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Autumn 2016


ODAFE ATOGUN Taduno’s Song

A Kafkaesque tale from an undiscovered Nigerian voice The day a stained brown envelope arrives from Taduno’s homeland, he knows that the time has come to return from exile. Arriving full of trepidation, the musician discovers that his community no longer recognises him, believing that Taduno is dead. His girlfriend Lela has disappeared, taken away by government agents. As he wanders through his house in search of clues, he realises that any traces of his old life have been erased. All that is left of his life and himself are memories. But Taduno finds a new purpose: to unravel the mystery of his lost life and to find his lost love. Through this search, he comes to face a difficult decision: to sing for love or to sing for his people.

Odafe Atogun was born in Nigeria, in the town of Lokoja, where the Rivers Niger and Benue meet. Now a full-time writer, he is married and lives in Abuja.

July 2016 Trade Paperback: 9781782118053 / £10.99 | Ebook: 9781782118060 / £9.99 Rights: W/ExUS


MICHEL FABER Undying A Love Story

How can you say goodbye to the love of your life?

In Undying Michel Faber honours the memory of his wife, who died after a six-year battle with cancer. Bright, tragic, candid and true, these poems are an exceptional chronicle of what it means to find the love of your life. And what it is like to have to say goodbye.  ‘All I can do, in what remains of my brief time, is mention, to whoever cares to listen, that a woman once existed, who was kind and beautiful and brave, and I will not forget how the world was altered, beyond recognition, when we met.’

Michel Faber has written nine works of fiction, including The Crimson Petal and the White, Under the Skin and The Book of Strange New Things, which won Saltire Book of the Year 2015. Born in Holland, brought up in Australia, he now lives in the Scottish Highlands. This is his first poetry collection.

July 2016 Hardback: 9781782118541 / £12.99 | Ebook: 9781782118558 / £11.99 Rights: W/ExUS,C


JAMIE CATTO Insanely Gifted:

Turn Your Demons Into Creative Rocket Fuel

It’s time to leave your comfort zone From infancy we are taught to edit ourselves down, snipping and trimming out the darker, weirder, less acceptable parts in order to please others. We are all addicted to approval, which is why we wear masks, crop our lives and betray our true selves. With Catto’s guidance, we can transform our demons into creative rocket fuel. Along the way, we will learn to be playful, laugh at ourselves and listen to our bodies and our instincts.

Jamie Catto is the creative catalyst, producer and director behind 1 Giant Leap. He is also a founder member of Faithless, whose 2005 album was the fastestselling dance album ever.

July 2016 Trade Paperback: 9781782118039 / £12.99 | Ebook: 9781782118046 / £11.99 Rights: W


SALLY ANDREW The Satanic Mechanic

The Tannie Maria series blends the searing African landscape with loveable characters and a riveting murder mystery

Tannie Maria is back, and before she has time to take her Venus Chocolate Cake out of the oven our glorious heroine finds herself embroiled in another mystery. In this thrilling sequel to Recipes for Love and Murder, Slimkat the bushman finds his life under threat and Tannie Maria is determined to find out who wants to kill him. But her boyfriend Henk is keen to keep Tannie out of danger, and things aren’t exactly perfect in that department so Tannie has mysteries of her own to solve. . .

Sally Andrew lives in a mud-brick house on a nature reserve in the Klein Karoo, with her man and other wildlife (including a giant eland and a secretive leopard).

July 2016: The Satanic Mechanic Trade Paperback: 9781782116509 / £12.99 Ebook: 9781782116516 / £10.99 Rights: UKCWxC,ANZ,SAeEU,neHK July 2016: Recipes for Love and Murder B-format Paperback: 9781782116486 / £7.99 | Ebook: 9781782116479 / £1.99 Rights: UKCWxC,ANZ,SAeEU,neHK


KEVIN BARRY Beatlebone

The Goldsmiths Prize winning novel from IMPAC-winning and Costa-shortlisted Kevin Barry ‘Casually lyrical, formally inventive, funny and moving, it is a small wonder’ Sunday Times ‘Gloriously freewheeling . . . a tale of fame, freaks, bad liquor and bad weather’ Guardian He will spend three days alone on his island. That is all that he asks. John is so many miles from love now and home. This is the story of his strangest trip. Beatlebone is a portrait of an artist at a time of creative strife.

