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Friday 9th February 2018

CONGRATULATIONS HARRY BETTS QUEEN’S BATON RELAY BEARER Congratulations to Year 12 student and school Vice Captain Harrison Betts, who was the first baton bearer, out of 20 selected from the Orange community, to participate in the Queen’s Baton Relay in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games which will be held on the Gold Coast in April this year. Harry started the relay at Calare Public School where he was well received by students and the Orange community. A group of Canobolas High CHPA students were at ANZAC park for the Orange City Council celebrations and were excited to see Harry, who is also a member of the CHPA program at our school. Thank you to the CHPA students for supporting the relay and Harry. What an amazing experience for Harry who will remember it for the rest of his life. Well done Harry, we are very proud of you and this amazing achievement!

From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents and Members of our School Community I would like to welcome each and every one of our families back for another exciting year at The Canobolas Rural Technology High School. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families and students to our wonderful school. We are hosting a Welcome to Year 7 BBQ on Thursday 22nd February 5:30pm – 6:30pm near the Aboriginal Gardens in front of the main administration block. All Year 7 students and their families are welcome. Please RSVP on 63621677. Our Year 11 Senior students and their families will be attending a Senior School Information Evening following the Year 7 BBQ at 7pm Thursday 22 nd February. Mr Chad Bliss, the substantive Principal is continuing his Principal School Leadership position for 2018. We wish him continued success in his important role. There have been some changes to our senior executive for 2018 in that Ms Kirstin Hutchinson is relieving as Deputy Principal looking after Years 7 and 10, Mr Mark Skein is the Deputy Principal looking after Years 8 and 11 and Mr Riles has responsibility for Years 9 and 12. We have had a number of other staff changes and new staff join us in 2018. Ms Gabrielle Lindsay is relieving as Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts, Mrs Hurford relieving Head Teacher PDHPE, Mr Josh Conliffe relieving Head Teacher HSIE and Mr Matthew Boardman relieving Head Teacher Mathematics. Mr Matthew Scott returns as Head Teacher Innovation and Mrs Reagan Coe returns to the Support staff in a part time capacity. Other staff changes include Mrs Sharlene Anderson joining the English staff and Mrs Peta Coulston the CAPA staff. I would like to welcome Ms Madi Duncan to the English staff, Miss Ella O’Dell, Ms Karla Monks and Mrs Teagan Walker to the Support Staff, Mrs Julia Boardman and Miss Allyssia Lloyd to the Stage 4 IPL team, Ms Amy Morris to the HSIE faculty, and Mrs Ashley Bunworth is our Senior Study Coordinator. We welcome to Administration staff Mrs Lisa Aubrey and welcome back for 2018 Mrs Gay Dillon. We will continue to produce a newsletter each fortnight on a Friday afternoon, in Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 via Facebook (The Canobolas Rural Technology High School-NSW Department of Education), our school website ( and via email (this can be provided by ringing the Front Office). Please ensure you take the time to read the newsletter each fortnight as it is a great way to keep informed about all the wonderful achievements of our students and staff and keep in touch with the school community. I look forward to working with you and your children in 2018. You can contact me on 63621677 during school hours or via email on anytime.

There is an enormous amount of information in this newsletter. Please do not feel overwhelmed, but it is important that you have access to all of this information. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this newsletter please contact the front office to make an appointment to speak with me. Welcome back to 2018. It is with your support that we will continue to grow our amazing school. Key Contacts

