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Canongate from January to June 2017

Canongate is an independent publisher: since 1973 we’ve worked to unearth and amplify the most vital, innovative voices we can find, wherever they come from, and we’ve published all kinds of books – thoughtful, upsetting, gripping, beatific, vulgar, chaste, unrepentant, life-changing . . . Along the way there have been landmarks of fiction – including Alasdair Gray’s masterpiece Lanark, and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi – the best-ever-selling Booker winner – and non-fiction too. We’ve published an American president and a Guantanamo detainee; we’ve campaigned for causes we believe in and fought court cases to get our authors heard. And twice we’ve won Publisher of the Year. We’re still independent, and we’re as committed to unorthodox and innovative publishing as ever.


The Caribbean and the World

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro Clustered together in azure-blue waters are a collection of little islands whose culture, history and people have touched every corner of the world. From the moment Columbus gazed out at what he mistook for India, and wrote in his journal of ‘the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen,’ the Caribbean has been the subject of fantasies, myths and daydreams. It was claimed, and its societies were built to enrich old Europe, and much later its beaches were splashed across billboards advertising fizzy drinks, its towns and people pictured in holiday brochures.

January 2017 Hardback / £20.00 978 1 78211 558 8 Export Trade Paperback / £14.99 978 1 78211 559 5 Ebook / £14.99 978 1 78211 5601 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU

An exploration of the Caribbean Islands, and the people who have, throughout history, made them their home

But these islands are so much more than gloss, white sand and palm trees, they form a region rich in colour, beauty and strength. Home of the Rastafarian faith, Che Guevara’s stomping ground and birthplace of reggae, the Caribbean has produced some of the world’s most famous artists, activists, writers, musicians and sportsman – from Usain Bolt to Bob Marley and from Harry Belafonte to V. S. Naipaul. In the pages of Island People we hear the voices of the Caribbean people, explore their home and learn what it means to them, and to the world. In this fascinating and absorbing book, the product of almost a decade of travel and intense study, Joshua Jelly-Schapiro strips away the fantasy and myth to expose the real islands, and the real people, that make up the Caribbean.

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro is a geographer and writer whose work has appeared in the New York Review of Books, New York, Harper’s, the Believer, Artforum, and the Nation, among many other publications. Educated at Yale and Berkeley, he is the co-editor, with Rebecca Solnit, of Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas, and a visiting scholar at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge. This is his first book.




A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body

Jo Marchant ‘Should be compulsory reading for all young doctors’ New Scientist ‘Writing with simplicity, clarity and style, and covering an enormous range of material, [Marchant] surveys with grace what we think we know, and what we would like to know, about the mysterious and troubling relationship between our minds and our bodies’ Guardian ‘A well-researched page-turner . . . may very well lead to widespread changes in the ways we practice medicine’ New York Post All in the mind? Can meditation fend off dementia? Can the smell of lavender affect the immune system? Can your thoughts ease physical pain? In Cure, award-winning science writer Jo Marchant travels the world to meet the physicians, patients and researchers on the cutting edge of mind-body medicine. Asking how the brain can heal the body and how we can all make changes to keep ourselves healthier.

Dr Jo Marchant is an award-winning science journalist based in London. She has a PhD in genetics and medical microbiology from St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London, and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London. She has worked as an editor at New Scientist and at Nature and her articles have appeared in publications including the Guardian, Wired UK, The Observer Review, New Scientist and at Nature. Her radio and TV appearances include BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week and Today programmes, CNN and National Geographic. She has lectured around the world. Her book Decoding the Heavens was shortlisted for the 2009 Royal Society Prize for Science Books.



January 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 0 85786 885 5 Ebook / £7.19 978 0 85786 884 8 Rights: UKCWxC,AN,eEU,neH

The New York Times Bestseller: a groundbreaking scientific look at the the mind’s ability to heal the body


Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel

Jamie Catto ‘Crucially, tangibly, useful’ Sunday Times ‘A friendly warning: prolonged exposure to Catto could blow your mind’ Telegraph ‘Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him’ Stephen Fry It’s time to unleash your genius From infancy we are taught to edit ourselves, trimming out the darker, weirder, less acceptable parts in order to please others. But this addiction to approval is holding us back. January 2017 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 908 1 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 804 6 Rights: World

A manifesto for embracing our dark side and a blueprint for boosting our creativity, from creative dynamo Jamie Catto

What if we dare to be our real selves, honestly and fully? Insanely Gifted is full of techniques and games to transform our thinking and turn our inner demons into allies. Jamie Catto, creative force behind Faithless and 1 Giant Leap, and leader of personal development workshops for more than a decade, teaches us to better know our deepest instincts – and unlock our true power.

Jamie Catto runs personal development workshops worldwide. His teaching builds on his own experience of overcoming creative hurdles, and provides techniques that invite everyone to fulfil their potential. He was also founding member of dance mega-group Faithless and acclaimed global music and philosophy project 1 Giant Leap. The first 1 Giant Leap project was nominated for two Grammys, sold over 300,000 albums and won numerous awards globally. The greatest hits album from Faithless was the fastest selling dance album of all time.



THE CONFIDENCE GAME The Psychology of the Con and Why We Fall for It Every Time

Maria Konnikova ‘A fascinating look at the psychology behind every hustle’ Economist ‘In a world of pseudoscience, Maria Konnikova’s calm rationality is comforting and smart’ Jon Ronson ‘One of the best science writers of our time’ Forbes The con artist: from Bernie Madoff to Clark Rockefeller to Lance Armstrong – all elegant, outsized personalities, artists of persuasion and exploiters of trust. But how do they get away with it? And what keeps us falling for them, over and over again? In The Confidence Game, Maria Konnikova investigates the psychological principles that underlie each stage of the swindle, from the put-up all the way to the fix. Exploring the psychological profile of both the con artist and his mark, we learn how grifters can be so persuasive, and how we can train ourselves to discern the signs of a story that isn’t quite what it seems. Telling the unbelievable stories of the most seductive imposters in history, The Confidence Game leads us into the world of the con to examine just how easily our sense of truth can be manipulated by those around us. Maria Konnikova was born in Moscow and grew up in the United States. Her first book, Mastermind, was a New York Times bestseller. She is a contributing writer for The New Yorker, where she writes a regular column with a focus on psychology and culture, and her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Scientific American MIND and The Smithsonian, among numerous other publications.

January 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 391 1 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 390 4 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

An investigation into the minds, motives and methods of con artists by a New York Times bestselling psychologist

Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes 9780857867278 / £8.99



THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF EGYPT Alaa Al Aswany ‘One of Egypt’s most valuable writers’ Guardian ‘A scathing, brilliantly executed novel’ New York Times ‘A wonderful storyteller’ Spectator Cairo at the very end of Ottoman rule. Behind the doors of the Automobile Club of Egypt, Egyptian staff attend to the every need of Cairo’s European elite – the way they always have done, it seems.