Kevin Barry has been shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award and the Irish Book Award and won the IMPAC Prize among other awards. Beatlebone won the 2015 Goldsmiths Prize.

July 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782116165 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781782116158 / £8.49 Rights: UKCWxCeE


AGENT KASPER and LUIGI CARLETTI The Supernotes Affair: Based on a true story

Based on a true story, this is the first UK publication of the international bestseller about the secret agent who had to die Agent Kasper is kidnapped in Cambodia whilst on a mission for the CIA to investigate counterfeit money schemes. He is supposed to disappear forever, because Kasper has uncovered something so explosive that the intelligence service wants him dead. When Kasper finds himself in the appalling squalor of Cambodia’s most notorious prison camp, the corrupt guards sent to execute him spot an opportunity – is Kasper worth more alive?

Agent Kasper is an Italian and American former secret agent. He was one of the most effective operatives of Italy’s secret services. Luigi Carletti is a journalist and writer.

July 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782115731 / £7.99 | Ebook: 9781782115748 / £7.49 Rights: UKCWxCeE



A road trip of astonishing power and beauty through the American South from the Booker Prize winner ‘Probably the most influential novelist of the post-war period’ The Times Murdo, a teenager obsessed with music, dreams of a life beyond his Scottish island home. Together with his grieving father, he sets off on an expedition into the American South. Dirt Road is a major novel exploring the brevity of life, the agonising demands of love and the lure of the open road. From the understated serenity of Kelman’s prose – like a Hibernian Carver – emerges a devastating emotional power.

James Kelman was shortlisted for the Booker Prize with A Disaffection, and won it with How Late It Was, How Late. He has been shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize twice.

August 2016 Hardback: 9781782118220 / £16.99 | Export Trade Paperback: 9781782118237 / £14.99 Ebook: 9781782118244 / £14.99 | Rights: W



Gold from the Stone

New and selected poems from a national treasure

Lemn Sissay’s first poetry collection was written aged eighteen and hand-sold door-to-door. Since then his poems have been sculpted in iron and built from concrete, declaimed in over twenty countries. He has performed to thousands of football fans at the FA Cup final, to hundreds of thousands as the poet of the 2012 Olympics, and to millions across the airwaves on BBC Radio 4 and on the nation’s TV screens. Bringing together new writing and a selection of Lemn Sissay’s best-loved poems, Gold from the Stone is a career-spanning collection from one of the nation’s bestloved voices.

Lemn Sissay is an award-winning playwright and popular broadcaster in the UK, as well as the author of five poetry books. He gave a TED Talk on the UK care system and appeared on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs in October 2015. He was elected as Chancellor of the University of Manchester in 2015.

August 2016 Hardback: 9781782119098 / £12.99 Rights: W



A nature memoir as heard on BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and BBC Radio 2 NonFiction Bookclub ‘A lyrical, brave memoir. It’s Liptrot’s aptitude for marrying her inner-space with wild outer-spaces that makes her such a compelling writer . . . I enjoyed this book enormously’ Will Self, Guardian ‘A bold-hearted and brave-minded book. It is both terribly sad and awfully affecting. I look forward to its presence on some prize lists’ Scotland on Sunday ‘Beautiful . . . [blends] searing memoir with sublime nature writing. Amy Liptrot is the real deal, a writer whose voice seems fully formed on the page’ Independent on Sunday A beautiful, inspiring book about living on the edge, about the pull between island and city, and about the ability of the sea, the land, the wind and the moon to restore life and renew hope. Amy Liptrot has worked as a journalist, an artist’s model, a trampolinist and in a shellfish factory. The Outrun, her first book, emerged from her Caught by the River column. August 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782115489 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781782115496 / £8.49 Rights: W