Kate Wootten Principal

Stuart Riles Deputy Principal Years 9 and 12

Mark Skein Deputy Principal Years 8 and 11

Kirstin Hutchinson Deputy Principal Years 7 and 10


Year Adviser

Deputy Principal


Ms Hollie McRae

Ms Kirsten Hutchinson


Mr Mal Kay

Mr Mark Skein


Miss Daisy Morrissey

Mr Stuart Riles


Ms Angela Forbes

Ms Kirsten Hutchinson


Mr Josh Conliffe

Mr Mark Skein


Ms Samantha Williams

Mr Stuart Riles

Attendance at School It is essential that students attend on each day that the school is open. If for some reason a student is absent from school it is essential that you contact the school and provide notification of the child’s absence in writing on the first day your child returns. This can be done by written note handed to the front office, notification through the school app or phone call. Our school takes very seriously any unexplained absences and these will be followed up with families. If a student has a genuine illness or other significant reason for not being at school we can provide support to families, however it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure their child attends everyday. School begins each day at 9:00am each day with an assembly on the Quad. All students need to be at school in time to be at this assembly to hear the notices of the day. If, for some reason a student is late to school, they need to sign in at the front office with a note from a parent or carer stating the reason they did not arrive on time. Welfare and Discipline Policy All students are informed of all aspects of our Welfare and Discipline Policy at the beginning of each school year. This policy document is a guide to how the school will deal with incidents of welfare, discipline and merit. A full copy of this policy can be found on the school’s website. If you have an issue at any time relating to your child please speak with your child’s Year Adviser, or if it relates to a specific subject, the class teacher by making a phone call or arranging an appointment. If you feel that the situation has not been resolved you have the right to contact the Head Teacher of the subject concerned, or the Deputy Principals, Mr Riles Mr Skein or Ms Hutchinson.

Aggressive Behaviour

May I remind each of our families that aggressive, insolent, violent or bullying behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated. Every student and teacher who comes to our school each day has a right to do so in a safe, respectful and cooperative environment. Please remind your child of the high expectations of the school and I will speak to the school community when I address them. Senior Study Lessons Some senior students do not have face to face lessons Period 1 or Period 6 on one or more days through each fortnight. If this is the case students are able to study off site during these times. A Senior Student Agreement has been issued to all Year 11 and 12 students this week and this needs to be signed by both the student and their parent/carer and returned to the front office. During non face to face lessons that occur at other times in the day students are required to attend the Learning Centre in C7 and are not able to leave the school. School Uniform Canobolas High School is a uniform wearing school and this decision is supported by the school P&C. All students are expected to be in full school uniform each day, including black leather school shoes and full sports uniform on sports days. If you have any difficulty purchasing any items of school uniform for any reason please contact myself or the school office for assistance. Our school prides itself on how the students look and I am happy to speak with any parent or caregiver regarding this matter. Sport Days Students may wear sports uniform on these days:

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Appropriate footwear in practical classes Students who are enrolled in specialist practical lessons need to wear footwear that meets the minimum standards for safety as set out by the Department of Education. These standards for practical subjects are closed in black leather shoes. “Closed in’ means that they should have a leather upper and leather tongue. This helps protect the feet from accidental spillages of boiling liquid, chemicals and/or sharp pieces of equipment. As a school it is our responsibility to adhere to these guidelines and ensure the safety of students at all times. Subjects that require this type of footwear include: Construction, Metal & Engineering, all Industrial Technology, Hospitality, Technology (Mandatory), Design and Technology, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Art. If your child attends a practical lesson wearing inappropriate footwear, for their own safety, they will be provided with alternative theory based learning activities. Where possible we may be able to provide alternative footwear for the duration of the lesson.

Should you have difficulty in purchasing the required footwear, or any other aspect of the school uniform, please contact the school. Assistance may be available to help with the purchase of uniform items if needed.

P&C Meeting

Our P&C meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. This is your opportunity to become involved in our school and have your say in what priorities you see for our school. It would be great to see many parents and carers in attendance. The meetings last for about an hour and give you the very latest information about what is occurring in our school. They are held in the school administration building. Mobile Phones Many students bring their mobile phones to school on a daily basis. It is imperative that these are switched to silent and placed in school bags in classrooms so that the teaching and learning can continue uninterrupted. Students are only able to use their mobile phones at recess and lunchtime. If a parent or carer needs to get an urgent message to a student please call the front office and a message will be delivered to them. At no time can the school take responsibility for the loss or theft of mobile phones or other valuables. I hope you have a great fortnight and I look forward to catching up with you throughout the year.

With my warmest regards Kate Wootten Principal

TCRTHS Calendar Look at what’s coming up... Monday 12th February 2018

Swimming Carnival (participants only)

Monday 19th—Wed 21st February 2018

Year 11 Crossroads Camp

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Year 7 Welcome BBQ

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Year 11 Information Evening

Thursday 22nd February 2018

School Photographs

Friday 23rd February 2018

SRC Induction Ceremony/Assembly

Thank you to Jarrod Murphy from United Brothers Charity Motorcycle Club who dropped into our school this week to donate stationery packs and school equipment. They are very much appreciated. Mr Mark Skein

This time capsule was opened on the last day of school in 2017, our 50th Anniversary year with Douglas Brooks and former teacher Col Taylor in attendance. Here are some of the items from the time capsule.