January 2017

B-format paperback / £8.99 978 0 85786 221 1 Ebook / £7.19 978 0 85786 222 8 Rights: UKCWxAN,C,I,B,Y,ne:E,H,S

From the bestselling author of The Yacoubian Building

But soon the social upheaval out on the street will break its way through the club’s gilded doors, and its inhabitants above and below stairs must all confront their choices: to live safely without dignity, or to fight for their rights and risk everything.

Alaa Al Aswany’s first novel The Yacoubian Building was longlisted for The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2006 and has sold over a million copies worldwide. He is also the author of Chicago and the short story collection, Friendly Fire. His work has been translated into 29 languages and published in over 100 countries. Al Aswany was named by The Times as one of the best 50 authors to have been translated into English in the last 50 years. He speaks Arabic, English, French and Spanish.




CHARLOTTE David Foenkinos Charlotte Salomon is born into a family stricken by suicide and a country at war – but there is something exceptional about her. She has a gift, a talent for painting. And she has a great love, for a brilliant, eccentric musician. But just as she is coming in to her own as an artist, death is coming to control her country. The Nazis have come to power and, a Jew in Berlin, her life is narrowing – she is kept from her art, torn from her love and her family, chased from her country. And still she is not safe, not from the madness that has hunted her family, or the one gripping Europe . . . Charlotte is a heart-breaking true story – inspiring, unflinching, awful, hopeful – of a life filled with curiosity, animated by genius and cut short by hatred. A beautifully, lucidly told memorial, it has become an international sensation. February 2017 Hardback / £12.99 978 1 78211 794 0 Ebook / £10.39 978 1 78211 795 7 Rights: UKCWxC,eEU,neH

The devastating international bestseller inspired by the life and death of Charlotte Salomon

David Foenkinos is an award-winning French novelist and screenwriter. Charlotte, inspired by the life of Charlotte Salomon, won the Prix Renaudot and the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens; it has sold more than half a million copies in France and been translated into nineteen languages. Sam Taylor previously translated HHhH, by Laurent Binet, and is the author of the novels The Island at the End of the World, The Amnesiac and The Republic of Trees. He lives in France and the United States. Charlotte Salomon was born in Berlin, 1917. Unknown in her lifetime, she was one of Germany’s great modern artists. Her greatest achievement was Life? or Theatre? A Song-play – an autobiographical series of 769 works, which she painted over two years in the South of France while in hiding from the Nazis. It has gone on to inspire films, plays and an opera. Salomon died in Auschwitz in 1943, gassed along with her unborn child shortly after her arrival.



DARKE Rick Gekoski ‘A supreme example of a naural and skilled storyteller’ Colm Tóibín Dr James Darke has expelled himself from the world. He writes compulsively in his ‘coming of old age’ journal; he eats little, drinks and smokes a lot. Meditating on what he has lost – the loves of his life, both dead and alive – he tries to console himself with the wisdom of the great thinkers and poets, yet finds nothing but disappointment. But cracks of light appear in his carefully managed darkness; he begins to emerge from his selfimposed exile, drawn by the tender, bruised filaments of love for his daughter and grandson. Rich in ideas and feeling, Rick Gekoski’s debut novel is provocative and timely. With scalding prose, ruthless intelligence and an unforgettably vivid protagonist, it faces some of the greatest, most uncomfortable questions about how we choose to live, and how to die.

Rick Gekoski is a writer, rare-book dealer and academic. He has written several widely praised nonfiction books including Staying Up, Tolkien’s Gown, Outside of a Dog and Lost, Stolen or Shredded. This is his first novel. In 2005 he was one of the judges for the Man Booker Prize, and was then Chair of the judges for the Man Booker International Prize 2011. He teaches creative non-fiction for the Arvon Foundation, and sits on their Development Board. In 2010 he was elected a Trustee of English PEN.

A daringly entertaining debut novel by a seventyone-year-old about the nature of a good life and a good death

10 Fiction

February 2017 Hardback / £16.99 978 1 78211 936 4 Export Trade Paperback / £14.99 978 1 78211 937 1 Ebook / £12.99 978 1 78211 938 8 Rights: World



ONCE WE WERE SISTERS Sheila Kohler Once We Were Sisters is the story of Maxine and Sheila Kohler. Growing up in the suffocating gentility of 1950s South Africa, the girls plan grand lives for themselves that will bring them out of the long shadow cast by their father’s death and their overbearing mother’s bullying. Maxine is just shy of her fortieth birthday when her husband, a brilliant and respected surgeon, drives their car off the road and kills her. Devastated, Sheila returns to South Africa, determined to find answers to her sister’s sudden death at the hands of her husband.

February 2017 Hardback / £14.99 978 1 78211 997 5 Export Trade Paperback / £12.99 978 1 78211 998 2 Ebook / £12.99 978 1 78211 999 9

More haunting, however, are the questions. How had she failed to protect her sister? Was Maxine’s murder a matter of accident, or destiny? What lies in the soil of their troubled motherland that condemns its women to such violence? Powerful, moving and tragic, Once We Were Sisters is an act of love, an extraordinary account of an unspeakable loss.

Rights: W/ExUS,C

A powerful and heartbreaking portrait of the bond between two sisters, in life and beyond death

Sheila Kohler was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is the author of fourteen works of fiction including the novels Dreaming for Freud, Becoming Jane Eyre and Cracks, which was nominated for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and made into a film starring Eva Green. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and O Magazine and included in The Best American Short Stories. She has twice won an O’Henry Prize, as well as an Open Fiction Award, a Willa Cather Prize and a Smart Family Foundation Prize. She teaches at Princeton University and lives in New York City.

Non-fiction 13

THE BONES OF GRACE Tahmima Anam ‘A novel of heart, brain, and muscle – the competing pulls of history and love are evoked here with a rare honesty, and great skill ’ Kamila Shamsie Zubaida is on a journey to unearth the past. It will lead her from the corridors of Harvard to the scorching deserts of Pakistan, and the bones of an ancient whale. It will carry her back to Bangladesh, and the dark horrors of a ship-breaking yard. Here – deep inside a beached ocean liner, steeped in mystery and tragedy – lies the key to her story. And a lifeline to the man she loves, but whose heart she may never win back. Echoing with loneliness and longing, The Bones of Grace is a story of lost love and conflicted identity; of the urgent need to discover who we are, before we can truly belong anywhere and truly love anyone.

Tahmima Anam’s debut novel, A Golden Age, was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award and was winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book. Her follow up, The Good Muslim, was shortlisted for the 2013 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. She has been published in the Guardian, the Financial Times, and is a Contributing Opinion Writer for The New York Times. In 2013, she was named one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she now lives in London.

