherents to attack their leader, no matter where they stand with the public. Bob Skelly, Mike Harcourt, Glen Clark and Ujjal Dosanjh all had significant wounds from all kinds of knives plunged into their political backs by their own people. Carole James is discovering her party has not changed. She’ll continued to be attacked by her own folks right up until the next election — and afterwards as well, even if she wins. Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter for Global B.C.



New blood alcohol limits penalize social drinkers I don’t understand the thought process behind the lowering of legally allowable blood alcohol levels for drivers in the province of B.C. It seems to me to make more sense to have harsher sentences for blood alcohol levels at the other end of the scale. This new law targets the people on the lower end of the scale. These are not the people who are killing and maiming innocent people. I am suggesting instead that we incrementally make sentences higher and extremely harsh above the 2.0 level. From 0.8 to 2.0 should stay the same; 2.0 to 2.2, automatic five-year driving suspension and $10,000 fine, plus one year in jail. A blood alcohol level of 2.2 to 2.4 would mean a lifetime driving ban with a $25,000 fine and three years in jail. A second charge would automatically warrant a 10-year jail sentence and lifetime driving ban, etc. This would deter the people who are truly being irresponsible and are ticking time bombs behind the wheel. Don’t get me wrong — I am not suggesting drinking and driving is a good thing. All I’m saying is let’s show some reason in the process. It’s just too easy for our politicians to jump on the very topical and feel-good subject. On one hand, the government gathers billions of dollars of revenue and on the other hand, they continue to beat this drinking-and-driving band wagon because of the pressure being created by lobby groups. Let’s go back to prohibition. You would have to get a prescription from your family doctor to obtain alcohol for medicinal purposes. Seriously, the spirit of the law was created to ensure that drunks were taken off the road. With this new law many people who have a drink will now be lumped in with the monsters

that are completely over the limit and are falling out of the car doors when the police arrive. Let’s show some reason and discretion in reworking our impaired driving laws. Penalize and attack the real offenders, not the person having a single drink or two over the course of the evening at a restaurant. Mark Sullivan Coquitlam

Autism funding changes are hurting kids Re: “No cuts, minister says,” letter to the editor, Wednesday, Sept. 29. Minister of Children and Family Development Mary Polak argues that she improved services for autistic children by eliminating To The a proven, highly successful early intensive treatment program at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Child Health. Cumulatively, she has cut more than $3 million province-wide from autism services for children under six. In her announcement last September — and in her recent letter to the editor — Minister Polak is still trying to disguise this cut as an improvement in service. She claims that “redirecting” the $5-million she cut from the intensive therapy program allows the government to increase funding for 900 autistic children under six. However, increasing funding for 900 children from $20,000 to $22,000 only accounts for $1.8 million. Where is the other $3.2 million going? It is certainly not being spent on the autism outreach program Minister Polak has promised, but not delivered. More sadly, that extra $2,000 per child barely covers the new HST charged on service costs that families must now pay.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Parents and autism specialists know that intensive intervention is the most effective and enriching treatment option, as well as saving the system money in the long run. Last year, the London School of Economics found that the lifetime costs for a person with autism can be more than $2 million. The same report said intensive behavioural intervention is the leading treatment for children diagnosed with autism. Children treated with behavioural therapy are less likely to need an education assistant in school, and more likely to grow into a productive, independent adult. Funding early autism intervention programs saves money. I join parents of autistic children in calling for Minister Polak to reverse her short-sighted decision, and re-allocate funding for Editor early intervention. Reid Johnson, MSW President Health Sciences Association of BC


Traffic ticket? Go to court A couple of weeks back I defended my son over a traffic ticket that he got, and some interesting things happened. First it was well over a year before his case came up. Two-thirds of the accused (about 14 people) had their cases dismissed as their officers never showed up. (Probably these officers are now working in other cities and provinces after so long a delay.) Of the remaining eight accused, seven of them received 50-per-cent reductions in the amount of their fines and the last person was given extra time to pay. My son had the charge (driving with one too many passengers while being a new driver) dropped by the officer, who had forgotten his paperwork on the case. Most interesting to me, the judge was definitely sympathetic to the accused who had taken


Fax 604-444-3460 E-mail Mail 201A-3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. V5A 3H4

the time to come to court. If the officer had forgotten to cross a T or dot an I then it was “case dismissed.” It seems it definitely pays to have your day in court. Greg Fothergill Coquitlam

Good Samaritan’s act could inspire others On Aug. 20, an international student who was drowning underwater for over two minutes at Buntzen Lake was rescued and revived by a true angel before emergency crews got there. This skilled swimmer is Mr. Shahraam Khiaavchi, an Iranian-Canadian who lives in Coquitlam and happened to be at the right time at the right place. I believe that his Good Samaritan act should be recognized to encourage other people of doing good things. Moe Sheikhzadeh Richmond

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Bear family relocated 100 kilometres to the east Jennifer McFee A mother bear and two cubs were tranquilized and relocated from the busy corner of Lougheed Highway and Como Lake Avenue Friday afternoon. Coquitlam Bear Aware co-ordinator Drake Stephens said the trio had been sleeping in a nearby backyard most of the day. But when they awoke, the bears began to wander through the neighbourhood. “They were cutting through yards and going over fences,” Stephens

said. “They were just about to cross Como Lake [Avenue] in busy traffic when we cut them off.” Conservation officers chased the bears up a tree to prevent them from crossing the road. They then tranquilized the bears and waited for them to tumble to the ground. “The tree that they were in was six feet from the sidewalk. So when the mom fell out of the tree, she landed right beside the sidewalk, beside Como Lake [Avenue],” Stephens said. “There were cars just a few feet away.” Conservation officer Terry Myroniuk said the bear family was

then transported more than 100 kilometres east of the Tri-Cities. “We take them some significant distances. Even so, we’re having a fairly high return rate,” Myroniuk said. “Relocation really isn’t a solution at all. The public sometimes has an unrealistic view of what it’s really like on animals … It is hard on the bears, for sure.” Between April 1 and Oct. 12, the Conservation Officer Service has relocated 13 bears from the TriCities. Conservation officers have also euthanized 10 injured or habituated bears in the area. So far this year, the conservation service has


Constituency Report Watch Diane discuss the issues that matter to you. - HST - Fall Legislative Sitting - Community Events

Saturday, October 16 8am & 5pm on Shaw Cable 4

received 1,503 calls to report bear sightings in the Tri-Cities. Numbers are up from last year when they received 891 reports, but down from 2008 when they received 2,855. Myroniuk encourages the public to keep bears and neighbourhoods safe by eliminating access to attractants like fruit, nuts, birdfeeders and garbage. “The goal is to hopefully get it to the point where there’s nothing to bring them into town and we don’t have to shoot any. It would be my perfect day. In the perfect world, there’d be none of that. They wouldn’t come into town and we’d

never have to pull the trigger. It would be great,” he said. “I’m trying to be optimistic about it. In the last six years since I’ve been here, I’ve seen improvement. There’s more awareness … But the unfortunate part is it just takes a couple people. “We stop people that are purposely feeding them. The worst part is they somehow think they’re doing the animals a favour. But in some cases, they’re basically signing an execution statement because those bears get extremely habituated and can soon become a public safety threat. So that’s what we’re faced with.”

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



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by any Coquitlam parks, recreation and culture services

facility or visit the city’s registration website at http://sign-

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Enjoy a 1/2 Price Breakfast or Lunch Entrée with the purchase of any entrée of equal or greater value. Not to be combined with any other coupon or special feature. Valid until Oct. 29, 2010



Enjoy a 1/2 Price Dinner Entrée with the purchase of any entrée of equal or greater value. Not to be combined with any other coupon or special feature. Valid until Oct. 31, 2010 VALID ONLY AT THE abc IN COQUITLAM

Public Notice of Open Houses

Evergreen Line Station Area Design Consultation The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure invites the public to participate in open houses to learn more and provide feedback about key aspects of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project, including station design, appearance and function, landscaping and traffic management during construction. Feedback gathered through Station Area Design Consultation will be summarized in a Consultation Summary Report. This feedback will be considered, along with technical and financial input as Evergreen Line designs are refined. The Consultation Summary Report will be made available online following the conclusion of the consultation at Public Open House Schedule








Wednesday October 13, 2010

6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Coquitlam City Hall 3000 Guildford Way, Coquitlam


Saturday October 16, 2010

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Cameron Recreation Centre 9523 Cameron Street, Burnaby


Saturday October 23, 2010

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Coquitlam City Hall 3000 Guildford Way, Coquitlam


Monday October 25, 2010

6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Cameron Recreation Centre 9523 Cameron Street, Burnaby

Port Moody

Wednesday October 27, 2010

6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Inlet Theatre Port Moody Civic Centre 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody

Port Moody

Saturday October 30, 2010

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

PortMoodyRecreationComplex 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody



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Centre is located at 1260 Pinetree Way.


Ladies night Oct. 16

What better way is there to check out the new surroundings than while getting a massage? The Port Moody Recreation Centre is inviting women to check out the new digs and take part in Ladies Social Night, an evening of pampering and delights, on Saturday, Oct. 16. The evening will feature candle vendors, Silpada Jewelry, manicures and pedicures, Arbonne makeup, massage therapy and more. Admission is free, and a cash bar will be available. The centre is located at 300 Ioco Rd. Pinetree Community

Please check for potential changes to the open house schedule. For further information, to provide input about the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project, or to have your name added to the project information update list, please call 604 927-4452, visit the project office at 2900 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3B 0G1, or e-mail


Are you looking for a fun place to send your kids on the Oct. 22 professional development day? Coquitlam’s Pinetree Community Centre has the following options: Pinetree Kids Camp — Sign your kids up for creative crafts, science experiments, cooking, sports and new games. This camp, which runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., is designed for kids aged six to 10 years old. The cost is $30 per person.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


New chamber boss returns to his roots John Kurucz


oquitlam’s Michael Hind has come full circle. Having put close to two decades worth of work into Basketball BC, Hind returned home in early September to become the new executive director of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. “I’m really excited to be back working in my community and working towards making it better — that’s the key thing for me,” Hind told The NOW. “When I looked at the job I thought, ‘OK, these are all skills and tasks that I’ve acquired over the 19 years at Basketball BC.’ Now I get a chance to apply them in my own community and make it better. It doesn’t get much better than that.” As the chamber’s executive director, Hind serves as point person in terms of co-ordinating staff efforts and advocating on behalf of the membership. His deep roots within the community, and the fact that he’s helped oversee a large nonprofit organization, were two key facts that put his name at the top of a pile of roughly 50 applications. “The fact that he was born and raised in the Tri-Cities was absolutely important,” said chamber chair Stephanie Booth. “He knows a lot of the key stakeholders within the TriCities.” Past chair Barrie Seaton headed up the fourmember selection committee that chose Hind, and the local realtor noted that it was both Hind’s local ties and business acumen that put him over the top. “One of the big things that perhaps tipped off the committee that we had the right individual was during the interview process. He said, ‘I’ve been working with non-profit organizations for many, many years, but it still has to be run like a business,’” Seaton recalled.

Paul vanPeenen/NOW

Michael Hind, who grew up in Port Coquitlam, took over the role of Tri-Cities of Commerce executive director last month. “He understands that we’re very reliant on our members and our membership income, and we have to provide value-added service to the membership and he was obviously in tune with that.” Outside of his involvement with Basketball BC, Hind has maintained a close connection

to local sporting activities. He helps coach the senior boys basketball team at Terry Fox Secondary and serves as president of the TriCity Youth Basketball Association. He has also helped coach youth soccer with Coquitlam Metro Ford and helped out with Coquitlam Little League baseball.

“I grew up in Port Coquitlam, live in Coquitlam, love the neighbourhood, love my community and this is a great place to live,” Hind said. “I really want to live and work in my community, so if I can give back to my community, that’s fantastic.”

Tickets still available for foundation gala Wallis, who retired earlier this year. Colleen Talbot remains as chair and Bob Tanaka continues as treasurer.

RBC employees get their hands dirty

Coquitlam RBC employees got their hands dirty on Sept. 21 by helping out in the Mundy Street Residence garden. As part of the Vancouver Sun United Way Day of Caring, 13 RBC employees signed on to lend a hand in the garden. The residence is home to five adults with developmental disabilities, who will take over

Westwood Centre for Dental Wellness

(604) 933-2828 (604) 933-2828

#146–3000 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam

(Real Canadian Superstore) (Real Canadian Superstore)

® TM Trademark of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne Inc., and Westwood Centre for Dental Wellness

B.C. Medical Assistance Coverage Available

Jane’s Acupuncture Clinic

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Coquitlam resident Anne Vanidour is on a mission to revitalize business networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs. As the new regional director of Roaring

Jane says the centre can help with such problems as allergies, infection, arthritis and osteo arthritis, rheumatism, backaches, over-weight, sinus, chest pains, arm and shoulder pains, asthmatic wheezing, headaches, insomnia, stroke, quit smoking, sciatica, and eyesight. Westwood St St Westwood


Lougheed Hwy Lougheed Hwy

Earn 50 AIR MILES® reward miles with your new patient exam and related hygiene appointment! Lougheed Hwy Lougheed Hwy WESTWOOD MALL WESTWOOD MALL

Coquitlam resident takes over Roaring Women chapter

Women, she says in a press release that she’s “committed to growing the six-year-old networking group into the most powerful resource for women in Coquitlam and surrounding areas.” Vanidour, a mortgage specialist with TD Canada Trust, has 15 years of experience with business groups throughout Metro Vancouver, including the Vancouver Board of Trade, Women’s Leadership Circle, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, SWAN, Valley Women’s Network, ESN, High Output Business Networking and others. For more information on the group, visit

The ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture has been successful in China for over 2,000 years. Jane Wong has over 34 years experience as an acupuncturist. Two of Jane’s patients attest to the effectiveness of acupuncture. 74-year old Edna has been smoking for 61 years. “I’ve been smoking since I was 13 years old, often two packs a day. After just three acupuncture treatments I’ve quit.” P. Chew, 88 years old was having Sciatica. He could walk, stand up, and sleep alright, but could not sit, if he did - the unbearable pain would almost paralyze him. He was given pain drugs, but after taking them a few times he decided to stop and 34 Years Experience came to me. Now, he is free from the problem and lives happily.

