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Aug 22, 2013

Volume 1, 72

Canada’s most elite VIP(only) club. How does a person get appointed to the Senate in the first place? Let us take the case of Senator Fabian Manning, who was a Conservative member of Parliament from Newfoundland before he lost his seat in the October 2008 election.

hardly anything else at all. Partisans appoint. Partisans receive appointments. Partisans vote along partisan lines. They campaign and fundraise. They consult on talking points and strategy. They host (Wallin and Duffy) prime ministerial town halls.

The year after the loss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper placed him on the soft, deep -dented and kindly cushions of the Red Chamber, shrouding him in the status of ―Honourable,‖ and gifting him one of those remarkably versatile expense accounts that are one of the principal boons of membership in that great Club.

The Senate is a taxpayer-funded extension of the two main political parties and hardly anything else at all. And please do not offer that senators ―represent their regions or their provinces.‖ Under what blue moon does that happen? When Mr. Duffy did town halls for the Prime Minister — was that a Charlottetown benefit? When Ms. Wallin racked up more air miles than most astronauts, was that for Wadena?

On March 28, 2011 (note the date) another election was called, and Mr. Manning decided to run for the seat he had recently lost, and to do so resigned from the Senate. Wow! Mr. Manning was throwing away a the plum of plums, the sinecure of sinecures in Canadian politics, and letting the people decide if he should be in the government. Mr. Manning, so I thought, wanted to earn a place in the Parliament of Canada, not simply accept a perch with the bunch of well -heeled slackers sucking on the near-lifelong lollipop of a senatorship simply because a prime minister, Liberal or Conservative, had once smiled on them. I thought this was very brave and forthright of Mr. Manning, which was, of course, unspeakable folly on my part. He lost the election. And on May 18, 2011 — the ink barely dry on his March 28 resignation letter — Mr. Harper announced Mr. Manning would be restored to the bracing ozone of the upper house, hoisted back without a blush to the most plushly appointed, high-service patronage bordello (I speak metaphorically, of course) in the nation. We may easily read the tacit understanding: Resign, run for the party, if you lose we‘ll put you right back in. Find me

some ―sober second thought‖ in that transaction. The point here is to illustrate, with a name that is not Wallin or Duffy or Harb or Brazeau, that the Senate is only very rarely what it always claims to be — a cool and wise check on the House of Commons. The Senate is a slush bucket of partisan rewards, dispensed at the whim of prime ministers (or their friends) This much-touted constitutional status has long been suffocated, vacated or rendered utterly ancillary or accidental to its real and only abiding purpose: rewarding the party faithful with taxpayer money. Partisan practice has totally overwhelmed its functioning. And a few stray ―cause‖ senators, who occasionally hint that the Senate is in fact not totally offensive or useless, cannot change that. No, the sad fact is that the Senate is a slush bucket of partisan rewards, dispensed at the whim of prime ministers (or their

friends) to reward out of the people‘s pockets work for the party, friendship with the prime minister, a talent for fundraising or campaigning (Marjory LeBreton, David Smith, George Furey) and those who for any other reason swim in the tonic waters of prime ministerial favour. So when we hear, for example, that Ms. Wallin had some difficulty distinguishing her ―partisan‖ activities from her Senatorial ones — which she offers as the source of her expense difficulties — I do not even understand what she is saying. The Senate is wholly a partisan warehouse for the elite or well-connected members our political system. There is no distinction to be found and there is not — in reality — a distinction to be made. It is partisan — that is the Senate‘s being. The Senate is a taxpayer-funded extension of the two main political parties and

When Mr. Harb sold his ―residence‖ and kept .01% — the difference between freehold and toehold I guess — what part of his province gained from his arcane manoeuvre? And Mr. Brazeau — what aside from Twitter outbursts and a masochistic yearning for the boxing ring is he representing? The Senate is an influence machine. If a person rises high enough in the party, or offers some ―use‖ to a Prime Minister, he gets the glory of the upper chamber to glut on its offerings and increase the range of his contacts. Status feeds status. Boards embrace the eminent. There are awards dinners, banquets, conferences, inside the country and outside, to diversify your time and to which you will always be a welcome VIP, all expenses paid. The Senate is a lever to evergreater career benefits. It is a networking event with diplomatic passports.But let us not confuse any of these activities with the ―life of the nation‖ or ―service to the country.‖ They are, in the main, drenched with self-interest and careerism, and always – always — more an expression of partisan political vigour before anything even resembling neutral patriotic enterprise.

Still "Pakistan Zindabad" ISLAMABAD: A lawyer says a Pakistani court has dismissed charges against the cleric who had accused a young Christian girl of blasphemy and had been arrested for allegedly forging evidence against her.(Now that this drama has come to an end... or so that at least is claimed by these media reports, all eyes are set on the murder trail of the late Punjab Governor Salman Taseer how that ends up in a mistrial as they (the courts) won't have the balls to convict that ruthless body guard turned murderer, who is the hero of millions in Pakistan). The Comedy circus in Pakistan's judicial & political circles goes on and on. With of course no end in sight.


Aug 22, 2013

Weekly Fortune: by Kiran Pandey Rai ( 22nd AUGUST –28st AUGUST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ARIES (21 Mar- 20 Apr) Most of you are planning to meet your mother or visit your native place after long span. While few of you will have better relation with your mother. Be attentive regarding your friend circle as they can cause disturbance in your personal life. Students need more focus on their studies. Your interest towards occult sciences will surfaced . Lucky Days : Thursday and Sunday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TAURUS (21Apr- 21 May) This week will have a lot of promises of expansion and growth. Don‘t do anything in haste.This period is very good for couple . Others also will have time to spend time with their loved ones. He will get support of his boss. Accept every situation with a broad smile without being skeptical of the repercussions. Think of some charity work too. Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

GEMINI (22 May- 21 June) Think seriously for an outing with family, this will give pleasure to you and family both. A known person is going to support you morally which may prove beneficial for you. Your professional area going to be little shaky in the middle of this week. Better if you keep away your social matter from home. Kids may disappoint you. Don‘t interfere much in their personal matter. Lucky Days : Friday and Saturday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CANCER (22 June- 22 July) Week will start with a positive mood but around mid of this week , the situation at home won‘t be same cordial. Even an unpleasant and undesirable transfer of work is pointing . Non working people won‘t enjoy doing their work. Your communication skill will be well appreciated. Physical health or mental health of your mother has been a concerned area for you since long. Lucky Days : Saturday, Sunday and Monday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LEO (23 July- 22 Aug) Take each and every decision with ears and eyes opened as this period can be scandalous for some of you .Defame can be felt during this week if your brain and action won‘t match. Growth in the profession of your spouse can be expected. Your kid is your sense of inspiration . Lucky Days : Sunday and Monday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