February 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 84767 978 9 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 225 9 Rights: UKCWxC,AN,I,eEU,eSing

The acclaimed romantic tragedy of love, migration, and the search for identity from the Granta ‘Best of Young British’ author

A Golden Age 9781847679765 / £8.99 The Good Muslim 9781847679758 / £8.99

14 Fiction


WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? Alan Light ‘From her raging, handwritten letters to late-night phone calls with David Bowie, this biography gets up close and personal with the tempestuous Nina Simone’ Observer ‘[Simone’s] willingness to speak her mind shines out of every page’ The Times ‘Electrifying . . . I learned so much about a woman I admire, the woman whose fiery piano and voice is a powerful reminder of what artists are meant to do! What Happened, Miss Simone? captures how unique and real she was on every page’ Alicia Keys Drawing on glimpses into previously unseen diaries, rare interviews and childhood journals, and with the aid of her daughter, What Happened, Miss Simone? tells the story of the classically trained pianist who became a soul legend, a committed civil rights activist and one of the most influential, provocative and least understood artists of our time. This is the story of the real Miss Simone.

A veteran music journalist, Alan Light is the author of The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and the Unlikely Ascent of “Hallelujah” and Let’s Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain. Light was previously the editor-in-chief of Vibe and Spin and a senior writer for Rolling Stone. He is also a frequent contributor to the New York Times.

16 Non-fiction

February 2017 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 874 9 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 873 2 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

Inspired by the Oscarnominated Netflix documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone? is an intimate and vivid portrait of the twentiethcentury icon Nina Simone

MIND OVER MONEY The Psychology of Money and How to Use It Better

Claudia Hammond ‘Part fascinating psychological exploration, part practical guide – exposing the myriad ways money messes with our heads’ Telegraph ‘Interesting and insightful . . . Hammond marshals a battery of psychological experiments to show us how to spend (and save) more wisely’ Sunday Times • • •

February 2017

B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 206 8 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 207 5 Rights: WxEinUS,C

This fascinating and practical guide by the award-winning Radio 4 presenter will revolutionise the way you think about money

Why is it good to be grumpy if you want to avoid getting ripped off? Why do we think coins are bigger than they really are? Why is it a mistake to choose the same lottery numbers every week?

Join award-winning psychologist and BBC Radio 4 presenter Claudia Hammond as she delves into big and small questions around the surprising psychology of money. Funny, insightful and eyeopening, Mind Over Money will change the way you think about the cash in your pocket and the figures in your bank account forever.

Claudia Hammond is an award-winning writer, broadcaster and psychology lecturer. She is BBC Radio 4’s voice of psychology, presenting All in the Mind and Mind Changers. She has been awarded the British Psychological Society’s Public Engagement and Media Award, Mind’s Making a Difference Award, the Society of Personality and Social Psychology’s Media Achievement Award and the British Neuroscience Association’s Public Understanding of Neuroscience Award. She is the author of Emotional Rollercoaster, Time Warped, winner of the British Psychological Society Best Popular Science Book Award 2013, and Mind Over Money.

Non-fiction 17

STAY WITH ME Ayóbámi Adébáyó. . Yejide is hoping for a miracle, for a child. It is all her husband wants, all her mother in-law wants, and she has tried everything – arduous pilgrimages, medical consultations, dances with prophets, appeals to God. But when her in-laws insist upon a new wife, it is too much for Yejide to bear. It will lead to jealousy, betrayal and despair. Unravelling against the social and political turbulence of 80s Nigeria, Stay With Me sings with the voices, colours, joys and fears of its surroundings. Ayóbámi Adébáyó. weaves a . devastating story of the fragility of married love, the undoing of family, the wretchedness of grief, and the all-consuming bonds of motherhood. It is a tale about our desperate attempts to save ourselves and those we love from heartbreak.

Ayóbámi Adébáyó. was born in 1988 in Lagos, Nigeria. . Her stories have appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, and one was highly commended in the 2009 Commonwealth short story competition. She holds BA and MA degrees in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University. Ayobami also has an MA . in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia where she received an International Bursary for Creative Writing. She was a 2012 OMI fellow at Ledig House, New York and a 2015 Hedgebrook writer in residence. She works as a fiction editor for Saraba Magazine.

March 2017 Hardback/ £14.99 978 1 78211 946 3 Export Trade Paperback / £12.99 978 1 78211 958 6 Ebook / £11.99 978 1 78211 959 3 Rights: UKCWxC,K,NeEU,HK

This Nigerian debut is the heart-breaking tale of what wanting a child can do to a person, a marriage and a family; a powerful and vivid story of what it means to love not wisely but too well



Architecture, Society and Me

Richard Rogers Richard Rogers is one of the pre-eminent architects of his generation, whose approach to buildings is infused with his love of life, strong sense of social justice, and his playful aesthetic sense. From the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the Lloyds Building in the City of London, and from his inspirational Maggie’s Centre for cancer sufferers to his Y:Cube housing for homeless young people, he has – by thinking his way from the outside in – turned what architecture can do inside out. Inside Out is both the engaging and inspirational story of Richard Rogers’ life as an architect and simultaneously a book about creating a better society by creating better places to live. Ranging backwards and forwards over a long and creative life, and integrating relationships, projects, stories, collaborations and arguments with case studies, drawings and photographs Inside Out is a dazzling and inspiring book as original as its author.

March 2017 Hardback / £22.00 978 1 78211 693 6 Ebook / £16.99 978 1 78211 694 3 Rights: World

Richard Rogers was born in Florence in 1933. He was educated in the UK and then at the Yale School of Architecture, where he met Norman Foster. Alongside his partners, he has been responsible for some of the most radical designs of the twentieth century, including the Pompidou Centre, the Millennium Dome, the Bordeaux Law Courts, Leadenhall Tower and Lloyd’s of London. He chaired the Urban Task Force, which pioneered the return to urban living in the UK, was chief architectural advisor to the Mayor of London, and has also advised the mayors of Barcelona and Paris. He is married to Ruth Rogers, chef and owner of the River Café in London. He was knighted in 1991 by Queen Elizabeth II, and made a life peer in 1996. He has been awarded the Légion d’Honneur, the Royal Institute of British Architects’ Royal Gold Medal, and the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest honour.

20 Non-fiction

A stunningly designed memoir with pictures by one of the world’s leading architects and urban thinkers ‘A towering genius’ Telegraph

THE LOST TIME ACCIDENTS John Wray ‘This is literature as high-wire act without the net; epic in scale, even bigger in heart’ Marlon James ‘John Wray gets his Calvino on, his Mitchell on, his Murakami on, and even his Joyce on in this spectacular rattlebag of a novel . . . Who says the novel is dead? Just smash the clocks and open this novel’ Colum McCann The Lost Time Accidents is a bold and epic saga set against the greatest upheavals of the twentieth century.

