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Canongate from January to June 2018

Canongate is an independent publisher: since 1973 we’ve worked to unearth and amplify the most vital, exciting voices we can find, wherever they come from, and we’ve published all kinds of books – thoughtful, upsetting, gripping, beatific, vulgar, chaste, unrepentant, life-changing . . . Along the way there have been landmarks of fiction – including Alasdair Gray’s masterpiece Lanark, and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi – the best-ever-selling Booker winner – and non-fiction too. We’ve published an American president and a Guantanamo detainee; we’ve campaigned for causes we believe in and fought court cases to get our authors heard. And twice we’ve won Publisher of the Year. We’re still independent, and we’re as committed to unorthodox and innovative publishing as ever.

HOW TO STOP TIME Matt Haig THE NUMBER TWO SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Tom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinary 41-year-old but he’s been alive for centuries. From Elizabethan England to Jazz-Age Paris, from New York to the South Seas, Tom has seen it all. Always changing his identity to stay alive, Tom has the perfect cover – working as a history teacher in London. But the past is fast catching up with him. The only thing he must not do is fall in love . . . ‘Original and fascinating’ Stylist ‘Heartwarming’ Daily Telegraph ‘A book to relish’ Metro PAPERBACK 28 December 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 864 0 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 863 3 Audio download / £14.99 978 1 78211 865 7 Rights: WxEinUS, C

‘A rollicking time-hopping fantasy . . . will provoke wonder and delight’ Observer

Matt Haig is the number one bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive, The Humans and four other highly acclaimed books for adults. With The Radleys he won the TV Book Club ‘book of the series’ and The Humans was chosen as a World Book Night title. As a writer for children and young adults he has won the Blue Peter Book Award, the Smarties Book Prize and been shortlisted three times for the Carnegie Medal. His work has been translated into over 30 languages. twitter @matthaig1 link

Reasons to Stay Alive 9781782116820 / £8.99 The Humans 9780857868787 / £8.99 The Radleys 9781782116882 / £8.99

Paperback Fiction


THE GENTLE ART OF SWEDISH DEATH CLEANING How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter

Margareta Magnusson Döstädning, or the art of death cleaning, is a Swedish phenomenon by which the elderly and their families set their affairs in order. Whether it’s sorting the family heirlooms from the junk, downsizing to a smaller place, or setting up a system to help you stop misplacing your keys, death cleaning gives us the chance to make the later years of our lives as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Whatever your age, Swedish death cleaning can be used to help you declutter your life, and take stock of what’s important. Margareta Magnusson has death cleaned for herself and for many others. Radical and joyous, her guide is an invigorating, touching and surprising process that can help you or someone you love immeasurably, and offers the chance to celebrate and reflect on all the tiny joys that make up a long life along the way.

HARDBACK 28 December 2017 B-format hardback / £12.99 978 1 78689 108 2 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78689 109 9 Audio download / £10.99 978 1 78689 222 5 Rights: UKCWxC, AN, eEU

Margareta Magnusson was born in Gothenburg in Sweden one New Year’s Eve, somewhere between eighty and a hundred years ago. She has worked for many years as an artist and has had her work exhibited as far as Singapore and Hong Kong.


Hardback Non-fiction

You embraced hygge and mastered konmari; now meet Döstädning, or death cleaning: the Scandinavian art of shedding unnecessary things to make our lives as joyful as possible, at any age

BLOODY JANUARY Alan Parks When a teenage boy shoots a young woman dead in the middle of a busy Glasgow street and then commits suicide, Detective Harry McCoy is sure of one thing. It wasn’t a random act of violence. With his new partner in tow, McCoy uses his underworld network to lead the investigation but soon runs up against a secret society led by Glasgow’s wealthiest family, the Dunlops. McCoy’s boss doesn’t want him to investigate. The Dunlops seem untouchable. But McCoy has other ideas . . . ‘Gripping’ Quintin Jardine ‘Brilliantly evocative of the 1970s in Glasgow’ Alex Gray HARDBACK 28 December 2017 Royal hardback / £12.99 978 1 78689 133 4 Trade paperback / £12.99 978 1 78689 134 1 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78689 135 8 Rights: W/ExUS

The first in a new series of crime novels from the next dark and exciting voice in Scottish noir

‘Bloody and brilliant. This smasher from Alan Parks is a reminder of how dark Glasgow used to be’ Louise Welsh

Alan Parks was born in Scotland and has spent most of his working life in music. From cover artwork to videos to photo sessions, he commissioned groundbreaking campaigns for a wide range of artists including New Order, The Streets, Marina and the Diamonds and All Saints. In 2015 he returned to Glasgow and began work on his debut novel, Bloody January.


WHEN HARDBACK 9 January 2018 Royal hardback / £20 978 1 78211 988 3 Trade paperback / £14.99 978 1 78211 989 0

Ebook / £14.39 978 1 78211 990 6 Audio download / £10.99 978 1 78689 182 2

The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Daniel H. Pink

Rights: UKCWxC, neEU

Unlock the scientific secrets to good timing, to help you flourish at work, school, and at home: the new book from the internationally bestselling author of Drive and To Sell is Human

Timing is everything. But we don’t know much about timing itself. Timing, it’s often assumed, is an art; in When, Pink shows that timing is in fact a science. Drawing on a rich trove of research from psychology, biology and economics, Pink reveals how best to live, work and succeed. How can we use the hidden patterns of the day to build the ideal schedule? Why do certain breaks dramatically improve student test scores? How can we turn a stumbling beginning into a fresh start? When should you have your first coffee of the day? Why is singing in time with other people as good for us as exercise? And what is the ideal time to quit a job, switch careers, or get married? In When, Pink distills cutting edge research and data on timing and synthesizes them into a fascinating, readable narrative packed with irresistible stories and practical takeaways that give readers compelling insights into how we can live richer, more engaged lives.

Daniel H. Pink is the author of several books, including the New York Times bestselling Drive, To Sell is Human and A Whole New Mind. His books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. He lives in Washington D.C. with his wife and children.

Drive 9781786891709 / £9.99 To Sell is Human 9780857867209 / £9.99 [new editions: 5 July 2018]


Hardback Non-fiction

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CHARLOTTE David Foenkinos ‘Sad, beautiful, indignant, wrenching, important’ Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent Charlotte Salomon is born into a family stricken by suicide and a country at war. But there is something exceptional about her – she has a gift, a talent for painting. And she has a great love, for a brilliant, eccentric musician. But just as she is coming into her own as an artist, death is coming to control her country. The Nazis have come to power and, as a Jew in Berlin, Charlotte’s life is narrowing, and she knows every second is precious. Inspiring, unflinching, terrible and hopeful, Charlotte is the heartbreaking true story of a life filled with curiosity, animated by genius and cut short by hatred

David Foenkinos is an award-winning French novelist and screenwriter. Charlotte, inspired by the life of Charlotte Salomon, won the Prix Renaudot and the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens; it has sold more than half a million copies in France and been translated into nineteen languages. Sam Taylor previously translated HHhH, by Laurent Binet, and is the author of the novels The Island at the End of the World, The Amnesiac and The Republic of Trees. He lives in France and the United States. Charlotte Salomon was born in Berlin, 1917. Unknown in her lifetime, she was one of Germany’s great modern artists. Her greatest achievement was Life? or Theatre? A Song-play – an autobiographical series of 769 works, which she painted over two years in the South of France while in hiding from the Nazis. It has gone on to inspire films, plays and an opera. Salomon died in Auschwitz in 1943, gassed along with her unborn child shortly after her arrival.