Portable TVs, check out the prices!

Mint box of coloured chalk— remember blackboards!

Retro fashions! The CWD was a lot thicker in those days.

Yummy recipes

Neat project book

Rubik’s cube

8 period days!!!!

Yr 8 poetry book illustrated by none other than former student and current CAPA Head Teacher, Ms Lindsay!

Welcome back to 2018‌.There have been a few changes to the CAPA staff this year. Mr Pelley (HT) has taken up a new position at a school on the coast (getting a sea change and working on his tan, I believe) for the next 12 months or more. The CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) staff would like to take this opportunity to wish him every success and happiness in his new role. Because of this move we welcome Ms P Coulston into the faculty. Ms Coulston is a very experienced visual art teacher and we are pleased she has joined us for the foreseeable future. We also welcome Ms A Lloyd who is teaching some art and is involved in the Yr 7 Projects, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Walker who are teaching a Yr 8 Music class. So what does 2018 entail for the CAPA Faculty‌.. Students continuing to be fully engaged and enjoying their time in visual arts, PDM (Photography and Digital Media), Visual Design and music. Great works of art and musical items being, designed, created, exhibited and performed all under the tireless, dedicated and enthusiastic supervision of our wonderful CAPA staff. Countless artistic and musical experiences offered by the wider community and our immediate world whether that be virtual or in person, that our students and staff will have the opportunity to participate in and view. Finally, Miss Aldrick is in the process of running some extra-curricular activites for our students. This includes a guitar group and a choir. If your child is interested in joining these groups, then they need to please see Miss Aldrick for an information flyer. Ms G Lindsay Head Teacher CAPA (Rlg) The Guitar group started this week tutored by Steve Somerville from the Orange Regional Conservatorium

Year 7 ViiVox choir group with Miss Aldrick

Congratulations to all the students who are continuing to display a high level of effort in theory and practical lessons. A reminder for students to bring appropriate equipment to theory lessons including book, pen and ruler! And ensure we bring out positive attitude to learn and try our best at all times. It is an expectation that all students participate in ALL practical lessons and sport and follow all instructions given by their teacher. Medical reasons for exclusion from a sport or PDHPE lesson are only possible with a medical certificate signed by a doctor accompanied by a letter from the parent. A reminder that it is a good idea to bring along a hat and ensure that your child has a drink bottle to use each day.

If students would like to represent the school in a sporting team, they must listen out to the daily notices in roll call or on morning assemblies about putting their name down and attending trials. It is compulsory to attend trials in order to be selected in a school team. If your child, has any questions please come and see the friendly PE staff in the hall.

Sport has changed this year at Canobolas High, each year group will have a different sports day. Students are able to wear their sport uniforms on the following days:

Year 10: Thursday Periods 1&2 Year 9: Tuesdays Periods 5&6 Year 8: Thursdays Periods 3&4 Year 7: Wednesdays Periods 5&6 Year 7/8 Support: Thursdays

Canobolas High School PDHPE Faculty Canobolas PDHPE Faulty has maintained their fantastic staff for 2018. We are very lucky to have such talented and caring staff who foster the learning of students. Any questions regarding PDHPE, school sport or representative sport please come and see the crew in the PDHPE staffroom in the hall. L to R: Daisy Morrissey, Amanda Hurford (Head Teacher) Michelle Somers, Linley Abrahams, Elise Woods, Carmen Dederer and Krissy Lee

Term 1 Western School Sport Team Trial Dates If students are interested in trialling for Western Region Sports Teams this term please see the PDHPE staff for more details. Please note that these are parents would be expected to transport their child to the majority of these trials if they choose to attend. The details of the up and coming trials are below. Sport



