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Aug 15, 2013

Volume 1, 72

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was on Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Brampton a very well attended and equally well organized event. Thanks Government of Ontario for standing up with and for all Ontario communities

Independence Day Pakistan is observed annually on August 14, is a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British Raj in 1947. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement; the Pakistan Movement aimed for creation of an independent Muslim state by division of the north-western region of the South Asia and was led by All-India Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The event was brought forth by the Indian Independence Act 1947 in which the British Indian Empire was divided into two new countries—the Dominion of India (later the Republic of India) and the Dominion of Pakistan (later the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) which included the West Pakistan

(present Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). In the Islamic calendar, the day of independence coincided with Ramadan 27, the eve of which is regarded as sacred by Muslims world over. The main ceremony takes place in Islamabad (capital of Pakistan), where the national flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliament buildings, which is followed by the national anthem, and live televised speeches by leaders. Usual celebratory events this day include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events, and the playing of patriotic songs. A number of award ceremonies are often held on this day, and citizens often hoist the national flag atop their homes or display it prominently on their vehicles and attire.


Aug 15, 2013

Weekly Fortune: by Kiran Pandey Rai ( 15Th AUGUST –21st AUGUST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ARIES (21 Mar- 20 Apr) A slow pace in life at the starting of the week but eventually contentment will leap due to your wise approach .Your lord of the planet is getting debilitated and aspect of different planets making it further calm and flexible. In spite of all politeness , your behave with your spouse may be harsh or too much possessive. Lucky Days : Saturday and Sunday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TAURUS (21Apr- 21 May) Your hard work will speak and your boss will appreciate your efforts. You will get help from government .If you had been running with any court case, this is the right time to win over your enemy. Financial ups and downs can be seen on the card. Romance will be at its peak but this relation may be used just for the sake of controlling mood swing. Lucky Days : Wednesday and Thursday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

GEMINI (22 May- 21 June) This week will start with little disappointment specially from kids’ . Your courage to talk upfront with authority will amazed people around . Though the almighty will facilitate you with all worldly pleasure , still happiness is missing somewhere due to your health or some opponent who might disturb your mind. Overall a lukewarm week . Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CANCER (22 June- 22 July) Your prime concern of this week is your work ,you are little skeptical about appraisal..But scenario will gradually change after mid of this week. At the end of the week health of your mother can bother you. Even disharmony at home can be seen. Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LEO (23 July- 22 Aug) A week full of confidence and a pinch of arrogance. Success of your previous week’s work can ride over your head. Welcome everyone’s views .Give space to your loved ones too to express their opinion. “Expenditure should not be more than income” should be in your mind this week. At the end of the week there can be some opinion issues with your partner. Lucky Days : Sunday and Saturday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

VIRGO (23 Aug- 23 Sept) You can get a sudden job offer for which you had been waiting since long and ways of earning will open its door for you. Romance and spirituality will go simultaneously and you will enjoy both very wisely. Suffering to your mother will blemish the happiness but it won’t stop your zeal to be positive. Lucky Days : Tuesday and Wednesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LIBRA ( 24 Sept-23 Oct). “Work is worship” is the motto of this week for you. Luxury will come your way unexpectedly. You are going to enjoy hang over with closest of your buddies. Your creativity will make you popular in your society. Your decision at workplace will be most appreciated . Lucky Days : Saturday and Friday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SCORPIO (24 Oct-22Nov) Luck will favour you this week. As for last few days, you were avoiding meeting people , gradually you will come out of your cocoon. Avoid any unpleasant word which shows your lack of contentment in life. As being over emotional can toll your personal happiness too. Lucky Days : Thursday and Friday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov-2 1 Dec) At the beginning of the week, you will find yourself floating aimlessly but your “ never to give up attitude “ will win over the situation. Extra work too won’t hurt you and you will be rewarded for it in long run. A very good chance to visit any religious place .Don’t indulge yourself unnecessarily in any argument with your father or any elderly people. Lucky Days : Thursday and Monday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CAPRICORN (22 Dec-20 Jan) . Reschedule your life pattern .Give sometime to pamper yourself. For last few days your work pressure has bogged down you. Buying land or home is strongly indicating for most of you who had been planning for it since long. Don’t be harsh to your partner. You will be inclined towards spirituality. Health will be good . Overall an average week. Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AQUARIUS (21 Jan-19 Feb) You have been doing good financially and kept your health at backseat which is not permissible. High time to hit the treadmill. But your focus on your work is too much to divert your attention. You will have interest towards reading ancient books or Veda , even such books can be seen in your book shelf. Lucky Days : Saturday and Monday ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PISCES (20 Feb-20 Mar) Expenses on account of your family will suddenly increase which will hit your wallet. You will feel immense power to face all adversities with a smile on your face. Your logic behind every situation will startled people around . Student can participate in extempore with an enthusiasm and will catch a dignified attention of their teachers. Lucky Days : Thursday and Friday

Ministers Release Statement on Exotic Animals Today, Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and David Orazietti, Minister of Natural Resources, released the following statement: "The recent events in New Brunswick have touched many Ontario families who need to know that the rules are in place to help avoid such tragedies in our own province. Currently, the responsibility for dealing with exotic animals falls to individual municipalities, which each have their own approach to bylaws and enforcement. As a result, the Ontario government will review the rules in place dealing with the possession and ownership of exotic animals in the province. Our three ministries will create a working group to examine the current structure and whether any changes need to be made. The government will also seek input from key stakeholders, including municipalities, and report back this fall with options for moving forward. The safety and well-being of all Ontarians is of greatest importance."