VIRGO (23 Aug- 23 Sept) You will find a competitive atmosphere at your workplace. Even whosoever‘s business is related to foreign will be doing good. Try to handle the situation around diplomatically. Even though you know you are right , don‘t ask others to accept your words. Lucky Days : Monday, Thursday and Friday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LIBRA ( 24 Sept-23 Oct). Your creativity will take front seat and your friends will help coming you out of cocoon . But your domestic life will not be good.Try to remain cool. Some guest can give you surprise . Avoid travelling . Expected change in life may delay even this delay can be for one more week or so. But your secret romance cannot be denied. Lucky Days : Tuesday and Wednesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SCORPIO (24 Oct-22Nov) This week is good for students. Most of you will get support of your father or any fatherly figure but you equally need to be diplomatic in your talk with them. Travelling will be favourable for you during this period. Being over possessive of your relationship may create a hassel in domestic life. In nutshell, your professional llife will be good. Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov-2 1 Dec) This week need your maximum effort to get even little result. Rethink over any venture before signing it. Control over your rash behavior is highly suggested this week. At the end of the week your health can be a reason to be worried about. Vehicular accidents can be expected so try to drive safely. Overall a mixed week ahead. Lucky Days : Thursday and Monday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CAPRICORN (22 Dec-20 Jan) . Expansions and growth are there to witness you. A well planned journey you are going to cherish forever. Moreover a well managed life pattern helps you to enjoy this at its fullest. In the beginning of this week , life seems smooth but at the end of the week an unexpected pessimistic thought will pinch you inside. Lucky Days : Tuesday and Monday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AQUARIUS (21 Jan-19 Feb) You are running through one of the good period of your life. Appreciation and co-operation are being poured on your way from your friends and family. You will be little rude in your approach .While in the mid-week your restless mind will introspect your own activities which may further help to improve your attitude. Lucky Days : Tuesday and Wednesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PISCES (20 Feb-20 Mar) You may get kind of good assistance in this week. Someone from your family who dominates the family , shall be helpful in peace making at domestic front.Travelling shall be meaningful and you will be emotionally stressed out in the middle of the week.Overall a good week ahead. Lucky Days : Thursday and Friday

Ontario moving forward with Investment Ready Program Premier Kathleen Wynne spoke at the annual conference of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario today, where she unveiled new details about Ontario's Investment Ready: Certified Site Program. The new program gives investors a greater degree of certainty when looking for development opportunities in Ontario municipalities. It will help companies looking to locate or expand their businesses in Ontario make quick, informed decisions and get projects underway sooner. Designed to appeal to global investors, the program will give municipalities a chance to showcase their communities, attract new investment and help create jobs. This new initiative is part of the government's strategy to foster a competitive business climate in communities across Ontario. Ontario‘s Investment Ready: Certified Site Program is Canada‘s first province-wide certified site program. The program will provide detailed information on locations within a community that are ready to be developed, including availability, utilities servicing, access and environmental concerns.


Aug 22, 2013

A painting exhibition showcasing artworks

A painting exhibition showcasing artworks of Pakistani and Indian artists was ransacked in Ahmedabad in India on Friday, August 16, 2013.‘An art affair’, an exhibition of artworks by artists from India and Pakistan was oraganized by ICAC.

(CAPO) celebrated Pakistan Independence Day

Canadian Association of Pakistani Origin were the key part of the program. (CAPO) celebrated Pakistan Independence Premier of Ontario Hon. Kathleen Wynne day on Saturday, August 17 at Greek Comcongratulated Pakistani Community on the munity Centre, Thorncliffe Park Drive. 67th Independence Day. A large no of community members along She commended the contribution of Canadiwith their family and friends attended the ans of Pakistani Origin. Consul General Mr. event. Nafees Zakaria also congratulated CAPO for Premier of Ontario Hon. Kathleen Wynne organizing a wonderful event. and Consul General of Pakistan Mr. Muham―Pride of Jinnah Awards‖ were given to Prof. mad Nafees Zakaria were special guests. Shamim A. Shaikh, Ms. Arifa Muzaffar, Mr. A documentary and slide show about Paki- Imran Ali and Ms. Dolly Dossa for their hard work and commitment to the community. stan was presented by CAPO youth. ―Friend of Jinnah Award‖ was given to Mr. National song performances and Quiz Show Geoff Kettel.


Aug 22, 2013

Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC) Invites You to a Community Picnic and BBQ Event Will Raise Funds for Supporting Children and Families Affected by Meningitis

There will be plenty of fun for the whole family. Park amenities include: Tropical Gardens/Greenhouse, Splash Pad, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Barn, Mini Golf, Paddle Boats, Train Rides, etc.

munity together to raise awareness, and to raise funds to support our work in helping children and families whose lives have been affected by meningitis."The event is made possible thanks to the generous support of Al Safa, The Why Factor, the Tutor Doctor, the International Institute of Marketing Professionals, Alam Law Office, Mir Law Office, the Niagara Inn Motel, and GTA Reporting. All funds raised will go to support children and families affected by meningitis.

Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC) strives to change this, by empowering the public with knowledge about this devastating disease.

"For meningitis, time is of the essence, where an early diagnosis could mean saving a life. However, many parents and even doctors are unaware of the warning signs of meningitis in infants and children." said MRC founder Furakh Mir.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord. It is one of the most devastating diseases affecting infants, children and teenagers, and often goes initially undetected because its early symptoms resemble the flu.