Paperback Fiction

PAPERBACK 4 January 2018 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 796 4 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 795 7 Rights: UKCW, eEU, neH

The international bestseller: the tragic and triumphant story of one of the twentieth century’s most extraordinary but little-known artists

THE BOOK OF JOAN Lidia Yuknavitch ‘Radically new, full of maniacal invention and page-turning momentum’ Jeff VanderMeer, New York Times In the near future, world wars have transformed the earth into a battleground. Fleeing the unending violence and the planet’s nowradioactive surface, humans have regrouped to a mysterious platform known as CIEL, hovering over their erstwhile home. The changed world has turned evolution on its head: the surviving humans have become sexless, hairless, pale-white creatures floating in isolation, inscribing stories upon their skin.

HARDBACK 18 January 2018 Demy hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 239 3 Trade paperback / £10.99 978 1 78689 240 9 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78689 241 6 Rights: UKCW, neEU

In this genre-defying masterpiece, Lidia Yuknavitch offers a vision of our near-extinction and a re-imagined Joan of Arc poised to save a world ravaged by war

Out of the ranks of the endless wars rises Jean de Men, a charismatic and bloodthirsty cult leader who turns CIEL into a quasi-corporate police state. A group of rebels unite to dismantle his iron rule – galvanised by the heroic song of Joan, a child-warrior who possesses a mysterious force that lives within her. A riveting tale of destruction and love found in the direst of places, Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Book of Joan raises questions about what it means to be human, the fluidity of sex and gender, and the role of art as a means for survival. It’s a genre-defying masterpiece that may very well rewire your brain.

Lidia Yuknavitch is the author of two novels – The Small Backs of Children and Dora: A Headcase – three books of short fiction and a widely acclaimed memoir, The Chronology of Water. Her TED talk ‘The Beauty of Being a Misfit’ has received over 2 million views. Lidia received her doctorate in Literature from the University of Oregon where she now lives and teaches.

Hardback Fiction


HARDBACK 1 February 2018 Demy hardback / £12.99 978 1 78211 849 7 Trade paperback / £10.99 978 1 78211 851 0 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78211 850 3 Rights: UKCWxC, eEU

The mesmerising new novel from the winner of the Costa Short Story Award, following her debut novel Himself, a BBC Radio 2 Book Club Choice

THE HOARDER Jess Kidd Maud Drennan – underpaid carer and unintentional psychic – is the latest in a long line of dogsbodies for the ancient, belligerent Cathal Flood. Yet despite her best efforts, Maud is becoming drawn into the mysteries concealed in his filthy, once-grand home. She realises that something is changing: Cathal, and the junk-filled rooms, are opening up to her. With only her agoraphobic landlady and a troop of sarcastic ghostly saints to help, Maud must uncover what lies beneath Cathal’s decades-old hostility, and the strange activities of the house itself. And if someone has hidden a secret there, how far will they go to ensure it remains buried?

Jess Kidd completed her first degree in Literature with The Open University, and has since taught creative writing and gained a PhD in Creative Writing Studies. She has also worked as a support worker specialising in acquired brain injury. In 2016, Jess won the Costa Short Story Award for ‘Dirty Little Fishes’ and her debut novel Himself was selected for the BBC Radio 2 Book Club and shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. In 2017, Himself was shortlisted for the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award and longlisted for the CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger. Jess was brought up in London as part of a large family from Mayo, and plans to settle somewhere along the west coast of Ireland in the next few years. Until then, she lives in London with her daughter.

Himself 9781782118480 / £8.99

10 Hardback Fiction


Childhood Adversity and the Untold Story of Resilience

Meg Jay In this seminal new study of resilience, Meg Jay tells the stories of a diverse group of people who have overcome trauma in their childhoods to go on and live successful lives as adults. These are the 'supernormal', who having shouldered greater than average hardship as children defy expectation and achieve better than average success as adults. But how, and at what cost? Whether it was experiencing parental divorce, or growing up with an alcohol or drug-abusing parent, living with a parent or sibling with mental illness, being bullied, living in poverty, being a witness to domestic violence, suffering physical or emotional neglect, the people Meg Jay introduces us to are all survivors. Bringing together personal, scientific and cultural knowledge Jay gives a voice to the experience of the 'supernormal', furnishes them with the tools to better understand themselves and take full advantage of their strengths, and gives a window into their world for those who seek to understand them.

Meg Jay, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who specialises in adult development. She is an assistant clinical professor at University of Virginia, and maintains a private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her first book, The Defining Decade, has sold more than 200,000 copies, and inspired one of the most-watched TED talks of all time. @drmegjay

The Defining Decade 9781782114925 / £14.99

12 Hardback Non-Fiction

HARDBACK 1 February 2018 Royal hardback / £20 978 1 78211 494 9 Trade paperback / £14.99 978 1 78689 299 7 Ebook / £14.39 978 1 78211 495 6 Audio download / £14.99 978 1 78211 496 3 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU, neH

A groundbreaking study of trauma and survival from the internationally bestselling psychology phenomenon Meg Jay

IN THE PINES Erik Kriek Inspired by classic murder ballads – songs, some of them centuries old, which narrate tales of violence and skulduggery, and have been covered by artists including Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Steve Earle and Gillian Welch – In the Pines delves deeps into the dark backwoods of Americana to unearth five classic tales of love, crime, betrayal and death. Eerie, bloody, wistful and strange, In the Pines will lead you down where the wild roses grow – to the very heart of the forest, where the ghosts wander, their long-buried secrets unfurling in song.

HARDBACK 1 February 2018 Hardback / £18.99 978 1 78689 214 0 Ebook / £15.19 978 1 78689 215 7

Erik Kriek is an award-winning graphic artist. His work has featured in a wide variety of international magazines and newspapers, and he has written and drawn the comic book Gutsman since 1994. In the Pines was awarded the 2016 Rudolph Dirks Award and ‘Album of the Year’ by the 2017 Dutch Comics Days, and has been translated into seven languages. He lives in Amsterdam.

Rights: UKCWxC, AN, neEU

An eerie and strange graphic novelisation of five classic murder ballads, by the award-winning  Erik Kriek

Hardback Graphic Novel 13

DARKE Rick Gekoski ‘Stuffed with more wisdom, bile, wit and tenderness than many writers create in a lifetime. In James Darke we have a hero as troubled and eternal as King Lear’ The Times Dr James Darke has expelled himself from the world. He writes compulsively in his ‘coming of old age’ journal; he eats little, drinks and smokes a lot; he tries to console himself with the wisdom of the great thinkers and poets, yet finds nothing but disappointment. But cracks of light start to appear in his carefully managed darkness – the tender, bruised filaments of love for his daughter and grandson. With scalding prose, ruthless intelligence and an unforgettably vivid protagonist, Darke confronts some of humanity’s greatest and most uncomfortable questions about how we choose to live, and to die.

Rick Gekoski is a writer, rare-book dealer and academic. He has written several widely praised nonfiction books including Staying Up, Tolkien’s Gown, Outside of a Dog and Lost, Stolen or Shredded. This is his first novel. In 2005 he was one of the judges for the Man Booker Prize, and was then Chair of the judges for the Man Booker International Prize 2011. He teaches creative non-fiction for the Arvon Foundation, and sits on their Development Board. In 2010 he was elected a Trustee of English PEN.

14 Paperback Fiction

PAPERBACK 1 February 2018 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 939 5 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 938 8 Rights: W

A daringly entertaining debut novel about the nature of a good life and a good death

FOREVER WORDS The Unknown Poems

Johnny Cash ‘Unmistakably personal . . . Strikingly evocative’ New York Times Since his first recordings in 1955, Johnny Cash has been an icon in the music world. In his newly discovered poems and song lyrics, we see the world through his eyes. The poetry reveals his depth of understanding, both of the world around him and within – his frailties and his strengths alike. He pens verses in his hallmark voice, reflecting upon love, pain, freedom, fame and mortality. Edited and introduced by Paul Muldoon, with a foreword by John Carter Cash, this is a book sure to delight and surprise fans the world over.

