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Prayer for a peaceful Pakistan

October 3, 2013

Volume 1, 79

Peace March Peshawar - Pakistan

The National Youth Assembly KPK held a Peace Walk for the city of Peshawar-Pakistan on September 28th 2013, in Front of Peshawar Press club to show unity and raise much needed voice

that would lead us back towards a peaceful and prosperous Peshawar and Pakistan. Youngsters living in Peshawar took part in it in reasonable numbers which

has been highly encouraging. May this city of writers, thinkers and great patriots return to its original glory, sooner the better.....Amen.

Government of Canada Partners with Industry for Next Generation Printing Innovations with Electronic Intelligence Working on Innovations that will Revolutionize Our World Pakistani Christians gather in a local Brampton Church to remember the families who lost lives in the barbaric twin bomb blasts that went off in Pes hawar – Pak istan. Leaders of other South Asian communities also came in reasonable numbers to show their solidarity and support. It is no secret how minorities are treated in Pakistan, they are openly treated not only as third class citizens, but all levels of law enforcing agencies and the government just turns a blind eye and seem powerless in front of

the fanatic religious (Islamic) clergy which often dictates their unreasonable terms and demands. All governments till date seem powerless from the day Pakistan was declared an Islamic republic, and the noble message of Mohammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) “that equality for all citizens of Pakistan would be implemented irrespective of their caste, creed or religion” seems to be totally lost in this confused state of affairs that is in place in Pakistan of

today and no One dares to question. Every member of the minority community urges the western governments to look more closely into this issue and question the so called independent governments and political leaders of Pakistan. As the only law implemented and in place in Pakistan is the “law of the jungle” and don’t we all know what that usually means?

CONSULATE GENERAL OF PAKISTAN TORONTO Message of condolence from Premier of Ontario The Honourable Premier Kathleen Wynne contacted the Consul General, Mr. Mohammad Nafees Zakaria today by telephone to sympathize with the people of Balochistan in the wake of the massive earthquake, which has taken heavy toll on the lives of hundreds and caused colossal damage to the properties. Her telephone call was followed by a written message of condolence. The Consul General expressed profound gratitude for her thoughtfulness and the message of condolence which, he said, was a great source of solace and strength in the hour of national grief. He said that her gesture will go a long way in bringing the two countries’ people closer. He apprised the Premier with the ongoing rescue efforts undertaken by the Government of Pakistan. The Armed Forces, together with the NGOs and volunteers, were engaged in relief efforts. 26 September 2013

September 30, 2013, Mississauga, Ontario –The Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of State (Science and Technology), along with the National Research Council of Canada and industry partners, announced a new program and an industrial consortium that will develop interactive products for consumers, by adding electronic intelligence capabilities to printed materials. This will be made possible by creating new functional inks, printing and imprinting processes, and electronic circuits. Everyday uses of this technology by Canadians include, drug packaging that tracks dosage history and food labeling that tells you when your food has spoiled. “This new program and consortium will position Canada as a global leader in printable electronics,” said the Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of State (Science and Technology). “Our government is working closely with partners across a variety of sectors, including academia and industry, to support the development of amazingly thin, flexible, and inexpensive electronic solutions , benefitting Canadians in countless ways by improving our quality of life and leading to the growth of our economy.” The Printable Electronics program, a $40-million NRC investment over five years, will develop cutting-edge technologies and light-weight electronic devices for a smarter world. For example, Canadians will benefit from innovations such as smart labels reducing shipping costs, smart drug packaging improving health care delivery, new anticounterfeiting measures increasing bank note security, and printed antennas for radio frequency identification. “Printable electronics technology allows everyday objects to interact with customers in ways that were unimaginable five years ago,” said Dan Wayner, Vice-President of the Emerging Technologies division at the National Research Council of Canada. “It will lead to a revolution in the manufacturing of high-volume, interactive consumer products and security documents. At every level, printable electronics will revolutionize the world we live in.” The consortium, a $16-million contribution over five years, is pooling resources from Canadian companies and research centers to provide strategic research and development, technical services, and test design and manufacturing techniques. It will also help industrial clients solve the technical gaps and commercial challenges to developing new products, and will provide a robust technology platform from which other innovations can be pursued.

October 3, 2013


Weekly Fortune: by Kiran Pandey Rai ( 3th October – 9th October ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ARIES (21 Mar- 20 Apr) You may plan for Research work. If you are at marriageable age, you can get some good matrimonial offers. Some secret relationship may develop. You will be more aware of your child’s progress now onwards. You can get a transfer letter this week if any due. Drive safe this week. Lucky Days : Thursday and Friday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TAURUS (21Apr- 21 May) The time to be alert at your office while dealing any issue , keep a check on your words very strictly. Expenditure will not be in your control. Every adverse situation will be recovered by your late realization of your own fault . Sudden official tour may come on your way which may give you enthusiasm to work . Lucky Days : Friday and Saturday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

GEMINI (22 May- 21 June) Avoid social gatherings as much as you can. Any decision ,related to finance needs re-evaluation. Some changes at workplace can be expected. Over commanding attitude may cause a dispute between you and your partner. String of love seems vibrate after a good long time. Still decision making regarding your love life may be a herculean task for you. Overall a good week ahead. Lucky Days : Thursday and Sunday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CANCER (22 June- 22 July) In the beginning of the week , you will feel melancholic. Use your tact to command your sub ordinate. Make your people comfortable otherwise your aggressiveness may tarnish your image at your work place. Disturbed atmosphere at home can be felt at the end of the week. Lucky Days : Friday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LEO (23 July- 22 Aug) This week may prove a new inning for most of you in an unexplored area of your personality. Work pressure may drain out your tolerance. Multiple sources of income and opportunity are on your way , moreover recognition among your people will be more and more. Electronic gazettes need special care to handle for you this week. Lucky Days : Friday and Saturday _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