On Sunday, August 25th, MRC will

"This event is about bringing the com-

"Two years ago, my one week old son

(Brampton)— Meningitis is a life threatening disease that can strike at any time and within hours it can lead to life-long mental and physical disabilities or death. Meningitis mainly affects infants, young children and adolescence. Meningitis is devastating for the individuals and families involved, however despite its severity, there still remains a lack of meningitis education and awareness amongst the public and healthcare profession.

host its 1st Annual Family Day Picnic Fundraiser in Brampton at Chinguacousy Park (Picnic Area #2) from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. BBQ tickets are $8 each with halal and vegetarian options available.

became ill," explained Ms. Mir. "We had taken him to both our local hospital and walk-in clinic, where we were advised that it was nothing serious. Unsettled, I still felt something was not right about him and proceeded to take him to Sick Kids in Toronto where he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Fortunately, he was diagnosed and treated early and made a full recovery. I founded Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC) to ensure that parents and doctors can make informed decisions, in order to prevent further death and disability from this disease." Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC) is a Canadian registered charity that raises meningitis awareness and provides grief and bereavement counseling as well as financial assistance to individuals and families affected by the after-effects of meningitis.

Karachi violence: Two killed, five bodies recovered

KARACHI: Two people were shot dead and five bodies were recovered from different parts of Karachi, DawnNews reported. Bodies of two kidnapped individuals were rachi‘s Malir Town. found on Tuesday near the city‘s Northern Bypass which falls within the remit of the Further inspection of the bodies revealed Surjani Town police station. that all three had been tortured before being shot to death. Rescue workers say these areas The remaining three bodies were found in are very familiar with such events. Every the Shah Latif and Memon Goth areas of Ka- other day they find some dead body or the

Karachi is home to multiple conflicts that frequently turn violent, including gang wars Another incident of firing near Islam and ethnic and political rivalries. Militants Chowk in the city‘s Orangi Town resulted in are said to use the city as a hiding place and a one person being killed while firing at Martin source of funds obtained through bank heists, extortion and kidnapping for ransom. Road killed a political worker. other to take to their grieving families.

OP-ED: Improving the Tempo- Minister of Education's Update rary Foreign Worker Pro- on Unlicensed Child Care Review gram... Our Government has announced reforms to strengthen and improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). One million net new jobs have been created since the depths of the recent global economic recession, and Canada has the best job growth record in the G7. Some sectors and regions of the country are experiencing labour shortages, and Canadians must be first in line for these available jobs. As announced in Economic Action Plan 2013, our Government is taking action to reform the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to ensure that Canadians are given the first chance at available jobs. The following reforms came into effect on July 31, 2013: — A new $275 processing fee for each temporary foreign worker position that an employer requests through a Labour Market

Opinion (LMO). - English and French are the only languages that can be identified as a job requirement in advertisements and LMO applications by employers intending to hire temporary foreign workers. Exceptions will be made in rare and specialized circumstances. - Employers will now need to make greater efforts to hire Canadians before they will be eligible to apply to hire temporary foreign workers. New advertising requirements increase the length and reach of employers‘ advertising efforts. - Additional questions have been added to all LMO applications to ensure that the TFWP is not used to facilitate the outsourcing of Canadian jobs. These improvements help ensure the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is only used as intended to fill acute skills shortages on a temporary basis.

Today, Liz Sandals, Minister of Education, issued the following statement on the review of unlicensed child care complaints: "As I committed on July 19, 2013, my ministry has extended its review of every complaint received about the number of children in unlicensed child care settings, dating back to Jan. 1, 2012. Out of a total of 448 complaints received between Jan. 1, 2012, and July 12, 2013, it was determined that 25 had not been addressed with a site visit, including four of the five complaints about the provider at Yellowwood Circle in Vaughan. The ministry has taken immediate action on all the remaining unaddressed complaints, investigating them thoroughly and confirming that all providers are in compliance. My ministry has also applied for an injunction against the Yellowwood Circle

provider. If granted, the injunction would prevent the provider from operating a daycare in Ontario. As a further step, we are establishing a dedicated enforcement team to investigate complaints about non-compliant unlicensed providers, respond to public inquiries and supply information to parents about unlicensed providers. As a parent and grandparent, I know how important child care is to families. If parents have concerns or complaints about any child care provider, I encourage them to contact their local Child Care Quality Assurance and Licensing Office. In the meantime, my ministry will continue to work closely with the Office of the Ombudsman to ensure it has all the relevant information for its ongoing investigation


Aug 22, 2013

SPORTS Brampton As Release NBL Inaugural 2013-2014 Season Schedule BRAMPTON, Ontario. – The Brampton A‘s, the newest team to the National Basketball League (NBL) of Canada, released their inaugural 2013-2014 Season Schedule today. The 40 game schedule includes 20 home games and several much anticipated match

ups against the two-time NBL Champion London Lighting. The A‘s will open the regular season on the road against the Moncton Miracles at the Moncton Coliseum on November 1st at 7:00

PM. Spanning from November-February this is the inaugural season for The A‘s who are owned by the Athlete Institute. Monday the NBL will be conducting the 2013 Draft with announcement of players

selected beginning at 7:00 PM. Season Tickets are available at and are selling quickly. Draft announcements, free agent signings, and staffing updates will be released on the Official Brampton A‘s website as well as Facebook and Twitter.

2013-2014 NBL Canada Regular Season Schedule NOVEMBER




Friday, Nov. 1

Moncton Miracles

Moncton Coliseum

7:00 PM

Sunday, Nov. 3

Halifax Rainmen

Metro Centre

2:00 PM

Tuesday, Nov. 5

Mississauga Power

Hershey Centre

7:00 PM

Friday, Nov. 15

Mississauga Power

Powerade Centre

7:00 PM

Saturday, Nov. 16

London Lightning

Powerade Centre

7:00 PM

Sunday, Nov. 17

Windsor Express

WFC Centre

2:00 PM

Monday, Nov. 18

Windsor Express

Powerade Centre

7:00 PM

Thursday, Nov. 21

Ottawa Skyhawks

Powerade Centre

7:00 PM

Saturday, Nov. 23

Saint John Mill Rats

Harbour Station

7:00 PM

Sunday, Nov. 24

The Island Storm

Charolottetown Civic Centre

2:00 PM

Monday, Nov. 25

Windsor Express

Powerade Centre

7:00 PM

Banned Mohammad Asif starts talking to Pakistan board

LAHORE: Banned Pakistan paceman Mohammad Asif on Monday spoke for the first time to the anti-corruption and vigilance wing of the cricket board as an initial step towards reviving his career. The 30-year-old was banned for seven years, two of them suspended, after being found guilty of spot fixing at Lord's in 2010 along with then captain Salman Butt and pace partner Mohammad Aamer.

balls during the England Test in return for money. He also apologised to the fans. All three players along with their agent Mazhar Majeed were jailed by a British court in 2011. A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) spokesman confirmed that Asif had met anti-corruption and vigilance officials.