Aug 15, 2013


On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am nation in 1947. delighted to extend warm greetings on the Independence Day is also the perfect occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day. opportunity for me, as Premier of Ontario, to This special day is an ideal opportunity to recognize the many ways in which Pakistani reflect on the republic’s record of progressive Canadians have contributed to the social, achievement since its becoming a sovereign cultural and economic life of our province.

The Pakistani Canadian community has multicultural fabric. distinguished itself in every discipline and I know this is a proud day for people of excelled in every occupation. Pakistani descent, and I would like to wish I would also like to thank the Pakistani them all a very memorable and inspiring Canadian community for adding the richness celebration of Independence Day. of its heritage and culture to our province’s

Rockville: August 12, 2013: Hundreds of Sikhs in the Washington area gathered at Guru Gobind Singh Foundation to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Oak Creek shooting at the Gurdwara which took six lives. Many elected officials, religious leaders and civic representatives joined in the prayerful ceremony. White reflecting on the tragedy, Sikhs displayed the Sikh spirit of 'Chardhi Kala' - staying positive in the face of adversity. County Executive Ike Leggett, Head of the Montgomery County, one of the largest local governments outside the Washington, reflected and offered his words of support and commitment to the Sikhs. He said, "Our hearts reach out to all who grieve the loss of innocent lives taken in a gurdwara due to the ignorance and hatred of others. We acknowledge with deep appreciation the peaceful response of the Sikh community at that time and ever since. It is an example of living out deep spiritual principals of compassion and harmony that heal draw us together as one people." He further added, "We stand in solidarity with you noting with great respect your longstanding reputation of tolerance, humility, advocacy of basic human rights and commitment to respecting other faiths while at the same time working with them in advancing the common good. We appreciate the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation bringing us together for a time of healing and recommitment to actively caring for one another, strengthening the vulnerable and living in harmony with all." Rev. Lynn Strauss, from Montgomery County Faith Community Advisory Board and its clergy Response Team, Ms. Loretta Garcia from Montgomery County’s Office of Human Rights and Mr. Adam Marker, Montgomery County’s

Committee on Hate/Violence spoke at the occasion. Commander James Fenner from Montgomery County Police Department, and representatives from the offices of Congressman John Delaney and Delegate Sam Arora also brought messages to the Sikhs. The event also drew: Maryland Delegate Aruna Miller (Democrat District 15); interfaith leaders of the Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Baha’i faiths - Dr. Carol Flett of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and Chair of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Dr. Siva Subramanian of the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Maryland and Rizwan Jaka of All Dulles Area Muslim Mosque, among others; law enforcement officers; school children; and a large contingent of non-Sikh participants. Romi Kaur Sawhney, Executive Director of GGSF, said, “It was very heartwarming to see so much of the community support, and everyone coming together as ONE. May God Bless everyone love and peace!” Inderpal Singh Gadh, Chairman of GGSF, said, “Such a large number of

community activists, faith leaders, Government officials and public at large would join us in our prayers for the well being of the victims and their families was not only pleasing but also overwhelming and reassuring. In our effort to express our love, sympathy and solidarity with the affected families in a peaceful way, we not only met our objective, it was an effort well worth it and very successful." Ravi Singh, A board member of GGSF and member of the planning team, said, “Although it was a somber occasion yet it was very exhilarating to see such a huge support by so many different faiths and, various religious and political leader. It was a reminder that united we stand as one mankind supporting each other in good and bad times. The whole service was quite moving. From Bhai Gurdarshan Singh who started the service with religious hymns to the kids of GGSF who shared their views and how they felt, to the religious and political leaders who gave their respects and showed support of solidarity to the Sikh community, everyone had the same underlying message, we cannot and will

not give into the ignorant and misinformed, and for sure not to hatred. We shall overcome this with love and compassion, and will continue to show to the world who Sikh’s are and the values and beliefs of Sikhism.” Sartaj Singh Dhami, Member of the planning committee, who also serves on the Hate and Violence Committee of the Montgomery County, said, “We must never forget that the American public stood with us in our time of need. Also we must never forget that this tragedy was an attack on the Sikh way of life that was planned and meditated, and not a random shooting. Dr. Rajwant Singh, Secretary of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, said, "We are feeling a sense of family with rest of Americans because of all the love and support that we have received as a community. Since last year, we have seen the finest character of this great nation. Communities from all walks came together to mourn the loss of precious lives and show solidarity with the victims. We thank the entire nation including President Obama and his administration for their


Aug 15, 2013

US cares for its citizens — until they start asking questions

When Ray Kelly, the man Barack Obama is currently considering to lead homeland security, was the New York City police commissioner, he allegedly had a policy of terrorizing black and Latino neighborhoods.

watchman in Florida who pursued Trayvon Martin, a young, black, unarmed teen, and shot him dead after Martin confronted him. Soon will come the verdict on stop-andfrisk.