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responsibility for planting the garden areas, with the help of staff and other day program clients. RBC and its employees are long-standing supporters of United Way through an annual employee giving campaign. Together, they contribute more than $1 million annually to the organization in B.C.

Tickets are still available for the Coquitlam Foundation’s fall gala, Laugh Out Loud, set for Friday, Oct. 22 at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. The event includes a show by comedian Steven Wright. Tickets are $150 each, with proceeds supporting the foundation’s philanthropic work. To order, e-mail info@coquitlamfoundation. com or call 604-468-9598. Meanwhile, Julie Fisher is the foundation’s new vice-chair, and Janet Toddington is its new secretary. The announcement was made at the foundation’s annual general meeting on Sept. 9. Fisher, who has been the organization’s secretary, replaces long-time board member Gerri

PORT COQUITLAM 110B-1475 Prairie Ave.




Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Terry Fox music department’s trivia fundraiser set for Nov. 20 Tickets are now available for the 17th annual Terry Fox Secondary music department trivia night and silent auction, set for Saturday, Nov. 20. A popular community event, the trivia night has been described by some loyal patrons as “the best entertainment value in Port Coquitlam,” according to a press release from organizers. This year’s master of ceremonies will be Mayor Greg Moore, and other well-known PoCo personalities will act as judges. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. with a new earlier play time of 7 p.m. sharp. More than 400 adults from the local community will be vying for trivia supremacy with 48 other teams.

Seven to eight rounds of 10 questions each will see players competing for prizes, which include gift certificates to fine dining and casual eateries and other items supplied by the business community. There are door prizes, a silent auction and a prize raffle, and money raised will support students of the music department for their performance tours and workshops. Tickets are $20 per person and tables of eight are reserved and pre-paid. Call Laura at 604-944-1562 for ticket information. If you don’t have a full table, organizers may be able to set you up with other interested players. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Free Oral–B ElectricToothbrush for New Patients

ATTENTION BOATERS: THERE ARE CHANGES IN APPLYING FOR A PLEASURE CRAFT LICENCE Did you know that any pleasure craft powered by a motor over 10 hp (7.5 kW) must have a valid licence? A pleasure craft licence allows search and rescue personnel and other agencies to quickly identify your boat in the event of an emergency. As of November 1, 2010, to get your free pleasure craft licence, you must mail the following documents to the Pleasure Craft Processing Centre: 1. a completed application form; 2. proof of vessel ownership; and 3. a signed copy cm Y ]Yijp bjnqn cm lc]nadend_vj``^np jpnd_joqY_jcdu xt^a_kna information is available on the form.) Application forms are available online at, or for pickup in person through your local Service Canada Centreu tca gna]jqn [YdYpY icqY_jcd`w visit fc inYad ecan YXc^_ binY`^an qaYm_ ijqnd`jdlw ]j`j_ faYd`bca_ [YdYpYZ` hmoqn cm \cY_jdl gYmn_y Y_ www.boatingsafety.gc.caw ca qYii _kn \cY_jdl gYmn_y sdmcrjdn Y_ 1-800-267-6687.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


PoCo replacing trees along Shaughnessy Street Pedestrians will soon encounter fewer tripping hazards along PoCo’s Shaughnessy Street, after city crews replace several trees with roots that are cracking and buckling the sidewalks. Five trees will be removed and six new ones planted this month along the west side of Shaughnessy, between Elgin and Marpole avenues, according to a press release from the city. The work will include removing and replacing the trees and broken sidewalk panels and grinding displaced sidewalk to create a smooth transition around the new trees. Some minor disruptions to pedestrian traffic and on-street parking may occur as the work progresses. Through traffic along Shaughnessy

Street should not be affected. Karpick maple trees will replace the problem trees, which are of the semi-mature liquid amber (sweet gum) variety. Karpick maples do well in urban sidewalk environments because they grow tall and narrow, according to the city. They will have trunks of about six to seven centimetres in diameter when planted. The removed trees will be recycled as chips and mulch for city parks and gardens. They cannot be transplanted because the root ball will be compromised after removal, due to their location and the structural material in which they have been growing.

You’re invited… Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 6:30-8:30pm To meet Stickley Corporate Historian Mike Danial, with Stickley for 36 years, as he takes a fast paced look at the 109-year history of this remarkable manufacturer of fine handmade furniture. He’ll reveal Stickley’s unique construction features, identifying marks and brands, and design history. You’ll even hear some favorite and outrageous Stickley stories. Mike will be giving his presentation at 6:30 pm. Please arrive a little early. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served.


WESTWOOD DENTURE CLINIC 169 - 3000 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam

(604) 468-4867

(Next to Superstore)

Seating is limited. Please RSVP before Oct. 15, 2010 by calling 604-522-9855.

• Complimentary consulation • Complimentary clean & polish

Everyone attending this great event will be entered into a draw for a fine Stickley piece!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Strength training is a key part of any fitness plan  CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13.

one to two minutes between sets. This only applies if you need time to get the phone number of the guy or girl on the machine next to you. Otherwise, eliminate the rest between sets in order to maximize your results. This is why you only need to work out for 30 minutes at a time. Get in, get it done and get out — that’s what I always say. Myth No. 4: You must constantly attempt to lift heavier weights. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Remember this: you are not in the gym to lift weights. (Right now you’re probably thinking, “Huh?”) Whether you are trying to build muscle, lose body fat, increase muscle tone and definition or improve athletic performance, when you are working out, your main objective is to stimulate your muscles. If your focus is on the weights going up and down or on your body parts moving, your technique will suffer and progress will be minimal at best. If you focus on feeling your muscles as much as possible (safely, of course), then every repetition will be beneficial and you will be amazed at how quickly progress comes. Myth No. 5: If I make good progress working out twice a week, I’ll make twice as much progress working out four times a week. Actually, the reverse is more true — you’ll probably make half the progress, assuming your twice-weekly workouts are as efficient as possible. No matter what your goals, the idea is to stimulate your muscles so much, without injuring them, that you will need two to three days to fully recover before training them as intensely again. This is the best way to achieve maximum results. There are, of course, many other incorrect ideas people have about fitness training and I will address these in future columns. Next time, I will tackle common misconceptions about diet and lifestyle. Until then, remember that whatever you are interested in accomplishing with your physical fitness and health, strength training is an integral part of any well-balanced approach to achieving your desired results. A good program followed consistently will provide the magic shortcut most people are always seeking. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail and I will answer them. Happy training. • Chris Haaf is owner of Fitbodies Fitness and Wellness Studio in Port Coquitlam. He may be reached at fitbodies_


We would like to invite you to attend an Open House to review our proposal for the redevelopment of 2115 -2119 St Johns Street: Monday, October 18, 2010 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

At The Kyle Centre 125 Kyle Street We are seeking your input and comments on the proposed development


Andrews Street

St. George Street


St. Johns St.

Kevin Hill/NOW

LIVING THE PAST: Shelagh Conroy helps grandkids Nataly and Kaleb saw through a log at Ioco Ghost Town Day.

Attention Parents/Guardians and Caregivers of Three-Year Old Children

Ready, Set, Learn is returning to a school near you!

Elementary schools in School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) invite you and your three-year-old to your neighbourhood school for an early welcome to the school community. Learn about your neighbourhood school, community resources and early childhood development. Community of Schools

Event Date

Event Time Event Location

Port Coquitlam South – Castle Park, Central, Hazel Trembath, Kilmer, Mary Hill Coquitlam East – Baker Drive, Meadowbrook, Mundy Road, Ranch Park, RC MacDonald, Riverview Park, Cape Horn Heritage Mountain – Anmore, Aspenwood, Heritage Mountain, Mountain Meadows, Pleasantside Port Coquitlam North – Birchland, Blakeburn, Cedar Drive, Coquitlam River, Irvine, James Park, Leigh Port Moody – Glenayre, Harbour View, Miller Park, Moody, Porter, Seaview Coquitlam Center – Eagle Ridge, Glen, Nestor, Walton, Westwood Coquitlam South – Alderson, Lord Baden-Powell, Mountain View, Parkland, Rochester, Roy Stibbs Westwood Plateau – Bramblewood, Hampton Park, Panorama, Pinetree Way

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Kilmer Elementary 1575 Knappen St., PoCo (Gym and Library)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Mundy Road Elementary 2200 Austin Ave., Coquitlam (Gym and Library)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Heritage Mountain Elementary 125 Ravine Dr., Port Moody (Gym and Library)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

5:00 – 6:30 pm

James Park Elementary 1761 Westminster Ave., PoCo (Gym and Library)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Moody Elementary 2717 St. Johns St., Port Moody (Gym and Library)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Walton Elementary 2960 Walton Ave., Coquitlam (Gym and Library)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Alderson Elementary 825 Gauthier Ave., Coquitlam (Gym and Library)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Pinetree Way Elementary 1420 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam (Gym and Library)

For more information contact your neighborhood school. Ready, Set, Learn is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Children and Family Services, Ministry of Health Services, in conjunction with School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

your guide to making green choices everyday

Recycle Your Old TV And Save On Your Energy Bills

Recycling is not just for paper and plastic anymore. Now you can also recycle your old TVs, computers, monitors, printers and fax machines – and save money at the same time. “Most people don’t know that the extra TV they’ve got sitting upstairs in the guest room where it gets used maybe once a year is actually costing them money every day,” says BC Hydro’s Kari Reid, Program Manager in Residential Marketing. “As long as that TV is plugged in – whether it’s turned on or not – it’s using energy. And it’s adding up on their electricity bills.” Virtually all electronic devices – TVs, computers, printers, modems, DVD players, cell phone chargers and anything else with a clock, timer, adapter, memory or remote control – continue to draw power even when they’re not in use. With the average Canadian home today boasting more than 25 electronic devices, you can bet that at least some of those devices remain plugged in, even when they’re old or broken. But just tossing your out-of-date electronics in the local landfill is not the answer. “TVs, like computers and other electronics, have components that should be recycled,” says Kari. “The best thing is to take your unused electronics to a Return-It™ Electronics recycling depot, where they will get broken down safely and properly.” The Return-It™ Electronics recycling program is managed by Encorp Pacific (Canada) on behalf of the Electronics Stewardship Association of British Columbia. The ESABC established the program in 2007 (in addition to its Return-It™ Beverage and Milk Container recycling programs) to respond to the fast-growing issue of e-waste. “New and better products keep coming on the market all the time,” says Kari, “and we’re snapping them up. Who



doesn’t want a sleek new flat-screen TV? But some people are just throwing their outdated electronics in the trash, or simply putting them in a drawer or a closet because they don’t know what else to do with them. Some people, too, are just moving them to another room where they stay plugged in but unused – which is just wasting energy. We want to see unused electronics unplugged, then disposed of properly.” “Once you’ve done that,” says Kari, “there are a number of other things you can do to reduce your energy use.” For example: ! Plug all your related electronics, like your computer, modem, monitor and printer, into a single power bar, then switch them all off at once when you’re not using them. ! Switch to a laptop. A typical laptop computer uses approximately 55 kwh/year compared to a typical desktop and monitor that uses approximately 290 kwh/yr. ! Unplug your cell phone and other chargers as soon as the battery is topped up. ! If you’re in the market for a new TV, look for one with the ENERGY STAR® label – it will use as much as 50 per cent less energy than a less-efficient model. ! As a general rule, the larger the TV the more energy it uses. Make sure your TV is the right size for your room by dividing the distance between where you’ll be sitting and the front of the screen by 2.5. “It can take more electricity per year to keep your DVD player in standby mode than it actually uses playing DVDs,” says Kari. “Unplug it or turn it off at a power bar and you’ll save energy. And as I said before, get rid of your unused TV! If just one in 10 households in British Columbia recycled just one unused television, it would save enough energy to provide all of Squamish with electricity for more than a year.” To find out more about the Return-It electronics recycling program or to find a recycling depot near you, please visit


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Empty milk cartons – Where do they go? M

ilk cartons were invented in about 1915 as an improvement on glass containers. The inventor felt that glass was heavy and breakable, even though it had been working for years. Cardboard didn’t catch on right away. People were used to buying their milk in glass jars. It took until the ’30s for the cardboard containers to be accepted. The cardboard container really took off in the ’60s when milk distributors realized they were cheaper and required no collection, cleaning or deposit programs to manage. It was easier to just throw them out. One factory alone could make up to 20 million cartons per day. Last year, residents across Metro Vancouver sent about 1,400 tonnes of cardboard milk cartons to the landfill. That’s about 42 million containers. This doesn’t include cartons used by schools, hospitals or other businesses and institutions – just houses. We also sent about 200 tonnes of plastic containers (3.5 million containers), and 60 tonnes of glass milk containers to the dump. Milk cartons are made of paper with a waterproof coating. Chlorine is used to whiten the paper, and the containers are dyed into familiar colours. To recycle them, the cartons are shredded, and then soaked in something like a massive washing machine, with an agitator in the centre, to remove the waterproof coating. Most of the paper part is reused, and some of the coating can be reused. As there isn’t a local recycling plant, there’s shipping and hauling involved, plus a lot of energy to do the recycling. You can reuse cartons. They are great for art, making bird feeders, starting new seedlings for the garden. But with the average household buying six litres per week, that’s a lot of seedlings, (or some very fat birds!). In B.C., we have a voluntary return program for milk cartons. That means that if you take them back to a depot, they will be recycled. They are not collected in municipal curbside programs, unless specifically indicated by your collection service (for example, Port Moody will take them curbside). If you put them in your blue bin and you don’t have a curbside program, some trucks will pick them up, but they will eventually be sorted for the garbage.

drink milk, your top choice is reusable glass jars, second is plastic containers that you clean, crush and recycle, and third is cartons that you clean, crush and return to a depot.

Removing the lids allows the container to dry thoroughly and improves the industrial crushing process. A school audited its own waste, and found that students went through about 1,000 milk cartons per day. They were able to find a local processing plant to recycle them. Taking out milk cartons reduced their school’s overall trash by 25 per cent, which meant the school paid 25 per cent less to have its garbage hauled away.