―Asif has volunteered information sharing Last week he became the third and last player and the meeting was in that connection,‖ the to confess his part in bowling deliberate no-

spokesman told AFP. The International Cricket Council made sharing information about fixing, an apology and rehabilitation mandatory to having their suspended bans dropped when the punishments were imposed in 2011.

tion sharing was done and there will be more such sessions,‖ Asif told reporters outside the Gaddafi stadium in the eastern city of Lahore.

―I have shared whatever information I have.‖ The ICC and PCB will decide on players' rehabilitation only after gauging the level of Butt has five of his 10 years suspended while truth in their statements. Aamer's five was the minimum that could be imposed.Asif said he intends to do more ses- Before the ban, Asif had taken 106 wickets in sions on information sharing. 23 Tests and was widely regarded as one of the most skilful new-ball bowlers in the ―This was the first session in which informa- game.


Aug 22, 2013

Ban on Pashto films sparks controversy

PESHAWAR: The recent ban on the screening of five Pashto films in the provincial capital has caused a controversy due to the government’s failure to legislate on matters related to motion pictures in the province. The producers and promoters of these films claim that they have obtained the necessary screening certificates from the Sindh Board of Film Censor (SBFC). Shama Cinema, Sabrina, Aeena Cinema and Arshad Cinema have been screening the films, including Zama Arman, Bhungi Lalia, Lufar, Shurt and Qurbani, since Eidul Fitr. Though the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa home department issued directives to the Provincial Police Officer (PPO) and Peshawar‘s commissioner and deputy commissioner to check the violation of the Motion Picture Ordinance, 1979, the owners of the relevant cinemas continue to screen the said films showing the SBFC certificates. These owners have displayed the said certificates at the entrances of the cinemas, saying they had not been violating the law as in the absence of any censor board in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, they were left with no option but to get certificates from Sindh. Following the passage of the Constitution (Eighteenth Amendment) Act 2010, ―production, censorship and exhibition of

cinematograph films‖ have become the provincial subject and each of the four provinces have to make legislation in this respect.Prior to the amendment, the Motion Picture Ordinance, 1979 was applicable to the entire country and the Central Film Censor Board has been functioning under Section 3 of the said ordinance.

screening of the said five films without certificate from that board.

However, through the said amendment, the Concurrent List of the Constitution was abolished and the subjects mentioned therein including film censor are now the exclusive domain of the province.

He said the department had issued directives to the concerned officials and now it was up to them to implement the order.

In Sindh, the Sindh Motion Picture Act was passed in 2011 following which SBFC was set up the same year. Similar, the law was also passed in Punjab. When contacted, Qamar Ali, spokesman for the home department, said until such time when the province enacted its own law, the Motion Picture Ordinance, 1979 was applicable to this province and unless the Central Board gave screening certificate regarding a film, it could not be screened here. He said his department had received complaint from the Central board regarding the

Mr Ali questioned how a film could be screened on a certificate received from Sindh as that certificate was only applicable to that particular province and not the entire country.

The home department claimed that these films were exhibited in blatant violation of provision of Section 4 of Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979, which clearly states that uncensored films could not be exhibited. An official at one of the five cinemas told Dawn that the provincial government had been trying to punish them for its incompetence as it could not enact a law and establish a censor board despite their repeated requests to the culture directorate. ―We have been screening the movie as we are having proper certificate from Sindh Board.

We have also shown the certificate to some officials who visited the cinema following which they did not insist on stopping the exhibition,‖ said Noshad Khan, an employee at Arshad Cinema. He said when SBFC had declared their film fit for exhibition, then there was no reason available with the provincial government to ban these films. Legal expert Shahnawaz Khan told Dawn that Article 270 AA Sub-Clause 6 clearly stated that despite the abolishing of the Concurrent List, the laws related to it would continue to remain in force until altered, repealed or amended by the competent authority. He said unless the province enacted its own law, the Motion Picture Ordinance, 1979 would remain applicable to the province. The expert said only the films approved by CFCB could be screened in the province until the local government legislated on motion pictures.


Aug 22, 2013

Sawa Chauda August: Memoirs of our leaders

Anwar Maqsood is a powerhouse as a separate entity himself, so it is little surprise that he has such a purposefully promising cast in his orbit. Known for his PTV shows Studio Dhai (Studio 2:30) and Studio Ponayteen (Studio 2:45), by now we understand that he is fond of time denominations.

healthy banter and rail against the sorry state of affairs of the nation as any natural observer and citizen does, till the station guard (Moiz Hasan) shows up. Hasan‘s performance is endearing and he seems to be fashioned after the lovable Hardy from the Laurel and Hardy series.

He introduced the play with a satirically solemn apology and a not very subtle gloat to all his friends at NAPA and why he couldn‘t stage a play there. ‗Because they wish for me to write a play that runs for just 4 days and I…I just can‘t do that‘ he said, nodding towards the packed to spilling-over auditorium.

He tries in vain to deter them into being productive but they point out to him that there is no business, so they have no business being productive. Due to his own corrupt disposition, the stout supervisor is no position to rat them out and succumbs to leaving them to their own devices.

