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Connection is a priority at Canvas Church, as we understand the benefits of living and doing life with others. This past year, Canvas Connect launched with 50+ opportunities to connect in groups. We had our largest number of people participate in groups, too. Canvas participated in the two largest events in the Flathead and was recognized for both teams. Our Dragon Boat team finished 2nd place in the Montana Dragon Boat Festival. Our Spartan Team was the largest team for the 2nd year in a row for the Montana Spartan Race. Our Activity Groups included hiking, gaming, crafting, shooting, art, and athletics. University Groups focused on Marriages, Parenting, Biblical Truths, Book Studies, and Financial Management. We had over 20 families pay off over $30,000 of debt in our Financial Peace University group this past year. Life Groups continued to be a place where friendships were formed and discussions took us deeper in faith and application of the weekend messages. This summer, we offered a place for people to connect through Backyard BBQs, which brought new friends together in casual and fun environments. This year we will look to expand Life Groups with new leaders, hosts, and opportunities as groups continue to grow.



It’s hard to capture in a few words what you see every week in Canvas Kids. When you walk through Early Childhood, you see classrooms full of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers playing, laughing and learning about Jesus. There is order and joy. Ok, sometimes there is crying, too, but our caring team members are quick to bring comfort. Goldfish help. All our kid environments from nursery through 6th grade are designed for kids to be safe, have fun and experience God in a life-changing way! In Elementary, we have first through fifth grade all together for worship, a message and small groups. There are also play stations for coloring, bead crafts, Lego building, video games, bean bag toss and shooting some hoops. There are important elements like Kid Connection cards, which give the kids a chance to respond to the message and write down prayer requests. The kids take home Power Tool books to work on building disciplines in Bible, Prayer, Project 24/7 and Witness each week. We especially love when kids make the decision: I give my life to Jesus. Weekends are exciting in Canvas Kids! We also launched Kids Connect this year, which is our Wednesday night program for boys and girls that takes place twice a year in 8-week sessions in conjunction with Canvas Connect. There are also several outstanding events that take place every year for our kids: Easter, Kids Camp, Back to School Splash, Sugarfest, Kid Month and Christmas! Canvas Kids: where we have so much fun creating opportunities for kids and families to experience God in a life-changing way!


Canvas Youth had an incredible year in 2016. We made some stategic changes to our gathering times. On Sundays, we offer 6.8, which is a gathering for middle schoolers, directly alligned with the message in our main gathering. Also, on Wednesdays we have split our one gathering into two seperate gatherings for middle school and high school. For the first time ever, we hosted a conference just for girls called Embellished. Over 250 girls from all over the valley attended the conference, and we are so excited for the 2017 conference. We have seen some incredible things this year; students that have felt like they have never belonged are finding hope in Jesus and family at Canvas YTH. The Canvas YTH team is so excited to see what God continues to do in the students of the valley in 2017. There are some huge things ahead of us and we could not do it without you. Thank you for your continued support as we continue to create opportunities for students to experience God in a life-changing way.




Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God. The numbers represented on these pages show incredible growth. From finances to attendance to engagement, we are seeing more people than ever before experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. As we look to the future and continue to go where God is leading, I am excited to see the miracles God continues to work as people trust Him with every aspect of their lives.




Worship is a huge component of our everyday lives. Giving Him glory and honoring Him with the way we live our lives is something we should strive for daily. A question I have been asking myself lately is, “What does God want from us when we join together corporately here at Canvas?” Psalm 51:16-17 (MSG) says: “Going through the motions doesn’t please you, a flawless performance is nothing to you. I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered. Heart-shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.” Just getting through a gathering or checking in here at Canvas Church isn’t enough. Having the perfect set list of all our favorite worship songs or having the sound and lights just perfect isn’t enough. While all those things add to an amazing experience of worship, they simply aren’t enough. God centered worship begins when we lay aside our pride, get our minds off ourselves and focus in on the greatness of our God. That’s truly what God wants from all of us. In 2016, we took huge steps forward in our corporate worship here at Canvas. We have seen more participation, more moments of complete surrender, times of reflection, and just an overall desire to experience His presence. There is such beauty when the young and old, the new believers, those who have known Jesus their whole life come together with a purpose of honoring our God through worship. I want Canvas Church to be known as a church that worships with passion. So as we enter 2017, let’s take steps forward together to be the church and the people that God wants all of us to be!




We had a great year, with attendance growing from about 8 regulars to about 16 regulars, a 100% increase! While it is still a small gathering, it is full of the Spirit and filled with love. In the spring we had a baptism in a cold creek on a cold, rainy day. Also in July, we had four more baptisms and one baby dedication at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park. At the end of the year, we received permission to utilize the library space in our rented facility for kids ministry. While we don’t have many children attending our gathering, we are excited for the opportunity to serve area children. We gather monthly for potlucks and fellowship, which has really reinforced our unity. Some outreach events throughout the year included a kid’s movie night with popcorn and cocoa, an Easter potluck with increased attendance, and a Christmas Eve gathering at the local pizza place, where we sang carols and welcomed many new faces. We are grateful for the ongoing commitment of our church, even on days when the temperature is far below zero, the snow is deeper than our knees, and the wind is blowing 50 mph. We hope and pray that the Lord keeps our church fruitful and growing.