PAPERBACK 1 February 2018 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78689 196 9 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 995 1 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU

A treasure trove of never-before-published poems and songs from the legendary Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash (1932–2003) was an American icon and country music superstar. He was the youngest person ever to be chosen for the Country Music Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992, the Gospel Hall of Fame and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. He appeared in feature films, hosted his own television show, won nineteen Grammy awards, and performed everywhere from the Folsom State Prison to the White House. John Carter Cash is an accomplished and awardwinning record producer. He is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist. He is the only son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. He is also the author of six books. Paul Muldoon is the author of twelve collections of verse, including Moy Sand and Gravel, which won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize. He is Howard Clark Professor at Princeton University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Literature and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Paperback Poetry 15

HARDBACK 27 February 2018 Royal hardback / £20 978 1 78211 838 1 Trade paperback / £14.99 978 1 78211 839 8 Ebook / £12.79 978 1 78211 840 4 Audio download / £19.99 978 1 78689 287 4 Rights: UKCWxC, AN, neEU

The extraordinary and highly anticipated memoir from visionary film-maker David Lynch


David Lynch and Kristine McKenna In this memoir, David Lynch – co-creator of Twin Peaks and writer and director of groundbreaking films like Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive – opens up about a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he has made along the way and the struggles he has faced – sometimes successful, sometimes not – to bring his projects to fruition. Part-memoir, part-biography, Room to Dream interweaves Lynch’s own reflections on his life with the story of those times, as told by Kristine McKenna, drawing from extensive and explosive interviews with ninety of Lynch’s friends, family members, actors, agents, musicians and collaborators. Lynch responds to each recollection and reveals the inner story of the life behind the art.

David Lynch advanced to the front ranks of international cinema in 1977 with the release of his first film, the startlingly original Eraserhead. Since then, Lynch has been nominated for two best director Academy Awards, for The Elephant Man and Blue Velvet, awarded the Palme d’Or for Wild at Heart and established himself as an artist of tremendous range and wit. In 1990, Twin Peaks mania swept the country when his groundbreaking television series premiered on ABC: in May 2017 it returned for a new season. Kristine McKenna is a widely published critic and journalist who wrote for the Los Angeles Times from 1977 through 1998. Her profiles and criticism have appeared in Artforum, The New York Times, Artnews, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post and Rolling Stone Magazine.

16 Hardback Non-fiction


The Caribbean and the World

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro Clustered together in azure-blue waters are a collection of little islands whose culture, history and people have touched every corner of the world. From the moment Columbus gazed out at what he mistook for India, and wrote in his journal of ‘the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen,’ the Caribbean has been the subject of fantasies, myths and daydreams. But these islands are so much more than gloss, white sand and palm trees, they form a region rich in colour, beauty and strength. Home of the Rastafarian faith, Che Guevara’s stomping ground and birthplace of reggae, the Caribbean has produced some of the world’s most famous artists, activists, writers, musicians and sportsmen – from Usain Bolt to Bob Marley and from Harry Belafonte to V. S. Naipaul. In the pages of Island People we hear the voices of the Caribbean people, explore their home and learn what it means to them, and to the world. ‘One of those rare writers who bridges worlds – between deep scholarship and lively and accessible writing, between islands and mainlands, between big ideas and precise details, between history and possibility ’ Rebecca Solnit ‘Written with passion and joyful music in the prose, Island People will become an indispensable companion for anybody travelling to the Caribbean – or dreaming of doing so’ Suketu Mehta

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro is a geographer and writer whose work has appeared in the New York Review of Books, New Yorker, Harper’s, the Believer, Artforum, and the Nation, among many other publications. Educated at Yale and Berkeley, he is the co-editor, with Rebecca Solnit, of Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas, and a visiting scholar at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge. This is his first book.

18 Paperback Non-fiction

PAPERBACK 1 February 2018 B-format paperback / £12.99 978 1 78211 562 5 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78211 560 1 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU

A highly topical and accessible exploration of the Caribbean Islands, their history and peoples

WAITING FOR THE LAST BUS Reflections on Life and Death

Richard Holloway Where do we go when we die? Or is there nowhere to go? Is death something we can do or is it just something that happens to us? Now in his ninth decade, former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway has spent a lifetime at the bedsides of the dying, guiding countless men and women towards peaceful deaths. In Waiting for the Last Bus, he presents a positive, meditative and profound exploration of the many important lessons we can learn from death: facing up to the limitations of our bodies as they falter, reflecting on our failings, and forgiving ourselves and others.

HARDBACK 1 March 2018 Demy hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 021 4 Trade paperback / £12.99 978 1 78689 022 1

Ebook / £11.99 978 1 78689 023 8 Audio download / £10.99 978 1 78689 225 6 Rights: W

A moving and profound exploration of life’s greatest mystery

Radical, joyful and moving, Waiting for the Last Bus is an invitation to reconsider life's greatest mystery by one of the most important and beloved religious leaders of our time. Richard Holloway was Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church. A former Gresham Professor of Divinity and Chairman of the Joint Board of the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen, he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Leaving Alexandria won the PEN/Ackerley Prize 2013 and was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2013. Holloway has written for many newspapers in Britain, including The Times, Guardian, Observer, Herald and Scotsman. He has also presented many series for BBC television and radio; Waiting for the Last Bus originated as a five-part series on Radio 4 in 2016.

Leaving Alexandria 9780857860743 / £8.99 On Forgiveness 9781782116288 / £8.99

Hardback Non-fiction 19

HARDBACK 1 March 2018 Demy hardback / £12.99 978 1 78689 187 7 Trade paperback / £12.99 978 1 78689 188 4

Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78689 189 1 Audio download / £14.99 978 1 78689 190 7 Rights: W

A rich, wild and heart-warming debut about the end of childhood, the strength of a sister’s love and the power of nature to heal even the deepest wounds

SAL Mick Kitson ‘A breath of fresh air in a book. Sal is a story with incredible heart . . . I loved it’ Joanna Cannon, bestselling author of The Trouble with Goats and Sheep This is a story of something like survival. Sal planned it for almost a year before they ran. She nicked an Ordnance Survey map from the school library. She bought a compass, a Bear Grylls knife, waterproofs and a first aid kit from Amazon using credit cards she’d robbed. She read the SAS Survival Handbook and watched loads of YouTube videos. And now Sal knows a lot of stuff. Like how to build a shelter and start a fire. How to estimate distances, snare rabbits and shoot an airgun. And how to protect her sister, Peppa. Because Peppa is ten, which is how old Sal was when Robert started on her. Told in Sal’s distinctive voice, and filled with the silent, dizzying beauty of rural Scotland, Sal is a disturbing, uplifting story of survival, of the kindness of strangers, and the irrepressible power of sisterly love; a love that can lead us to do extraordinary and unimaginable things.

Mick Kitson was born in South Wales, and studied English at university before launching the prolific 80’s pop band, The Senators, with his brother Jim. He worked as a journalist for several years, then went on to become an English teacher. Mick lives in Fife, Scotland with his wife Jill and bad-tempered dog Lucy. He has three grown-up children, and spends more time than is good for him fly fishing for sea trout, reading, playing the banjo and growing strawberries. He also builds boats. Sal is his first novel.

20 Hardback Fiction


A Philosopher’s Search for Ecstatic Experience

Jules Evans

‘Compelling . . . His sensitivity as a thinker, like his skill as a storyteller, is never in doubt’ Guardian Since the Enlightenment, western culture has written off ecstatic experience as a form of mental illness. But why should rationality be considered the highest part of human nature when we are capable of so many more states of experience? Piecing together interviews, analysis of ancient and modern philosophy, and his own eclectic encounters with the sublime, philosopher Jules Evans mounts an investigation into what we can gain from mastering the art of losing control. From Aristotle and Plato to the Bishop of London and Sister Bliss, radical Jihadis to Silicon Valley transhumanists, The Art of Losing Control is a funny, life-enhancing journey that will change the way you think about how you feel.