VIRGO (23 Aug- 23 Sept) You would like to spend your time with family . You can emotionally inclined to someone. Monetary gain is on the card . Your confidant outlook steals many hearts which most of you will enjoy. Youngsters may enjoy partying wildly. Expenditure can be beyond your pocket which you won’t mind. Lucky Days : Saturday and Sunday _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LIBRA ( 24 Sept-23 Oct). Your fickle minded approach towards life may disturb your personal as well as professional life. Be firm in your decision and before that must keep a check and reassure your decision. Due to no reason you will create a negative aura around which can cause you a physical problem too. The ratio of your income and expenditure is not apt. Overall a week of self introspection. Lucky Days : Tuesday and Wednesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SCORPIO (24 Oct-22Nov) This week seems one of the good week for you . Your profession will give you rise .There is a good chance of financial gain. But at some point of time you will find yourself detached from this worldly pleasure and you would be more inclined more towards charity and social services. Lucky Days : Friday and Saturday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov-2 1 Dec) If your promotion is due since long , there is a hope of promotion in a couple of week . Some of you may approach someone for marriage this week. Health needs a proper attention. Expenditure will not be in your control.Your boss may not sound that cordial. Overall you will not find yourself very comfortable mentally. Lucky Days :Tuesday and Wednesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CAPRICORN (22 Dec-20 Jan) . Your luck won’t support you , your hard work seems futile but always keep it in your mind that hard work pays and for your work, this is not the time to get the result of your effort. And this in hurting you inside your heart. Sometimes you are feeling it unbearable but never give up hope. Your father is also suffering through some physical problem. Overall a lukewarm week ahead. Lucky Days : Friday and Saturday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AQUARIUS (21 Jan-19 Feb) Consider this week as ‘Health week’ for you. Your physical health as well as your mental state need relaxation to refresh negative energy accumulated during last few weeks , as you kept your health at backseat due to your profession.Your kids need your attention .This is the high time to think about you and your family first, as your profession and money wont bother you much. And maintain your pitch of voice low. Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PISCES (20 Feb-20 Mar) Need to keep a check on your temperament .As this week shows your harsh and rude reaction with your partner or father, which can be an element to disturb the atmosphere around. In the middle of the week circumstances will make you stressed. You will be inclined towards mantra or occult sciences.But overall financially a satisfactory week ahead. Lucky Days : Saturday and Sunday

Steps being taken to promote tourism ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid on Friday said the federal government was supporting provinces for promotion of tourism in the country. Speaking at a World Tourism Day event organised by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), he said tourism helped promote friendly and cordial relations between nations and it was vital for boosting economic activity, income generation, job creation and poverty alleviation. Tourism has 10 per cent share in the global economy and it makes the world more stable by creating goodwill and bringing people together from far-off places, he added. The minister observed that Pakistan had tremendous potential to boost tourism on a sustainable basis because of its landscapes and diverse culture. Pakistan, the land of 5,000-year-old Indus Valley civilization, has rich traditions of art and architecture and its people are hardworking and talented. The minister said it was right that Pakistan had religious and cultural diversities and the country a cradle of old civilizations of Gandhara, Buddhism and Moenjodaro but it was unfortunate that “we have problem of narrow mindedness. Our hearts are now not that big to take care of our national heritage and cultural assets.” It is unfortunate that Muslims worshipping in the United States, Britain, Japan, China and other countries feel safe but they feel unsafe when they go to mosques in Pakistan, he added. “Parents are anxious when their children are in school and children are worried when their parents are out for work.” Mr Rashid said a tourist can dare to visit another country for adventure, bear difficulties of travel and can spend nights without facilities but if his life is in danger, it becomes a different matter. “We have to think whether we want to continue living in the same situation or we will take steps to improve the circumstances.” Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Nadeem Hassan Asif said the civic body was taking measures for the promotion of tourism. He said by promoting tourism in Islamabad as well as in Pakistan we can earn a lot of revenue.He said Islamabad had a number of attractive places for tourists but these were not projected properly. He said the federal capital offered too many archeological, historical and cultural sites to the tourists. —APP


October 3, 2013

Remembering our heros

Activists gathered at Shadman Chowk, Lahore - Pakistan to honour Bhagat Singh and his comrades. Birth: September 28, 1907 - Death: March 23, 1931

Pakistani Christians in Ontario - Canada protest

Two day in a row last week Pakistani Christian community of Toronto - Ontario - Canada gathered in local brampton church and than in front of Consulate General Of Pakistan's office and protested against the killings of innocent Christians in a suicide bomb attack in a Peshawar - Pakistan church while Sunday mass was being conducted, 80 people died because of this terrorist attack while well over 200 are injured. Over 200 people (including women and children) carrying placards denouncing this act took part in this peaceful demonstration. Our prayers and best wishes are with all families who have suffered directly or indirectly because of this insane and totally uncalled for ugly incident. May peace soon be restored in troubled Pakistan of today as soon as possible...Amen!

October 3, 2013


Diwali a festival for all humanity

Deepavali or Diwali more popularly known as the "festival of lights," is a fiveday Hindu religious event celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu calendar and in the regular Georgian calendar Diwali usually falls between mid-October and midNovember. Diwali is an official holiday in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji. For a vast majority of Hindus Diwali is one of the most important religious festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities and joyfully

In Canada mandirs (Hindu place of worships) are packed with families praying and singing praise towards their creator. As goodwill gesture sweets and other gifts are exchanged amongst family members and friends. Many more cultural and social (often dance and music) events also take place in various banquet halls and community centers.

dance together in their homes.

of importance to this occasion.

The name "Diwali" or "Divali" is a contraction of deepavali which translates into "row of lamps". Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. These lamps are kept on during the night and one's house is cleaned, both done in order to make the goddess Laksami feels welcome. Usually fireworks and firecrackers are burst because it is believed that it drives away all evil spirits and demons. During Diwali, all the celebrants wear new clothes and share sweets and other traditional refreshments with family and loved ones. Most worship is done around to please the goddess of wealth and the Indian business community attaches a lot

Diwali also marks the end of the harvest season in most of India. Farmers give thanks for the bounty of the year gone by, and pray for a good harvest for the year to come. Traditionally this marked the closing of accounts for businesses dependent on the agrarian cycle, and is the last major celebration before winter. Lakhsmi the goddess which symbolises wealth and Perspective from an observer’s point of prosperity, and her blessings are invoked for view, one could easily say that this festival a good year ahead. can be termed as an event not only for Hindus living all across the world Hindus but rather for all humanity, as many celebrate this event with much pomp and other communities feel welcome at these show and every member of the family seems events and could be seen interacting with all and enjoying this occasion. whole heartedly involved.