A hearing into the city's stop-and-frisk policies in spring heard how Kelly told state senator Eric Adams that “he targeted and focused on [black and Latino youth] because he wanted to instil fear in them every time they left their homes that they could be targeted by the police”.

Each, clearly, is its own case, with its own dynamics. There are many who will favour prosecution in one case but not in another. The point here is not that the cases raise identical issues.

The hearing also heard a secret recording of South Bronx deputy inspector Christopher McCormack telling a subordinate to stop “the right people at the right time, the right location”, and focus stop-and-frisks on “male blacks” between 14 and 21. A decision on the constitutionality of the city's stop-and-frisk practices is expected any time now, marking the latest in a summer of legal showdowns that have exposed both the power and partiality of the American state. Many who previously understood the legal system and its enforcers to be dispassionate arbiters of justice working in the interests of society as a whole have been forced to re-evaluate their assumptions.

And yet they share some crucial traits: each, in its own way, raises fundamental questions about the function and purpose of the American state, the moral underpinnings of the legal system in which it is grounded, and the degree to which the law is designed to work for or against the people in whose name it operates. In each case, in different ways, the following questions become acute: to whom is the state responsible? Who is it supposed to protect? And who is it supposed to protect them from? Manning was sentenced to 90 years (down from 136) after the “aiding the enemy” count was dropped; Zimmerman was acquitted; Snowden was granted asylum in Russia after his US passport was revoked, leaving him holed up in the Moscow airport for weeks.

First came the trial of Bradley Manning, charged in a military court with “aiding the enemy” for passing diplomatic cables and other classified military information to WikiLeaks. Then came the manhunt for Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, who leaked evidence of mass snooping.

Snowden's case is the most blatant. The government insists the mass collection of phone data and surveillance of internet communications—much of which is overseen by a court that few knew existed and which operates in secret—is essential to keep people safe. When questioned about the existence of this type of surveillance, those in charge of it lied “for reasons of security”.

More recently there was the trial of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood

If people knew they would worry, went

the argument, they are safer in their ignorance. Trust us and move on; nothing to see here. Put bluntly, Americans have been told that they are being spied on and misinformed for their own good, leaving them simultaneously infantilized and criminalized. Zimmerman's acquittal is the most challenging because this ostensibly was the judicial system working as it should, complete with televised trial by jury.The acquittal on grounds of self-defence essentially means an unarmed boy has no legal protection against an armed man who, ignoring the advice of the police, decides to follow and shoot him. In such a situation the insistence that the jury faithfully upheld the law is not comforting but deeply troubling. For it confirms the suspicion that the law is deeply selective in terms of whom it seeks to protect and to pursue. The stop-and-frisk case combines the paternalistic logic of the NSA with the crude “policing” strategy of Zimmerman. The NYPD's defence has been that it is in the best interests of the people who live in certain neighborhoods to have their sons, lovers and fathers systemically profiled and systematically harassed. In the hearings McCormack was also recorded saying: “99 per cent of the people in this community are great, hardworking people, who deserve to walk to the train, walk to their car, walk to the store, without becoming crime victims.” Kelly's defenders say he was referring to policing in high-crime areas in general. This is their defence: we must terrorize this village in order to save it.

Those who defend this version of the allpowerful, all-caring state have little choice but to demonize those who oppose it. They assume their powers on the basis that they are best qualified to know what's best for the public, even when the public thinks differently. Those who challenge such hubris are dealt with severely. The enemy in the NSA scandal is not those who are spying on you and lying about it, but the one who tells you about it. The criminal, in the Manning case, is not the soldiers who murder innocent civilians and laugh about it or the politicians who sent them to war but the young man who exposes their crimes. The state is right to be worried. For while it has aggregated power, it has failed to garner the influence to sustain or justify it. Manning said he hoped by releasing the cables he would spark “worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms”. The leaks informed the Arab spring, revealing the venality of the leaders and the complicity of the US. When Snowden came out as a whistleblower, he said his greatest fear was “that nothing will change”. As Obama moves to modestly reform the NSA, the public he claims to be protecting shows growing support for Snowden. Neither the government nor the judiciary has been able to point to a single credible example of how its secrecy, neglect, deception or persecution in these cases has protected anybody or anything. When they insist such measures are crucial for security, they evidently mean security of the state - not the people who live in it. Following Zimmerman's acquittal, Obama was keen to point out that “America is a nation of laws”. Nobody doubts that.

Government Continues Work on Balancing Ontario Government Ensuring Safety and the Budget Durability of Parkway The Ontario government has launched the province's path to jobs and growth to balance the budget, seeking input from the people of Ontario. The consultations started today in Toronto at a meeting with the Minister of Finance's Economic Advisory Panel. The Minister will meet with individuals, organizations, associations and other groups to seek input from across the province on creating the right conditions for job creation and economic growth, the

future of public services and the way forward to balance the budget. This tour builds on the government's promise to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the people of Ontario about jobs and growth to balance the budget in a way that is both fiscally responsible and fair. Providing the right climate to attract investment, create jobs and grow the economy is part of the Ontario government's plan to build a prosperous and fair province for everyone.