March 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 84767 232 2 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 85786 353 9 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

‘A science fiction novel about time-travel, filled with unabashedly zany characters’ Sunday Times

Haunted by a failed love affair and the darkest of family secrets, Waldemar ‘Waldy’ Tolliver wakes one morning to discover that he has been exiled from the flow of time. The world continues to turn, and Waldy is desperate to find his way back. In his ambitious and fiercely inventive new novel, John Wray takes us from turn-of-thecentury Viennese salons buzzing with rumours about Einstein’s radical new theory to the death camps of the Second World War, from the golden age of post-war pulp science fiction to a startling discovery in a modern-day Manhattan apartment packed to the ceiling with artefacts of contemporary life.

John Wray is also the author of Lowboy, Canaan’s Tongue, and The Right Hand of Sleep. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Whiting Writers’ Award, and a Mary Ellen von der Heyden Fellowship from the American Academy in Berlin, he was named one of Granta’s Best Young American Novelists in 2007. A citizen of both the United States and Austria, he lives in New York City.

Lowboy 9781847671523 / £8.99

Fiction 21


Dennis Wilson

THE LONELY CITY Adventures in the Art of Being Alone

Olivia Laing ‘Triumphant . . . a brave writer whose books open up fundamental questions about life and art’ Telegraph ‘Luminously wise and deeply compassionate . . . a fierce and essential work’ Helen MacDonald, author of H is for Hawk ‘Unusually brave . . . Sublime’ The Times

March 2017 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 125 2 Ebook / £7.99 9 781 78211 124 5

When Olivia Laing moved to New York City in her mid-thirties, she found herself inhabiting loneliness on a daily basis. Increasingly fascinated by this most shameful of experiences, she began to explore the lonely city by way of art. Moving fluidly between the works and lives of some of the city’s most compelling artists, Laing conducts an electric, dazzling investigation into what it means to be alone, illuminating not only the causes of loneliness but also how it might be resisted and redeemed.

Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

A dazzling investigation into loneliness, art and the modern city from the critically acclaimed author of The Trip to Echo Spring

Olivia Laing is a widely acclaimed writer and critic. Her work appears in numerous publications, including the Guardian, Observer, New Statesman, Frieze and New York Times Her first book, To the River, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize and the Dolman Travel Book of the Year. The Trip to Echo Spring was shortlisted for the 2013 Costa Biography Award and the 2014 Gordon Burn Prize. She lives in Cambridge.

To the River 9781847677938 / £10.99 The Trip to Echo Spring: On Writers and Drinking 9781847677952 / £10.99

Non-fiction 23

ABOVE THE WATERFALL Ron Rash ‘A writer’s writer who writes for others’ Colum McCann ‘A gorgeous, brutal writer’ Richard Price ‘One of the great American authors at work today’ New York Times Nothing else comes so I set the notebook beside me. What else is here? I ask myself and listen. This section of stream purls and riffles amid small stones. What word might be made for what I hear . . . Les Clary’s final case has broken the still surface of his backwater town. Becky, a park ranger with her own mysterious past, shares Les’s consolation in the natural world that lies just beyond their hopelessly broken town. As Les and Becky explore of the county’s lyrically beautiful landscape, they finds themselves led deeper into the heart of the town’s corruption, and into the darkness of their own ruptured histories. This haunting novel is a poetic journey into the wilderness of the heart.

March 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 801 5 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 800 8 Rights: UKCWxANZ,C,neEU,neH,neI

A haunting novel with the poetic quality of William Faulkner Ron Rash is an award-winning poet, short-story writer and novelist. His novels include The Cove, The World Made Straight and New York Times bestseller and 2009 PEN/Faulkner finalist, Serena, now a major motion picture. He is also the author of several short story collections including Nothing Gold Can Stay, Burning Bright, winner of the 2010 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, and Chemistry and Other Stories, a finalist for the 2008 PEN/Faulkner Award. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains, USA.

24 Fiction

THE WORLD MADE STRAIGHT Ron Rash ‘Compelling . . . Rash manages to convince you right from the first page that his characters and his story are going to matter to you’ Nick Hornby ‘Exhilarating . . . The World Made Straight reminds us of the sort of compelling literature a brave artist can fashion from the shards of experience’ Los Angeles Times Summer in Madison County. Seventeen-year-old Travis Shelton cannot see a way out of his small town – until he discovers a grove of marijuana in the woods that could make him some serious money.

March 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 275 4 Ebook / £7.49 9 781 78211 276 1

But Travis has stumbled across more than drugs. His discovery is the first unwitting step in a journey back to the savage violence and betrayal festering in the community’s past, and to the corruption in its present.

Rights: UKCWxC,AN,neEU,neH

A powerful, menacing new novel from the New York Times bestseller

Vivid and unsettling, The World Made Straight is a powerful exploration of the secrets that bind us together and drive us apart.

Burning Bright 9780857861177 / £8.99 The Cove 9780857862624 / £8.99 Nothing Gold Can Stay 9780857869364 / £9.99 Serena 9781847674883 / £8.99

Fiction 25


DRAGON’S GREEN Worldquake Sequence Book 1

Scarlett Thomas Some people think opening a book is a simple thing. It’s not. Most people don’t realise that you can get truly lost in a book. You can. Especially you. Effie Truelove’s grandfather Griffin has always refused to teach her magic, even though he admits that it exists. After a mysterious incident leaves him close to death, Effie finds that she is to inherit his library of rare books. But when the books fall into the hands of shady scholar Leonard Levar, Effie is propelled into the most dangerous adventure of her life.

April 2017 Hardback / £12.99 978 1 78211 702 5 Ebook / £9.99 978 1 78211 703 2 Rights: W/ExUS,C

The first in a thrilling and magical new children’s series from the bestselling author of The End of Mr Y.

With the help of her friends – rugby-mad Wolf, nerdy Maximilian, helpful Lexy and strange Raven – Effie must find a way to get the books back. She and her friends must discover their true powers, and Effie must travel alone to the Otherworld where she will find the true meaning of the strange old book called Dragon’s Green . . .

Scarlett Thomas has always loved stories, magic and mysterious places. She tried (and failed) to write her first novel when she was six. Since then she has successfully written lots of novels, but this is her first one for children. She lives near the sea in an old house full of books, and is a professor in the English department of the University of Kent. Dragon’s Green is the first volume in the Worldquake Sequence.