CANADA NEEDS AMBITIOUS GOALS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION! For every individual, higher education, advanced skills and lifelong learning are the best assurances of personal fulfillment. For our country, making knowledge and brainpower broadly-accessible is essential to a thriving middle class, a prosperous economy, and a strong, healthy democracy. It is also key to social inclusion and upward mobility. About 50% of Canadians today have the benefit of some type of post-secondary education. And that's good. But it's not enough. In a highly competitive global economy, 70% of all new jobs will require significant post-secondary qualifications. It's crucial for us to find the means to fill that attainment gap. It demands a quantum leap forward.

Solutions must span the spectrum of institutions and techniques -- including universities, colleges, technical schools, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, private sector up-skilling, and more.

Flexibility will be crucial. Gone are the days when you could finish your "schooling" with a diploma in your late teens or a degree in your early 20's, and then be set for a decent job for life. In this era of rapid technological change, learning will need to be never-ending and people may go through five or six different "careers" in their working lives.

Yes, this all costs money. But in the often-quoted words of former Harvard President Derek Bok ... "if you think education is expensi ve, tr y i gnorance." And yes, under the Canadian Constitution, education is a provincial responsibility. But for generations, Canadians have agreed that because of its profound impact on the lives of all our citizens, higher learning is a field in which the Government of Canada needs to be a constructive partner.

Such an attitude has been missing from the federal level

Healthier Snacks and Meals on the Menu at More Ontario

in recent years. When Stephen Harper came to power, he immediately cancelled some $7-billion in planned federal investments designed to ease the burden of student debt, provide more loans and grants, and help students and their families save more for future educational needs and opportunities.

His government also stopped new funding that had been committed to Aboriginal education (for which the federal level is exclusively responsible). He has staunchly maintained a cap on First Nations’ access to post-secondary institutions, and his support perAboriginal student at the K-to-12 level is only a fraction of what the provinces invest per-student in nonAboriginal schools. Most recently, the Harper regime has feigned interest in skills training with their bizarre proposal for a "jobs grant" in last spring's budget. Without a shred of consultation with the provinces, Mr. Harper announced unilaterally that he would force provincial governments to cancel many of their existing job training initiatives so he could claw that money into his federal "jobs grant" scheme.

Then, to get any of that money back, the provinces will be forced to come up with new money of their own to match what the feds are clawing away. In other words, provincial governments end up paying twice, while the Harper Conservatives invest not a single cent of incremental federal funding. The Harper "jobs grant" is a scam. Canadians have every right to demand better, especially when 60% of middle class parents doubt they can afford higher education for the kids and about that same number worry that, for the first time ever, their children may not be able to do as well as they did. Yours sincerely, Hon. Ralph Goodale, M.P. (Wascana) Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada


Ontario is helping more children and youth eat nutritious meals at school so they can be healthier, concentrate better and learn more effectively. As part of the Healthy Kids Strategy, the province is investing an additional $3 million in Ontario's Student Nutrition Program to create more than 200 new breakfast and morning meal programs for approximately 33,000 kids in higher-needs communities, including First Nations communities. This increased funding will also support the hiring of 14 food distribution and logistics co-ordinators across the province. Co-ordinators will work with new and existing programs to build stronger partnerships with local businesses and food distribution networks resulting in more efficient channels to purchase, transport and store food. The Student Nutrition Program has been shown to influence overall student health and improve learning and behavioural outcomes. A recent research report found that more than three-quarters of high school students who eat breakfast regularly are on track to graduate, while suspension rates have decreased by half since the implementation of these programs. Providing nutritious meals and snacks in more schools across the province supports the Ontario government's efforts to give every child a healthy start in life. This is part of the government's economic plan to invest in people, invest in infrastructure and support a dynamic and innovative business climate across the province.

October 3, 2013


SPORTS Umar Gul raring for return to competitive cricket

- Khalid H. Khan

“I would love to play against them [South Africa], but it all depends how it all goes for me in the coming weeks.” KARACHI: Senior Pakistan fast bowler Umar Gul, who underwent knee surgery in Australia last May, announced on Thursday he was ready to return to competitive cricket after a lapse of more than six months. The 29-year-old right-arm bowler was sent to Melbourne where Dr David Young, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in sports injuries, performed an arthroscopy on the right knee after the cricketer limped out of the one-day series during the South Africa tour. Consequently, Umar was ruled out of the ICC Champions Trophy in England and Wales and the subsequent tours of the West Indies and Zimbabwe. In his enforced absence, Pakistan failed to progress beyond the preliminary round of the Champions Trophy where they lost all three games before winning both the Twenty20 and ODI series in the West Indies. But the national side had a mixed trip to Zimbabwe. Despite winning the Twenty20 and one-day series, Pakistan suffered a shock 24-run defeat in the second Test in

Harare which enabled lowly-rated Zimbabweans share the two-match rubber. Since returning from Australia, Umar — the leading bowler in all Twenty20 Internationals with 74 wickets in 52 matches — had spent the best part of last seven weeks at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. Under the guidance of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s team of Dr Sohail Saleem and trainers Yasir and Ashraf, Umar had been undergoing rehabilitation programme to regain complete fitness. “Thank God, everything appears to be settling down. The knee is fine with no signs of ill-effects from the surgery I had a few months ago. Over the past 15 days, I have started bowling in the nets as well,” Umar revealed while talking to Dawn. “I’m pretty optimistic of getting back the rhythm [of old days] as I feel fine at the moment. It is just that there is no competition at present to find out the actual status of [my] fitness.” Pakistan are due to play ‘host’ to South