Ontario has retained a group of leading experts in structural engineering to review concerns about certain concrete girders used on the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway and make recommendations on next steps. Chaired by Harvey J. Kirsh, a recognized authority in construction law, the experts will assess the safety, durability, quality and performance of girders containing tack-welded steel. Part of the review will involve assessing

the girders' compliance with any applicable act, code or regulation. The girders in question will be removed if their safety and durability cannot be assured and compliance concerns cannot be addressed. All findings will be made public. Investing in modern infrastructure is part of the government's plan to create jobs, strengthen communities and help people in their everyday lives.


Aug 15, 2013

SPORTS Farhat pulls out of Zimbabwe tour due to personal reasons KARACHI: Opener Imran Farhat has pulled out of Pakistan's tour to Zimbabwe, citing personal reasons, and has been replaced by the uncapped Shan Masood, Pakistani cricket chiefs announced Tuesday.

day internationals and two Tests. “The selection committee has consulted and Masood has been selected to replace Farhat in the Test Squad,” the PCB said. Farhat has so far played 40 Tests for Pakistan, the last of which was in South Africa in February this year.

The 31-year-old Farhat has failed to cement his place in the Pakistan team in a turbulent 13 -year career and has often been criticised for lack of consistency.

Masood, 23, is a promising left-handed opener who has been scoring heavily in domestic cricket and has several tours under his belt with Pakistan's second string “A” team.

“Farhat has informed the Board and the national selection committee that due to domestic matters which require his immediate attention he will be unable to proceed to Zimbabwe with the team,” said a Pakistan Cricket Board release.

Pakistan Test squad: Misbah-ul Haq (captain), Mohammad Hafeez, Khurram Manzoor, Shan Masood, Asad Shafiq, Younis Khan, Azhar Ali, Faisal Iqbal, Adnan Akmal, Junaid Khan, Wahab Riaz1, Ehsan Adil, Rahat Ali, Saeed Ajmal, Abdul Rehman.

Farhat had been named in the Test squad for the tour starting on August 23, in which Pakistan will play two Twenty20s, three one-

Khurram vows to prove his mettle in Zimbabwe Tests batsman’s weak areas.“I owe a lot to Rashid [Bhai] for playing a huge part in eliminating the flaws in my batting style since the day I joined the Port Qasim Authority (PQA) team. I used to shuffle a lot in the crease. As a result I got into trouble at times.

KARACHI: After being in the wilderness for three and half years away from Pakistan side, Khurram Manzoor pledged on Sunday to make his second coming count to prove himself at the highest form of cricket during the upcoming Zimbabwe tour. Naturally relieved at his recall to the Test squad, the right-handed opener expressed his gratitude to all those who kept faith in him. “Of course I feel happy, in fact very relieved, to be considered for the national side. The selectors have given me another opportunity to prove myself as a Test cricketer and if I do get a chance to play, I’ll try my utmost to justify my selection for the coming tour,” Khurram said while talking to Dawn in an exclusive interview. Khurram, born in Karachi on June 10, 1986, was understandably pensive when asked to express his feeling during the long absence from international arena. “Yeah, at times I felt extremely frustrated [to be left out] because nobody tried to tell me as to why I had been dropped despite performing well in that match in Hobart,” Khurram said while recalling his last Test appearance against Ricky Ponting’s side at the Bellerive Oval. “It hurts a lot when you do well and then find yourself neglected, particularly when

nobody is prepared to explain the reason behind this [sidelining] decision.” Khurram was inexplicably banished from the national side despite top-scoring with 77 while batting at No. 3 in the second innings of the Hobart Test in January 2010 during the illfated tour of Australia when Pakistan lost all three Tests as well as the limited-overs matches. Former Test opener Mohsin Khan, who took over following the resignation of Iqbal Qasim as the chief selector, never considered Khurram for senior team selection during his tenure nor did Mohammad Ilyas (as interim chief of the selection committee while Mohsin served as

Pakistan coach) as well as Iqbal Qasim during his second term as chairman of selectors. The only internationals Khurram played during this period were ‘A’ Tests in Sri Lanka and the West Indies. In the twomatch series in the Caribbean, Khurram struck back-to-back centuries in the fourday ‘Tests’ at the Arnos Vale Ground in Kingstown, St Vincent’s in November 2010. Khurram credited his comeback to the national team to Rashid Latif, the former Pakistan captain and wicket-keeping great, who had worked hard on the

Rashid then advised me to get out of this habit because by doing this I was giving bowlers big advantage,” Khurram reveals. “Now I try to play [the ball] as late as possible so that I don’t get trapped in the crease. This technique has improved my game tremendously. “It is the key factor that has definitely helped me become a better player than I used to be. And because of this big change [in batting stance] I have managed to get runs on consistent basis during the past 10 months,” Khurram, who accumulated 2104 runs in all forms of the game since last October, pointed out.Khurram, who made 73 as a 16-year-old on his first-class debut for Karachi Blues against Peshawar in December 2002, remembers his debut Test series against Sri Lanka in early 2009 with mixed feelings. “I got 27 in my first Test innings in a game dominated by Younis [Bhai] who made an unforgettable triple century [313] as a captain. It was a privilege for me to part of that side.“In the next match, I was batting on 59 at stumps on the second day. When went back to the hotel that evening I was thinking of scoring a century the next day.