Jules Evans is policy director at the Centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations, which was published in 19 countries and was a Times Book of the Year. Jules has written for The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Spectator and WIRED and is a BBC New Generation Thinker. He also runs the London Philosophy Club, the world’s biggest philosophy club. twitter @julesevans77

22 Paperback Non-fiction

PAPERBACK 1 March 2018 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 878 7 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 877 0 Rights: W

A wise, witty and dynamic guide to the philosophy of human ecstasy from the leading expert in the modern science of ecstatic experience

STAY WITH ME Ayòbámi Adébáyò. . Yejide is hoping for a miracle, for a child. It is all her husband wants, all her mother-in-law wants, and she has tried everything. But when her relatives insist upon a new wife, it is too much for Yejide to bear. Unravelling against the social and political turbulence of 1980s Nigeria, Stay With Me is a story of the fragility of married love, the undoing of family, the power of grief, and the all-consuming bonds of motherhood. It is a tale about the desperate attempts we make to save ourselves, and those we love, from heartbreak.

PAPERBACK 1 March 2018 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 960 9 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 959 3 Audio download / £14.99 978 1 78689 153 2 Rights: WxEinUS, C, Nigeria, Kenya

Shortlisted for the 2017 Baileys Prize, this Nigerian debut is the heart-breaking tale of what wanting a child can do to a person, a marriage and a family

Ayòbámi Adébáyò’s stories have appeared in a · · number of magazines and anthologies, and one was highly commended in the 2009 Commonwealth Short Story Prize. She holds BA and MA degrees in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife. She also has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia where she was awarded an international bursary for creative writing. She has been the recipient of fellowships and residencies from Ledig House, Hedgebrook, Sinthian Cultural Institute, Ebedi Hills, Ox-Bow School of Arts and Siena Art Institute. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2017, her debut novel Stay With Me was shortlisted for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. twitter @ayobamiadebayo link

Fiction / Non-fiction / Poetry 23

ALBERT EINSTEIN SPEAKING R.J. Gadney Princeton. New Jersey. 14th March 1954 ‘Albert Einstein speaking.’ ‘Who?’ asks the girl on the telephone. ‘I’m sorry,’ she says. ‘I have the wrong number.’ ‘You have the right number,’ Albert says. From a wrong number to a friendship that would impact both their lives, Albert Einstein Speaking begins with two unlikely friends – the world’s most respected scientist and a schoolgirl from New Jersey. From their first conversation Mimi Beaufort had a profound effect on Einstein and brought him, in his final years, back to life. In turn he let her into his world. Albert Einstein Speaking is the story of an incredible friendship, and of a remarkable life. The son of an electrician in nineteenth-century Germany, Albert Einstein went on to become one of the twentieth century’s most influential scientists and the most famous face in the world. This riotous, charming and moving novel spans almost a century of European history and shines a light on the real man behind the myth.

R.J. Gadney is a writer, artist and academic. He was born in Cross Hills, Yorkshire in 1941. He studied English, Fine Art and Architecture at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge. In 1970 he became a part-time Tutor at the Royal College of Art and later became the youngest Pro-Rector in the history of the College. He has lectured at both Oxford and Cambridge universities, Harvard, MIT, at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and at the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Moscow. He has written several screenplays for television, written for The Spectator, the London Magazine and the Evening Standard and has authored several crime and thriller novels. He lives in London.

24 Hardback Fiction

HARDBACK 15 March 2018 Royal hardback / £17.99 978 1 78689 047 4 Ebook / £14.39 978 1 78689 048 1 Rights: W

This unique, funny, warm and moving novel spans an entire lifetime and tells the story of the most famous man of the twentieth century: Albert Einstein

THE CHOSEN ONES Worldquake Book Two

Scarlett Thomas EFFIE TRUELOVE has learned to travel through magical books to the Otherworld. MAXIMILIAN UNDERWOOD, Effie’s classmate, is more interested in the dark and forbidden Underworld. When Effie and Maximilian both mysteriously vanish, their friends Raven, Lexy and Wolf don’t know where to turn for help. Raven is a witch and her horse, Echo, has revealed that Effie is in deep danger and time is running out. To make things worse, Raven’s mother, the author Laurel Wilde, is caught up in a plot with the ruthless billionaire Albion Freake, who will stop at nothing to become invincible . . . HARDBACK 5 April 2018 B-format hardback / £12.99 978 1 78211 930 2 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78211 931 9 Audio download / £10.99 978 1 78689 223 2 Rights: WxEinUS, C

The second in the thrilling Worldquake sequence, which began with Dragon’s Green, packed with magic and adventure

Where are Effie and Maximilian? Are their disappearances connected? And can Albion Freake’s deadly plan be stopped?

Scarlett Thomas has always loved stories, magic and mysterious places. She tried (and failed) to write her first novel when she was six. Since then she has successfully written lots of novels, but this is her first series for children. She lives near the sea in an old house full of books, and is a professor in the English department of the University of Kent. The Chosen Ones is the second volume in the Worldquake Sequence. link

Dragon’s Green 9781782117049 / £7.99

Hardback Children’s 25

HARDBACK 5 April 2018 Demy hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 130 3 Ebook / £11.99 978 1 78689 131 0 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU

How to understand the deviance that lies in ourselves and other – an original and rigorous exploration of the darkest recesses of the human mind

MAKING EVIL The Science Behind Humanity’s Dark Side

Dr Julia Shaw Why do we think and do evil? What can science teach us about why humans do bad things? And what do our reactions to deviance teach us about ourselves? Drawing together science, psychology and philosophy, Dr Julia Shaw unlocks the intricacies of the world of criminal psychology. Grappling with thorny dilemmas from ‘Would I kill baby Hitler?’ to ‘Why do I want to murder my spouse?’, Making Evil will give you a better understanding of the world, yourself, and your Google search history. Original, fresh and rigorous, Making Evil shines a searching light into the darker corners of the human psyche, illuminating a modern science of evil.

Dr Julia Shaw is a senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of Law and Social Sciences at London South Bank University. Her academic work, teaching, and role as an expert witness focus on different ways of understanding criminal behaviour. Dr Shaw consults as an expert on criminal cases, delivers police-training and military workshops, and has evaluated offender diversion programs. Her work has been featured in outlets such as The Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, New York Magazine, Discovery Channel, the BBC, CNN World, Der Spiegel, Russia Today and NPR. twitter @drjuliashaw link

THE HALF SISTER Catherine Chanter When she was sixteen, Diana left her unhappy family and set out to make a new life. Twenty five years later, she has arrived. Recently married to Edmund, there are just the two of them living at Wynhope, his family’s historic country home, both happy for the past to be locked away and for the future to be free from responsibility. But when Diana hears that her mother has died, she impulsively asks estranged half-sister Valerie and her nine-year old son to stay. The night of the funeral, fueled by wine and years of resentment, the sisters argue and a terrible accident occurs. The foundations of a well ordered life are cracked and the lies begin to surface, one dangerous secret after another demanding a voice. And then there’s the boy, watching, waiting. The Half Sister is a profound and haunting portrayal of those who are imprisoned by the past and their struggle to find the words which will release them.

Catherine Chanter was born and raised in the West Country. She has written for BBC Radio 4 and has had short stories and poetry published in a wide range of anthologies and publications. Chanter has a Masters, with distinction, in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes University, and won the Yeovil Poetry Prize in 2010. The Well, her debut novel, won the 2013 Lucy Cavendish Prize for Unpublished Fiction, was longlisted for the 2015 CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger, and was picked for the Richard and Judy Book Club.