Africa in the United Arab Emirates from Oct 14 in two Tests, which will be followed by five One-day Internationals and two Twenty20 fixtures. It is unlikely that the national selectors would risk Umar, currently Pakistan’s leading paceman with 163 wickets in 47 Tests and 161 in 116 one-dayers, considering for the forthcoming matches. And with the domestic first-class season not slated to begin after Eid-ul-Azha in the third week of October, Umar won’t have the chance of proving his match fitness to put himself in contention for the South Africa. “Yeah, I am yearning to play some matches to test myself. Although I have trained [during the rehabilitation phase] and then bowling [in the nets], one can’t aspire to judge both the level of fitness and form if there is no competitive sort of matches,” Umar, who made his Test debut when Bangladesh toured Pakistan in 2003, said. “I’m obviously not worried about the number of matches I missed because of the surgery. But it was quite difficult to sit out

and watch team-mates playing without me. “Fortunately, the injury this time was not as serious as the one I suffered in 2004 [after helping Pakistan win the Lahore Test against India] when three stress fractures of the back sidelined me from the game for more than a year. At that stage I feared my career was over.” Umar, who twice returned figures of five wickets for six runs in Twenty20 Internationals, against New Zealand at The Oval during Pakistan’s triumphant World T20 campaign in 2009 and then against South Africa at Centurion last March, said that the forthcoming series against the would be competitive despite South Africa’s top ranking in Test cricket. “It would be a great Test series because Pakistan have the potential to compete against them. We may have lost against them earlier this year but our side can win because the conditions will suit us more than we encountered in South Africa,” Umar commented. “I would love to play against them, but it all depends how it all goes for me in the coming weeks.”

BCCI may ask Tendulkar to quit after 200th Test MUMBAI, Sept 30: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is likely to ask Sachin Tendulkar to quit Test arena after his 200th game against the West Indies in November.

as long as he keeps himself available for the selection.

With controversies surrounding the BCCI over N. Srinivasan and his presidential post, the messenger who will approach Tendulkar has been kept under the carpet.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, sources within the BCCI have confirmed that since Tendulkar has not given any signal of announcing his Test retirement, he will be asked by the board to make way for younger blood.

Even the re-elected BCCI president Srinivasan refused to comment.

However, given Tendulkar’s vast experience and seniority, the officials are in a fix to who could take up the topic with the batting genius. It will be a BCCI administrator and not the selectors who are likely to raise the subject, the report cites. The top BCCI official who spoke to the newspaper has said the national selection committee cannot axe Tendulkar

He was further exposed in the series against Australia. Now the tricky bit is who will let him know this,” said the source.

The report states that, the overwhelming impression at the Annual General Meeting was that Tendulkar, aged 40, is well past his prime and hasn’t been scoring well. “At the same time, his batting frailties have become too stark to ignore. He could not face a bowler like Monty Panesar in home conditions.

He is yet to score a century overseas since he scored 146 against South Africa at Cape Town in 2011.—Agencies


October 3, 2013

Jeet Matharru presents his latest project “WOMAN FROM THE EAST” (KUDESSAN).

Jeet Matharru’s passion towards movies made him join the Indian Film Industry at a very early age when most kids of the very same age group are busy in enjoying their carefree, playful youth years. Coming from a non-filmi (movie) background, the starry eyed teenager, smitten by the glitterati and hyper blown dreams of the silver screen started at the basics of filmmaking as an apprentice. Jeet’s association with the Indian Film Industry dates back to well over than 30 years and during this span he so far has been creatively involved in about 35 feature film

projects. In this journey he has professionally interacted with several legends and has been associated with many landmark projects.

directed close to 500 episodes for television which vary from fiction, non-fiction, religious, music based, interview based, anchor based and many more.

thinks such a project might help rejuvenate relations between both countries as he claims a lot isin common amongst us which yet has to be fully narrated.

His Punjabi ethnicity just adds flavor to his personality, as over all he has a command in English, Hindi, Marathi and can converse in Russian as well. Loves to travel and reading is one of his cerebral past times. Staying connected with people via social electronic media is also one of his favorites.

I myself have had the honor of not only meeting him but also interviewing him during his last visit to Ontario – Canada where his (first Punjabi horror movie) Sikka was being showcased at a local film festival, seems to be a genuine person who can easily be termed as a straight talker.

He currently is involved in the promotion & release of his Hindi feature film targeted for the worldwide audience, WOMAN FROM THE EAST … KUDESSAN.

Apart from being the creative head of two Asian television channels, he has

One of his desires is to create and make a joint venture (Punjabi movie) representing both Indian and Pakistani Punjab and he

We wish him best of luck in days to come and our good wishes are always with him.

Home is Where… opens at Koel therein lies the beauty of their effort: the wholeness of ideas. An exhibition of Madiha Sikander’s latest body of work, titled ‘Home is Where…’ opened at the Koel Art Gallery on Friday.

KARACHI, Sept 27: When we say that someone has a personal story to tell, we imply that the story is minus anything that is not relevant to that person. Irrelevance has largely to do with worldly objects. But with artists it is often difficult to distinguish between what they’re trying to pass off as personal or impersonal. And

As the title of the show suggests, the artworks should relate to a personal environment. Well, the artist is aiming higher, and succeeds in achieving her goal to a reasonable extent. There are assorted themes at play here. The medium that she employs to propagate her concepts, mostly, is gadrung on wasli. This gives the impression that it’s primarily

the well known miniature style that the artist has adopted. That is true but there are pieces on display that hint at something else. For example, ‘The Time We Spent/ Spend Together’ is an artwork that draws the viewer’s attention because of its size, technique and content. The image of the protagonist in a moment that can only be private is quite striking. The question: is it something that’s not being shared by anyone else? The name of the exhibit seems to indicate that, and that’s where it becomes doubly interesting.