Pakistan U-19 ease to third consecutive win The pick of the Pakistani bowlers was Kamran Ghulam, an upcoming left-arm spinner who claimed figures of four for 18 in his 10 overs. Ghulam was aided by another left arm spinner, Zafar Gohar who claimed three wickets for 14 runs in his 7.4 overs to build on the three early breakthroughs provided by Zia-ul-Haq and Hussain Talat. Struggling against spin, the Bangladesh batsmen could only survive for 43.4 overs with only three of the top nine batsmen reaching double figures. Nazmul Hossain was the only batsman offering significant resistance, scoring 46 runs. The Pakistani batsmen were off to a solid start with both openers scoring half-centuries. Captain Sami Aslam scored a steady 58 before being bowled by Mosaddek Hossain’s off spin. His opening partner, Hussain Talat, however remained not out on 71 as Pakistan eased to victory in the 32nd over with seven wickets to spare. Bangladesh’s leg spinner Jubair Hossain was the pick of the bowlers claiming two wickets but was expensive, giving 34 runs in his four overs. KARACHI: Pakistan won their third consecutive match in the ongoing U-19 tri-nation tournament in England against Bangladesh at the Kibworth Cricket Club in Leicester. Pakistan eased to a seven wicket win with their openers scoring most of the runs after the bowlers had restricted Bangladesh to 149.

Pakistan’s next match is against England on the 13th of August, 0945 GMT.


Aug 15, 2013

Angry Afridi demands cut to 'obscene' movie

KARACHI: Pakistani cricket star Shahid Afridi Wednesday demanded that the producers of a film about a boy emulating his rise to stardom cut an “obscene” scene which he fears could damage his image. The big-hitting all-rounder had given his blessing to “Main Houn Shahid Afridi”(“I am Afridi”) but is now worried it may lead young viewers astray. The $1 million Pakistan-made movie tells the story of a young man who dreams of becoming as great a player as Afridi, and the trials he faces as he tries to follow in his hero's footsteps. Afridi, who hails from Pakistan's deeply conservative tribal district of Khyber on the Afghan border, was furious at a scene in which the hero hugs and kisses a girl in a nightclub.

The scene was shown in trailers for the film on various TV channels. “I had given permission for the film with an aim to give kids some positive healthy entertainment, to divert their minds towards cricket and it should not have obscene things,” said Afridi, 33.

wanted the producer to cut the scene. “A lot of kids and families would go to watch the movie because of me and if they see things like that they will feel bad, so I hope they remove those scenes and run the film,” he said.

“I want to tell the people that the film is not related to my life.”

The movie had already suffered technical glitches which stopped it being released over the Eid holiday weekend.

Afridi, who shot to stardom in 1996 aged 16 when he hit a world record one-day international hundred off 37 balls, said he

Producer Humayun Saeed, a top actor in Pakistan, initially wanted Afridi to take the lead role, but the cricketer said it would not

Top shots from across Pakistan

be in keeping with the traditions of his tribe. Afridi said he was also concerned because the film's promotional material wrongly suggested he had acted in the film. “I had declined the offer to act because my elders are against acting, nor did I charge a single penny from them,” he said. The movie was expected to lift the sagging Pakistani film industry, which struggles to compete with glitzy, bigbudget Bollywood in neighbouring India.


Aug 15, 2013


Aug 15, 2013

Eid ul-Fitr around the world

Muslims have begun celebrating the end of the fasting month of Ramazan with solemn sunrise prayers followed by savoury high-calorie feasts to mark their holiest holiday. Thursday's celebrations come despite concerns over violence looming in parts of Asia and elsewhere. In Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, throngs of believers went to mosques for the start of Eid al-Fitr. The three-day festivities end a month of dawn-to-dusk fasting and prayer for Muslims. The holiday is also a time of reflection, forgiveness and charity.

Singapore firm launches in-flight Muslim prayer app

SINGAPORE: A Singapore-based Muslim holy city of Mecca. company has launched an iPhone app alerting Muslims when to pray and in Crescentrating, a firm that gives “halal” or which direction they should face even when Islam-compliant ratings to hotels and other they're 35,000 feet in the air. travel-related establishments, plans to make the free app, called Crescent Trips, available Travellers input the flight details and are to Android smartphones within months, provided with prayer times during their chief executive Fazal Bahardeen said. journey, as well as the direction of the

The app also includes audio clips of prayers Muslims - required to pray five times daily at certain hours - recite when they travel. “The Muslim traveller is probably the largest untapped market in the travel industry today,” Crescentrating chief operating officer Dany Bolduc said. “It really isn't catered to as well as it

should be given the immense size and potential of this market. ”Spending by Muslim tourists is growing faster than the global rate and is forecast to reach $192 billion a year by 2020, up from $126 billion in 2011, according to a study released last year by Crescentrating and DinarStandard, a US-based firm that tracks the Muslim lifestyle market.


Aug 15, 2013

SHC chief rejects police report on law, order KARACHI, Aug 13: Sindh High Court Chief Justice Mushir Alam turned down on Tuesday a police report and expressed grave concern over the poor law and order situation across the city.

attended the meeting.