The Well 9781782114666 / £8.99

28 Hardback Fiction

HARDBACK 5 April 2018 Demy hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 124 2 Ebook / £11.99 978 1 78689 125 9 Rights: UKCWxC, eEU

The psychologically intense second novel from Catherine Chanter, author of The Well, a Richard and Judy Book Club pick

THE HIDDEN WAYS Scotland’s Forgotten Roads

Alistair Moffat In The Hidden Ways, Alistair Moffat traverses the lost paths of Scotland – its Roman roads tramped by armies, its warpaths and pilgrim routes, drove roads and rail roads, turnpikes and sea-roads – in a bid to understand how our history has left its mark upon our landscape. As he retraces the forgotten paths that shaped and were shaped by the lives of the now forgotten people who trod them, Moffat charts a powerful, surprising and moving history of Scotland.

PAPERBACK 5 April 2018

Alistair Moffat was born in Kelso, Scotland in 1950. He is an award-winning writer, historian and Director of Programmes at Scottish Television, former Director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and former Rector of the University of Saint Andrews. He is the founder of Borders Book Festival and Co-Chairman of The Great Tapestry of Scotland.

B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78689 103 7 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78689 102 0 Rights: W

A powerful, surprising exploration of Scotland’s landscape and its hidden history

Paperback Non-fiction 29

ANNA Niccolò Ammaniti It is four years since the virus came, killing every adult in its path. Not long after that the electricity failed. Food and water started running out. Fires raged across the country. Now Anna cares for her brother alone in a house hidden in the woods, keeping him safe from ‘the Outside’. But, when the time comes, Anna knows they must leave their world and find another. By turns luminous and tender, gripping and horrifying, Anna is a haunting parable of love and loneliness; of the stories we tell to sustain us, and the lengths we will go to in order to stay alive. ‘Ammaniti sets a new standard in post-apocalyptic fiction’ Guardian ‘Powerfully disturbing and thought-provoking’ Daily Mail PAPERBACK 5 April 2018

Niccolò Ammaniti was born in Rome in 1966. He is the author of six novels translated into English and two short story collections. Several of his novels have been adapted for film, including Steal You Away, which was longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, The Crossroads, winner of the Premio Strega Prize 2007, and the international bestseller I’m Not Scared, which won the prestigious Italian Viareggio-Repaci Prize for Fiction and has been translated into thirty-five languages.

B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 836 7 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 835 0 Rights: W/ExAN

The extraordinary dystopian novel from the author of the international bestseller I’m Not Scared

I’m Not Scared 9781782117155 / £8.99 Steal You Away 9781841959320 / £8.99 The Crossroads 9781847671387 / £8.99 Let the Games Begin 9781847679420 / £8.99

30 Paperback Fiction


193,000 Miles, 197 Countries, One Play

Dominic Dromgoole Over two full years, Dromgoole, then Artistic Director of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the Globe players toured all seven continents, and almost 200 countries, performing the Bard’s most famous play. They set their stage in sprawling refugee camps, grand Baltic palaces and heaving marketplaces – despite food poisoning in Mexico, an Ebola epidemic in West Africa and political upheaval in Ukraine.

PAPERBACK 5 April 2018 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 692 9 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 691 2 Rights: WxEinUS, C

Dominic Dromgoole, former Artistic Director of The Globe Theatre, takes readers across all seven continents on a fascinating journey into the world of Shakespeare, Hamlet and the stage

Hamlet: Globe to Globe tells the story of this unprecedented theatrical adventure, in which Dromgoole shows us the world through the prism of Shakespeare’s universal drama, and asks how a 400-year-old tragedy can bring the world closer together. ‘Compulsively readable’ New York Times ‘Erudite and fascinating’ Observer

Dominic Dromgoole was the Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London from 2006 to 2016. He is the author of The Full Room: An A-Z of Contemporary Playwriting and of Will and Me: How Shakespeare Took Over My Life, which won the inaugural Sheridan Morley prize. He regularly contributes to the Sunday Times and other publications.

Paperback Non-fiction 31

AMERICAN HISTORIES John Edgar Wideman In his latest collection, master storyteller John Edgar Wideman offers a collection of complex, charged pieces. His stories weave together historical fact, imagined conversation, philosophical kernels, and deeply personal vignettes. A reimagined conversation takes place between white antislavery crusader John Brown and black abolitionist Frederick Douglass. A man sits on the edge of Williamsburg Bridge, contemplating suicide. The author considers the death of his brother, uncle, mother, and sister’s daughter. All of the stories are spellbinding reflections on abolitionists and artists, fathers and sons, the bonds of family and the pull of memory. Wideman’s fiction challenges the boundaries of the form. As a whole, American Histories amounts to more than the sum of its parts, an extended meditation on family, history, and loss. Emotionally precise and intellectually stimulating, this is Wideman at his best.

HARDBACK 3 May 2018 Demy hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 202 7 Ebook / £11.99 978 1 78689 207 2 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU, neH

John Edgar Wideman’s books include Writing to Save a Life, Philadelphia Fire, Brothers and Keepers, Fatheralong, Hoop Dreams, and Sent for You Yesterday. He is a MacArthur Fellow and has won the PEN/Faulkner Award twice and has been a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and National Book Award. He divides his time between New York and France.

The timely new collection of stories exploring race in America from the acclaimed author of Philadelphia Fire and Brothers and Keepers

Brothers and Keepers 9781786892041 / £9.99 Philadelphia Fire 9781786892034 / £9.99

32 Hardback Fiction

THE VALLEY AT THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD Malachy Tallack ‘What I've been waiting for: a moving, authentic novel of the Scottish islands in the twenty-first century ’ Amy Liptrot, author of The Outrun Shetland: a place of sheep and soil, of harsh weather, close ties and an age-old way of life. A place where David has lived all his life, like his father and grandfather before him, but where he abides only in the present moment. A place where Sandy, a newcomer but already a crofter with his own flock, may have finally found a home. A place that Alice has fled to after the death of her husband.

HARDBACK 3 May 2018 Demy hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 230 0 Ebook / £11.99 978 1 78689 231 7 Rights: W

Set against the rugged west coast of Shetland in a community faced with extinction – an exquisite debut novel from one of Scotland’s most acclaimed young writers

But times do change – island inhabitants die, or move away, and David worries that no young families will take over the chain of stories and the care that this community has always needed, while others wonder if the valley was ever truly theirs to join. In the wind and sun and rain from the Atlantic, these islanders must decide: what is left of us when the day’s work is done, the children grown, and all our choices have been made? The debut novel from one of our most exciting new literary voices, The Valley at the Centre of the World is a story about community and isolation, about what is passed down, and what is lost between the cracks.

Malachy Tallack is the author of two non-fiction titles, 60 Degrees North and The Un-Discovered Islands. Both fused nature writing, history and memoir; the first was shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Award and the second was named Illustrated Travel Book of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2016. Malachy won a New Writers Award from the Scottish Book Trust in 2014, and the Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship in 2015. He is a singer-songwriter as well as a writer and journalist, and lives in Glasgow.

Hardback Fiction 33

DANCING WITH THE GODS Kent Nerburn When Kent Nerburn received a letter from Jennifer, a young woman questioning her calling to spend her life in the arts, the writer and artist was struck by how closely her questions mirrored the doubts and yearnings of his own youth. Nerburn resolved that he would write his own letter: a letter of welcome and encouragement to all young artists setting out on the same strange and magical journey, sharing the wisdom of a life spent working in the arts. From struggles with money and the bitterness of rejection, to spiritual questions of inspiration and authenticity, Dancing With the Gods offers insight, solace and courage to help young artists on the winding road to artistic fulfilment. Tender and joyous, it is a celebration of art’s power to transform the darkest of human experience and give voice to the grandest of human hopes.