Another feat that Ms Sikander accomplishes is in ‘The View from a Distance’. There’s quite a bit going on in one small work of art, so the viewer has to pay extra attention. The word ‘distance’, with a dull sky and a decent number of birds making a certain pattern, might not fit the description because it’s not the physical distance that the artist is talking about, but a detachment that is created through inconsiderateness towards something/somebody. The exhibition will continue till Oct 6.

October 3, 2013


Miss Philippines crowned Miss World amid Muslim anger NUSA DUA: Miss Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013 in a glittering finale Saturday on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, amid tight security following weeks of hardline Muslim protests.

growing influence of country's hardline fringe.

and-answer round before the winner was announced in a contest broadcast to more

France's Marine Lorphelin was second, while Ghana's Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter came in third. Adding to security concerns in the run-up to the final, the American, British and Australian embassies had warned that extremists might attack the pageant.

Hundreds of Islamic radicals held a prayer session in a mosque near the capital to express their anger, while Megan Young wept as she won the coveted title on Hindumajority Bali at the end of a three-week contest.

Bali has suffered extremist attacks before, notably in 2002 when bombings killed more than 200 people, most of them foreign tourists.

The 23-year-old, wearing a pearl white gown, promised to be “the best Miss World ever” in front of a cheering crowd, which included many Filipinos, in a venue guarded by heavily armed police and water cannons. The final was moved to Bali, where there is little hardline influence, from its original venue just outside the capital Jakarta after thousands of protesters took to the streets across the world's most populous Muslim-majority country. Denouncing the pageant as a “whore contest” and “pornography”, the demonstrators pressured authorities into shifting the venue, the latest sign of the

Philippines, pledged to “just be myself in everything I do, to share what I know and to educate people”.

But Saturday's finale passed off smoothly, with no new protests or security scares -- despite a pledge by prominent hardline group the Islamic Defenders' Front (FPI) to stage demonstrations. Hundreds of police were deployed across Bali for Saturday's final, which saw 127 contestants clad in stilettos and shimmering gowns take to the stage in the Nusa Dua resort, southern Bali.

than 180 countries.

The contestants were quickly whittled down to six. Then, they faced a question-

Young, who is studying digital media and also presents TV shows in the

Young, the first ever Philippine Miss World, took the crown from last year's winner, China's Yu Wenxia.

Hundreds of members of the FPI and other hardline groups limited themselves to holding a prayer session in a mosque in Sentul, just outside the capital Jakarta, to express their opposition to the pageant.

Fashion event opens trade show KARACHI: The inauguration of Expo 2013, running from Sept 26 to 29 at the Expo Centre with more than 1,000 buyers from 70 countries, began with a grand fashion show at a hotel where a total of eight collections were shown each day during the two-day event. The participating designers included Rizwan Beyg, Faiza Samee, Tapu Javeri (featuring Warda Saleem), Farnaz Mustafa, Sania Maskatiya, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD), Zaheer Abbas and Sana Safinaz on Day One. Day Two featured the design takes of Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Huma Adnan (FnkAsia), Umaima Mustafa, Ayesha Ibrahim, Ahmed Bham and Shamaeel Ansari. In a brief speech, Rabia Javeri Agha, Secretary of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), said that what follows is another part of Pakistan that many have never seen before, and one that is cutting edge fashion innovation which helps to establish our visual identity. “Behind every tanka and stitch is heritage carried forward by generations of kaarigars, and the credit goes to our fashion designers who present and preserve our heritage,” she added. She especially thanked Rizwan Beyg among the many others who helped put the event together and were also working backstage, and added that Milan and Paris along with other destinations in Europe have been lined up for more such shows. Visuals from the 8th Expo flashed on screens mounted on either side of the ramp before Rizwan Beyg showed his spectacular and brilliant ode to truck art featuring peacock motifs among other fantastical creatures and influences. The segment started as models taking a joyride on a bicycle entered the ramp space followed by a colourful display of oversized ladies’ handbags and footwear featuring stiletto boots, flared short skirts and tops, menswear accessories such as belts, jackets, waistcoats, laptop cases, briefcases and much more from the designer’s Rangg line. The presentation was titled Rural to Runway, and Expo 2013 has also borrowed its theme from it this year. The designer previewed the collection earlier this year in Lahore at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, and has since added to it with an even more extended colour palette by working with artisans from different areas of rural Sindh and Multan, making a foray into ethical fashion that focuses on social development in rural communities and issues like gender equality, fair wages and non-exploitation of labour. Next, Faiza Samee’s Luxury Pret Autumn/Winter 2014 collection drew inspiration from the geometric print patterns and handicrafts of nomadic tribes widely found in Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. Prints, cuts and silhouettes brought into focus both the hemispheres with asymmetrical and kimono and sarong influences. Greens,

oranges and earthen hues featured here in breezy printed silks and other fabrics. Tapu Javeri’s wild-at-heart wearable art came together under the Tapulicious banner to showcase prints and bags in kaleidoscopic prints and images encapsulating urban scenery (source: KaraChakra exhibition inspired by pop culture and old buildings of Karachi) in flowy, full-length gowns and featuring a few outfits by designer Warda Saleem as well. Select pieces from the fetching collection had been seen earlier at a fashion week. Farnaz Mustafa’s nawabi-era collection with elements of modernity had embellished fabric forming slinky, sexy tops to pure eastern wear that appeared a tad confusing to the onlooker in its approach to design sensibility and philosophy. The designer is otherwise known for bridal couture. Turkish goblets and Islamic art motifs were the source of design inspiration behind designer Sania Maskatiya’s line. She weaved these traditional and cultural elements intelligently into her designs by balancing them out with a fusion of western and modern cuts, resulting in a 12-piece collection that spoke volumes about her insight into subtle design. The future of fashion is what the PIFD’s selected work of the 2013 graduating batch was all about. Having seen it in the form of funky footwear, a bird-inspired sling bag, miniature-stuffed animal figurines and a show of different cloths and textures produced in Pakistan, it needed introduction.