PopCo 9781782117681 / £8.99 The Seed Collectors 9781847679222 / £8.99 The End of Mr Y 9781782117704 / £8.99

Fiction 27


Around the World in A Play

Dominic Dromgoole After a boozy night in London’s theatre district, Dominic Dromgoole, the artistic director of the Globe, came up with an idea. He would take Hamlet to every country on the planet. He would mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death by sharing him with the entire world. It was brilliant, it was awe-inspiring, it was insane. Over the two years that followed, Dromgoole and the Globe players toured all seven continents performing the bard’s most famous tragedy in sweltering deserts, ice-cold cathedrals and heaving marketplaces – despite food poisoning in Mexico, the threat of ambush in Somaliland and political upheaval in Ukraine. In Hamlet: Globe to Globe Dromgoole shows us the world through the prism of Shakespeare. We see what the Danish prince means to the people of Sudan, the effect of Ophelia on the citizens of Costa Rica and how a sixteenth-century play can touch the lives of Syrian refugees. We will witness Shakespeare’s power to transcend borders, to touch the human heart, and to truly bring the world closer together.

Dominic Dromgoole was the Artistic Director of the Globe Theatre in London from 2005 to 2016. He is the author of The Full Room: An A-Z of Contemporary Playwriting and of Will and Me: How Shakespeare Took Over My Life, which won the inaugural Sheridan Morley award. He regularly contributes to the New Statesman, the Sunday Times and other publications.

28 Non-fiction

April 2017 Hardback / £16.99 978 1 78211 690 5 Ebook / £12.99 978 1 78211 691 2 Rights: W/ExUS,C

Crosses all seven continents on a fascinating journey into the world of Shakespeare, Hamlet and the stage. From Dominic Dromgoole, Artistic Director of the Globe Theatre

THE FORTUNATE BROTHER Donna Morrissey The Fortunate Brother is a dark, atmospheric and compelling novel about the aftermath of a murder in a claustrophobic rural community in Newfoundland. When a body is found in the lake suspicion falls on the troubled Now family. As the mystery unfolds other, far deeper, secrets are revealed. Compassionate and wise, beautiful and brutal, The Fortunate Brother is the story of a family and a community in turmoil and confirms Donna Morrissey’s place as one of Canada’s foremost storytellers. Praise for the novels of Donna Morrissey: ‘Captivating’ Independent on Sunday

April 2017 Hardback / £14.99 978 1 78689 057 3 Ebook / £12.49 978 1 78689 059 7

‘Breathtakingly beautiful . . . dazzlingly authentic . . . splendidly unique’ Alastair MacLeod ‘Reminiscent of Annie Proulx, the writing is poised, charged and tactile’ The Sunday Times

Rights: WxC,Fr

‘Captivating’ Independent on Sunday on Kit’s Law

Donna Morrissey is the award-winning author of five novels – Kit’s Law, Downhill Chance, Sylvanus Now, which was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, What They Wanted, and The Deception of Livvy Higgs – as well as the Gemini Award–winning screenplay Clothesline Patch. Morrissey grew up in The Beaches, a small fishing outport in Newfoundland, and now lives in Halifax, Canada.

Fiction 29


Experiences from the Outside World

Geoff Dyer ‘Brilliant . . . Dyer’s eyes miss nothing’ Peter Conrad, Observer ‘Even Chekhov might have envied Geoff Dyer’s talent’ Jan Morris, Spectator ‘Among the most original and talented writers of his generation’ Independent on Sunday From a trip to The Lightning Field in New Mexico, to chasing Gauguin’s ghost in French Polynesia, White Sands is a creative exploration of why we travel. Episodic, wide-ranging, funny, Geoff Dyer blends travel writing, essay, criticism and fiction with a smart and cantankerous wit that is unmatched. From one of the most original writers in Britain, this is a book for armchair travellers and procrastinating philosophers everywhere. April 2017

Geoff Dyer is the author of Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi and three previous novels, as well as nine non-fiction books. Dyer has won the Somerset Maugham Prize, the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction, a Lannan Literary Award, the International Center of Photography’s 2006 Infinity Award for writing on photography and the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ E.M. Forster Award. In 2009 he was named GQ’s Writer of the Year. He won a National Book Critics Circle Award in 2012 and was a finalist in 1998. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages. He lives in London.

B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 742 1 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 741 4 Rights: UKCWxAN,neEU,neH

‘Quite possibly the best living writer in Britain’ Daily Telegraph

Yoga for People Who Can’t Be Bothered to Do It 9780857864062 / £8.99 Out of Sheer Rage 9781782115137 / £9.99 But Beautiful 9780857864024 / £9.99 The Ongoing Moment 9780857864017 / £11.99

30 Non-fiction


UNDYING A Love Story

Michel Faber ‘Heart-breaking, tender, intimate, harrowing . . . this is a stunning testimony to love’ Mary Costello ‘I was touched by the spirit of these poems, their vulnerably sober and steady way of addressing grief’ Christopher Reid How can you say goodbye to the love of your life? In Undying Michel Faber honours the memory of his wife, who died after a six-year battle with cancer. Bright, tragic and candid, these poems are an exceptional chronicle of what it means to find the love of your life. And what it is like to have to say goodbye. All I can do, in what remains of my brief time, is mention, to whoever cares to listen, that a woman once existed, who was kind and beautiful and brave, and I will not forget

April 2017 B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 856 5 Ebook / £7.99 978 1 78211 855 8 Rights: W/ExUS,C

Michel Faber written nine other books. In addition to the Whitbread-shortlisted Under the Skin, he is the author of the highly acclaimed The Crimson Petal and the White, and most recently The Book of Strange New Things, which was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award and won the Saltire Book of the Year Award 2015. Born in Holland, brought up in Australia, he now lives in the UK. This is his first poetry collection.

‘Lucid, tender and wise’ Ian McEwan

Some Rain Must Fall and other Stories 9781782117162 / £8.99 The Crimson Petal and the White 9781782114413 / £9.99 The Book of Strange New Things 9781782114086 / £8.99

32 Poetry

THE ART OF LOSING CONTROL A Guide to Ecstatic Experience

Jules Evans Jules Evans is lying at the bottom of a mountain after a skiing accident. But he’s not thinking about his broken femur. He’s having an ecstatic revelation. Stoic philosophy has formed the foundation of Western philosophy for millennia, but why are we still so happy to accept the attitude that rationality is the highest part of human nature when we are capable of so many more states of experience? Drawing on his own ecstatic experience, and his research as policy director at the Centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary, University of London, Jules mounts an investigation into what we can gain from mastering the art of losing control. May 2017 Hardback / £14.99 978 1 78211 867 1 Export Trade Paperback / £12.99 978 1 78211 868 8 Ebook / £12.99 978 1 78211 877 0 Rights: World

A wise, witty and dynamic guide to the philosophy of human ecstasy

Jules’s exploration is an intellectual and emotional odyssey balancing personal experience, interviews and readings from ancient and modern philosophers. From Aristotle and Plato, via Brian Eno and the Bishop of London, radical Muslims and New Age wizards, The Art of Losing Control illuminates a rational science of ecstasy which can motivate us, heal us and change the way we think.