By the way, the first widely available, refillable glass milk jar, invented in the 1800s by a Dr. Thatcher, was called Thatcher’s Common Sense Milk Jar. Maybe it’s time to revisit that name. — courtesy Metro Vancouver

It took over decade to encourage North Americans to choose to buy milk in a carton.

This is part of a series of articles that can help you make changes at home to improve the environment we all live in. For more information, go to

Now we might need another decade to change our minds about sending those cartons to the dump. To reduce waste when you

Canada’s most affordable Hybrid is now more affordable. 2010 INSIGHT HYBRID

At the end of each journey, the Insight gives you real time feedback on fuel efficiency. An animated leaf display shows you how efficiently you’ve been driving. The more leaves that appear, the wider your smile.

As you drive, the Insight speedometer changes colour: green when you are driving most efficiently, fading to dark blue when you are using more fuel.

Pushing the Insight’s unique ECON button engages the Ecological Drive Assist (Eco Assist™) System which modifies a range of vehicle systems – from engine to air conditioning - to minimize overall fuel use.

At the heart of the Insight is a highly efficient i-VTEC® engine that works in tandem with an electric motor, thanks to Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist® technology.

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About four per cent of milk cartons are recycled through depots, which means about 96 per cent go to the landfill. Where can you take them? Encorp Return-It Centres. Remember, because you pay no deposit for them, there is no fee paid upon return. If there were a mandatory recycling program, there would be a small deposit fee, but that would come with set recycling targets, an in-province recycling location, measures and monitoring just like other mandatory recycling programs (for example, the system used for pop bottles). What are the alternatives? One dairy reports it can sterilize and refill its glass bottles 80 to 100 times each. Now that’s reusing. Local dairy producer Avalon has its glass milk bottles available in many grocery stores across the region. A deposit system ensures most of the bottles are returned and reused. Another option is the plastic jug. They are still a one-use product. However, unlike cartons, they are easily recycled. They are made of one type of plastic, making them a valuable commodity as a recycling material. Over 75 per cent of plastic milk containers are recycled, through both depots and curbside pick up. If you put them curbside, you have to rinse and crush them and remove the lids. Plastic jugs full of air take up a lot of space in a recycling truck, causing extra trips for the garbage collectors.


Just arrived: the most entertaining hybrid ride yet. It’s the Honda CR-Z Hybrid. Three driving modes to let you dial up your fun quotient – Econ, normal and Sport. And three levels of fuel efficiency – good, better, and “I’ve forgotten where the gas station is”. The CR-Z’s eye-opening style will soon be turning heads all over town - watch for it!

• 1.5L 122hp 16-Valve SOHC i-VTEC® Engine with 13 hp DC Brushless Electric Motor • Hill Start Assist • Eco Assist™ System • MacPherson Strut Front/Torsion Beam Rear Suspension • Front/Rear Stabilizer Bars • 16" Alloy Wheels • 6-Speed Manual Transmission • Auto On/Off Halogen Headlights • 360 Watt AM/FM/CD System with 6 Speakers, MP3/Windows Media® Audio Playback Capability and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink

Starting from


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2400 Barnet Highway, Port Moody

' ' ') & % $ # ! ( + ) * # "

Last year, residents across Metro Vancouver sent about 1,400 tonnes of cardboard milk cartons to the landfill. photo by Mike Wakefield, North Shore News

DL# 5933



£Limited time lease offers based on new 2010 Honda models. 1.9% lease rate is available on all new 2010 Honda Insight models for 24 months through Honda Financial Services on approved credit. Retailer may lease for less. Retailer order / trade may be necessary. ‡MSRP is $25,295 for a new 2010 Honda Insight LX, model ZE2H5AE and includes $1,395 freight and PDI. License, insurance, registration, environmental fees and taxes are extra. MSRP of 2010 Honda Insight EX, model ZE2H7AG shown is $28,895 including freight and PDI. †$4,000 price reduction is available only on cash purchase transactions. Retailer may sell for less. Retailer order / trade may be necessary. £/†Offers valid from October 1st, 2010 through November 1st, 2010 at participating Honda retailers. Offers valid only for BC residents at BC Honda Dealer locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. See your Honda retailer for full details. *Based on 2010 Fuel Consumption Guide published by Natural Resources Canada. These estimates are based on Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Actual fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. Refer to the Government of Canada’s EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide for more information.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get organized with your recycling There’s nothing more annoying than running out of kitchen counter space because you’ve got a pile of empty tins, yogurt and juice containers waiting to be recycled. Is it time to clear off your counters and take stock of the amount of space under you sink? Is the space under your sink being taken over by special cleansers that are only used every few months like silver polish, floor wax and roasting pan scrubbers? Or maybe your cupboard hosts a bag of empty grocery bags? Go and take a look before reading on. Why not prioritize the space for sorting out your garbage and recycling, activities you do every single day? If you’re not using your cleansers at all, look up your closest Product Care site and get rid of them safely. Do not pour them down the drain as the environment doesn’t want them either. This is not to suggest you stop cleaning your house, but like many people, you might want to switch to using fewer chemicals when cleaning your home. Check out for information that can help get rid of your old cleansers. If you are using chemical cleansers, decide where else they can go — maybe under the bathroom sink? In the basement? Is there room to add a shelf high up in the pantry or shoe closet? If you have a large “bag of bags” where plastic bags are shoved into one another forming a space-wasting, earth-sized ball of plastic, take them back to your grocery store


Encorp’s School Recycling Program makes fundraising as easy as ABC

for recycling. Then commit to switching to reusable bags so as not to build up a ball of bags ever again. If you need a few as kitchen catchers, store them up high on a hook in a cloth bag. How big is your garbage bin, and can something smaller do the trick? A smaller garbage bin is good motivation to make sure you recycle everything you can. Recycling food scraps alone will reduce your household garbage by up to 30 per cent. Once you have cleared out the space under your sink, give it a good wipe down with white vinegar to get rid of any odours. Vinegar is an amazing cleanser. Now think about the number of bins, cans or boxes you will need to make it easy to sort your recyclables. Make fun signs labelling the new sorting containers like “well-read newsprint,” “flattened cardboard,” “unavoidable plastic bottles,” “milk and juice containers for the depot.” Maybe your city offers food scraps collection, or you have begun backyard composting. Your food scraps collection container can go under the sink too. Try a glass or stainless steel bowl with a dish for a lid, or an ice cream pail with a lid. Like anything in life, once your recycling station is clean and organized, it will be easier to use. — courtesy of Metro Vancouver This is part of a series of articles that can help you make changes at home to improve the environment we all live in. For more information, go to

Since 2000, about 33 million containers have been recycled, and Encorp has refunded more than $2 million in deposit refunds to participating BC schools.


Encorp’s BC School Recycling Program provides elementary and high schools with the tools and resources to make recycling easy, convenient and profitable. Schools keep 100% of the deposit for each container collected and the program costs them nothing. Elementary and high schools from all parts of British Columbia are encouraged to participate. The schools and the environment both benefit from this popular program. Schools find it’s an easy way to fundraise for special projects like field trips. Keeping beverage containers out of landfills saves precious resources within our environment. The containers are recycled and used as raw material. For example, drink boxes are mashed into paper pulp which is used to make cardboard boxes and toilet paper. Thousands of tonnes of paper pulp are recovered in this process. And for every


GIVEAWAY Your Chance to Win 10 unique eco-friendly beauty care products

each made with a minimum of 96% replenishable, renewable and sustainable plant ingredients… as good for the earth as they are for your body.

Contest starts: October 6th

Enter to win at: All entries must include name of contest as well as name & contact details of entrant

All entries must be received by Thursday, October 21st. Draw date: Friday, October 22nd. Winner will be notified by email/phone.



The odds of winning are dependant upon the number of participants. Participants must submit an entry form in order to be eligible to win. One entry per person per day. Contest begins October 6th, 2010 at 8:30 am PST and closes October 21st, 2010 at 5:00 pm PST.

George Pringle Elementary (Westbank) began the 2009/10 school year with a 5 day bottle drive. It was such a success that they decided to collect containers on a monthly basis. One day in every month, parents dropped off their bags and boxes of containers at the school. The grade 6 students and Vice-Principal volunteered to collect juice boxes and other containers from classrooms. This year, the Parent Advisory Committee and teachers decided that the funds from deposit refunds would go towards a year end field trip to Vancouver. They’ve found that recycling is a great way to save the environment while raising money for things that are important to everyone at their school.


Return-It Man, along with his Super Sidekick, visits elementary schools across the province, educating students about recycling beverage containers and electronics. Their fun and entertaining presentation explains how containers are recycled and what they are recycled into. Kids get to actively participate in the presentation and even receive an activity book with a reuseable lunch bag to take home with them.

tonne of paper pulp recycled, approximately 17 trees are saved. Since the program’s inception in 2000, about 33 million containers have been recycled, and Encorp has refunded more than $2 million in deposit refunds to participating BC schools. In the 2009/2010 school year alone, 365 schools (153,334 students) who participated in Encorp’s School Recycling Program raised over $291,000 and they kept over 4.6 million beverage containers out of BC landfills. Encorp’s easy to use web application allows schools to keep a running total of their own returns and compare their totals to other schools. It also features a blogging page where they can share ideas about recycling at school. Throughout the year, registered schools are provided with newsletters to update them on the progress of the program. They’re also eligible to receive free recycling bins and bags to help them collect containers. Encorp has spiced things up by adding an extra incentive. Schools who collect the most containers per student are awarded bonus cash prizes. The contest is designed to allow similarly sized schools across the province to compete against each other in respective categories. Each year, a total of $13,500 is split between the top three schools in each of the nine categories. In addition to the collection contest each year, Encorp holds other draws and contests where students can get creative to win their schools even more cash prizes. What’s more, award certificates are given to individual students and groups to recognize exceptional dedication to helping our environment. Each year provides schools with a brand new opportunity to fundraise. Distributing flyers and collecting containers from surrounding areas is also a great way for schools to develop and foster relationships within their communities. School spirit really pays off thanks to Encorp’s BC School Recycling Program. So start fundraising the easy way! Register your school today at


Elementary School: Rogers Elementary, Thetis Island Elementary, Upper Lynn Elementary, View Royal Elementary High School: Chemainus Secondary, Prince Rupert Secondary, Robert Bateman Secondary, Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary, Yale Secondary ADVERTORIAL

Register your school today at or call 1-800-330-9767.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WANT TO RECYCLE YOUR UNWANTED ELECTRONICS? Here’s where you can recycle them safely and free of charge in Coquitlam:

Coquitlam Return-It Depot 2554 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam (604) 464-6648

WHAT IS THE ELECTRONICS STEWARDSHIP ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (ESABC) PROGRAM? ESABC is a not-for-profit extended producer responsibility program set up by the producers and retailers of electronics in British Columbia to provide a province wide recycling system for unwanted electronics.

Lougheed Return-It Depot 1045A Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam (778) 397-5005

ISN’T IT IMPORTANT TO REUSE BEFORE RECYCLING? While the program is designed to manage unwanted electronic products that have exhausted their reuse potential, we strongly encourage users to first reuse their products. If you choose to donate to a charity, make sure you have backed up your data and wiped your drives clean prior to donation.



Effective July 1, 2010, the following items can be recycled free of charge at any Encorp Return-It Electronics™ Collection Site: display devices, desktop computers, portable computers, computer peripherals, computer scanners, printers and fax machines, non-cellular phones and answering machines, vehicle audio and video systems (aftermarket), home audio and video systems, and personal or portable audio and video systems.

Electronics collected for recycling are sent to approved primary recyclers in North America. They are broken down using various manual and mechanical processes. Products are separated into their individual components for recovery. Through a variety of refining and smelting processes, the materials reclaimed from unwanted electronics are used as raw materials in the manufacturing of new products.




Wednesday, October 13, 2010


WED., OCT. 13

sion, anxiety, panic and nervous symptoms. Information: Tri-City Stamp Club offers Phyllis at 604-931-5945. a game night with stamp Women Helping Others prizes in the McGee Room (WHO) meets from 10 a.m. to of the Poirier noon at Dogwood Community Pavilion, 624 Centre, 630 Poirier St. in Poirier St., Coquitlam. Coquitlam. Widows and Visitors welcome. single women Information: 604over 50 welcome. 941-9306 or www. Information: 464-2058. Dogwood Pavilion hosts SHARE alcohol and drug Coquitlam city fire inspector program staff continue the Paula Faedo for a presentaeducation series with a distion on fire safety at 1 p.m. cussion on stress and how Participants will learn about to deal with life’s little and smoke detectors, smoke alarms and kitchen fire safety. big problems from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at 2615 Clarke St. in The presentation is free, Port Moody. Program is free. but registration is required. Information: 604-936-3900. Information: 604-927-6098. Burnaby-Lougheed MLA Recovery International Harry Bloy holds a gammeets weekly at 7:30 p.m. at ing seminar with Ursula the Tri-Cities Mental Health Cowland from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Centre, 2232 Elgin Ave., Port Coquitlam. The self-help peer- at Coquitlam College, 516 Brookmere Ave. Information: to-peer support group meets Chloe Park at 604-664-0847 to help those struggling with or stress, fear, anger, depres-

Bulletin Board

Welcome Centennial Senior Secondary

Grad Class of 1990 to our

20 Year Reunion


La Leche League of Canada-Coquitlam meets at 10 a.m. at SHARE Family and Community Services Society at 2615 Clarke St. in Port Moody. Discussion will cover the art of breastfeeding and avoiding difficulties. Meetings are free. Information: www. or 604-520-4623. GOAL leadership program presents a free clothing giveaway from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the gym of Winslow Centre, 1100 Winslow Ave., Coquitlam. Quality, gently used clothing for students from six to 18 years will be available.

EdenAutomotive RECYCLES! • BATTERIES • METALS • ANTIFREEZE • TIRES • ENGINE OIL • CARDBOARD • OIL FILTERS To Keep our Environment • GRADE 2 PLASTICS Clean and Pet Friendly Too!

EDEN AUTOMOTIVE Formerly Austin Blue Mountain Automotive

2625 St. Johns (behind Talisman Tire)



Everyone is Welcome!