Non-Fiction and Poetry

CHARLES BUKOWSKI On Cats ‘A cat is only ITSELF,’ Bukowski wrote. ‘Representative of the strong forces of life that won’t let go.’ On Cats is a raw and tenderly funny look at the relationship between cats and humans from one of the world’s most treasured and transgressive writers. August 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117278 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781782117261 / £8.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

On Love ‘The best poet in America’ Jean Genet Alternating between the tough and the tender, the romantic and the gritty, Bukowski exposes the myriad faces of love in the poems collected here – its selfishness and its narcissism, its mystery and its misery, and, ultimately, its true joyfulness and redemptive power. August 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117308 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781782117292 / £8.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH

On Writing The best letters of Charles Bukowski on the art of writing Charles Bukowski was one of our most iconoclastic, raw and riveting writers, one whose stories, poems and novels have left an enduring mark on our culture. On Writing collects Bukowski’s reflections and ruminations on the craft he dedicated his life to and included some exceptional and never-before-published letters. August 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117247 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781782117230 / £8.99 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH



Simon Garfield on Time: Twenty-One Stories About Our Obsession with Time

How and why has time become so important to us?

‘Simon Garfield is like the schoolteacher who made the time fly, a one-man Blue Peter team for intelligent adults, a great British explainer’ Observer In this fascinating investigation into how we have come to measure our lives through temporal affairs, Simon Garfield considers the French Revolution, the strange but powerful force of the anniversary, the Leica camera, the railroad, musical tempo, the complications of time zones, the watch at the top of Everest, Harold Lloyd, a clock with 10 hours, Roger Bannister’s career as a neurologist, the perfect length for a speech and the beautiful traditions of English watchmaking, among other things.

Simon Garfield is the author of seventeen acclaimed books of non-fiction including To the Letter, On the Map and Just My Type.

September 2016 Hardback: 9781782113195 / £16.99 | Ebook: 9781782113201 / £14.99 Rights: W


CAROL BIRCH Orphans of the Carnival

The new novel from the Man Bookershortlisted author of Jamrach’s Menagerie

A life in the spotlight will keep anyone hidden Talented, sweet-voiced, independent but cursed from birth as a freak, Julia Pastrana leaves behind Mexico, the land of her birth, and takes a train to New Orleans. So begins a life on the road. A life of extraordinary courage. A life of epic tragedy. Based on the true life of a remarkable historical figure, Carol Birch’s gripping novel straddles centuries and continents, asking questions about what makes for an exceptional life, and at what personal cost that might come. Carol Birch is the author of eleven previous novels. She has won numerous prizes and in 2013 was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Jamrach’s Menagerie and longlisted for the Orange Prize and the Dublin Literary Award.

September 2016 Hardback: 9781782116547 / £14.99 | Ebook: 9781782116554 / £13.99 Rights: W/ExUS



Creating Freedom: Power, Control and the Fight for Our Future

A radical, revolutionary and highly provocative rethink of freedom ‘A profound and interesting project’ Nick Davies ‘Brilliant and timely’ Helena Kennedy QC Freedom is foundational to our democracy, our way of life – our very conception of what it is to be human. But are we free in the way that we think we are? In Creating Freedom, Raoul Martinez compellingly dismantles the sacred myth of freedom, showing that our belief that our institutions are free, even our sense of ourselves as agents of free will, is all based on false understanding. From the lottery of our birth, to the coercive influence of our media, to the self-reinforcing, consentmanufacturing realities of power and money, this far-reaching manifesto fiercely demonstrates just how differently we would act if we accepted how the world really is. It shows that freedom is not something we are given; it is not even something we can easily take. But with empathy, imagination and determination – it is something we can create. Raoul Martinez is a London-based activist, artist, writer and filmmaker whose artwork is exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery. The Creating Freedom project is informed by more than a decade of research. September 2016 Hardback: 9781782111818 / £20.00 | Export Trade Paperback 9781782111870 / £14.99 Ebook: 9781782111894 / £14.99 Rights: WxEinUS,C


REBECCA SOLNIT Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities A defence of protest and an exploration of hope in dark times – now fully revised and updated and included in the Canons series

‘A short, elegant, passionate polemic on the history and future of progressive political engagement’ Robert Macfarlane, Guardian Tracing a history of activism and social change over the past five decades, Rebecca Solnit’s book is an accessible chronicle of how people have changed their countries. Drawing on thinkers of the last century – including Woolf, Gandhi, Borges, Benjamin and Havel – and looking at the major moments of people power, she creates a manifesto for optimism for the twenty-first century and gives us all reasons never to surrender.