PROJECT 24/7 Thank you for your faithfulness to Project 24/7 missions giving this past year. The sun never sets on the ministry at Canvas Church. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have missionaries working to make Jesus’ name famous. Missionaries we support all over the world are teaching school classes, walking with people through life’s trials, and helping create opportunities for people to experience God. 2016 was a year that provided many opportunities for Canvas Church to be relentless in our compassion to serve the many missionaries and strategic partners. These missionaries and strategic partners vary from local organizations, national endeavors, and global missionaries. We love that we are a mission sending church. We helped send 8 new missionaries onto the field in locations all over the world. A few of these missionaries call Canvas Church their home church. Rebecca Denning is working as a medical missionary in Kenya. We hosted a missions dinner that helped launch the Barnetts to a country where Christians are often killed for their faith. Other highlights include Canvas Church being recognized in the Flathead Valley for volunteering the most hours with Habitat For Humanity, and their local home builds. We helped the Heart Locker restock their shelves with grab-n-go snacks for homeless students in our community. During our Christmas season, we partnered with Sparrows Nest, which helps house homeless teens in the Flathead Valley. In 2016, Canvas Church partnered with Native American Ministries and sent a team to help build a church in Lodgepole, MT. This church will be a beacon on the hill in that community providing many services to the people on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. In the future, we will be looking at potential cross cultural missions trips. Our desire is to bring missions to the forefront of our minds. We continue to be a source of light for many through our prayers and financial support. Thank you for your generosity and prayers as we continue to support missions all over the world.

Canvas Church is our church home and family. As our family, Canvas Church has been instrumental in our ability this past year to reach the field as Christian Workers. They have supported us financially, emotionally, and in prayer. They have loved us and commissioned us to do the work God has called us to do in Eurasia. The pastors went out of their way to guide us on this path as they listened to us and advised us. They cheered us on as we visited friends across the miles to prepare for this move to a Eurasian country. Canvas even hosted a large (and very high-class) fundraising event to help us get to the field. We are ever appreciative of the help we have received from the staff to everyone who considers themselves part of this very special church family. It is absolutely, awe inspiring to know that a little corner of Northwest Montana, in a place called Kalispell, there are Christ followers who are sending the gospel around the world 24/7. SHAWN AND KATIE BARNETT

Serving at a mission hospital in rural Kenya isn’t always an easy endeavor! However, it was God’s call which led me here, and His children which keep me here. Canvas has supported me not only financially, but my church family regularly spiritually guides me on this journey. Without my home church, finding a way to be fed would be one more struggle. Instead, the support from individuals at Canvas as well as the church as a whole have helped me learn to serve others and to find God in all circumstances. I proudly represent Canvas Church and share greetings around the community from a family of believers in Kalispell, MT who love these people with the love of God! REBECCA DENNING

One of the values at Canvas Church is “Family Minded” and our commitment to multi-generational ministry is evident if you look around at most of our events and gatherings. On any weekend, our lobby is filled with people of all ages finding a place to experience God in a life-changing way. This year we said goodbye to some of our senior saints with the hope and expectation we will meet them again. Those enjoying Heaven now are Bruce Babcock, Lois Ballenger, Nancy Best, Harold and Mildred Casper, Burke Despain, Barb Dupont, Bob Lyford, Shirley Scherpenseel, Louise Soulé, and Donna and Richard Tyree. We have seen a great number of those 55 and up making their faith public through baptism this year, and our Senior Life Group meets weekly to celebrate wins and do life together. Our church is filled with retired people volunteering their time to sort programs, enter data, stuff programs, prepare food, and assist the organization in countless ways. Our monthly InTouch luncheons have provided a warm and welcome place to make new friends, connect with longtime pals, eat some delicious food, and be encouraged and informed. Join us the second Wednesday of each month, September-June, in the Student Auditorium for a great time. We are excited about the future of the Empty Nesters here at Canvas, and we want to have more gatherings like our Chili Social and Hay Ride this past fall. If you are looking for connection with this age range, watch for monthly opportunities to gather for fun and for service projects throughout 2017. We are grateful for all these partners in ministry here at Canvas!





“God needs to constantly refill us through prayer, studying His Word, and being involved in community to advance His mission.”

WE ARE... FEBRUARY 13TH - MARCH 20TH “When we listen to Jesus and respond with obedience, we are victorious!”

GOOD IDEA, BAD IDEA APRIL 3RD - MAY 1ST “How do you live life with confidence that God is leading you? ­What is the wise thing to do?”

FAMILY PHOTO MAY 23RD - JUNE 26TH “Creating healthy homes creates healthy people who create a healthy society.”



“Jesus wants his message to be understood and lived out, so He tells stories! A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.”

DANIEL AUGUST 7TH - SEPTEMBER 11TH “We want to bring to life the power and superiority of God in our lives. Daniel’s life was used to proclaim the wonder and majesty of God who still rules in the kingdom of man.”

THE WALK SEPTEMBER 18TH - NOVEMEBER 6TH “When you are a true follower of Jesus, the truth of James becomes the evidence of your faith.”

PEACE DECEMBER 4TH - 11TH “He came to bring peace on earth. We want to discover the peace of God in our life during the crazy season of Christmas.”

Canvas School of Ministry will be launching in the Fall of 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited! We have prayed, dreamed, sought wisdom, and we are now ready to accept students for the Fall. We will be partnering with Northwest University to offer students an accredited degree, while giving them hands on ministry experience at Canvas Church. As an extension site of Northwest University, we will offer several educational and degree tracks. Combining college level courses with hands-on experience is sure to be life-changing for each of our students, as well as the community! CSM students will be submerged in a solid church family, weekly mentoring, friendships, retreats, and so much more. Because Northwest University is accredited, we are able to offer financial aid for all students. It is our desire that through grants, scholarships, and part-time jobs, students will graduate from CSM with a degree in hand and no debt. This freedom from student loans will allow our graduating students to minister in whatever capacity God leads. The total cost of the program will be around $10,000/year which is 75% less than a student would pay if they attended Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. Our vision for Canvas School of Ministry is to create opportunities for students to experience God in a life-changing way, and also help students to create those opportunities! We appreciate your prayers as we move forward. If you know of someone who is interested in Canvas School of Ministry, we would love to connect with them!

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