It was part of a series of meetings being held to monitor the law and order situation after the June 26 bomb attack on the convoy of Justice Maqbool Baqar, a senior puisne judge Presiding over a meeting held in the SHC of the SHC. building on security issues, the CJ said the enforcement of verdicts of the apex court was The next meeting will be held in September. vital to improvement of law and order.The chief secretary of Sindh, the home secretary, The chief secretary and other functionaries of the additional inspector general of the Sindh the provincial government, police and police, a representative of the director general Rangers briefed the chief justice on the law of the Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), SHC judges and order situation. and other senior government functionaries

The chief justice criticised the police and said the law-enforcement agencies were hiding facts while the law and order situation was deteriorating when additional inspector general of the Sindh police Ghulam Qadir Thebo claimed that the situation in the provincial capital had improved as the average of targeted killing had fallen to seven from 10 persons a day. The home secretary said the government had decided to implement capital punishment as four condemned prisoners would be executed this month in Karachi and Sukkur prisons, adding that the security around the prisons in

Sindh was being strengthened. A Rangers official claimed that courts were providing relief by releasing suspects, detained by Rangers, on bail on the basis of delay in lodging FIRs. The chief justice called the details of such cases. They chief secretary said three bullet-proof vehicles for the SHC judges would be handed over to the high court soon. He also submitted a report on the escape of UTPs and progress reports of conversion of kutchi abadis into settled areas and regularisation of illegal immigrants.

Anti-drone resolution submitted in Punjab Assembly secretariat

LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf an attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty and led (PTI) on Wednesday submitted a to a number of civilian casualties. resolution against drone attacks in the Punjab Assembly secretariat. The resolution moreover said that the federal government should convey to the US The resolution, submitted by MPA Mian that such attacks on Pakistani soil were Aslam Iqbal, stressed that drone attacks – unacceptable. It added that if the US wished which have increased in recent years – were to continue cordial ties with Pakistan, it

must do so on an equal footing and through a process of mutual respect. PTI, headed by Imran Khan, strongly condemns drone attacks on Pakistani territory. In a one-on-one meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry on August 1, Khan had said that drone attacks violated

Pakistan’s sovereignty, and were counterproductive. The resolution was submitted as Punjab Assembly was in session today. The House session, chaired by Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal, began after a delay of an hour and 15 minutes. The session was discussing the new system of local government in Punjab.

Govt ignores TTP threat, to execute three militants ISLAMABAD: Despite threats by the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the government has decided to carry out the execution of condemned prisoners and the death penalty for the first batch of terrorists belonging to outlawed groups will be implemented next week. While the TTP has issued a ‘warning’ to the government to refrain from implementing the death penalties of its members, the interior minister says the new government is determined to establish the writ of law. “There is a huge backlog of 450 cases and we are processing them as fast as we can,” Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told Dawn. “We will continue the process to implement the execution orders so that the law may take its course,” he said. The TTP had said in a letter addressed to the PML-N that both it and the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf should learn from the condition of the Awami National Party (ANP) after getting involved in a conflict with them. An official of the interior ministry said the government had decided to deal with all cases of execution on a case-to -case basis and those related to terrorism were being selected. Sources in the federal government said that three condemned prisoners were to be executed next week in the Sukkur Central Prison. The three Lashkar-i-Jhangvi terrorists are Attaullah, to be executed on Aug 20, Mohammad Azam on Aug 21 and Jalal on Aug 22. Attaullah was awarded death sentence in six cases by an antiterrorism court in Karachi on July 6, 2004,

and Azam was sentenced to death in four cases by the same court. Implementation of death penalties has been on hold in the country since 2008 when the former PPP government decided against it and a presidential order imposed a moratorium. Soon after taking charge, the PML-N government decided that the condemned terrorists needed to be hanged so that their network could be abolished. The moratorium on executions ended on June 30. Information Minister Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said death sentences had been awarded by courts and not the PML-N. He said the strategy to counter the

threats against the PML-N or the federal or Punjab governments could not be discussed on the media. The sources in the interior ministry said the files for the execution orders of five more condemned prisoners belonging to the LJ/ TTP had been forwarded to the prime minister’s office. They said the cases would be sent to the president so that the death warrants could be issued. Although all executions have to be approved by the president, an official said was likely that the files might not be signed by President Asif Ali Zardari. “The government may have to wait till the new president takes charge on Sept 8,” the official added. The PPP not

only stopped executions of the condemned prisoners during its rule but the outgoing president also reportedly resisted signing ‘black warrants’ of the three prisoners when the files were forwarded to him last month. The government got the death warrants signed by the acting president, Senate Chairman Nayyar Hussain Bokhari, when Mr Zardari was on leave in the second week of July. A police official in Islamabad said a plot to attack a Shia mosque on the Eid day could have been a signal for Mr Bokhari whose residence was few hundred yards ahead on the same road in Bara Kahu and many of his relatives visited the place of worship.


Aug 15, 2013

Art galleries: the more the merrier?

