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“Growing Relationships”

Robin Karlsson

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Summer 2021


Times With Mo 10 High Respected public relations professional Maureen “Mo” McFadden worked at “High Times Magazine” in its early days. Her job was assistant to Tom Forcade, the founder of the groundbreaking publication. What was it like living in New York and creating a new phenomenon in those heady days? Are the stories true? We’ve asked the right person. Mo gives the straight dope, as only she knows how.




Ask a Budtender


Hailed as one of the top cannabis chefs on the globe, JeffThe420Chef is credited with creating a new style of cannabis consumption — without the telltale herbaceous taste. He did this through culinary deconstruction and molecular gastronomy. So now you don’t have to! Sharpen that sweet tooth and get ready to bake Heath Bar Canna-Cookie Brownies. Meet Amber Rivera, Floor Manager at SeaWeed on Ocean Dispensary in Lompoc. In her budtending capacity, Amber’s job is to ask a lot of questions to understand the concerns of her clients and then ask lots of questions so she can answer their questions. It’s all in the name of research in order to have people feel good all the time.

Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

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Tobi Harlukowicz | Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea



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From the Publisher Welcome letter from the publisher

Cannabis Cares In the Green: Cannabis Dollars Keep Essential Nonprofits Operating In a Manner of Speaking: How to Ask for Cannabis Dollars

Cannabis 101 The Entourage Effect

The Cannabis Lifestyle Safely Stashed — Cannabis and Kids in the House To Grow Or Not To Grow — Part Two/Four-Part Series: The Vegetative State


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Hot Dog! Cooling Down Hot Spots

Find it, Offer it, Sell it Amy Steinfeld

Foul Language . . . the “M” Word

Cover Shot With her trusty Nikon, Robin Karlsson captures the sandpipers as they play in the surf at Carpinteria State Beach. A Carpinteria resident, Robin graduated from Ball State University where she majored in Graphic Design and Photography. She works as a photographer for the Coastal View News and has published the book “Dogs of Carpinteria,” a collection of photographs. 4

Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

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GROW | LEARN | TEACH Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


From the Publisher

Welcome to the second year of Cannabis by the Sea and summer 2021!

As of our publication date, California is “open” again with Covid restrictions lifted for most situations. It’s been a “weird trip” and my hope is that you and yours have gotten or are in the process of getting your vaccines so that the full trip will end soon. Now that we can make plans to do something, I mean other than clean out another closet or have a Zoom party with friends, what are you going to do? Don’t know about you, but it’s an odd feeling. Need to get my sea-legs back! Maybe start local? I recently made a day trip up the coast a bit to Lompoc to visit some of our dispensary friends. It was a beautiful drive and good to get out and get fresh air, see people and shake hands! While we’re on the subject of getting out and about, we’re excited about growing our presence on the Central Coast. After all, the West Coast boasts just over 7,800 square miles of coastline, and we ARE Cannabis by the Sea, so we’re looking forward to spreading our wings far and wide! We have some great content for you to enjoy over the summer months, covering a diverse range of topics brought to you by some really interesting people. Our hope is that you continue to learn more about this amazing plant we call cannabis. We want you to keep in touch, so please let us know if you would like to see something featured in Cannabis by the Sea. You can email us at Oh, and subscribe to the digital copy via our website! Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe. Be healthy. Please get vaccinated and above all, be kind. Looking forward to sharing our Fall issue with you on September 20, 2021!


- Melinda Bie

Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

Cannabis Cares

In The Green

Cannabis Dollars Keep Essential Nonprofits Operating By The Rev. Mary Moreno-Richardson

As president of the board of Santa Barbara North County Rape Crisis Center & Child Protection Center, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the cannabis industry of Santa Barbara County for their generosity. More than two years ago at our last Winter Nights Gala, KopSun’s and Hacienda’s support helped our event by purchasing dinner tables and more. The event was successful and we are grateful for your help. We can’t do the work we do without your generosity. I surely can vouch for how difficult it can be to receive Since the legalization of cannabis, it’s been truly impressive funding in North County. This has always been an issue. Most to see the industry step in to help and serve our community. programs in Santa Barbara seem to be eagerly funded, Not only has the tax resources proven favorable, but whereas North County seems to still be the forgotten cannabis owners like Graham Farrar of Glass House stepchild. North County’s needs continue to grow. From Farms, have helped other nonprofits stay in operation. His serving the increasing numbers of human trafficking survivors generosity includes vast donations to community programs to the immediate need for more office space for Rape Crisis like Girls Inc., Freedom Warming Centers for the non-housed Center & Child Protection Center employees. We need to community, and other programs in Santa Barbara County hire more employees to fill positions, but our office is just too that may have suffered unpreventable cutbacks. Thank you! small. We are the current owners of our administrative building We are so grateful. in Lompoc and hope to leverage that on the We are very excited to be purchase of a new space. in the process of creating Since the legalization of cannabis, it’s Once that takes place, a committee of women more staff can be added, been truly impressive to see the industry in the cannabis industry new programs developed, who have a desire to be step in to help and serve our community. and current programs involved with the Santa strengthened. Barbara North County Rape Crisis Center & “The Center has been providing services to survivors of Child Protection Center and explore different ideas in sexual assault in northern Santa Barbara County since 1974. supporting all our work in North County. We invite others to Staff provide prevention programming in schools, mandated join us. We can do this together. For more information on this reporter trainings to agencies that work with children, and committee, email Please write in-service trainings to law enforcement. Follow up referrals, New Committee in the subject line. CS counseling and case management are provided in both English and Spanish; all services are free of charge,” reports To learn more about the North County Rape Crisis Center Ann McCarty, executive director. And that is just the tip of & Child Protection Center visit the iceberg! We provide much more but space doesn’t The 24-hour crisis hotline number is (805) 736-7273. allow for details.

Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


Cannabis 101:

the Entourage Effect

What is the entourage effect? It’s the combined effect of different compounds found in cannabis that work together as a whole to produce a greater effect than if working separately to produce separate effects. The role of terpenes and cannabinoids enhance the entourage effect and magnify therapeutic benefits. The more compounds you have the wider the range of therapeutic benefits. CBD and THC act together to boost benefits while subduing negative effects to deliver a balanced entourage effect.


Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

In a Manner of Speaking How to Ask for Cannabis Dollars

By Amy Marie Orozco The legal and compliant cannabis industry’s evolution has benefited the nonprofit sector in a big financial way. In addition to making the world a better place, many businesses find donations—money, goods, or time—a means to building relations and sowing seeds in the community.

set-forth standards that must be met and implemented for such a donation. Examples include donations can be only received from a licensed and legal cannabis company and donations will be received and acknowledged in accordance with the organization’s Receiving Policy.

While cannabis companies are eager to support local charities and local charities are excited about this new funding source, it’s important to ensure all the kinks are worked out before, advises Tina Fanucchi-Frontado, whose career in the philanthropic world spans more than 30 years. She is the principal of TLF Consulting, helping guide corporations in their community-relations through strategic corporate giving programs and nonprofit commitments.

Along with making crystal clear that an organization’s Board of Directors and staff unanimously accept donations from licensed/legal cannabis businesses, some nonprofits have woven other points into their acceptance policies, such as:

Kinks? With legal cannabis still controversial, treating cannabis support like non-cannabis support can result in a waste of time and disappointment for the giver and intended recipient alike. It’s important that everyone — the cannabis company and the charity’s Board of Directors and staff—are on the same page about what a donation entails. When filling out that grant application or submitting a proposal for dollars, consider including a document signed by the nonprofit’s board of directors indicating approval of receiving funds from the cannabis industry. The first step is to present the idea to the Board of Directors for approval and documentation. In many cases, the Executive Committee will draft guidelines and develop giving guidelines for such donations. These guidelines

“It goes beyond the Executive Director or the Development Department greenlighting a cannabis donation, because without proper documentation the organization may be forced to either decline or return the donation,” advises Tina.

• Donor acknowledgment and recognition: Cannabis dollar donations will be recognized and honored in the same manner of all other donor acknowledgments, such as media releases, signage, naming, and other avenues. • For what purpose the donation will be used: Funds received are used to fulfill the [some specifics of the organization’s mission]. • Particulars and limitations: Confirming cannabis donations are equal to non-cannabis donations and specifying details such as public acknowledgment of funds will not include words or artwork perpetuating negative stereotypes or misinformation. Lastly, when asking for cannabis dollar donations, “Don’t ask for anonymous donations,” Tina emphasizes, if you’re not willing to acknowledge the donation, then you have no right asking for the donation. CS Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


High Times

The Cannabis Lifestyle

By Melinda Bie

With Mo

How’d the interview go? He asked if I knew about the magazine and I told him yes and loved it. He said nonchalantly, ‘so, you don’t mind drugs?’ I said ‘no, I do them as often as I can’ – with a straight face. Probably the only interview I could have said that in and STILL have gotten the job. The pay was $200 a week, $40 Despite her diminutive stature, Mo is a powerhouse. Raised in more than the club - it was like getting an extra week of pay the suburbs of Philadelphia, her life has been a rollercoaster and I would be working for a magazine I adored. of adventures and experiences she wouldn’t trade for the world. A “school of life” graduate, she came up through the Any memorable moments? ranks and has been at the helm of McFadden & McFadden I remember rolling a joint for Tom and putting it on top of Public Relations in Santa Barbara for the past 29 years. his mail about a week or two after I started. He called me in and asked pointedly ‘what is this?’ I said, it’s a thank you Early in her career she worked as assistant to Tom Forcade, joint I rolled for you. ‘oh’ he replied softly, genuinely surprised the editor and founder of pop-icon High Times magazine, a and mumbled something like “No one ever gives me a joint.” then-new publication devoted to drug culture. Cannabis by I explained I knew he was high profile and the cops or feds the Sea sat down with Mo to learn a little more about this were always watching him so he couldn’t have anything on experience and what it was like to be entrenched at such a him. Nothing like a joint with coffee while going over the mail volatile time and boy did we get a story... to ease him into the day. My small gesture meant a lot to him. Maureen “Mo” McFadden has long been a cannabis supporter, and after back surgery in 2016, she has become even more of an advocate, as cannabis allowed her to wean off oxy-contin, which in turn aided in her quick recovery. All with the full support and encouragement of her surgeon.