Graduated from a different school? Moved away? Graduated a different year? Forgot to graduate? It doesn’t matter! We wanna see you! (Yes of course YOU!) So come on out y’all and enjoy a relaxed, laid back, non-pretentious gathering of old friends.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Executive Plaza Hotel, Coquitlam Tickets are $55 until October 15th, and $60 at the door The atmosphere will be casual in a cocktail lounge type setting. There will be a buffet of dinner and snack type items, as well as canapes passed around. We will have a few door prizes and a live DJ spinning groovy tunes, yo! Come one, come all! Looking forward to seeing you all there!


For Norco Performance Bikes, it’s important to be green. It supports employees cycling to work and engages in cycling advocacy. The company has made a formal commitment to shift its practices towards sustainability, with a focus on energy conservation.

“With that in mind, it was an easy decision to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting,” says Marion Lane, Norco’s property manager. Norco changed about 270 light fixtures on three floors of office space. The switch will save more than $4,000 per year on electricity and maintenance. Norco’s office lighting retrofit cost about $18,000 and qualified for a rebate from

Great music. Great cause. Join us. All proceeds go to support Crossroads Hospice Society

Friday October 15, 2010 LYNN CANYON BAND A lively acoustic root/folk band offering up an eclectic repertoire of orginal, traditional and contemporary music.


The Gathering Place 1100 - 2253 Leigh Square Port Coquitlam Info: 604-945-0606 $5 admission at the door 7:00 pm doors open 7:30 pm open stage 9:00 pm feature performer SPECIAL THANKS TO:

BC Hydro of nearly $12,000.“Without it, it would have been very difficult,” says Lane. That’s some good savings, Marion. To find out how your business can save money on energy costs, visit or call 1 866 522 4713.




Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Getting around in Venice is an adventure in itself Caroline M. Jackson


ollowing the recommendations of our Venetian hotelier, my husband and I set off to find a small family-run restaurant in the labyrinthine city of Venice. His directions seemed simple enough: “You go righta, then lefta, crossa the canal, passa the church and you will find the osteria in the campo.” Being neophytes, one campo (square), looked like another and soon we found ourselves at a dead-end beside a canal littered with bobbing gondolas. Now enveloped in a soft pearly mist, we resorted to our map and flashlight and soon, we had retraced our steps along the narrow calle (alley) where we found the osteria (restaurant). Packed with locals, we squeezed between tiny wooden tables and seated ourselves beside an American couple who, being fluent in Italian, helped us interpret the menu. Our ominous beginning turned out to be a great evening. Located at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea, Venice is connected to mainland

Italy by a causeway. Cutting through the city’s core, the Grand Canal, in the shape of a swan’s neck, wends past palazzo (mansions) dating from the 12th century. The Rialto and Accademia bridges cross the canal and are prime locations from which to watch the waterborne transport of people, luggage, groceries, animals, furniture, building materials and even coffins. The parade of life is endless and fascinating. I doubt that Venetian men of any age need to spend much time in the gym as they are constantly loading and unloading goods and trundling them down alleyways with great alacrity. To get our first impression of Venice, we took a vaporetto (boat) from the main train station to the famous Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). Even in late October, our boat was standing room only, and any idea of taking photos, never mind locating my camera, was out of the question. Everyone was very polite, nonetheless, with lots of “mi scusis” as we tried not to stand on each other’s toes. Eventually someone relinquished a seat near the bow, from which I had a great view of sleek black gondolas glid-

ing niftily between the water taxis. To my right, the cabin door banged to and fro and I watched the uniformed captain spinning the ship’s wheel with one hand while he chatted with much gesticulation to other passing craft on his speaker phone. I didn’t see any life jackets. Thankfully, the canal wasn’t too deep, but there were lots

A Venetian market bustles with fruit and vegetable sellers and other vendors displaying the colourful wares alongside a widely used canal. Photo by Hamish M. Jackson



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Visit to learn more about how SHARE helps Tri-City children.

TIMED SPECIAL • Saturday, October 16th • 9 AM TO 11 AM


He loves cheese, crunchy snacks, swimming, and books that make noise. He is also a client with SHARE’s Early Intervention Therapy program that has helped him learn to roll over, sit and grasp toys.


Meet Noah

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Your BC Lions — In Their Own Words Jamall Lee - 23 I was raised in Port Coquitlam and live year-round in the Lower Mainland with my family – so I’ve been a Lions fan all my life! I’ve been around football for as long as I can remember. My dad, Orville Lee, was a running back who was selected by the Ottawa Rough Riders as the first overall pick in the 1988 Canadian draft and went on to play a number of seasons in the CFL. My dad has always been an inspiration to me, which is a major reason why I began playing football during high school. Following a pretty successful high school career, during which I was named a B.C. provincial all-star, I headed east to play football at Bishop’s University in Quebec. My university career was an amazing experience and I am proud of my accomplishments there – some of the highlights include being the CIS leading rusher in 2008, along with having a leadership role as a team captain in my final two seasons as a Gaiter. Just over a year ago, I was fortunate to be drafted by my hometown BC Lions – a team I’ve followed since childhood. Growing up in Port Coquitlam, I always knew British Columbians love their football so I’m passionate about doing whatever I can to win a Grey Cup for the CFL’s best fans. For several years, my father has worked with troubled youth in the Lower Mainland, which is a big reason why I love taking part in our club’s community initiatives. Whether it’s reading to kids at a local elementary school or speaking to high school youth about the importance of getting good grades, standing up to peer pressure and having an active, healthy lifestyle, it gives me a good feeling to know I’m having a positive influence on young people right here in B.C. Jamall Lee grew up in Port Coquitlam and was a BC Lion fan when he was a youngster.

Running Back Non-Import

Height: 6.0 | Weight: 221 Born: March 13, 1987, New Westminster

College: Bishop’s Years: 2 BC / 2 CFL


Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Piazza San Marco ‘a breathtaking spot’

The Piazza San Marco, left, is a must-see for many visitors to Venice, while mansions like the one on the right offer stunning architecture visible during a ride in a gondola.


Photos by Hamish M. Jackson

Attention homeowners: All plumbers are not alike!

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Mail. Or even worse, some plumbers use an answering Invoice Shock. This is what happens when you get charged 4. “time 1. Voice machine. Then you have to wait and hope they will call you & material” and the plumber gets paid more the longer back. At Campbell Care our phones are staffed so you can always talk to a live person.

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1001B austin ave. (at blue mtn.) coquitlam, just minutes from lougheed mall • •

“I promise to provide you with far greater value than any plumbing company. My goal is 100% satisfaction and I will be satisfied with nothing less.

Hey Coquitlam!

We may be surrounded by construction but our doors are still open! Westbound traffic: Eastbound traffic: Enter at Schoolhouse and Woolridge Enter at Woolridge and sliproad




about your next move?

Wed. Oct. 13th to Sun. Oct. 17th or While Quantities Last!

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COQUITLAM SQUARE 206-2922 Glen Drive Coquitlam Next to Coquitlam Centre Mall

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of bambinos on board. After nearly an hour, we reached our destination. The Piazza San Marco is truly a breathtaking spot and it was fun to walk among the fluttering pigeons and take in the beauty of the Doge’s Palace with the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark’s Basilica, the tall Campanile bell tower and the Correr Museum. Later, we would visit them all and immerse ourselves in their history. Our second day fell on a Sunday so we attended morning mass at the Frari Church near our albergo (hotel). Sitting in this Franciscan church listening to the talented guitarist and letting our eyes roam over the great masterpieces by the Renaissance artists Donatello, Titian and Bellini was indeed an experience to be savoured. Afterwards, we visited the adjacent Scuola Grande di San Rocco, which features spectacular paintings by Tintoretto. To avoid whiplash from looking heavenwards, we took one of the large hand mirrors and held it horizontally for a painless view of the masterpieces. On departure, we joined the usual line to pick up our daypacks from the mandatory check in. Suffering from a little cultural indigestion, we decided our next trip should be a more leisurely one to the lagoon islands of Murano and Burano. After 1291 the island of Murano became home to glassmaking when it was deemed too dangerous to keep the fiery furnaces on the main island. Today visitors can wander round Murano with its many factories displaying exquisite glass artistry. The nearby island of Burano is a pleasant little fishing village whose claim to fame is lace making. The quaint houses lining the canals are painted in a cornucopia of pastel colors. Shops and stalls spill onto the square and there are lace handkerchiefs, tablecloths and bookmarks galore. In the shade, we saw several old timers working deftly on their lacey creations. In this part of the world, time has certainly stood still.




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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Score Card

Express grind two wins out in three days Outside of solving the Langley riddle, the Coquitlam Express captured four out of a possible six points in three consecutive B.C. Hockey League contests last weekend. The Express sandwiched a 7-4 win over Surrey Friday and a 9-2 pasting of Cowichan Valley Sunday over top of a 7-5 loss to the Coastal Conference-leading Chiefs on Saturday. Those wins move Coquitlam’s record to 7-4-0-1, good for fourth place in the conference. “The legs held up pretty good,” Express coach Jon Calvano said of his team’s conditioning over the threeday stretch. “We definitely had more jump than Cowichan, but in fairness to them, they played the night before in Powell River.” The Express notched the first marker Sunday just 18 seconds into the contest, as Malcolm McKinney scored his third of the season from Destry Straight and Brad Reid. Then it became the Massimo Lamacchia show, as the 19-year-old Ontario import would go on to register six points (three goals and three assists) in the contest. “He reads the game very well and that’s why we acquired him — to put points up.” Calvano said. Austin Carroll, Garrick Perry, Jared Eng and Alex Petan (two goals) did the rest of the damage for the Express Sunday, while netminder  CONT. ON PAGE 29, see CAN’T.

Setting it straight The photo of Melanie Phan competing at the Youth Olympics in Singapore, published in the Oct. 8 edition was taken by Jeremy Lim. The Vancouver photographer chronicled the achievements of a number of Canadian athletes at the August event. More of his photos can be seen at http://

Paul van Peenen/NOW

After weeks of pre-season practice and preparation, the Terry Fox Ravens got down to business last Saturday with a 33-0 win over STM.

Cents, Ravens get it done in Week 1 Stories John Kurucz


he results were there in both cases, but the process and mechanics could use a bit of fine-tun-

ing. Both the Centennial Centaurs and Terry Fox Ravens did what they were expected to do in opening up the senior varsity football regular season, as Fox pounded Burnaby’s St. Thomas More (STM) 33-0 and Centennial defeated Holy Cross 42-23. The Ravens got yeoman’s work out of quarterback Cam Canales in their Saturday win, as the Grade 12 pivot rushed for two touchdowns and passed for another to end the day with 106 yards in the air. Though he registered two fumbles as well, Canales also picked up 46 yards on the ground. Running back Jacob Patko registered a touchdown as well, after picking up 115 yards on 12 carries. “We didn’t play as well as we could especially in the first half. It was a bit sloppy, so we’re going to have to play

a bit tighter to beat some of the better teams,” said Fox co-coach Martin McDonnell. “[St. Thomas More] played tough and they hung in there pretty good, especially defensively, they gave us some trouble. We have to be a lot better, we had way too many unforced errors, but the result was good.” The No. 2-ranked Ravens got on the scoresheet off their first possession, a five-play, 83-yard drive that was capped off by Patko’s 52-yard scamper. STM did retain possession through the rest of the first quarter, but a missed field goal attempt closed out the first quarter and put the ball back in Fox’s hands. Saturday’s miserable weather conditions did factor into the affair, as both clubs exchanged a series of punts and fumbles before Fox took possession on its eight-yard line. Six plays and 92 yards later, Canales aired out a 32-yard strike to Tanner White to up Fox’s lead to 14-0 at the half. Canales continued to lead the charges in the third quarter, scoring the quarter’s only major off a one-yard plunge to move the score to 20-0 for

Fox. The Fox pivot finished the day off with a fourth quarter rushing touchdown, setting the table for a Tanner White interception that brought the contest to its eventual 33-0 score. Jared Soll was a force on the defensive side of the ball, registering six tackles and five assists. Jake Nylund put up four tackles and four assists, while Ben Sharpe notched two tackles and assists, on top of a sack and an interception. “I thought our execution on offence could have been a lot better, but defensively we hung in there pretty good,” McDonnell said. “It’ll be interesting to see Centennial and [W.J Mouat] this Friday. Then we’ll really have a better idea of where we sit, but we should be in the mix.” It seems as through last year’s B.C. champs may have spent some time looking ahead to this Friday’s contest with Mouat as well. Although Centennial managed a 19point cushion over Holy Cross, even the team’s head coach admitted to looking past the Surrey-based school in anticipation of a meeting with

Mouat. “I hate to sound cliché, but we were flat. We completely overlooked Holy Cross. It’s one of those things… Mouat’s ranked No. 1 in the country so I guess we’re kind of champing at the bit to play them. The kids came out a bit flat,” said Centaurs coach Ryk Piche. Slow start aside, the Cents did get their big-game player back in the form of Grade 11 workhorse Jason Buren, who was out close to five weeks with a tissue tear. His return to action saw Buren run for three touchdowns on more than 200 yards rushing, on top of a 38-yard touchdown reception as well. “He’s a stud. Jason’s a burner. We put the ball in his hands probably 15 times, and he had over 220 yards rushing, and 60 or 70 yards receiving,” Piche said. Buren put the Cents up 7-0 in the first half off a 35-yard slip screen, while Marko Mahic scampered for a 12-yard score in the second quarter

 CONT. ON PAGE 29, see BUREN.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Wildcats move to 6-0

GETTING A LEG UP: Kelsey Smith (left) of Coquitlam Metro Ford’s under-14 Fusion side wins a ball away from a Quebec counterpart in Sunday’s 3-2 overtime win. The Fusion went on to win the Canadian title for the u-14 girls division, while the u-18 Metro Ford boys Dynamo did the same on the u-18 boys side. The u-18 Metro Ford girls Silence placed fourth overall in their grouping.