Nominations Close

Teacher to see

At trial

Miss Woods

11th Feb

Miss Somers

Bathurst Volleyball

16th Feb Kelso High School

U/15s Touch Football

Orange 23rd Feb Waratah’s Sporting Club

Basketball Girls

26th March

Bathurst Basketball Stadium

14th March

Mrs Dederer


15th March

Dubbo Dubbo Aquatic Centre

20th Feb

Miss Somers

Football Girls

5 th March

Orange Jack Brabham

7th March

Miss Morrissey

Hockey Girls

9th March

Molong Multi-Purpose Field

2nd March

Miss Somers

Basketball Boys

12th March

Orange PCYC

4th March

Mrs Dederer


26th March

Cowra Cowra Golf Club

10th Feb

Mr Skein

Football Boys

3th April

Orange Jack Brabham

11th March

Miss Lee


5th April

Orange PCYC

11th March

Mrs Hurford

Rugby Union

9th April

Orange Endeavour Oval

1st March

Mr Curran

9th March

Bathurst Bathurst Hockey Centre

14th March

Mr Skein

Lawn Bowls

6th April

Parkes Parkes Bowling Club

28th March

Mrs Abrahams

Rugby League

5th April

Blayney (regional) Peak Hill (area)

16th March

Mr Curran

Hockey Boys

After a successful year of dance in 2017, we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! Our sport dance groups are in for another year of fitness, technique and performance opportunities including local eisteddfods and our school performing arts concert. It was very exciting to see so many Year 7 students wanting to try out dance in week 1! Miss Lee put them through a cardio warm up, fitness exercises, corner work and a mini routine, which they learnt super quickly.

This week dancers are to choose whether they want to commit to dance from Terms 1-3 in order to prepare for the eisteddfod season. Notes have been sent home and parents/guardians are encouraged to read through them with their child. We hope that you’re all ready to work hard, learn new skills and most of all, have fun!

Who’s up for a 5km Challenge????

Entries are now open for the 2018 Orange Running Festival and The Canobolas Rural Technology High School would like to enter as many students as they can. The Orange Running Festival is an annual event co-ordinated to promote health and fitness and raise money to donate to local charities.

The Southern Cross Austereo 5km School Challenge requires a minimum of five (5) team members. Each team member must register and participate in the 5km run/walk held on Sunday 25th February 2018 at 10:30am.

General Information about the team event: The prize pool for the Orange Running Festival Southern Cross Austereo 5km School Challenge includes the inaugural trophies for the fastest primary and secondary teams and a variety of local business vouchers. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest primary and secondary teams, the School with the most number of students participating and the fastest teachers team. Teams require a minimum of five (5) students. Teams competing in the Southern Cross Austereo 5km School Challenge run (or walk) must register in the Hotel Canobolas 5km event held on Sunday 25th February 2018 starting at 10:30am (recommended arrival time is before 9:45). The start and finish are located at the Bloomfield Leisure Centre, Forest Road, Orange. Bib collection is preferred on Saturday the 24th February 2018 between 11:00am – 3:00pm from Bloomfield Leisure Centre or from 6:30am on race day. Entry Fees: (13 and over) $15.00* (under 13) $10.00* *Entry fees will remain the same after early bird closes

More information about the Orange Running Festival can be found at

STEM CENTRE NEWS INNOVATION FACULTY Welcome Year 7 and welcome back Year 8 to an exciting year of Integrated Project Learning and STEM. This year sees some continued change to the way we deliver our Year 8 content, in the same model as implemented last year. Year 8 Projects This semester, Year 8 are studying two project units, ‘Waterworld’ themed around the importance of water to our lives and ‘The Art of War’ which investigates conflict in history. To begin Waterworld, student investigated life on Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia, where locals live in floating houses. In groups, they then attempted to make prototype floating houses as part of an Engineers Without Borders challenge. Students were also able to travel to Tonle Sap using our Samsung virtual reality equipment.

To begin the Art of War, classes have challenged each other to games of capture the flag to test their battle strategies and the type of skill and endurance required to overcome their opposition. Forty students, two flags and the Hockey oval and Front garden made for an exciting event!

Year 7 Projects

Year 7 have begun the year with the project ‘Pieces of Me’, a unit about who they are and how they fit into their new class in their new school. In preparing to produce their own piece of a Year 7 class puzzle, students participated in a Puzzle race, working collaboratively with their new classmates to complete puzzles in the shortest amount of time.