The room turns dim and an amalgamation of accusatory sinister voices floods the air accompanied by sickly green fluorescent searchlights all across the dark room. The voices are tangible enough to bounce off your skin which dramatically heightens the sense of foreboding. Suddenly it all stops and you‘re allowed to come out of your trance to see two young men sitting on the train platform in Lahore with a stationary (obviously) train behind them. It‘s the Pakistan railways and it is the basic symbol of the play that explores Pakistan as a failed nation state. David Fernandez (Ishtiaq), the railway cleaner and the Cooli (Bilal Yousufzai) indulge in some

As Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Waseem Waheed) enters the stage, the audience, as if mimicking the poise of this supposed symbol of secularism, sat up straighter. Simultaneously, with a hunched back, characteristic dark circles and an overbearingly ominous demeanour walks in Bhutto‘s mortal nemesis. With the entrance of Zia-ul -Haq (Gohar Rasheed) viewers uttered an audible and unanimous hiss much to the reflection of his continuing effect on the people of Pakistan. There is a political, social and snide to and fro between the past leaders and the present blue collar spokesmen for the awaam. Every political party is given a sound

opportunity to fend for itself but it is countered by an opposition that exposes its hypocrisy. Four ardent female supporters enter and are portrayed in such a cringingly naïve light that it‘s hard to distinguish whether the idea is to humiliate women or PTI supporters. Zia-ul-Haq, after trying to modify them into modest maidens warns them that it will be their darling ‗ImmiKay‘ who will be the first to hand the four of them over to the Taliban. After the initial chaos dies down, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Zahid Ahmed) dressed in an immaculately pure white suit descends the stairs. From the very beginning we see that he is resigned and prepared for devastation. Despite this his back is straight, his movements are slow and deliberate, his reactions moderated and he exudes the personality of a man not to be trifled with. You know that this is an actor but you involuntarily admire him, it is impossible to not let your gaze follow him around stage and register every nuance of his face, a smile, a subtle crease on his forehead, the unexpected tremble of his chin at the ruins of his pride, his prestige, his Pakistan. There is little to gain from narrating the play as it is not one that can be done justice in words. It is a play to be heard. The wordplay is fantastic and ruthless. No one is

spared and nothing is censored. Anwar Maqsood lays bare the utter insincerity of every politician, every political party and every political supporter. We are shown that words are dead and made up and for the ultimate ruler, the rules are for everyone but him. Yet we are given a glimpse of these leaders and what attracted us to them in the first place. Bhutto‘s legendary oratory is relived as well as Quaid‘s ferocious determination. There are moments in the play where you feel you are in the presence of the actual legends. There were several glitches in the music and at times it felt like it was imposed to add to the emotional appeal of the play. Commercialisation is a formidable ideology and it led to some exaggerated acting by the actors, especially Bhutto. Gohar Rasheed was astonishingly accurate in his portrayal of the hateful dictator and as an actor he is someone to look out for as promising upcoming talent. On the whole however, there is a reason why Anwar Maqsood can be boastful, his work speaks for itself and there is no way playgoers can tire of the side-splitting humour and the reality of the dire situation that is mirrored back at them.


Aug 22, 2013

ECP postpones Tank by-poll amidst security concerns

PESHAWAR: Citing security concerns in Tank district of the troubled Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Tuesday postponed the byelection for NA-25 constituency, a decision severally criticised by the favourite JUI-F party. Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has connected the decision with incompetence of the Election Commission. He wrote a letter to the commission criticising the decision. ―We condemn this decision by Election

Commission,‖ said the JUI-F chief following the ECP press release. ―Law and order situation was worse than what it is today in the area,‖ he added. He vowed to protest against the potential postponement on Monday saying keeping in

view popularity of the JUI-F, some political forces in the constituency were seeking ways to run away from the contest. ―We will not allow anyone to postpone polling in the constituency.‖ ―If any attempt is made to put off the polls, the party would

strongly resist it,‖ he said. JUI-F candidate for NA-25, Maulana Asad Mehmud had said that Tank district was peaceful, and delaying the polls in the constituency would amount to denying people‘s right to elect their representative.

Mumbai attacks case: ATC seeks schedule of panel’s expected visit to India

ISLAMABAD: During Tuesday’s hearing of the Mumbai attack case, the Islamabad anti-terrorist court (ATC) ordered the government of Pakistan to inform it of details relating to the departure of a panel of Pakistani lawyers to India along with the appointment of a special judge for the visit by August 31, DawnNews reported. ATC judge Atiqur Rehman had recently directed the authorities to arrange for the panel‘s visit to India to cross-examine four Indian witnesses in the Mumbai attack case. Rehman also presided the hearing of the case on Tuesday. The defendants‘ lawyers filed objections against the panel‘s intended trip to India. They raised concerns regarding the proposed trip, stating that the security of the panel should be ensured. They also demanded that India provide the panel with

the services of a translator during the visit. They moreover stated that the panel should be given the opportunity to properly examine the four witnesses. The panel of lawyers would crossexamine four witnesses — Magistrate R.V. Sawant Waghule, who recorded the confessional statement of Ajmal Kasab; Ramesh Mahale, chief investigating officer of the case; and Ganesh Dhunraj and Chintaman Mohite, the two doctors who carried out the post-mortem of the slain assailants.

The panel had in March 2012 recorded the statements of these witnesses but the ATC in July 2012 declared the proceedings of the Mumbai commission illegal after the defence counsels pointed out that S.S. Shinde, the presiding officer of the Mumbai commission, did not allow the cross examining of the Indian witnesses.

federation has been directed to inform the court on the said details at the coming hearing of the case.

Addressing the objections put forth by the defendants‘ lawyers today, the court directed the federation to apprise it of the panel‘s schedule of visit to India as well as to inform it on the appointment of a special judge for the witnesses‘ examination. The

On November 26, 2008, 10 gunmen laid siege to the city of Mumbai in attacks that lasted nearly three days. It was the deadliest militant onslaught on Indian soil since independence, killing 166 people.

Adjourning the hearing to August 31, the court ordered that full security be provided to Federal Investigation Agency‘s special prosecutor Mohammad Azhar Chaudhry.


Aug 22, 2013

Eyes Weakness and Disease Protection and cure Eye Strain Due To Computer, TV Watching: Boil ½ teaspoon fennel seeds in a cup of water till it is reduced to half. Cool. Use as eye drops. Caution: Beware of contamination. Eyes – TIRED Lavender oil offers gentle relief for tired and strained eyes. Add a drop of lavender oil to 500 ml (2 ½ cups) of water and shake the solution well. Dip two cotton wool pads in the liquid, squeeze out the excess water and place one pad over each eye. If you wear contact lenses, they must be removed beforehand. Eyesight Weakness Mix seeds of cardamom along with 1

tablespoon honey. Eat every day. Boil 2 tablespoons fenugreek leaves along with ½ cup moong dal and 10 small onions and eat regularly. Cataract The herb is useful in the treatment of cataract. In such case, 6 grams of ‗Aniseed‘ should be taken daily in the morning and evening. The other way of taking this herb is to powder an equal weight of aniseed and coriander seeds and to mix it with an equal weight of unrefined sugar. About 12 gram doses of this mixture is to be taken in the morning and evening. EYE Disorders Raw parsley juice, mixed with carrot juice, is effective in all ailments connected