After a few fumbles to start things off, the TDs kept piling up from there courtesy of Coquitlam’s peewee Wildcats made sure to Jan Cabrera, Bryan Whittet, Michael West and Parker. right the ship in grand fashion. Turning in strong efforts on the defensive The 6-0 Wildcats overcame a couple turnside of the ball for Coquitlam were Brycen overs to record a massive 62-0 win over the Mayoh, Taylor Poitras (three sacks) and Jericho Cloverdale Lynx on Sunday. Mendez. Kimani Dorsey picked up the first score • Isaiah John-Lawrence was a man possessed before Nico DePaoli recovered a kickoff to set last weekend, racking up four touchdowns the offence back up. and close to 200 total yards in From there, Xavion Fleary and the Vikings’s 32-16 win over the Max Kennedy notched two straight Langley Wranglers. touchdowns apiece before Keon KJ Johnson picked up Taffe’s major brought the halftime Coquitlam’s other major, while score to 42-0. the defensive efforts of Johnathon Tyrese Reed kept up the presBroderick, Demarius Henderson, sure to start the second half, Mike Dupuis and Nick Dragon helped notch intercepting Cloverdale’s opening throw to set two QB sacks. up another Coquitlam touchdown credited to DePaoli. ATOM Reed and Hussain scored Coquitlam’s last Despite winning their last three contests at two TDs, while offensive linemen Graeme home, the Coquitlam Bears hit a wall Sunday Melnyk, Dennis Bull and Mykel Ferguson proin losing 46-0 to the Cloverdale Lions. vided the lanes for the offence to run through. Jaden Severy, Shayne Grinwis and Jevaun Jacobsen earned full marks for trying to push JUNIOR BANTAM the ball through a tough Lions’ line, while defensive players Liam Stewart, Maxwell Collecting nine touchdowns and a series Routley, Shayne Grinwis, Malik Danladi of field goals in the process, the Coquitlam Solomon Wauye, Matthew Glover and Tanner Raiders collected a one-sided 70-20 win over Wong each stood their ground. the Langley Oultaws last weekend. • Unable to break through to the other side, Quarterback Connor McKee got things rollthe Coquitlam Lions fell 22-0 to their North ing with a 45-yard pass to Cordell Parker to Surrey Lions counterparts on Oct. 10. make it 6-0 on the game’s first possession, and

Minor Football

Watson, Dockendorf medal in India

Port Coquitlam’s Robert Watson and Port Moody native Carly Dockendorf collected bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games in gymnastics and pole vaulting respectively.

Photo submitted by Jamie Roach

Watson picked up his medal Friday alongside teammates Anderson Loran, Ian Galvan, Jason Scott and Tariq Dowers. Dockendorf, on the other hand, earned her bronze medal Tuesday after placing

Water Main Relocation

Cloudy Water Notice October 12 to 27, 2010

From Tuesday, October 12 to approximately Wednesday, October 27, 2010, Metro Vancouver will be relocating a water main as part of the improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway. To accommodate the relocation work, Metro Vancouver will be re-configuring the flow of water in a section of the water supply system. This change in flow may cause temporary discolouration and/or cloudiness in the water. These changes may be noticeable in New Westminster, Burnaby, Delta and Coquitlam. It is expected that the safety of the water will not be affected by these aesthetic changes. Monitoring of water quality continues and the water remains safe to drink. Water quality monitoring will continue to ensure the water remains safe to drink. Further notification will be provided should the situation change. Cloudy water episodes of this type usually don’t last very long and the clarity of the water should return to normal within a short period of normal household water use. In order to avoid potentially cloudy water for drinking, you may wish to refrigerate drinking water ahead of time. For more information on water quality or water supply, please contact: Metro Vancouver Information Centre at 604-432-6200 Metro Vancouver Water Quality Information Line at 604-451-6010


in a third-place tie with Saskatoon native Kelsie Hendry. Canada finished Day 9 of the Commonwealth Games Tuesday with a total of 73 medals, good for fourth spot.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We Believe in You.

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Fraser Valley Bead & Jewellery Show & Sale OCTOBER 22 to 24 Cascades Casino

20393 Fraser Hwy, Langley

Gen. Admission $7 under 12 free Check out our vendors & register for jewellery making classes at


For results please check your ad errorbest occurred. or changes willfor be accuracy the Any firstcorrections day it appears. Refunds made inonly the next issue.days The Coquitlam made afteravailable 7 business notice! Now will be responsible for only one incorrect insertion with liability limited to that portion of the advertisement affected by the error. Request for adjustments or corrections on charges must be made within 30 days of the ad’s expiration.

Lost & Found

LOST BLACK Spayed 4 yr old Pomeranian named 'Scarlett' on Sep 25 on Coq Ave, POCO. $2000 Reward for her safe return. 778-384-3931

Bobby Ericksnds to

wants all his frie it to the know he made

Mike & Eri are


The families of

arriva thrilled to ca Brow n l of th eir be announce e autiful the baby boy bo at 9:4 rn June 2 0th, 2 4 p.m . w 0 eigh We w 06 thank ould like to ing 8 lbs. 9 oz. Susan you to D send a r. sp

Megan White & Daniel Hunt erat Rid Are plea sed to announ ce their engagemen t which took place May 20, 200 while in Hawaii. 7


Nath a Brown John ne

O'Har and ecia ge M the wonde e, Hanna l their eadows H rful nurs h, help an ospita es d supp l for al l ort.

Congratulation Megan & Daniels – 1947Wed September 19, 2007 ding to take place March 9, 200 September 19, 8

th 50

Con gra

sary Anniver

Dapad) Morandmma& & Grand (G

Love, All our san, Rick, SuBrian Kate &

Send resume to fax: 604-469-7278 or

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JOIN THE TEAM! at MarketPlace IGA in Pitt Meadows

We have a fresh opportunity for an enthusiastic quality and customer service-driven individual. Shifts vary in this 7-day-per-week operation. Must be available for all shifts. Consider joining us in the following department: The candidates have a Management Career Opportunity as:

• Bakery Manager

(Experience in the retail industry preferred.)

We are seeking

If you are motivated and really enjoy providing excellent service to customers – we’d love to talk to you about becoming part of the newest idea on the block.

Please forward a résumé and cover letter to: MarketPlace IGA, 19150 Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2H6 email: or fax to: 604.465.0749.

We thank all candidates for their interest. Only those shortlisted will be contacted.


Experienced Class 1forInternational OWNER OPERATORS our Van Division. Class 1 License and Highway Tractor Required. and Open Long Haul CanadaDeck Only Opportunity. Light Loads. Contact Ron @ 1-866-857-1375 Super Train Drivers

For best results please check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Refunds made only after 7 business days notice!

Celebrate all your family occasions in the ! Happy Birthdonay


We require an energetic, conscientious person to join our dedicated, fast-paced office. Experience in tracking accounts payables & accounts receivables; manual progress invoicing; typing of various correspondence; supply ordering and other related administrative duties. Excellent skills Microsoft Word & Excel a requirement.

N tulati Robaomi ons ins U.B .C. o Bac Grad n

Scie helo uate, r Lis nce, s of Law t, atte Dean’s Sch ndin Fall ool U g 200 .B.C. Lov 7 . e


fro m

We ur fam all ily. are s of y o pro ou! ud

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We Offer: • Health Benefits • Company Pension • Dedicated Fleet Managers • Pre-Planned Dispatch

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EXCLUSIVE FINNING/ CATERPILLAR Mechanic training. GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. High school diploma; grade 12 Math, Science, English, mechanical aptitude required. $1000. entrance scholarship. Paid practicum with Finning. Write apprenticeship exams. 1-888-999-7882; MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is rated #2 for at-home jobs. Train from home with the only industry approved school in Canada. Contact CanScribe today! 1-800-466-1535. THE ONE - THE ONLY - The only one in Canada! Only authorized Harley Davidson Technician Program at Fairview College Campus, Alberta. March 2011 intake. On-campus residences. 1-888-999-7882;


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Cash & Carry WAREHOUSE Requires F/T WAREHOUSE PERSON for stocking, receiving and order picking. Stand up forklift ability and forklift license an absolute MUST. Monday to Friday, approx. 8am-5pm. Must be fluent in English, reading & writing and possess good customer service skills. Email resume to: bcinquiries


General Employment

Personal Trainer Certification Earn up to $70/hr as a Personal Trainer. Government Financial Aid may be avail. 604-930-8377 See our ad in todays paper under Education.


General Employment

L.P.N. NURSE need for in home stroke patient. Must be reliable and can do transfers. 40 hrs per week, Call 604-941-9021 aft 6pm

WELCOME WAGON offers a part-time career opportunity in the Poco and Port Moody area. Must have a vehicle & a computer.

Call Pat 604-596-8577 LABORATORY ASSISTANT

Acme Analytical Laboratories (Vancouver), a premier BC mining laboratory, is looking to fill various Laboratory Assistant positions in Vancouver. Must be able to handle up to 40 lbs as some heavy manual labor may be required. Experience in a lab environment an asset but training will be provided. Starting wage of approximately $12 (combination of base hourly rate and daily production bonus). Detailed descriptions of the various positions are available on Acme’s website:

Interested parties should submit resume and cover letter by email as instructed on the website.



GREG GARDNER GM requires a experienced Sales Manager in Squamish. Send resume to or fax 604-898-2281.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010



PHOENIX FENCE Hiring Experienced CHAIN LINK FENCE INSTALLATION FOREMAN for Edmonton Alberta operation. Full-time employment, premium wages, overtime, benefits, bonus, relocation program. Call Dale 1-800-661-9847. Fax resume: 780-447-2512. Email


FOODSAFE 1 DAY COURSES Guaranteed best value! Six Metro Vancouver Locations: Vancouver • Burnaby • Surrey • Richmond • Coquitlam • Maple Ridge All our Instructors are also working local Health Inspectors! Classes held each week & weekend! Course materials available in 6 languages. Same-day Certification. Visit our website at or call 604-272-7213 ADVANCE Hospitality Education – B.C.’s #1 Choice for Foodsafe & WorldHost Training.

MANUAL /CAD Draftsperson

Coquitlam Microstation & AutoCAD knowledge of cable based program. Full time. Email resume to:

Get 14 WorkPlace Certificates in 12 Days! Save Thousands. Start Today. 604-888-3008

Medical Office Trainees Needed!

Doctors & Hospitals need Medical Administrative & Medical Office staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Training & Job Placement is also available.


Tired of leaving kids in Daycare? Teach the Freedom Project. Online training APARTMENT/CONDOMINIUM MANAGERS (CRM) home study course. Many jobs registered with us across Canada! Thousands of grads working! Government certified. 30 years of success! or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.

FOODSAFE 1 DAY COURSES – ONLY $62! Coquitlam: Oct 16 or Nov 6 Burnaby: Oct 30 or Nov 21 Also Van • Sry • Rcmd • M.Ridge Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Hospitality Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice

Personal Trainer Certification


Earn up to $70/hr as a Personal Trainer. Government Financial Aid may be available. 604-930-8377 Hilltop Academy

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Postmedia Community Publishing makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

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From here. To career. The Shortest Path To Your Health Care Career

Coquitlam / Port Moody Hiring F/T & P/T • 15.35/Hour ❏ECE & Infant Toddler Educ. ❏French, Mandarin & Music Email resume: Or phone: 604-779-5437

Train today for: • Pharmacy Assistant • Health Care Assistant • Medical OGce Assistant • Early Childhood Education and more....


Most programs are One Year or less Get practical training from experienced healthcare professionals

Now Hiring


• Must have reliable vehicle • Must be certified & experienced • Union Wages & Benefits Apply in person 19689 Telegraph Trail, Langley fax resume to 604-513-3661 or email:

Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. If you’ve been looking for a home-based opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work. Qualified applicants receive training, support and monthly remuneration. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628


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SUDOKU SUDOKU Fun By The Numbers

Fun By Numbers LikeThe puzzles?

Then Like you'llpuzzles? love Sudoku. This puzzle Thenmind-bending you'll love Sudoku. willmind-bending have you hooked This puzzle from the moment you will have you hooked square off, so sharpen from moment you yourthe pencil and put square off, so sharpen your Sudoku savvy yourtopencil and put the test!

your Sudoku savvy to the test!

Here's How It Works:

GARAGE SALES PETS & LIVESTOCK FLEA MARKET Confederation Community Centre, Burnaby

Indoors on Saturday

October 16

9:30 am to 2 pm 4585 Albert Street next to McGill Library (604) 294 -1936 Free Admission

Here's How It Works:


row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

For Sale Miscellaneous

BOWFLEX TREAD Climber, 2 yrs old, only used a dozen times. Moving must sell. Paid $2500, selling for $1200. Call 604-626-4122 Aldergrove FREE CATALOGUE HALFORD’S LEATHER, Beads, Tanned Furs, Craft Kits. Butcher Supplies & Equipment, Animal Control Products, Free Shipping (some restrictions) / 800-353-7864/ **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348.