Jules Evans is policy director at the Centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations, which was published in 19 countries and was a Times Book of the Year. He also runs the London Philosophy Club.

Non-fiction 33


The Four Elements of Good Cooking

Samin Nosrat While cooking at Chez Panisse at the start of her career, Samin Nosrat noticed that amid the whirl and chaos of the kitchen there were four key principles that her fellow chefs would always fall back on to make their food better: Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat. Samin had discovered the four variables that make our food full of flavour or bland, soggy or crisp, memorable or forgettable. She found that having a handle on these four elements freed her from fretting over recipes, helped her to instinctively overcome challenges and mistakes, and granted her the flexibility to cook delicious food with whatever was to hand. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is the last cookbook you’ll ever need. From the principles of the perfect sandwich to seasoning your stock, Samin teaches you the simple techniques needed to become a truly instinctive and confident cook. Featuring Wendy Macnaughton’s vibrant, evocative illustrations, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat will change the way you cook – and unshackle you from the tyranny of following the recipe – forever.

Samin Nosrat is a writer, chef and teacher. She learned to cook with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse after studying journalism at UC Berkeley. Inspired by her many teachers, Samin runs a series of hands-on cooking classes in the Bay Area. She is widely credited as the person who taught Michael Pollan how to cook and features in his book and TV series Cooked. Samin lives in Berkeley, California. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is her first book. Wendy Macnaughton is an illustrator and graphic journalist. She illustrated the New York Times bestseller The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert and Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology. She lives in San Francisco.

34 Non-fiction

May 2017 Hardback / £25.00 978 1 78211 230 3 Ebook / £18.99 978 1 78211 231 0 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

A beautifully illustrated and visionary new masterclass in cooking that distils decades of professional experience into just four simple elements - and will set you free from recipes forever


·  205


Power, Control and the Fight for Our Future

Raoul Martinez ‘In this stunning and lucid book, Raoul Martinez re-assesses our past, re-examines our present, and re-imagines our future. It’s such an exciting and compelling read that you almost don’t notice at first how radical it is. Creating Freedom makes me think that we humans are on the cusp of our next big step – and it’s this kind of thinking that will carry us over’ Brian Eno We are far less free than we like to think. In Creating Freedom, Raoul Martinez exposes the mechanisms of control that pervade our lives and the myths on which they depend. Exploring the lottery of our birth, the coercive influence of concentrated wealth, and the consentmanufacturing realities of undemocratic power, he shows that our faith in free media, free markets, free elections and free will is dangerously misplaced. Written with empathy and imagination, this scholarly, fierce and profoundly hopeful manifesto makes a dazzling case for creating freedom on our own terms.

Raoul Martinez is a writer, artist, and award-winning filmmaker. Creating Freedom is his first book. It is informed by over a decade of research and is accompanied by a documentary series of the same name. Episode One, The Lottery of Birth – produced, written and co-directed by Raoul – premiered in 2012. It was nominated for Best Documentary at London’s Raindance Film Festival and went on to win the Artivist Spirit 2012 Award at Hollywood’s Artivist Festival. It has been translated into several languages and the second film is currently in production. Raoul lives and works in London, where his paintings have been selected for exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery.

36 Non-fiction

May 2017 B-format paperback / £10.99 978 1 78211 188 7 Ebook / £8.79 978 1 78211 189 4 Rights: WxEinUS,C

A radical, revolutionary and highly provocative rethink of freedom

ORPHANS OF THE CARNIVAL Carol Birch ‘A rich and wonderful book. Carol Birch can see a world in a grain of sand – and then furnish it for you, vividly and unforgettably’ M.R. Carey, author of The Girl With All the Gifts ‘Dazzling’ Catherine Chanter, author of The Well ‘A naturally literary writer who can, with a simple image, evoke the deepest emotion’ Guardian Julia Pastrana is the singing and dancing marvel from Mexico. She is heralded across nineteenthcentury Europe as much for her talent as for her unusual looks. Yet few can see past her freakish appearance to the ambitious woman within.

May 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 656 1 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 655 4

Orphans of the Carnival sweeps us from the music halls of Vienna to an attic in modern-day South London, playing out an epic tale of grit, love, music and the triumph of the human spirit pushed to extremes.

Rights: W/ExUS

The new novel from the Man Booker-shortlisted author of Jamrach’s Menagerie

Carol Birch is the author of ten previous novels, including Scapegallows (2008) and Turn Again Home (2003) which was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. She has also won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and the David Higham Award for Best First Novel. Jamrach’s Menagerie was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and longlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction and the London Book Award.

Jamrach’s Menagerie 9781847676573 / £8.99

Fiction 37

HIMSELF Jess Kidd An intriguing story of family secrets and haunting’ Andrew Michael Hurley, author of The Loney ‘It hurtles along from the very first page. A hugely enjoyable read.’ M.L. Stedman, author of The Light Between Oceans When Mahony returns to Mulderrig, a speck of a place on Ireland’s west coast, he brings only a photograph of his long-lost mother and a determination to do battle with the lies of his past. No one – living or dead – will tell Mahony what happened to the teenage mother who abandoned him as a baby, despite his certainty that more than one of the villagers knows the sinister truth. Between Mulderrig’s sly priest, its pitiless nurse and the caustic elderly actress throwing herself into her final village play, this beautiful and darkly comic debut novel creates an unforgettable world of mystery, bloody violence and buried secrets.

June 2017 B-format paperback / £7.99 978 1 78211 848 0 Ebook / £6.39 978 1 78211 847 3 Rights: UKCWxC,eEU,neH

Jess Kidd completed her first degree in Literature with The Open University, and has since taught creative writing and gained a PhD in Creative Writing Studies. She has also worked as a support worker specialising in acquired brain injury. Jess was brought up in London as part of a large family from Mayo, and plans to settle somewhere along the west coast of Ireland in the next few years. Until then, she lives in London with her daughter.