Creative yes, but given the commercial nature of the activity, selling western wear to foreigners doesn’t sound like cutting-edge marketing strategy. Why would they buy it if it didn’t have an ethnic edge? There were flashes of brilliance in weave and thread embroidery in the form of Kashmiri and Swati needlework, and even leather products. But the fur trimming sent out entirely the wrong message, as it has become synonymous with animal cruelty and it wasn’t even faux fur. Categorising the outfits would be a tough task but some of them seemed to pass off as club apparel. And then there was the volume and layers upon layers in these economically tough times. Having seen the future, it needs focus and direction. Zaheer Abbas’ Spring/ Summer 2013 pret line La Base featured vibrancy in colours such as red, green and black in pure cotton silk set off by off white, but the silhouette was deliberately kept stark and simple. Sana Safinaz brought the ’40s bling to the ramp in party/club/cocktail dresses with a few pieces previewed earlier in the 10-piece collection featuring capes, skirts, wraparound tops and so much more. It was a fitting finale to the first day’s showing. According to an official communication, the organiser and producer of the event is the Hum TV Network under the supervision of the head of fashion at TDAP, Saeed Tamimi. The hair, make-up and styling is by Saba Ansari and her team at Sabs Salon with show choreography by HSY.

October 3, 2013




(Queen’s Park) – Today Sylvia Jones MPP, DufferinCaledon’s private member’s bill, Bill 56, the Aggregate Recycling Promotion Act, passed second reading with all -party support. “I am very pleased that Bill 56 passed second reading today. This was an important vote on an important issue, and I think that is evidenced by the fact that my bill received all-party support,” Jones said. If enacted, Bill 56 would allow contractors to use recycled aggregate when bidding on construction projects paid for with public money. Jones believes the legislation would be an effective measure to encourage aggregate recycling in Ontario by eliminating barriers to recycled aggregates being considering for use in public sector construction across the province. “I’ve been working on this bill for a number of months now and have received a large amount of support from a wide range of people and stakeholders,” Jones said. “The more people I talked too, the more I realized that there is a real consensus building that now is the time for Ontario to start seriously promoting the use of recycling aggregate.”

Justice Dalveer Bhandari International Court of Justice, Hague attended a reception, jointly organized by Yogesh Sharma, President RANA(Canada), Naval Bajaj , President ICCC, and Alok Goel, President Jaipur Foot .Org Canada on Wednesday , September 25 2013. Consul General of India Akhilesh Mishra, Member of Federal Parliament Joe Daniel & Wladyslaw Lizon, Senator Asha Seth, Member of Provincial Parliament Amrit Mangat, President State Bank of India Sunil Tandon, Vasu Chanchalani, Aditya Jha, Deepak Ruparell, Professor of Law & Associate Dean Osgoode Hall Law School Poonam Puri were among the dignitaries who attended the reception. The members of executive of RANA, ICCC & JAIPURFOOT.ORG also attended the reception.

Jones said, “Today was a big milestone, no doubt about it. But there is still more work to be done. I am thrilled Bill 56 received all-party support, and I sincerely hope that having all-party support will mean that Bill 56 moves through the legislative process quickly and becomes law.” “It’s good for the environment, it’s good for business, and it’s good government policy,” Jones concluded.

CGI Akhilesh Mishra welcomed Justice Bhandari and acclaimed his service in judiciary. CG also appreciated the work being done by ICCC under leadership of its President Naval Bajaj.

Moms and Babies to Benefit From New Breastfeeding Supports

Justice Bhandari praised activities of RANA and complimented its members that their hard work and vision has made RANA a Globally known organization.


He also spoke about contribution of people of Rajasthan in freedom struggle of India, in field of art of culture he mentioned the name of Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hasan, Hasrat Jaipuri , in the field of scince , technology and education . Justice Bhandari also mentioned that at one time 3 sitting judges in Supreme Court of India were from Rajasthan including Justice. RM Lodha, Justice Singhvi & himself. Justice Bhandari also informed that Justice Dr Nagendra Singh, served the ICJ for longest term in its history was also from Rajasthan. Sampat Poddar and Rakesh Goenka , presented the momento to Justice Bhandari on behalf of RANA .

Khalid Usman appointed Chair of Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation

MARKHAM, ON, Sept. 25, 2013 / CNW/ - Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation welcomes Khalid Usman as new Chair during its annual general meeting at Angus Glen. Khalid joined the Board of Directors in 2008 and has a long track record of supporting the hospital and our community. A 26 year resident of Markham, Mr. Usman has served on the hospital board and volunteers with a number of other charitable organizations in addition to Mar kham Stouff vi lle Hospit al Foundation. His charitable work has earned him numerous accolades and awards, including most recently the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, an

Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship and the Tamghae-Khidmat from Pakistan, that nation's equivalent to the Order of Canada. "Khalid is one of our most passionate advocates. We are so fortunate that he has directed his passion toward fundraising for our hospital and leading our Board at this important time during the home stretch of our $50 millionCampaign in support of the hospital's new building and extensive renovations, currently underway", says Suzette Strong, CEO Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation. Khalid follows Mark Lievonen who remains on the Board of Directors as

past Chair. The Foundation's treasurer Dennis Fortnum will continue in his role for another year, while David Stead returns to Executive Committee in a new role as Vice-Chair, along with Peter Mason who also Co-Chairs the Campaign with Mayor Frank Scarpitti. Maria Bosnjak is also a member of the Executive, along with foundation CEO, Suzette Strong. The annual meeting welcomed new board members: Robert Assal, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Human Resources at Toshiba of Canada; Todd Barclay, Senior Vice Present of Swiss Chalet at Cara Operations; George Markou, Chief Financial Officer of Vital Insights; Dr. Mitesh Mehta, a Radiologist here at Markham Stouffville Hospital and Carrie Sutherland, Director of Operations for Advanced Micro Devices. Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation Overview Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation exists to enable the growth of Markham Stouffville Hospital by raising sustainable funds and awareness for Markham Stouffville Hospital's ongoing needs to ensure it can provide compassionate, patient -centered care. Government does not fund all new medical equipment. All medical equipment is funded through donations from the community.