Kent Nerburn is a sculptor and award-winning author of sixteen books. He has been writing about Native American history and culture for almost thirty years, and is the founder and director of ‘Project Preserve’, working on the Red Lake Ojibwe reservation helping students collect memoires of tribal elders. He lives in Portland, Oregon. link

Neither Wolf Nor Dog 9781786890160 / £10.99

34 Hardback Non-fiction

HARDBACK 3 May 2018 Demy hardback / £12.99 978 1 78689 115 0 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78689 116 7 Rights: W

Guidance and wisdom for young artists, from award-winning artist and writer Kent Nerburn


How Human Creativity Remakes the World

David Eagleman and Anthony Brandt The human ability to create is unique. But where does the instinct to innovate come from, and how does it work? Why does our hunger for novelty drive us to keep designing new buildings, new bikes, new hairstyles? How do we imagine things that don’t yet exist? And, in a world which is changing faster than ever before, how do we prepare our children to meet the creative challenge of making the future?

PAPERBACK 3 May 2018 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 0 85786 208 2 Ebook / £7.99 978 0 85786 209 9 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU, neH

A powerful exploration of human creativity from the international bestselling author of The Brain ‘The hottest thing in neuroscience’ The Times

Weaving together art and science, neuroscientist David Eagleman and composer Anthony Brandt explore the miraculous ways our runaway species bends, breaks and blends the world to make it new.

David Eagleman is a neuroscientist at Stanford University. His scientific research is published in journals from Science to Nature, and he is also the author of the internationally bestselling books Sum and Incognito. He is the writer and presenter of the companion BBC television series The Brain. link twitter @davideagleman Anthony Brandt is an internationally acclaimed composer and a Professor of Composition and Theory at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. His musical output includes two chamber operas and works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, dance, theatre, film, and television. He is also Artistic Director of the awardwinning new music ensemble Musiqa. link

Paperback Non-fiction 35




Looking back over his life, from schoolboy crushes (on girls and boys) to discovering the power of making people laugh (in the Cambridge Footlights with David Mitchell), and from losing his beloved mother as a teenager to becoming a husband and father, Robert Webb considers the absurd expectations boys and men have thrust upon them at every stage of life. Hilarious and heartbreaking, How Not To Be a Boy explores the relationships that made Robert who he is as a man, the lessons we learn as sons and daughters, and the understanding that sometimes you aren’t the Luke Skywalker of your life – you’re actually Darth Vader. ‘Quite simply brilliant' J.K. Rowling ‘A truly great read, full of hear’ Dawn French ‘Very funny and wise on the perils of masculinity’ Matt Haig

PAPERBACK 3 May 2018 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78689 011 5 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78689 010 8 Rights: UKCWxC, eEU

Robert Webb has been a male for his whole life. As such, he has been a boy in a world of fighting, pointless posturing, and the insistence that he stop crying. As an adult man, he has enjoyed better luck, both in his work as the Webb half of Mitchell & Webb in the Sony award-winning That Mitchell & Webb Sound and the Bafta award-winning That Mitchell & Webb Look, and as permanent man-boy Jeremy in the acclaimed Peep Show. He also played Bertie Wooster in the acclaimed West End run of Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense. Robert has been a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and the New Statesman, and now lives in London with his wife and daughters, where he continues trying to be funny and to fumble beyond general expectations of manhood. twitter @arobertwebb

36 Paperback Non-fiction

Part-memoir, part call-toarms, this is the first book from the award-winning and hilariously funny Robert Webb, star of Peep Show and Back


HEATHER, THE TOTALITY Matthew Weiner The Breakstone family arrange themselves around their daughter Heather, and the world seems to follow: she is the greatest blessing in their lives of Manhattan luxury. But as Heather grows, her radiance attracts a dark interest and their perfect existence starts to fracture. A very different life, one raised in poverty and in violence, is beginning its own malign orbit around Heather. ‘This short novel of upper-crust anomie and classdivide obsession is a scorcher! . . . Read this book in one gasping breath’ James Ellroy ‘Chilling and poised, I loved it’ Maggie O’Farrell ‘A tour de force of control, tone and razor-slash insight. I could not put it down’ Michael Chabon

PAPERBACK 3 May 2018 B-format paperback / £7.99 978 1 78689 066 5 Ebook / £6.39 978 1 78689 064 1 Audio download / £11.99 978 1 78689 075 7 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU

The explosive debut novel – about family, power and privilege – from the creator of the awardwinning Mad Men

‘I cringed and shuddered my way through this short, daring novel to its terrible inevitable end. Stunning’ Nick Cave

Matthew Weiner is the creator of Mad Men, and worked as executive producer, writer and director on the show, which is widely considered one of the greatest television series of all time. He has received nine Emmys for his work on Mad Men and The Sopranos. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, architect Linda Brettler, and their four sons.

Paperback Fiction 37




My Life From A–Z

Matt Lucas Hello there. Welcome to my little book, all about little me. This book is a bit different from most memoirs you may have read, because it comes in the form of an A–Z. For instance, B is for Baldy! – which is what people used to shout at me in the playground (not much fun), R is for Really Big Britain (about a little show you might have heard of) and T is for the TARDIS (which I’ve actually flown in as my time as a Doctor Who companion). You get the sort of thing. Anyway, I hope you buy it at least twice. The audiobook and the ebook too. Thank you. ‘To be truly unique in this world is almost impossible to achieve; this book is about someone who achieved it. Raw, honest, funny and moving’ James Corden ‘Matt is not only hilarious and kind, he's probably the most generous person I know. All of which is wonderfully evident in this book’ Rebel Wilson

Matt Lucas is an award-winning comedian, actor and writer. He started his comedy career in the early nineties, working with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer on The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer and Shooting Stars, where he played giant baby George Dawes, but discovered major success with co-star David Walliams in Little Britain and Come Fly with Me, for which they won three BAFTAs, three NTAs and two International Emmy Awards. Matt received much praise for his work on stage in Les Misérables and has since gone on to feature in many successful films and TV shows, including Alice in Wonderland, Bridesmaids, Paddington, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Doctor Who. twitter @realmattlucas

38 Paperback Non-fiction

PAPERBACK 7 June 2018 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78689 250 8 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78689 107 5 Rights: W

The hilarious, heart-warming and tear-jerking memoir from one of Britain’s best-loved comedians and actors

IF I COULD TELL YOU JUST ONE THING... Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice

Richard Reed Adventures in advice with some of the world's most remarkable people.

PAPERBACK 7 June 2018 Trade paperback / £12.99 978 1 78211 924 1 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78211 923 4 Rights: WxEinUS

A collection of the very best advice from some of the world’s most successful and remarkable people. Gathered by the co-founder of Innocent Drinks. With new contributors for this paperback edition

Including: President Bill Clinton, Clare Balding, Stephen Fry, Dame Judi Dench, James Corden, Margaret Atwood, Sir David Attenborough, Annie Lennox, Andy Murray, Joanna Lumley, Sir Richard Branson, Sandi Toksvig, Jude Law, Nicola Sturgeon, Harry Belafonte, Olivia Colman, Simon Cowell, Bear Grylls, Diana Athill, Jo Malone, Heston Blumenthal, Nitin Sawhney, Katie Piper, Richard Curtis, Shami Chakrabarti, and Michael McIntyre. If I Could Tell You Just One Thing... is not only packed with great advice but is also enormously entertaining, brilliantly written and stunningly designed. From advice on work and relationships, to creativity, spirituality and survival, there are words in these pages that will comfort, motivate and inspire.