Lumber/Building Supplies

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1. Therapeutic resort 4. Kilometers per hour 7. Women’s undergarment 10. Afflicts 12. Geological times 14. House title (abbr.) 15. Hints 17. Type genus of the Ranidae 18. Tool handle ACROSS 19. About blood 20. Muscat is the capital 1. Therapeutic resort 21. 7th Hindu per month 4. Kilometers hour 22. Our star undergarment 7. Women’s 23. Wife of Saturn

10. Afflicts 12. Geological times DOWN 14.Meistersinger House title (abbr.) 1. author Hans 15.3Hints 2. car + collision 317.One who has aofdegree Type genus the Ranidae 4. fuel 18.Lamp Tool handle 5. baby carriage 19.AAbout blood 6. Grimm brothers birthplace 20. Muscat is theRiocapital 7. Capital after 21. 7th Hindu month a crude 8. Plant for purifying 22. Our star substance 9. 23.Appositeness Wife of Saturn 11. 3rd largest rorqual

25. A European Soviet 27. Women’s briefs 30. Islands 31. No. French river 32. Tax collector 33. Author Ernest’s moniker 39. Distant 40. Cr_____logy: police studies 41. Smart _____: annoyingly clever 25. A European Soviet 44. Bar-roomsbriefs 27. Women’s 47. Army enlistee 30. New Islands 50. Can be cut or cabochon

31. No. French river 32. Tax collector 33. Author 24. Bird callErnest’s used bymoniker birders 39. Rhode DistantIsland 26. 28. sleep police 40. Small Cr_____logy: 29. Slang for big trucks studies 33. cattleannoyingly slaughter 41. Axes Smartfor _____: 34. Short account of an clever incident 44. Formed Bar-rooms 35. a mental picture 47. World’s New Army enlistee 36. longest river 37. 50. About Can begnome cut or cabochon

51. Tributary of the Rhine 53. Not Mama 54. Actor ___ Malek 56. Metrical foot 58. Long nerve fiber 59. Tehran is the capital 60. Advertising awards 61. Go for and obtain 62. Withered and dry 63. Small social insects 64. Point midway 51. Tributary of thebetween Rhine E and SE Mama 53. Not 65. Comedian Ceasar 54. Actor ___ Malek 66. Young women’s 56. Metrical foot association

58. Long nerve fiber 59. Tehran the capital 46. Woodenisshoes 60. Advertising awards 48. Goddess of the rainbow 49. grown for forage 61. Vetches Go for and obtain 52. Kittiwakeand genus 62. Withered dry 55. Ancient city in Syria 63. Small social insects 57. Winglike structure 64. Point midway between E and SE 65. Comedian Ceasar 66. Young women’s association

38. Romance 39. Total cloth purchased 42. North Sea fishing unit of 24. Bird call used by birders 46. Wooden shoes 1. Meistersinger Hans measurement 16. Nova ______,author province 48. Goddess of the rainbow 26. Kings Rhodeunit Island 2. 3Most car +common collision CA 18. 43. avocado 45. 49. Vetches grown for forage 28. Supplying Small sleepa moniker 3 One who has a degree

13. Dropped below the DOWN surface

4. Lamp fuel 5. A baby carriage 6. Grimm brothers birthplace 7. Capital after Rio 8. Plant for purifying a crude substance 9. Appositeness 11. 3rd largest rorqual 13. Dropped below the surface 16. Nova ______, province 18. Most common CA avocado

Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

52. Kittiwake genus 29. Slang for big trucks 33. Axes for cattle slaughter 55. Ancient city in Syria 57. Winglike structure 34. Short account of an incident 35. Formed a mental picture 36. World’s longest river 37. About gnome 38. Romance 39. Total cloth purchased 42. North Sea fishing unit of measurement 43. Kings unit 45. Supplying a moniker

BUILDING SALE... “ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!” 25X30 $4,577. 30X40 $6,990. 32X60 $10,800. 32X80 $16,900. 35X60 $12,990. 40X70 $13,500. 40X100 $23,800. 46X140 $35,600. OTHERS. Ends optional. Pioneer MANUFACTURERS DIRECT 1-800-668-5422 FUTURE STEEL BUILDINGS CLEARANCE - Pre-engineered and custom-sized to your requirements. Factory-direct pricing. Some models discounted to half-price to clear. CALL FOR FREE BROCHURE AND QUOTE 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170. HOME COTTAGE Building Deals!! NO-CRETE TM Prefabricated Panel - Instant Foundation System - Basement $69.99/foot, Crawlspace $49.99/foot! ICF Concrete $19.99/5.33SF Block. 792SF 2484SF Shell Erected + Exterior Lock-up + Interior Framing from $29,975.00!! / 1-800-871-7089. Local Dealer/ Installers!!! NEW NORWOOD SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cyclesawing increases efficiency up to 40%. 400OT - FREE Information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT



MAKE IT MAKE IT AA SUCCESS! SUCCESS! Call 604-795-4417 CALL 604-444-3000 Let everyone when! everyone know when!





Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers Sudoku puzzles are formatted as clues a 9x9already grid, broken into innine will appear by using the numeric provided the3x3 boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier1 itthrough gets to9solve boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers mustthe fill puzzle! each



Wanted to Buy

CASH FOR: Tools, collectibles, toys, antiques, estates, art, junk boxes, misc stuff. Jim, 936-8583


4 CUTE Maltese/Chiha/Terrier pups born Aug 5 1st shots $425 778 888 4177 4 PUG puppies. 3 Fawn- 1M, 2F. 1 Black M. Vet checked, dewormed, 1st shots. Ready to go Oct.11. $750. 778.389.6425

CHILDREN Childcare Available

POCO PLAYTIME Licenced Family Daycare

Infant to twelve years old Open 7am - 6pm, 7 days/week Outstanding service and references! Great indoor and outdoor play areas.

Call: 604-839-4556


Childcare Wanted


Daycare Centres


Located near Coquitlam Centre OFFERING: • Daycare • Kindergarten • Preschool • Out of School F/T & P/T Avail. 6:30am - 6:00 pm Driving to seven schools

(By Coquitlam Centre)

(Parent-Run Board Non-Profit Society Est. 1976)

• Phonics • Geography • Math • Music • Science & Nature • Fun Environment

Our goal is to see happy, secure children who are strong in mind, body & spirit

Call 604-931-1311 1563 Regan, Coquitlam

Promote your Craft Fairs, Christmas Events and Services

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FILA/MASTIFF GUARD DOGS owners best friend. Intruders worst nightmare. all shots, $2000 each. ready now! 604-817-5957

Foster homes urgently req’d for rescued, abandoned & neglected dogs. Many breeds. www.

MINI DACHSHUND. Long hair. cream, Vet ✔, 1st shots. Health guarantee. $1000. 604-538-5433

Call 778-881-6442


in Christmas till online! Dec. 25 Classifieds – inCorner print and

DACHSHUND-BICHON PUPS, non shed/allergic, vet checked & shots. small. $500. 604-820-9396

2864 McCoomb Drive, Coq.

Children’s House Montessori School

6 ads for the price of 3

BLUENOSE PITBULL 5 F pups avail now, taking appt, wormed, vet chkd call/text 604-701-7195

Program includes French, Music & Cooking Classes


…and because we like Christmas as much as you do we are offering

BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog puppies. European lines, vet checked,shots,dewormed,1yr health guarantee.$1200 604-823-0097

Learning Centre

SEEKING AFTER school daycare for my child anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per day, Monday Friday, in my home located in the River Springs area. High school students welcome to apply. Excellent refs required. Call Kim at 604-678-6008 or 604-464-0655




BOXERS, CKC, show champion lines, 9 flashy brindle males, ready Nov 12, 604-987-0020



PUPS - purebred Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), 1st shots. $500. Chilliwack. Call 604-512-7560.

SHIH TZU BIJON pups, 1st shots, dewormed, ready, family raised, non shed, $575 firm. 588-5195 YORKSHIRE TERRIER, 7 mo, spayed, under 3 lbs fully grown, $1600, papers, 604-940-4485



CLEAN HOG FUEL $250/truckload, Delivered. 13 units. Call 604-307-4607


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Pet Services

LUXURY PET HOTEL @ YVR airport because your pet deserves a vacation too! 604-238-Pets (7387)


Pets - Other

BC REPTILE Club Show & Sale Sat Oct 30 • 10 am to 5 pm and Sun Oct 31 • 10 am to 4pm Abbotsford Exhibition Park 32470 Haida Drive, Cadet Building Abbotsford B.C Admission : Adults $4 , Kids $2 , Children under 5 Free ; Family Pass $10.00 (2 adults up to 3 kids) For more info visit us at 1-604-392-5715

Cares! Cares!

The Coquitlam Now has The Coquitlam has partnered with theNow BC SPCA partnered with theresponsible BC SPCA to encourage pet guardianship and to encourage responsible the treatmentand of pet humane guardianship purchasing animals. Before the humane treatment of a new puppy, ensure the seller animals. Before purchasing has provided excellent care a newtreatment puppy, ensure seller and of thetheanimal has the provided excellent and breeding For aand complete guide treatment of tothefinding animala reputable breederparents. and other and the breeding For considerations when a complete guide to acquiring finding a a new pet, visit

reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit


FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 $3.19 min. 18+ 1-900-783-3800 LOVE! MONEY! LIFE! #1 Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 CreditCards/Deposit $3.19/min 18+ 1-900-783-3800


Travel Destinations

WHISTLER, Gorgeous 5 BR exec view home in Alpine. Winter Lease. $5000/mo. 604-649-2777


CRIMINAL RECORD? Only PARDON SERVICES CANADA has 20 years experience GUARANTEEING RECORD REMOVAL. Call 1-8-NOWPARDON (1-866-972-7366). GET RESULTS! Post a classified in a few easy clicks. Choose your province or all across Canada. Best value. Pay a fraction of the cost compared to booking individual areas. or 1-866-669-9222.


Financial Services

$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660 A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464 DEBT STRESS? Debts got you worried? End those phone calls. Avoid bankruptcy. Contact us for a no-cost consultation. Online: or toll-free 1-877-556-3500.

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Financial Services

IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


Business Opps/ Franchises

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744 80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar,, 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020. GROW YOUR Business With Fax, Survey, Event, Autoresponder & Email Marketing Services. Call Us Today At 1-877-312-4979 Or Visit for Your Unlimited Free Trial.

5075 Business Services

Real Estate Services

★ RENT TO OWN! ★ If you have a small down payment, I have a nice home for you! Less then perfect credit OK. Call Kim 604-628-6598 WE BUY HOMES IN ANY CONDITION NO SIGNS OR OPEN HOUSES Call 604- 250-9007


Condos/ Townhouses



STOP FORCLOSURES 1st and 2nd Mortgages 604-629-8628


Legal/Public Notices

Notice to Creditors and Others

Notice is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of Richard Albert Scheirer formerly of Coquitlam, B.C. Deceased, who died on June 10, 2010, are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executrix at the address shown below, on or before the 11th, day of November 2010, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to claims that have been received. Judy Scheirer, 1231 Brian Drive, Coquitlam, BC, V3E 1N5 NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS NOTICE is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of Norman Leo Lasure also known as Norman Lasure, Norman L Lasure, N L Lasure, Norm Lasure and N Lasure, Deceased, late of 1701, 235 Guildford Way, Port Moody, British Columbia, V3H 5L8 who died on the 5th day of September, 2010, at Port Moody, British Columbia, are hereby required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned at 510 - 1040 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 4H1, on or before November 12, 2010, after which the Executor will distribute the said Estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which the Executor then has notice. Carolyn M. Coleclough, solicitor for Brian Richard Lasure, Executor for the Estate



Houses - Sale



CLEAN/HUGE/COZY 1BR, 1 bath, u/g prkg Condo unit by King George Skytrain Stn. $169,000. Ph Angel or Noel 604-930-5676


Houses - Sale


Real Estate


We Offer Quick Cash For Your House

Damaged Home! Older Home! Difficulty Selling! Call us first! No Fees! No Risks! 604-626-9647

$99 can sell your home 574-5243 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $99,900 597-8361 id4714 Harrison Hot Springs immaculate 1650sf 3br, 2ba rancher $389K 604-796-3531 id5222 Langley parklike acreage w/2 homes, 1 with suite, barn, $1,495,000 857-9093 id5238 Maple Ridge drastically reduced 4.9ac serviced vu acreage $440Kobo 722-3996 id4694 New West updated new kit etc. 670sf 1br condo, pool $158,500 778-397-0508 id5230 Poco immaculate 1790sf 3br 2.5ba end unit tnhome $424,900 778-554-2263 id5241 Sry E Newton 1 acre lot with 2600sf 6br 2.5ba bungalow $479,900 778-549-2056 id5198


We Also Take Over Your Payment Until Your House Is Sold. No Fees! No Risk!

Call us First! 604-700-4419

★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422



IMMAC. 3100SF, south facing bsmt entry house, w/Baker view, fenced yard in W Abby, 4 br, 2 bath, + 2 br suite w/1 bath, new appls, carpet, paint, hw tank & furnace. $479,900 604-874-6676

Until We Sell Your Property. No Fees.

Call Kristen today (604) 786 - 4663

Lots & Acreage


SALISBURY PLACE 7272 Salisbury Ave Bby Highgate 1 BR incl heat & hot water. N/S & N/P. $877/mo. 604-524-4720 1BR W/PATIO not g/l, quiet heritage St, cat ok, N/S, shr’d w/d, 604-520-7334, Nov 1 or sooner


Heat/Water incl., parking avail. On cul-de-sac. Tennis courts, close to Lougheed Mall, bus/Skytrain.

RENTALS 604-931-3273


1 bedrooms starting at $804

UG Parking, balconies. Close to Skytrain, near Gold Club, walk to mountain park. near Lougheed Mall.

RENTALS 604-931-3273

BBY. BRENTWOOD GATE. NEW, top flr, low rise, Deluxe, 1 BR & Den, 6 appls, prkg, storage. Now. $1195/mo. NS/NP. Please contact Sanj 604-779-9490

COQ WW Plateau, 2 BR, 2 bath, $1325/mo, Quay Pacific Property Mgnt Ltd. Call 604-570-2786

BBY LGHEED Mall, 1 BR View, 8th flr, storage, Indoor Pool, Gym. $975 incls utls. 604-944-8881

BBY SIMON FRASER APTS, 7175 Pandora St, close to SFU, shops & transit, 1 Br $865, 2 Br $985 incl heat/hw, hardwood, new paint, 1 yr lease, np, Call Lorne Dorset Realty 604-299-0803 N BURNABY, 1 BR bsmt $875 incl, sh’d ldry, priv ent /prkg/view deck, net, nr transit. ns/np. avail immediately 604-298-8182

COQ. 1 BR, $750. 3 BR, $1050. Now/Nov 1, Incl d/w, ht, 778-990-7079, 604-521-8249


RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT, New Westminster. $75,000 in services paid! 33’ x 130’. No HST! $324,888. Call 604-726-0677.



BBY, 2 BR Apt, cls to school and Lougheed Mall, newly reno’d kitch & bath, N/s, N/p, Avail now, $1150/mo. Call 604-420-7023. 2 BDRM. top floor, corner courtyard view in 50+ building. Amenities. From Nov 1. 778-388-7971

Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall.

JUNIPER COURT Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U.

545 Rochester Ave, Coq

Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation. office: 604 936-3907


401 Westview St, Coq Large Units. Near Lougheed Mall. Transportation & S.F.U.

office: 604 939-2136 cell: 604 805-9490

ARBOUR GREENE 552 Dansey Ave, Coq

Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U.