Ontario newborns and their families will soon benefit from enhanced breastfeeding supports, helping ensure that every woman who wants breastfeeding support can get it. Breastfeeding helps to encourage healthy development and can reduce the likelihood of overweight and obesity in adolescence and adulthood. As part of Ontario's Healthy Kids Strategy, the government is investing more than $2.5 million to help families give their infants a sound nutritional start by:

Providing 24-hour telephone access to expert support for mothers who are breastfeeding.

Supporting Ontario's hospitals and community health care organizations with training, tools, guidance and resources to help them achieve the World Health Organization's Baby-Friendly Initiative designation and adopt clinical best practices in infant feeding that meet Baby-Friendly Initiative designation requirements.

Targeted support for mothers in population groups that have lower rates of breastfeeding.

Providing new resources to support breastfeeding through Best Start: Ontario's Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre.

These initiatives fulfill recommendations made by the Healthy Kids Panel. Giving Ontario's children the healthiest start in life helps deliver on our Action Plan for Health Care to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place. This is part of the Ontario government's economic plan to invest in people, invest in infrastructure and support a dynamic and innovative business climate.

October 3, 2013


More blasts in Peshawar - Pakistan

This is Peshawar Pakistan scenes are of its famous Qissa khwani Bazar (Main local market) blast site, more than 140 deaths resulting from terrorist bomb attacks, in less than 10 days, the Government of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has finally decided to

initiate a targeted operation in Peshawar city.Police and FC will form joint teams for this operation. And the provincial governments political party leader (Imran Khan) wants all

political and security leaders of Pakistan to have a one on one meeting with these ruthless killers known to us only as Al Quaida and Tialban. My argument is if Pakistan is in state of war which the Pakistani federal governments also claims

and admits why don't they authorise a military action so at least a overhaul could be done and these spineless cowards be brought to limelight and hopefully justice.

First Bangladesh MP sentenced to death for genocide

DHAKA: A Bangladesh court on Tuesday sentenced to death a top opposition MP for genocide, the first lawmaker to be convicted of war crimes during the 1971 war of independence.

seven people, including six Islamists, of crimes related to the nine-month war, in which pro-independence fighters battled Pakistani forces who were helped by local collaborators.

Salauddin Quader Chowdhury, a leader of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), was found guilty by the International Crimes Tribunal of nine charges including murder, religious persecution, torture and rape. The ruling is likely to trigger fresh unrest in the already tense country.

Previous verdicts have sparked deadly violence, and security has been stepped up in Dhaka and the southern port city of Chittagong, which Chowdhury has represented as a lawmaker for three decades.

The 64-year-old Chowdhury would be “hanged by the neck”, presiding judge A.T.M Fazle Kabir told a packed court in the capital Dhaka. “We are happy with the verdict,” Attorney General Mahbubey Alam told AFP. After the sentence was read out, a defiant Chowdhury accused the government of influencing the judge's decision. “This judgement came from the (law) ministry. The copy of the verdict has been available on the Internet since yesterday,” he said. Since January, the much-criticised International Crimes Tribunal has convicted

Police said two people were injured after opposition supporters hurled small home-made bombs at ruling party activists, who were celebrating the verdict outside Chittagong, local police chief Chandan Kumar Chakrabarty told AFP. “We have deployed (paramilitary) border guards to combat further violence,”Chakrabarty said. Hundreds of protesters including ruling party activists staged impromptu “victory processions” as news of the verdict reached the capital's Shahbagh Square, where they had been massing since dawn. A bus and several cars were torched in the capital and Chittagong, police said. Prosecutors described Chowdhury, a

minister in the previous BNP-led government, as a merciless killer who murdered more than 200 Hindus, including the owner of a well-known herbal medicine company. “Chowdhury dragged (owner) Nutan Chandra Sinha out of his prayer room and Pakistani soldiers shot him. Chowdhury then shot him again to make sure he was dead,” prosecutor Zead Al Malum told AFP. Defence lawyer Fakhrul Islam said the trial was aimed at silencing one of the most vocal opponents of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. “He should have been acquited as he was not in Bangladesh during the war,” Islam said, adding that he would appeal. The BNP and its Islamist allies have said the tribunal is a tool for the ruling Awami League to target its opponents ahead of general elections next January. The opposition, which currently leads in opinion polls, called a strike in the Chittagong region for Wednesday to protest the ruling. Bangladesh has struggled to come to terms with its violent birth, in which what was then East Pakistan split from Islamabad to become independent.

The government set up the tribunal in 2010, saying trials were needed to heal the wounds of the 1971 war, in which it says three million people were killed and 200,000 women raped. Independent estimates put the toll at between 300,000 and 500,000. The verdicts since January have sparked deadly protests and widespread riots — killing more than 100 people, and plunging the country into its worst political violence since independence. The riots have mainly pitted activists of the country's largest Islamist party, Jamaat-e -Islami, against security forces as well as secular protesters. Jamaat activists have taken to the streets in large numbers after three of the six convicted Islamists were sentenced to death. Unlike other war crime courts, the Bangladesh tribunal is not endorsed by the United Nations and the New York-based Human Rights Watch group has said its procedures fall short of international standards.


October 3, 2013

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October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013


Keep meeting, keep talking political fire from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party for meeting Sharif and taking forward a dialogue process, which the BJP under prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee took forward in 2003-04. Increasingly, loony figures opposed to an India-Pakistan conversation are getting more media (and social media) space. Also, in India at least, these figures are attacking anyone and anybody who believes that dialogue with Pakistan is a worthwhile exercise.