What were you doing prior to going to High Times? I was working for the owners of a nightclub in the Village in New York City - The Bottom Line. Always thought that was a poetic move - from The Bottom Line to High Times. The woman who did marketing for the club knew a man in the High Times ad department who told her of a position that was open. They told me it was an assistant position for one of the editors - not the guy who founded the damn magazine [Tom Forcade]. Holy S**t! I would have been more nervous if I’d known.

How did the magazine launch? In 1973 when Tom was making plans for the magazine, the mere mention of or use of recreational drugs outside the High Times offices was taboo. How would he distribute the magazine to get the sales he needed to keep the mag going? How would he find the people who wanted to know more? One of the women he worked with devised a unique idea – a distribution network using paraphernalia stores as our outlet. Because of this innovative thinking, the first issue of High Times holds publishing gold—the only magazine to start publishing in the black. Our subscribers received their During the interview I used humor, and apparently my typing speed copies in a plain brown wrapper. and vocabulary were part of the approval. Having experience as an executive secretary for a few unusual people was on my resume which gave him confidence I was the right woman for the job. 10 Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

Courtesy Photo

Mo McFadden is third from left in red shirt and smoke in front of her face. What was the general mood at work? Clandestine? Cheech and Chong? Rebel? Or? The mood at the office was all of that. It was the most radical place I’ve ever worked, at the same time very professional; after all, we got a magazine out every month on time with a three-to-four-month lead. High Times was pop culture at its finest, so very interesting, everyone wanted to know you, often glamorous, filled with fascinating people, and unusual projects. It was truly a high time. Never dull. Plus, I could roll a joint at my desk and smoke it—as long as I shared. As his assistant, what did you do? What expertise did you lend? What did you learn? Tom was a theatrical prankster and so my theatre background played well into this job. I was his first and only secretary. He had an image of a 40-something woman who could take dictation and type like a banshee. They had a few women like that come in, but as soon as they saw the lobby of High Times, or smelled the pot, they quickly turned and went back down the elevator. Not me. I did all the secretarial things an executive secretary was meant to do, organize and file, take a letter, field his phone calls and mail, be at the weekly staff meetings, organized meetings and worked on special projects for him. Oh, and be aware of the Feds who were listening in to our conversations. I could hear the telltale clicking once I was hip to it. Rule was, be careful about what’s being said. Big brother was listening. Tom’s death must have had quite an impact on the staff and morale at the magazine. It was devastating. He committed suicide. He was only 33. Morale went into the crapper. Everyone, I mean everyone, was in shock. Tom was at St. Vincent’s Hospital barely hanging on. Many of us went down to see him to bid farewell. It was like we lost the rudder to our boat. He was always so unpredictable. This was the height of unpredictable. It was November 17, 1978, he was taken off life support on the 18th. Continued on Page 12 Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea



The Cannabis Lifestyle

What happened next? The staff decided to have a “high” send-off for Tom’s ashes. We held a memorial (party) at the Windows on the World, the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. We tried to scatter his ashes off the top where there was some kind of viewing platform …to send him off the highest building in the world. As you can imagine the winds up at the top are stiff—stiffer than the drinks they served below. “Tried” is the operative word here. Tom had created a trust for High Times and the magazine was to go to loyal employees after 25 years ... it began in 1974. His wife got the lawyers on it, and they were able to break the trust and take over the magazine. They broke my trust and lots of other employees too. I left by the end of ’79. There was no there, there anymore. I went on unemployment and did odd jobs under the table. Enjoyed the city, saw a lot of shows. Partied liberally, of course. What can the average cannabis supporter do to advocate for the industry as a whole? Support NORML – The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. I’ve been a member for many moons. I give $4.20 to the organization on 4/20. We need to get cannabis off the Fed’s list. It will open up safe financial options for the dispensaries and storefronts and take the mixed message the states and the police/ enforcers have to contend with where it’s legalized. CS In business since 1992, Maureen “Mo” McFadden is sole owner of McFadden & McFadden P.R. based in Santa Barbara. (805) 689-5053. Visit for more information. – CBTS Staff