38 Fiction

‘It’s one of those books that has you smiling as you read, and that you plan to read again very soon’ Louis De Bernières, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


MY OLD MAN Tales of Our Fathers

Ted Kessler ‘Poignant and often moving’ Observer ‘Timeless . . . An eclectic group of men, young or old, but not quite gone: lingering still in words and memories’ Guardian If you were asked to write about your father, what would you say? Florence Welch, Paul Weller, Nina Stibbe and the sons and daughters of Ian Dury, Johnny Ball, Roy Castle, Leonard Cohen and many others relate the quirks, flaws and quiet heroisms of their dads. By turns funny, tender and heartbreaking, My Old Man offers a unique opportunity to reflect on our own relationships with our dads – who they really are, and how we come to understand ourselves through them. June 2017

Ted Kessler was a staff writer and editor at NME throughout the 1990s and has been at Q since 2004, where he is currently the magazine’s features editor. He has also written for the Observer, Guardian, New Statesman and many other publications. Ted lives in London with his partner and their two children.



B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 400 0 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 399 7 Rights: UKCW,eEU

‘A medley of happiness and heartache’ Sunday Times

THE DARK FLOOD RISES Margaret Drabble ‘The mistress of English literary letters’ Independent ‘Drabble’s brilliance . . . builds up a sense of wide horizons that one has never seen in quite the same way before’ The Times ‘Her distinctive narrative voice and soaring prose remain electrifying’ Spectator

June 2017 B-format paperback / £8.99 978 1 78211 833 6 Ebook / £7.19 978 1 78211 832 9 Rights: UKCWxAN,eEU

Dark and joyous, hilarious and heartbreaking, this new novel asks what makes a good life, and a good death

The Pure Gold Baby 9781782111122 / £8.99

Francesca Stubbs holds our hand as we take a walk through death and old age. Fran takes us to drinks with her dear friends, dropping off mouthwatering suppers for Claude, her ex-husband, warm and cosy in his infirmity, and visits her daughter, Poppet, holed up as the waters rise in a sodden West Country, as well as texting her son Christopher in Tenerife, dealing with the estate of his shockingly deceased girlfriend. The questions of what constitutes a good death and how we understand it if we have lived well preoccupy this dark and glittering novel. With characteristic wit and caustic prose via some festive red merlot, The Dark Flood Rises dazzles and enthrals, entertains and asks existential questions in equal measure.

Dame Margaret Drabble was born in Sheffield in 1939 and was educated at Newnham College, Cambridge. She is the author of eighteen novels including A Summer Bird-Cage, The Millstone, The Peppered Moth, The Red Queen, The Sea Lady and most recently, the highly acclaimed The Pure Gold Baby. She has also written biographies, screenplays and was the editor of the Oxford Companion to English Literature. She was appointed CBE in 1980, and made DBE in the 2008 Honours list. She was also awarded the 2011 Golden PEN Award for a Lifetime’s Distinguished Service to Literature. She is married to the biographer Michael Holroyd.

Fiction 41

42 Peanuts

THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1950-1952 9781847670311 / £16.99 / 2007 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1953-1954 9781847670328 / £16.99 / 2007 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1955-1956 9781847670755 / £16.99 / 2008 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1957-1958 9781847670762 / £16.99 / 2008 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1959-1960 9781847671493 / £16.99 / 2009 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1961-1962 9781847671509 / £16.99 / 2009 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1963-1964 9781847678140 / £16.99 / 2010 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1965-1966 9781847678157 / £16.99 / 2010 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1967-1968 9780857862136 / £16.99 / 2011 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1969-1970 9780857862143 / £16.99 / 2011 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1971-1912 9780857864079 / £16.99 / 2012 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1973-1974 9780857864086 / £16.99 / 2012 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1975-1976 9781782110996 / £16.99 / 2013 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1977-1978 9781782111009 / £16.99 / 2013 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1979-1980 9781782111016 / £16.99 / 2014 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1981-1982 9781782111023 / £16.99 / 2014 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1983-1984 9781782115106 / £16.99 / 2014 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1985-1986 9781782115151 / £16.99 / 2014 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1987-1988 9781782115168 / £16.99 / 2015 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1989-1990 9781782115175 / £16.99 / 2015 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1991-1992 9781782115182 / £16.99 / 2015 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1993-1994 9781782115199 / £16.99 / 2015 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1995-1996 9781782115205 / £16.99 / 2015 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1997-1998 9781782115212 / £16.99 / 2015 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1999-2000 9781782115229 / £16.99 / 2016 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1950-2000 9781782119739 / £16.99 / 2016 LIFE LESSONS FROM LUCY 9781782113119 / £7.99 / 2014 THE GENIUS OF CHARLIE BROWN 9781782113096 / £7.99 / 2014 THE PHILOSOPHY OF SNOOPY 9781782111139 / £7.99 / 2014 THE WISDOM OF WOODSTOCK 9781782113102 / £7.99 / 2014 LIFE ACCORDING TO LINUS 9781782113713 / £7.99 / 2016 THE PREDICAMENTS OF PEPPERMINT PATTY 9781782113621 / £7.99 / 2016 THE PEANUTS GUIDE TO HAPPINESS 9781782113652 / £7.99 / 2015 THE PEANUTS GUIDE TO LOVE 9781782113737 / £7.99 / 2015 THE PEANUTS GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS 9781782113676 / £7.99 / 2015 THE PEANUTS GUIDE TO BROTHERS AND SISTERS 9781782113690 / £7.99 / 2016 THE PEANUTS GUIDE TO FRIENDSHIP 9781782113751 / £7.99 / 2016 THE BUMPER BOOK OF PEANUTS / HARDBACK / 9781782116417 / £16.99 / 2015 THE BUMPER BOOK OF PEANUTS / PAPERBACK / 9781782119449 / £12.99 / 2016 HOW TO BE A GRRRL / CANON / 9781782113614 / £7.99 / 2015

Charles M. Schulz 43

COMING TO THE CANONS IN 2017 THE WEATHERHOUSE Nan Shepherd A classic of modern Scottish literature January 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78211 886 2 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 802 7 / £7.19 Rights: World

THE ABUNDANCE Annie Dillard The best writing from the Pulitzer Prizewinning nature writer February 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78211 773 5 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 78211 772 8 / £7.99

TEACHING A STONE TO TALK Expeditions and Encounters Annie Dillard A celebration of the natural world and our place in it March 2017 978 1 78211 885 5 / B-format paperback / £9.99 978 1 78211 775 9 / Ebook / £7.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

CLOSE TO THE KNIVES A Memoir of Disintegration David Wojnarowicz ‘Fairly smokes with acrid ironies . . . Passionate and personal’ New York Magazine March 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78689 027 6 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 028 3 / £7.19 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU

THERE ARE LITTLE KINGDOMS Kevin Barry ‘The most exciting Irish short story writer of his generation’ Sunday Times April 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78689 017 7 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 019 1 / £7.19 Rights: UKCWxC,Ire

44 The Canons

TRICKSTER MAKES THIS WORLD How Disruptive Imagination Creates Culture Lewis Hyde ‘Lewis Hyde’s second masterpiece’ Margaret Atwood April 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78689 050 4 / £12.99 Ebook / 978 1 84767 701 3 / £10.39 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