Rebecca Solnit is a writer who lives in San Francisco, California. She has written on a variety of subjects, including the environment, politics, place, and art.

September 2016 Hardback: 9781782119074 / £12.99 | Ebook: 9781847676832 / £11.99 Rights: WxEinUS,C,AN


YANN MARTEL The High Mountains of Portugal Life of Pi

Lost in Portugal. Lost to grief. With nothing but a chimpanzee.

The new novel from the bestselling Man Booker Prize-winning author In Lisbon in 1904, a young man named Tomás discovers an old journal. Some thirty-five years later, a Portuguese pathologist finds himself at the centre of a murder mystery. Fifty years on, a Canadian senator takes refuge in northern Portugal, grieving the loss of his beloved wife. But he comes to his ancestral village with an unusual companion: a chimpanzee.

Yann Martel was born in Spain in 1963. He is the author of the 2002 Man Booker Prize-winning novel Life of Pi. He lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

September 2016: The High Mountains of Portugal B-format paperback: 9781782114741 / £8.99 | A-format Export Paperback: 9781782114758 / £6.99 | Ebook: 9781782114727 / £8.49 | Rights: UKCWxC,AN,eEU,neH September 2016: Life of Pi B-format Paperback: 9781782118695 / £8.99 | A-format Export Paperback: 9781782119210 / £6.99 | Ebook: 9781847674210 / £8.49 | Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH



House of Cards meets Homeland in this powerful political thriller chosen as the 2016 London Cityread ‘An extraordinary novel – a page-turner thick with greed, ambition, love and secrets, and simultaneously an incisive portrayal of power and powerlessness in today’s Britain’ Kamila Shamsie ‘Ten Days of tension, trouble and tough truths – Gillian Slovo tells it like it almost certainly is – she’s written a cracker’ Val McDermid It’s 4 a.m. and Cathy Mason is watching dawn break over the Lovelace estate. By the end of the day, her community will be a crime scene. By the end of the week, her city will be on fire. Ten Days is about what happens when politics, policing and the hard realities of living in London collide. Gillian Slovo is a playwright and the author of thirteen books, including Red Dust, which was made into a feature film starring Hilary Swank and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the Orange Prize-shortlisted Ice Road. Her research for her play The Riots inspired Ten Days. Gillian Slovo was President of English PEN from 2010 to 2013 and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. She was born in South Africa and lives in London. September 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782116400 / £7.99 | Ebook: 9781782117926 / £7.49 Rights: W


RICHARD ROGERS Inside Out: A Life Deconstructed

The illustrated memoir of one of the world’s leading architects and urban thinkers

Stretching forwards and back from the Pompidou Centre, Richard Rogers’ 1970s breakthrough project in Paris, Inside Out examines his influences and partnerships, his ideas, and how these have evolved through a lifetime in architecture and public life. A mosaic of ideas and narrative, mixing vivid anecdote with passionate argument, and portraits of friends, family and colleagues, Inside Out invites us inside the head of a remarkable man who has made an enormous contribution to our landscape.

Richard Rogers was born in Florence in 1933. He has been responsible for some of the most radical designs of the twentieth century, including the Pompidou Centre, the Millennium Dome and Lloyd’s of London.