1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building.

office: 604 524-8174 cell: 604 813-8789

NEW WEST, 6 St/3 Ave. New 1 BR + Den, f/bath, balc, 7 appl, f/p, 2 prkg. Nr Skytrain. Ns/Np. $1200/mo. Nov 1. 604-880-6823 N. WEST, Lrg 1 BR $895 & 2 BR $1095, hdwd flrs, heat hot/water & cable. Cat OK. Nr transit, quiet bldg. Av now. Jim 604-728-2086 PORT MOODY 2 BR +Den, 2 bath, grnd flr, 5 appl, 1100 sf, f/p, lrg deck, 2 u/g prkg, alarm, pool/ fit, pets ok, $1600. 604-931-3377

NEW WESTMINSTER, One Bedroom, $710/mo Includes heat, h/w, cable & prkg. Near schools, shops, bus & Skytrain. Avail Oct 15th. Cats okay! Deposit required. NEW WEST. Reno’d 1 BR New Appl’s etc. No Pets, From $745 inc. HT/HW 604-724-8353


office: 604 937-7343 cell: 778 848-5993

220 - 7th St, New West 1 BR, $700. Rent includes heat & hot water, reno’d suites with big patios. By shops, banks, Skytrain & college. U/grd parking available. Call 604-519-1382



FALL SPECIALS Rent prices slashed. Largest Apts in New West. Rents starting $795 for Oct!

Bach & 1 BR Available. All Suites Have Balconies. Undergrd Parking Available. Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.

Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U.

on McBride Blvd

Managed by Colliers International

CALL 604 715-7764



Call 604-540-9300


1010 6th Ave, New West

1 BR & 2 BR Available. Beautiful atrium with fountain. By shops, college & transit. Pets negotiable. Ref required. BAYSIDE PROPERTY SERVICES

Family Living

BONSOR APTS Renovated high rise, concrete building. Penthouse, 1 BR & 2 BR available. Very close to Metrotown, Skytrain & Bonsor swimming pool. Rent includes heat, hot water. Reference required.

● Spacious apartments ● Heat, h/w, prkg, indoor pool ● Ball court, daycare avail. ● Near Skytrain, shopping & kids park. Sorry no pets.

604 939-0944

PORT MOODY, Newport Village. 2 BR + den, concrete bldg, 2 full baths. F/p, in-suite w/d, h/wd flrs, granite counters, S.S. applis, 2 u/grd prkg, gym. No pets. Ocean & mountain view! $1,850/mo + util. Avail immed. 604-469-9261 RIVER VIEW, 2 BR, 1200 sf Condo, New West Quay, N/s, N/p, Nov 1, $1350. 604-628-0262

PT MDY. New 2 BR, 2 baths (1 with jacuzzi). Gas f/p, SS fridge, in-suite laundry, granite counters, alarm, u/grd prkg, storage. $1400/mo incl heat & h/w. Ns/np. Immed. Nr W.C.E. 604-255-0481 SILVER STAR APTS 6425 Silver Ave. Bby. Across St from Metrotown & skytrain, clean, quiet, near bus & shops, 1br $825 heat hw incld, ns, np, 1 yr lease Dorset Rlty.. John 604-439-9602

ROTARY TOWER 25 Clute St, New West

Age 55 or over. Beautiful view. Bach high rise apt. Close to trans & shopping. Rent incl all utils. Refs req. Contact Ana Cell: 778-859-0798 Bayside Property Services Ltd.

22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great view of River

office: 604 463-0857 cell: 604 375-1768



Queens Avenue 136 10th St, New West

3 BR Townhouse, $1218 includes heat & hot water, w/d hookup & common laundry & u/grd prkg. $1200 share purchase.

Email for application


Duplexes - Rent

BBY HIGHGATE. New 2 BR gr lev dupl, 900sf, carport. NS/NP. $1100 negot. Now. 604-430-2710

COQ, Blue Mtn. Large 3 BR, 2 levels. 1.5 baths. 5 appl, fenced yard, garage. N/s. $1,400/mo + util. Near Lougheed Mall, Hwy 1 & amens. Nov 1st. 604-412-9946


Furnished Accommodation

CALL 604 715-7764

WHITGIFT GARDENS 1 BR, (80% adult bldg), $750. 2 BR fr $925. 3 BR fr $1100.

POCO, GATES Park. Brand new 2 BR, 2 bath, 5 ss appls, f/p, 2 secd prkg. NS/NP. 604-726-8656

320-9th St, New West

CALL (604) 524-5840

St Andrews Street 1 BR Apt, Large balcony, updated, nr transit & amens. Avail immed or Nov 1, small pet ok with pet deposit.


Call 604-521-2884

KING ALBERT COURT 1300 King Albert, Coq



NEW WEST: Moody Park 1 BR $650 + utils. Quiet. Nov 1. Cat ok. 604-591-3628 or 604-517-5593

Contact Natalie 778-230-9037 or Bayside Property Services Office: 604-432-7774


office: 604 939-4903 cell: 778-229-1358


Large bright 1 BRS @ $765. Newly renovated Incl heat, hot water 1016 Howie Ave. nr Austin Raymar Realty. 778-828-6345

office: 604 939-8905 cell: 604 916-0261


COQ/BBY, CORA Towers. NEW, 1000+sf, 2 BR, 2bth, appls, Gym, Media, 2 sec prkg. Close to SFU/skytrain. $1600(rent) +$400 (credits) /mo. Dave 604-787-1413

555 Cottonwood Ave, Coq

415 Westview St, Coq

RENTALS Apt/Condos

COQ. Live on the 30th floor of a new luxury 2 BR condo at Grand Central bldg, across from Coq Centre. 2 f/baths, 2 balcs, in-suite laundry. Beautiful city view! Near public transit. U/grd prkg, storage, 6 SS applis, full amen. Immed. $1,800/mo. Ns/np. 604-552-4443

office: 604 936-1225



$750/M BRGHT 1BR in Cntrl Cqtlm new home, incl. insuite wsh/dry intrnt cbl alrm full bath & kitch Near transit gym pool library 604-780-8873 available Oct 15

Any Price, Any Condition Any Location. No Fees! No Risk ! (604) 435-5555 OR (604) 786-4663


COQ 1 BR grnd flr apt, priv patio in quiet bldg, Blue Mnt Park area, $780. Nov 1 or 15. 604-619-3444

BBY S. 1 BR. $710 - $730, Tile, laminate, ug prkg, hw, WiFi, cat ok, Metrotown, 604-818-1129


Expired Listing? No Equity? High Pymts?

We Will Take Over Your Payment


BBY, Brentwood. Big 1 BR. $777 incl ht & h/w. Adult-oriented bldg. N/s, N/p. Call 604-841-6984


RENTAL INCOME guaranteed for 1 year! 1 BR, granite, S.S. appl, W/D. Located in Lower Mainland’s fastest growing community. $194,900. Kathy Taylor, Pilothouse Realty, 604-377-1694


Real Estate

BBY, 1690 Augusta Ave. 1 BR Condo, full reno’d, new appls, inste W/D. By SFU, golf course. $229,900. Frank 604-929-7739

6008-30 5035





Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NEW WEST, Quay. 1,214 sf. 1 BR & den, 2 baths. Short term Nov 1st - Mar 31st. Ns/np. $1,600/mo incl util. 604-524-0804


Houses - Rent

4 BR - Newly reno’d, 1.5 bath, all new appl include w/d. Avail NOW. $1650/mo. 1-604-615-7525 BBY, NEAR Metrotown, BCIT, Skytrain & Hospital. 3 BR upper ste, large living room, & family room, 2 car garage, f/p, w/d, $1550 N/S & N/P. 604-438-0786

102-120 Agnes St, N.West

MONTECITO TOWERS 99-7360 Halifax St, Bby Bach, 1 BR & 2 BR

604 420-5636

Hi-Rise Apartment with River View & Indoor Pool. 1 BR & 2 BR Available. Rent includes heat & hot water. Remodelled Building and Common area. Gated undergrd parking available. References required.


COQ, Blue Mtn / Como Lake. 3 BR, upper floor, 1.5 baths, 6 appl., big sundeck. $1,525/mo + 2⁄3 utils. Ns/np. Nr schools. 604-939-6077


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Houses - Rent

COQ CTR. 3 BR, 1.5 baths, 5 appl, fenced yard, garage. Ns/np. $1,260. Av now. 604-537-7015

COQ Ctre, by schools, College, 5 BR, 2 baths, lrg yrd, storage, refs. $1700, avl immed. 604-939-0273 KANAKA RIDGE, 5Bd, 3.5 Bath, 4200 sqft, 2 Garage, Sep. base. suite, Avail. now, N/S, N/P, $2500+util. 604 722 9069 MRidge 21437 117Ave, 4BR incls inlaw glvl ste, all appl, ns, np, avail Now, $1700. 604-421-4052 QUEENSBOROUGH. 4 BR. $1150, 3 BR $850, whole house $1750, + utils, w/d, 604-515-7875, 778-829-7675 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN No Qualification - Low Down CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49x171’ lot, excellent investment property in heart of town..... $888/M VANCOUVER - 558 Taylor St, 1 bdrm + den, 2 level TOWNHOME, nr GM Place & Costco…$1,288/M

Call (604)435-5555 or (604)786-4663



811 Foster Ave

Al Dodimead ACD Realty

(604) 521-0311

view this & other properties @


Suites/Partial Houses

BBY 7769 Gilley St. 2 BR bsmt suite. $750/mo incls util & W/D. N/S, N/P. Avail immed. 604-522-8833 or 604-786-1860




BBY, Boundary/Hastings. Large, quiet 2 BR bsmt suite with vaulted ceilings. Sh’d laundry. $1,200/mo + utils. Incl cable/internet. Nr transit. Ns/Np. 604-788-9131

BBY 2 Rm’s avail, w/b f/p, upper lvl, n/s, n/p, prof, $500 incls cbl, net, w/d, Immed. 604-283-4439 BBY, N. 2 Room’s, priv ent, bath & kitch. Nr Lough Mall, SFU & Skytrain. $420 incl hydro/cbl/net, w/d, Ns/np. Nov 1. 604-438-7341


Shared Accommodation


Coq./Poco/ Port Moody

ROOM WITH a View, in a house, incls util/cbl/ph/wd, $450/mo. Avail now. N/P, 604-315-6611


Suites/Partial Houses

3 BDRM, 1 Bath, 1100 Sqft, upper level, large deck, yard, storage, utilities incl, shared laundry, $1450 call nicole: 778-886-3491


Suites/Partial Houses

BBY N. BCIT Newer 2 BR, grnd flr, $775 incls utls. N/S, N/P. Avail now. Very cln. 604-293-2295


Suites/Partial Houses

COQ, COMO LAKE. NEW 1 BR bsmt ste, Own W/D, sep entry, $700/mo + utils, avail Nov 1, Near bus & amens. 604-939-6765

BBY, EAST. New hse, 3 BR, 2 livg rm, 2 bath, $1650. incls cbl & internet. Immed. 778-398-1111

CALL 604 723-8215


Great 3 BR, 1.5 baths, family room, lots of prkg, avail now or Nov 1. $1795/mo, N/S, lease & perfect refs a must.

Miscellaneous Rentals

BBY, Central. Lrg 3 BR, 2 baths, f/p, priv w/d, carport. $1,350/mo + ½ util. Ns/np. Near BCIT, SFU, BGH & bus. Nov 1. 604-298-6874 BBY Deer Lk/City Hall 1 BR ste avail Nov 1. $800 incls utls, cbl, net. N/S. Pet OK. 604-889-8529

BBY, N. Bright & spac 1 BR. F/p. New lam. flrs. Ns/np. Sh’d w/d. Alarm. $750/mo incl hydro/cable & satelite tv. Now. 604-619-2717

BBY, EAST. 2 BR bsmt suite. Ns/ np. $900/mo incl hydro. Immed. Nr bus & schools. 604-777-2038 BBY CAPTIAL Hill, 3 BR main flr, 5 appls. $1250 incls utls, cbl/net. Nov 1. N/P. Refs. 604-294-1487

COQ, WEST. Charming character home, 2 BR & den, main floor. Big private yard & patio. Jacuzzi tub. Near Skytrain. $1,150/mo + 2/3 util. Avail now. 604-931-4051

NEW WEST. 2 BR, grd/lvl. 850 sf. Lots of cedar beams. F/bath, f/p, 5 applis., garage. $1,300/mo incl hydro. Nov 1st. N/s. Small pets ok! Very private. 604-520-6801

COQ, 3 br main flr house, dw, fp, $1300+60% utils, share wd, ns, np, avail Nov. 1, 604-808-4155

PORT MOODY 2 BR g/lvl ste, carport, big yd, utils incls, $850. N/P. Avail now. 604-936-6533

BBY, E. 13th Ave/4th St. 2 BR g/l. 1200 sf. Sh’d w/d, gas f/p, f/yrd. NS/NP. $875 + util. 604-290-2181 COQ. RANCH Park, 2 BR bsmnt, N/s, N/p, priv ent & w/d, Nov 1, $1000 + shrd utils. 604-942-3686

QUEENSBOROUGH. 1 BR. $550/mo incl util/sat tv. Immed. 604-515-7875 or 778-829-7675

Time to Get Your Own Place? Find your answer in the Classifieds – in print and online!

SFU BSMT. 2 big bdrms,1 full bthrm. Full size in suite lndry. Close to transit, Lougheed mall. 5 min to SFU. Immed. $1100. No smoking, No pets 604-808-2274

COQ WW Plateau, 3 BR T/H, 3 bath $2195/mo. Quay Pacific Ppty Mgmt Ltd, call 604-570-2786

M. RIDGE, Brookside Gardens. 3 BR T/H’s, pets ok, new flrs/paint, Avail Oct 15/Nov 1, 778-835-0748

Systems Ltd.



JENCO CONSTRUCTION. 25 yrs exp. Complete renovation svc. Custom cabinets. 604-562-5934



Bi-weekly Cleaning is Our Specialty! Insured & Bonded 604-836-MAID

#1 QUALITY Cleaning Service Homes & Business. Senior Disc. Low Rates. 604 724-8998 European Style Cleaning Reliable. Eco Friendly Products Used, ★ Eva 604-347-7776★

GREEN HOUSE CLEANING Earth Friendly. Avail •Weekly •Bi-Weekly •Monthly, •One-time •Move-out. Call ★ 604-817-4441


30 yr exp. Quality workmanship Fully insured


• 2 BR Townhouse • 3 BR Townhouse 1.5 bath, 2 levels, 5 appls, carport.