KARACHI: Over the last few years, Pakistan, especially Karachi, has seen an unprecedented boom in the field of fine arts. Suddenly artists are coming to the fore by the dozens, without dethroning the established names making the art scene all the more richer. Of course, it has a lot to do with the opening of many an art gallery. Till a decade back, it would have been termed foolhardiness to entertain the thought that Karachi would have 10 art galleries. Today that number has quadrupled and no one is complaining.This has generated a debate regarding whether a majority of these art spaces are genuinely promoting art. Some are even of the view that the quantity versus quality issue has assumed relevance and the mushrooming of dozens of galleries has made it difficult for art lovers, particularly those who like art but need professional advice to understand it, to discern what to see and what not to see, where to go where not to go. Talking to Dawn, artist and curator

Shakira Masood said, “There was a time when I used to categorize galleries, not anymore. But let’s give them their due. It was Chowkandi which set the ball rolling. Before that Ali Imam used to run the show and there was no market as such. Today it’s very different. And it has generally benefited the art scene. It would be snobbish to say that so and so is a commercial gallery and so and so isn’t.”

commerce and patronage; any craft that has patronage will flourish. If you are buying a painting, how do you know what its worth? For that you have to follow the new graduates, attend a few exhibitions and establish a rapport. When people talk to us and question us (at the museum) it makes us feel happy. One has to visit and talk to the gallery owners from time to time and then follow the career of the artist.

Ms Masood feels these days artists have equal opportunity and the competition amongst them is getting healthier by the day. “It is of course a good sign. Our artists have places to go. Those who get rejected by high-end galleries have other galleries to go to. The amazing thing is that people outside of Pakistan are now becoming aware of Pakistani art. As for the quality issue, I don’t encourage copycats,” says Ms Masood.

One doesn’t have to necessarily pay a vast amount. It can be done skillfully. What is good about some of the art galleries is that they promote young painters and sculptors. To be able to see that kind of art is an experience in itself.”

Mohatta Palace Museum Director Nasreen Askari said, “You have to become somewhat dedicated to the cause. An increased number of art galleries means

According to Ms Askari, in today’s art world, there’s a place for everybody. “People talk about the framers who ended up running art galleries. I think there’s a place for everybody. I know someone who started off as a small, inconsequential artist and is now a very posh, well-equipped gallery owner. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

The Foundation for Museum of Modern Art’s Jalal Uddin said, “We’re looking at the emergence and substantial growth of an art industry. I couldn’t say that five or 10 years back. In the last 10 years, there has been a mushrooming of galleries which has had a positive effect. Not just the artists have improve but also the standard of art writing has gone up. The writing has been qualitative, encouraging the artist to think out of the box. All of it has ultimately led to the growth of the industry. “Take the example of the UAE. There they have a huge market but their indigenous movement is not deep enough. Unless you have a strong art movement in the country itself, any amount of imported art material will only have a limited appeal.” Like other experts, Ms Jalalu Uddin too was in favour of artists having a competitive streak. However, he had a word of caution. “Any competition is healthy so long as it is a competition which is fair, open and transparent.”

Hand grenade attacks kill two Ismailis, wound 28 in Karachi KARACHI: Twin hand grenade attacks killed at least two people and wounded 28 others belonging to Ismaili Muslim community, a faction of Shia Islam, in Pakistan's port city of Karachi on Tuesday, officials said. The first attack took place in the Karimabad neighbourhood during rush hour, creating panic in the area. “A hand grenade fell inside worship place of Ismaili community, killing a woman and a child and wounding 26 others,” senior

local police official, Aamir Farooqi told AFP. The community follows billionaire Prince Karim Aga Khan, who lives in France, and considers him as spiritual leader. A local intelligence official also confirmed the attack and casualties. Another hand grenade targeting Ismailis worshipping in the western district of Metroville injured two people, local police official Asif Ejaz Sheikh said.

Nobody has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks but Karachi, a city of 18 million people, is rife with murder and kidnappings and has been plagued for years by ethnic, sectarian and political violence. Meanwhile, at least two people were injured in as many hand grenade and homemade bomb attacks in Karachi’s twin city Hyderabad. One of the attacks was reportedly targeted a stall, setup to sell national flags in the wake of Independence Day celebrations for


Aug 15, 2013

Authorities told to be on alert amid flood fears LAHORE: A strong westerly wave in league with a monsoon low pressure over India began to give widespread heavy to very heavy rain in the country on Tuesday, generating fears of high floods in the rivers and their tributaries in the next three to four days. “The situation is alarming and the authorities concerned must remain on high alert to avert loss of life and property,” Flood Forecasting Division’s chief Riaz Khan said. It rained in many cities, but the most affected was Islamabad which received 109mm of rain. It remained heavily overcast in Lahore and it began to rain in the evening. According to a red alert issued by the Meteorological Department, most parts of the country are likely to receive widespread rain in the next three days that could be heavy to very heavy in places like Islamabad, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, eastern Balochistan and Kashmir on Wednesday and Thursday. Scattered rain and thundershower with isolated heavy rainfall are expected in Sindh. Heavy rains are likely to generate urban and flash flooding in the vulnerable areas. The FFD warned about a high risk of flash flooding in the local streams and storm water channels of Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Lahore, Peshawar, Hazara, Mardan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, Zhob, Sibi, Naseerabad and Kalat divisions and Kashmir on Wednesday and Thursday.