October 2016 Hardback: 9781782116936 / £20.00 | Ebook: 9781782116943 / £16.99 Rights: W



Canongate’s lead debut fiction for 2016 Thief, orphan, gobshite and playboy, Mahony steps off the bus and into the dead centre of Mulderrig, hoping to discover some answers. Cocooned in her library, resplendent in bed, the fragile and titanic Mrs Cauley thrums with the possibility of change. Mulderrig: by day respectable, solid, a plump village dressed in patch worked fields. But at night, under the moon, Mulderrig is gypsied to the nines, and she keeps a secret all – all but Mahoney and Mrs Cauley – pray will stay just so. . . Jess Kidd graduated with a PhD in Creative Writing Studies from St Mary’s University in Strawberry Hill and currently teaches Creative Writing to adult learners and undergraduates. Before that she was a support worker specialising in acquired brain injury. Himself is Jess’s first novel. She lives with her daughter in West London. October 2016 Hardback: 9781782118459 / £12.99 | Export Trade Paperback: 9781782118466 / £10.99 Ebook: 9781782118473 / £10.99 Rights: UKCWxC,eEU


RICHARD REED If I Could Tell You Just One Thing: 99 Remarkable People Share Advice For Life With his business partners, Richard Reed built Innocent Drinks from a smoothie stall on a street corner to one of the biggest brands in Britain

On the road to success over the past fifteen years it has been Richard’s habit, whenever he meets somebody successful in their field, to ask them for their best piece of advice. If they could tell Richard just one thing that might help him along his way, what would it be? Richard has collected pearls of wisdom from some of the most impressive, established, game-changing people in the world – in business, tech, politics, sport, art, spirituality, medicine, film, and design. From Bill and Hillary Clinton to Bear Grylls, from Eric Schmidt, the president of Google, to Stephen Fry, and from Richard Branson to Joanna Lumley, Richard has picked some of the world’s most interesting brains to give you a lesson in how to live, how to create and how to succeed. Richard Reed studied geography at St. John ’s College, Cambridge before starting a career in advertising. A few years later Reed and two friends left their jobs to found Innocent Drinks. Starting from a market stall, today Innocent produces more than a million smoothies a day and sells them in 17 countries across Europe. He is a cofounder of the Innocent Foundation and JamJar Investments, the founder of annual outdoor art exhibition Art Everywhere, and presented the BBC Three series Be Your Own Boss. This is his first book. October 2016 Hardback: 9781782119227 / £14.99 | Ebook: 9781782119234 / £12.99 Rights: W



The Story Cure: Children’s Books to Rescue, Rally and Reboot From the authors of The Novel Cure, a literary first aid kit of reading remedies to grow up with

This book is a manual to help parents choose books for their children to read. It’s also for grandparents, godparents, teachers and anyone who believes that the books which shape children’s lives should not be left to chance. Children read for many reasons – to learn about the world, to escape, to set their imaginations free, to laugh. The Story Cure will help parents put the right books on their children’s shelves to fulfil these needs.

Ella Bethoud is a painter and art teacher. Susan Elderkin is a novelist who teaches creative writing. Together they run a bibliotherapy service through The School of Life. The Novel Cure was sold around the world.

October 2016 Hardback: 9781782115274 / £20.00 | Ebook: 9781782115281 / £14.99 Rights: W


BEN FOUNTAIN Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

‘A blazingly good novel and a vital, important book about war and the world we live in’ Diana Athill Nineteen-year-old Billy Lynn is home from Iraq. And he’s a hero. Billy and the rest of Bravo Company were filmed defeating Iraqi insurgents in a ferocious firefight. Now Bravo’s three minutes of extreme bravery is a YouTube sensation and the Bush Administration has sent them on a nationwide Victory Tour. During the final hours of the tour Billy will mix with the rich and powerful, endure the politics and praise of his fellow Americans – and fall in love. Tomorrow he must go back to war. Ben Fountain is the author of the acclaimed short-story collection Brief Encounters with Che Guevara. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is his first novel and won the 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, the 2012 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction, the 2012 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2012 National Book Award. He lives in Dallas, Texas. October 2016 B-format Paperback Tie-in: 9781782118282 / £8.99 A-format Export Paperback: 9781782118299 / £6.99 Ebook: 9780857864390 / £8.49 Rights: UKCWxC,I(inc Pak,Sri)