Richard Reed studied geography at St. John’s College, Cambridge before starting a career in advertising. A few years later he and two friends left their jobs to found Innocent Drinks. Starting from a market stall, today Innocent produces more than a million smoothies a day and sells them in 17 countries across Europe. Reed is the founder of Art Everywhere and co-founder of the Innocent Foundation and JamJar Investments. He also presented the BBC Three series Be Your Own Boss. This is his first book.

Paperback Non-fiction 39

HE IS MINE AND I HAVE NO OTHER Rebecca O’Connor ‘Amazing, heartbreaking, brilliantly done’ Donal Ryan, author of The Spinning Heart and All We Shall Know ‘I was frightened of him in a way – of his grief, his loneliness – for he looked like the loneliest person on earth just then . . . the type of boy who wondered about things, as I did, who broke his heart wondering about things . . .’ In 1990s-small-town Ireland, amid the sweaty school discos and first fumblings of adolescence, fifteen-year-old Lani Devine falls in love with Leon Brady, whose mother is buried in the cemetery next to Lani’s house. Lani is haunted by the stories of thirty-five orphaned girls, buried in an unmarked grave near Leon’s mother. As the love story unfolds, and then unravels, it becomes clear that Leon too is haunted – ­by a brutal family tragedy that has left scars much more than skin-deep.

HARDBACK 7 June 2018 Demy hardback / £12.99 978 1 78689 259 1 Trade paperback / £12.99 978 1 78689 260 7 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78689 261 4 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU

He Is Mine and I Have No Other is a captivating, eerie and atmospheric novel about the obsessive power of first love, about the claustrophobia a tight-knit family and community can cause, and about buried secrets and the havoc they wreak.

Rebecca O’Connor’s first collection of poetry We’ll Sing Blackbird was shortlisted for the Strong Shine Award. Her writing has been published in the Guardian, the Spectator and Poetry Review, among other places, and is a recipient of a Geoffrey Dearmer Prize. She has completed a seven-month residency at the Wordsworth Trust and is co-founder and publisher of The Moth Magazine. She lives in County Cavan, Ireland. twitter @RebeccaMoth

40 Hardback Fiction

A dark, intense and gripping debut from a brilliant new voice in Irish fiction



Life Lessons from Lucy 978 1 78211 311 9 The Genius of Charlie Brown 978 1 78211 309 6 The Philosophy of Snoop 978 1 78211 113 9 The Wisdom of Woodstock 978 1 78211 310 2 Life According to Linus 978 1 78211 371 3 The Predicaments of Peppermint Patty 978 1 78211 362 1

The Peanuts Guide to Happiness 978 1 78211 365 2 The Peanuts Guide to Love 978 1 78211 373 7 The Peanuts Guide to Christmas 978 1 78211 367 6 The Peanuts Guide to Brothers and Sisters 978 1 78211 369 0 The Peanuts Guide to Friendship 978 1 78211 375 1 all hardback, £7.99

The Bumper Book of Peanuts Paperback / £12.99 978 1 78211 944 9 How to be a Grrrl Paperback / £7.99 978 1 78211 361 4

THE COMPLETE PEANUTS Vol. 1: 1950–1952 Vol. 2: 1953–1954 Vol. 3: 1955–1956 Vol. 4: 1957–1958 Vol. 5: 1959–1960 Vol. 6: 1961–1962 Vol. 7: 1963–1964 Vol. 8: 1965–1966 Vol. 9: 1967–1968 Vol. 10: 1969–1970 Vol. 11: 1971–1912 Vol. 12: 1973–1974 Vol. 13: 1975–1976

978 1 84767 031 1 978 1 84767 032 8 978 1 84767 075 5 978 1 84767 076 2 978 1 84767 149 3 978 1 84767 150 9 978 1 84767 814 0 978 1 84767 815 7 978 0 85786 213 6 978 0 85786 214 3 978 0 85786 407 9 978 0 85786 408 6 978 1 78211 099 6

Vol. 14: 1977–1978 978 1 78211 100 9 Vol. 15: 1979–1980 978 1 78211 101 6 Vol. 16: 1981–1982 978 1 78211 102 3 Vol. 17: 1983–1984 978 1 78211 510 6 Vol. 18: 1985–1986 978 1 78211 515 1 Vol. 19: 1987–1988 978 1 78211 516 8 Vol. 20: 1989–1990 978 1 78211 517 5 Vol. 21: 1991–1992 978 1 78211 518 2 Vol. 22: 1993–1994 978 1 78211 519 9 Vol. 23: 1995–1996 978 1 78211 520 5 Vol. 24: 1997–1998 978 1 78211 521 2 Vol. 25: 1999–2000 978 1 78211 522 9 Vol. 26: 1950–2000 978 1 78211 973 9 all hardback, £16.99

Peanuts for the Soul Paperback / £9.99 978 1 78689 069 6

COMING TO THE CANONS JANUARY–JUNE 2018 The Canons are books without boundaries. Some are classics already, the rest will be soon.




‘Save this collection a place at your Burns table’ Guardian 4 January 2018

A deliciously sinister Finnish fairytal and ‘a gem of a novel’ New York Times 1 February 2018

’One of the nation's literary treasures’ Junot Díaz 3 May 2018

Paperback / 978 1 78689 161 7 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 450 0 / £7.99 Rights: WxEinUS,C

Paperback / 978 1 78211 883 1 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 753 2 / £7.19 Rights: W/ExUS

Paperback / 978 1 78689 204 1 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 206 5 / £7.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH




‘Fiercely erudite, freewheeling and sex-drenched’ New York Times 1 March 2018

‘Philadelphia Fire isn't a book you read so much as one you breathe’ San Francisco Chronicle 3 May 2018

One of the greatest Scottish novels ever written, introduced by Ian Rankin 4 January 2018 Paperback / 978 1 78689 186 0 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 448 7 / £7.19 Rights: W

THE QUARRY WOOD Nan Shepherd On its 90th anniversary, the debut novel from the author of The Living Mountain 4 January 2018

Paperback / 978 1 78689 218 8 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 217 1 / £7.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

SNOWBLIND Robert Sabbag

‘A flat-out ballbuster’ Hunter S. Thompson 1 March 2018 Paperback / 978 1 78211 880 0 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 413 5 / £7.19 Rights: UKCWxC, neEU, neH

Paperback / 978 1 78689 162 4 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 801 0 / £7.19 Rights: W/E

MAUVE Simon Garfield


Paperback / 978 1 78689 278 2 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 279 9 / £7.99 Rights: WxEinUS

‘Glittering, concise, funny and beautifully written’ Telegraph 4 January 2018 Paperback / 978 1 78689 001 6 / £12 Ebook / 978 0 85786 299 0 / £9.60 Rights: UKCW, neEU, neH

‘Full of light and hope’ Daily Mail 5 April 2018


A modern classic of immense power and poignancy set amidst the horror of war 3 May 2018 Paperback / 978 1 78211 888 6 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 703 7 / £7.19 Rights: UKCWxC, AN, neEU

42 The Canons

Paperback / 978 1 78689 203 4 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 205 8 / £7.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

THE PENELOPIAD Margaret Atwood ‘As potent as a curse’ The Sunday Times 7 June 2018 Paperback / 978 1 78689 248 5 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 358 9 / £7.19 Rights: WxEinUS, C, AN, I

WEIGHT Jeanette Winterson ‘A masterpiece’ Scotland on Sunday 7 June 2018

Paperback / 978 1 78689 249 2 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 650 4 / £7.19 Rights: WxEinUS, C, AN, I