Maureen “Mo” McFadden 12 Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

Paul Wellman


Safely Stashed

The Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis and Kids in the House

By Barbara Verde “Mommy, those gummies in your purse were YUMMY!” are owner and they will tell you about all the “child-resistant” words you never want to hear as a parent who enjoys packaging they have needed to help adults open. cannabis for health and/or recreation. Beyond that, you can secure your stash in a locking pouch Some might wag a finger, saying, “Parents shouldn’t use or container, keep it in a place that would be very hard for cannabis!” to which the appropriate response is, “Ring— children to get to, like Autumn and her husband Abe, and ring….the 1980s are calling and want their cannabis stigma educate your children just like you would other substances back!!” found in the home that are not for children to consume. The health benefits of cannabis are well-documented as well as its safety as a recreational option. Parents are people, too, who deserve plant-based wellness and responsible recreation options.

Jessica Gonzalez, well-known mom and Instagram cannabis advocate (@themommyjane) also has a great stash-safety tip for all stripes of cannabis consumers: “it’s always best to keep edibles separate from other foods, even if there aren’t children in the house!”

So how do you keep the kids out of your stash? If you’d like to keep your stash locked up in style, there are First off, it’s helpful to note that this problem isn’t unique to some very sleek options on the market that are a far cry from cannabis. There are countless items in a household that the tie-dyed, cannabis leaf laden bags of yesteryear. need to be stowed well out of the way of curious hands and mouths …. laundry pods, anyone? Also on the short Stashlogix makes a wide variety of bags, including my favorite, list are: alcohol, cleaning supplies, and medications (both Highland 3.0, with an integrated lock and activated carbon prescription and over the counter). fabric lining which absorbs unwanted odors. Local mom, Autumn Shelton, co-founder of Autumn Brands and mom of two, a 5-year-old and a 19-month-old, advises that all Autumn Brands products are certified child-resistant and “my husband, Abe and I, always keep our cannabis high up and out of reach.” Education is also important according to Autumn, adding, “We also talk to our children about cannabis and how it’s important for them to understand it is only for adults.”

For bags that pop with color, check out Their canny mid-zip in bright pink is super cute. And if you’d like some help talking to your kids in a common sense, age-appropriate way about cannabis, check out the book, What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden Between keeping your stash well-stashed and educating your kids, you can enjoy plant-based goodness while ensuring your little ones are safe and sound. CS

In California, all legal cannabis is required to be in childresistant packaging—sometimes so child-resistant that even Barbara Verde is co-creator of—a guide adults have a hard time opening it! Ask any dispensary to cannabis on the Central Coast. Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


Leela Cyd

The Cannabis Lifestyle


JeffThe420Chef, author of T​ he 420 Gourmet: The Art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine​is the creator of “Tasteless” canna-butter and canna-oils and the inventor of Culinary Cannabis — cannabis flower that mimics the smell and taste of familiar herbs and spices like oregano, rosemary, thyme and cinnamon. Using a secret process rooted in molecular gastronomy, Chef Jeff has been able to create cannabis ingredients that are simple to use and precisely dosed. Dubbed​​“The Julia Child of Weed”​by The Daily Beast​, a ​ nd a ​ legendary cannabis chef​b ​ y ​Cheddar​, JeffThe420Chef, works with cannabis in ways that no other cannabis chef in the world does. These are Chef Jeff’s most popular dessert, and there’s good reason for it. This is simply a chewy chocolate brownie, with cookie butter, roasted almonds, Heath bar, chocolate…and cannabis! Use an ice cream scoop and “mini” baking mold for 24 equally dosed brownies.

Heath Bar Canna-Cookie Butter Brownies INGREDIENTS Cooking spray (preferably “butter-flavored”) 3 sticks grass-fed butter, melted 1 stick creamy canna-butter, melted 3 cups raw cane sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 4 eggs, lightly beaten 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

14 Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

1 teaspoon salt 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips ½ cup roasted and lightly salted almonds, crushed 1 cup Speculoos cookie butter 1 ½ cup meling chocolate – 2 colors (1 cup for base color and ½ cup for deco-drizzle) Paramount crystals 4 Heath bars or similar, crumbled into pieces.

Directions: Preheat oven to 340 F. Lightly grease a 9-by-13 inch brownie pan.