Film tie-in jacket to come

Film tie-in edition of the major motion picture release from the Oscar-winning director of Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, Ang Lee



iF: A Treasury of Poems for Almost Every Possibility

A beautifully illustrated poetry collection for children aged 0–90

‘Both beautiful and useful. What more could anyone want?’ Erica Wagner, The Times ‘This gorgeous and electrifying anthology should be on the shelf of every child in Britain’ Carol Ann Duffy ‘A book full of old friends and some new surprises’ Quentin Blake ‘The thing I really like about it is that I really like everything about it. An absolutely brilliant collection. I’m continually telling people to have some poetry in their lives, iF has made it a little easier for them’ Benjamin Zephaniah

Allie and Rachel have known each other since university and have always shared a love of poetry. iF Poems started as an app. They live in London and have eight children between them. October 2016 B-format paperback: 9780857865595 / £12.99 | Ebook: 9780857865588 / £7.99 Rights: W

Children’s Fiction


The Girl Who Saved Christmas

The sequel to Matt Haig’s bestselling festive classic, A Boy Called Christmas ‘Matt Haig has written the most evergreen, immortal Christmas story to be published for decades. Future generations will receive the same comfort and joy from A Boy Called Christmas that they derive from mince pies, snowmen and creamy liqueurs’ Stephen Fry It is Christmas Eve 1842 and all is not well. Goodwill is decidedly lacking from Victorian London. Father Christmas’s magic powers are fading. And one very special girl has gone missing. Kindness might just win. Magic might just triumph. Christmas might just be saved. . .

As well as being a number-one bestselling writer for adults, Matt Haig has won the Blue Peter Book Award, the Smarties Book Prize and been shortlisted three times for the Carnegie Medal. lllustrator Chris Mould has won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and been commended by the Sheffield Children’s Book Award.

November 2016: The Girl Who Saved Christmas Hardback: 9781782118572 / £12.99 | Ebook: 9781782118589 / £9.99 Audio Digital Download: 9781782118596 / £10.99 Rights: W/ExUS,C

Children’s Fiction


A Boy Called Christmas

You are about to read the true story of Father Christmas. It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible. A Boy Called Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves, more snow, and a boy called Nikolas, who isn’t afraid to believe in magic. ‘Terrific . . . An instant classic’ Guardian ‘Read it!’ Sunday Times ‘Like enjoying the warmth of a good fire on a cold day . . . perfect for Christmas in every way’ Independent ‘A new festive classic. Funny, sad and brilliant. It turns out we only knew half the story’ Simon Mayo ‘Matt Haig puts the Happy back into Christmas’ Jeanette Winterson November 2016: A Boy Called Christmas B-format Paperback: 9781782118268 / £6.99 | Ebook: 9781782117902 / £9.99 Rights: W/ExUS,C

Paperback jacket to come

‘A glorious mix of fairytale, folklore and fun’ Francesca Simon, creator of Horrid Henry



‘Drabble’s brilliance . . . builds up a sense of wide horizons that one has never seen in quite the same way before’ The Times

‘The mistress of English literary letters’ Independent ‘Her distinctive narrative voice and soaring prose remain electrifying’ Spectator This bravura novel sees Margaret Drabble at her incisive best as she explores the end of life with her trademark humour, calmness and wisdom. Capturing the slowing-down of a brilliantly-realised cast of characters’ daily lives, The Dark Flood Rises is a deeply engaging and beautifully imagined novel.

Margaret Drabble was born in Sheffield in 1939 and was educated at Newnham College, Cambridge. She is the author of eighteen novels including A Summer Bird-Cage, The Millstone, The Peppered Moth, The Red Queen, The Sea Lady and, most recently, the highly acclaimed The Pure Gold Baby. She was appointed CBE in 1980, and made DBE in the 2008 Honours list. She was also awarded the 2011 Golden PEN Award for a Lifetime’s Distinguished Service to Literature.