with eyes and optic nerves. It is good for weak eyes, ulceration of the cornea, cataracts, conjunctivitis and opthalmia or sluggishness of the pupil. Eyes Aching Powder equal quantities of liquorice and cumin. Take ¼ teaspoon every day along with 1 teaspoon honey for a month. Eyes Burning Mash 1 ripe banana along with a little curd and water; take twice a day. Mix equal quantities of fenugreek seed powder along Shikakai powder for washing hair: Wash Frequently. Grind an onion with 1 teaspoon each black pepper and poppy seeds soaked in ½

cup milk. Apply this paste on the head. Allow it to dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash in warm water. Mix the juice of bottle gourd and sesame oil in the ratio of 4:1, and heat till the moisture is evaporated completely. Once cool, use it for massaging the head. Eyes Having Dark Circles Around Them Take one teaspoon tomato juice, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder & and a little gram flour. Make a paste & apply. Leave for 10 minutes and wash. Drink tomato juice with a few mint leaves, little lemon juice and salt. Soak cotton wool in cucumber or potato juice and apply around the eyes. You will find a change in 2-3 weeks.

Govt ignores TTP threat, to execute three militants

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Tuesday gave all the political parties until midnight 12 am to end their respective election campaigns for the by-polls scheduled for August 22. According to the ECP, all the parties and their On the last day of election campaigning, cancandidates had been directed that their politi- didates contesting for the polls were found to cal campaigns and public meetings must be addressing public gatherings. come to a halt at the said time. Meanwhile, all the necessary arrangements The polls scheduled for Thursday are impor- for holding by-elections in 42 national and tant for all the major political parties as 16 provincial assembly constituencies, including national and 26 provincial seats will be up for printing of ballot papers had been made. grabs across the country.

The electoral material moreover had been According to the ECP, army personnel would dispatched to the relevant Returning Officers be able to exercise powers of the first-class magistrate under which they could arrest or (ROs). punish any troublemakers trying to interfere The commission had decided to deploy more with smooth polling on August 22. than 4,000 army personnel in and outside all highly sensitive polling stations and outside The polling would commence at 8 am in the all other sensitive polling stations to ensure morning and would continue undisrupted free and fair elections. until 5 pm in the evening.

Musharraf charged with Benazir's murder Musharraf was also produced in the ATC amidst tight security during today‘s hearing of the case headed by ATC judge Habibur Rehman. A challan was read out against the former president and six others nominated in Benazir‘s murder during the hearing. ―He was charged with murder, criminal conspiracy for murder and facilitation for murder,‖ public prosecutor Chaudhry Azhar told AFP at the ATC in Rawalpindi hearing the case. The six accused persons include former City Police Officer (CPO) of Rawalpindi Saud Aziz, RAWALPINDI: Former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf was indicted on three counts Tuesday in Rawalpindi's anti-terrorism court (ATC) over the 2007 the then SP Khurram Shahzad, Hasnain murder of ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Gul, Rafaqat Hussain, Sher Zaman and Abdul Rasheed respectively. Musharraf and the accused men denied the charges. The court ordered the authorities to produce all the defendants in a hearing fixed for August 27 as it subsequently adjourned the matter to the said date for evidence to be brought. Following the adjournment, the former president returned to his Chak Shahzad residence, which had been declared sub-jail. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a gunand-bomb attack outside Rawalpindi‘s Liaquat Bagh on December 27, 2007 while Musharraf was president. She was killed after addressing an election campaign rally in the city.


Aug 22, 2013

Security forces seize more than 100 tons explosives in Quetta

QUETTA: The Frontier Corps (FC) claimed to have foiled a major terror bid by seizing more than 100 tons explosives from Quetta, the capital of troubled Balochistan province on Tuesday night.

Maqbool said the explosive material include potassium chloride, aluminum chloride, improvised explosive devices, detonators, circuit wires and other arms and ammunition during the operation.

Commandant FC, Colonel Maqbool told He said the forces have picked up 10 susreporters that the forces seized a huge quan- pected militants also during the operation tity of explosive material during a raid at a that lasted for more than an hour. ―All suspects have been shifted for interrogation,‖ warehouse in New Addah area of Quetta. Maqbool said. ―Forces recovered 104,480 kilograms of explosive materials from the godown,‖ he Senior FC and police officers are interroinformed. gating the suspects picked up by forces.

―For the first time in the history of coun- ple dead. ―These explosive materials could try, such huge quantity of explosives have be used in suicide jackets as well,‖ he added. been seized,‖ the FC commandant said, adding that the forces deserve to be appreciated All explosives were shifted to an unfor their efforts. known location and the bomb disposal squad was called in to sweep the area. Extra FC He said the miscreants had made secret troops were also called in the area to mainrooms and planted explosive materials in five tain the order. rooms to carry out subversive activities in Quetta, plagued by sectarian violence and The operations were carried out after a attacks by Baloch separatists. series of bombings in Quetta that claimed scores of precious lives. Balochistan in genMaqbool said the same explosive mate- eral and Quetta city in particular are under rial was used in Hazara town bombing on the grip of rocketing, bombings and targeted April 16, which had left more than 100 peo- killings for last more than a decade.

Remembering a multicultural and tolerant Karachi the metropolises — Bombay, Calcutta etc — developed by the British,‖ she said. After the inception of Pakistan, Karachi was made the country‘s capital and at the same time the influx of people into the city was witnessed. There were attempts, such as coming up with the idea of developing Nazimabad, a little off-centre, to have buildings for the capital but it didn‘t work out. On the whole, she added, planning for the future was found lacking.