The Cannabis Lifestyle

Combine the melted butter, melted canna-butter, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each, until thoroughly blended. Using a flour sifter, sift the flour, cocoa powder and salt into a separate bowl. (It’s important to actually sift these ingredients instead of just tossing them together in a bowl.) C S

Gradually stir the dry mixture into the butter mixture until blended. Add the chocolate chips and almonds. Spread the batter evenly in the prepared baking pan. Bake 35 to 40 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center of one or two of the middle brownies comes out clean. Remove, and let the pan cool on a wire rack before releasing the brownies. Cut into 24 equal pieces. Spread a layer of Speculoos cookie butter on top of each brownie and refrigerate uncovered for 30 minutes. In a medium Pyrex bowl, melt the chocolate for your base color with a pinch of Paramount Crystals for 20 seconds in the microwave. Stir well. Microwave again for 10 seconds. Stir briskly until smooth and creamy. Insert a small fork into the side or bottom of a brownie. Dip the brownie in the chocolate and use a small spatula to ensure that it’s evenly coated. Set the coated brownie on parchment paper. Repeat this process with the remaining brownies. Sprinkle Heath Bar crumbles on the brownies while the chocolate is still warm. In a clean bowl, for your decorative color, melt the chocolate with a pinch of Paramount Crystals for 20 seconds in the microwave. Stir well. Microwave again for 20 seconds. Stir briskly until smooth and creamy. Swizzle melted decorative chocolate over brownies, and voila! CS *Approximate dose per serving is based on infusing 5 grams of cured/dried/ decarbed cannibas into 11/2 sticks of butter. What are

Paramount Crystals? Paramount Crystals are tiny chips of shortening that are the secret to creating a smooth chocolate coating. Your chocolate will be easy to work with and will dry evenly with a nice shiney finish. You can purchase through online channels and at your craft store that carries baking supplies. Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea

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The Cannabis Lifestyle

Courtesy Photo

Ask a Bud t end er

Amber Rivera grew up in Arroyo Grande, California. After working with her parent’s multimedia company she returned to college and earned two Associates of Art degrees in Legal Studies and Liberal Arts. Amber lived her dream working at a ski resort, China Peak Mountain Resort, and is now living her second dream job at Seaweed Dispensary in Lompoc. Amber makes her home in Arroyo Grande, California with her daughter Shy, their two dogs Gwen (Stefani) and Willie (Nelson), two cats Lil Bowie and Lil Joplin, and a duck named Pooper.

Amber Rivera

Tell us a little about your personal experience with cannabis? Recreationally I’ve been a cannabis user for more than 30 years. As an adult it has become an integral part of my life. I have found that consuming it in forms other than smoking, I have a more long-lasting whole body feeling. I basically feel amazing all the time. Professionally this is my first experience in the industry.

qualified as a budtender is about asking questions and understanding the concerns people have regarding the products. So now every product we receive or before we even purchase it, I research the company and what their product offers. So, basically, I ask a lot of questions and research it all. I’m passionate in wanting people to feel good all the time.

How did you land at SeaWeed on Ocean? I spent the last 10 years In the Sierra National Forest at a ski resort running their Purchasing and Warehouse Departments, on federal property where all forms of cannabis are illegal. Last year I met one of the owners of SeaWeed on the mountain and when the pandemic closed the resort, I moved back to the Coast to be closer to my parents and daughter. The opportunity came for me to join the team to help with the office work, kind of “behind the scenes.” I came to work here last August and now handle the day-to-day operations of the store.

What have you learned about cannabis and its health impacts? I think that one of the most important things for consumers to know that I have learned, is that THC has so many different components that work with the human body. Likewise, every “body” is different. Finding the right combination will vary person to person. For example, CBD is the component for healing. However, you need a percentage of THC to activate the CBD for its healing purposes. So, it is important when looking for what you need to ask a knowledgeable budtender. The CBD to THC Ratio will be different for everyone.

What were your qualifications for becoming a budtender? I have had no previous experience in the cannabis retail industry, let alone bud tending, until SeaWeed. I figured I needed to learn all aspects of the business. Being

What do you think of ongoing perceptions of “reefer madness?” I think that the original ideology of “reefer madness” is very outdated in its nature. We have come so far in the education and research of cannabis and its many uses and healing

16 Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

The Cannabis Lifestyle

aspects. You can no longer assume smoking pot is going to ruin someone’s life or cause them to behave badly, spiraling them into a life of crime, as they had tried to do in the 1930s. Is there a customer success story that you would like to share? There are so many people we have helped who have walked through our doors. There are a lot of dispensaries in Lompoc. And SeaWeed caters to the slightly older patients, who need some sort of pain or sleep relief. I have this regular who has been coming in now for a few weeks. She likes the Wyld Gummies that we offer with the 10:10 ratio CBD:THC. Her arthritis is really bad in her hands, and she told me today, as a matter of fact, that she noticeably sees the swelling in her knuckles going down. So, when those patients come back time and time again, know my name and continue to support us, those are the best success stories for me. What’s the hardest part about being a budtender? Taxes are the hardest part. Out the door prices are significantly higher across the board once taxes have been accounted for. This is an amazing industry, of all the jobs I’ve had, budtending is pretty smooth going. Is it proper etiquette to tip a budtender like you’d tip a bartender? Absolutely! We all like a little extra love. To me it’s knowing a customer was happy with my service. Any product recommendations? There are so many great products out there these days it’s hard to recommend just one thing. I love just about all of it. I am fortunate to be able to test the products as we get them in, and I think the one thing that has been my fan fave is the tinctures and mouth sprays. Breez has a 1000mg mint spray that is perfect for that all-day, all around good feeling. CS Amber Rivera is the Floor Manager at SeaWeed on Ocean, located at 1101 East Ocean Avenue in Lompoc. Visit for more info. — ­ CBTS Staff