November 2016 Hardback: 9781782118305 / £16.99 | Export Trade Paperback: 9781782118312 / £14.99 Ebook: 9781782118329 / £14.99 Rights: UKCWxAN,eEU


DOMINIC DROMGOOLE Hamlet: Globe to Globe

A journey into the world of, Shakespeare, Hamlet and the stage, from the director of the Globe Theatre

In April 2014 the Hamlet Globe to Globe tour kicked off in London on the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. Since then the project has taken Hamlet to more than 50 countries and is still going. In Hamlet: Globe to Globe, Dominic Dromgoole – Artistic Director of the Globe Theatre, creative genius, and the man behind Globe to Globe – delves deep into the world of the bard’s most famous tragedy, asking how a 400-year-old play can still tug at our twenty-first-century heart strings. Dominic Dromgoole is Artistic Director of the Globe Theatre in London. He is the author of The Full Room: An A-Z of Contemporary Playwriting and Will and Me: How Shakespeare Took Over My Life, which won the inaugural Sheridan Morley award. He regularly contributes to the New Statesman, the Sunday Times and other publications. He will be stepping down from his post at the Globe in April 2016, at the end of the Hamlet Globe to Globe tour.

November 2016 Hardback: 9781782116905 / £16.99 | Ebook: 9781782116912 / £12.99 Rights: W/ExUS,C


MURIEL SPARK Spark’s Europe ‘Glittering Sparkian ice’ Ali Smith, Guardian From the grimly gothic Do Not Disturb to the razor sharp dissection of manners in The Takeover and the mordantly brilliant The Only Problem, Spark’s panoramic sweep takes in the shores of the Italian lakes, the castles of Geneva and the remote roads of the French countryside, shining her luminous and searching gaze over the continent and onto some of the odder specimens of human nature found in its darker recesses.

August 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117650 / £10.99 Rights: UKCWxCneEU

Spark’s Satire ‘Muriel Spark’s novels linger in the mind as brilliant shards, decisive as a smashed glass’ John Updike From a fraudulent psychiatrist grappling with two equally fraudulent clients in Aiding and Abetting, to the dirty dealings of The Abbess of Crewe’s band of corrupt nuns, to three plane crash survivors eking out an existence on an Atlantic island after its resident mystic disappears in Robinson, Muriel Spark’s three satires probe the recesses of human fallibility with formidable precision.

August 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117674 / £10.99 Rights: UKCWxCneEU


MICHEL FABER Some Rain Must Fall His debut work: a short story collection ‘A gem of inventiveness, a genre-defying, often startling debut’ Scotland on Sunday ‘A master of the short story form’ TLS ‘A bulging, jostling, glistening, eerie, babbling explosion of a book’ Scotsman ‘Michel Faber has produced a fine first volume . . . these are well-crafted pieces of quiet and forlorn intensity in a very real world’ Mail on Sunday July 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117162 / £8.99 Rights: WxEinUS,C

ALBERT SÁNCHEZ PIÑOL Cold Skin The international bestselling phenomenon ‘A troubling, hammering and glorious novel’ David Mitchell ‘Superbly controlled and creepy’ Independent on Sunday ‘Beguiling . . . Piñol’s dark tale lingers long after the shivers running down the spine have ceased’ The Scotsman July 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117179 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781847676207 / £9.49 Rights: UKCWxC,neEU,neH


A. S. BYATT Ragnarok The End of the Gods An extraordinary tale, inspired by the myth of Ragnarok ‘Byatt’s prose is majestic, the lush descriptive passages – jewelled one minute, gory the next – a pleasure to get lost in’ Sunday Telegraph October 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117186 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781847679659 / £8.49 Rights: WxEinUS,C,AN,I

ALASDAIR GRAY Lanark With an introduction by William Boyd ‘The best Scottish novelist since Sir Walter Scott’ Anthony Burgess ‘A quite extraordinary achievement’ The Scotsman November 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782117148 / £9.99 | Ebook: 9781847673749 / £9.99 Rights: W

BARACK OBAMA Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance Barack Obama’s memoir, written long before his political career began, is a remarkable story of one man’s search for his identity ‘A remarkable story, beautifully told’ Observer December 2016 B-format Paperback: 9781782119258 / £8.99 | Ebook: 9781847673527 / £8.99 Rights: UKCWxC,AN,neEU,neH



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Canongate Autumn 2016  

Canongate's Autumn Titles July-December 2016