Bring Your Own Device News Canobolas supports a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program where students are encouraged to bring a laptop to school to facilitate classroom teaching and learning. To support this program, we have provided a bank of laptop lockers that students can use to safely store their laptop during the day when not required. These lockers are available on a ‘first in, first serve’ basis. Students are required to provide their own padlock clearly labelled with their name. Laptops should also be clearly labelled with the student’s name. Students will still be required to take their device home each day so they can be charged overnight for the next school day. For more information on our BYOD policy and suggested device, navigate to the BYOD section of our school website: STEM Centre A reminder to students that the STEM Centre is open most lunchtimes for reading and passive activities such as playing board games like chess and cards. We have a range of newspapers and magazines and can also connect you to our online library for borrowing and reading on electronic devices. We are always open to suggestions for books, magazines and activities. Students are encouraged to talk to Mr Scott or Mrs Richard if you have any ideas!

TCRTHS Robotics

This year TCRTHS will be entering the FIRST Robotics Competition for our second year. This will see us competing in a high level engineering competition against teams from across Australia and South East Asia. At the end of 2017 our robotics team formed groups of coders, designers, electricians, and a media crew to collaboratively produce a working robot.

During the holidays the team worked diligently several times a week designing and beginning to build a robot. This year the robot must be able to pick up a milk crate sized cube and deliver it to multiple stations around the field. This will also require a vertical lift. The students must control this robot in a team of three against another team of players. The Hon. Richard Colless, Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources and Western NSW came and showed great interest for the robotics competition and our efforts. We have also been receiving a huge amount of help and advice from Mr Robert Alford who is a local electrical engineer.

During the first week back at school, members of the team went out to encourage involvement from the local business community, many of whom are excited and supportive of the project. Now that we are back at school we have been meeting 2-3 times a week. In this time we have achieved a clamp that retrieves boxes/crates, this is powered by a compressor to provide sufficient force in a timely manner. Members in our team are currently coding the air compressor to be activated via a joy stick.

In the coming weeks we will be working on a mechanism to elevate the clamp so it can lift the crates onto a game element, therefore scoring us points during the competition. We will also be continuing to code the robot to perform a variety of tasks, such as moving automatically throughout the first 15 seconds of the match. By Isabelle Kent and Lauren Sanders

ELECTRONIC LIBRARY Welcome to our electronic library collection: To view the collection and begin reading, login with your DET user name (firstname.lastname) and your DET password. This link is to the browser version, the eCollection app is available from the Apple app store, Google Play and the Windows app store.

Like a physical library, when you borrow a book, only you can read it for a two week loan period, then it is automatically returned to the collection or you can renew it if necessary. You can also reserve titles that are currently loaned out.


Dear Parents, School photographs are scheduled to taken by advancedlife. An envelope and flyer has been distributed to all students. If possible, it is our preference that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day. Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique 9 digit Online Order Code. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day. Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed. Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to

CANTEEN NEWS Welcome to 2018! The CRTHS Canteen is back and better than ever, offering up a wide range of fresh, nutritious and exciting food 5 days a week. We are open from 8am for breakfast, recess and lunch every school day. We offer EFTPOS facilities and online ordering (via our facebook page) as well as a welcoming atmosphere for all our customers. Would you like to volunteer in our canteen? We are always on the look out for more volunteers to join our talented team. There are no commitments beyond what you’re willing to offer, times can be flexible and all training will be provided by our in house chef. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in our growing and vibrant canteen and school community. For more information or to sign up, contact the school office and ask to speak with the canteen. Like our facebook page for more information, to view our menu and order online. Search “The CRTHS Canteen” today!

UPDATE OF STUDENT’S HEALTH INFORMATION We welcome information from parents about your child’s health, even if you are not requesting specific support from our school. Our school asks for medical information when you enrol your child. It is also important that you let us know if your child’s health care needs change or if a new health condition develops. Information about allergies, medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes and other health care related issues (including prior conditions such as medical procedures in the last 12 months) should be provided to the school by parents. Please provide this information in writing to the principal. This will greatly assist our school in planning to support your child’s health and wellbeing. Please remember to notify staff in the school office of any changes to your contact details or the contact details of other people nominated as emergency contacts. We appreciate your assistance in this regard and assure you that any information you provide the school will be stored securely and will only be used or disclosed in order to support your son or daughter’s health needs or as otherwise required by law.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER If you changed your address or phone number over the school holidays can you please inform the school of the new details so that our records can be updated.


For more information find us on Face book at or Call Kate Burge on 0413723716

Canobolas RTHS Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 2018  
Canobolas RTHS Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 2018