Courtesy Photo

SeaWeed on Ocean, Lompoc Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


The Cannabis Lifestyle

By Alex Robles

To Grow Or Not To Grow

Part Two/Four-Part Series: The Vegetative State

Welcome to “To Grow, or Not to Grow.” Our goal is to demystify the cannabis growing process and to explain it as simply as possible, not dumbed down but distilled. Growing cannabis at home isn’t hard but it isn’t easy either. Regardless of what the Internet says, there is no single perfect way to grow cannabis. The reason for this is that every environment is different, and every home grower/cultivator is unique.

its different stages of life and maturity depending on the seasonal photoperiod or light cycle. The cannabis plant needs at least 16 hours of light to stay in its vegetative stage, but 18 hours of light is the industry standard for keeping all varieties of cannabis in veg. You can veg your plants under 24 hours of light and get great results, but I like to let my plants rest since they are alive

In this series we’re going to go from germinating a cannabis seed to harvesting your cannabis flower (seedling stage, vegetative stage and flowering stage). We’re going to learn a little bit of science, a little bit of botany, expand our vocabulary, and have fun doing it. Links are provided for further explanations and because some of us learn better through video. Always, if you have any questions, email them to info@cbtsmagazine.

Cannabis is an annual diecious plant. An annual plant will complete its life cycle within one growing season. For cannabis that is usually from spring planting to the fall harvest. A Diecious (dī-ē′shәs) plant, means the male and female reproductive organs are on separate plants rather than different parts of the same plant. Most flowering plants, shrubs and trees have both male and female flowers on the same plant. This makes it easier for pollinators like butterflies and bees to move the pollen from the male flower Always remember to check local laws and regulations to the female flower that could be right next to it. Other about growing cannabis at home. You need to know flowers and fruiting trees have only male or female flowers your rights and limitations. Always. on a single plant. Which means gardeners, growers, and cultivators need to plant male and females close to each For this next part of the series, I’m going to talk in general terms other to ensure pollination. Cannabis is diecious because about cannabis plants. Because there’s so much variety in you need the pollen from the male plant to pollinate the cannabis, it’s easy to get tangled up in the small details. First, flower of the female plant to make a seed. There is also the let’s get to know this amazing plant a little better. possibility of stress-related sexual changes that could cause hermaphroditic varieties that will have both male and female The Cannabis Plant — What does it mean when we say reproductive organs on the same plant. that cannabis is a photoperiod plant? Here’s the simplest explanation: the length between the day and night hours Sex is always important — Now let’s talk about why we of a day is the photoperiod or light cycle. Some plants and want a female cannabis plant and Sinsemilla, a Spanish flowers need a certain amount of sunlight to trigger their word meaning without a seed. When we keep the females flower stage, that’s how we get the seasonal blooming of unpollinated, they will produce more flowers (buds) and flowers. When cannabis is grown outdoors, it moves through more trichomes. If a female plant gets pollinated, instead 18

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Resources and References

Resources and References

“The 420 Gourmet - The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cooking” Typically, cookbooks are purchased for how-to purposes. They are mostly seen as utilitarian. Not so “The 420 Gourmet — The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cooking” by Jeffthe420Chef. This is a completely separate genre, folks. It is the result of mixing art, science, and passion into something to be held in one’s hands. Even if you have no intention whatsoever to cook anything, you’ll enjoy the engaging text, such as Rules for Hosting 420 Meals, and a beautifully illustrated book. And to be clear, the recipes alone are worth the purchase. (See recipe on page 14.) Jeff is credited as the inventor of Culinary Cannabis, odorless pre-rolls cannabis flower and “tasteless” canna-oil and cannabutter. The recipes also work without cannabutter or canna-infused anything by substituting regular butter or oil. Think of it as a two-for-one cookbook. “The 420 Gourmet — The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cooking” can be ordered at

“Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs” We first heard about “Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs” by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D. from the Canadian magazine “Modern Dog.” The book’s content is backed by thorough research and science and is written in clear language for the dog-loving lay person. A 2015 Inductee into the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame and author of 34 books, Caroline shares case studies of a variety of dogs and how cannabis helped them overcome ailments such as anxiety and chronic pain. She also shares the myriad of therapeutic benefits of legal and veterinarian approved cannabis products for canines. Need another reason? Book proceeds find their way to nonprofit animal organizations. Check it out at