and their tributaries Bhimber, Bhundar, Halsi, hill torrents of D.G. Khan and northeast Daulti, Aik, Palku, Kahan and Bunnah will be Balochistan. The department forecast The Sutlej at Ganda Singhwala is likely to be widespread thunderstorm and rain with in high to very high flood. in low flood (65,000 to 75,000 cusecs) during scattered heavy to extremely heavy falls over the next 24 hours. Very high to exceptionally Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, high flood is expected in river Jhelum at The same flood level is likely in the Sargodha, Peshawar, Kohat, Hazara, tributaries of the Ravi (Deg, Bhed, Hasri, Mangla (upstream). High flood is likely in the Malakand, Mardan, D.I. Khan and Kashmir Jhajri, Bassantar, Bein, Ujh, Tarnah), and the Indus at Kalabagh and Chashma from rivers Kabul, Kurram, Gambila, Soan and along with Multan and D.G. Khan. Wednesday to Thursday. their tributaries. Fairly widespread thunderstorm and rain The Chenab at Marala, Khanki and Qadirabad Severe flash flooding is also expected in the is also expected in Sahiwal, Bahawalpur,

Quetta, Kalat, Zhob and Naseerabad. On Tuesday, Islamabad Zero Point received 109mm of rain, Islamabad Airport 92, Noor Pur Thal 82, Mianwali 70, Murree 69, Faisalabad 71, Peshawar City 56, Rawalakot 54, Jhang 48, Kakul 46, Balakot 44, Kotli 42, Garhi Dupatta 40, Sialkot Cantt and Jhelum 35, Mandi Bahauddin and Chakwal 30, Gujranwala 25, Muzaffarabad 24, Khuzdar 22, Pattan 19, Saidu Sharif 14, Malam Jabba 13, Risalpur 10 and Cherat

Security high alert in Islamabad to remain till Eid, says IGP

LAHORE: During a meeting in Lahore to review the law and order situation of Punjab, provincial chief minister Shahbaz Sharif said Tuesday that a special force would be constituted to protect foreigners. Following a briefing by the Inspector General of Police Punjab, Aftab Sultan, on the current security situation of the province, Shahbaz said law enforcement was a top priority of his government.

The chief minister asked police and law enforcement agencies to remain alert in case of any untoward incident. Given the recent rise in terrorism, he ordered the recruitment of 4,000 constables in the police force.

This order comes hot on the heels of a recent attack on foreign climbers in Pakistan that caused an international uproar and led the federal government to suspend expeditions on Nanga Parbat, the country’s second highest mountain peak, until the security situation Speaking on the security of foreigners in the could be brought under control. province, Shahbaz said short-term and longterm planning should be done for their With 14 August just around the corner, the protection. He stressed on the importance of chief minister stressed on fool-proof security implementing strict security measures for measures as well as on strictly implementing their security. the ban on one-wheeling.

The ban was imposed on both one-wheeling and motorbikes without silencers on August 6 by the City District Government of Lahore under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The chief minister also directed the authorities to ensure that traffic in the province remained smooth and normal on August 14 in view of the celebrations for the upcoming Independence Day.


Aug 15, 2013

450 Grooms Wed GIRLS Under Ten In Gaza

A gala event has occurred in Gaza . Hamas sponsored a mass wedding for four hundred and fifty couples. Most of the grooms were in their mid to late twenties; most of brides were under ten. Muslim dignitaries including Mahmud Zahar, a leader of Hamas, were on hand to

congratulate the couples who took part in the carefully staged celebration. We are saying to the world and to America that you cannot deny us joy and happiness, Zahar told the grooms, all of whom were dressed in identical black suits and hailed from the nearby Jabalia refugee

camp. Each groom received a gift of 500 dollars from Hamas. The pre-pubescent girls, dressed in white gowns and adorned with garish makeup, received bridal bouquets.

We are presenting this wedding as a gift to our people who stood firm in the face of the siege and the war, Local Hamas strongman Ibrahim Salaf said in a speech. The wedding photos tell the rest of the sordid tale.

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT WLADYSLAW LIZON WELCOMES OVER 450 CONSTITUENTS TO COMMUNITY BARBEQUE Mississauga, ON Wladyslaw Lizon, MP for Mississauga East-Cooksville, welcomed over 450 constituents and guests to his third annual Community Barbeque on Sunday afternoon, August 11th.

“This event provides a great opportunity to celebrate our community and meet with Hosted by Lizon at the Mississauga Valley residents who took the time to offer their Park, the event included complimentary lunch advice and share their thoughts while enjoying a delicious lunch,” said Lizon. and refreshments. Mississauga East-Cooksville,” said Lizon.

“I want to thank all of those who took the Children had fun in the kids’ centre where time to attend our annual barbeque. they were able to get their faces painted, blow bubbles, colour and chat with representatives I always appreciate meeting with parents, from the Peel Regional Police, Peel Regional children and members of our community to Ambulance and Mississauga Fire talk about how we can work together for Department.

distribution. “I’m proud to represent not only a wonderfully diverse riding, but also a riding that is so supportive in helping those less fortunate,” said Lizon.

Lizon invited the Mississauga Food Bank to partner in helping to collect non-perishable Lizon was first elected as Member of donations. Parliament for Mississauga East-Cooksville in the spring of 2011. He has hosted his Over 150 pounds of food was collected and Community Barbeque each summer since that brought to the Food Bank warehouse for time.

Canadian Pakistan Times 15th August 2013  

Published every week from Ontario - Canada. Happy Birthday "Pakistan - India". May both progress together hand in hand years to come....Amen...

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