KARACHI: Karachi has always been known for its multiculturalism and tolerance. Lack of planning is one of the major reasons for the problems that the city is nowadays faced with. This was said by distinguished historian Dr Hamida Khuhro while talking about a book she co-edited ‗Karachi: Megacity of Our Times‘ at an event organised by the Oxford University Press (OUP) on Saturday to commemorate Independence Day at an OUP bookshop on Khalid bin Waleed Road. Dr Khuhro commenced her talk by saying that the book first came out 16 years ago on the occasion of Pakistan‘s 50th anniversary. It was heartening to know that the demand for the book had increased, especially abroad. She said it was reassuring to know that the younger generation was also interested in the second edition of the book. Going down memory lane, she said 16 years back Karachi was a much more relaxed city but sadly today it‘s described as ‗the most dangerous city in the world‘. Speaking about the hard work that went into publishing the book, Dr Khuhro said when she and the co-editor Anwer Mooraj started working on it, the first thing they debated over was its name. After much deliberation they decided on ‗Megacity‘ that later caught on. She said in the book there‘s a map mentioning current and future mega-

Dr Khuhro said the book also talked about how much Karachiites were fond of theatre and cinema. ―It was a culturally active city.‖ She emphasised that the city had always been a multicultural, tolerant one. After that she read out a passage from the book. cities of the world, including Mexico City. Ever since its publication, Karachi has burgeoned into a huge metropolis. Shedding light on the problems confronting Karachi, Dr Khurho said there was no master plan or future plan to know what kind of a city it‘s going to be. There was a big issue of migration as people from the countryside as well as from abroad began to pour in. They started living on available land as a result of which slums sprung up all over.

This caused problems because there were not enough facilities to cope with such a situation. She commented planning should not have been a problem if we had applied our minds.

Dr Khuhro argued that despite the poor law and order situation (gang warfare, sectarian strife) Karachiites would live through that, but they would have to get involved in the solution-finding process.

Then Dr Khuhro informed the audience on the salient features of the book. The body of the book was a kind of nostalgic exercise — how the city grew, its history, etc. ―It used to be a children-friendly city. There were tram rides from Soldier Bazaar to Keamari for two annas…

Replying to a question after her talk, Dr Khuhro said not everyone could leave the country. ―We are still subcontinental people, multicultural and tolerant.‖ She mentioned whatever change had occurred in other countries had happened through citizens.

It was the safest and most pleasant of all

She also highlighted the need for improving the education system.

Six killed in Khairpur road mishap The Karachi-bound passenger bus travelKHAIRPUR: Six people were killed and 13 others injured in a road acci- ling from Uch Sharif in Bahawalpur overdent near the Sui Gas bus stop within turned on the National Highway after it skidthe jurisdiction of Thari Mirwah police ded off the road due to over speeding. station in Sindh’s Khairpur district on Six people died on the spot. All bodies Tuesday morning. and injured were shifted to Taluka Hospital Thari Mirwah for medico-legal formalities RAWALPINDI: August 20 – Rescue and treatment respectively.

1122 staffers shifting the injured person of a road accident at Rawat to Pakistan has a poor road safety record DHQ Hospital. APP photo by Abid Zia with bad roads, speeding vehicles and poor driving among the contributing factors.


Aug 22, 2013

Teaching Urdu as a second language

Although Urdu is Pakistan’s national language, an interesting debate that often resurfaces is that the native speakers of Urdu hardly constitute 10 per cent of Pakistan’s population. Most of the speakers of Urdu speak ‘Pakistani Urdu’ and the statistics showing the ratio of native speakers are misleading. Prof Fateh Mohammed Malik had stirred up a sort of controversy when a few years ago he surmised that Urdu was Punjab‘s mother tongue, hence the number of native speakers of Urdu was much higher than usually reckoned.

term ‗mother tongue‘ in certain contexts. And first language is, says David Crystal in his The Penguin dictionary of language ―the language first acquired by a child (also called the mother tongue or native language) or preferred in a multilingual situation.

Though Dr Atash Durrani, a research scholar and an educationist, does not go to that extent as to call Urdu Punjab‘s mother tongue, he believes that Urdu cannot be called anybody‘s ‗mother tongue‘ in true sense of the word as it is very difficult to determine ‗Urdu‘s native speakers‘.

The second context may not be identical to the first; for example, the children of many European emigrants to the USA have come to use English as a first language. A native speaker is someone for whom a particular language is a first language.‖

Most of the speakers of Urdu in fact speak ‗Pakistani Urdu‘ and they know or speak another language — an indigenous or local language or a regional dialect of Urdu — and the statistics showing the numbers and ratio of native speakers of Urdu are misleading, says Dr Durrani in his new book Ilm-itadrees-i-Urdu.

About second language, Mr Crystal says it is ―a language which is not a person‘s mother tongue, but which is learned in order to meet a communicative need. Immigrants commonly learn the language of their host nation as a second language.

Often, a country chooses to give a language official status as a second language, using it as a medium of government, law, He says that by the number of people, education, or the media — a role played, for who ‗speak‘ Urdu, Urdu is ranked third example, by English or French in many amongst the languages of the world after countries of Africa‖. English and Chinese. In Pakistan, one feels, for most people He admits that Unesco has dubbed it as Urdu has become second language, and in ―Hindustani‖, which includes both Urdu and many cases even first language. In addition Hindi, but if Urdu and Hindi are put together, to being widely used by print and electronic Urdu or Hindustani would be world‘s second media and, as a result, becoming Pakistan‘s lingua franca, it has established a role at the largest language by the number of speakers. social level, too. The fact is that in today‘s world the use of the term ‗first language‘ is preferred over the Though many upper-class Pakistani fami-

lies use English as first language now, in many cases — especially in middle-class Punjabi families — Urdu is preferred over ‗mother tongue‘. In fact, Urdu has become their first language and now they are the ‗native speakers‘ of Urdu.

phonetic and linguistic peculiarities. He has, for example, said that ―the number of letters in Urdu alphabet is increasing by the day‖.

In fact this is a completely revised and updated version of one of his previous works and the addition of a few new chapters has made it more useful. But one has to disagree with Dr Durrani on some aspects, especially in the first chapter where he describes Urdu‘s

Similarly, he has mentioned that Urdu letter ‗vaw‘ or vaao‘, in addition to being used as a vowel, is used as an equivalent to the consonant ―w‖. The fact is ―w‖ is not a consonant: the sound it represents is a semivowel. And ‗vaw‘ represents ‗v‘.