“High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture” Clear the clutter and move those stacks of old papers. It’s time to make room for “High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture,” a coffee table book paying homage to the new brands, designs, and creators behind the freshly minted legal cannabis industry. It’s a revolution, we’re telling you. It’s dope design (there, we said it). Published by Gestalten and edited by Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi, “High on Design” dives deep into the aesthetics and activism of today’s cannabis culture, including craftsmanship, literature, cooking, hemp clothing, history, racism, the War on Drugs, and much much more. Be ready to be inspired. This thing of beauty will be a joy forever. Find it at CS Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


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of using its energy to make buds and trichomes, it uses its energy to make seeds. The female reproductive organ is known as the Pistil and coming out of the Pistil are two hair-like structures called the Stigmas. These hairs are responsible for taking in male pollen to make a seed. The Vegetative Stage — The vegetative stage is the main growing phase of the cannabis plant. It starts to make leaves and branches at a steady and regular pace, and it’ll start to get taller and wider. The fan leaves will get bigger because they’re trying to absorb as much sunlight and CO2 as possible. Those stems and branches will thicken as the plant moves through the veg stage preparing for the weight of the flower (bud). The root system will also begin to spread out in search of food and water. Why pH your water? — Every animal and plant on earth needs a balanced pH to thrive. As humans we enjoy an average pH of 7.4. Cannabis is no different, if their pH is off then the plant won’t absorb nutrients correctly. The pH scale goes from 1-14 and measures how acidic or alkaline/ base a liquid, mixture, or solution is. A pH of 1 means that the mixture is highly acidic and a pH of 14 means the mixture is highly alkaline. A pH neutral mix is a 7. All of the primary, secondary, and micronutrients, with the exception of molybdenum, are best absorbed when the solution has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Anything higher or lower than this will make the plant struggle to take up nutrients and could easily cause a nutrient deficiency along with other problems. Personally, I don’t like to go lower than 5.5 or higher than 6.3. Nutrient Needs — Almost all plant life uses the primary/ macro nutrients of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) as major building blocks for developing a strong, healthy root system and beautiful green foliage. These macro nutrients are needed and used in large amounts, but different plants use these nutrients differently. Cannabis and vegetables absorb certain nutrients easier when they’ve been processed by bacteria.


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Nitrogen (N) is used to make the chlorophyll that gives leaves their green color, an essential part of photosynthesis. N will be used in large amounts during vegetative growth to help develop a strong and healthy system of roots, stems and branches that will support the dense, heavy flowers (buds). Continued on Page 22

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Chocolats du CaliBressan What’s better than chocolate? Survey says, “Chocolate with CBD.” Make that a 6-piece box of passion fruit caramels with 20mg of CBD (broad spectrum and Nano!) delivered to a certain someone special and you’ve won the grand prize. Known as the French Chocolatier of the American Riviera, Chocolats du CaliBressan is home to the culinary geniuses behind this life changing confection — chocolatier Jean-Miche Carre and partner Jill are known around the globe for their handcrafted chocolates. Custom-made orders welcome. Bon appetit!

Inf i nite CBD “I use Infinite CBD’s tincture every day. It is tasteless and they have a subscription program so you don’t worry about running out,” reports a CBTS staff insider. The Colorado-based company uses 99%+ isolate and offers capsules, gummies, and products for pets. According to its website, they use Nano CBD, featuring much smaller CBD particles crafted for faster results. Something those needing quick attention to pain greatly appreciate.

Mary’s Medicinal FORMULA Long a fan of Mary’s Medicinals, we are in love with the new FORMULA line blending cannabinoids and terpenes for an Ensemble Effect. Call it love at first touch — it’s the transdermal patch that has us smitten. The pain relief begins in 15 to 30 minutes or so after adhesion and lasts from 6 to 8 hours. The patch is 3:2:1 (15mg THC:10mg CBD:5mg CBN) and needs to be attached over veins, like wrists or ankles. The patch is available at licensed dispensaries, not online. (Talk about testimony to purity!) Learn more about the product at or consult with your budtender. CS

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Phosphorus (P) helps change the energy plants get from the sun into sugars that make the different chemical compounds used in root, leaf, and stem growth. It’s a vital part of dense bud development during flowering. Phosphorus will also help the plant cope with the stress of drought, frost, pests, and disease easier. Potassium (K) lets the plant metabolize (chemical digestion) those sugars to make different proteins and amino acids used in different plant processes. Potassium helps carry water throughout the plant allowing it to be less stressed during dry periods and improving the plants resistance against frost by working in the plants sap. It will promote consistent and strong growth, and when combined with Phosphorus it will also help strengthen the root system. Potassium is needed during flowering to increase the density, weight and number of buds. Pest Control — The most basic pest control advice the experts at my local insectary (Rincon-Vitova Insectary) give is to plant lots of colorful flowers. Some predators will be attracted by the vibrant colors or the pollen that flowers produce. The goal in my garden isn’t just to attract the predators but to also have them lay eggs and colonize. Predator colonization gives our gardens some natural biological pest control at very little cost. Also, some predator larvae are more voracious hunters than adults. That’s why in my garden you’ll always find a row or patch of wildflowers growing. I like to use a wildflower seed mix that can tolerate the heat and drought of my California summer growing season. In the next installment of this series, we’ll start to flower and harvest our cannabis. Just as a reminder, always Grow, Learn, and Teach. For more specifics, visit and listen to Alex’s podcast. “In My Grow Show” ( CS

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Cannabis by the Sea Summer 2021

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Alex Robles has been using cannabis to celebrate and medicate with for the past 30 years. In 2016 he began sharing what he’s learned when he started After California legalized cannabis sales and possession for adults 21 and older, he launched a weekly podcast, In My Grow Show. This year, he helped produce segments for Tiempo de Cannabis, a Spanish language TV show in Mexico City.