The Canons full list 43

Nelson Algren 978 0 85786 417 8 £12 Niccolò Ammaniti 978 1 78211 715 5 £8.99 Margaret Atwood 978 1 78689 248 5 £8.99 Kevin Barry 978 1 78689 017 7 £8.99 John Berger & Jean Mohr 978 1 78211 503 8 £9.99 Stanley Booth 978 0 85786 351 5 £10.99 Richard Brautigan 978 1 78211 378 2 £8.99 Richard Brautigan 978 1 78211 379 9 £8.99 Richard Brautigan 978 1 78689 044 3 £8.99 Richard Brautigan 978 1 78689 042 9 £8.99 Richard Brautigan 978 1 78689 046 7 £8.99 Richard Brautigan 978 0 85786 264 8 £8.99 Richard Brautigan 978 1 78211 380 5 £8.99 Robert Burns 978 1 78689 161 7 £9.99 Charles Bukowski 978 1 78211 666 0 £9.99 A.S. Byatt 978 1 78211 718 6 £8.99 Nick Cave 978 1 78211 533 5 £8.99 Kate Chopin 978 1 78211 713 1 £6.99 Jennifer Clement 978 1 78211 424 6 £8.99 Gil Courtemanche 978 1 78211 888 6 £8.99 Annie Dillard 978 1 78211 773 5 £9.99 Annie Dillard 978 1 78211 885 5 £9.99 Jim Dodge 978 1 78211 635 6 £8.99 Jim Dodge 978 0 85786 186 3 £12 Fyodor Dostoyevsky 978 0 85786 021 7 £8 David Eagleman 978 1 78211 246 4 £9.99 Michel Faber 978 1 78211 441 3 £9.99 Michel Faber 978 1 78211 716 2 £8.99 Michel Faber 978 1 78689 052 8 £8.99 John Fante 978 0 85786 237 2 £8.99 Simon Garfield 978 1 78689 278 2 £9.99 Alasdair Gray 978 1 78211 714 8 £10.99 Knut Hamsun 978 1 78211 712 4 £9.99 James Hogg 978 1 78689 186 0 £8.99 Richard Holloway 978 1 78211 628 8 £8.99 Lewis Hyde 978 0 85786 847 3 £9.99 Lewis Hyde 978 1 78689 050 4 £9.99 Robin Jenkins 978 0 85786 235 8 £9.99 James Joyce 978 0 85786 416 1 £8 Miranda July 978 1 78211 629 5 £8.99

The Man With the Golden Arm I’m Not Scared The Penelopiad * There Are Little Kingdoms A Fortunate Man The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones Revenge of the Lawn A Confederate General from Big Sur Dreaming of Babylon The Hawkline Monster So the Wind Won’t Blow it All Away Sombrero Fallout Trout Fishing in America A Night Out with Robert Burns * Ham On Rye Ragnarok The Death of Bunny Munro The Awakening Widow Basquiat A Sunday At The Pool In Kigali * The Abundance Teaching a Stone to Talk Fup Stone Junction Notes From Underground Incognito The Crimson Petal and the White Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories Under the Skin Ask the Dust Mauve * Lanark Hunger The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner * On Forgiveness The Gift Trickster Makes This World The Cone-Gatherers Dubliners No One Belongs Here More Than You

* publishing January–June 2018

Ismail Kadare 978 0 85786 181 8 £10 Chronicle in Stone Olivia Laing 978 1 78689 158 7 £9.99 To The River Olivia Laing 978 1 78689 160 0 £9.99 The Trip to Echo Spring Mike McCormack 978 1 78689 139 6 £9.99 Getting it in the Head Mike McCormack 978 1 78689 141 9 £9.99 Notes From a Coma William McIlvanney 978 1 78211 961 6 £8.99 Docherty Rebecca Miller 978 1 78211 915 9 £8.99 The Private Lives of Pippa Lee John Muir 978 1 78211 443 7 £8.99 My First Summer in the Sierra Kent Nerburn 978 1 78689 016 0 £9.99 Neither Wolf Nor Dog Barack Obama 978 1 78211 925 8 £9.99 Dreams From My Father Arto Paasilinna 978 1 78211 883 1 £8.99 The Howling Miller * Camille Paglia 978 1 78689 218 8 £9.99 Free Women, Free Men * Caradog Prichard 978 1 78211 676 9 £9.99 One Moonlit Night The Good Man Jesus Philip Pullman 978 1 78211 442 0 £8.99 and the Scoundrel Christ Albert Sánchez Piñol 978 1 78211 717 9 £8.99 Cold Skin Robert Sabbag 978 1 78211 880 0 £8.99 Snowblind * Charles M. Schulz 978 1 78211 361 4 £7.99 How to be a Grrrl Gil Scott-Heron 978 1 78689 025 2 £8.99 The Last Holiday Nan Shepherd 978 0 85786 183 2 £8.99 The Living Mountain Nan Shepherd 978 1 78689 162 4 £8.99 The Quarry Wood * Nan Shepherd 978 1 78211 886 2 £8.99 The Weatherhouse David Simon 978 1 78211 630 1 £12.99 Homicide Lemn Sissay 978 1 78211 945 6 £9.99 Gold From The Stone Ali Smith 978 1 78211 633 2 £8.99 Girl Meets Boy Rebecca Solnit 978 1 78689 051 1 £8.99 A Field Guide to Getting Lost Rebecca Solnit 978 1 78211 907 4 £8.99 Hope in the Dark Muriel Spark 978 1 78211 755 1 £8.99 The Bachelors The Complete Short Stories * Muriel Spark 978 1 78689 162 4 £12 Muriel Spark 978 1 78211 757 5 £8.99 The Finishing School Muriel Spark 978 1 78211 765 0 £10.99 Spark’s Europe Muriel Spark 978 1 78211 767 4 £10.99 Spark’s Satire Antonio Tabucchi 978 1 78211 631 8 £8.99 Pereira Maintains The People of the Sea David Thomson 978 0 85786 185 6 £10 John Edgar Wideman 978 1 78689 204 1 £9.99 Brothers and Keepers * John Edgar Wideman 978 1 78689 203 4 £9.99 Philadelphia Fire * Jeanette Winterson 978 1 78689 249 2 £8.99 Weight * David Wojnarowicz 978 1 78689 027 6 £8.99 Close to the Knives Orlando Virginia Woolf 978 0 85786 258 7 £8 Akira Yoshimura 978 1 78689 053 5 £8.99 Shipwrecks


THE HUMANS Matt Haig 9780857868787 £8.99 THE LONELY CITY Olivia Laing 9781782111252 / £9.99

HIMSELF Jess Kidd 9781782118480 / £7.99

THE HIGH MOUNTAINS OF PORTUGAL Yann Martel 9781782114741 / £8.99

SOLAR BONES Mike McCormack 9781786891297 / £8.99

9781782114758 / £6.99 (export)

LETTERS OF NOTE Compiled by Shaun Usher 9781782119289 / £17.99

THE OUTRUN Amy Liptrot 9781782115489 / £8.99 THE BRAIN David Eagleman 9781782116615 / £9.99

DRAGON'S GREEN Scarlett Thomas 9781782117049 / £7.99

44 Recent Favourites

THE DARK FLOOD RISES Margaret Drabble 9781782118336 / £8.99


THE SECRET RIVER Kate Grenville 9780857860842 / £8.99

HOW MUSIC WORKS David Byrne 9780857862525 / £14.99

S. JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst 9780857864772 / £30

DREAMS FROM MY FATHER Barack Obama 9781782119258 / £9.99

THE GARDEN OF EVENING MISTS Tan Twan Eng 9781782110187 / £8.99

DRIVE Daniel H. Pink 9781786891709 / £9.99 [new edition: 5 July 2018]

THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE Michel Faber 9781782114413 / £9.99

REASONS TO STAY ALIVE Matt Haig 9781782116820 / £8.99

LIFE OF PI Yann Martel 9781782118695 / £8.99 9781782119210 / £6.99 (export)

GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP Adam Mansbach & Ricardo Cortés 9780857862655 / £10.99

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