The first-ever meeting of Singh and Sharif as prime ministers takes the rust off Indian and Pakistani channels of communication. Going by our year-on-year falling IndiaPakistan standards, the Sunday meeting between prime ministers Manmohan Singh and Nawaz Sharif was something of an achievement. In Pakistan, every type of terrorist-militant element led by Hafiz Saeed and his ilk remain opposed to any kind of dialogue with India. In India, Singh is under

Another dimension in India-Pakistan relations – the non-issue was in full play on Indian television – the alleged remark made by Sharif about Singh being a “dehati budhiya” – a comment that has been strenuously denied by all. Previously, it took the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack to derail the India-Pakistan dialogue. Today, the killing of a few soldiers on the Line of Control (LoC) by either side, howsoever tragic that might be, can raise the television temperature so high that leaders begin thinking whether it’s wise to meet. So, if our leaders can meet in such an environment, they need a pat on the back. By sitting across the table and discussing

issues on which they differ, they must have disappointed a large number of right-wing zealots. Beyond the fact of the meeting and noises about the interaction being useful, Singh and Sharif have tasked their Directors -General of Military Operations to ensure an end to ceasefire violations on and along the LoC. “The two DGMOs will meet and establish a joint mechanism for not only investigation of incidents on the LoC, but also to ensure there is no recurrence of violence,” Pakistani Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jillani was quoted as saying. Indian National Security Adviser Shivshanker Menon said at a separate briefing in New York that “the decision was to task DGMOs to come up with a clear plan to restore the ceasefire and to make sure that it is enforced and stays in place”. “They (Singh and Sharif) were both agreed that the precondition for a forward movement in the really an improvement of the situation on the LoC where there have been repeated ceasefire violations and incidents...and they decided to task the DGMOs to suggest effective means to restore the ceasefire and a way forward to ensure that that remains in force and in place,” Menon told Indian and Pakistani journalists. There was no

resumption of the composite dialogue process between the two countries. Instead, India made it clear that future movement on the dialogue front would hinge on whether or not the DGMOs could come up with a credible plan to prevent future ceasefire violations. In the circumstances of their meeting, Sharif and Singh didn’t do badly. Of course, they need to do much, much better for the sake of their peoples. You can, of course, look at the glass as half-empty as opposed to half-full. The ceasefire, which has been under serious threat, is supposed to celebrate its 10th birthday in November. It’s now up to the DGMOs, the two armies and their political leaderships to ensure that a bulwark of the peace process remains intact. Statecraft and foreign relations are too important to be left to those who want to spread abuse and hatred in the name of nationalism. Singh and Sharif did well to meet in New York. They must display the courage to meet again.

Minister muddies NA’s last hurrah to Zardari ISLMABAD, Sept 27: A federal minister went to surprise lengths to muddy waters, yet the National Assembly, in another bit of history, gave its last hurrah to yesterday’s president Asif Ali Zardari on Friday at the end of a 12-day session.

be a solemn occasion to adopt the government’s own motion expressing “deep gratitude” of the house to the former president for his June 10 address.

It was the first time in the country’s parliamentary history that a motion of thanks, or “deep gratitude”, to a president was passed after he had left office and this time it was about Mr Zardari’s record sixth address to a joint sitting of parliament on June 10.

Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq intervened to say he thought there was no such fingerpointing, but Ms Shah insisted it was as she said the minister looked at her on the side of the aisle when he talked of Sindh.

A debate on the presidential address began in the National Assembly — as also in the Senate — last month while Mr Zardari was still in office but it was carried on the lower house’s next session that began on Sept 16, when he had already retired on Sept 8 to become Pakistan’s first elected president to complete the five-year tenure of office. At the fag-end of his tenure, Mr Zardari, who was succeeded by President Mamnoon Hussain of the presently ruling PML-N on Sept 9, also oversaw the first smooth transition from one elected government of his PPP to another of in early June.

former prime minister and PPP leader She also protested against what she called Benazir Bhutto and of her brother Murtaza the minister’s finger-pointing at her when he Bhutto and for welcoming, in an interview to criticised the performance of the PPP Washington Post, the capture and killing of government in Sindh, saying she had nothing to do with the Sindh government as member of this house although her father, Qaim Ali Shah, was the province’s chief minister.

The minister lambasted Mr Zardari for allegedly turning the presidency into a “centre of politics” as, he said, was done by military presidents like Field Marashal Ayub Khan, Gen Yahya Khan, Gen Ziaul Haq and Gen Pervez Musharraf -- and not done by presidents like Fazal Elahi Chaudhry of the PPP in the 1970 and Rafiq Tarar of the PMLN in the 1990s -- and placed most of the perceived failures of the previous government at his door.

But, contrary to all pleasant things said about this transition in recent months and weeks by the leaders of both main rival parties and during the debate on the presidential address, an abrasive speech the Minister for Kashmir Affairs and GilgitHe took Mr Zardari to task even for what Baltistan, Birjees Tahir, to wind up the he called a failure to bring the assassins of debate nearly spoiled what was supposed to

It was the second day of angry exchanges between a government minister and the PPP, after Thursday’s clash between Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Leader of Opposition Khursheed Ahmed Shah over alleged lack of government seriousness in tackling the situation created by Tuesday’s killer earthquake in Balochistan, prompting speculation over whether Mr Tahir’s onslaught was only a hangover from the previous day or part of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden by deliberate flexing of muscles for a political American commandos in a May 2, 2011 raid confrontation. on his hideout in Abbottabad. Earlier on Friday, Minister for States and The outburst provoked “no, no” protest Frontier Regions Abdul Qadir Baloch, giving shouts from PPP lawmakers, some of whom a review of his trip to the quake-hit areas of stood up in their seats as a mark of anger, Balochistan, told the house that he heard while one of them, Nasifa Shah, later said the gunfire while flying in a helicopter in the minister’s “so-called winding up speech” province’s worst-hit Awaran district, where was meant to spoil what she said had been he said a militant group called Nazar Allah “such a good atmosphere … of peaceful was operating. He said he was unsure if his transition” and to negate a “historic role” helicopter was the target of what officials on played by Mr Zardari in the restoration of a ground described as only “random firing”. genuine parliamentary democracy.

Canadian Pakistani Times 3rd oct 2013.  

This newspaper published every week and would voice the voices of the unheard and would urge all to look towards a peaceful tomorrow and equ...

Canadian Pakistani Times 3rd oct 2013.  

This newspaper published every week and would voice the voices of the unheard and would urge all to look towards a peaceful tomorrow and equ...