Pet Project

Hot Dog

Cooling Down Hot Spots By Amy Marie Orozco

The highs of sharing life with a dog are many. Fortunately, the lows are few. Nonexistent some may say. If your canine could talk, maybe they’d say, “Hot spots are the lowest of the lows.” Chronic and incurable, hot spots, sometimes called the Santa Barbara Itch, are red, irritated, and painful areas of a dog’s skin. They can appear anywhere on a canine’s body and are common on the feet, tail, and behind.

be moving with more ease or another’s scratching lessened. This inspired her to begin her own research on the medical properties of cannabis. Remember, evidence-based (versus anecdotal-based) research of cannabis, is relatively new due to its illegal status and demonization.

Though death by THC intoxication is rare in dogs, it can cause severe respiratory depression. Canines have many If your pup continually chews or licks a localized patch of more THC receptors, concentrated near the brain stem, than skin, chances are there is a hot spot. Though they can’t be humans. THC toxicity is easier to manage in dogs, though, cured, they can be managed for a better quality of life. than raisins, grapes, or strychnine, according to Dr. Gillen. Management is a multi-pronged approach, according to Dr. Eileen Gillen, DVM, who splits her time between a Like any remedy, the dosage of plant medicine is very canine rehab and acupuncture practice and shifts as an important, and it goes for dogs as well as for humans to go emergency room veterinarian at Central Coast Veterinary slow. Generally speaking, a good starting point is 0.25mg to Group in Arroyo Grande. 0.55mg of medicine per 1 kilogram of dog. The method can be topical, oral, or something else. Reminder: It goes without She discovered saying that it is best to consult with your veterinarian about cannabis can a cannabis regimen for Fido. Researching on your own will serve as one benefit your pet, too. prong of that approach and Cannabis may not work with some dogs.; it’s all very individual. now creates Other ways to manage hot spots include modifying diet, custom-made switching shampoos, monthly injections, and over-theCBD treats to counter creams, which can be hit or miss. Keep the area help dogs. clean, clipping the fur may be necessary and sometimes the Dr. Eileen Gillen, DVM and her Viszla “Bender” cone of shame may have to be utilized. Like many discoveries, hers was unexpected. After medical marijuana was legalized in California, people would bring Cooling down your dog’s hot spots may take time. Your best their dogs, who had signs of THC exposure, to the emergency friend, however, is worth the investment. CS room. Oftentimes, the pet had gotten into an owner’s edibles or eaten some buds. The dogs would be fine. Later, Dr. Eileen Gillen, DVM, may be reached at the veterinarian remembers, owners would telephone to say their pet was doing great. Maybe one with arthritis would Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea



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The cannabis industry isn’t your “grandmother’s industry” any longer, so where did the term marijuana come from and why does it have negative connotations to some? Even worse, why has the word gained attention as a racist term? Prior to 1910 the word didn’t exist in American culture. It first came into use spelled as marihuana in the early 1900s when over 890,000 Mexicans legally immigrated into the United States seeking refuge from the aftermath of the Mexican Revolution. The individual responsible for creating the stigma around cannabis/marijuana was none other than Harry Jacob Anslinger, a hate-monger and commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930 to 1962. Anslinger was appointed by President Hoover to oversee the newly minted FBN, which focused on Prohibition. When that ended in 1933, Anslinger, in an effort to keep his job, sought a new threat to the American way, essentially manufacturing a drug war. He first focused on cocaine and heroin but the numbers were relatively small. Anslinger then directed his attention to cannabis where his public statements, loaded with false claims of induced violence, focused on the minority communities stating once “… the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” For 32 years, Harry Anslinger fueled the fires of marijuana fear and ignorance and padded the coffers of his racist friendship base. He remained at the helm of the Federal Narcotics Bureau until the Kennedy administration, but his ideas were swiftly adopted by successive administrations — always disproportionately to the detriment of people of color. Will the term marijuana ever go away? Probably not, and most people aren’t aware of, nor do they reflect, the racist background of the word. If you really want to know more about the life and aftermath of Harry Anslinger, visit https://www.cbtsmagazine. com/the-m-word. CS Summer 2021 Cannabis by the Sea


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