I don‘t think this will go down well with the linguists and teachers of Urdu. Number of letters in an alphabet is not something that But this book of Dr Durrani‘s is basically changes every day. He has also mentioned concerned with the teaching of Urdu and he that Urdu has 58 letters. I am sorry to say thinks that since Urdu is not a ‗native lan- that it is incorrect. guage‘ or ‗mother tongue‘, its teaching has to be much different from the teaching of Dr Durrani has every right to disagree but mother tongue. In other words, Urdu should at least he could have mentioned that this be taught as a second language. number is debateable and experts disagree by a wide margin, some putting it at 36 or 38 The book, published by Lahore‘s Nazeer and Urdu Dictionary Board puts it at 53. Sons Educational Publishers, spreads over Though the national language authority had 500 pages and 28 chapters, comprehensively declared that the number was 58, later when covering all the aspects of teaching of Urdu, it published an Urdu primer it set the number right from pedagogical problems to curricu- at 54. lum designing, from textbooks to teaching literature and from teaching Urdu to foreignThis writer has discussed this issue in one ers to developing writing skills. of his pieces in these columns in recent years and the purpose of raising this issue again is Since Dr Durrani has been associated with just to remind the learned writer that if the practical aspects of teaching and has carried opinion is divided on some issue, readers out research on the subject, his approach is have a right to know the other side of the not limited to a literary discourse but he has argument as well, just as he has mentioned tried to establish the epistemological basis of the difference of opinion when discussing teaching of Urdu. Urdu vowels.

Man, nephew shot dead in ‘sectarian’ attack They said that Nasim Rafi and his nephew Pervez Nadeem were on their way to offer Fajr prayers at the Noor-ul-Huda mosque in Buffer Zone‘s Sector-15-A when gunmen travelling in a white Toyota Corolla car targeted them and fled.

and other commercial activities were shut. Gunmen fired into the air and bullets hit Mohammed Faisal aka Shani on Mirza Adam Khan Road near Kashti mosque, he said, adding that the wounded was taken to the CHK where he was pronounced dead.

Taimuria SHO Ejaz Lodhi said that the wounded were taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where doctors pronounced them dead. ―The double murder appeared to be an outcome of sectarianism,‖ said SSP-Central Amir Farooqi. He said Naseem had returned to Pakistan from the United Kingdom to attend the funeral of his father and was supposed to go back on Tuesday (today). He belonged to the Tablighi Jamaat and appeared to be the real target of the attackers, the police officer said. Two political activists killed in Garden The killing of a worker of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement sparked violence in the Garden area in which a Sunni Tehreek activist was also killed, police said.

The area SHO said that the victim was an activist of the ST. The police said tension had gripped certain parts of Garden on Sunday night over removal of a portrait. Killing in Napier A sanitary worker was shot dead in the Napier area on Monday. Police said that Victor Boota was riding a motorcycle when two motorcyclists fired at him near the KARACHI, Aug 19: A man and his nephew were gunned down in an attack apparently Noorani bus terminal and rode away. on sectarian grounds in the Buffer Zone area on Monday morning, police said. They said that three friends were sitting in Hassan Lashkari Street when armed riders opened fire on them and fled. The wounded were shifted to the Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) where doctors pronounced Mohammed Rizwan, 25, dead on arrival, while

Nawab Miandad and Saqib Arshad were admitted for treatment. The deceased was a worker of the MQM, said Garden SHO Imdad Khawaja. He said that the murder sparked violence as shops

He sustained four bullet wounds in the abdomen and head and was taken to the Civil Hospital Karachi where doctors declared him dead. Napier SHO Fasih Zaman said that the victim was a resident of Lyari and it appeared that the assailants chased and killed him.


Aug 22, 2013

TV preacher fired for Brotherhood links Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has fired a according to a news release from the prince's had identified himself as "one of the leaders Saudi Arabia has come out strongly in suprenowned Kuwaiti preacher and motivational office.

of the Muslim Brotherhood" during a lecture port of the army crackdown on the Muslim

speaker from the top job at the religious tele-

in Yemen, Prince Alwaleed said.

vision channel he owns for what he described as "extremist inclinations" and links to the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no place for those who carry any deviant thoughts at Al Resalah Channel, Alwaleed wrote in a letter to Tareq al-Suwaidan,

Prince Alwaleed said in the letter that he had

repeatedly warned Suwaidan against political Only the weak worry about earning a living, affiliation. Suwaidan who has more than 1.9 million Twitter followers and is known across the

and no one abandons his principles but he who cares about earthly matters, Suwaidan responded on Twitter.

Arab world for his lectures on self- Crackdown support

Brotherhood in Egypt following the military overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi last month. Prince Alwaleed's uncle, King Abdullah, on Friday called on Arabs to stand together against "attempts to destabilise" Egypt, in a message of support for the military leadership.

improvement from an Islamic perspective,

Singh keen to meet Nawaz, US officials told Mr Nawaz, who meets the Afghan leader in Islamabad later this month, is also scheduled to have another meeting with Mr Karzai in New York. The US president is also expected to have at least two meeting with his Afghan counterpart in New York. The most important of these will be a trilateral meeting involving Mr Obama and the Indian and Afghan leaders, but Mr Sharif will meet each of them separately. In these consultations, the Americans hope to make substantial progress in seeking regional cooperation for stabilising Afghanistan.The Indian and Pakistani media, however, reported last week that the NawazSingh meeting was not yet confirmed. The reports said that because of recent tensions along the Line of Control, Mr Singh is reluctant to meet the Pakistani leader amid fears that it could hurt his Congress Party in next year‘s general elections. Diplomatic sources in Washington say WASHINGTON: India would like substantive discussions with Pakistan on the recent Kashmir tensions at an expected summit that when Indian National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon visited the US capital meeting in New York next month, diplomatic sources told Dawn. last week for finalising the agenda for the Obama-Singh meeting, he told American The sources said that Indian officials, The two prime ministers will also be During a visit to Islamabad earlier this officials that Mr Singh still wants to meet who recently visited Washington, are be- meeting US President Barack Obama and month, US Secretary of State John Kerry lieved to have indicated that New Delhi re- Afghan President Hamid Karzai during their also invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Mr Nawaz. mains interested in a meeting between Paki- visit. visit the United States for a meeting with Media reports suggest that while pubstani and Indian prime ministers in New President Obama. It is still not clear if Mr licly the Indian government has taken a York next month. Both leaders are coming Mr Singh is coming to Washington on Nawaz will come to Washington or they will tough stance on the LoC issue, privately it is to New York in late September to attend the Sept 23 for an official meeting with Mr meet in New York. keen to defuse tensions. UN General Assembly. Obama.

22nd August 2013 CPT  
22nd August 2013 CPT  

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