Sorry no pets.

Call 604-942-2012 WOODLAND PARK

TOWNHOMES Professionally managed family townhome complex on 28 acres located in beautiful Port Moody. Spacious 2 BR & 3 BR units, 5 appls, inste W/D, walk out bsmt, 1 parking. Cat friendly.

Contact 604-939-0221

Warehouse/ Commercial

BBY 6994 Greenwood St, Brand New approx 1800sf Warehouse with finished office, 1 UNIT LEFT! Clean, large O/H door, 3 phase power, available Now. Call 604 929-9493

All Your Concrete Needs

Danny 604.307.7722

DALL’ANTONIA CONCRETE Prompt, Professional, Family run 40+yrs. Seniors % 604 240-3408



DRAIN TILES & WATER LINES Without Digging a Trench 604-294-5300





Specializing in drywall & textured ceiling repairs, drywall finishing, stucco repairs, painting. Fully insured.

604-916-7729 JEFF

ARCO DRYWALL. Board, tape, texture, frame. New & renos. 16 years exp. Mike, 604-825-1500



YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




• All Bobcat & Mini-X Services • Small Hauls Available • Fast Reliable Service

Call Ryan: 604-329-7792


Go to or call 604-444-3000.


DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies.1-877804-5381. (18+).

BACKYARD CREATIONS Cedar - Fences, Patios, Decks, Storage Sheds. 778-558-7450

ATC LANDSCAPE Cedar Fencing. Fully Insured. Member of BBB. 604-720-2853


Flooring/ Refinishing

ALL ABOUT FLOORS Hardwood, Laminate. Free Estimates. Call Mo 778-789-4333

Artistry of Hardwood Floors

Refinish, sanding, install, dustless Prof & Quality work 604-219-6944

GET ER’ DONE Flooring & Trim

Laminate & Hardwood




PITT MEADOWS 3 BR T/H, quiet family complex, Rent geared to income, n/p, 604-465-4851

(Coquitlam Centre area)



*Patios, Pool Decks, *Sidewalks Driveways *Forming *Finishing * Re & Re



604-841-1855 604-466-9733

NWEST 3 BR + den, 3 ba T/H Executive Condo. Quay Pacific Property Mgmt. 604-570-2786


1-BEDROOM A PT. Move in tomorrow. Affo rdable monthly rent.


Townhouses Rent



6605 COQ, Superstore/Brunette. 1 BR. $650 + util. Pets are welcome! 604-522-3100 or 604-941-2444



BBY ROYAL Oak/Rumble, Brand New Main flr 3 BR ste, 2 bath, Nr bus/school. NS/NP. Avail Now $1200 + util. 604-375-4261

COQ BOOTH Av, Upper flr 3 BR, 5 appls, garage. Av now. $1500. N/S. Small pet ok. 778-388-2494




DIRECT FROM THE MILL 6x8 Fence Panels from $27, Siding, Decking, Roofing, Shed, Split Rail, etc... We Install Chain Link & Cedar Fencing. Free Est. 7753 Edmonds St, Burnaby Call 604-520-7792

Full Seamless Gutter Installation/Repairs Soffits All jobs Guaranteed. Fully insured/WCB covered Will beat any competitors price

604-439-9417 Grant’s Home Maintenance Complete Gutter Cleaning & Repairs: We also do pressure washing & window cleaning .

Residential & Strata Prompt Service. WCB Insured

604 936-2808

A1 Steve’s Gutter Cleaning & Repair from $98. Gutters vacuumed/hand clean. 604-524-0667



★ HANDYMAN★ $30 per hour Call 604-762-6401 PROFESSIONAL HANDYMAN For Homes or Businesses. Call Dave at 778-386-3844



No job too big. No job too small. We keep it simple. • Full Yard Cleanup • Pruning trees, shrubs & hedges the proper way! • Planting Plan & Full Installation • Retaining walls, walkways & bed edging • Patio, Deck & Water Features • Fence Removal & Installation • Pressure Washing

Please call Sherry


Landscape Technician & Cert. Arborist

★ OPERA LANDSCAPING ★ Retaining walls, irrigation, paving, patios, fences, etc. 778-688-2444

Home Services

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Derek Paquette




SPACE - Turned Down? - Bad Credit? BOOKING - Self-employed? - Equity Mortgages For: PAQUETTE, DERRICK Rep: LBampton - 1st/2nd/3rd Mortgages Ad#: 1272122 - Free Consultations


Fall Services

SAME DAY SERVICE “More than just mowing!”

Yard Clean-ups • Hedges Pruning • Gutters • Aeration Lawn Mowing Christmas Lights Rubbish Removal Free Estimates


Lawn & Garden


★ Fall Yard Clean Up. ★ Lawn Maint and Gardening. ★ Hedge and Tree Trimming. ★ Fully Insured. BBB Member.


A Gardener & A Gentleman Lawn, garden, tree svcs. Pruning, yard clean-up, rubbish. 319-5302

310-JIMS (5467) Book a job at: Lawn & Garden • Clean-ups & Disposal, Gutters/Press Washing Seniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142 • Residential and Commercial Lawn Maintenance • Yard Clean-up • Lawn Repairs • Gardening • Hedge Trimming • Tree Pruning

Free Est 604-779-6978


Moving & Storage




❏ FALL CLEAN-UP ❏ Yard Maintenance ❏ Hedge Trim ❏ Tree Pruning ❏ Lawn Cuts ❏ Weeding ❏ Retaining Walls ❏ Drainage Fully insured. Call John: 604-464-8700 or 778-867-8785

PRIMO PAINTING Interior & Exterior

* EXCELLENT PRICES * Free Est./Written Guarantee

No Hassle Quick Work Insured /WCB


Call Me Now! 604.928.0288


Painting/ Wallpaper

1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From


We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

FREE ESTIMATES Seniors Discount



Moving & Storage

B&Y MOVING Experienced Movers ~ 2 Men $50 ~ • Includes all Taxes • Licenced & Insured • Professional Piano Movers


#1 PAY-LESS PRO PAINTING 30 yrs exp. Fall Specials. Int/Ext. Power Washing. 604-891-9967 Good Day Painting Fully Insured, Quality Work, Res/Comm, No Payment till Job is Completed! Call Thomas 604 377-1338 MILANO Painting 604-551-6510 Int/Ext. Good Prices. Free Est. Written Guar. Prof & Insured.


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187




Your first and last call for all your moving needs. Local, Provincial or National Call 604-710-5253 $30 P/HR. Abe Moving & Delivery & Rubbish Removal. ★ Available 24 hours. Abe at: 604-999-6020 A MOVING EXPERIENCE WITH L & D ENTERPRISES !!! Fast & Dependable Special Rates Seniors Disc. Call 604-464-5872 AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of Moving, Storage & Packing. Different from the Rest. 604-861-8885 MOVING ANY where any time, Reasonable rates. call Larry for free estimates. 604-418-8119 ABBA MOVERS bsmt clean 1-4 ton Lic, ins’d from $35/hr, 2 men $45 day honest 26 yrs est 506-7576. AMI MOVING ★ 3-5 ton cube. Starting at $39/hour. Local & long distances. 24/7 ★ 604-617-8620

10% Off with this Ad! Aman’s Plumbing Service, Lic. Gas Fitter, Reas. Rates. 778-895-2005


Water Lines (without digging) Sewer Lines (without digging) Install. Drain tiles. 604-294-5300 LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-469-8405 PACIFIC ACE PLUMBING INC. •Repairs •Installation •Insured Free Est. Call • 778-836-8835


Renovations & Home Improvement

COMPLETE HOME RENOS • Kitchens • Bathrooms

Greg 604-818-0165

Planning on RENOVATING?

FERREIRA HOME IMPROVEMENTS Additions ★ Renovations Concrete Forming ★ Decks Garages ★ Bathrooms Ceramic Tile ★ Drywall Hardwood Flooring ''Satisfaction Guaranteed''

NORM, 604-466-9733 Cell: 604-841-1855

Three time Georgie Award Finalist National Sam Award Finalist Georgie Award for Best Renovation “Why Trust Your Renovation To Anyone Else”






Need a Gardener?

• Repairs • Reroof • New Roof We cover the H.S.T.


604-726-6345 SKY VIEW ROOFING LTD Serving the Lower Mainland Licenced & Insured. Refs.

Exceeding all expectations, one client at a time

8250 Check out the specialists in our Home Service Directory of the Classifieds and get started on your project today! To advertise your Home Service Business call Classifieds 604-444-3000

15% O


Auto Miscellaneous


Rubbish Removal


WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? Last week 12 out of 14 applications approved! We fund your future not your past. Any Credit. Want a VISA? or 1-888-208-3205.

604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC


1996 CHEVY Lumina, 4 dr, auto, showroom cond, aircared, all new, 86,000 km, 1 owner, $2,950. Call 604-524-6567

1996 MERCURY SABLE LS, $2000, Must be Seen. Zero rust or damage. aircared, fully loaded, chrome wheels. 604-513-9885

2004 LINCOLN Ultimate Town Car. Pristine cond. 108,000 km. Leather. $12,000. 604-530-0010

Scrap Car Removal

Removal FREEScrap/Car No Wheels No Problem

HOUR 2Service From Call

Family Owned & Operated

(604) 209-2026

Best Rates & Service


Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Take your junk away same day. Call for rates 778-892-4515 DISPOSAL BINS 4 - 40 yard bins. Starting from $179 including dump fees. Disposal King, 604-306-8599 WILL HAUL out garages and bsmts, for little or no $ if saleable items are included. 604-936-8583


Tree Services


★ FREE TOWING ★ up to $300 CASH Today!

604-728-1965 John

STEVE TOWING SERVICES Scrap Car Removal. We Pay $$ for all cars. Call 778-316-7960

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2000 JEEP Grand Cherokee Ltd. 78,800 kms! Aircared, Loaded. $10,500 obo. Sry. 604-594-1465

2008 TOYOTA Tacoma, 2dr reg cab, under 30000 kms, exc cond, $12500. Cell 778 938 8450


Sports & Imports

1991 MAZDA Miata, conv, 5 spd, 210kms, blue, air cared $3450 D9921 Abbots 604-855-6522 2004 TOYOTA CAMRY LE , 87k, 4 dr, a/c, keyless entry, fully loaded, $13,888. 604-786-5287 2005 SUZUKI SWIFT, 4 dr, h/b, 5 spd, well maintained, low kms, $6500 obo. 604-942-8171

Eco-Friendly Disposal of Your Unwanted Clutter

$30 P/HR. Abe Moving & Delivery & Rubbish Removal. ★ Available 24 hours. Abe at: 604-999-6020


1999 CHRYSLER Intrepid. Not insured, Aircared until end of 2010. 210K, good body, needs brakes & mechanical work $800 OBO. 604-463-3254


Green Monster Waste We Remove & Recycle All Waste




WE LOAD 604-242-4869




Scrap Car Removal



SSK ROOFING & SIDING Re-roofing. Gutters. WCB / BBB 604-787-4622 or 778 240-6513


$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.

with ad! 604-317-4729

2005 TOYOTA ECHO, 2 dr, hatchback, auto, silver, 65k, clean, $5600 Firm. 604-538-9257

604-761-7175 #1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673 FREE SCRAP car & truck removal. Top $$ paid for all. No wheels - no problem. 604-761-7175

2008 BMW 335CI, Coupe, bluetooth, nav, loaded, absolute beauty. $38,800, 604-218-2149 2009 TOYOTA YARIS, 4 dr, h/b, auto, many options, 18k, silver, $8,500 Firm. 604-538-4883



2007 SUNSEEKER Motorhome, E450, 32’, sleeps 6, 1 slide, 25,000km $49,500 604-824-4552


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585

Sell Your Sell RV or Boat Your

A-1 TRI CRAFT TREE SERVICES (EST. 1986) Treeworks 15 yrs exp. Tree/ Stump Removal, Prun’in & Trim’in & View Work 291-7778, 787-5915

8335 Find one in the Home Services section


JJ Roofing Complete Bathroom Reno’s Suites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights, Windows, Doors, 604 521-1567

Renovations & Home Improvement

Window Cleaning

BOB’S WINDOW Gets that Clean, Clear Shine No Drops, No Drips, No Streaks Right into the corners! Serving you for over 20 yrs. Also do Gutters 604 588-6938



Tried & True Since 1902

• BBB • RCABC • GAF/ELK Master Elite Contractor • Residential Roofing • Liability Coverage and WCB • Designated Project Managers • Homes & Strata • Third Party Inspection Installations & Repairs Call 604-327-3086 for a free estimate •• 24 Hr Emergency Service Quote code 2010 for a 5% discount

RV or Boat

Urban Market: Suburban Market:



90 $45.90 $

45. +GST


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Langley Advance, Coquitlam Now, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times

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* this offer is only valid for * this offer is only valid for private party/non-business clients.

private party/non-business clients.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fall Season Specials Come on in and get the jump on the cold fall weather with these deals for inside and outside the house.

Honeywell Heaters 360 Degree Tower Heater







Light and easy to Use



Fantastik Spray Bottle 6612360







Contractor-Tough Outdoor Work Gear Available in either Black or Tan


Cleaner and Disinfectant



Tough Duck Apparel

Expandable Rake R000250

Great Heating Efficiency 1500W 3 Heat settings

Save on Heating Costs

Turns off if knocked over. Great for small rooms or workspaces 065-2314

Oil-Filled Radiator

Whole Room Heater






Insulated Vest





We also have a wide selection of Helly Hansen and Pioneer Raingear and Safety Apparel at Great Prices.

BOSCH 12V Lithium Ion Combo Kit

Oscillating Tool/Saw Compact Drill Flashlight CLPK31120



2650 Mary Hill Rd. Port Coquitlam

Tel: 604.942.7282 Fax: 604.942.9650 Sale prices in effect through October 31st, 2010


Coquitlam Now October 13 2010  

Coquitlam Now October 13 2010