THE LAST HOLIDAY A Memoir Gill Scott-Heron ‘An elegiac culmination to his musical and literary career’ New York Times May 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78689 025 2 / £8.99 Ebook / 978 0 85786 302 7 / £7.19 Rights: WxEinUS

NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder Kent Nerburn ‘A true-life fable and a provocative call . . . remarkable’ Robert Plant June 2017 B-format paperback / 978 1 78689 016 0 / £9.99 Ebook / 978 1 78689 018 4 / £7.99 Rights: WxEinUS,C,CH

THE CANONS Nelson Algren Niccolò Ammaniti Kevin Barry John Berger & Jean Mohr Stanley Booth Richard Brautigan Richard Brautigan Richard Brautigan Richard Brautigan Charles Bukowski A.S. Byatt Nick Cave Kate Chopin Jennifer Clement Gil Courtemanche Annie Dillard Annie Dillard Jim Dodge Jim Dodge Fyodor Dostoyevsky David Eagleman Michel Faber Michel Faber John Fante Alasdair Gray Knut Hamsun Richard Holloway Lewis Hyde Lewis Hyde Robin Jenkins James Joyce Miranda July Ismail Kadare William McIlvanney Rebecca Miller John Muir Kent Nerburn Barack Obama Caradog Prichard Philip Pullman Albert Sánchez Piñol Charles M. Schulz Gil Scott-Heron Nan Shepherd Nan Shepherd David Simon Ali Smith Rebecca Solnit Muriel Spark Muriel Spark Muriel Spark Muriel Spark Muriel Spark Antonio Tabucchi David Thomson David Wojnarowicz Virginia Woolf

978 0 85786 417 8 · £12 978 1 78211 715 5 · £8.99 978 1 78689 017 7 · £8.99 978 1 78211 503 8 · £9.99 978 0 85786 351 5 · £10.99 978 1 78211 378 2 · £8.99 978 1 78211 379 9 · £8.99 978 1 78211 380 5 · £8.99 978 0 85786 264 8 · £8.99 978 1 78211 666 0 · £9.99 978 1 78211 718 6 · £8.99 978 1 78211 533 5 · £8.99 978 1 78211 713 1 · £6.99 978 1 78211 424 6 · £8.99 978 0 85786 217 4 · £10 978 1 78211 773 5 · £9.99 978 1 78211 885 5 · £9.99 978 1 78211 635 6 · £8.99 978 0 85786 186 3 · £12 978 0 85786 021 7 · £8 978 1 78211 246 4 · £9.99 978 1 78211 441 3 · £9.99 978 1 78211 716 2 · £8.99 978 0 85786 237 2 · £8.99 978 1 78211 714 8 · £10.99 978 1 78211 712 4 · £9.99 978 1 78211 628 8 · £8.99 978 0 85786 847 3 · £9.99 978 1 78689 050 4 · £9.99 978 0 85786 235 8 · £9.99 978 0 85786 416 1 · £8 978 1 78211 629 5 · £8.99 978 0 85786 181 8 · £10 978 1 78211 961 6 · £8.99 978 1 78211 915 9 · £8.99 978 1 78211 443 7 · £8.99 978 1 78689 016 0 · £9.99 978 1 78211 925 8 · £9.99 978 1 78211 676 9 · £9.99 978 1 78211 442 0 · £8.99 978 1 78211 717 9 · £8.99 978 1 78211 361 4 · £7.99 978 1 78689 025 2 · £8.99 978 0 85786 183 2 · £8.99 978 1 78211 886 2 · £8.99 978 1 78211 630 1 · £12.99 978 1 78211 633 2 · £8.99 978 1 78211 907 4 · £8.99 978 1 78211 755 1 · £8.99 978 0 85786 227 3 · £12 978 1 78211 757 5 · £8.99 978 1 78211 765 0 · £10.99 978 1 78211 767 4 · £10.99 978 1 78211 631 8 · £8.99 978 0 85786 185 6 · £10 978 1 78689 027 6 · £8.99 978 0 85786 258 7 · £8

The Man With the Golden Arm I’m Not Scared There Are Little Kingdoms* A Fortunate Man The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones Revenge of the Lawn A Confederate General from Big Sur Trout Fishing in America Sombrero Fallout Ham On Rye Ragnarok The Death of Bunny Munro The Awakening Widow Basquiat A Sunday At The Pool In Kigali The Abundance* Teaching a Stone to Talk* Fup Stone Junction Notes From Underground Incognito The Crimson Petal and the White Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories Ask the Dust Lanark Hunger On Forgiveness The Gift Trickster Makes This World* The Cone-Gatherers Dubliners No One Belongs Here More Than You Chronicle in Stone Docherty The Private Lives of Pippa Lee My First Summer in the Sierra Neither Wolf Nor Dog* Dreams From My Father One Moonlit Night The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ Cold Skin How to be a Grrrl The Last Holiday* The Living Mountain The Weatherhouse* Homicide Girl Meets Boy Hope in the Dark The Bachelors The Complete Short Stories The Finishing School Spark's Europe Spark's Satire Pereira Maintains The People of the Sea Close to the Knives* Orlando * publishing January–June 2017



REASONS TO STAY ALIVE Matt Haig 9781782116820 / £7.99 THE HUMANS Matt Haig 9780857868787 £8.99 THE HIGH MOUNTAINS OF PORTUGAL Yann Martel 9781782114741 / £8.99 THE BRAIN David Eagleman 9781782116615 / £9.99

THE OUTRUN Amy Liptrot 9781782115489 / £8.99 DRIVE Daniel H. Pink 9781847677693 / £9.99 LETTERS OF NOTE Shaun Usher 9781782112235 / £30 MORE MOANING Karl Pilkington 9781782117315 / £20 GUANTANMO DIARY Mohamedou Ould Slahi 9781782112853 / £12.99 THE TRUTH Neil Strauss 9781782110972 / £8.99


LIFE OF PI Yann Martel 9781782118695 / £8.99 DREAMS FROM MY FATHER Barack Obama 9781782119258 / £9.99 AN IDIOT ABROAD Karl Pilkington 9781847679277 / £8.99 THE GAME Neil Strauss 9781782118930 / £8.99 THE SECRET RIVER Kate Grenville 9780857860842 / £8.99 THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE Michel Faber 9781782114413 / £9.99 LANARK Alasdair Gray 9781782117148 / £10.99 SIMON’S CAT Simon Tofield 9781847674814 / £12.99 THE GARDEN OF EVENING MISTS Tan Twan Eng 9781782110187 / £8.99 A TALE FOR THE TIME BEING Ruth Ozeki 9780857867971 / £8.99

46 Bestsellers

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